Cigarette (2015) Movie Script

No smoking..
Cigarette smoking
is injurious to health.
"Smoking is injurious to health."
"Smoking is injurious to health."
"It will cause cancer
and kill you."
"Smoking is injurious to health."
"Take care of your health."
"Save your heart."
"Don't smoke."
"Don't trouble your friends
for your pleasure."
"Don't lose your
precious life this way."
"Smoking is injurious to health."
"Say no to smoking."
"Don't invite death
by paying money."
"Say no to smoking."
"Smoking is injurious to health."
"There's so much life ahead."
"So, why do you have to smoke?
- Really!"
"You have wife and kids
so why kill yourself?
"Say no to smoking."
"Smoking is injurious to health."
"You'll get diseases."
"Say no to smoking."
"We must stop,
prevent and quit smoking."
"Smoking is not a cure.."
"It's a punishment,
not pleasure."
"Why ruin life by smoking?"
Hey, pass the ball.
Throw it..
Who is she?
She looks beautiful.
She had called.
She's a customer. - Oh!
Here are his details.
The biodata is on the back.
I'll bring him to this
place tomorrow.
Don't kill him. But beat him
within an inch of his life.
Here's the money.
Finish the job and get lost.
Look, ma'am, murder is easy.
But what you're asking
for is very difficult.
It's problematic.
The media is alert.
It's tough.
It's above my paygrade.
My dad, Rangaraj
has connections with most
of the influential people..
Kill that bastard
and prove your manliness.
Here you go.
The other deal was made by my dad,
but this is mine.
Beat him up real good.
He calls me up daily
and says he loves me
and disturbs my peace of mind.
Local rogue.
I, Kala, will get the job done.
Your piece.. - What?
- I mean you can be peaceful.
We'll dump him in a sack
in Majestic or Shivajinagar.
Whenever you go there,
toss a few coins.
- All right.
Who is she?
She's so bold.
Such people are very arrogant.
That's why we play safe
with such people.
Shall we get her
deal done tomorrow? - Sure.
It's very difficult to deal with
the issues related to woman.
Long ago, there was one such deal.
My name is Rathi. You must help me.
- How can I help you?
First, we must find out about him.
I must see how he is.
Ramachandra drops grapes
in children's mouths.
Actor Ravichandran drops
grapes on navels.
You have seen a person
drink after love failure.
But you would have never seen
a person make
a rose consume beer
till it gets intoxicated,
before giving it.
This gift of love is for you.
"Hey, lover,
what's life without you.'
"Hey, lover, I don't want
to live without you.'
"Hey, lover,
I beg you to please love me."
"Hey, lover,
life sucks without you."
"I love you."
"You love me."
- Sweetheart
this intoxicated rose
this intoxicated love,
this intoxicated hero
are all for you.
I love you..
- Stop it..
I get irked
when you say that.
Don't show your
creepy face to me.
Thank you.
God bathes in milk.
I, Kumar bathe in alcohol.
In the hurry to see you,
I didn't wash my face.
But you cleaned
my face with beer.
Thank you.
I love you..
I know my scolding won't
have any effect on you.
So, I've decided what
I should do with you.
Hey, I love you!
That's it!
Sir, it's a personal matter
of love between the two of us.
Please don't disturb.
Hey, you're the one
who's disturbing, not us.
You better stay in your limits.
If not, we'll kill you.
Don't spare him. Break his bones.
- Attack him. - Dear!
Rest for a minute.
You can do anything
in the world.
But if you interfere
between lovers
you'll be dead..
Hey, do you think
you're a big gangster!
How's my style, darling?
Damn it!
Who's this?
Come on..
One smack will bring you down.
Come on..
Hey, even I'm coming!
Don't leave me behind.
How was the fight?
One can tolerate if one's
heart is at jeopardy
but can't tolerate if their
relationship is at stake.
There's no use talking to you.
I'm feeling dizzy.
You must get intoxicated
if I kiss you.
I'm already intoxicated.
Come on.
- Mission success.
- Yes.
Tell me the truth.
- That's the truth.
Did you kidnap her?
- Yes. - How?
If her dad learns about it,
he'll get you killed.
You're dealing with
powerful people here.
Don't do anything
till I come.
Don't be hasty.
Damn it!
Girls like you who wear short
clothes, lipstick, make-up
and who toy with guys
will learn the value of boys only
when you're tied up this way.
You use us to do run errands
and other menial stuff
and discard us after that.
Shame on your manipulative ways.
This is your punishment
from a lovesick guy.
Enjoy it!
My heart's queen, you look
lovely with all those colours.
You're amazing.
Looking at you
it makes me want to give you a pen
so that you can tattoo my heart.
Will you?
"Come here, my queen."
"I'm my mother's son."
Chikka, come here.
Hey.. - What is it?
- What are you doing?
You've strung her up
like butchers string up chicken.
Instead of pampering her
and having a baby with her
why are you
committing this crime?
That's for good girls, she on
the other hand corrupts society.
Let her be here.
Chikka, call up her dad.
Tell him I'm waiting
and he should come fast.
A call for you, boss.
- Who's speaking?
I'm Chikkanna.
- Go on.
We've kidnapped your daughter.
- That's fine.
It's best if you rescue your
daughter at the earliest.
Otherwise, my buddy is crazy.
Your daughter might be in trouble.
So, think about it.
I don't have time
to entertain wrong numbers.
'The person you're trying
to call is very busy.'
Hello, sir.
- Hey. - Are you busy?
Why don't you open your
WhatsApp? I'll send a few pictures.
Check them and then you decide
if you want to come or not.
He's talking about WhatsApp or
something. - Yes, boss. - Open it.
I've sent everything.
Check it.
Damn it!
Don't harm my daughter.
Where are you?
- Lucky farm, Tavarekere.
Look, come alone.
If you try to act smart
then your daughter
will be in trouble.
Lucky farm?
- Yes!
Are you sure that we're
not making a mistake?
She's the one who
made the mistake, not me.
My decision is right.
Why are you conducting this sick
experiments like Utkarsha Devraj?
Test your head in the hospital.
How dare you call me
Utkarsha Devraj? Bloody fool.
You're responsible for all this.
And you're blaming me.
Me? - Yes.
Let me jog your memory.
What's this?
Bengaluru developed so rapidly!
Lord Krishna's temple. I hope they
build one such temple in Mandya..
Who is that blind idiot?
- Hey.
God is great.
You're the first person
I met after I came to Bengaluru.
What are you doing here?
I came for no reason.
You messed up with someone
in Mandya and came here, right?
Let go of me.
Idiot, am I a rogue like you?
I'm not you to mess around
with people.
What are you doing in Bengaluru?
I'm a marketing manager
in bedbug control company.
Bedbug control?
Anyway, what do the village
girls tell about me?
Do you think you're
a supermodel
that they'll enquire about you
forgetting their husbands?
They don't have time
to spare for their family.
Forget it. Why do you
bark like a mad man?
Tell me why you
came to Bengaluru.
It's a long story.
Do you want the synopsis?
Go on.
- Hold my hand.
"Mandya's king came
from the town."
I had a scrumptious meal.
- I'm glad you did.
Every lit building in your view
is a part of Bengaluru.
It looks like the Mysore palace
has been lit. - Yes.
You cook well.
Where did you learn it?
There's a cook downstairs.
- A cook?
She's lost her husband.
She has a kid.
She used to call me for help
every now and then.
I used to keep going.
I used to eat at the hotel before.
After I met her,
I eat at home.
I don't care about your
personal matter.
Chikka, listen!
- Tell me.
I want to grow fast
and make a lot of money.
- And become famous fast.
People should build my statue
and worship it.
That's how I want to become.
How can I achieve this?
Look, I'll do anything.
But it should be big.
I can't take up menial jobs.
You want money without work!
People in Bengaluru
work day and night
and yet they're unable
to buy a plot of land.
So, what do you want to do here?
Look, today I might
be a star from Mandya.
Someday, I'll definitely
become a superstar.
Do one thing.
Tomorrow morning,
a smarter person than you..
- I mean a smart business man.
Arrange a meeting with him.
He'll advise on what
business I have to do
and how I should grow.
I'll do these calculations.
Some people can be advised,
and some can't.
I have a friend who is
a business consultant.
I'll arrange a meeting with him.
Hi! I'm Johnny, MBBS.
Come, welcome..
- Hello..
Raja, He's Johnny, MBBS,
the one I told you about.
- Hello!
Chikka, damn you.
- Why!
May you rot in hell.
I asked you to arrange a
meeting with a brilliant person.
But you've brought a fool.
Tell it. - Do you know
what MBBS stands for?
Master brain plus business service.
He's going to make
your life better.
Is this why he's jumping? - I
informed you on the phone, right?
He's dreaming of marrying
Aishwarya Rai overnight.
I see..
Mister, spit out information
about your date of birth,
birth star and horoscope.
Will you analyse the spit
to give me a solution?
Look you don't have a goal.
You don't have passion.
If one has to prosper,
he must be financially stable.
You need to first understand
what financial stability is.
Hey, I do have money..
- I have a piece of advice.
If you want to become rich
you must enter the film industry,
become a hero and have a following.
You don't have it.
If you want to become
a prominent politician
you must build contacts
and rise to the top.
You don't have these qualities.
And if I think about making
you a religious teacher
you are lustful.
Besides, you say that
you won't take to crime.
So, the last option is..
Henceforth, you should
fuck around with people.
Mr. Johnny, you leave now.
We'll discuss the rest
at night over alcohol.
Okay, thank you..
Okay, sir.
I bless you. You're lucky..
Hey, Chikka, I asked you
to bring a smart person
but you've brought a fool.
Don't you have sense.
Get out.
Hey, get lost.
Are you blind?
Can't you see the road?
Get lost.
Go wash your face.
Get lost, idiot.
Buddy! - Yes!
- Who is she?
She is stunningly beautiful.
She's the daughter
of a millionaire.
She's lost her mother
and doesn't have any siblings.
That's okay! - They have a
bungalow down the road.
Are they very rich?
- Yes.
So if they are rich,
they think can do anything,
And we should tolerate it?
Can't I scold?
If you want to scold her,
you should marry her.
Should I marry her?
- Yes.
What is it?
- No way.
What is it?
- I'm feeling shy.
Don't loiter around.
Go after her
and make her fall for you.
You will make
a one-shot fortune.
Hey, but listen carefully.
- Okay.
I challenge your manliness.
How dare you question
my masculinity!
I hail from Mandya.
I'll prove my manfulness to you.
Give me her details.
Her name is Nitya.
She enjoys with her father's money.
Let her. - She passes time
by working in a software company.
There is no history of a guy
who succeeded in wooing her.
That's not history. Wait
and watch how I create history.
I will loyally love her,
as you asked me to.
I will earn fame and fortune.
I swear on your head!
Well done, my son!
Good idea..
You need money to fall in love.
If you need money, you must work.
What the hell!
- Oh, my God! - Hey, Raja!
'Love psychology'
"He decided to love,
and now he's always after her."
"He went after a girl."
"He was on her like a hound dog
on a fresh scent."
"Will she see me and smile?"
"Will she accept me or reject me?"
"Will she see me and smile?"
"Will she accept me or reject me?"
Yuck! No!
- "She had taken his breath away!"
"He decided to love.."
- I should make her fall for me
any which way. - "...and now
he's always after her."
E-Excuse me.
- "Love.."
- Yes.
Good morning. Hail Karnataka.
India is great!
You are Miss India.
My name is Rajkumar.
I hail from Arapanahalli,
Mandya district. - So what?
All of a sudden
I saw you on the road one day.
I had a tingling sensation
in my body and mind.
As time passed,
I couldn't eat, drink water
or sleep.
Even if I lie flat on my bed
and watch the creaky fan turn
I can't fall asleep.
I feel restless all day.
I don't know what to do.
I went to the terrace at midnight
I thought I'll see the moon.
The moon disappeared!
Suddenly, Lord Shiva,
Goddess Parvathy
Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and
Lord Maheshwara appeared before me
and looked at me
in bird's eye-view.
They showered me
with tonnes of flowers.
Each flower fell on my heart..
And said, 'Fall in love with her'..
- Hey!
Each flower continued to do so.
What do you say?
Do you accept?
What are you staring at?
Are you staring at me
because I'm dark-complexioned?
To fall in love, you should have
money and good qualities.
I have good qualities.
And you have money.
If both of us unite
as in a joint venture
the rainbow won't be
confined to the sky.
We can live a life together with
rainbows at every step we take.
So, what do you think? What do
you have to say about the proposal?
I need to seek my boss's permission
each time I take a decision.
Boss.. Who do you mean by boss?
I mean my dad.
Your dad.
My future father-in-law.
All right. Go ahead and ask.
Fine, give me a day's time.
I'll ask him and tell you.
Okay? Bye.
"Love.." - Can I keep
a flower on your head?
So nice! - "He decided to love,
and now he's always after her."
"Love.. - This our love story,
my beloved."
"He decided to love..
- It's a beautiful song, no matter"
"how many times I sing. - ...and
now he's always after her."
I love you!
How did your father respond
to our love proposal?
He asked me to say,
'I love you! Colourful!'
Is it true! I'm elated.
What an idiot!
What did you do when I was asleep!
You stepped on it! Moron!
Hey, Chikka.
- What?
I can't seem to sleep.
I can't wait for morning.
I wonder what she'll say
in the morning.
I could console you
if you were in pain
but you seem to have gone crazy!
Let it go! When she wakes up in
the morning, she'll take a dump..
I mean, she'll tell you
what she has in mind. Leave it!
Go to sleep, Raja.
Good grief!
Good Lord!
What is it now?
You can survive
if you jump into a waterfall
but if you jump into the depths
of love, it's hard to survive.
I'm unable to sleep.
- All right, buddy.
Raja, I didn't know
that you were in pain.
Let's do something in the morning.
Go to sleep now, pal.
Sleep, Raja.
Come, sleep.
How did your father respond
to our love proposal?
He asked me to say,
'I love you! Colourful!'
- May you rot in hell!
Get lost, man!
He asked me to say,
'I love you! Colourful!'
That's why..
Poor thing.
Are you unable to sleep too?
It was cold.
I came to take the blanket!
As a woman,
when I can stand tall
why are you swaying in shyness,
being a man?
That's how he is.
He looks down when he's shy.
Hey, Raja.
Why are you being hesitant?
Ask her what you have to?
I'm feeling very shy.
By the way, what did your dad
say about our love?
He said that I'm making
a mistake for the first time.
Only after we make a mistake will
we know that we made a mistake.
He asked me to love
and not make love.
He asked me to stay within limits
and not cross the line.
That's why..
I'm ready to fall in love.
Tell me, when shall we meet?
So sweet of you.
Even I'm ready to fall in love.
Before we begin..
It's valentines' day.
Just touch me once.
Touch me..
"Software girl.."
"Underwear boy.."
"Software girl.."
"Underwear boy.."
"They are in stupid love."
"It's like giving a BMW car
to a local garage for service."
"It's like grooving to local beats
in a discotheque."
"It's like having one-by-two cups
of tea and a bun in Coffee day."
"It's like the value of rupees
and dollars interchanged."
"It's like a guy who used to eat
only bread gets to eat cake!"
"Software girl.."
"Underwear boy.."
"They are in stupid love."
"They are in love.."
"Did you see how my heart
beats for you!"
"How did the decent heart
lose its way?"
"It's like advanced YouTube."
"It happened to get uploaded."
"A Facebook account
with someone else's face."
"If caught,
it will be a cyber case."
"It's like the moon
has been painted"
"and the heart has been zipped."
"Love is serious. It's like
the race of a limping horse."
"Girls always have
their earphones on."
"They don't listen
to the boys' talks."
"The heart answered.
The dream was hung."
"A guy's life ended up
as an item song."
"This is Sunday bazaar love."
"This is a hot and spicy
phase of life."
"He was bowled out and the movie,
Dirty Picture, was sold out."
"Girls have a variety of clothes.
Boys have only loincloths."
"The rural boy became a hero.
A modern girl caught his eye."
"The touch-screen time.
There's no value for the touch."
"The world of WhatsApp.
Meeting up has lost worth."
"Males are full of feel.
Females are full of zeal."
"He is filled with love!"
"Popcorn girl.."
"Cubbon Park boy.."
"They are in stupid love."
"They are in love.."
You are very entertaining.
I feel very happy.
- All right.
I will ask you three questions.
I want to see how you answer.
Bless me!
Hey! First question.
My parents have named me Nitya.
What will you call me
You want to know what
I will call you affectionately.
That means crow!
Kage means..
When I was in pre-nursery, I was
in love with a girl named Kaveri.
In nursery, I was in love
with a girl named Geramma.
She was from Madikeri.
That's why I can never forget them.
That's why I have formed a name
out of their names, 'Kage'.
Who are the enemies to our love?
The sun that rises every day,
the breeze that blows every day
the necklace around your neck
the earrings on either of your ears
the toothbrush you use
to brush your tooth
the soap you use to take a bath
the towel you use
to dry yourself with
the puppy in your house
and the watchman
in front of your house.
They are all my enemies.
I feel like crushing them all.
I'm fair-complexioned
and you're dark. Why is that?
That's because all of you are rich.
You all drink milk,
eat butter, curd, pizza, etc.
That's why you're
We're all poor fellows.
We drink coffee as
soon as we wake up.
After that, we have 'Ragi Mudde'
and 'Ragi Rotti'.
Along with 'Uchhelu Chutney'. That
is why we have a dusky complexion.
You answered very well.
Moreover, you look very good
in the dress you're wearing.
By the way, you must have
many sets of clothes, right?
Many sets?
I have a godown full of clothes!
Tell me if you want some too.
I'll bring them.
But you should return it
in the evening.. - Hey.
What will you give her?
Take off the costume.
The directors are waiting.
Give it to me, first.
Take it off. - Nitya.
My friend has come from my town.
I'll have a word with him.
Wear these glasses and stay cool.
It's late. Do you want our costume
to wear on your dates?
Give it! - Why did you come here?
Don't you have the shoot?
Give me the costume, first.
The shoot has been stalled.
The director and the producer
and screaming their lungs out!
Hey, my girl is looking.
Don't say anything now.
I'll pay extra. Go now.
I'll come in the evening, go!
You haven't paid
the rent for a week!
Do you have the capacity
to pay extra! Take it off!
I say, take it off! - Please don't!
- Remove!
Take it off! - She's looking, sir!
Please! - Don't give me excuses.
I'll give you a tight slap!
That's more like it.
Look at you. I gave the costume
thinking you're a good person.
You dare to shout at me now!
I'll give you 10 minutes.
If you don't give it by then, I'll
reveal your secrets to your girl.
My friend..
- Is this a costume?
Poor thing. You trouble yourself
a lot for my sake, don't you?
If I tell my dad about this,
he will be very happy. - Oh, no!
Why will you tell your dad
about this! Don't!
I'll think of more creative ways
to love you!
Don't worry!
- Is it?
- What's this for?
Conveyance. - I see.
- Keep it.
What's the conveyance for?
- Because you love me.
Is this the conveyance for love?
Once we get married, I'll have
tonnes of money, won't I? - Yes.
I'll go and talk to my dad about
getting married and settling down.
Okay. - Bye. Ta-ta.
- Give me the glasses.
I brought it in rent.
- Bye.
Ta-ta! I got money!
- Hey!
I need to go for the shoot!
Give me the costume!
Raja, after you get married,
even I'll stay with you.
Friends should always
maintain a safe distance.
It's okay.
I'll give you a HOPCOMS shop.
Make a living from selling
fruits and vegetables.
- Hi, Raj!
Come, my beloved!
My make-up got spoilt
looking for you.
No big deal!
You can do make-up again!
I came to share an important
piece of information. - Tell me.
My dad has agreed
to get me married.
"The sacred relationship.."
- Stop..
This is my wedding invitation.
I wanted to invite you first.
Here. - Why do you want
to invite me for our wedding?
This is the first invitation card,
right? - Yes, it is.
Hey, Chikka. - Yes.
- Come here.
What is it?
Dear, he has been the support
system for our relationship.
He's my friend.
God will not forgive me if I don't
give him the first invitation.
Let's invite him together.
Hey, Chikka.
Take it.
Here. Take it!
Come along with your family!
"My beloved.."
Hey, Chikka!
Why do you look shocked?
Are you shocked to see
my name on an affluent family's
invitation card? - Raja!
The name, Kamraj,
is printed in place of your name.
You're not joking, are you?
I'm serious, Raj.
I'm going to marry Oil Minister,
Ramswamy's son, Kamraj.
Then what about our relationship?
Sorry, Raj. That was to kill time
and for the sake of security.
When you proposed to me,
I asked my dad for permission.
Do you know what he said?
You may not have a mother.
But I take very good care of you.
In a place like this
if a rich female dog
walks down the road
a hundred street dogs will follow.
We can't do anything about that.
But if there is a male dog
with the female dog
the hundred other dogs
will curl up in a corner
and not be troublesome.
So, keep the black dog
as a security.
What if he truly loves me
and tries to harm me.
Then, I'll get him admitted
to the mental asylum.
Don't worry.
You can hang out with him.
My love was sacred.
Don't treat it so lowly.
I love you, dear.
I love you very much.
I love you!
I beg of you! Please!
Let go, Raj.
I don't have time.
I need to go to distribute the
invitation cards. Forget me. Bye.
"I was with you for 3 months."
"You put me to shame!"
"I was with you for 3 months."
"You put me to shame!"
"I was with you for 3 months."
"You put me to shame!"
"Mine is the one-way love.
Come and give me an answer."
"Why did you look into my eye, hide
our relationship from everyone"
"and dump me!"
"I was with you for 3 months."
"You put me to shame!"
"Among all the girls"
"she's the only one who
gave me sleepless nights."
"Like a baby, like a shadow"
"like a joker, like a dog"
"I came after you. I didn't
even listen to my friends."
"Though I did a hundred sit-ups
and pleaded with her"
"she didn't give in!"
"I wish God empathises with me,
makes her feel pity for me"
"and make her send a text message
saying she'll miss me."
"I was with you for 3 months.
- I was with you.."
Like actor Upendra from an A-rated
movie.. - "You put me to shame!"
... I'll kidnap you and..
Now, tell me whether
my actions were right or wrong.
What you did is right, pal..
- Hey!
Who the hell are you? Why have
you tied my daughter up? - Dad!
First, get her down.
Let's make the deal, first.
- Do you know what I'll do to you!
You can't do anything!
Get the cash out, first.
Take it!
Write as much as you want!
If anything untoward happens
to my daughter..
Hey, Chikka.
Get her down.
Tell me what mistake I made.
I love her more than life!
- Oh!
I love her!
Love, he says.
Do you know what her status is?
I've bought her a car
and a bungalow.
I've reserved a seat
in an international school
for the child she will bear.
I have booked a car worth
Rs. 2 crores for the baby.
Do you know how much we spend
for a wedding in our house?
I have enquired about you.
Do you have anyone whom
you could your family?
Does anyone know you?
It's not too late yet.
Become affluent like me
and afford one such car
then I'll think about getting
you married to my daughter.
I don't want your love.
I need someone who is well-off.
My future is important to me.
You'll find many girls to love.
Go behind them.
If you have any problem,
contact me.
I'll help you.
- Let's go. He is insane.
He is out of his mind.
Poor guy!
Raja, control your emotions.
I loved her wholeheartedly.
I was in love too.
Didn't I get over it?
Am I not living happily now?
- But I had loved Nitya..
Don't talk about her.
Keep quiet.
Hey, I hid something from you.
Even I was in love with
the same girl. - What!
I was the 99th guy
and you are the 100th.
I thought you would succeed,
but you didn't.
Hey, buddy!
Listen to me!
Raja, why are you doing this!
Oh, God!
Hey, rascal! Compared to the
betrayal she has done to me
the way you enjoyed by making
me fall in love with her
is more distressing.
You deserve this punishment.
Shut up, idiot! - Hey, I'm
not able to feel my organs.
Someone help me, please.
Calm down, darling!
Why do you say that?
Had I know before, I would've
built a six-pack, dear.
You are size zero
and I'm muscular.
Oh, God!
Few scapegoats are coming.
Shall I attack them?
Mr. Ram..
Happy married life..
Sorry, sir! You have come
to a wrong address.
I'm not Ramu.
My name is Shamu!
Oh, Mr. Shamu! Do you think
that I don't know who you are?
You got married last week, right?
Ramu is none other
than Lord Ram.
Shamu is the smart guy over here.
Our boss has decided to present
you a gift. - Who?
He is the president
of ABRV association.
ABRV association!
What is association is that? - Hey!
He's the association president.
Hail the ABRV president.
- Hail..
Hail the ABRV leader.
- Hail..
Hail the ABRV president.
- Hail..
Hail the ABRV leader.
- Hail..
The guy is 5 feet tall,
but strong.
The girl is 5 feet 4 inches
and beautiful.
So, their kid will be 4 feet tall.
The kid might be the future
citizen of India
or become the prime minister
of the neighbouring country.
For all this to happen,
I need to sign and authorise it.
Darling, I think they belong
to the Kuruba community.
They might be shepherds.
- Hey, there's nothing like that.
He is the president
of ABRV association.
The abbreviation of ABRV is
'Akhila Bharatha Rakshana Vedike'.
Hey, I have heard of KRV,
but what is ABRV?
There are many great leaders
to save Karnataka.
There is Narayana..
- Swamy!
There is Narayana..
- Gowda!
There is Muthappa..
- Rai!
There is Sara..
- Govind!
There is Vatal..
- Nagaraj! - Hail!
Many such leaders
are protecting Karnataka.
But there's no one
to protect our country.
To the north-west of India,
there's dispute with Pakistan.
To the north of India,
there's dispute with China.
In the central India, there are
problems related to terrorism.
To the south, there are
community-related problems.
To the right,
there's power shortage problem.
To the left,
there's water shortage problem.
Even then, our leaders are not
leaving us anything.
Food, women, treasure, property
and many more valuables
are being looted by them.
There's no one
to protect our country.
So, I'm here to protect
our country. - B-Boss..
Enough of this blather,
now come to the point.
You both look like you
got married for the first time.
As you didn't find any place
to stay in Bengaluru
you haven't consummated
your wedding.
I know about it.
Don't worry.
I'm here for you.
From our association
we are sponsoring
for your honeymoon
to Australia.
Really! Australia is my
favourite destination.
First time when I went to Australia
with my first husband
for our first-night
he died in his first attempt
itself. - That's okay.
So, when are you planning
to go on a honeymoon?
Sir, we will depart as soon
as you give us the tickets.
Note down their bio data.
- Hey, give me the laptop.
We have confirmed your tickets
to Australia worth Rs. 2 lakhs.
Congratulations, dear!
But there's one condition.
You have to become the member
of ABRV association
by paying Rs. 10,000.
That's it!
- Rs. 10,000!
That's okay, darling!
There's a profit of Rs. 2 lakhs.
Don't delay for long.
Take a quick decision.
Or else, it's a waste
of going to Australia. - Why?
It'll be very hot and you will
not be able to father children.
Sir, what do I do now?
I didn't get the cash.
Who asked you to pay through cash?
We don't accept cash.
I haven't got
the cheque book either.
Cheque is also not accepted.
Just like Aadhaar card,
election card and kerosene card
there's something
called ATM card, right?
I have the ATM card. But you don't
have the machine to swipe the card.
We have all the machines.
Just give us the card. Hey, get
the swiping machine. - Get it!
Enter the PIN.
Komala, your visa
and ticket are ready.
You can go to Australia.
Sir, what about mine?
- You can go home.
S-Sir, how is that possible?
Mister, her visa
and ticket are ready.
So, she'll go to Australia
and you go home.
Sir, how can only she go?
She is going on a honeymoon.
Sir, how will she go on a
honeymoon without me?
We all will accompany her, right?
- Hey!
"Where am I heading to.."
Oh, no! Someone, please help.
Help me. My bag!
Please help me.
- Hey.. Thief..
Stop him! Thief..
- Please help me.
Stop the thief.
- No.. - Don't let him escape.
No.. - Injustice is being done
to the woman. - No!
Let go of me.
It's better you listen to me.
What is it?
- Mister!
Long back, just like you
to help the woman,
I ran too..
- Stop there. Give me the bag.
One minute!
- Mind it!
Thank you!
You are a real hero.
That's how I am!
I can't see a woman being cheated.
Take your bag. - Thank you!
- Shall I take your leave!
You have already started
to take my permission.
I meant to bid goodbye.
I will be happy if you visit
my office once.
Do you want me to visit your
office? - Yes! - Let's go.
Come in.
Is this an office?
It looks like a house.
What does SSS centre mean?
First, come in.
I'll explain it to you.
- Rs. 50,000 forfeited.
Rs. 1 lakh.
- "Forfeited.."
Also forfeited the house
in Jayanagar.
Oh, rich man!
What a marvellous story?
If you narrate this story
to actor Upendra
he'll picturise
'Raktha Kanneeru' part 2.
Forget about my story.
Where are you from?
Tell me about you.
Even I went after a girl
and ruined my life.
Be careful!
Don't believe the city girls.
Hey, old woman!
- Son!
You are finally here. Come..
- Obviously, I'll come back.
Give me Rs. 500
and two packs of cigarette.
Quickly! I need to go to play.
Look here! I just have Rs. 100.
I'll give you two packs
of cigarette and Rs. 100. Take it.
- Oh, no!
He is that old woman's son.
Just like all day medical shop
even that old woman sells
cigarettes all day and earns money.
From her earnings,
daily she gives him
two packs to cigarette and Rs. 100.
That's her life.
Oh, keep it, old woman!
What has your son done to you?
So sad! Don't worry.
Stay blessed, dear..
Which cigarette do you want?
- Yes!
I'm not like your son
to smoke to death.
I don't smoke.
All that I wish is
to take care of my mom.
Even my son does take care of me.
Oh! Does he take care of you?
- Yes!
Didn't I see him hit you?
What are you saying?
Just raising children is not enough
we need to take care of them
till our last breath.
Even after ten years of my wedding
I couldn't conceive.
After supplicating
to Lord Thimmappa
he was born.
I pampered him a lot.
He started smoking
at the age of 12.
When I told him not to smoke
as it's injurious to health
he got angry
and ran away from the house.
I got exhausted
searching for him.
The trouble I went through
that year is inexplicable.
Later, he came back.
I stopped yelling at him,
as I was scared
that he would run away again.
If he continues to smoke
regularly, he will die
even before you die.
Hey, stop your blabber.
You will be doomed.
I thought you were
being sympathetic
but how dare you talk
about my son's death.
Do you find it right?
Go to hell, man.
What would you do if something
like happened to you?
Hey, old woman!
Why are you grumbling?
The government is raising campaigns
against smoking, tobacco
consumption and its later effects.
But you are still selling
cigarettes. Isn't it wrong?
Hey.. Am I begging them
to buy the cigarettes?
They smoke to gratify their
addiction. What can I do about it?
Shouldn't I earn for my living?
He is here to preach moral values.
- You dug your own grave.
- Come, let's go.
You try to do things
with good intentions
but that won't
work in this city..
Why do you seem surprised, boss?
- Boss?
You look like you are watching an
adult movie for the first time.
Boss, we are the
members of your group.
You are a very
bold and brave person.
That is why you are our leader.
We all fell in love with Nitya
and her money and failed.
Boss, take this black rose.
Damn, you fools!
Aren't you ashamed to form a group
because a girl cheated you?
Do you know what women are?
They dump people shamelessly.
They ruthlessly
dump their husbands.
They treat men like slaves.
They respect liars.
You, fools!
You guys got fooled by
such woman.
You should cleanse your soul
with a very strong soap.
Get lost..
"You got to believe that.."
"You better believe that.."
"I agree and bow down to you.."
"I agree and bow down to you.."
"The notes of the flute.."
Give me two packs.
Take it.
Wait, I'll be back.
Ma'am, isn't your vehicle starting?
- Can I check if you don't mind?
Why are you staring at me?
I'm a mechanic.
I will fix it.
Is it okay? - Okay, do it.
- Open the bonnet.
"I agree and bow down to you.."
"The notes of the flute.."
Hey! Who the heck is smoking..
Hey, women should ignite
stoves and lamps.
You are sucking on these
sticks.. Damn! I don't approve.
It is not right for you.
- Take.
This is for repairing the car.
Take it and get lost.
- Are you giving me 100 rupees?
Take it back.
I'm from Mandya.
I'm from a good place.
We don't accept less money.
Forget money, I won't accept
even if you give me a house.
Kid, you don't get rich
by just bragging. Wait.
Take this. Have it.
You'll grow up.
Hey! How dare you call me a kid!
Be cautious. If not, you'll
have a kid!
Mister! She asked me to
smoke this cigarette.
Give me a matchbox,
I'll try.
Buddy, just because a girl asked
you to grow up
don't make a mistake
by smoking.
Even if a guy falls in love
with a girl and get dumped
he can forget her easily.
But once you fall in love
with a cigarette
and kiss it, it will never
dump us till we die..
That's not it.
Even when we are on the bier
we will be surrounded by smoke.
That is why you
shouldn't smoke, pal.
Wear these glasses
and calm down.
Oh, God!
Oh, no!
Nobody should smoke.
No, don't smoke!
It will harm not only you,
but everyone around you.
Don't smoke..
The world will be ruined.
Nobody should smoke!
Pal, why aren't we able to
find anyone to fool today?
Is today, Sunday?
- No, pal. It is Monday.
After partying all weekend,
people will wake up late.
We will definitely find someone.
I will find them!
I will make money.
You can't find anyone, pal.
- Why?
If you take over my boss' business,
who can you find?
Today is your bad day.
- Hey!
It is not bad day for me,
but your boss'.
That is why he is suffering
from diarrhoea and is resting.
This is a good day for me.
I will surely find someone.
Be prepared.
A scapegoat will
definitely come our way. - Sir!
Sir.. Excuse me, sir!
- Did you see..
Sir, turn around.
- Money came in search of me.
See who came for you!
- Sir!
Please give me Rs. 100, sir.
I'm starving!
Did you hear him?
He asked Rs. 100 for food.
Sir, give me just Rs. 100.
I don't have any cash today.
You look like a decent person, sir.
Don't you have Rs. 100?
- I don't have cash.
Please give me Rs. 100, sir!
Look at him demand!
Shall I give you a cheque?
I don't want a cheque.
It might be fake.
You can give me card.
I did not bring
my business card today.
I don't want your business card.
I have a machine.
- A machine! What machine?
This machine, sir!
What happened?
Why did everyone disappear
as soon as they saw the machine?
If cigarettes are banned
everything will be all right.
That's right, pal.
If we get that factory shut down,
Nitya will learn a lesson.
Hey, how is that related to this?
Her dad owns a cigarette
manufacturing company..
We have to get that
cigarette factory shut down.
What is your name?
I'm Raj.
I appreciate what
you guys are doing.
Because of this, millions of people
will be benefitted.
I'm sure about it.
- Thank you, sir.
It's okay.
- Bless me, sir.
You have formed a group
and you sing, talk
and discuss. It is a good thing.
That's okay.
But, if you want to execute
thoughts and plans
in a much efficient way, you
have to utilise legal means
to do good to the society,
protect environment
and eliminate bad habits.
You, youngsters should work for it.
I'm there to advice, encourage
and guide you.
But, you should have
a definite goal.
You have to work
towards achieving it.
You will achieve your goal
and find success.
- Thank you, sir. - Bless you.
Thank you very much, sir.
Smoking is injurious to health.
It is prohibited to sell
cigarettes and tobacco
around school and colleges
and to minors.
Get rid of tobacco.
Protect the environment.
You'll be imposed with fine
if you smoke.
'Dum Maro Dum'.
Oh, fine.. - Come on..
- Don't take it seriously. - Hello!
May I come in.
- Nitya!
Darling, come in..
- How are you doing? - Fine.
Thank you.
By the way, he is my friend, Shyam.
- Hello.
- She is Nitya. What a surprise.
I would have come to meet you
if you had told me.
Anything serious?
- Nothing serious..
Dad asked me to take you for a
drive to farm house and factory.
So, I came here to take you.
That's all. - No..
I can't come. I am totally
engaged with some work.
Just because our parents
have given us freedom
we shouldn't misuse it.
I don't like it.
We will be roaming around
after the wedding.
So, I'm busy with work.
You are embarrassing me.
Don't feel bad, please.
Okay.. I'm sorry.
You are really great, Dad.
- Okay. - See you.
Very bad woman.
Let's go that area..
All right.
Hey, who are you people?
Why? Are your innards quivering
with fear upon seeing us?
What? - Are your innards quivering
with fear?
What do you mean by innards?
- Heart, liver..
Put them down, you idiots!
You guys look like bin scavengers
looking for food
near convention centres.
Whereas I am a sturdy guy
from Mandya
raised on nutritious diet.
Why should I fear you?
Shut up and get lost!
I might shut up and go away
but not my boss,
not under any circumstances.
Why not?
Has he got the rights to blabber?
Boss, he is humiliating you.
Come on, boss.
Make him suffer.
Why are you acting like an
ex-chief minister up on seeing me.
He doesn't know who I am.
Don't you know who I am?
How would I know you
when you don't know who you are?
You don't know about my boss!
Don't you know who he is?
- No.
Don't you know..
- I swear, I don't know.
He says he doesn't know!
Why are you asking him
so many times?
I'm sorry, boss.
- All right.
He looks like a simpleton.
If I raise my voice, he looks like
he might wet his pants in fear.
Look, kid, don't ever come
to this area again.
Go away..
- Hey, don't touch me.
Boy, go away and get lost
in some remote hamlet
that doesn't exist on the map.
Guys, I don't understand..
What makes you
run like headless chickens
if I form an organisation?
Only one lion can be the king
of a jungle. - Where is it?
I'm the only king of this state.
A movie has only one hero.
I am the only don in this locality.
Likewise, in entire India
only I can form an organisation.
I won't let anyone else
form an organisation.
There are many stars in the sky.
But I'm the only star
on this earth.
- Yes?
Stars appears only at night.
But I'm like the burning sun
that lights up the day.
- Hey, you are wrong.
- The sun is very bright.
Look at your complexion, man.
It seems like you were born
on a dark night.
Hey, don't talk to me like that.
- Why shouldn't I? All right.
Look, if you want to form
an organisation
like me, keep some bright minds
around you.
Instead, you want to start
an organisation
with a bunch of skunks.
I am the president of ABRV!
How's this vociferousness?
Listen, this is my final warning
to you.
If you act smart,
you'll be a goner.
Do you understand?
- Oh.
Go. Get lost..
- Hey, don't touch me.
I will touch you.
What will you do?
Okay, keep it.
Get going.
- Let's go, guys.
Move it.
- He is more shameless than I.
You wretches!
I must teach this short guy
a lesson.
Oh, no! Stop..
The patient is conscious now.
It's a known fact that women
in our country smoke cigarettes.
But if I say that our country has
the second largest number of
female smokers globally
would you believe it?
Is it?
- Yes.
It's not just the heart and lungs
that get affected by smoking.
Smoking might cause
heart attack, brain stroke
breast cancer, cervical cancer..
That means womb cancer.
Smoking directly affects the womb
of the women smokers.
It's very disturbing
that we come across such cases.
Now, that's what happened
in Rita's case.
She didn't just suffer
a mild heart attack
her throat and lungs
are also affected due to smoking.
That means,
her body is at risk of cancer.
In case she's thinking
of committing suicide
she doesn't need to put
much effort into it.
She just needs to smoke
one cigarette a day.
She will be dead in a month.
We will certify it
as a natural death.
If you want her to survive
and be alive
she needs to stop smoking.
She must quit smoking completely.
That's your responsibility.
- Yes.
Now, it's up to you.
O-Okay, ma'am.
Bring me all the lab reports.
- Okay, ma'am.
Miss, did you hear that?
When I asked you not to smoke
the other day
you mocked me
and called me a kid.
See what the doctor says now.
She says all you organs
are damaged pretty badly.
If you women, want to prove
that you are stronger than men
fly aeroplanes,
drive buses, trucks, auto rickshaws
and even ride horses.
Why do you compete in smoking?
You little kid!
Go and get me a smoke.
What did you say?
Hey, what do you think of me?
Do I look like a joker?
You want me to get a cigarette..
If you smoke one more cigarette
your photo will be garlanded
and people will light candles
in remembrance of you.
Be careful.
- Hey, who are you to say that?
Who the hell are you
to advise me, man?
All right.
Thanks for your help so far.
Give me your phone number
and leave.
I will pay you for your services.
Service charges!
Hey, what do you think of me?
I'm the head of All India's
'Dum Maro Dum'.
We are cleaning up
this smoke-filled country.
You be careful.
Take care of your health.
Don't annoy me.
Just get out.
Are you telling me to get out?
Oh, my!
Why are you shouting in here?
It's a hospital. Lower your voice.
Take this prescription.
Get all the prescribed medicines.
All of them?
- Yes. - Okay, ma'am.
Also, get whatever
she was asking you.
Oh! If I get her what she wants,
you will land in the soup.
- Yes.
That's why it's said men can't
understand women's problems.
Go and bring a female member
of your family. - Is it?
Miss, don't you have
any family members?
Get the medicine.
"God is the witness.."
"God is the witness.."
- What?
I find a strange duo there.
Shall I catch hold of them?
Go ahead.
- Yes, boss.
Hey, catch hold of them
and bring them here.
"This gentle breeze.."
Whatever your problem is,
our boss can solve it.
- Hold on, man.
Weren't you working as a pimp
at Kavitha Lodge.
No, sir. I was a peon
at Kanteerava Studio.
I'm retired now, sir.
I'm sorry. I'm mistaken.
- Tell your problem.
My boss will solve it.
Do you know who he is?
Hey, the whole world
knows about me. Wouldn't he know?
No, I don't know.
All right, let it be.
"I'll be there for you, baby."
Such a young and beautiful lady!
Since you have covered her face
and shielded her
from the sight of others..
That means,
no crook has set his sights on her.
What is your problem? Tell me.
Sir, she is my only daughter.
She is a precious girl.
- That's quite obvious.
She is 22 years old.
- Okay.
I have been trying hard
to get her married to
a handsome guy.
But I haven't succeeded yet..
Poor man.
Is this your problem?
Old man, if you don't mind
the caste difference
age disparity..
- Complexion..
or personal background
then I am ready
to marry your daughter.
Oh, my! Is he dead?
Hey, baldie!
What's wrong?
Oh, God! You are like God.
All right..
- Your are like God to me.
But there is a hitch.
Go and relieve yourself.
- Oh, my..
It isn't that.
- All right then..
Please don't mistake me.
I don't like grand weddings,
taking dowry
courting publicity et cetera.
Please don't plan such things.
Oh, my! In fact,
I can't do such things.
My daughter has
a minor health problem.
What is it?
She has night blindness.
After dusk,
her left eye goes blind.
Let me be known
as the magnanimous guy
who married a blind woman.
No problem.
Is there any other problem?
When she was a kid,
she suffered a head injury.
As a result,
she is deaf in her right ear.
It's all right.
Once we are married, we prefer
that wives don't hear anything.
No problem!
Is there any other problem?
Due to excessive air pollution
in Bangalore
she has got allergy, asthma,
cough, respiratory issues and flu.
Because of these problems,
she faints every now and then.
Are there any other problems?
She suffers from gastric problems
as a result of her dieting.
Also, she has ulcer,
piles and fistula.
In addition to this,
her knee is swollen
due to excessive accumulation
of fluids.
There are two nails
in her right leg.
Just two nails!
- Yes.
Except for these issues,
my daughter is a very fine lady.
You will never find a girl like her
anywhere in this world.
Son-in-law, you are lucky..
If you accept this
you can see my daughter's face.
Hey, old man.
My boss will definitely marry
your daughter.
Won't you, boss?
- Wait a minute.
Hail Mother India!
You wily old fox!
Your daughter's whole body
is infected
and damaged beyond repair.
You are infecting
this entire locality.
If you don't drink this poison
and die now
I will strangle both of you
to death.
Hey.. - He is crazy.
Let's find someone else.
You bloody scoundrel!
If I see you here again,
I will burn you both alive.
You sick rascals!
Boss, if you had married that girl
the would've become famous
throughout the world. - Come here.
You should've married her.
- Hey, oldie, bring your daughter.
He will marry her.
Dirty rogues!
Now this place is safe!
Hail Mother India!
Stop it!
What happened?
Please sit.
Please sit.
I-I need a cigarette.
My head is spinning.
Just one smoke, please..
Look, if you don't smoke
for one more hour
it will be five days
since your last smoke.
If there is a will, there is a way.
You can have whole world
at your fingertips.
You have strong willpower.
Give it a try.
This is my life!
Cigarette is essential to my life
and my existence.
Don't take it away from me.
Just leave me alone.
I need to tell you something.
Millions of matchsticks can be made
from a tree.
But one matchstick
can burn down millions of trees.
This negative energy
is akin to a matchstick.
It will burn away all your dreams
and reduce them to nothing.
But the positive energy
is like a large banyan tree.
It gives shade, shelter and
fresh air to millions of people.
You should try to become strong
with a positive attitude.
Keep your advices to yourself.
Just shut up! Okay?
This isn't an advice.
It's the truth.
I read somewhere that
people who go through betrayals,
humiliation and loneliness
seek solace in smoking.
It's the same with you
b-because you don't have
a good friend.
If you don't have any objection,
I will be your friend.
When I came of age,
I lost my mother.
When I was old enough to get
married, I lost my father.
They have given me a house
and huge wealth, but left me alone.
I questioned my existence.
But I'm not a fool
to commit suicide.
Thanks to my education.
I got a good job
and became friends
with a good person.
His name is Rahul.
Our friendship blossomed into love.
He distanced himself from everyone
to be with me.
We were in a live-in relationship.
The only vice he had was
smoking cigarettes.
Hey, why?
- You touch cigarettes more often
than you touch me.
If you want to be with me,
you need to quit smoking.
Or else, I don't want you.
"I can't give up smoking."
"It's as great as you."
"I can't live without you."
I can't live without cigarettes."
Come on, Rita. You shouldn't get
angry about such minor things.
I love you, dear.
I want to be with you forever.
You are like a pillar of strength
to my heart and to my life.
Cigarette is like
a pillar of strength to my mind.
I was habituated to smoking
even before I met you.
Even if you ditch me,
cigarettes won't.
It will be a good companion to me.
- Oh, yes!
Even this leads to death,
people won't learn.
If something happened to you
because of smoking
who else would be there for me?
You should try smoking, too.
It will remain with you forever.
Smoking is better
than being with humans.
It doesn't have any vices
like lust, anger, conceit,
jealousy, desire or greed.
That's why,
I won't give up smoking or you.
See you. Bye-bye. Take care.
I thought a lot about getting him
out of this habit
and came up with a decision.
Hey, shall we get married?
I want to be
lawfully wedded to you.
Please, dear.
I just wanted you to love me
but not let it go beyond limits.
One should never get attached
to someone in life.
Because they can't be replaced.
Having an alternative is best.
- What do you mean?
When shall we tie the knot?
All right, what about next week?
- Done!
Okay! I'll present you a gift
on that day.
After that, I will be the priority
in your life. Okay?
You are already a gift to me,
and am I getting another one?
I'll tell you a fact!
- Okay.
Love your life,
there are many options in it.
Don't love your existence,
you never know what will happen.
- Hello!
Where are you?
- I'm on the way.
Come fast!
- Yes, coming.
I'm waiting for you.
- I'll be there in an hour.
After my wedding,
to get him quit smoking
I was waiting for Rahul
with the gift.
Hello, ma'am!
Are you Rita?
Mr. Rahul was driving while
smoking a cigarette.
The ash fell in his eye
and he met with an accident.
If something happened to you
because of smoking
who else would be there for me?
You should try smoking, too.
It will remain with you forever.
Smoking is better
than being with humans.
Mr. Rahul was driving while
smoking a cigarette.
The ash fell in his eye
and he met with an accident.
I thought he would not smoke
if I gifted him
a cigarette wrapped with my photo.
But he..
Unable to forget him,
in his memory
even I started..
You should never forget your past
and never worry about your future
is the principle followed
any people in this country.
There are also people
who follow the principle
forget the past
and think about your future.
But your thoughts are..
It's very foolish and silly.
Kittur Rani Chennamma solitarily
fought for the country.
Onake Obavva sacrificed her life
to save her husband.
Mrs. Indira Gandhi ruled the nation
without her husband's support.
Though Mother Teresa
didn't have kids of her own,
she served other kids.
If all of them had thought
foolishly like you
would they have achieved
so much in their life?
You don't believe in yourself.
You are scared to live.
You are sick to death
of loneliness.
Above all these, you are now
addicted to smoking as well.
Death is unpredictable.
Friendship, love and trust
are always true to form.
Give up on all these habits
and take a resolution to live your
life happily and beautifully.
Then the whole world will appear
to be more beautiful and appealing.
I'll always be there
as your well-wisher.
Promise me that you will
give up on these habits.
Stay determined.
Anything is possible
with determination.
"Two hearts have"
"a thousand dreams all the time."
"Two hearts have"
"a thousand dreams all the time."
"We have this one dream."
"Tell me what it is saying."
"Even if there is a deviation
at the end of the path"
"we must be aware of our aim."
"When you regain
the trust that you lost"
"let there rise a new ray
of light in your heart."
"No one can live
alone in this world"
"there must be someone
for each one of us."
"Let the eyes
never be filled with tears."
"The pain will gradually subside."
"Come what may."
"Two hearts have"
"a thousand dreams all the time."
this life is a big riddle."
"Nobody knows
who's meant for whom."
"A few resentments
and a few small dreams"
"prevail in true relationships."
"Though there are many cities,
there's just one moon."
"We're all one, let's come closer."
"Teach the thorn to be a flower."
"Make the truth
known to the untruth.."
"Mend your worries and live on."
"Two hearts have"
"a thousand dreams all the time."
Where is the old woman?
Let me teach her a lesson.
Give me Rs. 20.
I'll give it once she comes.
Boss, this is our shop.
I'll return it.
- Keep this.
You can give the balance later.
- Please give me Rs. 10.
That's our shop.
My old mother is out somewhere.
She'll be back.
I'll return it with another
Rs. 20 rupees.
God knows what lead to this.
She's gone out somewhere.
My mother will come for sure.
Because she begot a son like you
no miracle will be able to
save the old woman's life.
- To give you money to gamble
to give you money
to smoke cigarettes
and to gather money
for your alcohol
the old lady sits here
for 24 hours, works all day
and inhales the cigarette smoke.
The passive smoking
made her fall unconscious today.
We took her to a government
hospital and admitted her.
Poor lady, she is sleeping
like an orphan in the hospital.
She made a grave mistake
of begetting a son like you.
Hey, you're kidding, right?
- Is this something to joke about?
She's your mother!
Such people will never understand
the value of a mother.
If he knew,
he would have rushed right away.
Look, brother.
A mother bears all the pain
carries the baby for nine months
and raises it.
She washes, raises, gives bath
protects, feeds
and comforts the baby.
But when we grow old,
we fail to acknowledge our parents.
We can't return even 10 percent
of the efforts she put it in.
I will state a fact.
No matter how much money you have
you might be able to buy anything
you want in this world
but you can never buy a mother.
"Mother." - Mother! - Yes, Son.
- What happened, Mother?
Nothing serious, Son.
- "Mother."
I had cough for a few days, right?
Since it was very cold yesterday,
I'm down with a bit of fever.
I didn't sleep as well.
That's why I fell unconscious
from weakness.
That's why they got me here, Son.
- What did the doctor say?
What will he say?
He said something about cancer.
- What?
I told the doctor that we're poor
and that we don't have money.
Take this.
Take it.
This is a hospital.
Smoke is prohibited inside.
Go out and smoke.
What is it, boy?
- Mother!
What happened, Son?
I am such a sinner!
I am not worthy to be your son!
I should take care of you
like a queen at this age!
You are earning day and night
to raise me!
Don't cry, Son.
Don't cry.
Don't worry.
Nothing will happen to me.
Nothing will happen to me.
Death is certain, isn't it?
I will die someday.
But I am not worried
that I am going to die!
I am worried about who is going
to take care of you after I die!
The doctor is here.
The doctor!
My mother is fine, isn't she?
I thought she was an orphan.
Tell me,
how can I say there is no problem
when there certainly is a problem?
Your mother appears to be
in a very critical stage.
This is a result
of passive smoking.
she has inhaled second-hand smoke
from people who smoked cigarettes.
Hence, her lungs and organs
are badly damaged.
Let's see what will happen.
Doctor, I am willing to do
anything for my mother.
Tell me what to do!
Please save her, Doctor.
Cancer is hard to cure.
But the treatment and medicines
are going to be very expensive.
You must arrange money.
We'll try our best.
And God will take care of the rest.
I want to tell you something.
Don't misunderstand me.
It would have been far better
if you weren't born and
your mother was barren. - What!
"God travelled though the earth."
"He noticed the pain in the world."
"So he planned
to redress the grievances."
"Then he gave up
saying it's impossible."
"In the end, he created mother."
Even Brahma has no mother."
But we have a mother."
"In the desert of pain"
"I have found the sweet ocean."
"On your death, oh, Mother"
"I am struck by
a lightening of draught."
"Oh, God!"
"Oh, God!"
"Make a note of this in your book."
"You have no mercy
even in your dreams."
Even Brahma has no mother."
But we have a mother."
Why are you crying?
Is it because you didn't find
money to smoke cigarettes?
I have nobody in this world
other than my mother, sir!
Now, I'm prepared to even beg
to save her, sir!
Nobody has ever prospered
and nor will they ever prosper
if they hurt a mother.
Bear that in mind.
- Sir!
I will close the cigarette shop
earn a living and take care
of my mother, sir!
I swear by my mother, sir!
I swear I will take care of her.
If your son should transform back
to the way he was earlier
then you will have to play along
like I tell you.
Listen, if he really loves you,
he will quit all vices
and live responsibly.
No, dear.
I suffered a lot
after losing him for a year.
You don't know about him.
He's short tempered and rude.
If he learns the truth
he will throw me
out of the house.
Let him throw you out!
Am I not your son?
I will take care of you!
Take her with you.
Son. - Hereafter, I will
take good care of you, come!
Well done, Mr. Raj.
- Thank you, Doctor.
You made a spoiled brat realise
the value of a mother.
I had never lied in my profession
but you made me lie to him
that she has cancer.
Your lie helped a mother
revive her son
and helped a son get back
a mother.
You're the real doctor
to the society. - Thank you.
Wish you all the best.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Looks like the lady
is furious. - Hey, mister!
Well, if there is a traffic jam
all over Bangalore
what will be the plight
of people who wait for us?
If you continue this,
I will initiate a strike
in front of the CM's house!
Bad luck.
Your laughter is endearing.
It's because of this very laughter
of girls
that boys fall for them
and insist on being with them.
What's up?
You asked me to come urgently.
- Me?
I had mailed NTC and WHO
in detail about your work.
They have replied saying that
they will support your work.
Wow! Wonderful.
Superb.. Thank you..
That's why elders have said
that girls are very fast.
If we boys dream about paradise
you girls directly
step into paradise.
I am very pleased.
Just once!
Nobody will know!
Please, dear.
- No way.
Please, dear!
- Lo, there comes a thief!
Don't be afraid!
I will take care of everything!
Just agree. - Hey..
- I'll take care of it! - Hey!
What are you people doing here?
What is your problem?
We both are lovers.
We are romancing. She is my love,
affection and romance..
Hey, stop it!
Who is this guy?
He is my car driver
and a close friend of hers.
They both are close friends.
- Hey, come her.
Who among the two of them
do you love?
He has a lot of money.
He's a big person.
He is my lover.
This is his car driver.
Security, a small person.
He likes me very much.
So he is like my lover too.
Do you manage both of them?
Shame on you!
Hell with your love!
Instead of keeping your love
a secret
you have confused it,
adulterated it
and are sharing it like
sharing a photo on bluetooth!
Do you know what she's been doing?
She's facing you while talking..
Clever girl!
Instead of living with her
and making her pregnant
you are making the entire country
look at you and puke!
Get out of here! You fools!
Shame on you! - That's why I said
we'll go to Nandi hills.
Hey! Wait up!
A computer can be attacked
by virus.
And a heart can be attacked
by love.
When I look at you, I feel you
must have been duped in love too.
Tell me what it is.
- Oh, there's nothing like that.
Reliving my flashback
is like watching a horrible movie
in a worn out theatre.
Then you'll have to rub
a pain relief balm to your heart.
In that case
you will never fall in love again,
will you? - No chance!
There's nothing called love!
There's no room for love,
in my life.
There is only room
for your bliss, joy and happiness.
Thanks. You're very different.
Life in itself is very different.
Please come.
'On Big FM, you're listening
to 45 minutes of..'
Boss, I've not had
a drag since morning.
Please give me the cigarette.
- Hey..
Let go, I am smoking that.
Hey, give him a cigarette.
Oh, God! - Give it.. - Hey!
Give me a big one.
I'll slap you.
Just because he asked for one
will you give only one!
Give him a full pack!
He has a big heart.
He will pay you.
Boss, my wife..
I saw my wife with my neighbour..
I feel disgusted to tell you.
Poor lady.
His wife is very pious.
She works as a maid
and educates her children.
He is born a lazy bugger.
Drinking, gambling, races.
He's into all kinds of addictions.
You can call him the king of vice.
And after he comes out,
he'll find someone to con.
He defames his wife saying that
she has an illicit relationship.
In that way, he arranges for money
to smoke and drink for a day.
And when he goes home
after indulging in all vices
his wife and children, unable to
bear the stench, go away from him.
This problem doesn't exist
only in his house.
Whoever smokes has the same issue
in their respective homes.
This problem shouldn't spread
across more people in the country!
If we have to clean this country,
we have to clean him, first.
"Give up cigarettes.
Give up smoking."
"You don't have to burn
and go to the grave."
"Have a drag.."
"Have a drag.."
"Have a drag.."
"Have a drag.."
"Have a drag.."
Don't smoke cigarettes.
When I look at the work that
you do, I feel proud of you.
I am proud because I'll be proud
to call you my associate.
Keep up the good work.
But wherever you go,
mention my name
and then begin your work.
It's like worshipping God.
By the way,
can you give me Rs. 200?
I am not able to maintain the boys.
Hey, I am a CM candidate!
When I become the Chief Minister
I will give you the entire area.
Please give me Rs. 200.
- Sir.
What is my programme for tomorrow?
There is no work tomorrow, sir.
You're completely free.
Hey, your phone is ringing.
So what if there's
no work tomorrow?
I don't like that. Find some work.
- Hello. - Okay, sir.
Boss, three boys are creating
a ruckus saying that
they want to see you.
They are not girls, right?
They're boys.
Call them up here.
Let's kill some time too.
- Okay, send them up here.
You've grown so big
after eating a lot of Biriyani.
Boss, Yediyur Rangarao's
Dum Biriyani.
Why don't you die eating it?
You fool.
Here. This is a notice for you.
- Oh.
Hey, you vile.
- Boss?
I can't read Kannada,
read it for me.
Boss, it's about
a foolish organisation.
If you don't close your factory
and serve the people
then you'll be cursed by
Lord Manjunath of Dharmasthala
face the wrath of Lord Venkatesh
be cursed by his family God and
face the wrath of your family God.
If you don't give in to any of this
he'll give a piece of his mind!
That's what is written here, boss.
He can do such things
only to people like you
not to good people like me.
Where is your great leader?
Bring him in.
I am free tomorrow anyway.
Let's talk.
It's you!
People, who were once beggars,
are flaunting their riches now.
Hey, manager.
- Sir.
He is mentally retarded.
He fell in love with my daughter
and went crazy.
Mr. Rangaraj.
I was neither a beggar
nor was I mentally retarded.
I'm the president
of the 'Dum Maro Dum' organisation.
It would be better if you accept
the notice and close the factory.
Or else..
I will have to get it shut down.
Hey, Raja, you bring
an ornament seller from Majestic
a 'Chakna' seller from Kalasipalya
and a perfume seller
from Shivajinagar
and create an organisation.
Do you expect that to threaten me?
To dogs like you,
if I throw money like dog biscuits
you'll come and fall to my feet.
I'm not a street dog to chew
the bones that you throw at me.
I'm a hunting dog
that has come to hunt you!
You had said something
the other day.
You said that I don't have
even 10 people with me.
Today, I, Rajkumar..
I'm popular throughout
the state of Karnataka.
Look, it's best if you listen to me
and shut the cigarette factory down.
Or else, I will put you
inside your cigarette factory
and burn you to ashes!
Hey, blacky!
Stop! Which caste do you belong to?
If you're a Gowda,
I am a Gowda too.
If you're a Kuruba
I'm a Kuruba too.
If you're a Brahmin,
I'm a Brahmin too.
If you're a Lingayat,
I'm a Lingayat too.
If you're a Muslim,
I am a Muslim too.
And if you're a Christian,
I am a Christian too!
Your caste has no law and justice.
My caste has both love and justice!
I will never make a mistake.
This is a warning to you.
You better stop playing your games.
Or else, your cigarette will burn
in front of your photo.
Dear father in law,
convey my regards to your daughter.
Get and die, you fool!
Let's give this
to the Chief Minister.
Congratulations, Raj.
- Thank you, sir.
Well done..
The work that you did
to ban smoking
is a very meaningful job.
You did a good job.
Everything is here. - Yes, sir.
- They have written all about you.
You got it banned, mister.
- What?
We are farmers.
We grow tobacco.
We prepare 'bidi'.
We lead our lives by working
in the cigarette factory.
If you do this,
what will become of us.
What will become
of our wives and kids?
Who are you?
I am the president of
the Tobacco Growers' Association.
since you and your people have been
doing this for generations,
you feel this is divine work.
That's not your mistake.
But sometimes
our work can harm others.
In the case of tobacco
our society is facing
such terrible problems.
If you grow crops
other than tobacco
the government will provide you
with a lot of facilities.
Our association is also ready
to support you.
If we do this
won't we develop
a healthy environment?
It will be wrong to oppose you
after listening to your words.
As you've assured your support,
we'll find another line of work.
What do you say?
- Sure.
We'll leave now. - Thank you.
- Thank you. - Let's go.
All the best. - Thank you
very much.. Good luck.
Daughter, what's wrong?
I thought the guy you chose for me
was genuine, honest and wealthy.
But do you know the truth?
Hey, Kamraj..
Stop, ma'am..
- Do you know who I am?
He's asked me not
to allow anyone, ma'am. Please.
Mind your own business.
- Please. - I must go. - Stop..
Nitya. - What the hell!
God! No!
No! I've made a huge mistake,
Compared to the lustful Kamraj
my Raj is far better, Dad.
He'll provide me a secure life.
I need him, Dad.
Please, Dad. I want Raja.
I want him, Dad. Please.
Hi. - Why did you ask me
to come here immediately?
Well.. Happy Birthday to you.
Thank you so much.
I won't forget your birthday
even if you do.
It's okay..
Hey, you came to the temple
and performed prayers
but forgot to take the oblation.
- Sorry, sir.
Take it. Apply the vermillion.
It's auspicious.
Apply it.
First for you.
- Why did you put it on me?
Should only I be happy?
I want you to be happy.
Where are you lost?
It's nothing. You look lovely.
You look gorgeous.
After you applied the vermillion,
you look beautiful.
That's why the elders say,
if women wear vermillion
their heart and mind will be cool.
Hold this for a minute.
I'll give the priest some money.
Stay here. Superb!
Neha, please..
Why are you ignoring me so much?
Look.. - I'm ready to
do anything for you. - Get lost!
Just once. I'll fall to your feet.
- Damn it!
Aren't you ashamed to behave
so foolishly in public? Damn!
I don't have any shame.
If you pester me again,
you'll be in trouble.
Go to hell.
This anger won't help you.
Hey, stop..
If you keep rejecting me like this
I'll die smoking this cigarette.
Remember this, dear.
Stop, darling.
Hello, are you facing
love troubles? - Yes.
I smoked this to impress her.
She broke our three-year long
and is going away.
You were with her for 3 years.
Whereas I sang,
"I was with you for 3 months."
"She put me to shame!"
That's why it is said that
one must neither smoke cigarettes
nor fall in love.
All you guys,
who're standing around me!
Pay some attention!
Travel the world. Gain wisdom.
Visit temples. Offer money to God
and ask for a boon!
Dhanesha from Dharwad!
Hanumesha from Hubli!
Thippesha from Tumkur!
Madesha from Mysuru!
Paramesha from Bellary!
Srinivasa from Malur!
Here's my speciality.
Cigarette is your biggest enemy.
A woman is the worst liar.
Darling! - If a girl smiles..
- The guy will be doomed!
"Your lungs will be scarred.
If you smoke, you'll surely die."
"You're going to lose your money
if you fall in love."
"Love is nothing but cheating."
"Don't smoke cigarettes.
Don't fall in love."
"Don't smoke cigarettes.
Don't fall in love."
"Why do you want to drink liquor?
Just eat good food."
"Stop showing off your wealth.
This is all life is about."
"Don't smoke cigarettes.
Don't fall in love."
"Don't smoke cigarettes.
Don't fall in love."
"Cigarettes and girlfriends
have one thing in common."
"Your heart is going to face
problems from both of them."
"You'll die.."
"You'll die as you keep
smoking cigarettes."
"You'll die.. - Yes!"
"You'll die as you keep
smoking cigarettes."
"Your lungs will be scarred.
If you smoke, you'll surely die."
"You're going to lose your money
if you fall in love."
"Love is nothing but cheating."
We mustn't spare girls
who play with our emotions.
Do something!
Curse them..
"Your slippers must tear
when you're walking stylishly."
"Your cell phone must end up
in a gutter. - Oh, no!"
"Your face cream must give you
an allergy."
"The teddy bear that you hug
should become a real bear."
"The dog catchers must
take away your pet dog."
"The one to become your boyfriend
must suffer many diseases."
"You don't even deserve
a place on earth."
"You must be lucky to get
a boyfriend like me."
"Worship the guys who are loyal."
"You'll die.."
"You'll die as you keep
smoking cigarettes."
"You'll die.."
"You'll die as you keep
smoking cigarettes."
"Your lungs will be scarred.
If you smoke, you'll surely die."
"You're going to lose your money
if you fall in love."
"Love is nothing but cheating."
"Don't smoke cigarettes.
Don't fall in love."
"Don't smoke cigarettes.
Don't fall in love."
"God gave you a heart
so that you can live."
"Why do you destroy it
by smoking cigarettes?"
"God gave you a heart
to fall in love."
"Why do you kill it
just for the sake of it?"
"Men are called
ghosts and spirits."
"Guys who are sinners
and those who fail in love"
"are made fun of by everyone."
"It doesn't rain when a donkey and
a monkey are married off. - True."
"Girls who cheat won't find
a good husband. - Absolutely!"
"If a guy ditches a girl,
he's criticised by everyone."
"If he stays loyal,
the girl would ditch him."
"If we touch them,
we'll be sent to prison."
"If they touch us,
the blame will be put on us."
"Give a send off
to all girls who cheat."
"You'll die.."
"You'll die as you keep
smoking cigarettes."
"You'll die.."
"You'll die as you keep
smoking cigarettes."
"You'll die..
- Plus, minus, is equal to."
"X divided by Y cos theta minus
sin theta is equal to tan theta."
"Love and marriage give a child."
"Once married,
you have no way out!"
"I'm leaving. Bye.
I've had enough of this guy!"
Come on, let's go.
"He's done for!"
Promise me that you'll never
smoke hereafter.
Oh, God! I swear that
I won't smoke hereafter.
My dad died due to smoking
too much. He orphaned us.
That's why I'm advising you.
You mustn't suffer a similar fate.
I'm sorry, dear.
I love you..
Promise me something else as well.
- What is it?
You mustn't mingle with him.
He's hurled many abuses at me.
I don't even know who he is.
I'm a really good guy.
Come on. Shall we get a room?
- Okay.
Come on. Let's go..
Did you give the report?
I love you, Raj..
- Hey! - How are you, Raj?
Let go! - I made a mistake, Raj.
I can't live without you.
Please! I need you.
I love you, Raj. Please accept me..
Hey, love isn't a toy
that kids play with.
You can't use it when you want to
and throw it away when you don't.
Has your dad sent you
as an ambassador
as I'm opposing him?
Your assumptions are wrong, Raj.
- Hey..
I just realised
the true meaning of love.
Did you forget our love?
- Let go!
I can lead a happy life
only if you're a part of it.
Please don't reject my love, Raj.
I can't live without you, Raj!
Please come, sir..
- Ma'am..
Rangamma is almost here..
- What's that?
Goddess Rangamma will enter
Pankranna's body.
She's very powerful.
You must ask her for a boon
that all your enemies
should be destroyed.
Give the car keys
and the documents of your house.
Put it in here..
- Rangamma? Sounds weird.
Come on. - Put gold as well..
Goddess! Please come..
Come, child..
- Child?
Did you remember me
when your problems surfaced?
Hey, wait a minute.
Forget about my problems.
What's your problem?
Who is he..
He's got colour on his body
though 'Holi' is long gone.
Hey, stop it! Who is he?
- Goddess Rangamma has taken over.
Ask for a boon.
Goddess Rangamma?
Forget about the boon!
Answer a question for me.
- Ask me anything.
Goddess Rangamma,
you're a female deity.
Why did you enter a man's body?
Moreover, why did you
enter such an ugly body?
Hey! - The Goddess would be enraged
if you say such things.
Ask for only what you need.
Will she grant me any boon?
- Go on! Ask me..
Goddess, as the river Kaveri
is flowing from Karnataka
to Tamil Nadu, there have been
many fights between us
and the entire country
is being affected by it.
If you please divert the river
towards Bellary
Hubli or Gadag,
where there's severe drought
this problem would be solved.
Please do this for me.
What's this, Goddess? I asked for
water. But you're having wheezing.
That's all right, Goddess!
- Oh, God..
Solve a smaller problem for me,
if not for this one.
There's a hole in the ozone layer,
due to which Bengaluru
is facing high temperatures.
Please get a big chunk of ice
from the Himalayas
and place it either in Shivajinagar
or Goripalya.
It would help cool the city down.
Please solve this small problem.
If you say such things,
the Goddess will be infuriated.
All of you will be cursed.
This town will be destroyed.
Send him away..
Go away..
Hey, go away..
- Send him away..
Hey, stop it!
Rangamma they say!
What sort of Goddess is this?
God is being disrespected lately
because of people like yourselves.
Anything from a stone to a stick
is considered to be God.
Is this coloured guy God?
Hey, is he God?
Hey, what are your problems?
Has this God solved any of them?
I'll solve your problems.
Tell me what they are.
I have taken many loans.
I have neither paid the school fees
not the rent for the house.
I'm here to ask for money.
This God won't give you anything.
You must snatch from them.
Take it! - My container!
- All hail Sadhu Swami!
What's your problem? - My
daughter's marriage has been fixed.
I need to buy jewels and clothes.
But no one's lending me money.
That why I'm here to pray to God.
- Why try so hard for that!
It's hanging right here.
Take it. Go on.
Get her married.
- You're the real God. - Enjoy!
What's your problem?
I've been serving as a government
employee for the past 30 years.
But I couldn't buy
a house for myself.
I'm here to pray to the Goddess.
- Hey, where's the paper?
Here you go, boss. - Give it!
Dear Goddess!
You have loads of time.
Give me your left hand.
Put your thumbprint on this.
Take this, sir.
Write anything you want on it.
- Oh, God! House documents!
I've got a property.
- All hail Mr. Sadhu..
Take it. Enjoy..
- Hey, who are you?
You're doomed my business
and are watching the fun.
You're not my disciple.
I'll teach you both a lesson.
I've lost my wealth and jewels..
- Rangamma has gone insane!
He must be possessed. Run!
- I won't spare you!
Snatch it..
Give it! Hold the box.
Give it.
Have you written anything on it?
Take it..
Take it. Put it in the box.
Chase them away..
- Hey, go on..
An earthworm eats mud.
A frog eats the earthworm.
A snake eats the frog.
An eagle eats the snake.
Similarly, each one should
feed on the other to survive.
This is life. What do you say?
- You're right, sir.
Come on.
"After changing my life for good"
"where have you gone?"
"You nurtured my heart"
"and now you've sent it
to the gallows."
Any luck?
- None of them has seen her.
They're all saying the same thing.
- Hello?
I informed you strictly
not to let her smoke.
You never listen to me.
Nobody has checked on her
in a week.
Your phone number
was in the hospital records.
That's why I called you.
Please visit the patient.
Let's talk about the rest later.
What's all this?
What have you done to yourself?
What was wrong?
Do you know how difficult it was
for me without seeing you?
I looked for you on every road.
But you..
You're a traitor! You're a cheat.
You're a liar.
You're a cheat!
What are you saying?
I don't understand anything.
Please elaborate!
I saw you talking to her.
I saw you with my own eyes.
You hid everything from me,
didn't you?
You're a fraudster.
You're a cheater.
You're a cheater,
just like every other man.
Stop it..
What you assume is not true.
Do you know
what really happened there?
My love for you
will always be immortal
in my heart.
But I can't cheat a girl
who considers me
to be her entire world
and is madly in love with me.
Just like how I ask the public
to stop smoking
I'd like to ask them
not to fall in love like us.
Let me tell you the truth.
I'm alive only for you.
Do you know what I wish for?
I want you to be happy.
I want you to be cheerful.
I love you.
I really love you, Rita.
I love you.
- I made a mistake.
I thought I'll lose you.
Hence I decided to end my life.
I'm sorry, Raj.
This bloody cigarette
is killing me.
Save me, please.
- I'm here for you.
I want you, Raj.
- Don't cry. I'm here.
I want you, Raj. I love you..
- I love you, Rita.
The patient's condition
is very bad.
The cancer has reached
the terminal stage.
She may live for a maximum
of 5 to 6 months.
The patient is not responding
to medicine.
We're trying our level best.
Raj, I'm feeling really down.
I feel like going out with you.
Will you take me out?
There's no use..
Why are you taking her?
The reports say that she may live
for a maximum of one month.
Let her rest right here.
Please don't let her learn
about her approaching death.
"After changing my life for good"
"where have you gone?"
"You nurtured my heart"
"and now you've sent it
to the gallows."
"You broke my trust."
"You lost true love."
"Where have you gone to?"
"You have pushed it
to the gallows."
'Quit smoking.
Nurture love.'
Stop! The president of ABRV
Mr. Sadhu, is on the verge
of doing something great.
No person has achieved such a feat.
Take a look yourselves.
Greetings.. - Look who's here.
He's appearing on TV.
No. This isn't for the sake
of gaining publicity.
It is to create awareness.
Irrespective of the nation
or the person
nobody should cause pollution.
They mustn't smoke.
They must keep their nations clean.
Hence, I'm going on a voyage
on foot to the Himalayas.
- Why did you choose the Himalayas?
My disciples are covering
just this area.
I'm covering the entire country.
That's because seers and sages
are smoking weed in the Himalayas,
due to which
the white snow caps
are turning dark.
I'm planning to clean all of that.
- What do you plan to do later?
I'll think about my next move
after I reach the Himalayas.
Join me, I'll let you know once
I think of something.
If not, just fall off the
Himalayas. You'll reach Bengaluru.
I'll fall off the other side
and reach Japan.
This is the end of the movie.
All of you've enjoyed watching it.
After you leave, please don't smoke
at least until you reach home.
After that, don't smoke at all.
You'll develop cancer.
Don't smoke cigarettes at all.
Cancel cigarettes.
All hail.. - Mother India..
Don't smoke! - Don't smoke..
- No smoking! - No smoking..
"No smoking.."
Cigarette smoking
is injurious to health.
"Don't do it..
You shouldn't be smoking.. "
"Don't do it..
You shouldn't be smoking.. "
"You smoke a cigarette
but it kills you.."
"Incense is meant for Gods."
"Cigarettes damage the lungs."
"Cigarettes damage the heart."
"When you burn a cigarette,
you burn yourself."
"Don't indulge in smoking.
It's the cause of disease."
"Why do you want to end
your life by smoking!"
"Say no to smoking."
"Smoking is injurious to health."
"Be proud of the right..
Take pride.."
"Tell the world..
"One should not
hold a cigarette.."
"Hold your guns..
Drop the cigarette.."
"Be courageous..
Be a gentleman.."
"Be proud of the right..
Take pride.."
"Smoking is injurious to health."
"Stop smoking."
"Hey, my friend!
Say no to smoking."
"Do it!"
"Don't assume all the
people who smoke are great."
"Don't assume people who give
out smoke are intelligent."
"You never bought anything else."
"You simple collect
hoards of cigarettes."
"When you burn a cigarette,
you burn yourself."
"When you burn a cigarette,
you burn yourself."
"Stop it. Stop smoking."
"Leave it.. Stop smoking
cigarette and 'bidis'."
"Leave it.. Stop smoking
cigarette and 'bidis'."
"Stop smoking."
"Stop smoking."