Cinderella and Secret Prince (2018) Movie Script

Everyone knows
the story of Cinderella.
A poor girl, dreams of
going to the royal ball.
Her dream comes true with
the help of a fairy god-mother.
But when the spell is
reversed at midnight,
she runs away.
The prince searches
throughout the kingdom.
He finally finds her.
And of course, they
lived happily ever after.
But... story is very different.
And how do I know the truth?
Because I was here.
And here.
Ooh, something smells good.
Ella never dissapoints us.
Let's go!
Easy peacy lemon squeesy.
You look tired ,you
should work out more.
Let me show you how its done.
Oh-oh. Move to the right.
Move to the left!
Extend your back muscles.
Oh! Stir your--
Oh, no!
- Hah?
--stretch long long and-- Hah?
Hey, be careful.
What the--?
- Oh! Oh!
- I can't watch!
Come on!
- Hah?
- Hah?
Where are you?
Coming, stepmother!
I tried a new recipe.
I hope you like it.
Oh, no!
Well, it's a good thing
you can cook.
And clean.
-She is so talented, isn't she?
- Ha-ha.
What are you doing here?
- This wasn't my idea.
- What?
- What are you mumbling about?
- Nothing.
Everything is just fine.
So, this is your new recipe?
Ah! Let me get that for you.
Oh, no!
What is that?
Guys! Run!
Get out!
Get that filthy mouse!
Stop it!
Kill him!
Get away from me!
Take that!
Let's go!
Light as a feather.
Light as a feather.
Yah! Get him!
Missed me!
Try harder!
Filthy mice!
Get away from me!
This way.
Get those mice!
What? I can't hear you!
Ella! What are you doing?
They're getting away!
I've gotten rid of them!
How dare you, let those
mice get away!
Then, there is no dinner
for you this month!
I just need to eat
a bit earlier.
Those guys!
You three.
Why did you do that?
Do what?
Why do you always go stealing?
Only me?
We shouldn't steal food.
What do we eat then?
We'll go out look for food.
No. It's too dangeorus.
Here, you can have
some of mine.
Just don't do that again.
Thank you,Ella.
You're welcome.
You're the best!
Oh, you gonna finish that?
He doesn't really
act like a mouse.
You think food tastes
better that way?
You seemed different.
- It's almost like ...
- Like what?
Like a... gentleman.
I wish I was.
Does he think he's
human or something?
I wish I could
dance like that.
I can't wait to go.
It's going to be thrilling!
- Oh..Hah?
- That's so exciting!
I can't wait to wear
my fancy dress.
What are you two
talking about?
There's going to be
a royal ball at the palace.
A royal ball?
Well, what are
we waiting for?
Quick, get dressed!
I can't wait.
I will wear that
beautiful red dress!
A royal ball!
- You think they'll have food?
- Ha-ha.
Why are you looking
at me like that?
Ella, you should go.
Why would I want to go there?
Prince is going to
choose a princess.
I don't want to be
chosen to be a princess.
I heard that the prince
is pretty charming.
The palace is huge.
Filled with chandeliers, marble
floors, artwork, tapestry .
How do you know that?
He's probably been there,
stealing something. guys really
want to go?
Fine. Let's go.
- Oh,shoot!
- It's great!
What are you guys
waiting for?
And that?
What's wrong with it?
Why not?
It's a palace ball.
You'll need a nice dress.
Okay. I'll see
what I have.
I've seen your closet.
You don't have anything.
Yeah. No food.
No pretty dress either.
What should I wear then?
I have an idea.
Why are you in such
a hurry to find me a wife?
If I don't,
then you'll never become king.
When the time comes,
you will know why.
We were walking forever.
Where is this hairy god-mother
you were talking about?
I said fairy god-mother,
not hairy god-mother.
What if she's hairy?
Very funny!
Will she really be
able to help us?
Of course!
Everyone says she's great.
Yummy food!
That looks delicious.
Guys, run!
Who do we have here?
I'm Ella.
And these are my friends.
Are you the hairy, fairy or cherry?
I's the fairy godmother's, um...
- Apprentice?
- Yep.
My name is Crystal.
Where is the master magician?
I don't know.
Crystal, we need your
help to get a pretty dress.
Why should I help you?
You want a tailor..
not a master magician.
I bet she can't
even make a scarf.
I don't know,
maybe she can.
You really think so?
Wow! Nice!
You see?
It's easy.
Crystal, right?
How about me?
I want a suit ,too.
Watch this. Hmh.
Whoa! What--? urh!
We got a perfect match!
You two should dance
with each other!
Hey! Not funny guys!
Dang it!
Can someone unzip this?
Okay. I'm done now.
Good bye.
- Crystal?
- What?
You forgot to make Ella a dress.
No, I never promised you that.
Let's just forget it.
- Come on, let's leave.
- Wait.
Do you know why we were looking for
the fairy god-mother and not you?
Because everyone knows
how talented she is,
but no one knows
how skilled you are.
I know.
My teacher is famous.
I bet you can be as well
known as your teacher.
By helping Ella become the most
beautiful girl at the ball.
And you really need me?
Okay, then.
Let me show you
what I can do.
First, you're going
to need a horse.
Look at me!
I'm handsome.
- Why are you so short?
- Hah?
Let's try it on you.
Do not mess
with me again!
What am I now?
You look like a donkey.
I hate donkeys!
At least you're taller now.
I'm sure it'll work this time.
- Now we're both stallions!
- Much better looking than a donkey!
Why didn't it work on you?
It's so strange.
Why are you still a mouse?
No worries.
I can fix this.
Two horses are enough.
Now it's your turn.
The star of the night.
Okay, let's do this.
It's just a dress, right?
- Wow!
- Wow!
Wow, it's beautiful!
Now you're ready
for the royal ball.
Am I dreaming?
Let the dream begin.
He's looking at me. Ha-ha.
May I present..
..miss Ella.
Hah? Miss who?
- I wonder, what's for dinner?
- hah?
I can almost taste it.
The roast potatoes, pudding ...
Oh my!
What's this?
You are kidding me?
I want a royal dinner!
I'm going to the kitchen.
I know where the kitchen is.
Let's go!
It's so much easier as a mouse. Ah..
You know, you're actually
look good as a horse.
I don't need compliments.
I want food.
I could get you food.
But, you'll owe me.
Okay, whatever you want!
I promise!
I can't think of
anything right now,
but I will.
Just hurry!
It feels good to be
a mouse again.
So much better, hah?
Wait, you're coming with us?
Sure. I'd love to!
But there will be guards.
No problem!
- Oh, amazing!
- Wow!
Let's go!
You are even shorter than me!
You want to be
a donkey again?
No, that's okay.
I was just kidding.
I don't want to be
a donkey again,
not even a horse.
I've never seen
a girl like you before.
Now you have.
Beautiful and interesting ...
So... did you get here?
A magician sent me here.
And she has a sense of humor!
My friends think so,too.
Oh, do you like my palace?
Not bad.
Can I show you
my favorite place?
Where is that?
My beautiful garden.
I'd prefer to see your kitchen.
Are you hungry?
Maybe my friends are.
I love this style.
Such nice decor.
What's "decor"?
It means "good taste".
It tastes good?
That's what I get for
talking to peasants.
Why are they so huge?
These are knight's armour.
I am a knight!
So am I. Ha-ha.
On guard!
Hey ... I'm Sir Lancelot.
Oh..not good.
Someone's coming.
What are you doing down here?
And nothing there.
To a boring job, I go again.
life of a guard with
nothing to gain.
I almost lost my head!
Your Highness.
What are you looking at?
But, it all looks familiar.
Come on, I'm hungry.
Let's go to the kitchen.
All right.
This way.
I sense dark magic.
Dark magic?
An evil magic,
that only the meanest
witches practice.
That's impossible.
We're in the palace.
I can feel the dark magic,
behind this wall.
- The wall swallowed her!
- M-hm.
Guys, get in here!
Don't leave me here
by myself, guys!
Are you guys alright?Hah?
Are we in the underworld?
- Hey!
- Ah!
Are you scared or something?
It's over there.
Now what?
Something is wrong here.
Look! Up there.
- What is this place?
- It looks like a dungeon.
Someone's practicing
dark magic here.
Master, she's here.
Are you sure?
Yes, master.
She's right where we want her.
We must capture her tonight..
and stop her from
reversing the curse.
Master, you believe
in that prophecy?
We can't risk it.
By getting rid of her
the prophecy is meaningless,
and that prince will stay
a mouse forever!
- Hah?
- Hah?
Who's there?
Does this mean dinner's
cancelled tonight?
Are you kidding me?
We're the dinner now!
There they are.
Catch them!
- Yes, Your Majesty!
- Yes, Your Majesty!
Catch who?
Those mice.
The mice!
This way!
This way!
Is that Ella?
Wait, are you sure?
No, that can't be her.
She doesn't even
have a dress.
So, tell me about your family.
I live with my step-mother
and my step-sisters.
Look, she smiled at us.
Are they beautiful like you?
Of course.
That is Ella.
How did all of this happen?
Catch them!
Those four mice!
We have to find Ella.
Giddy up!
Hey, do you still
think I'm a horse?
Just keep running!
Are you sure?
What are you saying?
The door is closed.
You remember that--
Trust me!
I'm a horse! I'm a horse!
I'm a horse!
I'm a horse!
What is going on?
I'll explain it later.
After them!
Stop them!
Close the gate!
The gate is closing!
What do we gonna do?
Well, let's go that way.
Are you sure about that?!
Halt! Don't go in there!
They're heading towards the maze!
We'll catch them there!
Turn left.
That way.
Who were they?
The ones I've been searching for.
The girl? Ella?
And the mouse.
But--But why don't you just
use your magic to stop them?
If I use my dark magic,
everybody will know
what I am, won't they?
Follow them!
What's happening?
There was a witch inside
the palace, chasing us!
How can that possibly be?
And that prince you
dance with, he is a fake.
Then, where is
the real prince?
The real prince is a mouse.
- Wha--?
- A mouse?
I will host you in my palace.
Can't you see I'm different than you?
Oh, no.
Not you two.
is it him?
I remember something.
I don't want to talk about it.
Come on.
What happened to you?
When I was five,
my father hired
a tutor for me.
She was lovely.
And everyone liked her.
She even taught me how to paint.
One year later,
I lost my parents.
After that,
my tutor changed.
She wanted to take
over the kingdom.
And then...
I found out she was
an evil enchanter.
She used her magic
to turn me into a mouse.
And then, she erased
all my memories.
That's horrible.
How could she do that?
What a despicable nasty witch!
Oh, god.
I can't believe I've been
living with a prince.
How sad.
Who is she?
Her voice sounded
a bit familier.
You know magic, don't you?
Why can't you
just undo the spell?
Transforming a human
requires powerful magic.
Dark magic.
What in the world?!
I'm not at that level yet.
That must be why I couldn't
change him into a horse.
Then, what do we do now?
I remember reading
something about this.
There is a ring
that can break this black spell.
In the Heartland!
Well, then let's go there.
But it's only a legend.
We have to try.
You'll have to
go on your own.
I'm not going.
This is his only chance to
turn back into a human.
It's too dangerous.
I can ask someone else.
Why don't you listen to me?
She's just afraid.
- Afraid?
- Hah..
Who said I was?
If you not, prove it.
I'll show you!
Fine! Let's go,
right Now!
I knew you wouldn't leave us!
I must have lost my mind.
Okay, we're going.
I don't want to go.
So .... what's your name?
I don't think mice
even have names.
Come on!
Everyone has a name.
My name was Alex.
I knew something was
different about you.
You're polite.
You use a fork and knife.
Oh, and you can dance ,too.
But I'm still a mouse.
We'll make you human again.
I don't think that's possible.
You'll never know
if you don't try.
I'm no match against her.
Alex, you're not alone.
We'll help you.
I don't want you guys
to be in danger.
I understand.
I lost my parents,too.
But together, we can
defeat the witch.
You'd better leave before
they come and find me.
We won't leave you.
I don't need you!
Please, just leave!
I like being a mouse.
Do you really want to live
in the shadows forever?
Or do you want to dance
with me? As a human.
Master, ther're heading
to the heartland.
Oh, they must believe in
that ridiculous legend.
It's just another stupid
old wives tale.
But , what if they
find the ring?
We can't let that happen.
Take this.
Follow them.
Yes, master.
Are there any animals out here,
specifically the ones
that eat mice?
Yeah, like cats?
- I don't like cats.
- Ha-ha.
- ..there are fire dragons,
- Hah?
iron lions ...
- and ferrous monsters!
- Hah!
But no!
No cats.
No cats.
I wonder what you'll look like
when you're a human?
If I'm ugly,
would you still be my friend?
Then I don't want to go.
I'm kidding!
Come on!
Wow! A berry.
Don't touch my fruit.
Who said that?
Something weird always happens
when you're picked fruit.
Where are you?
What are you doing here?
Oh, we're..
Just playing. ha-ha.
All right.
There're rules here.
I can't believe there're
rules in the forest.
"Rule 1:
"don't touch any plants,
including flowers,
trees or herbs. "
Really? Oh!
"Rule 2:
- No climbing on trees and rocks."
- Oh!
"Rule 3:
No littering".
Does that count as littering?
Not littering, per se,
.. it does violate
rule number 20:
" Don't pollute the environment."
Where were we?
Let's start all over again.
"Rule 1:
don't touch any plant. "
"Including flowers,
trees or herbs."
We got it, thanks!
Thank you!
Where are you going?
Who does that
turtle think he is!
Yeah.. the boss of this place.
Maybe he is.
We have to get out of here!
What is this?
Whatever it is..
just keep going!
No way!
Why is this happening to me?
It's got me! Ah!
Let him go! Ah!
That will teach you!
Keep running!
We need to jump.
Are you kidding me?
I surrender!
- Did you hear that?
- What?
I can't swim!
Is everyone okay?
No, not really.
- Was that a dragon?
- No.
It must be her!
This is too dangeorus.
We should go back.
Great idea!
Let's go.
He is right.
We've come this far,
we can't give up now.
We have no idea
where the ring is.
I don't know if we could
survive the next danger.
You really need to see this!
You see?
The ring.
It's not just a legend.
What genius put
the ring up there?
Can anybody fly?
Be careful,Ella.
I will.
She's really flying.
What is going on?
Oh, I can't get it!
Well, what does it feel like?
But we can see it.
Come on!
What's wrong with it?
This is giving me
a headache! Oh!
Why can't I get the ring?
I don't know!
I only know what's in the book.
I guess the legend was wrong.
After all that?
Are you telling us
it's not real?
You all tried your best.
Maybe, this is my fate.
Alex, don't lose hope.
It's all right.
I'll search forever, untill you
become a human again.
That was really moving.
I knew it!
You set us up!
What do you want from us?
I've been here...
...for hundreds of years.
And I've seen so many people
that come for the ring..
filled with their own desires.
They all leave with nothing.
They come for themselves.
But you are the only one
who is here for others.
Do you know
where the ring is?
It's right here.
But I can't get it.
If it was easy,
then anyone could get it.
I'm so foolish!
He is the guardian of the ring!
What's a guardian?
That means he really is
the boss of this place.
My mission is now complete.
Good luck.
- Let's chase them!
- Crystal!
Go to the entrance!
You can't escape from here!
Keep dreaming, mouse boy!
Oh, no!
What do we do?
Let's get to the high ground!
Go away!
Let go of me!
Give me the ring!
Not good.
You did it!
- I can't believe my eyes!
- Wow!
Hello, my friends.
Look at your clothes.
You really are a prince.
You're really handsome.
Thank you for taking care
of me for so long.
From now on it's my turn
to take care of you.
Thank you, Crystal.
We wouldn't be here,
without you.
Don't thank me.
Thank her.
Blue sky shine over head
Running, playing with all our friends
We've open new doors
Meeting for the first time once more
For the first time
I see your face
I see this world
I've been blind too
For so long I was fine
With this life I resign
Thinking that nothing
could change, yay..
You and I spent those days
Dancing while loved away
Secretly dreaming about today
And now that we're here
Are you still
That dear friend
That you were before?
Blue sky shine from above
Telling us to live just in love
Our bond is stronger than stone
Confident we won't face things alone
For the first time
I see your face
We take the world on together
I wish every day
could be like this.
Don't you want to go
back to the palace
so you can get your life back?
There's nothing for me there.
I don't even know
who I was back then.
You are the real prince.
I know that.
You're worried she will turn
you into a mouse again.
I'm terrified.
I have everything I need now.
I want to start my new life.
What's your plan?
I want to go somewhere where
they will never find us.
Will you come with me?
And I will work hard
to give you a great life.
You don't know anything.
It's fine.
Don't worry.
I can teach you.
Does that mean..
I'll go with you.
That's great!
But I have to go home
and get something
before we leave.
Of course, your music box.
That is the only thing
my father left me.
I'll go and get it for you.
They're looking for you.
Don't worry.
I'll come back.
Be careful.
Is that real?
That mouse turned
back into a human.
This is bad news.
We have to do something.
Of course.
There's one thing
you have to do now.
Wait my signal , you'll see.
Thank goodness, you're home.
I have good news for you.
I've met someone and
I'm going away with him.
Oh! I'm so
happy for you.
And we'll miss you.
Thanks, I'll miss you too.
I'm going to start packing.
All those years of collecting..
- I have collected a bit, too.
- Hah?
Oh, you're modest.
- Oh!
- Ha?
Get your hands off me!
Let me go!
We need to get Alex.
I'm glad you're
starting a new life.
I've never been
so happy before.
So, what's your plan?
I want to keep searching
for my mentor.
I'm sure you'll become
a great magician.
Just like the fairy god-mother.
You have to write to me.
And I can come visit you.
Of course.
You're our friend.
Captured! Guards!
Ella has been captured
by the royal guards!
Where are you going?
I'm going to save her.
You know it's a trap.
You are a fool!
You'll never get out alive!
I have to go!
Be a hero!
I am done!
I am really done this time!
What do we do now?
You tell me.
Let's follow him.
Well, well, well.
Look who we have here.
Where's Ella?
Where she is,
is not important.
What's important is
that you are here.
You can keep everything here.
Just let Ella go!
They're all mine!
Including Ella.
Then prepare to
lose everything.
You think you can
defeat me?
Who do you think you are?
I am the rightful prince!
You are nothing
but a fraud!
Stop lying!
No one believes you!
What are you looking at?
I'm trying to see
if we can help.
Do you think we can?
- No, not really.
- Hah?
You filthy mouse!
Hit again.
Ella, where are you?
Worry about yourself first!
Eat that!
- Why are we running?
- We're going to find Ella.
A dog!
Let's run!!
Let's see if you can dodge this!
Don't touch it!
Keep the crown.
Just tell me where Ella is!
You will never find her!
You're going down.
Any last words for Ella?
I'll be sure to pass
them along to her.
So close.
I'm saved again.
That's not fair.
Where's Ella?
I--I'll tell you.
She is...
She is going down.
- Just like....
- Ah!!
- Ah!!
I can't believe Alex got defeated.
I win again.
You should've
stayed a mouse.
Ella is not even in the palace.
You are lying!
You think you're a prince.
You are nothing.
And when you die,
you will be remembered
as a mouse,
not a prince.
This is a trap.
Get out of here!
Don't be afraid.
We'll be all right.
Look out!
Sorry, I'm late.
I didn't expect you to
defeat Olaf so quickly.
You don't care
about your son?
He's not my son.
I just brought some entitled
brat to replace you.
How could you be so cruel?
Let Ella go.
Take me instead!
Another romantic story.
Too bad, you're not that hero.
You're insane!
This ends now!
Do you want to be
a mouse again?
You twisted despicable witch!
Did you hear me,
you old woman?
Shut up!
Alex, run!
You can't beat her!
I'm coming!
Go save the Ella.
Take that!
Are you alright?
Are you okay?
Thanks for coming for us.
I was getting
bored without you.
Fairy God-mother?
She is your teacher?
She's the Fairy God-mother?
What a surprise
to see you here.
I don't understand!
I'll explain later.
Now come to me.
Why did you abandon me?
The kingdom was corrupt
and I went to save it.
To save the kingdom?!
By turning Alex
into a mouse?
That was just
a small accident.
I don't know
what he told you,
but you have to believe me.
I can't trust you anymore!
You taught me to be good,
but look what you've done!
you want to defy me?
Just let them leave.
Absolutely not!
I can't believe
you're so ruthless!
Oh my...
Is that anyway to talk
to your teacher?!
What should we do?
What should we do?
We need a plan!
No time for a plan!
Let's go!
I hate mice!
We have to
get out of here.
Get out, you filthy mice!
Watch out!
Are you okay?
Oh, no!
You can fly,
You can cast magic spells ...
you can bring Ella back , right?
There is nothing I can do.
I'm so sorry.
Unless what?
The ring.
It can save Ella.
but you'd turn back
into a mouse,
I don't want to be
a mouse again.
But if I'm a mouse,
at least we can
be together.
Where is Alex?
Where is he?
How did this happen?
Oh, Alex.
What happened?
He gave you the ring,
to save her.
It can't be!
then it will be just like
it was before,
But this way..
we can stay together.
- Are we in heaven?
- Whoa!
If this is heaven,
it isn't very pretty!
Crystal! Ella!
What happened?
That the witch turned
you back into a mouse?
it is what it is.
I guess you guys will have to
share your food with me again.
It hurts my heart to
share food with you.
But don't worry, Ella,
I'll take good care of him.
Thank you.
We're back to
where we started.
All that trouble for nothing!
But now,
I can tell people I'm best
friends with a real prince.
Faster, you ugly beasts!
The prince will never
let us get away!
Who would've thought a mouse
would turn out to be a prince?
I can't believe it..
Things will never be
the same, I just know it.
I have to keep fit.
I have to keep fit!
I have to keep--
Stop tempting me!
Maybe I'll exercise later.
After I finish this cake!
We need to fix here .
Road in here.
And extend here.
All these places need
to be taken care of.
Are you sure, sir?
Of course.
As a proffesional sewege designer,
I've been there six times
already this morning.
Guess what I've got?
I don't know.
My music box!
I thought I'd never
never see this again.
Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
But I can't help
you with anything.
Don't worry.
At least I had
a wonderful moment!
I found it!
- You found what?
- Found what?
There is another way
to break the spell.
The answer is in this book.
As you can see,
life is not always perfect.
But it is full of hope.
A new adventure awaits us.
And the story of cinderella
will be told forevermore.