Cinderella Man (2005) Movie Script

Keep him busy!
You got it.
He ain't getting up!
Four, five, six...
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Come here, Jimmy.
Get that sleeping beauty
out of here!
That's ten in a row, Jimmy!
By a knockout, at one minute 46
seconds in the second round...
tonight's light
heavyweight winner...
from the great state
of New Jersey...
the Bulldog of Bergen,
James J. Braddock!
You're gonna be
the next champ, Jimmy!
Hey, how you doing?
Just give them a few.
Leave them wanting.
You want to sign my name
for me, too?
At least then
they can read it.
You gave him
a cold meat party.
Sign this for me,
Mr. Braddock.
You've been getting stronger
with every fight.
I've been seeing it.
You may favor the right, sure, but
you got no stage fright or nerves.
And you have never
been knocked out.
You're in line.
That's all I'm saying, Jimmy.
You're gonna get your shot.
All right, let me see
what we got here.
$886 for Jeanette...
$772 for Lou and Whitey...
$1,000 for the ring fees,
my $2,658 and your $3,544...
makes $8,860. Stick that
in your mattress, Irishman.
When we get there, you gonna
come in and see the kids?
It's been a while. Come on.
They miss their Uncle Joey.
Yeah, that's very sweet. You
still married to the same girl?
I was this morning.
Well, congratulations.
Maybe I'll take a rain check.
And would you tell her...
will you tell her I
undercharged on the gym fees...
and no load on the towel? Would
you do that for me, please?
I will be sure to point
it out. I appreciate it.
You stop up at the corner
here somewhere, Frank.
Home to Jersey
for Mr. Adventure over here.
All right, see you, Frank.
I could kill you!
I like the sound of that.
Yeah, I like
the sound of that a lot.
My sister.
Daddy, did we win?
Yeah, we won.
How are you, Alice?
That's wonderful, Jimmy.
Hey, Howard.
Thank you.
So tell me about him.
Was he a real slugger?
You know,
you could come and watch.
No. You get hit...
every time, it feels
like I'm getting hit, too.
And I'm not half as tough
as you are.
So, tell me about the girls.
I was at the Garden,
it was a fight night...
Come on. There was one.
There must've been one.
Like a gazelle.
I don't know how it is
she breathed up there.
Mr. Braddock!
You're so strong!
And your hands,
they're so big.
You're so powerful!
Jimmy, I'm so proud of you.
I'm so proud of you.
two-time state Golden Gloves
title holder...
in both the light heavyweight
and heavyweight divisions...
coming by way of knockout...
the Bulldog of Bergen,
the pride of New Jersey...
and the hope of the Irish...
as the future champion
of the world...
James J. Braddock.
Ma, you woke me up.
Well, you kicked
the covers off, honey.
Now you go back to sleep,
all right?
Good night, Mom.
Good night, sweetheart.
I can't find my socks.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.
I washed them last night.
Took them right off your feet.
Don't you remember?
Well, you were out
like a light.
How do I keep them this warm?
Mama, I want to eat, too.
Mommy will get you some,
Hey, Rosy-Rosy.
Good morning, good morning.
Got a notice yesterday.
Gas and electric.
Come on.
Okey-dokey, there we go.
I'll get the milk.
Well, I think
there's some left over.
You know, I got that
fight tonight at the armory.
Yeah, one guy, Abe Feldman.
That's $50, win or lose.
That's good.
If I beat him, maybe I can get
my purses back up to $75.
That would be great.
Rosy, use your fork, please.
Who needs a cow, huh?
Mama, I want some more.
I'm sorry, sweetheart. We
need to save some for the boys.
Here you go.
You know, Mae,
I dreamed last night...
that I was having dinner
at The Ritz.
With Mickey Rooney
and George Raft.
And I dreamed I had a steak.
A thick, juicy steak.
Like this, Rosy.
And then I had a mountain
of mashed potatoes...
and I went back for ice cream
three times.
I'm stuffed.
I'm absolutely full.
I cannot eat another thing.
Want to give me a hand?
Boys, hurry up. Don't dawdle.
Let's try and sleep
a little more.
I need nine men and only nine.
One. Two. Three.
Four. Five. Six.
Seven. Eight. Nine. That's it!
All right,
let's get a move on!
Go on, get going!
Got a lot of work today!
Hey, Dad.
No shifts today, Dad?
What're you doing, son?
I'm being good. I'm being
quiet. I'm being 'hayve.
Hey, Rosy-cheeks.
How you doing?
Daddy, Jay stole!
Jay stole.
What's all this about?
See? It's a salami.
Young lady, your brother's
in enough trouble...
without you telling on him.
You understand?
It's from the butcher's.
And he won't say a word
about it, will you, Jay?
Will you, Jay?
Okay, pick it up. Let's go.
Do not test me, boy.
Right now.
Howard, stay here.
Okay, let's go!
Come on, give me a hand here!
then you don't get paid!
Don't forget to
pick it up easy!
Marty Johnson had to go away to
Delaware to live with his uncle.
His parents didn't have
enough money for them to eat.
Yeah, well, things ain't easy
at the moment, Jay, you're right.
But there's a lot of people
worse off than what we are.
And just 'cause
things ain't easy...
that don't give you the excuse
to take what's not yours, does it?
That's stealing, right?
And we don't steal.
No matter what happens,
we don't steal.
Not ever. You got me?
Are you giving me your word?
Go on.
I promise.
And I promise you...
we will never send you away.
It's okay, kid.
You got a little scared.
I understand.
It's okay.
Jim, he's a very slow guy.
Just plants himself there.
So you just keep him steady.
Keep him trapped in the middle.
Keep dancing around him, okay?
You know what to do.
You know this type.
That guy's a bum.
Two bits will
get a guy a seat.
And that guy gets to watch
you bleed and call you a bum.
And I know I gotta take it from
him, 'cause he's a paying customer.
I see.
Well, well, well.
Pardon me, miss. Allow
me to restate my position.
Mr. Abraham Feldman
is a novice fighter...
whose ass you should
gently kick...
until it is humped up
between his shoulder blades.
That is, if it doesn't offend
your overly sensitive nature.
God knows.
Now, you see, that break's
still a few weeks away.
I know.
And you were gonna tell me
about this when?
It's gonna be fine. It's
not fine. No, it's not.
What the hell?
You don't tell me?
What the hell kinda crap is
that? I owe everybody money, Joe.
I can't get any shifts.
We ain't got any cash.
I got it.
Screw them.
I'll tape it double.
Keep up. Stay up.
Keep moving.
Keep your legs moving.
And here comes Braddock
with his long-time manager,
Joe Gould.
You're washed up, Braddock.
And now for our main event.
Hey, which one's us, pal?
Jersey veteran
James J. Braddock...
is up against Hymie Caplin's
latest charge...
young Abe Feldman
from Schenectady, New York.
Six rounder.
Some might recall
that Braddock was once...
a light heavyweight
title challenger.
His golden-boy peak ended
when Tommy Loughran...
handled Jim over 15 rounds
back in '29.
Since then,
the oft-injured Braddock...
has shown only a glimmer
of his early promise.
And the losses have started
to pile up.
But Braddock continues
to battle.
And here comes
the popular Abe Feldman.
Feldman looks to be
the real thing...
and showed some real moxie in
his recent win over Hans Birkie.
Hey, who whipped Latzo?
I did.
Goddamn right.
Who KO'ed Slattery
in the ninth...
when everybody said he didn't
have a rainmaker's chance in hell?
That'd have to be me, too.
And we're supposed to pucker our
assholes over this Abe Feldman?
The guy couldn't break wind.
Hey, Jimmy.
Anyplace else you'd rather be?
Now, what are you
gonna do about it?
Here we are halfway
through the fifth
And it's more of the same.
The boys clinch again.
Break it up.
He's crushing my guy.
Get him off!
The boo-birds
have started flying here.
They want action
from these fighters.
Feldman sticks a left
in Braddock's face.
Braddock's right hand
is his best and only weapon.
He'll show the left, but it
lacks snap and Feldman knows it.
Come on, give these yokels
a shot in the ass!
Feldman ducks a haymaker
but fails to follow up.
And another big right
by Braddock.
Now, there's the Braddock
we all recall.
But it's one at a time.
It may not be enough.
Come on!
The referee pulls
the boys apart.
And there's the bell
to end the fifth.
Easy now. Easy.
I saw that.
You bust it again?
I'm calling it, Jim.
You gonna use the left?
Okay, good.
You get in there but you
don't let him crowd you.
You work his belly, you
hammer his belly with the left.
Last round. Come on,
you got to show me something.
Give me a good one. You're
giving me an ulcer, Harry!
Shut up.
Work his belly with the left.
You got it?
Give him the flapdoodle with
the right because he don't know.
'Cause he's kind of stupid.
Okay? Last round.
Last round! Go get him!
The left!
Damn it, I wish he could find
his goddamn left.
That's it! Change it up!
Southpaw, that's it!
Feldman prancing around,
looking for an opening...
but still few clean punches
by the fighters.
Braddock still pawing away
with the left.
Another ineffectual left
from Feldman.
Braddock can hardly lift his
arms. He's slow on his feet.
At least Gould in his corner
is still throwing punches...
trying to urge his man on.
Go home!
Go home, Braddock!
No holding, Braddock!
Cavanaugh's working harder
than the fighters.
Dry up!
Another clinch.
It's as if 80 tough fights have
finally jumped on Braddock's back.
You're a bum!
That's it!
Cavanaugh pulls them apart,
and he's called the fight.
He's called the fight.
It's a "no contest. "
And the popcorn and the
peanuts are raining down.
And I'm afraid to say that's
all these fighters deserve...
for the show
they put on tonight.
I'm telling you, it's sad to
see a fighter that was once...
the caliber of James Braddock
reduced to this.
It's all right, Jimmy.
An embarrassment,
that's what it was.
An embarrassment!
Where the hell's the purse?
You wouldn't have
to be asking that...
if you gave a shit
about your fighter.
Okay. He's fighting hurt.
Maybe you got a bunch of fat
and happy fighters at home...
can afford to rest a month between
bouts. I don't know. Lucky you!
Christ, he hardly gets
a punch in anymore!
Fights being stopped by
referees? He's pathetic!
Fights like that
keep people away.
We're revoking his license,
Whatever Braddock was gonna do
in boxing, I guess he's done it.
Wait a minute.
That's all.
Oh, boy.
Mr. Johnston!
What's going on?
You didn't tell him?
Yeah, of course I told him.
He wanted to
hear it from you.
Come on, Mr. Johnston,
no contest?
I broke my hand.
Okay? It's legit.
You don't see me
crying about it.
I don't see what you got
to complain about.
I still went out there, I still put
on a show. I did what I could do.
You know, we did that
boondock circuit for you...
me and Joe. Remember?
I didn't quit on you.
And I didn't quit tonight.
I didn't always lose.
I won't always lose again.
I can still fight.
Go home.
I can still fight. Go home
to Mae and the kids, Jim.
Go home? Go home with what?
Go home with what? A broken
hand from Mount Vernon?
Mr. Johnston!
What happened?
I didn't get the dough.
They didn't pay up.
They called it a "no contest,"
said the fight was an embarrassment.
They decommissioned me.
what happened to your hand?
It's broke again
in three places.
They said I'm through, Mae.
They said
I can't be a boxer no more.
Jimmy, if you can't work...
we're not gonna be able to pay
the electric, or the heat.
And we're out of credit
at the grocery.
So I think we need
to pack the kids.
They could stay at my sister's
for a little while...
and I'll take in more sewing.
That way we could make
two, three breadlines a day.
I'll get doubles, triples,
whatever I can find.
Jimmy, you can't work.
Mae, I can still work.
Jimmy, you can't work.
Your hand's broken.
They see me
lugging this around,
you're right,
they won't pick me.
Not down the docks,
not anywhere.
So we're gonna cover it up...
with the shoe polish.
I'm sorry.
I need five and only five!
Come on, Jake!
Five. That's it!
What the hell happened
to your face?
I got in a fight.
What'd you go do that for?
That's a good question.
Mike Wilson.
Jim Braddock.
I used to follow a pretty good
fighter with that name.
And there's some other guy
going around using that name now.
Can't fight for shit.
Gambling man will lose
a lot of money on him. Twice.
That hand ain't gonna work.
You can't slow me down.
I need this job.
I need the job, too.
What's wrong with
the goddamn hand?
You see us
falling behind, Jake?
He's all right.
Appreciate it.
I'll get a cold beer.
Just a water for me, Quincy.
All I got today
are big spenders.
Beer for him, too. I'm buying.
Don't hurt my feelings.
It's been a while, but... You
don't have to twist my arm.
Yeah, I used to be a broker.
Still lost it all in '29.
Yeah, me, too.
I had just about everything
I ever earned in stocks.
Even had a little
taxi company.
I mean, who loses their dough
on cabs in New York City, right?
Well, I thought that one
was gold for the grandkiddies.
You know, there's people living
in shacks in Central Park.
Call it the Hooverville.
This government's
dropped us flat.
We need to organize, you know?
Unionize. Fight back.
Fight? Fight what?
Bad luck? Greed? Drought?
No point punching things
you can't see.
No, we'll work
a way through this.
FDR, he's gonna handle it.
Screw FDR.
FDR, Hoover,
they're all the same.
You know, I come home one day.
I stand in my living room.
And between the mortgage and the
market and the goddamn lawyer...
that was supposed
to be working for me...
it stopped being mine.
It all stopped being mine.
FDR ain't given me
my house back yet.
Mama, why can't I
go to school?
Is it because I'm a girl?
Hadn't thought of that.
Who's that man
at our house?
Excuse me!
Can I help you?
I'm sorry, lady,
you're past due.
No, you can't.
You can't.
There's kids.
If I don't,
they let me go.
They already let two guys go.
This apartment, it's what we got
left that keeps us hanging on.
Lady, I got kids, too.
How much to turn it back on?
Four months. $44.12.
If I work 26 hours out of
every 24, it still won't add up.
We ain't got nothing.
Nothing left to sell.
All the guys
you could've married, huh?
What happened to those guys?
It's Howard.
Since this afternoon.
"Bless us, O Lord...
"and these thy gifts which
we are about to receive...
from thy bounty. "
I'm all prayed out.
Here's more firewood.
Where are you going?
I said where are you going?
Go to hell,
you no-good bastard!
Go on, then!
We don't need you!
All right. Help me,
pick up some of that wood.
I got it, Mama. All right,
let's go, sweetheart.
All right, honey.
Nice and warm, huh?
Look at Mommy.
What's wrong?
Nothing, sweetheart.
Mommy will be right back,
Howard's fever was getting worse
and then Rosy started to sneeze.
Where are they, Mae? Jim,
we can't even keep 'em warm.
Where are the kids?
The boys will sleep on the
sofa at my father's in Brooklyn.
And Rosy'll stay
at my sister's.
Jimmy, we can't keep 'em!
You don't make decisions
about our children without me.
What if they get really sick?
We already owe Dr. McDonald...
If you send them away, then
all this has been for nothing!
It's just until we get back...
What else was it for?
If we can't stay together,
that means we lost!
That means we've given up!
I am not giving up!
I'm trying to protect our
children. Mae, I promised him.
Outside the butcher's.
I looked him in the eyes...
and I promised him
with all of my heart...
I would never ever
send him away.
You can't do this.
You weren't here.
You can't break my promise.
Jim, you didn't see.
You weren't here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Jimmy.
What are you doing?
Jimmy! Where you going?
Where you going, Jimmy?
That doesn't qualify you, sir.
What else can you tell me?
The problem is my wife is
losing all of her teeth.
I got a relief order
for her.
The doctor says
it's due to insufficient diet.
She's still nursing the baby
on account of...
we can't afford milk
for the family.
I never thought
I'd see you here, Jim.
He jumped up...
kicked his stool
out of the ring...
and he was just,
he was furious.
I grabbed the mike...
There's Jimmy Braddock.
The thing is,
I can't afford to...
I can't afford
to pay the heat.
I've had to
farm out my kids.
You know, they keep cutting
shifts down at the docks...
and you just don't get picked
every day.
I sold everything I've got
that anybody would buy.
I went on public assistance. I
signed on at the relief office.
They gave me $19.
I need another $18.38...
so I can pay the bill
and get the kids back.
You know me well enough to know
if I had anywhere else to go...
I wouldn't be here.
If you could help me through this
time, I sure would be grateful.
Sure, Jim. Sure.
Good luck.
Hey, Jimmy.
Here you go, Jim.
Good luck, Jim.
I'm sorry, Joe, I didn't...
I'm sorry.
What in the hell do you have
to be sorry about?
Jesus Christ, Jimmy.
How short are you?
About $1.50.
We're home!
Hooray, we're home!
We're glad to be home!
Okay. All right.
Howard, don't jump on
the bed. Sorry, Mama.
Read to me, Jay.
"On his way up
and down the stairs... "
Do you like being home?
I like being home, too.
My little doll.
Make a wish, kids.
Hey, Howard, come on.
They're gonna cut the cake up.
You wanna line up, huh?
You looking forward
to some chocolate cake?
I liked it better
when we had our own.
I can understand that.
Hiya, Howard.
Hey, your dad ever tell you
that I used to spar with him?
You hit the Father?
As often as I possibly could.
He was kinda tricky, though.
Hard to catch.
Go and get some cake. Go on.
Missed you at mass, Jimmy.
I can get an extra shift
on a Sunday, you know?
Don't you walk away from me!
Mike, you hear me?
Excuse me.
Every day, "fix the world. "
How about fixing your family?
What kind of father
are you?
Too proud to cross the street
because she can't have her own cake?
And now you're drunk at
church, for Christ's sake.
That a joke, Sara? Making a
joke? I'm just saying it's enough!
Guys, where's the ref? Why
don't you stay out of this?
It's between man and wife. How
do you even call yourself that?
What'd you say to me?
Come on.
Get your hands off me!
You've had a couple drinks.
It's Sunday.
No harm in that. Day of rest.
All washed up. Can't get a fight.
What, you want to fight me?
you don't have to do this.
I ain't got no beef
with you.
Come on! Can't make it in the ring, huh?
Come on, Braddock,
I'll take your head off!
Jim, no!
Mike, you okay, baby?
Why don't you get off me?
Go to hell! The both of you!
Jesus, Jim,
he wasn't gonna hit me.
Mike, wait!
Now, what it's all about is
rotating your body behind your fist.
Bang. That's right.
Right in the kisser, yeah.
There you go.
Good girl. You got a
better jab than your dad.
Boy, you are a brave man. Not
really. Mae's at the store.
That's a good one, kiddo!
You want to go play with the other
kids while I talk to Uncle Joe?
Joe Gould,
still looking dapper, I see.
Certainly. Gotta keep up
appearances, right?
Good to see you, Jimmy.
Nice to see you, Joe.
Nice day, huh?
You drove all the way out here
to talk about the weather?
Maybe I was in the neighborhood.
Did you ever think of that?
Little fresh air.
Joe, this is Jersey.
Yeah. Good point.
I got you a fight.
Go to hell. Come on.
You want it, don't you?
What, we gonna bring this up with
the Boxing Commission, or not?
Yes, and they'll sanction it.
This one fight, and one fight only.
It's not a comeback, right?
It's just one fight.
'Cause of who you're fighting.
How much?
Just once, ask me who
it is you're fighting.
How much?
You're on at the big show
at the Garden, tomorrow night.
You fight Corn Griffin, Jimmy.
Number two heavyweight
contender in the world.
Prelim before
the championship bout.
You know, Joe, this
ain't funny. No, it's not.
And it ain't no favor,
Griffin's opponent got cut,
and he couldn't fight.
So they had to find somebody they
could throw in at a day's notice.
Nobody legit would...
Nobody would take a fight
with Griffin without training.
So I told them use the angle
Griffin's gonna knock out a guy...
never been knocked out.
You're meat, Jimmy.
Are you on the level, Joe?
Come on. Always.
For $250,
I would fight your wife.
Now you're dreaming.
And your grandmother.
At the same time.
Teeth in or teeth out?
Take them out.
Then you're dead.
You're down, you're gone.
No chance.
Get your programs here!
Programs here! 25 cents!
I mean, for Christ's sake,
you never been knocked out.
Who the hell goes
and sells his gear?
How soon they forget!
I'm so sorry.
Borrowed gear, borrowed robe.
Knock yourself out.
I might as well get an Aooga horn
and chase him around the ring.
That's good.
You been drinking?
Are you trying to
hurt my feelings?
You're just too loose. You're
spooking me. Sharpen up.
Come on, Joe, we both
know what this is, right?
I get to put a little more distance
between my kids and the street...
and I get to say good-bye
at the Garden.
Full house,
night of a big fight.
Thank you very much.
Right. Come on, hurry up.
Let's get the lead
out of here.
What the hell was that?
They ran out of soup
on the line this morning.
Ran out of soup
on the line this morning.
How the hell are you supposed
to fight on an empty stomach?
Good evening.
Welcome to tonight's broadcast of
the Primo Carnera/Max Baer fight...
for the heavyweight
championship of the world!
Hash is all they had, okay?
Eat, quick.
You got a spoon? For
Christ's sake, it's not there?
Come on, we gotta go anyway.
One bite, Joe.
I'll eat it with my fingers.
Whoa, hey!
I don't have time
to re-tape you.
Just sit tight,
and I'll find you a spoon.
For Christ's sake.
Is that a ghost I'm seeing?
An apparition?
Or is that James J. Braddock,
the Bulldog of Bergen?
How you feeling, Jimmy?
How's that right hand?
Braddock, you're up!
Sporty Lewis, how you doing?
How you doing?
July 18, 1929.
New York Herald.
"Proving he was too young
and too green...
"and rushed to the top...
"Loughran wiped the ring
with the Bulldog's career.
"A sad and somber funeral...
with the body
still breathing. "
I don't fight the fights, Jimmy,
I just write about them, see?
Sporty, save the crap
for the customers.
Who's Jim Braddock?
Go get your pencil out, kid.
I got your lead line for you.
Go ahead, I'm not kidding,
write this down.
"The walk from the locker room
to the ring...
was the only time tonight
old Jim Braddock... "
Looking good, Jimmy!
"... was seen on his feet. "
You got that?
Before tonight's championship
battle, we'll bring you...
a special bout featuring
Charlie Harvey's soldier boy...
Corn Griffin.
Griffin is the fella
that ran rings...
around the champion Carnera
in training.
And who's his opponent?
Looks like they dug old Jim
Braddock out of retirement...
at least for one more fight.
Hey, Mike! Griffin
is up in the ring now.
Braddock? Isn't that your
buddy? Look at the size of him!
In this corner...
the sensational
heavyweight slugger...
from Fort Benning, Georgia...
who is punching a path
to the top of the division.
John "Corn" Griffin!
His opponent:
The popular battler...
who has never been KO'ed in more
than 80 professional bouts...
Quincy, beer. We got a fight!
...the power-punching
from North Bergen,
New Jersey...
James J. Braddock!
The skinny from
the reporters at ringside...
is that Braddock
won't last two rounds.
Griffin is a five-to-one
favorite to do just that.
But Joe Gould claims
Braddock's right hand is fine.
Jimmy will need
two good hands tonight.
Griffin storms out
of his corner!
Things are uptempo right away.
Come on, Braddock,
make a fight of it!
Get out of it! Get out, Jimmy!
Braddock takes a left
to the body
and a hard right to the head!
Braddock's giving ground now.
A hard right!
Pins him in
the neutral corner.
Get outta there, Jim! Get out!
Griffin's all over him!
Braddock taking hard jabs.
And Braddock is down.
Shut up! I wanna hear this!
Shut up!
Jim? You're fine.
Stay down.
One. Two.
Stay down! What's the hurry?
Three. Four.
Hey! Listen.
I liked the left. Try two lefts. Five.
Give him two lefts!
Pop, pop! Double it up.
How 'bout it? Up, up.
What the hell are you doing?
Let's go.
Yeah, come on, Jimmy!
On your feet, come on!
The referee waving Griffin in.
Move in on that.
Nice move!
Bring him in!
Snaps a stiff jab! Another!
Welcome to New York.
That's more like it!
Let me see that cut.
You look great!
It sure as hell beats working
on the docks!
Say, the two jabs look
sensational! They look sweet!
Now, he's loading up on you.
You see that?
He opens up after you jab him. You
gotta come in there with a right.
Real quick.
But you gotta stop
some of those left hands.
You see any
getting past my head?
Keep moving!
Griffin still winging
big shots.
He wants to be the first
to stop Braddock.
Braddock gets in
another big right hand!
Snapped Griffin's head back
with that one.
Come on!
Griffin loading up.
Move out!
Give him the slip, Jimmy!
Another big flurry by Griffin!
Braddock hanging tough but,
folks, he is taking a beating!
That's two rounds more than
I thought he was gonna go.
He's a half a step behind you.
Do you feel it?
Stick with it.
Busy, busy.
Six minutes of fury so far.
Braddock has the look of a man
trying to hold back an avalanche.
Griffin hits him with a left.
And Braddock is stepping
in post holes.
Keep him in front of you!
Lure him in, Jim.
Jimmy's finally
moving his head.
Pick your spot!
And Griffin is down!
Where the hell have you been,
Jimmy Braddock?
One. Two. Three.
He's up at three.
The referee wipes his gloves.
That's it!
No daylight!
Take it to him!
Another big right by Braddock!
Finish him, Jimmy!
Knock him back
to the goddamn Ozarks!
Griffin is ready to go!
Be careful.
Get back.
Get back there.
Get back in your corner.
This fight is over!
This is incredible!
Corn Griffin, the number two
contender in the world...
has just been knocked out by
Jim Braddock in the third round!
What an upset!
You son of a bitch!
It's pandemonium here
in the Garden!
That's it, man, he did it!
I don't believe it!
You beautiful bastard!
Settle down,
for Christ's sake!
Jesus H. Christ!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Mary Magdalene...
all the saints and martyrs
and Jesus!
Did I say "Jesus"?
Where the hell did
that come from?
I don't know.
When my hand was broke...
I had to work down on the
docks and I had to use my left.
So, what?
No, that and luck.
Sheer dumb-ass Irish luck.
Don't give me that
luck-of-the-Irish crap. No, sir.
Lucky? That's something you ain't
been in a long time, brother.
Everybody's due.
Due or not, I'll take it.
You had the left.
The left. But you were bouncy.
You were bouncing.
Unbelievable. Sliding,
slipping. You were like a cat.
I did that on hash.
Imagine what I would've done to
him if I'd had a couple of steaks.
That was one hell of
a good-bye.
Here you go, fellas!
Have at him!
Jesus Christ!
Murder him, Maxie!
This is fighting?
Why doesn't he just hit him
with a goddamn chair?
Griffin was supposed to fight
Baer next.
He should kiss your ass for
saving him from that thing.
Throw him down, Maxie!
Give it to him, Maxie!
Ladies and gentlemen...
the new heavyweight champion
of the world...
Max Baer!
Come on! He's home.
I won.
Hooray, he won!
I knew you'd win!
He won, he won, he won!
Get the silverware.
So was it like you said? Or
are they letting you back in?
No, baby.
It was just one fight.
All right, I need seven men,
and seven only!
One. Two. Three.
Four. Five.
Listened in last night.
Was that really you?
Didn't think
I'd be seeing you back here.
It came up at the last minute,
you know?
It was a one-fight deal.
The purse was $250.
My end of that was a little less
than half. It was, like, $123.
We owed $118.
Left me with $5.
Makes you a rich man, huh?
Around here.
Good fight.
Dock seven.
Hey, Jim.
Hey, Mike.
Good fight.
I wouldn't have hit Sara.
I know, Mike.
I couldn't live with myself
if I'd have hit her.
Just get so angry
with all this shit.
You know, if you were gonna
win, you could've told me.
If I knew I was gonna win,
I would've bet on myself.
Why can't you ever listen
to me? I don't know. determine whether
the strikers were willing...
to submit to
an arbitration situation.
Tension pervaded the New
York waterfront yesterday.
Why don't you go play
with the boys, sweetheart?
Be careful.
Hey, Rosy.
Hi, Daddy!
You know,
Joe Gould was just here.
Yeah, I saw.
You did?
He thinks the Commission
might be willing to...
reverse their ruling.
He thinks he can get me
another fight.
He wants me to stop working
and get back in shape.
I thought it was
just the one fight.
Well, yeah.
He fronted us $175
so I can train.
You know what that is
right there?
That's a second chance.
That's what that is.
It's not that
I'm not grateful...
or proud, honey.
I'm so proud of you.
But we got off easy
when you broke that hand.
We're back to even now.
Right. And nine months from
now, we're back in the same boat.
Baby, please.
We just don't have anything
left to risk.
There's still some juice in these
legs, and I can still take a few.
Baby, please.
Just let me take them
in the ring.
At least I know
who's hitting me.
I'm gonna go
and tell the kids.
Jay! Guess what.
I got another fight!
Who with?
I don't know, but he's
going down. Hey, Howard.
Joe, open the door.
Joe! Open the damn door!
Don't hide in your fancy
apartment. I want to talk to you.
You are not gonna make my husband
your punching bag all over again.
We are just getting by, and
you're taking him from his work...
like some bloodsucking
little leech!
And I will not let you get
him hurt again like that...
do you hear me?
I will not let you!
Guess you better come in.
How is it?
Too sweet per usual.
Really? Go figure.
Nice, thanks.
Sorry about that.
You just don't want folks
to see you down is all.
I didn't know.
I mean, I thought that...
Yeah, no. That's the idea.
Always keep your hands up.
Sold the last of it
two days ago.
So Jimmy could train.
Sometimes you have
an instinct, Mae.
You see something
in a fighter.
You don't even know if it's real,
you're looking for it so bad.
Can't have no hope at all.
But this is crazy.
I mean, you don't even know
if you can get him a fight.
I'll get him a fight.
Believe me, if it's the last
thing I do, I'll get him a fight.
Honey. Go get us some
of those crackers, would you?
She looks good
wearing the pants.
Can you ever stop yours?
When he sets his mind
to a thing?
I wish I could.
See, I never know
who it's harder on...
them or us.
We have to wait for them
to fix everything.
And every day...
they feel like
they're failing us.
And really, it's just the
world that's failed, you know?
This is a lovely apartment. Thank you.
Now, what am I gonna go
and do that for?
You saw the papers.
News had to print extra copies
the day after Braddock's fight.
People are sentimental, you
know. Some people are sentimental.
Yeah, so tell me why I care.
You're still sore over the way
Braddock took down Griffin, fine.
I can understand that. It was a
heartbreak for a lot of people.
Yes. But look.
You got guys fighting
an elimination series...
over who gets a shot at Max Baer
for the championship in June.
John Henry Lewis,
he's your number two in line.
Now, he already defeated
Braddock once in Frisco, correct?
Say you put Braddock back
in the game against Lewis.
Lewis wins, you get your
revenge on Braddock...
and your boy has gotten
a topflight tune-up...
with full publicity before
Lasky, and what happens?
You make more money.
Now, say on the other hand, by
some minute, infinitesimal chance...
God forbid,
Braddock beats Lewis.
Now you got a sentimental
favorite go up...
and lose against Lasky,
and what happens?
You'll make more money.
James, either way...
you're a richer man with Braddock
back in the ring than if he's not.
Come on, don't be foolish. We
both know the name of this game.
And it sure as hell
ain't "pugilism. "
They ought to put your mouth
in a circus.
What do you say?
Don't chase him.
Go around, cut him off.
I got you a fight.
You're gonna fight
John Henry Lewis again.
Joey! I could kiss you!
No, please,
not in front of the fellas.
Isn't John Henry
one of Johnston's boys?
You let me worry about that,
Now I know why you won't kiss me.
You're all puckered out already.
Brother, you have no idea.
Kicked our ass in Frisco.
Yeah. Hey, Mike.
Who's "our ass" up there?
Joe Gould, Mike Wilson.
Mike Wilson, Joe Gould.
That guy ain't been beat
in ten fights.
But you win on a long shot, and
that's a great payday for me.
That's great.
I'll keep that in mind, Mike!
You got more important things
to think about. Come here.
Now, I ain't gonna
bullshit you, all right?
Now, you win one,
I can get you another.
Win again and then things maybe
start getting serious around here.
Look good.
That's it, James!
Be a bully, James!
Aggression, that's it.
I know this isn't
what you wanted...
but I can't win
without you behind me.
I'm always behind you.
Thank you, baby.
I got a great idea.
You want to come along?
Come on, just this one time.
All right. Okay.
Okay, I'll make that
a rain check then.
Lewis, still moving well here
in the fourth.
He dances in and out
before Braddock can react.
Don't let him
set the pace, Jimmy!
There you go.
Braddock slides to his right,
tries cutting down the ring.
John, get off the ropes.
Move out of there.
Lewis spins his way
off the ropes...
And looks to resume control
at the bell!
There we go. Suck it up.
Deep breath.
Deep breath, deep.
All right. That ain't bad. He's
even faster than I remember.
Yeah. He's fast. Big deal.
You're not so bad yourself.
What are you doing? You
beat this guy easy last time.
He ain't the same guy.
You got to use your speed.
Keep that jab in his face
and keep sliding to his right.
You see that.
Keep him in front of you.
Cut him off, all right?
And let go with the punches.
Hit him! He ain't gonna like it.
I guarantee you, the more
you hit this bastard...
the slower he's gonna get.
He's an old man. He's too
slow. He can't keep up with you.
Come on. Use that jab.
How's that cut?
He's all right.
Knock the legs out
from under him.
Trap him in the corner,
and really work him.
Do not fight this fight
his way.
You make him fight
this fight your way!
Let's go. You got him.
A left to the body
and a hard right to the head!
A left-right-left by Lewis.
His dancing shoes are off.
It's a fight now, folks!
Work his body, Jim!
Braddock punching well
with both hands now.
Toe to toe!
No one giving an inch.
That left has some pop!
Jimmy's hoping those body
shots will pay dividends.
Keep him in there!
Stay with him!
Don't give him any room!
No room!
Get out of the corner.
Braddock pushing
all the action now.
Lewis can't discourage him.
Tremendous pressure from Jimmy.
Lewis is running out of real
estate in this 24-foot ring.
Jump on him!
And Lewis is down!
Gotcha. Good boy.
Get up!
There you go, get up!
Come on.
Four. Five.
The referee wipes his gloves
and Braddock steams
back to ring center!
Close it down.
Another big right by Braddock!
Lewis is just a piece of meat
as Braddock is carving him up!
Braddock is now dominating
Lewis! Here comes Jimmy!
Side to side!
Side to side!
In the tenth, riding high
after his dazzling victory...
over John Henry Lewis...
Jim Braddock has just hit
a wall named Art Lasky.
He can't keep taking
those body shots.
I know. He's cracked
a couple of ribs for sure.
Lasky walks through
those jabs...
and keeps working
on Braddock's body.
But Braddock won't fold!
He's making Lasky work hard
for every minute of every round.
That's it, get on him!
There you go, James!
That's it!
Lasky's starting to
impose his will.
He's showing why Jimmy
Johnston is making noises...
about matching him
with Max Baer for the title.
Break it up!
Come on. Break free.
Don't sit down. You're
not tired. You're fine.
Get that thing out of here!
He don't need it!
Is he looking over at you?
Shake your head
like you don't need it.
Shake your head like
you don't want it. There.
Why isn't he sitting down?
Pay attention.
Yeah, now he's gonna wonder:
"If Braddock is such an old
man, why is he still standing?
Why is he still
coming at me?"
You're stronger than this guy.
Don't back up! Don't back off!
This guy is a bull-rusher.
He's gonna keep coming at you
all night until you stop him.
He can't back up.
You stop him.
You gotta beat
this son of a bitch!
You gotta beat this son of
a bitch from the inside out!
You hear me?
You gotta get in there.
You get in there
and you hit him...
and you keep hitting him
until you break his nose.
You fill his face with blood.
Beat him from the inside
out, Jim! From the inside out!
Lasky continues to fire.
Braddock looks like
he's finally starting to wilt.
That's it!
That's more like it!
Back him up!
Lasky now looking
to put a Grimm ending...
to Braddock's
fairy-tale comeback.
Lasky pounding hard shots
to the body.
Braddock just took
a tremendous shot!
A hard right to the head
which knocked his mouthpiece...
to the canvas.
Braddock just took
Lasky's best shot!
And it didn't even faze him!
Get in there
and take that sucker!
He's showing
tremendous determination!
Right in there
and get his nose!
Braddock comes in
with a hard shot to the body!
The younger Lasky looks
like he's starting to wilt...
under the pressure from
the Bulldog of North Bergen.
Braddock is now
back on the attack!
Another vicious combination
by Braddock!
And Lasky's flowing blood
from the nose!
The 15th and final round.
Braddock now looks
like the younger fighter...
and grimly determined.
The Garden is on its feet! Jim
Braddock will not be denied!
There's the bell! This
one goes to the scorecards.
And the winner
by unanimous decision...
James J. Braddock!
Thanks, buddy.
Save a little bit of it...
Jimmy Braddock
just beat Lasky.
They made him
the number one contender.
Max, when are we gonna go to... Shut up.
Maxie, you...
Shut up!
I'm not gonna fight Jimmy
Braddock. He's a chump.
You tell Johnston to bring me
somebody who can fight back.
You gonna bust your contract?
It's done, Max.
That's him? Yeah?
Yes, it is.
I'm telling you.
That's Braddock.
Hey, Mrs. Braddock.
Sara's here.
I got her to sleep.
Hey, Jim.
Mike's gone missing.
How long?
Three days.
I've been staying at my
brother's since Jake cut him.
Jake fired him?
I didn't know that.
You know how Mike gets.
All his talk. So much trouble.
He's been sleeping nights
down in the Hooverville.
My brother didn't have room
for both him and us.
Mike said, you know, if he had
to stay down there anyway...
he was gonna try
to get everybody organized.
Something's wrong, Jim.
I know it.
Now I'm hearing there's
some trouble in Hooverville.
He wouldn't leave me
and the baby for this long.
He just wouldn't.
I didn't know
who else to come to, Jim.
Come on, out of the way!
Beat it! Move along!
Get the hell out of here,
Mike? Mike Wilson!
Mike Wilson! nothing. If you let
these Commies in here...
and start a riot, then what
do you think's gonna happen?
Get over here.
On your feet!
You pull a knife on me,
you son of a bitch?
What the hell happened here?
We tried to break up these
agitators, peaceful-like...
but they charged us.
What is this?
The horses got spooked.
Wagons turned over.
Three or four of them got run
over. They're hurt pretty bad.
This is a mess.
One hell of a mess.
What did I tell you?
Get back.
Don't move those two.
Wait for the stretcher.
Keep those bastards back!
Get those guys next,
the ones who got trampled on.
Hey, Jim.
You're gonna be okay, Mike.
Yeah, tell Sara.
Will you tell her I'm
gonna be... I'll tell Sara.
I'm gonna be late, Jimmy.
"Our Father,
who art in heaven,
"Hallowed be thy name.
"Thy kingdom come. Thy will be
done on earth as it is in heaven.
"Give us this day
our daily bread.
"And forgive us
our trespasses...
"as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. "
How about it, Pete?
All right, fellas.
Fellas, that's it.
Now, keep your questions short
and to the point.
We're gonna
start off with Frank Essex.
Frank Essex.
All right, take it easy,
Petey, jeez.
Frank Essex, Daily News.
You got a lot of reporters
here today.
A lot of people are interested
in this fight.
What do you got to say
to your fans today, Jimmy?
I guess I'm grateful
for the opportunity.
I know that these days not
everybody gets a second chance.
You know, I have a lot
to be grateful for.
You know, I have three beautiful,
healthy, troublemaking kids.
You know, I have the prettiest
wife a man could wish for...
Bob Johnson, Boston Globe.
Two days ago, we ran a story about
you giving your relief money back.
Can you tell our readers why?
I believe we live
in a great country.
A country that's great enough
to help a man financially...
when he's in trouble.
But lately I have had some good
fortune and I'm back in the black.
And I just thought
I should return it.
Wilson, you're up.
Yeah, over here.
Listen, what's the first thing
you're gonna do...
if you make world champion?
First thing, I'm gonna have
to go and buy some turtles.
What's that? Turtles?
Yeah, well,
I said to the kids when...
I was leaving the house
this morning...
that I was gonna
bring back the title...
and they thought
I said "turtle. "
So naturally,
I don't want to let them down.
But if I could bring home
the title and a turtle...
they sure would be tickled.
You got that?
"Title, turtle," right?
Jake Greenblatt
from Chicago Trib.
Hello, Jake.
It's been a while.
What's changed, Jimmy?
I mean, you couldn't win a
fight for love or money, right?
How do you explain
your comeback?
Well, you know,
the truth is, Jake...
for a number of years there
we was fighting injured.
I broke my hand
more than once.
I got in a car accident one
time, we was on the road...
and I had to get that fixed.
I had a run of bad luck.
And, this time around,
I know what I'm fighting for.
Yeah? What's that, Jimmy?
Sporty Lewis,
New York Herald.
Actually, my question's
for Mrs. Braddock.
Mrs. Braddock, my readers
would love to know...
how do you feel
about the fact that...
Max Baer's killed two men
in the ring?
So how do you feel
about that, ma'am?
Are you scared
for your husband's life?
She's scared for Max Baer, is
who she's scared for, Mr. Lewis.
Okay, how about
one more question, folks?
Said downstairs you wanted
to see us.
Joe, Jim, come on in.
Have a seat.
Right here.
Editorial says
this fight is good as murder.
And everybody associated with
it should be hauled into court...
and prosecuted afterwards.
They say the paper's getting
all sorts of letters...
from people saying
you're their inspiration.
Like you saved their lives
or something.
If you ask me,
it's a lot of crap.
But if I'm gonna
promote this fight...
I'm not getting hung out to
dry if something happens to you.
You're all heart.
My heart's for my family, Joe.
My brains and my balls
are for business...
and this is business.
You got me?
You will know exactly
what you're up against.
And my attorney,
Mr. Mills...
will witness that I've done
everything in my power to warn you.
You know,
I seen the Carnera fight.
Carnera's height saved him.
He was knocked down 12 times.
Exactly. Would've been worse
if he was shorter.
Baer had to punch up to hit
him. Took a little something off.
That's Frankie Campbell.
Stand-up fighter,
knows how to take a punch.
His style familiar, Jim?
Like looking in a mirror, huh?
Hey, he don't need to see this.
He'll see it
or I'll call off the fight.
You see that combination?
Campbell didn't go down
on the first punch.
He was a tough guy.
Second one killed him
on the spot.
Just cut it off, will you?
The autopsy said that his
brain was knocked loose...
from the connecting tissue.
Consider your ass
fully covered, okay?
Run it again.
Remember Ernie Schaaf?
Nice guy.
You lost one to him in '31.
Ernie took one of those
on the chin from Baer.
He was dead
and didn't know it.
Next fight, first little nothing
jab put him to sleep forever.
Detached brain, they said.
No snappy comeback?
It ain't my skull the guy's
gonna try and stove in.
You want to think about it?
You think
you're telling me something?
What, like, boxing's
dangerous, something like that?
You don't think triple shifts or
working nights on the scaffolds...
is just as likely
to get a guy killed?
How many guys died the other
night living in cardboard shacks...
trying to save on rent money?
Guys who were trying to feed their
family. 'Cause men like you...
have not yet quite figured out
a way to make money...
out of watching that guy die.
In my profession,
and it's my profession...
I'm a little more fortunate.
All righty then. You guys
have dinner here tonight.
Take your wives. It's on me.
We'll snap some pics
on your way out.
If you change your
mind tomorrow...
at least we got some
good press out of it.
Good. Come on.
It's gorgeous!
Jimmy, can we get silver
faucets? Of course.
How many you want? A dozen?
Listen. A little bird told me
to check the evening edition.
So let's see what we got.
"Boxer Jim Braddock
has come back from the dead...
to change the face of courage
in our nation. "
Oh, that's nice.
Sporty Lewis wrote that.
Sporty Lewis?
Yeah. And get this.
"In a land that's
"Braddock's comeback is
giving hope to every American.
"People who were ready
to throw in the towel...
"are finding inspiration in
their new hero, Jim Braddock.
"As Damon Runyon
has already written...
he's truly
the Cinderella Man. "
Cinderella Man?
Oh, I like it. It's kind of
girly. Yeah, kind of. Yeah.
Oh, brother.
Yeah, this is gonna be fun.
Excuse me.
I'm not quite finished yet.
Beg your pardon, sir.
Thank you.
You know what?
I got the bill here. Yeah.
Johnston. He's a big spender.
He's gonna leave a big, big tip.
He's a real peach.
Gotta love the guy.
Right, sweetie?
Look at this.
This is me?
I know it is.
Oh, boy.
You think Johnston set that
up? Oh, yeah. I think. Maybe.
A few extra pics
for the dailies.
From the gentleman
who just arrived.
Mr. Baer said
to wish you bon voyage.
Don't open it. Put it in a
bag. We'll take it with us.
Hey, Joey?
Get the coats.
if it ain't Cinderella Man.
Thanks for the champagne,
Mr. Baer.
You're doing a great job publicizing
the fight. I really appreciate it.
I hope it's gonna be a very
successful night for both of us.
You keep telling people you're
gonna kill me in the ring.
I got three kids at home.
You're upsetting my family,
particularly my wife.
Listen, Braddock.
I'm asking you sincerely
not to take this fight.
Now, you seem like a decent
fellow. People admire you.
I really don't
want to hurt you.
It's no joke, pal.
People die in fairy tales
all the time.
Hey, Max, how about a picture?
Hey, Jim! How about a shot?
There you go. Take it easy. Just smile.
One more!
Yeah. I think the smart thing
would be for you to take a fall.
Circus act's over, old man.
Right here, Max.
There you go.
I think I'll go a few rounds
with the dancing Baer.
Yeah, there you go.
Come on, Jim.
Very good. Okay.
Come on.
Hey, we'll see you in the
ring. How about that, champ?
Come on. Let's go, Jim.
Max, my wife, Mae.
You ought to talk to him, Mae.
You are far too pretty
to be a widow.
That's not nice, Max.
Not nice. Come on.
On second thought, maybe I can
comfort you after he's gone.
Hey, I said shut your
goddamn mouth, you punk!
Send me the cleaning bill.
Get that, boys?
Now he's got his wife
doing his fighting for him.
Yeah. Ain't she something?
All right. Get me a drink.
All right.
Three-punch combo, okay?
Pop, pop, bang. Come on.
Oh, that's good.
One more time.
Keep your thumbs tucked in.
Keep your elbows in.
All right.
That's enough, now.
There's some sting in that.
That's enough, please.
Good. Yeah, that's good. Bang!
I want a turn, Dad.
All right.
Hey, where's your defense?
Come on, get your hand up.
I want a turn.
Left, right, left.
Pop, pop, bang.
Come on, Howie.
All right, that's enough!
No boxing in the house!
No boxing out of the house.
All right?
No boxing. Period!
You're gonna stay in school.
Then you're gonna go
to college...
and you're gonna have
Because you're not gonna have
your skulls smashed in, too!
Do you understand me?
Is that clear?
Hey, why don't you boys go and
get ready for bed, all right?
I used to pray...
for you to get hurt
just enough...
so you couldn't fight anymore.
And when they took your license
away, even scared as I was...
I went to the church
and I thanked God for it.
'Cause I always knew...
a day might come
when it could kill you.
I just knew it, Jimmy.
And now it's here.
You just got the jitters,
that's all.
He's killed two men, Jimmy!
What's worth it?
I have to believe I got some
kind of say over our lives. Okay?
You know, that if things are
bad, that we can change them...
we can make things better
for our family.
But I need you to be safe...
Nothing's safe anymore, Mae.
... so much.
And without that...
I need you to be safe!
... nothing's safe at all.
All right.
I have stood by for all of it.
Until now.
Not for this, Jimmy.
I just can't.
So you train all you want.
Make a show of it
for yourself, for the papers.
But you find a way
out of that fight.
Break your hand again
if you have to.
Is he all right?
So, how's he doing?
He's old. He's arthritic.
And his ribs haven't been
right since the Lasky fight.
What's the bad news,
The reporters are here.
Right. Get rid of that
goddamn rib protector.
Press is here, boy-o!
Get bouncing around
in that ring!
Showtime! Big smiles!
You're the belle of the ball!
Baer don't need to know
about no goddamn ribs.
Bye, Dad.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Hey, look. It's him.
There's Braddock!
Maybe this is your day,
Look, it's him!
It's Jimmy, look, right there!
We're with you, Jimmy! You're
gonna beat him, Bulldog!
Well, look who's here.
Hi, Aunt Alice.
Come on in.
No radio, all right?
Yeah, sure.
All right. Be back soon.
Hello, Mae.
I came to pray for Jim.
So did they.
They all think
that Jim's fighting for them.
Who beat that
John Henry Lewis?
That Braddock guy.
Who whupped that
Art Lasky punk?
James J. Braddock.
Correct again.
Now, refresh me
on this one.
Who was it took that Corn Griffin
and turned him inside out...
with no questions asked?
Who was that?
I used to think it was me...
but now I'm kinda thinking
it was you.
No, don't you
sell yourself short.
At some stage, you think maybe
you're gonna do some taping here?
Why not?
All right, let's see.
How's that?
Excuse me, ma'am.
You can't win
without me behind you.
That's what I've been trying
to tell you.
Maybe I understand some.
About having to fight.
So you just remember
who you are.
You're the
Bulldog of Bergen...
and the pride of New Jersey.
You're everybody's hope.
And you're your kids' hero.
And you are
the champion of my heart...
James J. Braddock.
You know,
you better get home.
You know, boxers hang around
places like this...
and you don't want to get tangled
up with that kind of crowd.
Nice girl like you.
Yeah, okay.
I'll see you at home.
Please, Jimmy.
I'll see you at home?
See you at home, baby.
From the ringside of the
Madison Square Garden Bowl.
Tonight, our coast-to-coast
brings you the biggest
pugilistic event of the year.
Max Baer versus the
Cinderella Man, Jimmy Braddock.
And in a few moments...
the contestants for
tonight's championship bout...
will be making their way
to the ring.
God Almighty.
Jim Braddock's rise
from the soup lines...
to number one heavyweight
contender has truly been miraculous.
No, never in all my years have
I seen this arena so quiet.
You can do it, Jimmy!
James J. Braddock,
the Cinderella Man...
who just a year ago
was standing in a bread line.
Braddock's a tremendous
underdog with the bettors...
but you wouldn't know it from
the reaction of the crowd.
Madison Square Garden is on its
feet and the noise is deafening!
An astonishing crowd is
gathered here this evening.
I saw people lining up to buy
tickets tonight who looked...
as if they were spending
their last dollar.
But they're here now
and 35,000 strong!
Listen to them!
We understand Max Baer
has left his dressing room.
There he is.
Max Baer has the look and
swagger of a Hollywood star.
Tonight, though,
there'll be no play-acting...
not with Jim Braddock in the
ring. This fight is for real.
The table's been set.
Let's get to the main course.
I gave you the rules
in the dressing room.
One minute to midnight,
Yeah? Your clock's
about ticked out, asshole.
I'm here to enforce them.
I want clean breaks.
Tell laughing boy here,
no backhanding.
I don't want any backhanding
and hitting on the breakaway.
No low blows!
I'll take care of this, Joe.
You understand? You tell this
bohunk no grabbing, no manhandling.
Watch your goddamn language,
you nasty little shit.
Look at this! No low
blows means no low blows.
You gonna let this little
prick talk to me like that?
No hitting on the breaks.
It talks!
Holy mackerel, it talks!
Look at that!
Keep your hands up at all
times to protect yourselves.
Now, touch gloves
and come out fighting.
Good luck. Go to your corners.
I'm gonna kick his Mick balls
up to the roof of his mouth.
That ought to be
a familiar taste for him, huh?
Come on, Jimmy boy!
Yeah, boys, get some
pictures here! Come on!
You can do this.
This guy is made for you.
Have a picnic, all right?
There's the bell!
And the fight is on!
The boys come out...
and immediately Braddock
shoots a left to Maxie's jaw!
That's it!
Take it right to him, Jimmy!
Now, now.
Baer snaps Braddock's head
back with two right uppercuts.
It's always a question of which Max
will show up in the first round...
the killer or the clown?
Maxie doing well.
It looks like he's enjoying
himself, mugging for the crowd.
Take it into him!
A big flurry by Braddock!
A vicious right to the head!
Take it easy, pal. I'll let
it go a couple of rounds.
Madcap Maxie is heavily favored to
put the long snore on Braddock...
in the first round.
That big right hand of his
has dynamite in it...
especially when he traps
his man on the ropes.
He's gonna carry him
for a couple of rounds.
Braddock! Break it up!
Break it up, I said!
Go on, Jimmy!
Jim survived the round and
looked pretty good doing it.
Braddock will not be bullied.
Not tonight.
When he does this horseshit,
knock it off.
He's trying to thumb you.
All right?
And then slip inside of there
and shorten up the punches.
All right? Shorten them up.
That's your turf!
Inside is yours!
Good job, Braddock!
Come on, Braddock!
Well, no one expected Braddock
to go past the first round.
Shorten them up.
Stay inside of him.
The experts at ringside
were wrong again.
Shorten them up!
There's the bell!
And here we are
in the second round.
That had some salt on it!
Braddock lands a hard right
to the head.
Max swats him away
with cool contempt!
He appears to be
toying with Braddock.
There's no other word for it.
Max struts around the ring
without a care in the world.
Sharp, efficient, tough,
and short! Good.
Knock that on out.
And Max responds with
swinging rights and lefts.
All power punches from Maxie.
Break him!
And Braddock punches
right to the head!
Cover up!
Is that the right spot, Jimmy?
All right.
Break it up!
Break it up, you two!
Stay clean!
How are those ribs?
Okay. All right. Take it easy.
Good pace. Good pace, Jim.
Take it easy. Just breathe.
Deep breaths. Relax.
Good rhythm.
You're looking great
out there, Jimmy.
You look great.
Hey, Jim?
If he goes for your body...
drop the elbows on him.
Teach him a lesson.
Break his goddamn hand.
That round was tough to score.
Braddock landed several
surprising right hands.
And those thunderous
body punches by the champ...
should pay dividends
in the later rounds.
In the fifth,
Baer's smile is gone.
Yeah, that's it!
Jimmy comes in
with a hard right...
then neatly slides off
to Baer's left.
Avoiding the counterpunch,
Jimmy sticks a jab.
And now the crowd is jeering
and even laughing at the champ.
And Maxie's none too pleased.
All right, break it.
Baer backhands Braddock
across the face!
That'll cost Maxie.
You lousy shegetz!
That's a warning, Max.
I'm sorry.
How's that wife of yours?
She talk about me?
Knock off the wrestling.
All right. Break it up!
Quit fooling around, Max!
Low blow!
What was that?
Keep them up. Wake up,
you wet son of a bitch!
Max salutes the crowd.
He's one of a kind, folks.
She say my name in her sleep?
Baer took a chin-full of
Braddock's head in that clinch.
That's it! Work his body!
She miss me?
Baer grips Braddock's head
in a headlock.
Jesus! Hey, Maxila you
gonna punch him or pork him?
That's your job, asshole.
Jimmy fights his way free.
Hey, buddy...
Gets a shot in to the head.
You kidding me?
You're gonna get hurt.
Braddock keeps punching. They
hammer each other, toe to toe.
Okay, break!
There's the bell!
Keep your hands up
and your mouth shut, Maxie.
You watching the fight or
the cute guy in the front row?
Take a seat, Maxie!
He's nothing, nobody.
The guy has got nothing!
Jesus! Sit down!
Give me the sponge.
What are you doing?
Don't worry about it.
Well, quit screwing around.
Hey! Relax.
Give me the goddamn water.
Ten seconds!
Hit this guy. Cut him!
You cut him down to size.
Cut him!
Oh, shit.
In the seventh,
the boys come out again.
And Max is all business now.
Put him away, Max!
Get him!
Attaboy, Maxie! Attaboy!
Slide it, Jimmy!
Braddock starting
to look his age here...
as Baer pushes him
around the ring.
Baer swings hard to the body.
Braddock gets in a right
to the head.
Murder him, Maxie!
Jesus Christ.
Baer with a tremendous shot
right there!
That was the hardest blow
in the fight!
Oh, Christ.
Baer turns him again...
with another right to the head.
Another right. And another.
Push him, push him!
Braddock gets in
a vicious uppercut.
Baer keeps on punching!
Jesus, Johnny!
Let him go! That's enough!
Break it up!
You're gonna go home
in butcher paper, pal!
To your corners!
Butcher paper!
All right.
Let me see that nose.
Get it out.
You're okay.
Let me see it.
Tilt your head back.
That's nothing.
That's a piece of cake.
Keep your head up.
Breathe through your mouth.
You got all your ugly friends
down from Jersey here.
They're dressed up nice.
They've come to see you.
You're putting them to sleep.
You're not turning him anymore.
Come on, pick it up.
Spit that out, boy-o.
Good boy.
Come on.
The boys go after each other
Braddock gets in a left to
the body. And a hard right...
... to Max's head.
Baer comes swinging across
with a long, swinging...
It's the cops.
... right to Braddock's head.
Braddock stumbles away.
Baer tries that right again!
They come together. Braddock
swings a left and a right.
Please, Ma.
Max comes back with a left
and a right of his own.
Braddock sticks out a left!
Baer still after him.
Another left!
And a hard right by Braddock
that rocked Baer for a moment!
Baer tries that right again.
A hard right
to Braddock's head!
Braddock is hurt.
His legs are gone.
Braddock sticks out a left!
Another left!
Neither man will back down!
It's a slugfest, folks!
And there's the bell!
James J. Braddock has
exhibited a lot of heart here...
over 11 grueling rounds
with the champion.
Nobody expected him to last more
than a few innings with Baer.
Yet here he is.
And he's held his own.
But now we head into the
championship rounds, folks.
Hey, Jim, look at me.
I swear to God, boy,
win, lose or draw...
Thanks, Joey.
For all of it.
You son of a bitch.
All right. Stop talking.
Get in there!
And bury him!
Finish him off.
Come on, Jimmy!
Here in the 12th,
James J. Braddock...
is showing this crowd
what heart is all about.
Jimmy seems to be
timing that left...
and has slapped it away
several times.
Keep moving, boy-o!
You stay with him!
Son of a bitch!
Braddock with a shoeshine.
Left, right!
Am I seeing what I'm seeing?
Finish him, Jimmy. Finish him!
Braddock, Braddock!
Maxie's glamour-boy smile
is now a bloody grimace.
This crowd is desperately
hoping for a Braddock victory.
But Mr. Baer might have
something to say about that.
Holy crap!
Low blow!
That last low blow
will cost you the round, Max.
Lt'll cost you the round.
Why don't you just kick him
in the balls, huh?
Joe, back in your corner!
What are you afraid of,
you son of a bitch?
Get back to your corner!
Come on, Ref!
McAvoy is on the verge of
losing control of this fight.
Knock him on the ground,
Last round.
That's right! Next champ!
You better worry about Baer's
corner in this next round.
You know what I mean.
You won this one.
It's a cinch. It is yours.
But I want you to play it
cagey now. All right?
I know you don't like
laying back...
but I want you to stay away
from his right...
do you understand me?
Stay away.
Right hand.
You're behind.
Are you listening to me?
You want to lose the championship
to this goddamn nobody?
Come on, Jimmy!
This is your night.
Stay away.
Put him down!
Use your right hand.
Right hand.
Ten seconds!
Come on now. Finish him.
It's the last round, Jimmy.
There ain't no more.
You play this bastard smart
and they can't take it from you!
One more round to go, folks.
McAvoy stands
at center ring...
waiting for the fighters
to join him.
Touch gloves.
The boys touch gloves
at center ring.
And now they're right
back at it.
Oh, no, Jimmy!
Leave him alone!
Stay away from him!
That ain't laying back!
Braddock's corner
is yelling at Braddock...
to stay away from Baer.
Because Baer is looking
for the knockout.
Stay off him, Jim. Come on!
Right hand, Max. Yes!
What is he, stupid?
Step away!
Braddock trying to survive
this brutal onslaught!
Stay off him!
Don't let him touch you!
Hey, looking good, Maxie!
Watch the uppercut! Just
stay the hell away from him!
Baer cutting loose
with thunderous shots.
A left to the body.
Baer again with a right!
Braddock covering up,
trying to hang on.
Baer looking for the knockout.
He doesn't want this one
to go to the cards, folks.
They pound each other
with lefts and rights.
Braddock blocking
with his gloves and elbows.
Snaps a big right
to Maxie's jaw!
Baer smashes him
with a big right!
Braddock is back on the ropes.
Braddock lands
a crushing right.
Maxie desperately wants
to keep the crown...
from slipping away.
Jesus Christ.
Stay with him!
Both fighters are tired.
Baer is trying wildly
for the knockout!
But Jimmy is still standing...
and he's not only standing,
he's moving forward.
This is the finish.
Both boys are tired.
This is not boxing, folks.
This is a walloping ballet.
Ten seconds!
Time's up!
Son of a bitch.
That is the bell! It's over!
This fight is over!
Son of a bitch!
What a fight! Unbelievable!
Braddock came
into this fight...
the biggest underdog...
Come on, sweetheart. pugilistic history.
You did it!
For 15 rounds he gave
it everything he had...
against the younger,
stronger champion.
We are waiting
for the decision.
Mae, it's all right.
Hey, McAvoy!
Help me out here. Help me out.
How did you score the fight?
Nine-five, one even.
Which way?
You'll have to read it
in the papers, Sporty.
Oh, come on!
What the hell is this crap?
I'll tell you this much, they take
this long to make a decision...
they're gonna decide
to screw somebody.
Make a decision.
They're gonna rob
this poor bastard.
Unbelievable bullshit.
You win it.
Come on, make a decision!
Tell us who won, come on!
The crowd, on its feet
for almost the entire fight...
is still standing, yelling
for who they clearly believe...
to be the winner of
this fight.
But they'll have to wait and
see how the judges scored it.
Ladies and gentlemen...
we have your decision.
It's unanimous!
Winner, and the new world
heavyweight champion...
James J. Braddock!
You son of a bitch.
James Braddock
has defeated Max Baer...
for the heavyweight
championship of the world!
He won!
You earned it.
Hell of a fight.