Cinderella Pop (2019) Movie Script

This is me, making my dream
of being a successful DJ come true.
Cntia, wake up. Wake up, Cntia!
And this is Patrcia.
She's always crushing my dreams.
Cntia, wake up.
Sleeping at your parents' party?
What will people think?
That you are a phony who's going
to destroy my family's happiness.
That is what I should have said.
But as I still didn't know
what was about to happen, I said,
You are right, Patrcia.
You're the best. I'm going for a walk.
Life at my house
was always a party.
These two are my parents.
So beautiful and in love...
In my family, everybody believed in love.
- Men are terrible!
- What's wrong, auntie?
Rafa got jealous because
I talked to the waiter!
Everybody but aunt Helena.
Is he the one who pays my bills?
Isn't he?
He is now.
But only until I make it
as Brazil's most important Concrete poet!
- Oh, auntie...
- No one is buying my freedom.
I'm getting another juice,
but not because I have to!
Wow, Cntia, you look gorgeous!
You look like a princess.
And you look like two ghosts
from a horror movie.
I'd love to have said that
to Patrcia's vain daughters.
But I said...
You both also look great.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
Hi, Rafa. This is the surprise
I prepared for my parents.
Is this your arrangement?
The couple's song
is going to be much better.
That's the idea.
Do you think they'll like it?
Smooth, Cntia. You are always great.
Go ahead.
Rafa is a real character.
Aunt Helena and he are a case
of opposites who make a perfect couple.
They say love is like this:
when it strikes, it strikes.
That's me: Freddy Prince.
And now I'm going to tell
my version of this party.
Bonjour, gorgeous people.
Today, Belinha's Channel will show you
Dorella's family mansion.
We'll see how rich people party,
how they dance,
how they dress, how they eat...
To find all that out, follow me.
Done, B. No more complaining now.
Let's go back there? I have to play.
I think you should give up
this string quartet thing
and focus on your music.
Classical music
is only lucrative in Germany.
In Germany and at this party
- the money is great.
- I'm going to use it to record my song.
- Cheap bastard.
Besides, if I hadn't accepted this job,
you wouldn't be here
recording exclusive content
for your little channel with 6 followers.
Someday I will be famous
and you will beg me
to play your song on my channel.
I'll let you know if I'll allow you
to play my song.
Keep dreaming!
I need to change shoes
before the end of the break.
The client demanded dress shoes.
I think I have mine in my backpack.
There's plenty of time.
Let's try to find someone interesting.
- I'm working, B.
- That's all you think about!
You stay at home writing songs
about the perfect love.
"Oh, where is my princess?"
You need to find a princess in the flesh.
These people have nothing
to do with me. Look at them.
You're right. It won't be easy.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
The quartet guys are back.
Go play while I record the surroundings.
Has the break finished?
What are we playing now?
You won't play anything
if you don't change your shoes.
Go ahead, take those off.
No, I'm not going to.
You don't own this house.
You work for the owner.
A stuck-up secretary.
You're not the boss,
and you don't have manners.
I would have said that
if I knew who she was.
- Go ahead, take those off.
- Yes, right away.
The powerful command,
those with sense obey.
That's it.
Robson, station yourself here.
I forgot my dress shoes at home.
- We have a problem.
- Who is "we", boy?
You have a problem.
Look around you, honey. See?
This party is for
distinguished people, got it?
- No, I didn't.
- People like me, chic, elegant--
- Rude.
- No. Sincere.
Which can mean the same thing,
depending on the situation.
And your situation is this:
find a decent pair of shoes or get out.
OK, but can you give my shoe back, please?
Lost your rhythm, music boy?
Do you want your sneaker? Get it.
Here. Go get it.
Cntia! Oh, my God!
- Are you OK? Did you hurt yourself?
- No, I'm fine.
Some foolish musician came with sneakers,
but I'm kicking him out right now.
This is silly, Patrcia.
Let him play like that.
What's the problem?
What an unbearable girl!
How long will I have to put up with her?
What about me, Mom?
She has more of everything than I do.
More clothes, shoes,
handbags, allowance...
- The only thing I have more--
- Is envy.
That's something.
Calm down, my sweet daughters.
Our story will change. You can bet on it.
You mean on Instagram?
What? It could be on Facebook! Who knows?
- Jesus...
- Look. It's starting.
Wow, this is very good.
Come here, honey.
What's got into you?
Sorry, Dad. I wanted to surprise you.
I thought you'd like it.
Like it? You destroyed Beethoven
with your... God knows what!
Calm down, Csar!
You embarrassed me.
- Dad...
- Calm down.
You rocked.
That spoiled brat deserved it!
If I had a powerful father like her...
Do you want to have the regal life
that girl doesn't value?
Come with me.
You stay. I didn't summon you.
You know what you have to do, right?
Now go hide.
How humiliating!
A distinguished man like you
didn't deserve that.
But I'm here, my love.
I'm always here by your side.
I didn't want this party. You know that.
I know.
But Ana wanted it so much.
- I'm not complaining, am I, cupcake?
- No.
I'm not saying, "Leave your wife.
I deserve this good life.
My daughters need a father.
Be a man and admit
that I'm the one for you, you fool."
Am I saying that?
Of course not. You are an angel.
- You would never say that.
- Never.
Your love is enough.
Forgive your father, honey.
You know what he's like.
He values tradition.
He's wrong, Ana. And so are you.
You gave up your archeologist career
to marry a fossil.
- Helena...
- Was it to compensate?
It was love. Have you heard of it?
We give some things up for love.
And, to this day,
I do not regret marrying Csar.
Until today, right?
That's when
I stopped believing in love.
So close, too far
Wherever you are
I don't wanna know, not anymore
We could have been
All of our dreams
But maybe a dream is just a dream
Please, don't try to reach me
I have nothing to say
But maybe it's better that way
I learned from my mother
that we need to look forwards.
Two years after we left my father's house,
we felt that our dreams had no limits.
I'm glad
you got here on time, honey.
I thought you wouldn't.
Of course I'd come, Mom.
I'll miss you so much.
You and your crazy aunt.
After all, I stayed here for a while.
Two years, right?
Two years are not two days.
I got used to having you around.
- This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
- I know.
You worked hard to get the scholarship.
Archeology was always your passion.
Since we were children.
She'd look for bones
and say they were from mummies.
And grandma would say, "This is the bone
from the chicken we had for lunch!"
What a beautiful family I got for myself.
He speaks as if we were married.
Are you mocking me, my cuddly one?
I promise I'll be fine, Mom.
Follow your dreams and I'll follow mine:
to study music in London.
You'll manage it, honey. I know you will.
Cntia will be a star.
I have a lot of faith in her future.
Me too.
- Take care of her.
- Have a nice trip. I will.
Thank you.
- Bye, Mom.
- Goodbye, my love.
Be good and take care.
You too.
Did you remember the fox?
Fox? There's no fox to be remembered.
Are you crazy?
What do you mean?
The mouse. You must feed him.
Oh, that Fox.
Only you would name a mouse Fox.
I named it after the guy
who gave it to me.
He was such a fox.
You and your boyfriends.
By the way, wasn't he
the one who vanished?
No, that was the dog.
He gave me this cat. In his honor--
You named the cat Dog.
This parakeet was given to me
by an ex who was completely worthless.
Have I told you about him?
If the parakeet's name is Cockroach,
you don't have to.
Cntia, in life only one thing is true:
animals have pedigrees,
but all men are mutts.
That's why my motto now is
"I date, but I don't get attached."
This goes for Rafa as well.
Did you say something, honey?
You say that,
but you've been together for two years.
No attachment there.
Don't be silly, Cntia.
I want to know what you guys think
of my new concrete poem.
- I want to hear.
- Listen up!
The rock
The carcass
The bagasse
The game and the hide
The dictatorship and the denture
That imprisons
and makes the voice fail
Of me, of us, of you
Of the turtle's song!
Do turtles sing, auntie?
It's not in that sense.
I mean a song for the turtle.
Oh, I get it now.
It's all very concrete, right?
You rocked, honey. I loved it.
You are incredible.
Give me a kiss, my cuddly one.
I'm not cuddly, Rafa! Jesus!
Helena, wait.
- What did I do?
- You were cute.
Cute and concrete don't go together.
- Each with his own talent, right?
- Forget it. She's being silly.
Speaking of talent, let's use
our spare time to practice.
Your turn.
Keep marking the tempo.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Pump up the volume, then lower the bass.
Nice one!
Very good! Great!
You nailed it!
If you keep this up and get good grades,
you will easily get
the scholarship in London.
Rafa, you could let her play
at some parties to practice.
I'll try.
OK. Don't cling to me. I need some air!
Cntia, I'm almost there.
Let's go to school.
Lara, I wish I could skip class
and keep learning from Rafa.
But I can't. I have to go, Cntia.
We'll practice more later.
Stay a while and listen
to another concrete poem.
Lara, wait up. I'm coming.
The green, the plant, the photosynthesis.
One, two, three, four...
Good morning.
- Hello.
- What's up? Let's go?
Isn't cycling good
for making your legs thin?
Better than pretending to work out
just to post photos at the gym.
Ignore her.
Leave it, Graziele. Do not tease.
But she made fun of me!
Against the truth there are no arguments.
Don't push it, Gisele.
- I'm not pushing, Mom.
- But you should, to lose weight.
- Mom, what the hell?
- The truth hurts but makes you stronger.
Now get out, both of you.
- Go, Graziele.
- Hurry up.
Guess who's going to play
at my birthday party?
Our birthday party, Graziele.
We are twins.
But not from the same father.
And how is that possible?
Gisele, my angel, there must be
some genetic reason
that explains why I am so perfect
and you are so... that.
Stop it! Let me tell the news
to the girls.
Guess who's going to play at my party?
Get lost. You are not invited.
Freddy Prince!
In the flesh, verse and prose.
Let it go, let me love
Let it bleed
Let my soul and your voice sing
Make me happy now
Make me happy now...
After I started posting my songs
on the internet,
I found out that a lot of people
still want to hear about love.
I soon started getting invited to perform,
to sign with music labels
and even to go on an international tour.
For my soul swells
As my love swells
For my soul swells
As my love...
Your fans will freak out. It's perfect.
It's better, but there's still
something missing.
What's missing is you going out,
seeing people...
You need to enjoy your success a bit.
You speak of love, but you need
to stop idealizing it and, I don't know...
Start living. Get a girlfriend.
I don't want a boyfriend, Mom.
What I want is to chase my dreams.
OK, honey.
Now let me tell you something.
We found remnants of the mummy of a queen
miles away from the mummy of a king.
Can you believe it?
See? Even the mummies
want nothing to do with men.
Speaking of mummies,
can you believe Dad enrolled
Patrcia's daughters at my school?
And they have the nerve to call him "Dad"
in front of everybody.
Come on, Mom!
Honey, I can't talk right now.
I have to go. But take care, my love.
- l love you.
- Bye. I miss you and love you.
Did you know that Freddy Prince
is going to play at my birthday party?
So what? I don't like his songs.
- She doesn't like his songs!
- Right.
That's great. Now you have
an excuse not to go.
After all, it was Dad who invited you.
If it was up to me, you wouldn't even go.
As if I would leave the house to see
Freddy Prince playing his cheesy music.
I like Freddy's music.
His lyrics are so beautiful!
How I wish Andr would say
those things to me...
Depressing lyrics.
"I'll say good morning to the sea,
my heart is quiet, love at first sight."
For someone who doesn't like his songs
you know the lyrics quite well.
Of course. I don't criticize unknowingly.
It is precisely because I heard them
that I know they suck.
Hi, Cntia. How are you doing, cutie?
Hi, boys.
We were talking about
going to see a movie together.
What do you say, Andr?
What are you talking about?
Lara, I've moved on. I'm sorry.
Did you see the app we created?
Well, I created more.
It's called VibraCheat.
- What's that?
- Duh! It's an app to help cheating.
It's simple. A long vibration
means the question number.
And a short vibration means the answer,
like A, B, C, D. Easy, right?
- No. It's easier to study for the exams.
- It is if you like to study. Let's go.
If you keep this up,
he's going to give up on you.
And he should. What a stupid app.
You need therapy, you know that?
"My parents split up. I'm traumatized.
I don't like anybody. Blah blah blah."
And you? Asking Andr out
completely out of the blue.
Lara, he's not into you.
That's what you think. I know he loves me.
He even promised to marry me.
Right. When you two were seven years old.
So what? Kids are sincere, OK?
And I'm the one who needs therapy?
I'm off.
Cntia, hurry up!
Come here! Rafa called
asking you to play at a party right now!
Now? In the middle of the afternoon?
So what? It must be
a really crazy pool party!
Prepare your set. We will rock
with your music on the dance floor!
Auntie, define
"a really crazy pool party."
That idiot Rafa will pay for this.
But look on the bright side:
you are building an audience.
I'll eat something.
Hey, record-player girl.
Can you please turn down the volume?
I don't hear anything else.
- Sorry, lady, but if I turn it down--
- What?
If I turn it down, nobody
will be able to listen to the music.
I will complain to the host of the party.
What's your name again?
- Cntia Dorella.
- Cinderella?
That's right: DJ Cinderella.
I can't believe it... Cinderella?
That's horrible.
DJ Cinderella.
Beautiful, wonderful, marvelous...!
- Do I look pretty, Mom?
- I was referring to myself.
Wow, I look great!
Gisele, my angel, see this beautiful mask?
- It's gorgeous.
- Wear it. It will make you look beautiful.
Graziele, stop pestering your sister.
It makes you uglier than she is.
Sorry, I didn't mean it.
I forgive you, Mom.
I was apologizing to Graziele.
Honey, inner beauty is also important.
Inside, you are full of--
- Pounds.
- Values!
Your values weigh a lot,
I mean, count a lot, OK?
- My weight is normal, Mom.
- Everybody is normal, Gisele.
What sets us apart is our beauty.
To be beautiful inside counts,
but outside a few less pounds
would do you good, got it?
I disagree.
The truth hurts but makes you stronger.
- Why are you laughing?
- Accept that you are fat!
- I'm not fat!
- Yes, you are!
Oh, dear, you are so beautiful.
And you are charming. What about Mom?
She looks like an angel.
Oh, my beautiful girls...
You know how humble I am.
I have almost no vanity.
Csar, there you are.
Such beautiful women.
You look like ladies of the court.
That's the party's theme:
an imperial court ball.
- Do we look nice?
- Gorgeous.
How I wish Cntia was like you.
Good looking?
No, honey. She is beautiful.
I wish she was sweet, affectionate--
Let's talk about positive things.
The girls want to thank you
for hiring Freddy Prince
to play at their 15th birthday party.
There's no need. Aren't you his fans?
Check this out.
- Wow!
Does Cntia like this guy?
- That one doesn't like anyone.
- What did you say?
That he doesn't displease anyone.
So handsome.
I hope so.
Now you'll have to excuse me.
Daddy needs to go on a trip.
Oh, no, honey. I will miss you so much!
God, it took him a while this time.
So many things to do for this party.
Mom, Freddy has to love the party.
Because I love him
and I want to marry him.
You and Freddy?
You're crazy. That's impossible.
Impossible is a place
that doesn't exist, honey.
"Far away is a place that doesn't exist"
is how the saying goes.
But you understood, right?
I meant that there are no limits
to our dreams.
Look at me for example.
I was a very poor girl.
I had to work very hard
to get what I wanted.
To win the Miss Pool Piriri pageant
I had to forge the result.
What did I do? I found a way.
The test to work at the firm?
I stole the answers and got first place.
What did I do? I found a way.
Even to steal Csar's heart.
Guess what I had to do?
Do I need to say it?
I found a way.
I always find a way.
I want to be just like you
and do anything to win Freddy's heart.
If that's what you want,
that's what you're going to get.
You only need focus.
- And what do I need?
- To lose weight.
I don't need to lose weight.
I told you, I'm normal.
Honey, listen to your mother.
No normal person
loves themselves as they are.
I'll book a session
with your therapist, you need one.
Was that three or four short vibrations?
I think there were two short ones
and one long one.
Or one short one and two long ones?
You betrayed the trust
the school placed in you.
Using your cell phones to cheat?
That is fraud!
From now on cell phones
are forbidden at school.
What about my mom? That's absurd!
Your parents have the school's number
in case of any emergency.
Yes, Cntia.
- But we can still use it at recess, right?
- No.
Recess is meant to be for socializing.
Talk to each other.
This is all your fault, you idiots.
I won't calm down!
How am I going to talk to my mom now?
She always calls me during recess
because of Japan's time zone.
It's a 12-hour difference.
Yes, you would have to time travel.
I know. Talk to your dad.
He's a big deal here.
Wasn't it his firm that donated
all the school's computers?
I don't want to have to do that.
But it's for a good cause.
There's no way
we can do without our phones.
Poor Andr. He must be devastated.
Forget him, Lara.
You deserve better than that.
- He couldn't care less about you.
- It's love. What can I do?
Have a little more love for yourself?
This is why I want nothing to do with it,
because I don't want to become
an air-head like you.
Hi, Rafa! What's up?
Everything's smooth.
I need to go on a last-minute trip.
Could you play at a party for me?
- For real?
- Yes, for real.
This time, it'll be a great party,
I promise.
The money is good,
professional equipment, laser harp...
You only have to play until midnight,
which is perfect because you're underage.
Of course, I'm in! Where are you playing?
At a rave, in Recife!
- You're kidding! That's great!
- For real!
Are you ready?
You can trust me, Rafa.
I am more than ready.
I'm counting on you. Smooth.
I'll text you the address.
Hi, Domingos!
Rafa asked me to play at a party!
There will be a lot of people,
a laser harp...
I still don't know where.
He's going to text me, but I'm so excited!
Scared of playing?
I'm not easily scared, Lara--
What's the matter, girl?
My outfit for tonight's presentation.
Is it ugly?
It's not that it's ugly...
What presentation?
With a group of Bolivians
who loved my poems.
- Did they understand them?
- I don't understand the question.
Forget it!
Where is it going to be?
At a very chic place.
A clandestine casino.
Auntie, casinos are forbidden.
The law says so.
It's forbidden to forbid.
Caetano says that.
So, did you like it? Isn't it perfect?
I amaze myself.
- Cntia?
- Who else could it be, Dad?
It's been hard
to talk to you lately, honey.
Are you there?
I am. What do you want?
To confirm that you are going
to the twins' party.
Honey, not all things are simple.
- I know I made a mistake.
- OK, I don't want to talk about that.
Dad, I have a problem.
What problem?
They banned cell phones at school.
It makes sense. I think it's great.
It may be great for you,
but it sucks for me.
How am I going to speak to Mom in Japan?
Well, I can solve this problem for you,
in the same way that you can go
to Gisele and Graziele's party.
I sent you the invitation. Did you get it?
And you said no to your father?
I don't believe it!
Of course I did.
Imagine: blackmailed by my own father?
That's just what I needed.
And I wouldn't be able
to go to that party anyway.
I'm playing at another one.
Hi. My name should be on the service list.
I am the DJ.
She's my daughter.
Hi, honey.
I'm so glad you decided
to come to your sisters' party.
Right, girls?
And where is your costume?
I... didn't know it was mandatory.
Mandatory? Never.
It would have been considerate of you,
but what matters is that you are here.
Right, girls?
I'll help you, honey.
How would I know it was the same party?
By comparing the addresses, daft girl!
I didn't even notice.
I was not coming anyway.
If Dad finds out, he'll kill me!
How are you going to play
without him noticing?
I had an idea, but I need your help.
Where were you, honey?
Me? Walking around,
admiring the party. It's very nice.
It's horrid!
The DJ still hasn't arrived!
There must be music
before Freddy gets here.
Calm down.
She must be a little late, that's all.
She? The DJ is a woman?
I'm not sure. That's what I heard.
You heard that where?
There's no need to explain.
I found everything out.
The DJ service that was hired
belongs to her aunt's boyfriend.
Oh, that irresponsible Rafael.
- I'll call him.
- Do that, honey.
It's Freddy! Freddy Prince is here!
Freddy! I am the birthday girl!
- We are!
- But I am more!
And I'm Patrcia, their mother.
- I'm your biggest fan!
- We are!
- But I am more!
- Stop it!
Sorry, but have we met before?
I doubt it. I am too remarkable
to be forgotten.
Well, I was Miss Pool Piriri 2004.
Maybe that's how you know me?
I don't think so.
I'm a very famous woman,
always talked about and photographed.
It could be from anywhere.
Come to your dressing room.
Where are you, auntie?
I need to play!
Why didn't you use the door?
I wasn't invited, damn it! Ouch, my back!
You should have said my name.
Who is going to believe
I'm Csar's 17-year-old daughter?
If you were 18, maybe--
- Let's go. Did you bring everything?
- Yes, I have everything.
And... done!
Look what I did with your sneakers.
- So cute!
- Go big or go home.
The main accessory.
Do you think they'll recognize me?
If no one recognized Superman in glasses,
they won't recognize you
in this gorgeous mask.
Csar! Csar, the DJ has finally arrived.
Great. I wasn't able to reach
that stupid Rafael.
- Out of the coverage area.
- Speaking of stupid...
Helena! Did you come with Cntia, honey?
So, what's new?
The only new thing
is you being friendly, sweetie.
Through the misty haze
Here I go again, at my own pace
I was broken down...
I want to talk to you
about how my daughter is doing.
Later, Csar. For now, let the girl shine!
Shine where?
At the party. Where else?
This DJ is wonderful!
For so long, I've been gone
Now, I'm back for good
Ready to explode
All this life inside me
I'm ready to go
Mommy, the DJ needs to play
a Freddy Prince song.
- In his honor.
- He's here. He'll like it.
You two have a point. I'll talk to her.
I'm ready to go
DJ, play a Freddy Prince song.
Freddy Prince, honey.
Play one of his songs.
Let it go, let me love
Let it breathe
Let my soul and your voice sing
Make me happy now
Make me happy now...
Do I really need all of this? Jesus...
Yes, you do. Like a very cute prince.
- Are you listening to this?
- Yes, I am. Let me finish, please.
- Who is playing?
- No idea.
- I'll go see.
- Are you crazy?
If you go out like that,
they will attack you.
Put the mask on
so you won't be recognized.
What is she doing with Freddy's music?
He will hate it. She's so clueless!
Mom, look what that DJ
is doing to my future husband's song!
- My future husband!
- Look in the mirror!
Freddy will think it was my idea,
and my life will be over!
What's wrong with her?
As my soul swells
As my love...
Your costume is very original.
The other girls came as princesses,
and you as the Queen of Hearts.
I like your sneakers.
Dude, you should be down there,
on the dance floor.
I know. I only wanted to say I loved
what you did with Freddy Prince's song.
I had to fix that cheesy song.
Don't you like Freddy Prince?
I don't dig his mellow ballads.
I just have skin and sacred vows
My heart has wings, they need to fly
You are the first girl I've met
who doesn't dig romantic ballads.
I don't like anything that's not real.
- And what is love?
- An illusion.
Love is an illusion that guys
like Freddy Prince use to trick girls.
Of course not!
I even believe in love at first sight.
Falling in love with someone
just from seeing their face?
Sometimes, you don't even need to look
at the face.
Sometimes, what the eye doesn't see,
the heart feels.
Isn't it the other way around?
Not every time.
What do you think you're doing?
Freddy Prince is here.
What will he say when he sees you
destroying his song?
Destroying? The song is great.
Who cares what you think?
I am Freddy Prince.
Only your opinion matters, right?
The king of the ball.
Freddy, it's nearly midnight,
it's time for your set.
I'm coming.
What's your name?
Cin... Cinderella.
DJ Cinderella.
Freddy, it's time! Come on!
It's midnight. I have to go.
Freddy, I love you!
Freddy, I love you!
The moment
you all have been waiting for!
It's Freddy!
Welcome my, your, more mine than yours,
Freddy Prince!
Good evening.
When I find you again some day
By chance, dangerously
Fate will reveal itself
Come with me
I made a bet with your father
that you wouldn't come.
I also thought I wasn't coming.
Parties with you and my father
don't bring back good memories.
Why? He's so much better with me.
He has an attentive wife,
daughters who respect him...
They love him as a father.
And Csar also treats them
as his own daughters.
- As long as he pays for the parties.
- What are you implying, insolent girl?
- Csar!
- Hey.
Honey, I'm very glad you came.
I can't stay much longer, Dad.
I have to get up early tomorrow.
What about the concert?
Don't you like that Freddy Prince?
Of course she likes him.
That's great.
Honey, I'm taking this off.
- Don't do it. You are so handsome!
- It's too much. Excuse me.
Thank you.
It's Freddy!
I always ask a girl from the audience
to dance with me.
Today, I want to ask a different girl.
I don't know her face or her name,
but I know she has attitude...
strong opinions and...
I call to the stage, DJ Cinderella!
Don't even dare to disguise yourself again
and go up there.
If you do, I'll tell your father
the masked DJ was you.
Will you risk ending
your secret life as a DJ?
A father like Csar
can destroy your freedom,
and without freedom
no one is able to dream, honey.
Did you hear that, Cntia?
- Put the mask on! He's calling you!
- Shut up.
- What's going on?
- Nothing, honey.
The boy asked the DJ to the stage,
but she has gone already, right, Helena?
- Yes, she's gone.
- Oh, really?
Yes, and we are going as well.
Honey... Wait, honey!
- Let her go, dear.
- We didn't even have time to talk.
But look on the bright side.
She and I are beginning to get along.
She must have gone. Resume the concert.
That's not possible.
She must be back there.
Just a minute, guys.
Just one moment, guys.
Freddy Prince will be right back.
What the...?
So, did you find your runaway princess?
Only her shoe.
When I find you again some day...
Lara, turn that off, for God's sake.
I need to concentrate.
I need good grades to get my scholarship.
So grumpy! You should be happy.
Didn't you say you crushed it
at that party yesterday?
Yes, I did.
That's why I need to focus now.
I'm only interested in being a DJ.
This love crap only messes things up.
What love crap?
What are you talking about?
Your love for Andr
is what makes you lose your focus.
No, Andr doesn't make me lose focus.
Andr is my focus.
And dating has never messed
with anyone's life.
Really? My aunt has wasted her time
with boyfriends and--
And what?
Girl, Chicken sang so beautifully today!
You should have heard.
Isn't that right, honey?
Are you there, Dog?
Bad Dog!
You run away and then
spend all night meowing.
Cntia, don't forget to feed the Fox, OK?
Eat up, my little Fox.
Kisses. Bye.
See? Her boyfriends made her like that.
Freddy Prince?
Now I remember where I know you from.
I played at this house
about two years ago.
Yes, at a party that didn't end so well.
It ended well for me.
So much so that I live here now
with Csar and my daughters.
To what do I owe the honor of your visit?
I wanted to know who the DJ was
who opened for me yesterday.
I really liked her.
Come with me.
She was the DJ. My daughter Graziele.
I met her when I arrived.
She's pretty.
But she was so different on stage.
She was masked, right?
Right. Sure.
Sorry, I don't want to sound crazy, but...
I felt something really rare for her.
With all due respect.
Aw, I know...
Love is a really rare thing.
Listen, you have her mother's blessing.
You are such a famous guy...
I mean, handsome and romantic.
- The perfect match for Graziele.
- She didn't strike me as romantic.
She disguises it.
Sometimes she is rebellious.
We quarrel a lot.
I'll tell you why.
Her dream is to be a DJ.
Her stepfather is against it.
He doesn't allow it. But I support her.
The mask was my idea.
So that her father wouldn't notice.
But she gets nervous, the poor girl.
Well, can I see your daughter?
She's not here. Poor thing...
But let's arrange this meeting, OK?
Not here, because of her stepfather.
Where then? When?
Whoa, calm down, mister. Leave it to me.
I'll find a way. I'm great at it.
Let's stay here for a little while longer!
Let's go. Why would I want
to watch these brats?
Andr plays so well.
You are the best player!
I see that.
What's up, beautiful ladies?
Enjoying the game?
You have no idea.
I have an invitation for tonight
that you can't turn down.
I scored tickets for the Midnight Club.
Wow! Thank you for the invitation, Andr!
Lara, I've told you a thousand times,
I've moved on.
But that doesn't mean
we can't be together again one day.
I would love to go.
I love the resident DJ, but--
But she won't go alone.
If the four of us go together,
she is game, right?
Pick us up at 7 p.m.
It's a date. I'll be at your house
at 7 p.m., Cntia.
Bye, beautiful ladies.
Thank you
for saying yes, best friend!
Lara is completely clueless.
I had no way out of it
and now I'll have to go with a boy.
On the other hand, the club is awesome,
everybody goes there
and the best DJs play there.
Aunt Helena?
Anybody home? Are you OK?
Rafa called and told me
not to go meet him in Recife.
This is so weird...
He always wanted me to go.
Maybe he is busy.
I don't know...
He was always crazy about me.
What happened?
My dream is to play here!
If I told you my father owns this club,
what would you say?
That you're lying.
I know your father and the owner.
I wanted to make your dream come true,
even if it's only make believe.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that, OK?
Of course I'm excited, B.
I'm going to meet my princess tonight.
Calm down!
There's a limit to being romantic.
Don't overdo it.
- You'll see. Just wait.
- Right...
I'll get a soda, OK?
Do you want to dance, Andr?
No, I'm good.
I see. It's because
I'm a bad dancer, right?
No, I'm not in the mood.
To dance? Let's talk then.
I also like it better.
I'm not in the mood to do anything.
That's fine. I'll do nothing with you.
You have such a beautiful smile,
you know that?
Lara, I'll tell you what. Get us a soda,
and I'll be right back, OK?
Hi. Two sodas, please.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
I'll get another one for you.
Wait a minute, aren't you Belinha
from the internet? I follow your channel!
How exciting!
A follower! What's your name?
- Nice to meet you.
- You too, Lara.
Do you agree when I say
that women from our generation
should value themselves
and have self-esteem?
Of course. I totally agree.
I think that you, as a public figure,
need to open our eyes.
That's good to know.
Sorry, but I couldn't help listening
to you talking to that boy.
Oh, that's Andr.
I love him.
And, deep down,
I know he loves me as well.
Alright, but deep down
do you love yourself?
- I don't get it.
- Yes, you do.
But relax. It's just a tip.
Do you want one or two sodas?
Two, please.
Look who I brought to you.
I'm sure you two were made for each other.
Gisele, go take a walk. Go now.
So it was you?
I haven't been able to stop
thinking about you since the party.
Me neither. I'm your biggest fan.
Don't you think my music is cheesy?
Who would be stupid enough to think that?
Besides me, of course.
But I was just playing hard to get.
I'm a huge fan.
Do you have a map?
A map? What for, dude?
Because I'm lost
in the twinkle in your eyes.
So creative...
- Tell me more about yourself.
- What do you mean?
The things you like...
Oh, that's easy. I like you a lot!
I'm your biggest fan!
Did you know I'm setting up
an organ donation campaign?
That's great! You surprised me.
Do you want to donate your heart to me?
Babe, what can I do?
You're not a psychiatrist,
but you've messed with my head.
Oh, no! That does it. Excuse me.
Are you sure it was you
deejaying at the party?
Of course. I am and will always be
anyone you want!
I am your biggest fan.
Hi, how are you?
- Do you have a map?
- A map?
Because I'm lost
in the twinkle in your eyes.
Wow, how original.
I loved it.
Give me just a minute.
There's something wrong.
- It's not her.
- Mom, what's happening? What do I do?
Go there and kiss him right now.
Oh, no! Not again!
Andr's soda!
Where is he, by the way?
Lara, let's get out of here.
- Why did you do that?
- Because I am you biggest fan.
It's not possible
that he didn't believe I'm not her!
But you aren't, silly!
- Yes, I am! You are jealous!
- You're not!
Shut up! Neither of you is somebody.
Only I am!
Honey, we'll find a way
to make Freddy believe
that you are his beloved DJ, OK?
I still don't know how, but I'll find out.
If I don't date Freddy, I'll die!
Do you promise?
Stop it. That boy will be yours, OK?
And this is a promise.
I think it must be her, Freddy.
Think about it.
It was her birthday,
she wanted to pose as DJ
without her parents noticing...
So she wore a mask.
It makes perfect sense.
Was the kiss that bad?
No, it's not that. It's just...
I just wanted to be sure it's her,
you know?
How can I be sure?
The same way the prince
was sure it was Cinderella.
Lost in distractions
Feeling the breeze
Blowing a name I can't understand
I imagine only you
Rafa, are you back from your trip?
- How was it?
- Smooth.
But I'm...
Like, for good.
I came to say goodbye.
What do you mean?
Have you and aunt Helena...?
Is it what I'm thinking?
But I have good news for you.
I got you a gig at the Midnight Club.
You're kidding! My God, Rafa,
I can't thank you enough!
It will be a major plus on my resum
for the scholarship!
It's to compensate for the mess I made
with your father's party.
That was bad, I'm sorry.
I didn't even realize.
- You know sometimes I'm a bit--
- Slow.
I was going to say busy.
But, OK, slow also fits.
Take care of her.
Rafael? You don't know me,
my name is Suelen.
No, not Smooth. Suelen.
Anyway, I took my daughter to a party,
and she loved the DJ.
The owners of the house
gave me your number.
It's not Smooth, honey, it's Suelen.
I would really like to know
where that DJ is playing next.
Cntia? She rocks, right?
She's playing from next week onwards
at the Midnight Club.
- But it's not for long.
- Why?
Because she's the best.
She's going to study in London.
And you'll have to go there
to see her play, smooth?
More than smooth, honey.
That's silky, very interesting...
London, really?
Tell me more about that.
So cute!
Rafa got tired.
He always wanted a serious relationship
and I never allowed it.
Another woman wanted it, for sure.
- Love also gets tired of waiting, Cntia.
- Don't be sad, auntie.
- Did he give you this one?
- Yes.
Since I always name my pets after my exes,
I'm going to name this one--
DJ. It's a great name to remember Rafa by.
I have a better one for him:
Those who know me or listen to my work
know that love guides me.
So I'm here, at Belinha's Channel,
she's my childhood friend,
to leave a message:
DJ Cinderella,
I couldn't even say goodbye.
You really disappeared
when the clock struck 12.
I hope you had time to listen to my music
and appreciate it
as much as I appreciated yours.
I have one of your crystal shoes,
but I'll only deliver it in person.
Bring the other one to complete the pair.
At 2 p.m. on the 7th, at Rock Castle,
where we met.
Admit it.
You are DJ Cinderella, aren't you?
Be quiet!
I want to scream because I'm angry!
My best friend is dating Freddy Prince
and I knew nothing about it!
I'm not dating him. Are you nuts?
He doesn't even know who I am.
I saw him kissing another girl.
That doesn't make sense.
If he was with someone else,
he wouldn't post that video.
You can see it in his face.
It's the same look Andr gives me
in gym class.
Really? If I was unsure, I'm not anymore.
Listen, I don't want anyone
to know about this, or...
Or what, heart of stone?
- Or I'll tell Andr you have gingivitis.
- How gross!
Can we have a word?
It's about a talk I had with your father.
Honey, it's hard to believe
your father did that.
Great, isn't it, Mom?
They made an exception just for me.
But I can't be with the other students.
That's great, honey!
About what you told me,
I think it's great that
you are chasing your dreams, truly.
But you shouldn't hide from love.
Mom, love only brings disillusion.
Why would I risk it?
Love is a risk, and at your age
you should take risks, honey.
My marriage to your father
didn't work out, but I don't regret it.
Our love brought me a lot of happiness.
And you are the greatest of them all.
Are you crazy? Want to kill me?
Stop exaggerating.
I'm not a witch from a children's play.
I come in peace.
White flag. Can we talk?
You don't need to treat me as your enemy.
That's enough.
You've done that for the last two years.
- Don't I have my reasons?
- As I have mine.
But that's beside the point.
The point is that I can help you,
the same way
I can accidentally tell your father
about your gig at the club.
How do you know about that?
I have my ways.
But if I know about it,
does that change anything? No.
But if your father finds out...
And you will make sure
he finds out, obviously.
Not at all.
He may end up agreeing to it.
My father would never accept me
being a DJ.
Just like he would never leave
your mother,
and never let you live here.
That's the power a woman has
over a man in love.
Get to the point, Patrcia.
My family. That's what matters.
I want peace, Cntia.
Even with you, honey.
And I can get it.
- But peace has its price, of course.
- I knew it.
I want the shoe you wore at the party.
I get it now.
You want Graziele to say
that she was the DJ at the party.
I've always found you unbearable,
did you know that?
But I never thought you were so smart.
Graziele isn't as smart as you.
- That boy is her big chance.
- Say what?
And you must admit,
he is not the right guy for you.
- There's no way of knowing that.
- Oh, but of course there is.
What do you think a boy like him
would do to your life?
He would only be in the way of your goals.
Because that's what love does, honey.
It blinds you.
You have your mother as an example,
don't you agree?
Here. Isn't this what you wanted?
I knew you were smart.
No need to hide anymore, Helena.
I'm going.
Go away, you vulture!
Cntia, did you really give
the shoe to Patrcia?
She took the wrong shoe, auntie.
So you can play tonight
without that voodoo blackmailing you,
and tomorrow you have your chance
with the boy!
Great! What a brilliant idea!
To tell you the truth, it wasn't my idea.
Whose idea was it?
It was Love's.
My cutie pie! Come here.
That DJ is underaged!
I am her father.
And I demand
she stops playing immediately!
Dad, don't do that, please!
He already did, honey.
Let's go.
So close, too far
Wherever you are...
You're not working at night again,
like a delinquent.
This is the work of Helena
and that stupid boyfriend of hers.
Of course it is. That's why,
from now on, you're going to live with us.
You can't force me! I'll run away!
Just try it.
I'll report your aunt and that dumb Rafael
for child exploitation.
Is that what you want? Is it?
We could have been
All of our dreams
But maybe a dream is just a dream
Please, don't try to reach me
I have nothing to say
But maybe it's better that way
This is your new bedroom, Cntia.
It's plain like this
because of renovations,
but Patrcia will tidy it up.
Of course.
I'm very happy
that you are back living with us.
From now on,
you'll have a father who is around.
- When is your trip, honey?
- Tomorrow morning.
But I'll be back soon.
I mean...
The linens are in the closet.
Why did you do it?
It wasn't to get you living here,
you can be sure of that.
A miscalculation. It happens.
So why take Dad to the club?
Because I couldn't risk
Freddy finding you.
You are very insolent.
I knew you would be with him.
Tomorrow, he will be convinced
that Graziele was the masked DJ.
I'll tell my father everything.
He will believe me, wait and see.
Let's bet on it.
Let's bet on who has the most power.
I'll bet, let's see, two reais.
What do you say? Are you in?
What are you doing? Stop it!
Stop screaming! Are you nuts?
- What are you doing?
- Csar!
- What's happening? What is this?
- Csar!
I only asked Cntia
if I could call her "daughter."
I just wanted another daughter,
and she attacked me.
Dad, I didn't attack her!
I didn't do anything!
- Apologize to Patrcia.
- Never!
You have crossed the last line!
You are grounded!
You'll only leave to go to school.
And that's until your graduation.
You're ridiculous.
You owe me two reais.
Calm down, people!
Attention, Freddilets,
Freddilovers, Freddegunds...
Control yourselves.
Freddy is in there watching my live feed,
and when I identify the right shoe,
I will take the princess to him, OK?
It's a major commotion.
Don't cut the line, lady.
I have priority.
If Prince is still unsure,
here is the proof
that my daughter was the DJ.
- Come here.
- Come, honey.
Gorgeous people,
this lady is the host of the party
where Freddy met the masked DJ.
If anyone knows her identity,
it's this woman.
So, I'm sorry, but she has priority.
But we've been waiting for hours!
Let's go.
Just a minute.
The moment of truth has arrived.
After you doubted that my daughter
was telling the truth,
I thought hard about whether
she should be subjected to this.
But her love moved me,
and I thought you deserved
a second chance.
Here it is.
It's time, people.
- You're joking, right?
- What do you mean?
- This is the shoe.
- It's not.
Of course it is.
I organized the party, I know.
It's a trick.
Tell him, Graziele.
Freddy, I am your biggest fan!
OK, maybe I mixed them up.
She has so many shoes, you have no idea.
And what's up with this obsession
with shoes?
For God's sake...
Graziele is a wonderful girl.
She sings like a nightingale.
Sing for him, honey.
When I find you again some day
By chance, infinitely
Oh, my God...
Fate will reveal itself
Come with me
I'll say good morning
That's fine, that's fine! Thank you.
- Sorry, Freddy, but--
- I know.
You are my biggest fan. I got that.
I always wrote about love, and...
As much as I disapprove of what you did,
now that I know what it is to be in love,
I understand you better.
So cute!
Let go, Graziele. Let go. Come here.
And I'm sorry, but I need
to find my princess.
Freddy, you will regret this.
- Wow...
- Let it go, Mom. It's over.
It's over for you.
For me, it has just started.
Isn't revenge a dish best served cold?
So be it.
That was exciting, people!
What do you say, Freddy?
She didn't show up.
Oh, my God!
That's enough, Lara. Let me go.
Hey, bestie, listen to this.
Andr is taking me to the prom.
You know what this means?
That he ran out of options?
No, that he loves me. I've always known.
Good for you, then.
Hey, girl, cheer up!
I saw on Belinha's Channel
that Freddy is going on tour
and will be away for a long time.
Is that supposed to cheer me up?
No! Before that, he is playing
one last gig at our prom,
which means
you still have a chance, silly.
Is this for real?
Totally for real.
But I think you shouldn't wait
for the party.
Go to him and put an end to this mess.
Did you forget I'm grounded?
I only leave school to go home.
They even took away my phone.
At least I saw Patrcia
embarrassing herself with the wrong shoe.
And do you think she's going
to go easy on you after that?
Be prepared for the worse.
What else she can do to me?
Hi, honey. How are you?
That's right. Csar decided to donate
more computers to the school.
I also loved the idea.
When can I send the IT guy
to install the software?
- I'm almost done.
- That's great.
Will you excuse me
for a moment?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Hello, Mrs. Patrcia?
It's all done.
You now have access
to the school platform.
Well done.
You scared me, child!
- What do you want?
- Nothing.
I just came to tell you
that Daddy is home.
OK. Go.
I really wanted to go to the prom.
Isn't it only
for graduating students?
And their families.
We could accompany Cntia.
I'm grounded, remember?
Hi, honey.
Cntia has been behaving so well.
It's her graduation. She has to go.
I don't have any clothes.
I left most of them at aunt Helena's.
Of course you're going.
It's your graduation.
I don't want you near your aunt's house,
but we can call a store here.
Of course. I can call
and they'll bring different options.
I can't believe
that my little girl is graduating.
Do you know what you want to study?
Thank you.
Dad, I am one of the school's
best students.
With my grades, I intend to try
for a scholarship to study in London.
And what do you want to major in?
Music production.
I want to be a DJ, Dad.
Oh, honey... a DJ?
Dad, being a DJ doesn't mean
I'll only be playing at night.
I'll also be producing content,
producing music...
And do you think
you'll make a living out of it?
Why not? A lot of people do.
This is my passion.
We'll talk about it after your graduation.
- I really like it, Dad.
- It's very pretty.
Very pretty indeed.
Maybe a bit plain, but a black dress
is always a good choice.
It's a little creased.
I can ask someone to iron it for you.
No, I'll iron it myself.
Really, one of the best students?
I'm so glad!
At least we have some good news.
But this is great news, Csar.
Let's check her grades
on the school's website.
I also want to be proud
of my stepdaughter.
Gisele, come here. Come here!
Go get your stepsister.
Csar wants to talk to her.
Cntia, Dad is calling you.
- Did you send for me, Dad?
- No, honey.
Yes, you did, Csar.
To check her grades
on the school's website, remember?
- The report card is not there yet.
- I think it is.
I'm dying to see the twins' as well.
I'm worried about Gisele, honey.
Here it is. Check it out.
What's this, Cntia?
You failed two classes?
Are you joking, Dad?
I know my grades are great.
F in Geography.
F in History.
I don't know what you think great is--
- That doesn't make sense!
- Actually, it does.
It must be hard to study by day
and work by night.
This is not right!
- Stop telling lies, Cntia!
- But--
It's already disappointing enough
to find this out on graduation day!
- Dad, I'm not a liar!
- Oh, no? Really?
Calm down. She was probably
waiting to tell you after the party.
- No!
- That's exactly it!
Everything is a party to you!
You are a spoiled girl.
This princess life has to end.
My dress!
- You crazy witch!
- What do I have to do with this?
See how she treats me, Csar?
Honey, what's this? Are you crazy?
Patrcia hasn't left our side!
You must have left the iron on.
You are a snake and a liar!
I'm going to kill you!
Stop that! What's wrong?
Come with me.
Dad, you need to believe me, please!
I barely know you these days.
You really don't know me.
- You are grounded.
- What?
And now I have to go to that party,
or it would be unfair to the girls.
And we will have a serious talk later.
You ruined Graziele's dream mercilessly.
Would it hurt to be more generous?
You gave me the wrong shoe
and thought you'd get away with it.
Time to pay for that, dear.
Pick up, Andr.
Oh, well.
Answer that phone.
- Hello?
- Cntia? I need to talk to Cntia.
Get yourself together, girl.
Don't call people's homes like this.
Please, I need to talk to my friend.
Cntia is grounded indefinitely.
You'd better find another friend, ok? Bye.
Trying to sell things
at this hour, can you believe it?
- Did you buy anything?
- Of course not.
Lost in distractions
Feeling the breeze
Blowing a name
I can't understand
I'll miss you so much when you're on tour.
I'm glad I'm going on tour.
But I can't stop thinking about
DJ Cinderella.
It's hard.
Freddy, seriously...
I think you have to face facts.
If she still hasn't shown up,
it's because...
- The door is locked!
- Here, behind you.
Cntia, come here, girl.
Help me, DJ!
OK. Done.
I came to rescue you.
Your friend called me.
You have to go to that prom,
no matter what.
- But how? I don't even have a dress.
- Auntie godmother came prepared, honey.
- One dress coming up!
- This dress?
It's this one or this one.
Last time I wore it was two years ago,
at my parents' anniversary.
- Do you know what that means?
- That it's a little musty?
But it doesn't smell bad.
No. It means I was a silly girl
who believed in love.
After all I went through,
do you think I can dress like a princess
to chase a boy?
You can do whatever you want.
The question is what do you want?
Come for life
For me...
- You look so pretty!
- Thank you.
Did you bring the mask?
Yes, I brought the mask, the shoe...
Everything that has kept these two apart.
The security is very tight.
No one gets near the dressing room.
What if I get to play? Maybe he'll listen.
Great idea!
Yes, at least you still have hope.
Oh, Lara. Are you OK?
I hate that Camila Abranches.
She ruined my chances with Andr.
But why hate her?
Andr was the one who invited you.
No hating today!
We're here to dance, to have a good time,
and, in our case, Lara,
to forget men exist.
Wait a second.
Is that Rafa? With another woman?
- I'm going after her.
- Go.
- Stop this nonsense right now!
- Helena?
Listen, you deceptive prick,
I never needed a man in my life,
until you showed up with a puppy
called Love and left me confused.
- What?
- Were my ways wrong? Yes.
But it was my way of loving you.
You should have found a way around it,
not swapped me for another woman,
because I'm not changing, no way!
Hey, honey, pay attention
to see if you get it.
Got it? Or do I need to show you
with the sole of this shoe?
- Helena...
- Slut!
- Helena!
- Get out of here! He's mine! Go!
Helena, smooth!
I don't have another girlfriend.
Oh, no? And who is she?
I have no idea.
Poor lady. Lady, I'm sorry!
Rafa, I love you. Come back to me.
What else can I do?
I love you too, my cuddly one.
I'm so glad you worked it out!
Cntia! I like your mask.
Take your stand as DJ Cinderella
and lure your prince in.
What do you mean?
I'll explain later. Come. Let her play.
A boarding school
would be great for Cntia.
It's the only way to protect her from
the bad influences of her aunt and Rafael.
- I'm not sure.
- Hi.
Let me introduce Diego.
- How are you, Diego?
- Fine.
Excuse me.
- Is it me, or are you two--
- We are getting to know each other.
- Is he rich, famous, important...?
- He's a normal boy.
What else could I expect from you?
A plain girl and a plain boy.
What can I do?
- Mom!
- The truth hurts but makes you stronger.
Let's go, Diego.
Mom, this horrid version
of Freddy's song again?
Make me happy now
With you
Let me sing
I don't know how...
I thought I would never see you again.
Freddy, I really wanted
to meet up with you.
I saw your message on the Internet.
I mean, I don't follow you,
but my friend Lara--
There's no need to explain.
You made it quite clear.
You said you didn't like Freddy Prince,
that his music is cheesy,
that love is an illusion...
And you were right.
It was just an illusion.
That's not it. You got it all wrong.
I believed that some day
I would find someone
who really cared about me,
despite my fame or my name.
when I finally found
what I was looking for,
you didn't feel the same way.
That's not it. Listen to me.
Forget it. It's over.
I won't embarrass myself anymore.
Gorgeous people,
this is your last chance to see Freddy
playing in the city for a long time.
So make the most of my, your,
more mine than yours,
Freddy Prince!
When I find you again some day
By chance, dangerously
Fate will reveal itself
Come with me
Wait! Just one more selfie.
Duck face, come on.
I want to see Freddy's set.
That guy sucks.
What sucks is wasting my prom
with a boring guy like you.
Excuse me.
Our story will reveal itself
What's up, Lara?
I'm sorry I stood you up, but...
the good news is that a space
has opened up in the queue.
So if you want to be with me,
the time is now.
For real, Andr?
I'm not just one of your conquests.
- So you would rather be alone?
- Who said she's alone?
Belinha from the internet?
The very same,
in flesh and two million followers.
Is this guy bothering you?
No, he doesn't bother me anymore.
I'm over you. Right, Andr?
I'm very proud of you! You were great.
That clown!
I wish I'd got a photo of his face!
It's you.
I think I know this girl.
That's Cntia, my best friend.
She was the DJ playing earlier,
but she was wearing a mask.
I found out who your princess is.
- Unfortunately, she's not into me.
- Why are men so stupid?
Listen to this.
Cntia! Wait up, girl!
You can't leave now.
I have nothing else to do here.
If my father sees me,
he'll turn my life into hell.
No, you're not leaving.
I know I usually leave this bit
until the end of the set,
but the girl I want to dance with tonight
has a strange habit of vanishing.
My heart is going to burst!
I didn't know her name
until today.
I had also never seen her face, or...
at least, I thought I hadn't,
because I realized that...
it's the same face I have been
dreaming about for years.
- You have to go up there.
- My father can't see me. I can't!
And all I ask now...
is that you do me the honor
of dancing with me,
Cntia Dorella.
Too late.
She's not dancing.
She's not dancing!
I am Cntia's guardian,
and she didn't have permission to be here.
Take your hands off Cntia!
I don't believe it.
Honey, I asked your aunt not to tell you
because I wanted to surprise you
at your graduation.
She's my daughter. I'll allow it.
Ana dear, I'm sorry to spoil the moment,
but Cntia didn't graduate.
Csar grounded her because
she failed two classes, right, honey?
That's impossible.
Cntia is the top student.
- What do you mean, Csar?
- Unfortunately, it's true.
Mom, admit it.
You changed Cntia's grades.
I saw you accessing the school platform.
- What is she saying, Patrcia?
- That girl is crazy.
Have you lost your mind?
You know, Mommy,
the truth hurts but makes you stronger.
Ladies and gentlemen, Cntia has more
than sufficient grades to graduate.
So let's get on with the party,
and we'll get to the bottom of this later.
- Honey, I can explain.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
Get up there.
So it was you?
Lost in distractions
Feeling the breeze
Blowing a name
I can't understand
I imagine only you
I look for the first clue
And I only find this note
I wait for some syllable
But it doesn't come
I only hear the breeze
Love at first sight
The dream woke me up
Your heart is my music
Love at first sight
Your heart is my music
That was how our story started.
And, with us, new stories also started.
Gisele changed a lot.
Your name should be Mara, beautiful girl.
- Why Mara?
- Because you are "mara-velous."
Graziele, on the other hand,
didn't change one bit.
You want to go on a date with me?
Graziele, you've never
taken any notice of me.
That was before
you became a famous YouTuber.
Now, I am your biggest fan.
Girls, does any of you
want to go on a date with me tonight?
See that? It's too late now.
I've moved on.
That's my line.
What do you want?
A chance. What do I need to do
to get your attention, Graziele?
You need to succeed.
So go away!
Aunt Helena and Rafa
are extremely happy,
and Love the dog had puppies.
Remember to bathe Love
and don't forget the puppies' medicine.
Smooth, my cuddly one.
As for Patrcia?
She left her daughters with my father
and returned to her home in Piriri.
Hi, Mom.
Look, everything is squeaky clean.
What do you want? Talking like that...
Am I saying,
"Raise my allowance, don't be so cheap,
I deserve more money...?"
Am I?
Don't even try because I won't raise it
by a single cent!
And go fix that bathroom.
The toilet has clogged again.
It flooded and it needs cleaning up.
Go on. Don't be squeamish like that.
Do a good job
because I'm going to inspect it, got it?
If she's happy, that's another story.
I know we are.
It's obvious you're in love
by the look on your faces.
Did you like London?
Man, it was great.
That's where we started
playing together and...
The rest is history.
The romantic pop and the electronic beat
work very well together.
She was dancing and smiling
So different, a pop star DJ
He was an irreverent prince
Who suddenly saw everything change
And now, where are you?
I've tried, but I don't know
Where to look for you
I've looked in the street, at the moon
And beyond
He was an inconsequential prince
Who looked at her by chance
She liked a kind of teen pop
And almost carelessly bewitched him
And now, where are you?
In my dream you are still dancing
I want to follow that rhythm, baby
I just want to love you now, baby
I found you and will never let you go
I'm going to follow your rhythm
Baby, baby, baby, baby!
Subtitle translation by Sabrina Martinez