Cinderella's Curse (2024) Movie Script

Please, please please please.
This is madness. Please stop.
- This is madness.
- You know what you are now.
Please, I'm begging you.
He's. Look at me, please.
Jacob! Jacob, look at me.
Please don't hurt
me. I'm begging you.
I don't want to die. This.
This isn't you.
It is messing with your heads.
No no no no no no no no no no no
no no.
Please please please
please please don't open it.
Don't open it. Please don't.
- Oh, please.
- Things are going.
Please don't open it.
Please don't open it.
One time. He. Darling.
I'm begging you.
Let me go! This isn't real.
None of it. You know that.
It is the book. It
is all in your head.
It's the book.
It is messing with your mind.
How is the book, darling?
Before I tell you how and feed
it to them, I'm going to
recompile your soul
like I ripped out our daughters.
- We are.
- Starting.
She can't stay. If you wish.
Ha ha ha.
You just think.
- What's going on in there? -
She's my mother and a servant
Why is it turning you on? Maybe.
Maybe we should have some fun
with that servant girl.
- Fine.
- Oh. Pick me.
No! Oh!
Oh. Oh. No!
The best way to rid your sins.
Just to sweat them out.
- I believe you.
- Morning.
Is that understood?
These flames look peaceful.
With nights like these,
I question what hell is.
Is it for the living? Or am I
just being optimistic for death?
When I'm in here. At least
I'm not out there with them.
Those evil people who are
my family, but not my blood.
Father wouldn't want me to cry,
but I can't help it.
He told me to be strong.
And so that is what I must do.
Joy. Oh, he's so slow.
Sausage. Go on.
- I know what happened.
- I'm fine.
Stop, stop. You need to rest.
- I can't.
- I must work.
Yes. Hello.
She must work.
Oh, I've seen soldiers fight
on worse injuries than that.
Unless she wants to
look for a new job.
You've got to get
away from this place.
You're young and beautiful. You
deserve so much more in life.
You know I can't leave Anya.
Well, You know what stepmother
Father's gone into town, and I'm
not sure when he'll be back,
I know one day he will
return. Lulla, look.
Where did you get that?
From the pantry. I
managed to get it in.
Those scary girls
left the kitchen.
- You've got to put it back.
- But, mama.
Well, Ella gets the most.
- Shoulders, back, stomach in
girls. - We know, mother.
Their Majesties, King Gristle
the Mighty, and Queen Mildred,
may I present Lady Dyer.
And this is Prince David.
We must see all.
We must see if you're fit
to carry a child one day.
I exquisite.
- Don't you agree, son?
- Actually, I've seen enough.
- You can put your clothes back
on, ladies. - I like that one.
My hips look like that
of your grandmother's.
But that one, that certain
quality to the breast.
Do you not think?
Actually, may I be excused?
May I use your washroom?
Of course.
And they won't go
away on its own.
- Pain medication.
- Do you have any?
I think stepmother has some
in the study. I'll be quick.
- She'll kill.
- You.
- I won't get caught.
- I promise.
Oh my gosh.
Excuse me. My apologies.
- You made me.
- Jump.
Come with me. No. Come.
Well, I gave you quite the
fright back there, didn't I?
I'm not to be seen,
you see otherwise, am I?
- My stepmother.
- She won't be happy.
There's something the matter.
No, nothing.
If someone means to harm you.
I'm the prince.
I could have their head cut off.
Your fingers are beautiful.
And yet now that I hold your
hand, I see that you have a
fondness for writing.
Yes, I do.
A writer's callus is
a true sign of wealth.
And yet you do not flaunt it.
You must come to the ball.
You have nothing to worry about.
Everything is going to be all
I have to go.
- I do apologize.
- Well, shall we continue?
- Actually, that won't be
necessary. - What do you mean,
Well, my daughter's
invited to the ball.
Yes, of course, but there is
someone else that I would like
to invite.
- Someone else.
- Who?
Yes, who? Who?
This girl I've just
met. Cinderella.
Cinderella? Yes.
We just met in the hallway. She
seemed terrified of me telling
Which is strange, because you
seem like such lovely, warm
- She must come to the ball.
- If that is what you want, son.
It is.
- Can she attend Lady Dyer?
- Of course.
- The more the merrier. - Thank
you for your hospitality.
Come on. Mommy!
The prince wants you there.
Maybe you've met the man of your
I want all the hedges cut. No.
Anya. Anya.
I'd like a word, please.
Follow me.
Wounds and.
They take longer to heal
when you get older.
It's like the body just doesn't
have the fight to repair itself
Like it almost wants to. Let go.
Do you know anything about
horses, Anya?
Oh, they're strong animals. They
can put up with the worst of it.
I'll compare you
to a horse on you.
Oh, you've been there since the
beginning. And you chasing after
these two.
Oh, with that excrement
dripping out of their nappies.
You've been there
since the beginning, aren't you?
You're like a family pet.
Oh. There comes a time when the
strongest horse takes a blow.
Even it can't survive.
Do you know why horses are
killed off by their owners?
Horses are no longer needed
when they become useless.
Would you mind helping her up?
Come on. Anya.
Getting rid of.
Ladies, ladies. I'm good.
I'm sorry. No, no.
You can blame Cinderella.
Running around.
- Talking bad.
- My family stealing from me.
Open my Danya.
Hahaha! Oh, think she's seen
enough girls?
And that for me, will you?
Perfect. Just what I need
to let off some steam.
Cinderella. Mother wants you.
You wanted to see me.
- You did this, Cinderella.
- Oh, please let her go.
I want you.
To let her go. No!
Please help me.
- Are you going to disobey her
wishes? - Oh, you.
- A nice little stomp.
- To the head.
- That should do it. 000.
- Oh, no.
Have my rings.
Unprotected. My.
Well, I'm going to want
all of this tidied up.
So get this body out of my home.
Do you think you're
doing? Ingrid.
Why did you invite
her to the ball?
- Is that any way to greet your
prince? - That was never part of
the plan.
- Oh, I. Love it when you get
all fired up. - I saw you with
I saw the way your eyes looked
on her. Standing here holding
Yes. Very convincing, aren't I?
- Too convincing, some might
say. - Ingrid, relax.
Persuade the peasant girl
that I'm in love with her.
Bring her to the ball
and we'll have some fun.
Very soon you will be queen
because I will pick you.
Mom. For more.
- Where's mama?
- She went into town.
Went into town. Yeah.
So she does have eyes
for the prince. She does.
I think he has eyes for her too.
She's going to ruin everything.
We need to destroy her
in front of everyone.
She has a diary.
Note I poured you
some wine, mother.
Where are you going?
- To get myself some food.
- Sit.
You followed my instructions.
That deserves some praise.
A toast to better days.
Iris Moritz.
He went into town.
I don't know when he'll be back.
Same story you told me about
my father when he didn't return.
- What is wrong with you?
- Sorry.
Sorry. Nothing.
Mother. Our dress is
ready for the ball.
We're going to look exquisite.
- The prince won't be.
- Able to take his.
Are you going to
eat, Cinderella?
Yes. It's Cinderella.
- Please leave me alone.
- Don't bother coming in here.
Wanted to apologize for my.
Sister and I. We only tell
lies about you for fun, you see.
But seeing you at the table.
And what you did to Anya.
Stressful. These are
the nicest things you own.
Should wear them at the ball.
- They don't even fit me.
- You've tried them on?
- Yes. - You and I don't have
dainty feet like you.
The last thing
my father gave me before he.
Before he left.
Sorry. What's wrong?
It can be such a challenge
living here sometimes.
I understand.
It's hard having no one to love.
And then the prince, he comes
He could be the one. But then.
It's okay.
Can never love
me. Or Ingrid for.
His eyes full.
You. Me tomorrow.
He'll pick you at the ball.
Your beautiful glass slippers.
I'm asleep, but.
Congratulations, Cinderella.
You are the chosen one.
You, sir.
Thank you ever so much.
Something in me.
- I can help. - Solve all your
problems in the.
- They laugh at you.
- Not you.
Tell. Nice of you.
I can take it all away.
I can grant you your freedom.
Are. Okay.
You. Can.
- Hi. It's noon.
- I'm sorry.
Well, it's just.
You have to get
ready for the Prince.
We all know it's
you who he wants.
- Come on, let's get ready
together. - Come on.
- Tighter.
- You look so beautiful, Ingrid.
And now for you.
It's not as grand as mine and
Hannah's, but it's something.
You can get ready in
here if you like. Just don't.
Thank you. Ingrid.
Just don't take too long.
I'm ready.
What do you think you are doing
dressed like that?
I didn't have anything
to wear to the ball.
You're not going to the ball.
But the prince.
He is young and ignorant.
He doesn't know what he wants.
Yes he does. He's smart.
He doesn't want a
peasant girl like you.
You're going to be busy.
Now we don't have poor Anya.
Girls! Let's go.
Where is Moritz?
Maybe he's gone into town
to find his mother.
Just like your father went into
town to find a better daughter.
Where is my father? Tell me.
- You tell the same lie.
- I know something's happened.
- I will not be questioned in.
- My own home.
Get to work.
Girls. Your carriage awaits.
- My mother's dress.
- Allah was meant to be loved.
Freed from a chainsaw, taught
by a blood knot of her own.
What if she wished
to set herself free?
To go and see the love of
her life, and to be brave enough
to ward off the dire bloodline.
She needs to do one thing.
- Rise. - Cinderella as the moon
guides your way.
No need for a fairy
godmothers sway.
Write a new tale. With each step
you take.
Your destiny awaits
the decision.
Oh my God.
Speaker three did.
- With a fairy godmother from my
dreams. - I hear you calling
- Deep within your.
- I'm here to crunch.
Just. Say the flat.
- What is it that you wish? - I
want to see Prince Levin one
last time.
- Dance with him.
- That is what you wish for.
Can you tell me down?
- Wow.
- Beautiful.
- Shall I use my third wish now
too? - No. Now you know.
- When to use.
- It.
On our way to LA.
When the bell chimes office.
Well. He's gone.
Good to see you. I'll
catch up with you.
Oh, don't give me that.
So I guess I'll have
to take your word for it.
She didn't come. What more
can I do to prove it to you?
- I only have eyes for you. -
You can thank my mother for
She only wishes to suck
the joy out of everything.
Looks like the show can go on.
- She is scary.
- As.
How dare you disobey me?
If you leave now, your
punishment will be less of you.
- I plan to stay, Lady Daya.
- Whether you like it or not.
No. Went on to have some fun.
Run along now.
Well, look who decided
to make an appearance.
The Prince has been
asking for you all night.
Hi. Why don't you dance
together? Might as well enjoy
Do you want to? Of course.
You look exquisite.
Like you. It's like it.
I haven't stopped thinking
about you since we met.
Neither have I.
Think I love you.
Do you really think that I
would love a whore like you?
Are. Just you, she said.
Everyone, everyone.
Everyone. Gather round.
The entertainment has arrived.
The fool in all her glory.
I don't I don't understand.
No, you wouldn't understand,
would you, Cinderella?
Oh, she's so mean.
- What is this? - Well, I can't
take all the credit.
- It was Ingrid's idea. - We're
a lot closer than you think.
Oh. Yes.
She's told me all about you,
peasant scum.
- What are you doing this.
- I haven't even done it yet.
Dear diary, I have met
the most incredible man today.
I think he could be the one.
I had those feelings I sometimes
get when I have one of the good
I just couldn't stop
my fingers from.
When I close my eyes,
all I see is him.
Prince Levin, the down to earth
man I've always wanted for a
I feel that we have a deep
connection and see that the
might actually look bright.
Oh, oh. That's all.
- That's all.
- Oh, no.
Maybe I'll have my
first kiss with him.
I can only hope it will be
everything I've ever wanted.
Shocking, really. A lady of
faith saying such vulgar things.
- What would her father think?
- Oh.
I think it was everything
you've ever wanted.
Ladies and gentlemen, it seems
that my step sister has
forgotten her place.
Shall we remind her?
Allow her to be your
punching bag for the evening.
Hannah will show you how.
Don't be shy. Who's.
Coming on.
Gusty. Oh!
- Disgusting.
- Ready for my final wish.
Do you know what you are?
I want revenge.
- Do you.
- Wish it?
Until desire comes
into existence.
- You belong to.
- Me.
- Wish for revenge.
- So.
Come on. You must.
Go on. You must know.
- Might save yourself.
- Save yourself.
They will know. They will know.
She's coming. Coming.
What's going on?
I don't know, it's like
something's taken over her or
She's coming. Mummy!
Silence! The whole.
Halfwit wants to
play games, does she?
While play games. Mother.
Dear. She's.
Ready to go.
Hello, Hannah.
- That's a lovely dress.
- Can you lift it up for me?
I think.
My glass slippers would
look great with your dress.
- Put them on.
- They weren't fixed.
- I insist.
- Put them.
On. Feet two. Big.
- They are too big.
- Hold it down.
I need to do the other one now.
Why would I take it off?
Ha ha! Ha ha ha!
I'll come back.
Oh. Oh oh.
Oh. Shh.
It's okay. You're gonna hurt.
Let me see your pretty face.
Who's next? You stay here, okay?
Yes. I pick you.
We have full.
Got something in your eye.
11. It's me.
I escaped. Cinderella.
Oh, God. Let me in now!
- She just went down the other
hallway. - But she.
You wish it was Ingrid.
I thought you loved me, Prince
Levin. I do, I do love you.
It was all Ingrid's idea.
It was her fault. She.
But she had me under her thumb.
She's. She's evil.
She's evil. You know?
She's evil. She
forced me to do it.
- She forced me.
- Since.
- And you're weaker than I
thought. - On the bed.
Please. Please don't.
Please. No, please
don't do this.
I pick you, Cinderella. Please
be my queen.
I thought you had a good heart.
I do. See.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Come back in!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
- Ha ha ha.
- Ha!
- Mom!
- What's happened?
She must have come
from the ballroom.
Well, maybe she managed
to escape the massacre.
- Oh, the bloodbath, sir.
- Is that where you come from?
Is that where you come from?
Look at the mess. Look at it.
She's bleeding. Can't talk.
It's fine. What's that?
I'll go and check. Leave that.
It's all right. You're
going to be okay.
We're gonna look
after you. Stay there.
It's fine.
Get the medical supplies. Okay.
The sun Herald. Yeah, yeah.
Na na na na na.
So long as he holds
the hateful. Me?
- One way out now. - Maybe I can
help you with that.
- You've got more courage than.
- You, father.
- Your father cried like a baby.
- You and I. Slit his throat.
Your father would be ashamed.
- You know what?
- I need help.
Now you come. Write me.
And he won more territories.
Depardieu. Why?
- If I want to become one of
them. - It's time for me to
become a leader.
I just death.
- Slave.
- Stop and get surprised.
Thank you. I come
into your home.
She speaks fluently.