Cinema Chupista Maava (2015) Movie Script

When a person
who is not related to us
enters our house
and tells us what our
family members think about us
do you know how it feels?
To know that,
you need to know about me.
My name is Somnath Chatterjee.
I work for
The Medical Council of India
as Deputy Secretary
for Quality and Vigilance.
We are a Bengali family
settled in Hyderabad.
Everything associated with me
should be of a high quality.
If I am asked whether
I want quality or life
I would say, I want life
as long as there is quality in it.
I cannot tolerate to see
anything that
doesn't have quality.
Why are you using the same syringe
that has already been used?
Somnath Chatterjee.
Deputy Secretary
for Quality and Vigilance.
Sir, good morning!
How are you?
- No questions, I want answers.
Sir, both of them have been
prescribed the same injection.
Their bodies are not
directly in contact.
So, I gave them the injection
using the same syringe.
Seize the hospital.
Sir, it is wrong to use
one syringe for two people.
But seizing the hospital for it?
People will laugh
if they learn about it.
Sir, others think
that I am a bit insane
but you seem to be
more insane than me.
Sir, give me some respect.
I am talking to you!
Sir, will you shut down a hospital
Sir, will you shut down a hospital
worth 50 million,
for using a syringe worth Rs. 5?
Is it right?
Let us meet in the court.
Tell me how much you want,
I will give it to you.
You might know how to
make money by risking lives
but I don't know that.
If a person dies due to infection
caused by using a syringe
of bad quality
then will this hospital built with
50 million bring his life back?
The point is not about the
syringe, it is about quality.
If a person lacks quality
then his deeds too
would lack quality.
In future, his deeds land
him in troubles like these.
You said you are
a bit insane, right?
I am finickier than you
when it comes to quality.
Professionally, I have
high standards of quality
but personally, I put even more
emphasis on living a quality life.
A Chetak scooter with a mileage
of 50 kilometres per liter.
A daughter who scores full marks.
A wife who is not obedient.
With them,
I am living a quality life.
I taught my daughter to live
a quality life from childhood.
Quality in studies.
Quality in studies.
Quality in eating.
Quality in sleeping too.
Don't drink that!
Contaminated water!
Give me a bottle of water.
- Take this, sir.
Not a packet..
Give me a water bottle.
Don't you have a branded one?
- No.
I will.. I will seize the shop.
Just wait and watch..
Give me a water bottle.
Very good! Very good!
There are people who mock
my obsession with quality.
There are people who mock
my obsession with quality.
But there is one person who
lives, dresses and talks like me.
My nephew, Rahul.
He's my reflection when
it comes to quality.
'Sunday Andhrajyoti'.
Pratibha.. Education and Quality.
Computer is an
electronic device..
Read this. It has quality
in matter as well as material.
Will you not read it?
People with high standards for
quality don't waste time like this!
Are you writing a diary?
Quality! Carry on!
I was living a life
filled with quality
until a guy with no
standards came by.
"The sound of the flute.. The sound
of the flute makes me go ecstatic."
"My excitement is touching the sky.
It has made.. Made me go ecstatic."
Hey! Why are you
creating this nuisance?
This area is inhabited
by decent people.
You are dancing like animals
drenched in colours. Who are you?
Today is the festival
of 'Holi', sir.
Do you know how does it look like?
It looks like all jobless people
have gathered at one place
and are telling the world
that they have no job to do!
- What is it?
Look at the colour on the faces!
Leave silently!
"The sound of the flute
makes me go.."
"Hit there! Hit here!
Set the dance floor on fire!"
"Frighten with eyes!
Break the drums!"
"One! Two! Three! Hit it!"
"Buddy, now see."
"Yes! Proceed!"
"Beat! Beat! Beat!"
"Shower the red colour!
Hold the yellow colour!"
"Crush the blue colour!
Throw brown colour on the face"
"Enjoy some dope!
Get inebriated!"
"Find a chance and shake your leg."
I will call the police!
- Who are they?
They are called loafers!
They are called loafers!
No! No! No!
It is a mixture of bad chemicals.
It's okay. It's just colour.
At least they didn't
throw tomatoes.
No! No! No!
Buddy! Pre-university exam
results have been declared.
I will call you later.
What happened?
- I failed.
How can you fail in pre-university
exams? Don't you have brains?
You would have passed the exams
even if you had written
some folk story. Rascal..
What is it? So what if he has
failed. Who told you to hit him?
I will kill him.
His parents would set alarm
for him to wake up early
heat water, serve hot breakfast,
distribute sweets if he passes
shed tears if he fails.
They gave him everything.
Doesn't he know to carry
cheat sheets?
He is the one who has failed.
What is your problem?
How would I show my face
to the society
if I have a friend
who failed in pre-university exam?
Hey! By the way, have you passed?
For me,
passing is as easy as urinating.
I pass in everything.
- Okay.. Okay.
What about you?
- Haven't checked yet!
Don't you study?
What do you do around the year?
Anyway, you will fail.
Your father would be waiting
with a stick at home to beat you.
But my father..
He keeps the sweets brought for me
in front of him
and waits for me, drinking
the alcohol he bought for himself.
and waits for me, drinking
the alcohol he bought for himself.
Father, I am coming.
- Son!
Look at mother, Father!
- Yes, your mother!
She is drinking, Father!
- No, she is just mixing it.
- Come.
Sit. Well..
I went to the internet cafe
to check your result.
But the guy searched
and told me that your
number is not there.
So, he knows it.
- What?
It would have been misplaced,
Maybe, it is somewhere else.
It will be found in a day or two.
But he said that you've failed
if your number is not there.
To hell with him!
How can I fail, Father?
If not on the internet,
then search elsewhere.
It will be found.
- Elsewhere?
We have to search?
- Of course.
Well, if you run out of alcohol,
you go to Durga Wines.
If it is not available there,
then you go to Eagle Wines.
This is similar to that.
Is it?
- Yes.
Then why did he say that
if the number is not found
it means you have failed?
- Yes.
- Yes..
I get it now.
Excuse me.
Who is it?
- Friends.
Turn on the loudspeaker
and keep it there.
Keep it there.
Kaththi! We have passed!
Hey, we are in the market.
Come here as soon as possible!
Let's party!
So, close your eyes.
Now open them.
Don't worry!
Give me that thing.
This one, Uncle?
- Yes.
How can you all pass
leaving my son alone?
Hey! Stop, rascals!
Where did they go?
Where did they go?
Not there, here..
"Beautiful 'Rangoli'."
"Life is filled
with similar colours."
- Father!
- Why are you beating me publicly?
Isn't there a man to save me?
Are you my father?
I will bring you up in life.
He will bring me up!
Hey! I have seen you somewhere.
Crap! So what?
Is this fight necessary now?
Quality! Be careful
with your words.
- I will throw this stone at you!
Don't you have respect for elders?
- I have a lot of respect.
You are caught!
You are finished!
- Finished!
You are writing these exams
since two years. Ten subjects..
You cannot pass even one subject.
- Hey, stop!
Spare me, Father.
Who is he?
Who is he?
I will lose my respect in society
if everyone finds out that my son
failed in pre-university exams.
What will he lose?
My God! My father is
using abusive language!
Yes, I will.
We are earning money
by selling petrol illegally.
You watch movies illegally
with that money.
They sound like dialogues to you.
If he were to be your son..
I would kill him!
- Yes!
A father and son
who lacks quality
and a miserable upbringing!
What will he become
other than this?
Look at his get-up!
Does he look like an educated boy?
You, your hair,
bandage on the hand..
Yes, scold him like that.
Stop it!
Do you see yourself?
You are not wearing a shirt
you have tied your 'Lungi' up and
are beating your son on the road.
If the father is like this
then what will the son be like?
Well said!
- Shut up!
996 out of 1000.
College authorities
have published the photo
for scoring state rank
in pre-university exams.
My daughter!
This is called quality education.
I don't know how you brought
her up, but she is breathtaking.
I don't know how you brought
her up, but she is breathtaking.
She has not taken after you at all.
Awful people with awful mentality!
You look like animals!
Not just my life,
this godawful guy
entered my daughter's life too.
Even my parents don't look at me
after I failed the exams.
Then how will girls look at me?
They say that if there is a
straight line on your palm
then girls will chase you.
Hey! You!
I don't know your name,
I know only your marks.
996 out of 1000.
Your father told me.
My name is Kaththi.
Hey, what is your name?
Hey! I saw a girl yesterday.
I saw 10 girls yesterday.
So what?
From the moment I saw her
I am afraid that
my heart will stop beating
if I remove my hand from here.
Remove it! Good riddance!
Remove it! Good riddance!
Shut up! How does she look?
That girl looked
like the moonlight..
"Moonlight! Moonlight!"
When she comes, the sea..
"Merging of rivers into the sea.."
I am not educated enough
to describe her beauty.
I became mad after seeing her.
Now, without seeing her,
I think I will never recover.
I going nuts
after hearing your words.
Find out when he will
remove his hand from there.
What is there in our hands?
If I see her again..
Were you telling us about
that girl?
- She is Goddess of knowledge.
What do you mean?
If Goddess Saraswati wears
a 'Salwar' instead of a 'Sari'
and carries a bag instead of
'veena', then she'd look like her.
Students are scared
to ask her doubts
and lecturers are scared
when she asks them doubts.
Many good boys from college
couldn't impress her.
What can you do from outside?
So, can I try to impress her
if I go to college?
"He is one in a million!"
"Sporting a cute smile.."
"He can sweep anybody
off their feet."
"The most eligible bachelor."
Why are you going there?
V is equal to..
What are you doing here?
Why were you roaming outside,
when she is in this class?
Is she here?
So, let us go inside.
Go inside?
They don't allow you inside
if you are late.
So, let us go out,
he will call us inside.
As V is equal to I
multiplied by R..
Hey! Where are you going?
Come in.
AC induction motor..
- Use your brains a little..
We need to solve..
- What?
I want to hear my
Goddess Saraswati's name.
Should I tell?
I said, I want to hear,
I didn't ask you to say it.
What to do now?
Give it to me.
'What is your name?'
Buddy, did you pull it
without her noticing it
or did she just ignore it?
T is equal to..
- Pig? You!
I didn't ask your name
but the name of the girl
next to you.
Substituting both equations..
Has she lost her consciousness?
What is this?
Don't do it again.
Now see, how I will
make that fatty speak.
Why did she eat it like that?
Is she a girl or an animal?
No way! I should ask the name.
So, the voltage generated is..
- 996!
Wow! Exactly, my dear boy!
This is the first time I have
seen a student who could answer
correctly in his first class.
Sharp boy!
What is your sweet name?
- Oh, your name implies sharpness.
What is your name?
I am Dr. Balasubramanium.
MS. M.Tech. PhD.
Surname is too long.
Is it enough if we know
just each other's names?
It will be nice if we know
everyone's names.
You see
we have to stay together
for four years.
Right. You are right.
It's a formality.
Let's start from here.
We will lose nothing if we don't
know the names of those idiots.
Ladies first!
Start from here.
Okay, my dear sharp boy.
Okay. Let's start from you.
Hema. First year, electronics
and communication branch.
Pallavi, first year electronics
and communication branch.
I am..
- Good morning, sir!
Good morning, students.
Sit down.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, you. Sit down.
I won't sit down!
Hema, first year electonics..
Pavani, first year electronics..
You interrupted the introduction
and spoiled everything.
You French bearded fellow!
I am the principal.
I know Vijaypal and Tirumalapal.
I also know K. Paul and Amala Paul.
Who is this principal?
Who lets these men enter
the college? Country brutes!
Shut up!
That bench, get out!
He wants the bench out, get up.
What did you do?
You are the one who said
to get the bench out.
That's why I threw it out.
I will give you TC.
I will not take TC
even if you give it.
First install an AC
in the classes.
My Saraswati is sweating.
I want your father
in my office tomorrow morning.
Father, the principal asked you
to come to college.
Which principal?
Why is he asking me
to come to college?
How would I know
what is there between you both?
By the way,
why did you go to college?
To earn a good name.
Why did you drag
my name in-between?
Don't talk rubbish.
Are you coming to college or not?
What should I do by coming there?
- No need to do anything.
Fold your hands and stand,
I will take care of the rest.
- Yes.
Sir, my father..
Father, the principal.
Your son is behaving
like a hero in the college.
What? - He's asking you to buy me
a Hero Honda bike
to come to college.
He is speaking butler English
in the college.
He wants us to buy
some good clothes if possible.
If you repeat it,
I will give you TC.
If you repeat it,
I will give you TC.
He's asking you to install an AC
in the house if you can.
AC? Installing an AC would
be very difficult.
- Shoes too!
Look at him. He looks like
a black ticket seller.
Not tickets,
I sell petrol illegally.
Okay, go.
Don't repeat it again.
- I get it.
He is telling you to
come to college from tomorrow.
You are indeed my father.
- Come.
Bye. Why did he give
such a big list?
He says he will beat you up
if you don't buy them. - What?
Did he say it or are you saying?
- Ask him, let's go inside.
I will go. It is very difficult
to talk with that old man.
Your son is making progress.
"O Father, your heart is so kind."
"It is greater than elixir."
Enough! You can go now.
What is all this?
Bonding of the people
from middle- class families.
You are doing stupid things.
Why did you involve your father?
No matter what you do,
Saraswati will not fall for you.
Why will she not fall?
She is good at studies.
If I make her believe that
I am better than her in studies..
Whatever you may say,
she will not fall for you.
Some bikes starts with one kick.
Whereas, some starts
with four or five kicks.
Do we give up?
We continue to try.
Every bike will get started
sooner or later.
By the way, where is my girl?
"Hello.. One.. Two.. Three.."
"Girl with cat like eyes."
"Girl with cat like eyes.
Why do you look down upon me?"
"You remain glued to your books
and do not even glance at me."
"I still like her."
"I still like her."
"I still like her."
"You have a curvaceous waist
which sways too much."
"She is intoxicating like alcohol."
"I still like her."
"I still like her."
"My little heart
slipped and fell down."
"You are trampling it
without noticing it."
"You are taking away
the entire breath"
"and killing it without
letting it get up."
"Why do you turn
the pages like that?"
"I am dying for a glance from you.
Why don't you turn and look at me?"
"I am dying for a glance from you.
Why don't you turn and look at me?"
"When you look at me like that, my
feelings for you start increasing."
"You are the only meaning
to my life! Oh, darling."
"Hey, devil!
You are killing me with silence."
"You are playing with my feelings
and turning me reckless."
"You are toying with me
like playing with cards."
Get out!
"I still like her."
"I still like her."
"Girl with cat like eyes."
"Why do you look down upon me?"
"You remain glued to your books
and do not even glance at me."
"One glance is enough, I beg you."
"I chased you a lot
for one small gesture."
"You don't even know why
this boy is in turmoil!"
"Why do you trouble him like this?
Oh, girl!"
"I consider you my
learning and worshipping"
"Why don't you allow me
even a single touch?"
"I will feel great
if you say yes."
"I will fall flat on my face
if you say no."
"Life is burning down,
come, my dear."
"Oh, devil!
You are killing me with looks!
"You are tearing me down like pages
and scattering me in the air."
"You are merging me
with the clouds."
"I still like her."
"She touched my feelings."
Welcome to all the juniors!
From your seniors!
This Sunday we are going
to celebrate our Fresher's Day.
What is the matter?
- We have to perform a skit.
I don't know what
you are going to do.
But the skit should be hilarious.
So, aren't we doing it?
Okay, which skit should we enact?
We will do 'Pandava Exile'.
It will be nice.
Hey, think of something classy.
Let us do 'Pandava Exile'
in America.
Hey, add some romance.
Then, let us stage
'Draupadi '.
Even the name evokes
a lot of romance.
I am okay with it.
Fix it.
So, tell us who will
play the character of Draupadi.
Whether she wears a sari
or removes it
she must look great.
I will point her to you.
- Who is she?
Buddy, she will play the character.
It's confirmed.
Go and talk to her. Talk.
- Okay!
Scoundrels! You want to flirt
with my girl?
Hello, sir.
I wish to participate in the skit.
Mister, enacting is..
"Whether it is
swinging or dancing.."
It is not as easy as singing.
You are still a kid. Go.
My buddy wants to pull your sari.
Will you come with me?
She slapped me when I said
that you wanted to pull her sari.
An Indian woman will slap you
if you say you will disrobe her.
An Indian woman will slap you
if you say you will disrobe her.
Wait, I will go and talk to her.
What is your problem? Skit..
- "In our India.."
What happened?
She slapped me when I said
that her sari will be pulled.
Hey, I understood the whole matter.
Hey, you!
- Yes.
You said you wanted to
participate in the skit, right?
Tell you what. Go and convince her.
Your role in the skit is confirmed.
Which character, sir?
Do whichever
character you want to.
I love you, sir.
He is acting very smart.
Ignore him.
Stop giving her stupid ideas.
Mind your own business.
Look, my name is not Boomer.
- That suits you well.
My name is..
- Go away!
I want to talk to you.
You need not talk.
It is enough if you listen to me.
Our college is holding a function.
We have to perform a skit in it.
It will be good if you join us.
Go away!
- 996!
It is not good to reject without
knowing which carrot you will play.
Not carrot, it is character.
Why are you interfering?
Stop talking.
Ma'am, carrot juice.
So, you will drink
the carrot juice given by him
Do you think this is a T.V. show
that I will go to the next person
when you say pass?
Show it!
- You didn't ask them.
They look like educated people.
- What about me?
One who spoils others.
You are right, Conductor.
Shut up, Boomer!
- Stupid fellow!
What about her?
She has got a bus pass.
One is not enough for her.
Make her get four or five passes.
Hold on! Hold on!
Get down!
- Look how pudgy she is..
You stop!
- Rotund.. Stout!
You are finished!
- Get down!
You are finished! Scoundrel!
Move aside!
Hey, stop!
Do you need those shades?
There are many
beautiful girls here..
What a girl!
- Beautiful!
Hi, baby!
Why are you studying in the bus?
Are you going to meet with
your boyfriend tonight?
Shall I come tonight?
Why are you causing
this nuisance?
You know how to give a ticket.
You know how to give a ticket.
I know how to beat people.
Would you like to be the conductor
of this bus or go under it?
I will be the conductor.
Baby, where are you?
Do you have a boyfriend or not?
- I am here, buddy.
The conductor threw me out
for not having a ticket.
I am coming.
Whatever happens,
don't stop the bus.
I will see to them.
- They said they will beat.
Thanks, sir.
Thanks.. Thank you very much.
Until now, I didn't get a single
chance to impress this girl.
I was out of my mind
looking for a chance.
Thanks, sir. Thanks.. Thanks..
- What?
Does that mean you will beat us?
Hey, you deal with him.
- Are you a hero?
Come.. Beat me.
Generally, blood gushes out
if a person gets beaten.
But when I beat someone,
they gain some sense. - Don't.
But sometimes both
the things happen!
But sometimes both
the things happen!
Beat them! Beat!
Beat them with my bag!
Yes! - Be careful!
- Will you tease girls?
Saraswati is studying.
Don't disturb.
I said not to disturb
when Saraswati is studying.
Didn't I say? Didn't I say?
He is not sparing me
even in the bus!
What is this in the bus?
What? So what?
You don't know me.
Do you know the power of my hand?
I will lift you and
kill you with one hand.
Did you see how I lifted you?
- Well done!
But I will beat if you put me down.
- Oh.. I just put you down.
I slapped you!
- I lifted you!
Put me down!
- I won't!
Put me down!
- I am upset.
Put me down!
- I am upset.
Okay! I put you down.
Why are you beating me
although I did what you said?
I changed my opinion.
You scoundrel!
Get down from the bus!
Then I will show you who I am!
I will thrash you!
You swine..
Get lost!
Nice smell. Which shampoo?
- Head and Shoulders!
Keep the ticket.
You don't need to pay.
So, you learnt the lesson
after they got thrashed.
Anybody will learn a lesson
after seeing such a fight.
I want to speak to you.
- Tell me, sir.
Can you hear me?
- Yes.
There is something in your hair.
- My hair..
So, you are listening to me.
- Naughty..
It will be nice if you
perform in the skit with me.
How can I perform with you, sir?
Please! I promised them
that I will get you to act in it.
that I will get you to act in it.
You don't even know me.
Then how did you promise them?
Moreover, I have stage fear.
- It is okay.
I will take care of everything.
Don't worry about anything. Okay?
Conductor! Come on!
- Shut up! What is your problem?
Sir, I will do it..
I will do it for you.
Come on.
- I am coming.
He is a fool. It has 'Pandava
Exile' movie in it.
If you watch it once.. Please..
Just once..
- You shut up! Shut up!
Why do you always keep studying?
Learn to live a little.
Living doesn't mean
walking around alone.
It is not enough if
others know you are alive.
You should know it..
You should know! Keep this!
You are coming tomorrow.
You are participating in the skit!
'It is 'Draupadi Disrobing'.
They may pull my sari on stage.'
Who will pull it?
I will kill everyone.
You come and stand there in a sari,
I will take care of the rest.
You come and stand there in a sari,
I will take care of the rest.
I don't know what
get-up it will be.
Excuse me, they said there was
a role available in the skit.
Hey, get his make-up
done for the bull's role.
Brother Dushasana!
Disrobe Draupadi.
Brother, I can't believe it.
May God bless you
and your family
for giving me such a good chance..
You will always
remain a beggar.
Go and disrobe her.
- Okay, Brother. I got it.
Go. - Now I will
go and remove her sari.
Who will come and stop me?
I will see!
Applause! Come on!
Why did he interfere?
I think he came running
upon hearing about the girl.
An old man is sitting
in front of you.
Don't you feel ashamed
to pull her sari in front of him?
I look very old but I am
like a superman.
I will break your teeth! Rascal!
Don't beat me!
- Do you want to disrobe her?
Don't beat me!
- Do you want to disrobe her?
I will disrobe you!
Rascal! - Stop!
- Who is it now?
"Bhadrachala Rama
is dear to everyone."
"Ayodhya Rama is our saviour."
"Our Sita Rama stands by us."
"Our Sita Rama stands by us."
"Rama, holding the bow,
fulfils our wishes."
Rama, why has your
hair turned white?
Is it due to negligence
or due to going out in the sun?
Look at Mother Sita.
How nice she looks!
Conductor, it is not that..
- Please, keep quiet.
Mother Sita, how are you?
Why don't you talk?
Didn't they give you a dialogue?
They didn't give me any dialogues
either. I am going with the flow.
You didn't change at all.
King Dasharath! What is
that colour under your eyes?
King Dasharath! What is
that colour under your eyes?
Did you colour it
for the recent festival?
Lakshmana, how did you
became so obese?
Bharata and Shatrughna..
Why are you holding clubs instead
of bows and arrows?
Rama, what is this drama?
Everything seems so confusing.
He is not Rama. He is Bhishma,
this is Dhritarashtra.
He is Duryodhana,
and I am Dushasana.
What are you all
doing in 'Ramayana'?
You are the one who has
entered 'Mahabharata'.
Just like they show in
black and white movies
I got confused and
came here wearing this.
I beg you!
Change your get-up and come.
Another get-up?
- Go..
He is not there at the moment.
Go and remove her sari. Go..
He came again!
I don't know what he will do!
Don't you have any work?
Will you beat everyone?
Character change!
- Change!
Old man!
Why doesn't he talk?
Maybe he forgot the dialogue,
you proceed.
Hey, Panchali!
Do you want food, Mother?
Please, tell me.
We are getting thrashed
Please, tell me.
We are getting thrashed
whenever brother's BP
is on the rise.
Why are you standing like that?
Do you want a chair?
Hey, I told you to disrobe her.
Why are you offering her a chair?
If I disrobe her,
then he will strangle me.
Didn't you see?
I am blind.
You are blind. So, why do you
bother if she gets disrobed or not?
The very word sari entices me.
You had given birth to 100
children due to that enticement.
Don't you have any shame?
- Crap! You said it is correct
to disrobe her.
- Yes.
See the pose stricken by her, upon
hearing about getting disrobed.
Go ahead.. Disrobe her.
- I will do so quickly.
Come on.. Pull it..
He is here. - Will you disrobe her
in front of your own brother?
Then I will disrobe her
after you turn around.
Stop! You keep thrashing us
all the time.
Anyway, our father
brought us up like this.
Ask him if you want to.
They were betting on a woman
while playing the game.
What were you doing sitting here?
- Sir, I am blind.
So, how can I tell them..
Rascal! Rascal!
It is disgusting
to have one son like him.
It is disgusting
to have one son like him.
How did you give birth to 100?
Sir, a person with vision
has many works.
What work will a blind person do?
Dirty old man!
Stop, sir. Why are you beating me
in front of the ladies?
He brought the board
and started the game.
Beat him if you want to.
Why are you beating me?
Hey! Do you wish to create
a rift between us?
Is it so easy? You rascal..
- Stop it, sir.
He came to disrobe her,
yet you are beating me?
Beat him if you want to.
Will you use this?
Hey, not even God can save you now.
- My mother will save me.
Is your mother a Goddess?
"Is there a God other than mother?"
"Is there a mirror
other than the soul?"
"This is the truth of the world."
"Only mother can
give birth to everyone."
"Even God is the son of a mother."
Mad fellow!
How can she be your mother?
"How can you say a woman
needs to give birth"
"to be called a mother?"
"Every Goddess showering love
is a mother."
"Every Goddess showering love
is a mother."
"She is a mother."
"Salutations, Mother!
"Salutations, Mother!
"Live a happy long life, my son!"
"Long live like the sun."
do you know what you are doing?
Do you have brains?
I have ten heads and you are
asking if I have a brain.
Crazy fellow!
Will you disrobe her?
Gandhari, come.
Let us escape.
Now I am Duryodhana
and you are Dushasana.
Now, I will see how you
disrobe her.
Brother Dushasana!
Go and disrobe Draupadi.
Go! Yes, disrobe her..
- Wait!
Disrobe her!
- Stop!
Enough of watching.
Sir, this is cheating.
He beats Dushasana
when he tries to disrobe her.
When he was asked to do it,
he covered her with that sari.
Is this the story of 'Mahabharata'?
- It should be like this.
If someone had stopped Draupadi's
disrobing and preserved her modesty
Kurukshetra war
wouldn't have taken place
and lakhs of people
wouldn't have died.
That's why Lord Krishna showed up
in the end and saved like a God.
He didn't save like a God.
The one who saved her was God.
- Very well done.
What a beautiful message!
Hearty congratulations!
Thank you, sir.
- I want to see
your father in my office.
I want to say something.
- Yes, sir.
Can you hear me?
- I can hear clearly, tell me.
Hello! Mike testing!
One.. Two.. Three.
What is that mark on your cheek?
So, the mike is working.
Checking everything.
I thought of telling you thanks
for acting in the skit
against your wishes.
You wouldn't be happy
if I say thanks.
If I keep you happy,
then it means, I said thanks.
Now tell me.
Should I say thanks verbally
or keep you happy?
Do you know what I feel now?
If God gave me another life..
- So what..
I will not waste 18 years like this
to meet you.
I will meet you
at the age of eight.
So, we can live
for many years together.
Mister, life is God's gift.
We should not think that we were
not bestowed with cream of the crop
and that we may get it if we're
granted another chance.
Instead, we should be happy
with whatever we get.
Maybe not..
Who said that?
Kill him!
Don't we get another life
in a card game if we lose one?
This is similar to that.
They will give you what you
wish for, if you go again.
Conductor! Their stop has come.
Say hold on! Hold on!
Get down.
Sir, all the best!
He is following.
Okay? Be careful.
I will show you a guy.
Will you beat him?
I was chasing you
to hear you speak to me.
But you are telling me
to beat a guy.
Are you a girl or a rowdy?
Kaththi! He is here.
- Please beat him!
Ouch! Who are you?
I will not tell you.
Why are you beating me?
- I will not tell you.
Tell me and then beat!
- I will not tell!
- Hey!
Are you certain as to who
and why you are beating? - Yes.
It is not enough
if you are certain
there should be
quality in beating.
Is it?
Then, leave my hand.
I will not leave it,
or else you will beat again.
I will beat you even if you
don't leave my hand.
I want quality!
What quality! You!
What is this mud on the hands?
Will I stop you
if you beat me normally?
Why don't you listen?
Stop! You change that stick
or I will change this shirt.
Quality is important.
You want quality?
She seems to be impressed.
Let me thrash him more!
Quality! Quality! Quality!
He wants quality
even in the thrashing.
I want to beat him now.
No! Father will find out.
I will abuse him!
I will abuse him!
Bandicoot! Rat!
Don't mind.
I am using bad words.
To hell with you!
I have never shouted
so much in life, you know.
Why are you watching like that?
I too was never so shocked
in life, you know.
I am still alive even
after seeing all this.
Had it been others then
they would have died. - Why?
My friends call you
Goddess of knowledge. They say
that you don't look at any person
and don't even talk to anybody.
But you are asking me
to beat others.
I don't understand
what is happening.
Should I tell you something?
This is me.
Only you know about it
apart from me.
So, you too should know something.
- I am not your college student.
I failed the pre-university exams.
- I know.
How do you know?
You are the one who called me
Goddess Saraswati.
Doesn't She know who studies
and who does not?
You look simple
but you are very smart.
I am very happy.
You made me happy.
Do you know how my life is?
I have to read jokes
in books to laugh..
As for crying, I have to remember
when I laughed the last time..
For doing something
I have to imagine
how it will be if I do it.
Other than this, I cannot
do anything in my life.
Finally my situation
has become such that
I have to write in a book
if I want to laugh, cry
or get angry.
What is this?
I have written
each wish of my life
in each page.
I will tear the page and
throw it away once it is fulfilled.
I want to tear these pages
and throw the cover.
Hey! What are you doing here?
- Nothing, sir. We are leaving.
Shall we quarrel with the police?
Shall we quarrel with the police?
No! Why?
You have written in the diary,
You look so tiny
yet you want a bike?
Should the train driver
be as big as the train?
What is it with them?
- Come!
Let us decide who is great!
Forget the batons,
I will kill you with a glance.
"First steps.."
"Small specks of hope.."
"My heart is"
"running away."
"In this haste.."
"Let us run on this unknown path."
"Didn't you say that I am
special in your eyes?"
"My heart woke up in realization"
"And made you my partner."
"Whether it's you or me"
"We have only happiness
all around."
A CVSR college student.
A CVSR college student.
What's the name?
- Name..
- Kaththi..
Yes, he is the Student Of The Year.
He is such a sharp student.
What is he doing here?
Sir, he is Kaththi.
- Him?
How come he is a student?
How did you take him in college?
He didn't pass a single subject
in pre-university exams.
Come, sir. Come.
You came first in the state
in pre-university exams!
Please tell the principal
how you did it.
Speak up!
- Sir, please calm down.
Why should I calm down?
You admitted such
wastrels in the college..
Look, I said wastrels
and his father came in.
- Shut up!
What do you call a father
and son who fight on road
when the son fails?
Wastrels, right?
One sells petrol illegally and
the other buys tickets in black.
They are asking you, tell him.
- Father, you don't know anything.
First tell him.
- Father, you don't know anything.
You keep quiet.
- Speak up! Speak up!
Why? Tell me! Why did you beat him?
Who told you to beat him?
Say it! In front of everyone!
In front of everyone!
You are insulting me!
Speak up!
Stubborn idiot!
I didn't know how to bring him up,
so I made him like this.
I apologize
for what happened
with your nephew.
Kaththi! Stop!
Where are you going alone?
Just like that.
You look sad.
- Nothing.
You are! I too didn't
sleep at all last night.
I was thinking about the ruckus
my father created in the college.
I was thinking about the ruckus
my father created in the college.
You didn't reveal my name
though he scolded you badly.
Why? For me, right?
Leave it.
- Leave it.
I will leave it. Will you leave it?
- I left it.
Did you leave it?
Then, I left it too.
Shall we go for a movie?
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Is it because I am talking of going
to a movie, while skipping college?
I want to watch it.
With you. Please.
Kaththi, let's go. Please.
'Hello, mister.'
'My name is Geeta.'
They are all lovers, right?
What about us?
- We..
You and me.
You and me. Fine.
Who are we?
You are Kaththi,
and I am Parineetha.
I am Kaththi and you
are Parineetha. Superb! Good!
Kaththi, Parineetha. Who?
- Who?
Who? Don't know.
Okay, I am getting late.
- The movie is not over yet.
They will scold me if I get late.
We will meet again.
- When?
Tomorrow.. After college.
I will tell you something
if you come.
I thought you won't come.
- You said you will tell something.
Sorry, I thought you will
not come unless I say like that.
Are you angry?
- No.
No? Then, okay.
Should I ask something?
- Yes.
Should I ask something?
- Yes.
Have you ever been in love?
No. You?
I was.
- Even I was.
Whom were you in love with?
'I want to say it is you,
but I do not have enough courage.'
Tell me.
Don't say it is me!
I don't like to see you sad.
Tell him to stop the auto rickshaw.
I will get down and go.
We have reached your house.
Have we!
Will you pick me up again tomorrow?
I will tell you something.
- No need. Get down.
Mister, just a minute!
I am observing since
last two days..
Are you trying
to tell me something?
I know you won't do it.
Because you are a good boy.
Are you expecting me
to say something?
You won't, I know.
Because you are a good boy.
You are not trying
to tell me anything.
Nor you are not expecting me
to tell something..
Why don't you expect something?
I am enamoured by you.
996! You said something.
And are leaving now!
I didn't understand a word!
Tell me so that I can understand.
I am enamoured by you!
'I am enamoured by you.'
'I am enamoured by you.'
"The moment I saw her.."
"That very moment
I gave her my heart."
"I forgot all words."
"I thought of her a million times."
"I longed for her as
much as I love her."
"In the meantime,
she said something new"
"in a language
that I don't understand."
"in a language
that I don't understand."
"She has put me
in confusion by saying.."
"I am enamoured by you."
"She played with me
and laughed to herself."
"I am enamoured by you."
"She pushed my
mind in the gutter."
"I go crazy when
you walk away like that."
Mister, what does
'I am enamoured by you' mean?
I don't know.
What does
'I am enamoured by you' mean? Hey!
What does
'I am enamoured by you' mean?
"Did she call me a nuisance?"
"Did she say she will
go home and tell her father?"
"Or did she tell me to come home"
"and give her a kiss and a hug?"
"Did she abuse me in French?"
"Did she warn me in Thai?"
"Did she call me to her in Chinese?
Or told me to leave in Japanese?"
"Had she said in pure Telugu"
"even calling me a loafer,
would have been fine."
"By the way, which language is it?"
"I should ask an tribal chief."
I consider you my destiny.
You are the beating
of my heart.
You are my beloved.
I love you.
- Father is back!
Parineetha! - Parineetha!
- Come on!
Hide in the kitchen.
No! - Parineetha! - Bedroom!
Hey.. - Parineetha!
- No!
- Open the door!
Hide inside the cupboard.
- Stop it! These are old tricks.
Hide in the kitchen!
Cupboard! Bedroom!
Open the door!
- Don't you get new ideas?
New idea?
- Open the door, Parineetha!
New idea?
- Open the door, Parineetha!
What are you doing inside?
Where is my daughter, Parineetha?
Where is my daughter, Parineetha?
Where is my daughter?
- Parineetha!
I came to fight you.
She went inside
and closed the door!
I am knocking since half an hour,
she is not coming out.
Tell her to come out! Call her out!
- What are you talking?
Don't you have common sense
that you shouldn't enter a house
when a girl is alone?
I will raise my hand if you do.
My father is not here to stop me.
You despicable person!
Not you!
Police.. If I tell the police
they will skin you alive!
Calling the police is the
right thing to do at this time.
They will come and
take me to the station.
My friends will pay money
and get me released.
But they will come
to your house daily.
Do you need this headache?
You have a grown up daughter.
So, do you think I cannot
do anything to you?
I am a government employee.
If I want..
I am a government employee.
If I want..
You will take salary on the first.
You cannot do anything
more than that.
But if I want,
I can do anything.
You go to the office in the morning
and come back by evening.
The whole road is ours.
You go to temple every
Monday and Saturday.
We are all over the temple.
Leave all this. One guy
delivers paper to you daily.
You come out to pick it.
Then, I will hit you
with a big stone.
Do you want to see all this?
You have a grown up daughter.
You came to my college
and created nuisance
I came to your house
and did the same.
It is good if we both
let the matter rest at this point.
Otherwise.. Is it necessary?
You have a grown up daughter.
Hey, why do you let him go?
Do we need all of this?
We have a grown up daughter.
I thought we were caught yesterday.
How did you talk so much when
there was so much tension?
You will pay the bill, right?
Okay, then. Why have you
wrapped the diary like that?
It's for you.
- But why are you giving it to me?
You write everything
that you cannot do in it, right?
There is no need for that now.
I have you with me, right?
- You touched my heart!
Okay, why do you love me?
Why do you love me?
I failed the pre-university exams
and now, I don't have any work.
I should do some work
every morning.
I will tell..
A fair and beautiful girl like you
fell for Kaththi.
When guys sitting on
parapet walls talk about it..
Did you love me because
I am fair and beautiful?
- Scoundrel!
What more do you want?
Don't turn around
and look at me like that
I will kidnap you.
Who is it?
- The bride-to-be!
Stop the vehicle.
- What happened?
I want my diary.
- Diary?
You said you don't
need the diary as I'm with you.
I think you won't be there for me
Okay, what will you write
in the diary if I give it?
Father has arranged
for my engagement.
I don't like it.
Where are you talking from?
- They have sent me
into the room
to wear a sari.
So, did you wear it?
- No.
What am I telling
and what are you asking!
Does Boomer know about our love?
Does Boomer know about our love?
What if that pudgy girl
knows it or not?
My friends too don't know
that you love me
they only know that I love you.
- So?
Seniors and coffee shop guys
have a hint about it.
I think the watchmen
and sweepers have a doubt.
What are you saying, Kaththi?
Your father too has
a slight doubt about me.
I mean, my name will be revealed.
What will happen?
If you commit suicide because
you don't like this marriage
then will our love be
revealed to all or not?
- Except you and me
nobody knows that
we love each other.
I will commit suicide without
revealing your name.
I will get married because
marriage and suicide
are one and the same.
So, what do you want me
to do now?
Will you elope with me
if I come to your house?
I will never come.
I want my father
but I want you too.
The courage I get from my father,
the happiness I get from you..
If I don't get you both
I don't want either of you.
Okay, come to the living room
and tell the same to your father.
Get out!
- I am yet to tell the matter.
Your daughter and I
love each other.
I came to tell this to you.
Get out!
I think the matter was not
conveyed to you clearly.
Let me repeat. Your daughter
and I love each other.
I came to talk about it.
I have to talk to my daughter.
Had you talked to your
daughter for the last 20 years
a guy like me wouldn't
have come to your house to talk.
Come to the point.
- How did you like him?
We will talk about it.
First come to the point.
I will not budge from here
until the matter is settled.
What matter are you talking about?
- How many times should I tell?
Your daughter and I..
To tell that..
Your daughter and I..
To tell that..
We are leaving, Brother-in-law.
- Oh, no. Please sit down!
He won't listen to me,
if you are not here.
Hey, Quality!
Did you come to marry her?
What does he lack?
He is an engineer.
He works in America
and draws Rs. 1 lakh salary.
He lives a quality life.
This is what a girl's father wants.
What about you?
I didn't know it in childhood
that I will like a girl
after I turn 20.
And she would have a father
who wants a son-in-law earning
Rs. 1 lakh even though he is dumb.
Maybe I would have studied
in childhood if I knew it.
I might have got a good job.
I didn't know that.
What about now?
Let's talk about it now.
You are not talking.
An auspicious function is being
held in the house with relatives..
The elder of the family
has some respect.
And I am forced to talk to
a guy who doesn't know
what to say and what not to!
That's why I am unable to talk.
- Point number one.
This is not an auspicious function.
Point number two.
Why should I care about
the people present here?
Point number three.
Now you have got your respect
but you will not have
your daughter tomorrow.
She will die because she
doesn't like this marriage.
What is important to you?
Your respect or your daughter?
I am thinking of your daughter
whom I met six months back.
Why are you talking of respect,
without making any sense?
What? What is your problem?
I gave half a kilo
chicken curry at home.
I am tensed whether my father
will keep it for me
or eat everything.
I am telling you
from the beginning
that your daughter and I
are in love.
Why do you still ask
what the problem is?
For bringing such a loafer
into this house, you..
- Hey!
You get angry
if I lift my hand on your wife.
So, will I not get angry
if you lift your hand on my love?
She is my daughter, it is my wish.
How can you like your daughter
when you don't know her wish?
You love your daughter very much.
But you don't have any value
for your daughter's love.
Leave all this, sir.
Your daughter and I are in love.
As far as I know,
you don't like me.
What should I do
so that you like me? Tell me.
I am ready to do anything.
When a person who is not related
to us, enters our house
and tells us what our family
members think about us..
At that moment,
I understood how it is like.
I had no chance to think.
I took a decision
under inevitable circumstances.
You asked me what you should do
so that I will like you.
No matter what you do,
I will not like you in this life.
But she loves you..
If I were to agree
for your marriage
you have to
support my family for one month.
Every rupee should be
earned by you.
I don't understand how
these two things are linked.
You will not understand..
Do you know the lone responsibility
I have
being a girl's father?
From the time my daughter was born,
I took good care of her.
From the time my daughter was born,
I took good care of her.
To wish that she gets
married to someone
who takes equally
good care of her like me..
It is not wrong.
So, one month..
How should I believe that you will
look after her all her life
if you cannot do it for one month?
Not only that,
in this month you will
get to know my daughter's likes
her choices, expenses,
your status..
And I will know your status.
Okay? Why don't you talk?
He is speechless upon
hearing about expenditure!
The distance between the pocket
and the heart is only one inch.
Heart wishes to roam around.
But money wants to remain hidden.
Let anything happen to anybody,
just keep it hidden.
I am ready for the challenge.
Get your daughter married to me
if I win.
Go away from my daughter's life
if you lose.
One more thing,
you'll have to fall at my feet
and say sorry if you lose.
You have to wash my feet if I win.
You have to wash my feet if I win.
Write in this
that you are responsible
for every penny spent right from
the beginning of next month
to the end of the month.
What was the need to write
this agreement if I had studied?
Write it, I will sign it.
I think it is not difficult
to bear the expenses
for one month.
I think it is not difficult
to spend
more than the money earned.
You have seen
only quality in me till now.
Bye, Uncle.
You promised to bear their
family's expenses for one month?
With the money that you earn?
Okay, come.
Let us talk while eating ice-cream.
Where is the money?
You don't have money to buy
a cheap ice-cream
yet you threw a challenge!
I love her, buddy.
You should win this challenge
at any cost.
We all will support you.
What say? - Yes, we will.
How can we make him
win the challenge
when he cannot afford
to buy a cheap ice-cream?
How can friends say like that?
I will do anything
if you support me.
I can answer anybody.
Did you tell this matter
to your father?
I told him the half-truth.
Father, I love a girl.
Even if you search all your life,
you cannot find such a girl.
They are like this,
and we are this. Got it?
Father, we decided to get married.
Why do you tell
such good news slowly?
Grandmother's photo.
Go and pay reverence to her.
Okay, Father.
- Go..
Grandma, I proved once again
that beautiful girls
fall only for loafers.
Not an ordinary beauty..
If my mother sees her
somewhere on the road
she will address her politely.
I am going to make such a girl
address my mother
as mother-in-law.
Bless me, Grandma.
- Mother..
Your father.
- Mother!
Don't worry. Face any torture
he inflicts on you.
You have to win the challenge.
All the best.
Come, I was waiting for you.
For me?
- Yes, you.
Why are you standing here?
Tucked your shirt in?
Have sweets.
What is happening?
You are the head of the house
for one month.
We need to respect you.
Okay, eat this fruit.
No, sir.
I have to peel its skin.
I will remove the skin.
In fact, I am here
to remove the skin.
Sir, I misunderstood you a lot.
Correct, you misunderstood me.
I will be back in a minute.
I thought you'd torture him
as soon as
he gets here, but you are
showering him with respect.
- Let the bell ring.
My whole body is burning here
and the fire alarm is ringing.
- When does school start?
After the bell rings.
- When does the court begin?
After the bell rings.
- When does the movie begin?
After the bell rings.
Let the bell ring, Rahul.
The game will start automatically.
You will see it live
as to how it is
when the first day
of the month begins.
Uncle and nephew
are talking something.
It is about your future.
Your future.
- What?
That's it.
He will live for 100 years!
You are no ordinary person.
Come and open the door first.
- Paper bill, sir.
Milk bill, sir.
Current bill!
- Gas bill!
Cable bill!
- Groceries bill!
Water bill! - Internet bill!
- Maintenance! - Laundry!
Phone bill!
- Total life Insurance bill!
You are not
an ordinary person, Uncle..
Did you now realize
how it is to collapse
where you are standing?
Even the hen protects its chicks
by risking its life
if any creature
comes to kill them.
You entered my daughter's life.
I will break your hands
but will save my daughter.
What are you in front of me?
You are like an incense stick
in front of an iron pole.
Bring Rs. 25,000 by the
fifth of the month and pay me.
Or else I will come
to your house on the sixth
and you have to sign the agreement
saying that you give up.
Rs. 25,000?
- Rs. 25,000?
Rs. 25,000?
It is more than the number
of fingers that God gave us.
Hey, stop joking
and give me ideas
for getting the money.
Earning money is difficult,
but ideas can be given in plenty.
Buddy, deliver paper.
Hey, give ideas that
will match my status.
Hey, give ideas that
will match my status.
So, deliver English paper.
Hey, tell me about some work
which will look great
when Kaththi does it.
Tell me about such work.
Then, drive an auto rickshaw.
Buddy, do we go to the customers
or do the customers come to us?
Did you go to the girl's father
to make an agreement
or did he come to you?
I went.
- So, you have to go.
Buddy, you are even
wearing the uniform!
I got Rs. 500.
Another 50 rounds
will get you Rs. 25,000.
50 rounds?
You can't even buy roadside
ice-cream with your Rs. 500.
Oh, no!
- Go..
Will you come to Paradise Hotel?
- No, I already had my dinner.
Hey, are you acting smart?
I will start the meter,
if you sit in my autorickshaw.
Where is the meter?
- Hey! - Hey!
What is it with the manager?
He says he wants Big C in one hour.
Is it an advertisement or house
address to give instantly?
There is no bigger torture
than to work
under a person
who lacks creativity.
Yes, it is a big torture.
I know it after working under you.
We have reached. Stop.
How much?
- Rs. 25,000.
Will you give the auto rickshaw?
- No, I will give an idea.
Okay, let him tell you.
He looks interested.
Finding a creative person
is also creativity, in a way.
- Superb! Go ahead.
Opening scene must be
'Treta Yug'..
I think it is a bit far.
- It is okay.
- Rama.
There is a lot of communication gap
between Sita and me.
Give this phone to Sita in Lanka
and tell her to call me.
Okay, Rama.
God of the Ocean.
Hanuman, what's up?
Lord Rama's cell phone
fell into your ocean?
Will you get it?
Is this the one?
- This is an iPhone.
That is a different one.
Is this the one?
This is Samsung S6.
That was a useless phone.
Lord Rama's phone is held
together with a rubber band.
See this.
So many phones?
- Yes, this one.
Take it.
Not only this phone,
you will get any phone at Big C.
Big C is a big shop
like this ocean.
You are super!
You are like a God to me!
Are you okay with the idea?
- Okay.
Where is the office?
- Where is the nearby ATM?
You are very fast.
- Super fast!
Boy has arrived!
- Boy has arrived!
Boy has arrived!
- Boy has arrived!
Son-in-law has arrived!
I like you.
Come inside.
Hello, sir. Where are you going?
To the office?
Wearing sweater and all..
Wearing sweater and all..
Fruits, flowers..
He brought the money.
- Life insurance money, sir.
What does that mean?
If you pay some money in his name
then you will get lot of money
after he dies.
Why do we need to pay now when
he will die some time in future?
Sir, if he dies tomorrow then we
will give the money the day after.
If he dies tomorrow.. - We will
give the money the day after, sir.
What if he is killed tomorrow? - We
won't compensate if he gets killed.
Then what is the use?
He is an officer.
He won't die soon.
Thank you.
He is giving out money like giving
food packets to flood victims
and like Mr. Nehru
gave out chocolates.
You entire plan is a flop!
Sir, will you eat this fruit?
I will remove the skin.
I am here to remove the skin.
You told me the story of
the incense stick. What was that?
I will tell you
the story of match stick now.
I will tell you
the story of match stick now.
We can make one lakh
match sticks by cutting a tree.
But we can set fire to one lakh
trees with one match stick.
Everyone has their own capacity.
Don't underestimate anybody.
Don't underestimate the capacity
of a useless fellow.
I scolded him in English.
We will become fools
if we take on fools, Uncle.
That's why let us bring
our fools from Kolkata.
Those torturing guys?
If all the fools of India
compete together
there is no one
who can defeat our fools.
They are perfect match for him.
- Hello!
- Brother-in-law!
This is a conference call,
talk one after the other.
Okay. - Okay.
- Okay.
How are our people there?
- Fine.
- Fine.
Okay, the matter is..
- We know it.
Okay, the matter is..
- We know it.
A boy is having an affair
with your daughter.
So, you need us.
We should come
and teach him a lesson, right?
My Bengali 'Rasagulla'!
No! Don't see. Listen to me.
You saw only a little bit. No!
It is okay. She is going
to be my wife, I can see her.
No, you will get spoilt. No.
No, it's all right..
My goodness!
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Isn't there an AC in the house?
- No. Will you buy it?
I thought it is there.
It's sweltering.
Oh, my Bengali 'Rasagulla'!
No. Wrong..
Quality.. Quality people
shouldn't do like this.
No, it is okay.
She is my wife, I can see her.
What is my age!
What am I doing?
What is this?
It's not wrong.
I can look, she is my wife.
So, you were..
You were looking at your love and
I was looking at mine, that's it.
Why are you chit-chatting
when relatives are going to
arrive to celebrate 'Navratri'?
Go and get ready.
Come, come.
How is everyone back home?
Where are you going?
We will go back to our village
and find out how everyone is.
First enquire about
the wellness of your guests.
How are you, sir? - We are fine,
that's why we came to see you.
Otherwise you would
have come to see us.
What is this torture?
Come here. How long has it been
since we arrived?
Don't you know to call us inside?
Don't you know to call us inside?
Come. - Bring the luggage!
- Come quickly!
I thought only her father
was like this.
Rest of the eccentric people
live in Kolkata.
"We praise You,
Goddess Bala Tripurasundari."
"We praise You,
Goddess Bala Tripurasundari."
"Please accept our prayers and
bless us with Your compassion."
"Please accept our prayers and
bless us with Your compassion."
"Your beauty is unmatched by all."
"Your beauty is unmatched by all."
"You who possess exquisite beauty..
Protect us from adversities."
"You who possess exquisite beauty..
Protect us from adversities."
Hey, what is this?
- This is..
Did you give him
a leaf with a hole
because you think it is
useless to give it to him?
No, sir.
Did you give him this leaf
because you think he is an idiot?
- Did you think he won't need it?
Or you didn't feel the need
to give it to him?
My salutations to you!
I will give a new leaf, sir.
See what I will do to him again.
No.. Not for him.
Hey! Why didn't you give me?
I mean, you got angry
when there was a hole in the leaf.
So, I thought you will create
a ruckus as this 'Vada' has a hole.
Do you think I don't know
which item should have a hole
and which shouldn't?
- You..
I am talking to him.
You shut up. You serve it.
Sir, they are just 'Vada'.
Take all if you want.
Serve mango pickle here.
Mango pickle tastes very good
with liquor, right?
- Yes.
Brother-in-law! - Yes!
- He says pickle is good
with liquor!
Who knows what company he keeps!
First tear the agreement.
Why are you crushing
my side dish?
You are the one ruining my life.
I said it casually.
Take 'Sambar'.
- 'Sambar'?
I will take.
Dear, bring 'Sambar'. Come.
Enough! Are you serving
'Sambar' or leftovers?
Sir, I thought you will not
eat the vegetable pieces.
Who told you? Who told you I
don't eat the vegetable pieces?
Curry leaves are good for memory.
Bottle gourd enhances digestion.
Should I die without
eating anything?
Hey! What is this?
What is this?
Is it a plate to put food
or dustbin to put garbage?
You are putting garbage in it.
He said you will get some power
by eating the vegetable pieces.
Maybe he needs to eat pieces
to gain power but not me.
I have six children!
Ask my wife about it!
You wait,
he should know our capacity.
- I will take it.
I will take it.
I will take it.
Is curd available?
What is this? I asked if there
was curd available or not.
I didn't tell you to serve.
You are serving as you want.
Are you insulting me?
Are you telling me to leave without
eating? Hell with your respect!
What are you serving?
Now, you proceed.
Should I beg?
Should I beg?
Are you a human being or animal?
Don't you have shame?
You brought curd to serve, right?
Only your body has grown big.
What kind of a man are you? Serve!
Enough! Go out!
Parineetha, where are you going?
Mother.. I am going to the terrace
to get some fresh air.
Talk to the fresh air
and come back quickly.
Otherwise, your father
will come there.
Moreover, your father doesn't
like that fresh air.
Moreover, your father doesn't
like that fresh air.
Maybe Sita too must have
lived in Lanka like this.
In Rama's mind and
in the midst of demons.
You went too far.
Don't know whether you will
get a return ticket or not.
You are tolerating
all this for me, right?
For doing all this, how should I..
Will you say thanks?
I feel very happy
seeing you do all this.
You won't be happy if I say thanks.
If you are happy then
it means, I said thanks to you.
Now tell me.
Should I say thanks
or keep you happy?
Not now.
Since I am doing all this
you are feeling
compelled to kiss me.
I will ask the day
when I cannot do anything.
Give me a kiss then. I will
get the courage to do anything.
"Why is it so pleasant now?"
"It is strange that even my
little heart is unaware of it."
"This cold breeze
is tickling my heart."
"I am unable to
stand on the ground."
"When you say it like that.."
"My heart starts fleeing."
"Pleasantness in the heart,
illusion in this pleasantness."
"Pleasantness in the heart,
illusion in this pleasantness."
"This girl is pulling me
into that illusion."
"Why is it so pleasant now?"
"It is strange that even my
little heart is unaware of it."
"Your dreams.. My eyes.."
"It says to act naughty."
"Your glance is enough.
Your one word is enough."
"One small gesture is enough."
"My heart invites your love."
"My heart invites your love."
"Yet it denies your closeness."
"Pleasantness in the heart,
illusion in this pleasantness."
"This girl is pulling me
into that illusion."
Sir, it is me!
Kalamandir saris! Not only
they enhance women's beauty..
They save it too.
People from the Ad agency
have poor knowledge
of sacred literatures,
so they missed out on creativity.
But you are great, sir.
Where are you going?
- To get some fresh air.
You don't like fresh air, right?
- Come with me.
Come on.
- Fresh air! Go away! Go!
"Oh, moon! This moonlight"
"Is giving me a new life."
"My wish is to remain
always in front of you."
"My wish is to remain
always in front of you."
"Language of love
is turning into words."
"Your love is flowing as words"
"from my lips."
"Why is it so pleasant now?"
"It is strange that even my
little heart is unaware of it."
"This cold breeze
is tickling my heart."
"I am unable to
stand on the ground."
"When you say like that.."
"My heart starts fleeing."
"Pleasantness in the heart,
illusion in this pleasantness."
"This girl is pulling me
into that illusion."
You drink, right?
Why not?
Anacin for headache
Crocin for fever, for cancer..
Not medicines.. Alcohol..
Beer, whisky..
No.. We don't drink such things.
I know everything.
- I drink everything.
Why did you say you don't drink?
- I don't buy and drink.
I don't know what you will do.
Make him penniless. Get him to buy
you drinks worth all his money.
If you want, then not only him
but we can make you penniless too.
He is coming.
Go ahead with your plan.
He is coming.
Go ahead with your plan.
Is monsoon session
going on here?
Since it's over, you don't
need to eavesdrop anymore.
My folks are going back tomorrow.
Uncle asked me to give them
a good treat
to satiate their hunger
before they leave.
Is he okay with that?
He gave the idea.
- Okay.
How is the party?
- Crap!
Party means, having
an unending supply of liquor.
Everyone will drink as they want.
Okay, why don't you drink?
How can I drink?
Will you finish everything?
- Leave it.
I think he is afraid that uncle
will scold him if he finds out.
I am afraid that I will beat
you all if the devil appears.
- Yes. Devil appears if I drink.
Hey, how will devil
appear if one drinks?
Foolish fellow!
I really like the devils.
Call it once. We will talk to it.
- Please call it.
If it comes then
it will thrash everyone.
If it comes then
it will thrash everyone.
You are talking rubbish.
How many times did you
watch a horror movie?
Why is he sitting like
Sita in the Ashoka forest?
I think he is doing mimicry.
Poor boy. I think he really
is possessed by the devil.
What devil are you?
So, is Shakeela related to you?
- She is your grandmother!
Will you beat your husband?
- Yes, Kamini.
I came to feed you
and fulfil your wish.
Is it so?
- Sit.
- I will.
Here is the leaf.
A leaf with a hole!
Why are you beating me?
You supported him
and called me a coward.
You supported him
and called me a coward.
Hey! Stop!
Serve something different.
Here is the mango pickle.
Mangoes are nice with liquor,
Then why do you keep
an undesirable company?
No.. I am not your husband.
We are not related to each other.
True. My husband is not like you.
He's a little short..
- There he is.
- No..
- The devil's feeling shy!
Why did he look like that?
I am hungry. I will have food,
give me something as a side dish.
What should I serve?
With or without the vegetable?
You are living with me
since ten years.
Don't you know how I like it?
'Sambar' is over.
I am not related to you,
I am not your husband.
True. My husband is short
but he doesn't have a beard.
My husband..
Looks like Buddha, right?
You want curd?
I got it.
- Enough of the drama.
Carry on with your work.
Cheaters! You are all cheating.
I will start from the beginning.
- Kamini!
What should we do
so that you calm down?
You should be in Kolkata
before I open my eyes.
Close your eyes once.
Now open them.
I am there to tell you
to open your eyes.
If you close your eyes again,
I too..
Look there!
Your great lover.
He's sloshed!
I told him
to look after my family
with the same respect
as I do.
He kicked and drove our folks out.
Is this respect?
It means, he lost the challenge!
Hello, mister!
I am coming.
Sir, I drank
to keep your respect.
Why did you drink?
Should I get my daughter married
to a drunkard like..
- Sir, I didn't drink.
I was just pretending
to be drunk.
Anyway, you made this plan
and now you are pretending
as if you don't know anything.
So, can't I pretend to
be a drunkard without drinking?
Sir, will you not
give me a chance to perform?
Darling, you go downstairs.
I will tell a story
and its moral to sir
and then come down.
You go, dear.
I will tell you a story now.
Bird eats ants as long as it lives.
Ants eat the bird after it dies.
Neither the bird
nor the ants are great here.
Time is great.
The one who is going through
a good time, is great.
He is correct.
We have to bring
a person who can beat him.
To bring a person
who can beat him..
Uncle, please don't think.
Because of your ideas,
my face got smashed.
I will give an idea this time.
I have a friend.
His name is Rakhi Pandaga.
If he hears the word love
or sees lovers
he kills them.
Samiya, I love you.
Can he handle this guy?
If you come to know what
he did on Lovers' Day recently
you will go mad.
Accept my love!
Or else I will jump from here!
Priya, I will jump from here
and die if you don't accept!
Suicide is a crime!
Don't do it!
You get down!
- I will jump and die!
Nobody can stop me, love!
- Get down!
I will jump and die!
You can't solve certain matters
without using force.
Hold this.
They will hang you.
Keep it.
Give this money to SI Daya
and tell him to ignore
whatever I do today.
- Gopi.
- Gopi.
You would have realized
how beautiful I am
if you weren't blind.
You don't have eyes..
- If you are so beautiful
then why would people with eyes
let you come to me?
Tell me the matter.
Tell me the matter.
Though God didn't
give you eyesight
he gave you divine sight.
Do you know with whom
you are going out?
You ugly girl!
You aren't some beauty queen.
Who are you?
How dare you cheat
a blind guy?
Wait, mister. I will be back
right away. You be here.
I will enlighten you.
- Who are you?
Why are you beating me?
- Stop!
Gopi! Gopi, see what he is doing.
- Stop!
Who are you?
What is your name?
Where are you from?
Why are you creating
this nuisance for us?
My name is Rakhi Pandaga.
Why do you want the remaining
details? You useless fellow!
Why are you roaming about with
these 'Rakhi' on Lovers' day?
What is love
and Lovers' Day for you?
Will you die if you don't love?
You will only lose if you
fall in love, you gain nothing.
I think no girl has fallen for him.
That's why in frustration he is..
I got cheated by several girls
and hence, I became like this.
Is it correct to beat everyone
if few girls cheat you?
Good question. If a mosquito
bites you in the house
we kill all mosquitoes using
some chemical or other.
This is similar to that. Everyone
come and get a 'Rakhi' tied.
I already gave you a lot of time..
- What if I don't get it tied?
I'll make you answer that question
loudly, within five minutes.
I'll make you answer that question
loudly, within five minutes.
Sattu! Sattu! Look, someone
is beating me! Who are you?
Vijay! This guy is beating me!
Don't beat! Please!
I am unable to do that because
of my status and position..
Otherwise, even I would have
beat them!
I will call him up.
- Do it!
Tell him to thrash!
Her father has hired
a person to beat me.
Then, we will hire
a person to beat him.
Why? I am there.
No! I am there, do as I say.
Villains from old movies would
fire an arrow that emits fire.
Then, the hero fires an arrow
that pours water.
Fire gets extinguished.
Similarly, he brought some guy,
we too will bring one.
He will become silent after that.
Who is this guy whom
we should bring now?
His name is Daya!
He doesn't show mercy.
"Daya! Daya! Daya!
One! Two! Three! Four!"
"Daya! Daya! Daya!
He punches in the face!"
But there is a small problem.
He will do anything for a bribe.
I am sure Rakhi Pandaga bribed him.
Leave all that.
What to do now? Just tell that.
Curb his greed for money
and awaken the humanity inside him.
Then, let us do it.
Why did you beat him, sir?
He said he wanted justice.
I said, I want bribe.
He said this matter will
become breaking news on TV9.
So, he broke the door
and came out himself.
Okay? Go to Ameerpet.
- Okay, sir.
Who are you?
Why don't you salute?
- I will not do it, sir.
Salute me!
I will not do it, sir.
- Hey, my name is Daya.
I don't show mercy.
Salute me!
I don't show mercy.
Salute me!
If you force me again to salute you
then I will cut this hand.
I will cut it.
Okay, tell me,
what's your problem?
Rakhi Pandaga..
He is beating lovers to death.
He says he bribed you.
He thinks he can do
anything by giving a bribe.
We think, you will act like
Hanuman who united Rama and Sita.
Whether you set him on fire
like Hanuman did to Lanka
or we set ourselves ablaze,
it is your wish.
Sir, there is one lover
you need to meet before that.
Only one!
It is him, sir.
Sir, all lovers are
becoming handicapped like me.
You have to lead us like a leader.
This is the footage showing him
beating the lovers.
If you still don't change,
then take money
and give this CD to him.
Or else, take responsibility
and skin him alive.
His gang is waiting to catch me.
However, I will be waiting
for you at the station.
Sir, you said you will
go to Ameerpet.
Why did you bring the CD here?
I think it is Rakhi Pandaga.
Want to talk?
Why are you like that, sir?
What happened?
Sir, you are crying.
I have never seen you like this.
What happened, sir?
- Nothing happened.
If nothing happened, then why
have you brought this CD here
when it should have been
given to him?
I find something fishy, sir.
You look new.
You have changed, sir.
You have changed.
- Kaththi, I didn't change.
I am the same loafer.
I am Daya, who shows
no mercy on lovers.
You don't irritate me, stop it.
Sir, you are lying!
You are changed!
Mr. Kaththi, I will shoot you.
I am sparing you
because you have a lover.
Mr. Kaththi?
Sir, did you feel like giving
respect after so many years?
Sir, this is called a change.
You have changed, sir.
You have changed!
Sir, I don't know
how much trouble you underwent
while taking birth
from your mother's womb.
But you are undergoing
a lot of trouble
to take a new birth now.
You are struggling!
You are struggling!
Sir, I say you have changed,
but you don't agree with it.
The debate is irrelevant.
They will tell it.
If they go out with the CD
then you are correct.
If only their bodies go out
then I am correct.
I will sit there and watch.
I will sit here and watch.
Why are you not
taking boss's call?
Where is the CD? - CD!
It is on the bench near him.
Come and take it.
- Go and get it.
One! Two! Three! Four!"
He punches in the face!"
Great Brahmi!
One! Two! Three! Four!"
"Daya..He punches the face!"
Username Daya,
password Brahma.
It is okay for girls to cheat.
Boys getting cheated is common.
Who are you to stop them,
you monkey.
If you come in the way of
with lovers again..
- Hello!
You said, you will deliver the
news of beating him, by morning.
Do you think this is 'Eenadu'
paper to be delivered by morning
or 'Idli' made in the house?
They are Daya's men!
If you interfere
with our Kaththi again
I don't know how I will kill you.
Take this!
I don't know how I will kill you.
Take this!
"Like stone in the footwear"
"Or like the sound in the ears."
"Like dust in the eyes"
"Or like thorn in the legs."
"Son-in-law's ordeals"
"are innumerable."
"Listen to me, Oh my dear."
"Superb, sir! Proceed!"
"I will make you sweat, sir!"
"I will make you go crazy, sir."
"I will tonsure your head."
"I will make you walk the streets."
"I will make you walk the streets."
"I will crush you, sir."
"I will make you go crazy
all day and night."
"I will show you a movie, sir."
"I will make you scream!
I will make you shout, sir."
"If I am Thota Ramudu,
then it is a NTR movie."
"If I drink,
then this is an ANR movie."
"If I am James Bond,
then this is a superstar movie."
"If it is a box office hit, then
this is a megastar movie."
"Whoever be the hero,
I am your hero."
"Drive you crazy.."
"Oh, my sweet, sir."
"Oh, my sweet, sir."
"I will show you a movie, sir."
"I will drive you crazy, sir."
"I will make you
a grandfather, sir."
"Sir, Oh sweet sir."
"I will show you a movie, sir."
"I will show you stars, sir."
"I will break your bones, sir."
"Hail Lord Govinda!"
Hey, why did you come here?
Hey, why did you come here?
I mean, you came suddenly..
Even my parents are not at home.
I don't know what to do now.
- Then, tell me to come inside.
Come in.
Hey, what's with this sudden visit?
We will be winning
the challenge in a day..
Did you come to say this?
Anyway, we will win.
After that we have to stay
in this house all our lives.
To see how my in-laws' house is..
Check out.
- You show it.
This is our spacious hall. Come.
This is our dining table.
This is our bedroom.
At this hour? It won't look nice
if your parents see us.
You don't have any shame.
My sweet baby!
Oh, God! My father has arrived.
- Kaththi!
He will create a ruckus
if he sees you.
Come and hide under the table!
We will be caught.
Bathroom.. Hide in the bathroom.
No! My father will find out!
Bedroom.. Hide in bedroom.
- Hey! - Open the door!
Don't you get new ideas?
- New.. - Kaththi!
This is your house. So, should
I hide and you open the door?
This is not correct. You hide,
Let me get the door. - Kaththi!
No.. I beg you. No.
She'll have me killed!
Hey, come fast.
Hey, come fast.
Ma'am, I will leave now.
- Don't say you will leave.
Say I will come again.
- I will come again.
We will win the challenge in a day.
We have already won!
Now we will live happily..
Hey.. 996.
996! I am talking to you.
Can you hear?
Sir, is she fine?
Her ribs on the left side
got fractured.
It is difficult for the lungs
to expand while breathing.
How much time will it take?
- Maximum six hours.
What are the expenses?
Rs. 3 lakhs.
- Doctor, I want some time.
I need to arrange for money.
But her condition will become
critical by every passing hour.
We can't even say if she will
survive in these six hours.
There are six hours left
for the agreement you wrote
and her operation.
Bring the money
and pay it before that.
The very next moment
I will sign, saying I lost.
Or else you sign,
saying you lost
and I will pay money
the next moment.
One minute is enough for me
to carry out either of the options.
You have six hours' time.
I will see
whether she will
live as my daughter
or she survives as your love.
What is all this?
Daughter is battling for life..
Not now!
The day she told me that
she loved this wastrel
she died for me.
I don't think she is alive.
But I want to save my daughter.
Look how he is signing
without making any effort.
So, his love is worth Rs. 3 lakhs.
You know I cannot do anything.
Six hours are left.
If I run for money now, then
my father will sell the house
and my friend will
sell his auto rickshaw for it.
But it is not my earning.
Ad agency guy will
give Rs. 25,000 or Rs. 50,000.
It is not enough.
She is battling for life there.
Her life is more important to me
than this challenge.
Her life is more important to me
than this challenge.
Everyone will talk
about the winner.
Loser will give reasons
to everyone, like him.
For a guy to say 'I love you'
is very easy
like writing on sand.
But to save it
is as difficult
as writing on water.
Don't enter my life
or my daughter's life again.
You said you will fall at my feet
and say sorry if you lose.
"Don't go leaving me midway.."
"Don't go leaving me midway.."
"Oh, my heart."
"Don't drown me in tears.."
"Oh. silence."
"I have become helpless"
"the moment I got
separated from you."
"This injury"
"is so bad that it has broken
my heart into thousand pieces."
"Don't leave me.."
"Oh, my life.. In midway.."
"Don't drown me.."
"In the tears, Oh, silence."
"In the tears, Oh, silence."
"There is nothing left,
you won't come back."
"My tears tell me this."
"I have become alone,
I have become a loser.."
"Your love said it to me."
- I am Parineetha's mother.
Is the operation done?
Doctor says
he will not perform the operation.
Hello, sir.
Did you recognize me?
Sir, by your grace..
I lost the hospital I owned
and now, I am working
as a doctor in this hospital.
Sir, I am one of the many people
who got affected by your quality
punch. Didn't you recognize me?
So, the one who is going
to perform the operation..
It is me, sir.
But I am not doing it.
- I gave up. Just now.
I took the decision
one minute earlier.
Sir, you know I am eccentric.
There is no quality
in the work I do.
Putting the hands inside
the stomach after cutting it
Putting the hands inside
the stomach after cutting it
and again putting the same hands
in another person's stomach..
Sir, it is very dirty!
There is no quality.
That's why I gave up.
If not you, then I will
shift to another hospital.
There are hundreds
of doctors in the city.
Doctor, the patient's
condition is very serious.
If the operation is not started
in five minutes
then it could be very dangerous.
It is okay, sir. He is shifting her
to another hospital.
Anyway, she will definitely
die on the way, for sure.
She will be shifted home
from there.
I am the secretary
of the Medical Council.
If I want then..
You will cancel my
licence to practice as a doctor.
I will open a medical shop.
You will cancel the licence.
I will start
money-lending business.
You will destroy it too.
I will start leather business.
What will you do?
I will not miss this opportunity.
I will go to any extent
to seek revenge on you.
Ta-ta! See you! Bye!
Tell me how much money you want..
- Hey!
Tell me how much money you want..
- Hey!
Maybe you can buy life
by paying money but I don't.
If quality becomes excess in life
then you'll have to cry like this.
You have to cry like this! Mister!
Don't make God or a doctor angry.
If God gets angry,
he will send you to the doctor.
If doctor gets angry,
he will send you to the God.
I will be waiting in my room
to hear you cry
in another five minutes.
Good luck for me!
Bad luck for you! Thank you.
Operation is on hold.
I want to talk about it.
What does it mean to me?
- It's very important to you.
If you talk to me for two minutes
you will go running and perform
the operation in the third minute.
Why will I do it, mister?
I will do the operation!
I will do it!
I will not miss this opportunity.
Sorry, sir.
I didn't know this matter
so, I said I will not perform
the operation. - What matter?
This boy told me everything, sir.
What did he say?
- Leave it, sir.
Nurse, this is my ATM card.
Draw money and pay the entire bill.
They shouldn't pay
even the injection expenses.
Go. - Okay, sir.
- Mister, should I leave?
She might pass away, go.
Nothing will happen,
give a handshake.
Give a handshake.
I will do anything
but save the girl. She is my life.
Hey, what are you doing here?
What did you tell him?
He said he will not
perform the operation.
But now he is saying that
he will do it.
What did you tell him..
What is your problem?
Tell me your problem.
You couldn't do it,
but I am doing it.
What is important now?
Operation or not?
I really don't understand.
What is your problem? Tell me.
You don't like me.
You should like me
if you were to marry me.
There is no need
for you to like me
if your daughter wants
to marry me.
Okay, as a girl's father,
you didn't like me.
Because the boy you selected
is educated, and has a job.
I am neither educated
nor do I have a job.
But your daughter doesn't like him.
You don't like me.
So, you couldn't tolerate
when I stayed for one month
in your house.
All her life, your daughter
has to stay with the boy
whom she doesn't like.
Has to sleep on the same bed.
Has to live together..
Are you getting me?
Tell me something.
You told me to look after
your family for one month
the way you do.
Accident happened at the
last minute, operation was needed
you told me to sign because
I couldn't afford it, and I did it.
I gave your daughter to you.
What did you do?
Could you get the operation done?
What is it that you did
and I didn't?
Have we won or lost?
She wants both of us.
She wants the courage you give her
and the happiness
that I give her.
She wants to fly.
She wants to fly.
And I'm the wings that will
help her fly. It's me!
But she wants the courage
given by her father
to land when
she gets tired of flying.
Had she not said that she
wants her father along with me
it wouldn't have taken me more
than a few seconds to marry her.
Not you, I should scold her.
No matter what I tell you
I know you won't understand it,
but I am still telling you.
I don't understand this.
Useless discussion!
Operation is a success.
The girl is safe.
Best of luck.
Medical Officer, you and
your wife may go inside and see.
Mother, turn the AC off.
It is very cold.
I want to ask you something.
Father, all these years I have been
proving it to you every moment
that I am the
right daughter for you.
But why didn't you prove
even once
that you are the
right father for me?
I felt like dying after hearing
what she said.
I died..
As a father
who my daughter doesn't like.
As a father, I will lose
if my daughter marries him.
And my daughter will win.
Instead of winning as a father,
who defeats his daughter
I felt it was correct to win
as a father
who helped his daughter win.
I won.
But I still had a doubt.
Would you like to have a drink?
You want me to drink
this cheap liquor?
You want me to drink
this cheap liquor?
You haven't changed
completely yet.
Dear! Won't you need
a towel for your bath?
Would you like to accompany me?
Son-in-law! What did you say
to that doctor in the hospital?
Why do you need to know about it?
Leave it.
I will, if you have a drink.
- No way.
- Sir, our CEO found out
that you had
given the ideas to our director.
They removed him from the job.
Will you join the office
from Monday?
Of course!
I have no problem with it.
Father-in-law, I got a job.
- Thanks.
Hey, one minute!
On this happy occasion
tell me what you told the
doctor that day in the hospital.
On this happy occasion
I won't tell you what
I told the doctor that day.
I will, if you have a drink.
- Shut up!
Welcome, sir..
- Doctor..
Greetings, sir.
Please tell me what my son-in-law
told you that day in the hospital?
He came into my room..
Why should I do it?
Now you know how I have been
making his life miserable.
If you don't perform the operation
now, his daughter will die.
He will cry for two months
and then forget it.
If you perform the operation..
I will win
and become his son-in-law.
I will teach him a lesson
all my life.
I will create a new trouble
for him everyday.
It will be like killing two birds
with a single stone.
You said you will go to any extent
to take revenge on him, right?
You just need to go
to the operation theatre.
It was a great opportunity!
Who would miss it?
Tell me. I too didn't.
You said, you will not drink
cheap liquor, I overheard it.
What is your father-in-law
buying for the festival?
Benz is perfect for our status.
- Benz!
- Go out!
I will come again on Sunday.
- Again?
Ta-ta. See you. Bye.
Father-in-law, how can you
be shocked just by this?
Should I tell you
something interesting?
When I was roaming aimlessly after
failing in pre-university exams..
When I was roaming aimlessly after
failing in pre-university exams..
Who showed me
the girl of my dreams?
Who told me that 'I am enamoured
by you' means 'I love you'? You.
What does
'I am enamoured by you' mean?
I love you.
Except from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
it was not possible
for me to meet her.
Who made her stay in the
house, the whole time? You.
"Whether night or day,
here or there, anywhere.."
Who provoked me saying I am
doing nothing but roaming around
and made me get a job?
Opening scene must be 'Treta Yug'.
- Sir, our CEO found out.
If every fool gets
a father-in-law like you
no fool will remain idle
in India.
All the people in India
will be well-settled.
Thank you, Father-in-law.
I love you.
"I will show you the stars, sir."