Cinema Sabaya (2021) Movie Script

Here, here, come.
Oh no, you're all wet.
Here, let me help you.
I'll get you something
to dry yourself with.
Thank you.
This is all we have.
Give me your coat.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- It's not easy to find you, huh?
Poor thing.
Okay, I'll open the windows
to let some light in.
You can connect your computer here,
make sure everything's okay.
Look, the cameras are ready here,
eight cameras, I hope I brought
everything you asked for.
Check. -Memory card?
- Of course.
Look. See this button?
When you press it,
the screen comes down.
Shall we set up the room?
- Okay. -Good.
No thanks.
Okay, girls,
Sabaya, come please,
we want to start.
We don't want to be late.
Where did you say you work?
- On the second floor of...
Head of HR.
To those of you who don't know me,
I'm Lubna Abu Hussein,
I'm manager
of the Center for Social Equality
here at the Coexistence Center.
And this is Rona.
Rona is a very successful director.
I know Rona through her mother,
who is advisor
to the mayor of Hadera
on women's rights and...
I'm so sorry I'm late.
I was stuck at court.
Very difficult hearing.
Our project,
video filming for women,
is a new project.
The participants are employees of
the municipality and the local council.
Of course, you'll get
study benefits for this,
but you must provide proof of attendance
in order to get
a certificate and the benefits,
and that's it.
I've talked too much anyway.
- Not at all.
This is an attendance sheet,
pass it around.
One moment. Is this course only Hebrew?
Yes, in Hebrew.
But there are Arabic speakers here.
Why is the course in Hebrew?
Because all of us can understand Hebrew
and they can't understand Arabic.
There's nothing that's really new for you.
Okay, girls, I'm in a hurry.
God be with you. Good luck.
- Thank you.
Girls, Sabaya, we all know Hebrew,
there's no problem with Hebrew.
I don't have a problem either.
It's fine.
Okay, let's start.
What does "Sabaya" mean?
"Sabaya", the way you pronounced it,
means prisoners of war.
but "Sabaya"
like with the Hebrew letter Samech,
means a group of young women,
just like us.
Just like us.
This is a long shot.
There's a wide shot.
You can see everything that's going on.
Medium shot.
Usually upper part of the body.
Can I have a look?
Close up.
When we really want
to get to know the character,
when there's a dramatic moment.
Can everyone see?
So tell us a bit about yourself.
What's your name?
What do you do in the municipality
and what is your dream?
My name is Awatef Taha,
I'm retired,
originally from Jerusalem.
I worked for the municipality
for 28 years
and now I volunteer,
that's why
I got this course for free.
Last week I turned 73.
May you live to 120.
Thank you, thank you.
And what is your dream?
What dream?
All my dreams came true.
I have eight children,
five are academics,
three doctors,
two girls are lawyers...
good husband,
nice house...
Everything is...
fine with me and I'm living happily.
Thank God.
Should I start?
- Yes.
I'm Eti Ben-Hamo
from the Hadera Municipality.
Married to David, a businessman.
I have two lovely daughters
and a sweet son,
Sapir, Romi and Tomer.
What's my job at the Hadera Municipality?
I'm head of HR...
Um... what else?
What's your dream?
I've always dreamed of being
center stage on a big screen.
A star.
- Why?
You can ask questions, too.
What makes you want to be a star?
I've always dreamed of it,
since I was a child.
I used to sit on the floor
facing a mirror
and sing,
act out all kinds of characters,
I had so much fun...
and I'd do it over and over again,
hoping that one day
someone would discover me.
I'm Nasrin Abdullah.
Originally from the Galilee.
I'm married to Tawfiq
and we live in Kafr Qara.
We have four kids,
two boys and two girls.
I'm a lawyer and a legal advisor
in the municipality.
And I volunteer at
a human rights organization
with political prisoners.
And your dream?
My dream?
Do I have to?
You don't have to, but...
Like she said,
that she wants to be a star, -Eti.
I wanted very much to be a singer.
That's it...
I was a very good student and...
my mother kept telling me
to be a lawyer or a doctor.
And I did want to do something
that has an impact on society and not...
not be an artist, so...
I'm Gila Aisman.
I live in Hadera.
I'm a librarian at the public library.
I'm married, act two.
What does "Act two" mean?
Okay, hold on.
She was married, got divorced, then remarried.
- Yes.
Act two. Twice married.
This is my second marriage.
My dream is...
to be a grandmother.
God willing.
- God willing.
Well... I'm Nahed,
I'm 22,
I'm from Baqa.
In the municipality,
I do wall painting projects with teens.
I paint, I write poems.
- Yeah.
I don't know,
it actually sounds a bit childish.
Well, you are a child...
I don't think
there's anything I can't fulfill, so...
Are you married?
You're still young.
Come on, kiddo,
it's time to get married.
She's still young.
It's really cool being
in front of the camera.
Okay, I'm Carmela Gueta,
I work in the municipality
as ecology projects manager,
the environment...
I'm a sea-woman, I live on a yacht.
You live on a yacht?
I'm Yelena Gatlin, I'm 38,
I work in the municipal tax department.
I'm divorced, I have two girls,
three and six years old.
And my dream is simple.
I want my own house
so I won't have to pay rent.
Can you make it come true?
So I'm Souad Naser,
originally from Banh,
but since I got married
I've been living in Baqa al-Gharbiyye.
I'm 35.
I have six kids.
Wow, God bless them.
God Bless.
I work in the association
for the elderly in Hadera,
I'm a caregiver.
And... wow, my dream...
It's modest,
but I want to get a driver's license.
Then why don't you get one?
It's never the right time.
It used to be
because the kids were little
and there wasn't enough money
for driving lessons,
and I forgot about it,
but now that you've asked...
So how do you get
from one place to another?
my husband drives me, so...
Then it's about time.
Oh dear,
I don't know, my husband...
it's not like he's against it,
but he doesn't think I need it.
Is it not common in your village
for women to drive?
I'm from a city, not a village...
But many women in Baqa
have a driver's license.
I made my husband get used to it.
At first he didn't want me to,
but now he's used to it.
I take his car and drive all day
and he doesn't ask me where I am.
You just have to get him used to it.
No, it's accepted, it's
definitely accepted,
it's just that my husband is...
How do you say it...?
He gets jealous.
He's jealous, he's jealous.
Just do it.
Don't listen to her.
Don't do anything
behind your husband's back.
You're right.
That's it?
Thank you.
It's been 15 years, I don't remember
what my life was like before.
You didn't tell us your dream.
To make films... I guess.
But you made some, didn't you?
Maybe to make films...
that are important, that are good.
Maybe Hollywood?
- No.
That will impact people, I don't know...
That people will need.
To continue to make films.
But show us the films you've made.
When we will find the time.
In the meanwhile
we've got a lot to cover.
Is this the first time
you're teaching this workshop?
Did you ever do it before?
I haven't, actually.
But you taught in different places
or are we your first?
I worked mostly, I didn't...
I taught a little,
but not a long course like this.
More like...
Carmela, right?
- Yes, I'm Carmela. Carmela who wants to fly.
Thank you.
I'll explain how to use it in a minute.
- Cool.
There are tripods, too.
I thought it would be bigger.
No, they're small,
so it'll be easier for you.
Can we open it?
- Yes, sure, just...
don't press any buttons,
I'm about to explain everything.
But before that, please write down
your homework in your notebooks, okay?
There's homework?
We weren't told there'd be homework.
Just a little.
It's fun, don't worry.
So for our next lesson I'd like you
to film your place.
What do you mean? Our home?
Whatever it means to you.
How long should the shots be?
How long should the shots be?
- Yes.
As long as necessary.
Yes, until you feel
it's over.
So this is my house,
this is my amazing elephant collection...
You're like Spielberg...
- Close up. -Zoom in.
How about filming the kitchen?
That's Petel. Petel...
I don't allow my cat
to sit on the sofa.
Petel just made room for me
so I can watch the news.
He is very concerned
about the political situation.
So cute.
Who's that?
Gadi, my husband.
So this is my house...
- Okay.
What do you think?
She used everything we learned.
I really liked the fact that...
But I zoomed in
on the elephant intentionally.
But it wasn't so stable...
It's a choice,
she could have used a tripod
in one shot without moving it.
But the fact that she followed the cat,
that left the frame and re-entered,
it created a feeling
that many other things were happening,
when actually there's just someone
sitting on a couch, petting a cat.
Why did he ask you
to film the kitchen?
Like, he said,
film the kitchen...
since I'm not in there.
So he's always in the kitchen?
Yes, he is.
Oh, he cooks?
I don't know how to do anything,
I can barely make an omelette.
No problem. I'll teach you.
Thank you.
A hungry husband is a bad thing.
He's not hungry, because he cooks.
And look at me...
A hungry woman is a good thing?
At least she's full. That's good.
It's nice when a woman cooks.
I wish he'd cook for me.
Come to my house.
Your men don't cook?
There are some that cook, sure.
This is my place.
This is the room.
I live at my mother's house.
Two years now.
It's crammed.
I took everything I could.
A table, bed,
shelves, the TV set
I had in my living room.
Everything is here.
Here I live.
This is my daughter
who sleeps here with me sometimes.
This is all I have.
This is the place.
Looks warm.
You can call it warm,
you can call it crowded,
everyone sees it differently, you know.
She keeps telling me,
"It's your house,"
but it's not...
It doesn't feel like that.
Of course not.
You're not supposed
to go back home at 38.
It's not something
that's supposed to happen.
And it's no fun.
It's just the situation.
You know, in Jerusalem some live
eight or ten people together.
Yes, my grandma told me
that when they were little
they lived four in one room,
divided by a closet.
How about the girls?
Are they okay with grandma or...
They're okay.
I think they sense
that I'm going through something.
Maybe if I felt better about living there,
they would too.
I'm sure.
But if you could choose a place,
any place, not necessarily a house
that describes your place,
what would you choose?
Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.
- Because it's so fun and alive.
People walking their dogs...
And kids. It's cool.
This is my little kingdom.
This is the bedroom.
What we call the bow.
And here it's like a hotel,
I prepared everything
for sailing to Cyprus.
My filming sucks.
We're leaving for Cyprus tomorrow.
That should be fun.
This is the bathroom.
What's that?
A boat's bathroom.
The shower is...
You stand here...
Not very...
You just use this.
- That's how you take a shower?
It's like this in all the boats.
There's not really a shower.
This is Emma's room.
Perfect Emma.
This is her room, all her toys,
all her things and her cabinet too.
Yes, Emma's cabinet.
- Whoa.
This is what I was waiting for.
Hi, Emma.
Perfect Emma.
This is Emma.
She doesn't like to be filmed.
Every time a camera is pointed at her...
This is the cockpit,
here you relax while sailing,
drink, eat,
have fun.
And this is what the boat
looks like from above.
You live there on your own?
No, with Emma.
She sails with me...
Slowly she's becoming a sea dog.
So, no children.
No children and no husband.
You know, I rarely go to the beach.
I just don't like the way
people look at me.
People only see my hijab.
- Specifically at the beach?
Come to my boat.
The sea accepts you for who you are.
No one will be looking at you.
Let's do that.
- Not even the fish.
The dolphins maybe...
But don't you miss your hair?
Why miss it? It's underneath.
We don't wear it at home.
You can also take it off among women.
- So why don't you remove it here?
I can, but it's the taking it off,
putting it back on...
If you're religious or traditional...
If someone starts wearing it
when she's young,
it's hard to just take it off.
Sometimes women wear a hijab
as a sign of mourning, right?
Yes, when in mourning.
People who are more traditional.
So... Nehad, you aren't Christian?
I always thought all Muslims wear it,
and those who don't are Christians.
Before this course,
I've never really known any Arab women.
You're from Hadera, aren't you?
Yes. I never really had a chance
to get to know any.
How's that?
You've never noticed
Arab women around you?
Did they disappear?
I don't know
how to say this, but...
when we had suicide bombings in Hadera,
if an Arab woman was walking towards me,
I'm telling you the truth
because I feel comfortable with you, but...
I'd cross the street,
because I was afraid.
I'm telling you the truth,
I don't want to offend anyone.
Was it hard for you when you got here
and saw that we're Arabs?
Were you afraid
we'd blow ourselves up?
Wait, I came to this course
to have fun, okay?
I didn't come
to fight or to argue,
I'm not here to offend, and as a Jew
I feel the same animosity overseas.
So we're in the same place,
me as a Jew, you as an Arab,
we each have people who are...
against us in certain places.
- All right.
Eti, you must understand...
- Wait, I just want to go back
to when you introduced yourself as a terrori...
- Say it, a terrorist.
Oops I didn't mean that,
We call them freedom fighters.
Let me get this straight.
You're in favor of murdering
children and babies?
I don't get it..
- Of course not.
And you have the world's most humane army.
The army doesn't murder or attack.
- Who is they?
Do you want peace?
- First of all, we don't represent everyone.
We want peace here and you're
the majority, the rulers,
the occupiers.
- I want to know...
And I didn't come here
from somewhere else, you did.
Rona, do something, what is this?
- But it's...
All right, listen.
Good Bye, Sabaya.
That's it. One minute.
Awatef fell asleep.
It felt more like...
Two hours.
A long time.
- Yes.
So what did you hear?
It's not really quiet,
there's all kinds of background noise.
There's no complete silence.
The air itself creates...
A rhythm.
I noticed that when the class is silent,
I noticed someone climbing up
that building there
and was doing all kinds of things
we wouldn't have noticed,
because we're always...
Suddenly you notice
what's happening outside.
He must have climbed up there
to fix something,
He was probably breaking in.
No, I kept following him with my eyes,
but it's interesting that I noticed
what's happening outside
when the whole time we're here in class,
only listening to each other.
I heard my stomach growling.
It was very embarrassing.
I heard... Maybe because of the hijab,
I don't know,
I had constant noise in my ears.
Really? You hear a noise in your ears?
Like with seashells?
What, the hijab makes a noise?
- Yes.
Because something is constantly
rubbing against your ear.
Wow. Doesn't that bother you?
Usually I don't notice it.
- You get used to it.
When you told us to keep quiet
and listen to this "room tone,"
I closed my eyes and felt it.
You heard it too?
When you're sailing
there's this...
Wow, I have to record
the sound for you.
There's no other sound like it.
The friction of the boat with the water
when you're out at sea,
it's something I don't think
you've ever heard.
You have to record it for us.
I'll sail out to sea
especially for you girls.
Sea tone?
- Sea tone.
Now let's go over your exercises, okay?
Here's one of the
exercises that I did receive,
I'll play it now.
You have to guess
whose exercise is it. Okay?
I say it's Rona.
That's a great room tone.
Can you guess?
Is that your husband?
It's Gila's husband.
No, it's not my husband.
Do you know who it is?
Whose husband?
That's your husband?
No. That's me.
No way. You?
We're sorry, we're so sorry.
My husband keeps complaining that I snore.
I didn't believe him.
So I told him to record it. And he did.
Bravo. Bravo.
Well done.
So I did well on my homework?
Yes, thank you.
Really, A+?
Thank you.
God bless you.
We'll do the same with this one.
Guess whose exercise it is.
I haven't listened to them either,
I just know whose it is.
Open the door.
Open the door.
You piece of trash.
I swear I'll mess you up, bitch.
Open the door, Open the door.
Open the door already!
Open the door.
It's my house!
It's my house bitch!
Open it now, I tell you.
Now, I tell you!
You bitch!
I swear I'll mess you up!
Bitch. You're a bitch!
I said open the door!
It's my neighbours.
Does it happen a lot?
Once a week.
You hear it so close?
Yes, it's right against my wall.
Did you call the police?
Every time a different neighbor calls them.
It's pointless.
His wife lets him go
every time the police comes.
It's her problem.
I'm more worried about my kids
hearing this shit.
What do you mean, it's her problem?
People try to help,
and she lets him go every time.
I learned that only you can save yourself.
She's right.
If I hadn't helped myself,
I'd still be living with my ex-husband,
A woman has to take responsibility
for her life.
Especially when she has kids.
You're strong. Maybe she isn't.
Maybe she's weak. Maybe she needs help.
She has to find the strength.
What do you mean, find the strength?
How can you find the strength
when you have two kids?
Whom you have to protect?
Where do you get the strength from?
Before Gadi,
I was married to a man who beat me.
It's not easy...
to get up and leave.
You need a lot of help.
You're strong.
You left.
So did you.
Yes, but with a lot of help,
I was very weak.
I don't look it, but I was very weak.
That's it.
He was shell shocked,
a veteran suffering from PTSD.
He was a difficult person, unpredictable.
How long did it go on?
It took me seven years to leave.
Did you love him?
Is that why you didn't leave?
That too.
The children loved him very much.
What were you afraid of?
What could he have done?
I was afraid he'd kill them.
He said...
"If I don't raise the kids, no one will."
They want revenge.
How does one react to such a sentence?
Did he hurt the kids too?
No, but I worried.
I was afraid to let them go
to the beach with him.
They went to the beach a lot.
And back then there was a story
about someone who took his son
and never returned.
Yes, it was on the news.
Gila, I didn't mean to judge you.
That's okay.
Sorry for being like this.
No, not at all.
It's okay.
It's good to let it out.
Let it all out.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
Do you want to take a five-minute break?
I'm fine, we can continue.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
Some water?
Here, have some water.
- Thank you.
Nasrin, how about a song?
To lighten things up...
I feel sad.
Please, anything.
No... Let's take a break.
Want me to get a darbuka drum?
No, no.
Are we ever going to hear you sing?
Just a little.
I said I'll do the exercise,
but I couldn't record myself.
Then do the exercise here.
Do it here, we'll record you.
Sing now.
Sing what? No...
Come on, Nasrin, a song for peace.
Yeah, right.
There won't be peace here
in 100 years,
even if I sing very nicely.
I hope you're wrong.
Suddenly I feel nostalgic.
Just a little.
Calm down, ocean, calm down.
We've been away so long.
Send my greetings, send them.
To the land where we grew up.
And say hello to the olive tree...
Calm down, ocean, calm down.
My compassionate mother.
Still try to smell our pillow.
Calm down, ocean...
A lesson and a concert.
Bye. Thank you.
Hold the door...
Think of the dress I
should wear for the clip.
Are you sure about the video clip?
Yes, will you choose a song?
Yeah, but what about a dress?
There will be a dress.
He asked with no meat.
I'm taking a bag.
Awatef, that's enough for me.
- Yes, thank you.
If that's all, it will be 30 NIS.
- How much is it?
- 35 for me?
I took two.
Why is it 30 for her and 35 for me?
I'll bring it right away.
My bag is over there.
Come on, Sabaya, I want to begin.
Yes, we're coming.
Let's not wait for Nasrin.
I'll bring it right now.
Okay, this is our bathroom,
we remodeled it recently.
And this is me.
This is Sapir's room.
Sorry, sorry...
Hi sweetie, I'm doing my homework.
Hi, Sapir.
Sapir, please tell me what you're doing.
Math homework.
Do you like math?
Look at me.
Tell me... how was your day?
Something good or bad?
Mom, what do you want?
Come on, it's for my course.
I always help you with your homework.
Yeah, right.
Excuse me?
I don't?
First agree to what I asked,
and then I'll help you.
Sapir, you're 10. We've been over this.
You're too young to shave.
Mom, stop.
Ok, so this is our bath.
The Filipinos at my work
see hair as high class.
For real?
- Poor them, they don't even have one hair.
They're lucky, they're so lucky.
We all want what we don't have.
Eti, let her shave her legs,
a year or two won't make any difference.
Shaving your legs is sexual.
- Why?
Before you slept
with your boyfriend,
did you shave your legs?
- You think she has a boyfriend?
I don't want...
- Does she act like she has a boyfriend?
She's just a girl!
- I don't want anyone to look at her,
I don't want her
to wear short shorts.
What if someone at school tells her
she has a moustache?
I don't want her to deal with...
- What if a classmate says,
"Hey, you have a mustache"?
- But that's not sexy.
If she's hairy...
Some girls have more hair.
- I don't want her to deal with...
I was very hairy
when I was little.
And to be honest,
my dad said to my mom,
I was really little, I was ten.
My mom wouldn't let me shave,
but my dad said, Oh dear!?
Let her, it doesn't matter how old she is.
- How old were you?
Rona, it's our prayer time.
Okay, so let's take a ten-minute break?
- Yes. -That'll be enough?
She said that puberty starts
at the age of 12,
But it has nothing to do with having sex.
- Yes, but...
when do people start
having sex in your culture?
We're not allowed
to have sex before marriage.
- Look how nice.
show us something from your life too.
Where are you from anyway?
Where do I live?
- Yes.
Tel Aviv.
Do you come by car?
Show us something
so we can see who you are.
We can learn from that too,
from the way you film.
The movement of the camera,
the sound...
Now I'm nervous.
Let's see if the teacher does it right.
It's gotta be good...
No pressure.
That's it?
One more.
Three, four...
Zoom in a little, a little more,
a little more, stop. Okay.
But I can't see you, so...
- No problem, just start, okay?
Three, four...
This is just a rehearsal,
not for real.
I dream about you, I dream about you.
And I wait for you with passion.
And if you don't care about me.
It will be enough for me.
That I lived many pleasant nights...
Keep going!
Dreaming about you.
Hold on, don't pull the confetti yet.
Don't laugh.
It's wandering around, what can I do...
And I wait for you with passion.
And if you don't care about me.
It will be enough for me.
That I lived many pleasant nights.
Dreaming about you...
Good morning, Sabaya.
Hi mom.
This is the girls' room.
The big one has to wake up.
Sweetie, get up.
You have to wake up.
It's morning, you hear me?
So I hear that Nahed
doesn't do her homework.
So Nahed,
tell us something about your day.
Come on, lighten up!
Drop it.
Hi, Sabaya.
Come, I have a surprise.
Remember your last visit?
Hello. Say hello.
Want to show them what you have?
A nice black one.
Oops, did you fall?
And a gray one, a brown one.
Look at this beautiful color.
Wow, what do you say?
What a cutie.
Emma! Come on!
Come on, Emma!
Good morning, sea.
Good morning.
What's up?
What about a partner for me, sea?
Male, female, that sort of thing...
It's time for me to hear from someone...
That's right. You agree.
So come on,
let it happen.
It's nice that you agree with me,
but why isn't anything happening?
Oh my god.
You scared me.
I can't focus at home.
I share a room with my sister.
- Yes.
And also...
I want to study in Tel Aviv
but my mom doesn't like the idea.
So I don't want to study
right in front of her eyes.
If you talk to her,
won't she agree?
I need to talk to her, but I know her,
I know what she'll say.
- She won't let me.
I don't know why she thinks like that,
but for her...
it's really far away.
Tel Aviv is...
something completely different.
Why do you want to study
in Tel Aviv?
I don't know,
I always dreamed of going there.
Because it really is different,
I want to get to know that world.
Get away from home a little.
Get to know new people
and a new world.
And that bothers her.
Yes, and I understand her,
I know it's because she loves me.
She's worried about me
and maybe...
she won't admit it, but it may be
hard for her not having me at home.
So what are you editing?
I'm kind of...
collecting footage for the end-of-course clip.
- Oh.
I'm marking everything that I think could go in.
- Yeah?
Yeah, there footage is beautiful.
Really Beautiful.
I feel like editing it into a film.
A full-length film.
- Yeah.
A serious film you can see at the cinema?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, totally.
But you can't, it's...
too personal.
There are moments that are too personal,
yes, but there are also moments...
But they're all private
and personal things.
Personally, I wouldn't...
want people to see personal things
about me in the cinema.
Would you?
Maybe if I felt that...
I have something...
interesting or important
enough to say, then maybe.
I've never...
been on that side.
And what's interesting
about it anyway?
Everything's interesting about it.
Well then, it's a shame you can't.
David, the film course reminded me
that it's been years
since we went to the movies.
You don't like to leave the house
and I only go out with friends.
Really, David.
It's not like I thought it would be.
I need some culture.
To sit and talk for a while.
It's important for the soul.
Not just home, work and kids.
Nilli says that
what you have is depression.
I told you that
and you laughed at me.
But I read about it, and I quote:
"Signs of depression include feeling sad
"accompanied by low self-esteem
"and loss of interest
in enjoyable activities,"
"sleep and appetite disorders,"
"lack of energy,"
"pessimistic thoughts of varying degrees,"
"loss of concentration and memory,"
"and significant functional impairment."
"Sometimes with a feeling of emptiness
and lack of emotion."
It sounds like you have that, David.
People who had it wrote that
before you start taking pills,
you should try to get some exercise.
Let's go walking, David.
Let's go for a walk in the neighborhood.
That's it.
That was beautiful.
Thank you.
How long has it been like this?
Because he sounds...
I don't know, it's hard to talk about.
It's important that this stays between us,
because people from the municipality
know me and...
I told you stuff that...
He's been suffering for a while,
but he's not taking care of it.
It's hard to live with someone
who's depressed.
Where were you positioned?
Were you upstairs and he was below?
From the garage.
He didn't even see me.
- Really? -He didn't notice.
I didn't know if that was intentional...
You filmed him in the dark,
like a silhouette. I really liked it.
I really liked that
he's doing this action...
The action too, right.
That she didn't film him
just sitting there, staring into space.
Did you film first or write first?
I wrote.
First I wrote, then I filmed.
The exercise really helped me...
I could feel him while I was filming,
which doesn't usually happen.
Not as intensely as
it was with the camera.
when I did the close-up,
I felt his thoughts and emotions.
The camera helped me
get inside him.
Okay, any other questions?
Questions about the exercise,
for Eti or in general?
Shall we move on
to the next exercise?
Can I ask you something, Rona?
Do you like women?
Why do you ask?
It's just that we saw
a photo of you...
On the mouth.
Where did you see my photo?
On the computer, we didn't mean to...
The screensaver came up...
- Spontaneously, accidentally.
Which photo? This one?
That's my sister.
I told you she's not.
I didn't say anything.
Would it bother you if I were?
It wouldn't bother me.
You'd be dead to me.
Why dead? If I go both ways,
am I dead or half dead?
What do you mean, both ways?
It means with men and women,
not at the same time.
I love people based on
their personality.
It doesn't matter
if it's a man or woman.
God forbid.
Awataf, live and let live.
It's Awatef, ya Eti, Awatef.
Don't say, "Ya Eti."
Then say "Awatef."
Yeah, okay.
What's up with you girls today?
It's forbidden in our religion.
It's not that.
It's forbidden in Judaism too.
Homosexual intercourse, in the Bible.
Are you afraid of a man's body?
You prefer a woman's body?
Something you're familiar with?
Awatef, only a woman
knows how to please
a woman as a woman.
There is no God but Allah...
- Thank you.
Oh, I gave you the one in Arabic,
take the Hebrew one.
Here's the Hebrew one.
Souad, you don't need one.
Tell me where you're standing
Just a moment.
Wherever you want.
Are we set?
I'll start then.
Dear Tawfiq,
I love watching you cut your nails.
For some unknown reason, it calms me
when I see you
very aware of your health and cleanliness.
It's just too bad
you don't collect them
when you're done and I step on them
when I walk on the carpet.
Samer, our son,
is looking more and more like you
every day.
I've been spending
a lot of time with Samer.
He reminds me of Tawfiq of the old days.
25 years ago.
It's a nice feeling,
but it also feels...
I want to sleep next to you
with our backs
I love you.
Your love, Nasrin.
Great timing,
right when he finished
cutting his toenails.
You write beautifully.
Thank you.
Like poetry.
Cutting toenails...
Why did you decide to film him
cutting his nails?
It's rare that he's so...
focused on himself.
Either he's on the phone with clients,
doing homework with the kids
or visiting his mom
or having friends over.
There's always something he's doing,
so I never see him that way.
Every day, after he showers
or when he's cutting his nails,
there's a sort of...
I don't know
how to describe it...
Intimacy with himself.
You can put it that way,
yes, intimacy.
Is he a lawyer too?
You mentioned clients.
He's a contractor.
Oh, okay.
He's constantly preoccupied
with money and finances.
He's forgotten about romance.
He also forgot...
Remind him.
You find it in the nails.
No, why do I always
have to make an effort?
He should too.
No, no, no, in marriage
it goes both ways.
Okay, but after 25 years...
you need to renew the contract.
You don't have to.
Even after 50 years,
it's not the same
as when you got married,
but there's an understanding,
and it's important
to understand each other.
You and your husband understand each other?
Thank God.
When he gets angry at me,
he leaves the house.
And doesn't say anything.
And when I get angry at him,
he leaves the house,
and I start to curse.
You really curse and cuss?
You let it all out?
Yes, I don't keep it
bottled up inside.
It's important to curse.
Listen to me.
Why not to his face?
So he knows what you're feeling.
Then he'll answer me,
I'll answer back,
we'll start arguing
and then there's...
How do you say it in Hebrew...
Yes, divorce.
In European society it's acceptable
to start a second chapter in life,
like she did,
but in Arab society
it's much harder.
Why, we can also have a fourth chapter.
Men can, but women? Few.
Women too, there are some.
Very few.
But not as easily as men can.
Women don't remarry
after getting divorced?
Yes, it's possible,
a widow can too, but it's...
It doesn't happen.
It's not acceptable.
If you live in...
a village or a place that...
It's not "unacceptable,"
don't exaggerate.
It's not acceptable.
You're exaggerating. It's acceptable.
Don't make us look
like we're... No. It's not.
It's acceptable.
But it's hard.
It's hard for us too, it's not like,
oh, she's divorced with two kids,
great catch.
Let's move on to the next exercise.
Nahed, did you bring anything?
I didn't have enough time. Sorry.
Why not?
Come on,
what's going on?
She has no husband. What can she film?
Yeah, I don't have any troubles.
They create the conflicts in life.
- Why conflicts, look.
A toenail love story.
Souad, did you bring anything?
I didn't do this exercise,
I didn't write anything, but...
I have some footage I took at home.
Great, then give me the card,
we'll watch it.
It's not really...
It's fine, we'll improvise.
Let's see.
You can improvise the letter.
Yes, both Nasrin and Souad.
Good job, Nasrin, that was great.
Thank you, Rona.
Turn it down.
This is the fifth time
I'm trying to film.
What's wrong with you?
Stop it!
Get away from him,
get away from him, give me the remote,
give it to me.
I said, give it to me.
Stop it!
You're too old
to behave like this.
Get up and go put
your shoes in your room.
Get up and go to your room.
Go to your room.
This behavior...
It's hard to raise boys.
Bless their souls.
It's a real house, natural.
It's amazing.
How old is the oldest?
And the youngest?
14, 12,
the youngest is 3 years old.
God bless them.
I barely manage with two.
I have no idea
how you do it with six.
Good for you, six kids is a lot.
It's crazy, it's like having
your own kindergarten.
It's three average Russian families.
Does anyone help you?
my husband's mother.
She's amazing,
great with the kids, loves them.
She keeps telling me,
"You should have more children,"
"I'll help you raise them."
She helps a lot, but it's not like...
being 24 hours a day...
I don't have to tell you how it is.
Let's see the second exercise,
then we'll decide how to move on.
That was beautiful.
Let's use this as an exercise, okay?
Stand over there...
However you prefer,
facing us or facing the screen.
Now let's improvise the letter, okay?
Look at it
and say what comes into your mind.
Without thinking, without telling yourself
what's right or wrong.
What does water remind you of?
Why did you film it?
What did you want us to feel?
What do you feel when you see it?
Don't think,
just say whatever comes to mind.
Just say whatever you're thinking.
I don't know.
It's just water.
It's something I do often, every day.
What else?
Souad, how old are you?
How many kids do you have?
Just like you answered.
Whatever comes to mind.
Start talking and it will come out.
Just start talking.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know
what you want me to say.
It reminds me
that a long time ago,
people didn't have running water at home.
They used to go out and fetch water
with a big tub. They'd fill it up.
You can fill it...
and take it...
You see,
it brings to mind associations.
Just try to connect to a place inside
where you don't censor your thoughts.
It reminds me...
of the time when I lived
in my parents' house.
What happened there?
It reminds me of...
I don't really want to remember.
Do you want to stop?
Okay, thank you.
Have a seat.
Souad, that was
a beautiful exercise.
Don't say the things you bring
are uninteresting.
Don't put yourself down.
You brought two beautiful
and powerful exercises.
To me...
it felt like "Still waters run deep."
Just like Souad.
Souad is very quiet and everything...
feels too silent and charged.
I liked that she filmed water,
which symbolizes life.
I liked the focus on water,
which creates all sorts of thoughts,
and in the background we see the...
We're focused on the water,
but you see the kids in the background.
There's something powerful about it.
Okay, let's take five minutes? Yes?
Okay, let's take five.
See you, bye.
Bye, Souad.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I'm fine.
Very nice exercise.
I'm glad you presented it.
Thank you, see you next week.
Are you coming, Souad?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
My friends loved your maqluba.
Hi, how are you?
How are you?
Did you call the number I gave you?
I scheduled my first driving lesson.
Tell Ibrahim before he hears it
from someone else.
I'll tell him,
I just need some courage beforehand.
What is that?
Put it inside, deep inside.
Put it in your pocket.
Maybe because she's a woman
it won't be as...
You're right.
That's true. I mean, you sit there...
That's right.
All those hours next to...
I will keep you posted.
Maybe I'll try one lesson.
You can also take a trial lesson.
Come on.
Let's start.
Come on, Awatef.
Sure, bring the coffee with you.
Do you need help with anything?
We're starting.
Need help?
Let's put...
I didn't come out well...
Wow, that's nice.
Really nice.
Who wants to film today?
Good idea, I will position my camera here.
Yeah, let's start the scene.
Who wants...
Who wants to film
and who wants to do the sound?
I'm tired of this routine,
of this cycle.
House, work, children, homework,
house, work... enough!
Let's go see a movie.
Not a movie, a restaurant.
A restaurant.
David, let's go to a restaurant.
We'll eat shrimp, calamari.
It's not kosher, Nasrin.
In cream sauce, it's delicious.
We'll eat meat, you
like barbecue, kebabs...
I'm tired.
- Kebabs...
You're always tired.
Nice, Gila.
You're sad too.
You're sad and tired
because you sleep all the time.
Is there anything you want to tell me?
No, I'm just tired, just tired, Eti.
I miss you.
Get closer to him.
What are you doing?
It's just...
Yelena, can you...
My legs hurt,
because I wear high heels at work.
Okay, just decide...
I feel like taking a walk...
Together, every day,
for like 15 minutes.
Do you know you're handsome?
Well, that's why I married him.
Do you think I'm...
Do you think I'm pretty?
What's wrong with you?
Of course you're pretty.
I have to tell you, I have many suitors.
People are constantly hitting on me.
Men devour me with their eyes.
Very good!
Keep going...
Then I get home
and you don't even look at me.
You don't see me.
You never tell me...
You never say that my hair is nice,
you never say...
that you missed me. You don't look...
I put on makeup, I try my best,
but you never notice. You know...
I feel...
You think I have time?
That one needs help with homework,
the other one wants something else.
I clean the car every day...
If you love her, hug her.
What are you doing?
He wouldn't hug you.
He wasn't hugging.
If he doesn't go out with you today,
you're leaving home.
You'll stay in the garage.
I've tried...
for a long time.
I'm going to sleep
in the garage.
Are you nuts?
I'm going now.
- I'm going to the garage.
Fine. Go.
I'm going, Gadi, I'm not coming
back to the bedroom.
I am going to sleep in the garage.
Rona, I'm going to do that.
I'll stay in the garage.
I'll do it.
- What do you mean, bye?
Run after me.
Say no, no!
Cut, cut.
Who's next?
We can go again.
Okay, Nahed.
- Yeah.
I can't think of anything,
I don't know.
Think of something.
It doesn't have to be real.
From your life.
- Something you want to direct, to see.
Something related to your dream,
you wanted to study something, no?
- She wanted to study.
Study art or something...
- I don't have anything, I don't know.
What should I do?
Whatever you want.
But I don't have...
Do a scene where you're asking Ibrahim
if you can get a driving license.
You can practice.
Just like you discussed earlier.
Should I pick people
and they'll act it out?
Yes. Or you can act as yourself.
Pick someone to play Ibrahim.
I'll be Ibrahim
and I'll give you courage.
Talk to me.
Who wants the boom? Sorry, I'm...
You were with the boom.
Who hasn't been in charge of the boom yet?
- Me.
Okay, so you'll be in charge.
Now you're both actress
and director.
Tell her something about Ibrahim.
What does she need to know about him?
He has to have the last word.
He has his own idea
about how things should be
and it's hard to tell him otherwise.
He gets stuck in his opinion.
That's it.
And what would you like
to include in the scene?
I'll try to say what I'm planning...
to tell him.
I'll try to be Ibrahim, stuck.
That way she can practice.
Okay, ready? Are you filming?
How should I start? Ask him?
Exactly how you'd ask him.
Ibrahim, we need to talk.
About what?
I want..
I'm thinking about taking...
driving lessons.
Taking what?
Driving lessons to get a license.
What for? I take you
everywhere and there's
public transportation.
That's it. End of conversation.
That's it?
Try to convince him.
I'd be able to help
by picking up the children.
I'd be able to...
I don't know, do the shopping.
I'd be able to...
help and make sure you have less stress.
It's unnecessary.
Everything is fine.
I take care of everything.
I said no.
But all my friends have a license
and I want one too, so I can drive
whenever you can't drive me.
I said no.
Over my dead body.
other ways.
It doesn't have to be real,
it's not real life. You can...
What's the point?
He has an answer for everything.
Do you have any ideas? What can she say?
Who said that he's the one
who calls the shots?
It's your scene.
You can tell him whatever you want.
Even things you wouldn't say in real life.
You can now tell him
whatever you want.
Right? It's not Ibrahim.
Say everything in your heart.
Get it all out.
Not in front of him. In front of her.
Get your emotions out
as if she were him.
I want to tell him
that I regret marrying him.
I despise the day I laid eyes on you.
I would say.
- You're stuck with me.
You married me and you're stuck with me.
That's all there is to it.
What else do you want to tell him?
I hate that I let you touch me.
I hate that I ever let you near me.
But I can touch you
whenever I want.
I'm your husband.
I'm allowed to touch you
as much as I want.
I call the shots
and I decide everything.
I'm in charge.
I'm the man of the house.
You still don't understand
who's the man here?
You still don't know your place?
You still don't get it?
Souad, what happened to you? Souad!
Souad, what happened?
What happened?
Are you okay?
Get her some water.
- Are you okay?
I'm fine, I'm absolutely fine.
Get Carmela some water.
I'm fine...
Where is she?
I don't know. She's not...
She's not here.
I thought it would give her courage.
Poor thing.
Oh my god.
I didn't mean to be...
It's not about that,
I shouldn't have...
Do you have her number?
Her bag is here, everything.
She didn't take anything.
No, she left. She's not outside.
She's not outside?
- No.
Should I call?
Maybe I'll drive around
and look for her?
Leave her in peace.
She may harm herself.
I'm like...
She'll probably... be back soon.
It's not right, Rona.
It's really dangerous.
It's dangerous what you're doing.
It's just a simple film course...
You're pushing people to the edge.
Take that into consideration.
It's scary.
It got physical.
We just wanted to help her.
No one thought that
it would reach such...
How can you help?
Do you have the means to help her?
Are you a psychologist?
What do you mean, help her?
Who can help her?
She was in a good mood this morning.
- So what?
I gave her my driving instructor's number.
She was fine.
That has nothing to do with it.
The morning was fine,
but things change throughout the day.
We don't know anything about their life,
you planted the idea of getting
a license in her head.
It's not important.
Why not? It encourages her...
You planted the idea of getting
a license in her head.
Listen to me.
I have to say...
she's just not...
telling you everything.
- Who?
Rona. All she wants is
to make a movie about us.
Rona wants to make a movie about us?
What movie?
What do you mean?
Rona, what movie?
That's not true.
Where did that come from?
Nahed, why are you
talking on behalf of Rona?
Wait a second. I wanted...
I wanted to talk to you
and ask,
to show you,
what we've all filmed here,
and to ask you if perhaps you'd
want to make a real movie out of it.
Not just an end-of-course clip.
Okay, I didn't intend for it
to come out this way.
It's also unfair.
I didn't...
Obviously, I won't do
anything with this...
You thought of making a movie
meant for the public?
I just... I didn't think
that was going to happen.
But during the lessons,
as I saw the material
you brought into class,
things that happened,
it seemed so interesting and unique.
If I would've had
the chance to bring it up
under normal circumstances,
and if you would've let me show you...
No chance, Rona.
Show us what?
Have you done anything with the footage?
No, I just edited a few things...
You edited?
What do you mean?
I wasn't going to do anything with it,
I just meant to show it to you.
Is that even legal?
I'm not going to do anything with it,
listen to me...
Did you send it to anyone?
You were thinking about it while we
thought we were learning how to film.
I barely know how to zoom in and out.
Today was my first day on the boom.
And we opened up to you.
Rona, I trusted you.
- This wasn't my intention.
Can I go look for Souad?
- Yes.
I really feel like we should call Souad
instead of sitting here,
talking about the future of our stardom.
Good night.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Nahed, right?
Thank you.
Thank you.
And you must be Carmela.
Thank you.
And this is for Souad.
I see she isn't here.
She'll get it later on.
Okay. Let's take a photo together?
Come, let's do it.
With the certificates?
That would be nice.
Get in the picture, Rona.
Is everyone here?
Move in a bit. Great.
Am I in?
Yes. One,
two, three.
One more.
One more...
One, two, three.
Okay, Sabaya.
Thank you.
I need to go.
Thank you all,
I'll leave you to it.
Welcome, Souad.
Are you okay?
Lubna left your certificate here.
Hi, Souad. How are you doing?
Okay, so...
I'm sorry that I took you to places
you didn't want to go to.
I really thought we could
make a beautiful film together.
I'm glad that at least I saw it.
I dream about you, I dream about you.
And I wait for you with passion.
And if you don't care about me.
It will be enough for me.
That I lived.
Many pleasant nights dreaming about you.
Dreaming about you