Cinemaa Zindabad (2022) Movie Script

Mumbai! You must have heard of it
It is said, If someone comes here once, belongs to here only
And there is a reason to live is it's crowd, rush and it's dazzle
Here there is money, power, glamour, sex, scandal and an unknown glow
And among all of this is our Bollywood
Indian Film industry"
Every year abundance of boys and girls comes to Mumbai from
the various parts of the country to try their luck
The dazzle of films, the stardom of superstars
Crazy fans and inflow of money
These things magnetize them and bring them here
Though they come with flock of dreams in their heart
But here they face the bitter truth of the glamour world
"What you see is sold"
You must have heard of it
But have you ever seen the struggle behind what you sees and what is sold?
Their pain, their woe and their hopes
Every morning they get ready, they go to one office to another office for the audition
They get extremely negative response from everywhere
Then manage their courage and prepare for the another audition
Return back to home in evening with broken dreams
Drink cheap alcohol and abuse everyone
Mourn over your own poverty
Next morning, wake up with a new dream
To get ready with the same spirit
A desire in heart and being passionate to prove yourself best from others
Knowingly that what will I get to eat at night
The story is about those few people
who reached their destiny with lot of difficulties
And now the award for the best debut director
And the award goes to
Mr. Shyam Kapoor
That's great. Congratulations
-Thank you Sir
-And you achieved
Sir, I couldn't speak to you in front of people
That's why I came here to meet you
It is your right and I knew that Veer would get the award for the best actor
Congratulations again and keep it up
Thank you sir
But you are the rightful owner of this, sir
If you hadn't given me the break then I wouldn't be here today
I was just a struggler. A struggler
The sword I see, whether it is for practice or show
Sometimes it takes the form of the accident
Accidents never informs before coming
Only a right attack is enough to inform about the accident
Cut it... That's great.. Amazing
Sir, you gave the wonderful shot. Amazing
Very nice. Mind blowing
Please come, sir. Let me show you the shot
Brother, give me this chair. You sit here
Take this chair
Director's guests has arrived. Give me the chair otherwise he will get angry on me
Give it. Move aside. Every struggler needs a chair
Brother, are you deaf? I asked for tea
I will get it. Why are you getting angry?
He is calling me deaf! Don't know from where these strugglers comes
Come here. What did you say?
-What is it?
-Hey, what is it?
Hey what's your problem? Are you a superstar? Sit down quietly
And you go and do your work
Just go away
I have an advice for you that you must leave the acting
What do you mean? Should I leave the film industry, sir?
No, I am not asking you to leave the film industry
I am asking you to leave acting because your body is not flexible
You don't give proper expressions.
You look fighter more than an actor
So do one thing, join a fight master's group
One day you will definitely become a fight master
All the production teams are same everywhere
Forget it. The time is not yet ours
-Will you have tea?
Where is sugar kept?
Sanyam, I gave you the money for sugar?
I spent that money
-Akshay, please
Samrat, you have pampered him
He has taken money from me too
He is our friend. When he will get the money, he will pay back.
Don't worry my friend.
-I want to go in to give an audition
-The audition is over
There is ruckus everywhere
It's drama on screen
This is the testimony
of the film strugglers
There is ruckus everywhere
It's drama on screen
This is the testimony
of the film strugglers
Life is full of poverty
Everyone is scared
What everyone calls
Luck is very inferior
Everyone is scared
-And he is Samrat.
-Shreshth, I am a drama artist.
What happened that you called up? You wanted to meet urgently.
How do I say, I live as a paying guest
The owner has a personal problem. He is asking me to leave.
Where do I move in so quickly?
Doesn't matter. You can join us dude.
-Yes, join us.
-Thank you
Give an audition everyday
for different productions
Sometimes you are
selected or rejected
The situation is grave
Some say he is smart
and some call him stupid
To move on they have to
take up any role
Talent is misused
You lose your mind
Caught for metoo
that's the breaking news
What an unfortunate moment
Everyone is scared
What everyone calls
Luck is very inferior
Everyone is scared
Dude, they don't want to give any job. They why do they take the auditions?
Dude, they talk so high but their character is very low. For no reason.
Forget it dude. Everyone is making fool here.
Everyone is scared
What everyone calls
Luck is inferior
Everyone is scared
-Give me one tea.
-Ok, sir
In our industry, every third person is making fool of other two persons.
Everyone is playing games with each other.
They talk great things
Pimps are better than these people
At least they have some morals
These people have no morals at all
Film industry is a family! What family? My foot
-Stop it
-What happened? Why are you getting angry?
If you want to dance naked. Go outside
Naked? Who is naked?
Turn back and look at yourself. Your undie is torn.
Hey, don't laugh
I don't like to wear torn undies. I am helpless
Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you
Take this money and buy whatever you want to buy
Veer, please give me Rs.500. I want to repair my phone
This is all I have. I have to buy a shirt tomorrow.
I got a role and I have wear my own clothes
-It's okay. I will get it repair later on. Work is more important.
-Excuse me
-Can you do me a favour please!
Actually I am shopping for my dad. Can you please hold this shirt for me?
-Yes, sure
- I'll just take a few pictures. I need to send it to my dad.
Hey, why are you standing with an ugly face? You have such a cute face. Smile!
-Actually, It's a surprise for my dad.
I am gifting him.
By the way, If you send these pictures to dad won't the surprise get revealed?
Oh! you are so intelligent. You are such a genius
I didn't think about this. Actually I am just kidding.
Actually, there is no secret between me and my dad. Nothing is hidden
-We both are totally crazy.
-One more please!
Thank you so much. You are doing such a huge favour on me
Smile.... Yeah
-Hey, I have seen you somewhere. You are an actor. You are a TV guy.
You have done one episode where you enacted a cop
and running after a serial rapist
Somewhere he was ahead of you and you were after him.
Somewhere you were ahead and he was following you
I was such a hilarious chase scene. I must say.
It was me and that scene was serious not funny
Really, but I feel that you are the funniest cop on this earth
-Anyway, thank you
-Okay, thank you
Can we have a cup of coffee?
Veer, you were suppose to go for the shooting today?
Well, that role wasn't good. So I didn't take it up
-Hi, good afternoon. Are you busy?
No...yes.. I just return after giving a shot. I am free for some time
Okay, how long will you take to be free?
-What's the matter?
-Please tell me
I will get free by 5 pm to 6 pm
So, the other day you paid for the coffee. Today, I will pay.
So, shall we meet exactly at 7 pm?
Allow me to show you my love
The experience should be new
It should be candid
Gather me up so much so there is no complaint
Allow me to show you my love
Let's forget everything and look up to each other
We are two bodies and one soul
this is what our heart desires
Moisten the barren land by dropping like rain
Fulfil your desires so your absence is filled
Gather me up so much so there is no complaint
What is this? Give me the full amount
Either pay the full rent or vacate the room
You promised me since three months
I will pay today...tomorrow. What is this?
Ajju brother take this amount for now, please.
Soon I will pay the rest of the amount, It's my request
That's why I don't rent my to actors.
All of them are broke
Please, for this time only
When will you the rest of the amount?
I will pay on 15th
Remember if you can't arrange on the 15th then pack your luggage
Dude, please tell your friend. I am getting complaints about him
He flirts with the lady next door. If any incident takes place!
Let me tell you I can't help you. Do you understand?
You haven't paid since six months.
Because of you he gave us all piece of his mind
What do you think? is this your house?
You will stay here for free and flirt with the neighbourhood ladies
-Why? Does it hurt you?
Don't you feel anything when you live on my expenses?
Don't cross your limit or
I will. What will you do? Will you hit me?
Will you? Get out of here
Don't shout. I am leaving. I don't want to stay here.
When I get the money, I'll throw it on your face.
I have that much courage.
Showing me attitude of money all the time.
Sanyam, try to understand. Our situation is such that
we remove our frustration on others
Forget your anger
Dude, such small fights happens among friends
Don't leave. Please stay back, Sanyam
Where are you going? You don't have anyone in this city?
Where will you stay?
Don't try to pacify me. I will stay anywhere but won't return to you.
Take this
-How much is left?
-I have some
I had kept it here only
Brother, Coffee. Give me a cigarette
Take this
Sanyam, he likes you. You have a shelter for tonight.
It's an opportunity, take it.
After all, work is work. Try to understand the work.
And this is role is good.
Also you will get cash and that's the benefit.
Mr. Tripathi, thank you for thinking of us.
Give us a lead role if you can. We have stopped working as character artist.
How long will we do the character roles?
Sir, give us an opportunity too?
Look right now I have this role only
Samrat, I was happy to see your confidence today
-It's good you refused the role.
-It was important to refuse him.
How long will we live a helpless life? There is no profit in it.
We must do something huge now
Good, I am proud of you
Now, let's start a new today
May I come in ma'am?
-Samrat, I am an artist
Yes, tell me
Ma'am, I have come to you to find a job. If any of your project will begin then
Yes, there is one project. Just have a look
We took auditions of many boys but no one was shortlisted.
So we are just looking for somebody for the lead
I don't understand anything
I am tired of doing small characters. I came here to became a hero
I am tired of my failure and Infirmity
You know what, I have an idea. Let me talk to my dad
I am sure he will produce a film if I ask him to and you can do the lead role
So now cheer up, yes
-Yes, Amit
-Akshay, I have a message for you
Om Sai Production is making a film. The audition is going on
You go and check. May be you will get lucky.
I will forward the address.
Okay, I will leave right away
Hey, go back
Pack up
-I want to give an audition.
-Stop him
-Sir, please give me a chance. I can prove myself
-Come here, let me check
He will be our hero
Sir, It is my pleasure.
I am getting the project to work with you
It is the history of our production house.
We gave breaks to many new boys
Currently they all are stars
This production company is 50 years old and it is still on the top of the list.
Actually, the hero we waited for he was rightly chosen
Or we wouldn't get a hero like you
-And so how's the script?
-It is very good
And are you satisfied with the character?
-Yes, I am
-Okay, then shake hands
-So you are the hero of our film. The hero of "Intense Move"
Hello, May I come in?
Hello, Welcome!
Hi Sir! Hello. I missed you
-Meet Mr. Akshay
He is the hero
-Wow, I heard about you from Sir
-Glad to meet you
-Me too. Please sit
-We are very happy to have you here, Megha
-Our hero is a black belt holder
-Oh really!... Wow
This film industry is a circle
People meet, Build up relationships.
They work in the same film too.
And when time changes, you know they meet
as they don't know each other
You are a star now. Will you forget me after this film?
That's not possible
-Okay, bye
See you, bye
-Hey, Janvi
-Hey, Dad
-How are you?
-Waiting for you
Love you
Come, I want you to meet somebody
-Oh, Sure
-Hello, sir
-You spoke about him right?
Yes, sit down please
-Look Mr
Oh yes, Mr. Veer. I am a businessman
I feel it's foolish to invest in a filed which I had no idea about
But what to do?
My daughter decided to make a film then I will go for it.
I can't refuse her.
Mr. Veer, I will talk to my financial advisor and I will get back to you.
-Okay - Happy?
-Thank you dad
-Love you dear
Love you so much
Samrat, do you know? When I read your script.
It is such a lovely script that I like it instantly
And your character is great
Good Morning!
What happened? Is there a problem?
Nothing much
What's wrong? Are you tensed?
Are you in a bad mood today?
You woke up early today
Got to go now
Listen. I gave my mobile for repair.
Get it when you return home.
The money is in the drawer. Take it.
I will get it repaired.
One more thing, while returning collect my cheque
from Mr. Shukla. Okay?
And come to office on time. Okay?
If you don't come, everything gets messy.
-The climate is so glorious
-Happy, you go ahead. I will just come. Okay?
Hi Sanyam, Where are you these days?
I am good at the place I am at
-How are you?
-I am better than what I was there
I understood that seeing you.
But what are you doing these days?
I am enjoying.
Dude, I am asking you about your work?
-I don't need to work. I am getting everything.
Sanyam If you don't mind, can I say something to you?
Let it be. Don't give me the lecture. Bye
Hello, mom
Samrat, enough is enough.
My problems are increasing day by day
I want to talk to you. Come home.
Forget about films.
Mom, don't say this all the time.
Whenever you call up I become nervous.
Listen mom, I have signed one film.
Soon, everything will be fine.
Mom, I am in a hurry. I'll talk to you later.
-Uncle, what's going on? Please give a cup of tea.
-Hey, Shyam
-How are you?
-He does it daily
-Hello! -Chhotu, get some tea
-Yes, sir. I will get it.
-Shyam, he is Veer. He is a good actor.
Veer, he is Shyam. He is a writer and director.
He's an intelligent person.
Hello, sir
Patel, why are you making fun of me?
I am not an intelligent guy. If I was, I would have written, shoot and released few films.
I wouldn't be sitting with you all.
Shyam, please don't say that.
Note down, one day you will succeed.
-Samrat, how are you?
-Vivek, how are you?
I am fine. Tell me about yourself.
Have you started on a new project?
I am associated with a production company.
They will launch me as a lead hero.
-That's great. Congratulations
-Thank you
-Samrat, is there any new projects?
There is a requirement for an investor.
Currently, I can't think of anything.
I will definitely tell you if there is something.
-I am in a hurry at this moment. Let's meet again.
-Right? Bye
-We shall meet soon. Bye
You are such a scoundrel. Two projects are ready.
You will also be benefited.
You will get two films as a hero.
Why are you thinking so hard? Use your mind.
Fix a meeting. Talk to them and take things ahead.
-Okay. I will speak to them.
They want to be hero. Scoundrels
-Mr. Sharma?
-Are you Samrat?
-Hello! Rehana Ma'am
-Hello, nice meeting you - Hello
Oh baby! you did a very good job
Do you know Mr. Sharma is ready to invest
Now we will do Sharma's first first and then "Intense Move"
-Are you happy now, baby?
Oh my darling baby
Listen to your heart and speed in
Take it up to love your dreams
I started moving on with an objective
There is a fire in my heart
My sealed lips spoke a lot
This disease grew in my body
It's moving
Love became a habit and started moving
It's moving
Love became a habit and started moving
You fly like a bird
Our love is complete now
That's what my heart said
All our nights are so dreamy
So have my eyes witness them
I kept moving because of you
Your joy was felt by me
My sealed lips spoke a lot
This disease grew in my body
It's moving
Love became a habit and started moving
It's moving
Love became a habit and started moving
You fly like a bird
Listen to your heart and speed up
Take it up to love your dream
Mom is calling up
I've been noticing, your are not receiving your mom's call
What problem do you have?
Why don't you speak to her?
What do I tell her? I can't answer her
There are many problems in the family. They need money.
You know we don't have enough money for food.
How many family members you have?
Me, Mom and an elder sister
What about your dad?
He left for another woman when I was five year old
He never cared about us. Neither mom nor family.
But mom worked hard to keep us happy.
She is tired fighting with life.
Her son is not her support yet.
Shame on me.
But Samrat, you are doing two films.
You must have got some signing amount, right?
I didn't get anything yet.
I am bearing Rehana's tantrum for a better future.
I am her puppet.
Work at office during the day and at night warm her bed.
Today is a special day for me.
I am going to work with the director with which others dreams of working with.
I have an appointment with him.
-You are lucky.
-Thank you.
Mr. Shetty, actually I have no ideas of films.
I am making this film to make my daughter happy.
He is Mr. Goyal. He is taking care of this project.
Sir, I am a reputed director in the market and
I work on my conditions.
Very good. I have no problem with that.
I want to say something.
-Yes, go on.
-I don't make films with new boys.
-Yes, but I can take new boys as supporting actors.
But I
But Mr. Shetty, my daughter wants him to do a leading role.
Of course
Sir, this is the business and I don't include
emotions in business.
-I see
-I mean
Dear, serve tea or coffee to Veer
Uh.. sure dad
-Akshay! no calls, no messages. How is it possible?
You were busy shooting for days. I was missing you.
That's okay. I'll see you after the shoot.
You can go now.
Hi, Hi dear. I met with the director.
I found him talented.
But he has some ideas. He gave me some advice.
As our banner is new, so we should make
our first movie with a superstar.
As it's important for movie to be a hit.
And I want Veer to do a side role in this film.
No dad, but he is so talented.
You can't just waste him like that.
I know dear. No, we are not wasting.
He's there. We have to make more films, right?
If this film doesn't succeed then it's of no use
If will ruin Veer's life too.
I wish you good luck
My dear, since I don't know much about films.
I can't argue.
Don't worry. We will make another film.
-You come with me
-Yes, sir
I know Veer but Mr. Shetty is a reputed director.
I think you must accept his advice.
And you never know, after doing a small role in this big film
May be you will noticed.
-And you get offers for main lead.
-Please Janvi, I don't want to talk on this topic.
Samrat, book a ticket for pune in today's date.
Yes, urgently
-Hi Samrat
-Where are you going?
-No, it's someone else's ticket.
-What else is going on?
-I am doing a project as a lead hero.
Good, I am happy to hear that.
Which production?
R. M. Films
R.M? Is it Rehana Mirza?
Yes, Why?
If you don't mind, shall I tell you something?
I have all the details about Rehana Mirza.
She is a big fraud.
She cheated many bringing them with films.
None of her project starts.
Take care dude. I am leaving. Bye.
Who is it?
He was out for the whole day.
-Here is your ticket.
-Take the money kept on the table.
I have so much work. I haven't packed.
Nothing is ready. Oh God!
I am so busy. Upset. Oh no!
I wanted to ask you something.
When will we start shooting?
Come on. Can't you see, how busy I am?
Will talk about it after I return. Okay
You will not lose time just to say it.
Firstly that scoundrel Sharma is not paying
And you are bothered about shooting
Where should I get the money from? Tell me!
God knows where they come from?
Look at our luck
When we come so close and we fail.
It hurts a lot.
Akshay, do you know the producer dismissed
the director of the film you signed?
-Go quickly and check what happened.
-I am sorry Akshay. I shut this project.
-But, sir.
Akshay, this project was upsetting me.
Anyway, I don't want to discuss anything.
You can go now.
I want to meet Mr. Khanna
Alright, I will wait for you at the parking.
The amount that we spoke of, she has taken it little by little.
Total 2.5 Crores
She knows how to trap a man. Bitch!
I heard she brought a flat in Pune. With my money?
Megha, I need to talk to you
Sit in the car. We'll talk on our way.
-Akshay, you talk to me in front of others. I don't like it.
-What? What are you saying?
The topic wasn't personal. I was talking normally.
Please don't follow me. I don't like it.
After all I am a heroine.
And you know all my films are superhit.
Please! I have a reputation in the market.
What are you saying, Megha?
Please try to understand. I don't want the media
to associate me with a struggler.
I don't want to spoil my career.
It means I was a fool to consider you as a friend.
Stop the car.
What happened? Why did you stop the car?
Why should we walk together when our destiny is different?
I like your reply and you understood if very soon.
All the best... Bye!
Why did you do this to me?
-Don't point finger at me
-What did you get in return?
-Look at you
-You cheated on me
-With the help of Sharma
-Stay in your limits
Shut up! have you seen your status?
You are a mere struggler, scoundrel.
Will you argue with me? Rehana Mirza?
You have no status. Leave my house.
You came drunk to fight with me.
It's not my fault. Forgive me.
Yes, sir. I will do it.
Sir, sir forgive me.
Will you rape a female?
- Sir
-Will you enjoy yourself?
-Sir, sir
Yes, tell me. Alright, I will bring in the evening.
-Hello, sir. These are the bail papers.
-Yes, keep it
Thank you, sir
Look, who's there?
-Does Samrat Pandey lives here?
-Yes, he lives here.
Have a seat.
Uncle, what's the matter?
Samrat, your mom is trying to call you up.
But you don't pick up the call or drop the call.
So, she had to call me up.
She said, ask Samrat to talk to me.
Yes, sister-in-law. I am in Samrat's room.
He is here with me. Talk to him.
Yes, mom
I tried to tell you many times.
But you didn't listen to our problems due to your stubbornness.
What I always feared has happened to us
Samrat, I always told you. You have an elder sister.
She is getting old. Anything can happen.
Alright, I am leaving now.
-Uncle, will you have tea or coffee?
-No, I am getting late. Bye
Now I am defeated.
-Mom let me go
-Like a bird
The work is good and I will get good money.
All my breath
Without my support
Everything is shut
All doors and windows are shut
My world is here
Now I am defeated
Smarat, that's enough. Forget about films.
I have signed a film.
Very soon everything will be fine.
My life is ruined by my dreams
I accept pain by accepting high
I tried to reach the sky
I couldn't take care of minor things.
I found no sky nor land.
Pain, I am defeated now.
Like a bird
But you didn't understand
Do you know what happened?
Your sister had an affair and she was pregnant.
When I found out. I went to him with a proposal of marriage.
But he refused.
He said it is her business.
She felt dejected by the society and her dignity.
No one was there to talk or support her.
At that moment, she needed you the most.
She couldn't bear our helplessness and desperation
And she took poison.
And son, you dropped all my calls or didn't picked up at all.
Now my son, wherever you are just be happy. Just be happy.
Akshay, we will be lonely without you.
Please stay back.
I can't stop myself any longer.
I hate hypocrites and this field
I didn't obtain anything here instead lost.
I can't bear anymore. I am leaving now.
-Shreshth, can I say something?
Will I get some work in your play?
You and play?
Yes, Instead of wasting time.
It's better I do some work in your play.
-After all, it's acting there too.
-Are you serious?
-I mean you are not fooling me, right?
-Please! I am serious.
Then okay.
Just a minute
I am Shyam Kapoor this side.
Do you remember we met few days ago?
-Mr. Kapoor
Mr. Kapoor?
Yes, sir
You are the writer, director. right?
Yes sir, why did you call me up?
I wanted to meet you regarding a project.
Can you meet me?
Definitely, sir. Let's meet.
Then come to Oshiwara Cafe tomorrow
if you are free and meet there
Okay, sure sir
-Yes, 100%
-Yes, sir. Bye
Shreshth, let's talk tomorrow.
Okay, we shall meet again. See you.
A film is not shot only by money.
Mr. Shukla, a film has a passion.
-A dedication.
-Is this the guy?
-Come in Veer, come
-Please be seated.
-Good evening, sir.
-Say hello to Mr. Shukla.
-Hello, sir
-Mr. Shuklam he is Veer the actor told you about.
He is Mr. Shukla, the producer of the film.
Veer Yadav
-Mr. Kapoor told me a lot about you.
-Yes, sir.
And you fit into our lead role perfectly.
-Mr. Kapoor, shall I ask him?
-Absolutely, please ask him
Will you work in our film?
Look Veer!
-We don't want to keep you in the dark.
In this film, we have nothing to give you.
Look, consider your launching as your budget.
-If you are ready then confirm it?
-Sir, what are you saying?
Sir, I am not demanding money.
Whatever the issues are should be clear.
And no games in the project.
Sir, the film must be released.
If it was a game, we wouldn't be sitting here.
Don't worry about the release.
Concentrate on your character.
Yes, sir
And about the release, let me tell you something
I will get a red carpet at Lucknow, U.P
-Yes, sir
-Mr. Shukla is from Lucknow and I've been to his place.
And don't worry, Mr. Shukla is capable of everything.
Sir, I will surely work in this film.
Start preparing for the project.
Pre-production is done.
I will find good time for shooting.
We will start shooting soon, okay?
We are at a prayer service.
The first shot is going on.
Drop the call.
Who will hold the service? Me?
Who is the priest?
Is there any greatest priest than Shukla?
Drop the call. Prayer is going on.
Everyone is here. The director is waiting.
Yes, drop the call.
Everything is going on fine.
The money is arranged, alright!
Yes, alright. I'll talk to you later.
Disconnect the call. Come on
Mr. Kapoor, please take it in the hand.
Wow, that's good
Take the first shot
Someone get the clap.
The clap is kept in front.
Why are you searching for it?
Did you get the clap here?
Are you a fool?
-You mean
-Hold this
-Yes, sir
-You will take the first shot
The film "It's You"
Come here everyone
-So, "It's You" directed by Shyam Kapoor. Produced by Mr. Shukla
-Shot one. Take one
-Good... Good
Got it. Great
What to do with this?
-Yes, give it here.
-Keep it wisely
-Congratulation, sir!
-Come let's start working.
-Congratulation, sir
-Go and do some touch up.
Let's meet after that.
Do the touch up. Very good.
-God bless you
-Make up
Get the monitor ready.
Mr. Shukla, thank you so much.
-You are embarrassing me.
-Because of you, I could say "Action" today.
Thank you so much
-You are capable of it
-Thank you
Mr. Kapoor!
Get the shot ready.
It was great.
I mean, Mr. Kapoor got emotional. It's great.
-Roll camera
-How was the shot?
-Sir, you are welcome at Silicon Hyundai.
This company is established in India.
And before giving information about the car.
-Let's talk about the features given by the company.
William, increase the performance of this.
Let me explain.
Veer, I was saying.
Sir, just a second.
-The sexual mood
-Yes, sir .
Presume this is your job for whole day
This happens and then this and that.
You are trying to hypnotize.
-Okay, sir
Come on, one more
Mr. Kapoor, she is here to meet us.
-She wants to work in the films
-Please be seated here. I'll meet you after this shot.
-Yes, sir
She came to meet us. I mean...
Focus on the film,
Or you will get entangled with the girls.
But she came to meet us.
You aren't understanding it.
Okay...Roll...Camera... Action
Cut it
-Okay for you?
Very good
Mr. Shukla, congratulations!
You are the production manager.
Take care of things.
-Hey, I wanted to give you a good news.
-Yes, dear
-Your friend Akshay, he won the National Karate Championship.
-Yeah, look
-Show me
Look, his videos are all over.
Wow! Akshay won the championship well.
He struggled a lot. I am so happy for him.
When is your film getting completed?
Five more shoot is till pending.
Further it will go for the post production.
The first copy will be ready then it will take about one or two months.
Inform me when it gets completed.
-We will go to the temple to thank the Lord
-I prayed for a boon
-Okay, take care. Bye
-Bye. Love you baby
I need to go. Everyone is waiting for me.
Please, one last hug.
Cut it
-Final, pack up
Praise to Lord Ganesha
-Praise to the highest God
-Well done.
Thank you, Mr. Shukla
-I could say final pack up because of you.
-Mr. Kapoor, you deserve it. You have done a wonderful job.
-Very good, God bless you.
Hearty congratulations!
You did a great job.
Everyone did a great job.
-Mr. Kapoor final pack up is done, shall we party?
-Mr. Shukla, this is your call.
-It is our day
-You are the boss
-You are the producer
-Get the champagne
Lord, Mr. Kapoor is preparing to release the film.
May the distributer get ready to release the film.
The film should be released easily.
I pray this to you.
-The rest is fine.
What is the project about?
Sir, It's a beautiful love story.
And everyone in the unit worked hard
to make this beautiful film.
Shooting is not important.
Who's the star cast?
Sir, everyone is a newcomer.
-Sir, he means it's his first film.
-I produced for the first time. I mean we all are newcomers.
-Sir, It's a great film
Sorry, I am not interested in releasing new comer's film.
Mr. Kapoor, I am outside. Come out.
-Just a moment.
-Come out, I am waiting.
Mr. Shukla, don't go I'll just
-Yes, They are new comers.
-He is a new comer, right?
-I can do the film
-Thank you
But do one thing. Get a good big film to me.
-Look, we plan a big film very soon.
-We are discussing it with a big star.
-Mr. Kapoor will direct the film and get it to you.
Once this film is released then
I deal with diamonds, I can't do coal business.
By releasing small films
I can't ruin the reputation of my company.
Mr. Kapoor, tell me one thing?
When you came with the script to me
Did you tell me even once...
Sir, invest once and after that go from door to door
Like a beggars knocking at it.
Did you tell me even once?
Sir, which director will tell you before the film is made?
Sir, we worked hard on this film.
-You have made a good film.
I can see the hard work.
-Well your film is good.
-I am ready to get it released
-Thank you, sir
-Thank you, sir
-Don't worry
-Thank you
My assistant will give you an estimate
-Sir, in the next meeting
-Yes, we will meet again.
-The agreement and the other things
-Everything will be done.
Sir, what will be the estimate contains?
Nothing much.
You want to release the film, right?
-I have the experience, don't worry
Just 2 Crore rupees for the marketing is required.
And 30 Lakh which is our fees, just pay that.
You mean to say that we have to pay
Rupees 2 Crores and 3 Lakhs
-Just a sec.. I mean we
-I will let you know
You think a lot
I didn't grow old without experience.
I have 25 years of experience in this field about distribution.
If you finalize with us then I will open all the windows
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari
Watch it how money flows
Can I talk to Mr. Kapoor once?
-Then we'll talk to you.
-Think of it
-Mr. Kapoor, come out
-Just a minute
-Mr. Shukla
Please come out
Mr. Shukla...Mr. Shukla!
Mr. Shukla
Mr. Kapoor, listen to one thing
One man doesn't like the film, he feels it's small
The second man feels something is missing.
The third man who understands, asking for 2 crores 30 lakhs.
Where to pay? Shall I sell my house?
I will make my family homeless.
We'll come to your place, right?
But how can I come to your place.
You have no home.
Mr. Shukla, do you trust me or not?
I have taken up the responsibility.
-This is struggle
Don't worry, everything will be fine.
Let's go inside...
Mr. Shukla, please remain calm
-May I come in sir?
-Yes, come in
-Yes, sir. This is Mr. Shukla!
He has a good reputation in Lucknow.
Mr. Shukla
-Mr. Kapoor
-Please come
Serve me tea
Mr. Shukla, there is Mr. Mehboob Khan whom I know.
He is a good distributor.
Let's meet him once.
What will happen if we meet him?
You took me to many distributors till now.
But what happened?
You are taking me to so many places.
Did anything happen?
They have such small offices
You make me sit with the people
whom I prefer not to meet.
My bathroom is huge than their office.
And you have seen it.
You know I am wealthy.
I haven't lied about anything.
You know everything.
Mr. Kapoor, I told you that
Fortuner cars will queue up and it's true.
As even I send my Fortuner car for them.
The minister will wait with garland. I said it.
They will wait as each vote counts.
I went to each and every village and got it for them.
So won't they support me?
I build a reputation, Mr. Kapoor!
You have ruined... I mean, you made fun of my reputation.
I will tell you one more thing.
That's it. I can't bear it anymore.
You did what you had to do. I made the film.
The film is good. I like it.
And you are confident that the film is good.
But when you go to them
They call our film is a waste
You said, you know many people.
Let the film be made once then watch it.
I saw it.. I saw it everything.
Mr. Kapoor, you are aware
that I am quiet because of you
Or if it was someone else
I would explain the film to him.
The number of times we went to offices
If it was someone else at your place
I would hire him to do my household chores.
And I will kick him daily too.
That's the limit.
Forget that.. Listen to me now and do one thing
I will spend 1 Crore more for all these distributors.
Get all these distributors by air to Lucknow.
I will book their stay at "The Taj"
And Mr. Kapoor, the next day they will
Walk and stick the posters till Mumbai.
Then you can name your dog after me
Let's meet him once... Just for once.
-Mr. Kapoor
Alright, let's go
But this is the last time.
After this I will return to Lucknow.
And do anything with the film.
Report it to me on phone calls, okay!
-How much is the bill?
-Sir, It is Rs.20
Take it
-Thank you, sir
-Let's go, come
Where do we go from? Here or there?
Let's go, come
Mr. Kapoor!
-Greeting, Mr. Khan
-How are you? - Please sit
I am fine. He's Mr. Shukla
-Be seated
He is the producer of my film.
Long time, no see
-I was busy with a film.
-Did you do anything new?
Yes, a new work.
I worked hard on a film.
And you must understand that you will enjoy it
Mr. Khan, I have come here with great hopes.
It will be done.
Do you want to want to release it, right?
-It's not a big deal.
One call from me and all the theatres will be booked
-Thank you. You can do it.
-Don't worry.
-His distribution is very prompt.
-Jugnoo, get tea for us.
Yes, sir
Did you bring anything?
-What to get?
-Mr. Kapoor, I am not talking about money.
-Did you get the trailer?
-Yes, do you have the...pen drive?
-Jugnoo, get the laptop
-Yes, sir. Right away.
-Show it to me
-This theatrical one for you. It's a trailer.
Give it here
-Shall we play it?
-It's nice
Wow, that's good. Very nice
That's good, Mr. Kapoor
-The trailer is very good.
Sir, we worked hard for it.
I won't say yes or no.
I will watch the whole film first.
Keep a screen. I will call few people.
We will watch it and decide it
-Don't decide on it. Just get it released.
-God's willing, it will be released
Mr. Shukla, I won't promise
How big the release will be
But I will make Kapoor
the director of a released film.
-Yes, Thank you
-Arrange for the screening.
Yes, sure. We will do it.
-God bless you
-All the best -Thank you
Let's go
Oh, hi baby!
-Sorry, I am late.
-I want to talk.
Don't worry.
We'll elope and get married.
It's not a solution.
I cleared it to you on the first day
That I won't marry against the will of my family.
-Please baby
-It's not possible.
I like this scene very much, Mr. Kapoor
-Mr. Khan
-It's funny
Mr. khan, how is the movie?
Very good.
Congratulations, Mr. Kapoor
Mr. Kapoor, we put life in the film.
Control yourself.
You are the producer.
How did you like the film?
Good. Good. We enjoyed it.
Brother, the film is great.
It will do good business.
I feel you were crying with me.
Your eyes have turned red.
Okay Kapoor, Done
Come to the office
-Let's do an agreement.
-We will talk there
-Thank you
-Sir, how are you
-Very good
-How is the film?
-Very good
-Sir, Mr. Kapoor is amazing.
Mr. Shukla is from Lucknow.
Control yourself.
-Sir, did you like the performance of the boy and the girl?
-It's good. Very good.
-Let me call them
-Come here
Coming sir
-He is Veer
-Hello, sir
-And she is Rhea
-Good job, you did a good job.
-Hello sir. Thank you
-Hello sir. Thank you, sir
The emotional scene was so touchy.
I cried twice.
Very good
-Thank you -Thank you
-Thank you, sir
-Mr. Khan has as office at Adarsh Nagar
He has released 2500 films.
-Mr. Kapoor
-Yes, hello
I was crying bitterly during the emotional scene.
You both did magic.
-Mr. Shukla, he is calling us.
-Shall we go?
-Hello, Mr. Khan
-Please come
-How are you?
-I am good
I don't know how to say it.
Mr. Kapoor, there is a big confusion.
What is the confusion, Mr. Khan?
Please tell me clearly
Dakshraj Production House
Knows about your film
You know, their two films are
getting released one by one.
They don't want a good film
to be released against their film.
As it will give them competition
and ruin their business.
-What are you saying?
-I am not saying it.
They called me up an hour ago.
They said that I shouldn't
release your film.
So now what?
Mr. Shukla, they are big producers
and I am a small distributor.
I can't fight with them being
in the same business?
I am sorry. I can't accept your film.
-You know us.
-You also know that our film is good.
-Yes - Even then you aren't supporting us.
Mr. Kapoor, I know you.
I also know your film is good.
But what can I do?
Try to understand my situation.
We kept the trial on your request.
Your friends came to watch it.
Our guests came and appreciated the film.
Infact you also appreciated the film.
Yes, I did it. I am not refusing it.
It is a good film.
-What does it mean?
-But, they and I have no comparisons.
-Try to understand Mr. Shukla
-But the appreciation!
I am sorry,. I am really very sorry
Sorry, Mr. Kapoor
-What are you searching for?
-My towel
It's on your shoulder
Where are you lost?
Why are you so upset?
Dakshraj refused it.
There are many in the industry.
You are saying as though
your world is ended here.
Go to their competitor.
You will get many other chances.
You won't die because
of this one production house.
Do one thing. Groom yourself.
Go and take the bath. Freshen up.
-Yes, Mr. Kapoor
-I got an Idea
White Angel distribute
Dakshraj Productions films
And their competitor is Blue Ocean
We will speak to Blue Ocean.
We will take their shelter.
They will get our film released, right?
Yes, it's fine.
I will reach there right away.
No, do one thing.
How will you go?
I will take you there.
I will take a taxi from here
-Meet me at the Lokhandwala corner.
-I will walk to that spot.
Well done. Nice
Mr. Kapoor, you made a great film.
Thank you, sir. Thank you
Well written
Get this film released once.
I will get four more films done.
Mr. Shukla, control yourself.
Contain your excitement.
Who is the boy?
-Sir, he is Veer Yadav. A new comer
Sir, consider that I am giving
another superstar to the industry.
-Note it down
-He's very hard working guy.
-The boy has some substance.
-Yes, absolutely the boy has an element.
-And he looks wonderful on the screen. The film is full of press.
It will be very easy for me to sell it.
Thank you sir. Thank you so much.
Alright, let's do one thing
We are ready to release the film.
What do you say?
Do one thing.
Come to the office tomorrow.
-We will sign our contract.
Thank you sir. -Nice
Thank you so much.
Mr. Kapoor, I want to say something
Sir, I want you to premier
this film at Lucknow once.
I will have a red carpet ready.
The ministers will welcome you with garlands.
Leave his hand. It will hurt him.
Sir, I have gone to Mr. Shukla's place at Lucknow.
Consider the whole Lucknow to be his.
Light burns where he pees.
-We can also premier at Lucknow too.
-We will think about it.
-Thank you, sir
-Thank you
-Let's go, Mr. Shukla
-You forget things and get excited
-What to do I got carried away.
Yes, Hello
Mr. Shukla, where are you?
I've been calling you since morning.
It's already late.
Why haven't you reached here?
-Are you sure, you are coming?
-No, I am not coming
Why? What are you saying?
I am not interested in the film.
Nor do I want to work with you.
Mr. Shukla, wait
I am coming.. I will come to meet you.
Tell me your location.
Hello.. Mr. Shukla...
Mr. Shukla, you did a wonderful job
By listening to our demand.
The one who stands
against us faces loses.
-And you earned a profit before the release of the film.
-If you continue this friendship you will continue to earn too.
-Anyway we will business as partners.
-Yes, sir
Sir, it's your generosity
that I am here with you.
Sir, have your next project in U.P
I will get the subsidy.
I know the C.M too, honestly.
Send a notice to Mr. Kapoor
-Yes, sir
-Is it okay?
As you say
Sir, what is written in this notice?
And why did Mr. Shukla sent you the notice?
Mr. Shukla and I had a
partnership deal for this project.
Mr. Shukla will invest in this project.
Planning, hard work and direction will be mine.
We made the film.
If I and Mr. Shukla have the differences
Where the situation is that we can't work with each other
Then I will return him money and film will be mine.
If I don't pay him then he will
give me my share of hard work
He will compensate for my work
And the film will belong to him.
That's why he gave me
One months time.
Sir, why is Mr. Shukla is doing this?
Please talk to him
I don't know
Dakshraj Productions have misguided
and confused him completely.
I feel he has sold himself
to the Dakshraj Productions house.
Sir, what will we do the next?
We have one month in hand.
Let us see what to do.
First I will try to get the film.
Sir, may I come in?
-I saw your film.
-Thank you
It's a very nice film.
I am interested to finance your film.
Thank you, sir!
-I am going out for a few days.
We will sign the agreement after I return.
I will finance you.
Sir, my partner has the rights.
Do you anything as security
which you can give us?
Based on that we can finance you.
Like gold, property, shares anything.
I have a film and me.
Sorry, It's company's policy.
I cannot help you, sorry
You, being a director talking foolishly.
When you have no rights then
Why will a financer, finance you film?
Blue Ocean is releasing it
You are talking foolishly again
Did he gave you anything in writing? No
No distributors gives anything in written
He didn't gave anything in written, right?
That's it
Look Shyam, next time when you come to me
Get a proper and reliable project.
-Yes, I am coming. I here.
Hello! Greetings. No!
No greetings today
Please don't mind
I came twice in a day to meet you.
Firstly I met in you in the evening.
And now when I am returning home.
I thought of meeting you.
Not just meet but talk to you.
It's nice you are not
doing anything now.
I am not a superstar that I will say
You must be very happy.
I want to tell you that
You are very sad
Tell me one thing
What lacked in my commitment?
I wrote that story
with so much of hard work.
I took pains to
search for a producer.
I lost weight to gather actors,
cast and crew.
I didn't eat or sleep.
I didn't bother about myself or relationships.
I gave my all for this film.
I took care of this film
Like a child since 10 years
But it's nothing for you
You stopped my film from release.
Earlier I though it was the distributor
Between the film and theatre.
No, I was wrong
Now I believe you played the game.
Why are you harassing me alone?
The world contains 7500 crores people.
And you know that I am
better than those crores.
Some say the hero is new.
Some say there is no heroine.
Some say the producer is new.
Some say the director is new.
Some say the film is low budget.
Some say it's an over budget film.
Some say add this and some say add that
If this was not there
Wouldn't I make another film?
Shouldn't I ?
Should I bury my creativity right here?
I made this film with so much of hard work.
Please get it release.
I beg of you!
I will say this and leave.
Alright, we will meet again soon.
Hey wake up!
Wake up, is this is the place to sleep?
Dunk yard! Get up
Please give me a cup of tea
See my luck . Earlier I didn't get a film.
When I got it and completed.
It is not getting released.
Don't be so disheartened.
Some or the other will happen.
What will happen?
Tomorrow is the last day.
Mr. Kapoor can't pay Mr. Shukla
Mr. Shukla will get the film.
And he won't let
the film get released
Mr. Kapoor is calling up?
-Hello, Mr. Kapoor
-Yes, Veer
-Where are you?
-Yes, sir. What is it?
Do you know Saxena's office
at Heera-Panna mall?
Yes, sir
Come there, I am waiting for you.
I'll be there right away.
Do you have to go?
Yes, Mr. Kapoor called up.
I need to go urgently.
-Okay, you take care
-See you
Check the papers.
We have to pay Mr. Shukla one crore
Thank you. Can I leave?
Sit down
This is the power of attorney of the film
For which I am nominating you.
Henceforth you will take
the decisions regarding film, instead of me.
Sir, I can't understand anything
Why are you doing this?
I am going abroad.
It may take longer to me to return.
Right now, your fulfil your responsibility and
-This is a cheque of one crore.
Give this cheque to Mr. Shukla, okay?
Just follow the lawyer
as he says to do.
-Okay, sir
When you get all the rights
Then release the film with Blue Ocean.
Vinita, say aloud.
"Ramesh you won't know the worth of a pinch of Vermillion.
Ramesh you won't know the worth of a pinch of Vermillion
No, say it with feelings if you want to become an
actress then show feelings.
This is draft of the money of your
film production which Mr. Kapoor has sent.
-What is this? Draft?
Sir, sign all the pages of this document.
-Yes, sir
I didn't want to do this to Mr. Kapoor
I but don't know how
Maybe I got carried away
by the Dakshraj Production Company.
Forget it sir!
These things don't matter anymore.
You did what you wanted to do.
Sir, please sign it.
Thank you, sir
After all, your hard work paid off.
Your film will be released tomorrow.
I am so excited.
I am also very happy
But something is nudging me.
If Mr. Kapoor was with us
Things would be different.
I know, he would be so pleased to see this.
-Janvi, what are you doing? I am getting impatient
-Surprise! I am sure you will love it
-Hey, don't you love it?
-What is this?
Celebrations! Since your film is a hit.
-Thank you
-Hey I am so glad
-Congratulations - Thanks
Sorry, I don't want all this
But why? You should be happy
We won't celebrate anything
Until Mr. Kapoor returns
-Excuse me!
Hello! Where are you, sir?
-Sir, what happened?
-Nothing! have a seat.
What happened about the film?
-What is the position of the film?
-Sir, It's fantastic
We got a huge pickup
with mouth publicity.
All shows, theatres, multiplexes were houseful.
I believed this film will
ruled the hearts of the people
Sir, you have been lately operated.
Don't stress yourself by speaking a lot.
You have only one kidney.
Go to sleep.
-Come on, please sleep
-Sister, the film is doing well.
Operation? Sir, the draft of one crore?
Did you sell your kidney for that?
I didn't sell my kidney.
I donated my kidney
to save my friend's life.
And he gave me a loan of
One crore to get my film released.
Veer! This is what I wished
That I make a good film.
And get it released in a good way.
I wouldn't back off to sell my organs
For that not just my kidney.
You are great, sir.
You are great.
I like the film is doing
Mind blowing business.
Thank so much for coming
And your co-operation.
The film is doing well.
Our lead actors and our whole unit is very happy.
We have your co-operation.
Thank you so much.
Sir, is this your
real life love story
A struggler director has no love story.
Everyone tries to use them.
Sir, you were not seen during publicity or premier!
Do you have reason behind it.
I had gone abroad.
It is reported that you and the producer had
a fight during the shooting of this film.
No, we didn't fight
during the shooting.
We had a difference after
the film was completed.
Sir, what do you think that will you
get the best director award this year?
Sir, you are a God Father for me
I dedicate my award to you.
Thank you so much!