Cinnamon (2023) Movie Script

(bright gentle music)
Help me purify
Let me be free
with my desire
I'm drowning in lies
Don't wanna be
fighting this fire
Out of great sorrow
comes the dawn
Wash it away
make me be reborn
Rolling up and
releasing a fire
What can satisfy
So come on and
help me purify
- Condoms.
- Gold ones?
- You know it.
It's so funny, if you pull
out that golden wrapper
and their egos go
through the roof
when their dicks aren't
swimming in them.
(customer shrieks)
Bitch, come on.
Oh please send me a sign
'Cause I've been
circling the drain
For the millionth time
Out of great sorrow
comes the dawn
Wash it away make me reborn
Oh and I need release if I
Can't satisfy
Oh won't you help
me be satisfied
Come on and help me
(electricity buzzes)
(bright gentle music)
(muffled vocalist singing)
- Fuck. Shit.
(door jingles)
Sir, we're closed.
- I thought y'all
closed at midnight.
- Yeah, well we're
closing at 8:00 tonight.
- Oh, well, I ain't
gonna be but a minute.
Hey, where can I find
those, uh, pecan pies?
You know, the small ones
you can eat with two bites?
Two big ass bites,
that is. (chuckles)
- Uh, probably over
there by the pastries.
But you gotta h-hurry
it up, sir, please.
- Ah, don't worry about it.
Oh, can I use the bathroom?
Long drive.
- Bathroom's broken.
- Don't worry about
it. I'll be quick.
The one I love so much
I can't even touch
(James groans)
(keys jangle)
(door jingles)
- Sir, we're closed.
- The lottery
ticket. Quick pick.
(machine beeps)
(tense menacing music)
Put all the cash in
a plastic bag now.
The safe too, bitch.
Back up.
You guys are always
stupid enough
to leave the safe open, huh?
(tense menacing music continues)
(gunshots blast)
(display thuds)
(bright gentle music)
(police radio chattering)
(Wally muttering)
- Fuck.
Did they take everything?
- The safe, the
register, everything.
- Fuck.
Go, go home. We'll talk
about this tomorrow.
(bright upbeat music)
Some people
Are made of plastic
And you know some people
Are made of wood
Some people
Have hearts of stone
Some people some people
Are up to no good
Ah but maybe I'm for real
I'm as real
As real can get
(door thuds)
(tense suspenseful music)
- [Eddie] Don't move.
(bright upbeat music)
- Back up.
(gun clicks)
What you see
Is what you get
I got real love
Go and get it
(Jodi chuckles)
What you see
Is what you get my baby
And me and you
Is the best thing yet
The best thing yet
(Jodi laughing)
You know some people
Are made of lies
(gun clicks)
To bring you down
And shame your name
But baby I have
good intentions
Good intentions
'Cause breaking hearts
just ain't my game
All I want to do is love you
- Hey.
You gonna keep ignoring me?
- Please, stop.
- What'd I do?
- Don't come hollering
at me on this bus.
I've had a long day and I don't
wanna make any new friends.
- You don't even know
what I was gonna say.
- Hey, ma, why you so
sad? Where your man at?
- Ain't nobody can
hit you like that.
- Okay, really? What
was you gonna say then?
- Your name is Jodi Jackson.
We went to Woods together.
I sat behind you in
Ms. Haskins' class.
- Eddie.
- Eddie. Yeah, that's right.
- Aw, man.
I remember you.
You used to sell candy in
homeroom making crazy money.
I remember you used
to put them coolers
in the expelled kid's lockers
to keep them sodas
you were selling cold.
- You can't forget about
the hot chili Fritos too.
- I remember those.
I ain't forget.
Hey, how'd you manage
to do all that, anyway?
I always wondered.
- You know, Mr. Freesman,
he used to let me use
his microwave, like,
10 minutes before class got out,
so I could heat up
the chili and shit,
as long as I kept my grades up.
- Did you?
- Yeah, but my mom
always wondered
how the only class I
ever managed to pass
was trigonometry.
Look, you dangle a dollar in
front of a hustler's face,
I guarantee you he will put
in the effort to grab it.
Bought my first car with
that hot chili Frito money.
- That's crazy. (laughs)
- Can I buy you a piece of pie?
(bright upbeat music)
So what do you do for a living?
- I work at a gas...
No, sorry. Um, I'm a
singer and an actress.
- Singer and an actress.
- [Jodi] Mm-hm.
- Why are you sorry?
- It's just, I always used
to say singer and actress,
but I've been working at
that gas station for so long,
I'm starting to forget who I am.
- That's a shame.
Um, you wanna sing
me a song then?
- No chance.
- Why not?
- I'm not gonna sing to you
in the middle of a diner.
I wanna act in a Disney
movie, not live out one.
- Well, hey, but isn't
that the entire point
of, like, being an actor?
You're supposed to, like,
become the character, right?
Go ahead.
- Can we please talk
about something else?
I sit and think all day
about how I'm wasting away
at a gas station, and
the last thing I wanna do
is talk about it over pie.
- Fair enough. Sorry.
- So what do you
do for a living?
- I'm a crook.
- What do you mean?
(upbeat music)
I'm gonna need those props
I done came this far
I'm 'bout to get rich
- Whoa, sorry.
- [Pedestrian] Watch it punk.
You can suck my dick
That's a banana split
Shit's getting out of hand
I can tell you to scram
but you make a good fan
How am I gonna be the one
To tell you I'm
breaking up the band
Oh you need my help
(engine rumbles)
Don't hold your breath
This ain't about hate
I know what you meant
It's all business
Look I sold your percent
It's not about me trying
to break your heart
Not about me
trying to hurt it
It's about me making sure
the only people that's left
Around me are the
people that deserve it
How better to word it
And I kept my number
the same for years
- Oh, shit.
Now I'm 'bout to be ghost
I really hope you
don't catch no feelings
Hey watch out watch out
Be cool now
Don't do nothing
you'll regret
Don't do nothing
oh forget it
Do what the hell you
want I can care less
I don't give a shit
Boy I got so much to do
Feel like I got
so much to prove
I don't need no drama
- Watch yourself, kid.
All I need is me and my crew
- If you had stole
this watch from me,
I'd have killed your ass.
What you gon piss
away this night
All these hot chicks
waiting in line
- (scoffs) Get the
fuck outta here, man.
We gon drop a stack
we gon make it back
- (scoffs) Damn kid.
(door thuds)
- [Eddie] $500.
- [Jodi] My god, that's more
money than I make in a week.
- Yeah?
Now that I've shown
you what I do,
I think it's time
I hear them pipes.
- Oh, Eddie. Come on.
- Unless you just want me to
go down to the gas station
and see what you get
on there instead.
- Oh, that's fucked up.
- Nothing? Hmm?
(Eddie singing)
There is a house
In New Orleans
(Jodi laughs)
They call the rising sun
Come on. You know the words.
It's been the ruin
Of many a poor boy like me
And God I know I'm one
(Eddie humming)
My mother was a tailor
She sewed up my blue jeans
My father was
A gambling man
Way down in New Orleans
- You happy?
- Damn.
(bright gentle music)
(Jodi laughs)
- Um...
- Goddamn.
(door knocks)
That's my boy.
(muffled upbeat music)
- What do you want, Eddie?
- You still got the
studio in the back?
(Romeo laughs)
- You dead ass.
- Yeah, I'm dead ass.
What do you mean, bro?
- Eddie, you owe
me money, Eddie.
- No, come on. Stop.
- [Romeo] Stop?
- Stop.
It's not funny.
- He's broke.
- Stop.
He's totally-
- [Romeo] Broke as fuck.
- I'm not, I have it.
You know, I'm, I'm good.
- [Romeo] Look at
what he wearing.
(cash rustling)
(muffled upbeat music)
- Man, look, bro. Studio
need work, all right?
Give me the money. We can fix
it and you can lay a track.
- Oh, you want my money
to fix your studio?
How do I know you're
not just gonna take it
and run away with it and
then never talk to me?
- 'Cause you in the deficit
with my ass in the first place.
How the fuck am I going
off with someone's money?
- You're right.
Use it for the song
and not for another fake
tracksuit from Ross, please.
- Who's that there?
- That's Jodi.
- Cinnamon. It's my stage name.
- I like her.
- I'm sure you do.
You should put them teeth away
and go back inside, all right?
(bright gentle music)
So where'd you
get Cinnamon from?
- When I was a kid, my
mom made me French toast,
and she put cumin on
it instead of cinnamon.
I'm allergic to cumin,
so my face swelled up
and my throat closed.
- Damn.
- So this one day, a woman
brings churros to class,
and these kids
just look so happy
sucking their fingers and shit.
And I think to myself,
"I'm just gonna try one."
So I pull a stick off
of my classmates' plate,
pop it in my mouth and
all the kids just start
oo-ing and aah-ing,
and nothing happened.
- So then why'd
you pick the name?
- I realized that is the
most fearless I've ever been.
So when I think of
my singing name,
I think of an alter ego
or part of me that's fearless.
- That is so fucking dope.
- Hey. This is good, hmm?
(bright upbeat music)
- You got my change?
- Nigga, what change?
- This, this don't look like
a $500 renovation, Romeo.
- You cheap motherfucker.
- I'm cheap?
- Yes.
- You got soda fucking
bottles on the wall.
- Craigslist cheap.
- This is what $500 got you?
- Yes.
(Jodi clears throat)
(bright upbeat music)
- You don't gotta point, yo.
- I wanted to.
- She sees me.
- Cinnamon, so I heard
you got the song wrote.
Let's hook it up and maybe
we can figure out our tempo.
- Right, so I've never
really done this before,
um, but I love music.
(friend sneezes)
- You good, nigga?
Go ahead, Jodi.
(Jodi singing)
Mama I promise you
I haven't been
- Uh, cut, cut that mama
out. Cut that mama out.
We know who you're
talking to. Less is more.
- When you hold it all
in and it just explodes.
I just need to find some way-
- Let that motherfucker go.
They have to align
There is nothing
There's nothing else I
- Fuck. Relax.
- Can we just start from
the middle part, please?
- No, all of this is
made for one tape.
- All right, bro.
Hold on, hold on.
- [Romeo] Look, do you
need a click track?
I can give you one.
- She does not need
a click track, bro.
So Jodi, uh, I don't
know shit about music.
What I do know is
sometimes when you,
you start thinking too hard
about what's coming next,
you start looking for shit
that ain't really there, right?
And it can only be in one
place. You know where it's at.
Close your eyes.
- Eddie.
- Come on.
Close your eyes. Trust me.
It helps me.
It must have been hard
To tell me I wasn't
gonna make it
You were just
Trying to protect me
- I think you're a diamond.
- That's sweet. I think
you're worth a lot too.
- I ain't worth shit.
It's true. I'm a
hustler, I'm a crook.
I steal worth. Never
seem to maintain it.
That's why I'm so
good at what I do.
I ain't got shit to lose.
The planets they
have to align
There's nothing
There's nothing
else I can try
- I was really
starting to like you
until you said that
about yourself.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
I was thinking I would give
you a kiss on to your lips.
- Goddamn.
- It could have been
a real moment there.
But the world just
ain't spinning
Fast enough
For me
To get there
- That be Cinnamon.
- I'm talking 'bout.
- [Romeo] Jodi
might be Cinnamon.
- [Eddie] That's what
I'm talking 'bout.
What's up, bro?
Thank you very much.
Have a good one.
- [Jodi] Hey.
- Hi.
- That felt so good down there.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
There's not a lot of times
that things just
feel right, you know?
And that felt right.
- Yeah, it did. I felt it.
(bright gentle music)
- Never talk about you
being worthless again, okay?
(package thuds)
Been feeling like
we've got a chance
Really feeling
like we're moving
Finding good
things in your arms
I know that all
will be as it should
- Jodi?
- Mm-hmm.
- What do you think
about going out to LA?
- For what?
- For your music.
- That's kind of
a long shot, huh?
- Do you believe in your music?
- Oh, come on.
- Look, I've been
thinking about it, right?
$500 for gas to get out
to LA in the tip top car.
I could probably find something
for, like, three grand.
Used, of course. But
that's no problem.
Uh, once we get out there,
find, like, a really
cheap apartment right
outside the city.
Maybe get some new clothes.
So, like, once we start
dealing with the big wigs,
we look the part.
Give it a year. I figure we
could do it for, like, 30 grand.
- Hey, Jodi, we're docking
your pay this week.
Your cigarette count was off.
- Eddie. I ain't got no money.
- Uh, yeah, I know.
What I'm telling you
is I'm your manager.
- You gonna be my manager?
- Yeah.
So I'm gonna manage
to find you $30,000.
What do you think?
(gentle bright music)
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Yeah?
(pedestrian groans)
- Hey.
Watch where the
fuck you're going.
- I'm so sorry, man.
(upbeat music)
- Hold up.
See him right here?
- Yeah.
- That's the nigga
that stole my watch.
(upbeat music)
(car revs)
Get that motherfucker.
(tense suspenseful music)
- If you were worrying about
this scar making you look ugly,
I just wanted you to know
that you were always ugly,
and this might even
make you look better.
- Yeah?
- [Jodi] Mm-hmm.
- Jodi...
We're broker than
when we started.
Maybe you need a new manager.
- I can't stay here for
the rest of my life.
I have had this
feeling inside me
that I am supposed to
be doing something,
and they tell you work hard,
and it'll happen for you.
And it is, it's not happening.
- We're gonna
figure it out, okay?
(gentle somber music)
- [Jodi] Hey, Eddie.
- Yeah?
- What if we could
get it all in one go?
- No. Too much risk
involving money that big.
- What if there wasn't any risk?
After all this, we
could just go to LA,
and you never have to
put your neck out again.
- After what?
- There's a lot of
money coming in and out
of the gas station.
And the cash just piles up
on the floor in the safe.
Wally usually leaves
the door unlocked
so I can let the armed
trucks pick it up.
- Armored truck coming
at 12:15 for pickup.
Lock that motherfucker up.
- How much money are
we talking about?
- At least 50K.
(tense suspenseful music)
(gun clicks)
- Look at me.
- Eddie, you look ridiculous.
- The safe, bitch.
Give me the money.
(Jodi sobs)
Hey, look at me. Don't move.
I want you to bend down.
Take the cash out the
register and open the safe.
(bright gentle music)
The safe too, bitch.
Back up.
(tense suspenseful music)
(dramatic somber music)
(dramatic somber music)
(Jodi laughing)
- [Jodi] Are we safe?
- I don't know.
- You did what you had to do.
It was you or him. People
with guns get shot.
- Not always.
Look, Jodi, I just don't
wanna think about it.
- I have to go to work tomorrow.
- What?
- Well, they told me to.
If I don't go back they
gonna think something's up.
We'll leave after.
- Jodi.
- I, I'll tell them I
can't work there anymore,
and I'm too afraid to go back.
- You think they're
gonna believe you?
- I'm not acting anymore.
- Lord, have mercy.
What kinda beat
up ass automobile
you driving there, brother?
I think it's time to get
you in a new set of wheels.
No credit? Some credit?
Out on parole?
(laughs) Oh, shit.
Well, you better hear
what my girls are saying.
(bright upbeat music)
Wally's got a car for you
Wally's got a car for you
- Your girl deserves a Cadillac.
Get on out that limit.
You can't pull up to no club
in a beat up Honda Civic.
But your good friend Wally
ain't going break your back.
- That's right.
- But you better
hurry on up now,
'cause he ain't
got time to waste.
Wally's got a car for you
Wally's got a car for you
Wally's got a car
For you
- We'll see you down here.
Wally about to make a deal.
(bright energetic music)
My fucking feet are hurting.
- Wally, those shoes are too
small. Why'd you buy them?
- Not too small, baby.
They're European.
They supposed to fit tight.
Besides, they was on sale.
(camera clicks)
Sing a happy song
And the world feels better
Sing a song
Sing a happy song
- Hey, Wally.
When you have a minute,
let's chat in your office.
And the world feels
so much better
- Love you, baby.
- Damn, Wally.
18 years? I ain't even know
they have Crown like that.
Why don't you go ahead and
pour your friend James Walker
a little glass of that, yeah?
- A glass? Hell.
I'll give you a couple
sips. (chuckles)
You want some ice with that?
- Yeah, I'll take a cube.
- So, uh, what'd you
wanna talk to me about, J?
- Man. Look at that
shirt you wearing.
That shit is coldblooded.
You out here looking like
Don Johnson, Sonny Crockett,
"Miami Vice" on his day off
up in this motherfucker.
(chuckles) Pin-stripe
collar, gold cuff links.
Goddamn, boy, you look good.
- What can I say, baby?
- You ain't gotta say shit.
The clothes are speaking
for themselves, man.
You done really came
up in this world.
How you afford that shirt?
- Business is good, James.
You see, what I'm creating
here is something special.
I'm tired of walking into
these Black-owned businesses
around here and waiting three
times the length to get served
as I do in them
white neighborhoods.
People like that. That's right.
Upstanding Black-owned
Shit, they damn
near pay for itself.
- Well, I didn't ask you
how you plan on rebuilding
the ghetto one used car
dealership at a time.
I asked you how you
afford that shirt.
See, you were around
about four years ago.
Remember you came to me and my
mother asking for some money
on the partnership to
start that gas station?
So we took our 49% ownership
and you got your 51%.
Fast forward about two years.
You were so hard up on money,
I ain't know if you was
going to make it, nigga.
But we helped you out.
Took that 2% off your hands
and business been going steady.
- That's right.
- But see...
That's just the word. Steady.
I guess what I'm wondering is
how you making out like a
bandit up in this motherfucker?
To start a business like this,
nigga need to have
a little more money
than you're making
at that gas station.
I assume I know what you
make since I read your books.
Unless them books is wrong.
- Are you accusing me
of stealing from the
gas station, James?
- No, nigga.
But I'd be a lying
son of a bitch
if I said I wasn't suspicious.
So as your business partner
of your not so successful
venture, I have to ask,
how'd you manage to get
the money for all this?
- Can you keep a secret?
- Sure, why not?
(tense suspenseful music)
- Well, my girl Heather
out there, she paid for it.
- I must be crazy.
Don't Heather work at the
gas station during the day
and moonlight as a stripper
out at the Rumpus Room?
- Occasionally.
- Don't exactly sound like
Mark Cuban to me, nigga.
- Well, if you must know-
- I must.
- Heather grandmother passed
away about a year ago.
- Uh-huh.
- And you may not be able
to look at it and tell,
but that family blue
blooded than a motherfucker.
- No way.
- And she was her
grandma favorite.
Left her $120,000 cold hard
cash in a safety deposit box.
Well, Heather, she ain't
know what to do with it.
So Wally say what?
- What Wally say?
- Let's invest it.
- Oh.
- And voila, nigga. (chuckles)
- (laughing) Hot damn, Wally.
You got yourself a
good woman there.
- And don't I know it.
- I might have to get me
one of them white girls.
I've always had issue with
being with one, though.
Guess it's the side
of myself I hate.
You know my daddy
was a white man?
Raped my mother at 13 and
left her with me, though.
- So you saying all
white men are evil?
- Well, it ain't just
that he raped her.
He went on ahead and smacked
her so hard in both her ears,
he made her deaf.
Could have just
killed her instead.
But that ain't what
the white man does.
See the white man, like a dog,
like to defecate on
people and leave his mark.
I guess after that,
I kind of had a hatred
towards white people.
But you making me feel
like the pussy on their
women must be different.
- Nigga, you ain't been
with no white woman?
- Oh, no, I haven't. (chuckles)
Shit, turned down
a few. (laughs)
Well, congratulations
on your wonderful
endeavor, Mr. Superfly.
- Thank you, my brother.
- Before I go, let me
ask you one more thing.
You see Mama, you know
she loved you, right?
- I love Mama.
- Well, she wanted me to ask
since you're doing so well
with this and all,
why don't you go on ahead
and sell back the rest
of your shares in
the gas station?
Now you might be thinking,
"Why on earth would
I sell my shares
in a thriving business?"
Well, you got this one
that's doing so well.
And if for some reason
I, I know you wouldn't,
but if for some reason
you ain't telling me
and Mama something,
we might just let that go.
- This is less than
half the shares
I still got in that
gas station, James.
(tense suspenseful music)
- Oh, yeah.
I guess you right.
(Wally sighs)
- You go and take that check
and shove it up your
motherfucking ass, James.
- Wally!
That money done made you
a rude motherfucker, man.
(James chuckles)
All right. I tried.
Guess I'll see you on
the other side, nigga.
- Bang, bang.
(bright energetic music)
Heather, baby, I think we
in a little bit of trouble.
(Heather chanting)
- We are going to
Spain. (chants)
- Heather, did you hear me?
I said we are in big trouble.
(Heather chanting)
(maracas rattling)
Will you stop it with
the damn maracas?
You're stressing a nigga out.
- Well, you want me
to blow you, baby?
(Heather chants)
(maracas rattle)
- Okay.
(bright energetic music)
- [Heather] Mm-hmm.
You like that.
You love that.
(phone buzzes)
- Hello? What?
No, no, just slow
down. Now what?
(tense suspenseful music)
Did, did they take everything?
- The safe, the
register, everything.
- Fuck. Go home.
We'll talk about this tomorrow.
Oh, shit, this ain't no good.
- Sir, we got some questions.
- Yeah, hold on a second.
Hey, James.
Yeah, you got to get down
to this gas station
A-S motherfucking P.
(tense suspenseful music)
(police radio chattering)
(police radio chattering)
- [Officer] Hey, this is
an active crime scene.
- Shut the fuck up, pig.
- Hey, hey, take it easy, yeah?
That's his dead brother, man.
- Hey, asshole. You can't
talk to me like that.
I'm a cop.
- The fuck that
mean to me, bitch?
- Whoa, James, James,
James. Easy, man.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Stop. Let's go.
- Where's his bag?
- Jodi said she saw the
robber man take everything.
(objects thudding)
Nigga, this is real
bad. Catastrophic.
I have to tell Mama,
and best believe
she ain't gonna be
happy about this shit.
(police radio chattering)
- Why he mad at
the pies, though?
(singer yelps)
(upbeat energetic music)
- [Vocalist] Well, think
I got me a real pony ride.
- Damn.
- Thought it was 60
minutes or it was free.
- Well, hey, baby.
Anybody ever tell you you
look just like The Weeknd?
- [Customer] No.
- Feisty.
- Give me my fucking pizza.
- Sexy ass. You
know you want me.
(bright energetic music)
- Hey, hey, James.
Why don't you let me take
that in there to your mama.
- This is a family affair.
Just 'cause you lay down
with my mama don't mean shit.
You ain't my daddy.
You wasn't Barney's daddy
neither. Move, nigga.
(tense suspenseful music)
(gate creaks)
(Mama moaning)
(gentle somber music)
(Mama sobbing)
(tense menacing music)
(Mama whimpering)
(TV hosts chattering)
- Hey. Turn that
motherfucking TV down.
(TV audience laughing)
Heather, what did I tell you
about playing Whoopi
so loud in my house?
- [TV Host] That's racist.
- [Host] How?
- [TV Host] You cannot say
you wouldn't date a white man.
(Heather whimpering)
(gun clicks)
- [TV Host] What if I said
I wouldn't date a Black man?
- Turn the fucking
TV off, nigga.
(audience laughing)
(Heather sobs)
- Hey, how you doing
there, Ms. Walker?
(Heather sobs)
Hey, look, look, what we got
here is a misunderstanding.
I mean, why don't we all put
the guns and the cane down
and let's, let's talk this
over some breakfast huh?
Heather happens to be
a really good cook.
Ain't that right, baby?
- I'm a real good cook.
- We don't want
breakfast, nigga.
- Okay, then what,
what can I do for you?
- Well, you see, Mama
and I share suspicion
that you had something to do
with that robbery last night.
- (scoffs) Oh, come on, James.
I lost money in that
shit too, matter of fact.
Besides the, the insurance going
to take care of everything.
(gunshot blasts)
(Heather screams)
Oh, shit.
(Heather screams)
- Fuck the money, nigga.
My drop got ripped off.
That was three kilos
of pure cocaine
in that fucking
bag my brother had.
Now I don't know who the mystery
nigga was that did the job,
but we gonna fucking find out.
Now I wanna see
surveillance tapes now,
or your bitch's head
getting blown off.
- Okay, (stammers) I'm gonna
do whatever you ask me to do.
But all I ask you to do is
just consider for a moment
that maybe, just maybe you
got this all wrong, James.
So why don't we just
let my Heather go, huh?
She ain't got nothing
to do with this.
(chair thuds)
(Heather screams)
(tense menacing music)
(tense menacing music continues)
(Heather screams)
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
Don't worry, baby.
James, what them eyes mean?
- [James] Shut the fuck up.
(door thuds)
(Heather whimpers)
(Heather screams)
(gunshots boom)
- Come on, James. Let me, let
me sit in the back seat, man.
James, it's getting dark, man.
(tense suspenseful music)
(muffled voice speaking)
- Yo, can I get my cigarettes?
(tense ominous music)
- It's hard to
breathe in there, man.
- [James] Shut the fuck up.
(tense ominous music continues)
- Hey, hey, hey. Your
name's Jodi, right?
- Yes.
- Well, listen, Jodi.
My name's Ernest.
I'm actually part owner
of this here business.
Now last night, talk to me,
did you see anything, hear
anything that, you know,
help us figure out who did this?
- Um, uh, no.
I, it happened so fast, I didn't
have time to see anything.
- Yeah, ah, I get
that. I get that.
Uh, listen, Jodi, we about to
go back here in this office
and conduct some
business, all right?
I'm gonna need for you
to shut your ears off
for next couple hours.
- Oh, wow. Okay, thank you.
- [Ernest] You digging
what I'm putting down?
- I meant I, I won't
hear anything, sir.
(tense ominous music)
- Cool breeze.
- Let's try wallygotacar.
- How do you not know the
password for this shit?
- Well, I ain't never had to
go back and look at nothing.
So I never thought
I had to look it up.
- Ernest, how much we
spent on this system?
- $20,000.
- $20,000.
And you ain't think
to write the password
on a sticky note on
the back of this desk
when the man installed it?
Fuck, nigga. Now
I gotta call him.
- I'm gonna go fill up the car.
(gentle suspenseful music)
(scanner buzzes)
(scanner buzzes)
Jodi, my card's not working
out there on pump two.
- Oh, pump two
only accepts cash.
Two and four don't
take card transactions.
- Well, how long has
it been like that?
- Since I started working
here. So basically a year.
- Okay, got it.
(keys clacking) Got it.
- The password...
Was password.
- Duh.
- [James] Why didn't you
tell me that shit then?
- I didn't, I, it
slipped my mind.
- I'll do this shit.
(Ernest snaps)
(tense ominous music)
- Why don't y'all let
me in on the joke?
Nigga, what the...
(knife scrapes)
(knife bangs)
(screaming) Mama!
(Wally moaning)
- That how he do it?
- Pumps two and four.
They're cash only.
Jodi, how much is a
gallon of gas out there?
- 2.85.
- Give me $4.27
on, uh, pump two.
Plus they're rigged to
pump out 20 cents a gallon
less than they're supposed to.
(tense ominous music)
He's been lying to
the Department of
Weights and Measures.
(Wally moaning)
More importantly,
he's been lying to us.
(Wally sobbing)
- So how much you
think he's making
on those two pumps altogether?
- At least $48 an hour.
Now you talking high
traffic on a 12 hour day,
over four grand a week in cash.
(Wally groans)
- Guess we figured out
who Heather's
grandmother is now, huh?
(Wally screams and moans)
(chair thuds)
(scoffs) This
nigga done fainted.
- Worry about him later.
Let's look at the
surveillance video.
(knife scrapes)
Now the po-po said it
happened around, uh, 11:58 PM.
Right there.
(keys clacking)
(tape reel garbles)
(tense ominous music)
(punch thuds)
(Jodi whimpers)
(Ernest grunting)
(tense suspenseful music)
(Wally shrieking)
(spray blasting)
(Mama whimpering)
(tense menacing music)
(kick thuds)
(door thudding)
(tires screeching)
(Jodi grunting)
(door thudding)
(Ernest shouting)
(door thuds)
(dramatic ominous music)
(doors clanging)
(dramatic ominous music)
(tires screeching)
Look, Mama. We got
ourselves a little daughter.
(rope whooshing)
(Jodi thuds)
I got ya.
(Wally thuds)
(phone buzzes)
- Yeah, Leroy, I
can't talk right now.
- [Leroy] Now, hold
on, James, baby.
Now you know that
Camry I was selling?
- Look, man, now's
not a good time.
- [Leroy] Hold on, boy.
You know that Camry?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, I know it.
I know it. What's up?
- Well, I had a fella come
by around 2:00 PM to buy it.
- [James] All right, well
I'm happy you got rid of it.
- Well, the boy paid me
with some mixed bills.
Now I noticed that
one of them bills
had a little blood on it.
(bright energetic music)
- Uh-huh.
- And I know that you boys
got robbed last night,
so I figured that maybe,
uh, they's connected.
Now the fella said
that he leaving town.
- How old is he?
- Uh, probably early 20s.
- [James] He have long hair?
- [Leroy] Short hair.
- [James] Short hair.
How short, buzzed?
- No, not that short.
And he had a, uh,
scar over his eye.
- Scar. He a nigga?
- Nah, nah, nah,
nah. Puerto Rican.
(tense suspenseful music)
- Puerto Rican?
He leave an address
on the bill of sale?
- [Leroy] Sure did. (chuckles)
I, I'll sent it over to you.
- All right. Thanks.
85 South Victorian.
I bet that's where my drugs
are and my motherfucking money.
(Jodi gasping)
Hey, Wally. This
girl got a boyfriend?
(Wally groans)
What race is he?
- Mexican.
- Close enough.
I figure y'all two
planned this together.
What? Wally told
you about the drop?
- Uh-uh, uh-uh, no.
- Why the fuck are you
looking at him? Look at me.
So if you tell me the truth,
I might just kill the Puerto
Rican and let you live.
How that sound? Hmm?
(Jodi whimpering)
That sound like we
can make a deal?
(Jodi whimpering)
I'll let Mama decide.
(tense suspenseful music)
(dramatic menacing music)
You know, Wally...
We've been through some
shit together, ain't we?
(chuckles) Yeah.
Now I think you
are gonna sell me
the rest of your shares
in that gas station.
- (chuckles) All
right, let's negotiate.
(gunshots blast)
(tense menacing music)
- [James] I'm gonna put
the body in his car,
drop it in the lake after I
go over to lover boy's house
and get our shit back and
blow his fucking brains out.
You take Mama to the cabin.
(Jodi whimpers)
If I get to his place and
this boy ain't got our shit,
I want you to treat
this bitch like a POW.
Torture the shit out of her.
- [Ernest] Cool breeze.
(tense somber music)
(phone buzzes)
- Yo, Romeo.
I'm in a rush right now.
Lemme call you from the road?
- All right, all right. Look,
look, just listen real quick.
All right? Look.
Got a little road gift for
you and the misses, okay?
Do me a favor.
Set your alarm for 5:00 AM,
and tune in to 98.7 FM.
- You got our song on the radio?
- (chuckles) Yeah, boy.
Look, I had a DJ listen
to a couple of her joints.
He gonna play "Star
Baby" on the show.
- [Eddie] What's that?
- (laughs) That's a new
joint Jodi and I cooked up.
I think you're gonna like it.
Good luck in Cali, man.
- [Eddie] Brother, thank you.
(gun clicks)
- I implore you, nigga,
do not move a muscle.
Now I know you the nigga who
killed my brother Barney.
- I don't know no Barney.
- The nigga you shot last night.
He had a name, and it was
Barney. He was my brother.
Now I'm gonna give
it to you straight.
Your ass finna die right now.
Ain't no way to get
around due diligence.
But young man, if you
tell me where my drugs are
and where my money is,
I may let your bitch live.
(tense menacing music)
Oh, the motherfucker's
in love. (laughs)
The jig is up,
motherfucker. Where is it?
Don't even.
Where is it?
(tense suspenseful music)
(gun scrapes)
(gun shot blasts)
(glass shatters)
(Eddie thuds)
(tense somber music)
(phone buzzes)
- Hello?
- Man, there wasn't shit in
that box but fucking calories.
- What do you mean?
- I don't get it.
Box was marked with an
X, just like we said.
Wasn't even open.
But I got all the money back.
I'm heading back
over to the house.
Girl must know something.
(tense ominous music)
- Oh, shit. You threw
up all in my shit.
Goddamn it.
(gentle bright music)
You're my angel
Now we've said goodbye
I'll find you in my dreams
(Jodi thuds)
Now I know I am alone
I wish on stars to
change your mind
- She looks (indistinct).
And send you back to me
You're my angel
Now we've said goodbye
I'll find you in my dreams
- [Ernest] Your little
boyfriend of yours is dead.
Yeah, we killed him.
Got all our money back too.
Still don't know what
happened to our drugs, though.
You gonna tell us
what happened to 'em?
- Sir, I don't know
nothing. (sniffling)
- Back up towards me.
(Jodi whimpering)
Now I'm gonna tell you
like this right here, Jodi.
You're probably wondering
why she's just
staring at your ass.
It's all about communication.
You see, Mama late deaf.
That is to say she
ain't born deaf.
Yeah, she went deaf a
little later on in life.
See, when people born deaf,
they can't quite
conceptualize words
coming outta
motherfucker's mouth.
But folks like Mama, well,
she knew what you just said.
'Cause she can kind
of read your lips.
You know, having
communicated like that
for the first half of her life.
Mm-hmm, she talks too.
Well, she only do
when she real mad.
(laughs) Trust me, I know it.
So why is she just sitting there
staring at your narrow ass?
Well it's because
what you just said
was not what she wanted to hear.
(Jodi gasping)
- Sir, I don't-
- Shut up!
I wasn't done communicating.
There's so much talk
that, that Mama can't see.
So that's why she relies
on me to tell her things
that are definite, okay?
That's why we sign, baby.
So when I tell her
something using my hands,
it's set in stone.
Okay? All right?
(Jodi panting)
Come on baby, girl.
Help me give Mama a
definitive answer.
- Sir, I don't know nothing.
- That's what you
want me to tell her?
(scoffs) Okay, then.
Oh, shit. Whoo.
She said, uh, she
want you to go outside
and get her switch off that tree
and bring it back here to her.
- Sir, please, I didn't...
(gentle menacing music)
- She said she told you to go
outside and get her a switch.
Now, the first time she said it,
she was gonna give
you 10 lashes.
And now she's gonna give you 50.
And if she has to
tell you again,
she ain't gonna stop until
you can't walk no more.
Leave them shoes.
(tense somber music)
(Jodi groaning)
(branches snapping)
The louder you scream, the
harder she going to hit you.
(footsteps thudding)
(gentle somber music)
- Please.
- Give it to me.
(Jodi panting)
(tense menacing music)
(Jodi whimpers)
(switch smacking)
(Jodi screams)
(Jodi whimpers)
(switch smacking)
(Jodi screams)
(Jodi moaning)
(gentle somber music)
(Eddie grunting)
(Eddie gasping and grunting)
(Eddie grunting)
(gentle somber music)
(somber music continues)
(Eddie gasping)
- So my boss keep asking me why
y'all keep delivering pizzas
out here at the dump?
To which I've replied, (sniffs)
niggas is hungry.
So tell me...
How fucking hungry are you?
(gum pops)
(Eddie grunting)
(gentle somber music)
Tear him apart real quick.
(engine revs)
(bright upbeat music)
I need a cowboy
To ride his pony
I need a man
(screams) Oh my God!
(Toni screaming)
- Lady, shut the
fuck up, please.
- What the fuck? You
shut the fuck up.
What the fuck?
(Eddie gasping)
(Toni whimpering)
(Eddie groaning)
- Yeah, well that, that's a
little far for our delivery.
We'll have to charge you extra.
(phone ringing)
Uh-huh, okay.
Name? All right.
And that really
will take an hour.
(Eddie groaning)
Toni, what the hell?
Toni, what's going on?
Hey, that's the table our
customers eat their pizza on.
Who the hell is that guy?
- He's shot, Mario. Stop
acting like a dickhead.
- Well, you don't have
to start calling names.
Now, look, kid, you...
Geez, you need a
doctor real bad.
I'll, I'll call you an-
- No.
Just some cellophane
and first aid kit.
- Yeah, all right.
(Eddie groans)
(Eddie groans)
(bright gentle music)
Um, look, if you don't
want the cops involved,
I got you, kid.
It's none of my business. But,
uh, you don't look so good.
You ought to bite that
bullet that struck you.
Toni, deliveries.
(Eddie groans and whimpers)
- Fuck. (groaning)
- Let me call you an ambulance.
- Okay. Okay.
- All right. Toni.
- Damn, that's far.
- Yeah, they're paying.
Same guys as last night
that made you go to the morgue.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Imagine that.
Who would order a pizza
to be delivered to a
fucking morgue, huh?
- I mean, earlier they sent
me out to that gas station
off of Shore to
deliver the pizza.
And when I got there,
nobody was there.
- [Owner] Uh, uh,
yeah, uh, listen,
I have a customer in my shop
that needs medical attention
as soon as possible.
- Hey, was, was that the
Walker Gas and Food Mart?
- Yeah, that one.
- What'd they look like?
- I mean, one was, like,
a big old cowboy Black nigga.
But the other one, he was
a light-skinned brother.
Tall, sexy, wearing a
cowboy hat and shit.
Looking all lumptious
and shit. Mm, mm.
(gunshot blasts)
I believe he wanted me.
- Yeah. Thank you.
(phone thuds)
It's the same guy she sees
every night in her dreams.
- [Toni] Don't be an asshole.
(bright upbeat music)
Every day's gonna be
like Christmas day
- Hey. Hey, hey.
- Hey, Toni.
I'm gonna need that
pizza and your car.
- Oh, well, which one
do you want first?
(tense ominous music)
(Jodi thuds)
(door slams)
(tense menacing music)
(dramatic somber music)
(thunder rumbles)
- You found our money?
- That I did.
- Well, where is it?
- In the car.
- You thought it
was more important
to bring in a pie instead
of the damn money?
- This ain't pie.
(gentle ominous music)
(door knocks)
Who the fuck is that?
- Your Mama wanted some pizza.
- How much we owe you?
- 22.50.
(cash rustling)
(gentle ominous music)
- There you go, Mama.
I bet you're wondering
what's inside this box.
- I'm wondering why this
damn pizza is cold already.
- Well, why don't we go
ahead and, uh, warm it up?
You see...
That Wally's dumb
ass in the ocean.
And I thought,
"What if it takes us too
long to find our drugs?"
They gonna link
his disappearance
to old Heather's
body and then out.
So I figured I'd go over there
and dump Heather's dumb ass too.
So I drive by real quick.
Seems that there ain't no cops.
However, I notice a light
turn on and off as I passed.
And I thought, "Oh, hell.
Maybe the neighbor
smelled something
and went in there
to check it out.
I better get on in there
before they call the cops."
Right when I'm about to open
the door, pick the lock,
I remember I got old
Wally's keys in my pocket.
(keys jangle)
(gentle menacing music)
So I take his keys out
my pocket, open the door.
(lock clicks)
Take out my pistol.
(gun clicks)
It's real dark-like in there.
And I'm moving slow.
Something like a ninja.
I recognize this smell.
What you think it smelled like?
A home cooked meal.
We both know death don't smell
like no home cooked meal.
(bright energetic music)
I guess you think
you're hot stuff now
- We did it, baby.
You think you took
his love from me
You're gonna find out
- So I went on ahead and
actually killed Heather.
- Is it your birthday?
(gun shots blast)
- I realized Wally
ain't that damn smart.
And the only people who know
about our little setup is Mama,
Barney, and me,
and you, nigga.
(hands clap)
But I was able to
come to a conclusion
because of a smoking gun.
Not the one in my
hand, mind you,
but the one in Heather's.
Two plane tickets
to the Bahamas.
One for Heather Anderson
and another with
the name Ernest...
(gun clicks)
- Listen, listen.
C-c-calm down, son.
Just, we can talk about this.
- Talk about what?
How every nigga that ever
got romantic with my mother
fucked her over, including you?
- I did all I could for
you and your brother.
I raised you like
you was my own.
- Lyin'.
(door clanging)
Lying to us, calling
yourself family,
giving us your last name.
- Put the gun down.
- No, Mama.
(tense suspenseful music)
This nigga's trash.
- Look. The fucking door.
(gun shots blast)
(gun shot blasts)
(dramatic menacing music)
(blood dripping)
(Eddie gasps)
(gun shot blasts)
(gun shot blasts)
(James screams)
(Eddie grunting)
(tense suspenseful music)
(Eddie grunts)
(punch thuds)
(James thuds)
(kick thuds)
(Eddie groans and whimpers)
(Eddie and James grunting)
(punch thuds)
(knife scrapes)
(knife stabs)
(Eddie screams)
(knife stabbing)
(Eddie screaming)
(Eddie groaning and whimpering)
(dramatic menacing music)
(Eddie moaning)
(punch thuds)
(Eddie screaming)
(knife stabs)
(Eddie thuds)
(Eddie gasping)
(Eddie grunting)
(Eddie gasping)
(tense somber music)
(Eddie grunting)
(car whirring)
(Jodi gasping)
(somber music continues)
(Jodi kicking and thudding)
- [Eddie] It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
- Eddie, we got the money.
Eddie, we gotta get
you to a hospital.
- Okay.
(phone buzzing)
Turn on the radio. 98.7.
- Okay.
(stations garbling)
(gentle sanguine music)
You got my song on the radio?
Did you listen to it?
- No.
- It's about you.
- [Eddie] Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Sing it for me.
- Oh, Eddie, come on.
- Come on, Jodi, sing it.
- Okay. Okay.
(Jodi crooning)
I had to dig
Real deep inside
But boy you
helped me find it
It was there the whole time
You pushed me
up the mountain
Helped me climb so high
To that big great
mirror in the sky
You made me realize
I was starving
You made me realize
I was not really there
(sanguine music continues)
You made me realize
You made me realize
You made me realize
I'm so alive
(gentle somber music)
I'm feeling like
we've got a chance
Made me feeling
like a new man
Tell me how to keep
this dream alive
I'm sick of
living to survive
Take me back to the daydream
When my world was
brighter than the stars
Take my happiness
Don't set me afire
I want nothing more
Than you
La la love
I'm in love
La la love
I've got love
La la love
All your love
La la love
I've been wishing that
I found you sooner
I couldn't see
That you were right
in front of me
Finding good things
In your arms now
I know that all
will be as it should
Take my happiness
Don't set me afire
I want nothing more
Than you
La la love
I'm in love
La la love
I've got love
La la love
All your love
La la love
(gentle somber music continues)
Oh. Oh,
I had to dig.
Real deep inside.
But oh, boy.
you helped me find it,
it was there the whole time.
Pushed me up the mountain.
Helped me climb
so high to that great
big villa in the sky.
You made me realize
I'm a star, baby.
I'm a star, baby.
I didn't have
to look very far.
You made me realize
what was buried in my heart.