Cinta Brontosaurus (2013) Movie Script

This is my first experience
to express my love to a girl.
- Ajeng.
- Yes?
Would you like
to be my girlfriend?
And her answer
that I'll never forget is..
You're filth!
Shame on you.
- Mom, Dad, I am going.
- Dika, your milk!
Okay. Hey!
- Morning, students.
- Morning, teacher.
Where is the tablecloth?
I am easy
to fall in love.
From seeing
and liking someone.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Okay children, its time for break,
I'll leave for a moment.
Yes, teacher!
I like you
for a long time.
Would you like
to be my girlfriend?
After several times expressing love
to many girls and got rejected..
- At last..
- Yes!
And after dating
for two days..
- We broke up.
- Huh? What?
Why did you bring a doll?
After that, every time I date
someone, I always got dumped.
We're finished!
I also got dumped
via text.
We break up.
And also got dumped
when at family events.
Why did you do that!
The most horrified moment is
I got dumped via her father.
- Milka!
- What do you want?
Now, I want to be
going back home, sir.
Milka will never be dating
with a geeky guy like you.
- You must break up with her!
- Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.
Wait! Come here!
Get closer!
More closer!
Come here!
Hand me that flower.
Thank you.
We broke up.
- Broke up?
- Are you even realise it?
Within this few months,
we just quarrel.
I thought that you got PMS.
You are the one with PMS.
I can't get PMS.
Are you even feel it?
We're different now,
not like before.
People always change.
Not that!
We are different.
It feels like we just..
Anyway, we just split.
- Fine, if that's what you want!
- You leave now!
Fine, just go!
Wait! I left my wallet.
Would you pay it for me?
- Fine!
- Thank you!
Your welcome!
My gas almost empty,
can I borrow your money?
- Fine, how much.
- It's twenty dollar.
- Fine, here!
- Thank you!
- Your welcome!
- Okay!
I told you already, Kos.
I end up broke up again.
I've been dating for six months,
and end up like this again.
You've been six months
with Nina?
Wow, that's the record
for you.
I can't always be
like this.
Imagine this.
I thought she's the one.
Just a minute.
- Yes, sir?
- You have other sanitary napkins brand?
The bigger one.
What, you got it too?
Nope, Wanda ask me
to buy it for her.
Okay, back to your problems.
That's easy.
You just have not met any match.
Your soulmate.
The amount of girls and boys
is different, how to find a soulmate?
You know about the writer
who want to succeed..
Writers got to have an agent
to make them succeed.
Well, I won't just become
your script agent.
But, also your love agent.
Just trust to Kosasih.
In the future, your love life
will succeed too.
Well, for now I am enough
with this lovey dovey things.
I can't hear you.
Please louder.
I don't want to date
for a while.
My pride... Gone...
- Hello!
- What?
- Please louder.
- My voice already louder.
This is the biggest, sir.
It's louder enough?
Louder enough?
This unsuccessful love,
I wrote it as a book.
Hey, mister.
Why are you looking
at people?
You want to hypnotized
After writing this book,
I believe.
Love can be expired.
I told you this book is good.
The writer is also funny.
Tell your friends
to buy it, okay?
Yes, sir.
So, this book based on
your love experience?
Yes, mostly based on
my love experience.
- Last time you got dumped?
- Last time I got dumped..
A year ago.
You mean that the girls
is weirder than boys?
I just feel that..
If a boy got crush on a girl, and
hangout with friends he'll act cool.
"Hey, I got a crush on a girl."
But the girl is weird,
they come in a herd...
And says to her friends,
"I got crush on a boy."
And standing together dancing "Tor-Tor,"
and saying, "Is it true?"
So I just..
I feel like..
I can't understand
the girls.
Thank you, Mr. Dika
for your time.
Why are you smiling?
No, my gilrfriend sent me
very funny picture.
Excuse me,
may I have your autograph?
But, this is not my book.
Just put your signature on it.
Thank you.
May I take your picture?
- Sure.
- Excuse me. Take the picture, please?
Please make a pose.
I see you and Wanda
still close.
I become more care for her.
- Thank you.
- It's been three years.
- You want my book?
- No, thank you.
But it seems like I am not
interested to date again.
What? You got dumped
almost a year now.
Just move on, will you?
Hello, Honey.
Just a minute. I am still
with a friend of mine.
Are you still remember
your saying about soulmate?
Yes, I still remember.
Sometimes I feel like,
who is my soulmate?
You must be thinking
like that about Wanda, right?
That's right.
Be honest. Sometimes I feel
lonely every Saturday night.
You knew about
my feelings, right?
Luckily, sometimes at Saturday
night you come to comfort me.
- Thanks, Kos.
- I love you.
I love you too, Kos.
Anggi, Ingga, dinner.
Edgar, dinner!
Hon? Honey..
My wife is really pretty
when preparing for dinner.
- I feel like, I want to remarry her.
- Don't be like that.
Mom, Dad, don't do that in front
of us, we may traumatize.
Wait, where is Yubita?
- Not home yet.
- Take lessons.
She's going dating.
Mom, how many time you date
before got married to Daddy?
Only a few.
Roy, Anas, Andy..
Adam, Ruhut, Hotman..
Only that.
Me, when I met
with your mom...
Your Mom was still young,
trully beauty.
And all the guy
she just said..
No match for me.
You just exagerating.
I know you want to ask more
of side dish, right?
When we were going on a date
was really different, right?
Not like Dika.
Too many broke up.
- Because I am looking the right one.
- If you are still looking for it..
And not finding it,
when will you get married?
So, when I can see
my grand children?
Your Mom already asks
for grand children.
Just go on a date
or be more creative.
- Just knock out some girl.
- Honey!
Dik, if you can't give us
grand children..
At least give us
Find the one that faithful,
just like your Daddy.
There is another one.
Someone wants to film a novel.
The royalty will be paid
hundreds of million Rupiah.
When Brontosaurus Love
would be released?
I also want it too.
If I become their agent,
I'll get rich directly.
Same as MLM member
as Diamond level.
You want to gate date again?
I can imagine how I'll get dumped
by that type of girl.
She spoiled, first month too closed,
second month more closed...
Third month possessive,
too temper...
And within six month,
broke up because too cloesd.
Okay, if not..
- How about that one?
- That one?
Working girl type is
usually independent.
First month got closed,
second and third months not bad..
Fourth and fifth become distant and
broke up cause lack of communication.
Wow, you unbelievable.
I told you already.
I'm become expert with
this kind of breaking up.
Somehow I know when got broke up
with these type of girls.
That means you need a girl
that is different from others.
I want a girl that I can't predict
how am I gonna get dumped.
Okay, because you are looking
for a new girlfriend.
I'll introduce you to some of my
friends. They are different for sure.
Just trust me, Kosasih.
I'm Dika.
You are my type.
Oh, yeah?
There is no other chair?
For what?
For Agus.
This Agus used to be
my favorite turtle.
Now I preserve it.
So, everything
that I care so much..
I will preserve it.
That's how I am.
Just by looking at you..
Make me more vibrant.
You are like my kid
that just got in a college.
I'll buy you phone credit
later, you want it?
- Lisa?
- Yes?
I'm Dika, sorry I am late.
- No problem.
- How to order here?
My belly.
- You pregnant?
- I'm a divorcee.
That's not the problem.
Hello, Kos, not now.
How is Lisa?
Push! Push it!
Waiter! Waiter!
Again push!
Just push it harder.
I told you, your car
must be broke down again.
I told you to buy a new car.
The baby is almost born.
That car
may need overhaul.
Oh my God, Dika..
And now that car broke down.
Poor girl has to push
that car.
Oh my God! Push harder!
It's so noisy over there.
Just push harder,
that's it..
Are you crazy?
You gave me three girls
and all of them is freak.
I want something different,
not the freak one!
I am sorry. They're my friends
that still single.
Anyway, you look
a different one.
That's it, this love things
for me is over.
Waiter, where is my food?
I've been waiting.
I'm waiting for two hours
and I'm starving.
Is that my food or not?
I'm sorry, sir,
please wait in line.
Where is the manager,
I want to scold that manager.
I'm the customer here since long
time ago, why you didn't know me?
What is this kind
of restaurant?
- That's similar with black corn fiber.
- I'am starving, you know?
Why take a long time for food?
It's two hours already.
- What?
- His armpit.
- It's like black corn fiber.
- Where is the manager.
No, it's like black fan.
I am afraid
his armpit is a live.
Like you can
talk to it.
Yes, armpit, today we go out.
"Yes, master."
Armpit, today we eat fried rice.
"Sure, come on."
Stop talking about it,
otherwise it will hit you.
- Watch out!
- You want to try me?
It's lucky I hold him
for you.
Your imagination
is too exagerated.
You usually talking about
armpit unknown people?
That depends.
I'm Dika.
I'm Jessica.
- This is your lunch break?
- Yes, my office near this place.
That's cool.
May I ask your number?
Am I too agressive?
- Yeah.
- What do you mean?
We already know our name
and I thought yours are different.
So, you are not...
Offering me to buy insurance
policy or some kind of MLM?
- Not at all.
- That some kind?
Oh, this is a TV program
called candid camera?
You're not seeing
camera around, right?
I don't see it.
It's funny.
Rilex. I'm not gonna ask you
to join with that LMN?
Whatever, I don't know
what that is.
- Mister, one Ocha, please.
- Two, I drink two.
Give me three, please.
You are funny.
Yeah, yeah.
- I'm afraid to join with MLM.
- Why?
I'm afraid fall in love
to that MLM lady.
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- Wa'alaikumsalam.
Here for you.
- The food that I order?
- Yeah.
Whos's that?
That's uncle Yadi. Our kin.
He just came by here.
Poor fella, no body
take good care of him.
No children, no wife.
He's too selective with woman.
When he's still young..
He got 40 criterias
for his future wife.
Assalamu'alaikum, uncle.
Here, I brought you
the first candidate.
- Her height is 152 cm.
- Nope.
He's now 70 years old.
And his criteria for future wife
decreases to only one.
- What's that, mom?
- As long as she accept me.
Just call Edgar.
Gar.. Edgar..
What's wrong with you?
Recently, I can't sleep,
just like you.
- I suffer with amnesia.
- That's insomnia.
That's what I mean.
Why do you got insomnia?
I'm falling in love.
Falling in love with whom?
With my classmate, Yasmin.
It's called a puppy love.
She's not a puppy.
Not that. That doesn't mean
you fall in love to a puppy.
That's only a little kid love,
only for fun.
That's called puppy love.
What do you think,
will Yasmin like me?
Let's go downstair.
Come here.
Come, follow me.
Hello, Jessica, this is Dika
who speak armpit with you just now.
Do you have time
tomorrow night?
And right now I feel like
I am in the middle of Indian movie.
- No chicken grilled?
- Nope.
- What?
- Nope.
- Pardon me?
- No, chicken grilled.
I will order this instead.
- Haricot de mokong.
- No.
Haricot de mouton.
Hahikho de mukho.
Haricot de mouton.
- That's the one.
- Yes.
You often came here?
This is my first time.
Because my agent told me..
A good place to eat.
This one?
Haricot de mouton.
- Okay.
- Bon apetite.
It's look like poop.
But, the aroma is good.
Now the aroma is looking good.
Let me see.
Yeah, it's fragrance.
Okay, just eat this poop,
haricot de mouton.
Whatever it is.
How about having wine?
- Okay, that's good.
- Good, right?
- Have you drink wine before?
- Not yet.
Me too.
At least this much more comfortable
and quiet than that France restaurant.
Before I'm thinking
to myself...
Do I really want
to go out with you?
I'm tired just
to go on a date.
Just broke up and back up
all over again.
- Really tiring.
- Me too.
Me just think like this..
Or I just become a lesbian?
Me too.
You also want
to become a lesbian?
No, no, I mean..
I also think that it's hard to find
the right girl and if I met her...
The result will be
the expired love.
This is my opinion.
The destined couple
is like the stars in here.
You are able to see them
if the sky is clear.
So, the one that destined will appear
when the right time is come.
Maybe you are not meeting
with the right person yet.
So, it's like that.
Look, it's still cloud there.
Rilex, the destined one
will come.
- Are you available next week?
- I'm available.
- Wanna go with me?
- Yes.
- Where you want to go?
- Anywhere.
That's the description, Mr. Dika,
thank you all for coming here.
Do not forget
to buy his book.
And do not borrow it.
Anyone to get autograph?
For the autograph..
Sir, you want the autograph..
- Anyone is looking for me?
- Jessica.
Called several time. I just told
her you are still in a talkshow.
- New girl?
- Yeah.
You two go out?
How's the France restaurant
that I recommended to you?
How close are guys?
- Yeah.
- How is the way to fold this?
Already doing this?
- You like to poop from nose?
- Yeah.
Hey, look,
there are the producer.
They sent assistance,
want to speak with you.
How to fold this.
- Hello, Dika. I'am Rio.
- Yeah.
- Dika.
- You have time?
Let's meet the producer.
- Come on!
- Yeah.
- I'am Dika.
- I'am Kosasih.
Please, sit down.
Really like with...
That's the animal
I think really fearsome.
I still remember,
when I still young...
I often got dinosaur doll.
From my father.
But, in that book
there is no dinosaur.
No problem.
I like the book title.
- Brontosaurus Love, right?
- Yes, sir.
If you want to film it,
obviously I'm interested.
- We are really glad.
- We are also the same.
But, have you seen the movie
from the first book?
- "Kambing Jantan," sir.
- Yes, that's the one.
I really like that movie.
Where is the goat?
I don't find it anywhere.
That's the story.
Next week I'll go to Mr. Soe Lim's
office to take care of the contract.
That's cool.
My feeling is good, hope so.
You wrote that book?
Yeah, that's from my book.
It's about my love
experience that failed.
Love experience?
With the last one too?
Nina, yeah.
When still dating,
they also said..
"Are you eating,
if not, you'll get sick."
And because of that, I'm not eating
and has to stay in a hospital.
"I am not staying at the hospital,
nurse." And then died?
You never care about me.
You never care about me!
This is the bad timing for singing,
because I'm still driving.
- You're still driving.
- Nevermind, that's what I'm looking for.
- Get me down now!
- Why?
Get me down now.
I will get you down
over there.
Do you really want
to get me down?
- But, you ask me.
- You really want to do that?
But.. I..
Girls are always like that
when they are in a bad mood.
You are also a girl.
Yeah, but I'm different.
"Honey, me and that female crocodile
who is the prettiest?"
"You are the prettiest."
"Even when you are
laying eggs everywhere."
- Don't be afraid, it's just snake.
- Okay.
You hold it too.
- How to do it?
- Like this.
- Okay.
- Just look like the ridiculous kids.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I tell it again
to you, Kos.
Jessica is really different.
She is able to laugh to something
that also make me laugh.
And maybe for other people
that's not funny.
We are like two weirdos
that at last become together.
Thanks to God.
I'm just happy for you two.
Dik, can I borrow
money from you?
What for?
Wanda wants to have
luxurious invitation card.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Dika, Kosasih, please come in.
I actually like with the
basic idea of this script.
You need to improve it.
I have a good idea.
Indonesian people..
Really like something
that is expensive.
If we want to make a film,
we have to make a high class film.
For instance..
Its opening with
riding a helicopter.
How about the opening
I'm just walking in the park?
Walking in the park with a chopper.
It's simple, right?
High class.
We make the stories
more drama.
Indonesian people
love heartbreaking drama.
In your movie,
there are girlfriend, right?
We make the girlfriend
to be pregnant.
- You are surprised, right?
- I am a bit shock, actually.
That's not all.
We make the girlfriend being
pregnant, you now with whom?
- With whom?
- With her grandfather.
Okay, let's put aside
that idea first.
Now we are taking care
of the important thing.
I dare to pay dearly
for your title.
How much, sir?
Think it first.
I'll prepare the contract.
Next week..
I have a movie premier.
Well, we can continue
with that marvelous ideas.
I have another idea.
So, what do you think?
That number sums up.
I don't know yet,
I'll think it first.
I got a bad feeling.
You know where to print an invitation
with low budget but look luxurious?
You never care about me.
Jes... Jessica.
What happen?
I can't sleep.
- I got anemia.
- Insomnia.
Yeah, that's thing.
What's wrong?
I'm confused how to make
Yasmin to like me.
Just show her
that you like her.
Give her the attention.
Hold her hand.. or..
Speak to her parents.
Meet with her parents?
Yes, if you like a girl..
Sooner or later, you have
to meet with her parents.
So, this is
my daughter's boyfriend.
Yes, auntie.
I'm Dika.
So, this is Dika.
Yes, auntie,
sorry we just met today.
It's, okay, no problem.
I'm also very busy.
A moment, Jessica
is getting ready.
Richard, this is Dika.
Want to shake hand?
- Dika is human.
- Yes, I'm human.
No, he doesn't want to shake
hand with you. It's okay.
I heard that you are..
What do you mean by that?
What, Richard?
Who created dinosaur?
No, I'm a writer.
I have a book called
Brontosaurus Love.
- Some kind of humorous book.
- Brontosaurus book?
Why don't you write
a motivation book like..
Laskar Pelangi.
I can't write "Laskar Brontosaurus",
"10 Brontosaurus wants to go to school."
Richard is laughing.
I just left my boyfriend a moment,
he got teased by old lady.
Jessica, what are you talking about?
Richard also startled.
Richard, hey, hey.
- Dika, let's go then?
- Yes, come.
Okay, bye.
Bye, mom.
Shake hand again, okay.
Your house is really quiet.
In here, only three of us.
- Only three?
- Yes.
Your mom, you and your dad.
Oh yeah, Richard.
Your mom just like
"Si Buta dari Gua Hantu."
You are funny. Come on.
So, my mom and my dad...
They met when they are
in the same university.
My dad used to ask for
a cheat sheet from my mom.
This is Yudith, my sister.
Hi, Jessica.
This is Inga or..
What are you doing?
- You..
- You're not funny.
Your not funny at all.
- You want chicken, Hon?
- I bring it for you.
This is Ingga or Anggi.
This is Anggi or Ingga.
From those name.
Do not eat that.
Blow it first.
When you two got married?
Yeah, married.
I mean marriage.
Why do you ask like that?
You know why?
- You two has to get married soon?
- Why?
So that your dick is not
just used only for peeing.
You're correct, Dad.
- Daddy!
- That the big loss.
Your family is different.
My Dad and Edgar
are a little off.
Just different, unique,
I never see like them.
- But, they are fun, right?
- Yes, they are fun.
I'd like to see you get
along well with your family.
I used to think that,
boys only has two types.
If he's not bastard,
then he's gay.
You just meet me.
- Come.
- Yeah.
They let go the lady
with red dress.
Hi, Dik.
You, Jessica?
- Hi. Jessica.
- Kosasih.
Why are you dressing
like weird Pocahontas?
Dika. The girl like boys
that wearing something ethnic.
Okay, you already has a girlfriend
and this is not ethnic but a freak.
You are wearing suit everyday,
but for this event you wear this?
This is important event,
gala premier, must be standing out.
Yes, because this is
important, Kos.
You are not arrived.
Good evening, everyone.
This is..
The best romantic movie
that I ever produced.
"Pocong Love Suster Ngesot."
Why I said the best?
You all know..
A good romantic movie..
It has a conflict
that hard to solve.
Pocong Love Suster Ngesot..
Has a conflict
that really deep.
Yes? Pocong can not squat
and the nurse can not stand.
Imagine, how they can kiss?
I think this movie
will become box office.
Oh, yeah. Thank you again.
Let's watch it together.
Pocong, kiss me.
I'm crying two times.
Because I remember my mother.
You've ever being
chased by pocong?
My mother just like
that nurse.
- Mr. Soe.
- Yeah.
What message that you want
to deliver through this movie?
I want to deliver that love
is able to unite anything.
Including two creatures
that can not kiss.
What's your
next project, Mr. Soe?
Well, I'm gonna make a movie...
Brontosaurus Love.
This young man's work, right?
That's, right?
- That is true, right?
- Yes, that is true.
Your marriage preparation
with Wanda is very fast.
You said, if too long,
it will be void.
This is next week.
Hey, take it easy, mister.
Do not ever hit
my ancestor's heritage.
- Not mister, it's papi.
- Yes, Papi.
- Your ancestor's heritage is not bad.
- Hurry up.
You are not doing it too?
I got no intention
to get married, mister.
- Not mister, it's papi.
- Yes, papi.
Not now, but later.
- With Jessica.
- With Jessica...
It's seems like that
we will break up too.
You will break up too, why?
Yesterday you tell me, Jessica
is different from other girls.
You're not serious with her?
Before when still with Nina,
I also said that, right?
Nina is different
from other girls..
But, sooner or later,
love is also expired.
It's Crazy,
your way of love.
- You are always a pessimist.
- Not pessimist, but real.
Where is the headman?
I told him after Isya.
Looks like he's too much shooting the
movie and not following the schedule.
I can be your headman.
You just got a girlfriend
and not good as a headman.
- Yes. No cancel, I'm still waiting.
- Is it cancel or what?
You wait here. If Wanda get angry,
she will become fierce.
- It seems the headman will arrive.
- Yeah.
I am the headman.
I apologize for getting late.
Because it's raining season.
Many people
want to get married.
And then from..
Today I just marry off
12 couple.
Yes, not to mention
the one who forget...
Yeah, just come inside,
you can talk about it later.
- Come get inside.
- I feel hungry.
- I can eat it first.
- No, later, hurry up.
- Come here.
- Wow, that looks delicious.
Someone wants
to get married here.
Yes, yes. Wait a minute.
Is it correct
the groom's name is Kosasih?
That's correct.
- Kosasih?
- It's me Kosasih.
Just kidding.
The bride name
is Wanda Lestari?
- That's right.
- Kosasih.
I'm Kosasih, she's Wanda.
- Just kidding.
- Are you kidding?
- So that you're not nervous.
- I'm Kosasih.
Yes, I know that, you're funny.
- So, can we start, sir?
- Yes.
You want to deputize it
or want to marry off them directly?
I deputize it to you.
I thought you let me
to marry her.
Just kidding.
Say it in one breath, right?
- Yes, sir.
- Don't be nervous, yes?
Just remember
your first night.
- But not with you.
- I know, with her.
I'm marry off Kosasih...
With a woman named
Wanda Lestari binti Sugandi.
With dowry fake
woman shoes with cash.
- Why is fake?
- There is no the original.
I can't afford
the original one.
- It will hurt my leg when I wear it.
- It's almost as original.
- I want the original.
- This is the fake super.
What do you want about this?
- Write it original.
- Original.
- If original, the payment in installment.
- It would be paid by installment.
No problem, original
will be paid by installment.
- Yes.
- Okay.
Original, yes, original.
- Okay, are you sure?
- Yes, sir.
I marry off Kosasih...
With a woman named
Wanda Lestari binti Sugandi.
With dowry original woman shoes,
it would be paid by installment.
I receive Wanda Lestari
binti Sugandi's marriage..
With dowry of original woman
shoes, paid by installment.
- Valid?
- Valid.
- Valid?
- Valid!
Thanks to God.
Traditional cookie.
After eating this,
drink that sirop.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I was right,
we should bring container...
Because so many
cookies in there.
I can bring one or two,
if I get hungry at night...
I just eat it, I think Kosasih
would not mind if I take it.
You want some?
May I?
There is Dika here,
no wonder it's all finished.
It's still many behind me.
- Okay.
- How are you, Mala?
Hi, how are you Dika?
- How are you, Tata?
- Good.
This is Jessica and this...
- Hi, Tata.
- Hi.
Yes, later on.
This is my old friends.
Old friends, right.
Excuse me for a minute,
I want to take that drink.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- So..
- I want one portion.
When is your turn, Dika?
I know that you are
already married.
Then ask someone else
when your turn.
So, you still believe
to whatever your love theory?
If love is also expired?
Yes, still.
If you're still like that,
when are you going to get married?
Maybe it will never happen.
You can't say that,
it will bring bad luck.
Do you want more?
I still have it.
Do you still remember
the first time we were dating?
- Yes, five months a go.
- Six months.
At that time you said you believe
that love can be expired.
Still remember it?
A little.
Would you like to marry me?
- Marriage is different than dating.
- What is the different?
If only dating, when love is
expired, we just break up.
But marriage, when love is
expired, we should divorce.
It must involve allimony, who will
be taking care of the children?
Get me down now.
Since then, Jessica changed.
- Honey, hand me the phone, please.
- Okay.
Honey, can I borrow
that magazine?
Honey, hand me
my purse, please.
My purse, Honey.
Honey, I can't go out with you
because I want to watch football.
So, you choose football
over me, huh?
No, I also has..
To accompany my mom.
You choose
your mom over me?
Okay, I will come
to your house right now.
You choose
my house over me?
Doraemon is really good.
What is it the good...
Of cat robot with the voice of adult
that run by machine road maker?
Nobita, Nobita?
Doraemon is really funny.
Have you ever read it?
Once in a while.
That's weird, you read it once in
a while, and said you don't like it?
How about Twilight?
I really like Twilight book.
Twilight? Vampire that sucking blood,
it's same as mosquito.
Look, you always
have negative thinking.
Let me ask you,
what is the good of Doraemon?
Doraemon has a magic pocket.
Well, you can ask anything,
and it will be granted.
- Just like us then?
- What do you mean?
You need magic pocket to turn me
to someone that you want.
What? You never care,
didn't you?
You're just same as other boys.
You're bastard.
- I'm not bastard.
- Okay, that means you gay.
Gofar, please be patient.
Not just you a bird inside the cage.
- Honey..
- Yes, honey.
When this hobby of yours
is finished?
Maybe we can sell it.
This is passion, honey,
not just about money.
But, I want to buy new LV purse,
all of my friends already bought it.
Isn't you buy too many goods?
Yesterday you just buy new clothes.
But, I also have needs.
- Dika does not get any new deal?
- Not yet.
If there is a new deal coming,
you just take it, yes?
I can't do that to Dika,
he's my friend, you know.
But, I'm your wife.
- Yeah, I'll buy it later, but..
- Promise?
This, right?
The birds need to fly.
What's wrong?
Maybe she's on PMS.
No, Kos, this time is different,
my hunch feels not good.
Must be PMS. I'm sure.
Just believe to Kosasih.
Wanda is also like that
when she's on PMS.
Sorry, honey.
I destroy your hobby.
Right now I'm with PMS.
Sorry I destroy your bike.
Right now I'm with PMS.
Sorry, honey.
Right now I'm with PMS.
- Dika.
- Kosasih.
- Yes, sir.
- I want to ask you something.
According to both of you,
what is the most spooky ghost?
Genderuwo, sir.
- What?
- Pocong.
Geeky, they are like candy,
jumping around.
The movie I'm about
to show you...
Will present the most spooky ghost
that appears in Indonesian movie.
Let's see it together.
Suster push up!
What do you think?
It was good, sir.
But, our movie
won't be like that, right?
Spooky movie
is booming right now.
So, for our movie..
We will add a little
ghost element.
But the story
is not like that.
Script can be rewrite.
Yes, okay?
I need to check
something downstair.
- Thank you. And welcome.
- Yes, sir.
Wait, I got a bad feeling
right now.
Yes, me too,
I don't like it too.
Just a minute,
I would like to speak with him.
- This looks good.
- Sir.
This is the movie
that we watch upstairs.
This movie I believe will break
the record of box office in Indonesia.
- I need to speak with you.
- Yes, what is it?
- Our collaboration..
- What do you mean?
We think that we will cancel
to create a movie with you.
- Why?
- According Dika, that's...
Okay, look,
I'm a businessman, right?
You are also
a businessman.
- I'm not a businessman.
- We work with Dika, right?
How many percentage
that you got from him?
Five percentage,
10 percentage from that script?
- I got 15 percentage.
- That means you are a businessman.
- But I'm not a businessman.
- I know this type of situation.
You pretend that you don't want to,
so that I sum up the contract, right?
- I'll double it.
- This is not about money, sir.
You are really
a good negotiator.
- I triple it.
- Deal.
Tell Dika, I want
to write that contract.
- Just take it.
- Why?
Just take it.
What if the movie become shit.
And then what?
I am sure it's no problem.
Just take it, will you?
Just trust Kosasih.
Okay, I trust you.
We must..
Just tell it again.
I want to buy ice cream.
Just tell it again.
Are you sure you want
someone like him?
From his look, it seems that
he doesn't like to take shower.
You got to see
his family.
It seems like will not fit
with my family.
They already met
with your mother?
Sort of.
Him and Mario
has a huge gap.
Mario smells good.
But him..
I also heard that
if he's like that..
- It's true.
- No, that's my problem.
I never think that way.
But he once mentioned it to me...
He just does not
believe in marriage.
He also said that...
Love is also expired.
That's the typical boys.
But, you really love him?
I need to speak
something with you.
What do you want
to speak?
Recently, my doubt about you
is getting bigger.
We can't be
together anymore.
- So, we..
- We break up.
Mr. Dika..
Would you please
answer the question?
The question
from that person.
- What is your question?
- From where the idea of Brontosaurus Love?
From experience,
from my little brother toys.
And from other things.
Is there any question?
Anyone got more question?
How can you sell your book?
What's wrong with you?
Please be more vibrant,
so that your book can be sold.
You don't trust me
or should I said..
Love has the expired date.
Now you can see what happen to me.
You have to honest to yourself.
Do you love her?
I do love her.
So be it then,
fight for her.
We go to her house now.
Before it's to long and still
can be reversed. Come on.
Let's go. Just trust
to Kosasih. Hurry.
Put your picture
in this thing.
You are handsome
in this picture.
Richard is so handsome
in the picture.
So handsome.
He is really clever
when he posed.
Look, Richard.
What's wrong with Jessi?
- No. What's wrong?
- Nothing, Mom.
What wrong
with Jessi, Richard?
It seems like
she's fighting with Dik.
Dika, mom, his name
is Dika, not Sidik.
We just broke up.
What, broke up?
Thank God Richard is so happy,
and you broke up with him.
Don't play to far, darling.
Kos, are you sure about this?
Girls just need apologize from us.
Trust to Kosasih.
Girls are maybe angry,
resentful, upset.
But, they only need
one thing from boys.
- What?
- Got tricked.
But, Jessica already told me,
she doesn't want to meet me again.
Look at me. Listen very
carefully to my word.
As long as you apologize to her,
usually she will apologize back.
I already told you.
What's that?
- Seems like we hit a man.
- What? We hit a man?
- No, not a man.
- Thank God.
- But, we hit monkey.
- What?
This is Jessica's monkey.
This monkey's name is Richard?
Wow, that's cool.
- His name is cooler than mine.
- That's not the problem, Kos.
- Richard!
- Give it a CPR.
It almost died,
give it a CPR.
Not from far. Put your lip
to it's lip and blow.
- It almost died.
- Richard.
- Just hurry.
- I know it!
Jes, I came here for..
Because I dumped you,
now you kill my little brother.
Little brother?
Richard, honey.
Get better soon.
Don't ever come
to my house again.
Are you even aware?
We never got along well.
Mom dislikes you.
Richard also dislikes you.
Richard dislikes me?
Yes. You know?
Our relationship
is just expired.
I'm really sure, this will
become box office movie.
Okay, right know we are with
the renowned producer, Mr. Soe Lim.
To interview him related to
his lates movie, Suster Push Up.
What is your message
for this movie, sir?
I only want to show..
That Ngesot movie
is outdated.
Why not change it
to push up?
It really is interesting.
Plus, that..
Suster Push Up
is the strongest..
The most fit dan healthy
from other ghost.
What is your
next movie, sir?
I have one movie
that's really good.
I am looking forward
to producing it.
The title is,
"Hantu Cinta Brontosaurus".
Sir, why the title become
Hantu Cinta Brontosaurus?
Are you kidding me?
Hantu Cinta Brontosaurus
is a good title.
I create that title
when I woke up.
I'm dreaming
about that movie.
In full color
and Dolby sound.
Even, there are trailers
coming soon for this movie.
That's not the problem, sir.
I know what
I'm doing, Dika.
I already made
39 ghost movies.
Ghost movie is booming
right now.
And I lack of ghost stock.
- I want out from this project.
- Why?
Don't you read
the contract?
The copyright of your book
belongs to me.
So, I have the right to do
anything with this movie.
You got that, Dika?
- What?
- Hantu Cinta Brontosaurus.
Hantu Cinta Brontosaurus?
No, my movie.
Mr. Soe changed the title become
Hantu Cinta Brontosaurus.
Do not yelling.
Or Wanda will wake up.
I already told you that...
I told you it will
become like this.
I also didn't know
it turns out like this.
Just see the bright side.
What is the bright side?
What is a bright side from my movie
that the title is changed into...
... Hantu Cinta Brontosaurus
that become low budget movie?
At least the title not become
Tali Pocong Brontosaurus, right?
Even it's Tali Pocong..
Even it's Tali pocong
or plasenta..
The movie become like that.
Money for our contract
is really big.
- Wanda wants..
- Wanda..
You should tell your girlfriend,
your wife now, that she's so wasteful.
Why do you speak
like that?
Okay, listen.
Maybe you are my agent.
And maybe you help me a lot.
But you're not
my friend anymore.
You never care about me.
Just give that cast for me.
Sir, this is about fighting
in a car, or delivering a baby?
To drop it? Now?
- What do you think?
- I'm going to die.
Hey you! On the roof!
Not afraid getting cold?
So, you are from..
I'm just finished eating
near this neighborhood.
So, I saw your car.
And I saw you upstairs,
like a broken kite.
How are you?
Why are you become limping?
Like you don't have energy when meeting
with your ex after a year breaking up.
Okay, fine.
How are you today?
I heard from my friend,
you already have a boyfriend.
Yeah, I also heard
the same.
Where is your boyfriend?
There, fill up the gas.
I can't speak long with you.
If he knows I came to see you,
we may get quarrel.
You are always get quarrel?
He's the type that serious.
As you know. I can't stand
with person who are really serious.
Yeah, and then?
It seems like I'm more suitable
with you than him.
Yeah, and then?
- What do you mean?
- That's just..
So is it okay for you to date someone
who are not as perfect as you want?
Imperfect boyfriend.
No problem at all.
We're not a kid anymore.
There is nobody that one
hundred percent perfect for us.
No love that's
not expired, right?
The problem is not
about perfect or not.
But, how we can accept
that imperfect...
From a person
that we love.
Let's go back.
I will get going. Bye.
Hello, Mom?
We are going home now?
Just a moment.
People that mourn
just a few.
Hon, if I die first...
- Will you be sad?
- Please don't speak like that.
What if I die?
Will be this quiet?
No, God forbid.
There is our children, me.
It won't be quiet.
You are always
with me, right?
You see Jessica,
what is the result?
choose friend wisely.
Richard is also selective
when choosing human, right?
Yes, mom.
Your little brother got crippled
all of his life, Jessi.
Don't be reckless to choose.
What, Richard? Yes, honey.
- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing.
Yes, Richard. We buy donut
and ice cream for your brother.
That's my credit card.
Why your face is like that?
- Yasmin is pregnant.
- What? She's pregnant?
Sit and focus.
What did you do?
You said before,
if I like a girl..
I should take action.
So, I just do that.
Taking action is correct,
but not knocking off a girl.
I didn't know if the result
becomes like this.
Wait. Tell me
how's that happen.
So, when we are
in cafetaria..
In cafetaria?
What if somebody see you?
So, you kiss her cheek..
That's why she becomes
pregnant, right?
No! Only kissing a cheek
will never get pregnant.
- So, Yasmin is not pregnant?
- Yeah.
When I was a little, just holding
hand can make a girl pregnant.
- Forget it.
- Yasmin did not pregnant?
No, Edgar, no!
I really care for Yasmin.
That's only a puppy love.
- I'm not a puppy love.
- If not, just answer my question.
- Why do you care for her?
- So, we need reasons for caring?
Dik, Dik!
Why are you coming here?
I am in a hurry.
Wait, the contract
is cancelled.
Look, if you don't
believe me..
I came to Mr. Soe and I said
I want to cancel the contract.
- He must be angry.
- He's no problem, Suster Push Up failed.
And Mr. Soe said spooky film
is not booming anymore.
And he's not too confident
with Hantu Cinta Brontosaurus.
Are you serious?
I also have a gut
to say no to Wanda.
I don't want always to grant
her wish to go shopping.
You wake me up.
Will you forgive me?
Water, water!
Ouch, it hurts.
It's hot, hot!
Water, water.
My junior!
So unlucky.
I am planning to save friendship,
I lost one pants.
If higher than this,
it will become fatal.
I borrowed your mom's towel.
It's okay, after this,
I will throw it away.
Oh my God, almost forgot,
I have to go somewhere.
- Where?
- To settle something.
This pants can be
fixed again?
Put a broidery
or flower patch.
Or birds theme.
The hole is already
too many.
Please not now!
Kosasih is ready for you,
don't worry.
Why are you coming here?
Thanks to you, Richard
is now disabled for life.
I come here to tell you that
my head is not cloudy anymore.
Not cloudy anymore?
I'm stupid, I thought
that love will be expired.
Then I am thinking and keep
thinking and then I realize.
I realise that love
can be expired, just that.
- And?
- If we are dating..
There is a quarrel, small fighting,
one become a lackey and not sure.
- That's it?
- Yes, that's it.
I want to have a quarrel
with you, become your lackey...
As long as with you,
I want to do that.
Do you believe
in soulmate?
But I believe..
I was made just for you.
That is Dika's explanation
about Brontosaurus Love book.
Anyone has question?
You go first.
This is a book
about love.
According to you,
what is the meaning of love?
Honestly, I don't understand
about love and about a girl.
And after I keep thinking, I don't
understand about love and girl.
But, recently I learn
something about love.
I just realize
when we love someone..
We have to become
like a kid.
Just act natural.
No need to much thinking,
finding excuses.
Just as simple "I love you."
Just that.
Sometimes when we love someone,
we also need to win their family.
And make them as part
of your own relationship.
Because this is the point
to love someone.
Of how certain
of what we have.
And how eager
we fight for it.
Love that we have must be
as strong as Brontosaurus.
And able to withstand
until dead do us apart.
This is what I realise.
Love must be
without any doubt.
Only a comfort shared by two
people who both know each other..
That we are..
Having each other forever.