Cinta Pertama, Kedua & Ketiga (2021) Movie Script

I deserve an explanation.
Listeners, in this time of uncertainty
about when COVID-19 will end,
the Indonesian Government
has applied the New Normal protocol,
where wearing mask
Is this separator permanent?
No, it's detachable.
To the airport, sir.
Raja? Have you seen my hair dye?
Raja, have you seen my watch?
In the bathroom.
-In the bathroom.
I haven't even had a shower.
Dad, look at the time.
What's this?
Are you going
to your job interview or not?
Why are you still in boxers? My goodness.
It's just a video call.
It's only this high.
They won't see my legs.
Since you're 25
No, I'm 23, Dad.
All right.
Here you go, Raja. Vintage.
Wear it. It was mine.
Have a drink, Grandma.
Being a civil servant is a stable job.
Your future is guaranteed.
Look, if you become a civil servant,
in a world like this,
you can help your country.
The government doesn't even care about us.
Hey, watch what you're saying.
Even your fart costs money.
All of this is supported by my office.
-Watch your mouth.
-Grandma, let's move.
-Careful, Tika.
-Yes, sir.
Let's hit the gas, Grandma.
Why apply for a job with no benefits?
You work until morning.
You have no weekends.
Of course I want to just stay at home,
but what can I do?
But the Coronavirus pandemic
I'm aware of
the Coronavirus pandemic, yes.
So, you're still gonna look
for passengers?
Then what do you suggest?
The electricity bills alone
are twice what they used to be.
How can I just do nothing?
You never think about your future.
Your future will be the ICU
if you take Grandma's medicine.
I can be a personal assistant.
Tell your boss.
That I'm the right guy for this job.
I can take care of the cargo, the clients,
I can do anything.
Ja, give it up.
My boss is a stiff person.
You never like stiff people.
Look, you'll have to work from home.
But I still have to use the company logo.
Could it be any worse than my dad?
Reminds me of our high school days.
Your problem's always the same.
Raja, all good?
-Did you get accepted?
I'm not done. Go on, get out.
-Really sorry, Vin.
-Ja, I have to go.
I have a meeting.
Tik, have you found my watch?
I'm looking for it, sir.
Wait, I'll look for it in the kitchen.
-Why's it in there?
-What were you doing in my room?
I forget.
Thank you.
You have a lot of businesses.
Please help Raja out.
It's like you said.
Millennial kids must be
serious and active.
And they need to provide "sellotape."
Huh? I said the wrong word?
Excuse me, nurse.
-Would you mind, sir?
-Oh, pardon me.
What about the patient Dewa Sentausa?
Just wait for your turn, sir.
The others are waiting too.
But please consider my dad's condition.
He became weird after the stroke.
-Would you mind, sir?
He might be laughing right now.
But then he'll get angry, sad,
and he can't hold back his pee.
Okay, he's here.
Please help, nurse.
Just a moment.
-Raja, here.
-What is it, Dad?
Uncle Dadang wants to talk to you.
What for?
Business opportunity.
Millennial business.
Just a moment, nurse.
Yes, Uncle?
Excuse me, Sir.
Not all young people are
"Millennials," Uncle.
-I'm a Gen Z.
-You have to tell me if you're sick.
I was born in 1997.
I feel fine.
No need to feel ashamed, sir.
Your son told me about your condition.
Should I call him?
Or do you want to wait at the ER?
No need. I could care less about him.
I'll let you know, Uncle.
Thank you, Uncle.
I'm not a liar!
If you think
that I'm a burden, weak, it's fine.
You don't need to drive me.
Dad's acting like a child.
Well, please try to understand him, Ja.
Our age difference is 47 years.
I just can't connect with him.
Oh, come on.
I want to get out of this house soon.
To be independent like you two,
I don't want to burden anyone.
Is that so?
You want to trade places with me?
You take care of my patients.
And I'll come there and take care of Dad.
Easy right?
Ja, then who will take care
of Dad and Grandma?
Why is it all on me?
Then just listen to what Dad said.
-Someone wants to see her great-grandkids.
Grandma, not too close.
Grandma, keep your distance.
Suri, please face the phone towards Dad.
Goodness, Ja.
Why didn't you take Dad
for a haircut? Gosh.
Ja, take him for a haircut.
Ratu, I've got enough headaches
thinking about your brother, Raja.
Well, his name is Raja (King).
What kinda "King" is he?
At home, he only wears boxers.
Grandpa! Great-grandma!
Grandpa, stay healthy.
Again. Grandpa, stay healthy.
Mr. Raja, want to buy something to eat?
No, sir. Thank you.
All right?
I promised you I'd come.
Let's go to the hospital.
Ratu and Suri will get mad at me again.
Bon, I have to go.
I brought you your jacket.
-Your shoes are in the car.
You got your mask, right?
Not that mask, it's embarrassing.
You can't wear that to the hospital.
-It's cool.
-No. I brought a spare mask.
Not allowed.
Watch out! Stop! See?
That was his fault.
That's a motorbike!
Can you please stop talking?
Dad, watch out!
Just relax.
I taught you how to drive.
But you don't have a driving license.
When you learned to drive,
did you have a license?
-Eyes forward.
-Yes, I'm looking forward.
-Dad, watch out!
-All right, okay.
Hurry up! Move!
-Dad, let me
Pull over. Let me drive.
Just relax.
When I worked for Pertamina Oil Company,
I always drove myself.
Hands on the wheel, please.
I never got pulled over,
never got a ticket
Just relax.
Huh? What is this?
What's going on?
So stubborn.
-Good day, sir.
-Good day.
-I need to check your temperature, please.
-Go ahead.
-Can you please lower the rear window?
-All right.
Here's the thing, sir.
According to the new health protocol,
four-wheel vehicle passengers
must wear masks.
Goodness, Raja!
What's with you? Put your mask on!
-Your mask!
-Here, sir.
I'm a disciplined person. I wore my mask.
But I took it off because my dad upset me.
I needed some fresh air, okay?
Calm down, son.
How can I calm down?
My dad insisted on driving
without a license.
-Why are you ratting me out?
-You started it!
-You won't listen to your own son.
You're the one
who has to listen to what I say!
Calm down, sir.
He's my son. Just give him a ticket.
Why me?
Just give my dad a ticket
so he won't cause any more trouble.
Can't you see my uniform?
I'm in the military.
So I have no right to give you tickets.
You should've told us sooner.
How troublesome.
Why are you pulling people over?
Just wasting our time.
Son, please wear your mask.
Don't sit there. See that X sign?
Related to the increasing cases,
the government announced
1942 new cases in Indonesia
Sir, this is my fourth
credit card application.
But I always get rejected
whenever I mention I'm an artist.
Emergency contact?
I filled it out on the form, sir.
My mother, Linda
You were the one who asked me
to apply the other day.
I take full responsibility
for all of my debts, that's number one.
Number two, I'm not a criminal.
I'm applying for a credit card
just in case my mother falls sick.
No, she's not sick. She's in good health.
I said, "Just in case."
Please help me out, sir.
Are you cold?
Yes, it's freezing.
It's warmer here.
Wanna switch seats?
-Is it all right?
-Of course it is.
-Thank you, sir.
Excuse me.
It's all right.
People say that it's a sign
of upcoming good fortune.
I've also heard that
our fortune is predetermined.
Yes, we have to
We have to work on it.
Are you alone?
No, I'm waiting for my daughter.
-Dad, what are we doing here?
What is this place?
This place is called a hall.
People normally use them
for graduations, wedding receptions
No, I mean, what are we doing here?
Oh, we're practicing the waltz.
But rest assured,
we're following the health protocols.
What's wrong?
Maybe I'm a vampire.
That's why my temperature is 32 degrees.
-Let's try again.
-All right.
Is it working?
36.4. You're normal.
Praise be to Allah.
Thank you.
Waltzes have three beats in a measure.
They keep repeating.
Let me introduce you to my son.
Hello, Auntie.
Hello, I'm Dewa.
We have Mr. Dewa here and his son?
Okay, since we have new students,
we'll start with one of
the most basic waltz steps.
All right? It's called the Box Step.
Asia, please start the music.
Forward, two, three. Back, two, three.
Left foot forward.
Right foot backward.
Mr. Dewa, we are close
because we want to be together.
To dance.
To be happy.
Usually, the man takes the lead.
Who will lead?
-I will.
-I will.
I will.
Left. Two, right.
-Three, turn. Okay?
-All right.
One Gosh.
One. Okay?
-You stepped twice.
-At two, you're supposed to go right.
-But at three, you didn't turn.
Calm down.
This is your first time learning.
Try again.
Miss Linda, can you lead me this time?
Keep your distance.
All right!
Students from different households
must hold this stick.
-Mr. Dewa, can you look into my eyes?
-Oh, right.
Let's learn to trust each other.
You're doing great.
You look familiar.
Were you the one dancing on the stairs?
Let's forget about that.
Is your name really Asia?
It is.
Is your name really Raja?
For real.
Wanna know my full name?
Raja Afrika (King of Africa).
Don't hold back your laughter.
It's not prohibited.
Should I laugh?
Wink, wink.
Dancing is good for your memory.
Memory or something else?
Wink, wink.
Are you ready?
The impact of
the COVID-19 pandemic is increasingly
Don't pull them out.
More will grow if you do.
I can't help it, Mom.
Fine, come here.
Let me pull them out.
You pulled out the wrong one, Mom.
Old woman's eyes.
Even if you're old, somebody likes you.
Who are you talking about?
Do you like him too?
We only have pennies left
on our electric meter.
Your phone is being charged.
Please unplug it.
Can you do it?
Give me your feet.
I topped it up.
You should've been traveling.
Instead of taking care of me.
Traveling where?
It's hard to even go to the store
wearing this.
I don't mean now.
We're not going to stay like this forever.
You have to see the world.
Come here.
I'm a big girl, Mom.
Now, it's time for you
to think about yourself.
Do you like him or not?
Do you like him or not?
He's not bad for fun.
Why are you still wearing
this ragged shirt?
It's comfy. Do you like him or not?
Just take a chance, Ms. Lin.
When will another chance arrive?
Death awaits us all, yes.
But having company while we wait
makes the wait more fun.
Before you taste
the heavenly paradise above,
you should try
the earthly paradise here once more.
What are you saying?
Be honest with yourself.
If your heart says
Are you feeling it? Just go for it.
Diana, do you think
an old man can still do it?
Can he still do it?
Of course he can.
They have medicine now.
And the technique.
Go search for it on the Internet.
You'll find it.
Safe male enhancement supplement.
Gosh, it's loading.
Safe male enhancement supplement!
Here's the list
of safe male enhancement supplements.
One, Viagra. Two, sildenafil.
-Diana, I can't turn it off!
-Three, avanafil and vardenafil.
Four, ginseng. Five
Here's your chili sauce.
-Thank you, Tika.
-You're welcome, sir.
Thank you.
Your mother told me.
This was your favorite
when you were a kid.
Dance practice.
In public.
The Coronavirus is spreading.
-How come you never told us?
-At the location
we keep a safe distance, Ratu.
Besides, Dad's not a kid anymore.
Did you forget? You told us
Auntie, have some of this.
Fried shallots, so good.
-All right.
-Want some, Asia?
Thank you, Ja.
You can rest easy.
My mom and I
don't run this class recklessly.
You can say it's our livelihood.
If it's problematic, we can't eat.
Asia, calm down.
My mom
has been a breast cancer survivor
for seven years.
As a daughter, I feel discomfort as well.
Watching my mother working in the midst
of the Coronavirus epidemic like this.
Your favorite.
You like livers, don't you?
-Why didn't you tell us?
-Come on.
Want some livers too, sis?
I'm not hungry.
Okay. Oh, right.
Asia teaches a dance class too.
You like to dance too, right?
Asia, where do you teach?
I teach at Radio Dalam and Cipete, miss.
But now I mostly teach online.
Where did you graduate from?
In college, I majored in Accounting.
Well, I dropped out.
Because when Mom had cancer,
I had to stand by her.
That's why I want to become
a serious dancer.
Because the work hours are flexible.
I think you've questioned her enough.
-Come on.
-Do you want to eat?
-I want to eat you.
Chili sauce?
This is a win-win situation.
Dad will be happy,
Ms. Linda will be happy.
And we'll be happy to have someone
to take care of Dad.
Happy ending, right?
Hey, you wish!
A new family means a new responsibility.
"Happy, right?"
That's all you can think of.
Do you remember when the last time was
that Dad was this happy?
It was when Atma was born.
A child is not an answer.
Two children are enough for me.
So are you waiting for a grandkid from me?
It will take a while.
Why do you have to bring up kids?
No need for that.
Do you think I don't want to have a child?
Here, dry this too.
How did we get so far off-topic?
Their family might not be happy
about us, right?
Let me hear some noise!
Move your hips!
Down, side!
Up, down. Ready?
Step, go!
So, my name was supposed to be
Aisah Aliyah Putri.
But the Civil Registration officer
mistyped my name.
So, I'm Asia now.
So that's it?
You went through the trouble
joining my class
just because you wanted to know
about my name?
Anything else?
Do you think
our parents will get married?
Be honest with me, Ja.
Has your dad ever beat you,
your sisters, or your mom?
My dad is a good person.
A hard worker.
The foundation of our family.
All my life, he's been a single parent.
Your mom
is the first woman he's ever brought home.
My dad's not like that.
How old are you, Ja?
How old are you?
I'm 27.
And you?
I'll be 25 soon.
So should I call you sis or miss?
How long must we wait?
Until later.
My mom will never get married again, Ja.
Just the two of us is enough.
Is your dad still around?
Last I heard, he'd died.
He was furious
when Mom ran away with me to Jakarta.
He divorced Mom that instant.
So you've been taking care of
your mom on your own?
If not me, then who?
That's why you need a family.
Our parents like each other.
And I'm sure you'll fit with me.
With my sisters and my grandma.
Are you happy with sisters like them?
They seem mean.
I'm an only child.
My two sisters are special cases.
A combo meal.
They're my mothers and sisters.
Double the attention,
and double the yelling.
But thanks to them,
I'm used to doing chores.
You'll be free to tell me
to do things too.
I will be the best little brother to you.
So, what do you expect from me?
Let's try turning.
-But I still can't turn.
-Just try it. I'm sure you can.
Turn around the statue, don't
Turn. All right.
I'm starting to feel it.
-Let's turn around.
Where's the brake? Oh, here.
It's under your left foot, don't forget.
Now, just straight reverse.
Slow down.
That was close.
Thank you, Ja.
I forget when the last time was
that I learned something new.
It's just a driving lesson.
It's important to me.
Look, don't underestimate
other people's happiness
about being able
to turn a car on their own.
To successfully hit the brake.
To have control of going forward or back.
This is also important.
Don't forget to take care of yourself.
Hey! Wear your masks!
Yes, Mom?
Sorry, the electric meter's alarm
is going off.
Please top it up.
I'll repay you.
All right, Mom.
Back then,
every time I finished my chemo treatment,
Diana always came with my favorite soup.
She used to hold my hands.
And rub my back.
I need a companion.
You need a companion too.
Will you marry me?
I'm incomplete, dear.
I only have one breast left.
Back then, to stop
the cancer from spreading,
the left one was mastectomized
before the chemotherapy.
I don't care if you have one,
or three.
Right now,
you're more than enough.
I'm sure Diana's laughing right now,
teasing me.
Is it not enough for you,
being just the two of us all this time?
Being with Dewa, that's how it feels.
It just fits.
I hope one day,
you'll feel what I feel right now.
My mom was a backup dancer.
Working from morning until night.
When I missed her,
I'd watch her on TV, calling her, "Mommy!"
Sometimes, I could only see her back.
After a while,
they didn't need her anymore.
So, she decided to retire.
Just a little more.
My mom and I were
about to have a quiet life.
A happy life.
And then she got breast cancer.
They got rid of the cancer.
But the debt stays to this day.
Mom always says that every person
has his or her season.
I always think.
When's it time for me to make her happy?
Now is the time, Ja.
I'm happy if Dad's happy.
Right, Ja?
Right, Suri?
I have to go, Dad.
All right. Take care, Ratu.
Really sorry, Yul.
I'll pay you 1.5 tomorrow.
I don't know if your plants
are stressed or not, ma'am.
Music? Right, I'll play some music.
Yes, you're welcome.
Is it that tasty? Or are you hungry?
I'm hungry.
-Are we seriously watching a horror movie?
It's just a movie.
I'm scared.
Sorry, sir. Your extra order.
I was surprised.
Thank you.
See? Here comes the jump scare.
Oh no!
I need to pee.
I need to pee.
Stop jumping, you look like a pocong.
Where's the toilet?
-Where is it?
I can't hold it!
-Now what?
-I'm here.
We should stop watching, Ja.
-You know what?
I can burp anytime.
Count one to three.
Can you do that?
-Okay, I'll try.
-Try it.
-Can you do it?
-I can do it.
That's a frog.
I've changed my mind
about spending a night at your house, Ja.
You miss your mother.
You can stay in my room.
I will sleep in the car tonight.
While I look for passengers.
Trax 101.4 FM. Hits that you like.
Trax listeners, have you felt
that during this pandemic,
so many things happened
Dad, please help me!
What is it?
Where are you?
We found drugs in your son's possession.
-Can you hear me, sir?
-Yes, sir.
So here's the deal.
I can help so that he won't be arrested.
-If you can transfer the bail tonight.
-Hello, sir? Can you hear us?
-Then what?
Before we process
the investigation report.
I'll give you a chance
to bail your son out.
Call him.
-Call Raja.
-Hello, sir?
Can you hear us?
-How much do I have to pay?
25 million, sir.
-I will comply.
-Soon, sir.
-All right.
-It has to be tonight.
I'll go to the ATM.
-I haven't received it yet, sir.
-Just a second.
I forgot my PIN.
-Don't be like this!
-Dear, is this for real?
-Hurry and transfer the money!
-Shouldn't we wait?
-Hello? Sir?
-Raja hasn't picked up, Mom.
-Are you done?
-Keep trying.
Don't hit my son.
I really forgot my PIN.
-Don't lie to me.
-Calm down, Dear.
Don't fool around.
This is for your son's future!
I just transferred you 25 million.
Do not hit my son.
-What's wrong, Asia?
What were you thinking, Ja?
-We were worried sick about you!
-How dare you?!
-How could you?!
-Where's your sense of responsibility?
What responsibility?
Sis, that's enough.
We can talk about this nicely! What is it?
Okay, what is it?
What is it?
Since when have you been using?
-Using what?
-Drugs! Don't lie!
-I never taught you to lie.
What drugs?
I swear I don't use drugs!
Where were you last night?
I slept on the road last night.
I'm out of battery, that's why
-I came home to get my charger
-We were waiting for you!
You got us all into trouble!
I'm out of battery.
I didn't know anything.
Dad had to transfer money last night, Ja.
Transfer money?
Why did he transfer money?
Wait, explain to me.
I swear, I didn't do anything.
Nothing happened last night.
Get inside, all of you!
What's wrong?
I'm sorry to everyone.
I still can't return Dad's money
that I borrowed.
I didn't tell you
because I thought I could return it soon.
Turns out that
Bayu couldn't get another loan.
We still have to pay
our employees' severances.
How could this happen?
You don't look like you're bankrupt.
I feel like I've disappointed you.
Besides, Dad said
I shouldn't tell you.
Suri, that's enough.
There, there.
What's important is that Dad has to know.
His money won't be enough.
At best, it will last six months.
Look, don't tell Dad just yet.
The car. I can sell my car.
Dad helped you with the down payment.
Now you want to sell it?
How much will you get?
Raja, what are you saying?
We can't let Dad get stressed.
Hey, if you hadn't slept outside,
we would've been just fine.
Why are you blaming me?
I'm not the one who borrowed his money.
Raja! There was a time when I depended
on Dad. We've all been there.
But Dad had too many expenses.
This is the last time
that I will burden the children
and you.
I will sell this house.
I could share the money
amongst the children.
I could use it to take care of my mother
and us, for the remainder of our lives.
Ja. Raja.
Come here.
This is so awesome, Ratu.
I hid that, and you still found it.
Your dad's kept track of your growth
since you were born.
-Look, they gave me too much powder.
-It still looks cool, Ratu.
What was I thinking?
Hobby: constipation.
-Let's take a picture.
-Let me lock the door first.
-Can you please take the picture?
Put it there.
-Where's Dad?
-Can you help us?
Let's take the picture, Ja.
One, two, three.
Okay, one more time.
-Please don't.
-It's all right, just a little.
One more time, okay?
Grandma, eat your porridge.
Fine, let me get the soy sauce.
Move your body, everyone. Whoo!
Grandma, Asia's working.
It's all right, let her be.
Everybody, whoo!
Found it?
As well as monthly grocery shopping,
we need to pay for electricity vouchers,
the community bill,
the garbage collection bill,
the security bill, and the Internet.
And the occasional medical bill.
Asia, would you like to add anything else?
No, Mom.
There you go, Lin.
We'll figure it out later.
How much more do we need?
I'm still here too, Dad.
Yes, Uncle. Relax.
Hey, it's on.
Mother, here you go.
Come on, blow it.
Look at us, Mom.
What's wrong, Asia?
Is my mom there, Uncle?
Your mom teaches morning class, right?
Asia, what's wrong?
Are you all right?
What's the matter with you, Ja?
Call her "miss" or "sis."
That's impolite.
All right, all right.
Let me get your mom.
Yes, thanks, Uncle.
Miss Asia.
Sis Asia.
What's wrong, huh?
Is the water not running?
Is there a cockroach?
What's wrong?
Is your dad still here?
He's not here.
What's wrong?
Please get my towel, Ja.
I forgot it.
All right.
Just wait.
Come on!
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two.
Stretch your arms high!
In college, I realized
that being in IT didn't suit me.
I prefer sales or marketing.
So, now you want to be
a personal assistant?
Do you have any dependents?
Right now, I still live with my dad.
And also
a senile grandma, and a stepmother
who's a breast cancer survivor.
No, I mean you.
As the head of the family,
do you have a wife or children?
I'm single, sir.
I don't even have a girlfriend.
But I'm a caring person.
All right, do you have any questions?
In this office, aside from 12 days off
and the Eid al-Fitr holiday,
will I be able to take emergency days off
to take care of my dad or grandma?
Don't you want to ask
about your expected salary?
Dad! Where are you going?
Dad, it's me, Raja.
Where are you going?
I'm going home.
To our house.
You're not going to see Auntie Linda?
I'm all right.
Don't forget your seatbelt and mask, Dad.
I'll take you to the doctor.
Anybody seen my watch?
What's wrong with you, Ja?
Why are you looking for my watch
in the aquarium?
Has that HR guy called you again?
The interview was only yesterday.
You were being weird.
You hadn't even been accepted,
but you asked for days off.
Didn't I ask the right thing?
He told me to ask anything, not to sing.
As an employee,
just do what your boss says.
Isn't it normal
for a boss to make the rules?
It's normal.
But if the managers are problematic,
incompetent, confusing, or even faulty,
how can I just say nothing?
Clean these up.
I can go to the doctor myself.
Have you found it, dear?
No, I haven't.
Has my dad's memory gotten worse?
What's wrong?
Be honest with me.
What's wrong?
I found him confused.
He didn't know his way home.
That's probably because
we just moved here.
No, it was something else.
It was
Just like Grandma before.
Let's go back to your room.
Put on some lotion.
Makes your skin smoother.
Most importantly,
this lotion is from Linda.
What year is this?
Of course it's 2020.
Who's the forgetful one here, me or you?
Name all the Indonesian presidents,
from the first one to the current one.
That's easy.
The second, Suharto.
The third
He's suffering from dementia,
caused by Alzheimer's.
Similar to his mother two years ago.
Ma'am, I need your help to make sure
he takes his medication.
People with Alzheimer's
are highly dependent on their caretakers.
We should pull over for a while.
Just for a while, dear.
I'm all right.
It's just that sometimes I forget things.
You have Alzheimer's, Dad.
This is serious.
You're going senile.
Just like Grandma.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Like mother, like son.
Come on.
You just relax.
-How can we relax, Dad?
Why didn't you let us
take you to the doctor?
And I can't stop wondering.
Who let Dad drive on his own?
Why didn't you take him?
When have I not taken him to places?
I was sleeping.
When I woke up,
Dad had already driven off.
We were just
We just didn't want to bother you.
Hear that?
This is not my fault.
Who blamed you?
You always blame me!
It's dangerous for Dad to drive.
That's what we're talking about here.
You can no longer drive, Dad.
From now on, you need someone
to seriously take care of you.
All right, Dad?
I must be strong, right?
But I'm afraid that
I don't have the strength.
When Mom had her chemo treatment,
I once went see a therapist.
It was quite helpful.
But I stopped after a while.
400.000 for one session.
I had no money to keep it up, Ja.
So now you're asking me for 400,000?
I think I only have 500,000 left
in my account.
I have 400,000 in mine.
Or was it 300,000? 200,000?
This conversation is depressing.
We have to keep moving forward.
All right?
I'm not the best in my dance group.
But I won't stop.
I keep on moving.
Because Mom said
that while we can still move,
that means we can still enjoy life.
Try it.
Follow my lead. Try it.
See? You can do it.
-You're a pro now.
-Pretty much.
Have you ever had a dream?
-I did, once.
-What was it?
What was it?
To join an international dance group.
Enter a competition.
And travel around the world.
But it's pointless, right?
I understand how it feels to be afraid.
My therapist said
that when you're worried or afraid,
you need to find five things
that you can see.
Four things that you can hear.
Three things
that you can touch.
Two things that you can smell.
One thing
that you can feel.
Anyone seen my phone?
Thank you.
Have you seen my
-Your cup's empty, I'll pour you more tea.
-Okay, thank you.
How cute. Try this one.
Sis, you left your phone in the bathroom.
You two look like twins.
What's the matter, dear?
I'm the senile one. Why are you?
-Sorry, I'll pour you some more.
-Did you forget?
That's all right.
I guess I'll be going now.
Mom, Uncle.
Ja, drive your sister.
We have to talk to your mom.
Yes, tomorrow.
Let's take care of things
as fast as we can.
Otherwise, they will become problems.
All right?
Are you all right?
I don't want to talk about it.
But you won't even look at me.
I don't want to talk about it!
I'll just pretend that nothing happened.
That I never saw you two
Auntie, Asia and I didn't do anything.
Then what was that the other day?
The first time.
The first and the last, right?
I never dreamed of this!
Since when?
So, when you and Uncle Dewa
decided to get married,
Raja and I
We've been close.
-But we didn't
-We kept our distance, that's it.
But after that,
Asia and I fell in love again.
You're in love with me?
Of course, Asia.
Then it's settled.
-We have to keep it a secret.
-We have to tell Dad the truth.
What do you mean, "Tell the truth"?
Dewa is sick, Ja.
I know, Ma'am.
But while Dad still has his memory,
I want him to know.
That I'm in love with Asia.
The woman who's always there
for her family.
The bravest woman I've ever known.
You're special, Asia.
So special.
What's wrong? Just let him be.
Where's Raja?
He's not here, Uncle.
He's not in there.
Why didn't you tell me?
I want you to be happy.
Asia wants her mom to be happy.
If you love Asia,
you should've fought for her
from the start!
I fought for you.
Why won't you ever think
about your own future?
I put your future first!
I have none left.
You still do.
Why won't you ever tell me what you want?
-What for?
-Because I'm your father!
That's exactly why
I couldn't tell you.
Please forgive my family.
Will you marry me?
-What the heck are you doing?
-I seriously want to marry you.
Whatever you feel right now,
it might not be love, Ja.
I want to fulfill my responsibilities.
You, your mom, my dad,
you're all my responsibility.
My dad said the exact same words
to my mom.
What did she get?
Are you prepared
for if our relationship fails?
Are you prepared
for if we end up hurting each other?
What about your dad?
What about my mom?
Just forget it, Ja.
Who's this?
How come they know my number?
Their application got all my data.
Why did you borrow money from them?
Who would take someone like me seriously?
I'll never meet the requirements
to get a loan from the bank.
Do you think I'd have been able
to teach here if I hadn't taken out loans?
Or buy this fancy sweatsuit?
Asia, come on.
Calm down. All right?
I got you.
How much do you owe them?
How much?
I need a person who's 100% focused on me.
I will give 100% of my time
to the company, sir.
I am the right person for this company.
-Was that Korean?
-Yes, sir.
I'm the right person for this company.
I'm prepared to be assigned anywhere.
I'm ready to obey your words.
Do you know what "annyeonghaseyo" means?
It means "hello", sir.
My wife would love you.
-Thank you, sir.
Good. Yes.
Just a minute, Mother.
I have to answer the phone.
That's right. I'm Dewa Santosa. Yes?
Oh, right. That's mine.
Would you like to check it?
I can do that. I'll come right over.
Aren't you going to lock it, sir?
I want to clean things up,
sweep the floor.
-I hope we'll make a deal.
-Okay, sir.
Mr. Dewa went to the old house.
There's a potential buyer.
How long has he been gone?
Since this morning, ma'am.
Don't know why, but he's not yet returned.
-Since this morning?
Mr. Dewa forgot to bring his phone, ma'am.
It's about your dad.
Sir, have you seen my dad?
I saw him feeding the cats.
What are you doing here?
Let's go home, Dad.
Let's go home.
It's all right.
Let's go home now.
Come on, Dad.
Careful, Dad.
-Let's all get inside.
-What happened?
Dad won't get out of the car
if you're still here.
All right? Please go inside, Auntie.
Thank you, Auntie.
Yes, Dad?
I need a favor.
I'm afraid
I can no longer be
the head of this family.
It's possible that
I asked you to marry me
because something's wrong with my brain.
Just let me go.
You deserve to be happy.
I leave Raja in your care.
Keep your grandma company.
Raja is about to start his life.
When our old house is sold,
I want to take your grandma
to a nursing home.
I don't want to let you go, Dad.
We can still take care of you.
This situation is just going
to get worse, Mom.
Dewa truly is different.
He would never hurt me on purpose.
There's no such thing
as a perfect dance partner.
He's not allowed to have visitors?
We can't afford to take any risks
until this pandemic is over.
VISITORS LISThis way, sir, ma'am.
Again, welcome to
Harapan Hati Retirement Home.
I'm Romi. I'll take you on a tour,
but not today.
Because you're still not allowed
to interact with other residents.
Just as a precaution.
Please, this way.
Here, we have a cooking class,
painting class.
Breathing techniques,
we have a lot of activities here.
To keep you from boredom.
Right, here you go.
Mr. Dadang asked us to prepare everything
for Mr. Dewa and Mrs. Linda.
I'll put this right here.
It seems that the gentleman
who lived here was a tidy person.
That's right. Mr. Bandi was a tidy person.
How did you know that
the previous resident was a man?
He forgot something.
This belongs to the deceased Mr. Bandi.
Excuse me, sir, ma'am.
I'll put my car up for sale tomorrow.
We'll start over again from scratch.
So you're going to work there?
I am.
I'll be placed in their branch office.
I still don't know where.
But the contract is for three years.
Three years is a long time, Ja.
When you return,
your dad might have forgotten everything.
Somebody has to support this family.
Not to mention your debt.
Don't use my debt as an excuse
for you to leave.
I'm not your burden, Ja!
Enough, just accept my help!
We are family, Asia.
Why won't you let me help?
Family members don't desert each other.
This is your chance.
Your chance to take care of your own life.
To have control of what you want to do.
-To be successful.
Yes, successful.
Do you think I haven't been trying
all this time?
You don't have to get stuck.
You don't need to be stuck here.
-No need to deal with our parents who
-Who are what?
Irritating? Annoying?
Who are demanding?
Who love you?
Who are going to forget about us.
And leave us behind.
Who I don't know how to help.
This might be sad.
And it might hurt a lot.
But this is my choice.
One day I might forget everything as well.
But even for a short time,
I want to have experienced it, Ja.
I need my mother here.
And you took her away from me.
Come here.
Come here.
Will you give me another chance?
As a family?
Hello, Auntie?
Where's Dad?
He's in his room.
He won't come out.
Auntie, please tell Dad.
I know he thinks that he's a burden to us.
There's a time for every family member
to be burdensome.
But maybe that's what drives us
to be a better family.
If you think about it, I
or Raja must've troubled you
more than the others.
Raja, he
has never given me any trouble.
He's a blessing for this family.
Everybody was so happy when you were born.
I'm also glad to be his son.
Please tell Raja.
I don't want to
I'll stand by you wherever you are.
To keep you company.
But this
You need to settle this yourself.
I'm your wife.
Not your middleman.
I've peed my pants.
I've gotten lost.
There's a possibility that
I will hate you.
There's a chance that
I might hit you.
But through all those times,
I'm sure you're going to continue
to raise me to be a better son.
I and everyone here
will never forget who you really are.
Who you were.
And who you will be.
Our dad is our dad.
You're not alone.
You have all of us, Dad.
Ready, Dad?
Blow out your candles.
What's the name?
Subtitle translation by: Febianto Rahardjo