Circumstances 3 (2022) Movie Script

(intro music)
(ambient music)
(tense music)
(police sirens)
- Man, oh shit.
Fuck y'all doing man?
Tiahmo Lewis...
Y'all know I'm not going back in there.
- [Officer] With your hands
up, and we'll have no choice,
but to enter the home with force.
- Oh shit she a FED.
Oh, she set me up.
Oh, I should have knew her
ass was the fucking FEDs
but I ain't going out like that.
Hey man, somebody gonna die nigga.
- [Officer] He's got a gun.
(gunshot fires)
(tense ambient music)
(police sirens)
- Found something.
- Where'd you find that?
- Under the couch.
- Wow.
- I can take it, sir I
can take it to evidence.
- No, I got that.
Kruger, evidence bag.
We'll get that to the tech guys.
I'm gonna take these guys
down once and for all.
Good work.
- Thanks.
You all right?
- What?
- Your face.
Looks like we're still in the shootout.
- My mind is not here right now.
- Can you believe this?
Causing all this way, just to surrender.
Any idea why?
- Couldn't tell you.
- I can't wait for this to be over.
- If I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath
operations like this run deep
and there's a lot of
people connected to it.
- All we gotta do is cut
off the head of the snake.
This one's got two, Keyshawn and T.A.
See you back in the office.
- Yeah.
(hiphop music)
This ain't living
I gotta leave the home with the crone
'cause Jessie won't leave me alone
This ain't living
Where everything worth dying
for nothing in the game
guarantees don't come with the game
Where the real don't
make it but the fake do
wondering when all your hard
work is gonna shine through
This ain't living
when all the hustle
don't add to no change
Maybe 'cause you should change
'cause it ain't your thing.
This ain't living
When all of a sudden
life it's a hung jury
around trying to do your
duty, trying to pursue me
Dinero, bullets blow
with nowhere to go
Sorry not intended
for the victims family
actually respect your
mentality out of that game
or your legacy will be left in shame
This ain't living when
it's hard to change
any living when you know
you can live better,
but won't nobody let you not even you
'Cause you still
stuck to the same ways
and means, same dudes on your team
Have you ever thought
about stepping out
of your surroundings
stepping outta your shell,
you gotta stay motivated
and you'll be living well.
This ain't living
Where I got leave the
home with the chrome
'cause Jessie won't leave me alone
This aint living
Where everything worth dying
for nothing in the game
Guarantees don't come with the game
This ain't lit
Where the real don't
make it but the fake do
Wondering when all your hard
work is gonna shine through
This ain't lit
When all the hustling
don't add to no change
Maybe 'cause you should change
'cause it ain't your thing
This ain't lit
What's my life worth
through life worse, it hurts
I gotta live by two codes,
the streets and the soul
Great magnitude of difference,
there's so much difference.
No consequence that living
is 10 to what we have here
and let no man take from under
(hiphop music)
- Hey.
- Yeah?
- You think I could get a tracker?
- How small?
- Small enough to sit on a
phone but not be detectable.
- Why?
- I don't answer to you.
- But you want my stuff?
- Our stuff.
- So why are you asking for permission?
- Listen, I'm following up
on a lead, between you and I.
- Yeah, hold on one second.
It's expensive.
(hiphop music)
Squinting is out of the question,
I'd rather have the judge
fine me than bargain
And aid the team, right
I play a major role in the
regime, armory, weaponry
Bang, bang, it's the
old spots gang, gang
Do your history
(car door closes)
- Mr. No One.
- [Mr. No One] Thaddeus,
ain't that the same name?
- Yeah, just as real as yours.
Man, so, you want make a simple purchase?
- [Mr. No One] It's why I'm here.
- Hey, I gotta admit
whenever I'm asked for a silencer
it makes me wonder.
- [Mr. No One] What makes you wonder?
- Hey, you know you real good
at this whole secret identity thing.
- [Mr. No One] You're
saying it makes you wonder.
What makes you wonder Doug?
- Huh?
How the fuck you know...
(gunshot fires)
(hiphop music)
I got that shit on.
- Yeah man, we've been
through some shit, man.
We stayed strong.
Stayed down.
- That's true.
- Streets, corners, all
this shit ours nigga.
- You really think this shit all ours bro?
- Why wouldn't I?
How many times the Feds
tried to take us down?
- I mean, I feel you and all this shit,
nigga, just because we
got away from the dogs
don't mean we need to go hopping
fences again, you feel me?
- Man, I ain't say we invincible.
I mean shit, I know they're watching.
I kind of like that shit.
- Nigga, what?
- I'm just saying.
I'd rather know who my enemies are.
I'd rather be able to look
at 'em right in the face.
See, it's the niggas
that sneak up behind you
and slice your throat man.
Those are the ones you gotta worry about.
- I mean, the FEDs ain't
enough for you my nigga?
Damn bro.
(both chuckle)
Wow nigga.
I'll tell you that bro.
(door opens, closes)
(Keyshawn laughs)
- What the hell?
- You have a good night?
- Why you in here sitting in the dark?
- Hmm, why am I sitting in the dark?
I don't know.
Maybe because we can't be seen together.
(Keyshawn laughs)
- You out here moving like a ninja.
- I can smell the alcohol.
- And?
- And you're out here fucking kicking it
while I'm trying to save our asses.
- I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
- Okay, okay.
- Chill.
- Okay.
- You gonna stress the baby.
- I'm still irritated.
- I got some plan too.
So what's going on?
- Things didn't go the
way we wanted it to.
Tiahmo is alive and they got his phone.
- Damn, we need to get that phone.
- I know.
It usually takes our tech guys a long time
to break into a phone like his
and they take breaks and lock it up
in these brown evidence boxes.
That's when I'll have time
to go in, swap the phones.
Oop, there we go.
- Our family won't survive
if we won't get that phone.
- I know baby but you gotta trust me,
what we need to worry about is Tiahmo.
- Nah, he ain't gonna snitch.
- For the right price, anybody a snitch.
- So what now?
- I don't know.
I guess I should head out.
- Nah, I need you to stay with me.
- Oh, you need me to stay with you?
- I need you to stay.
- Wow, okay.
- I need you to stay. I need you to stay.
(tense music)
- Fuck man.
You telling me they didn't
kill this nigga dawg?
He's fucking with me right?
- That ain't it.
They found his phone too.
- Fuck.
We running around this bitch
acting like shit is sweet.
You think that nigga know we did it?
- Nah, they told him he got caught
'cause of his license plate.
It's half truth but it's
better than nothing.
- We gotta get that phone.
- Mh-hm.
She on it.
- All right man, whatever.
I thought I'd be the
only one with bad news.
- What's that?
- You know Doug with the guns?
- Mh-hm.
- That nigga dead bro.
- Damn, what?
- Yeah.
Bad business deal or some shit.
I don't really know.
They let that nigga have it.
Streets is all type of scared
and all that type of dumb shit man.
So all of the guns are sold up right now.
- Some of our niggas
on some ignorant shit?
- What you mean, some of our niggas?
Boy, we got soldiers and shit.
- Balling baby.
- He ballsy huh?
Your motherfucker a fool bro.
(whistle blows)
(jail cell clanks)
(alarm buzzes)
- What up Tiahmo?
- What's happening,
you got a phone on you?
- Apparently you caught a
couple of bodies out there
You killed my cousin too nigga.
- Hey man, I ain't here for that.
You got a phone?
(prisoner scoffs)
This nigga tripping.
Yeah, I got your
motherfucking phone right.
(tense music)
- Got a phone on you white boy?
(phone rings)
- Who this?
- What's happening?
- Tiahmo?
- Yeah, you know who it is
nigga, you know my voice
what's up?
- Man, what the fuck dawg?
- You tell me man, how
they know where I was at?
- No nigga, you fucked up.
Somebody must have seen
your ass in the dirt
and took your license plate number nigga.
- How you know about all that?
- The plug we got with the bureau.
- [Tiahmo] Sound like a set up to me man.
- Dawg, what the fuck
was we supposed to do?
Turn around and shoot the FEDs my nigga?
- So y'all couldn't
warn me or nothing, man?
- They was on our ass.
- I know one thing, man.
One of y'all niggas better come
get me out of this bitch man
- How?
- [Tiahmo] Figure it out nigga.
(hiphop music)
- Fuck man.
(indistinct chatter)
(phone vibrates)
- Hey, the pizza about to
be here, go grab it for me.
- Hey, make sure that shit hot boss,
that shit was cold than
a motherfucker last time.
- TA know you over here?
- No, why?
- I just thought he'd
be keeping tabs on you
with you being his girlfriend now and all
- I'm a grown ass woman.
I do as I please.
I am not his girlfriend.
I know you got something else to say.
- He ain't had you in the
streets, like it's true.
You think we ain't noticed?
He catching feelings.
- I'm gonna be savage nigga.
What the fuck is that?
- It's fucking Brandon,
probably forgot his keys.
(gunshot fires)
(lady screams)
Bitch, shut the fuck up.
Where the fuck is he?
(gunshot fires)
(tense music)
- Come out.
(breaths heavily)
- Mercy.
Extraordinary isn't it?
You can spend all your life,
destroying your community and
the people that's around you.
But with God, you just have to
recognize, return and repent.
You see God is patient, but I'm not.
(indistinct chatter on TV)
(hiphop music)
- What happened?
- He had a black hat and a black mask.
- What else did you see?
- Nothing else.
He came in there and killed everybody
like it was a walk in the park.
- That nigga do something to you?
Did he say something?
- All he said was God is patient.
- Man, it's time to get this nigga, man.
- You know who did that shit?
- I don't know who did this
shit, but we cracking up here
somebody gonna start talking.
- And if they don't?
- Somebody always talk.
- Nigga, we can't be running
around in all that hot shit bro
what the fuck is you talking about?
- What?
- We supposed to be
running this shit, right?
Well how the fuck it look
nigga with us running frantic
every time a nigga poke at us dawg.
- T, somebody killed our people, man.
Fuck you talking about?
- Hey man, everybody get the fuck out.
Hey, look baby.
Go to the bar for a second, we gotta talk.
Look dawg, Big L knew the nigga
that was about to put
us on to the plug nigga
moving some major weight dawg.
- And they killed that nigga too.
- The nigga with the guns, dawg big L
somebody trying to fuck
up our operation Key.
- Dawg, we can't let
this nigga go around here
think he can just do what
the fuck he wanna do.
They're killing our people, man.
Fuck wrong with you?
Man, you on some goofy ass shit.
- He gonna fuck shit up.
(hiphop music)
- You okay?
- I'm straight, you good?
(hiphop music)
Got your bitch thinking
deep while we live nigga
Now tell everybody that
I made you cry nigga
(soft music)
Just know I really need you, oh-oh
I wanna be to myself
'cause loving you is like oh-oh
Like baby, I will walk through hell
'til a thing can't change you
You shine so bright, you're my angel
I need you, so baby
don't you go my way
(eerie music)
(door opens)
(door closes)
(eerie music)
(indistinct chatter)
- Agent Chan.
- Yeah?
- Nice of you to join us.
Anyway, as I was saying,
some of you may know her
some may not, but agent Miraflores
will be joining the case
specifically alongside agent
Dean to conduct surveillance
on Keyshawn and his little homies.
So get acquainted, get
back to work, dismissed.
- Really?
Assigning a rookie to this case.
- When I go home after a
long day of getting nowhere
on this case, you know what I like to do?
- No.
- Play chess.
It gives me peace
but sometimes I get stuck
on a particular move.
So you know what helps me with that?
- No.
- A fresh set of eyes, ambitious eyes.
- Wow.
What are you trying to say?
- You've been in deep for so long
and we've gotten absolutely nowhere
getting these people put
behind bars permanently.
- Bender, listen, we don't need
another person on this case
especially not a rookie.
- Well you've got one.
Good luck.
Need something else?
- No.
- Crazy right?
- What?
- So you are undercover
with Keyshawn's crew, right?
I was wondering...
Yo, what is her deal?
(tense music)
- What are you doing here?
- I took a water from your fridge.
- You can't just pop up here.
- Oh, but you can do it to me?
- It's not about me.
You're the one that they
want, they want all of y'all
- That's dope.
- Dope?
That's all you can say?
This is Tiahmo's phone, this is good.
Real good.
- I know.
Somebody hit us and they hit us bad too.
- Who would do that?
- I'll tell you what, I
find out who did that shit
that shits over.
- Keyshawn, you can't do that.
- Oh, so you just gonna
uphold the law now?
- Do you have any idea how fucking hard...
- Listen, listen, listen, listen.
That was some fucked up shit all right.
I shouldn't have said that
but I can't let this shit go.
Not now.
Not ever.
- And I understand that,
but you need to hear me.
The FBI is watching you closer
than they've ever watched you before.
So you can't just be
out here going to war.
Promise me you won't do nothing stupid.
(hiphop music)
- Ain't nothing like your cooking.
- Boy, I didn't hear you come in.
- What's up mom, how you doing?
- I'm just fine, you
know out there working,
doing what I can.
- You know, you ain't gotta work, ma.
I got you.
I got you, I got you, I got you.
- It's not about the money.
You know, people gotta do something.
Keeps the heart beating.
- Hey ma, did you...
- Keish, how my baby sister doing?
- Do you need help?
- Nope, let's eat.
You enjoyed your meal?
- Yeah, thank you.
- Ma, you need to open up a restaurant.
- Who says I still can't?
- I should go, I gotta get
up early for work tomorrow.
- Really?
So soon?
- Sorry.
- Keish.
- What did you do?
- Nothing.
- I'm talking about that other
shit we was talking about.
I'm just thinking to myself like
at some point we gotta get over this shit.
- What up?
- What's up dawg?
Get in.
(car door opens, closes)
So you know you my little homie, right?
You know that come with a
certain level of responsibility.
You look out for me, I look out for you.
What's this shit I hear you
stealing from my niggas?
- Man, I didn't.
- What?
- Look, I was just trying to
come up with some extra money.
- So you decide to cheat my homies?
That ain't what we do young Ty.
Apologize nigga.
- I'm sorry.
- Nigga, you ain't take my money.
- My bad.
- And you're gonna pay
all that shit back too
with interest.
- Okay.
- Reputation Ty.
- I hear you.
- Get your shit together, man, get out.
- It's all good.
(car door opens, closes)
Man, I mean, you know what?
I respect the game though.
I ain't mad at it.
What's going on with that other thing?
- Shit man, you know that
shit still a problem.
I don't know what to do though with it.
FEDs is on us.
Keyshawn acting like a goofy.
How the fuck we gonna fight with everybody
that keep poking with us?
- Yeah, I know.
Killing a house full of people
boy, that ain't just a punk though either.
- Yeah, you're right dawg.
Man, I'm just trying to
play this shit smart though.
You feel me?
Yeah, fuck it though. We
gonna figure some shit out.
We always do right?
- Always cuz.
Don't even worry about that shit.
- River said you wanted to talk to me.
- Yeah, have a seat.
- Dolion, do you miss him?
- Yeah.
- He ever feel suspect
about anything with Chan?
- Agent Chan?
No, I don't think so.
- We got into Dolion's phone
and there seemed to be
a good amount of tailing
and conversing with her.
- Maybe it was about Keyshawn.
- Of course it was.
- Wait.
You don't think she was
working with Keyshawn
and he knew about it.
- They give you a report on
what was on Tiahmo's phone?
- Yeah, I was gonna
update you later about it.
It's wiped clean, empty.
- You think he did that
or you think somebody's covering for him?
- If you're right, what
are we gonna do about it?
- Nothing yet.
We need to tread lightly.
- Understood.
- Good, we'll talk later.
- My name is Agent.
My, my, my name is agent.
- What's wrong with you man?
Damn boy, you up here stuttering and shit
you can't even finish a sentence.
I heard him out in the yard man.
Was it Dol?
- No.
It's agent Dolion.
And we're here to discuss your phone.
It's empty.
- What you got me in this
dark ass room for boy?
- We need to know what was on it.
- I don't know what
you talking about, man.
You can't even get your name right
to be talking to you, man.
- You are working for some people.
Very important people.
People that we are a lot
more interested in than you.
- I don't know what
you talking about, man.
You're wasting your
time talking to me, man.
- Killing a federal agent is a crime
punishable by death in the chair.
You know that, right?
- What if I told you
that I could make the
time that you have here
the little time that you have
here, it felt like heaven.
- What if I told you
that I don't give a fuck?
This ain't nothing to me man.
Time ain't shit.
You got shit.
(Tiahmo chuckles)
(car door closes)
- So you think he knows it's us?
- Yep.
- I thought the whole
point was to not be seen.
- Yeah, but sometimes half the fun
is letting him know that you're watching.
- Keyshawn, how you living?
- Shit, best way I can homie.
- I know that's right.
- Hey, thanks for opening
up the store for me.
- Aw man, you know you
one of my loyal customers.
- [Keyshawn] Shit, your only customer.
- I heard that.
- You know,
I never got to thank you for
putting a good word in for me.
- Don't worry about it, it was nothing.
- Oh, it's to me. I owe you,
- Call us even.
- Even?
- Yeah, you kidding me.
The list of embarrassing
things you know about me
dating back to probably high school.
You can just keep those in your head.
- [Old Man] Man, come on man.
Take what you gonna take.
Take what you gonna take brother.
Just take what you gonna take, man.
Just take what you gonna take.
All good.
- Yo.
You not getting no money from him.
- Who says I'm here for the money.
(gunshot fires)
(tense ambient music)
- Don't move.
Put your hands up.
(instrumental music)
Hands up.
(gunshot fires)
(tense ambient music)
(gunshot fires)
- Watch.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Stay with me.
Oh my gosh.
Josh, no, don't give in, hey, hold on.
I need back up right now.
We've got an agent down.
Please send it right now.
Medics, everybody.
- You can go now, I have
a phone call to make.
(car door opens, closes)
- Hey.
Listen, I know this ain't
the most low key spot,
but I needed to see you.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Nigga almost got me though.
- Who was it?
- Shit, I don't know.
The nigga wore a mask and
I know it's the same nigga
that's been taking out our people.
- Keyshawn.
- Listen, I made you a
promise that I can't keep.
- Yes you can.
- There's niggas out here
that want war and I do too.
(tense ambient music)
(breathes heavily)
(knock on door)
- Who is it?
- Where Key at?
- You got a gun on you?
- [T.A.] And if I do?
- I'm gonna need that.
- He good.
He good.
- All right.
- What's up dawg?
Why the fuck you ain't calling me bro?
- 'cause you ain't listen
to me the first time.
- Okay man, I'm trying to
be smart about this shit.
- And he ain't?
He cut throat T.
I looked him in his eyes.
He on a mission.
- Exactly.
The same reason why you
should not be here, bro.
- Nah, I want him to try me one more time.
I got something for his ass.
- Wow.
- I already put the word out.
- Come on, man.
We don't need that type
of attention right now.
- We?
- Yes, we.
- He tried to put my head on.
- Did he succeed though?
Key, you not thinking straight dawg.
The FEDs was right there the whole time.
Look, bro.
They know a whole hell of a
lot more than what we thought.
Dawg, you can't run around
putting hits out on people, bro.
(tense music)
- How you know the FEDs was there T?
- What?
- The same reason why I know
how they was looking for you.
The streets is talking dawg
and they talking a lot too.
I really wish you would've called me man
so we could have planned some shit.
- This nigga.
A plan?
How the fuck we gonna plan something
and you don't wanna do shit.
- That's how you feel?
All right nigga.
(door opens, closes)
- Chill.
(hiphop music)
(car door opens, closes)
- Fuck man.
- You okay?
- Fuck no, I'm not okay.
This nigga on some fucking bullshit.
Fuck it.
Gotta get the fuck outta here.
- You sure you have no idea
why someone's trying to kill Keyshawn?
- No.
- I'm sick of it.
The crime.
Where's the common sense?
Where's the decency?
Somebody's dropping
bodies like it's nothing.
I'm sick of it.
I'm gonna stop 'em,
I'm gonna stop 'em all.
- Well sir, one thing we know for certain
is that it always catches up to them.
- I sure hope so.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Are you sure?
- I never saw anyone get
killed in front of me before.
Have you?
- I have.
- How do you get through it?
- Honestly, you don't
but what I do know is
you need something that pushes you through
a reason why you're here, a purpose.
That will at least get
you through the dark days.
- My father, he was my hero.
You know, no matter what
he was going through,
he always kept a smile on his face.
Because my mom and I, we were his joy
and he had to protect his joy
and that meant upholding the law.
But it also got him killed.
What's yours?
- A new life.
A better one.
- Like an escape?
- I guess you could say that.
Love me or hate me, that
shit just don't faze me
- Mami, come here baby.
You all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
- [T.A.] What's up baby, how's work?
- It's working papi.
- So, you don't nothing anymore, why?
- I'm trying to keep you safe.
- From what?
(hiphop music)
I done turn into a fucking goblin
I done lost my mind
and still can't find it
Quit looking
- You know the bitch
called me and you know
and I was like yeah, I don't
know what you talking about
you know what I'm saying?
- Mr. Keyshawn Watson.
- Yes ma'am.
- You're a hard man to track down.
- Not really ma'am.
- Yeah.
We need to talk about what happened.
- What you mean ma'am?
- What do I mean?
You know what I mean, the
shooting, the man in the mask.
- That wasn't me, ma'am.
- We saw you and I know you saw us.
- I don't recall, ma'am.
- You don't recall.
So you don't recall
someone trying to kill you?
I think that'd be something
you'd wanna report.
- Listen, nobody batted an
eye when your partner died,
choking on his blood, right?
- You think this city loves you,
has your back and you're destroying it.
When we lock you up.
They're gonna celebrate.
They think you're scum and so do we.
- Ain't nobody checking for me.
And if they were, I'll handle it.
(T.A. laughs)
(phone rings)
- Yeah, hello man.
- Hey man, what's happening?
- Look man, we figuring
some shit out dawg.
- Are you?
- There's a lot of shit going
on right now though dawg.
- That's bullshit man.
The FBI agent on my ass man.
Keep asking me all these questions.
- What?
- Shit gonna start revealing
it's own shit in a minute.
Y'all better get it together.
Get me out this bitch.
- [T.A.] Hey T man, I just need you to...
This nigga just fucking hung up on me.
- Tiahmo?
He killed somebody in jail?
You got other connects in there don't you?
We might need to shut 'em up man.
(tense music)
(door opens, closes)
- Baby, I ain't hear you come in.
- Why you got me out here at Micwan?
- Because ain't nobody
gonna look for you here.
- Who own this?
- The FBI.
But look, listen.
They have not used this
place in a very long time.
Come on, I just thought it'd
be nice to come to a place
nobody knows about.
- The FBI do.
- I know, but why would
they think to look for you
right under their noses?
Come on, cheer up baby.
You thirsty? You want
some water or something?
I know you thirsty.
- Oh, you got some jokes, huh?
- I got a little bit of jokes,
I missed you, come here.
- I missed you too.
- Come on.
- I just don't know about meeting here.
It's all quiet.
- You can hear the wind
blow, the trees dance.
It's something.
- Something weird.
All the true weirdos live out here.
- Yeah, okay.
- All them weirdos all into
that quiet, sadistic shit.
- [Agent Chan] Stop.
(both laugh)
Keyshawn, what happened?
- Tiahmo.
He's threatening to snitch.
- We should've known.
- I know but damn
It's like I gotta worry
about a damn hit man
this, they sweating me.
TA on goofy time shit.
- Wait, wait.
The FEDs sweating you?
- Yeah, the girl at your office.
She walked up to me bold as fuck.
- Agent Miraflores?
- She was there then, yeah.
- Oh fuck.
Keyshawn, why didn't you say something?
No, you should have told
me as soon as it happened.
- Come here.
I got us.
I got us.
I got us so chill.
I know they watching me.
I'm being careful.
- No, you don't understand,
I'm the lead on this case.
I should have been the
first person to know.
They keeping me out the loop.
- [Keyshawn] You're being paranoid.
- Am I?
- So what you think we should do?
- We can't have no more contact.
No calls, no text, no
meeting up, none of that.
- So I ain't gonna be able
to see you for a minute?
- No.
- Come here.
(tense ambient music)
- What if I told you
that I could get you out.
I'm able to do that.
- When?
(knock on door)
- Who is it?
- [Keisha] Keisha.
- It's your girl.
- Keisha?
Y'all go grab me some food, man.
- Say no more.
(door closes)
- I heard what happened.
I had to come check on you.
Relax, mom she don't know.
- I ain't wanna stress her out.
Thanks for coming though.
- Right thing to do.
- Right.
But I know you said, you
weren't gonna stay long,
but you can stay.
We can just chill, watch TV.
Man, we can play some games too.
- You mean get more dirty money.
- Look, I know my life
come to a shock to you,
but I tried to keep you
and mama blind to it.
- Blind?
Do you think making me
hide your dirty money
in my apartment
sounds like a good way
to keep me blind from it?
- Keish, I was under a lot of pressure.
- I don't care.
That's not who I am.
I still can't believe I
actually did that for you.
- Did anybody come knocking at your door?
Stop bugging.
- That's not the point.
I'm your little sister and
you put that shit on me.
I have morals.
I'm not about this life
you just seem to love.
What had to happen to all those women
for you to get that money?
And that dirty shit was in my house.
I thought I had a big brother
but I don't know who you are.
(door opens, closes)
(deeply exhales)
- Damn.
- You wanna stop and get something to eat?
- Yeah, that'll work.
- I think you should take this.
(tense music)
(door closes)
- How in the hell does
something like this happen?
- The prison security team
said that agent Dolion
has been here a few times to visit Tiahmo
before they came and took him out.
He doesn't exist.
- Well, no shit.
Who are we dealing with?
- Security says that
their camera's been wacky
for a few weeks now so
there's no footage of them.
- Sounds like they have a mole.
- Or a few.
I can look into it.
- Go out there and get this piece of shit.
(eerie music)
(door opens, closes)
- Hey.
I'm hoping that you can help
me with a certain model phone
I'm looking for.
- [Seller] Yeah, what you got in mind?
- It's actually that one right there.
(hiphop music)
And I'm in my bag, I
can buy my own Gucci.
Your man in my DM, he
sound motherfucking goofy
and you believe his lies,
you so motherfucking stupid
- So is it Keyshawn or Tiahmo this time?
- It's both them niggas.
They found Tiahmo dead.
- Dead?
That sounds like an
- Execution.
- Wait a minute.
You said the both of them,
you think Keyshawn has
something to do with that?
- I don't know.
I'm thinking that nigga
got a lot more pull
than maybe what we thought.
He do got connections with the FBI.
Shit, maybe I underestimated that nigga.
He did want Tiahmo dead too.
Can't trust a soul out here man.
- You can trust me now.
- Yeah bitch, you right.
I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry, just be careful.
I'm serious.
Everybody around here getting killed.
And when you and Keyshawn
should be working together the most
y'all about to go to war.
- I don't want that shit,
but if it come to that
best believe I'm gonna do
what the fuck I gotta do.
You don't wanna see the
spoiled bitch in me awakening
What Gucci say?
I smell pussy, that ugly
can't get nowhere near me.
(door rattles)
(door opens)
(door closes)
(tense ambient music)
- Where are you at? I know you're here.
(tense music)
(door opens, closes)
- What the fuck are you doing in my house?
- I'm only gonna ask
you this one more time.
Why were you there?
Are you a child?
I asked you a question.
- And I don't have an answer.
- Fine, you're suspended without pay.
Badge, gun.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait.
No, no, fire her.
As a matter of fact,
I wanna press charges.
- Be my guest, I'll submit
your complaint to the committee
and we'll go from there.
- Complaint, what complaint?
She was in my home and I wanna know why.
Why were you there?
I asked you a question.
- Hey, Hey, Hey.
Miraflores, out.
Everyone, go.
- Get off me.
- Like I got enough bullshit
to deal with around here.
- Bender, I just told you
that I wanna press charges
and you just let her go.
What are you thinking?
- Agent Chan, why do you
think she was in your house?
- This is bullshit.
(Agent Chan breathes heavily)
- I can't slip.
(tense music)
(Agent Chan sighs)
Oh my God.
(hiphop music)
Detroit Barbie.
Freaky bitch with a
rich bitch attitude
I don't fuck with broke
niggas, I ain't trying to lose
- Hey Ty, cut that
motherfucking music off man.
Everybody get the fuck out.
We closing up early.
Nigga, you look like you
got something on your mind.
What's up?
- This shit is falling
apart all around us.
Y'all motherfuckers is up
here having a good time.
- Salute.
- Why the fuck I had to find out
Tiahmo got murdered to some
petty ass street guys nigga?
That shit should have came from you nigga.
- From me?
(T.A. laughs)
Nigga, I thought you
would've been the first one
to find out.
- Oh, you think I did that shit nigga?
- I mean shit, I'm
thinking a lot of things
nowadays my nigga.
- Well, get your shit
off your chest play boy.
- We getting up outta here.
- Yeah.
Tell your bitch get the fuck outta here.
We got some shit to settle nigga.
- What the fuck did you
just say to me nigga?
- Keyshawn.
- Keish.
- What the hell is y'all doing?
- What you doing here?
- What is wrong with y'all?
- Your brother a motherfucking hot head.
- Nigga, this hot head, nigga
share some dead weight nigga.
- I wish you would nigga.
- When you were gone all them years,
who you think had my back this whole time?
- Shit changed Keish.
- Do they, for real?
I don't know why y'all being so stupid
and I hate this world that
y'all have gotten into,
but I hate the thought of
you two dead even more,
especially by each other's hands.
Someone tried to take
y'all life, y'all life
and y'all up here about to
finish his work for him.
No, kill each other.
Go right ahead and do that
or let whatever this is that y'all created
crumble to the ground or
drop your fucking egos
and fix this together right now.
- Hey, sis right bro.
We got work to do.
We good?
But look, if you ain't do it
and I ain't kill that nigga
Tiahmo, who the fuck did?
- [Both] Hit man.
- We gotta get that nigga.
(hiphop music)
- You know when you come here,
it's usually for alcohol right?
- I know.
I usually come here to forget,
but tonight's more about remembering.
- A lot on your mind?
- Well, not a lot, it's just more heavy.
- FBI stuff?
- Mh-hm.
- Okay, let me know if you need a refill.
- Thanks.
(hiphop music)
Took my main plug from me,
shit ain't been the same
used to sell it for the
high, get it for the low
I wonder what these
niggas really hustle for
Used to leave out with the
set, come back with the dough
Stuff my ex's did, extend to the plug
I'm getting more
Early morning, there's
Jays in my front door.
- What are you doing here?
- 'Cause I think we're both
thinking the same thing.
Your dad was a cop?
- Yeah, a great one.
You know, it was so simple for him
at the end of the day,
just do the right thing
he'd always say.
It made him the best
but it got him killed.
- No, I'm sorry.
- Yeah, so am I,
but you know, I learned
that people that do wrong,
they will always take advantage
of those who do right.
So sometimes you have to meet
'em right where they're at.
- Like agent Chan.
Why didn't you tell me your suspicions?
- I mean, Dean told me about yours,
but I just didn't know if we'd
be on the same page or not.
Look, stay right here, I'll be right back.
- Tiahmos?
- His real one.
I found that in her apartment.
That has everything we
need to put Chan, Keyshawn
and even T.A. away.
- How'd you get into it?
- I'm good with technology.
- You broke into Chan's place.
You accessed someone's
phone without authorization.
- It had to be done.
- Where does it end?
I've seen this too many times.
Agents who will get in the dirt with it
then one day they look up
and they find that by any means necessary
has turned them into the very
thing they swore to stop.
- Okay, so what are you saying?
We just let 'em get away with this?
- I wanna put a stop to this
more than anyone, believe me,
but it's better to wake
up and fight another day
than it is to find
yourself in prison or dead.
Now, I don't know how much use
this is gonna be in a court of law,
but guilt is a powerful thing
and once they learn that we have evidence.
- A hit dog will holler.
- We have to do this right.
They slipped through our
fingers way too many times.
- Yeah.
- Hey, I just wanna say thank you.
I don't know what would've
happened if you didn't show up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for making you
take that money and hide it.
That wasn't cool.
I was wrong.
I'm supposed to be your big brother.
I'm supposed to protect you
not put you in harm's way.
- I need you to know I did what I had to
to stop y'all from killing each other.
Don't think in any kind of way
that I'm okay with what y'all do.
Keyshawn, you can get out of the game.
It's okay.
- You are who you are, I am who I am.
The game, the game is what it is
but I'ma win though.
- No, you are not.
No one does.
- Sidebar.
I see you still like
stealing my sweatshirts.
- Keyshawn came through
with the whole squad.
Ready to take everybody up.
I was ready to bounce, but
I couldn't just leave right?
I had to stand with my people.
- Yeah, this the one man.
- All right, that's a good one for you.
You got emeralds, full diamond
Rolex, complete bust down.
You got the green, match all
that money you'd be having.
- Yeah, I like that green.
That's that bucks green.
I'm gonna take that.
My man.
- All right my man, take care.
- You too bro.
- Anytime, whatever you need, let me know.
All right, take care.
- Somebody make sure he gets to his car.
It's good stuff.
Oh I like that boy.
So man, listen,
I'm still tripping on the fact
that y'all almost had me
shoot some random ass dude.
And I mean, it is really not funny
because we already talked
about this 100 times, man.
A house divided can't stand.
- Hey man, what's the
problem with us, man?
- Nigga us?
What's wrong with you G?
I'm straight G.
- Hey man, I never properly thanked you
you looked out for my
family when I was gone.
- Key, cut that shit dawg, come on man
I was only doing what I was
supposed to do my nigga.
We brothers right?
Should've never let that shit
go down like that anyway.
How the fuck we gonna
take care of the hit?
- He been catching niggas
off guard, ain't he?
Shit, we gotta beat him at his own game.
- T.A.
- [T.A.] What up?
- The hit man, the mask dude, I saw him.
- Where?
- At Delta place near Tapo.
- He's trying to take niggas out?
Damn, we gotta find this nigga.
- You don't have to, I
know where he's staying.
- How?
- I followed him.
The warehouse on the south side.
I saw him get outta this car and go in.
- Did he see you though?
- No, I was smooth.
- It's that off guard
shit we was talking about.
- Dude, it's the perfect opportunity.
- I mean, the only thing
is is if he there now
ain't no telling if that
nigga gonna be there tomorrow.
- We doing this?
- Yeah.
Hit the crew up dawg, tell
'em niggas to meet us.
You coming?
- Come on man, you know the protocol man.
Handle that shit, don't
play no games, man.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Where's Bender?
- I don't know, he ain't here.
- Oh shit.
(tense music)
(door closes)
(tense music)
(phone rings)
- Who the fuck you think you are man?
Answer the question.
- What's to come, there is no stopping it.
- Shit has been stopped.
- The girl, Autumn.
- [T.A.] What?
- Did she miss me?
- Nigga, Key, put two
in this nigga head dawg.
- Come on Key.
- [Keyshawn] Take that mask off.
- [T.A.] Man, what the
fuck is you doing, man?
Shoot this nigga.
- I wanna see his face.
- [T.A.] Key dawg.
- Now.
- Okay.
(alarm beeps)
- You got somewhere to be?
- No, the other guests are here.
- [T.A.] Other guests?
- Other guests?
- Oh shit.
(gunshot fires)
- No!
(gunshot fires)
(indistinct chatter on radio)
- Damn.
- Get in.
- How you know where to find me?
- Don't get mad, but
I put a tracker on your
phone a while back.
- What?
- We both know how bad
have wanted you and I just
look, I needed to just keep tabs on you
just in case something like this happened
and obviously it was good I did.
- And not tell me?
- [Agent Chan] You would've taken it out.
- Yeah, you're right, I would've.
Now what?
- Shit, we gotta find some place to hide.
- Nobody know about the safe house.
- [Agent Chan] They might now.
- How?
- [Agent Chan] The same
reason I came to get you.
They got Tiahmo's phone.
- Fuck man.
- I think they know.
- Damn.
It's over.
(ominous music)
- [T.A.] Man, what the hell happened?
- That nigga set us up.
He wanted Ty to follow him.
- [T.A.] But now he dead.
- What?
- [T.A.] Man, the FEDs shot him.
- Oh, damn.
Look man, we gotta make moves now,
but I don't think we need
to be talking like this.
- [T.A.] You know the
place I got by the park
where Malik got his ass
whooped for scheming.
- Yeah, we making plans there now?
- [T.A.] I got a connect that
said he can meet us over there
tomorrow morning and help us out.
Shit bro, only come there with your burner
or nothing at all my nigga, stay low.
- They can't get far with everyone.
I understand.
Will do, sir.
(tense music)
It can't be.
(tense music)
- Excuse me.
That locket hanging in
the rear view mirror.
That's your car?
- You always look inside
other peoples cars?
- There's something about you.
Yeah, you're that guy that
was here the other night.
You come here often?
- No, I'm just visiting.
I like the drink here.
- Work stuff?
- Mh-hm.
- Who do you work for?
- More like contract work.
- So companies hire you
to sell their stuff?
- You can say that.
- So what makes a man wanna
get into that kind of business?
It seems really stressful.
I'm curious, I wanna know.
- In my field, you have
to be relentless, cold
for you to do whatever it
takes to get the job done,
whatever it takes but the thing is
most people wanna make it home
but with what I do, that's not an option.
- Yeah, sometimes it is
better just making it home.
- It's good that you know your limitation
with your father being gone,
your mother would truly miss you.
- Will I see you here again?
- No.
(tense ambient music)
- So, this is T.A's spot?
- Man, when you living under the radar,
ain't nobody gonna look for you here.
- Yeah, but this looks like a trap house.
- I figured you was gonna say that.
- What?
- The hell's going on in here?
- Be careful.
- It ain't even loaded,
ain't no bullets in here.
(gun cocks)
- So, I was thinking maybe we
could put our heads together,
come up with a plan
before T.A even gets here
that way we don't waste any time.
- I already did all that last night.
- Okay, what did you come up with?
- For now, nothing.
But I was thinking about,
life, not on the run.
I wanna own something.
I realized how I mishandled this shit
and I actually learned
something from that hit man.
He even inspired me even.
- To do what?
- When I get back on top,
I want to be like this,
this low key force of nature, you know.
- Keyshawn, is this the life you want?
- Baby, this is the only life I know.
- It doesn't have to be.
- I told you it'd be low
key, nobody gonna know.
I'm gonna look out.
I'm gonna look out for
you, me and our future.
We gotta ditch your car.
I gotta go get some supplies for the trip.
- Hey Keyshawn, we gotta
figure out what we are doing
before you just...
- Listen,
listen, listen, listen, listen, listen.
We'll talk to T.A when he get here, okay.
All right?
- All right.
- Come here.
I'll see you.
- Yeah.
So this is life.
(tense ambient music)
(gunshot fires)
- [Announcer] A long criminal
investigation ended today
when police raided a
home on the north side
where the head of a local crime
syndicate, Keyshawn Watson
and a disgraced FBI agent
who had been aiding him
Lee Chan were killed in a
shootout with authorities.
One responding officer
was injured by Chan.
He's currently in critical
but stable condition.
We'll update this story as
more information comes in.
(door opens, closes)
(Miraflores sobs)
- Oh my God.
Oh my God.
(car door opens, closes)
- No, no, no.
Close the bag slowly and hand it to me.
Come on.
- Fuck man.
- Reach under your seat.
- What?
- You have something that belonged to me.
It's a shame isn't it, an anonymous tape.
Came in with Keyshawn's location.
- You've been listening this whole time?
- There was a list, a long one,
you're the last man standing.
It's funny how a mans
reputation can fall so quick
word travel fast.
And you outta all people know
how much every gang and
suspect organization hate rat
especially if they can put a face on it.
- Why me?
- Because everybody
needs somebody to blame.
(phone rings)
See you man.
(phone rings)
- Fuck.
What the fuck just happened dawg?
(phone rings)
(phone rings)
- Done?
- Yeah, it's done.
- Your record is cleared.
No identity.
You don't exist.
Check mate.
(hiphop music)
Yeah, she grew up in the
deep end where the sharks be
I'm on the highway and
I'm finna come through
She got me up in the
miss whatever it cost me
My little mommy is a fantasy come true
What you know they say though
play ground, they don't play around
Boy, she knows this
ain't no playground
They don't play around
In the light, let me
see you in the light
If you're real, come
stand in the light
Let me see you in the light
If you're real
She the culprit,
blind to the warnings,
trying to join forces,
princess of them gangsters
Her daddy drove Porsches
Have you pushing daisy
thinking I'm crazy.
I want my piece, let
me see what it hit for
on the road flying soon as I get info
thinking about your diamonds,
getting into massaging
Gossip for my gospel,
in the back of my mind
'cause she grew up on the
deep end where the sharks be
I'm on the highway and
I'm finna come through
She got me up in the,
miss whatever it costs me