Circus of the Dead (2014) Movie Script

Building a boy with a
boy who could play you bet
Oh how they played when
he played on his old cornet
He's got a smile and
a cute little style
That's all his own
He'd mute his old cornet
And then he'd make it moan
Do a da do a da do a da do
Nothing to it but it's sweet
That tune goes
right to your feet
Do a da do made a
hit with the girls
They had their hair
bobbed and into curls
Oh how he blew
The do a da do a da do
you got 10 minutes!
10 minutes!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
A little help?
Hey, they say music
has a profound effect
on the young
American mind, right?
How's it going?
Hey Dad.
Then again?
See, I'm on your side, I
always say every family
needs at least one hard
core gangsta in it, ya know?
Don, leave her alone.
You used to like rap music.
I'm all for it,
that's what I'm saying.
You know, I mean
hey, look at me.
I loved rap music
back in the day,
and now living large, G.O.
Managing the front
desk of a hotel but,
it could be worse, right?
I mean hey.
However, I have been wondering,
I wonder if it's too late
to see Run-DMC.
Honey I'm Jonesin'
My hearts heaving and sighing
My head's in my fingers
Hi, how you doing?
- What's up guys?
- Hey, how you doing?
Alright, good to see you, man.
What's up guys?
What's up TC, man?
- How's it going buddy?
- How are you, bro?
It's all good.
There you go.
Yes sir, it is.
What you having today, TC?
The usual's fine, Beryl.
Got some burnt shit on
toast coming right up.
You guys got any good
plans for the weekend?
Well Mama and I gonna
be taking the grandkids
over to the big old circus over
there on Saturday night but,
other than that
there's not much going on.
- Circus, huh?
- Yeah.
No thank you.
- What?
- Hell no.
Something's not
right about clowns.
Maybe it's all them white faces.
Yeah, that must be it.
You know what they say
though, black is beautiful,
tan is grand, but
white's still the color
of the big boss man.
- Is that what they say, huh?
- That's right.
I've heard that a few times.
- That so mister boss man?
- You'd be the truth.
Yes sir.
What about you, any
plans for the weekend?
Well I think on Sunday
we're gonna barbecue
for that Cowboys game,
course you guys are welcome
to come by if you want to.
Wow, that sounds like a plan.
Hey, I'll get Mama to make
some of her world famous
potato salad.
You know she won a prize
over at the fair
with that thing.
Yeah, we've heard
that story a few times.
- Don't go out of your way or anything.
- I'll have to check my busy schedule first.
Your playboy lifestyle
getting in the way
of barbecues now, TC?
Yeah, that plus your
wife's potato salad
tastes like shit.
Well I'll be.
It does.
I've been eating that
stuff for 30 years.
- We don't lie to you.
- It's honesty.
You know, you really haven't
done too bad for yourself.
Two perfect children.
A loving, drop
dead gorgeous wife.
A gorgeous wife, a nice house.
You're right, you're right.
Yeah, things could
always be worse.
I know. You are right.
Listen, okay?
Just some days I gotta tell ya.
I wake up and I feel
suffocated, okay?
Like ah, it's like being buried
under mountains of,
of stress and,
bills and,
I mean I remember when we used
to really have fun, right?
- You remember that, don't you?
- Yeah.
I mean I remember when I
looked forward to every day.
It was an adventure.
Now it's like every day
is more of the same.
Spinning my wheels,
worry, losing sleep.
Sometimes I don't even
feel like I even wake up.
Does that make any sense?
Yeah, it does Don, but I think
everybody feels like that at times.
You know, you're right.
I am grateful.
Things are not that bad.
When I think of you, and
the rugrats in there,
it makes me happy, really happy.
I mean if I didn't have
y'all, I wouldn't be anything.
If I didn't have y'all, well I wouldn't
even want to be alive.
She was smiling.
Yeah, she smiled at you 'cause
you're standing in shit.
Puta madre.
Check this shit out.
What's that, a tarot card?
No man, it's a playing card.
Me and my grandma used to
play this game with this man
when I was a kid.
It's like bingo but from Mexico.
So why is there
a devil on there?
Behave yourself,
or the little red one
will carry you away, the devil.
I am dreaming dear of you
Still I wonder all in dreams
In the land of muck it seems
Just with you
You have a good time
with the babysitter?
Yes I did Papa Corn.
Yes I did Papa Corn.
Papa loves you.
Let me call you sweetheart
I'm in love with you
Nice watch asshole.
There so you will not move.
Ladies and gentlemen, the
operation was a success!
Just take the watch
man, I don't care!
I'll tell you where all
the rich people live,
you can go take all their
money, I don't care!
Just don't kill me!
Just don't kill me!
I like you, Brandon.
But you talk too much.
Please no!
Silence is golden.
Daddy, are there
gonna be any monkeys?
Aside from
the two of you?
Now that remains to
be seen now don't it?
Hey Hillary, maybe one
of the clowns will wanna
be your boyfriend, then
you can get married
and have little clown babies.
Alyssa Ann, be
nice to your sister.
Clown babies, really Alyssa?
Sounds kinda funny myself.
Don, don't you encourage them.
Mom, Alyssa's
making a face at me.
Girls, circus, fun, please!
Let's go!
I'd hate to have go home, and have
y'all miss the circus, you know?
Then I can do what
Daddy does every night.
Sit in his chair and do nothing.
- How many?
- Four.
Four, okay, that'll be $20.
Thanks Don.
- Is it okay?
- Yeah.
Good, how are you?
Good, that'll be 20 bucks.
There you go.
Thank you, enjoy the show.
Thank you.
I need you to be present
with the girls tonight.
I know.
No, we're here to have fun.
I know, I'm here.
It'll be good.
Let's go see some monkeys.
Good evening ladies and
gentlemen, boys and girls.
And welcome to the all new
Circus Romanos Gigante.
We invite you to witness
the world's oldest forum
for family entertainment
and the only entertainment
in America that has
never been censored.
It's rated G, and it's
for children of all ages.
Clowns, you have 10 minutes.
10 minutes!
And Bingo was his name-o.
What do you want?
We want clowns!
I said, what do you want?
We want clowns,
we want clowns, we want clowns!
You asked for
'em, you got 'em.
Send in the clowns!
We are in search
of a prisoner!
Is he among you?
Somewhere among you tonight,
lurks a guilty party
who is surely wearing stripes!
Can justice truly be
said to have served,
if one has not
partaken of the prod?
They say yes!
They say yes!
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for your cooperation,
and to say that justice
is alive and well!
Ladies and gentlemen, may
I have your attention please?
To thank you for coming
to our show tonight,
the circus would like to give
one lucky member of the crowd,
a very special prize basket.
Our clowns will now draw
the winning seat number.
Our prize tonight
is a romantic getaway.
And our winner is.
It's you Daddy, it's you!
Oh my God Daddy wins!
I'm going to kill
your entire family.
I said congratulations!
And now, onto the show.
I hope you enjoy your prizes.
I'm sure I will.
Thank you for being
such a good sport.
Thank you.
What is your name?
Don. Don.
Donald, it's a
pleasure to meet you.
My name is Papa Corn, but my
friends call me, Papa Corn.
Papa Corn, it is a pleasure.
You have a very
delicious family, Donald.
Thank you, I think.
Oh, thank you Mr. Jumbo.
- Mr. Jumbo,
- Yes.
Would you
fetch Mr. Blister for me?
Here you are.
Running a little
bit short on help?
I'm sorry?
Short on help, you know?
Oh, you've made a joke
at the expense of someone
differently abled,
how clever you are.
But for your information,
Mr. Jumbo suffers
from a growth hormone
deficiency known as dwarfism.
However the last I
checked, his sense of humor
was quite intact and I'm sure
he will find your joke amusing.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
it to be disrespectful.
I'm yanking your chain,
Donald, he's a dwarf.
Who gives a fuck what he thinks?
Oh, you forgot your address.
Is that really necessary?
Yes if you're going to
come by for dinner it is.
Government regulation, I
know man, just a formality,
trying to do my job.
There you go.
Thank you, thank
you, thank you.
Well now.
Happy trails, until
we meet again.
It's been a pleasure.
You and your family enjoy
the rest of the evening.
Well I mean we have all
this stuff to go home to.
Let's hear it
for the winner!
You rang?
It's that time.
Same as Dallas?
Although this time let's try
to be a bit more incognito,
shall we?
What is this?
Hey, this is weird.
Tell me about it.
Well I guess we're
gonna get into it.
Okay, okay, okay.
I heard you.
I hear just fine.
We used to be married, remember?
I don't care if it's.
How'd you like
the circus, buddy?
Pull over!
What the hell?
Pull over now!
Okay, okay.
Listen Noodledome.
Please remind me to
explain to Mister Blister
the meaning of the
word incognito.
You want the car?
Take it, take it, please.
Just don't hurt my son.
Paging Dr. Noodledome
for an extraction!
No, no, no, no!
Oh no, no, no, no!
Jesus TC.
What are you doing sneaking
up on me like that?
I'm sorry.
Will you ever forgive me?
How 'bout now?
We can't do this anymore.
I just feel so bad.
I thought it would be
easier to leave him.
I know.
I know it's hard.
But what's the alternative?
Not be together?
I really have fallen for you.
I know.
Come to Papa.
Can the coo cunt.
Can the coo.
It wants the clown.
It wants the clown.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come to the circus, bitch.
Come to the circus, bitch!
Here's Papa.
No, no, no bitch!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
All right!
- Tastes like tears.
- Fuck you!
Fuck you!
What, is it me?
- Huh?
- Please let me go.
You wanna go?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm feeling generous tonight.
Go on.
Go on.
Let's check under
the hood, shall we?
You've been bad, haven't you?
Don works all day
while you fuck all day?
Donald's like a brother to me.
Well, have to skin them.
Your daddy asked me to come
by and keep an eye on you.
I'm your daddy's brother.
You can call me Uncle Papa.
Sweet dreams, Don.
We begin with breaking
news out of Odessa.
Two people have been found
dead, the apparent victims
of a kidnapping gone awry.
We go now live to
News 7's Linda Ito.
Channel 7 was first on
the scene of what police are
calling a gruesome discovery.
Investigators are tight
lipped but we're being told
that this is the home of
Donald and Tiffany Johnson,
and their two children.
Hey guys.
Found the wife's cell phone.
Let's see if we can find
out where the husband's at.
What in the?
Oh my God!
Better get
'em on, you got 10 minutes.
10 minutes, Pappy.
Rise and shine, asshole.
Have a seat, dickhead.
I see you boys
have already met.
May I formally introduce you?
Donald, the formerly motor mouth asshole
you see before you
is Brandon!
Who's come a long, long
way on his journey of
self-discovery, haven't you?
In fact, Brandon not only
played with the babysitter
but he lived to tell the
tale, didn't you Brandon?
Didn't you Brandon,
didn't you Brandon?
Yes you did, yes you
did, yes you did.
You asshole.
The excellent excuse
for birth control
you see before
you is the Donald.
Donald, who had it all.
The perfect life,
everything a man could want.
Beautiful home.
Two lovely daughters.
Wonderful wife, well,
he had a wonderful wife.
Calm down Bucko,
she had it coming.
She had it coming.
She was dipping
in the chocolate.
You mean to tell me you didn't
notice her love tunnel's
recent expansion from
two lanes to six?
If I was a betting man, and I am.
I'd say she's been bumpin' uglies with
Mighty Joe Young for months.
What's the matter?
Yes, can't believe your
wonderful, saintly wife
would violate the sacred
vows of holy matrimony, hmm?
Oh, get real, Donald.
In marriage you're either
the fucker or the fuckee.
I guess we know
which one he was.
Why listen to me, buddy?
I'm just a clown.
Who the hell cares what I think?
Why don't you ask her yourself?
Donald, Donald, Donald.
Don't you love me?
I still love you.
I still love you.
Yes I do.
Yes I do.
Yes I do.
Yes I do.
Love will save the day.
Love is all we need.
Love, love, love, love!
What's the matter?
You've lost that lovin' feelin'?
Too bad I haven't.
She wasn't that good.
Showtime, shitface.
We have the very latest
on the story out of Odessa.
Two people dead, three missing,
two of them young girls,
and now we have just learned
the identity of the two dead.
One, a local police officer,
28 year old Thomas
Dwayne Carter.
Now Carter was a decorated
law man and a six year
veteran of the force.
The second victim, 35 year
old Tiffany Sinclair Johnson.
Johnson is the mother
of two missing girls,
14 year old Alyssa and 10
year old Hillary Johnson.
Now police are looking
for these two young girls
as well as their father,
Donald Arthur Johnson.
Officers believe that his
reappearance could lead
to the whereabouts of
his missing children.
Ladies and gentlemen allow me
to present to you
would you believe that justice
will be served here tonight?
You heard them!
What a marvelous crowd,
what a marvelous show.
Shall I use the prod?
Now, Donald, you
and I must talk.
Let us talk.
Can we talk?
Can we talk?
Shall we talk?
I am listening, I am listening.
Oh yes, of course.
Try now.
My kids.
My girls okay?
Your daughters.
Such delicious girls.
You sick fuck!
If you lay a hand
on one of my kids,
I swear to God!
Relax, they're fine.
For now.
But that's where things
can get a bit tricky.
I'll do anything,
anything you want,
just don't hurt my kids.
That's good.
That's very good, Donald,
that's exactly what
I wanted to hear you say.
I wanna see 'em.
How do I even know
if they're okay?
Yes, good question.
Good question, let me see.
They're not here, they're
with the babysitter,
but, I happen to have
a video postcard
that daddy's precious little
angels made just for you.
Let me see.
Sorry, that's not it.
Ooh, no, not that one.
Oh, here we are.
Stop it, no!
Well you're a
lucky man, Donald.
You still have two
left to fight for.
listen to me, carefully.
If you do what I say,
no matter what I say,
I promise you that you will
see your daughters again.
And why, why,
why should I believe you?
Because you don't
have a choice.
I hold all the cards.
Play the game.
And I promise you that you'll
see your daughters again.
Don't play the game,
and I promise you that I will cut them
into 100 pieces and feed what is left
to Noodledome myself.
Do you understand?
Look on the
bright side, Donald.
I may be a homicidal
serial rapist whose day job
happens to be a clown,
but I'm not a liar.
My word is my bond.
Clown's honor.
So, yes?
But are they safe, are
they really safe?
Yes, but if I or one of
my associates were to open
a certain door, let's just say we
wouldn't want that to happen.
Because behind that door is
one of my favorite creations.
We call him Dollboy.
So, enough chitchat.
Let's play the game.
Gentlemen, start your engines!
I'm good.
Whoa, is the circus in town?
Sit down, sit down.
Can I help you find anything?
Yes, yes you can.
And what might that be?
Well, that depends, Rose.
Depends on what?
You are lucky!
I am Nami!
Hi, can I help you?
Do you need help?
If there's anything I can
do for you just let me know.
You know, my brother is
deathly afraid of clowns.
Is that a fact?
Uh huh, I mean like
every time he sees one
he totally freaks out.
I think there's a
word for that, right?
The technical term.
It's called quit
being a bitch isitus.
That's funny.
I'll be sure and tell him
that next time I see him.
What, what are those?
Tarot cards or something?
No, it's like bingo
but from Mexico.
Now, for instance
this is la rosa.
The beauty of the rose.
I love roses, I even
have this rose tattoo.
I see.
But unfortunately Rose,
that's not a good thing.
Why not?
That's something you
don't see every day.
Hey darling.
Hi Paul.
Hope the Goddamn
circus is in town.
Well you're a big
one, ain't ya Hoss?
Well fuck you very much.
That's Paul Skullet, I'm not
sure why they call him Paul
but I know they call him
Skullet 'cause he's got,
you know, a skullet.
It's like a mullet but bald in
the front, party in the back.
Hey Joe, what are
you doing back there?
Did you see all these
Goddamn clowns out here?
Hey man, they're
just fucking clowns.
What was that?
Nothing that's gonna matter
to you in about five minutes.
What are you gonna do?
Are you gonna rob me?
I don't want your money.
You are sweet.
Thank you baby.
Love me.
Oh I'd fuck that.
Here fishy fishy fishy fishy.
Dirty whore.
It's time for the money shot.
Mr. Noodledome.
Could you bring Donald, please?
Unlock him.
You wanna see your
daughters again?
Then kill this woman.
Take the gun.
Put it in her
mouth, pull the trigger.
I'm not gonna shoot her, man.
I'm not gonna say it twice.
Rose here is already dead.
But your daughters
don't have to be.
Your choice.
I don't wanna hurt anybody,
please don't make me!
I'm not making
you do anything.
You're choosing this.
You're choosing this because
you love your daughters
more than Rose here.
First time is the hardest.
First cut is the deepest.
Let me help you, here.
Ah, open your mouth and say ah.
Open your mouth and say ah.
Relax your elbow.
Feels good, doesn't it?
What do you say, Donald?
Let's play God.
Please, please stop!
I'm so sorry.
She can't hear you Donald.
She's dead.
Time to go.
Take what you want and
don't forget the gas.
You know there's something
I want you to taste
Taste the pistol night
And there's something
I want you to kiss
Kiss the pain right now
Right now
Still no word tonight on
the whereabouts of Alyssa,
Hillary, and their
father Donald Johnson.
TC's gun.
Well I guess we know
who's been here.
- Donald Johnson?
- Bingo.
God damn clown monkeys!
Now we are being
told by local police
that the gun of slain
officer Thomas Carter
was found at the murder scene.
There is now a
state-wide manhunt for
Donald Arthur Johnson, this
man is known to be armed
and extremely dangerous,
if you have any information
on his whereabouts, please
call the number there
on your screen.
It's the fuzz.
Think about your
daughters, Donald.
This goes south, you'll
never see them again.
You understand?
Do you understand, cunt?
We've come a long way, Donald.
Not too far to go now.
You gotta be bullshitting me.
Good evening officer.
I'm guessing the circus
is in town, am I right?
Yes sir, present
and accounted for.
Well, what you all
doing out here so late?
Well we figured it was a nice
night for a drive, officer.
I see.
Goddamn fucking punk kids!
Alright, let me take
a look at your license
and registration and
proof of insurance.
Sure thing.
Mr. Klemp, I take it
that's you underneath
all that shit on your face?
Yes sir, indeed it is.
Well, how many clowns
you got with you tonight?
Um, four.
Let's do a quick
head count, shall we?
Is that it?
Yes sir, the rest of 'em
had the night off officer.
I see.
Y'all got something
you wanna say to me?
Alright, that's it.
I want all of you to
exit this vehicle now.
Yes sir.
Let's go, Mr. Klemp.
You too syphilis,
let's go, move ladies!
Think about your
daughters, Donald.
Goddamn you little bastards!
Alright, y'all have a sit
right there on the sidewalk.
I'm gonna check a few things
out, if everything's good,
you'll be outta here.
- Fuck! Oh my God.
- Oh my God, oh my God!
Oh my God, okay, okay.
Oh, we're going to jail,
we're going to jail.
All under control here.
What the fuck's going on?
You just kill a cop!
We've called the police,
they're on their way.
Don't worry.
Everything's going to be A OK.
What's going on?
No, no, no!
I'm getting out of here.
Leave me alone,
please, please!
Tell 'em Papa sent you.
Mr. Jumbo, erase the evidence.
No, get off of me!
No, no, no!
What do you say, Donald?
Let's see a movie!
I sure hope it's Love Story.
No, no, no!
Look alive, Donald.
It's the greatest show on earth,
and you've got a front row seat.
What are you gonna do to her?
I'm gonna do what I do.
I'm gonna rape her, slit her
throat, and feed what's left
to Noodledome to play with.
You got a better suggestion?
Just let her go.
Don't kill her man.
She doesn't deserve to die.
How do you know?
I just know.
You just know?
You just know.
That's cute.
From the first sin on earth
we all deserved to die.
We are by accident.
You just know.
Did you just know that your wife
was fucking that chocolate boy?
Fuck you!
Did you just know you were
gonna kill people tonight?
You know why?
'Cause you don't know shit!
But you know this!
Everyone who died
tonight, every single one,
they all died for
the same reason.
Because I chose you.
It gets what it wants.
- Don't touch me, please don't touch me!
- Calm down, calm down!
Calm the fuck down, I'm not
one of the Goddamn clowns!
I'm not one of them!
I'm not a fucking clown!
They kidnapped me
for christsake!
Calm down, I'm gonna get
you help, okay, you're safe.
They took my kids!
They took my kids, they
kidnapped my daughters.
I just need to find out
where my daughters are!
And then we'll get
the fuck out of here!
We'll call the police,
okay, we'll call the police
and you're safe, alright?
I gotta look in his phone,
I know he's got the address
where he hid my kids.
It's okay!
Call the police.
I'll call the police.
I'll call the police but
first I gotta get my kids.
24 County Road.
You piece of fucking shit!
How does it fucking feel to be on
the other end of me playing God?
You fucker!
Come on!
The gun, hand me the gun.
Come on.
You weren't just gonna
leave me here to die
without saying
goodbye, were you?
Donald, Donald, Donald.
You shot me.
You tried to kill me.
I'm so proud of you.
Yes, you're a
killer, just like me.
I am nothing, nothing like you.
The hell you're not.
We're like two peas in a pod.
You took my fucking kids!
I just want my kids back!
I've done everything!
Everything that
you asked me to do!
I didn't ask you to shoot me.
You thought of that
all by yourself.
But I am proud of you.
You've done
everything that I ask,
and you've killed a lot
of people in the process.
You done good.
Then it's over?
Is it over?
Not yet.
Don't you love a happy ending?
Rise and shine Donald.
It's your big day.
I've got a big surprise for you.
Hey Dad.
Papa says that this
is our last video.
We'll see you very soon.
We love and miss you daddy.
Come on, Donald.
It's almost over.
Let's go finish what we started.
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
You want them and you got 'em!
Send in the clowns!
Ladies and gentlemen,
we shall do justice!
The prod?
They say yes!
The death toll rises to
13 and police are still
unable to locate that
suspect, Donald Johnson,
as well as his daughters,
14 year old Alyssa
and 10 year old Hillary Johnson.
Congratulations, Donald.
It's all over.
You won.
This is the end of the road.
It's time for us to say adios.
This is the last time
you'll ever see me.
When you wake up, you'll
see your daughters.
You promise me?
I promise.
Sweet dreams.
Gentlemen, I can state
conclusively that this body's
been gnawed on by a
bunch of something,
but it ain't animals!
What was it, doc?
My best guess, you
boys are dealing with
- a pack of cannibals.
- Sirs, we found him.
Donald Johnson, throw
your keys out the window,
step out of the
vehicle, and face away.
Donald Johnson, throw
your keys out the window,
step out of the
vehicle, and face away.
Donald Johnson, throw
your keys out the window,
step out of the
vehicle, and face away.
Papa, Papa, Papa.
Papa Corn!
Papa Corn!
Welcome to the
greatest show on earth!
Papa loves you.
Papa will always love you.
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the lord
You're fucking fucked
just like a whore
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
Well I was praying
up to God the other day
When a voice came in
my head and it did say
If you ain't into Jesus
you're a motherfucking heathen
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
Just like a whore
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
Just like a whore
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
Well I was talking to
the lord the other day
He said all you
fucking sinners gonna pay
If you're a commie or a fag
You'll burn like
dogshit in a bag
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
Come on
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
Just like a whore
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
One more
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
Just like a whore
If you don't love the
lord you're fucking fucked
Hey, hey!
Wake up!
Morning, sunshine.
Oh, I know what you're thinking.
I said you'd never see me again.
I lied.
Anyway, I figured you should
go back from whence you came.
Hey, you with me?
Hey Brandon!
You there?
You hear me?
Yes, no?
Oh well.
You'll figure it
out soon enough.
Happy trails to you.
Til we meet again, asshole.
Take care of Brandon for me.
Papa loves you.
Did you secure the
bait in the van?
Then let's make like a tree
and get the fuck outta here.
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!
We want the clowns!