Circus World (1964) Movie Script

Let the ghost be.
Its fourteen years.
It's time you buried the dead.
They're buried, Cap.
Bust you wanna walk over
their grave again, to make sure.
Got a great idea:
European Tour.
- What do you say?
- It's no good.
Berlin, Madrid, Paris,
Vienna, Budapest.
They got a nice sound.
Europe's just a big Jonah for
American circuses.
- They were in for the money.
- And you ain't?
I love a circus.
Matt, Lili's gone.
Forget her.
When she ran out that night
it was over.
Like that puff of wind.
It's gone.
Let it stay that way.
Got a lot to do tomorrow, Cap.
Ladies and gentlemen!
You have witnessed our last
performance of the season.
Tomorrow our circus bids
goodbye to its native land,
The U.S.A., and sails for
To raise our tents in all
its capitals.
At this time the ushers sell
tickets four our attraction.
Tonight, we invite you to be
Our guests.
And now, the greatest Wild
West Showin the World!
On your mark.
And now!
The Great Stage Coach
You are now about to witness
a race between man and a beast.
Ladies and gentlemen!
The Roman Race!
Toni, are you all right?
- Are you hurt?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
- Get the next act on, Cap!
- Yes, sir.
- Have May drive for Toni.
- Right!
Are you sure you are O.K?
What happened?
There was a bird in the tent.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We offer you tonight,
A cast of daring, with hair raising
feats of skill.
Still seeing things?
It was there, that's why
I slipped.
A bird in the tent is one of
the worst omens.
Superstitions have no sense.
It's unreal, Toni.
It's a make-believe world?
What's wrong with a
Make-believe world?
It's for weak people,
To hide in.
I'm not hiding in anything.
Look that rabbit's foot around
your neck!
Horse hair in your handkerchief
and owl feathers.
You can't perform like that.
It's dangerous.
Those are good omens, Matt.
Like you.
Your are a good omen.
All good omens make good
things happen.
I raised you wrong.
No, you haven't.
You raised me as good as any
real father could.
What are you afraid of, Toni?
Almost everything. I was scared of
going to Europe.
This morning I found milk
white butterfly.
That means I'll have a
wonderful trip.
A butterfly is a moth.
A moth means moth holes.
Omens, hexes, voo doo,...
It's all bunkum.
I'll prove it to you.
Oh, no - bread and butter!
- Leave the hat there.
- On the bed!
Leave it there, Toni.
Now I'm going to bust
a ten dollar mirror.
I'll prove you that omens are
for crazy heads.
It doesn't count if you do it
on purpose. Don't be scared.
That mirror business is all
It's a good thing...
It was a Stetson.
You can't say I didn't try.
Matt, I don't worry about
omens when you're around.
Because when you love somebody,
nothing can hurt you.
And, I love you, Matt.
You sure cheer a fella up.
You better get to finishing
your packing.
I'll got Steve to pick you up.
I'm glad you found that
Lousy milk white butterfly.
That was a lot of yelling you
were doing to Toni.
Family discussion.
You can't deny that there was
a bird in that tent
The night that Alfredo fell
and her ma ran out.
You got anything else on
your mind?
Yes, Lili.
If you're going to Europe,
you start thinking about her.
She's liable to come out
to get a look at her daughter.
We'll take care of it.
Why don't you mind
our own business!
You got a circus to get
Glad you signed for the tour.
You shouldn't be.
- Bad news?
- Are you up to hearing it?
I was weaned on it.
I was thinking about trying
to talk you out of this tour.
Then I figured, just let him go bust
and I'll be around...
You'd step in: New acts,
new flags in the tent,
New money thrown at you.
You're not sore?
Why? That's the way I started
ten years ago.
Got tired of being a rodeo bum,
grabbed an expiring big top -
Kicked everybody out
and took over.
That's exactly my plan.
I've been clear, Matt.
You want to fire me?
No, you'd better stick around.
I'll feel better if I know
there's a new genius around.
Will you bring Toni to the
Say, Matt...
You wouldn't consider skipping this
European thing?
I'm asking as a friend.
Thanks for saying that, Steve.
Shows you've got a big heart...
almost as big as your head.
Ship leaves at two.
Hello, boss!
Come in.
Matt asked me to come by and
take you to the ship.
Come in. I'll be ready in a
few minutes.
Come in. Come.
This is almost my favorite.
Don't you ever get tired of
looking at the same stuff?
Oh, Steve! Look at this one.
Where he's holding me over
his head.
I've seen it fifty times.
Alfredo, famed circus star,
Starts training daughter Toni
for a trapeze career.
Toni will be the greatest of
the flying Alfredos.
- Says Father.
- Says Father.
That's something new?
Yes, I put it in last week.
Isn't he sweet Looking?
He's a Saint
who watches over the beautiful souls
in Paradise.
You know? That's where
Alfredo is.
What are those things?
Owl feathers.
They protect you from falling.
Paradise is pretty high up.
You know? I think you're a
little crazy.
Come on, Toni! Finish packing,
will you?
What's this?
Too small for you, aren't they?
My first birthday present
from my Uncle Aldo.
They're cute! Hurry up, Toni!
I haven't got all night.
I'll hurry, if you'll take me
to the party.
There's no chance.
It's no place for kids.
I'm a Sicilian woman!
You ever hear of a vendetta'?
Stop making those faces!
It makes you Look nutty.
Sicilians are sensitive
and proud like horses.
You just remember that.
When you insult a Sicilian
it's for all his life, and yours.
That's a 'vendetta.
Thank you, very much
for the information.
Now, are you coming, or not?
Go by yourself.
Go on.
- Go!
- All right!
I hope you get seasick.
All the way.
Take her all the way up.
That's it. Hold it.
All right, swing it in.
Take it in.
Come on, there!
You did it!
That's my point!
Let it ride, boys!
Fifty! Cover me!
Snake eyes!
Pardon me. I'm Billy Hannegan
of Billboard Magazine.
Aren't you the daughter of the world's
most renowned artists,
- The Flying Alfredos?
- Yes.
I knew it, I knew it the first time
I saw you.
Oh, Lili's beautiful face
and the carriage
it's unmistakable.
Did you know my father?
We were great chums, yeah.
- Any news of your mother?
- I don't talk about her.
It's been fourteen years since
she disappeared, hasn't it?
I don't know.
I think it has.
The night since your father had
his fatal accident,
fourteen years to the day.
You've never heard from your
mother since that sad night?
Well, if it isn't my old pal
If there's anything I'm gonna miss
in Europe's the Billboard and Hannegan.
- Bring me a cup of coffee.
- Yes, Matt.
But, coffee is on board.
You're spoiling a good feature story,
- The story is dead.
- Not this one, my friend.
It's just coming alive:
Will the renowned Lili Alfredo
come out of hiding to greet
her lovely daughter?
- Shake down.
- Oh, no, no, no.
There's a real tear in it.
How much will Billboard pay
for this tear.
Well, if I let myself go
I might fill 25 dollars worth
of space with it.
Here's fifty.
Write it for me. Send it to
Matt Masters, Europe.
That's very good of you, Matt.
I appreciate talent.
- I don't deserve it.
- I agree.
The key to the city.
Barcelona is yours.
Thank you, very much.
Ladies and gentlemen!
The slide for Life!
I'm all right.
Bring out those cargo knots.
Get them over the side.
Get a move on!
Bring out those cargo nets!
The cargo nets!
Hi, Simba!
Oh, boy, oh, boy.
Whoa, boy!
Easy, easy.
Get in the cage!
Get back in the cage!
Swing that boom around.
Give me a line.
Will you swing that boom
right over to him?
How's Toni? Where's Toni?
She's all right.
She's on a lifeboat.
If we lose that canvas we re
out of business.
Look, your honor.
Tell him that we've got divers down
in the hold, right now,
Looking for the safe
and the cash boxes.
We're doing the best we can.
Explain that to him.
He says, they Looking for the safe
and the cash boxes.
We're very sorry,...
- You wait here. I go.
- No, no, no.
That's where I'm going.
You wait here.
He won't give me the feed
for the animals until he get paid.
- Well, keep talking.
- I've been talking, Matt.
He's 'muy simpatico,
he's very sorry.
But he's also got a family
to feed.
Keep conversing with him.
We've got the divers
- coming up, maybe.
- Sir...
The Port Master said,
with the deepest sympathy
he's sorry but it is necessary
that your ship
be removed as soon as possible.
I understand him,
and I sympathize with him,
and we'll remove it as soon
as possible.
He says, he's very grateful...
I hate to bother you right now,
but... could you help them?
They're broke, nothing to eat.
No place to sleep.
Honey, how can I...?
You got any money?
- Pio?
- No.
And you, Toni?
Me? Nothing.
Same here. Haven't got a
nickel, not a 'sou,
not a peseta.
- Mr. Masters.
- Yes, Your Honor?
The Port Master says,
and believe me,
he deeply regrets,
that if you do not remove the ship,
it becomes the responsibility
of the Port Authority.
It might be most expensive
for you if they...
Let him take it, salvage it.
You're welcome to it.
I hope there'll be a Little
left for our expenses.
I see no solution.
Matt! Matt!
They just brought up some
of the boxes.
Isn't that a picture of my mother?
Yes, it is.
Here, pay the men, and get
some meat for those cats.
Spread this among the artists
and get them something to eat.
Yes, Matt.
Looks Like he's trying to work off
his miseries.
Miseries he's got, all his animals
are boarded in Spain.
And still he's trying to kill himself.
Hey, Toni! Toni, I've got it!
That's a part of the act that made him
a star, remember?
He used to jump off the hotel roof
and make his getaway?
If he's thinking what I'm thinking,
it's time to talk.
Come on!
Hey, Matt!
You've got a few minutes?
What do you want?
Well, while you're still able
to talk,
I'd like to hear you say when
we're going home.
I'm not going home.
But, you cant stay here.
You're broke.
I'm not broke. I got myself a job
with Ed Purdy.
You got a job with Ed Purdy!
When a fella's out of work
he gets himself a job.
No with Ed Purdy, you don't.
Back home you got friends,
you got contacts,
You can hook something good
for all of us.
Well, I only asked for a job
for myself.
I'm in no position to ask
favors to anyone else.
You all can go or stay,
as you please.
What about you, Toni?
You wanna go home?
Home... is where you are.
What about you?
I thought you were going
to stick around.
Where're you going?
Where do you suppose?
I'm going to see Purdy about
getting a job
and I'll settle for a partnership
you and me.
That's a very attractive offer,
Mr. McCabe.
A fella doesn't very often get a chance
to go in partnership
with a horse-riding pauper.
Right now you need a partner.
You figuring on being a
partner to me or anybody
you'd go out and earn it.
Among the things I'm good at,
taking advice from elders.
I'll go with you.
Elders! Partners!
That Texas punk!
You should have belted him.
Why don't you be a good boy,
take your hat in your hand,
go over to Purdy and see if you
can borrow some equipment.
- Old Ed Purdy!
- That's right.
He better be careful the way
he talks to me!
I knew that phoney when...
If he tries to pull anything on me,
I'll show him!
Come on!
Sure not causing much excitement.
It's pretty dreary.
Kind of quiet, huh?
- Wanna change it?
- How?
Let's go into the opening act.
You gotta be kidding!
Just take the cue, boy.
- What's happening?
- Just hang on.
Matt Masters!
You're not going to...
Oh, yes, we are.
Let's go!
Steve, stop it!
Knock on that!
Thank you.
Monsieur, je vous en prie.
Une photo.
Why not?
C'est tout!
Je vous remercie, monsieur.
Monsieur American,
Matt Masters I artiste
celebrant 'Wild West
heroiquement arrete
une coach de Deadwood Dick
En Champs Elysees.
Bravo, Matt Masters!
Premier artiste de la Far
Purdy was sore at you when he saw
that crowd tonight.
Why didn't you tell him
it was your idea?
He might have made you
a partner!
You've had your jokes.
You've finished your dinner.
Do you want me to answer
these telegrams or not?
Ones Hagenbeck in Copenhagen.
There's one from London
Associated Shows.
Can use your animals.
How much?
' Have a spot for Liberty Horses.
How much?
- Answering?
- Sure.
What are you trying,
get me drunk?
To be frank, yes.
That way you might say a few words
about our secret future.
Well, you don't have
to get me drunk,
I'm gonna build a new show.
I'll never use that word again,
but when do we sail?
We don't. We stay right here.
You can't build a circus here.
There ain't five Frenchmen
that can sit a horse.
Always thinking of a dog
and pony show.
All the big acts came from
Europe, the home of circus!
Belgium, Germany, France...
The big name families:
The Hannefords, the Bradnas,
the people that spell Circus.
They were born here,
so I figured that
while we're taking this tour
at Purdy's expense
we can pick up a few
of these great acts,
and build a real show.
Matt, I'm for it! That's new thinking.
that's what I'm good at.
We can latch on to them before
Barnum, before Sells-Flot
all the rest. Say,
Medrano Circus is in town.
I'll go over and see if they
got anything good enough
for the new Master-McCabe
United Shows.
I might be a silent partner,
but I'm a partner.
You mind if I go?
If you can stand him.
At least he gives me top billing.
Listen, not that I'm gonna object
to anything, anymore,
but I wanna get this straight,
we stay with Purdy for the rest
of the European playdates,
And in our spare time we visit
carnivals and look and look?
That's about the size of it.
I look, and look.
And you're gonna find Lili.
Sure! Lili Alfredo!
That's why we're in Europe.
You still Love her.
Why don't you get drunk!
You plastered this Continent
with cablegrams for two years:
Where's Lili?
Not for me, for Toni. I stopped Looking
when Toni was four.
You're still Looking.
Get this in that empty head
of yours!
If Lili's alive, I couldn't less;
and if she's dead,
I'm not mourning her.
Alive or dead, she's gone.
- Where are you going?
- To get some fresh air.
It's too hot in here from that torch
you're carrying.
- Aren't they wonderful?
- Yeah.
That Little girl is wonderful too.
- Tojo, I'm delighted.
- Glad to see you, Mr. Masters.
Thank you.
We've heard about your
terrible misfortune.
I understand you're Looking for
some acts for a new circus.
That's what I wanna talk to you about.
Would you Like to come in?
Thank you.
I'll take this stuff off.
- All right.
- I'll only be a minute.
Take your time.
- What's your name?
- Giovanna, sir.
I bet you Love the ballet?
Yes, sir, I do.
I've been studying a long time,
since I was five.
That make-believe wire act
you do is beautiful.
Thank you, sir.
I wondered, could you really walk
a high wire?
- I've never tried, sir.
- That's too bad.
It'd wonderful if you could...
Ballet dancing on a wire.
The ballerina and the clown
in the hinge wire act.
Interested, Tojo?
Yes, very much.
Uncle Tojo will teach me.
I will be very good.
- Honest.
- I believe you.
Still the fine showman,
Eh, Matt?
- Aldo.
- Yes.
Aldo Alfredo, formerly of...
the Three Alfredos.
Where's Lili?
Haven't you heard from her?
- Where's Lili?
- I don't know.
The Last time I saw her was in
She was working in a show under
another name.
When I went over to speak to her,
she ran away.
I don't know if it's true,
but now I hear she is in...
I suppose you're not interested
any more?
In the ballerina and the clown
on the high wire?
I'm not buying trouble.
Matt, there'll be no trouble.
I'm only interested in
Giovanna's future.
Well, well, well!
Looks Like you finally found
- Aldo Alfredo!
- Cap Carson.
You cant give this guy a job!
It's Like hiring your own executioner!
The story of my brother is forgotten,
the vendetta over.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Isn't she Lovely!
- Beautiful.
- You're Toni Alfredo?
- Yes, I am.
Toni, I'd Like to meet my niece:
- hello.
- hello.
And I'm Tojo, the clown.
How do you do? I saw you dancing.
You're Lovely.
It will be much better on
the high wire.
Please, Mr. Masters!
Will you take us?
That's, is up to your uncle.
Giovanna and I will be very happy
to join you.
- Wont we?
- Yes.
It looks like we've hired our selves
an act,
and if you don't change your mind,
we winter in Madrid.
See you there.
Good luck.
No, it's bad Luck to wish good Luck.
You kick them, and say:
Break a leg .
Of course. Break a Leg.
Giovanna, work hard.
I will, I promise.
Wait here.
I'm gonna talk to this act.
Is there something you want?
I'd Like to talk to Mr. Schuman
when it's convenient.
I'm Mrs. Schuman.
What do you want?
I'm Matt Masters.
We're getting together a circus...
I know, you don't need
to tell me.
Everybody knows.
News travels fast in Circus World.
I guess that answers all the questions
except one:
Are you interested?
Emile has been doing this act
for three seasons now.
Every season they ask for more lions
to be sitting on him,
I mean lying down on him.
Emile is getting very tired
of Lions.
I can't blame him.
But I have something else in mind.
- What?
- Tigers.
You want me
to lie down in the cage and the tigers
Lie on top of me?
No, monsieur!
Emile! No snap judgment.
Every time a lion drops on me
I'm playing Russian Roulette.
But tigers?
No, monsieur, no!
Let's get down to business.
I bought these Lions for Emile.
If you expect me to buy...
We have plenty of tigers.
All right, then.
I'll speak to my husband,
until he makes the right decision.
Good. Thank you.
Emile, das ist unseren grosste chance.
Du shusste as machen, Emile.
Isn't she Lovely?
Lili's girl.
She's beautiful, huh?
Hello, Mr. Masters.
You don't remember me, I bet.
Flo Hunt, tumbling act.
That's me! Broke me back.
No more cartwheels.
Got married. Four kids.
Easier work.
- I'm wardrobe here.
- Good.
The girls are longing to meet you.
Fritzie, Ann...
I was telling them about Toni.
Haven't seen her since she was five.
I recognized her.
Same beautiful face as Lili.
Fritzie knows Lili.
Oh, a tragedy that Lili.
Maybe seeing her daughter
will help?
Seeing her?
You mean, she hasn't?
But she's here in Hamburg.
Don't worry.
She'll turn up.
Yes, in Leipzig she talked
all the time about Toni.
Do you have Lili's address,
I knew where she lived a month ago.
But I meant to write.
Mr. Masters...
Pardon me.
Be right back.
My husband says:
No tigers.
- I'm sorry.
- But I like the idea.
Its new faces in the act.
So, don't worry.
I know how to handle him.
He always does the right thing.
Thanks. Aman is lucky to have
a smart woman to guide him.
- Thank you.
- I'll expect your news.
You will?
I got it! Let me write it down.
- A beer.
- Ja vohl.
I'm looking for someone.
This picture was taken some
time ago. Have you seen her?
That's Margot.
She's around sometimes.
Well, good. Maybe you could
give me her address.
Her address?
She's living upstairs.
Well,... is she now?
No, she ha been gone for
a few days.
Could I Look at her room?
Sure, of course, of course.
- Hilda!
- Yeah?
Der Americano.
What's up?
Show this gentlemen Margot's
- Margot? She's not here.
- Show him the room.
All right. This way, mister.
- You know Margot?
- Yes, I do.
She doesn't come back
for two days. Always getting lost.
Lot of girls Like that, you can tell
the ones want to get Lost.
Like Margot, you see her,
and then you don't see her.
Looks to me she's not coming back.
God knows there is much
to come back to.
I asked Margot: Why do you
pick out a room so plain,
Like a prison?
So he says:
Plain is more peaceful,
Like in the convent'.
- Convent?
- Yeah.
She was there; nobody s
allowed to talk there.
Just work and pray.
She told me.
She wants to be a nun,
so she can forget.
Do you understand?
You can get Lost good in one
of those women's religious places.
You can see that there,
she still got all that stuff.
Crosses, beads, Little books,
candles, everything.
Are you a relative?
No, no relative.
Yes, I was, a Long time ago.
Are you, what she was trying
to forget?
I was part of it.
When you see Marge,
say hello from Hilda?
I will, Hilda.
- Good.
- Much obliged.
May I? I mean,
if you're not using them.
- Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
Do you need the binoculars?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Toni! Are you all right?
I think so.
What happened?
I was out there, everything
was going fine.
I had a good hold, then I...
I got a strange feeling.
I don't know why.
At least there wasn't a bird
in the tent.
Come on, we'll have Doc Look
at that.
How's the ankle, Toni?
It will be fine with this
tight bandage.
Good. I'm going to change.
Now stand on it Toni.
See how that feels.
It's all right, Doctor.
Put your boot on and it'll
keep the swelling down.
- Thank you.
- Good.
- You forgot your things.
- Thanks.
Is it very bad your ankle?
I sprain something all the
Soak it tonight in salt.
That's very good for sprains.
You're a circus performer.
I mean, used to be.
How can you tell?
From the way you stand.
Yes, I used to work in shows.
Did you ever work up high?
They won't Let me.
Bit I sneak in a Lot of practice.
On the trapeze?
Yes, flying.
And I'm going at it, too.
Because my father was
the best in the world.
If you've been in shows,
you must have heard of him:
The Flying Alfredo.
Yes, I heard of him.
Years ago.
He was the only who ever did
a triple somersault.
Nobody has ever done it
since him.
Was your mother in the circus?
I don't remember.
Could I ask you something
What about?
If you're Looking for a job...
Thank you.
You are very kind.
I Like talking to old circus
I'm sorry, I didn't mean old,
I mean veterans.
And I like talking to the
young ones.
Especially a girl who's going
to be a big star.
Maybe, if the omens are right.
I'm on the next.
Can you make it?
Yes. Easy.
- Okay, two minutes.
- Goodbye.
Is something the matter?
No. It's been so nice talking to you.
Good Luck.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Where's the shot gun?
Come on.
Get up on it.
Well, it happened.
I just saw an old friend
of yours.
Where is she?
Over by the hospital.
Leave me alone!
Oh, Lili!
Changed a Little bit,
people change.
It's been a Long time, Matt.
Nearly fifteen years.
Don't Look at me, Matt!
I saw a friend of yours
in Hamburg.
She said to say hello.
Hilda? You were there?
Oh, Matt!
Why, Lili? Answer me!
Why did you do it?
Leave me alone!
How Long do you think
you can keep running away?
How Long are you gonna
flop around in cheap joints?
I killed him! I killed...
What are you hiding from,
I killed Alfredo.
Just as if I'd used a knife.
I killed him!
All right. You killed him,
or I did,
maybe it was something neither
of us could help or anybody.
God knows we didn't just wake up
one morning and say:
Today we're gonna fall in
Love .
But it happened, though.
What happened, Lili.
You've paid.
Go away, Matt! Find yourself a Life,
with someone.
Let's forget about us.
Say that's over, finished, through.
You've got a daughter.
What about her?
That night when I saw...
Alfredo dead, I ran outside.
People stared, I was still
in costume.
The only place I could find to hide
was in a church.
In the morning the nuns
found me.
They gave me clothes...
They were kind to me.
And it was a haven.
It seemed Like an answer.
A convent, you took the easy
Easy? I had to give up Toni.
But she had you, Matt.
You've been good for her.
They're some things a man
just can't do.
She has to learn from a woman,
from her mother!
She needs you!
How can I? Look at me.
What would you do?
I'd wash my face.
And make myself decent enough
to go up to that Little girl
and say: I'm your mother .
It's too late! I'm too tired!
Too late! Still full of self pity!
Make up your mind.
Or you're forever dead.
- Toni, come here, please.
- Me?
- Take your hat off.
- My hat off?
Put the funnel on your head.
No, the other way round.
Now, when you catch the ball...
- I'll give you five dollars.
- Five dollars!
Don't move now, don't move.
- One...
- Five dollars!
Five dollars!
I'll give you five dollars!
One, two, three
four, five!
Jose! Put this in the safe.
Hard paying bills without
Money. Take finesse.
We did all right today, 81
kids, 77 grown-ups,
6 dead heads.
Total: 259 pesetas,
That's 43 dollars American.
Eight thousand more
and we get our tent.
That's right.
- Any other problem?
- Yes. You do have problems.
Toni. She's sick and tired
of playing clown.
She got some of the wardrobe
girls fixing her up a costume.
She's going for the high
They'll fix her a costume
but she isn't gonna wear it.
You Let me know if she does.
I'll Let you know.
Now, there be a good girl,
run up.
Good girl. Run up, please.
Please, lady.
No, you cant do anything
by standing.
Come on. Get inside!
Look! Look at them,
they hate me.
I don't want people to think
you're a coward.
You think she'll get him
to go in there?
She got him all the way
from Hamburg to Madrid.
It's a big difference - Lions to tigers.
Wives don't notice such things,
Hello, Maggie.
How's the Leg?
Fine thank you.
You're one foot higher today,
but it doesn't matter.
Now, never Look at your feet.
Look right here.
You walk with your eyes.
You ready?
- Ready.
- Go
- Nice work, Giovanna.
- Thank you.
Look right here.
- I'm sorry, Aldo.
- It's all right.
Haven't you got some
rehearsing to do?
- Yes, Sir.
- Well, get at it.
All right Toni, you've had
your fun. Come on down.
Matt, I'm learning beautifully.
I don't want you Learning
I catch you up in the air again
I'll put you in the kitchen.
You hear me?
Get down.
Come on down.
Haven't you something to do,
riding a horse or something?
Well, yeah, but, well, I...
Come on, Toni.
You Look beautiful!
Yeah! Go ride your horse.
That's a nice Looking outfit.
Yes, the wardrobe girls
made it for me.
Oh, has Matt seen it?
No, I didn't put it on for him.
Do you Like it?
I'm getting used to it.
You'd rather I wore
the Salvation Army dress?
No, you Look much better
in this rig, but, different.
How, different?
Better or worst different?
Well, better different for me.
Matt, he's gonna...
Matt will make faces.
He always does.
But they never Last Long.
He'll be all right for tomorrow,
or anyway the day after.
Toni told me you bawled her
out this morning.
Yes, I did.
For going up on the high trapeze?
Look, with Lili for a mother
and Alfredo for a father,
isn't that kind Like
bawling out a duck
for taking the water?
She's just a kid.
Are you gonna tell Toni that.
Well, that you saw her mother?
- It's your pay.
- Are you?
No, I'm not, and it's your
move and quit reminding me.
Yeah, she's growing up fast.
Looks Like her baby days
are over.
It's the most wonderful day
in my Life.
I'm a woman, I Love everybody.
You, I wanna talk to you.
I wanna talk to you.
- You kissed Toni.
- Did I?
Well, you encouraged her,
I saw it.
Grabbing her and whirling
her around.
That's called dancing.
Taking advantage of a kid!
Do you deny it?
- I deny nothing. I was...
- I'm not gonna belt you.
Belt me!
You sounded off in Paris
about wanting to be my partner.
- That's right.
- Well, mister,
You're certainly going about it
in the wrong way.
But Like that you'll get nothing
except a busted head.
A busted head?
I've never seen anything as cheap
and disgusting.
Matt, can't I say something?
- Say it.
- She's a woman.
Not yet she isn't and she isn't
going to be made into one
By any flight-by-night
Circus bum.
When Toni meets a man it's
gonna be for true Love,
no penny-ante fella using her
for a blue chip.
You figured me about as wrong
as any man possibly could.
- Steve, where are you going?
- Steering clear at you.
Listen, do me a favor.
Just stay away from me.
I don't want a busted head.
Matt Masters, you're a bully.
What are you trying to do,
ruin my life?
Wait a minute.
- Don't treat me like a baby.
- I didn't call you a baby.
No, but if you had your way,
I'd be cooped up in a play-pen
with dolls
Or in a high chair eating mush
and drinking milk.
And my clothes!
I'm still wearing bloomers.
Maybe you're a grown-up,
but I've been trying to help you...
Help me! Make me look like an idiot
in front of everybody.
I'll never forgive you.
I'm going to grow up.
And you're not going to
stop me.
I can't stop you.
You arent a kid any more.
Then what am I? Say it.
Let me hear you say it once.
- Just once.
- You're a woman, Toni.
I got eyes.
You're beautiful
- young woman and,
- Then why?
Please, just let me talk.
Theres a lot of things
that I should've said before, but
Go on.
It's time you learned some
facts of life.
- I'm listening.
- Sometimes, with two people,
well, things can get out of hand,
and it's the woman that has
be strong.
Aman's generally no better
than he has to be.
Look at those idiots today
ogling you and whispering.
Because I wore that costume.
Why? Everybody loved it.
There isnt a man in this
place you can trust.
But there are exceptions.
A girl has to get married.
I'm not talking about Steve,
or any other man.
I don't want you to start off
But, I'm in love, Matt.
Honest. In love.
I guess maybe you are.
I don't know what to tell you.
Maybe you won't get hurt, but
I just don't want you to do
your first dive without a net.
Oh, funny. When I came in
I wanted to kill you.
I'm glad you changed your mind
There's something you're not saying,
Something sad in you...
I've felt it before.
Nothing like that.
It isnt anything I've done
is it?
No, Toni.
You've given me nothing but
good things, and I'm grateful.
Matt, I owe you so much.
Please, don't worry.
If I do any high dive,
I'll use a net.
Hey, Matt!
- You coming to supper?
- No, and close the door.
Kind of cozy here.
Schuman claims on of his tigers
has got indigestion.
He wants a doctor to examine
I told him flat -
I don't know any tiger doctors.
Go on to supper.
Don't bother me.
What's on the program?
I don't know.
Maybe we ought to take the new
Circus and dump it in the junk
Are you crazy?
We're only 2000 bucks shy
on the price of a tent.
I'm shy a lot more than that.
Just come on, let's shop it.
They got a new rice dish.
Well, you eat it.
I gotta go through all
these mail-letters
from agents, phony acts...
The always come crawling out,
you're putting on a circus.
Am I?
Well, it's my opinion.
In a circus you have to have
artist flying through the air,
Like musical notes,
somebody making a tune with em
Somebody with a calliope
Calliope? You got steam coming
out of your ears.
Go away, Cap.
And close the door.
I think you and the tiger both
need a doctor.
Hello, Lili.
Hello, Cap.
Kind a wet out here, but,
might be worse inside.
Will you make up your mind
and stop opening and close?
Well, I washed my face.
And I combed my hair.
Look any better?
About eight pounds better.
A rope and a rigging will
Take off another seven.
Matt, do you have a spot for
Another performer?
Lili, I...
Just a performer.
No relative.
She'll know you.
Not for a long time, Matt.
And, if you don't want it,
I just don't want to be a performer,
working near her.
Hey, Matt! You in there!
You're the lady who told me about
salt for my ankle.
I thought you were looking for a job.
Yes, I was just talking to Mr. Masters
about it.
- What's your act?
- High trapeze.
We've got one woman working high.
We need someone.
What is your full name?
Margot Angeli.
I'm Toni Alfredo.
Will you join us for supper?
Well, I have to unpack, Toni.
Have you eaten, Miss Angeli?
No, I havent.
Well, you're more than
welcome to join us.
Oh, fine!
Under here you won't get wet.
Good morning, Miss Angeli.
You're early.
It's been a long time.
I need some practice.
Well, your rigging's secure.
- Thanks, Cap.
- Any time.
You're all right.
You only fainted.
You just lie quiet
and you'll be fine.
You're Aldo.
I shouldn't have surprised
you that way.
I thought...
Did I upset you?
It's nothing, Matt.
She just had a little shock.
I thought she knew I was here.
I'm sorry.
You fell. You're not going up again.
But, it had nothing to do
with my strength.
It was Aldo...
He stood there looking at me
in Alfredo's eyes and clothes.
I thought it was Alfredo.
It was just my imagination.
I wonder.
Well, anyway it won't work out,
Because of Aldo?
I'm not afraid of him.
Not Aldo, you.
You and Toni.
But she likes me, Matt.
Last night...
Last night you were somebody
in the rain.
No, there's more to it than that.
She feels something.
Well, that's a feeling you're not
going to like.
You're a blacked out figure
in her scrapbook, Lili,
and in her life,
And I did that, and I meant
to do it.
Way back, when she was a
little kid,
She blamed herself because
you'd gone away.
It took a long time to convince her
it wasn't her fault.
I could have told her the
truth, bit I didnt.
I lied.
So she blacked you out, like
I did. I taught her that.
Then, why did you go to
Matt, let me stay until
she finds out.
Maybe by then she'll get to know me.
I'm not a monster.
She's been hurt once.
That's enough.
Well, if she hates me,
it won't hurt her to find out.
She may curse me, spit at me
and tell me to get out.
She has a right.
And if she tells me to go, I'll go.
It won't hurt her to have revenge.
What happens to you?
I'll take my chances.
You've got guts, Lili.
I hope you win.
- Isn't it wonderful?
- Oh, yeah.
- What's the matter, Steve?
- Oh, nothing.
Yes, you kept your eyes open
when you kissed me.
I was doing sentry duty.
Stop worrying about Matt.
He isn't here.
Toni, hes all over the places.
I don't like acting like two kids,
scared of Matt.
- Do you like that, Toni?
- Not entirely.
I didnt tell you what was biting him.
He thinks that I'm courting you
so I can become his partner.
Using you to blackmail him.
He's a flathead!
You could have told him
he was talking crazy.
I didnt have much chance.
But I'm going to...
Do you have to leave now?
Im telling him I wouldnt be his partner
even he begged me!
And the only part I want is
Toni Alfredo.
- Do you have to tell him now?
- Yes, you coming?
Wait a minute!
Now what are you doing?
For good luck on a journey.
You're going to need some.
- Now?
- Now.
Well! Back together again, eh?
Glad to see you two've made up.
Happy faces,
that's what we need in the circus.
How you doing with your
trapeze, honey?
I'm doing fine everywhere.
Well, don't waste it on me.
Now go back to your secret
hiding place nobody knows about
- Thank you, Goliath.
- Any time, Miss Margot.
Good morning.
You do those turns just beautifully.
I thought I was rather stiff.
I've seen you work before
- No, I doubt that.
- I'm sure I have.
Where did you work in the
United States?
Oh, it's been a long time.
And not in any shows youve
ever seen.
Name the shows you were in,
and I bet you I remember.
Well, how did it go today,
Miss Angeli.
- Twenty five turns.
- Wonderful.
- Five more than yesterday.
- Great.
Matt, I just told Margot
that I...
I thought I wanted to be an
I'd like to see you do
twenty-five flags.
That's easy.
Just watch.
- Thanks for saving me.
- What brought that on?
Will you count for me?
I'm counting.
I don't know.
When she was a little girl,
She used to sit on the ring
curb and watch me work out.
I remember.
That's how she learned to count,
counting your turns.
How much does she know about
her father and me?
She knows her father died in
a fall and you disappeared.
How much does she know about you?
Well, I spanked her when
she was bad,
Loved her when she was good.
I'm just there like
night and day and she never question it.
Would you be afraid
to let her know the truth?
It'd be a lie to say I wasn't afraid.
I don't want to lose her.
She's like my own.
She neednt ever know.
I intend to tell her sometime,
take my chances.
How many?
Fifteen? It's twenty-two!
Fifteen's my count.
Start over.
Start over! That's not fair!
Hey, Matt! It's here!
The canvas! The tent!
It's coming right up the road!
Toni, come on!
Come on, everybody!
Here's the tent!
The tent's here!
Come on! Let's go!
What about the party?
Let's go for it!
After we get the tent up.
- Hello, boss.
- Thanks, Goliath.
That deserves some coffee,
what do you say?
- I'd love some.
- Let's get it, Cap.
Dance with an old friend?
And old friend, Aldo?
And old enemy, then.
You haven't forgiven me yet,
have you?
In Sicily we say: Those who want
forgiveness must knock
at the gates,
and wait for the devil to answer .
Havent I waited long enough?
- Why, that big...!
- Get off it! Leave them alone!
Leave them alone?
It's dark out there!
Well, kids like the dark.
Werent you ever young?
Why don't you mind your
own business?
Give me some coffee.
Come on.
Where's Lili?
Shes right...
I guess she's gone.
Look for her.
It was Alfredo's waltz.
He made his swing to that
I cant stay here, Matt,
I just cant do it.
Dance to it, Lili.
It's just and old waltz,
just and old piece of music.
God forgive me...
but I still love you, Matt.
It's nothing to be ashamed of,
then or now.
It's all right.
Why, that's Matt with Margot!
Why, that fat-head dancing.
Maybe we could rent him
our place behind the calliope, eh?
Oh, no, no, no.
Have you told Matt, honey?
Not exactly, but I hinted
about it.
Church, white veil, orange blossoms
and those all omens.
But, did you happen to mention me?
You know, in a general way.
I'm sure that he didn't know what
you were talking about.
He's been very busy.
He doesn't concentrate.
Of course, he's been concentrating
with Margot.
I'm glad he is.
She's nice, very nice.
- Do you want me to tell him?
- Oh, no.
If we're gonna get married Sunday...
- No, I want to tell him.
- There he is now.
- Hello, boss.
- Hello, Goliath, You winning?
Not now.
He's in good mood.
He's laughing.
No, I've got to get dressed.
I'll tell him later.
- When?
- Just later?
Just later!
May I come in?
Yes, I wish you would.
Oh, lilac! How beautiful.
I know who they're from.
Matt. Lilac are good luck.
I hope so.
Could I have it quiet, please?
Everybody here?
Wheres Toni? And Tojo?
Where is he?
I'll get them in.
Well, it's finally here.
It's a half hour to dress rehearsal.
No breaks and no waits.
I want the same performance
you're gonna give tonight.
So, check your costumes
and your props.
- And pick up those music cues.
- Yes, sir.
Now, are there any questions?
When I blow this whistle
for the Grand Parade,
You're all on your own.
You're a fin group of artists,
the best in the world.
And I don't want you to forget that
for a minute.
And also, ladies and gentlemen,
I want to thank you
for the hard work that's made
this circus possible.
So, break a leg,
let's get to it!
I'm trying to get up enough nerve
to tell Matt
That I'm getting married.
It's not that I'm afraid,
but, well, I'm all he has.
He doesn't ha a family
or anyone like that.
And, he'll be alone when
I get married.
Not really alone, but you know,
it won't be the same.
Even if I'm still on the show.
You see what I mean?
I understand, of course.
Matt is very good.
He's kind of sweet.
And if he's short of loud
it's just because he's full
of fun and he loves life.
There've been a lot of women
after him forbears but,
None of them were right for
him, I guess.
I think you are right, I mean.
You do like him,
don't you?
What's the matter?
Thirty minutes.
Get dressed or Matt will
put you back on the Stage Coach.
I'm going.
Think about what I said.
I will.
What was that all about?
She was trying to match me
with Matt.
You and Matt are digging and awfully
deep hole yourselves.
Why can't the keep on cue?
Last time it took them four minutes
o make that...
Are your working here?
Get into your costume!
- Where was I?
- Four minutes!
Take two out of it.
I think wed better work those
ponies in Number Three Ring.
Look at that!
Look at that!
Is that my mother?
Answer me, is she my mother?
Yes, Toni.
And this says my father killed
He dived from a trapeze and
left a note about my mother
and another man.
Is that true? Is true?
It's true.
You didnt tell me any of this.
Why? Tell me why!
I'm the other man, Toni.
It was me.
Why didn't you tell her the
rest of it?
All about her father
and how loyal Lili really was?
What good would that have done?
You sneak back and think
you can make me love you.
- I only meant...
- You thought you'd trick me!
But you didn't trick me!
I know what you are
and what he is.
Toni, we only wanted...
You wanted Matt again!
To roll around in filth with him again!
Well, here he is! Take him!
Take him, made love to him!
- Crawl on him!
- That's enough!
It's not enough! You liars!
You killed my father!
It would only be enough if
I kill both of you!
Toni, grow up! Be a woman.
Get married with Steve.
Make a life on your own!
I hope it's a better one
than Lili's had.
I hope she has no life at all!
Not now, not ever!
Lili, we both said we could
take it, remember?
The rehearsal.
I'll be there.
So just puck up and let's get
out of here.
- What else could I do?
- You could have realized
That whoever planted this
in here to make their love
look dirty.
And I just don't believe it.
But, you've known Matt longer
than I have.
I've only known him for ten years.
That's Parade Call.
You want to get ready?
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we bring, our Circus!
- Gimme your knife.
- Matt, you can't do...
I'm not gonna lose another
damn tent!
Get those animals outta here!
That part's gone,
is out of control.
We gotta make a fire break
to save any of this tent.
Drop the canvas between two
and three poles.
I'll flatten those seats.
Oh, honey.
Give Cap a hand with that fire break.
Get Toni out of here!
You ready?
Get the quarter poles!
What do you have to do?
I have to cut the lacing on poles
two and three.
I can do that.
- Cap, what can I do?
- Here,
cut down those lights.
Get out of here!
Get back!
Gimme a hand.
Help them with that canvas.
Steve! Cut it and get out there!
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
You know something?
You've got a dirty face.
It started in the wardrobe
We got a piece of tent,
a whole show and half an idea,
And if it works out goes on tonight.
- Are you out of your mind?
- Lets me see that.
Let the doctor
take a look at it.
- A show with this?
- Let's check the damage.
- Hello, boss.
- Hello, Goliath.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Your attention, please!
It is my privilege to present
to you
It's a remarkable thing, Matt.
I hope I don't fail you.
You couldn't.
Toni, give her some of those
owl feathers.
- I havent got any.
- You haven't?
Well, how do you think I got
this big top up?
Break a leg!
...Lili and her daughter Toni.
- Lili's getting tired!
- She won't quit.
Something's happened.
Toni's quit!
Nothing's happened.
She knows what shes doin'.
A wonderful kid.
Seventy-one, seventy-two,
seventy-three, seventy-four,
seventy-five, seventy-six,
seventy-eight, seventy-nine,
eighty-one, eighty-two,
eighty-three, eighty-four,
eighty-five, eighty-six,
eighty-seven, eighty-eight,
eighty-nine, ninety,
ninety-two, ninety-three,
ninety-five, ninety-six,
ninety-eight, ninety-nine,
A hundred!
You were great!
Hey, partner!
Come here.