Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man (2000) Movie Script

Cirque du Soleil
Journey of Man
I don't remember how it all began
...and I had no idea
where it would end.
I only knew feelings
And so began my journey.
I was born with only instincts
as my guides.
And I knew them
when they came to me
In those childhood days
they never left my side.
They were all I knew.
and all I needed.
I 'm not sure if I saw these things
or dreamed them
But true or imagined.
they filled my heart with joy.
Then one day I learned that joy
has a friend called fear.
But my faithful instincts showed me
that with fear comes courage.
And courage has another friend,
called wonder.
In my youth, there were
many tracks and few signposts
But I was young and bold.
...and on my way
to new adventures
My childhood fantasies
were behind me now.
Ahead lay many
mysteries and marvels
I had outgrown
my childhood guides
I knew I could be
strong and daring
I was a young man
with a young man's dreams
Everything was possible I raced along
on my great adventure
Then one day I stopped
my headstrong rush and paused.
Like standing
on the shoreline of a dream
...I sensed a power
that I couldn't explain
Then it came to me
When I became a man
I learned that harmony and union
make each of us complete.
And I saw its name was love
It was time to act like a man
make a deal.
Wealth and power could buy me
all the love I needed.
I no longer needed childhood
fantasies and youthful dreams
I had found love
and had to own its secret.
As a man,
I had achieved my goals
My journey had been a success
And yet.
sometimes, distant memories
returned to haunt me.
Childhood visitations
of half-forgotten friends
And occasionally doubts and troubles
invaded my seclusion.
In that moment, time fell away.
My years turned to dust.
I was young again
Now I remembered
where I began my journey.
As a child full of dreams
full of faith
and full of love
At last my journey
could be completed.
Each of you was born with three keys
to the doors of your journey.
The first is for your dreams
It lets you make
the impossible possible
The second is for your faith
It tells you to believe in youth
And above all, the third is for love
...the instinct
to respect each other
Dreams, faith and love
With these three,
anything is possible
It is your journey,
but it is our destination