Ciske de Rat (1984) Movie Script

CISKE THE RA I don't want anybody's pity
they can all drop dead,
for all I care.
The only person that I long
for is my dad,
and he's never there.
The teachers at school
are down on me,
they say I drive them nuts.
The other children don't
want to play,
they hate my guts.
My ma is a nasty piece of work,
beats me whenever she can.
She scolds like a fishwife,
all day long,
and fools around with
all kinds of men.
My father did the best
he could,
when he walked out
her loveless door.
I miss him more than I can say,
but I have to wait 'til
his ship's ashore.
I wish I had someone
to care fore.
And someone who'd care for me.
To love and hug me,
and protect me,
I feel as lonesome as can be.
I hope that when
my dad returns,
he'll take me with him
to the sea.
And even if I'll have to slave,
I'll be as happy as can be.
Dam nit, I'm just a little kid,
I am too young to mend my ways.
I need some help, from anybody,
but who would help a
hard-boiled case like me.
I wish I had someone
to care for.
And someone who'd care for me.
To love and hug me,
and protect me,
I feel as lonesome as can be.
To love and hug me,
and protect me,
I feel as lonesome as can be.
Did you fix my sandwiches?
Listen, I'm not your servant!
There's a postcard from
your father.
Bye, Auntie.
Don't slam the door,
will you?
Why can you never be on time?
One of the barrels in the
cellar hes leaked.
Take a cloth with you.
Three beers, two genevers.
Hey, doll...
Two beers, with a punch.
And have one on me, yourself.
Is that your husband?
Cis! Get a move one!
Henri. What's keeping you?
I'd like to get to know you
a bit better.
You rotten little bugger!
Damnit! God damnit!
Little viper!
I'll kill you one of these
You look a real mess.
I can't have you
here like that.
I'll go home in a minute.
Money doesn't grow on my back!
Apologize, do you hear!?
- Tomorrow!
Little viper.
Drop dead! Whore!
I'm going to tell my dad.
Rotten bitch!
Help! Chris!
Chris, do something!
Marie... the children!
Oh, help! Help!
Brave, aren't you?
Against a little chap.
Hey, copper!
- Come along, Rat.
We're going to see
Mr. van Loon.
You can't set things on fire
just like that.
Is that what she said?
The rotten bitch!
That's no way to talk
about your mother.
But, I'm right.
If my Dad was here
Sure, sure. But first learn to
keep your big mouth shut, okay?
Ciske... you're leaving home
for a while.
The father away, the better.
You see...
what sort of little
angel he is?
I fear, madam, that you'll have
to come here with your husband.
Perhaps we can find
a solution together.
This is Mr. Peeksma.
Your guardian during the time
that you're here.
Cis Freimuth.
What's all this?
Shut up!
Hurry up! The lights will
go out in five minutes.
You'll sleep in the third bed
from the back.
Hurry up...
Claus, what are you doing?
His suitcase is busted, sir.
Come on. Into bed.
Get on with it.
You can unpack tomorrow!
Hurry up!
That will do!
hey, what's your name?
Hey, what's your name?
Freimuth! Hands above
the blankets.
Above the blankets!
Drop dead, you bastard.
Are we playing soccer,
or what are we playing?
All right, my friend.
Over here with that ball.
A free kick for you.
Why doesn't that man simply
take off his dress.
That would be a lot easier.
Sure, but the Pope
won't allow it.
Who is that?
That'll be the last time!
Time for a break.
Good for you.
Nobody can beat you.
You want something from me?
Brave, aren't you?
Against those little chaps.
You wouldn't have such
an easy time of it with me.
You think you're scaring me?
Hey, do you really think
you can tackle him?
Will you take my place
in the game?
Come, we'll ask the Chaplain.
Can he play instead of me,
All right by me.
I'm Chaplain de Goey.
And you're?
Cis Freimuth.
From Franciscus?
What brought you here?
Oh, a row with my mother.
You don't have to tell me,
you know.
Let's see what you're worth.
Cis Freimuth, come here!
Well. How about it!
Stick out your hands.
If there's any beating to be
done around here.
we'll do the beating.
And now, enjoy your dinner.
Well... have a look
at this one.
And what do you think
when you see it?
Well, try and make up
a story about it.
There once was a man
and a women.
And then?
They wanted to know what
the sea looked like.
And what happened then?
How would I know?
Then we'll try the next one.
What do you think of this?
There once was a girl
and she lost her doll.
How did that happen?
Because her mother had
thrown it out.
And this one?
What do you think when
you look at it?
I don't know.
Comrades! Don't let yourselves
be fooled any longer!
Mussert's got to go!
Read "The Torch" and gather at
our place on Sunday...
all of you.
Frank van der Goes will speak!
Get out here!
Hi, Theo.
Open that door!
Hey, Rat, keep your cool.
Look who we've got here.
Hi, mother.
Welcome home, my boy.
Sit down, please.
Can I offer you a drink?
No, thank you.
Did he behave on his way home?
As quiet as a lamb.
Am I interrupting?
- Not at all.
I'm so very glad you were good
enough to go and get him,
eh, Cis?
Where you able to arrange things
with that new school?
He can start straight away.
But they didn't dance for joy.
The head is sure a real prig!
I just hope he can
get along with him.
Ah, if you help him a bit,
it'll be all right, eh, Cis?
Keep your pecker up, Rat.
You know what you promised me,
I'll let myself out.
There, that's one
I still owed you.
Hey, doll.
I wouldn't mind a beer now.
Hurry up, children.
Hurry up!
Are you Mr. Bruis?
Bruis. Someone's
asking for you.
What can I do for you?
I am Cis Freimuth.
My mother said
I would be in your grade.
Ah, that's right.
Remember me telling you
about that lady?
Oh, then you're the boy
with the inkwell.
We run a respectable
school here.
I hope you behave yourself.
Teacher. That's the rat,
who's been in prison lately.
To your seat!
Ciske, you're sitting
next to Keith.
Teacher, I don't want him
to come and sit next to me.
And why don't you want him
to sit next to you?
John, you keep out of this!
Go and sit next to Gerard.
Get moving!
Are you comfortable?
What did you say?
- Yes.
Yes, what?
- Yes, teacher.
Exercise books.
Leave him alone.
What's he done to you?
Where do you live?
Hey, rascal.
Look at that.
You're almost like brothers.
And now I want an ice cream.
Going whole hog.
Coming now, monkey?
What's her name?
What does she know about me?
A lot.
- A lot?
Now open it.
Didn't they have smaller ones?
Give it to me.
Thanks a lot.
What's her reason for wanting
you to stay ashore?
She can't do it
without me.
What sort of work will
you do then?
I'll take what I can get.
But how about having a chat
with your mother first?
She'll be pissed off again
about me being late.
Kept in school again?
It's my fault that he's so
Oh, look what the
cat dragged in.
How are you doing?
You're looking well.
Thank you.
Can I offer you a drink?
I'll have a beer.
I've heard that you got
yourself a new boyfriend.
From Ciske?
children are always
imagining things.
Not that I give a damn.
Your good health.
What would you say about
us getting divorce?
What's the use of staying
married to me...
when you can get ten others for
each finger on your hand?
I'm no use to you anyway.
You pay me something thought.
After the divorce, I'll give
you alimony each month.
I've never noticed you
being so generous.
What's in it for you?
Nothing, except Cis.
And you wouldn't mind
getting rid of him.
Have a good think about it.
I certainly will.
My husband wants a divorce.
Shall I do it?
What do you think?
You'd be crazy to do it.
And what if I meet some nice
guy who wants to marry me?
Then there's time
to think about it.
Hey... you're doing
all right this way.
Unless you've already got
someone in mind, of course.
Well... uh, no.
Hey, Marie. How about doing
your gabbing on your own time?
Your money each month and
as free as a bird in the sky.
You want to give up
all of that?
They're all over the city now,
fighting and rioting.
It seems they've already shot
and killed one of them.
They ought to wring that
Colijn's fat neck.
The bastard!
Oh yeah?
And what would you
know about it?
This country needs
a strong man.
Not gadabouts who are afraid
of making decisions.
For a real leader you
have to go to Germany.
At least they know how to deal
there with that work-shy scum.
Complaining that the wife and
kids have nothing to eat.
but hanging around all day
in the bar themselves.
Isn't it bedtime
for that kid?
He's about had it.
Go home.
The police force couldn't
manage in the end.
They were obliged
to call in the army.
They're always picking
on the poor folk.
The rich keep getting richer.
It's the same everywhere.
Once you're on the dole
you pull at the shortest end.
Rat, you with us?
I hit him.
Freimuth, De Hahn!
Come along.
I've been so worried
about you, son!
Well, better late than never.
Keep your son off
the streets at night
in the future, De Hahn.
If I ever see him again,
he'll be sent to reform school!
Over my dead body!
Better still!
You to kingdom come
and your son to reform school.
We'd be moving into
a real good direction.
Rat, stay here.
Have you been going into
politics too these days?
All I did was help
them a bit.
The juvenile judge,
Mr. van Loon,
will sit up to learn you're
now spending nights here.
Or do you think he won't
find out about it?
Come along,
I'll take you home.
Then I can have another chat
with your mother as well.
She'll beat the hell
out of me.
Then you'll
deserve it for once.
Mrs. Freimuth?
Where have you been
all bloody night? Where!?
With us!
He was arrested in the riots.
You can consider yourself
lucky he's still alive,
four people were killed.
What's a boy of eleven doing
on the street at night anyway?
Can't you even make
him stay home?
I thought he'd gone
to bloody bed!
She's lying her head off!
Don't you give me any cheek!
I don't know what I'm going
to do with that boy.
I just don't know.
If you keep leaving him
to his own devices,
we'll take him off your hands
forever at some point.
You'll be rid of him
once and for all.
You know very well I've got
to cope all by myself.
I try my hardest...
but I simply can't manage him.
Yes, yes, I've noticed.
You'll be hearing
from us.
Dorus will be in our
grade for a while,
'til we find out how far
he's dropped behind.
Thank you.
Look, everybody...
Dorus is back again.
Teacher, he's not going to be
in our grade, is he?
Would you shut your
big mouth, John!
He's got bad glands
and that's infectious!
Do you know what's infectious?
That great big mouth of yours.
We'll get it before long!
He can come and sit beside me.
The Rat is crazy!
Leave the room!
Ciske the Rat.
Exercise books.
Keith! Is that a hat
you've got?
Keith! Why wear that
chimney pot?
Keith has on his noddle.
His high silk hat
it makes him glad.
Is that a hat you've got?
It really beats the lot.
Keith has on his noddle.
His chimney pot,
he looks an ace.
That monkey face.
Well done, Keith.
Cis. There now.
I am a decent youngster.
I'm always neat and spruce.
And when the weekend
comes around,
I'm always neat and spruce,
The district takes a dim view.
of my Sunday walk around.
And all the boys will gang up
through the streets will sound.
Ciske! Is that a hat
you've got?
Ciske! Why wear that
chimney pot?
Ciske has on his noddle.
His high silk hat,
it makes him glad.
Is that a hat you've got?
It really beats the lot.
Ciske has on his noddle.
His chimney pot,
he looks an ace.
That monkey face.
Stay there, it's me.
Now then, this is Aunt Jane.
Hello, Ciske.
And what do you
think of her?
Hello, madam.
I've got to go now, dad.
Hey, rascal!
You must give him
a bit more time, Cor.
What'll we do if she refuses?
You just leave that to me.
Hi, Theo, my old chum.
I haven't got any time.
I've only come to bring
you the papers.
What sort of papers?
The document for our divorce
or have you already forgotten?
Who says I want a divorce?
But we talked about it,
didn't we?
Take it back again!
I won't consider it!
Stop being so difficult, woman.
I've never made things
difficult for you either.
That would have been
the last straw!
Oh yeah?
Well, with this thing here.
I'm sure I had
no hand in that.
And that brat there is very
likely not a Freimuth either!
Eh, old chum?
You let everybody screw you,
don't you?
How dare you!
I've never looked at
another man yet!
I've right on to you!
But I warn you...
if you have an affair with
someone else and I find out,
then you won't get
another cent!
Get out!
And I won't let you
see Ciske again either!
Don't let it get
you down, rascal.
You stay right here!
We'll see who the boss
is around here.
Is my father with you?
No. He stepped out
for a minute.
When could I come
and live here?
If you wait a moment,
you can ask him yourself.
I'm in a hurry.
Say hello from me to him.
Let that rat drop dead
and come with us.
I don't want to go with
you guys at all.
Leave him alone!
He hasn't done you any harm!
Shut up, you nitwit!
John, let him go!
Stop it!
John, let him go.
Lay off him.
Do I have to go to
a different school again?
It's not unlikely.
Why did you have
to reach for a knife?
Couldn't you manage it
with your bare hands?
I don't want to go
to another school.
You're not going to tell me
that you're happy here?
I don't know.
I'll see what
I can do for you.
I wouldn't dream of it!
I won't let our good
atmosphere be ruined
by that little
juvenile delinquent!
Maatsuyker, you were aware
of his background
when you enrolled him here.
Then you can't send him
away just like that.
That very much
remains to be seen!
I'm taking it up with
the school inspector.
Do what you feel you must do.
Don't forget that I'm the
head of this school!
You'd do well
to realize that...
I've never seen that man
get so angry.
Old fool.
Instead of him packing off that
miserable John Verkerk,
the Rat cops the lot again!
But it's not all true what
you said, is it?
He can just kick the Rat
out of school.
Of course he can.
But I can give it a try,
can't I?
The Rat likes it here.
Am I mistaken, or are you
really fond of him?
Is that so strange?
You could help him.
The juvenile judge wants
a guardian for Ciske.
Why not?
You kill two birds
with one stone.
Maatsuyker can't
get rid of him
and Ciske gets a guardian
who'll do him some good.
What'll it be?
Mrs. Freimuth?
I'm Ciske's teacher.
My name is Bruis.
What has he been up to
this time?
I've only come
to introduce myself.
I've been asked if I want to
become Ciske's guardian.
Marie! Get me my order!
Why don't I know anything
about that?
Hello, doll.
Same as usual.
You seem very busy.
Oh well, I'll go if you like.
Uh... it's coming up.
There you are, Mr. Oosterban.
A friend of my husband's.
What's Ciske doing here?
Easy to see.
You stay there and clean up
that mess! Hurry up!
Let that boy go.
That'll come off
your pay, Marie.
Who do you think you are?
- Come.
Stay here! Stay!
You stay here!
You know that child labor
is forbidden, don't you?
Can't you tell my own child
what do do anymore?
Ciske is coming.
If not, the police will be
at the door in half an hour.
She's always told me that
he's already turned 14.
Little traitor!
I'll teach you to
fink on your mother!
I've never said nothing at all!
But Reynard is a real rascal,
he knows that.
He's cunning, ingenious and
scorns everything and everyone.
But that he's not
keeping his date, that -
Did you get to bed on time?
Something wrong?
I'd really like to help you.
Everything's all right.
Hey, Rat.
Hello, mum.
- Hello.
Can we come in a minute?
To ask you something?
Of course.
Hello, daddy.
There you are.
Lovely. Thanks very much.
Have a look at what I got.
You know what I think of it.
Please, sir. We'll really take
very good care of him.
I'd love to go.
Please, Job.
Well, if you make very sure
that he doesn't catch a cold.
That's enough!
Get dressed, hurry up!
Hop to it!
Get dressed, you lot.
Come on! Quickly!
You okay, Dorus?
It's so beautiful here.
I'm glad I was allowed to come.
Lunch time.
Who wants a sandwich?
Catch, catch,
catch, catch.
There he is.
Carrot top!
I'll get you one day!
Can you see Cis?
- No.
Ciske, come and look\nwho's standing there.
Look, Dorus!
That's my Aunt Jane.
Hey, rascal.
Did you have a nice time?
Hi, Dorus.
Yes, rascal.
I would have wanted it
different, too.
But we'll have to put it off
for a while.
When I get back,
we'll see what we can do.
Perhaps she will changed
her mind by that time.
I don't think so.
I'll write to you often.
Well, I best be going.
Bye, Aunt Jane.
I'll see you to the door.
Promise me that you'll
be extra nice to Aunt Jane.
She's expecting
a baby, you see.
Now do you understand why
we want to get married
as soon as possible?
You can help us.
Is she still seeing much
of that Henn?
More and more. And now he's
staying the night, too.
Now if you keep a tap on how
often he comes and when,
then we've got proof
and then she can't stop
the divorce any longer.
Shall I also have a look at
what they're up to
in the bedroom?
No, no. Don't do anything
like that!
Imagine them noticing.
Eh, Ciske?
You can count on me, dad!
Are you feeling all right?
What are you reading?
"Gulliver's Travels. "
Enjoying it?
You're feverish.
I'm not sick.
You should be home in bed.
I don't want
to be sick anymore.
Will you go and
get Mrs. Keulemans,
Dorus isn't feeling well.
You can see him a moment now.
Get out of here!
He might be at the police
station for all you know.
Ah, no.
He's probably with
his father's chippy.
What did you say?
Everybody around here knows.
That Cor's got something
with the laundrywoman...
in the Czar Peter Street.
You could knock me down
with a feather.
Why else did you think he was
pressing you for a divorce?
If you're right...
Why don't you go
and have a look?
Go on, I'll kept him
occupied a moment.
Give me back my kid.
Mrs. Freimuth?
I don't want my kid mixing
with a woman like you!
He'll come himself.
You're going along
with your mother.
And don't worry
about Dorus now,
I'm sure he'll soon
feel better.
Go on now.
Look at that.
Would you believe it?!
And you'll leave him alone
in the future, do you hear?
Mrs. Freimuth...
Ciske needs a bit of love,
just like everyone else.
If you don't give
it to him, I will...
Now get out!
I hope you didn't mind having
to wait a few minutes.
I had charming company.
Where's Ciske?
He's gone to bed.
Are we doing something nice?
I've taken all evening
off for you.
Then it'll be a long night.
Tomorrow I'll treat you to
a lovely breakfast, in bed.
You'd better watch out...
so that sweet little son of
yours doesn't hear us.
He doesn't notice anything.
You're always so nice to me.
You're a real
tasty dish, you are.
Why don't you take that off?
Marie! Look at this!
What do you want?
- Damnit!
Were you watching
your own mother?
You dirty, little bugger.
You're sure a silly bloody cow.
He's bound to tell on you.
Cis'? He'll keep
his mouth shut.
Swine that you are.
Let me go! Nobody has given
you any rights.
Just leave him to me.
Bye, Madam.
- See you later.
Hi, Cis.
Hey, hello!
What's the matter?
Show me.
How did that happen?
My mother and her friend.
Can't you talk to her?
It can't go on like this.
Talk? I'll have her deprived
of her parental rights.
Why did she do it?
Uh... Ciske's father
had asked him to uh...
he had asked him to keep an
eye on the sort of people
who visited his mother.
He sort of took it
a bit literally.
You mean, uh...
Yes, in that case,
I fear there's little I can do.
You go into
the classroom, Ciske.
If you really love
Ciske so much,
Then please leave him alone.
He's got to learn to
manage with his mother.
Keith, which town is this?
Keith, try again.
Then it's the Hague.
Keith, it ends with "dam".
You don't live
in Rotterdam, do you?
Keith, where do you live?
Czar Peter Street 83,
2nd floor.
Mr. Maatsuyker...
Bruis, come along a moment.
We will be quiet, take a book
and read for a moment.
And you, sit down.
Hey, Rat, did you run
into a street pole?
Kids... I've got very bad news.
Dorus Keulemans...
died this morning.
I want to say something
to Mrs. Keulemans.
I think it's awful...
If you hadn't been
pushing that school trip,
he might never
have gotten sick!
You shouldn't say that, Job!
Dorus has asked me
to give you this.
He loved you very, very much.
Would you like to
say good-bye to him?
Dorus is dead.
I think you'd better go home,
or you'll be in trouble again.
Cis, you shouldn't
come for while.
What a coincidence.
I'd been planning to come
and see you this afternoon.
Come in.
You won't believe me...
when I tell you what that
miserable rat did just now!
Mrs. Freimuth... why don't you
simply agree to the divorce?
It's none of your business.
It's not pleasant
for you either...
these quarrels all the time.
Why keep up your obstructions?
Or do you resent them
getting married
before the child arrives?
Oh, Chris, will you see
who it is? I'm beat.
Oh, you silly twit.
Get out of here
before I throw you out!
You seem to forget,
I'm Ciske's guardian.
You can stuff your
guardian bit up your ass!
And as that school of yours,
he won't be back!
If Ciske isn't at school
tomorrow, I'll call the police.
Do as you like!
And bug off!
Hi, doll.
How about it?
Tell me, how do I look, huh?
Hey, lay off, will ya!
Where're we going?
I thought that you loved me.
I'm not a whore, you know...
It's just for once.
What are you
whining about, Marie...
You like it, don't you?
Come on. I'm not asking you to
do anything dreadful, am I?
You can earn a
pile of money with it.
Hey, doll, you're not going
to look any better you know,
with all that crying.
Yes, one moment...
Well, what'll it be...
Yes, or no?
I can get a dozen others
instead of you, dumb broad!
Why do you always
scorch the leftovers?!
You've got it in for me, too,
haven't you?
Nobody's gonna waltz over me!
Move, you're in the way!
Why is it always such
a bloody mess here?
Ah, get stuffed,
you bitch!
Why don't you play
whore for Henri?!
Off to bed with you.
Didn't you hear me?
Get to bed, I said.
Get cracking!
Look out!
Don't, please!
Give it back!
Rotten bitch!
Give it to me.
Marie! Marie!
Help! Help!
Aunt Jane!
Aunt Jane!
Cis, what's wrong?
What's up, Cis?
What's the matter?
Maybe she's dead.
Surely it won't be
as bad as all that.
You can lie down in my
bed for now, warm up a bit...
then I'll go and see
what has happened.
She can go.
Wake up now.
Come, Sweetheart.
You have to get dressed.
Your mother is dead.
I don't want to.
Aunt Jane, I'm so scared.
Ciske, the time's come.
You need to?
Regulations, Sir.
Get rid of that newspaper.
I don't know what to say...
When they let me out,
can I come and live
with you and Aunt Jane?
Course! And I'm not
leaving you again.
Come, young Freimuth.
Leave him.
I wish I had done away
with her myself.
That wouldn't have
been much help.
Will he ever get over it?
Nobody knows.
This is the smallest size.
Good luck.
Quiet, Antonissen!
- Yes, Sir.
You'll report after supper.
Yes, Sir.
Prisoner Freimuth.
Cap... off!
Cap... off!
We're not at all fond of
people who pull knives.
Yes, Sir.
The judge has been very
lenient with his six months
as far as I'm concerned.
Yes, Sir.
You try and play up just once
and I'll see to it
that your stay here will be
damned unpleasant.
Yes, Sir.
Mr. Vergeer! Would you remove
this vermin from my room?
Cap... on!
Where's your spoon?
I don't know.
If you lose your
spoon once more,
you'll be eating with your
fingers from that time on.
Yes, Sir.
Look straight ahead!
Mother killer.
Mother killer.
Mother killer.
Murderer... murderer...
murderer... murderer...
Leave me be, you bastards!
Stop it!
You buggers!
You buggers -
What's going on here?
He hit me all of a sudden.
His bucket fell over.
Mop it up!
- No!
Mop it up!
- No!
Visser! Buer!
Take over.
It wasn't Freimuth's fault -
Shut up!
We'll break you
of these bad habits.
I'd like to see him alone
for a minute.
I hadn't expected
to find you here.
Mr. Chaplain?
Ciske, wasn't that your name?
How could it happen?
I don't want to talk about it.
Not with me, either?
You're Ciske's guardian?
I'm de Goey.
We do our best to create a bit
of a pleasant atmosphere here.
Please, sit down.
I'm glad you found
a moment to come.
How is he doing?
Could be better.
He desperately clings
to the thought that
he'll be going to live with his
father and his aunt afterward.
So... you'll understand
that your letter
was a bit of a shock.
I don't think that it'll ever
be solved between those two.
...what's to become
of Ciske then?
Then he'll have to find
his own way.
Have you had a talk with her?
Yes. But... she won't build her
future on the death of another.
Shall we go and have a look?
Gosh... twins.
My dad will be real proud.
How is everyone at school?
Bettie wants to know when
you think you'll be back.
Mr. Maatsuyker won't let me
stay on at school anymore...
I guess.
It's for the best, they know
so much about you there.
What are the boys like here?
I've got one friend.
The others play beastly tricks.
And you don't
join in, I suppose?
Inside, Freimuth.
Time's up.
Yes, Sir.
I'll say hello
to everyone for you.
You may be satisfied
with your ward,
he's making good progress.
He is already quite a different
boy than the insolent,
undisciplined tough one
we received here.
I want to see the Governor!
I want to go home!
I want to go home!
I want to see the Governor!
I want to see the Governor!
If you don't let me go,
then I'll jump!
You silly fool!
You don't have the guts for it.
I'm jumping!
I'd sooner die than spend
another day in this place.
Frans! The Governor
has promised that...
you won't be punished if
you come down immediately!
Nothing of the sort!
Mr. Reinders,
in the name of God.
Let me talk with him.
I wouldn't think of it.
I refuse to be blackmailed.
You got everything?
Yes, Sir.
And remember, Ciske...
You've done your time
and it's all over. Forever.
Even Aunt Jane doesn't
want me anymore.
I'm sure that she still
loves you very, very much.
I don't think so.
We can't always have things
the way we want them, Ciske.
You must know that by now.
Freimuth! All the best.
Yes, Sir.
Show them that you're a man.
Yes, Sir.
Mr. Bruis...
Chin up.
Hi, dad.
Hi, rascal.
Won't you come in a minute?
Why don't you go to the
Crisis Committee some time?
That's what they're for.
Would you like
something to drink?
No, my wife is waiting for me.
I could never have
managed without you.
We'll keep in touch.
And if there's anything,
be sure to let me know.
Bye, Cis...
And as soon as I've got
you another school,
you'll hear from me.
Good afternoon to you.
I'll see myself out.
It's not much, is it?
But until I've found a job,
we'll have to manage like this.
I didn't even have enough
money to come and get you.
Where are Theo and Corry?
In Rotterdam,
with your aunt.
Hey, Bennie!
This is little Ko...
Hi, Ko.
And this is little Cathy.
Hi, Cathy.
Come, they have to go to sleep.
Why don't you want to marry
my father anymore?
Is it because of me?
Have you got another man then?
It's got nothing to
do with you, Ciske.
It's something between
Cor and me.
I feel that he treats
everything so...
Well, it's got nothing
to do with you.
Can I come and see you again?
'Course! 'Course!
Dirty thief!
Keep that dog with you!
Ah, fathead!
That dog isn't even mine.
Hey, what's your name?
Hey, go home!
Go home!
How did it go today?
Nothing... as usual.
Here, Buddy.
Where did you get him?
He followed me.
Yes, but the animal
can't stay here, Cis!
We've hardly anything
to eat ourselves.
Ah, it's only a small one,
he's sure not to eat much.
Well, all right then.
But you'll take care
of him yourself.
Dad, have you seen
the twins yet?
See you later.
Little Ko and little Cathy.
Aunt Jane said they look
a lot like you.
I've forgotten my purse.
You shouldn't have
done that, Cis.
I asked him to.
I want you to go away.
I want both of you to go!
Hey, you guys. The Rat!
Hello, Bettie.
Hello, Sip.
Cis, are you back?
- Murderer!
Shall I walk home with you?
My parents don't want me
to see you anymore.
I don't want to see you
around here anymore.
Get away from here!
There he is!
I'm in luck.
Hey, Rat!
What do you want?
Filthy mother-killer!
I can't swim, help!
I've had it.
Hey, rascal.
Aunt Jane?
Thanks, Mr. Maatsuyker.
There was a time
I had no faith in you.
But now I'm proud of you.
Mr. Maatsuyker!
You're forgetting the
most important thing.
And you'll be coming back
to our school, of course.
Cis... okay?
Do you promise, each and all,
to desire to fulfill all the
duties that are connected
to the lawful marital state?
Then will you now,
Bride and Bridegroom.
give each other
your right hand?
Then I, Civil Servant of the
Amsterdam registration service,
declare that you've been
joined in marriage.
Would you now come forward
to place your signature?
I won't do it!
It's not going to work
between us anyway.
What's all this, Hendrick!
- Hendrick!
I won't do it.
I don't feel like it!
Well, so you don't
feel like it anymore!
You like the pleasures,
but not the troubles, huh?
Then you should have
thought of that sooner!
Calm down! The moment that
the hammer was dropped
the marriage was legalized.
And what about my signature?
- Hendrick!
I'll sign it myself,
if need be!
Do as you like!
I'm off!
Would you stop
that immediately!
I'm on my way.
Can the others be in
the picture, too?
- Everyone.
For Cis!
Everyone in the picture.
Would you stop there, please?
A bit closer together
if you don't mind!
Stand still!