Citadel (2012) Movie Script

Say goodbye.
Leave them here, I'll come back.
- Any done?
- Almost.
Come on!
Come on!
No, no! No!
Let me out!
No! Joe! 10th
Let me out!
You bastards!
Somebody help us! Anyone! 16th
No, please. Joe! 17th
Let me go! Joe! 18th
Joe! Get off me!
Get off me!
Feel the fear.
And let it pass.
You hear footsteps behind you.
But you don't turn around.
You can't.
The steps are getting nearer now.
they turn louder and louder.
The panic is trying to get in.
it's harder to breathe.
Now, you see a light
ahead of you.
A car.
There's a friendly person
in this car.
You can make it.
Suddenly, the steps behind
you, become a run. 35th
They're trying to get you.
Walk faster, Tommy
Get to that light
Anyone knows anything?
The stance?
Stance. Ok.
Anyone else?
Okay, Tommy.
I want you to slowly open your eyes
and take a look at yourself.
Everything about you, says victim.
The way you hold yourself.
Your arms and fists, held tight.
Your back...
..bent over.
Even your short irregular steps...
Why is it the people who have been
attacked in the past..
..are more likely to get intact again in the future?
Body language.
Even the slightest thing, you
or I would take for granted. 56th
A potential predator can sense.
It's almost as if they can
see your fear. 58th
How long you should've been comin' to us?
Nine months, now.
And this is happening tomorrow?
How does that make you feel?
Because you can live here now?
Because I can leave you now.
Controlling agoraphobia takes faith in yourself, Tommy.
So, feel the fear,
... and let it pass.
Right,..end of the road
Last stop, son.
We don't go up further anymore.
Well what..what time the last bus into town, then?
Only one a day now.
6 o'clock.
Is that from here?
"Edenstown Regenaration Project
Due to begin November, " 79th
God! Fuck! God!
"St. Anthony's Hospice"
Are you okay?
Tommy? Tommy.
I just need you to sign this.
"Unidentified infection"
Hi, Elsa.
I'm so sorry, Tommy.
Thanks for what you did for Joanne. 88th
I really should..
I know.
I know.
Come on.
So how long have you been out of the hospital, now?
..8 days.
Wow..that support must be great..
What is it?
Just the way that child looked at me.
The blind kid?
You should try to get some rest.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of
the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me.
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me
Are you leaving right away?
I have to send Elsa to the council first.
There's a coach leaving the city center at 8.
Well, maybe once the regenerations happens,
maybe you could come back.
If it ever happens.
this is no place
to raise a child.
You know moving away won't gonna stop
Social Services chasing her.
You just have to prove to them that
you're a good dad.
I'm not gonna let 'em take her away from me.
I know.
Look after yourself, Tommy.
Why don't you fuck off home?
You shouldn't be out here.
I'm sorry?
They're gonna come looking for her.
You know that?
Who will?
Who will?
You fuckin' know who!
Get your fucking hands off me!
- Why do we have to leave?
- That's his fucking husband!
Now, Tommy Cowley...
You're one the last one of this stage.
only took recent geriatrics left in here,now.
What the fuck are you looking at?
I'm trying to catch a bus...
..people will be dying to get out..
At least the bloody lights work properly,
when the new power comes online.
Please stop!
Fuck it!
"To Tommy. If you ever need someone
to talk to, 0141-496-0987. Marie "
What do you want?
Get the fuck away from here!
Get out!
Hi, this is Marie. Please
leave me a message.
I promise I'll get back to you
as soon as I can. Bye.
Hi, Marie... it's Tommy.
I'm... I'm still here.
There was break-in...
And then...
Feel the fear...
Feel the fear
and let it pass.
Come on!
What happened?
They came in the house last night.
I know.
Are you trying
to call the police?
The cops won't come in.
They do at least
to take a good look at these kids?
It's definitely them.
The one who got Joanne.
They came here
to kill Elsa.
Lookin' to kill Elsa?
Look at me.
What happened to Joanne
that was a tragic isolated incident.
The wrong place,
at the wrong time.
This isn't the same.
I mean... why would kids were
lookin' to kill a baby?
I don't know.
But he did...
He said they come lookin' for her.
Who did?
The priest.
I know he's all we've got,
but that man is messed up in the head.
He helps out at the hospice,
you know what the nurses call him?
I don't care
what they say.
- He knew they'll come looking for her.
- Yeah, but they didn't come looking for Elsa.
The cart upstairs was overturned,
the whole room was ransacked.
So was down here, Tommy.
Look, I know this is no less frightening,
but you were burglared.
No... No, they would...
Tommy, these kids have nothing
to do, nowhere to go..
They can quiet, easy, been looking for money...
You think I'm so messed up
I'm just imagining all this?
Tommy, I'm just
trying to help.
I know what I saw.
- I didn't mean...
- I need to see that priest.
what would about the bus?
I need to see him.
Ok..let's go together.
I can't leave the house, Marie.
Yeah you can.
2, 3, 4.
2, 3, 4.
That's it, Tommy.
One step at a time, ok?
You're doing so well.
Here you are...
Are you okay?
Here you are.
You got this, Tommy.
You got it.
Come on...
That's it.
That's great.
you got out.
You're doing so well, Tommy.
Control your breathing.
2, 3, 4.
2, 3, 4. That's it.
Try looking up.
All right, it's ok.
I got you.
Try looking down.
Hey, there!
- Excuse me, Father...
- Fuck's sake!
Jesus Christ!
Who gave you permission to come in here, huh?
At the time you said they would
come looking for my daughter.
- Get out!
- They came last night.
Well they didn't get out, did they?
If you don't mind, fuck it off!
I'm very busy.
Please, I need to know
what you know.
You see their faces?
Tell me about those kids.
You wanna know something?
I will show you.
This is insane.
To be safe out at the hospice.
I don't have all day!
He's blind.
What's his name?
Ask him.
Hey pal... what's your name?
You gonna tell him your name?
His name is Danny.
He's shy with new people.
You, son?
Where are we going?
No, no, no, no.
You can't!
For God's sake, stop the car!
Just stop the fucking
car, please!
This is where the scums are coming from.
North east tower block.
I need to go back now.
Get out.
- Get out!
- No fucking way of me to get out.
Get out!
Act like a man!
It's a building, for Christ sake!
Look at it!
I see...
You wanna know why they're after you?
Because you fear them.
You fear them.
They see it.
They can see fear.
Sense it. Smell it.
Otherwise, they mostly blind
of anything else.
- What are you talking about?
- Fear!
that's what they born into attracts them.
To the victims, they thrive on it
and they draw you and your fear..
..they're attracted to,
and consequently Elsa.
Shit! Jesus Christ!
Some of them're watching us.
Oh they see you, Tommy.
They see you very
fucking clearly.
- Please, quick, the door!
- There's more others than before.
This could end before
it's too late.
Before they fuck spread somewhere else.
- Please, quick, the door!
- You're going to help me, Tommy.
- Open the door!
- Will you help me?
How can I help you?
If we open the gas flank on the floors,
blow them in riser,
we can torch that fucking place.
So the kids there..
the kids...
I don't see any kids!
Do they look like kids to you?
Get a hold to yourself!
- Jesus!
- Useless fuck up!
Go on, get out.
- You want to torch the building?
- Condemned.
- Infected.
- I used to live there.
We wait for the last vestige
of humanity to leave.
Now it's the time.
Let me ask you something.
What would you have done,
if the lift door had opened that day?
What would you have done,
to protect your wife?
You gotta fucking kill them!
Let's candle these fuck ass!
You know what?
She's right about you.
You are insane.
I suggest you take a look at the mirror, pal.
I have a condition.
You certainly fuckin do.
Help yourself
Hey, Marie...
Thanks for letting me stay.
Marie, you were right.
You were right
about the priest.
He must think I'm an idiot.
I just got upset the thought someone
took advantage of you. That's all.
And yeah,... you are an idiot.
To be honest, I thought you'd
run away, leaving me with the baby.
So, what 'happened?
Did he know who these kids were?
Actually Ted convince me that
they're not even human.
That's outrageous!
and so easy to demonize these kids
"they're not even human".
If people have that man,
have their way,
they would lock 'em up in the building
and burn it to the ground.
I worked with a lot of socially deprived kids,
and most of them is just unloved
one of waste from broken homes.
What they need is all symphaty.
Legs first.
Let me help you.
That's good.
Here, first the legs...
Here we are.
- I can't do this.
- You can't do what?
She cries everytime I pick her up.
Well, baby can sense fear.
Do you ever try talking to Elsa?
She's a whole special person all by herself.
Not just the result of what happened to Joanne.
- Suede...
- What is?
Joanne used to make me dance
to this song.
I don't like dancing,
It made her smile.
You made her smile.
Stand up!
Marie... I don't know...
Stand up!
Try closing your eyes.
It's ok..
It's ok..
"Tommy, help yourself to the kitchen.
Will be back in time to help you to the bus. "
Are you okay?
You know, you're looking a lot better.
I still feel lost, though..
How can you feel lost?
Didn't you deliver the post around
I worked in a post office.
Besides, it's all the same to me, every city street.
Well, I'm afraid to tell you that
I actually requested more time here.
You're crazier than the priest.
Yes she, she question me.
- Is the bus almost there?
- They're there.
No way.
I'm not going down that fucking line.
The bus stop is just three vent,
like 30 seconds.
Look, we'll have to go all the way around,
we'll miss the bus.
I go this way to work every single day.
It's fine.
Come on...
Here we are.
- Shit!
- Tommy.
For fuck sake!
- We should go back the other way.
- You can practically see the bus!
- It's too fuck dangerous!
- That's not fair.
Okay, look, I'm gonna show you
there's nothing to be afraid of, ok?
Marie, please..
Must... I must...
must help me!
Some kids...
Help me!
Please help me.
Please, no, no!
Jesus' Christ
For the love of God,
No, no! No!
Elsa! No!
Someone there?
They've got her!
They've got her!
They've got her!
They've got her!
- I know... I know.
- They killed Elsa.
Tommy, she's not dead.
That's what the bastards do.
They take children.
What? Jesus!
We should go...
- Don't go anywhere
- We need to get to the towers!
We need to get there tonight
- Tommy, would you listen to me...
- No, I need to get there..
- I need to get there tonight!
- We can't!
Get off me!
Get off me!
What do you think you're doing?
- I'll go on my own.
- We can't go tonight!
There's a blackout!
They'll scum you out of the tower on the prowl.
- We'll go tomorrow night.
- I don't care, I'm going tonight!
I know where she is.
If I help you,
Will you help me
start the fire?
I need you to follow my lead to trust me.
No one knew we will get through this.
Sermon hiddden.
- How do we do that?
- They can see fear.
Don't let they do it.
Partly, sense all,
they smell it other...
the secrete, hormone,
But Danny...
Danny doesn't.
They don't see him.
You stay close to Danny,
No one see you.
I don't understand.
Don't be afraid, Tommy.
Have faith.
How come he has the hands?
I found him in the tower.
It was becoming one of them.
Danny could've been with them
for a very long.
He's still healthy.
He understood,
when I spoke to him.
The others... Tower
done something to them.
Poisoned them.
I never know who they was,
where they came from.
He doesn't remember none of it.
Will Elsa become one?
No, if we find her.
Home made plastic explosives.
I saw their faces.
What are they?
Fuck sake.
Your believe'd just a bit error
right now, wouldn't you?
There was a girl...
She was a beautiful girl.
So.. in '72, she was found
dead at the bell of that Tower.
She died of unidentified infection.
But what people didn't know
was that before Dolores died,
she gave birth on the..
Junkies squatter used to talk
of dumb children.
Brother and sister.
Abe and Matt.
They are into bred, raise the spawn,
they will make the new heir.
So, they are children?
Don't think of them as humans..
..or it can be saved.
I tried.
I got this.
Like cancer.
Cutting the hands must the
best small thing you can do.
Fuck! Fuck!
Can not see you, Tommy.
Can not see you.
They can't see you.
They can't see you.
How did you do that?
I told you.
He can hide your fear from them.
Can you see fear like they do?
What does fear look like?
A red is.
How do I look?
There's a fuse.
Set the charge the plastic.
Pass the cable.
We tie this to the ignition plug.
Would you look?
One of us has gonna have to do this.
Come dawn, I'll hold to the fell fuck I'm gonna
come back to the Tower.
- Once you're inside...
- Turn the key and...
- ..start the engine.
- Yeah.
Right... let's go.
Follow me.
Hold on to Danny.
If you let go, we're fucked.
We're at you, Tommy.
Do you still believe in all that?
You don't?
Punishment come right out to this world.
As a salvation.
We got ourselves to believe in, Tommy.
That how we got our fuckin' hope.
This may gas pipe of the building.
When we turn the key
the gas are gonna blow 3 floors.
- How did you learn to do this?
- Past life...
Do you know it will work?
Let's just say
in the past I have done it.
Now, we open the gas.
Try this.
This is the first one.
Break it there.
Be careful.
- Right.
- Open the valve.
Now, we climb.
The stairs continue on
the other side.
Come on.
They can't see us.
What are they doing?
I don't know what their shit is...
All towers are infected with it.
We gotta keep moving.
You'll be safe with Danny.
Believe me.
Just stay quiet,
follow me.
Close your eyes, Tommy.
Trust yourself.
You can open your eyes now.
Quickly, this way.
- Just one more, right?
- Yeah.
Then we're after...
- Sound like a baby.
- Stay focus, Tommy.
- We knew where they are...
- It's her.
- It's Elsa!
- Tommy!
Get back here!
- Tommy!
- Danny, please!
The Father says no!
I'm here, Elsa!
If you try something like that..
- I want your fuckin baby drown..
- Fuck you!
- Why can't you tell me where she is?
- What do you think?
Only a screaming baby is
gonna fake the job with you
We do this fast, right?
If you don't like it dad,
hold my hand.
- We need to go up..
- It's dawn.
We went too high, dumbo.
We just need to break this...
- Are you alright?
- Christ, not now!
Not here, damn it!
I'm alright, Danny.
I see you.
- What?
- I see you.
So did they...
I can barely breathe.
for feeling's on time.
Listen to me.
Fuck the burnt..
Go find your daughter
and leave.
She's in the basement.
Leave this in our place.
- Father, where are you going?
- Danny!
You stay close to Tommy,
You know...
They were mine.
What are you talking about?
The twins.
I've abandoned.
I've abandoned...
this whole fucking place.
I won't find forgiveness, Tommy.
But, I can let the...
drift die with me.
Go find your daughter.
No, wait.
- Danny can hide us. He can hide the both of us.
- Danny...
can't hide anyone!
Go! Run!
Come on, you bastards!
Where's the stairs?
The noise...
It's a lift.
The power's back.
What is it?
Tommy! Tommy?
Tommy, what's' wrong?
I'm Tommy.
It's ok.
It's ok.
- It's ok.
- We lied to you.
- I can't...
- I know, it's ok.
I'm so scared, Tommy!
It's ok to be scared.
You're not alone, pal.
Father's order.
But we're gonna make it.
You don't believe me?
How else do we get pass them before?
I don't want to die here.
I'm not gonna let you die, Danny.
I don't care if we scared.
We're gonna make it through this.
I'm here now.
And I'm not gonna let you go again.
I promise.
Come on.
Come here.
It's bright out here.
It 's almost dawn.
They'll be back soon.
I know the smell.
What is this place?
Elsa! Elsa!
It was you! It was you.
I was here!
I was here!
I was here! I was here!
I was here!
I was here!
- Danny, Danny! It's ok!
- I was here!
It's alright.
Danny, hear...
Danny, hear...Elsa!
She's ok. She's ok.
My God...,ok..
I got you, I got you.
Oh, no!
They're not gonna see us.
They're not gonna see us,
They won't see us.
I can't see, Tommy.
I'm right at you, believe me.
Close your eyes.
They won't see us.
They won't see us.
Are they gone?
They're gone.