Cities of Last Things (2018) Movie Script

There are a lot of ups and downs in life.
You are bound to encounter obstacles.
Right at this moment, remember...
There's no problem
that doesn't have a solution.
It's wrong to commit suicide.
Let me emphasize it again.
All problems can be solved.
It's wrong to kill yourself.
We have to be positive...
all the time.
Once you have a negative thought,
you have to erase
and get rid of it immediately.
Free yourself from negativity.
Seek out help from your friends...
...or even strangers.
Committing suicide
is an act of degeneration...
Mr. Zhang Dong-ling.
Do you want to join us?
You can talk about your feelings.
Shame on both of you!
What are you doing?
- That's enough!
- Zhang Dong-ling!
What are you doing?
Why do you always make a scene
wherever I go?
Zhang Dong-ling!
I'll report this to the Housing Committee.
You're banned from this place.
You should be proud of your wife, Yu Fang.
To be honest,
every man likes her.
We have to instantly tap into
the vital data of all the residents.
We are aiming for four goals.
develop a better long-term caring system
and provide various services
to senior citizens in need.
upgrade special transportation
for the elderly
so they can be taken care of
in a more convenient way.
improve the automation
in their houses so it lessens...
Thanks for riding the auto-driving bus.
Next stop. Creative Park.
Next stop. Creative Park.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Welcome to Creative One.
Do you want some action, baby?
Mr. Ho told me to come here.
Come on in.
This is an antique, so it's hard to trace.
It has a silencer on top.
Examine it.
It's very popular now.
How about getting one for your wife?
I'll take ten percent off for you.
Is it expensive?
I have to sleep with ten men to buy one.
Then why are you doing this?
It will make girls look fabulous.
Hey, you look familiar.
What would you like?
No, I'm fine.
I've got new products here.
Why are you whispering?
They're underage.
What's the legal age these days anyway?
Don't worry.
This area is patrolled by my colleagues.
You're a cop?
I just want to earn some extra cash.
I also have imported ones.
Look. Southeast Asians.
Black women. White women.
Look at this European girl.
She's in high demand.
You're a discerning customer.
She's 23 years old.
She can do anything for you.
I want to meet with her.
She will cost you.
Do you have enough
in your retirement pension?
Shut up. I want to meet with her.
Where can I find her?
Give me your POS pad.
Happiness Hotel.
Room 348.
Sorry. Last customer.
I'm still underage.
I can do a lot.
Give me your hand.
Your hand.
Who are you?
You are from immigration?
Your hand.
Look, if you have issues with my job,
talk to that undercover cop.
There's no information on who you are,
or who your parents are.
My ID is fake.
I'm illegal.
Sorry to disappoint you.
If you want me to go,
you just have to pay the cancellation fee.
Stay here.
Why do you keep staring at me?
You look like someone I know...
from a long time ago.
Someone you love?
Good for you.
Now you can imagine your own scenario.
What do you want?
BDSM? Anal?
Threesome? Girlfriend experience?
What are you talking about?
I don't want anything.
You come here. You have to pick something.
Girlfriend experience, okay?
Your thumb code.
I'll be back.
You can stop now.
I wasn't planning to do it anyway.
I should go.
Take out the bullets.
Trust me.
I miss you so much.
Are you okay?
Look, I can be your fantasy girl,
but it costs more.
Talk to that guy.
Book a longer session next time.
Sorry. Role-play costs more.
Do you look like your mother?
I don't have parents.
He's so weird.
The latest three-in-one
Rejuvenator injection
sold out instantly
as soon as it hit the market.
Without a drug license
from the Department of Health,
this product is expensive, but it's
one of the best beauty treatments.
It will smoothen and brighten your face
five minutes after the injection.
The rejuvenation will last
for three months. Without any...
We've already wasted ten minutes.
One hour after this man's death,
the chip in his wrist will expire.
If you use it after one hour,
we're screwed.
Go through the white door.
Enter the men's room.
It's the last cubicle on the left.
Good luck.
Minister Shi Zhi-wei.
Minister Shi Zhi-wei.
Long time no see.
It's time to wake up.
Look who's here to see you.
Hey. It's me, Dong-ling.
I'm here to see you.
Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up.
It's me, Dong-ling.
There's no way to wake him up.
Fate really has a sense of humor.
You're a minister.
I'm a mere construction site
security guard.
I don't have time to wait for you.
Too bad.
You're not going to know
who ends your life.
Who are you?
Vice Captain.
I'm here to say goodbye.
Have you registered?
I'm here to see my daughter.
I can't let you in.
Sir, I didn't make the rules.
You can register tomorrow in our office.
It's urgent.
I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
Call my daughter right now
and ask her to come down to see her dad.
Calm down.
Why does he make it so difficult
to see her?
Why did you make your old man
wait in the freezing cold?
You didn't tell me
you were going to visit me.
A dad cannot see his daughter?
You know there's this stupid policy.
Fine. Of course I know.
What brings you here?
Is Tim here?
Are you two in a serious relationship?
When will you leave?
Are you really going to leave me?
I've grown up now.
She was very mad.
Does she keep bragging
about her drug dealer boyfriend?
Why have you two been fighting
for so many years?
For that scene stuck in your head?
It just won't go away.
You should stop torturing her.
She only made one mistake.
Besides, it happened 30 years ago.
I'll suffer from it
for the rest of my life.
You're the one who doesn't want a divorce.
Why don't you divorce her?
Mom said you're punishing her.
I want you to grow up in a normal family.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing's wrong with that.
You're right.
What happened to your birthmark?
I lasered it off.
If you want to get rid of your birthmark
on your neck,
I'll take 30 percent off for you.
Why did you get rid of your birthmark?
It's just a birthmark.
What am I going to do with it?
What if something happens?
If we lose contact for a long time...
or you get plastic surgery,
at least I can recognize you
from your birthmark.
We have chips now.
We don't need birthmarks anymore.
Do you think...
your dad is a loser?
Why did you say that?
I couldn't give you a better life.
knowing that my daughter...
has found a good man,
and she's leaving this awful place soon,
I have no regrets now.
Tim is very open-minded.
Is that so?
You could come and live with us.
You always say that you want to go abroad.
Now I'm moving abroad.
Let's go tonight.
I can leave anytime.
Very funny.
Tim and I will get everything
settled down first,
and then you can join us, okay?
Your scarf is pilling.
You're still wearing it?
I don't care.
You gave it to me.
I will wear it until the end of my time.
it keeps me warm.
What's this?
It's for you.
You are going to need money out there.
You're so old-fashioned.
With all this technology,
why are you still using cash?
Just take it.
You should get a divorce.
It'll be good for everyone.
Yu Fang and I are really in love.
You two...
should get a divorce.
I will report...
Go ahead and report me.
You have no right
to decidewhat happens in my marriage.
What are you doing?
How did you get this?
It's none of your business.
- Did he give it to you?
- So what?
Why did he give it to you?
What are you getting at?
This is very expensive.
You have no money.
What's wrong with receiving
a gift from my partner?
What did you give him
in exchange for this drug?
It's not a drug.
It's a Rejuvenator.
Arrest me then, officer.
Zhang Dong-ling!
Give me my Rejuvenator back.
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
You hurt Jia-jun this afternoon.
Our competition was ruined because of it.
Instead of apologizing to him,
you came back to blame me?
What's your problem?
What makes you think
you can invite him to dinner?
I like Jia-jun.
What are you going to do about it?
Give it back.
Give it back!
Give me my Rejuvenator back!
Then tell me,
how many times have you two had sex?
Is that all you care about?
Tell me.
How many times have you had sex?
Would you believe me if I say zero?
How many times?
I'm not telling you.
You will never find out
how many men I've slept with
in the last 30 years.
Go to hell.
Let's go together.
What are you doing?
Let go of me!
How many times?
Tell me!
Let go!
How many times?
Tell me!
Attention, residents.
Please stay indoors.
Do not leave your house.
This is official police business.
Zhang Dong-ling,
drop your weapon.
- Zhang Dong-ling, drop your weapon.
- Stupid technology.
Zhang Dong-ling, drop your weapon.
Fuck you all!
Fuck you all! Son of a bitch!
Come on.
The cameras just behind you. Hurry.
Okay. All good.
See you later.
Hey, excuse me!
Have you paid for it?
Miss! Miss!
Hey, wait!
Don't run!
Stop that foreigner!
She's a thief!
Ow! What's your freaking problem?
You're hurting me!
Show me your hand!
Why did you shoplift?
You can't prove it.
The shop owner saw you.
Check the videos.
Did you change your mind?
How long have you been in this station?
Four months.
I heard you're eager to prove yourself.
Thank you, Vice Captain.
I'm a bit worried
you will take over my position.
Stop teasing me.
I also heard that you're stubborn.
Stubbornness could cost you your career.
No matter how many bad guys you catch,
the loyalty and trust between colleagues
are what matters the most.
Night shift?
Why is prostitution illegal?
I don't know. I don't make the rules.
You just follow the rules.
That's my job.
But you think that prostitution
should be legal.
- Well, if you ask me...
- Hey.
Look at the girl.
She's a man.
What's the name of that cop?
Which one?
He's the one who caught me.
Can we stay on the topic?
Do you like sex?
- Well, I...
- Okay. Never mind.
When they have sex...
they get wet.
I get wet when I steal stuff.
It's true.
I'm a sick person.
This is why I shoplift.
How's your family?
Is your wife working overtime?
She's off duty today.
To be honest,
your wife is so diligent and pretty.
You're such a lucky man.
But we're too busy to enjoy our life.
Take my advice. Don't work too hard.
You should be like me.
I go home and watch TV with my wife.
I think that's really nice.
Well, not when you end up
falling asleep and snoring.
What's wrong?
We don't have a lot to do today.
- Go and spend some time with your wife.
- No, I'm fine.
A cake will make her happy.
Surprise her.
Come on. Come on.
Give me 15 minutes.
You can have 30 minutes.
I'm coming.
I'm coming. Don't stop.
Don't stop.
Don't stop.
Zhi-wei, why did you stop?
Why did you pull out?
I haven't come yet.
Zhi-wei, what's going on?
- Dong-ling! Stop!
- Calm down.
Stop my ass!
- Open your mouth.
- Calm down.
Open your mouth!
Zhang Dong-ling!
Don't move!
Yu Fang, give me my gun.
My gun.
I can't find the key.
Silly. Just turn around.
You're not supposed to go home...
when you're on duty.
- Don't hurt him!
- Don't move!
Don't hurt him, please!
You're the one who hurt him.
Go back to your station.
And pretend like nothing has happened.
Get out!
How was it?
Don't leave me hanging.
Not bad.
Who did that?
Tell me!
Who did that?
Where is Zhi-wei?
Deputy Chief,
I tried to call him just now.
He didn't answer my call.
Keep calling him!
Tell him to get his ass over here!
Why are you so early today?
Where's your wife?
She's working overtime today.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
Is there anything you want to say to me?
Good morning.
Get in.
Get in.
What a bold man you are.
How dare you break my locker.
Give me the gun.
Give me the bullets.
You didn't accept our money,
and now you're trying to be a hero.
Swallow them!
Do you have a problem? Huh?
You're crazy!
You can have your gun.
Let me take you home.
Where's your home?
I'm going to a party.
Come with me.
- Hey.
- How are you?
Did you just have a fight?
He's a cop.
He's a cop.
Do you want to smoke a joint, officer?
Come and join us.
Be nice to him.
- Come on! Join us!
- Smoke a joint with us!
Faster, faster!
This is my friend's house.
Her family's on vacation.
She's not here.
Ara, wait.
Did you take it?
Did you take the money?
Darn it.
Why did you take my money?
That money belongs to Mother.
So our relationship
has come to this point, right?
I'm so sorry.
Let's run away together.
Let's run away together.
It's him.
I saw him bribing Fat Wang.
Zhang Dong-ling.
- What are you doing?
- Stop resisting.
What are you doing?
- Stop resisting.
- Stop resisting.
- What are you doing?
- Stop resisting.
Get up.
What are you doing?
Let's move.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
I want to see the deputy chief.
I want to see the deputy chief.
Did you hear me?
- What are you doing?
- Why?
Get him out of here.
I want to see the deputy chief!
Help me.
Deputy Chief, help me.
Please help me. Help me.
Help me, Deputy Chief.
You messed up.
And now you have to pay for it.
Spend six months in jail for us,
and we will let you off the hook.
Don't worry.
I will take good care of Yu Fang.
Big Sis Wang.
You're looking sharp today.
I'm going to a friend's wedding.
- Same as usual?
- Yes.
Guo. Bill, please.
You're already done?
Don't move!
Don't move!
One, two, three, four, five.
I'm flattered.
- Big Sis Wang.
- Shut up!
- Don't move!
- Put down your knife!
Put down your knife!
- Don't come closer!
- Put it down.
Big Sis Wang,
let's go back to the station.
I'm busy.
- He's innocent.
- Stop right there!
Let him go.
This "innocent" man set me up.
I'm sorry.
- Put down your knife.
- Now!
- Put down your knife!
- Stop right there!
Get out of my way!
- Stop!
- Stop!
- Stop!
- Stop!
What are you doing?
- Stop!
- Stop or I'll shoot you!
- Stop!
- What did he do?
He stole a motorcycle.
Get out of my way!
Shut up, old hag!
Who do you think you are?
You can't run now, can you?
Put your hands where I can see them.
Stay in the car.
You're still handcuffing me
after I got hit so bad?
We're just following the rules. Get up.
Get up.
Do you have any idea how to drive?
The room was a mess,
and trash was scattered on the floor.
On Saturday, an elderly man
who lived alone
was found frozen to death at home.
We're urging...
Officer, can I have a cigarette?
It's because of the system.
Having nowarm bedding at home,
after 70-year-old Wu retired,
he had been living alone in a school dorm.
A clean white shirt on the rack...
Can you please switch to another station?
I'm getting a headache from it.
...on the bed. This is the
only thing he had to stay warm.
At the age of 20...
I can't believe
you are classical music fans.
You have good taste.
- What are you doing?
- Hey.
You won't die if you give me a cigarette.
No way.
- Why?
- We're tired and hungry from chasing you.
Do you think I will give you a cigarette?
Fine. I'm sorry.
I promise I won't do it next time.
There won't be a next time.
I got hit so bad.
I'm in constant pain all over my body.
Why can't you just give me a cigarette
so I can feel better?
My head hurts!
My gosh!
It hurts so much!
Oh, my back!
My head really hurts!
Thank you, sir.
Big Sis Wang.
Here you go.
Big Sis Wang.
You're so pretentious that...
we have to send out an entourage
to get you here.
You dressed up for the wedding, right?
It's not a funeral anyway.
How many people know you're here?
I think I've made myself clear enough.
We should help each other.
You can get a shorter jail term,
and I can have something to say
to my superior.
Think about it.
Ah Long.
Do you remember
how you got to your position?
Do you know the biggest difference
between the two us?
You don't have to insult me.
Times have changed.
Tonight, everyone out there will know
that you're a snitch.
I'll take my chances.
Why are you so stubborn?
You are disposable in the organization.
Your family was ruined
by your stubbornness.
Ah Long...
you've known me long enough.
This is who I am.
I didn't know
the scooter was stolen.
You said you didn't know.
Then why did you run?
Can I have another cigarette?
- Don't try anything funny.
- I thought it was my girlfriend's.
Your girlfriend?
Did you know
that your girlfriend stole that scooter?
I don't know.
Do you think she will do that?
She told me she would return
the scooter later.
So you knew she stole it.
Where is she?
She's out of the country.
She's in Thailand.
What a sweet boy.
He's covering up for his girlfriend.
Shut up, old hag.
Big Sis Wang, please be quiet.
I'm questioning him.
Can someone please give me a cigarette?
I have a headache.
When is she coming back?
- I don't know.
- You know nothing, don't you?
You must know how to contact her.
We broke up.
Shut up, old hag.
Little brat.
- Don't ever let me see you in San Chong.
- Who gives a darn about San Chong?
How dare you?
What's your name?
Why don't you arrest her
for threatening me?
Why are you so nice to her?
Are you guys connected?
It's none of your business.
Someone give Big Sis Wang a cigarette.
She's giving me a headache.
I want to see your girlfriend today.
Do you understand?
- Can I sit somewhere else?
- No.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not going to touch you.
What's your name?
It's none of your business.
Calm down.
You really like your girlfriend.
So what?
I think it's very brave of you
to protect your girlfriend.
How old are you?
What do you want from me, old hag?
Show me some respect.
Stop calling me old hag.
You can call me Big Sis Wang.
How old are you exactly?
Did you really steal the scooter?
Don't make things up like that.
You tell me. Why did they arrest you?
You have to control your temper.
I don't think a young man
like you should be here.
I need money, all right?
Go get a job then.
Where? McDonald's?
- That's not a bad idea.
- Why don't you work at McDonald's?
Do you think at my age...
What's your name?
People call me Zhang.
Full name?
Why are you asking so many questions?
Can't you just tell me?
Zhang Dong-ling.
Your name is Zhang Dong-ling?
- What are you doing here?
- What's wrong with you?
- Why are you hanging out with bad guys?
- What are you doing?
Officer, she's crazy!
- What kind of bad things have you done?
- Take me somewhere else, officer!
- Tell me!
- Quiet!
Why did you hit me?
To teach you a lesson for your grandma.
You know my grandma?
I know her...
from a long time ago.
Before you even existed.
Is your grandma doing well?
Not really.
She hurt her waist last week.
Is she all right?
She's in a wheelchair now.
Someone gave it to her.
We can't afford a wheelchair.
You stole the scooter because of her.
Of course.
She's my only family now.
Are you in a gang?
I used to hang out
with a gangster living next door.
Grandma got so mad.
She doesn't want me to end up like Mom.
Do you know my mom?
We've met a couple of times.
I don't remember her face.
Do you miss her?
Of course I miss her.
But I hate her more.
I hate her for abandoning me and Grandma.
Wang Qiu-xia.
Sign here, please.
What a coincidence.
My mom's name is Wang Qiu-xia.
I know.
My grandma never told me
she knows another Wang Qiu-xia.
I think that's because you're too young.
Your grandma didn't tell you everything.
your grandma was right.
Your mom is in the wrong.
I think she has her own reasons.
Can you try to forgive your mom?
My mom is dead.
Officer, I want to sit somewhere else.
Officer, please take me elsewhere!
Please, sir.
- What is it?
- Dong-ling.
This woman keeps harassing me!
Sir, please take me somewhere else!
- Are you freaking done?
- Officer, please!
I want to sit somewhere else.
- Dong-ling, calm down.
- Shut up!
You made a mistake.
I am not your son!
My mom died a long time ago!
Let me sit somewhere else, sir!
Sir, let me go!
Let me go!
- Let me sit somewhere else!
- Sit down!
Sit down!
Shut your mouth!
It's none of your business.
You too.
Watch what you say.
What do you think this place is?
This is a police station!
You really won't forgive your mom?
She's going to be in jail for a long time.
She mistook me for someone else.
Do you remember when you were little...
there was a lady who often took you
to a park and let you sit on the swing.
Can we go now?
At least look me in the eyes...
and say goodbye to me.
Let's go.
Zhang Dong-ling.
Be a good person.
Don't end up like me.
Get down!
Liu, drive! Drive!
Get down!
- Let me out of the car!
- Get down!
Liu, faster!
Zhang Dong-ling! Stop!
- Stop!
- Mom!
All right, don't get closer!
Let me go!
- Calm down!
- Mom!
- Calm down!
- Mom!
Let me go!
That's enough!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Subtitle translation by Logan Zhao