City by the Sea (2002) Movie Script

What's up? You guys
want to buy this guitar? $50.
- Fender Hollow Body.
- I don't play.
Come on, you'll be like Chuck Berry.
Twenty dollars. Twenty dollars.
- You want to buy a guitar?
- No.
For your brother? Your son?
Order up.
Hey, Arnie.
- Hey, Joey, how you doing?
- Good.
- Hey, look, you want to buy a guitar?
- I got one.
All right. Then do me a favor.
Will you loan me $20?
I don't think so.
I got an idea, man. Why don't you
keep the guitar until I pay you back?
- That way you're safe.
- I'm not a pawnshop.
Arnie, please, man.
I just need to get straight here.
What you need, you don't pay for.
You got to pray for it.
Arnie, I don't need a fucking sermon
right now, okay? I need to get well.
All right?
Man, you know how it is. Right?
You're in for a real
fucking treat now, man.
You're lucky you caught me
because this is my last bag.
All right, Snake, let me see the shit.
- This is all you got?
- It's enough, it's 90% pure.
Where you gonna find 90% pure?
I know a guy's got a shitload of it.
Picasso. You want me to hook you
up with him, you just say the word.
Yeah, baby, here we go.
Hey, where's this Picasso at?
There he is.
My man, Picasso.
What did I tell you, man?
- You stay here, all right?
- Yeah.
Picasso, my man.
How you doing, man?
Can I get two, okay?
- Let me pay you tomorrow.
- No, man. No fucking way.
Come on, man.
You know I'm good for it.
- Pay me now, motherfucker.
- You know I'm good for it!
I'm gonna fucking cut you!
Give me that!
We gotta get rid of him!
Let's dump him in the river!
His body will wash out to the ocean.
Come on, man. Help me out here.
Joey, is that you?
- How did you get in, did you bust the door?
- No, I didn't bust the door.
What are you doing? I won't have drugs
in this house. Get it out of here!
- Joey, what happened?
- I got in a fight, that's all.
- With who?
- I don't know. It doesn't matter.
The fucker pulled a knife on me,
so I got the fuck out of there.
- When are you gonna learn?
- I have learned.
I am tired of it, okay?
I am fucking tired of it.
I know I got to stop this shit.
- You heard it all before, right?
- More than once.
- Ma, I'm trying to talk to you here.
- Do you wanna talk?
Here's a quarter. Call your father.
Tell him you've changed.
I don't know why I fucking bother.
So tell me, what makes this time
different from all the other times?
Because the only difference I ever see
is my money or my jewelry are missing.
This is different.
If I don't stop this shit,
I am gonna die.
I know you heard it before,
but I'm tired of it.
You know, if I can get away,
maybe I could just clean up.
I don't know, I'll go some
place like Key West.
Do you remember when
we went to Key West?
That was a fun vacation.
I know.
The drug counselor says I'm not
allowed to give you money.
Ma, I don't want your money.
I just want you
to believe me this time.
- You don't believe me.
- No, Joey, listen-
That's all right. I gotta go.
- No, Joey. No. Joey, no.
- Ma, I gotta go.
LaMarca. Hello?
Who is this?
You must have something to say.
Well, I was here.
You missed a chance for a good talk.
It's the middle of the night.
Talk to me or get off the phone.
Vincent, is that you?
Michelle, sorry.
I thought it was a nut calling.
The thunder woke me up.
You watching the storm?
Yeah. You want company?
Be right down.
I think we ought to put a hole
in your floor and get a fire pole.
You got a thing for firemen?
- Cops.
- Cops?
Good, I'm a cop.
Prove it.
I'll show you my...
Okay, Reg. I got 6:17 a. m.
and we're on the scene.
They had to beep us at this hour?
The recently deceased would've waited.
You got the tide. Another hour,
the tide's gonna pull him to Jersey.
Jesus, he looks like
a fucking human comic book.
- Where's the medical examiner?
- Late. As usual.
I'm not waiting. We better start
before the tide gets him.
No ligature marks.
- Some bruises and contusions.
- Look at this.
Let's see what we got here.
Guy was in a fight.
Look at the defensive wounds.
- Ones. Fives. 20's the largest in here.
- Jesus.
This is 3000, 4000 bucks.
He's a fucking dealer.
They went after his dope
instead of his cash.
Good morning.
So this is the guest of honor?
- Where you been?
- Don't give me any shit, Reg.
I had to jerk off twice this morning
just to get my heart started.
Here we are. Robert Monroe.
414 Seacrest Drive, Long Beach.
Long Beach: The city by the sea.
You know this guy?
It's been a long time,
but I wouldn't have forgotten him.
This gonna be a problem for you,
Vince, driving out there?
When I was a kid,
everything was new.
- Everybody just bought their first car.
- Their first wife.
Now, it looks like
the Serbian army came through.
- Must've been a real nice place.
- It was.
I'm here to see Lieutenant Katt.
- Vincent LaMarca.
- Sam, how are you?
- My partner, Reg Duffy. Sam Katt.
- Sit down. Sit down.
Putting on a little weight
sitting behind that desk.
- What brings you back to Long Beach?
- We got a floater. Robert Monroe, 25.
Probably a street dealer.
414 Seacrest. Got anything on him?
- We can do a run on him.
- Spelled M-O-N-R-O-E?
- Lieutenant?
- Dave Simon. He sits at your desk.
- Hi, Dave.
- Reg Duffy.
I thought you'd be retired.
You got the time.
And do what?
I never learned anything else.
- It's a bullshit job. It is.
- He doesn't believe that.
Sure, there are better-paid gigs,
but I wouldn't give up my job.
- It's their favorite word in Manhattan.
- He never used to talk like that.
This was paradise.
I thought I could fool myself.
Why did you leave?
He's got a lot of trespasses,
burglaries and assaults.
He did six months on Rikers Island
for misdemeanor possession.
His alias is Picasso.
Well, Sam, thanks.
It was good to see you.
It was good out here for a while.
- Nice to meet you.
- Thanks.
- Good to meet you.
- Hey, Vince. Come back anytime.
That didn't go too bad.
- He seemed okay.
- Yeah. Katt's one of the good guys.
Never fuck with a family of cops,
they don't forget.
Come over this Sunday.
Marge thinks you don't like her no more.
- I love Marge.
- It's the kids, then? Little bastards.
No, the kids are great.
Respectful. Well-behaved. Not like you.
But- You got a lot
of love in your house.
When I go there, I feel uncomfortable.
- But thanks for the invitation.
- Suit yourself.
You'll miss it when it's gone.
- Sweetheart, give me a cup of coffee.
- Coming right up.
- Hey, Snake.
- Spyder.
- Want to lend me some money?
- What?
What gives you the idea I got money?
Did you hear? Some whacko fuck
wasted Picasso last night.
They cut him up. They found his body
in the city, by the river.
- That's bad, man.
- Here you go.
So I hear you and Joey
went shopping last night.
I hear Joey Nova's Chevy Nova
got parked over in Crystal Park.
At least it sounds like Joey Nova's.
Next thing you know,
my associate, Picasso...
...seems he ain't breathing
too good anymore.
You wouldn't know anything about that,
would you?
See, the truth is,
I can't let this pass, man.
I can't let some fuck walk off
with my bread. I'm a laughingstock.
Who the hell's gonna work for me,
I can't protect my own people?
It's about respect.
The way you're acting, I feel like
I already lost your respect.
So where's Joey Nova?
I don't know, man.
Where's Joey Nova?
He's in the back, man. In the toilet.
You're dead, you junkie cocksucker!
You hear me?
You're dead!
How you doing, Herb?
Can't eat, can't sleep.
A good shit is the adventure of my day.
- I got a present for you.
- When are you gonna marry that girl in 3A?
- Who said I wanted to?
- I'll marry her. You be my best man.
Only if you have a nudist wedding.
How about that? Good night.
Sprewell goes right,
fires off the three, and hits it.
Latrell Sprewell,
with 10.9 seconds remaining.
- Good night, you guys.
- See you.
- Hi, Terry.
- Happy anniversary.
- Shut up.
- Bye.
What anniversary?
You've escorted me home
every night for a year.
- I have?
- You missed a couple nights here and there.
I tend to turn things
into a habit.
- I'm a habit?
- Yeah, you're all over me like a nun.
- What is a first anniversary, paper?
- Something cheesy.
- Cheesecake? Is that what it is?
- Yeah.
Let's go have some cheesecake.
That's a good idea.
- I was just thinking.
- About what?
About what happens next.
We spoon until you fall asleep.
Then I go upstairs,
catch a few winks...
...get up at the crack,
go to work, come home...
- Have a beer and make dinner.
- Make dinner, watch TV...
...head over to the theater
and walk you home.
- If I'm a good boy, we make love.
- If you're a good boy?
- And then you ask me what happens next.
- That's very good. Very smooth.
- in your own words, taking your time,
giving us a clear idea what happened...
...between you and this guy
on that night.
Joey owes me money, and he's gonna
connect me with this guy, Picasso.
He's gonna talk Picasso into giving
him dope so he can step on it and sell.
We drive through this hurricane looking
for him. We find him by this refinery.
Joey goes and says something.
Picasso pulls a knife. And Joey
goes off on the fucker. Way off.
- I'm like, "What the fuck?!"
- That his real name?
That's what people call him.
He drives a Chevy Nova.
What are you doing here, Snake?
What do you mean?
You're not what I would
call a concerned citizen.
- So why did you rat out your pal?
- Joey Nova is crazy.
He said he'd cut me up
if I didn't keep my mouth shut.
You'll give us Joey.
Where do we find him?
He's usually hanging around
on the boardwalk. By the old casino.
I don't know.
Suppose we pretend
to believe this fuck... wanna get a description
of this Joey?
Let me run a make
on the Chevy Nova registration.
The reason you're here
is because you're scared.
What I want to know is who
you're scared of. You want to tell us?
Here's your change and your order.
Bye, now.
- May I take your order?
- A bacon cheeseburger and a blowjob.
How you doing, Gina?
- Fuck off!
- That ain't no way to treat a customer.
- What do you want?
- Joey Nova.
- Like I know where he is? Like I care?
- Tell him I want my 4 grand back.
Good luck.
Just get the hell out of here.
How's your kid doing?
- You're gonna get me canned, asshole.
- All right. Catch you later.
We gotta get a warrant.
It'll take a couple of days
and he'll vacate. Bingo.
Stinks like a sewer in here.
Look at this. It's a shooting
gallery, for chrissakes.
- This is where he comes to juice.
- Anybody home?
- We got special delivery!
- Ice. Blue Bellies.
Snow Caps. Quills. Whatever. Hello?
- Anybody home?
- Hello?
- No buyers.
- I guess not.
I think they're all dead.
Well, let's get out of here.
This place used to be beautiful.
My old man used to take me
here all the time.
That's the first time I ever heard
you talk about your old man.
- Hey, Gina.
- What are you doing here?
I just wanted to come take
a shower or something.
Did you kill that guy?
- What? What guy?
- The guy you stole the $4000 from.
- What did you do with it?
- I didn't steal $4000.
That's not what Spyder says.
- Spyder?
- Yeah, the guy worked for Spyder.
And your friend Snake
turned himself in.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
I didn't mean to do it. He came
after me. I didn't take his money.
What have you done?
I don't know.
- Are you staying clean?
- Trying.
You gotta get out of here. Spyder's
been hassling me, looking for you.
All right.
- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know. I gotta get out of here.
Maybe get some money and...
...then maybe I'll go
to Key West or something.
Then I could send for you.
I don't have the dough right now, but-
- I'm skimming at work just to get by.
- No, I didn't mean from you.
Yeah, sure, Joey.
- Here.
- No, no.
...I got this for you.
So maybe I'll see you in Florida.
All right?
Here you go, Herb.
- Don't let the cops catch you drinking.
- One of them lives here.
- Nice guy?
- He's an asshole. Cheap with his liquor.
Long Beach got a positive ID
on the Chevy Nova.
It's registered to Joey LaMarca.
- My Joey?
- Yeah.
Could you open up four, please?
Snake, come out here for a second.
- You know who that is?
- Joey Nova.
- This the guy who killed Picasso?
- Yeah, Joey Nova.
- Got anything to add to what you told us?
- No, sir.
- You stuck him!
- I didn't, Joey did!
- Close it up!
- Get in the cage! Come on, Vince.
Lieutenant, you all right?
Joey's my son.
His mother and me are divorced.
- I'm sorry.
- Put a warrant out for him.
Get a search warrant for that casino
where he hangs out.
Keep checking with Traffic for the Chevy
Nova. I'm gonna go see his mother.
Cover the back,
just in case he's in there.
- Who is it?
- It's Vince.
Can I come in?
- I'm sorry. It's late.
- What do you want?
- You know where Joey is?
- Why?
He's in trouble. I think he
might've killed somebody.
- You know this or you just think it?
- I'm pretty sure.
I know a very good lawyer.
He was with the D.A.
- Really?
- I'm gonna give him a call.
So let me get this straight.
You walk out 14 years ago and
now you come back giving orders.
- Our son is in trouble.
- We don't have a son. I do.
Nothing here belongs to you.
- Learn a new song to sing.
- You walked out on Joey.
- Not on him. I walked out on you.
- What's the difference?
I'm trying to help.
You came here to arrest your own son.
If he's responsible.
He'll have to face up to it.
That's funny. You, talking
about facing responsibilities.
You ran away. Anything got too
close, you ran to your job.
Tell him he's better off turning
himself in to me.
You think I trust you to bring him in?
You wife beater!
You have to bring that up.
You had as much to do with it as I did.
There was never violence
in my family. Not like the LaMarcas!
You can't save him
by saying it runs in the family.
He made a choice to be there and kill.
Like you made a choice to be a bitch.
Okay, Vince, you got it off your chest.
Nothing more to say now? So go.
Just tell him he's better off
turning himself in to me.
Hey, where you been?
I thought you got shot or something.
I'm sorry, I should've called.
Are you all right?
Rough day.
- Is something wrong?
- I'm just tired.
I just don't feel like-
- I just don't feel like talking.
- Okay.
- Chief.
- Close the door.
This is Commissioner Johnson and
Vanessa Hansen from the mayor's office.
- Actually, Deputy Assistant Mayor.
- Take a seat, Vince.
We wanted to meet you,
see how to spin this for the media.
- Spin what?
- They know about your old man, Vince.
We need a story on how the son
of an executed child-murderer was...
- ... promoted to homicide detective.
- One of the best.
- The best.
- Of New York's finest.
My father didn't kill the kid.
It was a stupid accident.
Yes, but the 11:00 news will be
all over this. We want to be ready.
- They'll want to know how you got started.
- I didn't kill the kid.
But you were hired by Police Captain
McAuley, your father-in-law...
- ... who shepherded you into Homicide.
- What about him?
He arrested my father and
he took a big, big chance with me.
I know. I'm just saying that this
is how the media will frame it.
After the execution, I had nothing.
That cop saved me, taught me everything.
He was the kindest guy I ever met.
Make that part of your story.
How's this: "Detective LaMarca
is in no way responsible.
He's had a long and honorable career
despite his father's violent past-"
- He wasn't violent. What is this?
- "- and that of his son. "
- Excuse us.
- "He has fought criminals... "
- Something like that?
- Yeah, that would work.
I have to take you off the case.
- I should reassign you too, Reg.
- I want him on it.
- It's your call.
- I don't know.
I want Joey brought in safe.
I know you'll do that.
Okay, all right.
You're working with Reg on this.
Take the rest of the week off.
- I don't need a week off, sir.
- This isn't a democracy.
I'll take you home.
Put my ex-wife's place
under surveillance. A wiretap too.
He may have killed a guy. It's easier
the second time. You know that.
Whatever you have to do, you'll always
have my respect and friendship.
I'll do everything
to bring him in safe.
You want company?
- How come you're not at work?
- Took a few days off.
I'm not used to seeing you
in the daylight.
I look different?
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I'm sorry I didn't call you.
Well, we're not in high school, right?
- I just had a tough day, you know?
- No, actually, I don't know.
I just don't like talking
about work, that's all.
You got your place, I got mine.
No complications, and that's okay.
I'm 43 years old,
I like to keep it simple.
I don't want to marry you.
I just want to know you.
I think I know you,
then something happens...
...and I realize
I don't know you at all.
You gonna say anything?
What's there to say? It's my problem,
not yours. Why make it yours?
You see?
That's exactly what I mean.
- What's up? I got something for you.
- How much you looking for?
At least a grand.
I need some traveling money.
- Where you going?
- Florida.
Really? What you gonna be doing
down there?
Well, my old man manages
a hotel down there.
He'll get me a job tending bar.
One of those beach bars. You know,
palm trees. Right on the fucking sand.
- I'll give you a grand for your Nova.
- How will I get to Florida?
- I can't sell my Nova.
- This is all shit.
Look, I got a silver-plated.45.
Bring me the piece, we'll talk money.
- See you later.
- Dude, we never close, baby.
- Yeah?
- Mr. LaMarca?
You Joey LaMarca's father?
- Who's this?
- Friend of Joey's.
- Who are you?
- I'm Gina.
Okay, come on in, Gina.
Sit down.
You want something to drink?
So where's Joey?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
When was the last time you saw him?
I got something that belongs to Joey.
I was thinking I'd leave it here
with you. It's just stuff Joey saved.
- Kind of like a scrapbook, you know?
- How did you know to come here?
Joey brought me once.
One day he said he wanted to see you.
- And where was I?
- I don't know.
He chickened out.
Wouldn't even push the doorbell.
Just like Joey.
He wouldn't let me either.
How do you get
in touch with him?
I told you.
I don't know where he is.
Keep asking questions like that,
you'll have to read me my rights.
You live in Long Beach?
I borrowed a friend's car to get here.
I gotta get it back.
You drove into the city
just to give me this?
Joe's gone.
That stuff was real important to him.
I didn't know what else to do with it,
and his mother don't like me, so...
So, what do you expect me to do?
Just, like, be his dad, you know?
I gotta go. I'm gonna get a ticket.
Thank you.
I'll talk to you later, okay?
- That you?
- That's me.
Mom, dad?
- Connie. His name was Angelo.
- He's handsome.
My old man was executed
at Sing Sing in '59...
...for murder.
I was 8.
What happened?
He was a moving man. Moved rich people
into mansions out in Locust Valley.
Somehow he got himself into debt. I guess
it was bad. He had this idea to fix it.
This brilliant, idiotic, stupid idea:
Kidnap a baby from a rich family.
Leave a ransom note.
They'll pay, no sweat.
He kidnaps the baby. While he's waiting
for the ransom in his car...
...the baby gets tangled in a blanket
in the back seat and suffocates.
First murder in Long Beach,
and it was my old man.
Just a little kid,
that must've been hell.
You get through anything
when you have to, but it was...
What kept me sane was the cop who
arrested my old man kind of adopted me.
Captain McAuley, he was a good guy.
But this...
- ... is the ex-wife?
- Yeah, that's Maggie.
Who's this?
That's my son, Joey.
You have a son?
I'm sorry I lied to you when I said
I didn't have any kids. I'm sorry.
- Why did you lie to me?
- I don't know.
I hadn't seen him in a long time.
The divorce was a mess.
Maggie had been
seeing this guy and...
I don't know, I just...
- I lost control of the situation.
- Lost control? Is that cop talk?
We fought a lot, shouting and
yelling. But it never got physical.
And then one day, it did.
I lost control.
I, of course, regretted it.
But we never got over that.
On top of that, I think my son
might've killed a guy the other night.
- What?
- I'm just trying to tell you everything.
Yeah, okay. Okay.
Why haven't you seen him?
I tried at first,
but Maggie made it difficult.
I had supervised visits with a social worker
watching. Like I was a criminal.
Like I was back going to prison
to see my old man.
I couldn't take it.
- So you just stopped seeing him?
- Not just like that.
Maggie was also doing a number on him,
so he didn't want to be around me.
I just walked away. I quit.
Maybe I should've tried harder.
I don't know.
Why couldn't you tell me this before?
Well, I...
I don't know, I...
That was me.
With you, it's different.
I didn't wanna ruin that.
Are you all right?
It's what I asked for, isn't it?
- Not so simple, huh?
- No.
No, it's not.
I'm not your ex-wife. I won't judge you.
I never have, I won't start now.
But I've gotta think about this.
I've gotta think about this.
See you, okay?
Gina, I want you to know
I got a lot of respect for you.
The way you got your shit together
for your kid. I got no problem with you.
Just tell me where Joey is.
- Look, I don't know-
- Don't! I don't wanna hear it.
I'll tell you what.
I'll give you till 12 noon.
Plenty of time to feed your kid,
whatever you gotta do.
- But after that, you find Joey, okay?
- Yeah.
He's a good-looking kid.
- LaMarca.
- It's Gina.
- I need some money to pay the taxi.
- All right, I'll be right down.
You okay?
No. It's 52 bucks.
Give him $60, he's a nice guy.
- Who's this?
- Your grandson.
I try not to smoke around him.
Sometimes it's just, you know...
- What's his name?
- Angelo.
- We haven't eaten. Got anything to eat?
- I'll make you something.
- Does Joey help you out?
- He would if he could, I guess.
- How do you pay your rent?
- Workfare. Flipping hamburgers.
Until they figure out I'm dipping
in the register, which is any day now.
- Then I'll be totally fucked.
- When did you see him last?
Night before last. Said he was
gonna get some money and go.
- Go where?
- Like he knows?
Florida. Key West. Whenever
he gets rabbity, he's going to Florida.
Like it's some magic country when it's
only the dope capital of the world.
Can I ask you a question
without you getting mad?
When you left Joey, was it hard?
Very hard.
You miss him?
Of course.
It get easier, you know, missing him
after a while?
You just stop thinking about it.
Put your head down, keep walking.
Otherwise it'd be too difficult.
Was it better for Joey,
you think, that you left?
For a while. All I know
is I missed out on stuff.
- Like what?
- Like teaching him about things.
Like good music. Old movies.
Not being afraid to fight. Stuff like that.
I guess what you want and what you
can do are different things sometimes.
Gina, I wanna help Joey.
You can't help him.
You never did.
That's what he says.
I'm gonna go buy some smokes.
Can I borrow a couple bucks?
Yeah, my wallet is in the hall
on that table.
- You need anything?
- No, thanks.
- You don't mind watching Angelo for a bit?
- He'll be okay.
You be good.
Mommy's gonna be right back.
His Pampers and stuff
are in the duffel.
- Duffy.
- Reg.
My son's girlfriend
brought over my grandson.
- Can you hear me?
- Hello? It's a lousy connection.
She's spooked. She just went out.
When she comes back, I'll turn up the heat.
- When she comes-
- We're heading to Long Beach.
- I got a warrant for the casino.
- Want me to meet you?
There's Mommy.
Who's this?
This is my grandson, Angelo.
Joey's kid.
His mother just dropped him off.
I didn't even know he existed.
Listen, Vincent.
I brought your keys back. I think
we need to take it easy for a while.
Why don't you come in for a second
and we can talk?
We gotta talk. Come on.
We should talk, you know?
- I didn't go out to buy smokes.
- What's going on?
Look, I've been thinking.
I'm thinking about scoring.
- I'm sorry I took your money.
- Forget the money. Let me come get you.
I'm gonna go away for a while, okay?
Don't do this, you'll regret it.
A kid needs his mother.
- Don't do this.
- He's better off without me.
No, that's not true. Please.
I'll come get you. Where are you?
You did it.
Maybe I'm like you.
I can't do it. I just can't hang.
Stay here. Or I'll get you
your own apartment. Come back.
You're gonna pay for it.
It's a big mistake. Just come back-
- Would you listen to me?
- Please come back.
Joey might be crashed up
at that old merry-go-round.
He's gonna be up in the attic.
- You won't hurt him?
- Of course not. But please come back.
- Please, you can't leave him.
- Sorry. You know, I tried.
- I'm sorry.
- What can I do to make you-?
- She's not coming back?
- No.
She told me where Joey was.
Can you...?
Take care of him? Can't say no.
I came here to give you
your key back. And to get mine.
I'll come back and take care of him.
Just let me do this.
We'll talk then, all right?
We're right outside.
Yeah. Okay, thanks.
We're down here by this casino.
- Send us some backup.
- Come on, let's go.
- You're not gonna wait?
- Vince and I were here already.
Let's see if anyone's there,
then get back to town. It's late.
All right. Easy, easy.
- This place stinks.
- Yeah, the lovely smell of humanity.
I'm taking my gloves off.
I got them fucked up last time.
Holy shit, look at all this.
- Watch it. There's used needles all over.
- I'll bet.
Officer down.
Officer down, Long Beach Casino!
Officer down!
Rossi, what happened?
He was up there with a gun.
Reg is over there.
- Oh, no. Jesus.
- I'm sorry, lieutenant.
- What happened?
- They called for an assist but didn't wait.
You don't go in for a murder suspect
without backup!
He said you and him were already here
before together alone.
Goddamn it, Reg.
One question.
Can I have a statement?
- Chief Henderson.
- Lieutenant Katt, Long Beach Police.
Crime scene is in here.
Lt. LaMarca!
Chief wants to see you.
Okay, here's the facts
as we know them so far:
A.45-caliber reported stolen
from a clinic this morning.
Suspect's name is Joseph LaMarca.
He's at-
- Wait a minute.
- Not now.
You don't have enough to make
Joey the prime suspect.
- I know it's your kid-
- Evidence. Rossi didn't see it.
- I didn't see it.
- He didn't see anybody.
- You said Joey hung out here.
- That was just a lead.
- It doesn't prove anything.
- This is an investigation.
I'm just saying you don't have enough
to make him the prime suspect.
We got a fingerprint match
on the murder weapon.
I'm sorry, lieutenant.
It's definitely your boy.
I'm here at the crime scene
at the boardwalk...
...where a detective was gunned down
during a manhunt for Joseph LaMarca...
...a murder suspect police consider
armed and dangerous.
They're tearing the house apart.
They say Joey killed some cop.
- Not some cop. My partner.
- I know what they'll do when they find him.
I know what cops do to cop killers. One way
or another, they'll find a way to kill him.
- It's too late.
- It's not his fault.
Then whose fault is it?
Did you pull the trigger?
- He doesn't know what he's doing.
- Don't start with that.
You choose right or wrong.
He's got nobody to blame but himself.
- Please help him. You're all he's got.
- Then he's got nothing.
Please, help him!
Don't walk away from him again!
- himself the son of Angelo LaMarca,
executed for a horrific murder in 1959.
This photo shows LaMarca being booked
for the murder of the baby...
...who was strangled to death while
LaMarca attempted to collect the ransom.
Here. Take these into the living room.
Come on now. Come on.
I'm sorry it was your boy.
That'll be hard for you.
I'm sorry. I'm just so sorry.
It's hard to believe Reg will
never be coming home again.
Why did he do it, Vince?
Reg never would have hurt your boy.
It's just so wrong. It's just...
It's just so wrong.
I swear to God, if there's
anything I can do...
Daddy, no!
Bree's gonna miss him the most.
LaMarca has had a long career
with this department... down the tragedy of his father's
past and that of his troubled...
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Where's Angelo?
- Asleep in your bed.
LaMarca has been moved
to a different case.
There they go. The big story.
I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry, Vincent.
I went to see Reg's wife.
You know, all the other cops
wouldn't look at me.
Just like it was at school.
Nobody says anything,
but they think you're guilty too.
You can't blame yourself for everything.
Is Joey my fault?
I don't know. But you're not responsible
for everything your son does.
He's gotta choose who he wants to be.
You think we get a choice?
We just pretend that we got a choice.
It's more like a sentence.
When my old man did what he did,
I felt so bad, you know.
I felt like I was the criminal.
No way I'd feel that way again. I'd be
so good nobody could pin anything on me.
That was my choice.
But now, whether your dad
is a cop or a murderer...
...some kid's father's not coming home.
That's the real life sentence.
So, what do we do, Michelle?
Want your keys back?
- LaMarca.
- I didn't shoot that cop.
- Joey?
- You hear me? I didn't shoot him.
I didn't shoot him.
Somebody did. I just left
the wife and daughter crying.
- Well, it wasn't me.
- Let's meet where we watched the planes.
- What?
- Remember we used to watch the planes?
- Yeah.
- Remember where that was?
- Yeah.
- I'll be there, just me.
Why should I trust you?
Joey, you don't have a choice.
I'll be there by myself, I promise.
Please. You gotta do it. Please.
All right.
- You gonna meet him?
- I hope so.
- What are you looking at?
- The van down there.
- They're tapping the phone.
- But you're on their side.
I don't think they see it-
I don't think they see it that way.
- Speak.
- Let's not play games.
- Sorry, chief.
- Why get cute about the meeting spot?
I know what happens
if the wrong cop goes.
You got my word that nothing's
gonna happen to Joey.
Your word is good with me. If I can,
I'll bring him in to you. I gotta go.
There will be a lot of cops up here
looking for me. Bring Angelo to your place.
- Where are you going?
- You can't say what you don't know.
You still watch those planes.
I met Angelo.
Gina brought him over.
Nice little kid.
Because of Gina, not me.
She won't let me see him.
She says I gotta stay away
till I get clean.
Which will be whenever.
- I got this lawyer ready to meet with us.
- You wanna take me in?
I wanna help.
Did you hear me? I didn't do the cop.
I come to talk to you,
you bring up a lawyer.
You think maybe your lawyer could
get me the electric chair? Fuck.
Too weird, huh?
If I got the chair too,
just like your old man?
You ever think about him?
- Did you love him?
- He was my father. Of course I did.
Because someone's your father means
you gotta love him? You think I love you?
- I don't know.
- Right. You don't even know me, do you?
No, I guess I don't.
You wanna tell me?
- You know I was quarterback in high school?
- No. Your mother never told me anything.
- I used to look for you in the stands.
- I would've loved to see you play.
You should have. I was good.
We beat Cedarhurst
in the county finals.
First time in 24 years.
The crowd went wild.
I didn't need drugs that night.
I was good then.
You should have seen me.
I wish I had.
All right, fuck it.
We all got reasons.
So you believe me about the cop,
or what?
- Your prints are on the gun.
- I wasn't there when the cop went down.
That cop had a name.
His name was Reg.
So who was there?
Fucking scumbag dealer named Spyder.
He's after me for his fucking $4000.
If I had it,
I'd be on a plane to Florida.
Did you see him?
No, I didn't see him do it
but I saw him right after.
- I mean right after. In the alley there.
- What about Picasso?
I don't know.
Look, I was fucked up...
...he came at me with a knife...
- I guess, in a sense, I killed him.
- In a sense?
I don't know what happened. One minute
we're fighting and the next he's dead.
But that wasn't me.
All right? That wasn't the real me.
I wouldn't count
on a jury believing that.
This is something you can't run away from.
You can't. You can't run.
- Do you believe me?
- It doesn't matter what I believe.
Plead self-defense, you could get off
with maybe six years.
What if it matters to me
what you believe?
I gotta take you in, you know that.
What are you, a cop or my father?
I'm both.
- I'm getting out of here. What are you now?
- Joey, come on!
Just fucking with you.
I knew the answer.
You know, when I was a kid,
I wanted to be a cop.
I really did.
Just like you.
Where's your boy?
Picasso worked for a dealer called Spyder.
Spyder's after Joey for his $4000.
Joey told me he saw Spyder in the alley
by the casino after Reg was hit.
- Why didn't you bring your boy in?
- He told me he didn't kill Reg.
- You believed him?
- I believed him.
He's your son, of course
you wanna believe him.
- I've been a cop 25 years-
- The operative word is "cop. "
You're not sometimes a cop,
sometimes a junkie's father.
You're either a cop
or you're not a cop. End of story.
This is bullshit.
You're under oath to perform
your duty. In this investigation-
What investigation?
You already made your mind up.
Peace, all right?
Don't be playing no bullshit neither.
A motherfucking ghost.
- How come you still breathing, Casper?
- Listen.
A thousand dollars for my Nova.
Cops got your wheels, boy.
I'm sorry, man.
Will you do me a solid here, please?
I need help.
What's the ring?
- It's a football ring. It ain't for sale.
- Let me see.
This is worth like 100, easy.
But I'm saving it for my son.
We'll treat it like a loan
until I get you the 100 back.
Yeah, sure.
All right.
No, Carl, I can't use this.
I need cash.
- You'd be the first junkie who couldn't.
- Give me the ring.
Back the fuck off!
You lucky I'm giving you anything!
Please, the ring's important.
It's for my boy.
You ain't gonna be around to see your boy.
And you ain't going to Florida.
You got Spyder and the cops
chasing you. You a junkie!
Only place you're going is the morgue.
County, motherfucker!
Wait a minute! What are you doing?
There's nothing in there for you.
Want to come over and see my soup?
Look, here's grandpa.
This is Evelyn Hancock.
She's an old friend.
You're a big boy, Angelo.
Evelyn is with Child Services.
What's going on?
She's taking Angelo until
Gina comes back. It's temporary.
She's not coming back.
I can't take care of him.
- Can I talk to you?
- Sure.
Go see this nice lady.
I just wanna talk to him
for a minute.
- What are you doing?
- What am I supposed to do?
- Take care of him. You're his grandfather.
- Nice idea, but I can't.
Vincent, Gina's gone.
You think his father is coming back?
- This is the best thing for him.
- No, you're the best thing for him.
- I can help you.
- You never had kids, you don't know.
- You're gonna walk away from him.
- What do you mean, walking away?
- Like with Joey.
- I'm not walking away!
- That's what you told me you did with Joey.
- I'm not- Walk away?
Let me show you something.
Let me show you something.
You think I want him growing up with
this? Like the son of Frankenstein?
"You never know what he might do. "
"Don't mention his father!"
Call it walking away, but I'm doing
the best thing for him.
That is not about Angelo.
That's about you.
You told me. You told me
you never had a choice, right?
- Well, you got one right here.
- Michelle, try to understand.
Right now it's more than I can handle.
I can't do it.
That's how you make a choice.
Let's try to wrap this up.
We got pretty substantial evidence.
Fingerprints are clear.
There are no others on the gun.
Shells and ballistics
identify it as the shooter's.
We know he frequented the carousel
and used drugs there.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Go ahead, Dave.
A shoe print in the blood
doesn't match LaMarca's size.
So, what do we think?
That O.J. was there?
Maybe Bruno Magli?
One last thing.
This kid has killed twice.
Don't give him a chance
to do it again. We got that?
You got a phone call on my phone.
How come you're giving out my number?
- I don't even know your number.
- This guy knows it.
Make sure you leave a nickel
in the ashtray.
Dave Simon.
I couldn't call you direct.
What's going on?
I have something you should see.
Could we meet at York
and 59th Street Bridge?
It's copies of crime scene photos
I tried to mention.
What are they?
Footprints in the blood
at the top of the ladder.
We can account for all of them...
...except for one heel from a size 10
cowboy boot made by Justin Boots.
At your ex-wife's
we found some of Joey's stuff.
Joey wears a size 121/2 shoe.
There's no 121/2 prints
anywhere in this blood.
I appreciate this.
Well, you know,
it doesn't all have to be bullshit.
- You born in Long Beach?
- No, Army brat. We lived all over.
- Distant climes, huh?
- We traveled a lot.
- Now we got a baby. I hardly get out.
- Kids change everything.
Isn't that the truth.
Sir, listen,
I'm real sorry about your son.
I appreciate it. Thank you very much.
I appreciate that.
It's more than I can handle.
- We just pretend we got a choice.
- We don't have a son, I do.
I wasn't gonna feel that again.
- You think I love you?
- I should've tried harder.
You said you never had a choice.
- What are you, a cop or my father?
- That's my son.
Please help him. You're all he's got.
He's your son!
- This is something you can't run away from.
- Just like his dad.
Sorry, sir. We're closed.
- Anybody know where Spyder is?
- We're closed, mister.
Where's Spyder?
Peace, brother. Peace.
Stick the Friar Tuck act up your ass.
Where's Spyder?
- You know who I am?
- Yeah-
Tell Spyder I know he killed
my partner. I got proof.
He wants to see me, I'm at the Seaway
Motel. Room 105. You got that?
105. Seaway Motel.
Here's where we're
expecting the storm.
On our map, lots of green.
And within that, yellows and reds.
These are the areas
where we're expecting heavy rain.
In New York City, the storm
will move in by tomorrow morning.
You got something for me?
Dave Simon.
Lt. LaMarca.
Got it.
I want backup and emergency units
to Ocean and Neptune. Lt. Katt?
Don't fucking move!
Don't move a finger.
Give me the gun.
Give me the fucking gun! Go ahead.
What the fuck is this?
What are you doing
telling people I shot that cop?
I know you killed my partner,
It was your junkie kid.
I'm not the only one that thinks so.
You left a footprint in his blood.
Are those Justin, size 10?
- You're a long way from Manhattan.
- But too close to home for you.
You broke into my property.
I'm within my rights to defend it.
I couldn't take the chance
he'd hurt Gina or Angelo.
Would be just like him.
You broke in here pretty good.
You learn that in cop school?
So, what now, Joey?
Hold back and hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Keep eyes on that door
and those windows!
Block that road!
I don't want one TV van!
Right up there.
Okay, enough. Give me the gun.
It'll be hard enough getting you
out alive without them seeing that.
This is no game, son. Please.
You saved my life but they
didn't see it. They don't care.
- I ain't going to jail.
- I understand. I wanna help you, just...
Just give me the gun.
Lt. LaMarca, signal your location!
All right, talk.
What are you now, fucking Oprah?
You got a son and a woman that
loves you. Don't run away from that.
- You did.
- Yeah.
I did.
And I'm sorry.
I've regretted it ever since.
We all gotta pay
one way or another, right?
What's going on?
It's called "suicide by cop. "
Quick and easy.
No pills. No fucking around.
I thought I'd try it.
How did we get this way?
I remember the day you were born.
Well, I remember the day you left.
So we're even.
- I'm not gonna kill you, son.
- Well...
Your friends out there will.
You know it.
- There he is!
- You two!
Hold back! Hold your fire!
Get the building secure.
Give me the gun.
- I don't want to shoot you.
- You do. You think I deserve it.
- Get back!
- But you won't. It's not the real you.
- You don't know anything about me.
- I do. You're my kid.
You're not a bad kid. You're a scared kid
whose old man left him.
You didn't get a choice and it hurt. I know.
But you're my son. You always will be.
Then why did you leave?
I was stupid. I forgot
what it felt like to be alone.
You don't want to do to Angelo what
I did to you. What my old man did to me.
- You can't.
- He don't need a junkie.
You're not a junkie to him.
My old man wasn't a killer to me.
When my old man left, I hated him
all my life for what he did to me.
But all I wanted was for him to walk
in the door because I missed him.
I didn't want to be alone
We all pay a price for what we do,
but when's enough?
Because I paid. And you paid. And what?
Now Angelo has to pay?
You can't! We got a second chance
here, me and you.
I let you think
you didn't matter to me.
But I swear I won't run away again.
I'll stay with you, I promise.
You just need to choose it.
Know how many people
would love a second chance?
Help me.
- Dad, are you okay?
- It's just my shoulder.
- I didn't do it.
- I know.
Get rid of the guns!
Empty your pockets.
Don't give them an excuse.
- They'll kill me.
- It's okay. I'm with you now.
Identify yourself!
It's okay.
It's okay, there are no guns!
Raise your hands.
See the hands? No guns.
- Get down, drop the gun!
- Show us your hands!
- They're down.
- Move away!
Move away from him!
- Told you to move away!
- Take it easy.
All right, take it easy on him!
Listen! Anything happens to him,
you'll answer to me.
Easy with him!
It'll be all right.
It's okay, son. It's okay.
Here he comes.
This way.
Watch your head.
I love you.
I want to go on the rocks.
Yeah, those are the rocks.
That's the jetty.
Let's go on the rocks.
Yeah, those are the rocks.
Look, see that?
You see that, the airplane? See?
- Where do you think that's going?
- Flying...
You want to fly away
with your dad sometime? Yeah?
Because he wants to go with you.
He told me so.
He told me he wants to take you
to Key West.
You wanna go?
Yeah? Good.
When he comes back,
you'll go with him to Key West.
Me, you and him.
Grandpa, Daddy and you.
We're gonna go to Key West.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
Okay, sweetheart.
You want to put the water
in the thing?
Go put the water in the thing.