City of Ghosts (2002) Movie Script

Hurricane Gabriel...
continues to pound
the eastern seaboard.
It has now been upgraded
to a category 4 hurricane.
Forecasters are predicting...
major damage
and severe flooding...
which we are already seeing
in many parts...
Later, we go live...
to a tense scene
some 300 miles north...
where evacuees battle...
to stock up on food and water.
But first, the latest...
...for desperately needed
medical aid.
-City Of Ghosts-
Here at Gibraltar Point...
we have reports
of entire communities...
being leveled.
Gusts as strong as
150 miles per hour...
strong enough to level homes.
Scores of residents
have heeded the call...
and have been
pouring into the shelter...
here at Gibraltar Point
all night.
The big concern for them is...
will they have a home
to return to?
I don't know
what to expect to find...
when I get back there...
but I'm sure we'll be talking
with the insurance company.
Well, we do have insurance,
thank God.
I expect it'll take time...
but, you know, eventually,
we'll have our house back.
We've got insurance, so...
The governor
of North Carolina...
has declared a state
of emergency in several...
Jimmy, we've got a real
mess on our hands.
I've been trying
to contact Mr. Nagel.
Jimmy Cremmins?
Yeah, I am.
What's going on here?
I'm Agent Burden
with the F.B.I.
This is Agent Philips.
Can we have a word with you?
Who's supposed
to be in charge...
of business operations?
Mr. Nagel.
Do you have any idea
where we might find him?
He was based overseas.
He called nearly every day.
I just never--
I never met him in person.
We'll need you
to come down to the office...
to answer a few more questions.
Let's go over it one more time.
I answered an ad...
in "The Tribune."
Capable Trust was looking
to fill some positions for...
North American
headquarters, and...
Well, they hired the right guy.
You're a hell
of a salesman, Jimmy.
Were there any other
offshore accounts...
besides the ones in
Zurich and the Caymans?
No. Not to my knowledge.
So they were the accounts you
would draw from to pay claims.
It's gonna be tough
to pay those claims, Jimmy.
Those accounts are empty.
It's not your fault,
of course...
but it is a shame.
All those innocent people
lost their homes.
And you have no idea...
where we can find
this Mr. Nagel?
Don't you want
to help us, Jimmy?
What do you think?
Of course I do.
Mr. Nagel--
the name keeps coming up.
He wasn't lying.
I ran a check.
There was an ad in "The Tribune"
classified section...
Iast September.
What do you think?
It's a sophisticated
Ponzi scheme...
Iike that outfit operating
out of Belgium last year...
selling disaster insurance...
with no intention
of paying any claims.
I bet the farm this guy
is connected somehow.
We just got to keep on digging.
Collect call
from United States...
from Jimmy.
I accept. Jimmy, it's Kaspar.
I need to talk to him now.
He's unreachable.
He's not in Bangkok.
He's not in town.
He's not in Ba...
Well, where is he?
Cambodia. That's all I know.
But he's supposed to call in.
Perhaps I can help.
we ran a check on you.
You came up clean.
We're sorry you had
to go through all this...
but a lot of people
got swindled.
Even you were misled,
so it seems.
This investigation
is just now getting underway.
And we're gonna need
your cooperation down the road.
what's gonna happen
to the people...
who lost their homes?
That'll be up to
the State Liquidation Bureau.
There'll be some kind
of compensation, I imagine...
but nothing like
those policies promised.
And what about this Mr. Nagel?
Any luck with him?
I'm afraid
Mr. Nagel never existed.
But when we pinpoint
who it is...
that was fronting
that operation--
and we do believe
it's someone from your office--
we'll get Mr. Nagel.
It's just a matter of time.
we would appreciate it
if you'd stick around town...
till this thing's resolved.
Anything I can do to help.
One more thing.
We'd like it if you'd
turn over your passport...
for the time being.
Of course,
you're under no obligation.
My passport?
That's right.
Won't be needing it...
unless you're planning
on leaving the country.
No, of course not.
Well, good luck
with the investigation.
Jimmy, welcome.
It's been a long time.
Did you get my message?
Yeah. Sure. No trouble at all.
Have you been paid
any money yet?
Neither have I.
I'm gonna level with you.
I think Marvin
has got himself...
into a bit of a jam.
With who?
With Nevesky and the Russians
back in New York.
You didn't know?
They were our partners.
Now they're looking for him.
What's he doing in Cambodia?
I don't know much about it.
There's someone
I want you to meet.
Rocky, come here.
Rocky, this is Jimmy.
Jimmy, this is Rocky.
She's wonderful, isn't she?
We talked about that.
We're engaged to be married.
She's a bit of a diamond...
in the raw, you know.
I'll make a lady out of her.
You should go up to Chiang Mai.
It's fantastic up there:
bucolic scenery,
cheap guesthouses.
I'm not going up to Chiang Mai.
I'm here to see Marvin.
Well, he won't be expecting you.
It'll be a surprise.
He'll be glad to see me.
It's been a while.
Well, there's 2 morning flights.
If we don't talk
before you leave...
Iet's meet the day after
tomorrow in Phnom Penh...
at noon, at the Belleville.
They can get you
a room there as well.
-Teddy, it's me--Jimmy.
What's your plan?
I'm flying out first
thing in the morning.
Not so fast.
I had a buddy
check back channels...
with someone in the agency.
The airport
has a security company...
that's plugged
into the embassy...
and your name and passport
are in their system.
-Hey, that's no sweat.
I'll get you across the border.
I live down that way.
Now, there's
an overnight train...
out of Hualampong.
Get you in around 5 a.m.
-You know where I live?
I'll meet you at the station.
Thanks, Teddy.
We had some great times
in Bangkok--
Marvin and me...
but that was
a lifetime ago, kid.
As the lady says...
I no longer am
what I once was...
nor ever shall be again.
I don't know what
the hell Marvin's up to.
You just be careful.
Something's changed in him.
You can't keep
stealing from Peter...
to pay Paul.
Sooner or later,
Peter gets pissed off.
The main road is off-limits.
There was a French cyclist...
murdered there
about a month ago.
You get waylaid...
you won't be writing
any postcards.
Where you go, sir?
I'm looking for the Belleville.
Yeah. Well, I know.
That's the place right here.
You know this place?
I know, really.
-ls it far from here?
-Not so far. It's over there.
OK. No, thanks.
I got it.
Where you from, sir?
The United States.
Yes. I know very good.
My name Sok.
Sok, Jimmy.
Is this place far?
Not so far.
Don't worry, sir,
I'm a safety driver.
-This is the Belleville?
-Yeah. Belleville.
I see you took the long way.
Not so long way.
What do I owe you?
No problem. You pay after.
I wait here for you.
-You sure?
-Yeah, sure.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a guy
named Kaspar.
I don't know everyone
who comes to this place.
-What is your name?
Can I get you something?
-A beer.
Laughing Lotus.
Hey, man.
You remember me?
-Am I supposed to?
-You look awfully familiar.
Don't we know each other?
I don't think so.
You're Robbie, right?
My apologies.
-Excuse me.
I was told
that you had rooms available.
$5.00 a night with a fan...
and 8.00 with
air conditioning.
OK. I'll take the one
with the air conditioning.
Across the street,
second floor...
bathroom down the hall.
I'd like a beer, Emile.
No. Fuck you, deadbeat.
You still haven't
paid your tab.
-I'm good for it.
I got it.
Here, you little shit.
You have a short memory.
Before, you would do
anything I asked.
But lately, you act
as if we have nothing.
It's not an act.
We have nothing.
-You fucking bitch.
-What did you call me?
I call you a fucking bitch...
so fuck off.
What is that in your bag?
What the fuck is that
doing in your bag--the statue?!
What are you talking about?
You stole it from the wat.
It was you.
I can't fucking believe it.
Hey! Keep your mouth shut.
Hey, I need your passport.
Yes. It's a new law
of the country.
Don't worry. I get you back.
Give me the fucking bag.
No way! You stole this!
Leave the fucking bag, OK?
You fucking thief!
-Get off me!
-Fucking bitch!
Hey, let me take care
of that piece of shit.
You piece of shit.
-You sure you're all right?
-I can't believe this. Thanks.
-You need some ice?
-I'm OK.
Thanks for stepping in.
Thanks for your help.
What? Hey!
How's the room?
What's the matter?
A little hoity-toity for you?
I got coupons.
You know a place called
the Laughing Lotus?
It's a brothel...
on the other side of town.
If you like karaoke
and Vietnamese girls...
that place is for you.
Is everything OK with the room?
The room's fine.
I don't remember
requesting a monkey.
In my room--on the terrace...
there was a monkey.
No. You must be mistaken.
There is no monkey
in my hotel. No.
Well, maybe it was a dog...
but it looked an awful
lot like a monkey.
It had hands.
There is no monkey
in my hotel. No.
Everything is OK with the room?
The air conditioner
is on the blink.
It's laying on the floor.
Yes. I'll send you someone
tomorrow morning, you know.
He'll have a look.
My passport.
-I gave it to you.
-You did?
Don't you remember?
I put it right here on the bar.
I thought you took it back.
I got a friend in Bangkok
who lost his passport.
They put him on the list.
Shut up. You're scaring the man.
No. Wait a minute.
That little cocksucker
you were talking to--
he probably took it.
But, no, don't worry.
He comes here very often,
you know.
I will get it for you.
You don't want to be
on the list. I'm on the list.
Son of a bitch!
Go and don't come back! Go!
Street 213. Laughing Lotus.
Yes, I take you.
Why you go there?
Street 213 no good.
I got to meet someone.
You want to meet someone.
Someday, I buy moto-taxi.
How long have you
been doing this?
Long time.
More than 7 year.
First, I was in the army
in Kampong Thom.
You want to see
my army picture? Here.
How old are you here?
Twenty-eight, 29. Not sure.
-Not sure?
How come?
Because all my documents
were lost...
during the Khmer Rouge.
After I finish my education...
I went to join to the army...
to fight the Khmer Rouge.
They kill my father...
because he was a doctor.
I do not want them
to kill people again.
What did you say your name was?
Call me Sok.
I'm Jimmy.
Stick around, Sok.
I won't be long.
Is this the Laughing Lotus?
Yes. You like yum-yum? Come.
How are you?
Where you come from?
United States.
You'll do all right
with that one, mate.
She'll give you
a run for your money.
This one here, she's my girl.
She's mine.
I'm taking her away from here.
I'm taking her to Battambang,
to beauty school.
In Australia,
I'm putting her in college.
-Beauty school.
-Excuse me, sir.
There's a guy
I'm supposed to meet...
named Marvin.
You see this papasan
over here? He's going down, man.
He's a scumbag.
He's a slave trader.
I'm going to take him out.
I'm gonna have to
take the fucker out.
Fuck it!
Give me a fucking beer...
Hey! Get your hands--
I'm taking her...
I'm taking you
to beauty school.
Get the fuck off me,
you motherfucker...
Hello. She fix you.
Hey, Sok.
I should have listened to you.
Yeah. That place no good.
Many bad people.
Many bad people, all right.
Why did you take me here?
My house right over there.
Yeah, it's good place.
She's my friend.
She's a doctor.
-How are you feeling?
-I've felt better.
Yeah. Yes, they like
to say in English to you.
They think that you like it.
If you want
to stay longer in Cambodia...
you should try
to be away from trouble.
I will try to be
away from trouble.
-Thank you.
Excuse me.
What time did Marvin drop
off that note yesterday?
No, he didn't. It was a Khmer.
He said he worked for Marvin.
Who's looking for Marvin?
A friend of his.
You know where he is?
No. But I know
who he hangs out with--
an ex-general named Sideth...
and that guy Marvin's
way out of his league.
Who are you?
It doesn't matter who I am.
You want a piece
of friendly advice?
Go back to wherever
it is you came from...
and leave those people alone.
-Who's Sideth?
-A bad guy.
Anybody else come back
here looking for me?
I haven't seen anyone.
You know, things run
on a different clock here.
My clock stopped
when a B-40 rocket...
hit my jeep in Mondolkiri.
I still got shrapnel in my neck.
You can see it.
I don't see anything.
Maybe you need
a pair of glasses.
He calls himself
"the man of contradictions."
But he's a little bit...
This place attract them
like flies.
Yes. I have Calvados
from my country.
-Have a glass.
-What's her story?
No offense,
but guys like you and me--
we don't stand a chance.
No offense, but...
speak for yourself.
Excuse me.
-Those are my glasses.
Here. $5.00.
Get yourself a new pair.
I'll take these back. Thanks.
Thank you so much for--
What happened to your eye?
I was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Yeah. You seem like that type.
Which type?
The wrong place,
wrong time type.
I guess that makes two of us.
Gonna introduce us
to your friend?
-Hi. Sabrina. Robbie.
So this is for you.
So are you free for...
tonight for dinner?
You know, I can't.
I've got plans tonight.
We should go.
We're gonna be late.
Come on, Robbie.
You weren't on the plane.
Wow. That's a new look for you.
You like it?
I can fix you up for one.
-What happened?
-I got popped.
-By who?
-I don't know.
Well, you should be grateful
money's all they wanted.
You're lucky one of your kidneys
isn't lying...
at the bottom
of somebody's ice chest.
They didn't take my money.
Does Marvin know
where I'm staying?
Well, you can ask him
when you see him.
I hate this country.
Hey, Jimmy boy.
It's good to see you.
So, come on.
What do you think of the layout?
You know,
this is the old
governor's residence.
Do you like it?
It could do with
a fresh coat of paint.
The whole country
needs a paint job.
But that's part of its charm.
I need to talk to Jimmy alone...
for a second.
You want to wait outside?
Yeah. Sure.
That was some place
you sent me to yesterday.
-I got your note.
-What note?
The one you left
at the Belleville.
I didn't leave you any note.
-What are you doing here?
-I thought you wanted to see me.
-I what?
-I thought you wanted to see me.
I'll call you
if I want to see you.
I have them boil everything--
food, water...
even the bed sheets
and the tablecloth.
85% of the people
on the planet are infested...
with some kind
of microscopic bug.
Now, with stats like that...
you know
you can't be too careful.
You were supposed to stay put...
until you heard from me.
Yeah, well...
The Feds were all over me.
I had to get away.
Forget it. Spilled milk.
And you did an excellent job.
-I'm very proud of you, Jimmy.
To tell you the truth,
I think in some ways
you're better off here.
I mean, this place is wide open.
A fortune to be made.
You are gonna want
to be a part of it.
Yeah, well, I'm not so sure,
not after the last one.
We really sold
those people a bad deal.
If I had to do it
all over again...
if I could change things,
believe me, I would.
But Capable Trust
was a big score...
and you're gonna get your cut.
I don't know.
I've got enough bad karma...
to last me 6 lifetimes.
I don't need any more.
Look at you. You're fried, man.
You're all burnt out.
It's OK 'cause it
happens to everybody.
You needed to get away,
and here you are.
My mind's made up.
Hey, listen. Why don't you
give this thing to Kaspar?
Kaspar? No.
It's just not the same
as you and me.
Hey. I'm gonna get your money...
but you got to wait 2 or 3 days.
That's all right. I got to
figure out this passport thing.
I'll look into that.
Things got funny ways
of turning up around here.
In the meantime...
I want to see
if I could change your mind...
make you reconsider.
Stick around.
Having a little
get-together tonight--
a few investors
from Hong Kong...
a pig on a spit...
a few girls come by.
-Must be the general.
-The ex-general.
Once a general,
always a general.
He has contacts
with police intelligence.
He'll do anything for a buck...
and I like him.
I brought some of my staff.
I hope it's OK.
It's wonderful.
would you get some drinks...
for our guests, please?
-You should be cautious.
General, this is my colleague...
and financial advisor
from Hong Kong, Ming Chew.
How do you do?
He's going to be
accompanying me...
to the coast for
our presentation.
Good. I have spoken
with our associates in Kep...
and everything's
been arranged.
Isn't that a little premature?
These people don't
even have shoes.
Josef, why don't you
stay out of this?
We won't need shoes
in my casino.
You don't need shoes to lose.
You know,
I have a wonderful feeling...
about the old casino...
and its surroundings.
From what I gather,
it could be the next Acapulco.
Kep, Acapulco--
What would it cost
to change that name?
Why don't you call it
Marvinville, Marvin?
if you'll just walk this way...
I have something very
exciting to show you.
We begin with our flagship--
the 30-story, 500-room...
Silver Palace Hotel and Casino.
Connecting the hotel
with the casino...
will be
an air-conditioned tunnel...
complete with moving walkways.
Our hunting lodge
and firing range...
will provide
a variety of weapons...
such as M-16, AK-47...
and the B-40 rocket.
Our big game park...
will be featuring
many exotic species...
from around the world.
In addition will be
24 traditional bungalows...
featuring air conditioning...
and jacuzzis...
Shut up!
Good boy.
There have been
some additional complaints...
about the monkey.
It's been pissing and
shitting in the bougainvillea.
If I catch him, I promise you...
I will feed him
to Oliver, my python.
He loves monkey.
Oliver, the monkey.
As I discussed with Mr. Chew...
I have prepared
some cash flow projections...
showing the cost of material...
the cost of labor.
Good morning, General.
You sleep well?
Yeah. Sorry I'm late.
Can I speak with you a moment?
Excuse me, gentlemen.
You might want to
have a look at this.
They arrived in Bangkok
yesterday afternoon.
How did they find me?
Well, you know I wouldn't talk.
No. Of course not.
And Jimmy would
never give me away.
At least not deliberately.
Where is the kid?
He's at the Belleville.
I'll go talk to him.
Hi, sir.
Who is it?
It's me.
I need to talk to you.
Marvin's concerned
his whereabouts...
may have been revealed.
He has to get out of town
for a couple of days.
And he wants you to be
gone when he returns.
Here's a plane ticket
back to Bangkok...
You'll get the rest
when everything settles down.
You should leave immediately.
Not without my passport.
Thanks for the dough.
Did Marvin mention anything...
about the money last night?
It seems wrong.
We've been with him so long...
he's been like a father to you.
Now to be treated this way...
What way?
We made nearly $10 million...
on that insurance job...
which he's now rolled over
into this casino.
He's up to his eyeballs...
with this ex-general
and his guys...
and you and l--
we don't get to see a dime.
Look, Kaspar,
I'm not really concerned...
whether I get paid or not.
To tell you the truth...
I could care less...
about his partners, his casino.
It's all yours.
Just remember never to let
your personal feelings...
for somebody...
interfere with your business.
Marvin doesn't.
No, he doesn't.
This is one of the oldest wats
in Phnom Penh.
It sustained very
little damage under the K.R.
And obviously,
the murals on the inside...
which I showed you--that's
most of the work that I do.
Let's hope they don't install
an escalator...
Iike they did in Burma.
-So what's next on your plate?
There's this huge
reclining Buddha...
that was blown to
smithereens during the war.
Sounds like a big project.
Yeah. We're
gonna be away for ages.
When do you leave?
The day after tomorrow.
How come?
Do you want to come visit us?
Do I have to work?
Good fortune on your journey.
This is an especially
lovely gesture, General.
Seemed appropriate
on this auspicious day.
I spoke to
the vice governor of Kep.
He'll meet you
at the disco at 9:00.
There'll be
a blue moon tonight.
The second full moon
of the month--always lucky.
That's wonderful.
If you have any trouble...
do not hesitate to call.
Everything's been taken care of.
Hey. How's everything,
my friend?
Again, I apologize
for the air conditioner.
You know, I'm sorry.
My guy was supposed to work
on it, but he was drunk.
Come, have a drink with me.
The best.
Any luck with my passport?
No news, but smells good.
Marvin came to see you earlier.
This should make things
straight with us.
Something's come up,
and I've left town.
This time, do not try to find me
under any circumstances.
It isn't safe.
Make a new start for yourself.
I'll be in touch. Good luck.
Robbie! You fucking idiot!
The vice governor called.
He's sorry that you must wait.
There's some problem
on the roads.
He wants you to feel welcome.
The beautiful ladies
will keep you companies.
I could use a good massage.
I'm not talking
about the happy pull.
My back is really killing me.
-When does the karaoke start?
Do you like whiskey?
Yeah, I love whiskey.
How do you think
you're gonna get customers...
to your casino
if the roads aren't safe?
I'm really getting fed up...
with your negative attitude.
We've been here for 3 hours.
This is outrageous.
Let's get going.
Relax, Kaspar.
You're on Cambodian time.
If you don't mind, I'd like
to go back to the hotel...
with my little friend here...
soak in the tub, and go to bed.
Yeah. That's a good idea.
Sure. Go. Go ahead.
Take the car and make sure
you send the driver back.
Hey! Where you going?
Come back!
You still haven't told me...
what it is
you're doing here.
Well, do you
want to be more specific?
I don't think
you'd be interested.
Hey, when was this built?
Oh, it's Pre-Angkor.
Before there was Buddhism...
there was Brahmanism
and Vishnuism.
You're not even
listening to me.
Brahmanism and Vishnuism.
-ls she boring you?
Robbie's really sick.
He's so wasted. He's wet.
He's gonna get pneumonia...
or something...
Here. Give him this.
Make sure he doesn't
throw up on it.
I can't promise you that
'cause he's off in space.
Robbie, put this on.
-Snap out of it!
-You're not my fucking mom.
Fuck you, you dickhead!
Hey, Robbie!
Where are you going?
Mr. Jimmy.
Hey. I was looking for you.
Where did you--
I just--I realized...
I have to go back to town...
because I have to do something
in the morning.
Oh, no. Can't it wait?
No, no. It's my passport.
Remember, I told you
it was stolen.
Oh, right. Yeah.
Well, how are you
gonna get back?
-Well, take the moto.
-Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.
Hey, Jimmy. Are you OK?
Oh, yeah. I'm fine.
I'm just fine.
It's great.
Have you seen Robbie?
It's my fault.
No. It wasn't your fault.
No way.
You can't blame yourself.
Everyone knows what he was like.
How are we gonna get him down?
We roll him.
You don't know
what a relief it's...
What's this?
You don't know this guy?
I do not.
Why don't you
have a closer look?
I've never seen him in my life.
-Stay out of this!
You're a fucking liar!
I should cut you right now.
You're making a mistake, Jimmy.
Marvin's in trouble.
If there's going to be
any blood spilled in my bar...
I'll do it!
Don't test me.
Put it away, Jimmy.
What do you mean,
Marvin's in trouble?
Let me up, and I'll tell you.
You nuts?!
Marvin's disappeared.
What do you mean, disappeared?
His bodyguard
and business associate...
were murdered in Kep.
You know, where
the casino is, Golf Town--
400 clicks from here.
And what about Marvin?
He's been abducted.
What do you mean,
he's been abducted?
What makes you so sure?
'Cause I was there.
I was lucky to get out alive.
Yeah, right.
You know what I think?
I think the whole thing stinks.
Look, come on.
You sent that guy for me
last night...
tried to have me killed...
and now you're feeding me...
some bullshit story...
about how Marvin's disappeared.
He's been abducted.
What are you talking about?
You know Marvin and l
would do nothing to harm you.
You're like a son to him.
He asked me to look after you.
What's the matter with you?
How could you even think
such a thing of me?
Jesus. Look at you.
You're exhausted.
You don't make any sense.
Calm down, man!
What's in it?
Can you read this?
No. It's in Khmer.
How about Sok?
They take your friend.
They want money.
English, for Christ's sake!
"The ground in Cambodia
has many surprises.
"You must be careful as you go.
"Your friend Marvin
has been foolish.
"As you see, he paid a price.
"You must do what we say
without wasting time.
"We demand
five million U.S. dollars.
"You have 24 hour...
"to get the money."
What the fuck did you say?
Five million dollars.
That's insane.
Yeah. You fucking
black-ass savage...
Calm down!
Calm, calm.
Take it easy.
Who would be behind this?
The Russians?
Maybe someone more local.
Who? Sideth?
Well, he set up the meeting
in Kep, didn't he?
He and Marvin
had business together...
and I don't trust him.
It doesn't make any sense.
Sideth and Marvin were partners.
He's got nothing
to gain from this.
He knows everyone.
You should talk to him.
He can help you.
And now
get this fucking thing...
out of my bar!
This is a considerable
sum of money.
I am as concerned as you are.
Any idea who would do this?
Well, you know,
outside the capital...
there's greater risk
of kidnappings and murder.
Marvin understood this.
Could be bandits,
ex-Khmer Rouge.
It's not uncommon.
Just the day before,
a train was hijacked...
en route to the coast.
Two westerners were taken--
backpackers with no money.
Five million dollars.
It's an absurd request.
This is typical of these things.
Of course, they ask
for more than they expect.
How much can you get?
I don't have access
to that kind of money.
Well, 10--15,000 maybe.
That's not enough.
They know he's rich.
These men are like wild dogs.
I can get some more.
Oh, he paid you, didn't he?
Go ahead and set up
that meeting.
Get the money, and as soon
as I have more information...
I'll contact you.
You look so surprised.
You knew we were coming.
I didn't expect you...
until next week.
But I want to talk to you.
About what?
What is this?
It's a present for my fiancee...
in Bangkok.
So where is my old partner--
I need to see him.
Well, he's not in town,
but he'll be back...
in a couple of days.
He's fine. He's doing well.
But there's a problem.
What's wrong?
It's a problem with the deal.
I want all the money up front.
Up front?
Up front!
It's a problem.
You just give me
all the money...
and I'll deliver Marvin.
Otherwise, no deal.
Jimmy, what is it?
What's wrong?
Do you remember the guy
I told you I came here to see?
We were involved together...
in some business
back in New York.
What kind of business?
Doesn't matter.
I'll tell you about it sometime.
He's in a jam right now,
and I can't leave him.
I can't go back
to my room tonight.
Well, you can stay with me.
That guy
you were talking about--
his name's Marvin, right?
I know who he is.
He lives up in the old
governor's residence...
by the river.
He tried to pay off
the restoration committee once.
He wanted to tear it down
and build some minimart...
or something.
He made out that he was
this great philanthropist...
offering huge donations.
Dr. Collins
told him to stuff it.
That's Marvin.
How come you got
involved with him?
Why do you care about him?
It's different between us.
What do you mean?
It just is.
"lt just is"?
You really don't
trust anybody, do you?
Well, that's a shame.
Maybe it is...
but there's nothing
I can do about it now, you know?
That's rubbish.
You can't go through
your life like that.
Well, that's a tough one for me.
Marvin came into the picture...
when I was 9 years old.
The truth is he and my mother
were together...
before I was born.
They kept that from me.
He's your father?
It was never talked about.
It doesn't really matter.
But Marvin's the only person...
who ever gave
a rat's ass about me...
when I was a kid.
He also taught me
to lie, steal, cheat...
get over on people.
How am I supposed to
trust anybody...
when I don't even trust myself?
It takes time.
Come on. Come on, you guys.
Come on!
Don't. Please don't...
No, please!
Hey, please, you guys.
Come on.
Please, I don't want to die!
Please don't do it!
No, no, no. Please.
I--I was just--
All right!
Bring them--
Bring the money.
Kaspar, just bring the money.
They're gonna kill me.
Do you recognize the other two?
I met them at the Belleville...
the other day.
The reason Marvin's alive...
is because he is a businessman.
He has money.
The other two
are useless to them.
Were you able to get
any of the ransom?
How much?
I got enough.
We can only hope
it will be enough.
They have instructed
that he is bring the money...
to a neutral location.
Koh Slay, on the coast near Kep.
-Where's the money now?
-With me.
Bring it here.
We mustn't waste time.
No. Not on your fucking life.
The money doesn't leave my side.
It stays with me.
Do not underestimate
these people.
They do not negotiate.
Yeah, well, neither do I.
They get the...
money up front--half of it.
And then after
they deliver Marvin...
they get the rest.
You understand?
That's the deal.
As you wish.
we must move quickly.
I don't trust
any of these snake-eaters.
Sideth sets up a meeting...
Marvin disappears.
Do the math yourself.
Just meet me
at the Belleville...
in the morning--
9 a.m.--with the car.
Make sure it's got
a full tank of gas.
You heard their demands.
They want me...
to deliver the money.
-Forget it, Kaspar!
-All right.
I'm just trying to do
what's good for Marvin, OK?
Hey! Wait!
-It's mine.
-It's fine. It's OK.
It's OK.
I was hoping maybe
you'd changed your mind.
Hey, Jimmy.
Will you give this to Emile?
Oh, sure.
You should take this.
It's for a safe trip.
My cousin.
Let's see it.
It's K-59.
Chinese made.
OK, I buy. I buy.
-How much?
OK, here's 100.
All right.
You look like a shit.
Do you remember...
when I first arrived here?
There was a guy I was
talking to at the bar.
He was with Gerard.
What's their story?
No! They're nobody, you know?
A fucking couple of deadbeats!
They owe me money.
If they coming back,
I may kill them both.
Somebody may have already
saved you the trouble.
This is for you.
It's from Sophie.
I never have any luck
with these things.
Neither do I.
Always die.
So that's your family, Sok?
Yes, that my family.
They say good-bye me here.
That's nice.
How old's the boy?
My son is 16 years old.
He want to be a cyclo driver.
A chip off the old block.
Yeah. Now he can pedal...
a little bit of cyclo...
but not so good.
For me, I want him to go school.
-What's he doing here?
-He's coming with us.
-I trust him...
which is more
than I can say for you.
Now, open this trunk.
Good morning, gentlemen.
You guys have breakfast?
Mmm. Good.
You follow me...
I can only take you so far...
because if they
see me or my men...
the deal could collapse.
It would be bad for Marvin.
So once we get to the outskirts
of Koh Slay...
you have to continue
on your own.
Shall we?
Follow me.
I'm really worried about Marvin.
You don't trust me.
It's Sideth
you should be worried about.
You take his instructions
without a moment's reflection.
You got any better ideas?
I didn't think so.
So do me a favor and keep
your fucking mouth shut.
Where's the rest of the money?
I got it.
You should leave it here.
It's safer.
Thanks for your concern,
but it's taken care of.
What's next?
You keep going down this road...
until you come
to a small bridge.
Two kilometers
after the bridge...
you'll find a bo tree.
Bo tree is the tree
with a big trunk...
with leaves shaped like a heart.
Leave the money
up in the tree...
and we'll be here waiting
for you when you return.
Who's that?
What did he say?
He said this is a holy place.
He asked me if you come
to see the sacred tree.
Tell him
that's what we're here to do.
And ask him if any other men...
happen to come by
to visit the tree, as well.
He says other men were here
earlier to visit tree.
What time?
Two hours before.
Two hours.
He said for us to leave
before nightfall.
Road not safe.
Road's not safe, OK.
Tell him thanks for the advice.
He want a cigarette.
What does he want?
We're running
out of time here.
Where are you going?
I'm pissing.
Is there a law against it?
Depends on where it lands.
It is a holy tree.
I'm baptizing it, black ass.
What are you looking at?!
Where did they go?
It's bad. I knew it.
Let's just keep on driving.
We're sitting ducks here, man.
What do you think, Sok?
Think they went back...
to their village?
Koh Slay village
just up the road.
I go and see.
I walk.
Jimmy, I don't like this.
Let's go back to Phnom Penh.
What about Sok?
Forget that gook.
He's one of them.
Let's go while we can.
Marvin's probably dead already.
That leaves the two of us.
Maybe we could even go back to
the tree and pick up the money.
You know, Kaspar, you sicken me.
Now, we're waiting for Sok,
and if you don't like it...
then take a fucking hike!
You stupid motherfucker!
You see what happens?!
You see what you made me do?!
The casino--
There's a fortune to be made.
You want to be a part of it.
You needed to get away,
and here you are.
What happened?
Here. Some water.
Kaspar--He got the drop on me.
We can't stay here.
Should go back to Phnom Penh.
No, we can't.
Oh, man.
Have you eaten anything?
Oh, shit.
Take this.
Take this
and go back to town...
and get yourself
something to eat.
I don't want you to get caught
in the middle of this.
These people very bad.
No good. No problem.
I stay with you.
I appreciate it, Sok.
You're a good man.
But you've got a family,
and they love you.
I guess this guy
is the closest thing I have...
to anything like that.
-You understand?
He's like your father.
So please, just take this money.
Head back to town, please.
We meeting back here.
Still haven't forgotten
what I owe you.
I know. You pay what you like.
I'll meet you back here.
Come on, you guys. Come on.
Don't do this! Don't!
Today, you dead.
You wanted to see Marvin? he is.
Any time a foreigner
is killed...
it makes big problems for us.
sometimes it is unavoidable...
as in this case.
You really fucked
yourself this time, kid.
Why the hell
don't you ever listen?
I told you to leave, didn't l?
What the fuck did you do?!
I had to do it.
Kaspar, the little weasel,
he turned.
He's with the Russians.
Then why did you let him go?
That's just what
I wanted to do.
He'll go back
to the Russians empty-handed...
he'll have to tell them
I'm dead, and that will be that.
All this for what?
A fucking casino?
Forget the casino.
It's history.
I was stupid to think
they wouldn't track me down.
I gave it to him.
I got a boat.
I want you to come with me.
Marvin, it's over. I'm fed up.
I need you to get
on this boat with me...
and we got to move quick, OK?
Look at what you've done.
You went too far.
You really lost it.
You would've done
the same thing.
You're just like me.
You keep saying that, Marvin.
Why, Marvin?
I know why.
And so do you.
Wait a minute.
Here. You'll need this.
Go ahead. It's yours.
Those kids
were way overextended.
They were sniffing around in
places they shouldn't have been.
It was just a question
of time for them.
Look, I told you before...
you reach a point
where you can't change.
You're the way
you're gonna be for the rest...
of your goddamn life.
And that goes for you, too.
Take the suitcase and put it
in the back of the car.
What's this?
This? This is his.
That's what this is.
You said he was going with you.
I know what I said.
He has a change of plans.
You can't let him walk away.
It's too risky.
Yes, I can. And that's
exactly what I'm gonna do.
-Stay out of this.
-Don't be foolish.
He's a contentious fella.
He could make
a lot of trouble for me.
He's leaving, and that's that.
We do things my way...
or nobody gets nothing.
That wasn't part of the plan.
Well, fuck the plan!
Take the car.
It's got a full tank.
Take this piece.
Now, go on, Jimmy. Please go.
Go on.
Hold on.
Just hang in there.
-Hold on.
-Get me to the boat.
I got to get you
to the hospital.
There is no hospital.
Just get me--
-Get me to the boat.
-Where the fuck is the boat?
Down the hill. OK, I'm good.
I got you.
All right. I got you.
I got you. I got you.
OK, all right.
OK, I got you.
OK, I got you. Here.
Hey, Marvin...
where are we going on the boat?
-Where are we going?
-Come with me.
-You come with me.
Spice lsland.
There's a...
there's a hundred of 'em.
Your mother and me...
Your mother and me...
Your mother and me...
It's OK.
Hey, come on.
Hang in there.
You can't change.
You're just like me.
Where you want to go now?
Back to Phnom Penh?
No. I need
the fastest road...
to this place right here.
Udong. I know. Old capital.
Yeah? Can you get me there?
Yeah. No problem.
Sok, what are those things?
Durian. Tastes good.
For my wife.
Yeah? Is it supposed to smell
like that?
OK. Would you mind if we
put it in the trunk?
-Sure. No problem.
-All right.
Don't worry.
I'm a safety driver.
Hey. Wake up.
Where are we?
Here. Udong.
I must have slept the whole way.
Sok, what do you think?
You like the car?
Not so good. Many bump.
I guess I'm gonna
have to give it...
to someone else, then.
Car good.
Road bad.
Good. Well, you can keep it.
-Really? You give for me?
-Yeah, for you.
Well, I guess this is it.
I'll walk the rest of the way.
Hope your wife
won't be too angry.
No, that's OK.
-I'm king of my house.
Thanks for everything, Sok.
You're a good man.
You have everything?
Yeah. I have everything.
Hey, Sophie!