City of God (2011) Movie Script

There is a car
Give tickets for Nagerkovil
Do you have money?
Velu, come
Would trace them and slit their throats
- Come, let us go
- Come
- Where do you look while driving?
- Go man!
Oh god! There is a car
Are you alright?
- Come, let's go!
- Go man!
Who is this fellow?
Honk and move ahead
- Where do you keep your eyes
while driving? -Go man!
We've gone past Alaphuzha!
We haven't seen any
vehicle said by you!
Which one?
Tell me sir!
Then! Red Sumo!
Here goes it!
Turn the vehicle!
Turn man!
Go fast
They have dashed them!
Dash the vehicle
- Drive the vehicle!
- Sony!
No, don't do..
My native place is Nagerkovil!
It is 4 years since I came here
Now this is also like my place
Not like that, it is my place
People leave to gulf and America for jobs
But in my place if one toils
for a day one would get 40 to 50.Rs!
But if I do the same job here
I would earn 400 to 500.Rs
For me, Kerala is gulf and America
For me Kochi is Kerala!
This kochi gave me everything!
A job, a place to sleep
Besides, if I overindulge in booze..
...I have Lakshmi sister and
Andi brother to chide me
But there is one more reason
why I like this place very much!
For the first time I met her here!
For the first time, I..
Like to have hot vadai?
I don't want!
- Give it to me! -You do all this!
But what about my matter?
That can't be done in such haste!
Must wait for the right time!
You have been saying
this for quite some time!
Be patient!
- Like to have groundnut toffee?
- This guys is Nachimuthu!
She says he is great!
But don't like him at all..
Because he likes Marathakam very much!
Love sprouts in my heart
I came running to you
Love sprouts in my heart
I came running to you
Having donkey's walk
and crow's voice..
- He said so.. -Even if he says so
you are like that!
- Brother! Vehicle has come!
- Come on! Vehicle has come!
- Come on, get in
- Vehicle has come. -Get in!
- Get in!
- Brother wait, I will come
- Go man! Why do you dash
women and get in! -Get in!
- What is the issue there!
Getin. -Get in!
- You don't board here!
We can go to the front. -Go man
- Is it ok if I come with you?
Go man -You get in
Get in!
Only for today
- Did you go for the movie yesterday?
- Yes! Mohanlal sir's movie,
It was super!
We also went for Mammooty sir's movie
It was also super!
- What do you say?
- It would be nice only!
- Who is it?
- See, who it is?
Come, let's watch!
Where do you look while driving?
- Early morning can't you see?
- Can't he see?
- We will break it!
- Morning itself..
- Let it go! Leave it!
- Early morning it has come to...?
- Go man!
- Come on, get in
Girl is seventeen.
World is topsy turvy.
Even the crow has its day.
Hey damsel.
You're a trickster.
Come to me
to make merry.
I am the King
I am the King
I am the King
I am the King here
Hey Adonis!
I am crazy about you.
You're smart and crafty..
It's ok!
- Master, please come here
- Tell me, sir
- You have to do like this here
- How, is it sir?
You have to do like this
- Do it yourself and show me sir.
- Me?
- No.. It's ok
- Girls, get ready
Let's us go to another shot
- Sir, Sony sir has come
- Has he come?
Raise the sound
- What's going on now
- Song is going on
Oh God! What is this?
Looks great
- Please be seated
- This is Jeymohan
- Greetings!
He is our director.
Please be seated
You're smart and crafty.
You're my Cassanova.
Hey danseuse!
Lets join and be ecstatic
Lets mingle..
Let's go!
- Punnosan has come with his family
- Are you in airport?
Pala guy Michale is also with him
Where would be they heading?
Pala guy Michael..
Then they would be going to Hotel Saj
- Didn't your Mrs. get down?
- No, she has to go
There is a proposal tomorrow
Her aunt's daughter in Thiruvalla
Everyone has come to the house.
Come, let's sit there
- Is it ok?
- Yes, ok!
It is ok sir!
- Sit down!
1 will be back soon. -Ok
Sit down!
You were also fine in that scene!
Sit down!
I have a doubt if you were little exposed?
No sir! In a situation like
that the character has to..
More over it is fantasy!
If Surya madam can come at 7 o clock..
...tomorrow morning
we can shoot the office combination scene!
But Rajesh
should come at 6 o clock!
I have a shoot for a tele serial tomorrow
My dear Surya!
Can't you stop acting in serials?
No sir! It is a guest appearance!
It is because my first
serial director called me
But once this film is released
you will be beyond the reach of many!
I know that sir!
Thank you!
I don't need thanks!
- I want a gift!
- Let this picture be over sir!
Tell me what you want..
1 would get it for you!
Dropped! Not that!
A gift caressed by love!
- What is the issue?
- Sixteen!
Sixteen, seventeen and
twenty three, should be here!
Let no one think I have not said this!
What is the issue?
Nothing dear! It is about dates
You come darling!
- When did you come? -Even when
his wife is nearby see how he behaves..
He is not a director
he should have become an actor!
- Mind you, it is the cinema field...!
- Director Dileepan is..
I totally forgot about it
I never thought shoot
would be delayed so much!
- Tell me sir!
- Tomorrow I am going to Chennai!
Before I go,
if I tell you the story.. would get an idea
about the character!
The story happens in a rural backdrop!
A village near a hilly region!
The heroine is the
only daughter of a farmer!
Name of the character you do is Sara!
On a night, misty night..
...she escapes from her hubby
and goes to meet her lover
It is a very emotional sequence!
- Who would be cast as the hero?
- Kunjako Bobban
When she goes to meet the lover..
...on the court yard of the bungalow
she meets an young man
A guy whom she has
met earlier at Singapore
- He is the villain
- Is it?
Will it not be a good suspense?
But the villain feigns
that you are a stranger!
We take that as a suspense
and move forward
You ignore the villain
and enter the bungalow
Thereafter it is full comedy
- Get down and pay a fine of Rs.1000!
- What for sir?
That is great! Don't you know?
Were you not talking
on mobile while driving?
No sir! That was an emergency call!
I had disconnected the call instantly!
Give me the mobile!
Let me check the call duration!
No sir! You may charge sheet me!
- Are you threatening me?
- No sir! I know I did a wrong
I am prepared to pay the fine!
- Are you not actress Surya Prabha?
- Yes! -You need not get down!
- What is the problem?
- She was talking in mobile while driving!
- Are you coming after a shoot?
- Yes sir!
I am Cl Pavamani!
Your performance in
serial Mazhaya mangal'..
.Was favourites of my wife and sister
- You must act in serials occasionally!
- Sure!
- Haven't you recognized her?
- No
Actress Surya Prabha!
I couldn't recogonise instantly!
Madam! Don't use mobile while driving!
Especially people like you
who have a huge fan following..
It would be a loss for buffs like us
Today's dance was the real dance!
Gosh! I just talked about you!
You are here! You will live for 100 years!
I am Baby Valayarivecham
I am at Bahrain, Sony's friend!
We have met once at Bahrain
along with Jhony Kuriakose!
Don't you know Jhony Kuriakose?
He is at Muscat!
Me and Jhony were planning
to produce a serial or film!
What is your opinion?
Which is profitable serial or film?
- I just wanted to know
- Cinema is profitable
But production cost must be brought down
Just 4 dances as we shot today would do
That would make the film a hit!
What a dance was it
It was splendid!
Sony brought this from Dubai for you!
It is a costlier one
In India it costs 100 thousands, take it
-I want the key, I want a bottle
- It is there in the cupboard!
Give ice and soda or water to Sony!
Wait, I have told you umpteen times..
...all these hospitalities
should be outside the house
Are you my hubby or my pimp?
From when did you become so decent?
You lie on someone's
shoulders and talk about..
Listen to my dictates and be obedient
One bottle acid is sufficient
to disfigure you..
Thereafter no one would be there
to admire you or your acting!
Have you understood?
You talk whatever you want..
I am not consuming food
thrice a day to get hits and die here
You need not do anything special
Just treat me as your wife
Don't get gifts and money from
some one and bring them before me
Who is it! Tell me. You can
now afford to lead a life, isn't it?
I had to shoulder you so long
When you were bored, you left me..
Now you have come back again
You only made him to..
1 did no wrongs
but you made me..
- Move away
- You...!
- Move
- Dear!
I am the King
I am the King
I am the King
I am the King
- Sir! It is over!
- Start camera!
- Is the fight scene over?
- It was not fight, a song scene was shot!
Was it a dance?
Do you know the time, it is 6 o clock!
6 AM! Has it dawned?
Then we will have a break
Sister come! Let us go!
Sony sir gave this cheque!
It is a cheque for 200,000
He asked me to give it to you
But I have got my full payment!
That was given to Mehaboob!
You may also have personal needs
I require money, but I don't want this!
Gosh! A vehicle is coming!
Come, let's see
- Won't you watch and drive?
- Come
- You proceed!
- Go!
- Morning itself!
- Early morning, can't they see?
Go slow!
- Are you drunk?
4 had just one hottie!
Take it, come to my vehicle!
- Get it fast!
- Hold this
Come fast!
Go woman!
It is hard to make them work
- From morning SPB is reveling
in singing. -Go there! -Yes!
After it entered into heart..
Hands turned into four
and legs turned into eight..
Don't know what happened then?
Velu! Do you know the 'Kalangal'
song from the film 'Kathal Adimai'?
- Times have become stories..
- Exactly
The drawings have come ashore
- Look at him sister!
- I am listening
I searched all over the sky!
Hey Adonis!
I am crazy about you.
You're smart and crafty..
Punnosen has come with his family
Are you at airport?
Pala guy Michale is also with him
Where would be they heading?
Pala guy Michael..
Then they would be going to Hotel Saj
You need not have any apprehensions
I have all the papers with me
Property is mine
I know both of you were scared..
...about the Kakanadan's property
You need not have any fears
Everything is clear. My papers
are ready, you arrange for funds
When I heard Punnose would
reach here outsmarting Sony..
.To fix a deal with these guys
I really didn't believe it
- Even now I can't believe it
4 have not recognized you
He is Jyothilal, my friend
If I am in trouble, he would intervene
Is there a problem between us?
I am not giving my property to him!
As long as I have not received any money
can't I take a decision like that?
Punnose! This is not Dubai or UK!
Mind you this is Kochi!
Kochi! Whether it is play or
business. We have an ethics!
- No friend! But we didn't..
- Keep quiet man!
You talk nicely..
But the issue is to whom you are talking?
Issues are quite normal
It all depends on how one deals with that
This problem must be
resolved here right now!
That property must be given to Sony only
What name did you say?
Ah! Jyothilal!
Rather than we discussing about this.. would better for you
to leave this place
Not you may leave, you must leave!
Go from here mister!
Get out man!
Sony! Come!
Did I not tell you, he has come prepared!
He would give all the
4 properties committed to us to Michael!
- Our forces have to retreat!
- It would come to us
His wife and children
would sell it to us honourably
He has no issues!
But he has a wife like a stud mare!
Santhosh! You and Murugan should
be with him through out the day
-0k, sir!
- Give me the key!
- Jyothi! What are you planning to do?
- I will tell you!
Come, get in!
I would be waiting in car!
Sit down Jyothi!
- Where are you going?
- Sajan brought it from France
- Have two pegs before you go
- Move away!
Sony! Don't come late night
We have lots of work to do
He will rest only after giving
some blows to that guy!
Is it not Jyothi?
Sony! Despite your love failure
you have helped her a lot!
She used to talk about that often!
Why do you talk like little kids,
Mehaboob? Leave it
Should we not go to the good old days?
She has a gorgeous figure!
I was watching photos of your Mrs!
In her interview in last month's
Vanitha magazine..
...she had talked about her love affair!
She is endowed
with a great figure and acting talent
Todays dance was the real dance!
Gosh! I just talked about you!
You are here! You will live for 100 years!
- You give her the gift given by Sony!
- I forgot about it
You and Baby may leave the place!
It's up to Sasi and you.
Come on man!
Wait, I have told you umpteen times..
...all these hospitalities
should be outside the house
Are you my hubby or my pimp?
You lie on someone's
shoulders and talk about..
- You stop!
- Move away!
Those days when I had no other go
1 did submit to you
It was all because I was helpless!
You did help me and my hubby those days!
Finally when you were bored with me.. avoid me you enacted a drama too
1 did forgive you!
It is enough!
If something like that happens again
I would not be alive
With that in mind no one need
to get liquor and money to any one
Please don't trouble me!
He is coming!
So soon?
I don't think anything would
have happened between them!
You get in to the car!
Sir! I am Santhosh!
They have stepped in to..
Ask Kunjumon to be
at the High court junction
- Ok sir
- I am coming there!
Sir! Come fast!
It was Santhosh's call
You may get down!
You get down
I would accompany you
We are not going for a church festival!
Get down! If we keep playing,
those guys would go
- Get down!
- Jyothi, take care!
- You may go!
- In case of any problem, call me
I will be available at the room
Move away
In your outlook..
In your outlook..
There is anxiety
What is this anxiety?
There is anxiety
What is this anxiety?
In your outlook,
breath and heart..
In your outlook, breath and heart..
What is this anxiety?
In your outlook, breath and heart
My body is shelled
My body is shelled
The outlook is shattered
! believed your faith
My confidence is shattered
Appeal as a human being
Cursed is my life
Hear my prayers and
shower your grace
May my life prosper
In your outlook, breath and heart..
What is this anxiety?
In your outlook, breath and heart..
What is this anxiety?
What is this anxiety?
In your outlook, breath and heart..
Move man
- Move! -It's getting late.
- It is very crowded!
Want 6 tickets!
- Velu has come!
- Come on! Got tickets!
Come, let us go
Come on
The film has started
- That side..
- You go and sit there
Hey Adonis!
I am crazy about you.
You're smart and crafty..
Hey danseuse!
Lets join and be ecstatic
- What man!
- Trying to be haughty?
Lets join and be ecstatic
- A guy from behind is pawing me!
Look straight and watch the movie
What man! Whose girl are you pawing?
What will you do man?
Are you misbehaving with...?
- Whack him!
- Leave it, brother!
- Don't do anything!
- Don't you have sisters?
Will you do it again?
Leave me, sir
- Move man!
- Sir, it is not me sir!
What happened?
Sir! They..
We had been to a new release movie!
This guy was sitting behind our seat
He misbehaved with women
and tried to paw her!
I asked him decently
why do you do like this?
He then slapped me here
and kicked me here
He has torn my pocket too
It has hurt me
A slap here and kick here and
it is hurting!
He didn't allow us to watch the movie
No sir! He only did that
My God! He is lying!
You effeminate! Didn't you paw me here?
What are you looking at man?
Is what you got there not sufficient?
- I would not mind it is a police station
I would.. -Enough! Stop it!
What is it?
He told us to release them!
Has the orders come?
For your performance at the theater
should I give you some certificate?
Do you want?
You may go
This is not Tamil Nadu
This is Kerala
When you go for movie with wife
you must bear that in mind
- No, she is not my wife
- Not your wife, then?
- We are close friends!
- Friend! Since when?
Since one year
We work in the same place
with same thoughts!
- Then can't you marry him?
- I am already married!
- Are you already married?
- Yes sir!
- Where is your hubby?
- He is at his place, Pollachi!
Your home is at Pollachi
But you do what people do at Hollywood!
No sir! She is innocent!
He is a big boozer!
- He would kick her
- What about your hubby madam?
When we moved from
Pondichery to Madras..
.1 told you about a Chef tan there
Rjan Chettan, he got me a job
He was there
We both eloped to Burma
-I got married there!
- Ok madam! You may go!
- Go. -Many thanks sir!
- Go!
You drop Marathakam
at her home! We are going!
Come on man
Come Parimalam!
- What is it?
What happened? -Nothing
Are you thinking about those
rowdy elements? Forget it!
Why are you staying alone?
You can stay with us
Lakshmi sister, Andi brother
and Parimalam all of us stay together!
- Shall I ask them?
- I would tell you later!
Why is she going without
telling anything?
Jyothi sir!
Sony sir is calling from Dubai!
What are you doing
switching off the mobile?
I was sleeping
What is it?
Surya's hubby Mehaboob
called me now
Jeymohan is out with her
Before something happens
give some blows and take her home
It seems it is full
It is full of cars
Look there!
What a boost I have given you!
- Thank you!
- Let me tell you one thing
If you act in sundry serials hereafter
I may have to behave differently
Shari, get down!
Show the torch light!
You can sit here!
- How dare you touch her?
- Beat him
- What is the problem?
- No, they are dancing!
No, don't do!
If there is some problem,
we will go!
No problem! Sit down
It will all be over now!
Smash him
- Let us go sir!
- It is just clash between fans!
Keep quiet!
It is super, look there
Surya! What is your opinion
about the entire picture?
Can we go to 2 or 3 more theaters also?
Any issues?
Park somewhere and get
me a packet of 555 cigarette!
Stop there!
Why are you not wearing any rings!
Wear minimum 4 to 5 of them!
That would look nice!
Our next movie's costumes won't be
like this. It would be beautiful!
Do you know about the location?
It would be America!
Why are you so shy?
How will you act in romantic scenes?
What is this dear?
In your Red FM you are hearing..
- Madam! You board that vehicle!
- Who are you?
We are local people sir!
Seems your movie is released today!
- Yes!
- How is it?
- It is a super hit
- Is it?
Madam please..
It is on Sony sir's instructions
- Get in to the vehicle
- This..
Madam Please!
You need not have any scares!
Then Shari can come to the rear seat!
Even if you are nearer or far away..
Song from the movie 'Pranayam'..
.'You are far away...?'
Is the next song for you from Red FM 93.5
Are you far away?
Are you far away?
Oh drizzles!
You become a rain
You drop me in the next junction
I will go from there!
The guy who gave me this task
asked me to drop you at your home!
You may go anywhere from there!
In any case this is safe
than the director's car
-I want to get down here!
- This is not a shooting unit's car
...nor am Ia production driver!
He is the guy, hit him
Go man
- Go man
- Oh God!
No, leave him
Go man
Madam! One guy by name Soman..
Tell her Podiyadi Soman, madam knows me!
Podiyadi Soman, then..
Shamim sir!
Tell her Shamim sir!
- Then one Mr.Shamim!
- Ask them to come!
Soman! Punnose fixed the deal
with Sony Vadayattil for 100 millions
If I am to sell that to another person..
I may have to quote a price more than that
No madam, I heard from Shamim
that day the deal was not fixed..
...and he had an altercation with him
Shamim was also present there!
Yes I remember
After two weeks of my
husband's death Sony met me
We also came to an
understanding about the price
Ok, I am leaving
Sorry Soma, I am little busy!
We can talk about this sometime later!
It would be better if you
can fix a prior appointment
I thought it would be done easily..
But now what about the
amount I gave to MLA Rajappan?
I think bailing her out
will become futile!
When it came to business
she feigns ignorance of her hard times!
No, that is her character
She is right too
Business and acquaintance
are two different things
I would give you Rajappan's money!
No sir! I am not doing it for money
It is just a business!
If it had gone through..
I have three..
I have two girl children
I will be back now
Shamim sir is a big shot in Kozhikode!
Many of his family members
are ministers and politicians
Punnose sir decided in favour
of him than Sony, only on that strength
Whatever happened was afterwards
Yet we have certain ethics
- That is why.. -Ok Soma,
I would think over it and let you know!
That will do
- Madam this is Podiyadi Soman!
- Tell me!
Shamim sir says, he can give
5 millions more than any offer!
Not only that madam..
As I told you earlier..
.-He is a big shot in Kozhikode
- Soma, that..
Madam you know about my plight
Last month one or two
deals would have gone through
Shamim sir only told me
to help you out in the court case
Hope you know I have
three girl children.. Two..
What these fellows are doing?
Go man!
Go man!
- Madam
- Soman
- Greet you sir
- Who are you, from where?
I am Podiyadi soman!
Madam asked us to come!
- Sit down, I will inform!
- Ok
Who is Shamim sir?
You may meet her
Madam said only Shamim sir should come
Oh my god! What am I hearing?
Do you have faith in horoscopes?
It is great times for you!
You may go. If you are a mere spectator,
it would boomerang back
Don't forget Podiyadi Soman..
I have three girl children
Our marriage was 9 years ago at Muscat!
After completing nursing course..
I got a job at Muscat
The next day I met him
I come from a place
called Pullad near Thiruvalla
We are five sisters. He helped
to educate all my younger sisters!
He was not merely an husband to me!
1 did tell Police who killed Punnose
But instead they arrested me!
Do you know this guy?
- Jyothilal!
He is atroublesome guy!
Criminal! I heard he is
accused in 3 murder cases!
I have a score to settle with him!
I called you to get help from you on this!
He only killed my husband Punnose!
What would have been the motive?
1 did not tell you or
police about an incident!
On the day Punnose was killed
he had awrangle with Sony at Hotel Say
It was on the business
deal we talked today
If this guy has killed Punnose
it was done on behalf of Sony!
It is definite
They are so close friends!
He would not hesitate to
kill or die for the sake of Sony
The 3 murder cases
I mentioned was done for Sony
If I had been in States or Dubai
there were lot of guys to help me
All his friends only!
I want to kill Sony Vadayattil!
To do that, you must be with me
I stay here alone
You need not get involved directly!
Get another Jyothilal!
Will you not be with me?
- Pandi brother! How are you?
- I am fine Velu!
- When will you give the money?
- Okay, tomorrow
This is our area!
- How are you man?
- Fine!
Get down!
Kittu! Parimalam!
Parimalam! What happened?
Sister! Velu is bringing
Marathakam after marrying her!
Great! My dear darling!
Did it occur to you at least now?
Wait! Give her a traditional welcome!
Early morning this guy has boozed!
Get up man!
Marathakam and Velu have married! Go
All of you go and see them!
- Super!
- He has deceived me!
What is this?
Come! Stand together!
- What is this sister? -You are
coming for the first time after marriage!
You are a kid!
You don't know anything!
- Wait!
- Marriage?
Whose marriage?
She married 5 years ago
Will you do this now
for what happened long ago?
It is a lie
Take those bags and baggages inside!
What are you all watching?
All of you go home!
- Go man
- Then did you not marry her?
Are you mad? Those bastards
we saw at the theater came to retaliate
So she was weeping. So I said she can
stay in our colony and brought her here
- You people have created a..
- I know it
What? That you won't marry
anyone other than me!
Gosh! You are still a kid!
- Come on
- Go man!
- Who is this? -He is my son!
He is with granny at Palani!
- Such a big boy..
- Yes, last time..
My God!.
Oh god! Leave it
What happened?
Sister! Photo fell down and shattered
I think something would
have happened to my son!
Breaking glass is a bad omen
Nothing would have happened
We can go to Palani and
meet the child immediately!
- Is it ok?
- Nothing would have happened
- Don't go and tell this to your teachers!
- I would tell them!
Go from here!
I wanted to come late in the afternoon!
But I know I would not get your food
Can't you prepare food
in the night and have it?
But dining alone in the
flat can not be joyous like this
Leave it. Come!
No! You may sit. Vinu told me
about super star eating mud pot food!
- Surya! I am leaving..
I have a small work at Guruvayoor! -Ok
- Surya has come with an inviting
- Inviting..
- It is not inviting, it is invitation!
Have you understood?
- Is it not time to change this plaster?
- I will change!
- Take it. -Is this the inviting
letter said by her?
November 5 Sunday
Is Sony Vadayattil the partner?
Coming after 5 years
what is Sony saying now?
I am a popular actress now!
Our business tycoons have an hobby
To have a celebrity girl friend!
Just that! My partnership
with Mehaboob will take care of itself!
But there won't be another man in my life!
What is this?
1 will be back now!
I am going to Palani! It would be
better if we get the 9 o clock bus!
- Is it?
- Wait, Andi brother!
- Where are they going?
- They are going to Palani!
- Why?
- To meet Marathakam's boy
- Why should Velu go for that?
- For time pass!
Because I am not here,
if you start boozing..
...on my return I would kick you
Bear that in mind!
Will I do like that Lakshmi?
Take care of him!
If I come late, give him some food!
See what
I would get you from Palani?
- Really!
- Really
- Where are you going brother?
- Going to Palani!
Is it! Give that to me
Lord Muruga!
What are you doing man?
Oh Lord Muruga!
Oh Lord of Palani!
Leave me man!
Lord Muruga!
Move man!
Are you not coming to Palani?
Which ticket can fetch me first prize?
Get Bhutan lottery!
- Which one?
- Bhutan! -Bhutan?
- Give me 2 tickets for Rs.5
- No ticket for Rs.5
- It is Rs.10
-0k, give one ticket!
- It is getting late
- The bus is about to move!
- Get down
Get down fast! -Come!
My god!
Get in brother!
Get a seat!
- Put the bag inside!
- Move man
- Alaga! Where are you going?
- To Palani!
- Why are you going?
- To see Marathakam's son!
We will meet you
after our return from Palani!
Look how he blinks!
- Move! -Give 4 tickets
for Pollachi!
I wanted to go to Palani
for quite some time!
It has fructified only now!
All because of Marathakam!
Marathakam! See this
It is our heroine
- She looks pretty
- Yes sister!
She is waving hands!
How are you?
- Is she not wearing a blouse?
Look how slim she is ! -Yes!
She looks so beautiful!
Get in to the vehicle!
Jyothi! It was a great programme!
Why didn't you join?
What is this man!
We are going to Ponumdi!
How can you turn the vehicle to this side!
- I am not for it
- You need not get involved in it!
Have we ever forced you to do anything!
You have two pegs and enjoy
the breeze at the lake shore!
You sing the 'Ashtamudi Lake'
song and lie on the shore!
What you want is a driver!
I have called Santhosh, he would come!
Jyothi, listen to me!
- Stay there!
- He would come to drive the vehicle!
What is the issue with you,
come out openly?
It is a job for him! When it is
with us it would be.. Come on
Don't talk nonsense!
On the plea to help her
you partnered with this guy..
...and made two or three movies in his name
As per his account statements
has any one of them made profit?
Have you got at least 5 paise return?
- Jyothi sir, that is about the serial..
- You keep quiet!
Me and Santhosh went to his office..
Proper accounts reveal
all the 4 films made profit!
Sony! You are not Tata or Birla!
Construction company is making profits!
Now you have brought
a new partner there too..
Tomorrow like this dirty fellow
he will also say it is making losses!
He does all this for that lady
For that actress!
- Her..
- Mind your words!
Sony is not a fool in this regard!
If a guy can not understand this
I don't want him!
Sony! Wait!
- Sir it is Soman!
- What is it?
They have entered 'Alliance'
- Where are you?
- We are outside the bar!
- Shall I whack them here?
- Call me after finish the task
- What is it Jyothi sir?
- What to say?
We were heading to Jose kutty's resort!
But these two guys
had a wrangle before that!
Sony has gone inside
Go and find out what is it?
Ok sir!
- Sony sir
- Get lost man!
Come fast!
He is alone!
It was good
What you said was right!
I also wanted to advise him
Jyothi sir! You have misunderstood me
The manjadi..
Will you keep quiet?
He is at the corner room!
Jyothi sir! Come here!
I don't know why..
- Where is Sony?
- Sony is taking drugs..
Sony! What is your intention?
I want Surya!
I love her so much..
- I can't live without her
- You leave her on her own
She has rejected you!
I would kill her!
When Sony says, he does it
Then do that first!
Come let us kill her
No one has understood her
She discarded her husband
and was prepared to come with me
But I deceived her
My dad threatened that
he would die if I marry her..
...and made me run away from that place
I lost her on that day!
Sony! Come
Santhosh! Hold him!
Sony come!
Beloved dear come!
Oh darling come!
They are heading towards Ponmudi!
It would be very cool there!
What if we finish them there?
Unique mango tree..
Start the car man!
It is a God's play
Life is a God's play
It is a God's play
Life is a God's play
It is a God's play
Life is a God's play
It is a God's play
Life is a God's play
It is a God's play
Life is a God's play
It is a God's play
Life is a God's play
You're a saviour
You're a saviour forever
You're a saviour
You're a saviour forever
You're a saviour
Sony I would be available
at the adjacent room
Call me if required!.
Why do you behave like this..
My God!
What is this?
Come fast!
They are killing us!
Come Jyothi!
Come on Jyothi!
Jyothi come!
Jyothi, throw the key!
Jyothi, throw the key!
- Sony!
- Throw the key!
Soman called from Ponmudi
Jyothilal is finished
Why is there no reaction from you?
Haven't you heard the saying
'operation success but the patient died'?
I have not heard that
But in this case the patient is not dead!
Jyothilal might have been
admitted in hospital..
...and Sony Valayattil would
have had a sound sleep at home!
I got the information
yesterday night itself!
It is ok!
My boy has done the task smartly!
But their time is not yet over!
You need not drive during night!
Go downstairs and sleep!
Not downstairs! There
I am going to sleep with you
- Come on lady!
- You are drunk Shamim!
It would not be ok if we talk now!
Are you going home or sleeping here?
I am not going woman!
What do you think of Shamim?
Friends say I am your paramour
I 'am your paramour
You know that
Come on lady!
That boy has not gone!
His vehicle is at the courtyard
Yesterday what both of us did was draggy
Before the mortuary I had spent
one full night for my husband's body
Before I sent those guys
bodies to the same mortuary..
...I would adorn a gold ring with my
name Viji etched on it on your fingers
Let us wait for that day!
Seems you were admitted
yesterday night!
Looks like a stab or a slash!
With whom did you fight?
It was a brawl at the bar
with another group!
Yesterday night I saw you
while being admitted!
I am Kochapi!
My house is at Tavanattinkara!
I came here because the pain increased
Is she not an actress?
What actress!
She is a..
She is my neighbour!
4 years ago she eloped with
2 Muslim boy while at College
Her dad died in that shock!
He was a conductor, Shreedharan
He brought them up with lot of care!
There were 3 sisters, a brother and mom!
He was good at studies
He is doing engineering now!
That old lady is admitted here!
She might have come to see her!
All said and done the girl
now looks after the family, the actress
I'll have a black tea and come.
Will that guy come to see the boy?
Lord Muruga! You should only save us!
He is a first rate scoundrel!
He has ruined my daughter's life
That fellow has 3 to 4
wives and concubines!
1 didn't give my daughter for nothing!
I gave him Rs.20 K and also jewels
I gave all these for getting
Marathakam married
- Don't weep granny!
- Don't weep granny!
Oh God! I can't bear this sight!
Apply Vicks!
It was your hard times.
It has happened!
Are you going to think
about that and weep life long?
Our girl is beautiful and smart!
Boys would line up to marry her!
We would marry her to a guy who
would take care of her like a princess!
She is married and has a son
Who would marry her?
You wait and see granny!
A guy like actor Vijay would marry her
- That is not an issue at all!
- You go man!
You don't know about that rowdy Maruthu!
Because that scoundrel
was transferred to Coimbatore..
...we are now having this chat peacefully
But he would come frequently
He would inquire about Marathakam!
If I say I don't know
he would assault that little boy
I don't know when
he would kick the buckets!
Then only my daughter
would get a happy life
Don't worry granny!
I am with you!
We have done so much!
Will I not do this also?
- He is a cop! -Cops can't do
anything for guys like him!
Some others should do
Only a huntsman can do it!
Put the gravels!
- Make it fast!
- Put gravels and add 4 bags of cement!
From today I have also
joined here Marathakam!
I wanted to ask you about
a thing for quite some time!
But I could never meet you alone!
That is why I joined here!
Wear the coolers man!
- What are you doing?
- Who has put the cement tray down?
He did it!
Poor guy, he doesn't know
- Who are you man?
- Nachi, Nachimuthu!
- I joined only today!
- Have you joined?
- You are out today itself!
- Brother don't hit him!
He is my sister's son!
He was jobless! I only brought him here
Fool! Won't you do it carefully?
Do you know him?
He is like Almighty to us!
Vasu brother! Supervisor!
He has spilled cement on our Lord!
What is this man?
For God only ghee and milk are poured
But he has poured a cement admixture!
- Give him some job brother!
- Brother, boss has come
Come on man! I would give you a job
Go guys!
- Sister! -You go, I will talk later!
- He has come seeking a job!
We have to hand over the keys
to the clients with in 6 months!
So you should be
present here all the time!
Have you both come together?
What is this Vasu?
It is cement all over your body!
Today we had some labour shortage
Sol had to mix cement!
What is all this?
You are the supervisor of M.S.Builders
There are lot of hands to do the jobs!
Don't be in a haste. We have 6 months
time to hand over the keys to clients!
- He is Mehaboob!
Our companies new partner! -Ok, sir!
- Hereafter he would oversee the affairs
- OK sir
Take him around and explain!
Sister! Look at your millionaire!
He is carrying cement tray!
He is doing it for your sake!
Mehaboob! I am busy!
You stay here and learn the work!
No point in a partner sitting at home!
- I would send back the car for you!
- It is not required!
Surya is having
a shoot nearby at Poonthitta!
It would be over now!
1 will inform her to pick me up!
- You may go Sony!
- So I am leaving!
Vasu! Explain him
the cement mixture details
Sony! If you were not affluent
the locals would have suffered a lot!
- Why? -To make money
you would have used your brain!
Why do you hold me up here?
You have not answered me Sophia!
If you are not interested tell me
I would not trouble you
Please stop the car!
Come fast!
- Ok sir!
- OKk Surya! Come after 2 o clock!
- Ok!
- Dear!
It is Mehaboob sir!
Prabha, I am at the site!
- Have you finished your lunch?
- Not yet, we can have it together!
- When you go, pick me up also!
I have made a clothing offering
to the Paramala Devi
It should be fulfilled without fail
I made this offering for
Mehaboob sir's sake!
To fend off his boozing and
frequent quarrels between you both!
What a superb acting!
He carries the cement tray
spills it over Vasu brother!
He carries gravel
If some one sees this, he would get it..
- What!
- Award!
But the intended person has not seen it!
Who said so?
I have been watching all this!
Sony was looking for this person!
This is a heaven sent opportunity!
- Jyothi! Catch hold!
Look inside the car!
See who is seated there!
You were saying for quite some time
that you would demolish the flat..
...explode a bomb, bring her and
make her dance like in film 'Sholay'
Baby! He is mad
Will this ever happen?
Let it rise to 7th or 8th floor
Then only it would become a reality!
After demolishing the flat,
what would we do?
After two months will we not occupy it?
- Public will not have time
to remember all this! -Is that your plan?
It was very hot. I was under direct
sun so long! Besides it was very dusty!
Move away!
Wait man!
- What is this?
- Wait!
Bring two plates of..
Two soda and 10 Parottas
Take the glass
What is all this?
I can't understand!
You keep on drinking without money
It would become an issue today!
I am going!
Sit down man! I have money!
First come to the point!
This guy is blinking!
Look at Velu, poor guy!
Tell him
-I have a question for you!
- What is it?
Who is Marathakam for you?
If you ask this so abruptly,
what can I say?
- Marathakam, for me is
-like your sister!
Not like, she is your sister!
You, me and Marathakam knows about it!
For a sister like her
you are an affectionate brother!
Do you know, what you should do now?
No sister! I was about to tell you..
That is..
Leave that..
Marathakam is a poor girl!
Without seeing her son
she is staying alone for so long!
Give me the pickles!
Even Nachimuthu is a poor fellow!
After our return from Palani
he felt sorry for Marathakam!
Even yesterday I saw him weeping
Poor fellow!
Velu! He is not a guy as you believe!
He is from a well to do
Gounder family from Ambasamudram!
They have 100 cattles
600 acres of coconut grove
They have 15 cars
He had a tiff with his dad
and left the house!
The problems would be solved soon!
Have you brought me
here to talk about this?
He may be a wealthy guy!
What should I do for that?
Velu! This is like a movie!
Spread some sauce over this!
Take it!
- What do you see now
is only the title! -Yes!
The cinema is going to start only now!
They both love each other so dearly!
You are her brother!
You should see to it
that they get married!
- He is a millionaire!
- Is he not a Millionaire?
He has 400 cattles,
800 acre coconut grove. All this..
Is it not just 100 cattles...?
Won't you keep your mouth shut?
I got you booze and snacks
- Mind your business..
- I am talking about a big issue..
He has all these
He would take care
of her on a golden platter!
Your sister Marathakam will live happily!
- Brother! -What happened!
Why do you fall at my feet?
- What is it, Nachimuthu?
- Bless us brother!
You should help us to get married!
Tell him, sister!
A millionaire has fallen at your feet!
Have you seen it Velu?
Raju! Yes, that is it!
Keep the stand here!
Jyothilal is waiting outside to meet you!
- What should I tell him?
- What for! I don't want to meet him!
Go and inform him
Inform him, sister!
- Gopi sir!
- What is it, sister?
Send him out!
He has come to meet Prabha!
- That is..
- She is not willing to meet him
- He is a killer!
- He said he is her husband's friend!
He is lying!
He is a troublesome guy
You go inside, we will handle him!
I have incited Gopi
He would send him out!
- I just want to meet her
- Go man!
- Take off your hand
- Go from here
-I am telling you only!
- Go man
Saravana! Come on
See how this mad guy behaves!
Come dear! Let us leave the place!
I thought you are involved in a crime
So arrested you both
I got instructions from top to release you
So I am releasing you!
But I'll get the credit for taking
you to lock up for the first time
I would celebrate it!
Any objection to it?
What should I do?
Should I go out or be in lock up?
But in a democracy like India
if people like you are in lock up..
...but for my satisfaction you step
inside for a minute..
.Then I will let you go
Let it be..
If you get satisfaction over that..
...-let that happen
- Please
He is not an influential guy like you!
So you can come out!
Girl! Who is Swarnavel for you?
He is like your brother!
No! He is your brother!
Can he tolerate your sufferings
without meeting your son?
He is weeping seeing your plight!
I consoled him and said
1 will find a good guy to marry you!
This Parimalam is obstinate
that she would marry only Velu!
- You should say something!
- What should I do! Tell me sister!
This Nachimuthu is a good guy!
He likes you so much!
Don't judge him by his present status!
He is a big shot in his place
He has 400 cattles,1000 acres of land
-8 cars, 10 jeeps
- Analakshmi! You said only 5 cars earlier!
You carry on with your food!
What do you say Velu!
Why are you silent?
Yes, Marathakam!
You should marry that guy
lalso feel..
Have you heard him?
Just agree to marry Nachimuthu!
I would celebrate
your marriage in grand style!
Tell me!
Did Swarnavel say I am like his sister!
Yes! I swear, he said it
Who else are you to him?
Dear! Give your consent!
I agree!
You are my darling!
Nachimuthu! She has agreed
for the marriage! Come here
If brother says
it is correct
He is the leader for the town
He is the president of our place
No one is so brave as brother
Be ready for the play
Forget the worries
Our brother is coming
like a roaring bull in the field
It's enough
Beat the drums
Be steady after having the drinks
Will you get the wisdom
if you go to the school?
But if you drink the arrack
you'll get the exhaustion
If you do the dance jumping
The earth will rotate to your steps
See the Cauveri river in your palm
Swim in it and overcome the troubles
If brother says
it is correct
He is the leader for the town
He is the president of our place
No one is so brave as brother
Be ready for the play
Forget the worries
Our brother is coming
like a roaring bull in the field
Go non-stop and increase the tempo
No cost for the happiness
No one will reveal it
Search for it your own
Go non-stop and increase the tempo
No cost for the happiness
No one will reveal it
Search for it your own
Fill up it to your heart
You will know the truth
after it goes inside
You'll understand what is there inside
There will be a reason for your birth
Enjoy the things whatever you desire
Having two people in home
rule them
It's God's calculation
You'll understand it
You toss the one rupee coin
where will it stop?
Tell me if you know the answer
or else booze more
If brother says
it is correct
He is the leader for the town
He is the president of our place
No one is so brave as brother
Be ready for the play
Forget the worries
Our brother is coming
like a roaring bull in the field
Do it
Like that
It isn't over yet
Beat the drums
Come dear!
How is my set up?
Love sprouts in my heart
I came running to you
Marathakam! Look at this!
- Do you know how much it costs?
- No
-100 thousand rupees!
- Is it?
Wear it myself
No fruits, no sleep
I came to see this chubby face
Love sprouts in my heart
I came running to you
Love sprouts in my heart
I came running to you
Love sprouts in my heart..
- Oh God!
- Catch him!
- Oh God!
- Stop..
What happened sir?
What is this?
What is the issue?
- You.. -Yes sir, that day
some one pawed me at the theater!
Why are you here?
I got married today, with him
- Marriage...?
- Yes sir
But you said you are
already married to a pollachi guy!
Yes sir, he is another guy
He is a betrayer, and murderer
But this guy is worse than him!
He is accused in 17 theft cases
You pack everything and vacate the place!
- What do you say sir?
- Go woman!
- Where is your husband?
- Police has nabbed him!
Is marriage such a big offense?
You said he is a big millionaire
He has 400 cattles, 6 cars and what not!
When did I say all these?
Lakshmi sister only said
You said Nachimuthu is the right match
for me! You asked me to marry him
Why do you shout at me?
You were lured by Nachimuthu's affluence!
- You said I am your brother!
- Go!
When did I say?
You said I am like your sister!
He is a big thief!
You got me married to him!
Lakshmi sister only
said you think like that!
If she says...?
She told me also that you think like that!
What do you think now?
Those who have the
signatures of god in heart fall in love
No one should leave this planet earth..
...without knowing what is love,
says the poet
- Whatever you sing or talk yet there
is some remainder. -What do you think?
Now we can hear the song
from the film "Kathal Adimaikal"
Listen Red FM and
continue to listen Red FM
The time has caste the strides..
...watching your door
The drawings have come ashore
Color is the same today
or in the past
I searched all over the sky!
Yesterday was the sound
of cold wave!
I was enjoying the tune
of a love song!
I saw all the dreams..
! saw the dreams without you
I stood there losing the color!
It's not a dream to be there
for an instant
The moon is not near
a finger can touch
This instant life is without color!
Shall we able to see it?
Hey! You're sweet
...and incite with your laugh,
or sour what we think?
We're made for each other
like sun, rain and umbrella..
We're two but our heart is one
Will live together till death
The time has caste the strides..
...watching your door
The drawings have come ashore
Color is the same today or in the past
I searched all over the sky!
Yesterday was the sound of cold wave!
I was enjoying the tune of a love song!
What is this Parimalam?
- Early morning, you don't allow me
to sleep! -Who is it?
Which is Swarnavel's house?
- Who is Swarnavel?
- It is me sir!
- Your friend! -That was then,
now we have decided to marry..
Marriage? Other day,
it was Pollachi guy, yesterday this guy..
...and today this man
Forget that, where is his chain?
What chain sir?
Didn't he give you a chain?
Didn't he give? No, yesterday only
he married me claiming he is a Millionaire!
But only when you
knocked the door yesterday..
. Knew he is such a big thief!
But by then he has outraged my modesty!
- Did you?
- She is lying, I didn't do anything
He is lying sir! He raped me!
- Did he ruin you? -Yes sir
- But what did you tell me?
You said you presented her a chain
And when you were about to sit,
you heard police knocking the door..
...and you had to run away.The very
sight of you proves you are a thief!
- What is the problem?
Why are you here? -Madam!
This guy is a thief, rascal
I tell this for every one of you to hear!
He has come from the village of thieves!
He is accused in 17 cases
Nachimuthu! Is what he says true?
You dog! What do you think of us?
- Lakshmi! Don't do anything!
- You claimed to be a Millionaire Gounder!
- What all did you say?
- What is this?
We gave that woman on marriage to you!
Leave me sir!
Do you know what he has done?
- We gave you our girl!
- No don't do it
You said you have car and..
Take him away sir!
Break his knees sir!
Put him behind bars
-I would come back
- Come on man, face me one to one!
...but for my satisfaction you step inside
for a minute then I will let you go
Let it be..
If you get satisfaction over that..
He is not an influential guy like you!
Have you not gone outside?
I didn't feel like..
slothful, so stayed at home
Dad came today morning
along with my uncle from Muscat!
They have all taken some decision
Oh my God! Is this not at Kochi?
Viji why are you not interested?
Not like that, regarding marriage..
...but between us is a commitment
more important than that
The death of two persons
It should happen
Is that all?
You need not wait so long for that!
At the most one week..
By the time both of them would be dead
We have lifted his driver, Santhosh!
- Little while ago, she was..
- Sister!
- Don't know sir! She was working
on top! -Look at your sister..
- Is the cause of the accident known?
- No!
No! We are just beginning to investigate
On the suspicion of foul play
can we expect some arrests?
Sir! We have remanded the
flat's contractor Mehaboob!
She is his wife
Surya Prabha, a film actress!
Based on the deposition
of witnesses on the spot..
...we have arrested your husband
Who is the MD?
- One Mr.Sony Vadayattil!
- Is he the guy?
Then give us some documents
in support of that!
We will find out
what can be done? Is it not sir?
Ok sir!
Sir! I want to talk to Mehaboob
It is ok, by today
evening you will get bail
Today evening I would meet
Sony sir, to get the papers!
No, because of me,
you need not lose anything!
You may go!
But bear that in mind
you only ruined my life!
You are the sole reason!
Out of my helplessness
I forced you to do certain things
I am an unlucky fellow!
I have to repay them now
1 will die here
You may go!
You may go
No, because of me, no one has to die!
You want to get out of here!
I can do it!
To who all I should
submit myself for that?
Tell me!
Who is it?
Come in!
Gosh! Who is it?
Surya Prabha! Jesus!
Is it a dream?
Sony, come here!
See who has come here?
Come on darling!
I am only calling you!
Come here man!
See who has come?
Now it is between you and your..
Sony would tell a thing only once!
Today you have come in
your car to my place to meet me!
But do you know how much
I had to spend for this?
- Is it not Baby?
- Forget it
When we met for the second time..
...if you had given your consent once..
...this money would have come
to your hands in another way!
Whatever you earn
for life long as an actress..
.Would not be even 5 % of this
You neglected me with disdain
because you acted in 4 films
You must understand
one thing at least now
Don't show your antics to a wealthy guy!
Attend the call
It is Jyothi!
- He is at downstairs!
- Ask him to come up
Come upstairs!
Jyothi! See who has come?
She is..
Sony! Send her out
This is like a scene from some old movie
Bringing a girl to your room..
Let those who talk do the talking..
...-but let us watch
- Baby! Keep quiet
She is not a mere woman to me!
Once ll loved her so dearly
But I could not marry her!
She did not understand that situation..
...and avoided me completely
What are you talking?
She has married another guy and
is living with him
Let him be so bad a guy..
Is it wrong for her to reject
the advances of another man?
But I am not just another man to her!
Am I! Let her answer!
I loved here sincerely then and now!
This actress has not understood it!
You can not say that!
Then you would have married her
No matter your dad or any one opposed it
You have helped her a lot those days
In return she has given you many things!
But when it was inconvenient to you
You decided to stay away from her
What right do you have over her?
Leave them on their own
Why should we interfere in that?
It is not just sufficient to
understand a girl is lying by your side
But you should also know
how did she come to that situation!
Don't you also have daughters
studying at Ooty and Bangalore?
If some good looking wealthy guys decide..
.They can also be seen in
some hotel rooms like this!
You dirty bastard! Are you..
- What are you doing Jyothi?
- You dirty rascal..
.When I talked about your daughters
it has hurt you
These girls come for Rs.20,000
and 50,000..
...not because they are tempted
by Salman or Sharuk khan!
It is only out of helplessness
- Aren't you ashamed to come out with this
and ruin girls? -Jyothi, get out!
- Leave me, [ will go..
Get out!
All of us knew from
beginning, this would happen
...including your husband
I came to the shooting location
other day only to tell you that!
Mehaboob is not a guy as you believe!
I would talk to Sony
I would get you the required papers!
Nothing to worry!
She would be alright after a good sleep!
Take rest
It is easy to kill or die
It is very difficult to live
You promised to make your
brother an engineer and sister a doctor!
If you don't do such foolish things
hereafter no one would trouble you
This is a promise from me!
- Sony asked me to bring you!
- Is he normal?
Forget it!
What ever happened has happened!
You gave me a good thrashing!
Let me tell you!
He feels sorry for what happened!
Let me tell you one thing!
Is our friendship one or two days old?
A woman can not come
between us and spoil it!
He is prepared to give
the papers to that woman!
She is a poor girl
He would give the papers of the flat
Come here
Come man!
Shake hands!
That is good
Forget it!
Jesus! For few seconds
these guys made me go to heavens!
But my tooth has become little shaky!
- Come on!
- Come!
- Baby! Forget it, I..
- I have not hidden anything from you!
What do you have towards her?
Sympathy! Concern or love?
Sony! What do we feel towards
a hit and run victim on road?
That is my feeling towards her!
No one need to help or love her!
I don't like that
Who else would help her?
You can only do that!
Tomorrow is Friday!
Before the court raises for the day..
...if he can't get bail tomorrow
he may have to be in lock up for 4 days
So if you want to give the papers..
you must give it today itself!
I have asked advocate
Benjamin to come there
Let her come there
Or should I go to her house
and give it to her?
No, I would bring her
But she would come
their only on my assurances!
You should not go back on your words
Seems of late,
there is no mutual trust between us!
Did I mean that?
To hell with you guys!
What happened Marathakam?
What happened?
Marathakam! What happened?
Swarnavel! Come out!
He would come out now, see him
Who is Swarnavel?
- It is me!
- Do you know this man?
- Don't know sir!
- Gosh!
He says he don't know me!
You tell me madam!
In a family bickering's are common
between husband and wife
Is it not brother? Because of that..
...will any one leave husband
and ones place?
Tell me brother!
The song 'can we elope after marriage'
is from which movie?
- That one..
- Ok leave it..
I have worshiped all Lords
Palani Murugan, Madurai Meenakshi
Then, the place where Tsunami hit..
- That place is..
- Velankanni mother!
I prayed everywhere!
God! You know my plight
But this guy does not understand!
Haven't you understood brother?
Haven't you understood?
You are living with a woman!
You dog! I am her husband!
I am the dad of her child!
Show this to him sir!
This is marriage certificate!
Show him sir!
This is the photo!
Where is Marathakam?
She is unwell sir!
What! Is she unwell?
What did you do to my darling?
My dear!
My dear...!
Seenu! Look at her!
Consuming unhealthy food
she has become pale
- Let bygones be bygones
- Leave me!
You need not stay here for a minute
- Take your baggage!
Let us go. -Leave me!
- Take off your hands!
Go to your husband's place! -No, I won't
- Listen to him
- No, sir..
What is this sir? Why do you
behave like this to a woman?
You cohabit with some one's
wife and do you teach me law?
You dog! Come on man!
Leave him!
Don't hit him!
Leave him!
Leave him!
Why do you hit him?
Tell me the reason!
Come on man!
Thrash him!
Smash him
- Leave me!
- Leave him!
Leave him!
Leave him
Don't hit him like this! Please..
Please tell them to leave him!
They would beat him to death!
I would come with you!
Stop it guys!
She has agreed to come!
Stop it guys
Move away! Go guys!
Come on
Are you so fond of my wife?
Then take her!
- Seenu what is the lodge name?
- Tellme
Vinoth Lodge, brother!
Vinoth Lodge!
Near the railway station
If you are manly come there
and take her with you!
Come on guys!
Go man!
Leave me!
Go man!
Don't come!
Go man! I tell you, don't come!
Don't come, are you mad?
Go man! Don't come!
- Sony sir! Baby is..
- He has gone
I will call you later
I would this is not Shamim
I am Viji here, tell me
They are going to Pallathuruthi resort!
Will you be with them?
No, on the pretext of some
repair of the vehicle I would stay away
Jyothi sir and that actress
would be with them!
1 would tell you the vehicle
number when they start
- It was Santhosh! - I understood that,
this time it would not fail
This is an unexpected opportunity!
He asked for one week's time!
This time we have arranged a big bully!
It must happen today itself Soman!
- What is it man?
- Sorry!
Did anything happen to you?
- Come!
- Come let's go
Come, let us go!
Can we marry and elope?
Are you doing it to me?..
Can we marry and elope?
You are a lion cub!
You have come as stated
Do you want this Maruthu's
wife as your mistress?
You would also have thought so!
That I have come with police
and took your wife!
That was my ploy dear!
Are you so fond of her?
I am scared..
L'am very much scared!
What Marathakam!
Have you not told him about me?
I do arbitration and murder
and that is my only vocation
What type of hits you like?
Like Rajnikant's or Vijaykants?
Have this egg!
Shouldn't you get thrashes!
Come on have it
Have it man!
- Have it
- No, leave him
Swallow it!
Eat it dog!
- You dog!
- Take off your hands woman!
- Subdue yourself!
- Oh God!
Leave him!
- Leave him!
- Move away! -Oh God!
- Come out! Let us go!
Let us leave from this place!
Stay there dog!
Come on guys!
Don't leave them!
He is hitting me!
Hit him!
He is hitting
Oh God! No..
Come on guys
What is this?
This has become a big nuisance!
Leave me!
Leave me!
- Get it!
- Come on lady!
Forgive me Velu!
Leave me
Take the key and go
- Go! My God! Go...!
- Come on
Thank God!
Jyothi sir, a small problem
in the vehicle!
Where are you now?
I am at Chertala bypass!
- I am coming there
- Where are you sir?
I am on my way!
A small problem with the car
It got switched off!
The problem started from this
afternoon! You may proceed,
-I will manage. No problem
- Where is Sony?
He is in the car
He started on drugs from morning!
Sony! Come!
Come on
- Is your anger over?
- It's ok, come
You get in to the vehicle?
Get in!
Give me a ticket for Nagerkovil!
I am calling from Chertala.
I told about vehicle
breakdown and stayed away!
Yes both of them are there!
They are coming in a Red sumo!
Has Baby gone?
Mehaboob is a poor guy!
We can him bail him out tomorrow!
Jyothi! Do you know,
once I loved her so much!
But I could not marry her!
Who is this fellow?
Honk and move ahead
I could not marry her
I can not forget her also
- Where do you look while driving?
- Go man!
- Sony! Come this side!
- You do the driving!
- Where are you!
- We have gone past Alapuzha!
We didn't see the vehicle
said by you!
They have gone past
Chertala bypass. What!
- Fool! Listen to me!
- Tell me!
It is not the vehicle I said earlier
- It is a Red Sumo
- Red sumo...!
There it is
Turn the vehicle
- Turn
- Leave me
Sony don't behave like a rogue
Believing my words she has
come to see you at this time!
Sony! Come and sit in the front!
You say all this to make her believe!
You took lots of money
from me to bring her to me!
Leave her!
You drive the car!
Go fast!
I am telling you..
You drive the vehicle..
else I will stab her
Start the vehicle
They have dashed them!
Andi brother always used to tell me..
.Life is like a movie
and how it would take courses.. known only to the Almighty
Marathakam and her child
are in my place at my home
She is leading a happy life
Shamim and me are going to UK tomorrow
Next month we are getting
married, there!
I would come back to Kochi
I can not forget those
who killed Punnose and this city
That score has to be settled
at any cost!
Anew day and anew role!
In this movie I enact the role
of a Tamil house wife Marathakam!
At times I feel life
is funnier than films!
Relationships change at a fast pace!
He was no one to me yesterday
But today he means
many things to me in my life!