City of Lies (2018) Movie Script

I fan of Notorius B.LG. Have given
The last goodbye to the rap star.
Some of them cried
to his funeral,
but when the funeral procession is
passed through the streets of Brooklyn,
there have been conflicts
very animated.
We even got to use
of pepper spray.
It was a solemn tribute
for the return home
of this rap icon,
but has turned into a series
of violent clashes,
when the police faced
the most avid fans.
The crowd started pushing
against barriers,
fans danced on cars,
People have lost their temper
and suddenly the situation
has degenerated.
The police asked the fans
to disperse,
but some have resisted.
The agents used spray
chilli pepper.
Ten people are finished
in handcuffs,
mainly for disturbance
of the public peace.
According to the inhabitants of Brooklyn,
the police was too harsh
to the crowd
and have been reported
episodes of abuse of authority.
But the police spokesmen
replied that the agents...
What are you looking at?
Close that fucking window,
fool of a white,
or I'll give you a fucking bullet
And take your ass off the street,
Yes, of course... Here's another one.
Another thing? Another thing?
Look, you asshole, pull over
this machine, you piece of shit!
You broke my cock
to the wrong person!
Holy bitch of that bitch.
Son of a bitch.
Fixed, shoot shit and run away?
Fix this, you bastard!
They shot him! They shot him!
Police! Gun on the ground!
Throw it now!
I am a policeman.
I'm a fucking cop!
They called me for a fight
among motorists
thirteen kilometers to the northeast
from where Christopher Wallace,
Notorius B.I.G.,
he had been murdered
9 days before.
At first I didn't connect
the two things, but when I did...
lost all that
which was important.
That day, at that intersection,
the first door swung open
on the maze.
In 1991, four policemen
whites beat Rodney King
and were acquitted and the city
of Los Angeles set in.
We need policemen
that they are impartial
and incorruptible.
It is so and from now on
we will do it seriously, holy shit!
Tupac Shakur was a poetic voice
for this generation
frustrated and rebellious.
Voice that was later exploited
from the Los Angeles rap label,
Death Row Records, owned
from the ambiguous Suge Knight.
On the East Coast, a rapper
with a loose flow,
known as Notorius B.I.G.,
rose to prominence,
imposing the New York label
Bad Boy Records.
Tupac and I
we are two different people.
Yes, we had a lot of problems,
but I don't wish anyone the death.
The feud between the West Coast
and the East Coast
has been fed by paying not only
journalists, but also people.
Here in Las Vegas
there was a shooting.
Tupac was seriously injured.
Six months later, the police
is still investigating
on the murder of rapper Biggie
Smalls, who was murdered...
Who killed the rapper
Notorius B.I.G.?
Department agents
of Los Angeles were involved?
After 18 years, his murder
is still an unsolved mystery.
The murders of Notorius B.I.G.
and of Tupac have remained unresolved.
Russell Poole
was the head of the investigation
for the murder of Biggie in'97.
I am Detective Russell Poole.
There is a mother who has lost
your own child
and it is right that...
has answers.
I'm his mother...
My son was killed.
I would like to know from you"why"?
Ms. Wallace wants to know why.
I understand that I must limit
my power, because, see,
from this point of view
I have a lot of power.
What do you mean?
That I realized...
of how powerful we were...
io and Tupac.
Why, in short
we two, alone, have...
we have fed a feud
between the two coasts.
That is, do you realize?
A man against a man...
and all the West Coast hated
I East Coast... and vice versa.
And this sent me into paranoia.
I asked myself:
It's just him that doesn't like me?
Or does not all his coast like me?
Understand? I knew it wasn't true.
Or anyway I knew that
of which they blamed me, it was not true.
But I can't speak for him.
I'm not him.
Those accusations he made to me?
All false.
But what happened to him?
Really, I am speechless.
Yes, we had our problems,
but I wish no one death,
because you don't come back from there...
Need something?
The door was open. I knocked...
I'm Darius Jackson.
I wanted to talk to her...
of the murder of Notorius B.LG.
- I'm a journalist.
- I know
Sure, that's a journalist!
But I have already stated that I
would prefer don't talk to any of you.
So thank you for your interest.
Now go away.
Eighteen years ago,
I used his interview in a...
in my special service,
entitled"East Coast..."
- Against the West Coast".
- Yup.
It was terrible. It was horrible.
His theory was wrong.
And why they gave me
the Peabody Award, then?
- Il Peabody?
- Yup.
She unites life and death
to a fucking prize?
- What if I paid for it?
- What?
- I pay you.
- Do you want to pay me?
Get out of the way.
I should have them swallowed
all the fucking teeth.
Yes, but then I should call
the police, right detective?
Ah! And he is convinced that they would
come here to do their job for you?
I did my job. I found it.
A white man shoots and kills a
black man. Whose fault is it?
- What is a threat?
- No... No. It's a riddle.
A white man shoots and kills a
black man. Whose fault is it?
I do not know!
The answer
is"asking more questions".
What's this got to do with Biggie?
Here, indeed... Sci!
- You knock next time.
- I had knocked.
'Fuck it.
In journalism I follow two principles:
One: Emotions
they are enemies of the facts... clear?
- Hi, Jack!
- Hello.
Remember, we are an agency
And this leads us to mine
second journalistic principle:
There is no prejudice in the facts.
It is possible to succeed
when you are still young,
but it would be bad luck
not being able to know patience.
How's the Biggie investigation going?
I saw Russell Poole today.
Investigate again on Wallace...
From civil.
It has a whole room full of...
of various clues,
go gopra... to the walls.
Is sad.
Yeah, well... if a person happens
bases all its reputation
on just one case. Mm?
You had a certain name,
but... you messed up.
Biggie didn't pay
to have Tupac killed.
Now you know, so don't fuck up.
And don't waste time
with Russell Poole. Hm?
Because his theories
have been demolished.
Danny, I'm offering.
Drink it all.
If you believe your life
be in danger,
why are you talking to us?
Well, because... that is, if Biggie
was my son... well...
if they shot me and someone
could help my mother,
I wish he would do it. No?
And this is what I want to do.
Don't shoot.
Ah... Here it is.
- Was he waiting for me?
- Of course.
You know, she's pretty predictable.
I can't... trust anyone.
I'm risking my life. Got it?
- Who's that guy?
- Leave it alone.
How does it make sense
to all this... this...
It's my son's. Play baseball,
it is interbase in the Fins.
He wants to do me
any other stupid questions?
Detective Poole,
I know he cares about this case,
but... you know the police denied it
both of our theories?
Not for this mine
it wasn't right.
- Who shot Biggie Smells?
- No, no, no... No. Put it away.
- Who shot Biggie Smells?
- Put it away.
- Oh! Calm, calm. Stay calm.
- Put it away.
Permission is requested.
But what problems does it have? She
it's a pain in the ass. You know, right?
A perfect stranger to cabbage
enter my house
like it was normal.
Today I let her in
and she tries to recover
on the phone...
Without even asking?
Don't you have a little respect?
I don't want to be here
and she doesn't want me here.
Tell me who shot Biggie
and I'm leaving.
Let's make one thing clear:
If you want to talk to me about him,
must always call him Christopher,
or Mr. Wallace. He owes it.
Detective Poole...
I'm the only one...
that comes in this sewer
neighborhood to talk to her
and I swear to you that I will also be the
last one who will ask you this question.
Who killed...
Christopher... Wallace?
I do not know.
He does not know? He lived 20 years
in this dunghill...
and for what, for"I don't know"?
I had a theory...
But then they decided to tear me up
investigations from the hands.
He sees this stuff he called
"crap mess",
if I'm not wrong. A puzzle...
A puzzle that has lasted for 20 years.
I'm very very good
to solve them.
The clock of life...
it is loaded only once.
No man has the power to know
when the hands stop.
Hey, Biggie. Biggie! Biggie!
This is the only time you own.
Live... Love...
Be determined...
Don't trust tomorrow...
or the hands
they could also stop.
Hey, Biggie! Biggie!
What the hell do you want! Stay back.
Back... Smamma.
You can't hide from the truth.
The truth needs
to manifest itself.
That asshole has in mind
something, I know.
He's threatening people.
In practice this is the autobiography
of my life.
- Hey Hello.
- How are you?
Girls, you mind if I ask him
an autograph?
Hey, B, I'm your biggest fan,
will you give me an autograph?
Of course.
I'm a rapper too, you
Would you like to hear me sometimes?
As no, pass by us
one of these days.
Thank you very much, brother.
Not a day goes by when you don't hear
the lack of my son.
- Street! Street!
- They shot!
911. What do you want to report?
Send an ambulance to the Fifth,
after Wilshire. Please.
In Los Angeles. They shot
a man, they shot him.
- On Wilshire Boulevard.
- We send it immediately.
At the junction of Wilshire
and the Quinta! Do you understand?
Between Wilshire and the Fifth!
In the early hours of Sunday,
the rapper Notorius B.I.G.,
Christopher Wallace,
was the victim of a shooting
and died shortly after...
After how much you started
to investigate?
A month... A month.
No, no, don't cheat, no.
Thinks. Don't write, think.
Why did you take so long?
He worked on the case
of a white cop
who had fired to a black cop.
Gun on the ground!
- I'm a fucking cop!
- Shit, he has the badge.
He pointed his gun at me!
Power! It must be in there!
Here we are, Frank. We are here.
Come on, let's check.
We have a man on the ground.
A gun! There's a gun!
Take them out, take them out.
Did you see her?
He pointed it at me.
You heard it on the radio, didn't you?
Be calm. Hey, boss. Look!
He pointed it at me
at the traffic light, over there.
I was there and that
Fuck it at me.
Listen, Frank,
we checked his pockets.
And a policeman.
A white man shoots and kills a
black man. Whose fault is it?
Who started it?
It does not matter. The specter of Rodney
King still haunted the city,
so there was only one way
where it could end.
And I was the only idiot
3 think otherwise.
Go ahead.
In 1997, everyone thought
that the Los Angeles Department
were full of one thing:
Racist policemen.
But it wasn't like that...
there were also politicians.
Thank you.
You got a big mess, Russ.
Two of the Department played
in the Far West. In broad daylight.
They shot themselves at the intersection,
over there.
- Witnesses?
- There are too many fucking.
The agent fired
in plain clothes Frank Lyga.
For legitimate defense...
The victim is agent Kevin Gaines.
Where is Agent Lyga now?
He's in custody, in that fast food
restaurant on the other side of the road.
Pay attention to every detail.
Yes Yes sure.
The upper floors will make us ass,
if something should come out
cloudy, clear?
- Yes sir.
- Good, I salute you.
- Excuse me.
- Yup?
- Who is your supervisor?
- I'm the supervisor.
- Nice to meet you, Russell Poole.
- Rupple. My pleasure.
Detective Lyga can take me,
Yes sure.
Hey, Gary?
- Gary!
- Yup?
There is a video camera there
surveillance and even there at the bottom.
You should photograph them. Julie?
I'm here.
See if you can recover gods shell casings
from that intersection, over there.
- 1 King 51 to central.
- King 51, we receive you.
Check out a Mitsubishi Montero,
green, please.
The registration number is:
2 Adam Boy Mary 543.
Detective Russell Poole.
Had he identified himself as an agent?
I'd run 3 years of work
for a dispute between motorists?
He identified himself, and how!
He made this sign.
The sign of Blood B,
he threatened to stop
a fucking bullet in the head
in the middle of the intersection.
Look, I left. Ask my parents.
That chased me, okay?
He joined me,
he aimed the weapon and I shot
to fucking defend me.
That piece of shit
he is not a policeman,
that's a criminal,
I'm not telling you bullshit.
King 51, information
you asked us.
The vehicle belongs to a company
of Tarzana.
Keep it going.
Agent Gaines's La Montero
is registered to Death Row Records.
Can you repeat?
Agent Gaines's La Montero
is registered to Death Row Records.
And this happens 9 days later
the murder of Christopher Wallace.
And nobody is arrested. Nobody.
And everyone knew
who was the main suspect.
Suge Knight was the boss
of Death Row Records
and was a member of a gang. I Blood.
I Mob Piru Blood.
Death Row was an activity legal,
but his president acted
according to the rules of the road.
Where is it? Come on, honey...
You must see your children!
I want to show them to you! Where is it?
Eh? What the fuck are you looking at? Eh?
Get your ass out here, Suge!
I know it was you!
- Where are you, Suge?
- Get out of the way!
And now who helps me with children?
Coward, you son of a bitch!
You hide like a pussy!
Do you keep these?
Do you pay my bills?
Stop screaming!
If you act like an animal,
I treat you as an animal.
If you bark like a dog,
I treat you like a dog. Did you understand?
It's clear?
Sir, sir, leave it...
And what the fuck did you come to do?
Here, you asshole?
Okay, okay, I'm a cop.
I'm not looking for problems.
There are children.
- What the fuck do you want?
- I don't know, I just want...
Now disappear.
- They killed him!
- Thank you. Thanks a lot.
Look, there's the police!
They killed my husband.
They killed him.
Agent Kevin Gaines...
He says they have...
killed your husband?
Kevin took care of security
for that nigger murderer
and saw something he shouldn't have
see... And they killed him.
The car was riddled with bullets
and he was seriously injured.
Has been declared dead
to the Cedars Sinai Hospital.
It is a tragic event that has some
analogies with another shooting.
But there were so many people
in that area
and we have confidence
that someone will come forward
to give us more information,
so we can close the case.
- Here you are.
- Thanks, I appreciate it very much.
You know how many other cops
have they asked me?
Thank you for keeping it.
What do you want, Poole?
What is so important
to call me here
with this fucking time!
I didn't feel like talking about it
in the central.
Because other agents want
get your hands on this tape?
It's my investigation.
Come on, come on...
Get ready to get on
all the black cops
of Los Angeles.
Public opinion
he is pressuring us.
By the way, yesterday I met
Gaines's wife,
in not very pleasant circumstances.
She arrived in a Mercedes
from 200 thousand dollars.
He says he worked
for Death Row...
Are you kidding? Four agents
whites beat up Rodney King.
Look at the complete picture.
Gaines was a... a hot head.
Like many of them.
Excuse me, who is they?
Look at them...
They look like monkeys. No?
Gaines has dug his grave alone.
No need to stir further
in the mud.
What about the Wallace case?
It is said that it is not your case.
We are from the South Bureau
and that is a case
of the Robbery-Homicide unit.
Focus on your case.
If a white detective is so stupid
to be presented at Death Row,
maybe he should know something.
I have a gun.
I'm the special agent
Terrence Watts, FBI.
The FBI has infiltrated
in Death Row about a year ago.
I have barely arrived
to the outer circle,
so I only hear voices.
But I can confirm it 100%:
Suge Knight has cops
of Los Angeles in his entourage
and let's talk about a band
of criminals.
- And Gaines was one of them?
- He was their informant.
Monitored radio communications
of the police,
coordinated the use
walkie talkies...
Look, for now I don't want to risk it
to blow up my cover,
but I heard them say...
"Biggie is settled!"
And agent Gaines
he did his part.
They are following me.
A dude of color
on a green off-road vehicle.
You have to help me.
Maybe he has a gun.
Fixed, shoot shit and run away?
Fix this, you bastard!
I just shot a man. Help me.
After he shot the agent
Gaines, what did you think?
What did I think?
It seems clear to me that they do not have
them never pointed a gun in your face.
How, please? I must remind you that
are you talking to a superior?
It's not in here.
I know my rights.
Here I am treated as a civilian and
I'm entitled to the rights of a civilian.
I have a one year old son
and another of two...
a man was about to shoot me
and I preceded it.
So I say, Well... Sir.
Detective Poole, you have further evidence
who can refute
or confirm what he says
Detective Lyga
and that is that Agent Gaines would have
acted inappropriately?
I have not yet...
nothing to subject them, lieutenant.
What the fuck comes to mind? Hm?
I think Gaines was involved
in something bigger.
I don't give a fuck,
Lieutenant Colombo!
We are not Internal Affairs.
What would you like to do? Shut it?
' Fuck dead!
The facts indicate that there is
Stop it with these shit
from boy scout!
I asked you not to complicate
a simple case, if I'm not mistaken!
Lyga has been acquitted!
Maybe he's going home now
to drain a cold beer
and you're pissed off because
you can't get on the pulpit
to preach to the conduct
from the Department!
I don't want to hear about it anymore
of this goddamned case!
Did you hear me, detective?
So what is it that you want?
Did you make a career cheating?
No, no, I don't cheat.
Yes And it does so. As you did.
I'll tell you something.
Every detective, here in America,
wants to enter the Robbery-Homicide
and I was no different.
In short, it's like the major league...
But you don't go there cheating.
You enter if you are capable
to do something:
Solving murders. It is so.
Hello! Welcome to Parker Center,
home of Robbery-Homicide.
I'm Miller.
I'll explain everything to you.
Russell Poole. Pleasure.
"He is the new one.
He was promoted by the South Bureau."
Thank you.
Let's start with... just a second.
That's the Chief of Police.
Welcome to the upper floors.
What is your handicap?
In what? In golf?
No, in life... Of course, in golf!
- I do not know.
- Your file. Thank you.
"Russell Poole,
South End gang expert,
with over 500 crimes resolved
Shit, I didn't know we were promoting
again based on merit.
I think you know what you do.
Indeed, Lord.
No"Lord". Fred or Miller.
Here we are not in the Marines,
we are only detectives who solve
the most important cases.
This is Homicide. She is
Lefferts, she's a good detective.
And he's Snow. He's a little tempted,
he can't even play softball.
This is the bank archive
and in here...
is where we investigate murder
of Notorius B.I.G.
Don't get involved.
If you let yourself get involved, this
what will end badly. Do you understand?
According to police reports,
at midnight and 49
six shots are fired.
The Los Angeles police
is investigating the murder
of the rapper Notorius B.I.G.
We found shells...
Of the Geckos 9 mm.
And a German brand.
Gecko... They are rare.
Ballistics is checking the lines
and forensics is at work
on the footprints.
Four bullets against Wallace,
two recovered from his body.
The fourth was the mortal one,
hit the left lung,
the liver and the heart.
The killer vehicle
it was a dark sedan,
green, or perhaps black.
Some witnesses say
that she was a Caprice,
but many of them think it was one
Chevy Impala SS. A Supersport.
Here is a photo of the surveillance,
of the night of the murder.
The same car.
Two identikits. One done
in Los Angeles, the other in New York,
when the Los Angeles police
went to question the witnesses
who were at the Petersen Museum,
on March 9th.
And, finally, we have
secret informers
that come out of nowhere,
eager to give us information.
Crawling rats
out of the sewers, Christ.
In short...
we have hundreds of tracks.
We have hundreds and hundreds
of tracks.
You didn't tell your colleague
that Death Row had Gaines
and other agents on your payroll?
I didn't know well at the time
I didn't know how he would react.
So no, I didn't,
I didn't tell him.
If the tip on Gaines had been
true, would be found out.
Come on, I don't have all day!
I'm in no hurry to find out
what awaits me on that hill.
Miller? Piece of shit.
When you plant it
with this bullshit!
I wanted to congratulate you
for your early release.
By the way, there's nothing to it.
Who the fuck is he?
Psycho Mike,
he's Detective Poole.
' And new, nothing counts
and is happy to meet you.
Suge feels good in jail?
What the fuck do I know.
Mike, we're friends, aren't we? Hm?
Friends let you out from prison,
friends put Suge
in a cell next to yours...
What the fuck, though! I do not want to
no more making this shit.
I don't know shit.
Sure. All right.
Poole, we're bringing him back to prison.
Light the sirens.
So everyone will know it's gone
to take a ride
with his police friends.
Come on, Miller. What the fuck!
You Iowa bastards don't know
how it works on the street.
And how to put a
gun on me to the head
and ask me to press
Fuck the trigger!
Come on, Mike... Mike, listen to me...
Listen to me.
I'll get your sister out in 5 years.
Fuck it, all right.
There are only the Bloods in there,
so Suge is fine.
Suge did not want the Bad Boy
was successful
and Biggie was killed.
Suge said:"Let's kill him",
he is just a fat man,
fagot shit".
- How did they coordinate?
- You see you get your cocks!
I'm talking to you?
I'm talking to him!
Do you think they make little drawings?
Over a blackboard?
This shit was supersegreta...
They did it secretly.
They hired a fucking killer.
Did Suge order it?
Suge does not dirty his mouth
It is at the top of the food chain.
\ And protected.
They say he ordered it
another negro.
One of the Mob Piru Blood.
Um... D-Mack.
They say.
And who fired?
I'll show you
the identikit of a guy.
No. I don't need to see it!
He does not wear a beard.
Short hair,
not too dark complexion.
That asshole walks around
in jacket and bow tie,
as one of the Nation of Islam.
His name is Amir Muhammed.
I have what I need.
I do not think so.
I have an identikit, I have the name...
Here, I'm done.
Well, go tell it around,
you'll see what happens.
Something is still there
you did not tell me?
There are a lot of things
that I haven't told you yet.
I will say that it was an anonymous source.
Amir Muhammad
he was never arrested.
He has an immaculate criminal record.
Do you want a name?
Do you want a name?
I think it will end well.
I do not know. A couple of years. I think
which will be the scoop of the week.
I've just discovered
who shot Biggie.
Stanley Kirk Burrell.
Can you hear me now?
I'll call you back soon.
Jack, it's better
if you let that name go.
"In fact, you really can't
to touch".
Because... Oh, fuck...
The killer is... MC Hammer.
Sing Jack...
You can't touch this, Jack...
You can't touch this, Jack...
Can't touch this...
You can't touch this...
- I understood.
- Ok I'll stop. I'll stop it!
Have you nothing to do?
Don't you have to work?
Come on, we're not kidding.
Ok, I'll stop if you stop.
"Hammer time". God, I love you, Jack.
Now I put it back from the beginning.
- I understood! It's clear
- No, it's not clear to you.
Come on, Jack... Jack, stop it.
Jack, stop it!
Now about to launch...
What a launch!
And now the next beater
at the interbase is the number 29,
Russell Poole Junior!
Getting ready to beat the ball...
Here it comes.
- Come on, come on, come on, come on!
- And beat an off-track.
What a shock! Incredible!
He is running towards the third base.
Poole was truly exceptional.
How did your child play?
My son is not a thing
which I want to discuss with you.
You screwed me, it was beautiful!
It was brilliant.
One of my best.
- I deserved it.
- Yes, it's true... Yes, it's true.
Why the Wallace case
Is it so important to you?
The truth is my obsession,
my illness.
I remember... Bobby Kennedy said:
"Every society has the kind
of criminals he deserves".
"And every community has the kind
of law enforcement
who asks to have"..."
Once I really believed it.
When I entered the Department,
we called each other
"brother policeman".
I wanted to serve in that body.
I wanted this case because
I had to see with my eyes
if there were any corrupt cops.
You want it to start from the process
or arrest?
As you prefer
Where you came from.
You must follow all the tracks...
yes, if only to discard them.
I'll start with your theory.
The idea that Biggie paid
to have Tupac killed. We researched.
We went to Las Vegas
to see Varney.
He was the head of the investigation
on the murder of Tupac Shakur.
At 16 and 03,
Las Vegas local time...
Tupac Shakur has died, friends.
Give me a minute of silence.
So this is the movie
of the brawl.
This guy being pounded
a blood is Orlando Anderson.
Tupac is there, somewhere.
And look at the guy who takes it
kicking. Here, look, bum, bum.
And here, Tupac and Suge Knight
if they run away from it.
Suge Knight violated the terms
of probation,
for this now
is in a federal prison.
Two hours later, they kill Tupac,
shooting him from a car on the Strip.
Mmmm. The voice has arrived...
that the killers would have them
hired Christopher Wallace?
The theory that Biggie killed
Tupac is a whore.
He is the most famous rapper
of the world, 200 kilos,
one meter and 90...
go with the escort.
In a packed city of cameras,
could not go unnoticed.
No, Wallace was excluded.
Didn't Biggie kill Tupac?
No... It wasn't him.
You know, sometimes... the bad guys
they put the word around
that was someone else
to commit their crime.
It is smoke in the eyes.
If the smoke can spread quite...
the media arrive
and it becomes... a fire.
And what did you do at that point?
Many other questions.
What attitude he had Suge Knight
interrogation after the murder?
Um... he was evasive. He didn't
helped. Nor the others.
The truth is that Las Vegas doesn't want to
that we solve the case of Tupac.
"Move the cars, open the bars...
Keep the Strip open.
Leave those media processes
in Los Angeles". Can you explain?"
You saw our file, didn't you?
Each page is the deposition
sworn by a witness
which contradicts the deposition
of another witness.
If we bring a suspect at trial,
his lawyer wins the lottery
and we pass by fools,
like those fools of cops
after the OJ Simpson trial.
You know what? Go fuck yourself.
How, sorry?
Piece of shit with hair
slicked up, you heard me right.
Are you serious?
Those fools of LA agents
they got screwed
because they had the audacity
to accuse a guilty man,
which luckily for him was
accused after King's death
and Cochran could insinuate
that they were racists.
They've all heard
Furhman registration!
I'm talking about good people.
People who have worked a life
and what time they are
without pension? Why?
Because they had balls
to do their job,
while you stay here
fucking phenomenon!
Do you want to talk about them?
In all your life,
you will never do what they did
them in a fucking lunch break.
And another thing:'Fuck Fucker.
You remind me of it.
Fuck this fucking city!
Miserable piece of shit.
The cops idealize
their superiors.
Which then remain screwed
from the system they protect.
Every detail counts.
The aim is to win,
so we remain united and
we do everything to win. Hm?
The FBI has infiltrated
in Death Row.
There are agents
of the Department within it
and they... they are faithful
to Suge Knight.
I believe Agent Gaines
was an accomplice
in the murder of Biggie.
Well, Poole, explain everything to me.
It's midnight and 30.
Wallace leaves the Petersen Museum
and get on the last of the three cars
of his escort.
It's a Suburban. Driving
there's Greg Young, aka G-Money.
- Well.
- Inside the first vehicle
there's the off-duty agent
by Inglewood, Reginald Blaylock.
Which starts and blocks traffic
on Fairfax. Clear?
Now, Biggie's gorilla,
Eugene Deal,
walk to the exit of the garage,
where it is face to face
with a man in a blue suit
and butterfly,
that Deal identifies as a member
of Fruit of Islam,
of the Nation of Islam...
Yes, their security guards.
Deal shows him that he is armed.
The man is leaving.
Deal then known, like many others
a black sedan parked
heading south on Fairfax.
You are there?
He stands in front of a white vehicle...
whose occupants resume
what happens. It's clear?
Deal then gets on the second car
of the escort. I'm sorry
Kenneth Storey is at the wheel.
Puffy is sitting in the seat
of the passenger.
And they stop right there
behind the corner.
Then, the Biggie SUV
he stops behind them. Ok?
There are on the sidewalk
about fifteen people
who were at the party
at the Petersen.
DJ Quik, Karups and...
what's his name, Foxy Brown.
Foxy Brown, here it is.
While Biggie's car is stopped
at the exit of the garage,
he signs an autograph to a fan
and then talk to a woman
that approaches the vehicle.
Now, it's midnight and 49,
Puffy's car heads north
on Fairfax...
Eugene Deal, the boss
of Wallace's security
advises Kenneth Storey
to go with yellow
for security reasons. Ok?
Puffy's car turns yellow
and turn left onto Wilshire,
but Biggie's car...
stops at red.
In that lane, exactly.
The instant he stops
at the traffic lights,
a white SUV is approaching...
which goes side by side
to the Biggie vehicle.
He stops and blocks it.
Then, at this very moment,
the murderer in the black sedan...
- The Chevy Impala SS?
- Yup.
Part north on the Fairfax
and stops at the right
Biggie's car, blocking it.
And, at that point...
the killer shoots... six shots.
We checked
their cell phones: Useless.
We can't use them.
Okay, look, or the killer
he was lucky, or... I don't know...
he coordinated everything
in a different way.
Whether the agent Gaines or other agents
had cooperated,
they would have avoided cell phones.
Do you know they would have used
it, Miller? Iwalkie talkie.
Did Miller believe your theory?
What agents were involved?
Sure, he believed it...
For a night.
Today, the family of Kevin Gaines
has hired the lawyer
Johnnie Cochran
and filed a lawsuit
against the city of Los Angeles,
for compensation
25 million dollars.
Kevin Gaines was killed...
They hired that bastard
by Johnnie Cochran.
District attorney and has
already conducted several class actions
against the Police Department
of Los Angeles.
I had never warned such tension.
Miller, on the other hand, yes.
I saw clues that said I
bad could be cops,
Miller saw only
that we were white policemen
who accused black cops.
It presaged a process
nationally live,
where Cochran would have ruined us
as he had done with the detectives
of the OJ Simpson case.
Do you like?
You can choose from all of them
these cars and choose this one?
I would love to see below
the hood and... touch the engine.
- It works. Fantastic.
GM fl - You are welcome.
I would...
Can I order meat asada?
It costs 4 dollars more, but
I don't take the outline, so...
Look, I'll take it too
the asada meat, okay?
For two. Thank you.
What were the intentions
by Miller?
Well, protect your pension.
All the cops knew
that Gaines was corrupt,
but as soon as Cochran was hired
from his family,
I only know that Miller went to New York
without me.
And he returned saying that the entourage
of Biggie didn't want to talk.
And that my theory was wrong.
They decided to... suspend everything
until they found it
a more suitable suspect.
One of a gang, maybe.
Yeah... And we found him... D-Mack.
I would like to access my mailbox
Of course, he just needs to fill out
this form...
Open the door or you'll be the first
to die, okay?
Slowly. Very slowly.
Everyone face down!
Fucking face down! Immediately!
Don't look at me! Have you heard?
Lie down on the ground!
Power. Give me the money, bitch!
Hurry up. Give me the money!
Stop! All on the ground!
- Power. Move!
- Here we go!
Everyone remain lying down
to the ground
and nothing will happen to you,
Hurry up, bitch.
Here I am.
Away! Street! Street! Street!
Special Agent Bunton, F.B.l.
Do you mind? Thank you.
A man who beats a woman,
he is not a man... he is an animal.
But he's smart.
A small bank like yours
generally has $ 50,000,
instead today... there were...
15 times more.
I need to talk to those who did
that order.
It was her!
Holidays are coming,
it's a normal thing.
This is how it is done.
Sure. No, no, no, no... To say
the truth, if I talk to whom?
With whom he had the keys to the vault.
I do not have anything to say.
She will be old...
very old when it comes out
from prison, young lady.
What if I talked to him? And if...
if I could convince him
to return the money,
so how...
how would it fit for me?
- To who? Who? Who are you talking about?
- My boyfriend.
Give me your name.
Be very careful,
there are children
who are playing in the garden.
Strength, strength, strength!
- Let's run away! Let's run!
- Street! Street!
David Mack, stand still!
Don't do it... Gun on the ground.
I won't ask you again.
Put the gun on the ground.
Slowly... Very slowly.
Get your hands off me, asshole.
Don't you know who I'm dealing with?
Team 2, team 2, received.
How is coffee?
Black and strong... Like you, nigger.
Mmmm! Yes... Sure, brother.
Agent Mack...
Or do I have to call you D-Mack?
Look, we know that rob banks
it's not your only business
We found objects
interesting in your home.
Gecko bullets 9 mm.
They are rare.
A medallion from Death Row,
a beautiful Impala...
What are you doing?
Come on... you're the classic negro
no spine, eh?
Meanwhile, it's not me
the handcuffed one.
You are gone
to the University of Oregon,
you are an educated man, Mack.
But if you want to continue with the scene
of the hooligan,
to get to the negro inside me
and tease my sense
of brotherhood, go ahead.
Ok... Special Agent...
Where do I start?
I don't know anything.
If you don't decide to talk,
I'm not from I I where is the money ..
You are 15 years old.
Fifteen years?
Oh, fuck...
Come on, brother!
Fifteen is no fucking thing, nigger.
Fifteen years... This crap
valley to tell someone else!
Look, I'm from the slums,
head. I'm from Compton. Did you understand?
I am a Piru. Mmmm...
What the fuck do you think they do to him
15 years to someone like me?
There are blacks in jail for life...
And I put them there.
Give me 20.
D-Mack and Kevin Gaines...
are related to Death Row.
Of course both are involved
in the murder of Biggie.
And they are untouchable.
Because they are agents
of the Department.
You can't have the Impala analyzed
by Mack from the Scientific.
It takes an hour. Only an hour.
It's a bad moment, okay?
My fucking hands are tied.
Future profits
by Christopher Wallace
they would have been over
a billion.
Therefore, if we prove ourselves
a link
between an agent
and the murder of Biggie, then...
A family lawsuit Wallace,
it would ruin the Department
in addition...
It would bankrupt the city.
- Here.
- Ah, thanks.
How many times you want to hear it
this story?
There have been developments
in case.
It happened last year, didn't it?
If they shoot a couple of brothers
blacks nobody cares, don't you?
If Garth Brooks died, he would come
declared martial law.
I just want to ask you...
if you recognize this man.
Hey, hey, hey, wait...
No, wait, fuck.
Hey, Biggie! Hey, Biggie! Biggie!
This asshole was at the Petersen
that evening. I saw it.
He was one of those in security.
Biggie is moving.
Yes, it was the one with the walkie-talkie.
Belsher, it's Jackson.
You have to find Sergeant Mike Reese
from the Los Angeles Department.
Ask to give you the file
of Wallace's murder.
You said"the file",
ie 1, not 40 boxes...
with 90 files.
Here. I finished it.
They are all yours.
Kennedy said:
"Every society has the kind
of criminals he deserves".
But the news is one thing
that someone wants to... hide.
- Remember Kelly Jamerson?
- Yes, what's that got to do with it?
You know all the bad guys!
He was a member of a faction
by Crisps,
who went to an after-party
of Death Row.
He began to make signs
of his gang
and... the footsteps of Suge
they decided to beat him up a little.
But they beat him to death.
This is the murder file
by Kelly Jamerson...
Too bad... he isn't there.
They have covered up the whole affair.
He is not here.
The security guards
that they watched
while a man was murdered,
they were agents from Los Angeles.
If this murder is censored,
the test is censored
that the Department
he had agents
who worked on behalf
of Death Row.
- Where are you going?
- I have to do something.
You can't leave like this.
I brought 90 boxes.
Look, give me pleasure, okay?
The pleasure? Just another?
To which he, indignantly, says:
"I am the Pope!"
Yup - You shoot shit, Edwards.
- Excuse me.
- I do not want to talk to you.
she's going to... answer
just a couple of questions?
Fasulo, he's Jackson...
Jackson, Fasulo.
- I saw the Wallace file.
- Oh, Christ...
Because you censored the parties
who proved the bond
between the Department
and Death Row Records?
I cannot comment
on an ongoing investigation.
-' It is still in progress?
- Yup.
Damn... Do you have suspects?
Jackson, I don't want to repeat it.
I cannot comment
on an ongoing investigation.
But what's going on here?
Jackson spent some time
time with Poole. Russell Poole.
Ah, Poole. This is
Ah yes, I understand. Well.
Look, you're embarrassed
for Edwards,
as was Poole for the Department.
Let me guess... Kevin Gaines
led the Impala of David Mack
up on the grassy hillock,
where together they took out Kennedy.
Is that why you're here?
You find the unsolved murders
two boys, funny?
No not at all. You believe that
to spend time
with the man who will solve them,
which I find amusing.
If you want information,
put that thing away.
- Come on, put it away.
- OK.
Turn it off, put it away e
I'll tell you something. Unofficially.
I bet you Poole
He didn't tell you about Wardell Fouse.
He was one of the Mob Piru Blood
that Suge Knight paid to shoot
to Biggie. Poole told you that?
I'll find it.
Bring a shovel,
because he was killed in 2003.
Listen to me, Jackson, I'll tell you
the only reliable thing.
Poole... is to be locked up.
And a fool. I got it?
And if he offers you his classic
skit to Captain America,
all stars and stripes, with so much
of... badge on the sleeve,
ask for the suspension.
A man is a disgrace.
And a pathological liar.
The civil cause of the family
Wallace was based on his theory
and it was demolished...
That is an asocial recluse.
He needs at least one who breathes,
to talk to.
So he will tell you all that
do you want to listen to.
But denounce things that are not
true is your specialty, right?
End of the story.
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
We're going to have dinner,
so maybe it's better that you...
- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.
Jesus Christ Holy,
but does that work for you?
Is it under medication? Is he an alcoholic?
Why did you make him sit down?
Come on in.
Tell me about Wardell Fouse.
Do you believe that bullshit now?
They called him Poochie.
He was the main suspect
for the Department.
- And did you know that?
- I'm a detective.
A detective says:
"I don't know until I show it."
You've done nothing but talk
of corrupt cops!
And you, instead, Russ? Never a word
on the fact that you have been suspended.
No. Look at me.
You don't know what he's capable of
the Los Angeles Department...
That's enough!
How can I trust what I do?
Do you get out of that fucking mouth?
Look at these walls.
I earned everything.
I have letters of praise.
That's why your son
does not speak to you.
Keep more to this than to him!
How the fuck do you dare!
'Fuck it.
Lower the window.
Driving license and booklet.
- What did I do?
- License and booklet.
Crazy stuff...
Are you picking me up with the phone?
What does it look like to you?
- Turn off the phone.
- I'm a journalist.
I have the right to the First Amendment.
And I'm not fucking off.
- I told her to turn it off!
- This is my right!
- Get out of the car.
- What the fuck!
- Now!
- I don't even think about it.
Get out of the car right away!
Get out of the car!
- Look at me!
- Turn around!
Look at me!
I didn't do anything bad, fuck!
Turn around!
It's me.
I'm at the... Central.
Holy shit.
I'm sorry to tell you, but...
Edwards has taken the investigation
away from you on Biggie.
- Nemics of the facts...
- I have to talk to you.
You commissioned an inquiry that does it
cover 20 years and I don't work there?
The basic thesis was
- And who says it?
- The Department.
Of course they discredited her,
they never even solved it
that damn case!
We dissociate ourselves
from this version.
- Detective Miller?
- Who wants to know?
In March of'97,
she was... the detective at the head
of the case on Christopher Wallace?
\ And a lawyer? Or a cop?
- A journalist.
- Worse still.
I was one step away from retirement,
I don't remember much else.
There were too many suspects...
and a billion tracks.
Like Amir Muhammed?
What the fuck...
Amir Muhammed
he was one of them, yes
but we did not question him.
Do I offer you a beer?
Everyone had a murderer,
or a theory.
My colleague wanted to work
to chance, because he had a theory.
Was he... a good detective?
Was he a good colleague?
Russell Poole...
it was one of the best.
He was young, but he had an approach
older school,
even more than me.
He was an honest worker,
but with little experience...
He followed the orders
to the limits of insubordination.
If the cops break too the rules,
so where do we go?
Christ, it's just that
what he would say.
Are you sure you don't know him?
We must distance ourselves
from the community you work for
and Poole didn't think that way.
Do you know what happened to it?
I do not know. They separated us.
There was a policeman, a corrupt one.
Shit, I don't remember the name...
He robbed banks.
According to one theory,
he was loyal to Death Row
and was involved
in the murder of Biggie
and the Chiefs put Poole in charge
a task force to investigate.
They gave Poole a task force
to investigate David Mack?
That's what it was called!
Fuck David Mack. Yup.
Thanks a lot. Thank you.
Nothing. Ah, another thing...
He knows what has always struck me
of that asshole of David Mack?
For as long as it has been
in prison,
had only one visitor...
Amir Muhammed.
A little question:
Why the Department
entrusts to a mediocre policeman
a special task force?
- You don't have to come here.
- It's a free country.
Then root for the other team.
Mediocre, me? No, sir.
You instead?
Well, gentlemen, listen to me.
I inform you that there will be
a change of course.
We have a hot case,
you have to take care of this.
We already have a hot case.
I have to talk to you.
Leave the Death Row alone.
There's some cocaine in the evidence
which apparently is flour.
The same agent picked up
every package.
He probably sells it on the street.
Looks like it's Frank Lyga.
Do you take me for a ride?
I am on unpaid leave,
you believe it goes to the Trial Deposit
to sign with my name
for 6 kilos of coke
what do I want to cheat?
Come on, man.
And did you believe him?
Yes... Yes, I believed him.
The story of Gaines
had created...
a racial tension
which divided the Department.
Here you are.
I don't have to leave them
my document?
I'm sure he won't rob us.
In the Trial Deposit
there was such laxity,
that Lyga would be the target
easier in the world
for those who wanted to set him up.
he left the bag here.
I have to go back to Disneyland.
But what...
I didn't know who to trust,
so I turned to the upper floors.
- Head?
- Go away, Poole.
Would you like that, right?
This department
has some bad apples.
I can't tell you who killed you
Christopher Wallace
because they won't let me do it
my job as it should be.
They always put sticks on me
between the wheels.
Because my suspects
they are agents.
We all did the same oath:
Defend the law,
under any circumstances.
We must do justice
to Christopher Wallace,
to his mother... and his family.
Poole... insubordinate asshole...
Shit, I told you a million
of times:
You're out of the Wallace case...
You're out of the Wallace case.
I decided to go
by the Attorney and...
file a complaint...
against the Department.
Have you ever loved something
so much
to look for in all ways...
to hold it tight,
to make it work,
to hear it yours, of... I don't know...
It's been a long time...
A long time.
Send an ambulance to the Fifth,
after Wilshire.
Please. In Los Angeles.
They shot a man. They shot him.
- A Whilshire Boulevard.
- We send it immediately.
At the intersection of Whilshire
and the Fifth. Do you understand?
Death Row had 3 agents
in his ranks...
Here is... a list of those
who worked together with Mack.
Have you investigated all of them?
Not needed, only one
he was so stupid
to burn $ 25,000
in Las Vegas with Mack,
two days after the bank robbery.
Rafa Perez.
The department forced me
to follow Lyga
for cocaine theft. And guess what
instead who was stealing it?
Rafael Perez... Why do I know him?
Because I made him famous.
2 Adam 34, there is a domestic dispute
to 4365 of Woodier Boulevard.
Ok, received.
I'm Agent Perez.
I see suspicious activity.
I am at 10-10 of East Cesar
and Chavez Avenue. Pass.
What the fuck! And turn that thing off!
Tranquilo, tiger! Tranquilo...
What's up? Do you have the stuff?
Yes, I found another supplier.
Good for you, cop,
because, this time I don't care.
No... I get you out of the way.
An agent was shot!
I need reinforcements right away!
To all units,
it was agent Perez who fired.
Agent Perez is the aggressor.
Send an ambulance immediately.
A all units, agent 16-38
needs help.
Agent Perez... hands up!
He was a police officer a shoot.
Turn slowly, to the left,
I'll tell you when to stop.
- I repeat, pay attention to.
- Received, central.
What do you want to do?
Do you want to shoot me?
Do you wear a jacket?
No, you're a cacasotto...
- Get down! Lie down on the ground!
- Fuck!
- Son of a bitch!
- Move!
Lie down.
Cross your legs. Tip your feet.
Cross your legs and point your feet.
Show me your hands. The hands!
I called an ambulance for her.
It's coming, quiet.
- Asshole... piece of shit!
Fuck! Stop,
or I'll blow your brain!
Do you want to kill an agent? Eh?
You are not an agent...
You are not a cop!
What are you, my stock?
Il knee?
You left the police
to work for a gang?
Law enforcement?
But don't you have eyes?
Here there is no order...
The law suffocates human nature.
Too many temptations.
Men love two things:
Cunt and power.
Suge... he has them and sells them
to the highest bidder.
He's holding the most powerful thing
in the world:
The weakness of men.
And, unlike you,
knows that the police
they are made of policemen
and a policeman...
he is a man like the others.
I'll take care of it, Detective.
Do you want to be a gangster, son?
Almost every day
we risk having carnage
in the streets.
Who prevents it? The uniform.
People trust it.
But the Los Angeles police
has caused so many cracks
in this trust,
that people start to notice
that the police don't even succeed
to monitor herself.
You... you won't be another crack
in my department.
I believed in the uniform,
I believed in the oath
what we had done,
"Protect and serve
the citizens of Los Angeles".
I joined the Department,
in the Rampart Division, in 1994.
As an agent, he never committed
of illegal activities,
like robberies, drug dealing
and murder?
Other agents were involved
of the Department?
And I believe that every member
of the department
he shared those same beliefs.
Yes, it is so, we have been.
We were a criminal organization
inside the Department. A gang.
And what was the name of this gang?
I thought Perez would have
confessed his role
in the corruption of the Department
saying two simple words:
But I was wrong.
The Court will meet in an hour.
You're saying that the Rampart, the most
great scandal of the Department,
who investigated 70 agents for
corruption, was it a diversion?
Mr. Ovando, I... want to
apologize for what I did.
I'm sorry.
Yes, it was a lie
and eclipsed everything.
Especially... the investigation
on Christopher Wallace.
Agent Gaines was involved
in the murder of Wallace
and was in Death Row,
but they told me not to investigate.
Agent Perez and Agent Mack
were related to Death Row,
but they told me not to investigate.
But I had an ace up my sleeve.
Gaines's family sued
to Lyga and to the department
and I was the main witness
for the defense of Detective Lyga.
Gaines was a member
of the Rampart Division.
He was also a colleague of the two agents
arrested, David Mack and Rafa Perez.
I believe all of them are
planning managers,
of cover-up and murder
by Christopher Wallace.
' And a story to say the least
explosive, detective.
A homicide thus remains unsolved
only if it's the police
not wanting to solve it.
I can't tell you this,
but know...
that if Cochran will offer them
the opportunity when he will testify,
you can tell.
And so the day came
of the process.
The theory that agents
of the Department
had helped orchestrate
Wallace's murder,
it became public knowledge.
But they didn't let her arrive
to the process.
Have you negotiated?
Does my defense make a deal?
What did you smoke?
I wanted to go in there.
Because this is my life.
Jack, it's 5 in the morning,
they want us out by 6.
What the fuck are we doing here?
Have you found anything?
The witnesses had noticed
a black sedan.
But most of them
Do you think it was a Chevy Impala SS.
What are we looking for?
I do not understand.
Yes, yes.
Fantastic. We finished?
We are talking about the truth here,
but I've seen it so much
so much lie among those...
so-called policemen...
My mother taught me something
on the truth. It is a poem.
He said:"Always tell the truth
and speak with the heart..."
because he who hides evil
What did he do,
continues to hurt again...
Hi, Jack.
Mrs. Wallace, he is...
Jack, Mrs. Wallace.
Madam, I know you well...
Twenty years ago I...
I unjustly accused his son.
I was wrong.
You have to be a great man,
to admit your mistakes.
- You're very kind. She is sorry?
- You are welcome.
Jack, sit down.
He helped me a lot.
With this case?
I... didn't believe you two
you were on good terms.
Why not?
Well, why... you used his theory
to support the cause of
his family and was rejected.
No, the cause
was not rejected...
is that the process
has been invalidated.
A big difference.
A federal judge fished
the Department
to hide the evidence
that connected Mack and Perez
to Christopher's murder
and canceled the process.
And here's the twist:
The city of Los Angeles has decided
to reopen the investigation,
because until when it will remain
an ongoing investigation,
those tests will remain closed
in a dark room.
And we can't sue
to the Department,
because they are investigating
Maybe I found something.
It's a search warrant
for Mack's Impala.
They filed it after you resign.
In short, they kicked you out of the
police, saying your theory
it was unfounded
and then they use your theory,
his theory, to move forward.
Mrs. Wallace, it was...
a long story
and very painful for her...
I'm very sorry that you have
had to face all this.
You have nothing to be sorry.
Because, thanks to her...
I arrived far away.
-"Hands behind your back!"
- And what is defined...
a man in the wrong place,
at the wrong time.
Our life counts for nothing
for you,"
you have the right to kill us
based on how you see us.
And why?
Because I'm a black man!
Stay down!
Take it easy.
Got it, asshole? You heard me?
Once the sound of sirens
meant that my brothers
agents were coming to help me.
Maybe it's the sweetest sound
I've ever heard.
But 2 weeks after retirement,
I resigned...
I lost my family...
for a case...
that I had failed to solve.
It is not right at all
that's how it went.
Starts the ninth inning.
- Power!
- Come on, Russ!
There is a skilled left-handed
above the hill.
Let's see what it will do.
Here is the first launch.
It is a triple in the third base.
And delete it immediately.
Already two players eliminated.
The bases are still full.
Here is a very deep launch
to the left of the field.
And the ball goes away
more and more...
Russ, answer the phone,
answer the phone.
I joined the police
when she was...
I've always admired you, detective.
Thank you.
Russ, if you want to go to the bottom,
I stay with you.
We'll do it together, okay?
Call me when you want.
Here we all still talk about her,
Do you know, sir?
But I'm afraid I can't help you.
Please don't misunderstand me.
Sir, these mandates
they are 20 years old.
Detective Poole?
Detective? Are you okay, sir?
Is there anything I can do?
Lord! Christ! Call an ambulance!
Detective Poole? Detective?
Can you hear me? Hold on, sir.
- Hurry up!
- Mr. Poole, can you hear me?
There is no pulse.
Risk a cardiac arrest.
- Hurry!
- Russ!
- Has anyone seen you faint?
- Russ?
What happened to him?
He passed out.
He's in cardiac arrest. Hurry.
He has a heart attack!
Russell Poole.
I'm Jack... a friend of Russ.
Listen to me, you have no right.
You don't have the right.
You know what I mean.
Solve a case, get promoted,
get a medal...
but then you start thinking
that you are that medal.
Don't watch him play from afar,
look into his eyes, tell him...
"I'm sorry".
You don't miss a chance
to tease me, eh?
But I have closed!
I'm incapable, you know?
An incompetent who has even forgotten
how to do the right thing.
So I know what's wrong:
Insist on this case.
Make your child believe
that is the only thing you care about.
And what was all this for?
What is the use?
Front page, Los Angeles Times...
Yours is one of the best pieces
I've ever read.
- I know, I've been good.
- Mmmm.
I have to tell you, Jack,
I'm proud of you.
I'm working on a new newsletter
We'll need a face recognizable.
I can't work... for a man...
that if it does
with the same institutions...
which we should hold responsible.
You must be better.
Resign my resignation?
Pac is a very strong one.
And I know so many of them. Do you know?'
- Yes, of course.
- He is a tough guy.
And when I heard they had
shot, I thought:
Because they always shot him.
But I thought he would make it
this time too.
Maybe he would have done some
disk and it would have ended there, right?
But when he died, I thought:
Yes, we had a lot of problems,
but I don't wish anyone death...
Why from there no turning back.