City of Rock (2017) Movie Script

Now let's welcome to the stage
Hu Liang from Class 2, Grade 3.
The topic of his speech is
"My Hometown."
My hometown
is a beautiful town called Ji'an.
It's quiet
and ordinary.
Because of a band,
dramatic changes took place here.
Who could even imagine
that the well-known band "Broken Guitar"
comes from a border town
by the name of Ji'an?
And the 4 members are all doctors.
Let's talk to them.
where should I look?
At the camera.
You know,
kind know...
Let's have Dr. Song speak!
Don't... don't film me!
Say something!
Don't film me!
I'm too dark to be on camera.
Ask him.
He's the chief surgeon. He's got the guts.
Keep away from me, sister.
I'm married.
Are you this shy
when you're on stage?
Broken Guitar! Broken Guitar!
Broken Guitar!
From then on,
my hometown got a new name:
The City of Rock.
One day,
I'll start my own band,
and roar out songs for my hometown!
Let's rock'n'roll!
Director of Photography GAO HU
Production Designer WANG JING
Action Directors WU GANG & GAO XIANG
Sound Directors DONG XU & ZHANG JIA
Style Director ZHAO YIGE
Music Producer ZHAO YINGJUN
Edited by TU YIRAN
Composer PENG FEI
Writer SU BIAO
Written and Directed by DA PENG
Bro Gong.
Have you practiced?
Show me.
Bro Gong...
We want to sing.
Did I tell you not to?
I only asked you to dance while you sing.
We play rock'n'roll.
Wouldn't it be unprofessional
if we danced with the song?
Look at yourself!
You look like an ugly
genetically modified catfish.
And you talk about "being professional."
You think you're professional?
What's the benefit?
I've been sponsoring you for 4 years.
You've only earned 67 yuan for me.
Pre-tax, too!
Now, I'm even too poor
to afford cigarettes!
We have to change directions.
I've raised some money.
I'm taking you to Korea,
where you'll rebuild your faces
and then make your debut.
Say farewell to rock'n'roll
and hello to singing and dancing.
Then you'll be marketed
back in China from abroad.
I'll take you guys to meet someone.
Either dance
or get lost.
Where is he?
Dear Cheng,
how is everything going?
Right now, I'm roaming about
in the clouds.
It's such a thrilling operation
that I finally understood
what hovers in the space
between life and death.
is simply a number.
I am already unrivaled
in the field of selling long johns.
Before I was short-sighted.
This double-eyelid surgery
opened my eyes
and incidentally, it opened my mind.
As for the 500,000 yuan
of investment I promised you,
it's over.
I mean turn the page over.
I'm offering the 500,000 to you
in the form of long johns.
You'll definitely like
the rock'n'roll style.
After all, you once worked
with the great Broken Guitar.
Don't try to look for me.
I'm no longer who I was.
I'm a slave to love.
I'm a child of the sun.
All the goods are here.
Interest-free loans
How is everything going, Agent Cheng?
I've got something to tell you.
I'm a fan of rock 'n 'roll from Ji'an,
a town in the northeast.
I'm 27 years old.
My name is
Hu Liang.
I'm the lead singer of a band.
We're weak in concert promotion.
So, I need you,
to help me.
Who's this?
You made the call and
you're asking me who I am?
Are you the former agent of
Broken Guitar?
Are you Mr. Cheng?
Who are you?
Oh, my lord!
It's me, Mr. Cheng!
Hu Liang!
I sent you a video asking
for cooperation on Microblog.
How is everything going, Agent Cheng?
Hold on...
How did you get my number?
The numbers in front of your email address
look like a cell phone number.
So, I dialed it.
And guess what?
Turns out a top notch like you
never cared about your privacy!
I gotta go.
No, no, no, don't do that, bro!
Mr. Cheng,
would you consider my invitation?
It'll only take a month
to be the agent of my band
and help me promote my concert in Ji'an.
You can make a request.
I'm not interested!
Please...we can talk.
Just name your price.
Name a price?
500,000 yuan.
100,000 yuan has been transferred
to your debit card account.
I'm going to make some quick
money in the Northeast.
When I get back, I'll take you to Korea.
Remember to practice dancing.
Sell the long johns in the street
in your spare time.
Are you Mr. Cheng?
Cue the flowers!
Okay, okay.
Who is this guy?
You don't know him?
He is the famous music agent from Beijing,
Mr. Cheng Gong.
Hi, everyone!
The band Broken Guitar
split up because of him!
Come on! Take a photo with the celebrity.
If you've got the Kuaishou
App, just upload it.
We're home!
Prince Garage?
Which prince did you breed enmity with?
It was Rock 'n' Roll Prince Garage.
The first character
was blown away.
Who is the rock'n'roll prince?
You already know the answer!
Come on in, brother.
Make yourself at home.
Come in.
Take a seat anywhere.
Take a seat, bro.
Well, my shorts...
Sit down.
I'm worn out.
stay here from now on.
We two
will share a bed!
No, thanks.
I'll just go to a hotel.
I can't afford to pay for the hotel.
The 100,000 yuan I transferred
to you was a down payment.
That's all I have.
What? You're saying you don't have money?
Yes, I do have money,
but I don't have it right now.
My house is going to be demolished soon.
All the removal compensation will be yours.
Besides, bro,
aren't I paying
in... in installments?
I still need to be paid regularly.
If I'm not paid for a single day,
I'll go back to Beijing.
Prince? Just look at the mess here.
It'll be okay if I just clean it up!
Well, isn't this the actual style
of a rock 'n 'roll prince?
Look at the double room.
It'll be tidy in a minute.
Bro, look!
This is
the famous Grand Guitar
that the municipal
government of Ji'an built
in honor of Broken Guitar.
is a gift from Song from on stage.
I've been wearing it all along.
It's a nice black leather string.
It was red.
I've been wearing it for a long time, so...
a few days ago,
I heard that
the government wants to remove it.
Then the Park of Rock is going
to be used for real estate.
I said no.
Removing the guitar has
nothing to do with you.
They don't need your permission.
As long as they leave the guitar alone
they can screw me over.
Let's talk about it later.
Take a photo for me.
Wait a minute, bro.
Please do me a favor.
September 30th
is the 20th anniversary of
Broken Guitar's performance in Ji'an.
I want to throw a concert that day,
right here,
to raise awareness for the whole city,
and to show the municipal leaders
that our rock'n'roll spirits haven't died!
That the park can't be demolished!
Alright, forget about it.
I'll take a photo for you.
In case it does get removed, right?
Bro Gong,
I'll design a pose for you.
Do you know what they call me?
The Pose Terminator of Ji'an!
How about this?
Do that classic rock pose.
The hot wheels.
Just swing. Swing freely!
Faster! Faster!
Keep it down.
Like this?
Yep! Swing.
Come on
I'm going to take the shot.
Have you taken it already?
Yes! Soooooo cool!
Look at the helmets.
It's good!
Sometimes God is funny.
How did I get you
into bed with me?
Don't touch me.
Go to sleep, all right?
Take me to see the other band members.
Other members?
You think there are other members?
The person lying beside you
is the only member of the band.
Stop kidding around.
I'm not kidding.
But you said you had a band!
I'll have a band if you help me form one!
Why did you get an agent
without having a band?
You're hurting me!
It hurts?
I'm hurting you, huh?
It hurts, huh?
why are you turning me down like this?
Are you going for a night run?
Damn you!
Buy me a ticket to Beijing!
Hey, bro!
I've already given you the down payment.
Still care about me, huh?
Are you out of your mind?
Even if you're dead I won't care!
What do you want?
Stay and help me.
Let go of me!
If you don't promise me today,
I'll be part of your leg,
and become part of your body!
You're going to make a scene?
Where's my phone?
What are you doing, bro?
What are you doing?
Calling the police.
Please, bro!
I'm begging you!
I'll give you another 50,000
to help me form a band. Okay?
Let's make it 100,000!
We agreed to 100,000!
Since it's settled,
why are you still bargaining?
So, it's 100,000 yuan.
Let me tell you something, bro.
Ji'an is a city of rock.
We've got plenty of musicians here.
We just need to pass out flyers.
There'll be a huge crowd tomorrow
waiting to be interviewed.
What a huge crowd!
You think we'll have to interview all day?
The address is right.
All right. Let's get started.
Tell us about your dreams.
Could you please introduce yourselves?
Ding Jianguo.
I'm a bassist.
Ding Jian...
Excuse me, Ding...?
Jianguo ("Build a Nation").
I'm a bassist.
It's a powerful name, huh?
I'm a drummer.
It's even more powerful.
Gao Hongjie.
I'm a tractor driver.
I'm here to get my vehicle repaired.
Beat it!
Let's stay focused.
Ms. Ding,
why do you want to join our band?
I just broke up,
so I need a distraction.
That's quite a reason!
Quite a reason.
And your leg?
Long, white and slim.
Want to touch it?
Maybe later.
Mr. Explosive?
I'm from Taiwan.
I just want to make a living.
After meeting with the committee,
we have carefully decided
that you two before us
fully meet our requirements.
Congratulations. You're in.
The rehearsal will be here
at 7pm tomorrow.
What's up?
Hold on.
That's it?
Then I've spent my 100,000 on this?
Aren't they good?
One is on a crutch.
The other looks shabby!
Are we forming a band or
a traveling beggars gang?
What do you mean?
You love legs?
You can have mine.
Touch it.
Play with it. Come on.
Ouch! It hurts!
We only have less than one month.
What's your idea then?
Tell me.
If it doesn't work,
I can take you to meet someone.
Who's there?
Go away!
Hu, don't ever ask me again.
My wife said she'd beat you to death
if you invite me to join
your band one more time.
She isn't Ji'an's only Taekwondo black belt
for nothing.
Shut up!
It's only one month.
What do you want?
I have no time.
I have classes in the daytime
and piano lessons at night.
In my spare time, I've got to teach her
to play the piano privately.
So, it's impossible.
Why are you playing the piano privately?
My mom said playing the piano
is neither promising nor profitable.
She told me to learn
math, physics, chemistry,
and grow up to be like
my grand uncle in Beijing
and research the atomic bomb.
If a woman manages household affairs,
the house can collapse.
She wanted to beat me?
I'll show you how I'll teach her a lesson.
please stay calm.
Qiao Dashan!
Don't worry.
Let's see what she's got!
what's the benefit of
learning to play the piano?
Because your dad learned to play the piano,
he became a music teacher.
Because he became a music teacher,
his salary is only 1,700 yuan per month.
Because he only makes 1,700 yuan per month,
your grandma could only
afford to take the bus.
Because your grandma had
to run after the bus,
she tumbled down the street.
Because she tumbled down the street,
she ended up getting a
phyiscal exam at the hospital.
Because she got a physical
exam at the hospital,
she was diagnosed with liver cancer.
Because the cancer was already at stage 4,
your grandma died early at age 97.
So what's the moral of your dad's story?
If you play the piano well
Mom dies early.
You want me to die early?
So, what are we going to do now?
Study hard in math
and research the atomic
bomb when I grow up.
How far along are you?
I'm not pregnant.
You're just fat?
You got punched and came
to see the gynecologist?
What are you talking about!
I want you to meet someone.
The man over there is the
great emperor of guitar.
Yang Shuangshu.
Who the hell is he?
He was Broken Guitar's lead guitarist
before they were famous.
He fell down on stage
because of his migraine.
After he left, the band became famous.
He's got no luck.
Ouyang Nana.
Have mercy on me, Monkey King!
I'm just an ordinary young lady.
Dr. Yang.
Sorry about that.
We're closed now.
You could bring your wife tomorrow.
Dr. Yang,
we want to talk to you
about creating a band.
Biao Biao, go play outside for a while.
The Grand Guitar
is connected to my band from before.
It is my unavoidable responsibility.
I promised my daughter,
for the sake of my own health,
to quit rock'n'roll.
to quit rock'n'roll.
Dr. Yang,
Broken Guitar has split, and
the Rock'n'roll Park will be removed soon.
In a couple of years,
when you pass away,
the children of Ji'an
will never know about rock'n'roll!
Dr. Yang,
the rock'n'roll of Ji'an needs you.
You have to play!
Save it.
It's such a big cause.
Don't count on a sick doctor like me.
You young guys alone
can pursue your dreams.
Dr. Yang,
back then when you fell down
on stage you were different.
You said it would be most honorable
for a rock musician to die on stage!
If you don't even go on stage,
how can you expect to die on one?
I was only acting.
What are you going to do?
You want to kidnap my phone?
I'm calling the police, you old fraud!
I spit on you in the name of Sailor Moon!
You are a fraud!
You don't deserve rock'n'roll!
I don't deserve it?
Dr. Yang, what's this?
Dr. Yang.
Do you want to report to the police?
I confess!
I'm too young
and ignorant.
I didn't know he was so amazing!
The whole room is full of guitars!
You see, I'm at the gynecologist's.
Dr. Yang, please don't be angry.
You've been a doctor for so many years,
yet you can't tell this man is sick.
Just tell me.
Can you keep playing rock'n'roll?
To be honest,
my migraines
were caused by alcohol.
Since I quit drinking,
I haven't had any more attacks.
But still,
my daughter doesn't trust me.
She said,
if she ever sees me playing the guitar,
there'll be no way
for me to remarry.
If I can figure out a way
to hide it from your daughter,
are you in?
Today is a very important day.
It's the day our band is born.
- Bro, you're so strong-willed.
- I can tell you are all very delighted.
First, please introduce yourselves.
My name is Hu Liang
and I'm the heart and soul of this band,
the lead singer!
How about I do the introductions?
This person with the Sailor Moon mask
is our lead guitarist.
Bassist Ding Jianguo.
Explosive the drummer.
Keyboardist Qiao Meixi.
Hello, everyone.
Come on! She's only a kid.
Who cares? She can play.
Bro, what's wrong with you?
I thought you were in?
- But you just brought a kid!
- Piss off.
I'm too scared to join the band.
Xixi has her dream
of persistently pursuing music!
I should give her my unconditional support.
promise me.
I promise
not to tell mom
where you hid your money.
Not that.
I will play hard.
Then I'm leaving now.
Send her home when you're done.
I'll cover for you.
See you.
The strength of a father's love!
I gave him 500 yuan.
It's on you.
Remember to pay me back.
Come on! Let's rehearse.
Come on, Xixi!
Let's get started.
Instruments are over there.
Let me help you.
No, thanks.
Is she the one?
Hey Gong,
this was
the first electric guitar in Ji'an.
He fell down the stage
with her in his arms.
This is the original
custom black one from 1960.
She's the Liu Yan of all guitars.
So hot.
Look at her graceful figure.
What's the problem?
Fuck off!
What's wrong, old man?
Hu Liang, it's your fault.
You think just anyone can touch Liu Yan?
You might even break it.
But it's okay to take a photo.
Come on.
Go ahead.
It can be used as your funeral pic.
Go ahead.
No, let's rehearse.
It's okay.
Hey bro,
your drum set's facing the wrong way!
Turn it around.
Are you an amateur?
It's the way I beat.
Replace me if you don't like it.
Are 90s kids all arrogant like him?
Who are these people you've found?
An alcoholic.
A loner.
A kid.
And a grandpa.
These amateurs are going
to save the Grand Guitar?
Are you kidding me?
What kind of normal people
would want to be with you?
What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with you?
Someone with a lisp wants
to be the lead singer.
Let's start.
I don't have a lisp when I sing!
We'll run into a lot of
issues on our first rehearsal.
Don't worry.
We can improvise
and fix the problem.
drum something.
It's too amateurish!
It has no basic rhythm in there.
He can't drum at all!
Attention, please!
Allow me to formally introduce you
to our off-stage staff.
This gentleman
is our band's backstage mastermind,
the president of small
chain grocery store Bonjavi,
Old man Sun!
No. No. No.
It's not a small grocery store.
It's a supermarket.
I run a supermarket.
It's a pleasure to meet you guys.
My name is Sun Dali.
By the way,
all the instruments here
are sponsored by him.
Don't mention it.
I've brought some gifts for you.
It's quite fashionable.
Hope you can wear it.
Almost in every color.
....In order to find you,
I started living in a bird's eye view.
Hello, everyone. I'm Sweety.
Today, I'm going to share with you all
Turn it off, turn it off!
You guys listen to the radio every day.
Boss Fortune,
why don't you go home first?
Don't worry.
We will escort Boss Jianguo home.
Absolutely not.
My relationship with Jianguo
is at a turning point
of love.
According to my very reliable sources...
there are only 3 people in here.
According to my very reliable sources,
Jianguo didn't break her leg
from playing the dancing machine.
You're only hearing this now?
You already knew?
Jianguo's boyfriend was cheating on her.
He fell in love with
her best friend Xiaomei.
Jianguo saw them kissing each other
when she was shopping.
She tried to hit them with her car.
But she broke her own leg.
we had the same rhyme, homie!
Stop playing!
What damn rhyme are you talking about?
Why didn't you tell me?
I paid more than 100,000
yuan for this information.
What else do you know?
Tell me.
- Well...
- Stop!
You know,
Jianguo plays music, right?
Word has it...something...
the tempo...has...
Thanks Boss Fortune,
Tell me now!
Well, you know.
I believe your relationship with her
isn't at a turning point
of love.
I thought Jianguo was single again!
I heard that Jianguo's ex
is a lead singer of a band.
They probably made up.
Are they falling in love?
Or are they acting?
Jianguo likes
round faces?
Look at me.
Is my face
an oval shape?
It can only be described as long.
She is tired.
She must be studying the
atomic bomb too hard.
Take it easy, little bro.
That's my good grandson!
Don't tell your mom about this, okay?
Hurry up!
Watch out!
Get him.
Don't touch me.
Let's go!
Dr. Yang...
you're impressive!
Do you always trick people
like this in Beijing?
No small talk.
Let's go back.
Hold on, bro.
What's this for?
The payment installments, right?
You're really nickel and diming it.
I didn't see you when I got up to use
the toilet last night. Where were you?
I was writing songs.
I thought you didn't want
to sleep in the same bed.
So, I'll just stay in the truck.
So nice of you.
By the way, Old Sun wants
to learn to play the drums.
I'll have Explosive teach him.
The tuition is 5,000 yuan a month.
Don't forget to collect it for me.
Sure thing.
But bro,
I should give
the money to Explosive, right?
It's okay.
He can have 300.
May kind people be blessed
with longevity and peace.
Our band will play
a series of shows I've scheduled.
So, we must rehearse a song of our own.
Let's welcome Hu Liang to
sing his original song.
This song "Plastic Bag" is for all of you.
I've already forgotten where I come from
I've forgotten why I exist
What do you think?
Keep going.
It's over.
Your song only has two lines?
Of course not!
I only finished writing two lines.
One week for two lines?
Too fast or too slow?
Hu Liang!
I don't know how many nursing homes
I blew up in my previous life,
to meet a shit like you!
Have any of you written a song before?
I can try.
There's no time.
Let's practice this song.
You wrote this?
It doesn't matter.
We can play now.
Can you read the score?
Of course.
you wrote this?
Cut the bullshit and just play!
I'd rather get burned chasing my dreams
Target - Ji'an Nursing Home Supervisior
I'll just use the simplest brushstroke
Target - Construction Developer
I'll always check C
I'll always check C
I'll always check C
You must be Logger Vick!
Yoga Studio Owner
I'd rather get burned chasing my dreams
Target - Ex-boyfriend's House
I'll just use the simplest brushstroke
I'd rather get burned chasing my dreams
- It seems I'll always lose to you
- You slept all day long!
- So I'll always just check C
- Get up and rehearse!
I'll just use the simplest brushstroke
I'll always check C
I'll always check C
I'll always check C
Thank you all!
Thank you all!
September 30th
at Rock'n'roll Park!
Be there or be square!
Thank you for supporting Big Broken Truck!
The name "Remarried Couple"
won't work either.
I fully understand why "Remarried Couple"
fails to be chosen.
But what's wrong with "Big Broken Truck"?
That's totally my style!
If it's about your style,
then why don't you use Lisper?
My suggestion,
"Let Me Tell You" sounds great.
My master is right.
Yes, it is.
What the hell?
It's... you know
It's too tricky for me.
I can't pronounce it correctly!
Stop discussing the ones
that've been ruled out.
Let's pick one between
Xixi's "Little Beauty"
and Jianguo's "Heavenly Hound."
Let's vote.
No need to vote then.
That's it!
Then I vote for Heavenly Hound!
The Heavenly Hound
will eat the moon.
- Beautiful
- Cheers!
and romantic!
Isn't it, Jianguo?
It has nothing to do with the moon.
A bitch mates with a hound...
That's heavenly.
Heavenly Hound.
Instead of Heavenly Hound,
it should be called Mating Hound.
"Check C"...
You wrote it?
I wrote it in school.
Back then during my exams,
I answered C on all the
multiple choice questions.
Within a minute I handed my paper
and went to band practice.
You formed a band before?
I was the guitarist and the lead singer.
But these past few days
how come I didn't see you play the guitar?
I can't play the guitar anymore.
In college I went to go perform somewhere
and I was hit by a drunk pedicab driver.
My index finger and middle finger
haven't been agile since then.
A scissor hand forever.
What brought you into the path of music?
Ka Kui Wong was my idol when I was a kid.
My dream was to sing his songs on stage.
Every day, I begged my dad,
"I want to play the guitar!"
"I want to learn music!"
But my family was poor.
My dad was laid off.
My mom was a housewife.
She's been a housewife all her life.
I kept bothering my father every day.
And after more than six months,
finally one day,
my dad beat me.
Soon after that,
I got my first ever guitar.
Later, I found out
my mom carried her sewing
machine to the market
and sewed and hemmed pants for people.
Step by step, my mom helped me
get enrolled at the conservatory of music.
I entered the conservatory as a guitarist
but graduated as scissor hand.
You quit the band
because of your fingers?
I was expelled from school.
I couldn't play the guitar
so I didn't want to sing anymore.
I went to Beijing and became a young agent.
I was asked to be responsible
for Broken Guitar's business.
But no one loved rock'n'roll back then.
So the band split in just a few days.
I became the industry's laughing stock,
and I was fired.
Hu Liang, are you out of your mind?
just relax!
We'll never fire you!
Forget the band name talk.
Attention, please!
Gong's mother used her sewing machine
to support and help him achieve
his accomplishments today.
So from now on, our band will be called
Bloody Hell Mother of Gong!
Let's rock'n'roll,
Sewing Machine!
Grand Guitar,
we're going to defend you!
Boss Ding.
I guess Jianguo is okay.
She won't make any trouble now.
If their concert succeeds,
the government will see
the audience's enthusiasm
and feel the spirit of rock'n'roll.
Then what'll happen to the
land of Rock'n'roll Park?
We've been working on it
for more than 6 months.
It's almost there.
But I've been kicked by my own daughter.
Oh, I see.
I'm going to get rid of
the band immediately.
What's our company's slogan?
Say it again!
Strategies come first
before compulsory demolitions.
Come on!
I'm going to risk my life fighting you!
I want to see!
To anyone who dares remove my factory,
I'll dig your grave!
Come on!
Go ahead!
I'm impressed!
You're a true man!
Mr. Deng, right?
Today I've come
to bring you a small gift.
Come on.
Open it!
I saved your brother
from the casino in Macau.
His debt
has been paid off.
The 3 million yuan in cash is yours.
Just think about it.
Are you okay with
the demolition or not?
Follow my orders.
Hydraulic excavators in the back, come on!
Drive ahead,
young man.
Just remove it.
All of it.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Just get rid of it.
Demolish it!
I already have a bad
relationship with Jianguo.
If I get rid of her band,
she'll hate me forever.
Giving up her position as Vice President
at a big company...
She just despises her dad.
I have no idea
where I went wrong.
Hello, President Ding!
Go behind her back.
Don't let her know.
you keep that fool
Fortune away from Jianguo!
Go to Second Sister's Pork
Intestines Noodle Shop.
Those were my father-in-law's words?
Don't push me too far, or I'll ask
my father to withdraw his capital.
And demand Jianguo marry me obediently.
Make him behave like a father!
The detectaphones are all set.
Both upstairs and downstairs.
what's wrong with your handsome face?
What happened?
You got caught?
The manhole cover near
the doorway was broken.
I might have fallen in the hole.
You fell down?!
- You must be...
- Bro
- Someone is talking.
- Check the money.
I can't believe you fell in the hole!
What a yawn...
- Here's 10,000 yuan.
- I can see your shoe pads.
- Go fall in the hole again.
- Why are you so tired?
What are you doing every day?
Did you collect the
5,000 yuan from Old Sun?
do you remember the two
on the Harleys?
I gave the money to them
to promote us with two big flags
on their motorcycles.
Hu Liang.
Come here.
What's the problem?
Let me look.
What are you looking at?
Do I have grey hair?
I'm looking to see if
it's a head or a toilet.
Can I flush it?
You're messing up my hairstyle!
Why didn't you pay me back?
Are those Harley riders reliable?
Make a call!
What for?
Get the money back!
What a damn fool!
The bill's overdue?
I'm going to recharge 100 yuan.
What the hell are you talking about?
- I can't stop laughing!
- Both of them are frauds.
Can't you see?
The final payment is due
before our performance.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
This is my hostage.
Give it to me.
Give it to me!
Come on.
I'll destroy it if I don't see the money!
OK, I won't move.
All right?
I don't want to argue with you.
I don't want to mess up my hair.
I'm gonna see Sweety later, you know.
Do you know Sweety?
The one I've been
dreaming of day and night.
She is like the Lin Chi-ling of Ji'an.
Massage my ears
for the sensation of hearing!
The same kind of night,
but a different mood.
This program is sponsored
by the biggest grocery chain store
Bonjavi: It's lonely being the best.
I'm Sweety.
I'll be right back after the break.
Now the floor is yours.
Don't worry.
We are all set.
We are all set.
Cherish the time with Sweety.
Hey, buddy.
You can do it!
Sweety's giving you a massage.
Just listen to Sweety.
If this goes public,
wow, it's going to...
Oh god.
What's in your head?
Look at yourself!
Still eating and drinking?
Aren't you afraid of getting tetanus?
You two...
You're total assholes!
I just need to make one phone call,
and my buddies will rush to
the broadcasting station.
Only one phone call!
Boss Fortune, calm down.
Your father-in-law told
us to keep a low profile.
So, there must be more tactful ways.
How many bowls have you had?
Come on, eat it!
Taste it.
Hello, are you the police?
I'm a taxi driver.
I picked up some passengers
and took them to the broadcasting station.
I faintly heard them
- saying something like...
- Today in Sweety's studio...
- ...they were gonna blow up the station.
- We have our guests,
Sewing Machine!
Could you please introduce yourselves?
Well, I...
Hello, everyone,
My name is Ding Jianguo. I'm the bassist.
Hello, everyone,
I'm the drummer of Sewing Machine...
- Sweety, there's danger!
- My name is Explo...
A bomb?
Oh, my god!
Sweety, I'm not a bomb. I'm Explosive.
He's got a bomb!
Hey! What are you doing?
What the hell!
Dr. Yang, your pose is so out of date!
Come on! Be more of a rocker!
Please deliver my apology
to your colleague.
We received an anonymous tip.
So we were taking extreme measures.
Sorry about that.
Sorry for the trouble.
You can take a photo first.
Come on.
I'll take one.
Just imagine
a smile, the sun shining, and the beach.
I'm okay.
Don't worry about me.
Who cares about you?
All we want to know about is Lili.
she's a tattoo artist.
The first time I met her
I fell deeply in love.
This pattern, right?
I suddenly want to change it.
What's your name?
I'm Lili.
Three words then...
"I love Lili."
It's brilliant!
It's impressive!
Can I ask you something?
Who is this Jixiang?
She's my mom.
But that's not important.
The most important thing is
I had a crazy crush on Lili.
When I was ready to chase her...
she disappeared.
I didn't know how to contact her.
And I didn't know any of her friends.
But I was sure
she had to be from Ji'an.
So, I came here to look for her.
Do you know why I wanted to join the band?
It's because I want to sing
at every place in Ji'an
so that she can see me.
Do you know why I drum facing my back?
I don't want others to fall in love with me
because I'm so handsome.
I do all these things for Lili only.
If you drum facing backward,
how can Lili see you?
Yeah how?
I heard you're in love
with a girl named Lili, right?
What a coincidence...
My dog is also called Lili.
Shut up!
Beat harder!
You didn't eat?
I've been beating for 6 hours.
What's wrong, Xixi?
I can't find my hairpin.
Well where did you go play?
In the backyard.
Let's go.
Let's find it together.
Stop crying.
Let's go.
It wouldn't just disappear.
Come on.
Wipe the tears.
Wipe the tears.
This is the safest place.
Someone is upstairs.
I want to hear it.
Should we lock the door?
You're so cautious!
Why did they lock the door
on this dark and windy night?
I have no idea.
What are you talking about?
- Don't think too much.
- It makes me nervous.
Hurry up.
Open it. I want to see.
What's your hurry?
Shouldn't we wash our hands first?
- Wash?
- Save it. Hurry up.
- Hold on. I'll unbuckle it first.
- Don't over think it.
Listen. Jianguo is a good girl.
Are you ready?
What do you think?
Isn't it powerful?
It looks nice.
Hey, be gentle!
You might scratch it
with your long nails.
It's not a big deal.
I've touched it before.
I've secretly touched it several times
last time when we rehearsed.
Several times?
Well, anyway!
You have no idea how many
rock-loving girls in Ji'an
want to touch it.
You've already touched it.
And you pretend like it's nothing!
By the way,
Cheng Gong wants to see it too.
I'll call him here.
The three of us.
- Calm down!
- Good!
Enjoying happiness alone
is not as happy as sharing it.
Us three can take a series of photos
to remember.
Don't touch it yourself!
- Calm down!
- Fine.
You sick bastard! Take a photo?
It's broken.
Boss Fortune!
Calm down!
Let me go!
- Let me go!
- Just keep calm, boss.
Give me the phone.
I have to call my buddies.
No! We'll be doomed if we expose ourselves.
Stop yelling!
Get his legs.
Boss Fortune!
It's probably a misunderstanding!
If they were doing that they'd
at least draw the curtains.
How do I look?
Let's get wild!
Oh, no.
Boss Fortune!
He might have fallen down the hole.
Where did you put the detectaphone?
Here. In this room.
Can you do it?
Sure thing.
I thought they went to
the school to perform.
Me too.
What the hell!
Sick bastard!
I can't get in touch with Hu Liang.
You sing.
You can try too.
You can do this.
this here...
do me a favor.
I need to go, bad.
What's the rush?
You're brother-in-law is still here.
Now let's welcome
our local band - Sewing Machine
to perform their show.
Let's give them a big applause.
Students of Ji'an No. 7 middle school,
thanks for your support!
Teachers and students,
we have a little situation up here.
What I want to say is
you can take photos,
but please do not post them
on Microblog or WeChat.
You don't have to worry about that.
You don't have to worry about that.
Ji'an No.7 Middle School is
a provincial key middle school.
It's prohibited for students
to bring their phones to school.
Am I right?
Thank you!
Next program.
Get up and let's go.
Sewing Machine's performance
flooded the city's social media.
It's getting closer to September 30th,
the date fo their performance.
Are they going to make a miracle?
I really can't wait!
Stop aiming at me!
Stop wasting water.
I'll bill your father.
Come here!
I have some good news for you guys.
The municipal government will hold
a party tomorrow night.
And we are invited to perform!
You mean I can meet the city leaders?
Does that mean...
the Rock'n'roll Park...
will be spared?
It depends on you.
I remember the night Broken
Guitar came to perform.
Everyone in Ji'an went,
except me.
I didn't expect that after 20 years
I'd be here with you all.
Hu Liang,
if you keep practicing the
guitar the next few years,
it's very possible you'll be the next me.
The next you?
It's not going to happen!
Because I won't have cerebral thrombosis.
Is Dr. Yang all right?
He's all right.
He only drank 22 bottles.
He looks happy today.
Do you want to play?
I can't.
Come on.
Are you Cheng Gong?
I'm Jianguo's father.
I've heard
what you've done.
we've done?
barely talks to me.
I know this
from a friend
who works in the government.
if you don't mind me asking...
How would the government know about it?
You're a young man
from a big city after all.
I really
admire you.
I don't know much about
the customs of Ji'an.
Does this mean you are offering me money
or I need to make a deposit?
You're so amusing.
There's a lucky number
credit limit.
666,000 yuan.
The performance tonight
held by the municipal government...
Why don't you just cancel it?
The land under the Grand Guitar
is really important to me.
Mr. Ding,
it's everyone's dream to pursue music.
it's everyone's dream to pursue music.
I can't just sell it like this.
Dreams, huh?
I also dreamed
of being a rocker for many years.
What's the use?
The old guys
from Broken Guitar.
is there anyone who
actually remembers them?
They're all tragedies.
Compare them
to how I am now.
What's the point
of realizing your dreams?
But the "never" in your tattoo
is only half-removed.
You just can't let it go right?
You youngsters,
always hanging onto feelings
with such nostalgia.
I wanted to remove it completely.
But I couldn't stand
the pain.
So, half is still left.
That year
when the Grand Guitar was built,
I bought some steamed buns
and brought along my guitar
to give my regards to
the construction workers.
But one day,
the doctor told me
Jianguo's mother was ill.
She needed a kidney transplant.
What could I do?
Wander the streets
and play rock music for a while
to ask someone for a kidney?
Later, I understood
that money can save lives.
But dreams cannot.
Let Jianguo take her
position as Vice President.
don't be so hard on yourself.
I'll give you
another 500,000 yuan.
Well, bro,
fight for it again?
It would be okay even
if we sang half of it.
I've tried.
The staff in the government told me
the program is too long.
That's it.
It can't be like this.
What happened?
Why are we here
in the middle of the night?
Hu Liang?
He works every night
because he said he still owes you money.
The money my father gave you.
It was a lucky number, huh?
It looks like I should
go and thank the gods
for letting me meet another piece of shit.
Why did they remove it?
Why did they remove it?
they pulled it down!
The Grand Guitar is gone!
It's gone!
Stop it! Don't smash it!
Why are you smashing it?
What did it ever do to you!
You're all bad guys!
You bastards!
You bastards!
What did it ever do wrong!
Hu Liang!
Stop smashing it!
They are all bastards!
No, they are not!
They are just workers!
They pulled down the Grand Guitar!
So, they are the bad guys!
They're not the bastards!
I'm the bad guy!
What did you say?
I'm the bad guy!
I accepted money from
the property developer!
I cancelled our show!
Hu Liang!
What are you doing? Stop fighting!
Let him go!
Punch me!
I know.
Get rid of them.
So you three
are going abroad to become traffic lights?
We're going abroad to be stars.
Green light,
I think you'll definitely
be the most famous one.
I love green lights...
Because I don't want to be stuck here.
This is it.
4,919 yuan.
You sick bastard!
Sick bastard!
Damn you!
You sick bastard!
Want to steal?
I just bought them and
you came here to steal!
I just bought them and
you came here to steal!
You like underpants, huh?
Here you are!
Come on!
I want to see your face!
Hu Liang,
I'm sorry.
it's over.
I finally understand.
Whether they removed Grand Guitar or not...
It wasn't up to us...
It was my fault.
I was too young.
I want to finish our performance
at the same location and time.
Are you in?
I don't want to sing anymore.
I mean I can still sing.
But I don't know what for?
The Grand Guitar is gone.
What I want to do is repair vehicles.
Listen to me.
You can still do the repairing.
But you still need to sing.
Otherwise, you'll lose
the spirit in your heart.
I had that kind of spirit before.
Back then the only thing I thought about
was when I could start each day.
But now, I've lost it in my heart.
Now I only think about
when I can end each day.
At the time when my heart was in it,
your bro was a real rocker!
But without that spirit,
my head is only full of this stuff!
But you can't be like this.
As long as we keep singing,
the Grand Guitar will still be here.
Otherwise, it's gone forever.
Are you in?
I can't hear you.
Are you in?
I'm in.
Louder! Are you in?!
I'm in!
Are you in?!
I'm in!
Are you in?!
I'm in!
- I'm damn in!
- I'm in!
come down!
I've seen your videos.
You don't need to climb
out the window anymore.
Use the front door.
wear this on the stage.
There's a demonstration match
at the taekwondo gymnasium.
I'm going to see your show after that.
Is that okay?
Li Meiyan!
Li Meiyan, listen.
Xixi must go to the show today!
- Dad...
- Don't say anything, honey.
Just remember what your
dad has done for you today!
This is the credit card
you've been looking for.
That's all?
are greedy!
What are you guys looking at?
It's quite normal.
Our band was established just a month ago.
Now, you're performing at a big show.
You're not the only one.
We're all nervous.
Three of a kind!
Get out!
Share the money with our brothers.
leave the dirty work to us.
You can stay inside
because you're still injured.
I need to beat the two assholes
who humiliated Jianguo myself.
Get out!
Stay inside!
I'm out! What do you want?
I'm out! Stop screaming!
I'm out! What do you want?
Hold your tongue!
Shut up!
Pay attention!
Listen to me!
My respected gangsters,
I understand why you'd want
to hijack a cash truck.
But why are you hijacking a fire truck?
Your water supply was cut off?
Just save it.
I know who you are, horse-face guy.
Who am I then?
You're my neighbor.
I have nothing to do with your fat wife!
It's the truth.
What fat wife?
I knocked on their door
without any clothes on last time.
That yellow dress belongs to her.
Are you cheating again?
Beat him!
Lock the door!
That way!
Where's the water?
Don't move!
The horse-face man is our hostage!
I'll extinguish him if you get closer!
Don't move!
Step back!
It's stuck in my mouth!
Step aside!
You go first!
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's get out of here.
I want to see who you really are.
Today is September 30th.
Sewing Machine will perform their song
on the debris at the Rock'n'roll Park.
Remember who you are, rockers...
Are you guys going cheer them on
alongside Sweety?
You guys are here.
All set?
Yes. Everything is ready.
Your arm, master...
I'm okay.
Listen to me.
Everything we've been preparing
is for this very moment.
The Grand Guitar is gone.
Let's pay our tribute.
Come on!
Let's rock'n'roll!
Sewing Machine!
One day,
I'll start my own band,
and roar out songs for my hometown!
I've already forgotten where I come from
I've forgotten why I exist
Don't think that I'll just hide away
- Fly me away over your heart
- Let's rock'n'roll, Sewing Machine!
Don't think that I'll just hide away
- Over happiness
- Fashionable long johns. All for free! Go!
- Fly me away
- Xixi!
- Over the present
- Jianguo!
- Fly me away
- Jianguo!
- Over the present
- Grandpa!
Sewing Machine! Sewing Machine!
Sewing Machine!
being able to stand on this stage
is all thanks to one person.
He's our agent,
Cheng Gong.
I am not smart enough
to know
what your dream is.
But today,
I want you to get on stage
and sing a song.
We people of Ji'an are all musicians.
we're going to accompany him,
all right?
No more hesitation!
Come on!
Come on!
I'll just count on these two hands
to lead me to my dreams
I've written out the ups and down
I'll just count on these two hands
to lead me to my dreams
I've written out the ups and down
My hometown
is a beautiful town called Ji'an.
It's quiet and ordinary.
because of this band
dramatic changes took place here.
if you ever find the time,
come back to visit us!
Make a pinky promise!
I gotta go.
Don't be sentimental!
What are you looking at?
Give me a hand.
You are heading to Beijing?
So what?
I can't be a drifter in Beijing?
Do I need your permission or what?
From then on,
this beautiful town of rock'n'roll
has been full of hope,
and love.
Let's rock'n'roll!
A special thanks to...
Ji'an Elementary School Teacher
The Knight - Siqin Gerile
The Surgeon.
Tang Dyansty - Liu Yijun
The Warehouse Manager
No. 43 Pao Street - Long Long
The crowd outside Ji'an train's station.
Miserable Faith - Gao Hu
The Harley Rider
The Cobra - Xiao Nan
Ji'an Nursing Home Supervisor
The Heavenly - Lei Gang
Construction Worker
OK King - Xie Tianxiao
The Protestor
Black Panther - Zhao Mingyi
The Protestor's Brother
The Face - Ou Yang
The Radio Station Host
The New Pants - Peng Lei
The Captain of the Special Squard
The Overload - Li Yanliang
The Taxi Driver
Secondhand Rose - Yao Lan
The Gangster
Catcher in the Rye - Xiao Wei
It was your fault
insisting on taking
photos with the audience.
We could've been here earlier
to have our own celebration party.
I didn't!
Old Yang here was taking photos
with a group of women!
I was only acting.
You were looking for your next wife, huh?
This is my daughter Tongtong.
She just came back from abroad.
Come on.
It's your turn now.
What's your name?
I'm Lili.
Three words then...
"I love Lili."
Either dance, or get lost
and don't come back!
Who the hell would wanna come back!
Is Cheng Gong here?
Hey there, instructor!
Is this where I'll be teaching dance?
Bro, do you like this car?
At least there's a view.
The looks and performance
are better than normal cars.
Can you go any faster?
So impatient.
Hang on...!
Here I come!
- Is this egg pancake?
- Yes.
How much?
6, please.
Be careful. It's hot.
Thank you.
Darling, look at that giant guitar.
Is that wonderful?
Yeah! That's so cool!