City of the Living Dead (1980) Movie Script

I am there.
Yes, I am there
I see...
I see
there's the contact.
He's just entered.
The contact has entered
the contact...
the dead...
I see the dead
the city of the dead
hold the link, don't break it
hold the link
it's critical for mary.
Don't break the link,
don't break it
the soul that pines
for eternity...
shall outspan death.
You dweller of the twilight
void come dunwich.
I'm afraid mary's dead.
maybe I've got no imagination,
but your story is
a little tough to swallow.
James mclewin,
busted twice for peddling
and possession.
That's right. So?
And you expect me
to believe that
mary woodhouse died
out of sheer fright
while you were having a seance?
Ok fellas.
You help us
and we'll help you.
What were you on?
Coke? Grass?
Where's the stash?
Down the toilet?
- You don't deserve any help
you're a comic book version,
You look better in
your mugshot, you know.
The great theresa.
The master medium.
for you it's all in the book
your book of...
what's it again?
Yeah, enoch.
According to you this
poor girl is dead
because of a book that
was written 4000 years ago.
That's right.
I'd find such
an unusual paradox
of tremendous appeal
terribly stimulating
if I were a sleuth.
The explanation in every
detail of a crime
before it's been committed.
you're either on grass or
you're pulling my leg.
the problem is in your mind.
It can't accept the truth,
but I'll help you just same.
In the book of
enoch the killer is...
come here and look
who's playing games here?
Come out of the floor,
out of nowhere.
Who lives downstairs?
It's vacant,
has been for 26 years.
But how the heck did...?
Don't you start acting up too.
It's only a prank and I'll
find out
what's behind it even if
I have to tear the whole
building apart.
Keep refusing the truth.
At this very precise moment,
in some other distant town,
horrendously awful
things are happening.
Things that would shatter
your imagination.
Hi officer.
I'm looking for sergeant clay.
And who are you?
I'm peter.
You see, I'm with the...
- don't tell me
you're a newspaper
reporter, right?
I can smell you guys
a mile away.
You're right, I'm a journalist.
Look, there's a rumor down a
the station house
that someone kind
of died mysteriously
and I wanna talk to
the sergeant about it.
It's not going to be any
how the next guy dies
if I let any unauthorized
people in that house.
isn't there a way that
maybe you and I
could come to a sort of
gentleman's agreement?
You're talking into deaf
ear, pal.
Now take my advice and
beat it before
the sergeant comes out.
Ok, I'll take your advice.
It's like we're in the wrong
season suddenly.
Damn dusty
all these high winds,
pretty unusual.
By the way,
I hear cindy heran
never went home last night.
It sure wouldn't be
the first time.
I remember once she was
sitting in...
you know something?
Ever since father thomas
hanged himself
dunwich ain't been the same.
Kind of scary
a few beers and you fellas
start seeing ghouls and
devils all over the place.
Well, you saw what
happened, didn't you?
Sure, but that doesn't
mean that
there isn't any explanation.
It could have been a truck
passing by
the vibration
anyway, I've lost my mirror.
You forget who our
ancestors were?
I've forgot how many
beers you have drunk.
So let's have another.
House buys.
I've gotta go
but wait, what about...
- see you
me too wait up, mike.
I'll see you around
wait, guys... guys...
brand new building...
new construction.
I tell you,
more garbage like this...
I'm gonna loose
all of my customers.
The language is scary,
I admit it.
But the overall message
couldn't have been more
Then why did you choose
the topic of incest?
When I was 8 years old
I wanted to marry my father.
I guess all girls that age
want to marry their fathers.
I got over it pretty quickly
he was a drunk.
One day he just picked up
and left my mother and me.
Did this leave any
particular emotional
feeling in you at the time?
That and pity for my mother.
I began to hate all men
and I...
excuse me jerry.
Hi, sandra.
How are you?
Hello emily.
How come so early?
I mean I thought
we made it for eight.
That's the trouble.
I can't make it tonight.
I have to see bob.
You're not upset are you?
No, I'm not upset.
Maybe a little worried perhaps.
You've been seeing
an awful lot of him,
haven't you, lately?
Poor bob.
He's a sick and ionely kid.
I don't see why people
hate him so.
His mother was what you call
a woman of easy virtue.
No husband. No morals.
Here in dunwich,
anybody like that
is also branded a witch.
Look sandra.
I don't believe those
idiots who tell me
that our ancestors were
salem witch burners alright?
Okay, okay
jerry, I'm sorry.
- Don't worry
I'll see you tomorrow.
Around 9?
Sure thing.
So long sandra.
Bye bye and take it easy.
Jerry, bye.
- Bye
okay sandra,
where were we?
On the same old problem, men.
Why do they have to
make life so difficult?
did he hurt you?
Did he claw you?
He must have been frightened.
It's the first time he
ever acted up like that.
He loves to have you pet him.
He always comes to
you when you're here.
Something must have
frightened him.
Give me the
dirtiest thoughts...
I'm telling you,
you're gonna end up
a dirty old man.
A pervert.
Peeping tom.
Talk about box lunches man
saw a porno flick once,
where this guy got so
carried away
he humped himself to death.
Too much of good thing
but what a way to go
what's the matter?
Never seen a body
in the earth before?
Any law against looking?
okay, I'm leaving.
What time you got?
Let's flip to see who
goes in the hole
Call it.
In the hole, sucker.
what are you still
doing here, pal?
Come on fellas.
What do you want from us?
- Nothing
I'm just curious about
this girl here, that's all.
Look, why don't you guys
go ahead with your work
and just pretend I'm not
Well move, cause we're
almost finished.
It's 5 o'clock.
We've busted our
balls enough, let's go.
You're not going to leave
her like that, are you?
Union hours.
Anyway, what does she care?
She's not in any hurry.
Is she?
Oh, my god...
but for you,
mary would have suffered
a terrible death.
I was just lucky.
it was written.
Are you acquainted with
the book of enoch?
A text which dates back to
more than 4000 years ago.
It contains man's first
recorded description of
his boundless mortal fear
in the face of malice itself
the demanding implacable
enemy who's search for blood
is never satiated.
Mary, tell your experience.
Everything you've witnessed
during our last seance.
The city of the dead...
the living dead.
A cursed city
where the gates of hell
have been opened.
Where exactly is this city?
I don't know where it is.
All I know is that it is
called dunwich.
I've never heard of it.
How do you know?
I mean how can you be so sure?
I read the name
on a tombstone
mr. Bell,
if those gates are left
open it may be
the end of humanity.
We gotta try to get them
shut again.
At midnight on monday
we go into all saints day.
The night of the dead
begins then.
And if the portals of hell
don't get shut before then,
no dead body will ever be
able to rest in peace again.
And so the dead will rise
up and take over the earth.
You've got to get to dunwich.
You must re-close those
Bob, are you here?
what happened?
Did you hurt yourself?
don't leave me alone
I'm afraid...
It's you, mr. Robbins.
No, emily's not here,
I'm afraid.
What's that?
She's usually home
this hour of the night.
I hope that nothing's
happened to her.
There's been a lot of
strange talk circulating.
Come on now
mr. Robbins.
Ignore it.
People here in this town
thrive on that stuff.
You should know it by now.
She'll be home in another
couple of minutes.
If you need me for any
reason though,
feel free to call.
I should be at the studio
for at least
another hour or so, okay?
Goodbye mr. Robbins.
no, no...
come on tommy, please.
No please, tommy
what the devil's the matter
You treat me like I was a
What have I done?
Tell me.
How come you picked out
here to park?
This place gives me
the willies.
Oh, rose. Come on.
You're not a little child now.
You don't really believe in
that stupid
salem witch stuff, do you?
Of course not.
Now what's wrong?
Sorry tommy, but...
but I keep thinking that
someone's out there
spying on us.
Come on.
There isn't anyone out there
I'll turn on the headlights.
You know this dunwich
it's not even on the map.
So, you don't believe me,
do you?
That's not the point.
It's just going to be harder
to find, that's all.
We don't even know
where to start, do we?
You know I get my inner
visions too. You know.
Just let me meditate
over a bottle of scotch
And I'll take you anywhere.
Well, she certainly wasn't
Doesn't seem to have been
any kind of physical abuse.
What was the cause of her
death then?
Some kind of cardiac arrest.
Only that expression on her
face looks like pure fear
like something scared
her to death.
Scared her?
- Excuse me, mr. Robbins
do you know if your daughter
had a heart condition?
oh god...
well, what's our procedure?
Sit tight.
Everything depends
on the autopsy.
I'll sit tight
you'll get your order after
that from the d.a.
Okay, but let me hear
from you, joe
what's your opinion, jerry?
What's there to say.
I'm at a total loss.
It was bob...
that pervert?
- You can bet on it
they should have
put him away for life
after what he tried to do
with poor little anne ross
listen, I'll call all three
cars out after that boy
and I wouldn't be surprised
if he could tell us
what happened to rosy
kellman and frank's kid, too
sheriff russell...
what the dickens is this?
Good lord...
that kid is gonna fry...
mark my word.
So, your newspaper editor
wouldn't believe you?
When adrian deniro told me
about 2 years ago
that I'd meet a girl who
would be buried alive,
I didn't believe him either.
I mean, I laughed right
in his face.
Deniro was aware of
many things.
He knew all about the
city of the dead.
Okay, okay.
Say I believe you.
Did you see...
when you were in this
trance did you see anything
besides that tombstone?
Oh yes.
I saw a priest
who by hanging himself
opened the gates of hell.
He must be destroyed...
The lord is my shepherd...
this way please.
Where is she?
Where is my emily?
She's in heaven now,
mrs. Robbins
mrs. Holden?
Yes. Mrs. Holden died
last night
and according to
dr. Thompson,
was frightened to death.
Frightened to death?
That's what she said, fear.
Of what?
Damned if I know, doc.
It's the strangest thing
I've ever heard of.
There's been talk that
rose calvin and tommy
fisher disappeared too.
They went to the movies
last night
and nobody has seen them since.
That makes five people
that have
disappeared in the last
48 hours.
I think it's bob.
I don't believe in this
superstitious nonsense.
Yeah, maybe you're right
sure, remember two years
ago when
bob took little anne into
the woods?
It was a miracle we found
him in time.
Yeah, and I say it's him
he's the one causing all
the trouble around here.
God only knows what he
did to poor emily.
All I know is that the air
in dunwich
is getting awful thick...
soon as I can find
somebody to buy my
shop and my house
I'm vamoosing.
You can bet your ass.
Calm down, dear.
Take it easy.
Calm down.
My baby, my poor baby
you better take john john out.
Yes, of course.
John john
come on.
Let's go outside.
Let's take a walk.
You have to be strong now.
You have to find courage
to face reality.
You have to be a man.
Do you know what I mean?
I'm hungry
There's a lollipop in the
glove box
look. I'm not joking.
I'm starved.
Look, you're the one
who got me out here
in the armpit of the world
chasing your galloping
Come on.
Let's go have a snack someplace
You want to give up?
Why don't you get in the car
we'll go and check out
the local cuisine.
Don't be upset.
Upset? Who's upset?
According to your
theory we have less than
48 hours before
this... aii saints day.
Oh please. Not now.
Do you mind?
Come on.
Let's go check out
the local cuisine
daddy... mommy... daddy...
what's the matter, honey?
Emily is back.
I saw her
looking in the window.
She wanted to catch me.
Emily went away forever,
john john
she's in heaven.
I saw her...
i swear, I saw her
I really did
you better call the doctor.
I'm alright...
I don't need a doctor.
I don't want a doctor...
i saw her
you had a big day.
You're upset.
We all are.
Off you go now.
Go to bed.
I don't wanna go, mommy
I'm scared...
emily's gonna get me
I know it...
It's me, sandra.
You have to come right away.
No, there's no time to explain.
You wouldn't believe me anyway.
Just come, please
I'm having a
nervous breakdown...
yes, okay. Sandra,
just calm down
and control yourself.
What is it?
There's only two possibilities.
Either I'm going out
of my mind or
something very very strange
is happening.
Look, take it easy.
I'll be there
in 10 minutes, honey.
Jerry, is that you?
Yeah, it's me.
Come in...
come in
what do you need that for?
I don't know,
maybe a crucifix
would be better.
A crucifix?
What the hell are
you talking about?
Tell me the truth.
Do you consider
me a basket case?
No, not at all.
Your nurturing a pet
neurosis, that's all.
Like about 70% of the
female population
in this country.
So according to you I'm
not stark raving mad,
at a least not yet.
Don't be silly.
Of course not.
Sometimes you may
drink a little more
than you should,
but that's no reason to be
taken away
and put into a looney house.
No, I'd rather not right now
and you really shouldn't
You better see for yourself.
It's in the kitchen.
The kitchen?
Oh, christ
was I just imagining things?
It can't be...
it's her. Mrs. Holden.
This morning she was inside
a coffin at the funeral home
and now she's here in my
How did she get here?
I don't know.
I heard a noise.
I came to look and
there she was on my floor.
I called you right after.
I thought I was loosing
my mind.
Let's use our heads
and not panic.
Calm down.
We've gotta find out how
she got here, alright?
I couldn't give a damn
how she got here.
I just want her gone.
Let's get her out of here.
I can't take the sight of her.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
At this point, a good stiff
drink is the only medicine
what are you gonna do?
I don't believe in the
twilight zone
so I guess I'll call the
the sheriff on this matter.
And what do you tell him?
I'll tell him exactly what
you told me.
That you heard this noise.
That you came running
and that you saw her there,
and the rest is up to them.
What was that?
The door is closed
but we left it wide open.
Someone took her away.
Or maybe she just left.
Don't be ridiculous
bodies don't just
get up and walk away
by themselves.
She's still here
she's still in the house...
get a hold of yourself
I don't want to stay
here anymore
jerry get her out
calm down...
- please...
tell her to go...
she's in here you hear her.
Jerry, she's in here,
I can't take it anymore.
sandra, calm down.
Don't let imagination
run away with you.
I don't know what the hell
is going on here either,
so were going to take it
step by step
and search every room in
the house, alright?
And we'll find the reason,
alright sandra?
And you're going to follow me.
Follow me now
come on, that's it.
I'll do whatever you say.
I don't think I'll manage to
sleep here tonight.
If you want to stay at my
studio or my house
you're always welcome.
Good god...
it's blood...
Yes. Yes. I know it.
Odd that you're looking
for dunwich.
Yes, as a matter of fact...
yes, that's the town
where father thomas...
terrible... terrible
you know that dunwich
was built on the ruins
of the original salem.
That village of witches
and heresy.
And evil...
yes, but can you tell us
how to get there?
It's not easy.
You'll have to go back
towards the highway
and as you approach it
there's a road going left
blocked by a landslide.
That will take you to dunwich.
Thanks a lot.
Just out of curiousity...
why are you folks going
down there?
We're just looking up a friend.
I see.
Thanks again.
Good lord, help us.
hi ann.
What are you doing in
the back seat of my dad's car?
I didn't know where to sleep.
You won't tell anyone will you?
No, of course not.
Although you get some
awfully weird ideas.
Come on, smoke
only then you better split,
it's him
go on...
get out of here
what are you doing?
Get in the house...
I can explain everything,
mr. Ross
shut up you bastard...
what were you trying to
do with my daughter?
Please, let me explain,
mr. Ross.
I was only looking for a
place to sleep.
I swear
I guess there's nobody in.
That's strange.
What do you plan on doing?
I have a feeling this is
where the answer is.
We've gotta find the undertaker
or someone from the
funeral parlor.
Maybe they have gone
to the cemetery.
You go.
I'll wait in your office.
I don't think I can take a
cemetery right now.
Fair enough.
"Dweller of the twilight
that's it
that's the very same tombstone
that I saw in my trance.
Welcome to
the city of the dead.
Now what do we do?
We must find the priest's
grave and uncover him.
There isn't much time left.
All saints day begins at
Where do we start?
it's gonna be one of these.
Good thing he didn't hang
himself in arlington.
Excuse me.
I wonder if you could
give us some information.
Well, we're looking for
a tombstone of...
of a priest who hanged himself.
Father thomas?
We don't know his name.
Well, why are you looking
for his burial site?
It's a long story.
One you might not want to
Try me.
I'm just about ready to
believe anything at this point.
That's the whole story.
My god in heaven...
the living dead.
And that's why you're here
in dunwich?
What do you wanna do?
What are you
hoping to accomplish?
The death of father thomas
gave birth to some...
some evil.
They're worms...
who's speaking?
Alright, john john
now listen to me
you take it easy.
Stay right there and
don't move.
I'll be right over.
What happened?
That was emily's little
brother, john
he just told me that emily
killed her parents...
emily died 2 days ago.
Jerry, jerry
I'm scared, jerry,
I'm scared...
it's all over.
Everything's going to
be all right.
You girls take care of him,
Come on
my car?
Yeah, okay
in you go.
Oh god.
Oh god all mighty
totally butchered.
Literally ripped to shreds.
You're sure it was emily?
Yeah, but she was all
She looked like,
she was like...
like she was dead.
And she was eating
mommy and daddy
poor kid.
You poor darling.
jerry, listen.
We've got to go to the
funeral parlour
and then we've got
to look for that...
that grave of the priest
- alright.
Is the kid alright?
Scared to death.
John john...
it's all right.
It's going to be all right.
It's all over now
now listen, sandra
go to the studio with john john
stay there and don't let him
out of your sight
yeah, sure
jerry, we'd better
get a move on
we only have
god knows what else will happen
go away
go away...
john john, thank god you're
safe, boy.
There's a police car
around the corner
mary's there too,
you go straight to it
I'm in car two in
with sheriff russell
we're in main street...
we got to look for
father thomas' grave
you want some of my men?
No, I think it's better if
you guys
took care of the kid
alright, I'll take care
of the kid
- Coming
did you call?
- let's get going
we interrupt this program
to bring you a
special broadcast
a state of emergency,
effective immediately
within dunwich county
all citizens are requested
to return to their homes
as quickly as possible
in case of necessity
contact this station,
radio wdwc
the telephone number is 825...
mind telling me what's
going on?
The dead are leaving their
that's a load of crap
crap or not
I'm taking my money
I'm closing my doors until
tomorrow morning
and I'm not opening it
for anybody
I believe father thomas is
buried in the family tomb
over there
guess what?
It's all saints day
oh no...
thomas family tomb, now what?
I wish I had a cigar
shall we open it?
The lady had a vision
are you sure?
Here we go...
be careful
there you go
hold on to this and let me
try to give bill a hand
for god's sake, hurry
it's past midnight
my god
someone must have broken in
from the other side
or broken out
now what do we do?
I want to go take a look
give me a hand
having receive no further
bulletins on police
emergency operations
which is still in progress
we can only confirm our
previous special broadcast
citizens are requested to
remain in their home
under no circumstances
should anyone try to reach
the state turnpike
we repeat
do not panic,
remain in your home
stay tuned to wdwc
for further bulletin
for those who just tuned in
we repeat our previous bulletin
dunwich police authority
has declared
a state of emergency
effective immediately
within the dunwich county
all citizens...
no, no...