City of the Rising Sun (1999) Movie Script

City of Rising Sun
You'd be beaten up, kid?
You useless shit...
You are not leaving?
How's today?
You're lucky today.
You're teasing me?
You're teasing on me?
Lose is lose.
Yeah, Im a loser, so what?
Hey! Don't move!
Do-chul (Cheng Yu Shing)
Who is it?
Is my mom here?
Don't lie to me kid.
She was here when
I called last time.
Open the door
you're breaking my hand.
You give me
the money and Ill leave.
Shouldn't you give birth to me?
You're responsible
for that if you did.
Give me the money or I won't leave.
Don't try me.
This would be the last time
don't ever find me again.
That would be the last time.
That's the best I can do.
I got to save some for myself.
I don't want to come either.
I won't come even you ask for that.
Get him out.
Give me one more month.
Id give you back
the money for sure.
You really can?
Brother, I would for sure.
Don't call me ''Brother''.
Don't ever call me boss again.
Sorry, brother.
Didn't you hear what I said?
Come here!
Get up!
What kind of people do I hate most?
Its those who owes me
money and doesn't pay back.
And that's you.
Im sorry, Im wrong.
Shit! Why did you hit my face?
Hong-gi... Lee Ching Choy.
Follow me!
You can start working by tomorrow.
I do this because of your friend.
You worked in the gym before?
Any place for sleeping?
When were you born?
You're two years younger than me.
You should call me senior
Just call me brother. Understand?
Look at you.
Why didn't you listen to me?
Don't tell anyone that you work in
Red Star or it'll cause trouble.
What would the salary be?
That depends on your performance.
How can you be so rude?
You hit me?
Hit me with your fist
Here you go...
Were you born in 7 4? Not 75?
Im losing my temper.
Hit me.
- Here I go. - Come on.
- You ready? - Come on.
- Here I go. - Hit me.
- Im coming. - Just hit me.
- Coming. - Just hit me, come on.
- Coming. - Just hit me, come on.
I can't stand it.
I told you not to follow us.
Don't trust him.
He's the boss' undercover.
You mean he's a fraud.
How can you trust what he said?
Don't lie to me.
I hate to ask
those personal things.
We're doing
things that violates the law.
Have you
seen the movie ''The Duel'?
In the movie
Pak stick to the law tight.
Ahn's so rebellious.
Who is smarter between them?
Ahn's the one.
So, one has to be rich.
Lately, those who owned their
houses are those managers, director
Its because they are rich.
Those who rent...
Where do you live?
Just the place I rent myself.
Didn't I give you
ten bucks every day?
Ten bucks, that's money, huh?
Take it.
This house was worth
two million dollars last year.
Now its worth only one million.
Just give me six years...
After six years, Id buy it out.
You need at least 0 years.
Punch! Punch!
Do-chul! Haven't seen you for long.
Heard that you're looking
for a job, how is it going?
Not bad.
As a man, I can do
whatever kind of work.
Id really work on it.
Punch! Punch!
Mimi, bring your photo next time...
I got it.
Let me introduce. She is Lee Mi
and this is my brother.
I got to go, just call me, okay.
Is she great?
Too slim, is she your girlfriend?
I got so many
girls hanging around.
I just focus on her.
Just want to make
her into movie star.
You know movie?
I know everything.
Not only movie and also...
Looks like you're a man of busy.
What kind of
people I hate the most?
Its those who don't
understand what I said.
You read me?
You got to be
alert for what I said.
Don't get on to my nerve.
Why? What if I don't?
Shouldn't I say that again?
Shouldn't l?
Listen, huh?
Don't get on to my nerve.
Im broke, how can I pay back?...
You just can't say there's
nothing you can do.
You got to help me out.
Im a boxer
but I don't want violence.
You're a boxer, should I scare?
I have my background too, bastard!
Be quick! We're leaving.
You two little shitheads
how dare you behave like that?
Useless shit! Just go back
and sell your damn potatoes.
Hey! You hit me!
Come on, come on.
That's enough, stop that.
That's enough.
Come on, stop that.
Please don't hit me.
You're doing great.
That's for your money.
Tough time for you.
Do-chul, you buy
yourself some clothes.
Thank you.
How about me?
Can you get the money by yourself?
And you'll just
spend it all the way out.
Save some for yourself.
Brother, you got a car?.
What do you usually go out by?
What if after 12:00 a.m.?
Last time, I did
walk home from station.
What? How's that?
No girls love boxing these days.
You got to follow the trend,
like, telling jokes.
What? Take me as clown?
What clown? Forget it.
You didn't bring me the photo.
Have I introduced before?
Brother, I met a nice guy.
Look that way, the man in brown.
The one sitting...
Don't stick around with that
bastard. That would ruin your life.
I have told you, you must trust me...
You are the boxer, right?
Not anymore.
Did my wife
order you to follow me?
I got lots of great pictures here.
Why did you show it to me?
Nothing serious.
Im just little short lately.
Do-chul, come here.
Hey! Cheong Kit
Why did you come?
Why are you here?
Tell me, why are you here?
Just tell me.
Nothing, I just get paid for this.
How much can you get?
Your boss just know
how to exploit his staff.
None of your business.
Do you know what exploitation is?
Don't know.
Hey! Don't run.
We meet again.
Want to be an actress?
Everybody asks me that.
You want to hear?.
I don't want to,
you'll tease me if I tell you.
I won't, come on.
No way.
But, you should see. Im confident.
Your nose is bleeding.
That's okay, it happens sometime.
I just can't sleep after the match.
Im just too excited thinking...
What? Woman?
Thinking of what I should eat
not to put on weight.
That's bad for not
eating enough after match.
I got to go, Ive an appointment.
Wait for second.
I call you brother next time.
You're so early,
I just saw Mimi.
What's up to you
Don't want to see me?
Let me go.
What happen to your face?
Told you to let me go.
Who did this? Who?
Leave me alone.
How dare you?
I gave you all these
and treat you so well.
You turn on to my back?
Give me your mobile
car keys and office keys.
Then get the hell out of here.
Not you.
You got work to do
We got to collect some debts lately.
Im leaving also.
Thanks for doing that for me!
Its not for you, sucks!
I used to be in absolute loyalty
to friend when I was young.
I will do everything for friends.
Ive been in gangs too.
Ever since I practice
boxing, I pull myself out.
It pays well for boxing.
Why are you so money-minded?
I can buy a house
for myself if I have money.
Money can fulfill one's dream.
How much do
you know about boxing?
How much do you know?
That kid is...
I haven't been there before.
Why? You won't
learn life experience in school.
You got to learn
it in everyday life.
Your school result
should the same as mine.
You didn't go to college, right?
I did.
You did?
Just a few days
Because I do great in sport.
Even the dumb ones can go to college.
So I don't need that.
Ill open one
myself if I have money.
I got to gather
those who did bad in school
and make them as teachers.
What do you think?
Ill just walk over the rich.
Don't you plan for your life?
Just hang around?
I don't want to be with you.
Don't ever look for me.
You just do what you want to.
You heard about Cheng Tsik?
Someone told him that
no matter what's
happening at the back.
Don't ever look back.
He's so dumb to look back.
There comes the result.
Why? Its because of curiosity.
That's why I told you to trust me.
Trust me then you can...
You like to bullshit.
Its really annoying.
You know Hung Shing?
Chu Tsik's brother
he won't get matured.
- Yeah. - Right.
Hung Shing is
about to lose in the game...
but he's still working hard on it...
What did you say?
He finally made the fortune.
So, one wants to get rich, got to...
Shut up, shit, I just forgot.
I bring you to ball tomorrow.
Mimi will go too.
Hello! Im Chiu Hong-gi.
You know Mimi well?
When did you arrive, Mimi?
I got friends
to social with, get going.
My office is on the other side.
Great body.
Great? Director.
She's so talented...
Stop bugging us
just drink over there.
Okay, Im leaving, see you Mimi.
You're Mimi? You know the rules?
This's no kidding.
Mimi, let's play together.
Excuse me, Ill be back.
Director Lee get
you a solo, how's that?
Its great.
To get along with him
won't bring you good.
Mimi, join us.
- Brother. - Let's play together.
We're talking something serious.
Come on.
This is not the
place for guys like you.
Brother, he's drunk.
What did you say? Bastard?
Bastard! Who is that?
Let go!...
Calm down.
Brother, what're
you doing? That's enough.
That's ashamed? Because of me?
You felt so ashamed?
Let go, bastard?
You felt ashamed too?
Don't mess around.
What? Bastard!
What is it? Fuck.
What are you so proud of?
I got you so ashamed, huh?
No kidding!
I got you so ashamed?
You are no better than me.
Call the police, quick.
Yeah! Call the police.
You're teasing on me? Huh?
You too, huh?
What're you looking at?
Want to hit me? Come on!
That's enough, stop that.
It won't do us good.
Just go.
Be careful.
Did you contact her?.
That's Mimi!
Why do I need to?
You haven't told me how
much is the medical fee?
Its all here, that's all I can do.
You can only take this
that's your fault.
One million?
Then what?
What's this?
This is...
Mobile phone, it's brand new.
What is it?
Take off your clothes.
Take it off.
Don't you trust me?
Take it off.
Yeah, take it off.
It took me a whole day
to get you the medical fee.
That's the way you treat?
Just take it off first.
You're really...
Okay, the money
two million. Let's share it.
Take it out.
Are you nuts?
Four million, it's all for you.
Half of it is for you.
I didn't hurt much.
You know how
much I worry about you?
Put this to my account.
Don't drop it.
I know.
Let's go for fun
after you're discharged.
Go out for fun.
Its the 15th
time I tried to call you.
Im too tired to rush my temper.
Now you got the time?
Give me the money and Ill forgive you.
Chiu Hong-gi, I never
thought you'll treat me like that.
If you don't pay me, you're dead.
Im not kidding.
Im Do-chul
Im sorry about last time.
I drank too much.
You hang
with Hong-gi so I call you.
Can you do me a favor?.
Im looking for him badly!
You turn your face.
I want to look at your side way.
Sau King, not
everyone can be actor.
How's your acting?
Ive no experience.
Should be, first time?
You know, ''Legend of hero''?
You like what you are doing?
Not really.
Why you keeping
telling me not to do it?
Didn't you see
shit people like me?
You think that, too?
You think Im better than you?
Do I have a car or house?
Be frank, you're not for boxing.
Im sorry to say that.
Brother, I don't want
to be the world champion.
Really? Then Im losing my temper.
Im lending it to you
you pay me back.
Why don't you take it?
You take the car.
I can take my mom's one.
Brother takes the money first.
I pay you back with interest.
Im going to built
another house lately.
The money is quite short.
You are really kidding me.
Let's have a chat over there.
Sau King, you wait for...
Hey! Take it away.
You bum into a fraud.
Who are you?
Who's the fraud?
What are you waiting for?.
Don't wanna go?
Sau King!
You come here.
Hey! Let go first.
You know how much in there?
You are bastard
that's really too much.
What? So what?
You took my money away.
My money
where is it? Give me, bastard.
Let go.
You give me the money first.
Okay, but please let go.
Give me back the money.
Let go.
You take it.
What? Shithead?
Give me the money!
Its all gone.
Do-chul, it's...
That punch is great.
I apologized to you already.
Isn't that enough for a punch?
Let's eat on your treat
Im starving.
Get off! Aren't you rich?
Get off!
Who are they?
Just go.
What's going on?
Whatever, just go.
Why are they following us?
I told you to go.
Why are you following us?
Not you business, stay aside.
Come here, Chiu Hong-gi.
Let me go.
You are not coming over?.
You are not coming over?.
Let go, I don't fight.
Its up to you.
Mother fucker.
How's that, brother?.
Its okay.
You made a leap, ready for match.
Let's have a match?
Not now.
Didn't you say Im ready?
Okay, just one.
No way.
Watch out.
Shing Ho is the title
champion for years, you'd know.
You got to stay
through to the 4th round.
Or it'd be shit.
Left punch, harder. Okay, stop.
Do you think
I will lose to Shing Ho?
He's not like before.
Its a miracle if you
can stay through 4 rounds.
Its an important show.
Although it's not confirmed yet,
I think Ill go great.
This match is important too.
If I win this
match there're lots coming.
What are you doing?
I got to sleep now.
Why are
you listening to such song?
That's uncivilized.
Get some music on.
Is that cool? How about this?
Won't charge you
just lend it to you.
Thanks, brother.
Ming Kwok's looking for you.
The interest now is
10 times much higher.
You pay that first
tell them it's on my account.
Tell them the
rest you'll pay them soon.
The interest now is
10 times much higher.
You pay that first
tell them it's on my account.
Tell them the
rest you'll pay them soon.
Just let it cool down
If I see him will help you out.
Don't want to work for me still?
Im sorry, brother.
Im not that type.
Im 25 years old.
I don't see any prospect for that.
I know they are
saying I just mess around.
I know that.
They just don't understand me.
Let's wait for my first victory.
They will change their mind.
Call me if you change your mind.
I left my wallet in the shop.
I get it for you.
No, I go and you wait in the car.
Ill be right back.
It's the chance to make a fortune.
We need to bring Do-chul with us.
Without him, it's useless.
I got you a present, friend.
You said you quit from Mr. Man.
Why are you urging me to go?
You should know I won't go.
Don't you need money?
How can you make
a living with no money?
And the chance of
winning for this match is small.
Am I correct?
You think Ill lose?
Yes, everybody thinks that.
No one thinks that Ill win.
You really think so?
No kidding!
Wanna know who's winning?
Let's see
Im confident for the match.
Ill win for sure.
You're winning, so what?
How much you get?
How many matches you
need to be the champion?
You know my reason
going for the match?
Think I need that badly?
It's because of money, right?
No, certainly not.
I don't know how to say.
I just know
Im not doing it for money.
Hey! Kid.
I just want to prove
I can beat my enemy.
If you're saying those useless
shit, then don't come here.
You think I want to come?
I got nowhere to stay?
I can live till the 20th century
in my girls place.
Then you go ahead! Bastard.
You bastard.
Ill take this as
I got nowhere to go.
Now it's not the time.
Come on, get the punch.
Stop, enough.
What it is? Not feeling well?
Brother, one more try
Ill do my best.
Come on, punch out.
Stop! Do-chul
are you ok? Alright?
Go and get some rest.
Hey! Do-chul, how's that?
Tell me!...
Im okay...
How do you know Im here?
Aren't you leaving the gym?
What about the day coming then?
Did you think over
what I told you yesterday?
That's my last time to beg you.
Come on, please help me out.
That's enough.
Get loss!
We're friends
Why did you say that?
It hurts me.
Just get loss, huh?
Got it.
Don't do this to me, please...
You come out for see, brother.
Sorry, I got an appointment.
Not even a sec?
That's very important.
Let's meet tomorrow?
I phone to the gym tomorrow.
Ive quit. Just cut it.
Really? Im leaving, you get in.
Get in, Do-chul.
Get on, kid.
You're stubborn.
Stay away from
the rain. You'll get sick.
I won't force you to do that.
Im not doing it either.
I don't want you to catch cold.
That's not good to yourself.
That's okay for not doing it.
Lee Do-chul!
He made a right punch.
Then come with a left punch.
That's exciting.
The opponent dies to run.
Come on.
The title champion we're expecting
is now come...
The fierce punch from the opponent
hit Lee's nose.
And Lee's nose is broken..
The match won't end that soon.
We need to
wait for another round.
Get on the car, forget what I said.
Ill do it.
- Bye. - Bye.
Since I left home at 17
Ive been doing all kinds of work.
Who send you guys here?
That bastard owes us money.
He didn't pay
back, that's the result.
The shithead like him
should let him know what pain is.
If I have one million,
I can do everything.
Do-chul, you listen.
The smart one will grasp the chance
as it comes.
I know we can't live for dream.
I need to live for myself.
You're lying, shit.
You took the money
wanna bilk that?
Ming Kwok talked about you.
I didn't tell him.
Just concentrate
on this, don't worry.
Let's see, six more
years Ill be getting on.
Ill give you when you're done.
I gave my word, make it quick.
Mom, Im here.
Being rich
people will respect you.
Won't tease on you.
No way.
I won one million
in horse-racing last year.
All together, I won twenty million.
I bought 30 houses
get much cash on hand.
Do-chul, don't
fight anymore, it's done.
Make way.
Is money so important?
If you buy this house,
you'll earn 500 thousands.
To have money,
you can enjoy your life
every day as you like.
Then, what do you think?
Get going, quick...
Haven't you got the money?
Don't want it, shit!
Mom, my mom.
She died 2 years ago.
Ill sleep in the gym tonight.
I need to go somewhere.
Talk about it tomorrow.
Im sorry about that.
Did your stuff go smooth?
No, am I really that shit?
Is this a dream
to me being an actress?
You really think so? Brother!
What's happening?
Im supposed to cast
for a cosmetic advertisement.
But they get me changed..
Im not upset,
because I know too well.
How much is this?
Can I buy for
$50? That's all I have.
Ill lose $50 if
I sell it to you at $50.
Don't look down upon others.
What did you say? How old are you?
None of your business, how's that?
Your parents let you see this?
You can sell to kid if
you have parents' consent.
You're too young to see that.
Don't try this, kid.
Are you kidding?
Hey! Kid, you're too much...
Chiu Hong-gi get
hide! Don't let them find you.
Be quiet, Hong-gi, I can hear.
Yeah, keep it this way.
Chiu Hong-gi , be a man?
You're piece of shit.
I give you three more days.
You come to me or else
you're out from this earth.
Remember, Hong-gi.
Good technique.
My uncle is a salesman.
I told him to get a job for you.
What? Don't want it?
No, I got to think it over.
For what? You got to work.
Yes, Mr. Ng, yes..
What time? Before 3:00 p.m.?
Im free now...
Im leaving , don't wait for me.
Chiu Hong-gi
it's been 3 days already.
You think you gonna run from me?
We should settle this.
I got something for you.
Do-chul, it's me.
Can you call me at once?
Whose is this car belongs to?
I stole it.
You drive it.
Quick, thanks.
What do you want to tell me?
Trust me, help me just once.
Get going.
Hey! Just run.
Let go.
- Bastard, run
- Let go! Gonna screw it.
Are you nuts? Wanna get into jail?
Yeah, Im crazy.
You go first if you scare.
Fuck, Im gonna make it.
Mother fucker.
Run, police is coming.
Wait for me.
The police is coming.
No way, I got to get some more.
Shit, I can't see anything.
Did you argue with Mimi?
She doesn't suit me.
She's good though.
You should treasure her.
How much did you owe?
Don't ask, okay?
Im lost.
Chiu Hong-gi, you gonna make it.
Ming Kwok, you
stupid bastard should see...
You wanna kill me?
I thought
you want to kill yourself.
Why are you crying?
You really think Im coward?
No, that's me.
Now, Im afraid
to get on the boxing ring.
That's gorgeous
it's my first time to see sun rise.
Stupid punk!
Yeah, not anywhere
can see such beautiful sun rise.
Im gonna live here forever.
No kidding!
You can't stay
here for a single month.
May be not.
Go back.
Where have you been?
If you leave again like this
I don't want to see you again.
This'd be the last time, mom!
I won't bother you anymore.
The condition is no good.
Suk's father was sent to hospital
last month because of his brain problem.
This is the
matter of life and death.
Can you lend me some?
Ill pay you back.
Where do you get the money?
We live on our pension.
Wake up, kid.
You're still young
you can do anything.
Don't you have
to bother your parents?
Okay, that's enough, I got it.
Im leaving.
Hong-gi, you know
tomorrow's your birthday?
Get yourself something to eat.
What is that?
I got my deposit, half of my wage.
I need to do rehearsal
tomorrow, it'd be busy.
Brother, what do
you need? I buy it to you.
That's great.
What are we gonna eat
Have something good.
Do-chul! Open up, it's Hong-gi.
What are you here for?.
How can you forget
your friend's birthday?
Today is my birthday.
Really? Your birthday?
Hi! Mimi, haven't seen you for long.
Come in.
Is today your birthday?
Of course.
Dear Hong-gi, Happy birthday to you.
Make a wish.
Turn off the light.
- Make a wish! - Why wait?
I gonna run to the garbage ring.
He's following it?
Have you seen Ming Kwok?
I won't worry for that.
Is it?
What can he do to me?
Yeah, he can't do anything.
What can he do to me?
No more wine.
I go to buy some.
Here's the money.
No, anything you need?
Let's go together, Mimi.
Ill be right back.
You son of a bitch!
You store her money.
- I didn't. - No?
Worst of all
I won't steal Mimi's money.
I just saw it, whatever.
Im just looking at it
what's that money?
Don't lie. Are you a friend of mine?
Okay, you're good. Im fucking crap.
You just beat me up, come on.
Shit like you worth beaten up.
Nothing go smooth since I saw you.
You are really in deepshit.
Don't even see me or Mimi.
You finished?
You stay here.
You take this.
Don't follow me or Ill kill you.
Where's that bastard?
Don't see him anymore.
He is no good to you.
Don't say that
Hong-gi, that's a pity...
You still wrap for him up?
Look what he did
He still stand up for him...
He probably
needs the money badly.
Are you deceived?
You got cheat by him
so many times, enough?
Are you dumb?
You know how I earn this money?
Okay, that's enough.
You wanna fight?
Sorry, don't mention him.
Why don't you say something?
Is he more important than me?
You don't have
the right to say that.
What do you mean? Huh?
I don't want to see you turning into
a shit face as you succeed.
You said I changed
Don't you love me?
When Im down, where are you?
Right, you're right.
We are completely different.
You know that till now?
The next one coming up is from
Sam Soon
Association, Lee Do-chul.
Be steady, stay cool.
Don't push yourself.
Take it as practice.
What's this?
That's all I have.
I sold all I have.
Please give me some more time.
That'd be the last time, brother.
I told you, don't call me brother.
Even you pay me off
I won't forgive you.
You know why?
Im sorry, brother.
I hate you as I see you.
Don't pay me
what's your blood type?
I won't feel pity on you.
Haven't you sold your organs?
You sold that, no way?
That's the best thing
you do before death.
You call me brother, huh?
Then don't come and bother me.
You know I have a hard time too?
My business is like shit.
Still give me such call.
Got it? Stay close to him a bit.
Keep the distance
make short punch.
Let's go.
Good, the figure is good
how's that?
Get away.
Don't be too disappointed.
There is chance still, trust me.
You come here for what
you bastard?
I don't even have money
to pay for the medical fee.
Don't worry too much.
Im leaving.
One, two, three, four
five, six, seven, eight...
Give it to mom, take it.
You know the day
after is Mom's birthday?
You'd be pretty
when you're grown up.
Don't throw the towel.
You got to fight back
get your punch.
Yeah, right.
Shing Ho!
One... Eight...
Come on, hit me
You afraid? Come on.
Nine... ten... It's finished.
Do-chul, it's over.
One more time.
Don't be like that.
You lost the match.
I still can fight.
It's over.
Bastard! Come on. Hey! Fight me.
Stop that.
Did you see my match?
It's a great match.
I never thought you fight so well.
I can beat him.
Really, I can beat him.
Just call me before you come.
There's been a lot
happening to you, huh?
What'd happen to me?
Mimi will get upset as she sees me.
You didn't quarrel with her, huh?
Go away.
Let's wait for another while.
Where else can we go?
You need to apologize
first as you see Mimi.
I know.
I want to have my own career.
Let's do it together, okay?
How much do you have?
Is money necessary for that.
Why are you laughing at me?
You're either crazy or dumb.
Shit, why did you hit me?
re-timed by potatoheart