City of Tiny Lights (2016) Movie Script

Hey, boss.
Yo, you all right?
20 Golds.
All right, this is it.
People got a lot of names
for someone like me
The way I see it,
I deal in the lies people tell
and the truths they don't.
I deal in secrets.
I dig them up or I bury them
I've been doing that
for at least half my life.
You see that?
Quick on your feet.
That's the first
principle of greatness.
Quick feet had nothing, unless
you keep your head still.
And you've got to know the
exact location of your off stump.
- Oi, Are you listening?
- Dad.
It's what I call
your moral compass.
Once you know its whereabouts,
you can do whatever you please.
Yeah, okay.
Us immigrants, we've got to be
better than the locals.
Who are you calling an immigrant?
What was that?
King Viv!
Let me see, ya bugga.
The old man reckons you can learn
everything you need to about
life from the game of cricket.
Not sure how much it helped him
when he fled Uganda in '73
with nothing but a bag and his
army revolver under his jacket
just in case.
He was in the uh,
King's African Rifles.
I think he still got
the gun somewhere.
Did you see that range?
A super shot, beautifully positioned.
- What a monster.
- Merciless, man.
Off the back foot this time.
That languid flow of the bat.
Glorious stuff.
All right?
Where are you going?
I'm going to work.
The last ball of the 50th over and
he's finished it off nicely with a six.
We've all got our stories,
our lies, our secrets.
They say the truth
will always out.
Well, I hope not.
I'd be out of a job,
for a start.
There you go.
People call me a snoop.
And they call me a lot worse.
Your door was open.
No worries.
Come in, Miss uh...
Melody Chase.
How'd you find me, Miss Chase?
I've got an app, Mr. Akhtar.
Natasha, my flatmate.
She's gone missing.
- She Russian?
- What?
Orientals are adjectives.
Happy, Lucky, Smiley, whatever.
Black girls are musical nouns.
Harmony, Jazz, Melody.
And um...
Russians just sound Russian.
- Ford cars, from back in the day.
- What d'you mean?
Black girls. I know
a Seirra, a Capri, a Fiesta.
- You're funny.
- You have no idea.
Natasha, she met
a client yesterday.
Never came home.
I'm worried.
He was a new client,
so we met him together.
Two pairs of eyes.
That's the rule.
- At the Tunnel, Mayfair.
- Mm
I had a drink with him.
I left about midnight.
So, what's he look like?
Middle-aged, suit,
another Paki.
I've got photos.
- What's this?
- Hotels we use.
My rate's 300 a day plus expenses.
That's the best I can do.
What would you charge?
I charge 300 an hour.
I'm in the wrong game.
She's been gone what, 8 hours?
Don't you think
you're being a bit paro?
Well, I do.
A lot can happen in 8 hours.
Well, Miss Chase, I'll uh...
be in touch.
Mr. Akhtar.
Oh crit, check out boy, man.
- You all right, Mrs. E?
- Hey!
Um, he's in trouble again.
Would you mind
talking to him, Tommy?
- Me?
- Avid will listen to you.
We need to singe this, bruv.
Yo fam, you got a fag?
You shouldn't smoke.
Smoke? I don't smoke.
I blaze.
Fools like this
need padding, bloke.
Dickheads, man.
Where's my money?
And the rest?
- Going to Mayfair.
- Mayfair?
Yeah, I know. I'm
moving up in the world.
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
Supposed to be checked in here last night.
Let's go.
- I'm wondering if you can help me.
- Sure.
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
Hi, I was hoping you
might be able to help me.
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
- Supposed to be checked in here last night.
- Yeah, I'd seen her.
- Yeah?
- Mmhmm.
- Any idea what floor or room?
- Um, room 512.
- You sure? Thank you.
- Mmhmm.
- That's for you. Take care.
- Thanks.
Yeah, Big John, bingo.
Don't wait for me.
- Double Turk, no ice.
- Sure.
Here you go.
Hello, which emergency service
do you require?
Hello, police, please?
Police emergency,
how can I help you?
Yes, I would like to
report a murder, please.
Tommy fuckin' Akhtar.
Oh fuck.
- Shelley.
- Tommy.
- You're back.
- Yeah.
- How long?
- Couple of months.
- You never...
- No... I meant to. I was just...
I really meant to.
You come here every year?
Thank you.
Oh, come.
Come now.
Em, this is Tommy Akhtar,
we were...
We were friends
a long time ago.
You knew my dad?
Fancy flowers.
From Lovely, innit?
Always showing off.
I've got this new job.
You should come by.
Come on.
I'm Shelley.
Yeah, you're Stuart's girlfriend.
Yeah, Stuart's girlfriend.
You're in my English class.
Yeah, of course.
I recognize no words like,
what was that "episodic allegory"?
Remember that?
I dunno. I guess it's my dad.
You talking to my girl?
No, I was just... joking.
So, um, you Churchill Massive
or what?
- Yeah, of course.
- C'mon, then.
What are you playin' at?
That's not very friendly.
All right, sit down.
Tame shit, bruv.
If you wanna knock one out,
you need to go online some.
- It's work.
- Course it is.
- Lets give it up.
- Yeah man, take a toke.
Hey, what the fuck, Tommy, man!
My office, my rules.
Fags only.
You kissing the teeth? I got
bog roll more abrasive than you man.
- What'd you want?
- I don't want nuttin.
Mum told me to
come round here.
Said you wanted to
talk to me or suttin.
Did she now?
Yeah. I mean I think so.
She's all like, Avid, do this,
Avid do that.
Or don't do this,
or don't do that.
Fuck it. Why the fuck
you laughing though?
That's extra, you get me?
That phone is lame.
This is evidence.
But, don't know the PIN.
Give it here, man.
Piece of piss.
The default- 1, 2, 3, 4.
Come on, bruv,
everybody knows that.
- All right, send it.
- Hold on.
There's an SD card.
Oh, it's locked.
Got a decrypt?
- What?
- Decrypt.
Don't know what
a decrypt is?
Keep up bruv. I'll take
it, yeah? Rip it easy.
All right.
You should let me
work with you, man.
Tommy and Av.
T.A. Confidential.
You get me?
Your mum would love that,
wouldn't she?
Yeah, she's all over you.
Just go easy on your mum, yeah?
All right?
Yeah, man.
All right, go on, piss off.
All right, later.
All right then, jump up there.
All right, I call it a tight rope.
We all done it, innit, twat?
Of course.
Yeah, today.
C'mon, Tommy, let's go.
You look forward to
joining our gang, yeah?
- Who's that?
- Go on, Tommy!
- Atta boy!
- Are you mad?
I ain't scared.
Get down!
Keep going.
You're almost there.
Go on son, keep going.
Go on Tom.
Go on son.
Go on Tommy, keep going.
Tommy, just get down!
This is Hafiz Ansari.
Please leave a message.
Thanks, Mr. Ansari,
you've been very helpful.
We'll be in touch.
- Is everything okay?
- It's fine.
You all right? Is Lovely there?
I mean... Hafiz.
Fuckin' Lovely.
You all right, Lovely?
No one's called me that in time.
I bet.
Some cheeky cigarette, man.
Wait, is that your dad's office?
I hardly recognized it.
You got a fuckin' pond.
No, it's a water feature.
Trust me man, women.
I wouldn't know.
I know you wouldn't, man.
Tommy fuckin' Akhtar, man.
Come here.
- Shit, man, how you been?
- Good. You?
Yeah, all right.
I heard you became a detective.
Finding lost car keys
and missing dogs.
And the rest.
Come, man let's
get a drink. Jesus.
Hey, how's the old man?
Uh, prostate cancer. I moved
back to take care of him.
- Fuck man, I'm sorry.
- It's fine. It's slow.
Doctors say something else
will kill him first.
If I stick around much
longer, it'd be me.
I always thought you'd uh, move out.
Pinner, Ruislip, one of them.
Ah, no, no, no. This is our
manor, right? We got to pull it up.
- Yeah, one water feature at a time.
- Yeah, exactly.
About your business partner,
Usman Rana...
He's dead.
What's going on?
I got a case looking
for a Russian hooker.
She was with him.
Fuck, Tommy.
All right, it's a mess.
It's a big fucking mess, man.
Usman is my friend.
Well, he was.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
Really, he was a good man.
But you know, he was
a loose cannon.
- He... fucking hookers.
- Yeah,
I mean, fuck man.
How does that look?
And I'm trying to raise finance.
And now, I mean, fuck.
You know, I could
do with your help.
I need to find out what happened
for business,
but more importantly
for his family. All right?
If you could just like, keep me in
the loop, man. I'd appreciate it.
Of course.
You know, it's just like
the old days, innit?
Churchill Massive, right?
I'm not sure if you're
allowed to do that
once you got a water feature.
- See you, man.
- See you.
You know, listen,
You got a fag?
Still fucking
bumming cigarettes.
Some things never change, innit?
Ah no, keep it.
It's all right.
I pretend I don't smoke and
she pretends she don't know.
Right. The key to a
successful marriage, yeah?
It really is, don't joke.
Take care, man.
Hey, um...
I... I saw your flowers today.
They were nice.
You went to the grave, yeah?
Yeah, it's the anniversary, so.
It's another life innit, really.
Hey, you need to let it go, yeah?
- Um, be in touch
- Okay. Much love, man.
All right, Lovely.
What are you doing here?
I come for a ride, Tommy man.
I got to get the car back.
Can we go inside?
It's freezing.
Yeah, sorry.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
"Quite dead. As dead
as a doornail."
- Evening, Mr. Akhtar.
- Hello, Hafiz.
Your friend tells
me you're studying
"A Christmas Carol", Tommy boy.
You never told me.
"I wear the chain
I forged in life."
"I made it link by link,
yard by yard."
Episodic allegory.
Shell, come on.
We should go, yeah?
I got to get the car back.
I don't wanna go. I'm
talking to Mr. Akhtar.
Tommy will walk me.
Won't you?
What can I get you, sir?
Hello mate, have you
got Wild Turkey?
Yes, we do.
- Can I get a double, please. No ice.
- Yeah, sure.
Alex, can we check
these people to a table?
Follow Alex, I'll be
right back. Thank you.
- You said I should come by.
- Yeah.
So, I'm buying you a drink.
I'm working. I'm not able...
Right, yeah. Sorry.
Another time?
Another time.
I'm working till midnight.
Maybe we could have a nightcap.
- Tomorrow's good.
- Okay.
You don't talk much.
No, it's nice.
I just want someone to listen.
You know?
You better leave me here.
Mum doesn't like seeing
me with strange boys.
Am I a strange boy?
A little bit.
I don't give a fuck who you are,
it's my crime scene.
We'll take it from here, officer.
Yeah, well fuck you very much.
We've got it. Thanks.
- Hello?
- You all right, Cal?
Tommy. Where are you?
Yeah, I'm across the canal.
2-6, CCTV needs a status.
The emergency call? God.
"It ain't our fault, mum."
I should've known.
"Will you please pursue, sir?"
What's going on, Tommy?
By the time I got here,
the room was clean.
Seal it banked.
Even the security cams are gone.
Spooks got on lockdown.
- Wh, wh, what spooks?
- SO15.
Counter fuckin' terrorism.
You shittin' me?
You expecting trouble?
Always, Mr. Akhtar.
Call me Tommy.
I'm gonna change.
The living room's that way.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
Those bullets get
stuck in my hair.
I know the feeling.
Did you um...
find Natasha?
No, not yet.
I found a client though.
- What'd he say?
- Not a lot.
He's dead.
Found him at the Holiday Inn.
Pretty messy.
I believe the term is
"blunt instrument".
You don't think that Natasha
did it?
Usman Rana. That name
mean anything to you?
You sure about that?
No, he was just another client.
All right. I'm gonna need to
have a look at her bedroom.
Why did she die?
I dunno. You were her
friend. You tell me.
I am her friend.
When you do this job,
some things...
Some things you don't...
Yeah. I know what you mean.
Pretty girl.
Who's that?
Her sister, I think.
Wouldn't have had you down
as the sensitive type.
Only when I shave.
Can I hang on to this?
All right.
I'll try to have
some more for you soon.
Let's see that.
- Do you think he fancies her?
- What?
Well, you know what he's like.
I dunno. Maybe.
She's... I dunno, mate.
It'll be fine.
Don't know what I'll do, Tom.
Stu, you've got nothing
to worry about, mate.
Cheers, mate.
Come on then,
what do you got?
Spreadsheets innit, bruv.
Yeah accounts.
Yeah, it's Rana's company.
Why's he got them
on the phone, blud?
I mean just one file.
That's weird, fam.
Unless he's got
something to hide.
Yeah, look at this.
Yeah, 10K to the youth league.
That's a lot of cheddar, fam.
Swear, down this every month.
How come they stopped like
two month ago though?
What, you want a
reward or something?
Nah, man. Just
T.A. Confidential's in it.
Tommy and Av.
You get me?
Yeah, never mind that.
Who the fuck is the Islamic
Youth League?
Thank you, brother.
- As-salamu alaykum
- Wa alaykumu s-salam wa rahmatullah
Have a seat, brother.
I believe you wish to
discuss a donation.
What did you have in mind?
Um... Not a donation.
I wanted to speak to you about
one of your donors, brother.
Usman Rana.
I believe he has made
significant contributions.
Who are you, Mr. Akhtar?
I'm a private detective brother,
I'm looking into his uh...
his murder.
You know that, right?
All I know is that this society
is riven with false idols.
Sex, alcohol, drugs, money.
And every desire has its price.
Is that a confession?
It is the teaching of Allah.
Rana was with a girl. A prostitute.
I'm looking for her.
I can't help you.
Can I just ask...
Rana stopped making donations
a couple of months ago.
Did you two fall out?
Wasn't anything major, was it?
Just 'cause if it was,
it doesn't look great.
A high-profile Pakistani
businessman gets murdered.
It's all hushed-up.
SO15 all over it.
Geezer's connected to you.
You argue with said geezer
and he winds up dead.
You know, I'm just
playing dot-to-dot.
Feel free to jump in
whenever you want.
No need for panic buttons.
There's no need for panic.
I don't know what you're
up to and I don't care.
I'm just looking for the girl.
Like I said, I can't help you.
There is a war going on.
And you don't even realize it.
The war for our souls.
I am prepared.
Are you?
Dyb dyb dyb
As-salamu alaykum, brother.
Long time, no see, huh?
- I never met you before, mate.
- C'mon, man give me a hug.
No offense, if you
lot gonna do this,
you really gotta get some
brothers in the team.
- I don't know what you're talking about, mate.
- All right? Equal opportunities, man.
Ask for some CV's
Yo, is that a detective?
Yeah, the cover's been blown.
Double Turk. No ice.
I wasn't sure you'd come.
You're paying me.
Of course, I'll come.
People pay me.
I don't come.
You're drunk.
Yes, but tomorrow,
I will be beautiful.
What about tonight?
A date.
Some call it the uh,
"The Girlfriend Experience", yeah?
So they say.
Yeah, well, what do they know.
What about you?
Nobody special?
When someone goes missing,
they say the first 24 hours...
On TV, I mean.
Firstly, that's missing kids.
Second and worse, TV.
I'm on it.
Okay, let's say
Natasha didn't do it.
Okay? Somebody could've
followed them that night, so.
Who else was there,
at the Tunnel?
- I told you.
- I know what you told me.
I'm talking about
doormen, bar staff, whatever...
Okay, who's Tunde?
He's a dealer.
He's there most nights.
He's just, you know, some...
Some what?
Choc ice.
Okay. Anyone else?
No one I could talk to?
I have to go.
Double Turk, no ice.
Drinking bourbon?
That's my drink.
Everyone tells me you
guys drink warm beer.
Seems to me it's European
lager and American whiskey
all the way with you Londoners.
I'm just sayin'.
I mean, take you.
You were at the hotel.
And then you called the cops
on that phone, right there.
A small-time private eye.
Not what I was expecting.
You take anything
from that hotel room?
You know the uh, the
worst thing about Londoners?
They're not very friendly,
not to strangers.
You need to stay out of this,
Mr. Akhtar.
I'm just a...
what's the expression?
Dipping the wick.
I love that.
You have a nice day.
- I want 20's innit.
- No, I don't got it.
- Hey you, man!
- Catch him!
- And don't embarrass me.
- Tommy, man.
So, what's the mission, bruv?
All I want you to do is go in
the youth league and listen.
Ah, Swear.
I need to find out why the
mullah fell out with Rana.
- Sick, fam. That's sick.
- All right, take it easy.
What you say, grandpa?
What you say? Good, yeah?
The main thing is listen, Avid.
Black geezers a threat,
white geezers a threat.
But Pakis can be invisible,
even to each other.
You need to ease up on that "Paki"
shit. It's not cool, you know.
All right, so listen, tomorrow
at 5, yeah? Somali cafe.
Watch and listen.
Remember, you're undercover.
Aight, man.
So, hold it down.
Say nuttin.
What the fuck, man!
I warned you, blud!
It's what's gonna happen here.
Let me show you the interiors, yeah?
Fuck me. Tommy!
Thought I'd come around
and have a look for myself.
How'd you pay for all this?
Business is nice, bruvah.
Look. What do you think, huh?
24 apartments and townhouses.
2 and 3 beds. 40 minutes
from the sea, yeah?
American architecture.
Swedish interiors.
- Polish pullers.
- Yeah.
Hey, man, our manor's going down.
This the regeneration, yeah?
You got to get the drugs
off the street for that.
Oh, hopefully this will get
the drugs off the street.
'Cause we're trapped in a
better class of person, Tommy.
Better than you and me?
Fuck, no, sorry, man.
You found the Russian girl?
No, but I wanted
to show you this.
- What am I looking at?
- Look a bit closer.
- Is that Raven Rec?
- Yeah.
Fuck me, man.
Raven Rec.
That brings back memories.
I reckon her sister
is on the estate.
- Fuck.
- I'm on it. All right?
- We need to go. Very sorry.
- Good to meet you.
- Gentlemen.
- I'll be in touch. All right?
- Get home safe, yeah?
- Okay.
- Hey, you gonna sort me out one of them?
- Yeah.
- Maybe.
- I'll hold you to that.
- Yes, Tommy man! You made it.
- There you are, Lovely.
Come on, Tommy.
We got burgers, we got hotdogs,
beer, whatever you want.
- Where's Shelley?
- Oh, there's Tommy.
Stuart gonna go crazy
if they see you together.
Lay off, man.
Double Turk, no ice.
Tunde, right? You know
a pro named Natasha?
- Comes here a lot. Russian.
- Who the fuck are you?
DS Saha. Special branch.
You're not a cop. Stick
fancy dilly's fake ID's a cop.
No, Brixton Market.
I'm a friend of Melody's.
Fuck off. Before I have
your legs broken.
There's a good chap.
Hi, where's Tunde?
- Sorry?
- Tunde, this is his table.
Sorry, this is our table.
Have a seat.
You all right, mate?
Save me some.
You taking the fucking piss?
What do you want?
- Mate, I just wanna talk.
- I don't wanna talk.
- You know a Natasha?
- Yeah.
You know a Melody.
They come in here a lot?
- So who else was here that night?
- I don't know.
Oh, another dude.
I... ask Melody. I seen
him with her before.
One of her regulars.
Take that!
Case closed, Akh!
Are you okay?
Can you get my fags
out of my pocket?
That looks bad. You should go
to hospital for that.
I can't.
I've got a date.
Wild Turkey. I got it
from my dad's cupboard.
I think it's whiskey.
Are you drunk?
A little bit.
I love it out here.
No one giving you grief.
Telling you who
you're supposed to be.
She got with him. He's
going out with her. She's a...
slag. He...
I'm cold.
Do you want my jacket?
Put your arm around me.
Um, excuse me sir,
can I help you?
Yeah, I'm here to see
Shelley Stevens.
It's okay, it's okay.
Jesus, Tommy.
Sorry, I'm late.
What hap...
Come in here. Sit down.
Can't say I don't
make an effort.
You're gonna need space where
you need to get that stitched.
I'll be all right.
Do you feel confused?
Not more than usual.
Look at us.
- We're old.
- Oi, speak for yourself.
What happened to us?
I dunno, you left.
- What was I supposed to do?
- I dunno. Stay?
Miss Stevens?
Yeah, it's okay, I'll lock up.
Where did that come from?
It's confusing. This way.
You don't have a clue, do you?
You don't even work here.
I do work here.
I've been here for months.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
Come on.
- I don't have a key. Do you?
- No, I've got it.
Oh, it's the wrong thing...
Okay, this is it.
- We're gonna go wake 'em up.
- No, no, no, it's fine.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Is this how you roll, then?
This is how I roll now.
- You know, right?
- I know.
I can't. Stuart.
You've got to break off first.
I told you, you're a strange boy.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
It's why I like you.
Riding the overground,
dreaming away.
They seem to stare at me,
at first start looking away.
Voice deep in my head.
Simmer down.
Simmer down.
For as long as I can remember,
she was all that mattered.
But the last time we kissed,
our world fell apart.
Would it be any
easier this time?
I wanted to stick around
and find out, but
I had a girl to find
and a murder to solve.
Death weighs heavier
than heartbreak.
Simmer down.
Simmer down.
Mate, you didn't see a Moroccan
kid comin' in here about 14-15?
- No.
- Get him back.
Kick him, fam.
I'll take that.
Waste, man!
We fucked him up, all right.
All right!
What do you say?
Me sayin'?
I'll have one of these
and a coke?
I'll have the same, thanks.
Do you think you're
Batman or something?
We're out on the street, fam.
Chasin' out the smack dealers, bruv.
What's wrong with that?
Where's next? Syria?
Hey, listen.
Sit down.
Fam, you know what they told me?
Empires rise and fall.
And this one's gonna fall.
Thank you.
Which empire is it, exactly?
The West, blud. Babylon.
Historical diuretic.
You takin' a piss?
So, what's the deal?
Man, found out some
gooky shit, you know.
Apparently, the mullah knew
that Rana was involved in drugs.
I even heard them man talkin'
about security video.
I'll see if I can
find out more, innit.
- Gonna go now, fam.
- All right.
Av, don't get nicked.
Shut up.
I saw the youth league before.
They kind of scare people?
Patrols, vigilantes, all that?
Well, let me tell you.
Last 9 months, drugs
take down the whole area.
Youth league is not the problem.
Drugs is a problem.
They drive out the dealers,
it's okay with me.
Thank you.
What's your interest in
the Islamic Youth League?
Same as everyone else.
I'm in it for the biryani.
They're just kids aren't they?
Kids who are tied to all kinds of
terrorist activities here and overseas.
Usman Rana was bankrolled
by the illegal drugs trade.
He was a dangerous man.
Is that why you killed him?
I wanna show you somethin'.
Here's Rana in action.
Britain is not your home.
Join us. The Prophet is our
leader. Jihad is our way.
- Takbir! Takbir!
- Allahu Akbar!
These are terrorists, Mr. Akhtar.
You know, a wise man
once told me...
"They only call it terrorism...
when they don't know who did it.
Or when they did it themselves."
Are you sure you didn't take
anything from that hotel room?
We'll play this your way.
Bring him.
Got another stiff.
Time of death, unknown
I'm at Raven Rec
Here's the Russian
you've been looking for.
Is this what happens
when you get in the way?
You're done, Mr. Akhtar.
Is that clear?
We're finished here.
Melody, it's Tommy.
Give me a call when you get this.
Melody, come on,
pick up. It's Tommy.
- Whoa!
- It's you!
- It's me!
- Why didn't you say something?
I said hello!
I've been trying to call you.
- What?
- Fuck. They're following me.
I saw her on the news.
- Who? Who's following you?
- I don't know.
Help me. Fuck!
Why should I, if you're not
straight with me.
I know there was someone else
at the club that night.
Who was it?
Who was it? A name.
I need your punter's name.
He's not a punter.
He's my boyfriend.
I'm so sorry I lied to you.
But he just...
He said to keep
him out of it.
Look, it's all right.
Let's just go.
It's fine.
Come on, come on!
Okay! I'm coming!
I can't, Tommy!
Come on!
Come on, let's go!
Did you see him? Is he gone?
Dad! Uh... Melody.
Melody, Farzad.
Why aren't you
wearing your shoes?
Why aren't you wearing your
trousers, Mr. Akhtar?
Quite so, my dear.
Thank you so much for
letting me stay, Mr. Akhtar.
I'm not putting you out, am I?
Not in the least. But I
insist you call me Farzad.
It's not a genuine sweep, since
he changes his grip on the bat.
In fact it's more a
genuine left hand shot.
- D'you see? D'you see?
- Yeah.
There's nothing outside.
I think we're good.
I'm gonna go to bed then.
Sleep tight.
And may you have the
sweetest dreams.
- 'Night.
- 'Night.
Still you come
to me with a problem.
That's fine. That's
how it should be.
All right. It's uh...
It won't be for long. It's
just a couple of days, okay?
I confess I'm surprised that
the first woman you bring
to my house is an
African prostitute.
Shh... Dad!
Calm down.
They're trying to kill her?
Yeah, it looks like it.
Governmental or otherwise.
Fuck knows.
Maybe, maybe...
someone bowled you a googly.
What are you talking about?
Well, a googly is a leg break
and it spins the other way.
But the real success of a googly...
Is that it gets into
the batsman's head.
So... What's in your head,
Tommy boy?
That's a lot of cheddar.
That's half of fucking East Acton.
How's he get them so cheap?
I'm Emma.
Shelley's daughter.
We've met at the cemetery.
Have a seat.
I wanted do ask you
about my dad.
Um... Does you mum
know you're here?
She won't talk about him.
She never talks about him.
She says it's better that way.
I think it's better
if you talked to your mum.
You go to his grave.
You must have been tight.
- I'm sorry, I just think...
- I'm seventeen.
All right, it was a big gang of us.
- He is one of us.
- And uh,
Supposed to be no
discrimination, innit?
Stuart was always the top man.
Everybody loved Stuart.
He was loyal.
That if you had grief,
he had your back.
You Paki cunt!
Fuck you up!
Hold on!
Nice one, Stuart!
It's me, Tommy boy.
Are you coming home?
I'm really sorry,
I've got to go.
No, it's fine.
- Good on you, mate. Well done.
- Well done, Stuart.
Nice, Stuart.
You fucking bastard.
He knows.
Hello mate. Yeah.
Double Turk, no ice.
Are you okay?
Do you wanna stay here,
I'll be back in a minute?
- What's this?
- Oh, I told you, Tommy boy.
They won't be satisfied
until we're all gone.
We're not selling the house.
Forcing us out.
If you get any more letters
like this, just tell me.
What is going on here?
They're photos of your mum.
- And you see that? Can you see? Uganda.
- Oh, yeah.
That was the day we left.
We had to hide all the
jewelry because uh...
They would have taken everything.
Um, I've got to go out today.
Can you stay inside for me, yeah?
- Yeah. Yeah, we'll be fine.
- All right.
We get on all right.
Don't we Farzad?
Ah, famously, my dear.
Happy families.
When I look at these pictures,
it just breaks my heart.
What? No. No, I haven't.
Well, what happened?
I'm standing outside
Kensal Rise Station
following a number of
arrests across London,
for which the mullah is
the most high-profiled.
Tension is building here as
Al-Dabaran supporters are
demanding his immediate release.
All right, I'm on my way.
The security service
states the arrests
are a result of a 6-month-long
anti-terror investigation.
Hey, Lovely!
Lovely, man!
Whoa, whoa, he's with me. What are
you doing here? It's all good.
Mr. Ansari.
Look you can't trust
these spooks, man.
Free the mullah!
Keep it brief. Tell them he'll
be released after questioning.
It's payback. Get this
crowd under control.
Free the mullah!
Free him!
Brothers, you all know me.
I know you're angry about these
attacks on our community. We all are.
- Avid.
- Fuck, Tommy man!
What's going on?
The mullah found out
what happened to Rana.
- You sure?
- That's why they cuffed him up.
I can't talk right now.
I can't be seen with you, man.
I've seen that guy, you know.
What guy?
I saw him in the
security video.
The mullah's got a
hold of it from someone.
Meet me outside the youth
center after evening prayers.
I'll have something
for you by then.
I got to go.
Listen, brothers, we've gotta
do this in a calm manner.
Listen! Brothers, calm down!
Calm down! Brothers!
- What up, bro?
- Fuck man!
Fuckin' hell, Tommy. What the
fuck, man? That's not even funny.
- Yeah, it is.
- No, it's not. Fuckin' hell.
Scared the fuckin' hell out of me.
- What happened to your face?
- I don't even know.
It's a toss-up between the
spooks and the beard brigade.
- All right, yeah.
- They're all friends of yours, anyway.
Um, I know about Melody.
What, she told you?
You lied to me, man.
Well, come on, I didn't lie to
you. I just didn't tell you.
There's a difference, yeah?
Seriously, look. She rang me
because Natasha hadn't come back.
I tried calling Usman because
his phone was off.
Right. I've got a hooker
calling me at home, Tommy.
Talking about going to the old bill.
What would you do? Yeah?
Yeah. I couldn't have that.
I didn't think he was dead.
So I just sent that to you, man.
What else am I supposed to do?
I've got to ask you, man,
did you kill her?
Fuck off, man.
I'm not even...
I've got to ask you.
You! Fuck, Tommy man!
Fuck. Yeah? We're supposed to be
on the same fucking team. All right?
Fuckin' hell, man.
It's the Russian, Tommy.
- It's not the fucking Russian.
- Well, how do you know?
Because she's fucking dead.
She got fished out of the
canal last night.
Look, they're coming after everyone
who was with you at the club.
Rana's dead. Natasha's dead.
They tried to kill Melody last night.
Don't worry, she's at Dad's place.
Oh, man.
Just watch your back, man.
They'll be after you next.
Come on, Avid, where are you?
Don't fucking move!
What happened to you?
What happened?
What have you done with Avid?
- No, no, the light. Turn it off.
- Why?
- They're right there, they're comin'.
- What?
Who? Dealers? Feds? Who?
- Feds. With American accents.
- What?
They smashed up our computers.
They were looking for something.
What, you think it's
just a coincidence?
Mr. Rana brought trouble.
All that caliphate shit.
They kill him. And now,
they arrest the mullah.
This is war, bruv.
They're trying to
destroy our community.
I don't have time for this.
Where the fuck is Avid?
They got him.
I'm looking for Avid.
Avid Elbaz.
- One moment.
- Avid Elbaz. He's a kid, and...
- What happened?
- I dunno. Found him in an alley.
You can't go in there.
Come on, man.
Oi, Oi,
T.A. Confidential. Tommy and Avid.
Excuse me, you can't be in here.
Mrs. Elbaz.
Jesus, haven't you done enough?
I trusted you, Tommy.
You did it.
I didn't. I'm gonna get
to the bottom of this.
You did it.
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Fuck who!
Who the fuck!
Oh, fuck.
Fuck. Shelley,
sorry, I'm sorry.
You okay?
Did she come here?
Why didn't you tell me?
Um, she...asked me not to.
I'm her mother.
I'm her fucking mother.
Emma came here. Look what
she could've walked into.
And you telling
her about Stuart,
Jesus, Tommy who do
you think you are?
- Well, he's her dad.
- She's my daughter.
- So then, talk to her.
- What do I say?
Um, yeah, your dad was...
a really great guy.
Trouble is I was in love
with one of his mates
and that's why he killed...
- Shelley.
- Oh, God.
That's for what, Tommy?
You gonna try and be her friend
and tell her about Stuart
and fuck her mum at the hotel.
Is that your plan?
Because I just need
more than that.
It's not good enough.
What do you want?
Tommy, what do you want?
I want to know
why you told Stuart
about you and me.
Why did you do it?
I never told him anything.
Who else would...
Fuckin' Lovely, then.
Fuckin' Lovely.
Do you know, it was only you
who ever called him that?
Shelley. I'm sorry.
Please, Tom. Stop.
Why, it's another life, isn't it?
You need to let it go though.
Get down, Stu.
I know they've been
going on behind your back
but you gotta let it go.
What are you doing, man?
Tommy fuckin' Akhtar.
You're supposed to be my friend.
- Fuck you.
- Stuart!
I'm the real deal.
The real fuckin' deal.
And I loved you.
I'm sorry.
By the time you see this,
I will no doubt, be detained.
The security services aren't
interested in the truth.
But they are right
about one thing.
The network of our brothers is even
more extensive than even they dare to fear.
I entrust this security
video to our young brother.
In the hope that you can
see that justice is served.
No one knows what is hidden from
them as a reward for their good deeds.
They're coming after everyone
who was with you at the club.
Melody's at Dad's place.
Pick up, Dad. Please!
- Dad, Dad...
- Tommy boy!
We had nothing in, Tommy boy.
I might thought she'd
like some breakfast.
Dad, there's someone at the house.
You've got to get out of here.
- In the house?
- Yeah. Can you do that for me?
Just go. Okay?
Let me go! Let me go!
You fuck! Let me go!
We've got to get on
with our lives, Tommy.
We've got to let it go.
- We gonna do this, or what?
- Easy, man. Fuckin' hell.
Please, wait, wait.
No, no, please.
- I don't know anything.
- You let me down, babe.
I didn't say anything.
I didn't speak to anyone.
- Are we doing this, or what?
- Just wait, man. For fucks sake.
- Wait, Tommy.
- Hafiz, what?
Shut the fuck up.
Tommy, man...
Why couldn't you stop yourself
from fucking going on, man?
Listen, it's not about
fucking religion.
Drugs drive down the prices
and we buy the real estate.
Everybody wins.
Rana just got too greedy.
This is our manor, Lovely.
What the fuck are you doing?
Fuck our manor, Tommy.
It's a shithole.
- Come on.
- Wait, man.
- You don't have to do this
- No, listen to me, bruvah.
I'm sorry.
- Wait, wait, wait!
- Tommy?
Are you home?
- Dad?
- Sit.
Hafiz Ansari.
You're a disgrace to your family.
And you, you white bloody bugga.
I seen your type before.
- Dad
- Sit down!
I'm not scared of you!
King's African Rifles.
I told you I was ready
for them, Tommy boy.
This time, I am.
My house.
My son.
Your off stump.
The moral compass.
Tommy, I'm sorry, man. I'm...
You covered up a fuckin' murder.
You stay here.
Fucking Yanks.
You all right, Cal?
- You ready for the spooks?
- Go on, then.
Greed was Lovely's mistress
and he pursued her till the end.
Turns out the spooks didn't
give a toss that he killed Rana.
They were only after his contacts
so they could take down Rana's network.
As long as Lovely kept
feeding them information,
they were willing to protect him.
They just couldn't believe the mullah only
wanted to get the drugs off the street.
As for me, I mean, I can't see
myself in one of them posh new flats.
But I have acquired a new family.
Dad, this is Emma.
I told you about.
- Come in, Merry Christmas.
- Avid, Mrs. Elzad's son.
Merry Christmas, Tommy boy.
- How you doing?
- Yes, I'm fine. Come on in.
Everyone, lets...
What do you think?
I think we need that um,
army outfit.
- You know, the bullet belt, boots, boobs.
- Oh, right. Yeah.
- Yeah, Farzad will have a heart attack.
- Fuck off, Tommy.
What have we got here?
Yeah, sort the sprouts out.
Make yourself useful.
Wow, Melody, this looks amazing.
Actually, it's Laura.
- Laura.
- Yeah.
There it goes. I was just speaking of.
Hope you're all very hungry.
Wonderful, wonderful. Which bit
did you want me to cut first?
- I think the breast.
- I usually come to them later.
Bugga shite! Pardon my French,
we're missing the Queen.
Yeah, this... okay.
Our Lord was not born
into a traditional family.
- Hey, sorry I couldn't get away.
- It's all right.
What are you doing?
Making up for lost time.
Now, come on, I'm starving.
Look who I found.
Lovely to see you.
- God bless us, everyone.
- Cheers.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Well, it's not exactly happy families.
But it never is.
But we've laid some ghosts to rest.
We could leave some space for now.
But will it take? Will it last?
I dunno.
We just jump in and
do the best we can.
This ain't the down,
it's the upbeat, make it complete
So what's the story,
guaranteed accuracy, enhanced CD
Latest technology,
darts at treble twenty
Huge non-recoupable advance,
majors be vigilant
I excel in both content and deliverance
So let's put on our classics and
we'll have a little dance, shall we?
No sales pitch, no media hype
No hydro, it's nice and ripe
I speak in communications in bold type
This ain't your archetypal street sound
Scan for ultrasound
North, South, East, West and all round
And then to the Underground
You say that everything sounds the same
And then you go buy them
There's no excuses, my friend
Let's push things forward
You say that everything sounds the same
And then you go buy them
There's no excuses, my friend
Let's push things forward
As we progress to the check point
I wholeheartedly agree
with your viewpoint
But this ain't your typical garage joint
I make points which hold significance
That ain't a bag it's a shipment
This ain't a track,
it's a movement, I got the settlement
My frequencies are transient
and resonate your eardrums
I make bangers not anthems,
leave that to the Artful Dodger
The broad shouldered fifty-one
percent shareholder
You won't find us on Alta Vista
Cult classic not bestseller,
you're gonna need more power
Plug in the free phase and
the generator, crank it up to gigawatts
Critics, ready with your
pot shots, the plot thickens
Put on your mittens for
these sub zero conditions
But remember I'm just spitting,
remember I'm just spitting
Once bitten, forever smitten
You say that everything sounds the same
And then you go buy them
There's no excuses, my friend
Let's push things forward
You say that everything sounds the same
And then you go buy them
There's no excuses, my friend
Let's push things forward
Spit jewels like
Eastern riches, junkie fixes
Around here we say
'birds', not bitches
As London Bridge burns down
Brixton's burning up
Turns out your in luck, I knows
this dodgy fuck in the Duck
So it's just another show flick
for your local city poet
In case you geezers don't know it,
let's push things forward
It's a tall order but we're taller,
calling all maulers
Back street brawlers,
corner shop crawlers, victory's flawless
Love us or hates us but don't slate us
Don't conform to formulas,
pop genres and such
Sharp darts, double dutch,
parked cars troubles you much
With more bud
let's - push - things - forward
You say that everything sounds the same
And then you go buy them
There's no excuses, my friend
Let's push things forward
You say that everything sounds the same
And then you go buy them
There's no excuses, my friend
Let's push things forward