City of Vultures 3 (2022) Movie Script

(calming music)
(glass shattering)
- [G] Look man,
I'm a say this shit one
time and one time only.
If you ain't ready to kill
no nigga that's in the way,
then you ain't got
no business here.
(haunting music)
It's a new order
business and play
that's gonna get everybody paid.
And by that, I mean,
over the next six months.
(haunting music)
(sirens blaring)
Seem like them people
trying to develop a
case on me for homicide.
- What homicide?
(ominous music)
- Take your pick.
(tense music)
So you know if they
lookin' for me,
they damn sure gonna
come lookin' for you.
(ominous music)
We need to get these
lawyer fees workin'.
Before the first line up,
before indictment paper
hit the grand jury,
before a bitch nigga feel like
they wanna tell somethin'.
(tense music)
We gotta flood the city
with this diesel, man.
(sirens blaring)
(tense music)
That white boy out here
makin' a whole lot of money.
Ain't nobody out here
sellin' dope by the pound,
and ain't gotta warehouse
full of that shit.
White boys say that shit pure.
- Pure as fuck.
- True as fuck.
Then what you gonna
take him down for?
You're just as good as your
connect when you selling dope.
(tense music)
(siren beeping)
- The fuck?
Y'all ain't got shit else
better to fuckin' do?
The fuck off me, punk!
The fuck's wrong with you?
Fucking clown ass
robo opp ass nigga!
- You really oughta think
about that shit again, man.
- I thought about
the shit already.
He getting took down.
(tense music)
And we got 72 hours
before that battery down
their tracking device.
I'm gonna take the next
48 hours to set up shop.
That's Inglewood, the
low end and the 100s.
We gonna set up lines.
Real motherfucking quiet
Overnight, when the
whole city sleep.
Police ain't kicking
in no doors at 3:00 AM.
Them vulture hours.
They know some hot shit
gonna be waiting for 'em.
- Man, them jump out
boys still active.
And them little shorties,
they still doing dumb
shit after hours.
Most them still holding
out these blocks
we taking over with them lines,
so ain't no conversation
be steppin'-
- So what about out west then?
Man that shit'll move
crazy on the 290.
And there's already some
niggas out there that I know.
It ain't nothing to
move on them niggas.
- It's the little niggas at war
that's gonna cause
all that undue heat.
They still into that beef,
and over a nigga rap song.
You think we gonna set
up moves up in the wood?
- Then what the
fuck's gonna happen?
(tense music)
- These ain't them
fucking projects.
Can't hit them stairs
and have 100 apartments
to choose from every
time them people hit.
- Y'all talkin' bout niggas.
And y'all talkin' bout police.
- Man, fuck that.
I want this money.
You just let me know where
you need us to set up at,
and me and V Dubb gonna
clear that shit out
before anybody know we coming.
- Somebody brought some
nuts to the conversation.
(intense music)
Some niggas I know
Some niggas I know
Some niggas I know,
some niggas I know
(gunshots firing)
They war ready no
matter where they go
For tell 'em to smoke
and go fan the fire
If I give 'em a price
they gonna go for broke
50 round drums in
them effing ears
Bitches gon' start
when we step in there
I am a general,
I make a call
Man down call
the reverend here
Some niggas I know
They war ready no
matter where they go
If I tell 'em to smoke
they gon' fan the fire
If I give 'em a price
they gon' go for broke
- Bow wow.
(gunshots firing)
(ominous music)
- [Officer] Move your car.
(ominous music)
- All right, gangster,
come on in and have a seat.
- So how you know
my street name?
(Detective chuckles)
- Well.
Charged in 2005 with an assault,
using hammer over the
head of Corey Jackson.
A witness claimed, G,
AKA Richard Steele,
also positively identified in
a lineup, was the aggressor.
Also spit on the man as he
lay on the ground unconscious.
Case dismissed on premise of
witness refusing to testify.
2002, Lennox High School.
Charged Richard Steele, AKA, G,
criminal trespassing
and gang intimidation.
The expelled student forced
his way into the facility
along with 30 other men,
fracturing the ribs
of the principal,
assaulting three
security personnel,
and injuring 10 students.
As a first time offender,
given probation and
violated probation.
Served two years.
Documented gang member.
This gets better.
We could talk about the past,
we could talk about law,
and we could talk
about business.
I prefer to talk about
law and business.
I'm not oblivious as to
who you are or what you do.
That's your business.
By contracting me, we're gonna
have one thing in common,
and that's your freedom.
- So what's the ticket?
- Right now you don't
have any warrants.
District one homicide
has filed a petition
with the state's attorney
based on a statement
given by a witness.
- What witness?
- When I know, you'll know.
Look, Mr. Steele,
you're not in a presence
of a basic attorney.
I'm a former prosecutor.
- Hm, so you plugged, huh?
- With electricity in
my veins for 37 years.
- So what's the ticket?
- It's gonna cost you 20K
to retain my services.
- 20,000, huh?
- Mm-hm.
- How bout 25?
- We'll get what we need
to know about that witness.
(lively music)
- Eh, here we go.
You get this.
See what I mean?
Close the door, huh?
- Hi.
- Ooh.
If I can keep kissing
you like that,
I'd buy you both a banquet.
- Oh, that'd be awesome.
- Yeah?
So wanna have a
mixed baby, too, huh?
Lisa, go me a cocktail
before a cock tail.
- White or brown?
- You know I like everything
brown, and around.
Wanna never let nothing
come between me and you
Sasha, what the fuck?
All you do is lay
on your fucking back
and watch reality TV.
- That's because I
was waiting on you
to come get on top of me.
- Oh yeah?
- So where are we at?
What's the count?
- It's 490,000, but
ain't no more dope.
- I'm calling this
fat motherfucker all
day, but no answer.
Probably tricking off somewhere.
(phone ringing)
(man growling)
(woman giggling)
(phone ringing)
(man growling)
(woman giggling)
- Hold on.
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Yo, I'm bone
driver here, old man.
- My girls are wet and ready.
What the fuck you want
at this time of night?
- Yeah, well I know that
pussy bill ain't cheap.
How does half a million sound?
- Oh, you must be
very productive, huh?
- Cornering the market.
You know how we do.
- Well, too late now.
Yeah, meet me tomorrow at
the warehouse at 3:00 PM.
- Good, 'cause you
know my time is money.
- You got money, I got time.
(car alarm beeping)
- Now hand me
those keys, Go Low.
God damn raccoons.
(car alarm beeping)
- Dad, what's that noise?
- Oh, it's nothing, baby.
It's just a car and
some bad raccoons,
but daddy's got
it under control.
- Why's the alarm going off?
- Damn raccoons again,
messing with the dumpster.
- Come on, baby.
(car alarm beeping)
(ominous music)
- I'll go out there.
- Yeah, go see what's
going on and be careful.
Come on, baby, put
her back in the bed.
(car alarm beeping)
(ominous music)
You guys go in here.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
(people chattering)
(glass shattering)
(people screaming)
(mom shushing)
(ominous music)
(man shushing)
- Stay here.
- Shh, it's okay.
(tense music)
(people chattering)
(gunshot firing)
What the fuck is going on?
(people screaming)
(ominous music)
- Okay, okay.
Don't hurt my wife and daughter.
(intense music)
(people crying)
(intense music)
- [Dispatch] It's a
possible kidnapping.
The caller is a female caller.
She called and said
she's been kidnapped.
(police radio chattering)
(helicopter pattering)
(door knob rattling)
(tense music)
(door sqeaking)
(tense music)
(ominous music)
(calming music)
(ominous music)
- Mom?
- Here.
Put this pillow
behind you like this
so you don't get a
crook in your neck.
- Is dad here?
- Dad out with the guys.
You miss him?
- Yeah, we were supposed
to play Fortnite.
- He'll make it up to you.
Go back to bed.
Gotta finish packing in morning.
(calming music)
- Mom?
- Yes?
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
(eerie music)
(ominous music)
(woman crying)
- Okay, baby.
Daddy's gonna take care of it.
- It's okay.
(people crying)
It's okay, baby, it's okay.
- Just be calm.
I'm bout to take care of it.
It's gonna be okay, I promise.
(ominous music)
(people crying)
- Come on.
Shut it up.
- No, please, don't hurt them.
(people crying)
(ominous music)
- You had a nice
little run, didn't you?
You know, I should have
smacked you across the head
with this motherfucking pistol.
You didn't think there was
no more vultures out here,
did you?
You know,
this thing had about 500,000
on that table in that crib.
But we ain't find no dope.
And that's some good ass dope.
Where the rest of it at?
You don't want your
wife and your daughter
to hear you in here
screaming and shit.
Where you get that shit from?
- No, no, no.
You got me.
Look, I ain't fucking stupid.
You got me.
- You got him, Wax.
- I got 30 pounds of
brown and white powder
coming to the warehouse today.
It's all mine.
I get that shit by the brick.
Old Italian dude named
Ringo is my connect.
Now look, you got 490K.
- I want Ringo.
- Exactly.
That 490 was my reup money.
Don't give a fuck
about my connect,
but my wife, my daughter,
they gotta live.
- Fuck your wife
and your daughter.
I choose who the
fuck how to live.
- Make this deal with me.
I'm gonna meet up
with him as planned.
- All you got to do is
figure out the rest.
You've doubled up.
- Yeah, we doubled up.
But if you want them
bitches in there to live,
you better be on point.
(intense music)
- Bitches, said
shut the fuck up!
(woman crying)
(phone ringing)
(phone buzzing)
- Who is this?
- Yo, I'm in route.
- Oh fuck, you better.
I tried to call you all morning.
What's with this
fucking new number shit?
- Dropped my phone
in the toilet.
- Oh, what's more full of
shit, either you or the toilet?
Get your ass over here!
- Pronto.
(woman crying)
- Put your fuckin' mask down!
Shut the fuck up!
(tense music)
- Where's the rest of it?
(tense music)
(woman crying)
(tense music)
- Time is money, huh?
Slow son of a bitch, you.
(tense music)
(Ringo clapping)
Bravo, bravo.
(tense music)
Time is money, huh?
Load 'em up.
Fucking Monopoly money.
(gunshots firing)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no!
(gunshots firing)
(tense music)
(gunshot firing)
(tense music)
(woman crying)
- [Man] Come on, my niggas,
get this shit and get the
fuck up outta here, come on.
(intense music)
(melancholy music)
- That's 30 pounds of heroin.
$490,000 in cash.
We just licked they
ass for 3 million, man.
- 'Cause that's what
the fuck vultures do!
(group cheering)
- That's what I'm talking about!
- You was on that boat
with me, no business.
- Did you see it?
- Shaking her ass.
(people chattering)
- Who the plug now?
Fuck we talking about, man.
- Can't get comfortable, man.
Can't get comfortable.
That three can be flipped to 30,
and that 30 show can make 100.
Stay focused.
- These streets gonna talk.
Don't nothing make noise in
these streets like good dope.
Them white boys,
they gonna jump on the E-way
and they gonna come and get it.
A few of them motherfuckers
might even know D.
Gonna be hot as hell
in these streets.
- Let's keep that
third eye open.
Real gangsters move in silence.
And we done hit up
plenty motherfuckers.
And they gonna definitely
want they lick back.
- So we gotta hit
they ass first, right?
- Truth be told.
Well let's get this money.
Let's get some real money.
Let's keep them
five P's in play.
Don't be posting
shit on social media.
Don't be sitting in
them motherfuckin' cars,
and most upon of
all, like G said,
don't get too comfortable.
(TV chattering)
- The hell wrong with you, boy?
Why is this shit
all over the floor?
Why this ain't boxed up?
Where's your mama?
Don't turn your God
damn head away from me
when I'm talking to you.
Where's your mama?
- I don't know, Dad.
She left in somebody
else's car last night.
- She left in
somebody else's car?
Where's (indistinct)
- I don't know.
(melancholy music)
(woman crying)
- [Woman] Anybody.
- [Girl] Help us!
(people crying)
- [Woman] Is anybody here?
(tense music)
Somebody please.
It's okay.
Is anybody here?
(tense music)
Is anybody here?
(people crying)
(smooth music)
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
All right
Just got a notice
this morning
Three months later
gotta move out
And my girl about
to have a baby
- Yo.
- Yo, what's up, what's up, bro?
- Real, T.
(people chattering)
Friends, I don't
see 'em lately
What you selling
I ain't riding, no
Maybe your soul
- Oh, shit.
What's up?
- You look fast.
- What's good, baby,
what's going on?
- What's going on?
- Ready man.
Hustle ain't got
no off days, baby.
- Absolutely.
Be all right
And you know when you know
Everything you
told was a lie
But I'm a keep my head to
the side, all right now
See I was born to fly
Everything will be all right
And you know
- This for my low end nigga's.
- Fo sho.
Let's roll.
- All right.
Trouble man,
what you dealing
Nothing on this
table is appealing
Middle finger to the media
If she make her own
money, she's a keeper
- Black gold, Gooch.
- That's what it is.
Get this money.
Telling him he's
more, understand it
He's more than done
- We taking over the
motherfucking city.
- Man, it's the world.
(knocking on door)
- What took you so long
to answer the door?
- Because you banging on the
door like you the police.
- Can you sit down?
Today, just without
the bad talk.
Take these.
Tie 'em up.
I'm gonna come right back.
Can you do that?
- Yeah I can do it.
- Without the damn back talk?
- Damn.
- Hey bro, check it out.
We got some more
cars coming through.
- Come on, bro, come on.
- Here, man.
I had to break the
bank for this one.
- What I tell you about
bringing me loose change?
- Come on, man.
All spend the same, man.
It's just change, man.
(ominous music)
- Got a car coming, bro.
- Bet.
Hey, man, let's go back here.
- Cars coming through.
- Hey man, why you got
the motherfucking dope?
- No, no, no, please don't.
Please, baby, no,
please. (crying)
- When my spot
stop making money,
(woman crying)
it's only right I find out
where the action going.
(woman crying)
Vulture packs.
I see they even got
they own slogan.
Vulture packs.
- Please don't,
please don't do this.
- The only way to fly.
I'm gonna make sure both of
y'alls get y'all wings today.
(woman crying)
(gunshots firing)
(woman screaming)
(ominous music)
(sirens blaring)
- That nigga ain't
loyal to nobody.
He weak.
Let a young bitch take him
completely off his square.
I told his ass, we
don't kill the folks,
and we damn sure don't
fuck over nigga's family.
He did both when he
pulled that shit on you.
- You was with him
on that bullshit.
- Prove it, nigga.
I'm one of Chief's finest.
I kill ops, not the folks.
True enough, I trust him with
my life on too many moves.
Had me in a ambush
with the Mexicans.
He didn't give a
fuck how I felt.
You think I'll be over here
pouring out information,
like y'all don't
got shit else to do.
No, I want what's mine.
And that nigga got it.
- He got it, huh?
- We staying for 30
pounds of heroin.
I put in the most
work on that move.
To leave with a
pound of 10 bands
like I'm a motherfucking worker.
- How I know,
you ain't one of them niggas
that killed my people?
And just trying to set up a move
to have me buried next to my BM?
- 'Cause I done already
knocked off this bitch.
(tense music)
She was named dropping.
Holding too much information.
Fucked around with a
turned state witness.
So I put a bullet in the bitch.
I just made sure I
fucked her first.
Nigga was too pussy whipped
to address what I told
him the problem was,
so I handled that
shit accordingly.
You don't gotta with me
a day in life after this.
I'm telling you how
to get your get back.
You won't find a
more reliable source.
This from the horse's mouth.
You could take it
or you can leave.
- I want his location.
- I want 50 bands.
I get a new crib
location and a warehouse.
You just hit me
once you come up.
(men laughing)
- How about we lay
your ass down right now
for being suspect?
And I'll find that
warehouse myself.
- Sound like two for one to me.
- Your mama still live
on Woodlawn, nigga?
(tense music)
You need to check up
on her more often.
I ain't playing no stupid
game to win no stupid prize.
I'm bringing you sugar.
Don't return a favor
by handing me no shit.
We can get money, or
we can get greasy.
- 50 bands off the
vault in that warehouse.
How much in there?
- Close to a million.
(melancholy music)
- Yo nigga socked you
up pretty bad, huh?
Where you from?
- Dad,
is mom coming back?
- I don't know.
But you ain't gonna
lose no sleep over it.
Same routine, same
responsibilities, same curfew.
Now you hold your head up.
Whatever crying you gonna do,
you gonna squeeze that
shit up out you right now.
- Look,
- There's a lesson in
everything you encounter,
but nothing in life is
gonna teach you like love.
It's gonna give you the biggest
smile and the worst pain.
It's good to experience it now,
instead of having it
shell shock you later on.
But one thing I don't want
you getting accustomed to,
and that's living in mystery
over some God damn woman.
It's all right to love,
but when love causes
you to lose yourself,
you better let that bitch go.
And I don't care who she is.
Do we have an understanding?
- Yes sir.
- I'll be picking
you up from school.
You got your cell phone?
- Yes.
- Make sure it's off in class.
Power on at 2:15,
I'll be texting you.
- All right.
- Bring it here.
Go on upstairs.
Get ready for tomorrow.
Watch your step.
(ominous music)
- My clients come from all over.
South Africa,
They receive a five
star experience
from a McCarran
Airport to our hotel.
Most of the Johns, they
pick up their favorite girl,
then they go to the strip
club, then the pot dealer.
But my exclusives,
they want cane,
powder, and pills,
and their fair share
of pussy. (laughs)
Rich, powerful men,
and it all boils down to pussy.
You put a cute girl on their arm
and they're willing
to spend it all.
You'd do great there.
- Jake, managing your father's
bank is enough for me.
- By enough, you mean
earning a salary?
Honey, you haven't seen bank
until you play in a
circle of billionaires.
Think about it.
How much longer on your friend?
- She's on the elevator.
- Splendid.
(knocking on door)
- The door.
Jake, she's here.
- Well, whoopdie-fucking-do.
You always show up to
your business meetings
30 minutes late?
- You wanted the
best in the city.
- Best things come
with a little wait.
Or I could have had you
to pull up in Murder Town
and met with one of
the other workers.
(man laughs)
- Murder Town.
No, that wouldn't work.
I mean, I'm not from Chicago,
but I know I don't want to
be going to Murder Town.
If you got some of that
stuff from yesterday,
come on, show it to me.
Let's go.
Mike, this is, uh.
- Call me, Tiff.
- Come on ladies, sit down.
And this is the same from
the little bird on the bag
that I snorted yesterday?
- Straight from the source.
- That's 25,000 in your hand.
- Mike, get the 25,000 out
of the bag next to the bed.
Today, Mike.
This is 25,000 hand
over fist, okay?
And this package, this'll
be traveling with me.
I don't deal with narcotics,
but having quantities
like this is paramount.
I have patrons and I
need to keep them happy.
- Where at?
- Fabulous Las Vegas, of course.
- That's over 2000 miles away.
- Honey, we're
not talking miles.
We're talking money.
(man chuckles)
- Keisha's gonna
give you my number.
So I'm gonna talk to the team.
Thanks for the plug.
- This is some real boss shit.
(ominous music)
- [Mama Voiceover]
Motherfucker, think you gonna-
- [G Voiceover] I think
you broke my nose!
- [Mama Voiceover]
Broke out of my house!
- [G Voiceover]
Don't kick me out!
- [Mama Voiceover]
Bitch, quit your shit, G!
- [G Voiceover] Come on, mama.
- Get the fuck out my house, G.
You think this shit
make you responsible?
Or make (indistinct).
- Hey, hey, on that car, gang.
- Nigga, almost put this
whole clip in this bitch.
- You must got good
life insurance, nigga.
- Nah, it ain't
even that, big bro.
It's we into it right now.
- And you still ain't
getting no money.
- Shit, you know how that go.
PPP done shut everything down.
We out here hitting cars
and knocking over stores.
Big Bitch Betsy gonna
make sure I eat though,
by any means.
- You wanna make
some real money?
- Fuck yeah, nigga.
- Grab a couple of them
that you fuck with.
Y'all hop in the back.
- You know we got
these blicks on us.
- Bring her with you.
(ominous music)
(lively music)
- And come on, y'all.
I need at least 2000 damn
bags by the end of this shift.
- Yo, what is y'all doing?
We need to speed it up.
We gotta a line and
more cars pulling up.
- If you want
something done right,
you should do it yourself then.
- Up with all that?
- Y'all heard that man.
Melo, take your way outside
and secure the alley.
- I ain't got no pistol, man.
- Tell TY he relieved
and grab his gun.
I'll be out there in a minute.
- Aye yo, Ty, you
can spin off, G.
- Y'all always need
to speed it up.
Y'all ain't moving fast enough.
- I know, man.
Let's go, y'all.
(tense music)
- Aye yo, Ty.
The fuck is wrong with you?
(ominous music)
(gunshots firing)
- Get down!
(woman screaming)
(man shushing)
- It's cool.
Don't move.
(woman whimpering)
(man shushing)
(ominous music)
(gunshot firing)
(ominous music)
- Somebody help this man!
Hey, hey, hey.
Somebody help, somebody help!
(man gasping)
(ominous music)
- Cedric thanks you.
- Pops was the only
father figure I knew.
- You know, it's
been so many years
since I've seen any
of you young men
from the community center.
Besides those that
turned into my children.
Ever since law enforcement
swept through our neighborhoods,
we lost the glue and structure
that made us a good community.
Our vision was in place.
Our direction was set.
Cedric, myself and
so many others,
there was hundreds of us.
We were determined
to erase the stain
that crack inflicted
on our community.
But we were not prepared
to face the government
that wanted to keep us there.
We were on the brink
of a mass incarceration
that caused more detriment
to our families than ever.
(haunting music)
(gate slamming)
But worse is,
those of you who knew the
guidelines to our recovery
and didn't fulfill the
commitment to become leaders.
The leaders that
our organization so
desperately needed.
- I was 17 when them
indictments took place,
and not all of us had
leadership capabilities.
Think about most of our members
coming from broken
homes and shit.
We looked up to the guys.
When pops went down,
I ain't had nothing my
mind but trying to survive.
And becoming a father,
made me put a bigger
priority on survival.
- By committing the same acts
that has my husband doing
life in the institution?
- Fucking snake, man.
- That's what I'm saying, man.
- You already know.
(knocking on door)
- Aye man, somebody
at your door, man.
- Man, fuck that.
(officers yelling)
- Put your hands up!
- Get on the ground!
- Get down!
- Down!
- 15 Years ago,
Cedric spent every
conversation mentioning you.
I had forgotten who you
were until recently.
Now I recall,
you the young kid that he
allowed to live in our attic.
(surreal music)
- My moms had drug problems.
- I remember him spending
several hours with you
in that attic, teaching
you the literature.
The positive dignified
principles of growth
and development.
- Why you call me over here?
I mean, everybody dead.
I pay my hommage,
and I don't see none of
these out in the street
taking initiative to
send a old man no money.
Not a dime.
- We don't want your money.
- Well, all right then.
Get your coat, man.
Send my love to him.
- We want your involvement.
You have influence.
You have the knowledge
and the ability
to continue this mission
that is far from over.
Look at the men who follow you.
They follow because
of what you know
and what you're
able to accomplish.
- I got accomplished
being a single father
to a eight year boy.
My time to try to
influence a bunch of niggas
to see a better way
is the quickest way
for me to end up
in a penitentiary.
Just like pops and the
rest of them old heads.
- If the streets
don't kill you first.
- We all got a out
date, now don't we?
- Try telling him that.
What's his future without you?
Who does he have?
As a father, you're not in
a position to be selfish.
- But I'm in a good position
to be smart now, ain't I?
- Very well then.
(haunting music)
(lively music)
(phone ringing)
- [G] Yeah.
- I got cash for you, bro.
- I gotta go to Stash house
and grab a few things.
Maybe you can meet me over.
- And I got a buzz
to put in your ear.
- All right.
- [Woman] About a new
business opportunity.
- [G] Aight, shit, listen.
(people yelling)
(knocking on door)
(people yelling)
- [Woman] Stop disrespecting
me, stop disrespecting me,
stop disrespecting!
You will stop disrespecting me!
You will stop disrespecting me!
I didn't do it to you!
- Where K at?
She done left the crib a long
time ago and never came back.
- You know Kayla
don't fuck with me.
Last time I seen her,
she was picking up my
baby from the hospital.
Boy, you know you look
just like your granddaddy,
just like him,
with a little bit of
your daddy in there, too.
- You know, I find it funny
that she been gone all this time
and ain't paid
you not one visit.
That shit don't even
surprise me though.
She'd ran off and left only
child just like you left her.
Whole rotten ass apples don't
fall too far from the tree.
- Rotten apples?
You got a lot of nerve.
You do not know my struggle
and you definitely
don't know my pain.
- I don't know about
you running behind
all the more dirty ass hustlers
to the point where you
allowed them to take advantage
of your only God damn daughter.
- You don't know shit!
Get your mother,
this motherfucker!
I tried to raise Kayla
the best I could.
By myself, me.
I couldn't save her.
Shit, I couldn't
even save myself.
My baby has so much talent.
She could sing, she could dance.
I couldn't give her her dreams
when I was living
in my own nightmare.
So I had to give her up.
So I guess that's why
she ended up with you.
And then she told
me she was pregnant,
and I was happy for her.
'Cause she was happy.
So if came over
here to judge me,
you picked the
wrong day to do it.
- I came over here
to make a discovery.
Maliq need to be in
tune with his family.
Least the little bit he do got.
Especially his grandma.
Now I know you over
here fucked up,
but it ain't my
place to deprive him
of a relationship
he should have.
There's enough shit
going on already.
You wanna spend some
time with your grandma?
- Yeah.
- Make sure you put some
food in your refrigerator.
I'm gonna come back over
and pick him up later.
(people yelling)
- [Weather Man] Of the heaviest
stuff really getting going.
Now through midnight,
we could have some
heavy bands of snow,
especially for areas near-
- I was instructed to
make sure you received it.
If you have any love for my
husband, you'll hear him out.
- [Weather Man] From the north,
moisture coming
in from the south.
That's why we're just
at the beginning stages
of this snow storm, another
storm warning in effect.
Let's talk about what you can
expect for the next six hours
when we expect some of
the heavy stuff to fall.
Here's Rob-
- It's been 20 long
years since we spoke.
The chaos that has the streets
of Chicago in a hellish state
is a direct result
of our actions.
- [Weather Man] Gonna
change direction,
become more of a
west or northwest-
- [Cedric] It's the offspring
from the life we live,
reproduced on the same
blocks that we govern.
So much of that blood
is on our hands.
(phone ringing)
- Now.
- Mm-hm.
Now that's gangsta.
(dog barking)
- Yeah.
- Say less.
- [Man] We headed to
the warehouse right now.
I got Soda on it
to the stash stop.
We inside.
- On my way.
(ominous music)
- Time is up, OG.
- What the fuck y'all
little niggas doing in here?
- My mama told me
about your ass, nigga.
- And she told you I ain't
nothing to fuck with.
- As I think back,
I could have did things
a whole lot better.
There's plenty of room in here
for the lost and misguided,
but a shame for a man who
possessed the keys of prosperity
to be in here next to me.
(tense music)
And I want you to
think about that.
(tense music)
But we don't get a chance
to rewrite history,
but we do get a chance to
build a more promising future.
- Every dog ass
nigga got their day.
- You don't wanna
do that, Ritchie.
(tense music)
- You hold the answers.
The blueprint to the change
that our community
so desperately need.
(tense music)
- This ain't how it's
supposed to go down.
- A man can't live
by bread alone.
(tense music)
- You just gonna do
this to me, nigga?
All you niggas? (crying)
I'm a fucking vulture, too.
I put in work and fed a
lot of you niggas, man.
Vulture City for life, right?
(gunshots firing)
(ominous music)
- Your Pop's gonna
be proud of you, boy.
Be sure you tell your Mama
I'm a send that care package
to him in the morning, aight?
(haunting music)
(phone dialing)
(phone ringing)
- [Woman] Hello?
- Yeah, he just left.
He took Maliq with him.
(ominous music)
(haunting music)
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(tense music)
(dramatic music)
(siren beeping)
(dramatic music)
- Welcome home, G.
- What's his future without you?
- No, no!
- You're under
arrest for the murder
of Robert Ratford, AKA, Joe.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you.
- We could choose our actions,
but we can't choose
our consequences.
(dramatic music)
I want you to think about that.
Looking forward to
seeing Maliq someday.
I know he has in him,
what you have in you.
(sirens blaring)
(ominous music)
And for the sake of the
next generation to come,
your son's generation,
somebody has to
stop the bleeding.
(dramatic music)