CityLights (2014) Movie Script

Where's the key to the other box?
Tell me!
Hey, hey! Plug him! Now!
-No. I don't have the keys. -Tell me.
No... no, hold on... I don't have the keys.
We are never told where the keys are!
Hey, give me the keys.
-I don't have the keys! -Buzz off.
What are you thinking?
Tell me.
I'm thinking thatyou'll turn your back and then...
Yes, I am. So?
Weren't you also naughty five minutes ago?
Tell me.
I can do that again.
Will you?
Really? Then do it.
Just a minute.
First look at me.
Praise me to the sky.
You want praise?
You want praise?
Did you eat the chocolateI gave you last night?
-I ate it.-The entire chocolate?
I ate it all.
Sit on the first bench.
Here you are. Come to me.
Tell me, what you want to eat?
You don't know? Shall I throw you?
-Lentils and flat-bread? Shall I...-Be careful.
Shall I throw you?
My sweet monkey.
Come on, show your momhow you speak English.
Then what will your mom reply?
I'm trying my best.I just need a month more.
I lent you the money six months ago.
I know. I'm making arrangements.
Hey, madam, we got more varieties.
Madam... the red one.
-I'm losing customers.-You owe me 150,000.
Your interest comes to18,000 for six months.
I know that. Give me one month more.
I'm trying hard.
I have 10,000 at home. I'll get it.
I beg you. I need more time.
-Come on, man.-I'm talking to him!
-Sir, this isn't right.-Move it...
-Hey...-Move on...
Why are you hitting me?
Hold on... This is not done.
That's my shop...
Don't act smart. I won't spare you...
I won't...
Don't worry.
I'll set everything right.
Mumbai is too big.
Find a job in a nearby town.
Jodhpur, Udaipur.
It is pointless wandering around.
At least I have my friend Omkar in Mumbai.
Why don't you join the army again?
Where would we live in such a big city?
What will we do?
I'll do something till we settle down.
So many people come to Mumbai.
No one starves there.
We won't settle down there.
We'll save some moneyand return after a couple of years.
I'm not ready for it.
Don't think too much about it.
Have faith in the Goddess.
Have some tea.
Have it.
There is an ocean in Mumbai.
A bird soars away in the sky
From his nest
The bird takes a leap
But wishes he could fly back
A bird soars away in the sky
From his nest
The bird takes a leap
But wishes he could fly back
He gathered pieces
To build his nest
But he was rendered homeless
When bad luck rained on him
He was rendered homeless
He was rendered homeless
Oh traveler be patient
The sun will rise
Why do you run away?
Why do you run away?
The farther you go
The harder it gets to return
Why do you run away?
Why do you run away?
The bird won't settle down
In a strange land
He misses the old big tree
From his village
He gathered pieces
To build his nest
But he was rendered homeless
When bad luck rained on him
He was rendered homeless
He was rendered homeless
-Where does Om live?-I don't know.
He's from Rajasthan and he's a driver.
I don't know.
Do you know any driver namedOmkar from Rajasthan?
I don't know.
-Do you know driver Omkar from Rajasthan?-I don't know.
His damn phone is switched off.
-Where does Omkar live?-I don't know.
He's a driver. Tall and dark.
I don't know where he lives.
Omkar Gehlot.
Yes, he's from Rajasthan.
Do you have an address?
There's only a name on it.You won't find him this way.
-No.-I don't know.
I don't know, mister. Move.
What is this? It's just a name of a place.
You are here with your family, right?
Where will you live?
We were planning to go to Omkar's.
But his phone is switched off, right?
What will you do then?
Right here.
Over here.
-Hello, Shivam.-Hello.
-Come on in.-How are you?
-This is Deepak who I was told you about.-Yes, yes.
Take a look.Hall, attached bathroom, kitchen.
Have a look, madam.
-Talk to them.-I did that already.
-I was told ten grand.-That's not possible in Mumbai.
I remember you said ten...
Do you have extra cash?
No, I only have that much.
Try to get it from somewhere...
I can get it if I get a job.
Anyway, did you like the place?
Yes, it's nice.
Mr. Shivam...
You know what?You can see he's a family man.
He'll pay you renton the first of every month.
You'll have to pay him rent on the first.
You OK with that?
I raise the rent every eleven months.
I'll talk to him about this.
Give him the cash.
-How much?-Ten grand.
-Don't worry.-Ten thousand.
-Count them.-I trust him.
Pay me extra depositas soon as you get a job.
Lock and key?
You'll get keys from Pravinthe notary guy.
Meet him.
He'll get the documents ready for you.
-I'll have to get the documents?-Yes.
Meet me downstairs in 15 minutes.
I'll explain everything.
-Thank you.-Goodbye.
-Thanks a lot.-You're welcome.
Nice place, isn't it?
I told you to have faithin the Goddess, right?
I said it or you said it?
-I won't even dare.-And you were worried for no reason.
Everything happens for good.We didn't have to trouble Omkar.
Is it good?
There's no water.
-No water?-No.
I'll go and tell Deepak.
Did you see the floor?
It's all stone.
See how cold it is.
Is it good?
-You like it?-Yes.
-Hello, mister.-Hello.
-Are you here to paint?-Yes.
Start with the work.
Listen, maid. Go home for now, OK?
You may clean upafter we are done with our work.
No, I'll clean up and make the bed.
Where were you these last two days?
Can't you do it later?It's going to be messy again.
-Now go home.-No, you...
Listen to me. Take the kid home.
You can continue lateronce we're done. Go, kid.
-Come in the evening. Go.-But this is our house.
-Your house?-Yes, we've paid the deposit.
Whom did you pay it to?
There must be some name, right? Tell me.
Did you pay it to a ghost?
-No.-So tell me the name.
Hold on. Let me make a call.
Tell me his name.
Hello. Zakhir?
A woman has barged into your housewith her child.
She's saying thatshe paid the rent to Deepak.
Do you know who he is?
Mister, is there a guy named Pravin...a notary guy?
Pravin? There are lots of Pravins here.
He is a notary. He prepares documents.
Documents? What kind of documents?
He prepares property papers,receipts and all.
You'll find property papers in the office.
Mr. Gautam said thatI'd find him somewhere here.
Did someone give you an apartment to rent?
Yes, over there on the 3rd floor.
So he must've takensome cash from you, right?
I paid him 10,000 rupees as deposit.
You got duped, buddy.
-Get out.-You can't treat me this way.
-Get going.-I won't. This is my house, I paid for it.
-Come on, dear.-No...
-We won't leave.-Come on, get out. Go kid.
Come on, kid. Come.
No, we paid for this house.
How dare you barge intosomeone's house! You thief.
I'm not lying. We paid 10,000 rupees.
-Pick up the kid. Get up.-No, we won't go.
-We won't. We paid cash.-Come on, get going.
Mister, listen to me.
We paid him 10,000 rupees.
Talk to him when he's back. Sit outside...
I'm not leaving.
-My husband has gone to get the documents.-Move...
-We won't...-Sit outside. Come on, get back to work.
-What the...-Please open the door...
What kind of woman are you?Can't you understand?
-Get aside, kid.-Open the door.
-Why should I?-Hold on, listen to me.
My husband's gone to fetch the documents.He'll be back soon.
-Go and sit over there quietly.-You can check the documents.
No problem in sitting outside.
That's all fine,till then you can wait here.
But let us keep our bags there.
I was searching for Omkar.That's when I met him.
He said he was Gautam.
-Where did you come from?-Rajasthan.
Why do you village people come to city?
Don't you have a job?
I know Omkar and I wassupposed to meet him at the station.
His phone is switched off.
-He said his name was Gautam.-How much?
-10,000 rupees.-10,000?
Officer, they are artists.Everyone is registered.
What's your name?
What are you doing here?
Tell me?
Where are you guys from?
What are you doing at the police station?
He made off with my 10,000.
What about you?
I work at an orchestra bar.
The police arrested us.
Our boss... He'll bail us out.
Come on.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go.
What are you doing here?
We haven't got any place since last night.
So you spent night on the streets?
We had to find our villager.
Any address or something? I live here.
Excuse me. Can I charge my phone?
Omkar must be calling me.
What will you do now?
Did the police file your complaint?
Have you lost it?
You think the rent in city is so cheaper?
I pay 1500 grand for this plot.
And the deposit is 50,000 rupees.
Take them back to your village.
We don't want to go back.
So are you planningto wander in the streets?
Can you help us in any way?
You gotta watch over your daughter.
It's a busy place.
Accidents can be nasty, you know.
Listen, you can't live here for long.
Maximum ten to twelve days.
This is the place.
It's a two bedroom apartment.
Once it's readyit will be worth 30 million.
Give me the cash.
-How much?-Hundred for today.
All right. Call meif you need any help, OK?
I'll leave now.
Tell me, if you need any help.
Thanks a lot.
Can I get any job, mister?
-Any job for me?-What kind of job?
I own a shop so I know how things work.
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
Any job for me?
Let me sleep
Is there any job for me?
And weave a dream
I'll wake up from my slumber
And a find a reason to live
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
Everyone's alone
In the sea of faces
This city never sleeps
It walks and falters aimlessly
I'll pay hundred to each one of you.
I want to find a familiar face
among the thousand ones I see
Let me sleep
Bring it on.
Hurry up, will you?
And weave a dream
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
You know the house downstairs?
Did you have anything?
I'm working as a laborer.
Everything will be fine.
Drink water.
Did Deepak get a job?
Not yet.
But he's trying.
What's wrong with you?
You can work, can't you?
What can I do?
Oh, come on. You look so cute.
You'll easily get a job.
What kind of job?
A couple of months and I'll be pregnant.
Then I'll leave for my hometown.
Why don't you workat the orchestra bar in my place?
Mr. Jayesh handles the bar.
He's a nice person.
What will I be doing?
Nothing, just serve the customers.
Some dry fruits and booze.
They'll try touching you.
But it's not necessary to go with them.
No, I can't do this.
You'll make good money.
A job is just a job.
You came to Mumbai to work, didn't you?
Are you worried about Deepak?
-Excuse me, mister.-Yes?
-Mr. Jayesh?-Over there.
Tell me.
Ms. Sonali has sent me.
What's your name?
Where are you from?
So what should I do?
I need a job.
Take off your stole.
Take it off.
Hands on the side.
Turn around.
Perfect. Turn back.
Come on.
Can you dance? Dance?
Sonali told me
that my job will be to serve dry fruits.
Who are you to decide?
Come on. Dance.
OK, not a problem.
Come on.
-Get away from here.-No, no...
I'll dance.
It's nice. Keep a smile. Smile.
Keep smiling anddon't stop dancing. Smile.
Smile, smile and whirl around.
Do this.
Like this.
Keep smiling.
Keep smiling or else I'll... Keep smiling.
Take your hand down... gently.
Very well. Great.
Very nice. Here.
Very nice.
Mr. Dange.
Give her that doctor's address.
And take her to the costume designer.
Mister, I need some money.
Don't work if the job isn't good.
Have something, all right?
Who gave you this money, Rakhi?
Tell me?
I got a job.
You got a job?
What kind of job?
Tell me the truth, what kind of job?
Tell me.
We'll scrape by
With whatever we have
Some tears and some smiles
We'll share between us
We'll scrape by
With whatever we have
Some tears and some smiles
We'll share between us
I can't bear it anymore
My love
I can't bear it anymore
My love
I won't let you work there for long.
Mister, how many men do they need?
I don't know.
What is it?
Is he with you?
Come on, leave.
Switch off your phone.Keep it in your pocket.
Get in the queue.
No talking.
All right?
Is it your girlfriend's message?
Go to her.
The one with the green T-shirt.
Ask him to meet me inside.
Yes, sir.
He wants to see you now.
Come on in.
Come on...
Have a seat.
Handle the rest of the people.
What's your name?
Just Deepak?
Deepak Singh.
What was your previous job?
I owned shopand before that I was in army.
What was your post in army?
I was a driver.
I was trained in the driving school.
-Do you have a driving license?-Yes, sir.
Driving license issued in Bombay?
Not Bombay but Rajasthan's, master.
Who the hell is master?
Why did you leave army?
Do you live with your family now or...
-Yes, I do.-Tell me about them.
My wife and my daughter.
Are you aware of our job profile?
No, I don't know.
You'll be paid 15,000.
You'll have to stake your life.
We're into a privatearmored security business.
We deliver private boxes for the rich.
Diamonds, papers.
A lot of hard cash.
You can lose your life
but not the box.
You think you can do it?
Fifteen thousand per month?
Yes. Isn't that enough for you?
This company doesn't belong to my father.
I can just recommend your name.
Fill up this form.
Let it be.
I'll fill it up for you.
Just reach the ASB headquarters
tomorrow at 8:00 AM.
Save your precious tears.Else you'll weep blood.
What time were you supposed to come?
8:00 AM.
8:00 means 7:45 in our company.
What the hell are you wearing?
You think you are a groom?
You told me to dress up nicely, master.
Don't call me master.Call me sir. What did I say?
Let's go.
-Hello, Mr. Vishnu.-Hello.
You look like someone who makes off
with his daughter's jewelryat her wedding.
Where did you get this bush shirt from?
I bought it from Sadri.
You still get those there?
Look at this. Perfect fit for you.
I'm not giving it for free.
I'll charge you for thisafter you get your salary.
Now you look perfect.
-Are you ready for the interview?-Yes, master.
-Sir...-Yes, sir.
-What's up, Mr. Rohit?-All fine, sir.
-Good morning, Ajay.-Good morning.
This is called the command.
A person comes here only twice.
On his first day
and later when he's kicked out.
Don't think about getting kicked out.
Think about getting in.
Raise your hands.
Both your hands.
What's up, dude?
Is everything all right with you?
Why are you so glum?
The old man is very mean.
If you get stuck somewhere
just crack a joke.
Joke. Got that?
Do you know any?
I don't remember anything right now.
Haven't you read any joke book?
Elephant, mouse... An elephant walks and
a mouse follows him...then the ant... kind of.
It's gonna be tough.
You know what?
If you get stuck or go blank in between...
Forget it... cheer up.
Do this.
Come on...
Everything's fine.
Crack this joke.
A secretary goes to her boss and says,
"Boss, I need 500 bucks,I'll return it tomorrow."
The boss replies,"Take 1,000 and give it to me now."
What's your name?
Deepak. Deepak Singh.
Where are you from?
Rajasthan is quiet big.
Where exactly in Rajasthan?
Sanderao village.
Pali district.
Are you trying to fool me?
No, sir. It comes after Udaipur.
Why do you want to do this job?
It seems a good joband I need a job too, so...
There are other good jobsbut why this job?
I'll work with honesty.I'll stake my life.
He doesn't have it.I don't think he can make it.
I'll work hard, master.
Actually, he's new in the town.
He came here a few days ago.He's having a tough time.
But he is quiet... funny.
Yesterday, he told me a joke, sir.
It was very funny.
Why don't you crack the jokeyou told me yesterday?
-The secretary one?-Yes, the same.
Once a secretarygoes to her boss and says,
"Boss, I need 500 bucks,I'll return it tomorrow."
The boss replies,"Take 1000 and give it to me now."
Good one.
Take him away. I'll let you know later.
Come, come.
Thank you, sir.
The keys.
Locker number 8.
Come on, how much time more?
Is this the way you keep a pistol?
Where are we supposed to take this box?
To the client.
He puts whatever he wants in the box
and sends it wherever he wants.
I mean to the bank, office, you know. Anywhere.
One key is with the clientand the other is with us.
We're not supposed to see the keys.
It's simple.
The one who has the keys and the box
is the luckiest one.
What if someone... steals the box?
If this happens then all the keys are sent
to the commanduntil we don't find the box.
Since this company started,we had just two robberies.
Robberies are rare.
But there is always a danger.
That's why we're hired.
Deepak, hold. Hold.
-Deepak, hold.-Sir.
Don't come down.There's some movement here.
OK, sir.
Come down. Coast is clear.
What if someone...tries to break the box forcibly?
-Do you wish to do that?-No, no.
I just wanted to know for my information.
Don't even think of doing that.
Because there is a safety
detonating device inside the box.
What is it?
It's a type of automatic bomb.
If you try to break it open...
The box is gone, and so are you.
You won't get anything.
Did that ever happen?
My last partner. Waqar.
-Sir, sir.-Yes?
-Thank you, sir.-Why?
Sir, you've done a lot for me.
-Great. Button your shirt.-Yes, sir.
There were two boxes.
They lost their two men while opening one of the boxes.
They were hopping mad.
They were screaming for the keys.
Tell me!
We never saw the keysso how could we give them.
-We don't have the keys.-Tell me!
We are not supposed to see the keys.
-Tell me! -We don't have it!
We were in a deadlock.
We had seen their faces.
The fact is
I'm not afraid of dying that much.
What I'm afraid of isto inform the family of the dead.
That's the worst part of working at ASB.
The partner has to tell the family.
Collects your partner's stuff.
Wallet, watch.
Go to his house
and inform his family
that he's gone.
He's dead.
He died while protecting the moneyof a rich guy.
Just one thing can save you.
A good training.
What happened?
Are you gonna take so long to shoot?
You think you have much timeto save the box from the robber?
You have to do free firing.You'll hit at least one or two.
Do you see those birds?They fly in from far off countries.
To our city.
Fear drives them to huddle together.
If they stay together, they are safe.
A single bird is...
They get killed.
-Mahi...-I don't wanna go.
You're my good daughter, aren't you?
So many kids are playing here.
You love playing, right?Come. Come inside.
No... I don't want to go.
What did I tell you?
She'll go to work, bring you toys,didn't she tell you?
Keep it back...
Everyone's alone
In the sea of faces
This city never sleeps
It walks and falters aimlessly
I want to find a familiar face
Among the thousand ones I see
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
Should I pack it?
-Why? You didn't like it?-It's delicious.
I wanted a takeaway for my family.
Finish it first.
Get one more later.
I'll leave early today.
I've got some work.
But you'll have to leave on time.
Sign for me, OK?
-Can I do that?-Yes.
I have a side business too.
So you got another job...
I didn't mean that.
I mean, I have an affair with...
Well... you know...
If I meet her after the working hours
my wife will surely get a hint of it.I'll face a brawl.
So I have to meet herduring working hours.
Few more years into your marriage
and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Everyone in our company knows about this.
But my wife never got a hint.
I hope you'll sign for me.
There won't be a problem?
We have to help each otheras we're working together, right?
Maybe you'll have to leave early someday.
So I'll have to sign for you.
It's not difficult. Just do it.
Well done, dude.
What's wrong?
I mean... it's just a weeksince you've joined
and you signed for your supervisor?
He asked me to do it.
OK, fine. You've been called.
-Come, I'll tell you.-But where to go?
-Where is my senior officer?-Why so hurry?
First, meet her.
You wander everywhere
Which lane and which world?
You won't find
whatever you're looking for
You wander everywhere
Which lane and which world?
-What's up, Deepak?-All fine.
-What will you have?-Nothing, I quit it.
Quit what? Tell me?
I quit that, sir.
-But what?-Drinking.
This is not liquor. It's a sacred drink.
You wander everywhere
-What will you have?-Scotch, sir.
Do they have water?
They don't serve water here.
Ordering water in heaven?
Drink is all that's needed here.
Where are you going and why?
What a strange passion it is!
Wait for a moment
and take a breather
No one could avert destiny
You are no different
One, two, three.
You wander everywhere.
Which town and which world?
You won't find
What you are looking for
Hold it, hold it.
You wander everywhere
You wander everywhere
You'll go back
The way you came into this world
You lived for free
You'll have to pay
Oh traveler understand
You don't belong here
You wander everywhere
Which town and which world?
You won't find what you are looking for
You won't find it here
You wander everywhere
You wander everywhere
Get up, Rakhi.
Get up.
Get up!
-You're drunk.-Get up.
Get up.
Start dancing.
Start dancing.
Show me your dance.
-Show me your dance.-Go to sleep.
-You enjoy dancing in front of others?-Sleep.
Come on, dance.
-Show me your dance.-Mahi is sleeping.
Mahi is sleeping.
-Mahi.-Don't wake her.
Dance. Show me your dance.
Come on, dance.
-Are you feeling shy?-Mahi is sleeping.
You love dancingin front of people, you slut...
Dance here right now.I want to see your dance.
-Mahi is sleeping.-Show me your dance...
I said, Mahi is sleeping!
Look, I have the money.
Take it. Dance now.
Come on, show me your dance.
-Mahi, look mom is dancing.-She's sleeping.
-Mahi, look...-She's sleeping. Don't go near her!
I don't enjoy dancing!
What did you tell me beforeyou brought us from village?
You said, our problemswill be solved in the city.
Which problem did it solve?
We don't even have money for food!
Mahi sleeps hungry, every day!
Do I dance for amusement, tell me?
Do I enjoy dancing, tell me?
Slap me.
Slap me.
Slap me.
Slap me.
Please forgive me.
This flash of city life is blinding us.
I won't let you disappearin this darkness.
I'll take you back to our village,I promise.
I promise, I'll take you...
I can't take it anymore
My love
I can't take it anymore
My love
Oh moment wait
And linger
If you can
Wait for me for life
I can't take it anymore
My love
I can't take it anymore
My love
Look there.
The black car is tailing us.
The one that's behind.
They have been tailing us for awhile.
Drive a bit faster.
Run fly oh mind you're all bewildered
Run fly oh mind you're all bewildered
Even the moon has dark spots
Still following...
Even the moon has dark spots
Take the next right.
Even the moonshine hurts
He's still following us.
City lights
Take the next hard right...
City lights
City lights
Move your auto-rickshaw.
City lights
Light and darkness play hide and seek
It's all web
Everything moves with pace here
-They're gone.-Yes.
They were following us!
I wonder what they were up to.Following us or having fun?
But we did a good job.
We are not asecurity service company for nothing.
You drove the van well.
Sign here.
Tonight, come for a dinnerat my place with your family.
My wife's orders. She's the boss.
My wife gets home late from work.
OK. You can come, right?
Actually, Sudha is distressedafter Waqar passed away.
She feels better if she knows my partner.
Have a drink.
-No, sir, you have it.-It's not much. A small drink.
I have quit drinking, sir.
But you just started it.
-But I've quit drinking.-Stop forcing, if he quit.
You didn't quit eating spinach, right?
Now she's going to whack me.
He has a nickname for me.
What do you call me?
That's what they say in my village.Master.
-Master?-Yes, I call him master.
You also call me master.
You haven't heard his language, right?
It's very...
How do you say it? "Katthe-matthe."
It sounds very good.Their language is pleasant.
-Please say something.-Sir, it's our language.
So say something.Say something in your language.
Did you like the dinner?
-It's very tasty.-It's very tasty.
He didn't even eat.
Why are you so shy?
Talk to us in your language.
What do you want me to say, sir?
That "katthe-matthe."It sounds really good.
Speak a little bit.
Say something in your accent.
I'll sing a Rajasthani song.
Song? That's great!
Go ahead.
Kalu ran right through the crowded fair
He got the cycle punctured
The girl wanna have some tasty
The last line you sung was very good.
-It was really a very cute song.-Awesome...
Aren't you going to serve me spinach?
To your master?
You see this place.
It's situated exactlyin the center of Mumbai.
Exactly in the center.
This place is surrounded by buildings.
And among all these high-rise buildings,lies this dreck.
The place where I live.
You see that building?
You see these houses?
These aren't just houses.
They all small dreams
that have come true.
Hello, sir.
-Vishnu.-How are you, sir?
Doing well, sir.
Did you talk to the brokerabout the apartment in Mira Road?
They didn't call me back.
That Solanki does the same with everyone.
-He owes me money for the four apartments.-OK.
When I call him,he says the market is down.
Don't invest the money now.
Please talk to him.It'll be great help for me.
What's your name?
-Tell him your name.-Deepak.
-New boy?-Yes, sir.
He's working under me.
He's a very nice fellow.
Did you check it?
Keep it inside and hand it to him.
Lift the box.
Take the box.
Did you check them?
Yes, I checked them when they came.
Then who's going to check themwhile leaving?
-Hey! Hey!-Wait!
-Hey! Hey!-Hey, wait.
-What happened?-Nab them.
-Come here.-What happened, sir?
-Come on.-What happened?
What happened, sir?
-Why did you pick the packet?-What?
Why did you pick the packetwhen I was signing?
-I didn't pick any packet.-Sir, he didn't pick anything.
-Sir, he's an honest guy.-Check them.
-OK, you can check.-There's nothing.
There's nothing, buddy. You may check.
Take off their clothes and check them.
-OK, take off my clothes...-Stand straight.
There's nothing.
Take off the pants.
Take off that too.
You might be thinking the same.
What, sir?
To rip them off!
And make off with the all the booty.
No, no, sir.
You didn't think about it?
No, sir.
Then what's the differencebetween them and us?
There's a difference.
The difference is thatwe're honest and fools.
We slog all day.
And these debauchees...
We make the city goand they live off us and enjoy!
We get 15,000 rupees for 150 million.
Remember, you told me before.
You want to do something for me.
So let's waste all of them.
And then we hit the jackpot.
All the numbers.
All of them are thieves.
No one would come to know. What say!
You're kidding, sir.
You think, I'm kidding?
Yes, I was kidding.
Where are you going, sir?
Come on.
I want to show you something.
Please come.
I have... bad news for you.
What happened, sir?
What do you think of my place?
It's OK, right?
I told you about my side business.
I went out of business.
I used to bring them here. In this house.
They didn't like the hotel. So...
Have a seat.
Did you get me?
I had told you about a girl.
She left me.
Now, it has shut down.
It's very sad.
Now I have this house.
The lease expires in seven months.
I've already paid the deposit.
I want to rent out this house.
Do you know anyone who wants a house?
-I don't know anyone in the city.-You don't know anyone?
Someone from Govind Nagar?
-Someone in search of a house.-Govind...
-I don't know, sir.-So you don't know?
You're so dumb. I don't know what to say.
This house is for you.I've brought you here to show it.
How is it?
Nice breeze coming in from here.
24 hours water supply.
The bathroom is also...
It's in a bad condition,but you need to clean it.
But, it's good.
My clothes are in the cupboard.I'll take them later.
How is it?
It's not for me, sir.
Why not?
I don't have money, sir.
Who's the owner of the house?
I'm the owner, right?
When you get the salary,give me the money.
It won't cost you much.
I have the deposit with me.
When you leave,I'll take back the deposit. Don't worry.
Let's bring your family here.
You also got a TV here.
Free. Gift.
Come on.
We are chasing
Elusive shadows
We feel like holding the moon now
I'm a thirsty bird
Let me find a river
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
Let me sleep and weave a dream
Don't you want to go for work today?
I have a holiday todayas we have got this new home.
I'll leave the job, once I get the salary.
You'll have to.
OK, I'll leave.
Everyone's alone
In the sea of faces
This city never sleeps
It walks and falters aimlessly
I want to find a familiar face
Among the thousand ones I see
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
Let me sleep
And weave a dream
Sir, you have done so much for me.
No one is so generous nowadays.
I mean, really...
Let's go, sir.
Did I
tell you about my partner, Waqar?
How he died?
That story was absolutely true.
But the end was different.
After killing Waqar
they ran away leaving the box behind.
I still have that box with me.
Then return the box.
I can't return that now.
It's too late now.
Do you even know how much moneythere is in the box?
A lot.
I want you tobring me the key to this box.
-Where will I get it from?-From the command.
Steal it.
You mean I should steal?
No, no.
We are going to steal it.
You and I.
-I won't steal it, sir.-What?
Why not?
Sir, I'm not a thief.
I've just started working.And my life is going well.
Life is going well. You just earn 15,000.
15,000. 15,000. 15,000.How long will you go with it?
Like this?
What about your future?
Mahi is growing up.
Are you going to keep them in that dreck?
-Have you thought of anything?-I won't steal, sir.
Wow. Stealing is bad.Why should you steal?
Letting your wife dance at a baris OK, right?
Stealing is bad. Absolutely wrong.
When you sleep
don't you have any dreams?
Don't interfere in my personal life.
People are throwing money at your wife...
Don't talk about my wife.
-They are touching her.-Don't talk about her.
Don't you think...
She's dancing around strangers.
Don't you dare talk about her!
You and I are stuck in this for good.
What did I do? Why should I suffer?
-You are stuck.-What did I do?
The place you are living in...
I bought it, but it's in your name.
All the documents submittedin the command are fake.
And I have kept the box in that house.
The police would suspect
you were in Waqar's gang,so you killed him.
-You set me up.-You're working for that key.
-You set me up.-I didn't set you up.
-This is why you got me this job, right?-No.
-Right?-No. No.
-You set me up?-No, I haven't!
This is for us.
-We'd be doing it for our family...-Is this how you help?
-You set me up...-I'm helping you!
-I'm telling you, just...-I trusted you!
-And you set me up.-I told you, I'm not setting you up.
-Not you...-You...
I trusted you...
I would...
You set me up...
My life...
Listen, buddy.
Listen to me.
Let's do it.
Trust me, nothing will go wrong.
Everything's planned. Listen to me.
Nothing will go wrong.Everything will be...
Please forgive me, sir.
Please forgive me, sir. I'm a poor man.
-I can't steal, sir.-Don't refuse, please.
I came here to live an honest life here.
My life will be ruined, sir.
All of them are damn thieves.
Stealing from them is not theft!
Look, everything's planned.No one would be caught.
-I'm telling you...-Sir, I beg you.
My life will be ruined. Please...
Don't refuse.
Come on. Let's do it.
We'll steal one more box.
Don't worry. Everything's planned.
Everything is safe.
There were three other menwith me in the bar.
They would be working with us.
We'll be called in the command
as soon as the box is stolen.
I'm your senior, so I'd be called first.
I'll be there in the commandfor 15 minutes.
You'd be having just 15 minutesto get in the locker room.
You would get the codes...
I'll get it before I go to the command.
OK? Everything's arranged.
Go to the room.
Use a soap to get a print of the keyfrom box number 809.
I'll come back and we'd be free.
Then we're done.
There's nothing to worry.
We aren't killing anyone.We're not even hurting anyone.
What were you both doing on the Back Road?
Tell me.
Mr. Vishnu and I weregoing to meet the client.
A black car approached us.
They tried to steal the box from us.
Where's the key?Where's the key of other box? Tell me.
Shoot him!
Mr. Vishnu didn't let them take it,so they shot him.
And where were you?
I was in the car, sir.
Till I came out of the van
he was already dead.
Then I called Sachinand they reached the place.
And you were still sitting there?
I came out of the van, but they had sped away.
Mr. Vishnu died on the spot.
You know the rules of the company, right?
Now you're going to givethis news to his wife.
He was your partner, right?
-I know, sir. -OK.
There would be a police inquiry.Till then, you're suspended.
-Police inquiry?-Yes.
You won't get the salarytill the inquiry is over.
Got it?
I worked here for so many daysat least give me some money.
You want the salary?
You ruined my company's reputation.
You got my man killed.
-And you want the salary!-I didn't get him killed.
Then who got him killed?
Give me some money. I don't have money.
You want the money.
Get up. Get out. Get out from here.
Give him Vishnu's stuffand you give it to his wife.
Now, get lost. Get out!
I have no money.Please give me some money.
You want some money? Where do you want it?
Get out. Take him away.
Get out!
I don't know what happened. You don't spend time with me.
I can't bear this separation...
Come in.
Come in.
Where is Vishnu? Parking the car?
What happened?
He's parking the car, right?
Isn't he parking the car?
He's parking the car, right?
Tell me.
That box.
Where's that box?
Which box?
He didn't tell me about any box.
I want that box.
I really don't know about the box.
I want that box.
I want that box.
I want that box.
I want that box.
I want that box.
I want that box.
I want that box. I want that box.
Please take care of yourself.
My mom used to talk nonsense.
But one thing she told mewas absolutely right.
is an epidemic.
Just like a tick that clings to you.
What are we? Poor people.
What are we?
What are we?
-We are poor, sir.-Poor.
Be wary of this lover
It's a thorn in your flesh
Be wary of this lover
It's a thorn in your flesh
Be wary of this blinding light.
Jayesh, he touched me.
Why did you slap him?
You think you're an actress?
Get lost.
My money.
Get lost.
I have worked here. I want my money.
Hold her and take her away.
Get out of here. Get lost! Get lost!
Who? Who's there?
Open the door. It's me.
Mr. Vishnu got shot.
He has set us up.
The house. His generosity.Everything was fake.
There's a lot of money in this box, Rakhi.
But it's a waste without the key.
I don't care. Return the box.
They won't believe me.They will ask me, how did I get this box?
I'll be in trouble later.
And I don't want to get in trouble.I want to get out of this.
I've been telling you since the first day,let's just leave.
-But why don't you hear me?-Where will we go from here?
-Where will we go?-I don't know.
-Look, where have we landed.-We'll leave...
Listen to me.
Where will we go from here?
Our needs will drag us backto this dirty glitz.
Rakhi, it's very difficultto get out of here.
Are you getting me?
What are you going to do?
Tell me.
I don't know.
I won't let Mahi and you suffer.
I will get you out of this, I promise.
Just believe in me.
You're the reason
I smile
You're the reason
I hum a song
I can't take it anymore
My love.
I can't take it anymore
My love.
Oh moment wait
And linger
If you can
wait for me life time
I can't take it anymore
My love.
I can't take it anymore
My love.
I have been called.
I want my salary.
How did you get here?
I have worked here and I want my money.
-Who let you in?-I want my money.
You want your money, huh?
-Give me my money.-Get out from here.
-Get out!-Sir, give me my money.
I told you to get out. Get out!
-Don't touch me. Give me my money.-What will you do?
-I'll smash you.-Who let him in? Take him away.
-I want my money.-Get out.
If I see you here again...
-I want my money...-Just get lost from here.
-Get out!-Give my money.
Sir, I want my money!
Take him away!
-Rascal.-You pushed me!
Don't let him come inside again!
Get lost, you scoundrel.
Throw him out!
-I'll shoot you.-Throw him out!
Take this rascal out from here.
Go away...
Leave me.
Nab him, rascals.
Catch him!
He'll shoot me.
-I'll shoot him.-Drop the gun.
-I'll shoot him.-Move back. Move back.
Listen to me. Listen to me, Deepak.
Stay away or else I'll shoot him.
-Move back.-Move back.
-Move back.-Move back.
-Move back. Move back.-Move back.
-Hey, move back.-Yes.
-I said move back.-OK.
-I'll shoot him.-Listen to me.
-Deepak, listen to me.-Shut up!
Move back! Move back!
Move back.
Deepak, please listen to me.
-Shut up!-Listen...
-Keep your mouth shut.-I'll solve...
-Shut up...-I'll solve your problems, Deepak.
Stay right there. Put your gun down!
Put it down! I'll kill him...
Put your gun down. Put it down.
-Place your thumb here!-No, no.
-Deepak, please...-Place your thumb!
Stay back. Stay back.
Even if you escape from here.It won't take you far away.
If not you, at least thinkabout your wife and daughter.
-Deepak.-Come here!
Listen to me.
-I'll set everything right.-Go there!
Deepak, I'm telling you.I'll solve everything.
What will you solve?
Tell me, what will you solve?
My daughter is dying of hunger.
My wife is working at a barall because of you.
Thanks to you,I'm not able to live an honest life.
Isn't it true? Go back!
-Listen to me.-Turn your face backwards...
Turn it back!
Look back!
Stay back.
Stay back.
Don't turn around.
-Let's move.-Deepak.
Open the door.
Open it.
Move back.
I'll shoot him. Move back.
Stay back. Stay back.
-Move back.-No one will touch him.
Move back.
-Deepak, no...-Let me go from here.
I'll kill him.
Let me go from here.
Let him go, don't shoot him.
Let me go.
Stay back.
Stay back.
You, rascal!
Catch the scoundrel!
Break the door.
Break it. Break it.
Push it harder...
Catch him. Catch the rascal!
He escaped from here.Don't spare that rascal.
-Come on...-Don't spare him.
Bring the key.
Yes, Mhatre.
Bonnie, sir.
You have the box number 189with you, right?
Hold on.
Yes, Mr. Khimji.
The box that is with us.
What's the number?
You sure? OK.
Yes, I have it.
Yes, yes. Everything is fine.Yes, yes. OK.
What an idiot he was.
Come on. Call the police.
Don't think about it too much.
Keep faith in the Goddess.
What are you going to do?
I won't let Mahi and you suffer.
I will get you out of this, I promise.
Just keep faith in me.
-How much for this?-Twenty-five rupees.
Place your thumb here!
This flash of city life is blinding us.
I won't let you disappear in the darkness.
I'll take you back to our village, I promise.
The bird won't settle down
In a strange land
He misses the old big tree
From his village
He gathered pieces
To build his nest
But he was rendered homeless
When bad luck rained on him
He was rendered homeless
He was rendered homeless
You're shedding tears
Without respite
For you
For you
A new morning awaits
At every juncture
Why run away?
Why run away?
A bird fights with its tears
And go to sleep
The path is arduous
But it never gives up
He gathered pieces
To build his nest
But he was rendered homeless
When bad luck rained on him
He was rendered homeless
He was rendered homeless
I can't take it anymore
My love
I can't take it anymore
My love
Oh moment wait
And linger
If you can
Wait for me a lifetime
I can't take it anymore
My love
I can't take it anymore
My love
When the harsh sun is out
Bring me shade
Let's get drenched
When wishes will rain
When the harsh sun is out
Bring me shade
Let's get drenched
When wishes will rain
I can't take it anymore
My love
I can't take it anymore
My love
My love