Civic Duty (2006) Movie Script

[Newscasters overlapping]
[Male reporter]:these guys
could be the same ones
Fighting america's enemies
here at home
Or anywhere in the world.
[Static hissing]
...deadly virus.
[Radio stations changing]
[News reports overlapping] protect the populace
against the deadly virus...
[News reports overlaing]
...warn residents
way in advance. a small price to pay...
weapons attack...
[Male reporter]:
citing new intelligence,
The departmen
of homeland security today
Gave the official okay
To drop the threat level
from orange to yellow.
The drop,
announced early this morning
By the secretary
of homeland security,
Was the first lowering
of the alert status
In nearly two months.
However, the department
continues to urge
State and local officials,
transportation authorities,
And the general public
To remain alert,
As most, if not all,
the recent attacks abroad
Have come without warning.
[Female reporter]:an estimated
$290 billion in assets
And their highly coveted
1,600 branches
In 22 states,
While keeping
its boston-Based headquarters'
Status intact.
A company with assets
of over $1.8 trillion dollars.
The deal comes
with a steep price
For the combined workforce
of 128,000,
With as many
as 20,000 employees
Expected to lose their jobs
When operations
are integrated.
early this morning,
Five former officials
Of the holy land
restoration foundation,
Once the biggest
islamic charity
In the united states,
Have been arrested
on charges
millions of dollars
To islamic fundamentalists
and plotters
In the middle east
and across the globe.
More specifically,
To private individuals
and organizations
Situated in the united states,
to fundamentalist activity.
Founding members
of the charity,
Which first came
under investigation by the fbi,
Are suspected
of devising a scheme
To funnel money
to fundamentalist organizations
Who support jihad...
[News reports overlapping]
[Sound distorting
and fading to ringing]
[President g. W. Bush]:
tonight, we are a country
Awakened to danger
And called
to defend freedom.
[Ticket agent]:
next, please.
Our grief has turned to anger.
...and anger to resolution.
Next, please!
Whether we bring
our enemies to justice,
Or bring justice
To our enemies,
will be done.
Hello, sir.
How can i provide you
with excellent service today?
I'd just like to deposit this.
[Keys clacking]
Did you know, sir,
in the future,
You can also use
the atm machine
Just outside the front doors
And avoid
the wait in line
For a teller?
Yes, i did.
Thank you.
A lot of our customers
prefer that option, actually.
Do you know
what "atm" stands for?
Um... automatic-
Automated teller machine.
So when you say
"atm machine,"
What you're actually saying
Is "automated teller
machine machine. "
Now, either you're just being
ignorantly redundant,
Or you really
Want to emphasize
that "machine" part,
In which case,
You're not really providing
very personal care
Or excellent service,
are you?
You just want to...
Talk to customers,
Do some script
that your manager set up for you
To sell some program,
or something like that,
Or get fewer tellers
behind the line
So they'll go outside
and use the atm?
Is that it?
Listen, i'm really sorry.
I just, uh...
I'm sure they just tell you
to say that,
And it's
your job, so..
I've had a long day.
I apologize.
Did you want that deposited
into your checking
Or savings account, sir?
Checking, please.
[Pops off beer cap]
[Cap clinks in dish]
[Door opening]
[Door closes]
[Keys clatter in dish]
You're home early.
what are you doing?
I'm just standing here
like an idiot.
Looking at the house.
Maybe i could put
some of these
In the front yard.
Add a little color,
Maybe some daisies
at the side.
That'd look pretty great,
don't you think?
Yeah, yeah,
it sounds real nice.
I can't wait.
Do you still
want to go
To my sister's cabin
this weekend?
They're not
going to be there.
It'd just be
the two of us.
Get some wine
and stuff
On my way home
Oh yeah.
Do you remember that photo
i took of the redwoods?
Well, this publisher
saw it today,
And he said
it was really good.
Sounds great.
I know.
It's great.
It's great news.
I got laid off today,
I got laid off.
What happened?
I don't know.
software improvements,
But they just hired you.
Yeah, they did, but...
I don't exactly work
in a specialized field, do i?
I'm going to take
Some of
those wedding gigs.
No, they've been
coming to me, and-
No, no, no, you do your thing.
I am going to get another job.
A better job.
I'm sorry.
They're dumb people.
It's okay, you know?
We've gone
through this before,
And we'll just...
it's going to be okay.
It will.
[Closing door quietly]
the federal reserve today
Issued a fresh warning
to investors
To the dangers
of the false sense
Of the economy's
Stretch and flow
interest rates.
The chairman cautioned
that extended periods
Of low credit risk
Have sometimes
been followed
By abrupt reversals
and a dramatic fall
In the prices
of risky assets.
While not identifying
the risky assets,
The chairman,
In a separate
report last monday,
warned the nation
About the perils
Of home-Owners
and lenders
Using aggressive
While low mortgage rates
Powered home sales
to record highs
Four years in a row,
Home prices have
nevertheless skyrocketed.
the fed has been
raising rates
To keep inflation
in check.
With this
latest warning,
The chairman stressed
that a widespread cooling
In the housing market
Could be right around
the corner,
Exposing both
borrowers and lenders
To significant losses.
[Anchorwoman]:the united states
financial services industry
Has given birth
to yet another mega-Bank,
And the new team
of first international-
"Self-Starter. "
"Team player. "
Were you out here
all night?
Do you think
the stereotype is true?
What stereotype?
That accountants are boring?
I know, i'm not my job,
But does my job
make me boring?
Yeah, i think it does.
Tsk, yeah,
that's what i thought.
?Re a boring guy, terry.
That's why i love you.
Everybody knows
that women prefer
over rock stars.
[Slaps back lightly]
Why do you have to
bring him up all the time?
That was before
we even met.
I'm just kidding.
You are not a boring man
to me, mr. Allen.
I gotta go.
All right. Bye.
[Keys clacking]
[Man]: next.
Can i help you?
To mail these.
All right.
Are you interested
in our commemorative stamps?
No, thank you.
We have beluga whales,
legends of jazz,
Holiday cookies.
I just want to mail these.
All right.
[Keys beeping]
For future reference,
You can purchase postage
in the lobby
And just drop it
in the slot out there.
[Register tape advancing]
[Telephone ringing]
That's good to know.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
You too.
[President bush]:
... forsaking our friends.
They stand against us
Because we stand
in their way.
There are thousands
of these terrorists
In more than
60 countries.
They're recruited
from their own nations
And neighborhoods
And brought to camps
In places like
Where they are trained
In the tactics
of terror.
They are sent back
to their homes
Or sent to hide
in countries
Around the world
To plot evil
and destruction.
[Jet rumbling overhead]
[Female reporter]:
that well-Dressed man
In the street
Might not be
who you think he is.
With holiday celebrations
and major sporting events
Right around
the corner,
The united states
Dispatched scores
Of casually dressed
nuclear scientists
To scour
five major u. S. Cities
For radiological,
Or so-Called
"dirty," bombs.
What are you doing?
Getting a shot
Of the handsomest
number-Cruncher in the world.
You want to see my calculator,
You know i do.
Yeah. Yeah?
[Setting knife down]
Well, why don't i just
whip it out?
Oh, yeah.
All right, all right,
i feel like an asshole.
That's enough.
So, how was your first day
of freedom?
Got some
resumes out.
You know.
Crunched the mortgage numbers
a little.
Saw the apartment downstairs
got taken.
You see
who it was?
Oh, you didn't see him?
'Cause he sure saw you.
[Beverage pouring]
What's that supposed to mean?
Who's he?
I don't know,
some middle eastern-Looking guy.
What, i called him
middle eastern?
He is middle eastern.
Wait. So if i saw him
in a crowd
And i wanted
to let you know
Who i was
referring to,
How would i
do it then?
Would you prefer
That i said
"the raghead,"
"The camel-Jockey"?
"The sand nigger"?
Shut up!
[Mocking voice]:
ooh, he's a nigger
Who lives
in the sand.
Terry, stop it.
He can probably
hear us.
Oh, he can't
hear us.
I think he'd prefer
to be called
"The middle eastern guy," don't you?
I don't know.
Well, call him
whatever you want,
But that guy sure
was a fan of your ass.
Check it out.
? Chicka-Chicka-Bow
? Chicka
[Dumpster rattling open]
[Female reporter]:
gone are the days
Of identity thieves
Going through
your private mailbox.
They are now finding
their jackpots at one source-
Computers stored
In your pediatrician,
general practitioner,
Or dentist's office.
The very institutions
That collect
your personal information-
What would you think
If i told you
that our new neighbor
Was digging around in the trash
at 3:00 in the morning?
And i didn't
tell you this either,
But he didn't seem
To have a lot
to move in-
Just a couple duffel bags
and a small mattress.
You watched him move in?
Well, it was just
a couple trips
Up the walkway,
But doesn't that seem
a little odd to you?
The guy rents
a full-Size apartment,
Has nothing to
put inside it?
He's probably just struggling
to make ends meet.
Yeah, maybe.
[Bag zipping up]
Anyway, it's none
of our business.
a little weird to me,
That's all.
Well, if it's so weird,
Why don't you go introduce
yourself to him, then?
Come on.
Why not?
At least then
you can stop calling him
"The middle eastern guy,"
All right.
I don't have to
bake him a cake, do i?
that's a good idea.
Have a beautiful day.
...vital services.
Now thousands of records
can be stolen
With the same level of risk
involved in a home invasion.
[Music filters from apartment]
[Music continues]
[Rattling and crashing]
[Bag thuds]
[Printer whirring and clicking]
[Neighboring car starting]
[Alarm honking]
[Alarm chirps and shuts off]
[Other car starting]
[Shifting gears]
[Anchorwoman]:the 25-Count
indictment unsealed yesterday
Charges the charity
Used hospitals,
islamic committees,
Student and other organizations
Controlled by fundamentalist
In the middle east
To direct money
to plotters
Of extremist causes.
Law-Enforcement officials
And the attorney general's
office claim
The arrests represented
one of their most-
What are you doing?
You scared me.
What's that?
Uh, nothing, i just...
Look, he drives a long-Term
rental car, marla.
So you met him, then?
No, i didn't,
But just listen to me,
all right?
He made a call
on a pay phone
Even though he had a cell phone
on him.
And he works
at a copy center
With other
middle eastern men.
Only middle eastern men.
You were
following him?
No, i wasn't following him,
i just saw him and-
Look, what do you
want me to say?
Doesn't this sound
kind of suspicious to you?
Where're you going?
Hey! What are
you doing?
What the hell
was that all about?
His name
is gabe hassan.
That is what
we will call him
From now on.
He moved here
To finish
his master's degree.
Yeah, so he's probably
budgeting his living
On student loans
and his copy job.
can't afford a car
Or a land line,
And maybe his cell phone
ran out.
You don't know that.
Neither do you.
So unless this guy
leaves his apartment
With a warhead on his back,
He is just
our neighbor,
And it is not our problem.
Yeah, i bet
you just can't wait
To borrow a cup of sugar
from him, too.
What's that supposed to mean?
That you want to replace
your fetish for rock stars
With jihadists?
I think
that's very "now" of you.
You've got way too mucerry.
You need to get a job,
Or we're going to lose
that house.
[Television playing]
[Man]:by law,
they are unable
To invade a place-
To target
only mobs-
[Sighing softly]
If you
don't want
To meet our neighbor,
You don't have to.
But could you call
the loan officer today
About the house?
Just find out where things are?
Yeah, okay.
[Tv continues playing
in background]
Maybe watch
a little less of that today?
[Door opens, then closes]
Hi, this is terry allen.
I submitted an application
For your cpa position
a couple of weeks ago?
How can i help you,
mr. Allen?
Just making sure
that you received it.
Well, i'm sure
we have it on file.
All applications
go straight
To our human resources
Do you know
when you might be hiring?
I couldn't say
for sure.
Maybe next week?
Would you like me
to transfer you
To mr. Roberts?
He's reviewing
all the applicants.
Mr. Allen?
Mr. Allen?
Uh, yeah?
Would you like me
to transfer you?
Yeah, that's great.
Just wanted to let you know
That i'm still interested
in the position.
Please hold.
[Phone beeps off]
Yes, could i have the number
for the fbi, please?
The number is
Thank you.
Thank you.?]
Uh... i'm not-
I'm not really sure
if i should be calling or not.
I just was wondering
if there's somebody there
I could just- Just talk to
about a situation?
Would you like me
to transfer you
So you can file
a report, sir?
[Tapping on window]
[Paper rustling]
Special agent hilary.
You filed a report
this morning?
Mr. Allen?
Yes, sir.
Do you mind if i follow up
for just a bit?
Thank you.
But, um, how do you know
who i am?
Your license plate number.
[Cell phone ringing]
You guys work fast.
Excuse me, sorry.
[Jacket rustling]
[Ringing continues]
Hi. Ahem.
I'm going to
pick 'em up.
I'm going
to pick 'em up.
I know.
I'm going to
pick 'em up,
Okay. Ahem.
I love you, too.
Okay, um...
So this guy you called about,
You say he lives
in unit number two,
Is that correct?
On the ground floor. Er two
And you said
he was a middle eastern guy,
Look, i know
you must get
A lot of calls
like this, right?
Most of them turn out
to be nothing?
Yeah, but we got to go
through them all.
You know, i'm sorry,
i don't know
If i should have
called, i just...
Why did you, then?
Well, he seems to fit
the profile
A little too well,
you know what i mean?
The profile?
Yeah, you said
he was interacting
With other
middle eastern men.
Is that what you mean?
Yes, sir.
You said he leads
a minimalist lifestyle.
Yeah. I- He...
You said he was
throwing the garbage out
At odd hours.
Yes, sir. 3:00 a. M.
3:00 a. M.?
You were awake,
or did he wake you up?
I was awake
at the time.
[Notepaper rustling]
Did you talk to him?
Did you meet him?
No, sir,
but my wife did.
Does she share your concerns?
Yeah. Pretty much.
Did she have
Any other kind
of exchange with him?
Did you have any other
kind of other interaction,
Any kind of late-Night feuds-
Music too loud,
anything like that?
Uh, no, sir.
[Clears throat]
What did you say
you do for a living, mr. Allen?
I'm an accountant.
We will run a check
And see
if anything comes up.
Is there anything i should do
in the meantime?
No, just keep
an eye out.
If you see
anything imminent,
Give us a call.
You know, it's funny.
When i graduated from college,
i almost applied to the bureau.
Yeah, it was just
kind of a whim, though.
A whim?
Yeah, me too.
Thank you very much
For your concern,
mr. Allen.
You have a nice day.
Thank you.
[Complex door creaking open]
[Door opening]
[Door shuts]
Come here.
don't turn any lights on.
Just come here.
What are you doing?
Just come on.
What are you doing?
Just... come here.
I need you to just
listen to me, okay,
And don't get upset.
All right?
What is it? What?
Look, an fbi agent
came by here today,
And he wanted to ask me
some questions
About our neighbor
How did he know
About our neighbor
downstairs, terry?
Did you call him?
Did you?
Yeah, i did-
You called the fbi?
The fbi!
They considered
the report valid-
For god's sake,
and they're running
A background check
on the guy.
They're probably
A background check
on us, too.
Come on, what?
We got some pot
in the house
Or something?
Why do you insist on
making this our problem?
We have enough problems
as it is, terry.
Well, we don't always
get to choose
Our problems, marla.
Sometimes we do,
Did you call
the loan officer today?
If this guy downstairs
Is responsible for
killing innocent people
And we didn't do
anything to stop it,
You'd just be okay
with that?
No, of course not,
I wouldn't be okay
with that, but...
Okay, this fbi agent,
what did he say?
Well, he wants us
To continue
monitoring him.
Us two, but not him.
Look, the guy gets
a lot of calls, marla,
All right?
We all have to be the eyes
and ears now.
The what?
What did you say?
Okay, i need to know
what you're going to do.
What do you mean?
How far are you
going to take this?
Well, i don't know.
You don't know?
Well, i need to know.
Well, i guess i'm going to do
whatever i have to.
Whateveryouhave to?
What about us, terry?
What about the house?
I am doing everything
that i possibly can!
I've sent out resumes.
There aren't any more jobs.
I went to bank today,
like you asked.
I talked to the loan officer
to restructure the loan,
And he wouldn't buy it,
all right?
So what else
do you want from me?
Well, maybe if you weren't
up here all day long,
Spying on your neighbor
Like some paranoid
right-Wing wack-Job,
We wouldn't have lost
the fucking house!
That is not what i'm doing!
Yes, you are, terry!
And you know what?
Just because
they're paranoid
Doesn't mean
they're wrong.
I mean, in case
you forget, marla,
This shit has happened.
People, they've overlooked
their neighbors,
And shit has
fucking blown up.
Thank you
for the fucking recap.
What are you doing?
Going out.
Where are you going?
Yeah, say hi to your sister
for me.
[Gate opening]
[Gate rattles and closes]
With the holy month of ramadan
[Telephone ringing]
Jenny, it's terry.
Hi, terry.
Sorry to bother you.
Is marla there?
No, not at
the moment.
Do you know where she is?
No. No, i don't.
Is she okay?
Not really.
Well, could you just
let her know that i called?
i'll tell her.
[Phone beeps off]
the announcement
Coming on the heels
of last month's
Torching of a mosque
in sussex county,
On mosques
and the muslim community
Over the past year,
Yet some of
the attendees believe
The city's new measures-
God. What am i doing?
[Complex door rattles]
[Television clicks on]
[Television playing
in arabic]
you have two new messages.
[Television continues playing
in arabic]
[Cell phone ringing]
[Speaking arabic]
Shit, shit, shit!
[Dialing phone]
Mr. Allen.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, i'm fine.
You sure?
Just some personal stuff.
Just, uh... times have been
a little rough.
[Clears throat]
You wanted
to talk about something?
Uh, yeah.
You ever hear
of money structuring?
Making low-Profile deposit?
In multiple bank accounts,
Different institutions,
Splitting up
large sums of money,
Earning huge returns
in interest
Without anybody
knowing about it?
Is that what you think
mr. Hassan is doing?
Well, he's got several boxes
full of atm deposit envelopes
In his closet...
And based upon his lifestyle,
I think that these accounts
Belong to this organization
that he's involved with,
The sons of benevolence.
He's also got
some sort of chemical process
Going on in there-
And, uh, tubing.
There's this clear liquid that
he has stored in these tubes,
That smells like...
and it's sweet,
Like almond flavoring
or something.
Chemical process?
Does he have a bunsen burner
in there
And a whole lab set up?
No, i wouldn't call it a lab,
but there's-
Almond flavoring,
like for cooking?
That's what it smelled like,
but i don't know what it is.
I just want to be
clear about one thing.
You were invited in, right?
You were a guest
in his house?
I knocked on the guy's door,
it kind of opened,
And based upon
what i could see inside,
I thought that
i should call you, and-
Did i ask you to act
as an informant for the fbi,
Mr. Allen?
You asked me
to keep an eye on him.
I didn't ask you
to break the law, did i?
You can't just
walk into someone's apartment.
I know that, but i felt like,
under the circumstances-
No, sir. No, sir.
Under no circumstances.
For you,
under no circumstances.
Well, then,
why don't you do it?
Get a search warrant.
You can discover these items
for yourself,
Because something's going on.
Let me explain
Mr. Allen.
Unless there
is an emergent circumstance
Suggesting imminent danger,
We are obliged
to follow
Certain guidelines
and procedures
Pursuant to
The united states
This is still
a free society.
I can't be
this make-Believe guy...
Bust down every door
and shoot someone
'Cause i think
he might be a bad guy, okay?
Neither can you.
Wait, wait- You think
i want to be doing this?
I don't want
to be doing this.
No, i just
lost my job,
My wife
walked out on me.
We're about to lose
the house we wanted.
I'm sorry for your troubles,
mr. Allen.
I really am,
But you need to
let the fbi
this investigation,
And if you enter his house
I'm going to have
no choice
But to put you
under arrest.
Look at me when
i'm talking to you, mr. Allen.
I need to know
That you understand
what i'm saying here.
Thank you.
[Lunch bag crinkling]
[Television playing inside,
[Door creaking]
[Anchorman]:... now that
the deadly strain
Of the influenza
Has jumped from
animals to humans.
The strain also
appears to be slowly
the genetic changes
Characteristic of the
spanish flu virus
That killed
50 million people
Nearly a century ago.
for the worst,
The president announced
The addition of billions
of dollars to our budget
To build a stockpile
of drugs
To fight the threat
Of the newly
identified virus,
Most, if not all,
u. S. Drug makers
Have stopped making
flu vaccines,
But health officials
That not having
a reliable supply
Of the vaccine
Is treading on
very dangerous ground,
As it's the best way
to contain
The ever-Nearing
deadly virus.
[Shower running]
[Line ringing]
Yes, agent hilary, please.
This is terry allen.
He's not in.
Would you like
voice mail?
No, i will try back later.
According to a most recent
census bureau study,
More immigrants entered
the united states illegally
Last year
Than those who were
granted legal status.
The study attributes
the historical decline
In legal migration
To the federal
government's reduction
In the number
of refugee visas
And a slowdown-
Yes, can i speak
to agent hilary, please?
Yeah, this is terry allen.
Well, listen, i think
somebody broke into my house.
Look, can you just
tell agent hilary
To call me, please?
Thank you.
...1.1 million,
With roughly
575,000 estimated
New illegal immigrants
Living within
our borders.
Uh, yes,
agent hilary, please.
Yeah, i know that. Uh, yes,
agent hilary, please. Ing]:
Are you done yet?
Because you're the agency
on record here,
And if this guy does something,
if people get killed,
Their deaths are going to be
on your head.
Not mine,
not the local police,
But yours...
And i am going to make damn sure
that happens!
[Cds clattering]
Since the united states
declared its war
Against those who threaten
our daily security,
The federal government
has come under criticism
That it's not
doing enough.
[Knocking at door]
Governor nancy bradley
is one of those critics,
And she joins us now.
[Television volume
[Cocking gun]
[Uncocks gun]
What part of our conversation
are you not getting, mr. Allen?
Did- Did you
get my message?
He broke
into my house.
I thought i told you
to let us handle this.
Did you just hear
what i said?
I don't give a fuck
what he did!
You are interfering
with fbi business,
And now you're harassing
my office?
If you ever threaten
this agency again,
You're going to find yourself
in some serious shit!
Look, i didn't mean to-
You want to be the subject of
this investigation, is that it?
You want us to tap your phone?
You want us to put a tail
on you?
Put a tail on your wife?
This is fucking unbelievable.
The person you should be-
I don't owe you
an explanation, mr. Allen!
Stay out of my business!
Think you're having
a hard time
Finding a job now?
You think you're having
a hard time
Finding a house now?
You wait until you have
a federal arrest on your record.
This is your final warning, sir.
[Door slams]
[Turns tv volume up] that we prevent
the bombs from going off
Rather than just
cleaning up afterwards.
[Door slams]
Hey. I'm your neighbor
from upstairs.
And how can i help you?
I just wanted to come by,
See if we could
clear a few things up.
Like what?
You know,
the whole window thing.
[Sucking breath]
Apology accepted, then.
[Hand blocks door]
That's not what i meant.
What, then?
You want me
to keep my curtains closed?
You know what?
I'm not sure
why i came down here.
If you're having problems
with your wife, man,
I'm sorry.
What did you just say?
About my wife?
You like to stare at me
all day long.
I can see why she's mad.
I mean, look,
if you prefer men,
You should really
Just tell her, man.
[Feet shuffling]
You know,
if this-
What the fuck
did you just say to me,
You piece of shit?
What did you just say?
What did you
just fucking say?
Get- Get up against
the fucking wall!
Get back!
Get your hands by your sides.
And don't fucking move.
What are you looking at?
Get down.
Get the fuck down.
Get the fuck down!
Okay. Okay.
Now, put your hands
behind your head.
Put your hands
behind your head!
Oh, you're not such a smart-Ass
now, are you?
Sit down.
Sit down-
Get up and sit down!
Tie your foot
to the chair.
Wrap it around.
Hand it to me.
[Terry pacing]
Look, i apologize
if i have offended you.
You broke into my house.
You left the shower on
in my bathroom
So that i'd know you made it
through all my shit.
Oh, what,
you don't remember that?
Well, here, let me help you.
It was the same day
that i was inside your place.
I was right
back there,
Inside your closet.
You know i was.
And i've got to say,
You've got a lot of
interesting shit lying around.
Can't we be rational
about this?
Yeah, let's be rational.
Who are you working for?
What do you mean?
Who are you working for?
Don't you tell me
"copy central. "
I'm not going to buy
that shit.
Just what do you think i am?
What is that?
You must be
I'm doing my master's
in environmental studies.
This is for my lab experiments.
What about these?
They're for handling
prussic acid.
It's a corrosive.
I'm actually extracting it
from the tap water.
For what?
For my thesis.
Yeah. Yeah?
[Drops box]
[Places lid on floor]
[Kicks box]
What about those?
I don't know what
you're getting at.
You know what i do
for a living?
I'm an accountant.
You know
what that means?
You stare at spreadsheets
all day long?
Fuck you!
It means that i get
money trails.
Kind of like
the one
That you structured
with the sons of benevolence.
The sons of benevolence?
[Speaking arabic]
They are a distributor
It's like...
They're just paying
for my scholarship.
That's it.
[Chair scraping floor]
Acid, huh?
From the tap water?
Yes, prussic acid.
Purification plants
all over the world
Carry the same process.
[Beaker slides on counter]
I assure you,
Nothing will happen.
[Footsteps outside]
[Complex door rattles]
[Door creaking]
[Door clatters closed]
[Footsteps passing]
[Ripping fabric]
[Marla]: terry?
Yeah, i'm out here.
Where were you?
Are you okay?
Are you sure?
What are you doing
back here?
You never returned
any of my calls.
Where did you
come from?
I was just outside.
What's going on?
[Marla descending stairs]
Marla, stop!
Don't go in there.
Go to your sister's.
I will call you tomorrow.
What are you doing, terry?
What did you do?
Now, just get going.
What did you do?
I said, get going!
[Heavy thumping]
[Repeated thudding]
[Breathing rapidly]
I'm sorry.
He broke into our house.
You should see
All the shit
he has in there!
I'm right about him.
I know i am.
I just need some more time.
I'll call you later.
Just go!
Now! Go!
[Door creaks]
[Marla's footsteps
receding rapidly]
[Terry slams door]
[Cell phone ringing]
[Ringing continues]
5:30 in the morning.
Who's calling you?
[Man speaking, indistinct]
It's for you.
[Man]:is this
mr. Allen?
Who's this?
I'd like to
ask you
To please step
to the window.
I said who is this?
Please step to
the window, mr. Allen.
[Terry crossing room]
We have a perimeter
Around the building.
[Officer]: over here!
Mr. Allen.
My name is lieutenant
randall lloyd,
And i don't think
there's any reason
Why we can't come
to a peaceful resolution here.
If, at any time,
You want to release
Mr. Hassan and yourself
over to us for questioning,
No harm will
come to you,
I promise you that.
Mr. Allen.
Mr. Allen,
are you there?
Tell me,
what do you need?
Mr. Allen?
[Helicopter pulsing overhead]
I need some more time.
Okay. For what?
I need more time.
[Helicopter hovering]
[Cell phone ringing]
[Ringing continues]
[Ringing ceases]
How many are out there?
More than six?
[Heart racing]
[Cell phone ringing]
Come on, mr. Allen.
What are you
going to do?
Are you going to stay
in there all day?
The whole week?
You do not
want to get
Bogged down in this,
trust me.
[Helicopter hovering overhead]
I won't press charges
against you
If you let me go.
We can say...
I thought
you were breaking in.
That i panicked
and pulled the gun on you.
Nobody needs to know
what happened in here.
Look, take the bullets
Out of the gun,
And put it in my hand
So it has
my fingerprints on it.
We'll just say
it was a big misunderstanding.
Come on.
Come on, man.
You can be
With your wife tonight.
Come on, terry.
[Radio chatter, indistinct]
[Helicopter hovering]
So, what?
It's either
i'm going to jail,
Or you're going to
kill me?
Is that your plan?
Yeah, yeah.
Like that's
going to stop them.
Apparently you're about
to receive some money.
It's my scholarship payment
This is pretty expensive
for a state school.
Tell me about it.
The checks
come to more than double
What your tuition is.
I assure you,
it's not what you think it is.
Then what is it?
What is it?
Nothing. They're just
helping me out here.
Oh, okay.
Then i'm sure you won't mind
explaining that to the fbi.
[Window sliding open]
[Police radio chatter,
Lieutenant, if you
want to end this,
Get agent hilary from the fbi
down here.
This isn't fbi jurisdiction,
mr. Allen.
Just get him down here!
Why won't you talk to me?
Just get agent hilary!
You know what?
What if
i were what you think i am?
What? You would be good,
and i would be evil?
You would be just,
and i would be a criminal?
Is that
what you think?
Well, think about it.
What would you do
If your wife
were taken away from you?
O a hundred pieces if your wife
were taken away from you?N t
While she was cooking
your dinner?
tomahawk missile.
What would you do?
Wouldn't you
seek revenge?
Wouldn't you try
to honor her murder?
Would you consider yourself evil
if you did?
What would you do?
We're just talking about
"what ifs" here, right?
That woman in the picture,
is she your wife?
Is she still
with us,
Or did that missile
really take her out?
What would you do?
I think you should
go join the military
Instead of
taking it out on me
Like some vigilante.
Too risky?
The front lines
Are only for the poor kids?
Are you a coward, terry?
Are you a coward, terry?N't
Didn't realize
that striking a bound man
Was an act of bravery.
Oh, but cutting off the heads
of handcuffed women is?
You want to go there?
Tell me about vietnam.
Cuba. Chile.
Well, what do you
want me to do?
El salvador!
Grenada. What do you
want me to do?
I don't fucking care!
The shah of iran.
I don't fucking care!
Did you hear me?
You stupid fucking idiot!
I am not my country!
I don't get to vote
on foreign policy!
I can't control anything!
What about palestine?
I don't care!
Well, you should care.
It's about time you care.
[Speaking arabic]
[Continues speaking arabic]
Shut up!
[Speaking arabic]
Shut up!
Just shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
You shut up!
[Raging]: quiet!
[Lloyd]: mr. Allen?
We have your wife
She wants to
talk to you.
[Marla]: terry?
Take it easy.
Move slow.
Did you do this to me?
Did you call them?
Happening here, terry.
An open line of communication?
Nice coaching job
there, lloyd.
Okay, the point is,
mr. Allen,
You've still
got a chance here.
You can put a stop to this
right now.
Get your life back together.
You've got a chance.
[Police radio crackling,
Why don't you come on out here
and talk to me,
Tell me what's going on?
Come on.
Yeah, sure.
Just let me throw some shoes on.
I'll be right out.
Terry, come on.
This isn't you.
Just let these guys
handle this.
How could you do this to me?
Your wife is genuinely
concerned about you, sir.
Yeah, and i'm worried
about her, too.
Why do you think
i'm doing this?
You had a gun, terry.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know what else to do.
Get hilary down here.
Terry! Terry!
Come on.
Come on.
let me go see him.
Don't touch me.
Let me through.
[Siren wails on approaceases
[Helicopter whirring overhead]
[Man]: i'm going inside.
Cover the door.
[Guns cocking]
Move! Move! Move!
[Cocks gun]
[Knocking at door]
Mr. Allen.
It's agent hilary.
Well, tell those officers
to get back.
They're not
coming in.
You wanted to
talk to me, right?
And i want everybody
around the building
To back off too!
They're not coming
in, mr. Allen.
They fall back.
It's just me.
Well, move away
from the door.
Move to the window!
Okay, i'm here.
Mr. Allen,
i'm not a hostage negotiator.
Well, i could use
your help here.
Can you just listen to me?
Yeah, i can
listen to you,
Mr. Allen, yeah.
I have more evidence
About the money
This guy's involved
in, all right?
And i want you
to take that evidence,
I want you to use it,
And i don't want to hear
any crap
About what you can
and you can't do.
on the roof.
I just need to know
that mr. Hassan is okay.
You're going to have
to take my word for it.
Well, i'm not gonna
take anything
Unless i know for sure.
I want to see
that mr. Hassan is okay.
Then we have nothing
left to talk about.
Okay, okay, okay!
Wait, mr. Allen.
I did some more work
on his disbursement schedule
From the sons of benevolence,
And there is more than double
The amount of his tuition fees
coming in.
Now, that money
is going somewhere.
They are a legitimate
educational organization.
They are not now,
nor have they ever been,
A sponsor
for for extremist activities.
I do not know
what the extra money is for.
It could be for
any number of things,
But mr. Hassan
Is a model student.
He's a clerk
at a copy center.
He is not someone
that we are concerned about.
You're wrong.
Am i?
You just want this to go away,
don't you?
Yeah, i do.
Mr. Allen,
i want it to go away,
But i assure you
That the information
we have about mr. Hassan
Is accurate. It is correct.
Well, what about
all this chemistry equipment?
What about
the deposit envelopes?
Well, why don't you
let me come inside?
Then i can take a look
at them.
We can talk to mr. Hassan
together, okay?
You and i.
How did you get here
so fast?
I'm sorry?
You've been calling the shots
all along, haven't you?
Oh, i get it.
You want me to take the heat
for this, don't you?
How else are you
going to get out of this?
I called you.
You didn't act
fast enough.
It doesn't matter
whether i'm right or wrong,
You're going to wind up
smelling like shit.
That's not true.
You're just here
covering your own ass.
Mr. Allen, listen
to what you're saying.
[Turning gun barrel]
This is your last chance.
I want to know
Who you're
working for.
I want to know
Who you're working with,
I want to know their names,
And i want to know
where they can be found.
[Speaks arabic]
I swear to god,
i told you everything!
I want to know their names,
And i want to know
where they can be found,
And i want you
to tell me right now.
You don't want
to tell me?
What are you doing?
Tell me.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me now.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth right now.
Just tell me the truth.
Just tell me,
and tell me right now.
Tell me now.
[Sobbing]: please don't do this.
Tell me.
Tell me right now.
[Praying in arabic]
[Hassan sobbing,
speaking arabic]
Go, go, go!
Put the gun down!
Put the fucking
gun down!
He's moving down the hallway.
Go to the back.
Drop the gun!
Mr. Allen,
we have the building surrounded!
Mr. Allen!
There's nowhere to go!
[Terry panting]
[Knob turning]
[Door creaking open]
Mr. Allen,
it's agent hilary out here,
Just me,
and i'm unarmed.
Nobody else.
It's quite a mess
we've gotten ourselves into.
Mr. Allen,
You were right.
I didn't act fast enough.
And i assure you,
I will look at the envelopes,
I will look at the beakers
as soon as we're done here.
Look, mr. Allen,
I don't know
what you have in your mind
As to the way things work here,
But i don't think
This is as simple
as it looks.
You don't think
i want to be that guy
That busts down every door?
I want to be that guy
That knocks down
every single door
To keep our citizens safe,
To keep
our families safe.
I want to be that guy,
And it frustrates the hell
out of me
That i can't,
And it makes me very angry.
I know you can
understand that.
I'm just saying.
Why? Why was that?
You said some
threatening things
To your boss, right?
What about the job
before that?
You were fired
from that one, too.
You couldn't
let it go.
Well, they were wrong!
They were wrong,
And that
made you angry.
This is no different.
He pissed you off.
I didn't listen to you.
You got angry,
you acted compulsively.
That we can deal with...
We can get you the help
that you need.
I don't need any help!
Your wife thinks you do, terry.
your wife thinks you do.
Come on,
put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
We'll get you the help
that you need.
I said
i don't need any help.
You do not
want to do that.
That goes against
everything you stand for.
I don't know what-
You don't know what i stand for.
You pull that trigger,
you become a terrorist.
Is that
what you want?
sobbing softly]
[Gently]: is that
what you want?
Now, j-J-Just...
Put the gun down.
Just put it down.
[Marla]: terry!
Hold her back!
[Gun fires]
[Color commentator]:
and welcome back.
Good crowd here today.
Here at eight,
From off the green,
With a putter in his hand.
Let's just see
how he plays this.
Ah... yes!
[Crowd cheering]
He's got it!
Todd olson,
four under,
And within four
of david alcarros,
In the lead here
in our final round.
Well, we mentioned
that after this week,
We go out to hardy park
next week
In san francisco
For the world's
golf championship.
It was at hardy park
some 40 years ago,
At the greater invitational,
Which was the first victory
for george archer.
It's 10:30.
It's okay.
It's the same as yesterday.
The winner
of the 1969 masters
The tallest ever
tour champion,
Not only goes to him
that victory,
But over a dozen
pga tour titles,
19 championships-
There you go.
He has played in 999
pga tour championships,
And the hip injury
that bothered george
At age 20...
They told him
he'd be in a wheelchair-
But he persevered,
fought through,
And played so well-
Some late-Breaking news
coming in now
Regarding the mysterious deaths
last tuesday.
The 12 fatalities
were caused
By atm deposit
From banks
across the city,
The most recent fatality
from an atm envelope
At first
international bank.
It appears
the envelopes'
Lickable seals
have been found
To contain
free cyanide,
Which is
extremely lethal.
The source
of the cyanide
Appears to be
prussic acid,
And investigators
It was mixed with the glue
on the envelopes' seals.
At this point,
It's still not clear
Exactly where these envelopes
came from.
As the fbi
and police officials
Continue their-
[Commentator, distorting]:
it appears he's trying not
To put any spin on the ball.
Just hammer it.
[Anchor]:it isn't clear
just how widespread
The danger may be.
They are also requesting
if anybody has any information
On where these envelopes
may have come from,
Please contact the fbi
Or your local
police department.
[Tv shuts off]
[News reports overlapping,
[News voices growing louder]
Illegal immigrants...
[Voices overlapping]
[President bush, echoing]:
and all that lies before us...
May god grant us wisdom,
And may he watch over
the united states of america.