Clandestinos (2007) Movie Script

What's this?
I aint gonna smoke it, man...
Just in case. Move! Keep moving!
Time to go. Come on.
Go on, get out.
How much longer do you need?
Can you stay?
Come on, boys. Times over.
What's the hurry?
Central Command to all units.
Escape protocol, escape protocol.
Open the doors!
Open the fucking doors!
Joel, gimme the pick.
Come on!
Hey, stop!
You, come here!
Stop right therel
weve called the Police.
What the hell are you doing,
you fucking Arab!
Tomorrow me 18. No Morocco.
You're screwing it all up.
We risk our lives, and
then you want to jump in?
I'm gonna kill you!
Mother fucker!
Stop, don't be an ass. Stay right there.
Fuck you!
Me with you.
Stop following us!
Hey, let it go.
Get it through your head!
For you.
You can't come with us, understand?
I with you. Fucking Arab no Morocco.
Sorry brother...
Hey man, have a heart.
If they catch him they'll send him back home!
What the hell, Arab.
Have you been in Mexico?
No. I only Spain. Spain beautiful.
Spain shit. And Spaniards shit, too.
Xabis Basque. He's gonna be a Gudari.
That means warrior. Xabi hates Spaniards.
Spaniards bastards!
Hey, the Arab learns fast.
Xabi set a policeman on fire, right, Xabi?
That's why he went to the correctional.
He was tortured.
Torture bad, my friend.
They tortured you, right?
They were bad. Four old police cunts.
Women interrogators are bad...
almost all of them are dykes.
In Morocco women no police.
Are there lesbians?
No, no lesbians in Morocco.
In Morocco women at home.
There are lots of dykes in Spain.
And faggots too.
Hey, is my contact coming or not!
Shit! Run! run!
The number your are calling
is temporarily unavailable.
Did you talk to your friend?
He's expecting me in Madrid.
They're preparing a big job.
Were all on then.
Whens the next bus to Madrid?
It's leaving now.
How much is it?
One way or round trip?
One way
7,40 euros
Three, then.
Gimme the money.
Thank you very much. I pay you back.
Never mind.
You my brother
Keep the change.
Bye honey!
Ladies, my name is JoeI.
Buzz off!
Oh, excuse me, we were just leaving.
Theres plenty of room at the front.
Rebeca! You can stay if you want.
Theres plenty of room here.
These are my friends.
Xabi, and...
What's your name, Arab?
And my friend Driss.
Hello, I'm Marta.
Where were you just at?
The beach, in San Juan.
Ever been to Alican'te?
Alican'te? You have to come to Mexico.
We have the best beaches in the World.
You're really funny. Isnt he funny, Rebeca?
I can't stop laughing.
What about you? Where are you from?
Weve just escaped from prision.
You sound like you just escaped
from the nut house.
Hey, your friends really feisty.
Show us!
- What do we get in return?
- What are you talking about?
The Arabs hung like a donkey.
- Too much!
- Want some?
You don't sleep?
No... well, a little.
You my brother. No worry.
Don't you want to go back to Morocco?
No Morocco
Like it?
Your father?
No, its a friend.
I'm looking for him.
Don't you feeI Morocco here?
You have to visit my country
Is that snow?
Lakis parents have a country house.
It snows every winter.
And if it snows a lot
you can get cut off.
Don't worry,
some day I'll take you to Euskadi.
Euskadi cooI.
Yeah. But first we have
to kick the Spaniards out.
Then it'll be really cool.
Go to sleep!
Why don't you come with us?
Theres plenty of room at Martas, right?
No. If Driss wants, he can go with you.
Why don't you come with us?
No, Driss stays.
Well, its up to you.
It's a huge place.
If they don't want to, its to them.
Were gonna catch bus 23.
Well, see you round.
If you need anything,
you know where we are.
Are you sure you don't wanna go with them?
I think the chubby one likes you.
No, I help you.
From now on
we have to be carefuI.
Were in enemy territory
and can't trust anyone.
Were clandestine, Driss.
Don't forget.
to rent
Hello there! How are you?
Goodness, its been such a long time.
Your friend left more than a week ago,
with a woman. She was pretty,
shortish, didn't say much.
Are you renting the apartment?
Howd you do that?
I can't understand why he left
without telling me.
Change in plans?
Get a shave.
the number you are calling is temporarily
unavailable. Please try again later...
Wanna try?
Agun is something you have to earn.
Have you ever killed anyone?
We are links of the same chain.
It's not relevant who pulls the trigger.
So youve never killed anyone.
What a shit Gudari.
I'm in a hurry.
Why don't you come to my place?
It's 80 euros.
Have you got the 80?
00:22:51:01, 00:22:55:17,
00.2302:14, 00.2304:16
Don'tyou haveany other music?
All flamenco!
Theres some traditionaI, too.
Id rather hear the radio, okay?
I don't wanna stay long.
Why don't you take a shower?
You are not from Madrid, are you?
Your accent...
It's because I'm Basque.
I lived in Bilbao for years.
I'm from a village, Guetaria.
Been there?
The best txacol wine in the World.
I don't drink alcohol.
I don't take drugs, either
That's good.
- Are you married?
- What?
Got a wife? Any kids?
No, I don't have a wife or children. And you?
You don't seem too swishy at all.
Put that back where you got it.
Don't mess around, kid.
Don't you mess me around!
That's not a toy.
It's a Star 9mm
Made in the Basque Country.
I can choose between blowing out
one eye or shooting you between them.
- Give it to me!
- Out of my way!
Give it to me!
Out of my way you fucking cop!
CooI, isnt it?
Did Laki give it to you?
He gave me an Ekintza. A mission.
It's very dangerous.
Let me see.
What are you doing?
It's not a toy.
Agun had to be earned.
I want...
You can't!
Maybe if I talk to Laki,
he might let you help us.
I help you. You give me the gun.
First, you have to learn
This is the cartridge...
This button.
This is the barreI.
Always keep it clean and oiled.
Use a cloth and this.
Now lets assemble it.
This is the safety.
Keep it on, or it may go off.
When you handle the gun,
keep it aimed down.
It can go off unexpectedly
and you might kill anyone.
Long live the free Basque Countryl
We Gudaris fight for our peoples freedom.
Are you sure you wanna help me?
Yes, sure.
Collaborating with an armed band
can get you locked up for years,
You have to swear.
I swear...
I swear
I swear I will fight for the freedom
of Euskadi.
I swear I will fight for... Euskadi
Now youve sworn, you can't turn back.
What can I get you?
Two pounds of powdered sulfur.
You sure?
Yeahis that a problem?
Liquid is better. What do you want it for?
The ants in the garden.
Then this is better.
No, Id rather have powdered.
Two pounds?
That's what my dad said.
That's enough to kill all the ants
in the neighbourhood.
00:32:16:21, 00:32:17:24, Anything else?
Yes, potassium nitrate.
Yes, 10 pounds.
Is that also for ants?
No, for cold sores.
How much?
In meters?
In nautical miles, if thats what you want.
From here to there.
There, where? To across the street?
15? Gimme 30 then.
What happened to your face?
Remember the kid from the other day?
Was it him?
Seen him round here?
He's new.
Want him to beat you up again?
No. I want you to call me
if you see him again.
Arent you taking me to your place?
Don't forget!
I wont.
What was that?
Are you alright?
Didn't you add water?
Shit, Germn, not again!
What a neighborhood!
Burglars adore it.
Okay then.
Model and serial number?
Star 9,
heres the seriaI number.
5 feet 10, slim,
longish dark hair.
- Spanish?
- Yes, with a nothern accent.
How young?
Young. Young is... young.
25, 30?
18, nearly 19.
At least hes of age.
We can go to work on him.
Germn, be a bit more carefuI.
Why don't you get an alarm?
Sign here,
and wait a sec.
I want to show you something.
No, this is Xabi.
Is he with you?
I gotta hang up.
tell him I'm in Madrid,
at the Alcorcn apartment.
This is the mens room.
Oh, excuse me.
Is everything all right maam?
Ahhm, I'm just looking for my husband.
Hello? Anyone in there?
Theres a lady outside whos looking for you.
Anything the matter, dear?
No, I just didn't know where you were.
Bye, and thanks.
Are you crazy?
What were you doing?
What do you think?
Someone called.
What the fuck are you doing?
Did you answered?
No, I didn't recognize the number.
Must have been a wrong number.
Drive carefully. she tells me
fix this.
But honey, theres nothing to fix.
Your hairs dead.
The fucking Arabs screwing me to hell
and back.
So I said,
You want me to shave your head like Ghandi?
Hey, last one.
The flicks about to start.
Thanks, honey.
I gotta go.
Just one more, then well go.
Don't you want to come with
me to the movies? My treat.
The fucking machine just
swallowed my money!
Hey kid, take it easy.
Hey, the machine just swallowed his money!
Calm down...
or get out of here.
Give me my money back!
That's it! Get the fuck out of here, now!
Go be an asshole in your own country.
Outta here, now!
What's your problem?
Get over here, wise-ass.
I'll take care of you...
Fuck, man, I didn't do anything.
Tell that to the police, wise-ass.
Okay man, okay.
This is him, right? Did you see his face?
It was so dark...
This is one of the three
who escaped two days ago...
...from a correctional in Ciudad Real.
He's waiting to stand trial.
Yes, a Latino and an Arab.
Shit, what rotten luck, man.
Ahh, some of them get away every day.
But this ones dangerous.
He burned a policeman to death in Bilbao.
I think I've got the wrong kid here.
Still, it could be him.
He's in Madrid.
It was picked up by a security cam.
I wonder what hes doing here.
As if it werent enough with the Latin Kings
and Neonazis,
now we have to deaI
with the Basque terrorists.
No, not that way. The other way round.
No, not that way. The other way round.
For goodness sake,
why don't you go get cooking lessons?
Are you crazy? This is not fucking Al Qaeda.
Were not out to kill ourseI'ves.
Sorry, man. I...
Who is this?
What do you want Laki for?
You were the person on the phone.
Why do you want to see him?
Who gave you his number?
I am one of our group.
He made me a Gudari.
What the fuck are you doing
speaking in Basque?
Listen, disappear and go back home to
your parents.
I never want to see you again, got that?
Next time I wont be so nice!
He knows I'm ready.
Get out!
Tell him I'll wait for him at home.
I've just been at the old apartment.
Why? Got a problem?
Who's Xabi?
Xabi who?
He's at the old apartment and he says...
he knows you,
I'd say pretty well.
I don't want any problems, understand?
We're risking a lot this time.
You think I'm not doing my job right?
I don't know who that kid is or
what he told you.
My conscience is clear.
I don't know if you can say the same.
Driss, Driss, we have to get ready
I'm Sorry
Xabi, I...
This is a safe house, not a whore house.
Who are you calling whore?
Rebeca. Let me talk to him.
Don't shush me, not in front of this asshole.
What's all this?
We go camping.
Camping? Where? Do you think I'm stupid?
Let me in!
It's us!
Open up, Rebeca.
Oops, sorry, did we catch you at it?
Hello Driss.
I'm getting dressed.
Ah, so its true about the Arab.
Hello, are we interrupting anything?
No, come in.
We brought some beers.
There are clean glasses somewhere around.
What a pig sty.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
I'm from the Agency.
We have an appointment to show the apartment.
Well, this is the living room, the TV set,
the sofa, and this is the kitchen.
Aren't you sleeping with me?
Oh, great.
Thanks for helping out.
Tomorrow I'll look for another place.
That's what friends are for.
What are you up to?
I can't tell you.
You can trust me, man.
It's better for you if you don't know.
What about your friend?
Laki? He's Ok.
Won't you do any really stupid shit,
will you?
Not like killing someone?
Xabi, what are you doing?
Put that back.
How many points do you get
for killing a fucking ETA terrorist?
You think I haven't caught on?
You're lucky politics means nothing to me.
How do you become a terrorist?
Do you put your name on a list,
or is it like a sect?
Why don't you teach me to use a gun?
That way I could help you.
Xabi, listen to me.
This is not my hand,
but the hand of a whole country
fighting for its freedom.
You would'nt understand cause
you're always thinking of yourself.
For me it would be simple to shoot you...
and dump your body anywhere.
Who'd come searching for you, Xabi?
Don't play with me.
To have the balls to pull the trigger,
I just have to closemy eyes and think...
about my people, tortured and murdered.
You sons of bitches! My moped!
Shut your mouth.
Long live the free Basque Country.
Anything wrong?
Don't worry, Can I see your ID, please?
Look them in the eye.
Just a moment.
Stop! Halt!
The Flag at Columbus Square in Madrid
was razed by and explosion today.
No casualties were reported.
All indications are that
the EtA terrorist group was involved.
A tragedy was averted when a car
with a second bomb was intercepted
at a check-point near an industrial park.
The bomb was defused.
Although the driver evaded arrest,
Police suspect...
the target was a Basque company
which recently moved...
it's offices to Madrid from Bilbao.
Although the first bomb was homemade,
it was potent enough to bring down
the half-ton flag.
The Madrid commando of EtA is thought to be
responsible. The members are believed to be...
a 30-year-old woman with no police record,
and veteran activist Laki Gomez Carriles,
Alias Potitos.
They screwed up our plans.
They sent a second commando to Madrid
without telling us. Don't you see?
It wasn't them,
it was the kid.
You have a problem, Laki.
And youd better have the solution too.
Look. It's him.
I knew youd call.
I've been worried about you.
I didn't know what to do.
Sorry. I couldn't go.
How about the Columbus Square thing?
I knew youd like that.
Shit, I can't wait to see you again.
Me too, Xabi.
Where are you now?
Don't move.
Wait right there for me.
Is this for me?
You earned it. Now you can go.
I'll talk to Laki so you can come
to the Basque Country.
The Columbus Square attack
was not typical of EtA.
It's a sign that they don't have
skilled people.
They're unexperienced youngsters
straight from the street fighting.
The area was cordoned off...
and the car bomb defused.
The driver wasidentified as...
Laki Gmez Carriles, alias Potitos.
What bastards!
But all they wanted to do was scare people.
Scare people?!
What if youd been there?
Where were you?
Where's Xabi?
How you doing?
What bastards.
Never mind, put her through.
Please come!
The ETA Madrid bombers are here!
I think I can keep them busy for a while.
Slow down, ma'am.
You have to believe me!
Are they there now?
The whole commando except for one,
but hell be here any minute.
I'm not joking! I swear.
Um, yes, I do have
a relationship with the Moroccan.
Or at least he told me he was Moroccan,
but who knows.
And the other ones Mexican?
Just a second, please.
Ones Moroccan and the other ones Mexican?
He's actually my friends boyfriend.
She'll be so upset when I tell her.
Do you have any evidence?
I know it sounds crazy,
but believe me, I swear.
An Xabi really is Basque!
Where's Xabi?
- Dunno, I have'nt seen him.
- Oh.
Anything wrong?
No, nothing?
Marta, can we talk a minute?
- What for?
- Just get over here, dammit!
What a rotten temper!
Is Xabi okay?
What's going on?
We have a serious problem.
Driss and Xabi are...
They are...
Does everything have to go
right over your head?
They're the terrorists on the TV,
the Columbus Square bomb.
What do you think
about that gas cannister?
It's obviousa Basque and an Arab.
It all fits!
Let's see. Driss: are you a terrorist?
No, me no terrorist.
There, Rebeca.
And she thought you belonged to ETA.
Hey, here come the Police to get you.
Stop him!
You see, Marta.
They're the Columbus Square bombers.
Nobody gets out of here!
Ah ha, where did this come from?
We're minors! You can't do anything to us.
Didn't you say you were 20?!
What a liar, Joel!
Calm down, please.
Is this yours?
Okay, fill out the forms, and
give it back to him.
For the millionth time,
what do you know about this kid?
I told you hes the commando leader.
They arent terrorists.
They escaped last week from
a reformatory in Ciudad Real.
Then they're not terrorists?
But Xabis Basque.
No, Xabi isn't Basque.
But he speaks Basque.
But hes from Seville.
See, smartass?
You're so smart!
Do you know where Xabi is?
No idea.
Ask him.
Where is he?
Where is he?!
You'd better talk now,
or would your rather talk
to the Chief of Police?
Fermn, let me talk to them alone.
Why would an asshole from Seville
pretend to be Basque?
His parents abandoned him when he was little.
Maybe he got the affection there
he never got anywhere else.
Fanaticism can appear
where you least unexpect it.
Who is this?
His names Laki.
Are you sure you don't know him?
What's he doing?
Can't you see?
He's getting them a glass of milk.
You know him, right?
Not in person, sir.
I know Xabi has a friend named Laki,
but I only saw this guy on TV.
That's incredible!
You're really in trouble now.
I can't believe it, trying
to compete against the Madrid Commando!
Here's what were gonna do:
I promise not to tell them about your bomb
if you tell me where Xabi is.
All yours.
They don't know anything.
Don't be too hard on them.
They're just dumb kids, after all.
going anywhere?
To my Grannies house.
Be careful, then.
These hills are full of wolves.
Have you got money?
Where are we going?
I live in a country house near here.
What's your name?
No, Javi, not Xabier.
Where are you from?
And lets get one thing straight:
were gonna screw, and that's it.
I don't need chit-chat with any old queers.
Out of the car!
Get out!
You just gonna dump me here?
Were closing!
Just one more minute.
You have 5 minutes.
Kill him.
- Long live the free Basque Country!
- Long live!
I'm already dead.
Out of the way.
Were gonna win!
I'm dying for a screw.
Or two.
I never though soccer could be such fun.
Me neither. The games are over so fast!
We went to talk to the judge at minors court.
They only let married prisioners
have partner visiting rights.
Legally married.
But with luck youll be out
on probation in a month.
You'll have to wait a bit more.
Can I have your T-shirt?
It's all sweaty.
So much the better.
I don't even wanna think
what you're gonna do with it.
I love you, Fattykins.
You. Over here!
What's your problem?
I didn't do anything!
The hell you didn't.
Good game today.
Shit, do you always have to make
such a big production out of everything?
Can't you get visiting rights like
a normal person?
Do you mean you actually like normal people?