Clara Sola (2021) Movie Script

Come here.
I can't reach you from here.
You're so stubborn.
Come or I'll leave you alone.
Let's go Yuca.
Hi Clara, how are you?
I've brought a little money
and some mangoes.
Come on. This way, Yuca.
Clara, help me, I've got tourists
waiting for me at the waterfall.
Go, Yuca.
Is Clara there?
She's here. She's coming. Clara!
Close your eyes.
Scratch my back?
It hurts.
Let's take a look.
Abuela, this is really tight.
Leave it, it will loosen up.
Abuela, her hair looks nice loose.
She'll look like a lion.
Fucking hell, my finger!
I'm going to wash that mouth out with soap!
I smashed my finger!
Leave your aunt be,
she's getting dressed.
Stop stealing the cloves,
you don't look nice.
He is our shepherd.
Mother of ours.
Mother of ours.
Full of grace and love for me.
Good evening,
dear neighbors.
Today we're going to celebrate
and venerate
the presence of the Virgin Mary.
You know she is with us
through my daughter Clara,
whom God has given many gifts.
She has cured cancer,
she has healed knees and hearts.
We know you come here
with the same faith we have
that the Virgin will create
many miracles within you.
Clarita, let us pray.
- Come.
It won't take long.
Let's go.
- It won't be long.
Holy Mary, pray for us.
Holy Mary, pray for us.
Heal all those who are here today.
Heal all those
with sickness in their hearts.
Heal all those who have no roots.
Heal all those who feel lost.
Heal all those...
who are sad.
Heal all those...
who are tired.
Heal all those
who don't know where they are.
Stay calm, Clarita, it's okay.
It's okay, stay calm. Breathe.
Clara, it's fine. What happened?
Nothing. A little boy touched her.
My love, it's okay. It's over.
Turn on the light.
Let us pray.
Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of mercy.
Our life, our sweetness and our hope.
Like this.
Like a wave.
Let's sleep some more.
Nice to meet you. Santiago.
- Fresia, at your service.
- Mara, nice to meet you.
He's staying with me
and will help look after Yuca.
I trust him. I have to go see
an aunt who's unwell.
You're here alone?
- Yes.
Are you staying long?
Just to help out
during the high season.
I was thinking, Don Jess...
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen.
Clara, bring your head in,
you'll get carsick.
And bring your hand in too.
This is very, very different
than last time.
It has moved to the right,
putting her lungs at risk,
and her ribs too.
Her spine has been displaced
to the right.
Doa Fresia, we need to think
about surgery.
Doctor, I already said no to surgery.
Surgery would give Clara
a better quality of life.
Clara would be able to walk upright.
She'd be just like everyone else.
Clara, tell us something.
Did you do the exercises
we asked you to do
to strengthen your muscles?
Did you do them?
- She does them every day.
Yeah? And tell me something.
How is the pain, Clara?
Are you in pain?
She complains about pain
when she wears this.
That corset won't help Clara anymore.
I don't want surgery.
Doa Fresia, it's covered by insurance.
It's free, Abuela.
It's not about the money.
I don't want her operated on.
Abuela, it's not fair.
- No operation.
God gave her to me like this,
she stays like this.
Then I should've left my teeth crooked?
You're different.
Not going to the river? Go on.
Go on, go to the river.
Did you feel that?
I have earth fingers.
The earth moved.
Like this.
It was a tremor. Totally normal.
I've already fed Amaranto,
And Verde too.
And I took Yuca for a walk.
- What time is it?
No way, Clara, it's so early.
Go back to sleep.
And that guy is still here.
What guy?
The guy?
Clara, why didn't you tell me before?
I've been whistling for you for ages.
You're a deep sleeper.
- Yes.
Clara, bring Yuca.
Clara, don't start that now, please.
I'll do it.
She doesn't want to go.
She does, you just won't let her.
Let her go.
Clara, either help or go inside.
Or grandma will take away the TV.
You're making Santiago late.
It's okay, let's go.
Is your aunt always that angry?
No, if she was really angry,
we'd know about it.
So you're a deep sleeper!
- No!
Clara, what are you doing?
- It feels nice.
Girls, the show is about to start!
This girl is being disgusting again.
If you're going to be vile,
let's go to the kitchen.
Mara, turn that TV off.
Put your fingers here.
Maybe one day you'll learn.
Careful not to rub your eyes, dear.
Chili fingers, be careful.
Easy, easy!
Is Doa Fresia in?
You don't talk much, do you?
Do you at least understand me?
Okay, sorry.
What do you have there?
Mama says it goes there.
Watch out.
You've got bugs on you.
- Leave them.
They live there.
Santiago? Come in.
Doa Fresia, how are you? Ciao.
- Well, and you?
Not many tourists in this weather.
The sun's on its way
and there will be lots more.
Abuela, this is really baggy on me.
Those are just details.
I'll tighten it up for you.
You look beautiful, my love.
Your mama would be so proud
to see you in that dress.
Isn't that right, Clara?
Angela would have loved
to see her in this.
Clara, stop playing with the dust,
I'll clean it up.
Mom, it could be termites
eating at the walls and the roof.
Clara, can you pass me the heels?
You should call someone to come
check and fumigate.
Someone who knows about these things,
like wood and such.
I don't know.
The fabric's silky smooth, right?
Mami, have you thought about
what Clara will wear to the party?
She'll wear the dress she wore
to Andrea's first communion.
It's missing a few buttons.
I want a new one. A blue one.
My love, you've always liked this one.
It's a stupid dress.
Clara, stop it.
How do they fit?
- I don't know, they're really tight.
You need to use them a bit.
I want a blue dress.
You can't wear the same color as me,
that's weird.
Mami already has a lot to do
with Mara's dress.
She's doing it on purpose.
Whatever you wear,
you'll look like an angel, my love.
She's turning red again.
- Stop that, Clara.
Okay, that's enough, dear.
Feeling better, right? There we go.
One, two.
You go backwards.
Turn around.
Andrea, go over there.
Pirate move. This way.
That's it.
Santiago's coming.
- Santiago? I'll go.
All right, but just for a moment.
Come in, sit down over here.
Girls, put the music on
and show Santi the dance.
- Hi, sit down.
Avri, the music. Positions.
Andrea, you're in the way.
Over there.
Do I go here?
- You there.
Come forward a bit, here.
This is the line.
One, two, three, four.
Are you not dancing?
Keep the line.
Seven, and now the twirl.
What's its name?
I'm going to put it in its house.
Oh, shit.
Did the snake crash?
- Yes.
Can I play?
Don't play too long
or you'll dream of snakes.
Scratch me right there.
Easy, easy...
- What?
Got bugs living there too?
- No.
I thought you had
a sort of bug hotel.
She doesn't like being tied up.
I know, but that's her lot.
It's her job.
Mama says we all have to work.
Mama has to work,
Mara has to work, I have to work.
And what kind of work do you do?
Mama says I work for God.
For God?
I've heard something like that.
You've even been visited
by the Virgin, right?
One day,
Fran said the Virgin didn't exist.
And Mama got mad.
How come you're so chatty today?
- The show's about to start.
Clara, why didn't you tell me
Santiago was here?
I would've made him juice.
- How do you know he likes it?
Everybody likes juice.
Eleven, twelve...
Clara, come inside.
You'll get sunburned.
This one caught my eye.
That one is nice,
it's good for...
Clara, my love.
Come and sit with us.
Or go inside. Fran's playing.
Go play with Fran.
By the way,
the prayer was beautiful.
What the fuck, Clara?
I told you to always knock.
- Take me to the river.
Let me help, Clara.
Do you want to touch them?
The touch-me-nots.
They're super slow.
They take ages to open.
Maybe it's not so slow for them.
Should we practice kissing?
With the mouth. To practice.
I don't know.
Right, I'm going in.
I opened one.
Stay inside the purple zone.
Ten. Two more.
Eleven, twelve.
Now you can eat.
Look how strong I am.
Did you see?
Clara, put this on.
- No.
I want Santiago to meet Ofir.
Leave that.
Put this dress on, quick.
I want to wear something else.
- This is very pretty.
No, something else.
Abuela, I'm going to leave Clara here,
she's being a pain!
I can't take her today.
- Come on.
I want to go.
Fine Clara, if you want
to look like a banana, go ahead!
I'll wait outside. Hurry!
Clara is making me late!
Clara, why are you wearing
such big boots?
It's going to rain.
I don't think so.
- Me neither.
Will you tell me?
- Five.
- How many people have you kissed?
I'm not telling.
Why not?
- Why would I?
So I'd know.
No, no. I don't think so.
Tell me.
- No, Clara is here...
I'll tell you my number.
I don't want to know
your number either.
But I want to know yours.
- Six...
Better practice your sales pitch on me.
- Seven, eight.
Tell me. Clara won't tell anyone.
These cost 3,000.
Those are two for one.
Do you have these in different colors?
Yes, it's 3 different scents.
Strawberry, blackberry and mango.
And here are the blue ones.
Is that nail polish or liner?
- That's eyeliner.
Could you try this one on?
Wait, Clara doesn't really wear make-up.
Give it to me.
Okay, I'll put it on for you.
Give it here.
It looks funny on her.
Put some eye shadow on her.
She just doesn't often wear make-up.
Clara, go outside. Go to the car.
Don't get wet, you'll get a cold.
- The rain is good.
Get in.
What happened to you?
I put make-up on.
Clean up the edges a bit.
Then do this with the tissue.
Look here.
What do you think? Better?
Do I look like Mara?
You look like you, with or without that.
I like it like this.
All right.
Pick a raindrop.
Any from up here.
And follow it down.
Again. Pick one.
You lost.
Because yours came in last.
I didn't know this game.
My brother and I used to play.
Actually, the loser usually got a punch.
Does he live with you?
He doesn't live anywhere anymore,
he was killed.
Who killed him?
I don't know.
Maybe he's...
with my sister, Angela,
Mara's mum.
Up there.
Clara, move.
Get ready, Clara.
A kitten?
Why didn't you tell me you had one?
What's its name?
I don't know.
He's not really mine,
he just comes here for food.
What's its name, Clara?
What's its secret name?
I'm not sure.
I want to hold it.
I better not,
it's probably got fleas.
What's a secret name?
Clara says it's like the true name
of things or people.
You shouldn't pick the green ones.
Who cares?
Anyway... No one's watching.
I can do whatever I feel like.
Shall we go inside?
Look after the cat, Clara.
Then tell us its name.
What do you want to do?
- Show me your room.
It's long and blue...
like a princess'.
All right.
Santi, do you have any tattoos?
Do you?
- No, my grandmother won't let me.
Put your fingers in there and let's see
if you stop touching yourself.
Otherwise, you can't watch the show.
Don't get chili in your eyes.
Oh, Clara.
- It burns.
It'll be all right, Clara.
Put more water.
Yuca, come.
- No, no, wait!
No! Just wait.
Calm down.
Hey, are you okay?
What happened? Are you all right?
It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's all right.
Nothing's going to happen,
don't worry.
If you want to, we can try
and calm her down together.
We can cross together.
Don't think about the fabric strips.
It's okay, Yuca. Calm down.
Calm down.
There, there.
That's it.
What are you looking at?
Where did your hair go?
- Mind your own business.
Come on!
Invite me.
- Of course you're invited.
I'm curious.
I don't know.
Didn't you want to help me
with the lights for the party?
Abracadabra, alakazoo,
turn Clara into something new!
Clara, you need to transform.
What's the name of the first one?
That's Verde.
This one's Amparo.
And over here is Tati.
- Thank you.
A pleasure.
What about...?
- She doesn't like apple.
Clara, want to give me
my cat's secret name?
She won't tell you that easily.
It took me a really long time
to convince Clara to tell me my name
and when she told me...
Well, it was very special. Beautiful.
I almost cried.
Hello. Hello there.
Hello, how can I help you?
Does Doa Clara live here?
- What's your secret name?
Come in, I'll get my grandmother.
Abuela, someone's here for Clara.
Clara, come out of there.
Thank you, seora.
Various hospitals have seen her,
but they can't identify what's wrong.
But I know that through your prayers,
in the presence of Holy Mary,
you can help me.
Clara, give this man a blessing.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women.
And Blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Pray for us sinners...
We have all her certificates.
- Everything?
Yes, everything, all her vaccines.
- Good.
All the vaccines.
Easy, easy.
Why are you selling her?
Well, the tours aren't working so well
and my granddaughter's 15th birthday
party is coming up.
Selling her will help us...
Clara, what are you doing?
Drop the hose, now!
No more television!
I'm taking it away.
Put this on now.
- No.
- Hang on.
Wait, come here!
Wait, come back.
Come on.
- No.
- Clara, come on.
Clara, stop.
I think this house is rotting.
Clara, stay here.
Abuela said you had to.
What have you done, love?
The look of her!
The Virgin told me to do it.
The mud has been blessed.
It's in the scriptures.
The blind man said
that Jesus bent down,
took mud and put it in his eyes,
and then he could see...
the light of my Lord.
May God heap his blessings upon you.
Lift your foot.
Lift your feet.
People always come and come
and come.
Are you coming?
No, I don't really believe in all that.
Do you believe in the Virgin?
I can do whatever I feel like.
Yuca always runs around alone?
She doesn't run away?
Wait, wait...
You're bleeding.
Oh, wait a second.
clean up.
Look who's here.
Hey, you forgot your shoe.
Look, I'm drawing your hand.
Should we practice kissing?
Like on the TV.
Those are actors... and they get paid.
You want me to pay you?
No, let's go. We should go.
Let's go, Yuca.
Clara, what happened to you?
Where were you?
- Are you okay, Clara?
Go that way. That way!
- Clara!
Don't tell her Santiago was here today.
It's our secret.
Where did you sleep?
What happened?
Where were you, Clara?
Look at the sight of you!
What is all this filth?
- Earth.
Always the same!
I'm tired of it.
I'm sick of it.
- No.
I have had enough.
- I'll heat up some water for you.
Come on.
- No!
Clara, calm down.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
Abuela, what are you doing?
Go to your room, Mara.
Go to your room.
Virgin of peace,
I pray for my daughter Clara,
free her from this wickedness,
from this serpent that torments her so,
that plagues her day and night.
Take it and throw it
into a deep hole
so it may never escape
and torment her again.
Free her from sin, Amen.
Should we use the chili?
That doesn't seem to work with you.
Keep still.
Let's put some holy water on it.
Don't die.
Don't you die.
Remember the ending
of the Sleeping Beauty movie?
It'll be pink and blue,
like a princess.
Can we put this in too?
- No, Clara.
How many people?
- No, eighty.
Eighty, dear?
- Yes, Abuela.
That's fine, we have
enough tables and chairs.
That's not a problem.
- Great.
I wanted to put the head table here,
with a blue banner that says
'Happy Birthday' and my name.
We can put the DJ over there,
with the music and a huge space
to dance with my friends.
Okay, the toilets are over there.
I'll show you
the most important place: the kitchen.
The previous fridge was playing up a
little, heating rather than cooling things.
It was upside down.
Come inside,
Santiago's not coming today.
- Does Doa Fresia live here?
Let's go in.
- Morning.
She healed the daughter of a man
who has a lot of horses...
Can I take a look at her?
- Of course.
What do you think?
She's in good shape.
How old is she?
- Eight.
- Mara?
Yes, Abuela?
Do me a favor
and take Clara inside please.
Come, Clara.
- Has she had a blood test?
You've got to stop
rolling around so much.
Go. I'll come and visit you.
Go away.
Should I take one?
Tastes nice.
It tastes like...
hot and cold.
A bug's biting you.
Do you want to know a secret?
I told Yuca to leave.
So they wouldn't sell her.
But she'll come visit me.
So we shouldn't look for her?
Where are you taking me?
- Come.
I think she lives by the river now.
Do you know where the river ends?
The river never ends.
Yes, it does.
That way, into the sea.
What are you doing?
Are you allowed in?
Not on my own.
And only up to my knees.
Hey, wait, wait.
Wait for me, don't go in alone.
Want to go deeper?
The water is already up to my knees.
Who cares? Nobody's watching.
Come on, let's go.
Here, so you get used to it.
Want to go under?
Without breathing?
Just a little.
Are you okay?
Can I ask you something?
What's your secret name?
Sola. As in Alone?
That's your secret name?
And what's mine?
Please tell me.
I can heal you.
Of what?
Everything that causes you pain.
Your human animal is sick.
Hey girl, can't find the party?
Your dress is dragging.
- Want to take me with you?
What are you doing here?
How did you get here?
Counting houses.
Do you want anything?
I'll just finish this and take you home.
Come on, I'll take you.
I like your room.
Here, put this on.
I can put it on myself.
You don't want my help?
Blow. Cold.
Like that?
Now me.
What is it you're doing?
Look how crazy your hair is.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What's that you've brought?
Should I put it on?
Luca and Mara are in the village
looking for you like crazy
because you've been lost all day!
She's okay. I found her in the village.
I still can't believe it!
When will I find the time
to make her a new dress?
Do me a favor and go to your room.
Now, because Mara
doesn't want to see you.
Abuela will sell Yuca!
If they even find her.
- No.
Do I take it all out?
Yes, we'll move that border
closer to the house.
What do I do with this?
Take it to the house.
Clara's not coming here anymore.
Come, Clara.
You can't come here
on your own anymore.
Mara, don't you have anything
more discreet?
Oh, Abuela.
My curls are falling out.
It's not blue.
It is blue, don't be annoying.
Maybe it's blue, but it looks purple.
Abuela, Auntie's here.
Get Clara ready.
Get changed.
- I'm going to put my dress on.
I said I wanted it loose.
Dear, it looks cleaner tied up.
Hi, mom.
Clara, my love. You look so pretty.
All good?
- Yes.
She should wear earrings.
- She'd lose them.
I'll get the food.
- Can you bring the tray too?
Love, let me fix this so you look nice.
- Clara did you take my heels?
No. - You'll look very
pretty for the party too.
But let me finish your hair please.
See? They were in your room!
- Stop fighting, Mara.
Why are you all ready so early?
You have to start early with Clara.
- It's blue, dear.
Put it down.
For the love of God, girl.
You make my life pretty hard.
Please welcome Mara Robles Gil.
A big round of applause for her!
Where's Doa Fresia?
See how elegant Doa Fresia is.
It's clear
where Mara's beauty comes from.
Very elegant.
And now let's continue
with the traditional changing of shoes.
Give them a big hand.
What beautiful shoes.
She truly is a princess, right?
Another big hand!
Will she give us a twirl?
Doa Fresia and Mara
together for the twirl.
Twirl! Twirl!
Give her a big clap everyone.
Good evening, thank you for coming
to my granddaughter's 15th birthday.
Let's say a little prayer
to give thanks to God.
Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women
And blessed is the fruit...
That one's free.
Could I borrow that?
Of course.
No, sweetie, leave her be.
She might want to dance.
- No, leave her.
It looks nice.
Has Yuca been to visit?
Not yet.
But any moment now.
Oh, Clara...
Let's go wash your face.
Clara, come dance with Mara.
You know she doesn't like to dance.
You want her to make a fool of herself?
Mom, come on!
- So people can laugh at her?
Come on.
Let's dance, come on.
Mara, come here.
Dance with your aunt.
- Come here.
Come here, Fran.
Here, Clara. Dance with Fran.
Clara. Clara.
My mum told me not to tell you, but...
you should know.
They found a dead mare
by the Union river.
We haven't fully checked it out yet.
But she's white.
Let's keep this beautiful night going,
A night full of magic
to celebrate Mara's 15th birthday!
Mara has a surprise for us!
Come up on to the stage
and delight us all
with what you've prepared!
See how beautiful these girls are.
It's a beauty pageant up here.
Who would be the winner, you guys?
Clara, Clari?
Are you okay?
Breathe. Calm down. Just breathe.
Breathe now.
Just breathe.
Stay calm.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay now...
No, Clara. No.
Please stop, Clara.
Clara, stop. Please stop.
Clara, stop now.
Stop, Clara. Stop.
Clara, no.
Clara, no.
I'm sorry, Clara.
I'm so sorry.
Calm down.
What happened?
Clara, my love, calm down.
Please calm down.
What's happened?
What happened to you?
What's gotten into her?
- I don't know, she's crazy.
Clara, always the same thing!
Let go of her! Let go!
Let go of her, Santiago!
Calm down.
Let go of her now!
It's an earthquake!
Let go of her now!
Release her!
There, it's over.
You're okay.
The blue will come off in a few days.
Where's Mama?
I think she wants to be alone.
I want to be alone.
Won't you tell me what happened?
Tonight you can sleep
in my room if you like.
Do you iron this?
No, just dry it outside.
Hang it up.
- Get out of there!
- My dear!
- Get out of there!
Be careful, Mara.
- Clara!
Dear, get out of there!
My love, get out of there!
My love!
- My dear!
- My love, get out of there!
Clara, get out of there!
Get out, Clara!
For fir Len