Class of 1999 II: The Substitute (1994) Movie Script

BEND - OREGON Monday 09:50.
Excuse me, I am the new deputy.
Where can I find Mr. Praise, director?
Thank you.
Help me.
That's right.
What are you doing here?
Why are not you teaching?
You do not know this,
because you're deputy.
Today we have no teaching.
She's been disbanded.
Who is your teacher?
Why are not you teaching today?
Our teaching is dissolved.
Should I speak to you?
R. A. S... something.
Read this instead.
Now you're dissolved.
Thank you very much thank you.
The enemy is before me, around
me, I have no fear again.
My mission is order,
death is my mission.
Get him!
Nicely. It looks better now.
Let him feel welcome.
This is your last warning.
And now I ask you
to go to school.
They just went to school.
Are not you, gentlemen? -Yes.
This is Gordon Di Ash, a special
department for the Ministry of Education.
After 2 years of intensive search,
the subject is finally located.
The situation arose when Professor
Bob Forest planned the installation
military androids as special teachers,
who would teach in the worst schools.
And to use force if necessary.
Forest programmed the android
with his twisted discipline.
He turned them into bloodthirsty killers.
Androids watched the
students as hostile.
It was assumed that all android were
destroyed by their opiate creator.
What are we waiting for?
One deputy, goddamn idiot!
We'll give him something
he will not forget.
The rules of the school are not
to confront students, Bolena.
Damn it! You must
not fight students.
First incident with Ray Kane, now this.
Discipline is needed because of the order.
Order is needed to
prevent anarchy.
Find a little reality
here, Bolene.
President Clinton worked
well on the school system.
I have to suspend you.
For some reason, your summary has
not been compiled completely.
I need more information
about you...
You heard that?
Not me. You're paranoid.
What's happening, man?
I'm wondering if Mr.
Terminator bulletproof.
Throw it out!
Now, teaching is
disbanded, gentlemen.
Evidence suggests that the
unit was left in a bunker.
He goes freely and
continues to kill.
No pictures of this unit.
It is therefore difficult
to solve this situation.
The last traces are promising.
Attention, classes
start in 5 minutes.
Students wandering in the hallway
will be detained after school...
Wednesday 08:55.
That cat, she scratched me once.
How are you, Miss McKenzie?
Sanderse, you're suspended.
What are you doing there?
You should not be at school.
I have to follow my homework.
When do we do it, how about
me to educate me a little?
This morning you looked so good
in these tight running helmets.
Sanderse, I'm not afraid of you.
Not? Not.
Get the fuck out of here!
The parking lot is not my style.
You got a style? I would not say.
What a fucking satirical mood.
Yes. That's how I got it.
Fuck you!
Little satirical return.
What's up with you?
The smell of morning testosterone.
What should I do? I'm standing
and watching how he abuses you?
They will not hurt me, Emte.
Senders are not stupid. -I do not know...
That's a strange guy.
Here we go.
Come on.
Where is Mr. Reese?
Sit down.
I said, sit and sit down
until your teacher comes!
Sit right now!
My name is John Bolan.
I'm changing Mr. Risa.
We're all fuckin 'delighted.
I did not say anything.
Who are you? Surname and name. -Denis
Til... no. Tiler Denis, I guess.
I do not know how you behaved before.
From now on, the guys
will act like gentlemen.
A girl... They'll fuck us later.
I expect you to do your homework nice,
neatly, and deliver it in time.
Who did that?
Well, the book is mine,
but I did not do it.
Mr. Tyler, please contact
the director, immediately.
Open the books of the economy and
read the collapse of the Japanese...
Everything is ready for the weekend?
Yes, Did not Emet tell you?
I'm just checking your plans.
Just what...
Honey, Mr. Baltmen
thinks that maybe...
Come on, say it. I have a class.
Did you see what happened
in the Hall of Fiction?
Broken glass windows, graffiti with
your name and it's not very nice.
Now I'm guilty of vandalism?
Think well about Monday's
testimony against Sanders.
It influences your lecture.
The students think you're accusing
Sanders of something you just saw.
He put his hand in his pocket, pulled the
pistol, and shot another accidentally.
And you want me to forget about it!
You just claim that it
was not an accident.
I was the only one to see
how he aimed the gun.
I can not believe how
Sanders is manipulative.
I see that this can overcome
our head because of you.
The police have no
evidence to hold him.
Everyone in the city thinks
this was a tragic accident.
This is stupid. I do not have to
justify myself to you or anyone else.
I saw what I saw.
A bit of common sense and
cooperation, you'd be fine.
Especially when your
review is closer.
Jesus, thank you for your support.
See you later. Honey.
You like to torture people?
You hit me in the
face, son of a bitch.
I'm sorry.
I was going to do this.
Sadistic behavior
is unacceptable.
Especially when you do not know
how to do it right.
I'm sorry!
I did not mean to do that!
I sent a student to the director.
I do not know what he did on the roof.
OK thanks.
Maybe I'll come back with more questions,
but it seems like an unfortunate case.
I found drugs with him.
- Yes. He's probably super-hero like a dragon.
Just a way to die.
But again, it was not a
smart thing, was it?
I was glad.
You were in special units? Not.
There is a younger group that will
train in the event that you...
interested. Or not.
May I join you?
If I eat that, I would...
I'm wasting fuel.
Almost nuclear.
I wanted to explain to
you about today's event.
You probably already
heard about this trial.
Perhaps everyone is entitled to do
that I should not be able to testify.
No they are not.
If you allow the students to
dominate, the result is anarchy.
Anyone who says you do
not testify is mistaken.
- Just like that?
- Yes.
You're in charge of controlling the patchball of this weekend?
- Yes.
My friend Emet Grayser is
the owner of the land.
- That was his idea.
- Well...
I'd like to help you if you
like, as long as I'm here.
Great. Of course.
You're more than welcome.
Do you have military experience?
- A little bit.
- Then...
- You're from here?
- Not.
You taught in the nearby places?
Come to me later
for information.
If I understood correctly,
those battle androids,
They also used mass murder.
They switched to the next lesson.
Janet, do not be angry.
Baltman introduced me to this when
I went to talk about this weekend.
He threatened you with a temporary
resignation, if you do not quarrel with me?
I did not...
Or support me or not.
What will it be? I said I would.
You said, but you do not
It's so.
This hardly fails me without our fight.
I know, damn it!
Someone reminded me that this
is right for me to do it.
That's why I want to know
which side you are on?
You are right. I should have
sent him in my mother's ward.
It would not be the first time.
I would probably give you
a permanent resignation.
Like when we were at school.
I do not know why you like it.
You are a teacher, I
barely graduated.
You read classics,
I read comics.
But you are all in the world.
You know that, do not you?
You like me because you have it
good-hearted heart.
And because you're not scared
to admit, when you're wrong.
It's a very sexy quality.
And you have a sexy ass all
over Sacramento, cowboy.
It was sacked by military programs.
To take over an enemy camp.
Tests protection and
eliminates enemies.
It's an unstable unit.
It's dangerous to stop them. Especially
if they are programmed to kill.
Ash, it's signing out.
Thursday, 6:00.
What a cat!
Sanders said we need to get
to know each other better.
I'd like to help you.
But these gangsters do not let me.
Help. Help.
Miss Jenis is in
danger of a maniac.
Leave me the bastards of one.
Oh, no, it's going to hurt her.
You did not see anything that weekend.
It was a mistake.
Right? Right?
It was a mistake.
You need to figure me a bit more seriously
when I tell you something, Miss McKenzie.
I will not let you put me behind bars.
Remember this.
I do not have enough
people to keep you safe.
I know. I...
I'll be fine.
Be careful, these guys are wicked.
Apart from easy excuses, why
not do something and help her.
You do not know anything about this.
These are different circumstances.
The only circumstance is that she is
civilian, and you do not do anything.
Just a little!
Can you take me home?
You're going to school today.
Not. I do not think I can.
You have to go.
Otherwise, he knows Sanders has won.
They will not respect you anymore.
Do not take me away, I'm
not one of your students.
Are not you too young for a teacher?
And you are not?
Interesting book. Can I look?
Military songs. Lightweight?
It's a good book.
I did not mean it was not good.
Can I borrow it?
I promise I will return it.
The songs help me pick up.
My favorite is "Mission."
- How are you, Emte?
- Hi, Tom.
Wait a second.
Paintball store.
No, we're closed this weekend
for private entertainment.
Yes, try again next week.
OK thanks.
What the hell is this?
Kalven K 33, armored protection.
They are used by special units,
they are easier than 5kg.
Resistant to fire. Stops all
but 54 caliber bullets.
Resistant to the knife, unless there is
a special ice blade between the top.
And modern.
I came to see the museum.
I'm sorry, it's closed.
That's the guy from the special
units I told you about.
Hey, you owe him,
he helped Jenny.
What are you talking about?
They attacked this morning.
Did not she tell you about it?
She's fine, Emte.
Why did not you tell me...
I'm sorry, Emte.
I have to look at the book or the children
will not be able to come to military games.
Tomorrow, Tom. I promise. OK?
She fell.
Well... We have to go, so...
I'm sorry to hear about
what happened to you.
Here everything is becoming crazy.
Take care.
Good night. Good night.
Damn it.
- Come on.
- Jenna.
I'll kill you, son of a bitch!
Are you all right? Who did that?
Damn it. -What? What are
you so angry about?
Why did not you call
me and say this?
What would you do?
- I do not know. Everyone knows except me. I feel like an idiot.
What hurts you more? Are they attacking
me or what I did not tell you?
I swear to God, I do not
know anything more.
What are you doing here alone?
Difficult question. Looks like I do not
have enough excitement in my life.
I understand. We become sarcastic.
Yes! Yes, it's all my fault!
I should have told Sanders not to kill a pupil
so that you do not have to quit the team.
Maybe you should think about it
not to testify.
Nobody but you can be...
Come on, say it.
Spit, Emet. Say!
Take me home.
I have to stand at the campground
to pick up things for overnight.
I do not want you to sleep with me.
He'll drop me down to the police
station to file an application.
Okay. How do you want. Let's
do your thing, Janet.
Hey, hello.
You like to torture people?
Smoke. Uvci, propalice. Yes.
It's not fun, be bothered, is it?
Oh no.
Now you have a chance, Ays.
Come on!
You were more than a
disciplinary problem.
Now we have to do something
about your behavior.
Come on, man! Let me.
You're on a permanent school sentence.
The school is over.
Please. I need some
time to be alone.
Curse of Emte, let me go.
I can not be with you right now.
I'll be right back.
What is this?
Did not you have to tell
Baltman about this?
No, we get every day.
I usually throw them in the trash.
The serial killer in this city, it would
be something of the most interesting.
You know what I am thinking.
Not. I'm afraid I do not understand.
I do not believe that the word
"interesting" described the serial killer.
Who asked you? Keep away from my trash.
This is official garbage.
Not for the eyes of civilians.
"I will go to the rates of death."
"Until my mission ends."
"Until the mission is over,
no grief or sorrow."
"Death is my mission."
"My mission is death."
"The enemy is before me,"
"around me and again,."
"I have no fear."
- What's up, man?
- What's up?
All right, you little shit.
No more kidding.
Listen to me.
If you approach Jenny, you will
end up dead. You understand?
Friday, 8:00.
Hey Emte, ready to go?
Hey Tom, I'll be right back.
Tom, do not shoot. It has gas tanks.
- I wanted to clean them, before the children came tomorrow.
Let's go to the bunker.
Emte, can you slow down a bit?
You are killing me. These things are tough.
Thank you.
How far are we from the camper? Kilometer?
I do not know. It works near me. Children will find it easy.
- No, he will not.
Concrete bunker and wooden door?
Metallic door arrives from Sacramento.
What did you do last night? Watching TV?
I almost threatened Sanders.
So what?
When you do not do the job properly.
What should I do? We're looking for Ace.
I can not charge Sanderson,
did not do anything.
A lot of things. Yes, a lot of
things for a military museum.
How many of these bats do you have?
He would use me one. I have
nothing against wearing one.
Only small, you would not agree.
What is this?
Do not touch. It's a suicide detonator.
It can not be deactivated.
Can not you turn it off?
That's right.
- Oops.
- Yes, ups. OK.
How it looks? For sure?
Yes. All right, let's go.
Hello, how are you today?
I have to tell you, I enjoyed
the book you gave me.
You look surprised.
To be honest and I am.
I wanted to ask you about
a dedication to the book.
I bought it in the
half book store.
Hold on!
You know Rey Buckenen from
another school? -Not.
We're going to Emet.
Call forensors.
Give me the license
plate scanner.
Curse of Emte.
You should have been holding
on to firing balls of fire.
I did not hear you when you walked in.
I was lost in my mind.
I heard they were arresting Emte, for
the murder of a guy who attacked me.
Frankly, what worries
me most is...
that Emeth is not capable
of killing that guy.
A terrible thought.
I do not know what to do.
I'm not sure I understand you.
Does not matter.
I have to go to jail.
Would you go with me?
He did not suffer. Doc says his neck
is a bit. He did not feel anything.
I want to see Emet.
No chance. Why?
Why do you think it's here?
Because of me. That's my fault.
If he killed this guy, he
killed him for his own sake.
You said it was an accident.
Not him. Your son fell off the bike.
Ray Bjukanen is dead?
Sorry, Sheriff.
The man you arrested for murder.
What about him? How long did you know?
Who are you?
You should check the bullet.
Suddenly you have a bunch of dead children.
What are you talking about?
Only one was killed.
The man you arrested was a teacher?
Not. Why do you care so much...
Hey, wait!
- Hey, buddy! Ash!
- T. D. Ash.
- Hey!
- What's going on?
I had to be sure.
What are you talking about?
Sheriff, that's confidential.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I will not forget this, Tom.
I know you're angry, but I
did not dare to risk it.
I'm really sorry.
Jenna's here. I'll send it if the
conversation takes a polite 5 minutes.
Emete. You're outdoors.
Jeff confirmed that you
were kidding him all night.
And I told you he would.
It's late. Wait,
I'll get you a car.
Give Emte! Emete, wait!
Sheriff's office. Hi, honey.
Working what? So stop
watching them on the window.
I have to go.
I have to get Emeta.
I did not say that! I did not say
that Emet is more important than you.
- Fun at Miss McKenzie.
- Jenna!
Where did you disappear?
Forget. I'm glad you're here.
I came for the book.
She did not want to give up.
Things have become strange
and confusing lately.
Emeta accused him of
being a serial killer.
I think...
They could easily
blame you or me.
In the end, we are both teachers.
We both knew the dead pupils.
You knew Ray from another school.
Is not it?
I told you I do not know him.
Can I get a book?
These songs are inspiring.
Thanks for letting me read.
I feel better about
what I'm going to do.
You may have linked up with the book
because you intend to do the right thing.
Your duty.
I do not know.
I'm not sure I want to teach more.
I do not know.
We're not talking about it, all right?
To do his duty is never easy.
Nobody understands
this, better than me.
This is your last warning.
Do not testify, bitch!
Fuck me.
Sheriff, this is Hejzel. Shots
from Jena's home were reported.
Better check.
Emet? Jenna?
Are you okay? Was it Sanders?
Leave her alone.
- I do not know who it is. I've never seen him before.
Does this mean you will not file charges?
I do not want to file charges,
testify or speak to anyone.
I've always ended up
with my civil rights.
Fuck it.
We attack them tomorrow.
I want you to gather everything here.
I know exactly what to do.
And how to do it.
You OK? -Yes. -I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Saturday, 9:00.
Damn it! Sanders!
I'm sorry. For all I'm guilty.
It's not your
fault, Sanderson's.
The kids are here.
Where's the police? Do they have
special training when we need them?
Calm down. He'll come.
This deputy and the children are gone.
After the shooting, he disappears.
Maybe in cooperation with Sanderson.
Did you think about it?
Why would he push me into the
house, that he wanted me to die?
I do not know.
It just disappeared. A little weird.
OK. Let's get them...
OK. Enough!
Quiet! The whole team is here.
Who's in the mood for
a good, clean party?
No, no.
- What do you say about the dirty party and start? -Yes!
- Your ass is mine!
- OK.
It must look like an accident,
or it will look for me first.
She's in a pink team.
So you in a green team,
you attack paint pistols.
Do not mix in pink, until, Vom
does not come, and says one
of the players is injured.
Then you bring the
pink team here
where we will be quietly settled.
This is a judge. If you shoot it,
you are automatically disqualified.
- It's clear.
- Yes, sir! -Okay.
When you hear the siren,
the game is over.
Do not make us ask you.
- Yes. - OK.
Use your mind.
If someone breaks into what's
happening, kill him. No pistol.
Wear the belt below the elbow.
When we put masks, you
will not know who is who.
Green team, go to the fort.
Here we go! Here we go!
A pink team...
Watch out.
Let's do this.
Very good coach. You should teach
cheerleaders instead of me.
I would not say. The egg would
freeze in my short skirt.
Sheriff, get in touch.
Where the hell are you?
This is the sheriff.
That registry plate...
Federal, forget about him.
The car was stolen. He was
attributed to him two months ago
aggression, disobedience
and mental instability.
Last night I lost the trace
of the battle android.
He did not return to his
place of residence.
The school principal said that
today's war is a pupil's party.
In its characteristics, this
is perfect for mass murder.
I'm on the site now.
God help me.
Start! Start! Start!
Let's surround them.
I hope you recognize
this pistol.
He is charged with
counterfeit bullets.
You would not have survived
the shot in the near future.
Put down your weapon.
I'm not your enemy.
I do not want you to
kill me, before we talk.
Next time I'm going to ask this pistol.
Put down the damn weapons.
What's going on down there?
High position.
Minimum access.
Maximum visibility.
You put traps everywhere.
You see, when I discovered that you exist.
I was ready to find you all.
Together we can create an army of
combat androids and lead to war.
You do not want to turn me off?
The only fighting ardor
of the A77 series?
Absolutely no.
I'll copy you.
I have a mission to finish.
Forester was a genius.
He gave you a tattoo too.
It's the oldest trick in the
world and you've settled down.
Yes? - Yes.
I'll take care of you.
Wait a minute, this
is a formal job.
How much do you think they
have until they start?
I do not know, maybe an hour or two.
How did you know I was?
Check your ass.
I marked my territory.
And I'm always marking
my territory.
Guards here until we get back.
- Yes!
- Yes!
Miss McKenzie?
Miss McKenzie, quick!
Here. -What?
Endi is hurt. Come on. Where?
Yes! Thank you. Thank you.
We won.
I'm sorry, I did not
see you, Judge.
You know you need to stop
shooting when you win?
Never shoot a judge.
Bring your weapons. You're out.
Your team will be punished.
Oh, man.
At the end, rules are rules.
- Give me that.
- She's screwed.
- Not!
- What are you doing? Not!
Emet? Jenna?
What the hell?
Where is he? -It's there. Come on. Up there. -Where?
- Right up there.
Stay where you are, Tom. What is it?
An old trick of navy foxes.
Double strands and traps.
If the first one does not fix
you, the other one will.
What's going on here, Tom? Here.
Kill the bitch.
Let's finish this.
Hands in the air. Throw the pistols!
One two. Die bastard!
I arranged them, Miss McKenzie.
Run away. Go away! Catch him!
- Shut up!
- Come on, man.
What's going on here?
It looks like a war state.
Who is this?
Who is? -Jenna!
Give me your gun.
OK. Go to the kids, all right?
So much for this to be
an unfortunate case.
Now we have to kill them
and bury them both.
Stay there.
You or what's left of
you, you're under arrest.
Miss McKenzie.
How are you?
Press the trigger, this
will solve your problem.
Go to hell, Sanders.
You first.
You first.
Come on, let's get out of here.
I am A77, fighting android.
My priority is infiltration
and elimination of the enemy.
Why can not I eliminate you?
Because you're not a combat android.
"To my son, John, on the evening of his
enrollment in the army, duty and discipline."
"No Presence."
It's from your father.
Professor Forester.
You are his son, who is crazy.
I'm a fighting android.
Relax a little.
Androids do not have a
scar on their neck.
Human beings are soft, I can
not bear the punishment.
They are not good soldiers. -You are right.
Too bleeding.
John, you're not an Android.
Just a knight with a K33 suit.
Well, the end of the mission, Johnny Boy.
Do you also wear a suit?
Damn it.
. D. Ash. The end.
I did not succeed in my mission.
I have to die.
Would your father be proud
of your commitment, John?
We both failed.
We both will die.
You're right!
I have not succeeded.
But they can be better.
I know I can.
I can not give up.
I will not give up.
We can not give up, John.
We are soldiers.
It's our destiny, John.
To face the impossible
and dominate them.
This is our life mission.
"The enemy is before
me, around me"
"and I will not be afraid again.
This is my mission."
"The night has brought so much death,"
"so much horror."
"In the river of blood."
"A call to duty.
Passive for victory."
"The life I had was not
for me to choose."
"But death will always be
the shoes I will walk in."
"I'm treading my shoes along the path
of death until I finish my mission."
"Death is my mission."
"My mission is chaos."
Fuck your mission!
I love you.
What do you think they found,
his pieces by the bunker?
I know it was not, but
he was in a bunker.
It was 1000 degrees,
burnt out completely.
Instead of worrying, be happy that
it did not burn everything...
I do not know if we want to see you today. I
have a difficult day with a new classroom.
And then karate lessons.
Do not be ridiculous.
I'll be fine with a new classroom.
It's just schoolboys.
It's a bit worse than most.
But ordinary kids.
After all I've been through,
nothing scares me anymore.
I'm on a mission.
That's right.
Ranko Jankovic 18.05.2017.