Class of Nuke 'Em High (1986) Movie Script

'Attention! Attention!
We have a situation on sub-level 3.
'A situation on sub-level 3.
'All personnel, please report
to emergency stations.
'All personnel,
report to emergency stations.'
What are we gonna do, sir?
What are we gonna do?
There's no danger, governor.
We have the situation well in hand.
How bad was the leakage?
Radioactive water is leaking
from sub-level 3.
- It could contaminate the whole town.
- That's not so bad.
Block off the area,
scrub it down, just to be safe.
But sir, if we could just shut down
for 48 hours...
Shut down? They'll investigate us.
The EPA, the NRC...
Not to mention the PTA on my ass
for the next six years. Are you insane?
- But sir, I think that...
- I don't give a wet fart what you think.
This plant stays open.
~ If you think so much of him ~
~ Why don't you run back to him? ~
~ When I hear you call his name ~
~ It just doesn't feel the same ~
~ If you need more than I can give ~
~ If you need something
that I can't deliver ~
~ Turn around before it's too late ~
~ Believers shouldn't hesitate ~
~ I had my chance - I couldn't see ~
~ Oh, oh, oh, oh,
emotional refugee... ~
Shut up!
Where's Eddie Harold?
Oh, he told me to tell you he was sick.
Well? Do you know
what's wrong with him?
Yeah, he's sick of this class.
You wouldn't be laughing so hard
if you knew what kind of grades you made
from those papers
you handed in yesterday.
The only person who put any effort
into his project is Dewey... whom I gave an A+.
'Can I have
your attention, please.'
This is a routine
nuclear emergency evacuation drill.
In case of an accident
at the nearby nuclear power plant,
'we have to be able to evacuate
the school quickly and efficiently.
'So, teachers, line up your students
next to the door,
'until a hall manager
can escort them out to the bus.'
All right, class, line up by the door.
So, how are things going with Chrissy,
if you know what I mean?
Hey, Dewey,
get your hands off of me, OK?
- So, how are things going, man?
- What are you talking about?
I mean, are you ever
gonna get in her pants?
Dewey! Dewey!
Will you get your hands off of me!
Fight, fight, fight...
Dewey, I hope
it wasn't something I said.
Dewey, Dewey, get off!
Fight, fight, fight...
Hold it!
Dewey's dead!
Well... that's one way
to evacuate the building.
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High... ~
Warren, look!
What are they doing?
I don't know. I guess
they must be taking radiation levels.
It's better to be safe than sorry,
especially after what happened
with Dewey.
~ Outside of the classroom walls ~
~ The geiger-counter tells it all ~
~ Can't see or feel,
smell or taste ~
~ The remnants of nuclear waste ~
~ I just really want to know... ~
Look, it's Paley.
Is there a connection
between the suicide
of the Tromaville high school student
yesterday and this plant?
Don't be ridiculous.
Excuse me, please.
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High? ~
~ What's going on at
Nuke 'Em High? ~
So far we have found no connection
between an unfortunate student
and this facility.
In fact, we have uncovered
that the victim had not one,
but two microwave ovens,
which we believe
to be a contributing factor.
- Hi, Warren.
- Hey, Chrissy. How was the bio test?
Ugh! I got frog guts all over my shirt.
Hey, Warren! How's it hangin'?
Eddie, come here.
Unless you want Cathy here
to see your ears ripped off,
I suggest you make with the hockey-stick
and get the fuck out of here, all right?
Hey, don't worry!
Cathy and I have some extra-curricular
activities to take care of.
I'll see you later at the gym, huh?
Hey! Down here, Cathy.
- You wanna go in?
- Mm-hmm.
You disgusting pig!
Nuclear power is clean,
safe and efficient.
The good citizens of Tromaville
depend on us.
This plant will be here
long after most of you are gone.
Hey, Chrissy, give me a hand.
Greg! I can't believe any college
will take you next year!
- You're so gross!
- Gross, huh?
You should have seen the girl
I picked up in the video arcade Saturday.
She was gross!
What a hairy ass!
Yeah, speaking about gross,
what do you think about poor old Dewey?
Yeah, I know!
I mean, it's a shame -
the poor kid just went and flipped out.
Who would have figured goody-goody
Dewey as a psycho?
Yeah, I always thought
he was an ass-wipe, myself.
I can't believe you guys.
So, how do you explain
all the weird things going on around here
since the plant opened?
Remember Mrs Brooks
losing all of her hair
and breaking out in those
scutty-looking sores overnight.
She looked better that way.
Now, come on, guys, look.
I mean, Chrissy has a point.
A lot of people around here
have been acting nuts.
There's no radiation
around here.
We're too far away from the power plant,
at least a quarter of a mile.
Besides, even if there was a little radiation
around here, who gives a shit?
It may just be my woman's intuition, guys,
but something's going on!
- Look around you.
- Whoa!
Remember those guys?
They were the Honour Society.
Now look at them.
I remember in debating class,
they suddenly stopped debating,
and they beat up Mr Blewitt.
Yeah, the change was instant.
I mean, there they are, one day
a bunch of clean-cut preppies,
and the next day they're a bunch
of violent, perverted cretins.
~ It could bring you success ~
~ Or make you or break you,
be one of the best... ~
~ Can you see the end in sight ~
~ You got a chance to win this fight ~
...but the diameter
is proportionate to the radius.
- See?
- OK, Tom.
- We'll see you later, all right?
- Maybe.
What's the matter with you guys?
You ask me to help...
Hey, weed-head.
Hi guys, er...
W-What's up?
Your time's up, faggot.
You still owe us money
for the joints you bought yesterday.
- But I'm broke.
- Ah, he's broke.
The money!
- I got a few bucks.
- He's got a few bucks.
Well, I want $20 by noon today.
I can't get it by noon.
Give me more time.
- I'll get it.
- Good.
- Let's go.
- Goodbye.
~ Go on, run for your life ~
~ You gotta run for your life ~
Look out!
Hey, Gonzo, what took you so long?
I'm getting tired of waiting
around for you all the time.
Ever since you got kicked out
of the Honour Society,
all you do is sit around all day,
picking your rings and watching MTV.
You watch what you say about MTV.
Hey, you keep this stinking bone
to yourself, all right?
Spike's waiting for you
in the back of the school.
Now, you gotta go get some weed
from the power plant.
I got a date with Muffey.
Hey! You'd better get going, Gonzo!
Hey! What about me?
I'm sorry, babe,
but business is business.
That's all you ever think about,
is business.
You never pay any attention to me.
That's what you get
when you're in love with a yuppie!
Let's go!
Hey, Harry, what have you got?
I got chicken food again.
What have you got?
Eggs and Spam!
Hey guard, we're here!
Hey! Hey, check out
those high school creeps.
- Hey, Ronny!
- Hey, Ron!
Hey, come on,
we're here for our deliveries.
Oh, crap.
- I'll be right back.
- Where are you going?
What, are you trying
to get me fired?
Come on! You weren't supposed
to be here till tonight.
What do you care?
Besides, we got your money.
You know, I cannot understand how you
get away with growing this shit here.
What if someone sees it?
This is a maximum security area.
Nobody's allowed back here.
Why don't you guys just hurry up
and get lost, huh?
Relax, Ronny.
Why don't you go play
with some plutonium or something, huh?
Leave us alone.
I cannot believe
how fast this shit grows out here.
I got an idea.
We can call it an atomic high.
Then we can charge the kids
more money for it.
Hi, girls!
Do you mind if we sit down?
- Yes.
- Thanks!
Whatever it is,
we don't want to hear it, OK?
We haven't said anything yet.
I can tell you're just dying to hear
what I have to say.
So, I won't keep you
in suspense any longer.
I happen to know a guy at State
who can get us into the Pi Delta Gamma
party Saturday night.
Eddie, you just want to get in our pants.
So, forget it.
Boy, some gratitude!
What kind of a guy
do you think I am anyway?
You know what kind of guy you are?
Do you ever see a cockroach
and you go, Yuck?
Well, you make cockroaches go, Yuck!
Hey, toots, this is a perfect opportunity
to pick up a college senior.
But if you're not interested...
Wait a minute.
Girls, this could be interesting.
So, you'll meet me at my house
at eight o'clock.
Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing.
It's an indoor beach party,
so wear your bikinis.
- Bikinis?
- I told you...
I told you I'm not going to the party.
Mid-terms are coming up,
I've got to start cramming.
Listen, Warry...
If you wanna prepare to go to college,
you gotta start ramming!
- Turn around!
- Come on, Eddie, shut up, will you?
Come on, man!
This is the opportunity of a lifetime!
Besides, maybe they'll like us
and invite us to the frat next year.
Hey, Chrissy's not gonna go.
She knows
what kind of a party you guys have.
Come on! She'll go if you go!
And the other girls will go
if Chrissy goes.
Lou's joints are the best joints in town!
They get you up, up, up,
and you never come down!
Whoa, sundance!
I've got some dynamic, fantastic weed
for you if you're interested.
- No, thanks.
- Wait a minute!
Maybe we should get some for the party.
- Yeah, all right. How much?
- Ten dollars.
- For how many?
- For one.
- One joint?
- What are you guys, nuts?
Whoa, whoa,
this is special merchandise.
It's worth it.
Do we look stupid enough
to believe that?
Yeah, you do.
I think he's right.
We'll buy one.
We'll take one, We'll take one.
Ten dollars.
Erm... ten dollars.
And er... we call this weed
an atomic high.
You should see
what it does to the ladies.
It gets them real hot.
Ooh... They love it.
Hey, wait!
Maybe we should give it to Warren.
Warren? Let him buy his own shit!
Besides, he doesn't even smoke.
It might make Chrissy
a little more agreeable..., to go to the party!
~ Well, she never goes steady,
all the fellas are wondering why ~
~ That girl is much too much ~
~ She doesn't wanna know me
but I'm gonna be her regular guy ~
~ That girl is much too much ~
~ She keeps on running
around the world ~
~ She ain't got time
to be my girl no more ~
~ That girl is much too much ~
~ That girl is much
too much ~
~ She got a groovy way of movin'
I like to watch her down the street ~
~ That girl is much too much ~
~ She's a toe-tappin' baby
as she steps on that concrete ~
~ That girl is much too much ~
~ She went to the shop,
but she never buys ~
~ I'm gonna be the next to try
Oh, yeah! ~
~ That girl is much too much ~
~ That girl
is much too much ~
~ That girl is much too much ~
~ That girl
is much too much... ~
I kinda wish we'd gone
to that Fellini movie instead.
Are you kidding?
This is a Fellini movie.
Hey, Warren!
Hey, all right!
What took you so long?
I was afraid you weren't gonna make it.
- Hi, Chrissy.
- Hi.
Hey, have you ever seen so much
poontang under one roof in your life?
Warren, you have
really classy friends(!)
What's wrong?
Hey! I got some exciting friends
to introduce you to.
- Come on, man!
- Chrissy, I...
I think this party is a little too wild
for Warren and I.
- Oh, relax, Chrissy.
- Yeah, relax.
Hey, Warren.
Why don't you look around you?
Don't you feel a little er... left out?
Come on, guys, I mean,
I'd love to sleep with Chrissy, but...
She's shy.
I don't want to rush her.
Look, I'd love to sleep
with Warren, but...
- But what?
- But he's shy!
And I don't want to be too pushy.
Hey, look, I'm not saying
you should rush her.
I'm saying you should give her...
15, 20 minutes, and then jump on her!
Listen, Chrissy, if you want anything
to happen, you gotta make it happen.
I mean, the guy is a jerk,
she's gotta do everything for him.
Warren's going away to school
next year,
and there's gonna be hot and cold running
bimbos everywhere, honey.
- He may forget you P.D.Q.
- That's right.
Take it from me.
We got a little gift for you.
Come on,
get that out of my face, Eddie.
- You wouldn't believe what this cost!
- Yeah!
- The least you could do is try it.
- And what is this?
It's not for you. That's what it is.
What, are you gonna smoke it
without me, Eddie?
Well, whose is it, Eddie?
It's for Warren and Chrissy.
Come on, Warren.
Come on!
That is not the way it's done.
- Here, toots!
- Come on, Chrissy!
Come on, Chrissy!
Come on, Chrissy!
- It's gonna feel good.
- Come on, Chrissy!
One isn't enough,
you gotta take another one.
Come on, Warren.
Warren, come on, try it!
You know you're gonna like it.
Oh, yeah.
Ugh! I feel sick.
Yeah, me too.
It's ruined.
I don't believe it!
Chrissy, if you wanna get out of here,
let's go to the Fellini movie.
You pantywaist!
I'll go upstairs and get our coats.
Fuck's on you!
Ruined! I don't believe it.
Hey! It's ruined!
I have to take Chrissy to the movies.
You guys will do all right by yourselves.
Well, I don't know. What's the big deal
about smoking grass anyway, Chrissy?
I mean, I don't feel anything.
I mean, how about you, Chrissy?
You don't feel anything.
- Warren...
- Huh?
I want you.
- Chrissy!
- Warren!
Are you OK?
I feel just wonderful.
Chrissy, erm...
Are you sure you're OK?
I mean, you... look a little hot.
Warren, I am hot.
Hey, poor Warren, huh?
We try to help him, but he's never gonna
get laid by that stuck-up girlfriend of his.
You can say that again.
Let's give the girls a break
and make our moves.
Oh, yeah...
Hey, baby. You wanna go snorkelling?
Beat it, creep!
I think she loves me!
I want that joint!
I want that joint!
You had a joint a long time ago.
I put it out.
Not that joint.
Warren, I want you now!
Here? Now? Chrissy, we can't,
there's a party going on downstairs.
We can't?
Oh yeah?
Well, maybe I was wrong...
Does this mean we don't get
to go to the Fellini festival?
Warren! Fuck the Fellini festival!
I love you!
I love you, too!
- So, what do you think?
- You know what I think?
Chrissy and Warren will never last!
So, why do you give a shit?
It's not your problem.
- Yeah, bro!
- Right on!
That Judy is just so tight man,
she makes a great trampoline for a midget!
We have got to get
more of that pot, man!
- Call me.
- I will.
I hate to say this, but I think
we owe Eddie and Greg a favour.
- Bye.
- OK.
'Come on, guys, I mean,
I'd love to sleep with Chrissy, but...
'She's shy. I don't want to rush her.
'Warren, I want that joint.
'Chrissy, we can't, there's a party
going on downstairs.
'Come on, Chrissy.
'Come on, Chrissy.
'You can't get pregnant the first time.
'I want that joint.
'I'm saying you should give her...
15, 20 minutes, and then jump on her!
'Hey, poor Warren, huh?
'We try to help him, but he's never gonna
get laid by that stuck-up girlfriend of his.
'I love you.
'Warren, can't you get it up?'
'Look, I'd love to sleep
with Warren, but he's shy!
'And I don't want to be too pushy.
'Listen, Chrissy, if you want anything
to happen, you gotta make it happen.
'We have got to get
more of that pot, man!
- 'I love you.
- 'You can't get pregnant the first time.
'You can't get pregnant the first time.
'What's the big deal about smoking grass
anyway, Chrissy?
'Come on, Warren.'
Hey, loverboy!
Is it still hanging or what, Warren?
What did you put in that shit
you gave me last night?
The usual I guess, why?
Because I got sick, that's why.
Yeah, lovesick.
Anyway, you got wasted, not sick.
There is a difference.
Yeah? I got wasted,
then I got sick.
Look, I started hallucinating.
Where did you get that shit from anyway?
From the Cretins.
There was this guy, Pete.
The Cretins?
Those guys are animals.
I mean, they could have put anything in it.
So, Chrissy, how was it Saturday night?
Cathy, what are you talking about?
- Warren!
- It's only me.
I'll see you later.
You know,
I'm still feeling kind of yucky.
Yeah, me too.
Chrissy, I know this may
sound ridiculous, but er...
- Have you ever hallucinated at all?
- You too?
Where did Eddie get that stuff?
He said he got it
from those damn Cretins.
The Cretins?
Oh, great!
Sit down, fuck face!
I can't, Chrissy. Somebody should
do something about those pigs!
Let somebody else do it.
I don't want you getting hurt.
Come in!
Did you study?
Come in.
Guten Tag.
Guten Tag.
I think you've got the most
beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.
Hope I'm not late!
Are you all right?
Man! I'm gonna kill those bums!
The Cretins for making Chrissy
and me so sick.
Mum? I'm home!
Wipe your feet, and don't forget
to do your homework before dinner.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah.
I knew I had some somewhere.
- Now we can get some bread.
- Yeah.
Lady, lady you gotta help me.
My friend is having an epileptic seizure.
Oh, my goodness!
Should we call an ambulance?
Oh, no, no, no.
Look at him.
He could die any minute.
There's no time.
He's gonna bite his tongue off.
I need something soft
to put in his mouth.
Get the fucking pocketbook.
Pocket book. Your pocketbook.
- Oh... Oh, you could save a life.
- No.
Thank you. Thank you.
Shut up!
Spike, come on!
- Hey, Pete.
- Hey, Beethoven.
Hey, where's Spike?
- Who the hell is that?
- I don't know.
It looks like Warren Brandt.
But he looks
a little messed up to me.
Hey, look at him.
Now, don't you use that Alka Seltzer gag
on me, asshole!
It's already been done.
I'm gonna get him.
Come on, Spike.
You must remember something, man.
I remember everything.
Pete and Beethoven
were fighting with this lunatic.
I jumped the guy from behind.
Next thing I know I was out.
When I woke up, they were dead.
I did not see who wasted them.
You got close enough
to get tossed on your ass.
You must have seen something.
I'm telling you,
I only saw him from behind.
The weird thing about it, though,
is he looked like Warren Brandt.
- What's up, girls?
- Troma, Troma, Troma...
Where's your spirit?
Where's your energy?
Come on now and
stick your stomachs in like I do.
And now let's go with spirit!
- Give me a T!
- T!
- Give me an R!
- R!
- Give me an O!
- Ohh!
- Give me an M!
- M!
- Give me an A!
- Argh!
That's good, Chrissy!
That's the spirit!
Come on, now. Let's do it again.
- Look! What happened to Chrissy?
- Where are they taking her?
'Dr Howard,
Dr Kline, Dr Howard.'
She'll be fine, Mrs Murphy.
But what's the problem?
She's always been such a healthy child.
Mrs Murphy,
I don't know how to tell you this,
but your daughter had a miscarriage.
Oh... a miscarriage!
A miscarriage?
A miscarriage! You don't know
what you're talking about.
My Chrissy would
never have done such a thing.
She's a good girl.
She couldn't have even been pregnant.
Mrs Murphy, please calm down.
Now, all the tests
and examinations that we've done
show conclusively that your daughter
was in fact nine months pregnant.
She was full term.
Chrissy, I feel so bad.
I'm really scared.
I can't remember a thing.
Warren, tell me what happened.
Mrs Murphy,
I can understand your reaction,
but research has shown me
that when parents are unable
to deal with their children's difficulties,
they subconsciously block them out.
Now, take the case of teenage pregnancy,
which gives us...
Oh, you! You filthy pig!
What have you done to my baby?
Mrs Murphy, I don't understand.
You know, it's all your
fault that Chrissy got sick.
Warren, you've got to learn to lighten up!
Lighten up?
You went and poisoned me,
and I'm supposed to lighten up?
Hey! You weren't so upset with me
Saturday night, were you?
Well, no.
What do you have to
change the subject for?
Hey! You wanna see something weird?
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Isn't this great?
Yeah. What is it?
What is it?
It's a laser, that's what!
Mr Hyde just got it in last week.
Hey, come on. You'd better watch it,
Eddie. This could be dangerous.
Watch out girls for the biggest shlong
since John Dillinger.
Come on! Point that thing
in the other direction, will you?
Yeah, I'd like to point this
in Judy's direction. She'd love it.
- Having fun, Eddie?
- Yeah! I mean, no!
Eddie, don't you think
you should put that down?
- Why? Is it dangerous?
- If you were to aim this laser
at the radioactive isotope samples
we have here,
this whole building would be blown
into oblivion, and you with it.
Get your gluteus maximi
out of here.
It's after three!
You shouldn't be here.
~ Run... well, you know
you've got to make it ~
~ You've got to go,
run for your life ~
~ You're going for glory,
the wind at your side ~
~ Forsaking endurance
to lengthen your stride ~
~ The last quarter-mile,
it could bring you success... ~
~ Well, if you give all,
there's so much more... ~
The girls' room
is across from the arts class.
Shut up and put that little pecker
back in your pants.
- What do you want?
- I want a man.
I want a real man.
Not a faggot like you.
Can't you be a real man?
Now, what's taken so long here?
Do I have to watch you every minute?
That's better.
Now, what seems to be
the problem here?
T-T-There is no problem.
I paid you for those joints.
Time to buy more.
But I don't want any more.
You know you love this atomic high.
It's only... 20 dollars.
- 20 dollars?
- That's right.
The price has just gone up.
- They're watermelons.
- Eddie, my back teeth are floating.
I gotta take a leak, all right?
I'll see you later.
You're not gonna poison any more kids.
Get outta here, kid.
Don't mess with this stuff. It's poison.
Brandt, you're history!
- What's going on here?
- Fight, fight, fight...
Drop that bone!
This is going on your permanent record.
Brandt, go to the nurse's office.
All right, you three.
Let's go.
I didn't do anything.
He started it.
All right, let's go. Move!
- Scumbag!
- Move!
Move it. Let's go.
Let's go. Move. Come on, move.
Come on.
Come on, move.
What's going on here, Bob?
I just broke up a fight and found this...
on one of them.
That's going on their permanent record.
Frisk them.
All right, all of you.
Get against the wall and spread your legs.
Ooh, you'd love it if I spread my legs,
wouldn't you?
Shut up!
Enjoying yourself?
That way!
Hey! Stop that!
What's happened to you people?
Six months ago
you were the Honour Society,
not a drug-pushing gang of thugs.
I have no choice in the matter.
You've had several warnings.
I'll have to recommend immediate
expulsion for all of you.
Kiss my ass, you old fart!
Bob! Quick, call the police.
If I ever catch
any of you punks in here again...
Drop it, man!
It's a free country.
We'll go wherever we want.
Not in my school, you can't!
Try and stop us.
We'll be back.
We're the youth of today.
God bless America, limp dick.
~ Oh, say can you see ~
~ By the dawn's early light ~
~ What so proudly we hailed ~
~ At the twilight's last gleaming ~
~ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ~
~ Through the perilous fight ~
I'll get into classes.
See you later, all right?
- Warren, look!
- What the hell are they doing here?
Hey guys,
did you hear what happened?
Yeah, they cancelled biology class.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah!
And they closed the east-wing
of the school, too.
What did they do that for?
Who cares, as long
as we got out of class, man.
I can't breathe in this thing.
There's no radiation down here.
I don't believe this!
Typical! This equipment is no good.
The needle is right off the scale.
What is this? It looks like somebody
blew their nose in here.
Oh, shit!
Holy shit, what is all this green stuff?
That does it!
I'm getting out of here.
What is that smell?
Oh God, I gotta check it out.
What the hell is making that noise?
I don't give a dry fart.
Get your ass in gear. Well?
The entire east-wing of the school
is contaminated.
Shit! Weren't there three of you?
Yes, there were, but the other guy
hasn't come back yet.
We're gonna have to scrub down
the entire area.
The whole east-wing?
That'll take days!
No, we can't do that.
Call Westly.
Tell him he's got structural damage.
- Structural damage?
- Tell him anything you want.
Just tell him that we'll go in at night
so he doesn't have to close the school.
Don't mention anything
about radioactivity, no matter what you do.
- Get going.
- Yes, sir.
- Don't fuck this up!
- Yes, sir.
Come on, Sam, I need a drink.
Let's go to my office.
Now, I'm getting tired
of waiting for Spike.
I should take a look,
cos I got some plans...
How's it going?
Lousy, man.
It's going lousy!
Business sucks!
Ever since we got kicked out of school,
we ain't got no more pupil bastards
to sell our dope to.
That's right man,
and you ain't done shit about it.
That's right!
Shut up!
It was Warren Brandt
that got us kicked out of school, right?
I've got an idea to get even with Warren
and the school all at the same time.
Maybe this will give you an idea.
Gonzo, shut up!
Buddy! You and Gonzo
go get that fat Mr Westly
to turn on the emergency
evacuation alarm.
Muffey, you get Chrissy.
Take her to Taru.
She's down in the fallout shelter.
Oh, I'd love to get Chrissy.
I can't wait to see
what Taru does to her.
Oh, yeah...
Shut up!
What are you all trying to do?
Attract attention?
Let's go.
There's a very attractive person
with red hair waiting for you.
Put this on, bitch!
Get in there.
Get in here.
I didn't do anything to you.
Let me go.
You bitch!
Nobody does that to Taru!
You're gonna pay for that,
you and your fucking boyfriend.
- Get in there.
- Just let me go!
- I didn't do anything to you.
- Bitch!
Where is the emergency
evacuation alarm, Mr Westly?
I can't hear you.
Here's that pedigree bitch you wanted.
Hi, Chrissy.
The bitch bit me.
All right, Westly.
Where's the alarm?
Come on, I'm getting tired of hitting you.
Come on. Let's go. Where is it?
Where is it?
Hey! Didn't anybody ever tell you
to knock before entering a room?
Now, Westly, you're next!
Unless you tell us
where that alarm button is.
On the console,
the third button on the right.
That wasn't so hard now,
was it, booby?
Can I have your attention, please.
This is not a drill.
'This is a nuclear emergency.
'Please evacuate your school
I repeat.
This is not a drill.
All right, class, let's leave this building
in an orderly manner.
Let's go!
Know what that is, Chrissy?
That's the emergency evacuation alarm.
You know what that means?
Everyone's leaving the building.
Kurt Paley.
Panic at the high school?
Contamination? What contamination?
That's bullshit!
Did any of you see Chrissy?
Maybe she's split like we should have.
No, come on, she wouldn't have left
without telling me.
Go tell Warren we got Chrissy.
Yeah, and what if he don't believe me?
The necklace.
Give that to him.
He'll believe you.
Move it!
I'll be right over.
Shut up!
I'll be right over.
'Could I have
your attention, please?'
- Bob, did you see Chrissy?
- No, I didn't.
- What?
- Taru told me to give this to you.
She's waiting for you
in the school's basement.
'Stay outside until we find out whether
it's safe to go inside the building.'
Hey! I gave that faggot the necklace.
Let's go.
Come on!
~ Shifting gears,
I've made the wrong turn ~
~ Total distraction conquers my fear ~
~ But I return to your direction ~
~ The same old story, another year ~
~ Take me away,
take me away ~
~ Take me away, take me away ~
~ Take me away,
take me away ~
~ Take me away, take me away ~
- Warren!
- Chrissy!
Back off, asshole!
Or I'll cut her fucking throat!
What do you want from me?
I don't want anything from you, Warren.
Chrissy's got what I want.
Now... what should I
slice on first, huh?
Back off!
Her fingers...
No! I already out her hand.
I know! Her nipples!
Her nipples!
You used to be the science major.
Care to perform a little minor surgery?
I'd love to!
Back off!
You can look, but don't touch.
Wait a minute!
Warren would like to carve the turkey.
All right, what the hell's going on?
Don't you know?
The emergency siren went off.
That only happens
when there's a radiation leak at the plant.
You're nuts!
It's perfectly normal at the plant.
- Then why did the alarm go off?
- I don't know, but I'm about to find out.
Where are you going?
You can't go in there until it's safe.
Out of my way, you hippies.
What are we gonna do?
All right. I'm gonna tell you what.
Let's make a run for it, OK?
Come on, let's go. Come on!
- Untie me! Quick!
- What the hell happened?
It's all a prank.
The goddamn gang invaded the school.
Bob, I want you to hang them
by their balls.
I don't give a shit if they are kids.
What was that?
Stand up!
Come on! Up! Up!
Time to die!
Spike, listen! I know
what that thing is out there.
And if you kill us...
you're not gonna
get out of here alive either.
Whether I live or die,
that ain't the question.
All I know is you're gonna die.
Say goodbye, Chrissy.
I'm sorry we just didn't get to know each
other a little better, cunt!
Come on, Chrissy, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Come on! Come on!
Come on, quick, Chrissy.
Look at this vandalism!
Oh my god!
- What the hell's going on?
- You gotta get out of here.
- What happened down there?
- Get out of here.
Get lost.
Everybody's in panic.
'Can I have your attention,
please. Your attention, please.
'Tromaville high school will be
temporarily closed for remodelling.'
All right!
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High... ~
Hey, Greg! Do you think college
is gonna be this wild or what?
I hope so.
~ But this side of the classroom walls ~
~ The geiger-counter tells it all ~
~ Can't see or feel,
smell or taste ~
~ The remnants of nuclear waste ~
~ I just really want to know ~
~ I just
really want to know ~
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High ~
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High ~
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High ~
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Evacuation, there's no need ~
~ They say it's safe,
but talk is cheap ~
~ And as we all contaminate ~
~ It's ignorance that seals our fate ~
~ I just really want to know ~
~ I just
really want to know ~
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High ~
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High ~
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High ~
~ What's going on ~
~ At Nuke 'Em High ~
~ Some say it's getting better ~
~ Did you know you broke my heart ~
~ The first time I ever wanted ~
~ I couldn't play the part ~
~ I've seen it before ~
~ How can I carry on ~
~ But my time has come ~
~ Did I wait too long ~
~ You said you'd never
stand in my way ~
~ As long as I was
bringing in the money ~
~ I've been this teacher's darling
since the day ~
~ Angel ~
~ Power of imagination ~
~ Put an idea in my head
that I can use ~
~ Angel ~
~ Power of love and persuasion ~
~ Put an idea in my head
I can't refuse ~
~ Pressure, I don't need it ~
~ But it keeps on coming my way ~
~ Ease it up just a little ~
~ It's getting better already ~
~ But I'm on my knees ~
~ How much more will it take ~
~ My time, it's running out ~
~ What's it all about? ~
~ You said you'd never stand in my way ~
~ As long as I was bringing in the money ~
~ I've been this teacher's darling
since that day ~
~ Angel ~
~ Power of imagination ~
~ Put an idea in my head
that I can use ~
~ Angel ~
~ Power of love and persuasion ~
~ Put an idea in my head
I can't refuse ~
~ Angel ~
~ Put an idea in my head ~
~ Angel ~
~ Put an idea in my head ~
~ Angel ~
~ Put an idea in my head ~
~ Angel ~
~ Put an idea in my head ~
~ Angel ~