Claw (2017) Movie Script

(loud, dramatic music)
(deep, rumbling tune)
(eerie music)
- [Train Station Attendant]
Train will depart
in approximately three minutes.
The following...
(attendants speech fades out)
(creepy, dark music)
(creepy, dark music)
(keys clanging)
(loud traffic)
(door closing)
(deep, eerie rumbling)
(girl screaming)
(rumbling intensifies)
(creepy, dark music)
(woman whimpering)
(creepy, intense music)
(woman faintly crying)
(creepy opera music)
- [Woman] No! (Crying)
(stabbing guts, woman gurgling)
(creepy opera music)
(gentle piano music)
- [Ella] Kevin.
- Yeah?
- What are you doing?
- I've been doing some research,
hear me out here.
See this is what I think,
see how you can see the
Empire State building there?
Do you notice how you can
see all of those buildings
all the way in the distance?
You know up Madison
Avenue there?
- Yeah?
- Okay, well I feel
like since I can see all
of those buildings, not just
the Empire State building,
but like literally all of them
all the way in the distance
from the sidewalk up,
there's only one
conclusion I can make.
- And that would be?
- That the earth is flat.
- Oh Jesus!
- I'm serious I mean there
should be some sort of curvature
there, some drop-off.
It only makes sense,
scientifically and...
- Zip it.
Kevin, I don't care
what you think,
where the Madison
Avenue has a curve,
the buildings go sideways,
flat, forwards, whatever,
the earth is round,
it's always been round.
Check your information.
- Okay wait, look way down
there in the distance,
the Freedom Tower, the former
site of the Twin Towers.
Anyways, scientists have
confirmed that no matter
where the sun was in
the sky during the day,
the towers would never cast
a shadow on each other,
it was just magical.
- You know what?
Before you open up your mouth,
make sure you confirm
with me the topic
of your conversation, okay?
- I just...
- It's not negotiable.
Can we get outta here?
And can we also find somebody
else to hang out with?
Kevin is a complete basket-case,
I mean don't you know
any like really cool hot
soho guys who would crash
a party or something?
- Yeah, I'll get right on
that, find hot gay guys.
- Are you listening to me
or are you just whisking
me away with your words?
- Both.
- What are you doing?
- What?
- What are you doing?
- What are you reading?
- This is an encyclopedia
of the serial killers
of New York State.
- Oh God, what did I
do to deserve this?
I'm hanging out with a reject
and the walking dead over here.
- If I had any respect for you,
I would take offense
to that, skank.
- Skank? Skank?
I'm not the one whose mom
named me Tiffani with an "I",
I mean shouldn't you
be stripping somewhere
in maybe some
black lingerie or...
- Ella, drop it.
You're just lonely and horny.
Why don't you go hook up
with Kevin over there?
You're both recently single.
- Ewww, Kevin?
All right.
All right Kevin boy,
here we are.
It looks like you two
with me this weekend,
and I'll tell you what
we're not gonna do,
we're not gonna dick
around here anymore,
so why don't you try to keep up.
(eerie piano music)
(train bustling)
- Let's just get outta here.
- Let's just get outta where?
- The city, just
for a couple days.
- Yes! And go where?
- Upstate.
My friend gave me this
good connect for an.
I-stay bed and breakfast
house in Swamp Hollow.
- Swamp Hollow?
No fucking way, that town
keeps popping up in this book
all the time.
That place is ripe with
murders and murderers.
- Oh great choice, Kevin.
- I mean, I didn't
know about all that,
just thought it would be
fun for the three of us.
- I think it's a fun
idea buddy 'ol pal.
I can't think of a
better idea myself.
We'll go upstate for a few days,
explore all the sites of the
famous murders and murderers,
it'll be a blast.
- (laughs) You make
it sound so relaxing.
- Come on, don't puss out on us.
- All right guys, the one
thing I don't do is puss out.
Fine, let's do it.
- Okay great.
Just hold on a second
and let me call my friend
and set this up.
I'm excited!
- Listen, I'm all up for
going to the country,
and maybe possibly seeing
some really cute country boys.
But, do we have to take Kevin?
He's such a dweeb.
- All guys are
gross most the time.
- Yeah I know but...
- [Tiffani] But, he
is cute sometimes,
when he's not being annoying,
which is hardly ever.
- Hardly.
- But, it does seem like
he has a house connect
and if we don't offer him money,
he'll probably be too
chicken shit to ask for it.
- [Ella] Free ride?
- You bet your ass free ride.
- All right, but if
he ruins things man,
we may as well just get our
own ticket and go our own way,
- Okay, we all good,
we got the place.
Check-in is tonight.
- Perfect, let's try
to make the train.
I had to start working
on the itinerary.
So many murder sites
to see, so little time.
(traffic bustling)
- [Train Attendant]
Ladies and gentlemen,
if you are not exiting
at the next station
please move away from the doors
and allow exiting customers
to leave the train quickly.
Thank you for your cooperation.
- [Ella] Would you put that
thing down for a second?
- [Tiffani] Butcher Bill is
one of the most notorious
of serial killers in the
greater New York region
with a body count
totaling over 35
that the authorities know of.
It's not that he
killed that many
but the way in which he did so.
Most of Bills victims were
missing men and women.
Runaways, hookers, you name it.
He would snatch 'em
up off the street
then transport them
to his barn compound
where he proceeded
to torture and kill
with various pieces
of farm equipment,
even parts of one victim
were found inside freshly
made bales of hay.
- Hookers in the hay?
And you call me a freak.
Now that guy sounds
like a super freak,
he's super freaky.
- Okay, you two are a
different level of freak,
and by the way, one is not
better than the other, trust me.
- There are like three
different murder sites alone
right in the neighborhood
were we'll be staying,
including our friend
Butcher Bill's barn.
We're definitely checking
out all three sites
and taking selfies to document.
- Oh my God, what have
I gotten myself into?
A weekend of this shit?
- Did someone say selfie?
Selfie time, yes.
(camera clicks)
Our chariot awaits.
- Oh my God,
- you have got to be...
- be shitting me.
- Howdy city folk,
how was the ride up?
- In retrospect, luxurious.
- Well, she may not
be much to look at,
but old Betsy here will
get us where we need to go.
(trunk slams shut)
(deep, dark, eerie music)
- What brings y'all all
the way up to these parts
I mean, why would you come here?
- Well for one, we're bored
out of our fucking minds,
but from the looks of this,
I honestly don't think this
was the brightest idea.
- Actually, what my friend
here is trying to say is
this town is filled with
such a rich history.
We couldn't help but be drawn
to experience it first-hand,
There's no place we'd rather be.
- History?
I'm not aware of much of
anything goin' on around here
to be makin' any
kind of history.
- Serial killers.
The history of serial killers.
Apparently you guys in
this town are trying to
corner the market.
- [Driver] I don't know what
you all heard about this town,
but that kinda stuff,
killin' and all,
that happens everywhere,
not just here.
You're talkin' about
Butcher Bill and the likes
of him I reckon.
Well, he's done long gone
down in the penitentiary,
rottin' away.
We all good people up here now.
Besides, it wasn't
always Bills fault.
Sometimes them whores
be comin' in from the city,
be comin' up, stirring
up all sorts of trouble.
Trouble that makes it
hard to stay out of.
- Hey fuck-face, what're
you fuckin' lookin' at?
(engine blows)
- Oh shit!
(car screeches)
- Pop the trunk.
Today, pop the trunk.
Kevin, how far is
it to the house?
- It's about another
two miles straight down
the road it looks like.
- I said to pop the trunk!
I don't know about you
guys, but we walk from here.
- No charge, 'till next time.
Be safe.
(deep, dark, eerie rumbling)
- What a whack job.
I mean seriously,
if this trip is gonna be
nothin' ut hanging out
with crazies like these,
I am takin' the next train
back to the city pronto.
- He was harmless.
I mean, can you blame him?
You do have really nice legs,
and your dress is really short,
and your boobs are really nice,
and they are
practically hanging out.
- Oooh!
- Don't worry, the women
are in charge this weekend,
and besides, aren't
you guys excited to see
some of the actual sites
of some of the greatest
murders of all time?
- Okay,
you need help, the
both of you, all right?
Oh, and by the way,
try to catch up.
It's getting dark.
(creepy music)
this place is creepy!
- Yeah, sure is.
Isn't it awesome?
(Ella laughs)
- [Tiffani] You think it's open?
- Here, come this way.
They said there's a key
in the front somewhere.
(creepy, dark music)
- Well, here we are
in front of the house.
- Oh, real secure, leave
the key right in the corner.
- It's the country, what
could possibly happen up here?
- [Ella & Tiffani]
(laughs) Butcher Bill.
- Whooo.
Oh you magician, you.
Now for your next trick,
you think you could find out
which door we go through?
- Give me that.
Only one way to find out.
(slow, dark, eerie music)
- Thank you.
Okay, so they said the
whole upstairs is ours.
As for the rest of
the house, off limits.
Lemme go first.
- [Ella] If must be
safe, he's going first.
Giant wuss.
(screams frighteningly)
(girls gasp)
- [Kevin] Just kidding.
- You jackass.
- [Tiffani] I
almost peed myself.
- Not bad, not bad.
I could do this for
a couple of days.
Sure beats garbage
day in the city.
- Okay, this is my room.
- Me too.
Uh-oh, it looks like the
sofa for you Mobidra.
- That's fine by me.
Share a bed with
perv-tastic, no thanks.
And he probably snores.
- No doubt.
(both laugh)
- Um, hello, I can hear you.
I'm standing right here.
- Don't even worry about it,
he's not gonna get
under the covers.
And if it's a problem,
there's always the wooden
floor for you darling.
Come on, let's go
get our drink on.
All right, who's in?
- Me.
- Me.
- Nice.
For you.
All right.
(cans pop open)
- To friends.
- To murderers.
- To some hot country
boy up in this bitch!
(strumming guitar)
- [Tiffani] Wow.
- Thank you, thank you.
- I didn't know you
were a rock star.
15 more of these,
and I just might make
out with you tonight.
- [Ella & Tiffani]
Not! (Both laugh)
- Like I'd get with
either of you anyways.
I do have standards you know.
- Oh really?
It's not what I heard.
That's not what Sandy said
when she dumped your ass
for filling up a
waitress in Charlie's.
Beer me.
- That's not what happened.
That's what she told you?
- What did happen?
- Forget it.
- We are officially out.
No more beer,
I guess that means it's
time to hit the hay.
- Oh hell no, we
ain't doin' that.
- What do you mean?
We have a long day
scheduled tomorrow,
we have a lot of
sight-seeing to do.
We need all the rest we can get.
- Yeah I'm actually a
little tired myself.
- Okay.
You all have voiced
your concerns,
and I hear you loud and clear.
But unfortunately,
you're going to have to kill me
if either one of you two
wanna get any sleep tonight.
So, let's take a vote on it.
All in favor for
going to bed tonight
raise your hand.
All in favor for not
going to bed tonight
raise your hand.
Ah, well,
I guess that settles it.
Get your I.D., get your wallets,
we are gonna find a bar up
in this country ass town
and we gonna find
some drinks and stuff.
Kevin, get your phone darling.
You're navigating.
- Can I just say,
I'm having a really great
time with you guys so far.
(deep, eerie music)
(upbeat rock music)
- This will have to do.
- You're buying the first round.
- Somebody please shoot me now.
- Well hello stud,
my name is Ella.
- Howdy Ella, name's Steve.
Did you three stumble into
these parts accidentally or,
plane crash? Land
in a corn field?
- Ooh, you do have a
wild imagination Steve.
I like that in a guy, it's sexy.
However, we just
happen to be in town
and decided to come in.
Really, it's my
friend Tiffani's idea.
- Tiffani, much obliged.
- Fuck it was,
I'd be dead right now.
- I don't know if I can
mix that drink up but uh,
what would y'all like?
- Beer me.
- Make that three,
and two shots of tequila,
one for me, and one for you.
- I, I like your style, I think.
- Cheers guys.
You know what that was to?
- What's that?
- The luckiest
bartender in the world.
- [Steve] Why's that?
- You'll find out.
- Howdy beautiful.
Can I buy you some bourbon?
Real smooth stuff.
It'll keep you warm.
From the inside, real warm.
- Fuck off.
- Bitch.
- So hey, I just saw
your moves there,
they were pretty funny there.
I liked it.
- Oh yeah? You like that?
- Yeah I did.
- You wanna see some more?
I got more. (Gina chuckles)
(Gina laughs)
- Really?
- Yeah.
That's how I do it,
Kevin, by the way.
- You don't look like
you're from here.
- I'm from the city actually.
I live in Brooklyn currently.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- I'm from here. (Laughs)
- Oh are you?
- Yeah.
- So you just like
to come here and
scout guys with nice
dance moves like myself?
Where are your moves
at, show me somethin'.
- Well well well, it
looks like Kevin's
nabbed himself an admirer,
and she's not half bad either.
- Oh that's Gina.
She's a regular,
and she likes to fuck.
- Well, that makes
the two of us.
Way to go bro.
When do you get off?
Well, that was fun.
Well I guess we have to go now,
we'll be taking a
long walk through
a very dark woods,
who knows what might be
lurking around the corners
of this place
in the cold,
dark night.
- I can get Jimmy
to, (blows smoke)
wrap up and I could give you
and your friends a ride home.
- Wow, I thought
you'd never ask.
- Can I come?
- Yeah, of course hun.
- We do have to stop for
some smokes on the way.
- Of course, let's
lock and load.
- All right.
(upbeat rock music)
So, what does a hunk
like you do here for fun?
- You know, nothing much,
hiking, dirtbikin',
- (laughs) That's a lot of N's.
- Wranglin', - wrangling?
- Stuff like that.
- I like that.
- How about you?
- How's the big city?
- Eh, you know.
- I was thinkin' about
movin' down there,
gettin' outta the
sticks, ya know but,
time and, you know, it
never happens like that.
- [Kevin] We're back.
- Let's go.
(creepy, menacing music)
- Nice place.
- Hey, that part of the
house is off limits.
You're gonna get me in trouble,
it's my name in the I-stay app,
they will charge
me a penalty fee.
- Too bad fuckboy,
we're going exploring.
- Mm, fuckboy, I like that.
(deep, creepy music)
- Now that's what
I call a bedroom.
- You sure it's
cool to be in here?
Your friend seemed concerned.
- It's fine, should
be fine, come on.
(erotic music)
I'll take that.
I got something for you.
(Ella moaning)
(erotic music)
- Oh, shit.
Oh, damn.
Take that shirt off.
Your ass.
- Wait.
- Gross.
(Ella moaning and grunting)
- Mmm.
That was great. (Giggles)
- I gotta go,
they'll be wondering where I am.
- They?
Girlfriend? Wife perhaps?
Aww, don't worry farm boy,
your secret's safe with me.
I won't tell anybody.
Y'all come back now, ya hear?
(deep, sharp, menacing music)
- Whoo!
(choking and gurgling)
(deep menacing music)
(creepy opera music)
(Steve gasping for air)
(heavy blood splatter)
(creepy opera music)
(gurgling and gagging)
- I'm tired.
- Yeah, I think me and you
should just go to sleep.
- Let's do it.
- Yeah, that was a long night.
- Pinch my nipples.
(Gina giggles)
(loud, menacing tunes)
- Okay.
(breathing hard)
(fire crackling)
(slightly creepy piano music)
(bones clanking in bucket)
- My God, it's the worst.
I'm not drinking
tequila shots again.
Make it stop.
(slightly creepy piano music)
Oh God.
- [Kevin] Fuck.
- So, lovebirds,
breakfast is served.
- How can you be so
chipper man this morning,
my head is on fucking fire.
- Yeah, I think I'm gonna puke.
- Well first of all,
I wasn't hitting the
tequila shots like you,
secondly, I wasn't
up fucking all night
like the both of you,
and thirdly...
- Thirdly what?
- Thirdly, eat your breakfast
and get your shit together.
We have a long day today,
and the first stop of
the Tiffani murder tours
is the Codebrook
Motel triple homicide.
- Oh God.
(creepy music)
(faucet running)
- [Tiffani] Kevin,
can you help me with the dishes?
- Coming.
- [Tiffani] Nathan Jackson
was the owner of
the Flashback Motel,
since renamed the
Codebrook Motel.
Nathan was good
with electronics.
He had each room bugged
with pinhole cameras
overlooking the
bed and a bathroom.
In fact, each room had
approximately 10 hidden cameras
hooked up to the master console.
Every night, Nathan
would sit at the console
in his back office watching.
To say that he was
aroused by this footage
would be an understatement.
Over a seven year
span back in the '90s,
Nathan began
sneaking in the rooms
of the guest that gave
him a real good cam show
and would torture and kill
them right where they lay,
and of course, it was
all on camera still.
(deep, haunting music)
Candace was Butcher
Bills seventh victim.
Her friends called
her Bubblegum.
She was a working girl.
She was working all the
way up until the one night
she ended up in
the wrong vehicle.
Butcher Bills
beige pickup truck.
Knocked unconscious,
she didn't feel anything
until she woke up
dangling from a meat hook
inside of Bill's barn.
And here it is.
- Terrific.
- Candace was drugged
up just enough
that when the butcher
had peeled all the skin
off her right arm, she
screamed bloody murder,
but did not lose consciousness.
Same with the left arm.
In fact, it wasn't
until the butcher...
- Aargh.
(Ella gasps in shock)
- You fuckin' jerk.
- Where did you get that?
- From behind the barn there.
There's all sorts of
rusty things over there.
- Put that thing back, you're
disturbing a piece of history.
- You are loopy.
Does your mother know
how screwed up you are?
- My mother's dead.
- Sorry about that.
- I killed her.
(all laugh)
- Okay, okay.
Look, this is a
lovely story and all,
and I can't wait to
hear the rest of Candace
the dead hooker,
but, you know,
all the body arts
and stuff and yeah,
serial killers and shit
hangin' in barns and
fuckin' tools that you're rip
people apart with but really,
I really wanna get outta
here 'cause I'm startin'
to feel a little sick.
- Okay, fine,
just one more quick stop
before we head home.
- What?
Why, why?
(gentle piano music)
Oh, how fitting,
a graveyard, gee.
I wonder who and how
many people died here,
and what was the tools that
they used to kill them with?
Oh, and how bad did they suffer?
Gee, give me all
the gory details.
- Actually, this story involves
a young girl named Nora.
There are different accounts
of the Nora murders.
So, it's almost like local
folklore at this point.
But most can agree
on some of the facts.
It was Halloween night
almost 20 years ago.
She went trick or treating
with her brothers.
She ran off without
them seeing her
to the house at a
corner of the street.
Again, details are
sketchy as to which house,
what street, even her last name.
What they do know
is that the next time
that Nora was found,
she was nailed to the
inside of the front door
of that house,
just hanging there
like a big X.
- Oh that's it,
we are getting the fuck
outta here right now.
- I didn't even get
to Nora murders parts.
- I don't give a shit.
- Okay, fine, but tonight,
we are having a seance
to try and wake the
spirits of Swamp Hollow.
- Oh the fuck no we're not.
Oh come on, man,
I had enough of this spook shit.
I just wanna see my stud
bar boy tonight please.
- Yeah, me too,
but not stud boy,
more like stud girl.
She kinda snuck out last
night while I was sleeping.
I didn't even get the
chance to say goodbye.
- I would take that
as a hint dude.
Anyways, you all got to do
what you wanted last night,
now it's my turn to choose.
It's my day.
- Your turn?
We have been doing this
spook shit all day long!
All I wanna do is spend
a nice day in the country
and this is not my
idea of doing it.
- Well actually,
it was kinda cool.
- Okay, let's vote on it.
All in favor of a seance tonight
raise your hand.
Great that's two against one.
Let's go.
- Shit.
(creepy music)
- Hey guys,
I told you that we're not
allowed to use any of the
rooms downstairs in this house,
they're off limits.
You're gonna get me in trouble,
they have my credit
card information.
- Oh will you relax?
It's not like the rental
office is next door.
I mean, don't you
know where we are
in the middle of nowhere?
Did you not hear what the
rapist cab driver said?
Middle of nowhere, okay?
And besides, they left
a key right out in front
so we got full reign, and
I don't care what you say,
but I am loving
my king size bed.
- What in the hell
are you wearing?
- This outfit will help
me to better communicate
with the dead.
- You're hilarious, classic.
What do you do, carry that thing
with you everywhere you go?
- You know how we roll,
always carry at least
two changes of clothing
in our bags at all times,
just in case the day takes
us somewhere unplanned.
Raver rule number 47,
I happen to carry three
changes of clothes with me
just in case we
were to encounter
this very situation.
- That's cool,
always be prepared.
- Yeah well, you know
how I get prepared?
Always carry lingerie.
- This isn't a card table.
- Is it not a bar either?
- No, it isn't.
- All right. (Laughs)
Let's get on with
this, call up the dead.
I wanna see this shit for real.
- This is not how it works.
We need to focus and unite
our connective energies.
- [Kevin] Fine.
- Come on guys, please.
Let's take each others hands,
close our eyes.
Oh spirits of Swamp Hollow,
we thank you as
visitors of your realm
for your hospitality.
We are not here to disturb you,
but to ask you to enlighten
us with your knowledge.
Knowledge that you're
willing to impart upon us.
the secular world longs to know
what happened to you
that horrible night.
Where were you?
Who were you with?
What happened to you?
Where were you?
Who were you with?
What happened to you?
- At the corner of
a yellow maple road.
- [Kevin] Old man Detmar,
the owner of the
corner store in town.
- I choked on his lollipop.
(both laugh)
- That's just great you guys.
You just ruined any
chance of any connection.
- Oh, so fucking sue me
man, I'm going to bed.
- [Kevin] Sue me too I guess.
(cards clapping against wall)
- I'm sorry Nora.
My friends are assholes.
(deep spiritual music)
(slightly grunting)
(angrily grunting)
(gasps in shock)
(blunt hit)
(creepy opera music)
- What the f...
What the fuck happened?
Oh my God!
(creepy opera music)
(deep eerie music)
- Don't worry I'm
not mad at you guys
anymore for last night.
I realized you must have
had gore overload, my bad.
- I'm not worried,
and did you just
apologize to me?
- Barely.
Hey has Ella been
in touch with you?
I haven't seen her this morning,
and I went to try and
find her downstairs,
that place is creepy down there.
- How many times do I
have to tell you guys
not to go down there?
Okay, you're going
to get me in trouble.
Seriously, how come
nobody listens to me?
- Anyway, she wasn't down there.
The bed isn't made and she
isn't anywhere to be found.
(knocking on door)
- Oh shit.
(raindrops splashing)
- Ella?
- Hello?
- Ella, you here?
- Strange.
- Is Ella fucking with us?
(sudden deep menacing tune)
- Um, can we help you?
- I've seen the vision
since the dawn of time.
The curses are upon us.
There's nowhere to run
and nowhere to hide.
- Lady, what're
you talking about?
Who are you? Why are you here?
- Why am I here?
That's a good question.
I haven't been in these
parts and 40 years.
- Hold on a second.
Yo, this chick is crazy.
40 years ago?
This chick would've been...
- Negative 16 years old.
- Exactly.
She's hot though.
Let's just find
out what she wants.
- Beware of the danger
that lurks in this world.
The spiritual presence is
strong and deep in these parts.
The energy here does
more harm than good.
- What about the energy on me?
Don't I get a face rub too?
- Why do you feel
like old souls?
What purpose do you have here?
Are you here to
disturb the dead?
- No we're not here
to disturb anybody,
we're just taking some time off
from the bustle of the city.
- Your lies do not become you.
Leave this place,
leave this place.
Why must you test the spirits?
Leave, leave, and leave now.
(rain splashing)
- C'mon, finish your breakfast.
Don't let broom Hilda
ruin our last day.
- She just creeps me out.
(glass spills)
- [Kevin] Shit.
I think I saw some towels
in the hallway closet.
(message tone)
- Sorry, ran off to hang
with my sexy bartender today.
All your death talk
yesterday got me all
hot and bothered I guess.
- [Both] Don't do
anything I wouldn't do,
winky face, winky
face, smiley face.
- Well, there you have it.
I guess just you and me today.
- Yes, and today is my day,
so no voting necessary.
We do as I say.
- And what do you say?
Well I guess the bedroom
is outta the question?
- I will cut you
fucker, don't go there.
- I was just joking,
you don't have to
be a bitch about it.
- Okay, fine.
I'm sorry. Let's go fuck.
I'm kidding, geez.
So gullible.
- Anyway, let's
just get outta here.
Figure it out on the road.
We can just walk
into town I guess.
- [Tiffani] At least
you have a plan.
- Let's go.
(creepy opera music)
- So Kev, how do you like
the country life up here?
I think it's kinda cool.
Laid back, but cool.
- Yep. I remember it
like it was yesterday.
- Remember what?
- I mean, I remember country
living like it was yesterday.
This is what I used to do.
I mean, not here but, you know.
It's all the same shit.
Whichever bum-fuck
town you grow up in.
So I remember
all this like it was yesterday.
- And? Bueno?
No bueno?
- Well, aside form waste
products for parents,
it wasn't all that bad.
I woulda punch my father
back if knew he would
remember it the next day.
You know, that kinda shit.
- Wow, sorry.
- Same goes for my mother.
- Well, my perfect upbringing
wasn't that much more fun
from what I remember.
At least yours was interesting
in a fucked up freak
show kinda way.
- Thank you?
- Where the fuck are we anyway?
- It's just a little further.
(Ella crying) (menacing music)
- Oh my God.
- So, why did you
and Sandy break up?
If it wasn't action
with that waitress.
- It's a log story.
Action with a big black guy.
Story over.
- That's a joke right?
You and a big dude?
- No.
I walked in on her
fucking her neighbor.
She didn't know I had
the key to her place,
she was all mad at me for
coming in without knocking.
- You are such a buzzkill.
- Apparently.
But I don't blame him though,
he was just another guy
screwing some random chick.
She was the one that
was unforgivable.
Whore bitch.
- Hey,
I'm sorry I brought it up.
I didn't know.
- That's okay.
It's all good now.
(menacing music)
- Oh God.
(horrified gasp)
(menacing suspense music)
(creepy opera music)
- I'm gonna go
have a smoke quick.
- I reckon you'll
have a knee slapping
good 'ole time with that.
See, I'm kinda liking
this country vibe.
- You are weird.
(creepy opera music)
- Boo!
- Oh shit. (Laughing)
- I got you.
- You bitch.
Scared the shit outta me.
Made me drop my smoke.
- I got you though.
This mask looks real, right?
I found it in one of
the bedroom drawers.
C'mon, it's our last night.
Ella's not allowed
to have all the fun.
(opera music fades, chair rocks)
(creepy piano music)
Up here in the woods
I'm getting drunk
with all my friends
I'm up here in
the woooooooods
Up here in the woods
I'm getting drunk
with all my friends
I'm up here in
the wooooooooods
- I like the direction
your music was taking.
Much better than that uppity
pop crap you usually play.
- Thank you I guess?
So, what's your story for real?
We've been friends
for a while now but,
I hardly know
anything about you.
Why are you so
withdrawn all the time?
- And what do you wanna know?
- I don't know,
like who's the last
guy you slept with?
- (laughs) Just like a man,
one track mind.
Last guy I slept with,
the barista
at East Village Cafe.
- Get out of here.
- You're welcome.
For your wet dream tonight.
I like guys by the way,
just not boys like you.
- Like I'd want you anyways.
I mean what is there to want?
- Wouldn't you like to know.
You would wouldn't you?
Ella's more my type anyway.
Strong, sexy, funny,
you should take notes.
- Now it all makes sense.
- Keep telling yourself that.
If I were straight,
I'd be all over you.
- Anyways, how
about another song?
(strumming guitar)
(ice clacking in glass)
- We haven't even
finished a bottle yet.
- [Kevin] Bourbon.
- [Tiffani] You lightweight.
Hey, so you know,
that Lisa thing
was two years ago.
- Better was.
- Yeah.
Long fucking time without sex.
- Sex, I like sex.
- Maybe I should've
done like you guys.
Get me a nice
country boy, or girl.
I just kinda hopes that
Ella would slip up and
play my team for the night.
That didn't happen.
- Play on your team, huh. Okay.
- By the way, you are cool.
I like hanging out with you.
- [Kevin] Gee, thanks.
- You are very talented.
I wish I could play the
guitar like you can.
- Bet you do.
- You are even cute sometimes.
I'm sorry I give
you so much shit.
I'm just fucked up.
- Very fucked up.
- I guess I deserve that.
I like you, you know.
You're very sweet.
A lot sweeter than
the other friends.
- [Kevin] Thanks.
- You're not gonna rememeber
any of this are you?
- Nope.
- Hey,
I'm gonna go take a bath.
Come and say hi.
- Hello.
Oh shit.
(slow, mysterious music)
(water running)
(door creaking)
- Kevin, is that you?
I thought you
weren't gonna come.
I've been waiting for you.
Well, aren't you gonna join me?
(loud thud, blood squishing)
(creepy music)
- You know, you really
think I wanna hear this shit
from you all day long?
Ella, Ella, Ella,
I know,
you don't wanna fuck me.
Okay, so, I got
it loud and clear.
You're not that hot
anyways stripper.
Always yapping your mouth,
you're just too cool for school.
Why do I even hang out with you?
Just say it, say it to my face.
Call me a loser
okay, I can take it.
I take it from
everyone all day long.
Even Tiffani.
I thought you'd be cool to me.
Pretending like you're
into me sometimes
and then you just go off on me,
it's verbal assault.
Where do you even get
off up in black dahlia?
Oh, you're so obsessed
with murders, whoopty shit.
Like anyone gives a shit.
Why the fuck do I even hang
out with the two of you?
I mean isn't there anyone
out there in the world
that is not a total dick,
I mean a real fucking
veiny certifiable cock?
I mean what the fuck am
I gonna do with myself?
Am I just gonna keep
takin' this shit?
I am not going to let
these toxic relationships
get to the point they
get to next time around,
I mean you say a couple
bad things to me, about me,
and that is it.
I can make new
friends easy enough.
I don't have to continually
take shit from nobody.
Like you for example.
Are you really just
gonna treat me like that
and expect me to do nothing?
How do you expect someone to
just sit there and take it?
You really think I wouldn't
find out that you were
just totally screwing me,
fucking with me, using me?
You deserved everything you got.
Burn in hell.
(deep menacing music)
And you, you sloppy
You left Sandy's blood all
over the fucking place.
I saw it all dried up
all over the house,
all over doorknobs, walls,
all over the fucking place.
Are you fucking kidding me,
you think nobody would notice?
Fucking Sandy.
Did you think I wouldn't
find out you were
totally using me?
Playing me, fucking with me?
You just think I
wouldn't notice?
Are you listening to me?
First of all, thank you.
Thank you for taking care
of that bartender for me.
I mean he just walks in here
and fucks Ella just like that?
I've been trying to
get with he for months
and he just strolls in
here and ruins everything?
Thank you for noticing
my dislike in that hick,
hope he begged for
his life, scum.
Bones in the fucking campfire?
Are you fucking kidding me,
you're just gonna burn
up that asshole's body
right outside when I had guests
sleeping in the house here?
Are you fucking crazy,
what if any of them got up
in the middle of the night
to go pee and they
look outside the window
and see you cooking human
flesh on a fucking campfire?
You fucking moron,
I should just kill you
right here at the table
for having shit for brains.
And then there's Ella.
What the fuck are you doing
with her up in the barn
all day long, are
you kidding me?
You don't think I saw
you turning lights
on and off up there,
I was fucking looking
in the window.
How the fuck do you expect
to keep up with this killing
without somebody finding out?
I mean, it's just
really fucking sloppy,
I mean what if Tiffani
was looking in the window,
she woulda freaked the fuck out.
The last thing I need
are chicks running around
the property and we
have to catch them
just so we can kill them.
It's just really fucking sloppy
I mean, how embarrassing.
Nora would be ashamed if
she was here right now,
if she saw how half
assed you are sometimes.
Why did you have
to leave us, Nora?
Why did you have to go
over to Mr. Welman's
house that night?
What did he say to you?
What did he do to you?
Did he touch you?
Huh? Did he fucking touch you?
I'll tell you what we
did to Mr. Welman, Nora.
We waited 'till he
least expected it
and broke into his house.
Same house where he took your
innocent little life from us.
We gagged that motherfucker
before he knew what hit him,
that wiry little
fuck gagged him.
That murderer.
Heroin is such a great drug.
It just leaves you wide
awake and able to take
some really horrible shit.
And that's what we
wanted for Mr. Welman,
really horrible shit.
We tied him up in his
very own living room
and preceded to
amputate his limbs
limb by limb, one by one,
while he is just staring
up at us in shock
that he's not even
able to feel any of it,
lying there on his
living room floor
sobbing like a
four year old boy.
Well good, good riddance
to you Mr. Welman,
may you burn in
hell, burn in hell.
(crying) I'm sorry sweet
brother for slapping
you like that.
You know it's for
your own good, right?
'Cause I love you brother,
sweet, sweet brother.
You and me, we
make a great team.
I think Nora would be proud.
Thank you for being my brother,
for doing the work that you do.
We're making the
world a better place.
That's all that Nora
would want us to do.
I just wish you was here
to see us right now.
Okay, I'm sorry, I
keep going on and on.
So here's to us,
two bro's
making a difference
in the world.
May we continue to do
the good work for as long
as the universe will let us.
Oh and thank you for Tiffani.
It's what beautiful work you do.
I just hope I can get the
bloodstains outta the bathtub,
but don't worry.
No-one will ever find out
what you do, what we do.
For Nora, nobody ever, and
I will make sure of it.
You can count on it.
So, sweet brother,
with glasses held
high, let us toast
to family
(glasses ding)
(knocking on door)
(creepy music)
Can I help you?
- Hi, I'm John.
- John?
- Ella's boyfriend,
ex boyfriend.
I was just wondering
is she here?
I thought I saw her
come up this way.
- Oh, that John, got it.
All the way up here
in the country able to
track down sweet Ella I see.
Well yeah, of course she's here.
- Well, can I see her?
- Yep, sure.
Come right in.
(menacing music)
(door closes)
(John screaming horridly)
(creepy piano music)