Clawed (2017) Movie Script

Okay, testing,
one, two, testing.
Puh, puh.
Buh, buh.
Welcome to Shadowlands,
where the veil
between reality and
myth is pulled aside,
leaving only the truth.
Today is my hundredth
episode and to celebrate
this milestone, I am on location
with a very special guest.
Across from me is
a legendary lawman,
the Sheriff of Bear Claw County
for almost five years,
Randall Reynolds.
Welcome, sir.
I'd like to jump
right in, both feet,
just go for it.
Is that cool with you?
That's what we're here for.
Fans of the show
know that 10 years ago,
the Bear Claw Mountain
Wilderness Area
was the site of one
of the bloodiest
events in paranormal history.
12 people were
brutally mutilated
in what the press dubbed
The Bear Claw Massacre.
How does it feel,
Sheriff, to be one
of the few lucky survivors?
I lost my right hand.
My pelvis was crushed.
I almost bled to death
crawling to the local highway
after my encounter with that
I don't know if I'd
call that lucky.
I'm sorry for all you
suffered through, Sheriff,
but I'm a little confused.
In your official police
report, you claimed that
all the murders were
committed by a rabid
grizzly bear which you
dispatched with your firearm.
I claimed no such thing.
But isn't this your report?
That is some piece
of shit fairy tale
written up by the
Mayor's Office.
But that's your signature.
I stuck to the truth
as long as I could
until they threatened to ship me
to the state mental
hospital in Warm Springs.
Nobody believed me.
I was beat to hell
and I was just
so tired of fighting.
So, in the end, I went
along with their little plan
because I fought too
hard to keep my pension
and to stay out of the
booby hatch for years.
So, why open up now, Sheriff?
Aren't you still afraid of
what they might do to you?
The Mayor and all
his little cronies
behind the cover up,
they're all long gone.
Also, the town has
had time to heal,
and everyone there
needs to finally know
what really happened
during that time,
but more than anything,
I need to warn
your uh, more curious listeners.
They need to
understand one thing.
Stay away from
Bear Claw Mountain.
Well, Sheriff, the
mike is all yours.
Tell my thousands of
Shadowland subscribers
your eyewitness account.
Well, the trouble started
about fifty years ago.
All the locals knew to keep away
from the south side
of the mountain,
where there was this
unnatural black spring
that flowed through
this toxic waste
and then went out
into the deep woods.
Some charlatan came to
town and had a great idea
to make a couple of
bucks, so he claimed
that the waters actually had
miraculous healing powers.
Well, when people
heard about that,
that's when all the
desperate showed up.
When you got no hope,
you got no fear.
No, no.
Katy, please.
Trust me.
It's the only way.
No, please, no.
Katy, no, that's enough.
Everyone suspected where those
Orderly sisters were headed,
so my Granddad quickly
gathered up a search party,
to cut the girls
off before they,
they could get that evil place.
But they were too late.
Eyes to the ground,
folks, eyes to the ground.
[MAN] Elizabeth!
[MAN] Katy!
We need to get back
to the trail head
in an orderly manner.
Alright, everybody,
now move on out!
Oh, shit!
[DOCTOR] Morning, Jim.
How 'bout we cut the
shit and you tell me
why it is I'm here?
Okay, the results
aren't what we expected.
It's spread to your
lymphatic system.
What about all this
radiation treatment?
You said it would work.
I said chances were good.
You have a very aggressive
malignancy, Jim.
We thought we caught
it early enough
where the treatment could work.
So, this whole thing?
All the money I spent,
it was for nothing?
I can understand your anger.
No, you can't.
I'm gonna die, and there's
nothing you can do about it.
Afternoon, sir.
Got a lot of supplies, there.
You headin' on up to
one of the cabins?
Is there a problem, officer?
No, just you got a
lot of food, there,
and bears always like food,
so you should just be careful.
Thank you.
Bears bad.
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
No, I promise you.
We're almost there,
you guys, calm down.
Morning, people.
Welcome to Bear Claw Mountain.
Park officials called the
U.S.G.S. Geological Service
after the earthquake
created surface fissures
and several newly
formed pockets of this,
as yet to be
determined discharge.
Excuse me, but if this
stuff is of an unknown origin,
shouldn't we be issued
some kind of hazmat gear?
Hazmat gear?
This fuckin' guy.
[MIKE] Yeah, it's actually
gear that protects you
from hazardous materials.
Rubber gloves and goggles'll
do just fine for now.
We'll be stationed
down at campsite five.
Well, see you all in
few hours, people.
It's that way.
Let's go, Red.
Get on down to the campsite.
Come on, baby, let
me help you with that.
Oh, sorry.
Its all good, uh, George.
Nice to meet you.
Hotties first.
[GARY] Good morning.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
No, it's okay, you're fine.
Come on.
It's not that bad.
[WOMAN] Okay.
Who's there?
[JIM] I don't wanna
hear it, alright?
I gave up on remission
a long time ago.
Can't you just let
me die in peace?
Your body is
telling you something.
Tam, if I want a
drink or a cigarette,
it's my business.
I don't need a
fuckin' babysitter.
[TAMARA] Honey.
You're standing.
Oh, it's a miracle!
- Great. Bite your lip for me.
Little more.
I gotta go.
It's okay, calm down.
It's alright.
The fuck?
So, I dated this pike
like a year and a half.
Oh, Jesus, those
guys are all dicks.
Such a sleaze, I swear.
He could not keep
his hands off me.
Well, I mean, I
kinda don't blame him.
Well, no, but see,
no respect whatsoever.
Constantly groping me.
What is that?
That, there.
Mmmm, ow, ow, ow.
This isn't gonna work.
- Mmm, slow down.
- Why?
Because I hardly know you.
What's the matter?
I like you.
And you like me.
What else is there to know?
Your last name, for one thing.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Your name is George Lister?
Yeah, so what?
I have rushed
with Carrie Tamlin.
Carrie's a total cock tease.
What ever she says, it's a lie.
Lister the Fister?
I don't think so.
Come on.
Where are you going?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Wait up!
[EMMA] Ance, have you
ever put a tent up before?
[ANCE] Of course.
I used to be a Boy Scout.
- [EMMA] Oh, you did?
- [ANCE] Eagle Scout, yeah.
How'd it go, sweetie?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Great, I'm missing a support.
Do they, uh, look a
little something like these?
Exactly like that.
[MIKE] Guys, listen to this.
23 dead or missing in Bear
Claw Mountain Massacre.
Mike, do you
wanna maybe help us
set up camp at all today?
Listen to this.
Eyewitness accounts claim
that the victims were killed
by a man-beast eight feet
tall and black as coal.
Local mountain men called
it The Shadow of Death.
How cool is that?
Dude, it just, dude.
Hey, that was not cool.
This isn't a toy, man.
My mom bought me this.
Besides, I'm a man
of science, Mike.
I don't have time for your
superstitious folklore.
Oh, folklore, excuse me?
That was the front page
of the Bozeman Herald.
Guys, something killed 23
people 100 years ago right here.
Something like a bear, maybe.
Pretty hard to imagine
on Bear Claw Mountain.
You know what the
problem is here is,
you three guys, together,
you have zero imagination.
[DONNA] Even your reflection
makes me wanna vomit.
I said I was sorry.
We didn't mean for it
to happen, alright?
Oh, yeah that makes it
all okay, you fucking dick.
Please, Donna, okay?
What's done is done.
Right now we have to
think about the baby.
Fuck your baby.
Let's talk about your
need to fuck my husband.
Oh, gee, for
fuck's sake, okay?
It's like, are you ever
gonna get over this?
Ah, lemme think.
Are you fucking stupid?
You don't have to yell.
We can both hear you, alright?
I'm not yelling.
Who's yelling,
you fucking cock...
What the fuck did you do?
I hit something, okay?
It's hard to concentrate when
you two psychos keep fighting.
No, no, no don't
even bring it up to me.
It's your fuckin'
dumb cunt in the back.
You're such a fuckin' asshole.
I didn't do fuckin' anything...
Oh, you never do anything...
Would you just shut up?
You fat bitch.
Just shut up.
Shut up!
Shut up!
And let me take care of this.
Then get the fuck out
and take care of it.
No shit, you fag.
Do not do that shit!
I just wanna get the
fuck out of here.
Oh, shut the fuck up.
You know, why don't you
stop pretending to be a man
and let's just call a tow truck.
I swear to God, this is
the worst fucking trip ever.
I can't handle this.
- Jake.
- Jake.
I don't get you.
You want me to be positive,
and then I have a breakthrough
and you want me to
be afraid again?
If I'm curious, it's
just because I care.
You're just gonna
think I'm crazy.
No, I won't.
When I fell into
that black mud,
I swallowed enough
of that shit to die.
Dragged all that, all
that sickness out of me.
All that filthy
shit is gone, now.
I can just,
I can feel it.
No, no, no, what
I need is more time.
What the fuck do
you want from me?
I just got here.
I don't care about that.
We're so low profile,
no one will ever know.
What I need is a week.
Yeah, well, that's why we
have lawyers on retainer.
Send Conner, he'll rip
them a new asshole.
Call me back if
anything changes.
Jason Bonds.
Morning, folks.
Morning, Sheriff.
Can I help you?
Got yourself a
permit for this site?
Yes, of course.
Geologic field studies.
Got yourself a county permit?
Just about to head out
and collect some samples.
Well, I hope
you're not planning
on leaving your
site such a mess.
You're just asking
yourself for some bears.
Hear that, people?
Let's make sure the
site is spotless
before we leave it.
We don't want Yogi and
Boo-Boo showing up.
Is that it?
One more thing.
Mmm hmmm.
Gentleman that rented
to site next to yours
was supposed to check out today
and he hasn't shown up.
Hasn't broken down
his site, either.
Anyone seen our neighbor?
'Fraid not.
Well, just probably
got himself lost
and he'll show up
later in the day
on one of the smoke trails.
Welp, ya'll have
yourselves a nice day.
Hey, Sheriff, wait, wait.
Can you tell us about
the Shadow of Death?
Some mountain folks
say there's a creature
that appears every 50 years.
It's a horrid abomination
made of darkness, hate
and kills anything
that gets in its way.
But that's just
mountain folk talking,
and they're all about as
crazy as shithouse rats.
You all have a nice day, now.
You are an abomination of God.
I sentence you to hell.
Told you, it's real, dude.
(MUMBLING) it's real.
Hey, Dr. Jones.
Dr. Jones, I think I got it.
Everyone, take a look at this.
The U.S.G.S. satellite
places the epicenter
of the tremor right about here.
We've only got two days
to catalog our findings
before we're kicked
out of here by the EPA.
Why not let them do it?
I'm sure they're
better equipped for it.
And at least they're
getting paid.
We're under the gun, people,
and we have a lot of area
to cover, so I'm gonna
break us up in to teams.
Each group will be
assigned a specific task.
Mike, Emma, you two have some
biological training, right?
And you?
Well, actually,
I was Bio major
before I changed to Poli-Sci.
You're with me.
Mike, I want a complete
biological and chemical
breakdown of the epicenter
and it's surrounding regions.
Ance and Shiela, I want
you two to give full
seismic and geological analysis.
You'll head over to the
second largest deposit
on E7 through E14.
Okay, that leaves
George and Amber.
I want a full environmental
impact log and soil samples.
Tank the core, go
as deep as you can.
I'm your man.
Remember, we're
all on channel 2.
Any and all
findings, share them.
What are we waiting for?
Let's go.
'Scuse me for standing.
- Don't get in my way.
- Fine, I won't.
- Then don't.
- Fine, Shiela.
Everybody clear
the way for Shiela.
The path is yours.
Shut up.
Red carpet for Shiela.
Hey babe.
Hey, come on, wake up.
Hey babe.
What, are you gonna
sleep all day?
What is it we're
looking for again?
What about this?
Don't get too close.
Well, it looks like
someone's been using
Bear Claw Mountain as
a toxic waste dump.
I'd say we made a discovery.
We're gonna score some major
brownie points for this.
Let's get some stills.
Hello, there, ha.
Hi, Dr. Chris Jones, uh,
United States
Geological Services.
That's a hell of a
climb you have there.
Anyway, uh,
we're uh,
we're investigating
a series of tremors
that struck the
park last week, uh...
Excuse me, you
wanna turn that off?
This is a very
non-invasive process.
We just need a few samples.
It won't take more than an hour.
We just need your consent.
What are we
waiting for, people?
Let's go.
(MUMBLES) ever
since we got here?
Tell me about it,
you know, it's like...
I couldn't leave him
like that.
[DR. JONES] Call me
back if anything changes.
You are so obnoxious.
Seriously, I'm not, though...
- Yes, you are.
- Way worse than me.
I'm just misunderstood, alright?
Please, I've heard
all of the stories.
And none of 'em are true,
except for the one
about my elephant cock.
You give it rest, please?
What, are you, like,
in the fourth grade?
I thought you
wanted to hook up.
Well, I did, but
that was yesterday,
this is today.
I changed my mind.
Well, what did I do?
Nothing, I'm just,
just not into it
anymore, alright?
I get it.
You're on the rag, right?
That's fine, I don't mind.
And you wonder why I
don't wanna hook up.
Come on.
Don't leave me hangin' here.
I got needs.
You got needs.
What you need to do
is start taking samples.
Get away from me.
Yeah, you'll come around.
They always do.
Well, where are you going?
To take a piss.
Why don't you come along?
See what all the fuss is.
Ugh, focus Amber.
Three credits.
You can do this
one thing.
George, oh God, oh no.
You better be here for love.
Get your pants
up and let's go.
- Turn around.
- Come on.
I thought you were
taking a piss.
[GEORGE] Change in plan.
Hurry up.
Come on.
Oh, goddammit.
[AMBER] Get your pants
on, George, let's go.
Oh, please.
Hurry up, come on, George.
Where is the fire?
Right there.
Who the fuck is that?
[AMBER] Well, how the
hell am I supposed to know?
- Give me the radio.
- Why?
Dr. Jones?
Dr. Jones, come in.
- Dr. Jones!
- Gimme that!
- Well, wait up!
- [GEORGE] Speed up!
Slow down, George.
Wait here, people.
I have to take this.
Seriously, what
is that all about?
Mike, Emma, get over here.
Whoa, that is the
biggest one yet.
Careful, guys.
Don't contaminate
the flow pattern
until Mike has a
chance to document it.
Get it from the
other angle, too.
I want close-up stills.
This is fascinating.
What have we got here?
Not a molecule of
oxygen or drop of water
left in its body.
Every ounce of fluid has
been drained from it.
That's what killed it.
Cellular collapse
and dehydration.
Well, I've never seen
a geo-chemical reaction
like this before.
Alright, we're gonna have to
run a complete diagnostic.
That's gonna take three hours.
You better get started.
Dr. Jones.
Stupid work here.
Such an idiot.
Dr. Jones?
Dr. Jones?
Oh, fuck (WHIMPERING).
Take a look at this.
Is this from that same pool?
Mmm hmm.
That looks like a
primitive cell structure.
Whoa, whoa, are you
saying that gunk is alive?
Least it was, once.
Must take an extraordinary
amount of energy
to animate it.
This small sample simply
doesn't have enough
to sustain it.
It must be a fragment
of a much larger entity.
Let's call it a day and
head back to base camp.
Let everyone else know that
we're calling it a day.
All groups report
back to base camp.
I repeat, all groups
report back to base camp.
It's gonna be okay, honey.
honey, where'd you go?
Don't, I'm just
going to the bathroom.
[TAMARA] Well, hurry
up, I'm getting cold.
Yeah, just uh, just
go back to sleep, now.
Regina, you out there?
Rob, what can I do you for, hon?
Tell Randy to come up
here with the truck, asap.
Right away, Sheriff.
And tell him to bring his kit.
Looks like we got us
a double homicide.
must have a bad connection.
It sounded like
you said double...
I did.
And Regina, one more
thing, there's a group
of college students out here.
Call the college
Geology department
and get me the cell phone
number of a Dr. Jones,
you got that?
I'll see what I can do.
Thanks Regina.
I'll keep my ears on.
It was just a
bad dream, honey.
No, it just happened.
I saw you dead.
I killed you.
Why did you do that?
[TAMARA] It's just a sedative.
It'll help you calm down.
I can't.
Come on, now, lie back.
Anyone have a smoke?
You gotta quit that.
It's bad for your health.
One of our team's found
toxic waste in quadrant 17.
Maybe it's some sort of
Indian burial ground.
No, no, they don't
know anything yet.
That's exactly what
I was thinking.
Hello? Hello?
Did you have any luck
getting through to the police?
Yeah, Sheriff couldn't
make it out today.
Gather 'round everyone.
I have an announcement.
Where's George and Amber?
Oh, they didn't make
it back last night, sir.
- Really.
- I checked their tents.
Same as it was yesterday.
I'll check on that, then.
Anyway, I spoke with the college
and they want us to
continue our research.
We might be able to help them
build a case
against the assholes
dumping the toxic
waste in this area.
Mike, Emma.
You two are on your own.
I'm gonna hike over
to the epicenter.
Maybe the owner's in a, is a
little more rational today.
Emma, you are in charge.
Why does anybody
have to be in charge?
What's so funny?
Damn you, George.
This sucks.
I know it doesn't
make any sense.
I really want to get him
in for a full physical.
A CAT scan maybe?
I don't know.
Oh, um, I gotta go.
I'll talk to ya later, bye.
Oh, Jim.
Honey, are you, I don't think
you should be out of bed yet.
Who was that?
Honey, sit down.
I told her about
your remission.
She scheduled you for
a full exam next week.
She can schedule me all the
appointments she wants to.
I'm not going anywhere.
Honey, I don't think you
know how sick you really are.
I've never been better.
You don't remember anything
that happened last night?
I think you should leave.
[TAMARA] It's okay,
it's just a sedative.
You sit down, then.
I just don't know
who I am anymore, Tam.
I don't know.
Bear Claw Mountain.
Yeah, I need the number
for the nearest hospital.
Okay, thanks.
This is way too fascinating.
Searching the area for
any possible booby traps.
Emma, I found another one.
Do you know how big a
tremor it would have to be
to unearth a barrel that size?
Can you shoot it
from this angle?
[MIKE] What's that?
This is really nasty.
I need a closer look.
Well, that's interesting.
Let me see.
This stuff actually has a
primitive cell structure, too.
Just like that other spooge.
Okay, so, that spilled this way,
mixed with that.
Let me try something.
[MIKE] What is it of?
Hang on.
Did you, did you hear that?
Son of a bitch.
Come on, come on.
I found our missing hiker.
Have you heard back
from the college yet?
Call Jerry.
Tell him to shut down the park.
We have a maniac loose
in here somewhere.
Oh, thank God, thank God.
Who's in charge, here?
Oh, uh, no, nothing yet.
This is an amazing
waste of time.
Well, Shiela,
complaining's not
gonna make it go any faster.
I've been thinking
about this stuff.
Maybe it's not what
we think it is.
Okay, I'm listening.
Dr. Jones said it had a
primitive cell structure, right?
What if it was a natural
defense to the chemical waste?
That's a really
interesting theory.
Hold on.
Hey, we have seismic activity.
That's strange,
it's, it's almost rhythmic.
Is it another earthquake?
No, not at all, it's um...
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Get away from it.
Are you alright?
Where's the rest of your group?
Where's your group?
Hello, hello, is anyone there?
This is Sheriff Reynolds.
I need you to
assemble your entire
group and get back
to the trail head.
- [MAN OVER RADIO] Something happen?
- Just do it!
This is an emergency.
Back to the trail head.
Get out of here, now.
Get out of here!
I can't promise
complete accuracy.
We don't have the
latest equipment
out here in the sticks.
That's fine.
Let's see.
First pass seems pretty normal.
Red cell count is a bit high.
Elevated blood sugar but,
nothing out of the ordinary.
Hold on.
Let's go in for closer look.
Looks like the cells have
changed on a genetic level.
Wait, your sample.
No, we're on our way
back to the trail...
Holy fuck, what the
fuck happened to my car?
You guys, you guys.
Don't ever scare
me like that again.
Emma, it killed the
Sheriff and it killed Shiela
and it's gonna kill us!
Ance, calm down,
what is going on?
How do we get out of here?
How do we get out of here?
I think there's a
freeway right over...
[MIKE] What is going on?
[EMMA] Mike, come on!
What is going on?
I don't know, okay?
Something attacked
us and the Sheriff
thought he killed it but
it wasn't dead, okay?
Okay, what is it?
- What?
- I don't know!
Just hurry up!
Shut up, you got us lost!
Why, I didn't get you lost!
The freeway is right over there
and I'm not going anywhere until
you tell me what's going on.
It killed her!
What is it?
You keep saying it.
It's a monster.
It's the monster.
I don't know what it is!
What do you mean it's the...
I know what I saw,
I know what I saw,
but it wasn't a monster, no way.
Victims were killed
by a man-beast
that was eight feel tall
and black as night, Ance.
Think about it, this
is the Shadow of Death.
No, Ance is right,
it can't be a monster.
No, you remember
what the Sheriff said?
You guys, I'm serious,
this is for real.
It's real.
There's not even
anything back there.
I didn't see anything
the whole time we ran!
You saying I'm lying?
Did you guys hear that?
Mike, oh!
Oh my god!
I tried not to hit him.
No, no, do not
touch him, please.
Alright, let me get his head.
Help me, I need
your help please.
We have to wait
for an ambulance.
No, we can't wait
for an ambulance.
That thing is gonna wake up.
Come on, Ance, I need...
[TAMARA] Stand up.
I know it hurts,
please stand up.
Come on.
Do you have a cell
phone I can use?
Thank you, thank you so much.
Hang on, Ance, hang on.
Hi, hi, um, listen.
I am with a group of friends
up at Bear Claw Mountain
and some of my friends
have just been killed.
One of them is
injured and I need you
to send somebody right now.
No, it killed the Sheriff,
too, so I need you to send...
I don't know, just anybody
with a gun, please,
just send somebody now.
We are headed west
on Bear Claw Road.
No, no, no, the town's
the other direction.
He's right,
he's right, we need
to turn this car around.
I have to go to my cabin first.
[EMMA] No, no,
we don't have time.
We have to get out of here.
My boyfriend is
still up there.
I won't leave him.
Please listen to me.
The police are on
their way right now
and they can help him much,
much more than we can.
I have to get my
friend to a hospital.
Wait here.
Put this on.
She's gonna come back,
she'll come back.
Just put it on.
Oh my God.
Can you hear me?
Oh, Jim, we have to
get you out of here.
Can you stand up for me?
Can you do that?
Come on, honey, I need you
to stand up for me, okay?
- Can you do that for me?
- Leave me alone.
Jim, listen to me.
You're not safe here.
There's nothing left
for you here anymore.
Go, before you get hurt.
Goddammit, where
the fuck is she?
Hang on Ance.
I can't breathe.
You can't breathe at all?
Fuck I cannot wait for her...
Just hang on.
- Emma!
- Hang on Ance.
Hey, lady?
I killed those kids.
I couldn't stop myself.
The blackness.
It's in control now.
Trust me, I know.
Hey, lady?
Help me!
You're gonna die
just like your friends.
What did you say
about my friends?
How did you know
that my friends died?
Do it!
Do me now!
Do it!
Do me now!
[EMMA] Come on, open the door.
I'm not touching that door!
Do me now!
Then we're just
gonna shoot through it.
We have an emergency at
107 Bear Claw Mountain Road.
- What does that mean?
- Shhh, shut up.
Hey, hey, come here!
Come here.
Come here.
My God no!
Emma, come on, Emma!
He's doing this for you!
Let go of me!
Just go.
We have to go.
Ance, go.
Go, Ance, just go.
Go, Ance, just go.
Get up, get up.
Come on, Ance.
No, no, no, I've
been here before.
I've been here before.
What's that?
What is that?
It's toxic waste.
Fuckin' die!
After the massacre,
all of those barrels
just magically disappeared,
so no one could ever find
out what was in any of them.
But that little shit mayor,
he certainly got rich.
All the more reason for him
to go after you, I suppose...
You go find the official
autopsy on Jim Sheridan.
His body was held together
with nothin' but cancer.
I guess old Jim couldn't
escape his fate.
I don't think
anyone can, Sheriff.
Now, what about this creature?
I thought about
that for years.
That thing,
it was a disease.
What do you mean by that?
It grew so fast
out of sick land,
it only attacked the healthy
and then it just disappeared?
A disease can't just die.
So, what really
happened to it?
It went dormant.
It mutated into something
else, I don't know.
What I do know,
is all of your fans
have got to stay away
from Bear Claw Mountain.
Something that evil can never
be completely destroyed.
I like to say that
those things exist now,
in the Shadowlands, wooh.
So, what about the
other survivors?
Have you heard from any of them?
Uh, that was ten years
ago, miss, I don't know.
Well, would it
surprise you to know
that they're all dead?
Ance got his throat
slashed last week
during an apparent robbery.
That's city life for ya.
You know, it seems
to me that you're
the last witness
to tell the tale
of the Bear Claw
Massacre, Sheriff.
No, no, that's not right.
The two girls they
found in the woods.
They're still alive.
No, Tamara Lee died in um,
what did you call it?
A booby hatch, five years ago.
It was cancer.
Kat Sampson.
Um, they brought her into
the hospital after me.
They said she
survived the attack.
Oh, it wasn't an
attack, Sheriff.
It was a rape.
She was raped?
In the woods?
And she was so strong.
She held on for
four whole months
until she delivered
a healthy baby.
And the doctors called
it a miracle birth
and that baby grew so fast.
Twice as fast as any
normal child would.
It was like it had
a growing disease.
That's impossible.
It was a gift, a gift from
the daddy that she never knew.
And he gave her so
many gifts, as well as
a family debt that
needed to be repaid.
That's why I'm here, Sheriff.
For you.
This one's for you, Daddy.
My beautiful gift.
No, no!