Clean, Shaven (1993) Movie Script

[Seagull Squawking]
[Radio: Static]
[Static Continues]
[Static Continues]
[Static Continues]
[Cat Yowling]
[Static Continues]
[Seagulls Squawking]
[Static Continues]
- [Radio: Staticky Voices]
- [Voices Shouting]
- [Man's Voice]: : : Turned away...
- [Voices Continue]
[Man's Voice]
She turned around...
[Alarm Buzzing]
[Electrical Buzzing, Rasping]
- [Buzzing Continues]
- [Panting]
[Jet Landing]
[Buzzing Diminishes, Stops]
[Man Shouting, Indistinct]
- [Latch Opens]
- [Child Laughing]
[Children Shouting]
[Keys Jingling]
- [Engine Starts]
- [Radio: Static]
Temperature, 64 degrees: Humidity, 48%:
And the wind, west
at seven miles per hour:
- Forecast tonight, partly cloudy, low of 39:
- [Gasps]
Tomorrow, partly sunny...
Marine forecast, winds west to northwest
at seven to 14 knots this afternoon:
- [Metal Clattering]
- [Static Continues]
- [Blows Landing]
- [Girl Screaming]
[Screaming Continues]
[Vehicles Passing]
[Door Slams]
[Static Continues]
[Radio: Man]: : : Southwest,
increasing to 10 to 20 knots tomorrow:
Visibility clear, wave heights
averaging four to two: : :
And two to four feet on the ocean:
[Radio: Man #2]: : : Acts were not
spontaneous or impulsive: : :
But like a wild animal that
stalks its prey motivated by...
[Radio: Woman] ": : A walking stick of
dynamite with the fuse lit, '"thejudge said:
"And this court believes that
under the circumstances of the case... '"
[Radio: Man #3] ": : Viciously and
deliberately assaulted me, '"he said:
"I was left for dead
with a:25-caliber bullet: : :
"Lodged in my head about one inch
from my spinal cord:
"As a result of this violent act: : :
- My life has completely changed: '"
- [Radio: Staticky Voices]
[Breathing Heavily]
[Cars Passing]
[Seagulls Squawking]
[Car Approaching]
[Radio: Man] You got something
in your head you want out?
Because if you move your head one more
time, you ain't gonna have to worry about it: : :
'Cause I'm gonna kick that right off
the top of your goddamn head:
You understand that? See, I don't like nothin'
in the first place: And I don't like you:
When you wake up in the morning,
do you think: : :
That maybe I'll have to
kill somebody today?
Is that paranoia?
Yeah? For you it's paranoia:
For me it's a reality:
- [Drill Clanging]
- [Machinery Whirring]
[Baby Crying]
[Children Screaming]
[Woman Laughing]
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Dog Barking]
[No Audible Dialogue]
[Ship Horns Blowing]
[Engine Starts]
I'm sorry I'm late:
I was held up at the boat:
There was a lot of fish today:
Did you miss Mommy?
Did you have fun at school today?
Nicole, I'm sorry I'm late:
I really am:
Why don't we go home?
I got us a nice, big cod
for dinner tonight, okay?
[Seagulls Shrieking]
If you don't put that stick down...
Listen to me: I'm gonna hurt you:
Do you hear me?
- I'm gonna tell your father!
- [Man's Voice] Tell your father:!
[Girl Shouts]
- [Electrical Humming]
- [Radio: Static]
- [Humming Fades, Stops]
- [Static Fades, Stops]
[Water Running]
[Voice Whispering In Spanish]
[Voices Whispering, Indistinct]
[Electrical Buzzing]
[Jet Landing]
- [Clattering]
- [Rasping]
- [Woman Groaning]
- [Girl Screaming]
- [Electrical Buzzing]
- [Voice] No, don't:!
[Woman, Man Chuckling]
[Footsteps Passing]
[Crickets Chirping]
[Siren Wailing]
[Radio: Static]
[Siren Continues]
[Siren Fades]
[Siren Continues, Faint]
[Engine Idling]
[Birds Squawking]
[Radio: Man]
And from motherfuckin'now on...
Now, who know what "now on'"means?
"From now on: '"Somebody tell me:
Forever, till the day I die:
You can only make
one mistake and you're done:
You understand?
I hear so many motherfuckin'bells: : :
That when they don't ring,
I still hear 'em ring:
Look at me, motherfucker,
when I'm talking:
A tough guy: You got that?
And then what do you think's
gonna happen?
Keep that in your mind: Because
every one of us have family out there:
[Radio: Staticky Voices]
[Radio: Static]
[Bird Squawking]
[Engine Idling]
[Engine Stops]
- Will she like it?
- It's broken:
You still aren't taking care of yourself:
Do you want something to eat?
- Are you hungry?
- No:
Go ahead:
[Kettle Whistling]
- Do you need some help?
- What?
- [Whistling Continues]
- Listen to me:
Sit down:
[Whistling Continues]
[Whistling Stops]
I don't think I can live through
another summer like this:
It's so unusual:
Next year it won't be so bad:
Just stink:
Have to put up with it, I guess:
- Can't say that I really like it though:
- Where's Nicole?
Where's Nicole?
Why don't you go up
to your room and take a nap?
You really could use some rest:
Peter's here: What?
[Frogs Croaking]
[Flies Buzzing]
[Chattering On Police Radio]
[Camera Shutter Clicking]
- [Clicking Continues]
- [Man] Take another one here:
Her clothes are clean:
There's no blood anywhere:
No sign of resistance:
Her hands and nails are clean:
Jesus Christ:
Let's get her to the examiner in Lameque:
[Chattering On Radio Continues]
[Line Ringing]
[Man On Phone]
Motel Flagg, Marvin speaking:
Marvin: McNally:
When did you discover the body?
[Marvin Sighs] Man, I already
talked to the cops about this:
Okay: It was late in the morning,
around 11:00 or so:
I was painting the side of the building,
and I smelled this really bad smell:
So I went over to the bushes
and there she was: : :
- Lying there, rotting away:
- [Car Engine Starts]
I couldn't even finish painting
it stank so much:
How long had she been there anyway?
Hello? Hello?
I don't know:
[Muttering, Indistinct]
[Muttering Continues]
[Muttering Continues]
I guess you noticed:
I'm a mess:
Supper's at 7:00:
I won't wait:
You can get your own breakfast:
It's $10 every day:
Don't make a lot of noise:
[Water Running]
[Dishes Clattering]
[Bag Rustling]
- [Radio: Static]
- [Radio: Man] Winds will increase tonight:
Precipitation today, zero inches:
Total precipitation for August,
0:32 inches:
Total for this year to date,
30: 17 inches:
Forecast, winds west at six to 12 knots
and eight to 16 knots:
[Radio: Static]
: : : to 10 to 20 knots tomorrow:
Visibility clear with wave height...
[Radio: Static]
Current temperature is 48 degrees:
A deepening low will produce
winds to 40 miles an hour:
#[Music Box]
## [Continues]
[Children Chattering]
[Children Chattering]
[Chattering Continues]
[Electrical Humming]
- [Humming Stops]
- [Footsteps Approaching]
[Kettle Whistling]
- Do you want tea?
- Yes:
[Children Chattering]
You can't stay in the house all day:
It's not healthy:
You have to get outside,
make an effort:
They're killing people out there:
Listen to me:
Don't think about anything else
when I'm talking to you:
Just listen:
It's not healthy to sit inside all day
and not do anything:
You've got to do something:
Do you understand?
[Insects Buzzing]
[Door Opens, Closes]
[Flies Buzzing]
I'm, uh... I'm leaving:
I didn't understand
what you were trying to tell me:
But I understand:
You're right:
It's all up to me:
[Gutting Fish]
I don't have much money:
I can send you what I owe you, all right?
I will: L-I'll send it:
I mean, is that okay?
It's okay, right?
[Flies Buzzing]
Did he say where he was going?
He took his belongings?
Do you really think
he's gone for good?
Did he say anything about Nicole?
- Okay: See you then:
- [Handset Settles In Cradle]
I found only a slight trace
of blood on her clothing:
This indicates that
she was killed naked: : :
And then redressed
after the blood flow ceased:
The majority of damage was centered
on the upper-left thorax:
A wooden object produced
multiple costal fractures: : :
And a rupture of her left diaphragm:
You can see the extensive splintering:
I also found evidence of traumatic
hemothorax and pulmonary contusions:
Massive internal bleeding
caused her to suffocate:
[Chattering On Radio]
I can't do this now:
[Tires Squealing]
[Child's Voice Whispering]
Yeah, you haven't seen nothing:
[Voices Whispering, Indistinct]
[Whispering Continues]
[Siren Approaching]
[Whispering Continues]
Club soda:
Your granddaughter?
- [Door Opens]
- [Man] Give me the fuckin'money:
You see the fuckin' money
in the cash register? Give it to me now!
Hurry up, old man:! Put your fuckin'head
down, motherfucker, and keep it down:!
Come on, man:! Fuck:!
Give me the fucking cash:!
You wanna die too?
Well, what are you lookin'at?
I'll blow you away too,
you little shit!
[Muttering, Indistinct]
[Mutters, Indistinct]
[Radio: Staticky Voices]
[Radio: Man]
You gonna do something about that?
Why not?
Well, do something about it:
All you gotta do is get up
and go through me to get him:
There have been reports of a man
on the island following your daughter:
I'd like to place Nicole
under police observation:
No, I don't want that:
The man is Peter Winter,
Nicole's real father:
I know he was staying at the harbor
with his mother, Gladys Winter: : :
But he left her house yesterday:
The girl needs a father:
Would you have dinner
with me tonight?
- I live near the harbor, off...
- I know:
I'm not a cop:
I'm a detective:
[Voices Whispering, Indistinct]
[Whispering Continues, Indistinct]
- [Whispering Continues, Indistinct]
- [Radio: Static]
[Dog Barking, Growling]
[Metallic Rattling]
[Jet Approaching]
[Tires Squealing]
[Man] Come on, come on,
I see you: Come on: Fuck:! Come on:
- Come on: No fucking way:
- [Dog Barking]
You never hit me, man: Never, never:
Let's go, let's go: Come on!
Never: No fucking away:
I'm too fucking good:
Let's go: Come on:! Come on:!
[Barking Continues]
- [Tires Screech]
- Come on:
I see you:
Get the fuck down here: Come on:
Turn around: Come on:
I see you: Turn around:
Turn around:! I see you:! Come on:!
You can't: Turn around:
Come on: I see you: Turn around:
Come on: Turn around:
Just turn around: You can't hide from me:
You can't hide from me: Come on:
You can't hide from me:
Just turn around:
Just turn around: You can't hide from me:
You can't hide from me:
Just turn around:
Just turn around: Just turn around:
You hear me? You hear me?
You can't hide from me: You can't hide from me:
[Continues, Indistinct]
[Voice Stops]
This is when he was a baby:
Just slept in his crib all day:
Could go about our work:
This is right after we moved to Miscou:
He wasn't allowed to have a dog of his own,
so we went down the road to Mr: Miller's:
Played with his dog:
Think his name was Dash:
Spent all day long with that dog:
Dog died:
We said he could have a pet ofhis own,
but he wasn't interested after that:
He finished at
the top five percent of his class:
Then he went to Bathurst
to college the next year:
To study science:
But he dropped out
right at the beginning:
We didn't know:
He didn't want to be with us:
So he ended up on a boat off of Gaspe:
I think he was having difficulties:
[Breathing Erratically]
[Children Giggling]
[Girl Murmurs]
[Boy Chuckling Softly]
[Boy Sobbing]
Here he is when he thought
he'd gained too much weight: : :
Needed to go on a diet:
He lost 20 pounds in under a month,
and he went from looking like this: : :
To looking like this:
Not a healthy look:
Just didn't look like him:
He gained a little of the weight back,
but not enough:
He doesn't look like himself:
My husband made all those pictures:
He was a good man:
He took care of his family:
[McNally] Do you have any idea
where your son might have gone?
He came to see his daughter,
and when she didn't show up, he left:
Why did you put Nicole up for adoption?
Do you know what it's like
to see your son deteriorate?
When he was growing up,
he was a quiet boy, but he was happy:
And then all of a sudden he changed:
I won't have
that same thing happen to her:
[Girl Giggling]
- [Giggling Continues]
- [Metal Clanking]
[Children Squealing]
- [Children Giggling]
- [Children Squealing]
[Child Whispering]
[Children Squealing, Chattering]
- [Chattering Stops]
- [Breathing Erratically]
[Child Giggling]
The library is closed:
The library is closed:
You'll have to leave:
- [Electricity Humming]
- [Cricket Chirping]
[Crickets Chirping]
[Breathing Heavily]
[Woman Breathing Heavily]
[Radio Stations Changing]
[Radio: Man] Tomorrow will be dry as high
pressure holds over the upper Atlantic coast:
Winds from the east
will increase overnight:
[Children Whispering]
[Child Shouts]
[Jet Approaching]
[Jet Stops]
- [Horn Honking]
- What about the blood and the hair?
No trace of either on the body:
And the cigarette?
No saliva:
I see:
You are going to examine
the body again?
- Dr: Michaels:
- [Truck Passing]
[Handset Clatters]
[Breathing Heavily]
[Seagulls Squawking]
[Waves Crashing]
[Squawking Continues]
[Children Chattering, Giggling]
[Waves Crashing]
[Breathing Heavily]
[Breathing Heavily]
[Footsteps Approaching]
- [McNally] Grace Vibert?
- Yes:
Detective McNally:
I'm in charge of theJennifer Apel case:
I'd like to ask you a few questions
if you have a minute:
- Yes?
- You wereJennifer's teacher
at the time of her death?
- Yes: I was:
- She was eight:
- That puts her in third grade:
- Second:
Did you notice any change in her
attitude or behavior before her death?
No: Nothing:
- [Footsteps Approaching]
- [Phone Rings]
Can I help you?
I'm looking for my daughter:
Her name is Nicole Winter:
Y-You put her up for adoption:
You... You put her up for adoption:
- I can't help you:
- [Phone Rings]
[Phone Ringing, Dies]
[Phone Ringing, Low, Distorted]
[Distorted Ringing Continues]
- [Distortion Stops]
- [Ringing Continues]
- [Radio: Static]
- [Mouthing Words]
[Static Continues]
Well, do something about it:
All you gotta do is get up
and go through me to get him:
I regret every fuckin'day I been here:
You'd have to be a fuckin'fool not to take it:
- I wouldn't be here:
- [Man #2] This ain't no playground:!
We play for keeps in here:
And I'll kill you:
He was in the library,
and he came up behind me: : :
And he just frightened me to death:
- I'm so glad you're here:
- [McNally] Did he do anything to you?
Well, he didn't really do anything,
but he made me think: : :
That he was going to do
something bad to me:
- I see:
- So, are you going to protect us?
- Are you going to be here? I mean...
- Oh, yes: I'll be here for a while: Quite a while:
And what do you think?
I mean, is... Are we safe?
Well, let me take your name:
- You live in the, uh, town:
- I'm the librarian:
- Okay:
- Well, you could...
I'll give you my address: You could come over
later, and we could talk more about it perhaps:
[Birds Squawking]
[Radio: Static, Faint]
[Metallic Noise]
[Electrical Humming]
[Humming Stops]
- [Electrical Humming Resumes]
- [Radio: Static]
- [Humming Stops]
- [Metallic Noise Continues]
[Electrical Humming Resumes]
[Humming Stops]
[Radio: Static]
[Radio: Indistinct Voices, Faint]
[Electrical Humming]
[Radio: Voices Continue]
[Radio: Static, Voices Continue]
[Radio: Voices Continue]
[Vehicle Approaching]
#Little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
#Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was
[Engine Starts]
Hi, Gladys: I'm sorry we're late:
How are you?
Give your grandmother a kiss:
Go sit right over there:
When I was your age, a child wasn't allowed
to speak until their elders spoke to them:
My, she's becoming
a quiet child, isn't she?
I guess she has:
Haven't you?
Why doesn't my grandmother like me?
Now listen to me:
Your grandmother loves you very much:
Nicky, we've been through this
many times before:
Well, why can't I live with her?
Your grandmother still wants you
to live with her, but she's an older woman now:
And besides, now you have me:
You're not my mother:
I am your mother:
My mother is dead:
[Bird Screeches]
[Crickets Chirping]
I understand how things work:
I know what's going on:
I realize that certain people
are listening to me now:
I understand that...
[Continues, Indistinct]
For a long time now:
[Continues, Indistinct]
These are difficult times,
and you know, that to pull through...
[Radio: Man]
The time has come:
[Helicopter Whirring In Distance]
[Twig Snaps]
[Breathing Heavily]
Hello, Nicole:
Who are you?
I'm your father:
You remember me?
My name's Peter:
Your grandmother Gladys is...
i-is my mother:
[Breathing Heavily]
You always play by yourself?
Well, maybe...
Maybe we could play together:
You want to go to the beach?
Would you like that?
Let's go to the beach, okay?
[Keys Jingle]
Oh, it doesn't work:
You don't have a very nice car:
[Engine Starts]
You like the radio?
- Yes:
- What do you like to listen to?
I don't know:
Is my mother really dead?
What was she like?
She was...
She wasn't like anyone else:
She was different: Uh...
Really different:
There's a lot of people
out there who: : : Want to hurt you:
And... W-Wherever...
Wherever you are:
She was good:
How about some breakfast?
[Engine Stops]
[Radio: Staticky Voices, Indistinct]
Move over, sweetie:
[Engine Starts]
[Seagulls Squawking]
- [Chuckling]
- [Giggling]
[Nicole Giggles]
[Staticky Chattering On Police Radio]
[Seagull Squawking]
That's where I've been while
you've been growing up:
I was in a... in a hospital bed,
and I had been operated on:
And they had put a...
a small receiver in the back of my head
and a transmitter in my finger:
Know what they are?
- A radio?
- Yeah: Radio:
Anyway, to get at the...
the transmitter,
I had to take my fingernail off:
How would you do that?
How did I take it off? I...
I feel better:
I can... I think clearer:
But I still have to get
the receiver out of my head:
If I could just slow down a little bit: : :
I know I could come up with a solution:
[Seagull Squawking]
[Seagull Squawking]
Stop:! Freeze:!
- [Gunshot]
- [Body Thuds]
It's okay:
It doesn't hurt:
You're gonna...
You're gonna be all right:
There's no pain:
Just try to move a little:
Just move a little, baby:
Daddy's here:
Just leave me alone:!
I'm not gonna...
listening to you!
I'm clean:
It's out of my mind:
[Cricket Chirping]
[Cricket Chirping]
[Crickets Chirping]
[Flies Buzzing]
Absolutely buddy-buddy: : :
With Mr: Beefeater
and Mr: Tanqueray:
I'm continuing:
Have patience:
- [Woman] Come on: Start from the beginning:
- I just started:
[Michaels] This indicates that she was
killed naked and then re-dressed...
[Seagulls Squawking]
Come on: Buy me another drink:
He was the scariest person
I've ever seen:
He had dirty pictures
all over his car:
- Just try to move a little:
- [Gunshot]
- Just move a little, baby:
- [Gunshot]
[Robber] What are you looking at?
I'll blow you away too, you little shit:!
- You sound like a fuckin' broken record:
- You're full of shit:
What do I have to do?
[Seagulls Squawking]
[Birds Squawking]
[Ship Horn Blows]
- Hello: Hello: Daddy, are you there?
- [Static]
- Hello: Hello: Daddy, are you there?
- [Static]
- Hello:
- [Static]
- Daddy, are you there?
- [Static]
- Hello:
- [Static]
[Static Continues]
[Seagulls Squawking]
[Static Continues]
[Squawking Continues]
- [Static Continues]
- [Squawking Stops]
[Static Continues]
[Static Continues]
[Static Continues]
[Static Continues]
[Static Continues]
[Static Continues]
[Static Continues]
[Static Fades]
[Electrical Buzzing]
[Static Continues]
- [Static Continues]
- [Buzzing Continues]
[Buzzing Stops]
[Static Fades]