Clearcut (1991) Movie Script

(Distant wailing)
(Plane engine roaring)
(Dramatic music)
- Hang on to your cookie.
It's a couple of degrees hotter
where they've clearcut the area.
It roughs up the air.
- [Peter] Looks like
the moon on a bad day.
- [Pilot] Looks like money to me.
(Distant howling)
Where about in particular?
- [Peter] What?
- Where abouts in particular?
- You know.
We're in the right place?
(Distant animal calling)
You wouldn't shit me now, would you?
(Engine squealing)
(Engine roaring)
Goddamn it!
- [Child] Got a light?
- Who are you?
- Polly.
Never go into the woods without matches.
- Thank you, Polly,
I'll remember that.
Am I in the right place?
Do you know who I am?
(Polly speaking native language)
- You're the man who talks to us.
Follow me.
- [Peter] Hold on.
- Go home now!
Let the machines through!
(People shouting)
(Engine roaring)
(Men grunting)
- Hey pal, say cheese!
What does this mean for your people?
What's next, what's next?
- Are you okay, Eugene?
- You fuck!
- Where is wilf?
- Your fucking white ass court did this.
You fucking white mouth!
You lying mouth!
Get out of here!
- Thanks pal.
- You puke!
- Mr Maguire, do you intend to appeal?
- Where is wilf, Tom?
- Mr Maguire, do you intend to appeal?
- You said we'd win.
- I said that we had a chance...
Do you mind?
Where is wilf?
- Tom, I said we had a chance.
- You still get payed when you lose?
(Voices overlapping)
- [Man] Go home now!
- Wilf is here somewhere.
(People shouting)
- [Woman] You don't belong here!
(Man chanting)
(Eerie vocalizing)
- Are you in charge of this mess?
Where are you going, chief?
Not much of a warrior, are you?
- Hey, stop it!
I represent these people.
My name is Peter Maguire,
I'm a lawyer from Toronto
and wilf redwing is a good friend of mine.
- Then tell them to back off.
Tell them they lost.
- I'll have your badge.
- Hello, white man.
- Hello Indian.
- How are you?
- I'm ok.
- I'm sorry, wilf.
I didn't expect this.
I have to go back.
I have to appeal immediately.
We'll beat them!
Just make sure to gather
your people together
so there's no confrontation.
No violence.
- Don't worry, we'll be alright.
- Do you have a vehicle?
- Sure do.
- Give me a ride to the airport?
- Absolutely, this way.
(Singers chanting)
(Saws buzzing)
- My briefcase!
(Singers vocalizing)
- Damn it!
- Let's go.
(Singers vocalizing)
- Sing for your supper?
- What do you want to know?
- Well let's see now, you just lost
a native rights case,
that's been front section
news for the last month.
How do you feel?
A little sick to your stomach?
- The complaint was based
on the impact of a road,
not native rights.
- The judge didn't care that
the road would only be used
to cut Indian trees.
- [Woman] Any further
comments, Mr. Maguire?
- [Peter] Nice road.
- Mr. Maguire.
- We intend to appeal.
You'll drive me to the airport,
thank you very much.
We'll be in Toronto tonight,
and by 8:00 tomorrow morning
we'll be in conference
on the application.
- Hip hip hurray!
- What?
- I said you're not gonna win,
so why bother to appeal?
- That's not what you said.
Well, I don't know that
we're not gonna win.
Why did you bring me here?
- I need five minutes.
- My plane?
- Call another taxi.
- The court ruled in your favor, sir,
but do you think that the Indians...
- They didn't rule in our favor,
they ruled for everybody.
- Mr. Rickets, do you
consider this a major victory?
- Victory? Victory?
What this talk about victory?
Did our baseball play today?
Did we win?
I should know, I coached at times...
- [Interviewer] What do
the shareholders think?
- I don't know.
Seriously, this has not been a
competition, we're been
in here the last 6 months.
We've been listening to
all sides of the issue
and we've been hearing people's needs,
desires and now we've met them all
and justice has been done.
That's all I have to say at this time.
Thank you.
- [Interviewer] One more question...
(Machines roaring)
- You're a joker, sir. (Laughing)
- What are you doing here?
- Peter, what are you doing?
You're not thinking of
talking to my client, are you?
Peter, that's not something that's going
through your mind, is it?
I think Mr. Maguire is a little confused.
- Our victory, his loss, Peter?
- We haven't met, have we?
- Mr Maguire and I are discussing something.
- Somewhere across a crowded court.
- Aren't we, Mr. Maguire?
- We're gonna meet...
- Bud rickets.
Filthy industrialist.
- This is not
the time nor the place...
- Where's your halo, mr Maguire?
- I keep it in my briefcase.
It is on your road, where your
machinery is destroying the forest.
Stop the construction
until I've had a chance
to file for an appeal.
There's no reason for people
to get arrested or hurt.
Listen, if I'm not given
leave to appeal, slash away.
- What do you think I'm gonna say to this?
- We're talking three weeks.
- What do you think I'm gonna say?
- You're gonna say no.
Then I'm going to appeal
to your sense of decency.
- Sure you are.
- Fair play?
- Yes, of course, fair play.
- Why terrorize people?
- Careful, Maguire.
- You'll get more accomplished
with native cooperation...
- I've wasted 6 months
to get that road cut,
six months to get to the trees that I need
to keep this mill at full capacity
and keep the town in full employment.
What do you think I'm gonna say
to your cooperating Indians?
Well, you know what I'm going to say,
so why, in fact, are you here?
In five.
Perhaps if I was representing
the band of cooperating Indians,
I'd wanna keep up appearances too.
I never begrudge a man
his living Maguire,
so file your appeal and collect your fee,
but don't ask me to play your fool.
- [Man offscreen] Press
conference is over,
thank you very much.
(Reporters chattering)
- Peter, this was really improper.
- You guys are working
overtime here, right?
(Horn honking)
(Voices overlapping)
- Hi Donna, sorry to call you at home,
but, I'm gonna be delayed another day.
So you're gonna have to cancel
my appointments for tomorrow.
Well, you're just gonna have to try.
I'm meeting with the
head of the band council.
(Faint voice speaking on TV)
Well, just do what's to be done, okay?
Listen, listen!
Try to cover for me, alright?
Thank you, bye bye.
- [Reporter] Plant manager bud rickets.
- My concern, in all of this,
has always been for the local people.
The workers, their wives and children.
Jobs and mortgage payments.
Everything has been up in the air.
But some knee-jerk environmentalist from
the south, these lawyers, pencil pushers
get a nice, big fat contract like this,
do their job, win or lose, they're gone.
They use more paper than anybody.
- [Reporter] Nine
protesters were arrested...
- Why didn't they arrest you?
- Well, I'm six foot five, I'm too big
to fit in a cruiser.
Mountie's are lazy kind of guys, eh?
- They were regional police.
- All police are mounties.
- [Peter] Well you were right not
to get into a fight with them.
- [Wilt] Yeah, those white guys might
have done some serious damage.
(Tense music)
(Road crunching)
(Crow cawing)
- Hey, hey, Tom.
(Car clattering)
- So, do you have a phone
in your car in Toronto?
- Uh-huh.
- I don't have a phone in my truck.
- Anytime you need a ride somewhere.
- Just light a fire, white man.
- I could fry some bread?
- No thanks.
(Paper crinkling)
I think...
We may be beaten on this one, wilf.
- Eh, it's just a long
battle, we haven't won yet.
- An appeal might succeed.
No it won't.
One more time,
wilf, you'll lose again.
It might be one long battle,
your forests, your rivers, your lakes.
One long fight, but I'm sorry,
wilf, you'll lose again.
And I don't see any great shining hope
at the end of your tunnel.
(Birds calling)
Your world is turning to shit.
(Dramatic music)
- And you feel?
- I feel like somebody has to pay.
Somebody has to hurt.
People like me have done you no good.
I've failed you.
- Who do you feel bad for?
Us, or yourself?
- No.
- Give it back to me.
(Ceremonial music)
The sweat ceremony is to purify yourself.
To give you an insight.
- Into what?
- Yourself.
To help you find out what you really want.
But don't be afraid.
- Of what?
- Of yourself.
(Wilf speaking native language)
(Peter speaking native language)
It'll be dark to remind you
we are in the womb of mother earth
and we are naked as in birth.
(Peter coughing)
(Dramatic music)
(Steady drumming)
(Peter panting)
(Steam sizzling)
(Peter panting)
Are you okay?
Say a prayer.
- What?
- [Wilt] What do you see?
- What prayer?
- What do you want?
Look inside for what you really want.
(Water sizzling) (Peter panting)
(Peter coughing) (Wind blowing)
(Mysterious music)
(Singer chanting)
(Eerie roaring)
(Peter moaning)
(Peter screaming)
(Water lapping) (Wind blowing)
(Peter panting)
(Gull cawing)
- So, what does a man who
talks for us do for us?
- He, uh...
We haven't met?
Yes, uh... i'm, uh...
I'm your lawyer.
I'm the man who...
I'm Peter Maguire, the
man who talks for you.
- And what has Peter
Maguire done for me lately?
- I lost your case against the mill.
- Yeah?
So what does he do for us next?
- Blow the place up.
- Ok.
- Tie the mill manager
up and skin him alive.
- Do you think that's a good idea?
(Pair chuckling)
(Gulls cawing)
- Who's he?
- Arthur.
He wants to ride to town with us.
- Why not?
(Engine starting)
Where are you from?
- Recently?
- Alright.
Are you ojibwa?
- No.
- Cree?
- Same thing.
- No, they're not.
- Well, do you know about these things?
- I don't think I'm completely
ignorant about the native cultures,
I've read quite a few books on them.
- Books, literature.
You know, the white man makes
me laugh with his writing.
- Well, the early huron didn't laugh,
they thought writing was magic.
- Is that a fact?
You know, us Indian folks
have an oral tradition.
- I know that.
- So, the man who talks
thinks he knows things.
But do you really know our oral tradition?
(Arthur spitting)
That's oral tradition.
- You're a bit tiresome, aren't you?
(Faint distant singing)
(Voices overlapping)
(Thumping on wall)
Shut up, you stupid...
(Faint singing) (Lively music)
What I need is a bomb.
(Man laughing)
Shut up!
(Rapid knocking)
- Hello.
Gnarly room.
So, let's do it.
- What?
- What we talked about.
- Listen, Arthur...
I'm very tired.
Maybe we can talk about this tomorrow.
- What's all that?
- What are you gonna do?
- Anything.
- I really wanna get some sleep so,
if you don't mind...
- I forgot.
Arthur is tiresome.
Do you know that they ripped up
half of my other road today?
(Device beeping)
You could help me kidnap
the plant manager.
- What?
- What?
Bud rickets.
It was a good idea you
had to blow up the mill.
-Was I...
Was I serious about that?
- It's what you said.
But it wouldn't work.
I don't have any dynamite.
- Too bad.
- But we could skin him.
Put him through his debarking machine.
You know, maybe if a
guy thinks he cuts down our
trees that somebody will cut him.
He'll worry.
That'd be something, hey?
You and me, we could
make bud rickets worry.
What do you say, Peter Maguire?
What do you say to that?
Want them quiet?
Ok, go.
Tell them that the noise is bothering you.
Be polite and see where it
gets you with that scum.
(Distant shouting)
- [Man] I've come with
some new material...
- [Woman] No, unbelievable!
(Man laughing)
- [Man] Come on, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
(Faint rock music)
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, maybe you haven't noticed, but...
- Huh?
- Maybe you haven't noticed but
I been banging on the walls.
You guys are making a lot of noise...
- Huh?
- You guys are making a lot of noise!
- Who, us?
- Yeah, and I'd like to get some sleep,
so if you wouldn't mind to keep it down.
I wouldn't want to call the cops.
- Oh, heavens, no.
But let's get a second opinion here.
Who thinks we were being loud?
Let's vote, hey!
- Raise your hand...
- Geez, you son of a bitch,
what the hell are you doing?
Okay, okay, look, it's cool, huh?
No need to...
- I know you.
- No, you don't know me.
- Hey, hey, we don't know you.
(Rock music)
- Get them out of here.
Everything's cool.
Party's over, alright?
- Now I remember you.
You are the superior fucking race.
- Stop this.
- I just wanted it quiet.
(Man grunts)
- Ok, everything's quiet!
Everything's cool.
It's done, right?
- You got that right.
- This has nothing to do with me, alright?
This has nothing whatsoever
to do with me, ok?
- Tape them up.
You wanted them quiet.
(Man grunting)
Or should I just slit their throats?
That'd shut them up!
Okay, okay!
(Tape ripping)
(Both grunting)
- Everything's cool.
(Laughing) You're an asshole.
(Muffled shouting)
- So.
You are the superior fucking race.
- No.
- No.
- Are you lying to me all this time?
- [Peter leave her alone.
- Oh, nein, nein, nein mein injun!
Don't hurt the good lady.
Shit through the walls.
Superior, fucking good looking white race.
Just partying shit, through the walls.
Talking, partying all over the earth.
That's good looking shit.
(Woman whimpering)
Through the walls.
Shut up real good, huh?
There, now they're all quiet.
We've done a good job.
One more thing.
- Wait, don't...
Don't do that!
(Captives whimpering)
- Ok.
Now let's do some real work.
You and me, hm?
This is Tom starblanket's truck.
He's a good friend of mine.
He wouldn't want anybody hurt.
- Do you think if I cut
off your little whistle,
he'll get mad at me?
(Arthur laughing)
- What are we doing here?
- Bud rickets.
- How do you know he'll come here?
Don't do this.
- Well, don't you hate him?
I thought you did.
- I do, but this...
- No, I thought you really hated him.
- I'm going to appeal.
I am!
I can beat him in court!
- Here he comes.
- Violence will accomplish nothing!
Nothing, you understand?
- Now, just who are you lying to?
(Tires screeching)
- Ooh, you jerk!
What are you doing, you
dumb drunken Indian?
You ignorant, dumb drunken Indian!
Maguire, look what your
Indian did to my car.
- It's not your car
you should worry about.
Just get yourself out of here quick.
- Don't worry about my car?
Look what he did to my car!
You bird brain!
Where did you get your license?
In a chip bag?
You jerk!
You beetle brain jerk!
What the hell are you doing?
(Rickets choking)
Maguire, what hell's going on here?
(Tense music)
(Dog barking)
(Metal clanging)
- What is this, wilf?
I'm on your side.
God damn it!
- You are now.
(Muffled grunts)
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna kill him.
- No.
- I'm gonna scalp him.
I could scalp him and be a real injun!
I should be a real injun,
shouldn't I?
Shouldn't I?
- This can't happen, wilf.
We're talking kidnapping and assault here.
- Arthur has come to do this.
-And he'll be in big trouble for it.
And he's not the only one, wilf,
you'll be in serious trouble too!
Ok, listen.
No one's been hurt, cut
the tape and it's all over.
All right?
I'll forget the whole thing!
Listen to me!
- I have been.
- So stop before it's too late.
- No.
- [Peter] Wilf, put a stop to this.
The influence of an
elder can be overrated.
Someone has to pay.
- I'm your friend, I'm your
lawyer, I work for you!
- (Pained grunt) What in
god's name are you doing?
(Blow landing)
(Rickets cries out in pain)
- Where is your daughter?
I need a good fuck!
- Stop this, you hear me!
- Give her a good fuck
and then do her with a
screwdriver, remember that?
- Stop it!
- You hate me, don't you?
You hate me so much you're
scared shitless. (Chuckles)
See, a man tears the wings off
a bird, and he hates
it, 'cause it can't fly,
and then it scares him,
'cause he doesn't know what it's good for,
lying there flopping around
on the ground like a fish!
- Maguire, what on earth
is he talking about?
And what are you doing here?
- I'd help you if I could, I would!
- Talk to me.
Tell me what's on your mind.
You want a job at the mill,
is that what this is about?
Talk to me!
- You're like a fish, talking
to a fucking oil tanker.
- I've got friends you can talk to.
- Oh, you mean like doctors?
And what are you going to say to a doctor?
That I got a bloody nose
and this murderin' mad injun
needs to be in the loony bin?
- We can talk.
- Talk to my buddy.
- I'm not your buddy.
- He's the man who talks for us.
- I'd rather talk to you.
- Talk to him.
- What the hell are you talking about?
And say what?
- I've got nothing to say.
- Well, neither do I.
(Birds calling)
- Wilf, where are we going?
- Get in.
- We have to know.
- Get in!
(Arthur chanting)
That's tradition.
- Wilf, this is not right!
(Arthur chanting)
(Device beeping) Jesus, Murphy.
(Panting chants)
Sit down!
(Tense music)
(Engine humming)
- What happened to the last guy
you lost a court case to?
- The inuit fed him to their dogs.
- You're in on this, aren't you?
- Sure, all the way.
- You're quite the loser, I hear,
one good cause after the other, I hear.
- Excusing the pun, but
we're in the same boat,
right now I'm the only friend you've got.
- Can you handle your Indian?
Wow, I am filled with confidence.
(Solemn music) (Singer chanting)
- They're maybe three or four miles away.
The boss gets kidnapped, man, oh man,
keep those trees coming down.
- Ah, they're snipers.
Snipe away...
Arthur, hear those cats?
Those are my cats out there.
- You think they'll take
a break for your funeral
or just go double cream in their coffee?
You can't catch fish that way.
- Just between an Indian and a white man,
how would you catch a fish?
- I wouldn't with my
hands tied behind my back.
- Then it's a good thing
we already got one.
- You know what I'm thinking?
You don't know a thing about me.
I think you're thinking
about somebody else.
You got yourself the wrong guy here.
You made a mistake.
- Do the fish.
- You gotta clean it first.
- It's Indian style.
Scales, guts and all.
- [Rickets]] That's not
Indian, that's lazy.
- Like iroquois.
- Lazy, I said it's lazy.
I've cooked fish.
I'm an outdoorsman, I know fish,
I know the bush.
Cut me loose and I'll do it for you.
Okay, okay, okay, okay!
If I am in fact who you think I am,
what in fact do you want?
- I want Indian peoples to be happy, eh.
- What?
- You could turn off
the mill and you don't.
- What, you mean just switch it off
like a light bulb or something?
- Arthur, it's not that simple.
- That mill is the
lifeblood of this community,
it feeds 1,000 people and their families.
If I switch it off,
where are they gonna go?
- Arthur, don't bother talking to him.
He doesn't want to understand.
- Shut up!
I am talking to Arthur here,
about what Arthur wants to talk about.
So, Arthur, what are you talking about?
- I'm talking about the trees.
- We're planting new ones.
- You cut more than you plant.
- No, we don't!
Ok, ok, ok.
You stop using paper products,
and we'll stop cutting your trees.
- You commit crimes, admit it!
- And you reap the benefits,
just admit it.
(Shot firing)
(Peter grunting)
(Shots firing)
(Peter panting)
- I think they're hunters.
- Run, run, save us!
You're not tied up.
Run for god's sake!
Go, tell them who we are.
Hurry up!
(Peter grunting)
- Shit!
What the hell's going on?
- We need help.
We've been kidnapped.
There's two of us, there's...
- What the hell is going on here?
-A man over there, he's tied up.
- Shut up, are you alright?
- We're doing a hunt around here.
- What does it look like, for Christ sake?
We're trailing a moose.
Have you seen our moose?
- Do I look like a fucking moose, Elmer?
- Oh, fuck.
- Yeah right, fuck,
this is Indian land, chief.
(Gun cocking)
- Actually, I don't think
this is Indian land.
- Well, I'm a fucking Indian.
- That doesn't make it Indian land.
- Ok listen, do you guys have a vehicle?
You must have a vehicle.
- Look, I'm from Chicago,
do you live around here?
- Take us out of here
with you, we're kidnapped,
there's a man over there...
- He's confused.
- Yeah, I think we're all
a little bit confused.
- My name is Peter Maguire,
I'm a lawyer from Toronto.
- We're doing a ceremony.
- Listen to me, I'm a lawyer.
- We're visiting our mother.
- Let's get the fuck out of here.
- What mother?
Is it his mother, my mother, who?
- It's a ritual, yeah?
And it's confusing.
- Confusing, shit, look.
Look, I've got a business card, here!
- Sorry we upset your day.
- Arthur, this asshole's shooting at you,
trespassing on your land
and you're gonna settle
for a few measly bucks.
- Don't call me an asshole.
That's something that I don't take.
Are we okay?
- It's not ok, there's two
of us, we've been kidnapped,
don't you understand?
- Ok.
- You disappoint me, Arthur.
Why are you doing this?
What's this all about?
- What, you wanna go with those guys?
Catch up!
- You'd shoot me.
- Maybe.
Might shoot you if you stay, too.
(Birds chirping)
- What happened?
Who were they?
Where did they go?
What happened?
- Shut up! (Rickets grunting)
- Cut the tape.
- Eh?
- Cut the tape off, you heard me.
Let him loose.
This has gone far enough.
- You let me go, and the company
will give you what you want.
- Oh yeah?
- That's not why he's done this.
- Let me go and the company will give you
whatever it is you want, within reason.
-Arthur, he missed the point.
He's never gonna understand!
Let him loose!
- Apache style.
- Arthur, are you listening to me?
Enough's enough.
Cut the rest!
(Both grunting)
- You don't know nothing.
I listen to you?
You think I give a fuck what you say?
Your words, your papers,
your limp white dick.
You think, you think
you know what I think.
You think you know me.
Well, fuck you.
Let's get fucking serious here,
let's get things done.
(Engine humming)
(Rickets laughing)
- He's a man of action, is our Arthur.
He and I understand each other. (Laughing)
(Rickets laughing)
I don't know where you fit.
(Rickets laughing)
Oh, dear...
You're choosing your
side so conscientiously.
(Rickets laughing)
Can we call this a, uh...
(Rickets laughing)
(Solemn music)
(Singers chanting)
(Frogs croaking)
So what now Maguire, now that you're free?
No rope, no tape, now that you're free.
Huh, Maguire?
Now that you're free.
- I think he's gone.
- Arthur!
(Wolf howling)
Okay, cut the tape.
Cut me out of this.
Cut me out of this!
Hurry up, he's gone, hurry up!
- Do you hear your trees?
They're crying.
- Indians give me the creeps.
It's like they know something we don't.
We've got things to talk about, chief.
You and I.
There's things here I don't understand.
So enlighten me.
Tell me what my mill has destroyed.
Tell me about, uh, your
traditional way of life.
Tell me about freezing to death,
that was tradition, wasn't it?
Tell me about your wars.
Tell me about your old people.
Tell me about your children,
starving winter after winter after winter.
The mill has given you roads,
transportation, medical services,
stores, schools, decent houses,
sewage, plumbing...
- Reserve plumbing don't work.
- Well get it fixed, chief, it's free.
Put your bottle on the
table and pick up the phone.
- The phones don't work.
- Oh, so it's the phones too, is it?
- Busted.
Everything's busted.
- Poor Arthur.
Poor, poor Arthur.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Don't you use that language on me.
From Arthur I expect it, but don't
you use that language on me!
You're starting to look like one of them.
Do you like that?
- Hi, I'm an Indian.
Look at me mom, I got an identity too, eh?
- He's going to kill you.
(Wolves howling)
- Well lucky you.
You get to defend in another losing cause.
What'll the government pay
for our Arthur's defense?
Another installment on your Porsche?
And the government
will want it to look good,
justice seen to be done.
That'll be worth a nice
buck. (Clicks tongue)
Yes, sir, lucky you, mm-mm!
Another lovely losing cause.
And you're sucking the Porsche
from the taxpayer's tit.
(Makes sucking sound)
(Wind blowing)
(Singer vocalizing)
(Dramatic music)
(Device beeping)
(Tense music)
(Singer vocalizing)
(Rickets screaming)
(Arthur chanting softly)
(Rickets sobbing)
- What are you doing?
- Debarking him.
Well, you wanted him hurt, right?
Skinned alive is what you said.
Well I am your friendly
neighborhood cruel Indian.
(Rickets crying out)
Thought you could escape?
They always do escape
and wake up gone from what they do.
The bad ones, the terrible ones
with their chainsaws and log skitters.
They always wake up
gone from what they do.
- Stop it!
- I'm cauterizing the wound.
Or do you want him to bleed to death?
I don't want him to bleed to death.
(Stick sizzling)
(Rickets screaming)
You think I'm cruel?
You'll forget about the trees
and the kids born stupid
and the judges who laugh.
You'll forget!
And Arthur will still be cruel.
- [Peter] Stop it!
- Stop me.
- Is this your revenge?
- You know that the soldiers used to play
catch with breasts of navajo women?
And they were slippery
and hard to hang on to,
and the soldiers, they'd
all laugh. (Laughing)
Arthur is cruel and I forget why.
Well, it's time for them to pay.
- How much?
- More than this.
- This is enough.
- Enough?
This is nothing, this
is only one man's leg.
God damn, you come cheap.
(Cicada buzzing)
(Dramatic music)
(Wilf chanting)
- How did you know... where we were?
(Dramatic music)
(Wilf chanting)
- Freeze, turn around, turn around!
- What are you doing?
- Put your hands on the back of your head.
- Face down!
- Don't touch him!
He's just an old man.
- Shut up, asshole.
- (Dramatic music)
- The man has a rifle!
- Mr. Rickets, are you okay?
- I don't know.
- The man has a rifle, he's out there!
Why don't we just get
the hell out of here?
(Wilf chanting in native language)
Why don't you fucking listen to me?
(Wilf chanting in native language)
(Shot firing) (Cop gasping)
(Body splashing)
(Shot firing) (Cop grunting)
- Oh, shit.
(Cop gasping)
- It's the Indian guy
that's supposed to be dead,
that's what you think, isn't it?
- No! (Blow smacking)
- Get rickets and let's
get the fuck out of here.
(Dramatic music)
- Somebody had to pay.
- What are you talking about?
- You dreamed anger,
and your anger is real.
- We just...
We can't leave...
(Birds calling)
(Boat sliding)
- I would like to tell you a story.
- I'm not interested in the story...
- About wesakejack.
- What?
- The deceiver.
Wesakejack was told to teach man,
how to live in the right way,
how to be able to get along
with the creatures and the forest.
But wasekajack made quarrels,
he stained the ground with blood.
They told him "no more"
but he didn't listen.
- What's the point, wilf?
Is there a point?
- Wesakejack had to be stopped,
there was too much blood.
He had become a victim
of his own stupid ways.
He had lost himself.
He had to be stopped.
- I want some soup.
- Soup?
- Soup.
(Peter grunting)
Soup, do you mind?
Can you do that?
Beef barley.
Hot soup and crackers.
-Smp - in a little package...
- How do I stop it, how?
- The influence of an
elder is often overrated.
- Don't give me this bullshit, wilf!
- Or tomato, I don't mind tomato.
- How do I stop it?
- Toast.
- But the dream will end.
- [Rickets] Toast with
the crust cut off, okay?
- It's a nightmare.
- Eh?
- It's a fucking nightmare.
(Peter grunting)
Wilf! (Birds flapping)
(Rickets crying out)
(Singers chanting)
(Dramatic music)
- Pull us in.
Bring him.
(Dramatic music)
My mother, your mother.
The earth.
(Singers chanting)
(Peter grunting)
- One more! (Panting)
Okay. (Rickets grunting)
- We need to sweat.
- Jesus Christ.
- [Arthur] We have to purify ourselves.
- This man is in shock.
If we don't get him to a hospital,
he's never gonna make it.
- We have to purify ourselves
for what's coming next.
- What is coming next?
- What we talked about.
You and me, remember?
- What's the point of all this?
Tell me.
Let's get him to a hospital.
Do I have to kill you?
- What?
- Do I... have to kill you?
(Tense music)
- When you use a knife you got
to get it right between the ribs.
If you don't, you just rip the skin,
the guy bleeds and he gets pissed off.
(Birds calling)
(Peter shouting)
- Fuck you.
(Tense music)
(Fire sizzling)
(Peter coughing)
(Peter and rickets coughing)
What are you doing?
That's not, that's not how it's done!
(Arthur chanting in native language)
We're gonna get smoked. (Coughing)
(Indistinct) Smoke...
That won't work!
(Shot ringing out) (Men hacking)
(Arthur chanting in native language)
(Violent hacking)
(Dramatic music)
Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
J I'm going to cut my fingers off j
j and make a necklace for
your fat fuck white guy j
- thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
- Fuck your kingdom!
(Gun cocking) (Shots firing)
(Dramatic music)
Give us this day our daily bread.
(Arthur chanting in native language)
Give us this day our daily bread,
and lead us not into temptation.
(Arthur singing aggressively
in native language)
Deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and glory.
Forever and ever.
-Amen, amen. (Crying softly)
(Distant thunder rolling)
(Distant crow cawing)
(Peter grunting)
- You're gonna hang here with the crows
and watch the earth as it dies.
You're gonna hang there and have a little
chat with your god about what you killed.
You and your god!
It's your god.
Your god that shames this earth.
(Arthur grunting)
(Peter panting)
(Rickets groaning)
- Ok.
- Sing a song, ok?
Start a good one.
(Peter panting)
(Grunts of struggle)
(Peter shouting)
(Arthur growling)
(Rickets screaming)
(Rickets groaning)
- What...
- Do you see?
- No.
- Do you see?
- No. (Hawk calling)
- Then, you'll bloody well
hang here until you do.
And then you can watch your goddamn
machines cut it all down!
(Arthur's voice echoing)
(Hawk calling)
(Wind blowing)
(Rickets mumbling in native language)
J green lakes and rocky shores j
j I will return to god j
(rickets mumbling in native language)
(Bird calling)
(Solemn music)
(Both grunting)
(Peter grunting)
(Dramatic music)
(Peter shouting)
(Arthur growling)
(Peter grunting)
(Grunts of combat) (Splashing)
(Both shouting)
(Shot firing)
(Gun cocking)
(Crow cawing)
(Gun clicking)
(Ominous humming)
(Solemn music)
(Eerie music)
- Is he dead?
(Birds calling)
(Fire roaring)
- Nice fire, white man.
It's time to go back now.
(Solemn music)
(Dog barking)
- Come here.
Hands where I can see them, chief.
- Powwow dogs.
- Are you alright, sir?
- So what the hell
is this all for?
- Where's the other Indian,
what happened to him?
- [Wilt] He's dead.
He drowned.
- But he can be back.
(Dog barking)
Oh, thank you, Polly,
I don't need it anymore.
(Items clinking)
(Cops speaking softly)
(Children speaking over one another)
(Singers chanting in native language)
(Dramatic music)
(Singers chanting in native language)
(Dramatic music)
(Singers chanting in native language)