Cleavers: Killer Clowns (2018) Movie Script

What the hell is going on?
What the hell the
hell happened here?
Where's Carly?
My god, they're back.
Mr. Palmer, wait!
Mr. Palmer!
I think we're wasting
our time, sheriff.
He had too much of a headstart.
He was driving a 50 year
old ice cream truck,
for Christ's sake.
How much of a headstart
could he have got?
We've been driving in a
straight line for 30 minutes.
I'd say maybe enough.
Listen, this is the only
road in and out of town.
He had to come this
way, he just had to.
I think we must've
missed it, sheriff.
You saw with he
done to them girls.
If she's still alive,
there's a chance.
We gotta take it.
So we just keep
driving, that's it?
Keep driving.
Hey, you're the sheriff,
but I'm just saying,
I think we lost him.
Son of a bitch.
Requesting back up
on Highway East.
Suspect's vehicle is stationary.
Possible medical
assistance required.
All clear, sheriff.
What the hell?
Sweet Jesus!
That sick son of a bitch.
Don't move!
Stay right there.
You're Mary-Beth, aren't you?
It's okay, sweetheart,
you're safe now.
Come on, let's get you home.
No, we can't go yet.
Daddy, told me to stay here.
It's okay, he's gone.
It's just us.
He's just waiting.
Don't move.
Oh God.
No, sheriff!
It's almost five years,
five years since that night.
Five years of nightmares.
Five years since he took
Mary-Beth Palmer, the daughter.
Five years since I started
to follow the carnage
that lead me here.
One thing, I know, he
loves places like this,
quiet, unassuming towns.
The kind of place where
these things don't happen.
Missing women are
the dead giveaway.
Most of them turn
up a few days later,
one way or another.
Usually, another.
After five years,
you start to feel like
it's only a matter of time
before opportunity knocks.
Morning, sheriff.
You've been out here all day?
Just having a coffee, sheriff.
Wasn't a genuine
question, sheriff.
People are complaining.
They haven't tasted the coffee.
Or maybe it's just not as good
as Still Rivers' coffee, huh?
Not even close.
Maybe it'd be best if you
just head back there then.
You know, for the coffee.
Listen, Jody-Ann, I'm
trying to kind here,
but you're making
people uncomfortable,
talking about murder and
kidnapping and killer clowns.
You're starting to
become a problem.
I'm sure
you've got bigger problems
than an out of state cop.
Well, I'm trying to be kind
here 'cause of who you are,
what you've been through,
but you're an extra
problem I don't need.
- If he's here--
- We'll take care of it.
You're not needed here.
More importantly,
you're not wanted.
Jeez, what happened to
small town hospitality?
It wore thin.
Listen, you've been doing
this for what, five years now?
Town to town, you're still no
closer to catching this guy.
I think it's time you went home.
Why don't you head back to
your motel, check yourself out?
Must be people back
home will miss you,
miss their sheriff.
There's not much
left to Still Rivers.
I don't think you understand
what that night
did to that town.
I'm sure I don't,
but I'm still gonna have
to suggest you leave.
That a suggestion, sheriff?
An order.
Look, sheriff or not, this
isn't your jurisdiction.
You're still here tonight,
I'll get you checked in
to one of our fancy rooms
down at the station.
You read me?
Loud and clear, sheriff.
Not the first time.
I get moved along more
often than I'd like.
Being a cop on the
Still Rivers massacre
comes with it's own baggage
and makes that some
people uncomfortable.
But maybe he's right.
Maybe it's time to let go,
time to clean the slate.
Start fresh back home.
Besides, it's been a long
time since I even had a lead.
Maybe opportunities
finally stopped knocking.
Hey, asshole, what the
hell is your problem?
That's quite enough
for tonight, Darla.
Why don't you get yourself home?
Well, aren't you
gonna give me a ride?
I'll make it worth your while.
Good night, Darla.
You couldn't afford me anyway.
Yeah, well, fuck you too, buddy!
Oh my god.
What's wrong with your face?
Great, another shithole in
the middle of nowheresville.
Don't talk about
yourself like that.
Fuck off, Artie.
Language, young lady.
Young lady?
Are you gonna let her
talk to me like that?
Don't start.
You try and show your
elders some respect, huh?
We went to the same
school at the same time.
You coming?
I thought you meant
a proper restaurant,
not some trucker's dirty armpit.
Well, we tried to
book in at The Ritz,
but out here they just
think that's a cracker.
Move it, small fry.
You coming?
Right, well, I know
what I'm havin'.
A heart attack if
you're not careful.
Hey, I'm on vacation.
I can let my hair
down if I want to.
- Yeah, what's left of it.
- Leave your father alone.
I think he looks distinguished,
like Bruce Willis.
Jeez, knock it off, will you?
We're in public.
Yeah, we're about as far away
from public as we can get.
What are you gonna have?
I'm suddenly not hungry.
Something must have
put me off my food.
Well, I'm starving.
Hey, where are you going?
To the bathroom if
that's all right.
I hope that's all
you're gonna do.
Jesus, Dad, get off my case.
Okay, what can I get y'all?
Is the
chili vegetarian?
Honey, the only thing
vegetarian around here
are the cows.
If you don't like meat,
you can always
have the meatloaf.
It's mostly bread crumbs.
No, no, no!
There's someone in here!
So we start up here
in San Francisco
and we went down
through Arizona,
Mexico, Texas,
right through Oklahoma.
I've been trying to take
back roads, you know,
trying to get some
culture into these kids
before we hit DC.
My, ain't that quite
a trip y'all takin'?
Let me tell you, see
this road right here?
Takes you straight to
Tennessee through some
of the purtiest landscapes
you have ever seen.
Ah, see, hey, hey, this is why
it pays and talk to the locals.
They know all secrets
this place has to offer.
Oh, we got lots of
secret around here.
I was trying to find you.
Where have you been?
We're ready to go.
I was in the bathroom.
Doing what?
What do you think?
Knowing you, you were
popping those pills again.
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Your dad set this trip
up to get away from that
and those people you
hang around with.
The least you could
do is try to act
like a respectful daughter.
You're not my mother, Tiffany.
You're right.
If you were mine,
you wouldn't have turned
out the way you are.
You think just because you
were a bitch in high school,
I won't put you down
right here, right now?
Hey, girls, girls.
Come on, open road awaits.
Coming, dear.
Y'all have a safe journey, now.
Is that it?
Ain't much this week, huh?
Well, luckily,
I have just sent some
fresh meat your way.
There's a feeling again in
the pit of your stomach.
When you get a lead,
that lead that you know
will take you to what
you're looking for.
This feels like
one of those leads,
like I'm getting close,
closer than I've
been in a long time.
Closer to the man
that I'm looking for.
Don't move!
Sheriff's department, I'm armed.
Stay right where you are.
Can you hear me?
I said hold it!
Police, I said freeze!
Wait, who the fuck are you?
I was trying to help ya!
The note, that was you?
Howells, you copy? Over.
Kale, I found something.
It's him.
He was here.
That's the thing.
We have a local here.
She saw him last night.
Did you copy that, Jody-Ann?
Copy that.
Looks like we're
taking a road trip.
Please stop, I'm
trying to take your picture.
Come on.
Hey, come on.
What the fuck are you doing?
Taking your picture
for the holiday album.
Jesus, Artie,
can't you keep your
whatever she is in check?
Man, you're such a killjoy.
Because I don't like people
flashing lights in my face?
She's just trying
to enjoy herself.
You should try it sometime.
Very little chance
of that happening
on this fucking Chevy
Chase road trip.
I know what you mean.
When Artie said sunny holiday,
I was picturing more
beach tan and cocktails.
We're in the same boat, sister.
You didn't have to come, Chase.
You chose to be here.
Fuck, Tan, why you always
gotta be like this?
Everyone's just trying to
enjoy a little vacation.
This is like being hauled
around in a prison truck.
Y'know, sometimes you
can be so ungrateful.
We'd much rather be
spending our summer
doing something better than
this but we're out here for--
For what?
For my sake?
Go fuck yourself, Arthur.
I didn't ask for this and
I sure as hell didn't ask
to be a model for my
brother's new piece
and her amateur photography.
Come on, Tanya, you
need to chill out.
We're young, dumb
Just try and lighten up.
See, you look nice.
I swear to god!
Hey, what's going on back there?
They're trying to piss me off.
Artie and his whatever she is.
Artie, stop aggravating
your sister.
Are you kidding me?
She's the one who
needs to get a grip.
If you guys don't stop,
I'll stop, we're gonna get
out, we're gonna look--
Kids, are you all right?
We're okay.
We're all right, Mr. Harvey.
Why the hell did
you stop like that?
Oh my god, I am so sorry,
I didn't see you there.
Are you okay?
My god, what are you doing
in the middle of the road?
Are you okay, honey?
Um, I'm lost.
Where did you come
from, sweetie?
I lost my way home.
And where's home?
Where'd she come from, Dad?
There's nothing
around here for miles.
I've been out here
an awful long time.
- Are you serious?
- What?
It's for my holiday album?
Okay, we're just gonna
go wait in the van.
What do you think
is wrong with her?
I don't know, sounds local.
Probably lost a screw or two.
What do we do with her?
I don't know.
I guess we could just take
her to the next drop off point
and call the cops or the
paramedics or something.
No way, the diner,
there was a sign.
Last stop for 500 miles.
We could take her
back to the diner,
maybe leave her there?
You could always take me home.
Where's home, sweetie?
The Sunny Farm.
It's not far up there.
That's where my daddy lives.
And you're sure
it's on this road?
Okay, well that's what we'll do.
We'll drop you there.
Come on, little lady,
you can ride up front with me.
Hey, come on.
Found her this morning,
staggering around the roads.
She's been running all
night, feet like stumps.
Shouldn't she be getting
medical attention?
We're waitin' on forensics.
She said she saw him?
So she says.
She's got quite a story.
Do you mind?
Go right ahead.
I already told your
boss everything I saw.
If you wouldn't mind
going over it again.
You ain't from
around here, are you?
What gave it away?
You don't look like
one of these inbreds.
Local whore, was it?
That's what they call me.
Real nice, huh?
Real nice.
Can you tell me what you saw?
That man from the news.
The clown.
You sure it was him?
Look, I may be a whore,
but I ain't a liar.
And I know what I saw.
It was him, the Cleaver.
So what happened?
He asked me to
pass on a message.
What message?
Are you ready to chat?
What were you doing
at the factory?
Does it matter?
I'd say so.
You were just found
at a crime scene
along with the body
of a missing girl.
These guys are gonna charge you
with at least
obstruction of justice,
if not an accomplice.
And you?
I tried to help you.
Doesn't matter what I think.
I hold about as much weight
here as a feather duster.
Why did you send me the note?
'Cause I thought you could help.
Who exactly are you?
I was adopted real young.
A few years back, I
found out I had a sister.
I don't expect you to
know what it's like
to have no idea
where you come from
but for me, it was
like a lifeline
to all the answers I've
yearned for my entire life.
Managed to track her down.
It was real easy,
as it turns out.
Do you know why?
'Cause she's murdered.
Do you know by whom?
She was the same as
me, didn't have nobody.
No one to look out for her,
to protect her, to avenge her.
I know what that's like.
And it's all I could
do to try and stop him.
I heard about you,
that you were there that night,
looking for him out here.
That's why I came to you.
And I,
I thought you'd understand.
I do, that's why I need you
to tell me what you know,
how to find him.
So you can lock him up
and he can sit here alive?
While all them that he
killed lie six feet under.
Otherwise, there'll be more.
I can find him.
I don't know if you've noticed,
but you're not really in a
position to be finding nobody.
That's the deal.
You get me outta here,
and I can find him.
That's what I've been doing
this whole time, keepin' up,
waiting for my chance.
A chance to finish this.
And how do we go about
all that exactly?
First, you gotta
get me outta here.
Are you sure this is the place?
Yes, sir.
And this is where you live?
Yeah, just me and my pa.
- What the hell?
- What is it?
Well, the gas, we're on empty.
I thought I told you to fill up.
I did, I'm sure I did.
Well, obviously, you didn't.
Dammit, Larry, how are we
gonna get up to the border
without any gas?
His truck ain't here.
He must be out
but I'm sure my pa
will have some gas for y'all.
Yeah, we can wait for him.
Come on in, he won't
be long, I'm sure.
He'll show you where the gas is.
I'm sure he'd love
to meet y'all.
What do we do?
- I guess we'll have to wait.
- You wanna go in there?
Yeah, no offense, Pops,
but who knows what
we'll catch in there?
No offense, Mr. Harvey,
but it looks gross.
Come on, don't be so soft.
Without gas, we're not
gonna make it to Tennessee
unless you all wanna walk.
Y'all comin'?
Come on, I lived
through worse in 'Nam.
Your dad served in 'Nam?
No, he just went
there on vacation.
Listen to your father.
Hey, little girl,
you got chai tea?
Tan, you coming?
I'm gonna wait in the RV.
You're missin' out.
I'm sure I'll survive.
smiling face of terror.
A practical joker.
With a deadly taste for revenge.
What the?
Jody-Ann, what the
hell are you doing?
I'm takin' her.
She knows where to find him.
Are you crazy?
For all we know, she
killed that woman.
Don't event think
about it, sheriff.
Now come on, let's
just talk about this.
You and I both know
this is a lot easier
than me trying to convince you.
Keys, just in case you
got any bright ideas
about following us.
To her, please.
This ain't ever gonna end well.
You know that.
Maybe, but it'll be an end.
That's all that matters.
Goddammit, Jody-Ann, what
the hell are you doing?
Y'all make yourself at home.
I'm gonna change
out of these rags.
Thank you.
Well, it tastes as
good as it looks.
Oh god, who would let a child
live in a place like this?
I don't know, maybe it's just
how people live down here.
Still, it doesn't
make it healthy
for an innocent
young girl, does it?
Ew, who keeps
this kind of stuff?
Uh, it's not that weird, right?
I mean, maybe he's
like a science teacher.
Hey, where's your sister?
She's in the van.
Dammit, Artie, you know she
needs watching at all times.
She's probably out there
popping pills already.
She's fine.
She just wasn't feeling
this place is all.
Do blame her?
Do you remember that the
reason that we're on this trip
is to keep an eye
on your sister?
Yeah, that's pretty obvious.
You think that's making
her life any easier,
treating her like
some sort of prisoner?
Well, to be quite honest,
she's brought it on herself.
She's only proving that
she can't be trusted.
Whoa, where are you going?
- To get your sister.
- No, you're not.
You're just gonna
make things worse.
- I'll go.
- Make things worse?
Yeah, last thing we need is
you pretending to be our mom.
Let him go.
This doesn't taste like chai.
You think they have any sugar?
Jesus Christ.
Your own sister.
Tell you I've heard of
hefty troubles in my time,
but your own sister?
It's ridiculous.
That said, it's all the
same around these parts.
Wife, girlfriend, sister,
just interchangeable terms
on the lips of a redneck.
For you boys just joining
us, you're listening to.
For you boys just joining us,
you're listening
to Hank Bushball,
keeping your ears
alive on the long haul.
Is fine all day.
Stop your grinnin',
drop your linen,
and listen up as we talk about
all manners deep and dark.
Back on our favorite subject
for the Halloween season.
I think someone's
cooking something.
We're talking
about the advance
of Still Rivers five
years ago today.
Oh, I mean since they
treat this guy lately
like global warming,
responsible for everything
in a thousand mile radius.
The fact remains
he's still out there.
I was never a man who
believed in the devil.
Let me tell you, the things
I've read about that man,
make your bones
freeze with terror.
The kids out there now,
who's gonna keep them
safe if he strikes again?
After all, don't let
this state fool ya.
It's Halloween and that's
when he comes knockin'.
Oh, my god, you're.
Lil' Miss Cleaver.
The tea!
There's something in the tea!
Hello, miss?
Have you heard the
good word?
Did I do good, Daddy?
You did perfect, little lamb.
Just one more to go.
How's the coffee?
Haven't tried it yet.
Lucky you.
It's not the best.
Can we take these off now?
Come on, I'm not an idiot.
You don't need your hands
to tell me what you know.
I thought we were
tracking this bastard.
You're not, I am.
That's not how this is gonna go.
This is how this is gonna go.
You're gonna tell
me what you know.
We're gonna track
this bastard down
- and then--
- And then what?
- I'll bring him in.
- Are you fucking crazy?
We need to stop him for good.
Like for good good.
You said you could find him.
Now, am I wasting my time here
or am I dragging your
ass back to Pine Meadows?
We find him, we bring him in.
And what happens
to me after that?
You go to jail, serve
your time for obstruction,
- if you're lucky.
- What about you?
I get five, most
likely, if I'm lucky.
This is bullshit.
But it's bullshit on my terms.
So, we got a deal or
we're turning back now?
To find this guy, you need
to know exactly how he works.
Every serial killer
has their own pattern.
Thorn, that panda
guy, all of them,
they all have a pattern.
Once I figured out Layton's,
keeping up with him was easy.
Then how come no
one's caught him yet?
Out here, no one's lookin'.
Except you.
I've always been
right behind him.
He appears every October 29th,
30th, 31st.
Such a cliche.
It's hard to know
where it'll stop.
I tracked the missing
girls just like you did
and here he was.
So you found him but
you didn't stop him.
That's why I left you the note.
I figured you'd be more
equipped with dealing with him.
He's already moved on.
Not far.
There's only so many places
between here and
the county line.
What's to stop him
jumping the county line?
He never does, ever.
Not till he's done.
Then we better get movin'.
Y'all have a nice
day now, sheriff.
I must have left them somewhere.
Oh my god, thank you.
Hello, Dad?
Why are we stopping?
It's trash on the road.
Where do you think you're going?
To take a look.
Don't worry, it's not
like I can get very far.
One of the first
things you learn
when you're tracking someone
is that anything
could be a clue.
This is
nothing but an empty road.
Yeah, in the middle of nowhere.
So why is there a buildup
of oil right here?
Maybe someone stopped
to change the tire
and a million other reasons.
In the
middle of the road?
I doubt it.
The only reason you'd stop
is if something stopped you.
Or someone.
What is it?
Looks like.
Is that?
- Mary-Beth Palmer?
- Looks like it.
This could be days or weeks.
In this Arkansas night air,
it'd be long gone by now.
You sure?
Pretty positive.
- Plus.
- What?
It's dated today,
about two hours ago.
Whoever took this photo is
in a buttload of trouble.
If they passed here,
there's very little
between here and the border.
How little?
About one thing.
A cluster of old farmhouses,
50 miles off the highway and
in the middle of nowhere.
Just the kind of place he'd use.
We better get movin', who
knows how long we have?
Hey, sunshine.
Roosters are crowing.
Time to rise and shine.
Wakey, wakey, eggs
and bakey.
What have you done to her?
Oh my god.
You led us here.
Oh, we have a clever one, Daddy.
Where's Arthur, where's my son?
What have you done to him?
Oh, he wasn't in a great mood.
In fact, he's still screaming
You bastard, how could you?
What's happening?
Oh, god.
I'm so glad you caught up on
your beauty sleep, darling.
Now, we can get started.
Please, don't!
If you would, little lamb.
Okay now, let's get this
party started.
What do you want, you maniac?
Oh, dad, I'm sure you
know how hard it is
to raise a kid all on your own.
Which one's it gonna be?
What, what do you mean?
Only fair to let you choose.
Choose what?
Which one will be the brine
and which one will
be the brisket?
You just leave them alone!
We got ourselves a prize pig.
- She's gonna make a great mom.
- Get away from her!
Why are you doing this?
Well now, papa,
my dearest here hasn't had
a mama in a long, long time.
That just isn't right
for a little girl, is it?
To be without her mama.
Although, her real mama was a
dirty whore so she had to die!
So, come on now,
you choose, daddy O.
I can't choose.
You can't expect me--
I can and I will
or you will die!
I'll start with
this one over here!
- Wait!
- Help!
Please come help me.
Kill me, just please
leave her alone.
You have to choose me,
she's your daughter.
So, what does that make you?
I'm his wife.
Oh, Papa Larry,
you are a dark horse.
I must be thinking you
have lovely daughters
and one's already a mama.
I'm her stepmom!
I really like this one.
Now, who's it gonna be?
The lovely daughter
or the yummy mummy?
I choose my wife.
- No!
- Larry, no, you can't!
I'm sorry, Tanya.
- No!
- But your life until now
as an addict, you're
better off this way.
Oh, that's real dark,
and I'm a fucking killer
clown, for Christ's sakes!
But I get it.
You upset the wife,
gonna get it right in the neck!
Now, we just gotta figure out
which one of these little
piggies we get to keep
and which one
becomes roast beef.
Please, I'll stay.
Just let her go.
Sounds like we've got
company, little lamb.
Why don't you go make
them feel right at home?
Yes, Daddy.
You sure this is
the right place?
You could bet your ass on it.
Jesus Christ.
We got a plan?
Go in, take a look around.
All right, okay then, I
was tired of livin' anyway.
Someone's been here,
Looks like they still are.
Sheriff's department!
Someone there?
Oh, it's a trap!
I probably should
have mentioned.
- What?
- Traps are kinda his thing.
Yeah, probably worth mentioning
before we walked into
a serial killers lair?
Well I didn't want
to get in over your--
You okay?
I'm fine, just go get him.
Help, is
somebody there, hello?
We're down here!
Please help us!
Wait, who the fuck are you?
Well, I guess I'm the cavalry.
Well, you want to
get us out of here?
Mary-Beth Palmer.
Somebody here
wants to say hello.
Oh my god, sheriff, I've
been lookin' for you.
Come on, we gotta go.
There's a padlock.
Well, can you get it off?
I'm trying, it'll
take me minute.
Go and start the van.
What about you?
We'll be right behind you.
Where you going, darling?
This party's just
getting started.
wrong with you?
He was our first.
First what?
What's wrong with him?
He's one of our family.
He was Daddy's first test.
Turned out well,
didn't you, Hatcher?
What did you do to him?
We turned him mad as
a Hatcher.
My god, you're just like him.
What can I say?
It runs in the family.
Mary-Beth, you don't get it.
Your father, he's a monster.
Like father, like daughter.
What are you doing?
Don't hurt deputy.
Hey, little miss.
I think it's your nap time.
Sheriff, we have
to get out of here.
Sheriff, wait.
What are you doing?
I can't.
I can't live
- like this.
- Sheriff, sheriff, no!
- Shit, he's gone.
- Tanya, did she get away?
Not unless she
learned how to fly.
We have to go get her.
Jody-Ann, Jesus, what happened?
I found, I found Hatcher.
- Where is he?
- Dead.
Is anyone else with you?
That's Tanya.
I'll get her.
Get on the radio, call Kale.
Tell him where we are,
tell him we need backup.
Kale, but he'll haul us both in.
Just do it!
Hello, Sheriff Kale?
Who is this?
Misty Lewis.
Do you know how
much shit you're in?
When I find you, you're
going straight to jail.
Listen, Howells,
she needs backup.
We found him.
He's got a family.
Sheriff, people are
seriously dead up here.
I'm sendin' backup.
What's your position?
I need you to wait here.
Wait, what?
Where are you going?
I got something to take care of.
The cops are on their way.
What do I tell them?
Tell them where we went.
Here piggy, piggy.
Come out, come out
wherever you are.
Little pig, little
pig, let me come in
or I'll huff and
I'll puff and I'll,
and I'll blow your house in.
Smart piggy.
Fuck you, clown.
Oh, dear darling,
time to pipe down.
We better get that leg off
before it gets infected.
Ruins the taste of the meat.
How about the vegetarian option?
You okay?
I'm stuck.
I can't move it.
Keep the gun on him.
You okay?
No, I'm--
Don't you know
guns are dangerous?
I prefer something
more effective.
Gets the blood flowing.
Goodbye, deputy.
Hello, fucker.
You wouldn't shoot a
defenseless little clown,
now would you?
Do you remember my sister?
Misty, stop.
Backup's here, it's over.
Do ya?
Do you remember her?
Misty, please, don't do this.
Do you know who I am?
If you do this,
you can't go back.
I hope you carve up as nice
as she did, little pig.
It's over.
He's done.
Fuck you, clown.
You're goin' away
for a long time.
That makes the both of us, then.
Not if you're gone
when they get here.
What's gonna happen to him?
They'll put him somewhere
to rot, like old meat.
I prefer the fresh stuff.
Little pig, you're
tougher than I thought.
It runs in the family.
Jody-Ann Howells, you
hold it right there.
I'm not going anywhere.
Neither is he.
That's him?
That's Carlton
Layton, the Cleaver?
That's the one.
Jesus, Jody-Ann, this is a mess.
Things in that
house, the bloodbath.
Look, if any of
us keep our jobs--
This one
needs an ambulance.
Where is Tiffany?
The house, you got
the other one, right?
And the hostage.
The house, his
daughter was there
and a woman, the hostage.
What the hell are
you talking about?
We swept that house,
there's no one in there.
No one alive, anyway.
Oh, Jesus.
Open wide.
It's been a while, but I
think y'all finally ready.
Let's have a look at y'all.
So, you ready to play?
Hey, honey, he ain't
clowning around
The Cleaver's coming
so you gotta go out
He's gonna chase ya,
gonna make you a mess
You gonna die 'cause
killing is a family business
Yeah, yeah
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business
She got your eyes
and your red nose
Your red blood, that's
the game they chose
The apple don't fall
far from the tree
They're hunting you so
you'll never be free
The grand prize you will be
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business
Hey, honey, he ain't
clowning around
The Cleaver's coming
so you better watch out
He's gonna chase ya,
gonna make you a mess
You gonna die
'Cause killing is
a family business
Yeah, yeah
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business
Killing is a family business
Family business