Clerk (2010) Movie Script

I told you that I would narrate a story to you.
Would you like to listen to it?
This is your and my story.
Hello. This is Biplab.
Do you recognize me?
No.. I was just pulling your leg.
Okay, I won't disturb you.
I'll hang up now.
Isn't your wife at home?
So, she has gone out of station.
The kitchen at home is closed and so you opted for outside food.
I've to buy fish. - At this hour?
Of the same breed. Black mollies for my wife.
Let me check.. he knows me.
Roll down the window and tell him to give two black mollies.
Come on.
Excuse me. Two black mollies.
Biplab, haven't you returned home yet?
Did you've shooting today?
So, you're on the way?
I can't hear anything.
Roll up the windows.
Put on the AC.
Yes.. now your voice is clear.
Two shifts?
You must be very tired.
I can understand. I.. can understand.
Take rest.
I'll hang up.. call you later.
Why didn't you hang up?
So you won't disconnect as long as I don't?
That's what we promised.
You won't disconnect as long as I don't.
You still remember it but I had forgotten.
I'll call you tomorrow. Bye.
Were you sleeping?
I told you that I would narrate a story to you.
Would you like to listen to it?
This is your and my story.
The story of Kareena and Biplab.
The film 'Chameli' that you did..
You were very good in it.
Whenever I see it I remember this story.
Yes, I'll tell you.
The last tram.
I was returning from Khidderpore.
The tram suddenly halted after some time.
I saw you get inside.
There was no one else in the tram except an old man..
Sitting at a distance.. He was sleeping.
I suppose he was returning after attending some conference.
The red flag was falling off his hands again and again.
Some boys got inside the tram.
They just went crazy at your sight and came forward.
One of them even sat next to you.
I noticed how uncomfortable you were and it made you..
Change seats but they went and sat next to you every time.
I couldn't control myself and sat next to you.
The boys abused me in the foulest language..
Made obscene gestures and got down.
The old conductor was busy counting money.
When I got up to go back to my seat..
You held my hands and said.. 'Come with me'.
This was the first meeting of Kareena and Biplab.
After than Biplab started visiting Kareena often.
Biplab worked in the ship.
He had brought a binocular for Kareena.
She used to look at the mistress of the brothel..
And your clients through it..
Increasing and decreasing their sizes according to your wish.
Many winters came and went.
One day Biplab said that he would take Kareena home..
To his neighborhood.
Kareena believed him.
She started waiting for Biplab to come and take her away.
The mistress there told her that it was impossible..
It was not the norm in brothels.
But Kareena didn't trust them.
Then the evening came when Kareena sent all her customers away.
She started waiting.
Evening gave way to night..
But Biplab didn't come.
The mistress told her to forget him and start afresh.
She warned that she won't get customers if she sulks.
Kareena started decking up.
A new man entered her room.
He was ready to pay any amount.
He started smoking and drinking beer continuously.
After midnight Kareena told Alok that she was supposed..
To leave the brothel that day.
She told him about Biplab.
The sound of music was still heard outside.
The night gave away to dawn.
Alok came close to Kareena.
He held her hands and started running.
From the room to the verandah to the stairs..
And then straight into the streets.
They merged with the city crowd with the first light of dawn.
Biplab came next morning.
He found the room empty.
Kareena was not there.
Masi came and said that he was late.
She has kept this for you.
The mistress returned the binocular.
A new girl entered the room.
Biplab gave it to her.
Since then as soon as the sun set the girl would..
Look at the mistress and her customers through the binocular.
Increasing and decreasing their size according to her wish.
But Biplab and Kareena never met again.
What's wrong? Why are you crying?
This is just a story. Just a story.
This is not reality.
The story of Biplab and Kareena.
In open economy we can't have unions.
Who said this?
If there's production, there'll be a management..
That'll incur both profit and loss.
Earlier the illiterate rustic people worked in the factories and industries.
They've been replaced by smartly dressed workers..
Who work in front of the computer for 12-14 hours.
What's the difference?
You didn't get the computers when you were supposed to do so.
You suddenly removed English from the school syllabus.
What did you gain? You had to bring it back.
As a result there's a generation of Bongs who didn't learn English.
There are many people of our generation who are scared..
At the sight of a computer.
You couldn't build the foundation and you want industrialization.
Kalyan, listen to me.. I think this is not the right time to argue.
It's very clear that the company is ready to..
Pay six months' salary without work as..
It's going to shut down soon.
Should we be busy arguing at this juncture? No.
We must unite and fight.
We must prepare for bigger movements.
So, you want to unite everybody? That's impossible.
Can't you see that someone has already typed several pages since morning.
Biplab, will you always be busy working?
Come and join us.
Soon your body will become like a typewriter making weird sounds..
At the slightest touch.
Well.. I heard them discussing that the office will be closed down.
Is it true?
What will I do if that happens?
I don't have anyone.
Uncle, this is Sameer speaking.
I told you to sell off everything. Everything.
I don't want anything. No.. no..
Just keep mother's wedding sari for me.
I want it.
Sell the other stuff. Sell them.
How should I feel?
I told him several times to be here and help me..
When I shut the shop but he never listens to me.
Worried about the aquarium? I'll help you with it.
Hello. Biplab here.
What, Urmila? I'm Biplab.
You don't remember me?
Try to recall that shooting.. yes..
You can't remember me?
The shooting of the story of a married couple.
A highway at the middle of the night.
The car went far away as soon as the shooting started.
You were standing on the road.
The car came in great speed with its bright headlights on.
You looked away and asked for lift in a strange way.
The car came to halt.
You got in.
The car went away.
Then a strange game began inside the car.
You were no longer a husband and wife.
You got into the skin of a different characters..
Strangers to each other.
You got into the character of a prostitute.
The man was on his way to a resort to have fun.
Slowly all the masks came off.
The game turned dangerous.
You started crying.
The man shouted out angrily.
Just at that moment a truck from the opposite direction..
Almost bumped into your car.
That very night I told you that the man could kill you.
You placed your head on my shoulders and..
Iaughed off saying it was just a film.
Now you're saying that you've forgotten me.
Urmila, actually you haven't forgotten me.
You're trying to forget me.
Okay.. I won't disturb you.
Hello. Biplab here.
Rani, This is Biplab speaking.
Do you recognize me?
No.. I was just pulling your leg.
I know that you're the one from whom I never demanded anything.
You also never demanded anything from me.
That's why our bond is so beautiful even after so many years.
I wanted to narrate a story to you.
Would you like to hear it?
Biplab was a caretaker in a bungalow in Rohini.
The nearest marketplace was 10 miles away.
It was a 40 minutes bicycle ride.
Biplab would start early in the morning.
He would shop for the entire week and return in the afternoon.
Biplab would park his cycle under the shade of a tree beside the road and rest.
At that moment Rani would walk across the steep uneven paths..
To meet Biplab.
She would take out a clean lunch box wrapped in a hanky..
And feed Biplab.
She would wrap everything up and leave after he finished.
While riding his cycle Biplab turned back several times..
But Rani never looked back.
Many years passed by.
Rani would wake up early in the morning and cook for Biplab.
She would walk a long distance to meet him under the shade of the tree.
She would feed Biplab and stay back for couple of minutes...
after he finished before she left.
One day Biplab asked her why she took so much trouble.
He asked her to sit on his bicycle and..
Offered her to come to the guest house and stay with him.
Rani refused, she had found happiness in that arrangement.
She loved meeting him and leaving.
Happiness doesn't last if two people stay together.
It doesn't last.
Get up. Come and see.
I used to tell you... the man is walking in his room.
The colorful candles have been lit.
Come and see.
Don't disturb me. Go to sleep.
I saw it with my own eyes. - What?
The candles keep burning throughout the night.
I even showed it to my husband.
He must be drinking at night.
Nantu's father said he smelt of alcohol the other night.
Tuli keeps loitering near his room at night. - Okay.
But who is Tuli? - Mondol's niece.
The one who water the plants.
Well.. I'm really worried.
We've grown-up girls at home.
It's really a problem if a middle-aged alcoholic roams around.
I've told Nantu's father to find out his details.
He has connections in the police department. - Okay.
My sister's son works in his office.
There's some problem in their office.
The office will shut down.
'Long live revolution!'
'Long live revolution!'
'Long live revolution!'
'Long live the union.'
'Long live the union.'
'Destroy the oppressive management.'
'Destroy the oppressive management.'
'Destroy the oppressive management.'
Friends, when the management went to the tribunal in 1988..
They said that.. I hope you all remember what they said..
They said that a laborer can't be substituted with machine.
Many years have passed after that.
Many years have passed.
It's been twenty years.
The management has closed down three production units.
What are they trying to hint at?
We know it, friends.
We've to get ready for this tough struggle.
We'll take this vow today.
A tough struggle.
They had closed the gates today.
Will we be allowed inside tomorrow?
Will we be able to retain this job?
Please say something.. you know everybody.
No.. I don't know anyone.
I've heard that the boss likes you.
Please tell him not to fire me from the job.
Please request him.. If needed I'm ready to stay back at night.
Uncle, I told you that I won't go.
Then why do you keep calling me?
Did Sonali call you?
Let her call. I won't go back.
It's been long.
I've gone far away.
Uncle, I won't go. Stay well.
Yes, I'll take care of myself.
Send my mother's wedding sari. That's all. Nothing else. Bye.
Are you married?
Tell me when you get married.
I'll gift you my mother's wedding sari.
I want to buy fish. - What kind of fish?
For aquarium.
Let's not stop here. We'll buy it from our neighborhood.
No, I'll buy it from here.
Okay, as you wish.
Give me two black mollies.
Brother bought fish few days back. - They died.
They died?
No Priyanka, this can't continue.
This can't continue.
I talk to you all and keep in touch but you all don't care.
Who is this Biplab?
He's a mad fellow.
What's the use of keeping in touch with him? Isn't it?
Can anyone say that I didn't speak to them when they called me in need?
Can they?
I understand.. you don't need me anymore.
I'm helpless.. I spent enough time with you.
When they enjoyed, romanced, went around with their lovers..
I spent time with you daily.
Can you point out a single day when I didn't?
Every day I came home and called all of you.
I called you, Rani, Kareena.. everybody.
This is perfect.
This is the norm.
Nothing is permanent.
Old is replaced by new.
Tell everybody that Biplab won't call and disturb anyone.
I'll always be there to help you when you need me.
I'll hang up now.
Can you hear me?
Please get up.
He's blowing out the candles one by one.
Please get up.
What happened?
Can you see how he's walking in his room?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Hello Ash. This is Biplab.
You don't know me but your friends know me.
What? You've heard about me?
Oh! Yes, I've known Rani for a long time.
I don't know why I've called you.
Maybe.. there was an emptiness in my life.
I hope you don't have shooting tomorrow.
If you've any problem in talking to me then you can tell me.
Everybody complains that I call them at night..
I don't understand their problems.
It's I who understand everybody. Forget it.
I wanted to get introduced to you but it didn't happen.
Now that we're talking let's not discuss those issues.
I don't know if it'll be appropriate to say this..
On our very first conversation. But, I want to meet you.
Ash, will you accept my invitation to come to my place?
What? What did you say? You'll come?
I knew.. I knew you would understand Biplab.
Yes, I'm elated.
I spoke to you and here begins a new story.
Aishwarya and Biplab's story.
I didn't get today's newspaper.
It's a new delivery boy. He's whimsical.
You're back home early today.
If you come and ask anyone near the shop that sells fish next to bypass..
They'll guide you.
Climb up the stairs and come upstairs.
When I hear the sound of your heels I'll wait near the door.
The sound will get louder and stop near my door.
You'll knock at the door.
I'll move back without make any sound.
Then you'll hear my footsteps as I come forward and open the door.
You'll smile at me.
I'll slowly pour wine in my wine glass.
I'll share the wine with you.
The gentle breeze will blow the window curtains.
They'll fall on your face.
I'll try to keep them away from some time..
But after some I won't.
The curtain will repeatedly come and fall on your face.
It'll dishevel your tresses.
You'll suddenly want to see my bathtub.
You love bathing in the bath tub.
So, do I.
We'll switch off the lights in the room.
Only the lights in the bathroom will remain switched on.
The smoke from the hot water will fill the bathroom.
We'll hold hands and take bath in the bath tub.
You'll leave behind your lip marks on the bathroom glass.
Slowly.. the smoke will disappear.. The water will become cold.
I'll watch your lip mark gradually disappear.
I'll keep staring.
Welcome back.
You're listening to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. It's hot.
Riya is back to chat with you this evening.
Call me at 22822282.
Let me share some fantastic news with you first.
I'll play a awesome song to celebrate the news.
Shall I share the news first or the song? Well, I'll share the news.
Today is Aishwarya Rai's birthday.
If you want to wish her then send a sms at 58582.
Lucky winners will get a chance to dine with Aishwarya.
Do you want to avail the chance?
Here's a wonderful song for you for the time being.
Believe me, Ash.. there was a clear distinction between my day and night.
Everything is merging together now.
I can see your face while travelling by tram.
I miss you when I'm in office.
I can't work properly.
I don't like going out.
I want to go home and talk to you.
It never happened before.
Why is it happening now?
Has Biplab fallen in love with Ash?
I think so.
What about you?
I know that you too feel the same.
Ash, I want to marry you.
So, you're almost done with your wedding shopping.
I hope you remember that I'll give you the wedding sari.
It's late. Let's go home.
Listen.. what's going on?
I've recently noticed that he comes home with..
Lots of shopping bags.
As if he's busy shopping for his wedding.
Have you heard anything? - No..
I hope he doesn't elope with our Tuli.
What do you know about Tuli that you're so worried about her?
I don't see any problem if anybody takes her responsibility..
And marries the motherless girl.
Listen.. don't say such silly things.
How will he manage?
How will he manage her expenses?
The other day you told us that his office is going to be shut down.
We've to change the management. - This can't be allowed to continue.
I'm scared.
Please accompany me downstairs.
Okay, come.
So finally you're going around with a widow?
The wedding shopping is almost over.
The wedding invitations are also getting ready.
There's problem in my office.. Bomb blasts.
I didn't tell you earlier..
No.. I didn't tell you earlier as you would unnecessarily be worried.
Forget it.
I saw one of your posters put up on a mobile van.
It was passing by my house.
As long as I was looking at it I was feeling good.
But as soon as it went away I started feeling scared.
I felt what if I can't see you again?
Ash, I hope this doesn't happen.
I hope you won't leave me.
I knew that this would be your answer.
Yet I want to narrate a story to you.
Story of Ash and Biplab.
A winter night in the city.
That side of the city was deserted.
Ash was standing on a small bridge. Alone.
She was waiting.
Some drunkards noticed her from the other side.
They teased and misbehaved with her.
Biplab was returning home at that time.
The guys went away when they saw Biplab.
That was the first meeting of Biplab and Ash.
You promised to meet at the same place, same time.
We met the next day and then the day after.
Then one day I noticed your lover coming from the opposite direction..
Of the bridge.
The person you were waiting for.
You hugged each other with joy and love.
Both of you walked across the bridge and got lost.
Biplab walked home alone on that winter night.
Will you go away, Ash?
I don't know why I get such thoughts.
Did you read the recent edition of Anandalok (film magazine)?
Well, the news is out everywhere.
It's bound to be the talk of the town.
After all a celebrity like Ash is getting married to Abhisekh.
Do you think the TV channels will let go off this opportunity?
They'll go for a live telecast of the wedding.
I'll reach home before evening if I get the local scheduled at 1:40.
I've a meeting at night.
Let's see..
If I get the job.
Hi! This is Brishti.
Let's start with today's headlines.
It's not a rumor.
Aishwarya is getting married into the Bachchan family.
She'll get married to Abhisekh Bachchan on 20th April.
Our correspondent Joydeep Ghosh visited different places in Kolkata.
Let's hear what the common people have to say about the wedding.
She's getting married? That's great news.
But I just hope this marriage in the film industry lasts.
Not interested. I don't watch Bollywood.
Sorry, I don't.
I've been close to both of them for a long time.
I think they'll make a very nice pair.
I've good relationship with both of them.
I've watched them together during my film's shooting.
I think they've got a very good chemistry between themselves.
We're sorry. The number you've dialed does not exist.
Please check the number.
Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. It's hot.
The evening conversation has got hotter with Ria.
Let's begin with an awesome news.
All questions and doubts will be put to rest this 20th April.
Aishwarya Rai, ex-Miss World is soon going to be..
A part of the Bachchan family.
They were in relation for a long time but it didn't end in a break-up.
It's finally culminating in marriage.
And I think they'll be the best couple in Bollywood.
If you want to wish the celebrity couple send a sms at 58582.
The lucky winners will get a chance to be present..
At Ash-Abhi's reception.
Won't you grab this chance?
Keep listening to Radio Mirchi 98.3 Fm with Ria. It's hot.
Hello. Joseph?
Is she really..
She could've shared with me.
I wouldn't have stopped her.
Hello. This is Brishti.
Let's start with today's headlines.
A shocking news from Bollywood.
A young man suddenly attacked Aishwarya Rai when..
She was returning home after shooting.
She has narrowly escaped death.
She was admitted in Leelavati hospital yesterday.
She's out of danger.
It's suspected that she was attacked by her dejected secret lover..
On hearing her wedding news.
Our correspondent Joydeep Ghosh is with the people.
Let's hear what's the public reaction.
What? I just heard about her wedding and now she's injured.
It's difficult to understand the complexities of film industry.
You've come to me again?
I told you I don't watch Bollywood. I told you.
I'm not interested. Not interested.
Sorry. Next time.
Very sad and very unfortunate.
This is just an instance that proves the increasing violence in our society.
I've dealt with such issues in my film too.
Whenever I recall Ash's face I feel sad for her.
I don't wish to state anything further.
Please switch off the camera.
Please stop it.
So, you finally did it.
The vermilion box is still lying on the road.
The blood stains are still on your shirt.
Wash them after going home.
Don't stay here long.
Can't you see that everybody is staring at you?
Two Black Mollies.
We want to fight.
Need to buy fish for the aquarium.
Good. Let's finish the chores today and we can enjoy a holiday tomorrow.
We'll buy the fish from the shop near our house.
We'll buy them from the usual place. - As you wish.
Two black Mollies.
What name have you kept for the baby? - Duniya (world).