Client, The (1994) Movie Script

Ricky! Son!
Come back here!
Don't be too late.
I want you in by dark.
Watch out for your brother.
- I can watch out for myself.
- Can not!
Don't worry, Mama.
Why must you watch out for me?
Hush up.
Don't be reading anymore scary comics.
You hear me, Ricky?
- Whatever.
- He can't sleep.
I'll miss my bus. I'll be late again.
I'll get docked for sure.
There's some macaroni and cheese
in the cabinet, okay?
Got your lunch?
Exact change for the bus?
Oh, shoot, baby, thank you.
Forget my head...
...if it wasn't screwed on.
You stay out of them woods.
You hear me, Mark?
Bye, baby.
- Come on, give me a cigarette!
- No way!
Mark, wait!
Catch me, I'll give you one.
I can't run that fast.
Catch me!
Wait up!
You'll never get your smoke.
- We' re not supposed to go in the woods.
- Go home, I'll smoke them!
Come get me!
Come on, Ricky! Catch me.
Come on, give me one.
No way, pal!
I'll tell Mom.
You know the deal.
- If I tell, you'll kick my ass.
- That's right.
- If you smoke more than one a day...
- You'll kick my ass again.
That's right.
- How many do you smoke a day?
- Only one. I'm smart.
Will one a day kill me?
Not soon, but any more than that,
you'd be in deep shit.
- How many does Mom smoke?
And what about Dad?
A hundred a day.
He's going to die soon.
I wish. Sit here.
Don't try to swallow the smoke yet.
You' re not ready for that.
You'll just choke and puke
all over the place.
Suck a little and blow.
I told you not to swallow the smoke.
This is easy.
You look like you' re going to puke.
Do not.
Where is he going?
What's he doing?
Damn. Goddamn.
Son of a bitch!
Jesus Christ,
he's trying to kill himself.
How do you know?
I seen it on TV once.
- Why would he want to kill himself?
- How would I know, stupid?
- Let's get the hell out of here.
- No.
You stay here. Okay?
If you move, I'll kick your ass.
What are you going to do?
Come on, let's go.
- We must make sure he's okay.
- Is he dead?
I don't know.
Nothing works. Nothing works!
He is crazy as hell.
- Let's go, please.
- We can't.
If he kills himself and we know
about it, we can be in trouble.
We won't tell no one.
Just let him die.
- We' re not leaving until I say so.
- Stay down.
Get in!
Don't you touch that damn door!
Sorry, kid.
You had to be a cute ass.
Had to stick your dirty little nose
in my business, didn't you?
So we should die together.
Just you and me.
Off to la-la land.
Sweet dreams.
Want the gun?
- Why you looking at it?
- I wasn't.
Don't you lie to me!
I'm crazy.
If you lie, I'll kill you.
Please don't kill me, sir.
I got my mom and brother
to take care of.
I give you a choice.
I blow your brains out...
...and end it now...
...or we could wait
and let the gas do it.
You decide.
What's your name?
Mark Sway.
Jerome Clifford.
Attorney at law.
Since we' re both tired right now... can call me Romey.
Hear that bird?
I drove from New Orleans to hear
those stupid birds. Grew up here.
I played in these woods.
Now I'll die here too.
Why are you doing this?
Because if I don't kill myself...
...he will.
The Blade.
Barry "The Blade" Muldano.
Why does this Blade guy
want to kill you?
I know where
the proverbial body is buried.
Whose body?
See, my client...
...killed Senator Boyd Boyette...
...and hid the body.
So now my client,
he wants to kill me.
You know where the body's buried?
It's buried...
He hid the body...
He's still buried there.
The FBI dug up half of New Orleans.
They haven't found it and never will.
Yeah, Mark, go for it.
Yeah, Mark, go ahead!
Go ahead.
Pull the trigger. Yeah!
Pull it!
Pull the goddamn trigger! Pull it!
Pull it!
Nifty piece, huh?
Hell, I don't even know if it works.
Let's see.
It works!
It works! Come here!
Son of a bitch!
Where are you?
Goddamn kid!
Come back here, kid!
If The Blade finds out what I told you,
he's going to kill you anyway!
You hear me, kid?
Where are you?
Put my drink on my bill.
Dance with me.
I've waited half an hour.
Where's Romey?
The Feds are on my ass.
Mr. Muldano.
I don't know.
He hasn't been in here all day.
Now, Claudette...
..."God hates a liar. "
That's what my mother always said.
I'm not lying. I haven't seen him.
I don't know where he is.
You know, Claudette...' re a very pretty woman.
Thank you, Mr. Muldano.
You want to stay pretty, don't you?
I'm just a secretary.
Honest to God,
I don't know where he is.
- He doesn't always tell me.
- Put your hand in here.
Put your hand in here!
I don't-
I don't know. Honest.
Put your hand in.
Come on.
Please. I don't know where he is.
You know, I believe
you really didn't know where he was.
What's inside?
- There you go.
- Watch yourself.
What's up, kid?
What are you so scared of?
Did you have a bad dream?
You' re scaring your mama.
Get your thumb out.
Come on, baby.
Where have you been?
What is wrong with your brother?
What have you done now?
What the hell is going on?
- Boy witnessed a suicide, ma'am.
- He what?
Me and Ricky was just...
...out in the woods playing...
This guy was dead
with a gun in his mouth.
Oh, my dear God!
And I ran home and called 911.
What happened to Ricky?
He just laid on the bed
and started sucking his thumb.
This is Sgt. Hardy.
We need paramedics at Sway's trailer.
This boy needs to be hospitalized.
I have no health insurance.
St. Peter's will take indigent cases.
Just pack up some things
in a bag for the hospital.
You telling the truth?
About what you saw?
Don't you believe me?
I didn't say I didn't believe you.
It just seems strange.
You called 911,
but you wouldn't leave your name.
I was scared.
It was the first dead guy I ever saw.
Then why'd you sneak back
and hide in the woods?
I don't know.
I just wanted to see, I guess.
Did you talk to the man...
...before he killed himself?
No, I never talked to him.
Does "Jerome Clifford "
mean anything to you?
I found some fresh cigarette butts...
...near the body.
Same brand as your mom smokes.
Somehow I can't see you
finding the body and then...
...deciding to have a cigarette.
Look, Officer, we was walking through
the woods when we found Romey dead.
- That's all.
- Who's Romey?
- That's the guy's name, isn't it?
- I said, "Jerome Clifford. "
Whoever heard of the name Romey?
I'm Dr. Greenway, is this your son?
- Yes.
- What's his name?
- How long has he been this way?
- I didn't find him, my boy Mark did.
You found him, Mark? Ricky?
Jerome R. Clifford, attorney,
was found dead... an apparent suicide
outside Memphis just hours ago.
The famed Mafia lawyer
was to defend the alleged hitman...
...Barry "The Blade" Muldano... the notorious case
of still-missing Louisiana senator...
...Boyd Boyette, now presumed dead.
It'd be tough to build a case
against Muldano without a body...
...but surely Clifford's death
will mean more delays.
As one informed source tells me...
...the plot thickens
for U. S. Attorney Roy Foltrigg.
No body, no case, no conviction.
That means no front-page pictures
that Foltrigg likes so much.
No CNN interviews,
no speedy ascent to Capitol Hill.
Sorry, Reverend Roy.
I never liked that old cow.
We' re here, Roy.
He tried it first with a hose attached
to the tailpipe, but it didn't work.
- He was probably too stoned.
- He was full of downers and whiskey.
I guess he figured he'd swallow a bullet
for dessert. Cheap snub-nosed. 38.
Definitely a suicide.
Damn him. Two days ago I told him:
" I have enough evidence
to put your fat ass on the stand. "
I was bullshitting of course. But...
...I didn't know he'd get so nervous
he'd kill himself.
He knew where the body was.
He'll never tell us now.
Without that body we have no case.
- How's the weather in Memphis?
- It's hot, Roy.
What happened?
I got in a fight at school.
It's summer. There's no school.
I meant, a kid from my school.
- Why?
- Why? Because I'm a cop.
It's my job to ask questions.
Besides, your story's full of holes.
I believe you were in that car
before Clifford died.
What does "indigent" mean?
It means " poor. "
Like you and your mother
and your little brother.
So tell the truth...
...hope this snaps him out of it.
...he could lie in some...
...institution for dirt-poor
crazy people...
...with padded walls...
...and cockroaches...
...chained to some...
...filthy bed, with snakes...
I'm Karen.
Come with me.
- We'll have to watch him.
- What will you do?
We'll just watch for now.
Sometimes a night's sleep...
...and the next morning they wake up.
- His reflexes seem to be good.
- That's good.
Ricky's real sick.
What's wrong?
Post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Sometimes people see
something they can't deal with.
I'm always telling Mark...
..." No horror movies.
No scary comics. "
Not for Ricky.
He's always been tender that way.
Easy, now.
You try to protect them,
but it's so bad out there.
Why don't you get some rest?
Just lie down and rest.
There's nothing more you can do.
We'll watch him.
You've had a rough day.
Just lie down. Stay with him.
Bad injury. What happened?
Car wreck. Got hit by a truck.
Nut ran a stop sign.
My name's Gill Beale. I'm a lawyer.
You got a problem, I can fix it.
I specialize in car wrecks.
Now, let's see what you got here.
- Broken leg, concussion, broken ribs-
- And a broken collarbone.
I can get you $600,000.
We'll file suit tomorrow.
Did I say 6? Six is just for starters.
Check me out.
Call up Gill Beale, he's for real.
More lawyers around this place
than there are doctors.
Don't be that way.
I'll outrun that little buggy of yours.
Wait till you get a load of this guy.
Mr. Foltrigg, Jason McThune, FBI.
Welcome to Memphis...
...home of the King.
What do you know?
Kid's name is Mark Sway.
He said that he and his brother just
stumbled on the body in the woods.
- Then called the cops. He's lying.
- Why?
We got a set of his fingerprints. They
match prints that were inside the car.
He was in that car with Clifford
before he died, for quite a while.
There's a lot of prints.
- Why would he lie?
- He's scared.
And he's a kid. They always lie.
And maybe Romey Clifford told him
something he knows he shouldn't know.
People hate to die with secrets.
That's good work.
Thank you very much.
I'm going to keep it up, believe me.
...I'm sick of chasing Elvis sightings.
Is there any room on your staff?
- Where do you want to go?
- Anywhere.
Do something with your hair first.
Meantime, I want to talk to Mark.
Right away, sir.
Dr. Greenway wants to see you.
How old are you?
Are you married?
I don't know nothing,
but he looks better to me.
He'll be fine if we get him home
in his own bed.
I don't know why you just can't...
...give him some medicine or something.
- I have to go to work.
- Mrs. Sway, listen to me.
Our trailer rents by the week.
Listen to me.
Right now, it's as if Ricky
is in a dark place...
...and trying to find a way out.
What's important...
...what's very important is that
when he finds that way out...
...the first thing he sees is your face.
Let's hope it'll only takes a few days.
There goes another job.
Must be setting some kind of record.
- I'll call your boss. He'll understand.
- My boss runs a sweatshop.
He will not send flowers.
He will not understand.
You could take shifts.
Perhaps the father could come.
And you keep him away from Ricky!
Okay, mom. I'm sorry.
I don't know if you've seen this,
but there are policemen downstairs...
...and reporters and...
...the FBI is coming to see Mark.
I don't want to talk to them. I'll wind
up like Ricky if they don't let me be!
They won't go away.
Look, I don't give a flying shit
about the FBI!
You are getting on my last nerve.
Now sit down...
...and hush up!
I don't know what to do.
- Can I see you outside?
- I'm going crazy.
Tell me to wait for my boy to...
Or some crap.
This boy!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I'll think of something
to get us out of this, I promise.
You and Ricky just found
that guy dead...
There's nothing you ain't telling me,
is there?
Dr. Greenway wants
to start you on Valium.
Those cost extra?
Don't worry about it. Just take these.
- Both of them?
- Yes.
You'll feel better.
Don't go far.
FBl, huh?
I hear that they' re sending
the Reverend Roy Foltrigg himself.
That's bad. That's...
You know...
...that the FBI...
...puts kids in jail
if they break the law?
And if a kid has been
involved in a murder...
...they got a special little...
...kid-size electric chair.
I saw it once.
It was about... so high.
When somebody gets electrocuted,
the current is so strong... makes the blood in the veins boil.
Fries you like a piece of bacon.
You' re the only pig around here.
We'll see you later.
- Are you here to question Mark?
- I beg your pardon?
Are you here to improve
your own position regarding the case?
My real interest is to see justice done.
You all know that about me.
You ain't going in here by yourself.
What do you want, boy?
I need to see Mr. Beale.
- Where are your parents?
- Where are yours?
Are you injured?
Do I look injured?
We only do injuries.
I'll just go get hit by a truck
and come back.
You shut up too.
Hell, no.
I'm going to pick up something to eat
and then swing by the post office.
When's your boss returning?
May I help you?
- No, I need to see Reggie Love.
- Why, may I ask?
That's between me and Mr. Love.
I'm Reggie Love.
Shit. A woman lawyer. Great.
I think so. Why is it
you think you want a lawyer?
I don't want a lawyer.
I hate lawyers.
Every lawyer I ever had
shafted me and my mom.
I said I need a lawyer.
But I don't know about no woman.
Well, this lawyer that shafted you,
what was her name?
It wasn't no her, it was a he.
Well, why is it that you think
you need a lawyer?
Because I'm Mark Sway.
The kid who found the dead guy.
I'm famous. Don't you read the paper?
You haven't answered my question.
Because I'm supposed to talk to
Reverend Roy in 10 minutes.
Reverend Roy Foltrigg?
Why is he called that?
He quotes the scriptures in court
and knows the Bible better than God.
He wins a lot?
Why can't people leave me alone?
Some sweaty guy kills himself-
Why'd you lie to the police?
- I didn't.
- It says here in the paper.
You found Clifford dead.
I did.
Dead men don't sweat..., do they?
If you was my lawyer...
...and I told you something,
could you repeat it?
No. What is it you want to tell me?
That Clifford guy came...
...driving up in his big black car
and me and Ricky...
...snuck up to watch...
...and that Clifford got out...
...put a gun in his mouth,
and blew the back of his head out.
So you did see Clifford alive.
Why'd you lie to the police?
I don't know.
I was just scared, I guess.
My brother's in a coma
and my mom might lose her job.
The FBl's after me but
I don't know nothing. You'd lie too.
You' re right.
You do need a lawyer, Mark Sway.
There are male lawyers down the hall.
Want a recommendation?
How many cases have you won?
More than I lost.
How much do you cost?
How much you got?
Our boy has arrived.
Thank God your mother,
my sister, is dead.
Having a son this stupid
would have killed her for sure.
I told you not to hit Boyette.
You did.
I told you not to tell Romey
too much. You did.
I hope it hurt that fat bastard.
I hope that bullet was slow.
I hope he felt his head
pull right off his face!
Two kids found him,
maybe before he finished the job.
I know, I seen it on TV.
He might have talked.
Tell me Boyette's body is well-hidden.
The cops won't find it.
Move the body.
I will, Uncle Johnny.
Only I can't, right now.
Where it's at...
...the body, the cops
are swarming all over the place.
Don't worry, they won't find it!
If that kid knows anything,
he's not talking or I wouldn't be here.
I'll go to Memphis
and take care of that kid.
I'll tell you what to do.
Just sit on your dumb ass.
I want you in Memphis.
You must be Mark.
Jason McThune, Memphis FBI.
This is Larry Trumann,
New Orleans FBI.
Thomas Fink, Assistant
U.S. Attorney and Mr. Foltrigg...
...U.S. Attorney...
...both from southern Louisiana.
Sit down.
Right over there.
Where is your mother?
She's with my little brother.
She can't leave in case he wakes up.
We could hold this off
for a few days.
No, Mark!
Let's talk for a few minutes.
A little.
Do I need a lawyer?
What for?
- To protect my rights.
- You watch too much TV.
We just want to ask questions.
Trust us.
Lawyers just get in the way.
They object to everything.
What if I don't answer your questions?
We might have to take you downtown.
Your mother too.
Will she get in trouble?
- Maybe.
- Ever hear of obstruction of justice?
It's a federal offense.
It means if a man knows about a crime
and withholds information...
...from the FBI or the police,
he might be punished.
Sent to jail or something.
So if I don't answer your questions,
I could go to jail?
If you was in my place,
wouldn't you want a lawyer?
No. They' re a pain in the ass.
You don't need a lawyer.
Pain in the ass?
Aren't you a lawyer?
Clifford wasn't really dead
when you found him, was he?
He was.
We know you were in that car.
See that?
You and Romey had a nice long chat.
What did you talk about?
Life? Love...
...or where bodies are buried?
I must go to the bathroom.
Just answer the question first.
I've got to go bad. Please?
You better go.
"You don't need no lawyer. "
You all know, that boy
is about ready to tell all.
- You know where Muldano is?
- We follow him.
Grab him so he don't skip town.
- The office.
- Don't mark up his face.
We'll see reporters here.
Wait till we grab Muldano.
I want to make sure he can't make bail.
Did you get my makeup off the plane?
I need pancake number 17.
Doughnuts. Give me the telephone.
Press loves doughnuts.
See what you can do.
Where will we put me?
I look best in front of these glass
bricks, behind lots of microphones.
That always looks nice.
- I'll call you back.
- Come in, Mark. Polite kid.
He's a good boy.
- Keep your seats.
- We' re in a meeting.
You' re in the wrong room.
I don't think so. My name is
Reggie Love, I'm an attorney...
...and I represent Mark Sway.
May I see some I. D., please?
When did he hire you?
I don't think that's really
any of your business.
Forgive us, Ms. Love. You' re so pretty.
How could you be mistaken for a lawyer?
Please, call me Reggie...
Please, sit down.
Did you attempt to interrogate my client
outside the presence of his mother...
He tells me you did... Lawrence.
Well, he's confused.
We assumed his mother was coming.
Where were you during this?
That's not really relevant.
Did you advise him
to talk to an attorney...
Remember, once, Larry? Mark
said something, or I did, about TV...
...and then...
...Mark said he might need a lawyer...
...and we thought he was just joking.
So he never asked
if he needed a lawyer?
I don't remember that.
Did you advise him of his rights?
What for?
He's not a criminal.
We just wanted to question him.
So you did attempt to interrogate him
without his mother and counsel?
Definitely not.
No way.
I'd tread carefully. We know your
client lied about being in that car.
I think that's a bit of the pot
calling the kettle black.
Do I need a lawyer?
What for?
To protect my rights.
You watch too much TV.
We just want to ask questions.
Trust us.
Lawyers just get in the way.
They object to everything.
You wired him.
Nothing personal, Lawrence.
You tried to interrogate a child
without his mother.
He specifically asked you if he needed
a lawyer and you said no...
...stating as a reason that lawyers
are a pain in the ass.
I'd like to confer with my client
and meet you in my office tomorrow at 3.
If I need anything from you... the truth, well,
I expect to get it.
I catch you lying again...
...I'm going to use this tape.
That's blackmail, Ms. Love.
Indict me, Reverend Roy.
Still want doughnuts?
Shut up, McThune. Goddamn!
- You want a cigarette?
- Oh, no, thanks. I just quit.
There's been a mistake, ma'am.
We can't afford no lawyer.
Don't worry about money.
My pig boss fired me this morning.
My baby's in a coma and he fires me.
Don't tell Mark.
Just one day and he fired you?
He sucks.
Wasn't much of a job anyways.
$5 an hour at a lamp factory.
How long you worked there?
Six months.
- Lord, I can't keep my head on straight.
- You' re doing fine.
I like your ring.
They real diamonds?
Lord, no. It's semi-precious.
You got kids?
You must have been just a baby
when you started having your babies.
I was just a dumb kid... in a dream.
All I ever wanted was a white house
with a walk-in closet.
Ain't that stupid?
Having a dream is never stupid.
Take it one day at a time,
that's what I say.
Come on. You always
laugh at my air guitar.
Who's the best guitarist in the world?
Come on, Ricky, say it.
Yell it.
Look, Ricky, an Eskimo pissing.
Look at you.
I shouldn't have made you stay
in those woods. It's my fault.
But things are
going to be all right, I swear.
I've got us a lawyer...
...and even though she is a woman,
she's pretty darn good.
She only costs a dollar too.
That's not it, though.
I'm really sorry.
I want to make it up to you.
I promise.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Slick Moeller, Memphis Press.
I wrote the story.
How's your brother?
- Get out!
- How is your brother?
I just want to ask you a few questions.
- Did Clifford touch you any place?
- Shut up!
Did he tell you why
he was committing suicide?
- You better get out!
- Did he talk to you?
- Get out!
- I'll tell you what, I'll pay you.
Are you all right?
You Nance, private investigator?
Security specialist. Who's asking?
My name is Gronke.
I need some fast work.
Who referred you?
Sulari, New Orleans.
I get $2,000 cash, non-refundable,
before I lift a finger.
You like kids?
Why do you think Foltrigg was so...
We' re almost through.
Could you listen up?
Thank you.
Why was Foltrigg so convinced
you were in Clifford's car?
I don't know.
As your attorney,
you have to trust me.
I do trust you, Reggie.
I swear, I wasn't in that car.
You like Led Zeppelin?
Yeah. Do you?
They were a great band.
I bet you never heard of Led Zeppelin.
You' re probably a grownup
who says they like cool bands...
...just to get close
to little punks like me.
I think we've covered
just about everything.
What's your favorite Zeppelin song?
" Moby Dick, " live version.
Bitching drum solo.
I'll pick you up tomorrow
about 2.30.
What were the names
of their first 4 albums, Miss Groupie?
Just tell Foltrigg what you told me and
that'll be the last we hear from him.
What happens if you lie to the FBl?
It's a federal offense.
In theory you could go to jail. Why?
You weren't smoking
something besides cigarettes... the woods, were you?
Something you' re not telling me?
I'm positive I'm not keeping
something from you.
I was just curious.
The first Led Zeppelin albums
were called " I, " " Il " and " Ill. "
The 4th, which is untitled... generally referred to as " IV. "
See you tomorrow, groupie.
Want one?
Elvis Pezley.
I bet it's poisoned.
She's funny.
My boy loves her.
My boy was in a car wreck.
Drunk driver.
I don't know if he'll live.
He's only 8.
My brother's only 8.
He's really sick.
What's wrong?
He saw something, is all.
Are you the kids
who saw that suicide guy?
I seen it on TV.
That must have been awful.
How's your brother doing?
He just lays there.
What a scary thing to see.
I wasn't scared.
He must have been out of his mind
to stick a gun in his mouth.
I mean, why?
Was he acting weird...
...or yelling crazy stuff?
Maybe he said something scary
to your little brother.
That could be.
Well, dude, I got to go.
I hope your brother gets better.
Where's Karen?
Off duty, hon. Get you anything?
Is there anything to eat?
Cafeteria's open 24 hours.
Can I have your autograph?
Everything'll be fine.
Now you listen to me, Mark Sway.
I don't know what Romey said,
but you repeat it to anyone...
...including your lawyer,
I'll kill you.
Talk to the Feds tomorrow,
I'll kill you.
If you tell anyone about me...
...I'll kill you slow.
You understand me, big boy?
You understand?
Good. We have an understanding.
I'll be watching.
Everyone knew Muldano
and Boyette were in bed together.
Boyette got himself killed. He took
money from the Mafia to build a dump.
When his constituents got pissed
he voted against it.
- Enter Barry "The Blade. "
- If Foltrigg can prove it.
Why would Foltrigg bring in Muldano
if he didn't have Boyette's body?
He's going to run for office.
What are we serving?
- It's Thursday.
- Southern pecan.
Is something wrong?
I ain't talking to the FBI today!
You have to.
They could subpoena you.
Foltrigg is going to be here any minute.
I said, no.
As my lawyer,
you have to do what I tell you.
Reverend Roy, I saw you on TV!
This place is a dump.
You can say that again.
My Lord.
They are coming down the hall.
Make them go away. Please!
Stay here, out of sight.
Something's up. I don't get it,
but I will do it. Sit down.
Good afternoon, Ms. Love.
Is young master Sway all ready?
Roy, I'm sorry,
but the meeting's been canceled.
Let me debrief the child...
...and give you a written statement.
He doesn't know anything.
We must talk to him. We have
a set of confirmed fingerprints...
...that put him inside
Jerome Clifford's car.
What will we do about that?
I think the big question is... did you match his fingerprints?
Off a soda can at the hospital.
Did you ask either Mark
or his mother before doing so?
- So you invaded his privacy.
- We were trying to obtain evidence.
For what?
So his prints were in the car!
You have absolutely no proof
that he interacted with Clifford.
The kid has a bruised cheekbone.
We found blood on Clifford's ring...
...not his type.
Let me guess.
Mark Sway's blood type.
That's right.
And how did you obtain
Mark's blood type?
From his brother's hospital records.
And how did you obtain
his brother's confidential records?
You get near my client again without my
permission, I'll sue you and the FBI...
...for civil rights violations,
file a complaint with the state bar...
...and haul your ass into court!
You' re playing big league hardball.
We don't respond to threats.
Does Mrs. Sway know you were
hospitalized for drug and alcohol abuse?
It was a treatment center.
Close the door when you leave.
You've been a lawyer for 2 years.
You' re not equipped to handle this case.
We know more about
Mark's actions than you do.
You' re an amateur.
He's in serious peril.
Think that over.
Let me talk to him.
You are so good.
But I won't let you use Mark
to climb into the Governor's chair.
You think you look good on TV?
If you attempt to contact my client
or his family again...
...I'll put Mark on prime-time news.
He can tell everyone how you trampled
a kid's constitutional rights.
And I got the tape to prove it.
We'll talk to that boy.
You miss one step, I'll eat you alive.
Jesus Christ.
I'll kill that kid.
You lied! You got till 3
to start telling the truth. 1-2-3.
You' re the liar!
Keep the dollar, you' re fired!
You come back here!
Come back here.
- Shit, where did I put my car keys?
- In your purse.
Mark, get in the car.
How did you like the story
this morning?
- He didn't hire a lawyer for his health.
- He knows where the body is.
Even the Mob knows he knows.
That's why they flew in Gronke.
You got it, Wally?
We have to get our hands on Mark
before the Mob does.
We can petition the court,
alleging the boy needs supervision.
And protection.
Gronke's not here to visit Graceland.
We tell the judge it's in the kid's
best interest to take him into custody.
- Get the judge to make him talk.
- Saying he's breaking the law.
He is. He's obstructing justice.
File those petitions.
Incarcerate his young ass tonight.
You said we were
getting rid of the reporters.
Do you see any?
This is my mama's house.
You live with your mother?
This is Momma Love.
Hi, there. You must be Mark.
Take me back to the hospital!
You and I are going to do
some talking first.
Talk, my ass! You' re fired!
You' re the boss.
This is kidnapping or something!
Take me back, right now!
I'll hitchhike if I have to!
Go ahead!
Nice meeting you, Mark.
- Who is it?
- Your mother.
Hey, Bono.
How you doing, Paulie?
I guess Johnny means business,
bringing you here.
- Where's the kid?
- With that bitch lawyer.
Got a private dick tailing him.
Any sign of the Fibbies?
A couple, watching the hospital,
same as we are.
I gave that kid a warning last night.
This is the directive.
We bug everything: hospital room,
lawyer's office, the works.
Find out what the kid knows.
That doesn't work...
...we kill them all.
How's he doing?
He'll come in when he's hungry.
It's lucky a car
only comes by here every 4 hours.
That is one willful child.
Pain in the butt, if you ask me.
Isn't that the pot
calling the kettle black?
Hey, man.
How are you?
You' re the kid at the hospital, right?
Hop in.
Come on.
What are you doing out here?
Come on, hop in.
My boy's getting much better.
How's your brother doing?
Come on back here.
Elvis has left the building.
I told you so.
Take me back to the hospital.
I'm not taking you
anywhere till we talk.
Where's the phone?
I must call a cab.
Help yourself.
It's $40 from here, Momma?
Or $45? I'm not sure with a tip.
You' re fired! Can't you get that
through your thick head?
Fine. Because I cannot do my job
if you hide things from me.
Did it occur to you how it made me feel
to take on Foltrigg on your behalf...
...without the facts?
If I'd smelled your breath first,
I'd have known you was a drunk.
I'll be going.
I have been sober for 3 years.
That's what all the drunks say.
How they will get sober.
They say they love you,
but they don't!
Then they come home wasted
and beat you and your mother so bad... gotta hit them
in the face with a bat.
You' re talking about your daddy.
I got rid of him.
Me and my mom went to court to buy
a divorce, our lawyer sucked, as usual.
So I went up there
and told the judge about the beatings... he made us sleep in the street.
That's when my father
became my ex-father.
Now I got you...
...and you' re a drunk
and a bad lawyer too.
So I'm getting rid of you,
you' re fired.
I can handle this myself.
I used to think I could handle
everything by myself.
But sometimes being strong
means asking for help.
I know you've taken good care
of your family.
But the FBI won't leave you alone.
Let me help you.
Let go!
I need a cigarette!
Smoking is terrible for you.
What did Romey tell you?
Why do I always answer questions?
Why don't you ever have to?
Fair enough.
Go ahead, ask me something.
Like what?
Whatever you want.
There's no rules, no limits.
You ask me and I'll answer.
And you'll tell the truth?
If it takes my skin off.
What's that thing you always wear
around your neck?
This is my mama's compass.
I wear it so I'll never
lose my way again.
Anything else?
These your kids?
They chained down in the basement?
They' re with their daddy.
- There was a divorce.
- You ever see them?
They don't want to see me.
Because you was drunk
and on drugs?
Because after the divorce
I drank some, yes.
I drank a lot.
You' re right, there must be
a cigarette around here someplace.
I married a doctor, worked my ass off
to put him through medical school...
...and when he became rich and famous,
he traded me in for a younger model.
I didn't have a dollar to buy food...
...or a car to go look for a job.
But I figured I could
handle it myself, just like you.
...I was wrong.
So then you started to drink?
First... I stopped sleeping and eating.
I kept staying up every night,
watching my babies...
...trying to figure out what to do.
Finally, I took some pills to sleep.
Hell, he prescribed them for me.
I was not trying to kill myself.
But that's when he pounced.
Got himself a fancy lawyer.
I didn't have anybody.
But I figured after all those years
of blowing noses and wiping butts...
...fixing meals and carpooling kids,
that it would count for something.
I was a fool.
The court declared me unfit.
Just like that...
...they were gone.
He took... little girl and boy.
Anyhow, that's when I started drinking.
But I got myself sober.
I stayed sober.
And put myself through law school.
Do you miss your kids?
So much I try
not to even think about them.
He told me.
Romey told me where the body's buried.
Do you want to tell me?
I can call the police
and put an end to this.
I swore an oath
that I wouldn't tell nobody.
They' re gonna get me.
I seen it on TV.
The Mob never forgets.
They came after you, didn't they?
Yes, ma'am.
I'll get security on Ricky's room,
notify the police...
...and get you to the hospital
where you'll be safe.
I'm scared.
What's up?
He's in there. But you'll have to
deal with the 2 bitches.
What do you think?
I got an idea.
It'll take a week to get
that kid into protective custody.
We still need a way to make him talk.
I want him in court maana.
You hear what I'm saying?
Yes, but-
I know how to solve this.
Don't you have something to do?
Go wake somebody up.
May I have your autograph?
Of course. Thomas,
move forward in this matter...
...and produce results
in the interest of your job security.
Right, by God, now.
Your name?
Our trailer...
They burned down our home.
We got nothing left.
Who did?
How the hell do I know?
Somebody. They saw two people...
...they was leaving and...'s all gone. All of it.
- Mom, it's my fault.
- I'm so sorry.
It'll be all right.
Do you have insurance?
It's none of your business, really.
I'm sorry. I meant nothing by it.
- I was just trying to help.
- What is this crap?
It's just a few things I put together
to make you feel more comfortable.
I don't need your charity!
- It's not charity.
- And don't try to take away my son.
Mark's already got a mother!
You' re doing a fine job.
- I don't need your help.
- I'm sorry.
Get out!
Reggie, you okay?
They got her on medication.
She doesn't know what she's saying.
I had no call
to speak to her that way. Lord!
I'm sorry.
I'm Detective Ed Nassar, Memphis P. D.
You Dianne Sway?
It's a summons for a hearing
tomorrow at Juvenile Court.
The summons requires us
to take Mark into custody.
What? You can't take my son.
- We have to.
- You son of a bitch!
Over my dead body!
- It's for his own good
- What's he done? Just tell me!
Somebody help me!
Don't you touch him.
- You son of a bitch!
- All right. That's it!
Help me!
There's no reason to get excited.
We'll take care of him.
- You' re getting riled up.
- Get your hands off of me!
They' re taking me to jail!
I'm 11! They hit my mother!
Shut up.
You going to read me my rights?
Do you even know how to read?
You' re going to cuff me?
- This isn't an arrest.
- What the hell is it?
- Watch your mouth!
- Kiss my ass, you stupid jerk!
He's all yours.
Calm down.
Empty your pockets.
Now follow me.
- There you are.
- I don't look bad.
You look good.
You got what you want.
The kid's in custody.
The hearing's tomorrow at 10 a. m.
I knew you could do it.
Well done.
One child in jail.
- What kind of place is this?
- Women's detention hall.
- Keep it down!
- Why am I being put in with women?
Because you' re a minor.
Stop treating me like a kid.
Put me with the men.
You' re safer here.
You have this whole cell to yourself.
- Is this what they mean by solitary?
- No.
Have any bed you want.
Don't give me any trouble.
You okay, boy?
Can I call my mom
just to tell her where I'm at...
.. and that I'm okay?
Please, she's probably
worried sick about me.
I suppose I could run a phone in here.
I'll make this little exception,
just this once.
Thank you.
Brother's Pizza.
I'd like to order 20 large Supremes.
And where's that going?
I'm ordering for Detective Nassar,
North Precinct.
And how would you like
to pay for it?
With my credit card.
Number, please.
The number is...
Okay. Hold on.
That'll be $248. 10.
Fine. Cheaper than the last time.
Thank you.
Can't get him out.
Foltrigg filed a custody petition
and the hearing's at 10.
after filing a petition.
- Foltrigg'll do anything.
- You got that right.
A child behind bars for the night.
I have been through this wallet 3 times.
I found everything except my Visa.
Did you order the pizzas?
My, my, my.
You didn't have to sign a custody order.
I would have brought him.
Good morning to you too.
What's going on?
According to the FBI...
...a Mr. Paul Gronke...
...and his pal, Bono...
...have just arrived in our city.
You ever heard of these guys?
Your client could be... a world of danger.
What does he know?
That's privileged.
He knows more than he should.
If he did know something...
...would you guarantee witness
protection for him and his family?
This isn't standard.
Damn it! Why should he talk
if we can't protect him?
Forgive my presumption here,
but you do seem overly agitated.
Whatever became of that...
...objectivity we used to fight about
at Memphis State?
After all...
...he is just a client.
Isn't he?
Sorry, I didn't get much sleep.
It's just that...
...he's never had a break
and he's counting on me.
Thanks, Doreen.
Good luck.
Brought your jacket.
You all right?
You sure clean up good.
You too.
Why can't Ijust tell them
I don't know nothing?
Because it's wrong,
and it's against the law.
And besides, no one will believe you.
Not the Mob, not the FBl, nobody.
Besides that, Muldano's a killer.
You've got a chance to stop him
before he hurts somebody else.
But didn't you tell the truth in divorce
court, about being a good mom?
Proof. The truth hurts.
They took your kids away!
You' re right.
Don't you see? If you lie,
you' re going to be just like them.
If I tell the truth, he'll kill me.
All right.
Have you ever heard...
...of the witness protection program?
That's where they put you... funny mustaches and send you off
to New Jersey or someplace to live.
I saw it on TV. But the guy on the TV
movie, the Mob found him anyways.
They blew his legs off.
You saw that on TV?
No matter what I do,
I could probably get killed.
You can't let them ask me
any questions.
I'll try.
But if Foltrigg
gets you on the stand... can't lie...
...or you'll be just like them.
Court is in session.
We certainly have drawn a crowd
this morning. Officer?
I'm Sergeant Hardy.
What are you doing here with a gun?
Thank you. You may go.
And you, Mr. Moeller.
Your coverage of the case has led me
to consider having you indicted...
...for reckless endangerment.
But Your Honor-
Another word
and I will slap you with contempt.
Good day, sir.
Now, that's better.
Shall we proceed?
I'd like to note for the record
that the child is without a parent.
Request postponement
until she can appear.
I'm Thomas Fink, Assistant
U.S. Attorney for eastern Louisiana.
I'd like to address the issue
of the absence of the child's mother.
It's the position of the petitioners-
Your position... in that chair.
Please sit.
Listen carefully, I'll say this once.
As for you, Mr. Foltrigg...
...this isn't New Orleans
and I'm not one of your federal judges.
This is my private courtroom
and I make the rules.
Rule one: You will speak
only when spoken to.
Rule two: Do not grace His Honor
with unsolicited commentary.
Rule three: His Honor doesn't like
to listen to U.S. Attorneys...
...who love to hear themselves speak.
Do you understand?
Is Fink to handle the case
for the prosecution?
Yes, if it pleases the court, sir.
I'll allow it, but try
and keep his butt in that seat.
The court will act in loco parentis.
I'll watch out for the child's interests
in this hearing, Ms. Love. Proceed.
The child moves to dismiss.
The allegations are without merit.
The petition was filed to explore
what the child might know.
Quit calling me "the child. "
Mr. Foltrigg and Mr. Fink...
...are using this hearing
as a fishing expedition.
Their supposition that the...
my client...
...had any legally significant
conversation with Mr. Clifford... based on circumstantial evidence.
The petition should be dismissed.
Your Honor?
- If I may?
- You may.
The child is the last person
to see Jerome Clifford alive.
We have established
he willfully deceived us.
Fingerprints on a Cadillac
is hardly willful deceit.
We can show the child's fingerprints on
the suicide hose and on the gun itself.
We feel the child must testify
in order to exonerate himself.
Are you attempting to implicate
this child in Clifford's suicide?
No, we are alleging only
obstruction of justice.
Involvement in a suicide
could constitute juvenile delinquency.
He'd be taken from his mother-
There is no basis for this.
We are only asking that the child
testify to clear his good name.
We' re not forcing him
to testify, not yet.
Will he testify and put an end
to this foolishness?
If we refuse?
I'd have to lock him back up
till we sort this out.
The child moves for a change of venue.
The murder of Boyette occurred in
Louisiana. We'd like to relocate there.
As the U.S. Attorney for eastern
Louisiana, I waive venue.
The child declines.
- We give the case to your jurisdiction.
- The child declines.
That's a pretty suit.
Drop dead.
All right, you two.
Just settle down.
Nice try, but it would be
in everybody's best interests...
...for Mark to take the stand.
That's my ruling.
I want you to come up here
and take this seat right by me.
It's okay.
Put up your right hand.
You swear to tell the truth?
Say it.
I swear.
Mr. Fink will ask you questions.
He'll keep them clear and simple.
May I rise?
How are you, Mark?
Were you forced into the car
with Mr. Clifford before he died?
Did you and Clifford converse?
Listen up.
Did Clifford mention Barry Muldano
or Senator Boyd Boyette?
Answer me.
Is taking the 5th Amendment lying?
No, it's not lying.
Can I take the 5th?
No, you cannot!
Why not? Doesn't it apply to kids?
Not in this case.
You' re not implicated in Boyette's
death, so you must answer the question.
As Mr. Foltrigg has tried
so thoroughly to implicate Mark...
...I must, out of
an abundance of caution...
...advise my client to take the 5th.
Haven't we played enough games?
We are all searchers for the truth.
A man's been murdered
and another man has killed himself...
...yet this boy remains silent.
What wanton hubris is this?
Speak! Lying lips are an abomination
to the Lord, so sayeth the Psalm.
No, that's Proverbs, 12. 22.
This is still a courtroom,
not a church.
Please, sit down.
Did Romey Clifford tell you
where Boyd Boyette's body's at?
Answer the question.
I take the 5th Amendment.
I'm sorry, but I can't answer
any of these questions...
...because I'm afraid of what
might happen to me or my family.
I have no choice but to return you
to protective custody.
It's for your own protection.
Can't you make him
answer the question?
These proceedings are closed.
I didn't lie.
You did great.
What lawyer tells a child
to plead the 5th, go back to jail...
...and hold up a Federal investigation?
Are you trying to ruin this boy's life?
You did real good.
- We alone?
- Yes, we' re alone.
What happened?
I want a bit more this time.
I asked you a question.
Kid's going back to jail.
Judge wants him safe.
- What's he know?
- I'd say he knows everything.
The bastard.
He'll be in court tomorrow in case
a night in jail changes his mind.
- You didn't hear this from me.
- Shut up!
Give me a little break here.
Go powder your nose.
What is it? I'm eating here!
I just talked to Gronke in Memphis.
What can I get you?
Dos Equis.
Where's your regular waiter?
I don't know.
Cops got the kid.
I still can't move the stiff.
You' re a dumb ass, you know that?
We've had this conversation.
I'm sick of it. I deserve respect.
Nice work, Norm.
Picking it up just fine.
We still need to make the move.
The bastard knows something.
Probably told his lawyer.
We 're tapping the phones.
I hate goddamn lawyers.
Please, let me hit the kid.
We don't have to worry about him.
Let's call it quits.
The kid knows.
Goddamn bugs.
The city's lousy with them.
You' re probably right.
He knows nothing.
They' re onto us.
We' re out of business.
We' re putting this whole thing
behind us. Is that clear?
I got it, Uncle Johnny.
- What're you doing?
- Nothing, go to bed.
Do you know what time it is?
Mama, have you seen
my notebooks from school?
In the garage, maybe.
Oh, shit, yeah.
You need to get some sleep.
He's your client, Regina,
not your child.
Telda, call the medic! Quick!
Medic on 5 now!
Goddamn, the boy's soaking wet!
- He's in shock, isn't he?
- Go get a towel.
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
This kid's heart is about to explode.
Get an ambulance!
Right. Telda, call an ambulance!
- What is it?
- Elevated pulse and BP.
Shakes and sweats.
He's from juvenile court.
Did he bleed or anything?
He can wait 5 minutes.
- Sign on the line and he's yours.
- Where are the police?
He's just a juvenile.
Goddamn it! Look at this, man!
My guitar. I just can't believe it.
Look at my guitar.
- Forget the guitar.
- No, honey, this is an original guitar!
These people over here need help. I
need a new guitar. Who'll pay for this?
Is there coffee?
- There's a pot there.
- Too hot in there for you?
Paging Mr. Sway.
It's nothing personal, kid.
I don't want to hurt you.
I just want to talk.
Want a smoke?
Let's smoke together.
Okay, you little punk!
Game's over.
Isn't this a nice spot to die!
I wonder if we' re going to find
a live body in here.
Come here, boy.
Open this door,
you little punk! I'll kill you!
Chief, this isn't very...
It's about Mark Sway. He's escaped.
Pardon me?
Hi, thought you could use some coffee.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
You' re welcome.
Is this really the best time
to defrost the freezer?
Will you shut up?
Need anything, just holler.
- What are you being nice to them for?
- Because they' re cute.
They' re just being protective.
Where have you been?
They are here hoping an 11-year-old
comes by so they can pounce on him!
I feel like a prisoner.
Will you just be calm!
You haven't sat still
since they got here.
The cops don't stake out
your home everyday.
Fine. Let's just relax.
Can we do that?
Let's sit down and relax.
I'm relaxed.
Reggie, it's me.
I've busted out of jail, come get me.
It's Jeanette!
It's Jeanette.
What' re you doing calling me so late?
Who's Jeanette?
I'm at St. Peter's, hiding out.
I ran in place for an hour...
...and faked an attack
of post-traumatic stress disorder.
They rushed me right over.
It was easy as pie.
- Are you okay?
- No, I'm not okay.
I locked a Mafia guy in the morgue.
He was trying to kill me.
I hear something down the hallway!
Go find yourself a policeman, now.
Someone's locked in the cooler.
I'm not going back to jail.
If you don't come get me...
I'll go where I'm going on my own.
I'm serious. You must come get me.
You' re the only friend I've got,
you know that. Don't let me down.
I'll meet you by the front parking lot
in a dark grey Honda.
Right in front of the cross...
...the big one.
Thank you, Reggie. Thanks.
- My dark grey Honda?
- Just give me the keys.
You can't run away
with an escaped whatever-he-is.
They'll arrest you. You'll be
disbarred. You've lost your mind.
Momma, I need you
to distract the police.
Go get them coffee or something
and don't ask me any questions.
I need some cash.
- This is my rent money.
- You can live with Momma.
She likes you better than me.
That wouldn't be hard.
Down! Your mama
must be beside herself.
I called her and told her we'd fix it.
You' re an accomplice now, right?
We' re watching the mother's room
in case he comes. We bugged her phone.
- Talked to her yet?
- You said you wanted to.
- Your boy's missing.
- Missing? You mean, you lost him.
Has he tried to contact you tonight?
You searched the hospital?
He knows it real well.
We searched the hospital.
Reggie Love is missing too.
Could Mark be with her?
Hell, you' re the FBI!
Since you got involved,
our trailer's been blown up... boy's been thrown in jail
and now he's missing.
So, let me tell you something:
Act like the FBl, you find him!
- Head towards the bridge.
- Why?
I've been thinking.
That witness protection thing
sounds pretty good.
But Romey was all drunk and on pills.
If the body ain't where he said,
would we get witness protection?
We'll make our deal before we tell them
where the body is, then hope it's there.
First, we must be sure
the body's there, right?
What do you mean?
We must go to New Orleans and see if
Boyette's body's where Romey said it is.
You are out of your mind!
No way! Absolutely not!
That's it.
Where are you going?
Stay- Goddamn it!
Get back in the car!
Where are you going?
- Someone'll see you!
- Let go!
I'll hitchhike!
You'll get yourself killed!
A lot of other people
could get killed if I don't go!
I'll do it on my own if I have to.
Mark, please. Please!
Remember at Momma Love's...
...what you told me
about asking people for help?
I guess now I'm asking you.
- Where are you going?
- I'm looking for a map to New Orleans.
What do you think I'm doing?
The kid broke jail.
The lawyer's missing.
Gronke spent all night in a freezer.
No one has been killed
and the body has not been moved.
Can you explain this to me,
Barry "The Blade"?
The thing is, Uncle Johnny...
...I hid the body under a boat
in Romey's boathouse.
You what?
I wanted Romey to know how close
he was to being dead. It was a joke.
Very funny.
When Romey died
there were cops everywhere.
Now they' re gone, I'll get it.
The way this has been handled
has been very stupid.
I won't let you take
this family down, understand?
I'm begging you,
just let me get the body.
Help me now...
...and I'll never make a mistake again.
Take Gronke and Bono.
I'm giving you one chance
to clear this up.
This is my last favor.
Thank you, Uncle Johnny.
Do you understand what I mean
when I say " my last favor"?
I understand.
Reggie Love's office.
Call Dianne, tell her Mark's okay.
He's with me.
Where the hell are you?
A motel outside New Orleans.
We'll be back tomorrow.
If anything happens,
take care of Momma Love for me, okay?
Don't hang up.
Got something.
Good. Good work.
We just monitored a call from Clint Von
Hooser to Dianne Sway at the hospital.
Love has the kid in New Orleans.
- We' re out of here!
- Get the airplane.
Excellent news.
We' re out of here.
We'll call you.
Move out, Walter.
Go, Wally!
Are we still going north?
I don't know. Check my compass.
- Take it off.
- No, I never take it off.
We' re on the right street.
Turn your lights off.
This is where rich people live.
Holy shit, look at it!
Don't curse!
See what that one is.
This must be 1214.
- There it is.
- Bingo.
Oh, my!
Be quiet.
Don't let the neighbors see you.
I see a big house, but no boathouse.
Maybe it's further back.
Get down, you'll kill yourself.
We can go by the river
and hide the car.
- I'm sick of-
- I wanted that Armani...
Don't touch the fence.
I ain't crazy. I don't want
the shit shocked out of me.
Romey's place must be by those trees.
Looks like a boathouse.
How will we get there?
Come on.
That's private property.
Turn off the lights and come to bed.
What do you think I'm doing?
- Romey's neighbors are paranoid.
- You'd be too, with the Mafia next door.
Don't touch!
Damn it!
I'll look around for another door.
There's another door
but it's locked too. Be quiet.
I'll try the window.
- Do you know how to get to Romey's?
- Everyone knows how to get there.
Be careful.
You okay?
See anything?
You'll wake the neighbors.
Do you see?
It's definitely a boathouse.
Wait! Don't go in there!
I'll climb in and unlock the door.
Listen to me. Get down here.
You okay?
- Got to see if the body's here.
- No, let me in.
It's here!
Open this door!
I'll kill you
if you don't open this door!
What happened?
Are you okay?
It's just a raccoon.
Good! Now let me in!
- Watch the water. If anyone comes-
- I know how to keep lookout.
Just take care of business.
I think Barry Muldano's coming.
Open this door.
It's locked.
I'm trapped!
Got a key?
You hear something?
Getting paranoid?
Shut up, asshole.
Bye-bye, Rocky Raccoon.
Leave a calling card, why don't you?
I told you I heard something, asshole.
- You buried him under here?
- Under the boat.
- Give me one of those picks.
- Rocket scientist you are.
- There are neighbors around here.
- Shut up and start digging.
Let's dig and get out of here.
Resurrection time, you old bastard.
They found the body.
Let's just get out of here.
You okay?
Get this thing off me.
You'll die, bitch!
Get off her. Now.
I'm serious.
Let her go.
Drop the knife.
Mr. Mark Sway!
You a big man?
You a big man with a gun?
You won't shoot anyone.
Yes, I will.
Give me the gun.
He was going to kill you.
He was going to kill me. He'd have
killed my mom and Ricky.
You' re a scared little prick.
Probably piss your pants.
Come on, big man, pull the trigger.
If I just shoot...
...everything'll be okay.
No, you'll be just like him.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
You should have let the kid shoot.
You haven't got the balls.
Jesus Christ!
You robbing son of a bitch!
Who the hell are you?
No one's breaking into my place,
you son of a bitch!
Damn it! I'm unarmed!
Honey! Get in the house!
Call the police!
Cops will be here soon. Get in!
- You' re a genius.
- You' re not bad yourself.
Let's see what we got.
I wonder if he's home.
Oh, God, he's home.
What's the cloak-and-dagger all about?
You can trust us.
You three come here alone?
- Really?
- Yes.
Then send someone to those cars
that aren't there...
...and get us a pen and paper.
Get a pen.
You've been busy: obstruction
of justice, tampering with evidence...
...contributing to
the delinquency of a minor.
I am so flattered that you noticed.
You saw Boyette's body?
I smelled it too.
Where is it?
A list of psychiatric hospitals
that specialize in children.
I want Ricky there by noon.
You' re not in a position to bargain.
If you know where the body is, tell me.
I know where the body is, but
I don't know where it'll be in 3 hours.
Now, you want to make a deal?
What do you want?
You have access to a jet?
- I do.
- Send it to Memphis.
Get Dianne and Ricky and their doctor.
We'll meet them at the airport.
When Mark's safely on board,
I'll tell you where your body is.
How we doing?
There's nothing I can't live with.
The Sways enter
a witness protection program...
...and they'll choose their new city.
Complete change of identification
and a nice little house.
White, with a walk-in closet.
Write it down: "Walk-in closet. "
Is "walk-in" hyphenated?
She'll need starting out money
and a nice new job.
One of you want to type this up?
After Dianne signs it,
we'll all be happy.
Give me some help, Reggie.
How far is it to that body?
Twelve little itty-bitty tiny minutes.
- Thank you, Reggie.
- You' re welcome.
ETA for New Orleans,
about 54 minutes.
They screwed up! You shitheads!
You never walk away! Never!
Now, settle down, Barry.
Sometimes you must cut your losses.
It's not too late! I can go back
and dig up that body!
Why don't you let Gronke drive you?
And take Bono for company.
You can all go together
for a nice long ride.
No, Uncle Johnny, please.
Let me go myself. I can handle it.
And risk getting caught? No.
No more risk, Barry.
Barry "The Blade. "
No more.
Not ever.
Welcome to New Orleans.
Watch your step.
I'm sorry I worried you.
I'm glad you came.
I'm not sure I had any choice.
If you don't want me to tell them
where the body is, I won't.
But there's a great hospital in Phoenix
for kids and once Ricky is better...
...we can move anywhere we want.
Canada, Connecticut, anywhere.
Any place that starts
with a " C" anyway.
- They told me we'd have a real house.
- Some getting-started money.
Walk-in closet.
And maybe a good job?
And watch my boys grow up.
And maybe even join the PTA.
I'm only 27 years old.
You' re due for a break.
About what I said at the hospital...
- I want to apologize.
- No need.
And wherever your kids are...
...they' re crazy not to want you there.
Thank you.
Like you said.
One day at a time.
I like the sound of that.
Congratulations. Jason McThune
will escort you to Phoenix.
Right this way.
All right, let's go.
Let's go, boy. Come on.
Thanks. You've been
a real pain in the ass.
Thank you. And good luck.
I assure you, you have been
an even larger pain in the ass.
Can you come with us?
When you enter the witness protection
program, you have to sever all ties.
I'll never see you again, will I?
Will you take care of my compass?
So you'll never lose your way again.
I love you, Reggie.
I know, sweet boy, I love you too.
You better go to your mama.
I'll call you.
The body is behind Clifford's house,
in his boathouse.
Oh, my...
You did very well, Ms. Love.
Reggie. Thank you, Roy.
You forgot one thing.
You should have demanded immunity
for your illegal actions.
An eye for an eye.
Exodus, 21. 24.
When I get to be governor of Louisiana,
do you want a job?
I got one, thank you.
Showtime, Roy.
Thank you.
Thank Mark.
Will you come over here together,
if you will, please?
After what I must say has been
an exhaustive investigation...
...we are able to solemnly announce...
...that we have recovered the body
of Senator Boyd Boyette.
He's quite a kid.
Don't tell him he's a kid,
he'll just get real pissed off.