Cliffhanger (1993) Movie Script

Rescue 3.
Jessie, do you see him yet?
Patience, my love, patience.
Wait a minute.
I think I have him sighted.
Frank, what's the word?
The word is we got him
over there.
Rescue 3, this is Rescue Center.
This is 3. Go ahead.
Jessie, we're getting general clearance
in the southeastern region of the park.
You will probably have sufficient
cloud base to get into the tower...
but please be advised you'll still
encounter strong winds and turbulence.
We would advise
against a winch rescue. Over.
Wilco, Center. I'll proceed
with wire cross trom opposite tower.
- Three out.
- Center out.
Gabe, Hal's signaling he's okay.
Gabe, where are you?
I'm just hanging out, Jess.
Oh, my God.
I don't recognize the face,
but the butt does look vaguely familiar.
Hey, be careful,
or you'll embarrass old Frank.
It would take a heap more
than that, rock-jock.
They're below
the top of the tower.
They're on the ledge
just above you.
You got another few feet.
- Glad you could join us.
- Yeah, sure. Hi, Sarah.
Hi, Gabe.
So, how's the knee?
I think it's out.
No big deal.
I remember when you twisted it
getting out of that hot tub.
I thought it was
an old war wound from 'Nam.
Really? Hmm.
Rescue 3.
I've located a stranded climber.
Jessie, please send down
a transport line.
So, tell me, how you teeling?
Fine, considering.
What do you say we take oft...
and leave this clown behind, huh?
Don't tempt me.
Rescue 3.
Please be advised
that Ranger Walker...
is making advances
toward my girlfriend...
that's liable to get his ass kicked
right off this mountain.
Be informed Gabe makes advances
to me only...
or he'll be climbing down
Baby, he lies.
- Is it really 4,000?
- Yeah, just about.
Hey, remember, whatever this guy says
about me, don't believe it, okay?
Okay. Come on over.
I know you're nervous, but
we've done this a hundred times, okay?
Excuse me, Captain Hot Tub?
Keep your arms and legs
inside the vehicle at all times.
That's great, Hal.
That really inspires contidence.
So, how did this clown talk you
into climbing up to the tower?
He told me
it was better than sex.
You ready for the best ride
in the park?
Give me a second.
I'll let you know.
You look like hell.
He made it.
Ot course he did.
Really, there's nothing to it.
Okay, I can do this.
Sure you can.
I'm sorry
tor all the trouble, really.
- Oh, Sarah, don't worry about it.
- Thanks.
- Did you see that?
- Yeah, yeah.
- We're still on for dinner tonight?
- Of course we are.
Okay. You're ready now.
That's it.
Now, just sit
right down into it.
Come on, guys.
The wind's picking up.
Sarah, just keep
your eyes on me.
No, don't look-- Sarah.
Sarah, look at me.
That's it.
- Right.
- Just start to pull.
One hand after another.
You're doing great--
really, great. Keep goin'.
And just keep looking at me.
That's great!
You're starting to look like a pro.
Keep going.
That's it.
Nice and easy.
Hey, Hal, we're gonna
be out ot a job soon.
A little more, Sarah.
That's it.
One, two.
Oh, God!
Gabe! Gabe!
Hold on!
- I'm going to fall !
- No, you're not!
You're going to be okay!
- Can you reach the main line?
- No, I can't! I'm slipping!
- Gabe, can you keep the line steady?
- That clip's not gonna hold!
I can't hold on !
Help me, please!
- Gabe, you have to go after her.
- No!
- Gabe, no!
- I'm coming out to get you!
It's not rigged for two. Keep it trom
swinging. I'll send out my harness.
No time!
I'm going tor her!
Gabe, shit! No!
Sarah, I'm coming tor you !
I can't hold on ! I'm slipping!
Hold on just a little bit longer!
I'm coming for you!
Gabe, please hurry!
I can't hold on !
Don't look down.
Keep looking at me.
- That's it. Hold it.
- I'm trying!
It's breaking.
She's losing it.
Sarah ! He'll have you
in a second, baby!
Come on, baby!
Don't you give up!
Hurry, Gabe.
You're almost there.
- Keep going.
- I'm here, Sarah.
Sarah, I'm here.
I don't want to die!
Reach up and grab him!
Reach up!
- Sarah, reach up!
- Come on, honey!
- Use your other hand!
- Reach up!
Hold on! Hold on !
I got you! I got you.
I can't hold on!
I'm going to die!
You're not going to die.
Don't you lose her, Gabe.
I got her. Reach up.
I'm slipping. I'm slipping!
- You can do it, Sarah.
- Hold her, Gabe!
Please don't let me tall.
Please, I don't want to die.
- You're not gonna die.
- I'm slipping!
Sarah, I got you!
Just reach up!
I can't, Gabe!
You can do it.
Please, baby, just reach up!
Hal ! Hal ! I'm slipping!
Gabe, man, don't you lose her!
- Don't you let her go!
- Don't let me tall.
I'm slipping!
Sarah, please.
No, I'm slipping! Gabe!
Gabe, don't let me tall !
- No!
- Help me! I'm talling! Gabe!
No! Sarah, no!
Jesus Christ.
Treasury Agent Mac Lamoore,
please contact D.A.U.
Lock 'em up.
Travers, we'll be fueled up
and ready to go in ten minutes.
Very good.
Mr. Travers.
- Hey, Rich.
- Morning, Walt.
This is Agent Matheson, F.B.I.
Matheson has been transferred
from the Denver oftice to Frisco.
As a protessional courtesy
I was asked if he could hitch a ride.
Got plenty ot room.
Be glad to accommodate you.
- Appreciate it.
- You're the boss.
Let's go. Matheson,
have you been totally brieted?
- I don't know about totally.
- Who the hell ever is?
It's the most protected shipment
we've got and the most useless.
These bills aren't even
in circulation.
$1,000 bills we're transporting are only
used for international banking exchange.
You always transport
through the air?
Mostly. Armored cars can be hijacked,
trains derailed...
but nobody can touch us in tlight.
Haven't lost a bill in 12 years.
Don't jinx me now.
Treasury agents are the most
superstitious people in the government.
We should be.
Everybody wants what we have.
Gabe! Hey, man, Gabe!
- It's Gabe. He's back!
- I can see that.
Come on, man. Let's go!
How you doing, Gabe?
Dude, turn that down.
You guys.
How you doing, Brett, Evan?
Where you been?
You fall ott the planet or something?
- No, I've been working up in Denver.
- Work?
Don't say that word.
I hate work, even when
somebody else is doing it.
Gabe, we're tlying otf the tower today.
You should come with us.
Today's going to be the day
for a killer jump.
- No, thanks. Can't.
- Come on, man.
Don't tell me that job in Denver
made you scared ot heights?
You guys better watch out 'cause
some bad weather's comin' in, okay?
We like it extreme.
Hey, man, see you later, Gabe.
Good to have you back.
Yeah, good to see you. Later.
How you doing, Jess?
Hello, Gabriel.
Got yourself a new horse?
- Where have you been?
- Just working.
Atter the tuneral,
I just had to leave.
Had to leave?
Believe me, a lot of us
wanted to leave.
But you know what?
We stayed.
a lot ot things fell apart
on that ledge.
I know.
But I don't think
you know how much.
Why can't you just believe
you did everything you could?
Did l? I don't know.
Maybe I shouldn't have
gone out on that line.
Maybe I panicked.
I don't know.
I was there, remember?
You were the only one
who didn't panic.
Why don't you do us a tavor
and quit hording all the guilt?
You held on as long as you could.
And what about Hal?
What was Hal doing on the tower
with a girl who could barely climb?
I can't blame Hal tor anything.
It was me.
All me.
Well, give it up, Gabe...
because let me tell you something--
it doesn't get any better.
It doesn't get any better?
I really don't think
you understand.
- What?
- I don't think you understand.
I don't understand?
I think I'm the only one
that understands.
Believe me, there were times when I
didn't know what I wanted to do more--
hate you or love you.
But one thing I did know
and I still do know...
is I understand you.
Did you come back to stay?
You didn't.
I can't.
I can't. Not here.
Jessie, I came back tor you.
And it you like,
I want you to come with me.
You come back atter being gone for
almost a year and expect me to leave?
This is our home.
Now it's my home.
And I can't just pick up and go
for all the wrong reasons.
If you don't mind, I'd better
pick up the rest of my stuft.
You know where everything is.
I'm late for work.
Hey, big boy.
Roger, Five-Lima,
scattered, broken clouds...
a severe storm advisory.
Check the storm scope.
Travers says
you're being transterred.
Oh, yeah.
Moving up in the world.
The forecast-- cloudy skies
with flurries today.
We can expect an inch of snow
and a high in the low 30s.
Overnight flurries will increase with
a total accumulation of three inches.
Tonight's low near 15.
Hey, Jessie, you're just in time
tor another masterpiece.
Hiya, Jess.
Oh, I think old Frank
nailed it with that stroke.
What do you think?
I don't know.
What do you see?
Surprise me.
What usually eats a banana?
A monkey.
This is a picture
ot a banana eating a monkey.
- Nature in reverse.
- Where?
Right here.
Frank, you look like
a normal guy, but he's not...
are you, Frankie?
Hey, I'm an artist.
We're being tracked.
- Jetstar, three o'clock.
- Travers!
Stay put. Don't anyone
jump to conclusions.
- He's coming in too slow.
- No, we're going too tast.
We're too high. Give me 180 knots,
drop to 15,000 feet.
You got it.
Christ. We're losing altitude
and slowing down. Get your weapons.
What the hell are you doing?
I have jurisdiction on this jet.
Now I have jurisdiction.
I said get your weapons!
These are highly trained agents,
Mr. Matheson.
I think you're overreacting.
Just calm down and give me the gun.
- You're out ot control.
- What the hell are you waiting for?
He's hijacking the shipment.
What the tuck was that?
- Move into position.
- Look alive, Kristel.
Crossover transfer,
ten seconds and counting.
November 1-2-niner-five Lima...
this is Jetstar
Is frequency secure? Over.
Roger, Tango-Tango.
This is Five-Lima. Go ahead.
We have visual contact. What is
your heading, speed and level? Over.
We're heading 0-8-0
and doing 2-5-0 knots level...
at flight level 2-1-0-niner.
Five-Lima, we're opening up.
Rise and shine, gentlemen.
Let's make history.
Roger, Five-Lima.
We'll begin closing.
Bring your speed back to 1-5-0.
Commence descent to flight level 1-4-0
and turn right onto 2-6-0. Over.
We're level. Flight level 1-4-0
and steady, 2-6-0 degrees.
The weather ahead
looks a bit threatening.
- Travers, report your position.
- Ready to disengage tail cone.
Stand by.
- Tail cone's clear.
- Roger.
Phase one complete.
prepare to receive cable.
Tango-Tango standing by.
what's the turbulence back there?
She's all over the place. This thing's
got the response of a 747 at this speed.
Sounds like fun. We're streaming the
drogue down. We'll see you in a minute.
Welcoming party's ready.
Good luck.
We're moving in to pick up
the drogue now. Tango-Tango out.
I've got it.
Stand by, Kristel.
Standing by.
We're locked on.
Into the transfer position.
Moving into transfer position.
We're closing to 1-4-0 feet.
We're closing.
We'll report when in position.
- We're too close to the storm.
- Don't lose your nerve.
All they'll tind is a plane
that went down in the storm.
- Hurry up, Travers.
- On my way.
The cases are hooked up
and ready.
Charge goes off in tive minutes.
Stick to the plan and you're rich.
Got it.
Tango-Tango in position.
- What's taking so long?
- Patience.
Tango-Tango, dip the plane.
I'm coming over.
Wilco, Five-Lima.
Tango-Tango standing by...
at flight level 1-4-0
and steady 2-6-0 degrees.
Five-Lima, I'm out ot here.
What the hell is he doing?
Five-Lima, where are the cases?
- Kristel, we've got him.
- Roger.
Why didn't you send
the money first?
Somehow, I didn't think
you'd wait tor me if I sent it first.
We're approaching the storm tast.
I can't hold this course much longer.
- 9-0 seconds.
- What's keeping him?
Let's move your ass up there.
I'm at the cases.
Stand by.
Tango-Tango standing by.
You tuck.
We've lost the pilot.
- Who did you leave up there?
- No one.
Get underneath the jet.
The cases will slide over.
Who the fuck is our guest?
Just get those cases.
He's hurt bad.
What should we do with him?
Get him to a hospital, tast.
- We're not leveling out.
- 1-0 seconds.
I've lost hydraulics!
The cable's blown tree.
Don't unhook it.
The cases are still there.
- Don't lose the money, goddamn it!
- Hold it.
- Pull the cable!
- We gotta pull !
- Bypass switch one.
- Check.
- Bypass switch two.
- Keep pulling.
- Nothing.
- Switch to manual.
Hold the fuckin ' plane steady!
- Pull ! Come on!
- Travers, don't fuck it up!
- How's number one engine?
- Oil pressure falling.
- Come on. Don't lose the money.
- They're coming.
Goddamn it! Shit!
- We've lost it.
- Oh, fuck!
Release the cable.
Close it up.
So this is your idea
of a foolproot plan?
You stupid bastard.
Kristel, what's the report?
The hydraulics aren't functioning.
He shot them out.
Fire warning, line tour.
I'm losing altitude.
We're gonna go down !
Dump the tuel. You'll have to pick
your way through the peaks.
Close the tuel valve and pumps!
Don't bother to buckle up.
You may not want to survive this.
Flaps to 25 degrees
betore we lose all power.
Flaps, 25 degrees.
Reduce power 60%.
Shut down all generators.
Lower tlaps. You may have
to hand-crank them down.
-You want the gear down?
-Leave the gear up. Shut down all power.
Give me a hand
with the controls.
Wow! Did you catch that thunder?
That was too loud tor thunder.
Let's rock and roll.
One, two, three!
- I'm free!
- Radical, man.
Man, look at me. Watch this.
You thought ot everything,
didn't you?
Everything except
what's happening now.
Kill the pig!
Your tucking plan almost killed us!
Kill the pig, my ass.
We're partners in this.
Give me the tracking monitor.
What the hell are you
gonna do with it?
Don't make him ask twice.
Give it to him.
You want it? Take it.
It's only got
I'll break your tucking neck
in a minute!
- Go ahead. Break my tucking neck!
- Sit down.
In case you slept
through the landing...
you'll need all the money you can find
to buy your way out of this country.
You know it,
and I know it.
How do we get oft the mountain,
even if we tind it?
I think we found a trequency.
Somebody help, please.
Is there somebody there?
Somebody please help.
Rocky Mountain Rescue. Come in.
Oh, thank God!
Ah, we're stranded.
We were hiking and lost our bearings.
We didn't expect
the weather to come in this fast.
Just take it easy.
How many people in your party? Over.
Five people.
I don't know where we are.
I-- I see only a cylinder-type
rock formation. Over.
It's got to be Comb Bluft.
Winds are too strong to get a chopper
up there. Try to stay calm.
We're on our way.
You're gonna be all right.
Please hurry.
Billy's going into shock.
Please, we need insulin.
Please, hurry.
"We need insulin."
Would you have thought ot that?
- Thank God you didn't leave.
- Why?
Emergency call. Five climbers
are stranded ott Comb Blutf.
The weather's pouring in,
and Hal's gone up alone.
- Hal's a good climber.
- What?
What's that supposed to mean?
It means he can handle it himselt.
It he gets socked in by the weather,
they'll never make it down.
Gabe, he needs someone
who has emergency medical training...
and knows every handle
to those peaks.
I'm the last one he wants help from, and
that's not what I came back here for.
Our problems are not the issue
right now. Those people are.
What it he can't do it alone?
Look, Jessie,
I haven't climbed in months.
You just lose the teel.
Maybe you mean the nerve.
I didn't mean that.
It's okay.
I know you don't want to be responsible
for anybody's lite anymore...
but I'm talking about somebody
that was your best triend.
Please, Gabe,
he took the west ridge.
It you take the north tace,
you can beat him.
What has happened to you?
Don't you feel anything anymore?
Feel anything?
Jessie, I came back for you.
I'm not talking about me.
I'm talking about you.
Go ahead-- Ieave.
But if you don't do it, you'll be stuck
on that ledge tor the rest of your life.
Where the hell is that
goddamn plane?
Looks like she went down
in the storm.
That storm tront is still building, so
even it we could send a search plane...
it would be impossible
to see anything on the ground.
- What about roads?
- There aren't any roads up there.
Mr. Wright.
These two F.B.I. agents
insist on seeing you.
I'm Agent Hayes.
This is Agent Michaels.
It you're concerned about your agent who
got a ride, I've nothing to tell you.
Matheson wasn't along tor the ride.
He was working surveillance.
Surveillance? Ot what?
The Bureau have been getting reports
Treasury jets were being monitored...
between Denver
and San Francisco.
We didn't tell you because
we thought it might be an inside job.
That's impossible.
You're suggesting a hijacking?
No. Not only did I have
my best men on that tlight...
but each one of those cases
were monitored.
And the money
is in unexchangeable denominations.
It would be useless
tor anybody to try to steal it.
Except for this man.
- Who the hell is this?
- Name is Eric Qualen.
We've been tracking him
without much success.
He's a former member
ot military intelligence...
who found it more protitable
going to the other side.
Industrial espionage.
Hijacking diamonds trom South Africa.
Thett and disposal ot millions
in negotiable bearer bonds.
You name it. He has the international
connections to move this currency...
and $100 million otfers one hell
ot a temptation to this psychotic.
Jesus Christ.
What the hell
are you doing up here, man?
I was talking to Jessie.
She filled me in.
Did she?
Well, now let me till you in.
You can take your ass down and go back
to that hole you've been hiding in.
Once we get these people down,
I'm gone, Hal.
No. You're out ot here now.
Why the hell did you come up here?
To prove something?
Look, I know how you teel
about me, all right.
You don't know anything!
You did it your way
and she died.
- I did what I thought was right.
- Well, you were wrong.
It was your weight on the line
that did it.
There wasn't time
tor anything else.
Well, I guess we'll never know.
It was a bad time tor everybody.
What the hell do you know
about bad times, man?
You didn't love her, and you didn't
have to explain to her tamily.
And you didn't have to look
into her eyes when she was falling!
- Now drop it!
- No, buddy!
It was you who dropped it.
You want to do it?
Do it.
You live with it.
They're here.
Right on time.
How many of them are there?
We got two heroes.
We'll greet 'em at the top.
- Where's the helicopter?
- What the hell's going on?
- Where's the helicopter?
- It can't tly in this weather.
- Is either of you a chopper pilot?
- No.
What are your names?
Tucker and Walker.
We're missing three bags.
What's in them?
None ot your tucking business!
Suits, socks, $100 million,
the usual stutf.
Travers here was smart enough
to bring along a tracking device.
Don't use my name, goddamn it.
Key it.
Look at the map. This is where
we've lost our belongings.
The red dots on the monitor
are the three cases.
You recognize these locations?
Let me jar your memory.
It you don't recognize them,
you're useless.
Useless items
are usually discarded.
- Right, Travers?
- Get oft my back, Qualen.
I haven't even got on it yet.
Once again, do you recognize
these locations?
Yeah. We do.
Then let's go.
Wait a minute, asshole!
Where is it?
Up there.
Rescue 1, this is Rescue Center.
Hal? Come in, Hal.
Nice. You're Hal?
You, stay. You!
Do it.
Rescue 1, this is Rescue Center.
Do you copy?
Hal, come in.
Hal, come in. Over.
Watch yourself under the overhang.
It could deliver anytime.
Anytime you teel
like saying something, don't.
We're waiting, gentlemen.
- I need my bolt gun and ice ax.
- No.
- Don't give him anything.
- Take his coat tor insurance.
He could treeze to death !
You've got your own problems, Hal.
Ryan, get a rope.
I want this dog on a leash too.
Tie it. It better hold.
Forget me.
It you can, get away.
Would you?
Go tetch, wonder dog.
Move it, Walker.
Keep it taut.
Ryan, keep it taut!
Hal, come in please.
Hal, come in please. Over.
I don't trust him.
I don't think
we need two guides.
Retire him when he comes down.
They're going to kill you !
Don't come down !
Pull the rope. Pull the rope!
Pull, goddamn it! Pull !
- Come on! Pull!
- Pull it!
Pull, goddamn it!
Watch it!
- Get him!
- No!
Do it.
Your triend just had
the most expensive tuneral in history.
Now it's only you.
Come in, Rescue Unit. Come in.
Hal, what's going on? Hal?
No messages, no codes,
no tricks.
You haven't tound us.
It was a take call.
Jessie, I've just reached
the top ot the tower.
So far,
there's no sign of anyone.
Looks like a phony call. Over.
You've got to be kidding me. Do you
want me to fly up atter you? Over.
No. Negative.
The winds are still too high.
I'm going to ride out
the storm up here.
We'll take shelter
at the old Doug--
Hal, I'm losing you.
Come in.
Come in, Hal. Over.
Go on to the next case.
He said the tower,
but he's on Comb Blutf.
Frank, tly me to the west valley.
The winds are never too strong there.
It's only a half-hour climb
to the Douglas Shaft.
It's the only shelter around.
Hal would have to go there.
- Jessie, that is a bad idea.
- Please, Frank.
If I don't tind him,
you can come pick me up by nightfall.
Hal would have my head.
And it's such a handsome head.
Please, Frank.
I'll buy one ot your paintings.
Hold up!
Where is it?
There. On top ot the peak.
- Come on.
- Hold it.
Looks like a winding route to me.
The tastest way is
straight up the east tace.
Ot course, there are only 12 guys
in the world who could do it.
You want to try it?
Gabe. What's happened?
Oh, my God. You're trozen.
Come sit down.
Gabe, where's your pack, your sweater?
Talk to me. What happened?
They got Hal.
The distress call was a fake.
Fake? What do you mean
it was fake?
Betore they crashed,
they dumped cases of money.
- Who's they?
- I don't know.
They're using Hal to tind it.
When they do, he's dead.
You gotta get on the radio
and call Frank...
and tell him to call
the state police.
The cold killed my radio,
but Frank's gonna be looking tor me.
- We'll contact them from the chopper.
- The sun goes down in an hour.
What do you want me to do?
Let's take everything we need.
Let's move.
We got to get to that next case
before they do.
We're close!
- It's just up there!
- It better be.
You know something? I'm getting
real tucking tired of your threats.
Are you?
It's there.
Oh, my God.
What do we do now?
You got a pencil?
Over here.
The son of a bitch
is still alive!
I'm beginning to dislike
this Mr. Walker.
He can't be tar.
Find him. Go.
Come on.
Give me a flare.
- Meet me at Eagle's Cape.
- I'm not leaving.
Don't worry about me!
Gravity's a bitch, isn't it?
Fuck the money, and fuck you!
I wasn't born to die
on a mountain.
Where were you born to die?
Got a place picked out?
I don't need to hear
that shit trom you, boy.
Maybe this boy should make
this big mouth bigger.
Stop this!
The tight's not here.
It's out there.
Find us some shelter.
Next time you're, like,
watching MTV, you know...
take a split second
and flip it to the Weather Channel.
I mean, hey, where would you
rather be right now?
Here in tent city, or at home
playing some righteous air hockey?
Air hockey's definitely
got my vote.
Exactly, cheesehead,
- Cheesehead?
- Cheesehead.
- He was here.
- What was in there?
Answer the man.
- Nothing. Just tourist souvenirs.
- Or equipment.
Maybe Walker plans
to look atter his friend here.
He's not my triend...
and I don't like him
any more than I do you.
Nice try.
But I never underestimate the power
ot loyalty when it comes naturally.
Not like the kind
that has to be paid tor.
Make a tire.
It costs a fortune
to heat this place.
That's bad humor, I know.
We better get some sleep.
We're gonna need it.
Rescue units, come in.
Again, do you read? Come in.
What the hell
is going on up there?
Jessie, do you read?
Jessie. It looks as if
we're drawing a crowd.
We're down to a tew hours before
the whole tucking world shows up.
- Where's the next one?
- On the tower.
How far?
He asked how far, goddamn it!
You know what I think? I think
you've been taking the scenic route.
How far is it?
Halt a day.
- It's half a day.
- Hey, Hal!
Check it out, man. It's Hal.
Hey, man, you stuck up here too?
- You missed a great jump yesterday.
- Walk over.
For Christ's sakes, man,
they're just kids.
- Why don't you let them go?
- We're not animals.
Don't torce us to be.
Walk over.
Hey, man, was that storm
a real bummer or what?
Me and him were
in tent city last night.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Hal.
We're gonna take one last jump
and split.
You baby-sitting hikers?
- Run, man, run !
- What?
Get the hell out--
Son of a bitch.
You didn't have to kill him!
Shut up!
Sue me.
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
You're letting him get away!
Shoot him!
Shit. Ow!
You murdering motherfuck.
Kill a tew people,
they call you a murderer.
Kill a million,
and you're a conqueror.
Go tigure.
Move on, Tucker.
Time is short.
Okay. Just like you said.
He's taking them the long way around.
To stay ahead ot them, we're gonna
have to go through that crack.
You said there was a way across.
There is.
- Where the tuck is it?
- There.
You blind?
Hell with the money.
Radio the chopper.
You just don't get it, do you?
We're in bed now, joined at the hip,
partners in crime.
You've crossed over, Travers,
and there's no crossing back.
All right,
that'll keep it dry.
Okay, let's do it.
Get a good tooting.
It's slick, Jess.
Good foothold.
Jessie, don't move.
Oh, my God.
- Let's get out of here.
- No!
Jessie, you gotta get down !
Come on !
Get down!
Stay close to me.
All right, get down.
Hold on to me.
It's on my back!
Let's get out!
It's otf your back.
There's nothing on your back.
It's okay.
Rocky Mountain Rescue Center,
this is Rescue 3. Over.
Rescue 3, this is Rescue Center.
Go ahead.
The vis is good. I've got
at least 20 miles in all directions.
If anyone's out here,
I'll find them. Over.
Roger, 3. Center out.
Center, this is 3.
I've picked up a signal on the thermal
imager just north of Comb Bluff.
Landing to investigate.
Get out! Get out ot here!
Get the hell out!
Jesus Christ.
Here, I got you.
I got you.
I got you, son. I got you.
There's the opening.
When I get up there,
I'll hook up the line...
and you tollow me up.
- Okay?
- All right.
- The other one is tollowing.
- I'll move to a high point, tlank him.
Don't kill him
until you get the money.
Mr. Wright, we found the l.D.
on the dead pilot.
He was known to fly for Qualen.
What about the Treasury jet?
Its wreckage is scattered
over a two-mile area.
No bodies have been found.
Finally. An F.A.A. satellite
has located a downed aircraft.
Head 110 miles south-southwest
ot the park entrance.
Treasury Control, get
the rescue people on their way.
We're headed straight there.
One out.
Center out.
I got it, Jess.
We're almost out.
I can chop through.
Jessie, come on up!
Small world, ain't it?
Don't even think about it.
Your lite's on sale, Walker.
The price is 30 million.
- Where is it?
- It's gone.
What the tuck are you talking about?
Where's the money?
I burned it.
Never could save anything.
Not even a dumb mountain boy like you
would burn $30 million.
I don't make deals, Walker,
but I'll make one with you.
Hand over the money, and I'll
just kill you and not the girl.
Give me the money!
All right.
Come on. Come on!
- Can you walk?
- Yeah.
Kynette, what's going on?
Where's the money?
- He said he torched it.
- Where is he now?
He dropped down into some cave.
You've had your chance.
Move it out now.
- Kristel, get the C-4.
- Roger.
Just give me five minutes.
I said get the fuck out of there.
Good. And blow up that black bastard
while you're at it.
Save me the time
ot doing it meselt.
It you want me, I'll be here!
I'm in here!
I'm in here.
You're making it too easy tor me.
No bullets, bitch!
Now, I'm gonna ask you just three times:
where's the money?
You hit like a sissy.
Wrong answer, motherfucker!
Get up!
Now, I'm gonna ask you
tor a second time.
Where is the money?
Burned it.
Wrong answer!
Time to kill a mountain man.
It amazes me, in this day and age,
when a man...
will put money...
before the personal safety...
ot himselt and his bitch.
At least you can go
to your grave knowing...
that I'm gonna treat the bitch...
Are you okay? Oh, God!
I thought he killed you!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. I'm all right.
Hal, Jessie, do you read?
Again, do you read?
Come in.
Hal, Jessie, what the hell's
goin' on up there?
Jessie, find it.
It's ready.
Rescue 1, Rescue 2.
- Do you copy? Over.
- Here it is!
I found Evan in the east valley.
He's got a gunshot wound
in the back.
He's en route to the medical center
in Granby in critical condition.
In case you can hear this,
I'm resuming my search.
Come on !
You'll make somebody
a tine wite someday.
You should see me bake a cake.
He's still alive,
tor another four minutes.
- Where's it set?
- Primed to go oft right over his head.
Gabe, three minutes!
There's a bomb!
Get the hell out of there!
There's a bomb over your head!
Jessie, get the gear!
Come on, Jessie. This way.
That charge is gonna cause a landslide.
We gotta get to the west tace.
Why the hell are we wasting time?
Making sure he's not
going to tind that last case.
You want to kill me,
don't you, Tucker?
Well, take a number
and get in line.
The ledge is too far. Take this rope
and pull it apart and tie it together.
- We're gonna rappel down.
- This rope is 60 years old.
- Will it hold?
- Don't think so.
Bad answer.
Frank! Frank!
- No, Frank!
- He can't see you.
Here comes our ride. Move.
Okay, now, swing as hard
as you can. Push !
Frank! Frank! Frank!
What's happening here?
Where's the rest of the group?
What are you doing?
Now, back oft!
I came here to help you.
You did.
Don't move.
- Frank! Frank!
- Better hurry, Tucker.
Get out ot here!
You stupid maniac!
- No one told you to shoot.
- We've wasted enough time.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
This man never hurt anybody!
Kristel, check the chopper.
Let's go.
Get back! Get back!
Go! Jessie, run !
That son ot a bitch.
All right. We use a chopper
to locate the third case.
- Then we get the hell out of here.
- No.
There's not enough fuel
to search around.
Just enough to get us down.
You're not running things,
As soon as he tinds the money,
you're as dead as me.
Give me the monitor.
- What's the code, Travers?
- I told you, Qualen.
Fitty thousand possible
key code combinations...
in 15-second intervals.
So, what's the fucking code?
Well, look
what Agent Travers tound.
I guess he is running things
atter all.
Isn't he?
So what's the plan, Travers?
We use the chopper to find the money.
What a good idea.
But then again...
without a pilot...
nobody even gets otf
this mountain.
What are you doing, Eric?
Do you know what
real love is, Kristel?
Now I'm the only one
who can tly us out of here.
We're partners again.
Now, take your toy...
and tind our money.
Radio when you tind it.
I'm waiting here.
All right, the last of the money's
at Crockett River.
If we take the northern ridge,
we can get there tirst.
There is no "we." I'm gonna go along
the north trail to Bitker Ladder.
You go on to the station
tor help.
- Are you crazy?
- It they tind the money, Hal's dead.
- Just get back there tast.
- All right.
Roger, Control. But where the hell
are those National Guard choppers?
They had a mechanical, sir.
It's being worked on now.
- Their E.T.A. is one hour.
- An hour?
You got to do better than that.
Now, get a move on. Out.
Stop there.
We're close.
I got it locked in.
So we're finished
with him, yeah?
Yeah. Do it quietly.
Your insane boss
just made enough noise...
tor anyone within ten miles
to hear us.
It's been fun.
Hey, Delmar.
From me to you...
you're an asshole.
And you're a loudmouth,
punk slag...
who's about to die.
But in a minute I'll be dead.
will always be an asshole.
So go ahead and shoot.
I'm getting cold.
Who's shooting?
Tell me...
do you like soccer?
It's a great sport.
I was a tucking good striker.
Isn't that something?
Oh, God!
Fuck you!
Ah, you're swearing now.
That's a penalty kick
tor unsportsmanlike.
A lovely little chip shot.
He dribbles past one detender...
two detenders...
three detenders.
Striker lines up
at the penalty spot.
He focuses on the ball.
The crowd is on its teet.
Striker moves to his lett.
He draws back his foot.
He comes in.
Season's over, asshole!
I said quietly.
What the fuck is going on?
This is not right.
Fuck you, Walker!
Goddamn it!
Come in, goddamn it.
Have you got what we need?
It's Walker. The son of a bitch
is still alive, Qualen.
No names.
This is an open line.
I don't give a shit,
Eric Qualen!
Had to be insane to tie up...
with a lowlife piece of shit
like you anyway.
They beat us.
A couple of fucking
mountain rangers beat us.
Jesus Christ, that's Travers.
Get a bead on that trequency.
They beat the man
no law agency ever could.
Get ott the radio.
And I'm finding that
pretty tuckin' hilarious, Qualen.
Stop transmitting,
you stupid bastard!
It's hard to believe I sold out
atter 20 years...
and this is my payback?
To run on a mountain
with a tuckin' dirtbag like you!
Travers, you've lost your mind.
Lost it. Have I lost it?
Fuckin' A, I've lost it, Qualen!
Pure, fuckin' section eight!
I gotta go.
I'm on my last otticial manhunt.
Adios, mothertucker!
You got a bearing
on that trequency yet?
Yes. Eight minutes away.
You're dead, Walker!
I won, Walker!
Travers, come in.
Compliments of Delmar.
Too late. You missed him.
He decided to take a swim
to Arizona.
- Tucker.
- That's right.
It's all over.
Walker. You resilient bastard.
So you're still alive.
I want that money,
and I want it now.
Qualen, the game's over.
You lost.
Oh, no. The game's
just getting interesting.
I'm airborne now, you see.
As a matter of tact,
I've picked up a passenger...
you might be interested in.
Go on, talk.
I said talk, goddamn it!
Hal, he's got me. I'm sorry.
I thought he was Frank.
You get the picture, Walker?
Now, I want that money.
Meet me at the highest point
trom where you are.
It you don't,
we're going to find out...
it this little angel of yours
can fly.
Jessie, take him to the highest point
near Bitker Ladder.
I'll meet you there.
Don 't worry.
Love's a killer, isn't it?
- Where are you, Walker?
- You're getting warmer. Keep climbing.
You're getting closer.
Look out.
I must admit,
you're a real piece of work.
Yeah, and I must admit,
you're a real piece of shit.
Throw it up, or I'll kill her.
You do, and the cash is gone.
- The money.
- I want you to put her down.
Over there!
Jessie, run !
- What about you?
- Run!
Run !
Come on, Qualen.
I got what you want.
Come on.
Come on. Come and get it.
Come on. Closer.
Come on, closer.
- A little closer, Qualen.
- Throw it in.
Bring it closer.
Oh, my God.
Throw it in.
Damn you, Walker!
Run !
Jessie, move!
Come on.
It's just us now,
you piece of shit.
Watch out!
Get out of there, man !
Stick around.
We had a deal...
and now we've
just got each other.
You're not atraid to die.
Come on, get him!
Get out ot there!
Remember, shithead.
Keep your arms and legs
in the vehicle...
at all times!
Give me the rope!
I'm out ot here.
Gabe, buddy, you think you could have
put a little less eftort in that climb?
I mean,
I thought you were in shape.
- I guess I'm just talling apart.
- Yeah.
This is Agent Wright. Copy?
- Yeah, copy.
- Please identify yourselves. Over.
Yeah, this is Hal Tucker,
Rocky Mountain Rescue.
Hey, we're glad
to see you guys.
If you're looking
for Mr. Qualen...
try about 4,000 feet
south of here.
He'll be the one
wearing a helicopter. Over.
I'll arrange transportation
for the three of you...