Clifford (1994) Movie Script

From the beginning of time, children have
dreamed of exciting and perilous adventures.
Although the adventures are exciting for
the child, they can be perilous for adults.
This is one such story...
Hi, Leanord.
How are you doing?
Our tale begins,
once upon a time, in the future.
The year is 2050.
Hey, father Cliff?
Hello, Victor. Boys.
So, what's the story on this Roger kid,
he's gonna get booted out of here?
- I hope not, son.
- But he's the bad kid, father.
You weren't exactly as saint when you
first got here now, were you, Victor?
Let's we forget.
Goodbye, boys.
Who is--
I say, who is throwing--
Father Clifford!
What are you doing, Roger?
Are you running away?
- Oh, me? No, no.
What would make you think that?
I just, I lost my balance while
cleaning my outside windows!
Cleaning your windows
with a suitcase for you?
My heart,
it hurts.
Oh, no.
- Look, who's recovered.
- Let go off me!
What seems to be the problem.
And whenever there's something I really
really want there is always some adult
who comes along and says "No!"
like Mr. Prom,
The other day he said I could be on the
basketball team and then he said I couldn't.
And you felt that blowing up the gymnasium
was an appropriate response, then?
Yes I did.
Even though your parents were
the ones who told Mr. Prom
that they didn't want you
playing any contact sports.
My parents say "No" to everything I want.
You know, the other boys are
very angry at you, Roger.
I don't care what they think.
Why are you running away?
- What is you IQ, son?
- 185.
You're really genious. Mines 190.
Oh, wait. I forgot. Mine is 195.
Oh, wait. I forgot. Mine is almost 200.
That's not really the point.
The point is people like you and I,
when we get very frustrated.
It can cause a lot of damage.
- You're not like me!
- Why, cause I'm all grown up?
That's true, I've changed.
When I was your age,
Let me tell you a story
about when I was your age.
I was travelling with my parents
to the island of Hawaii.
Weather conditions seem fastly improve, Stephen.
I think we can now safely
proceed with scheduled lift off.
Would you please stop
hitting the back of my chair.
I am trying to sleep!
- I'm sorry, miss nice older person.
But, I don't know what you talking about.
Perhaps we were just having a nightmare
about your early days in the circus.
One more word out of you,
I call the flight attendant.
Wasn't very nice the mean old lady to
smash your collarbone, was it Stephen?
"Ladies and Gentleman, we'll be passing over
Los Angeles in just about 10 minutes."
"The skies are crystal clear, so it should be
smooth sailing all the way to Honolulu.
God damn it! Clifford!
Why did you wake me?
- I didn't wake you, Stepehen did!
Why wouldn't you let him sleep?
Now that you are awake,
I'd like to ask you, my papa.
When we land in Los Angeles, can we then
immediately go to Dinasour World?
How many times do I have to tell you son?
The plane doesn't go to Los Angeles.
It goes directly to Honolulu.
- But how can that be, papi?
- How can what be?
That on my birthday of all days, I can be so close to
dinosaur world and yet so far away.
Don't you start with me,
your birthday was 6 months ago.
Clifford, dad is on a bussiness trip.
And this is not a vacation.
So, would you drop this Dinosaur World
thing for 5 seconds, ha?
Would you do that for me, ha, would you?
Boy, you're driving me crazy!
Looks like dady's gonna have a big stroke.
- Then he was talking like that.
- Oh, I swear to God.
Clifford, would you just stop for just 1 minunte?
Whatever you say
sweet one who birth me.
May I visit the captain, father?
I would imagine he'd be very brave and wise!
Possibly with a cleft in his chin.
Allright, just be back for dinner.
Whatever you say, my papa.
Captain, we have a young man here
who has a request.
- Hi, what's your name son?
- My name is Clifford.
And I think you're the bestest captain
in the whole wide world.
Well, thank
you, Clifford.
I was wondering my captain, if we could land on
Los Angeles, so I could go to Dinosaur World.
The only way we could land
on Los Angeles, would be for an emergency.
Whatever you say, my captain!
Jeez, it's awful quiet in here.
Where is Clifford?
You shut the engines down.
I'm sorry!
I don't know why Stephen did that!
Stephen, hang in.
We're gain control on number 4, Los Angeles.
Where is permission for
emergency landing procedures?
Roger, flight 43. This is LAX approach.
You are clear for immediate landing on runway 2-3.
- What an amazing story!
- You liked that, did you?
This is hysterical. You got them all in the plane,
you won and you got what you wanted.
Yes, but I risked the lives of
a couple of hundred people.
- But, no one got hurt.
- They could've. - But, they didn't.
Anyway, that was a truly
wonderful story, father.
But, I have to get going now.
- Fine.
Son, that's not the whole story,
it's just the beginning.
- Allright, father. - That's allright.
Sit down and get comfortable.
Would you like a mint?
- No, thanks.
Well, I guess we have to begin
the story earlier that day.
You see-
Yes, I'll save this for later.
You see, I had an Uncle named Marlin,
how was a famous architect.
And he had two dreams.
One was to build a great mass transit system
for what was known at that time
as a city of Los Angeles
And his other dream was to marry Sarah.
The love of his life.
Sarah was a teacher who operated
a day care center where he worked.
And she loved him very much.
In fact, they were engaged to be married.
- You look so handsome.
- You look so handsome.
- I'm in a very good mood.
- How come?
This is a surprise, I'll tell you later.
- Oh, no, tell me now. - No, no.
- Come on, tell me right now.
You're gonna love it. This gonna
literally be the biggest suprise of your life.
We're in here!
I'm excited.
Don't peek!
- I'm not.
- Don't peek!
Are you excited?
- Yes!
Please, don't peek.
- I'm not.
Okay, look!
Are you stunned?
What am I looking at?
The house!
I bought it!
On a cliff?
That's what you want, a cliff.
It's incredible, isn't it?
I mean, it's very minimalist
but it's got a quiet intensity.
It's very warm.
There was however, one slight problem.
Sarah want a children very much.
But Martin had seemed was in no hurry.
How many bedrooms in this house?
One honey.
One bedroom only.
Look at this view.
Look at this, the ocean.
I think you can see Catalina out there, it's just-
It is quite a drop.
I can't believe I let this happen again.
What's wrong?
I can't marry you!
You're just like my first husband!
He didn't want kids, either!
When did I say I didn't want kids?
You don't have to say it,
it's so obvious. It's joke!
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about this bachelor
pad with one bedroom!
Where's the kid supposed to sleep?
Oh, honey. Have you ever
heard the word "sofa bed"?
Have you ever heard the word "stupid"?
- Stupid? We say stupid?
- Stupid!
Are you saying this house couldn't work for kids?
Oh, no. It's perfect.
Where are the kids, honey?
They're just out back playing on the cliff.
I can't believe what I'm hearing, Sarah.
- I love kids.
- Oh, you don't. I saw you at the daycare today.
Oh, no, no, you're talking about
other people's children.
You just see me with the kid I know.
You know, my own flesh and blood.
My nephew!
- You never mention, you had a nephew.
- I love my nephew.
What's his name?
I wanna say, Mason.
Clifford, little Clifford.
How old is he?
I haven't seen him was since the christening.
He'd be older now.
Older now?
- Yeah, like 10.
You know, my brother Julie and
I don't speak as much as we'd like to.
I will tell you this. I've heard that
Clifford is a very special boy.
Where is that little monster?
Well, you did it, didn't you?
You did it again, didn't you?
You're banned from the flight!
They're not gonna allow you back on the plane.
Which means that I'm gonna miss
the convention tomorrow.
Which means I'm gonna lose
thousands of dollars in speakers fees.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand what--
Where did you get that walkman?
Did you steal it? - No.
Oh, my God! Is there no end to your maddness?
No, a kindly old preist gave it to me, da.
- You're lying!
- No.
You're lying to your own father's face!
I have a good one to leave you right here, you little animal.
What a terrible thing to say
to such a sweet child.
I'm dreadfully sorry, Mrs. extra wide load.
What are you packeting now, ha?
About 2000 dozen jelly donughts a day, ha?
Julien, calm down. Your heart.
Daddy, it's coming.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Theodora, what am I gonna do?
I gotta be on that plane!
- Pappy, pappy, pappy.
- What?
I have a great idea. Doesn't
uncle Martin live in Los Angeles?
Maybe, I can go to his house.
And then you could go to Hawaii
and I could go to Dinasour World.
- Sarah!
- Martin. - Yes.
Martin, it's Julien.
Your brother.
- Your brother Julien.
- Yes.
Martin, look, I know that I haven't made
much of an attempt to keep in touch over the years.
And, I wouldn't blame you if you hang up on me.
But don't hang up, OK?
I'm in a teribble dilemma.
I have tramendous favor to ask you.
I can't believe it.
He went for it.
I'm gonna go to Dinasour World.
I told him that I have this lucrative speaking engagement,
- and then Clifford got airsick.
- Dinosaur world I'm going to.
He almost seemed excited about it.
Excuse me, I'm Martin Daniels.
I'm here to pick up my nephew, Clifford.
- Do you have an identification?
- Yeah.
Right. He's in the bathroom resting.
- Why don't you come with me.
- Thank you.
This is so cute!
Come here, look!
- Clifford.
- Don't reject me!
- Uncle Martin?
- Yes.
Oh, I'm gonna go big!
- Dearest uncle Martin?
- Yes, Clifford.
Can we go to Dinosaur World now?
Dinasour World?
It's closed. It's 22:30, Clifford.
But, I'll let you know a little secret.
I've got a lifetime pass to Dinasour World,
because I designed Larry the--
Scary Rex? You designed
Larry the Scary Rex?
I'm Larry the Scary Rex,
I'm a scary dinasour.
But don't be scared of
my sharp sharp teeth,
and my mighty mighty roar.
- Oh, boy. You're some sort of hero!
- Let's get your bags!
Somebody stole my dog, Snickers!
- Calm down.
Have your guys have loaded
everything on flight 7-91 yet?
Well, so far missing up
mountain bike, a stereo,
a surf board and a big brown dog!
You brought a lot of stuff!
I'm sorry uncle Martin,
my dad's scared of burglars.
He makes us take everything
when we go on a trip.
- And your dog?
- Couldn't leave my Sneakers at home.
Of course you couldn't.
Sarah's gonna be so excited to meet you,
I told her how special you are to me.
But we've never met before!
That's not true.
I was with you at the christening
I spent the better part of a
whole day in your company.
I've the utmost admiration to you.
Oh, uncle Martin!
- Okay, you can let go now.
- Okey dokey, sir.
Oh, Sarah loves dogs.
Come on, Sneakers.
Come on, Sneakers.
Please, boy. Get out.
Don't judge me unle Martin.
It was Stephen's fault.
- Shame on you, shame on your eyes!
- What?
- Sarah.
- Martin.
- Are you okay?
- Oh, you scared me!
- That was a lausy trick!
- What trick?
Your stupid dinosaur in the shower!
Oh, no! That was Clifford.
- Who the hell is Clifford?
My nephew, Clifford. Remember
I was just telling you about him.
Your nephew's here?
I got a call from my Brother Julie
and his flying to Hawaii
I look after him for a week.
Of course I would. I mean,
he is a wonderful kid.
Come on, meet him!
Hi, uncle Martin. I hope, your friend
doesn't mind that I had myself to a snack.
- That's okay.
- Martin.
Clifford, this is Sarah Davis.
- Hello.
- Hello, Mrs. Sarah Davis.
That's a lovely bathrobe you wearing.
I'm sure anyone else who wouldn't look half as lovely.
Thank you. What a sweet thing to say.
- Isn't he everything I sad he was.
- I love you my uncle Martin!
- And I you, Clinton.
- Clifford! - Clifford.
Isn't there an incredible
family resemblance? Look at this.
Well, I guess so, yes.
Well, I'd like to see a lot more of you Clifford.
Perhaps you can convince
your uncle to make sure of that.
Absolutely. Alright now sleepyhead.
We gotto get you to uncle Martin's.
Normally I would despise when someone
ruffles my hair like that, uncle Martin,
but not when you do it.
- Isn't he something.
- Yes, certainly is.
Okay honey, let's go.
- Good night, darling.
- Good night.
Okay, Clifford. Come on.
Good night to you.
Good night, sweet Sarah.
Be all your dreams be pleasant one.
Come on, sweety, time to go to bed.
Like other native peoples, the lake girls
copy the movement of animals.
This dance then called the Bumba.
Time to turn off the video.
OK, time to go to sleep.
Stephen felt that it was a
very cruel action, uncle Martin.
Then would you tell Stephen,
that it's 2 o'clock in the morning
and we have to get up very early.
Because tomorrow we're
going to Dinosaur World.
You're the bestest uncle
in the whole wide world!
- Good night, Clifford.
- Good night, uncle Martin.
Good night, Clifford.
Good night, uncle Martin.
You wouldn't lie to me,
would you uncle Martin?
Cause if you did I'd be so angry,
I don't know what I do.
No, I wouldn't lie to you.
Get in the bed!
Cosey, cosey.
Uncle Martin, whose ring is this?
- Where did you get that?
- Dresser over there.
- Give me that.
- No.
That's very vauable. That's my
grandmother's wedding ring.
Then wouldn't she be
my great grandmother?
- Yes.
- Then, wouldn't this ring just as mine as yours!
What's your point?
I wanna marry miss Sarah Davis
and give her this ring.
That's very sweet, but it's very unrealistic.
- I still want the ring!
- Well, you can't have it.
But it sparkles.
I'm going to give Sarah this ring someday.
How exciting!
Ring pair.
We'll see.
Smiling, isn't it?
Hi, Martin.
Hi, Clifford.
Hello, Mrs. Sarah Davis.
I didn't know you were a teacher.
Had I known I would've brought you an apple.
What a charming thing to say
and very thoughtful.
I'm taking Clifford to Dinosaur World.
Then I've got a meeting with Alice.
This deadline really closing in on me.
Well, it'll be okay.
Your ideas are great.
Come on Clifford.
But you have to admit it's a little odd as a
daycare center, it's been for over 6 months.
And Mr. Ellis hasn't even hava a decency
to drop in, not even once.
I'm sure he hates kids.
I mean, he's definitely an odd.
God, he really makes me nervous.
If I don't talk fast enough he snaps his finger.
What a creep. Oh, God!
And I heard, he's completely a womanizer
and he's obsessed with himself.
I know that he supposed to be a wig he's wearing.
- Get out of here!
- Yes.
Ellis wears a rug.
He's gotto be that creep.
- Mr. Ellis, how are you?
- Thanks for coming.
I don't believe we've met.
- This is Miss. Sarah-
- Sarah Davis, of course. I'm well aware.
I'm just proud to have the opportunity to
thank you for the wonderful job you done.
Oh, Thank you.
- Isn't that impressive?
- Yeah.
- That is really.
- Ssh, OK?
You know, I don't think there is anything more
meaningful to me than a welfare of our employees.
This is my nephew, Clifford.
Say hello to my boss, Mr. Ellis.
Come here, cute little fella.
Good morning, Mr. Ellis.
My! That's the bestest looking wig I've ever seen.
- Oh, no, no, that's no a wig.
- You said it was a wig.
- No, no.
- You called it a rug.
No, no, no. You misunderstood me,
I've never said you wore a wig, sir.
Good, good.
What are you looking at?
No, no, you know!
- It's not a wig.
- I know that sir, come on.
Not a rug either.
- Let's don't worry about that.
- Right, don't worry about that.
Well, I guess you and I
have a lot of work to do, ha?
I was wondering one thing?
Later on would it be okay if I gave you a call.
- Sure. Me?
- No, her.
There is something I would,
I'd really love to
to talk to you about.
That'd be fine. Okay.
Goodbye, sir.
You want me to redesign
the entire model in 2 days?
- The bottom line is you got the move the train line.
- What? - Yes, in 2 months.
That's impossible.
That'll put the train line-
That's right through the Sepulveda dam!
That's not good.
You'll come up with something.
Hole up for a few days,
drink a lot of coffee and blah, blah
and you being the true
professional that I know you are.
I know you'll hit another homeland for us.
Just like you always do.
- You allright?
- No.
Hello, uncle Martin. Are we ready
to go Dinosaur World now?
I've got some bad news.
I can't take you right now.
Turn back, uncle Martin!
The freeway to Dinasour World is back there.
- You're gonna make us dead!
- Let so be it.
Stephen, make it all better somehow.
Get a hold of yourself.
You're out of control.
What, what?
Gang of chocolate.!
I need it badly.
Okay, allright, okay, wait. One minute,
I'll be right back. Don't freak!
Okay, kids. Next stop
Dinosaur World! Who is excited?
- Sorry, dad. I have to go to the bathroom.
- Come on, hurry up.
What dou you mean you're out of chocolate?
How can that be?
- Everybody wants chocolate.
- I need chocolate.
All right, all right, I might have
an Easter Bunny left in fridge.
Get me the bunny!
Thanks for making us all wait, you little dork.
- Where did you get those clothes?
- This kid bought my dinosaur costume.
What's the matter with you?
Are you crazy? What are you doing?
- I'm terribly sorry.
- Where is my son?
The last time I saw him he was counting the money,
then he was giving in the mens room.
- You pervert!
Oh, my ear! You hit my ear.
- Tell me where he is.
- Mom I'm over here.
Oh, Kevin. You're allright.
What in the world is ?
So, any luck with that chocolate?
Any luck with that chocolate?
Any luck with that chocolate?
Bad boy, Clifford, bad boy.
I don't know what to say to you.
I'm shocked.
You're gonna give in that
childs parents a heart attack.
If they press charge, just
you could end up in prison.
And the wasted time.
I happen to be very busy, young man.
The entire city of Los Angeles
is relying on me for public transit.
My boss is breathing down my neck.
That was so embarrasing with Mr. Ellis.
Please, don't ever tell someone
that they have a nice wig.
I said, it was the bestest looking wig
I ever saw, it was a complimant!
He says he doesn't wear a wig!
And a person doesn't take it
as a complimant if you say nice wig.
But I didn't say nice wig, uncle Martin.
I said "bestest looking wig"!
- I believe there is a difference.
- How is it that you're such an authority on wigs?
Because my teacher Mr. Cavana wears a wig.
He lets us play with it at recess sometimes.
Your teacher lets you play with his wig?
Let's just forget about the wig.
But I've gotta punish you.
And that means Dinosaur World is out.
I don't understand.
I've got a bombshell for you young man.
I happen to be the boss in this house,
and you cannot fight the city hall.
But you know, uncle Martin someone that's wise
and worldly, you would realize that,
breaking a little boys promise and punishing him
for it, could be a terrible, terrible thing.
I would imagine the little boy wouldn't be
responsible for he's gonna do next.
See now, that's sounds like a threat to me!
And I don't like threats.
So, you're gonna spend the rest of the
day in your room. Now you march young man!
It's not fair Stephen.
He was the one who broke his promise
now I'm the one who's being punished.
It isn't fair.
They're never fair.
Well, I'm gonna go to Dinosaur World.
I don't care what he says.
- Hello.
- Hi, it's me.
How is Dinosaur World?
I had to postphone it. Ellis hit me with about a
100 changes to make on the model in the next 2 days.
Oh, you poor thing. How is Clifford?
He must be heartbroken.
Nah, he's fine. In fact, we're in the
kitchen right now, making pop corn.
Use the pod holder, Cliffie!
- So, I was calling about tonight.
- Tonight?
My parent's anniversary.
Why, did you forget?
No, come on, you kidding?
I can't miss your parent's anniversay party.
Ok, well, it's 19 o'clock.
I can't wait for my folks to meet Clifford.
- See you there.
- Bye. - Bye.
That's something, Stephen.
Too busy for a boys dream.
But not too busy to go out to dinner.
Punish you!
And that makes Dinosaur World is out!
- That would be a mistake.
I've got a bombshell for you young man.
I happen to be the boss in this house,
and you cannot fight city hall.
Stephen, do you like uncle Martin?
So do I.
This is Martin, Daniels. I got a bomb!
Wow, is this house ever huge!
Wow, uncle Martin.
Did they live in a Hotel?
You're not still mad at me
for grounding, are you Clifford?
Of course not, uncle Martin.
What would make you think that?
They're there. Now, dady, I want you
to be nice to Martin for me, okay?
If I have to, honey!
I told you before, I don't understand
a man at his age and still not married.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi. Daddy, it's Martin.
Congratulations, sir. Happy anniversary
and I hope you have many many more.
Daddy, this is Martin's nephew, Clifford.
Well, now, look at this big fella.
Clifford, is it?
What do you wanna be when you grow up, Cliff?
A dinosaur!
- Do you like Dinosaurs Miss Sarah?
- I adore dinosaurs.
Hey, Clifford, would you like a cup of punch?
- I would like that very much.
- Martin, Bloody Mary?
- Thank you.
- You have a most exceptional daughter, sir
- Thank you for letting me know.
You must be having
the time of your life!
Why did you say that Miss Sarah!?
Getting to spend time with
your uncle finally and everything.
Oh, Uncle Martin!
Scary Uncle Martin!
Sarah! Hello, darling.
Oh, how fabolous you look.
- I always loved you in that dress.
- It's new Julie.
Yes, of course, it is.
Oh, come and meet ....
- I'll be back in 1 second, Clifford.
- Okey, dokey.
- Hi, Clifford.
- Hi, uncle Martin.
Have you seen Sarah?
She was taking off to meet someone name
Rovicni by a lady who looks like this.
What makes your face look like that, uncle Martin?
That's what they call "Face Lift".
What's a "Face Lift"?
- Let's not shout so much.
- Sorry.
I believe your drink is right there.
- Martin!
- Oh, Mrs. Davis!
I knew you come.
Parker said you try to weasel out of it
but I knew you better.
How can't come to your 35th
anniversary, that'd be unthinkful.
- Is this Clifford?
- Yes, I believe it is me.
I'm Sarah's mother.
I'm Annabell.
You're Miss Sarah's mother? You must be the
most wonderful person in the whole wide world.
What a gorgeous, gorgeous child.
I believe Uncle Martin would like to
offer you a toast on this auspicious occasion.
How sweet.
Parker, Sarah, everybody, come on, gather around.
Sarah's Martin is toasting.
Come on quickly, quickly.
It's a toast.
We'd raise our glasses.
First to Parker Davis.
The patriarch of the Davis family.
For 35 years, a devoted husband
and a loving, loving father.
We love you very much sir!
Hear, hear.
Aren't you gonna say something
nice for Sarah's mother.
God Damn it Daniel, get on with it!
You feeling okay, Martin?
Well, would you excuse us,
I just like a word with my nephew.
The paprika souce was ....
You tried to punish me because
I haven't taken you to Dinosaur World.
- What do you mean, uncle Martin?
- What do I mean? You put something in my drink.
- In your drink?
- In my drink!
In my drink. My mouth was gonna burn off!
- You think it's funny?
- No.
It was funny Uncle Martin, it was.
Because you made a toast
to Parker Davis.
We love you sir.
Everyone was staring
and saying what a goof.
And you ran over the .....
See, when you are looking
at the baseball, look at it.
Hit it, hit it, keep your eye on it,
keep you eye on the ball.
Tricky to remember of things.
They're starting to serve dinner now.
- Dinner is served.
- Oh, hungry boy am I.
Clifford, maybe you'd like to wash your hands.
My Captain!
You'd tell me if you're having
a nervous break, woudn't you?
Nervous break.
He says, he wants me to fly to San Francisco with him
tomorrow to open a new day care center.
What did you say?
- I said yes. It's only for one night.
- You're spending that night in San Francisco with Ellis?
He is my boss, what was I supposed to say, no?
What is wrong with you tonight?
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry, uncle Martin. I just,
want to borrow your lip thingy stuff.
You just put your hand into somebody's pocket.
You know, you cannot borrow it, it is not sanitary.
Whatever you say, uncle Martin.
- There your pickles, sir.
- Thank you ever so kindly, sir!
What a nice polite young man you are.
He said that even though
you tend to be a bit of a worry,
he has every confidential
come through in the end.
And if I do maybe he'll take me to San Francisco.
Just because I'm in a good mood and you're not,
you just can't stand it, can you?
I can stand it.
Just forget it.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
Oh, Martin. You're hysteric!
Go like this.
Martin, go to the bathroom and wipe it off.
There is a bathroom on the 2nd floor.
Are you Martin Daniels?
May I spend the night
at your house, Miss Sarah?
Madam, come quickly, please.
You're making a terrible mistake.
This is an anniversaty party.
Stop this, I'm the fiance of-
I'm Miss Davis's fiance.
Sorry ladies and gentlemen.
We're police officers, don't be alarmed.
This gentleman is suspecting of
planting an explosive device.
What? No. I'm with the city. I'm designing the public
transit system for the entire city of Los Angeles.
I'm the fiance of the-
- You make some sort of horrible mistake.
- We don't think so, Maam!
It's not as if I didn't warn her.
Uncle Martin, no!
In the name of .... somebody help my uncle.
He is an innocent man, I tell you.
An innocent man.
Mission Accomplished, friend.
Now, why don't you just make things easier
on everybody and tell us where the bomb is hidden.
What are you talking about? Do I look like
someone that would put a bomb under city hall?
I know what you trying to do.
You're trying to get a confession out of me
by grilling me under this hot lights.
But you know, now I can see anything.
Is that better?
Look, I don't wanna make this about lighting.
Let's just move on with it.
You wanted to get caught.
- You're the one who called us.
- What?
Hi. This is Martin Daniels. I'm not home right now,
but I got a bomb under city hall.
Talk to you later.
Ah, well, no, no, this is part of
my answering machine message.
This is a prank, this is a joke.
You don't have to believe me.
Call my home, call my home.
The speaker is on.
Hi, this is Clifford.
I can't tell you where
my Uncle Martin is right now.
But I'll give you a hint. KABOOM!
Sorry, I didn't mean tp scare you.
Good Morning, Miss Sarah.
You're all dressed up to go dreamy.
Don't tell me I'm wrong.
Oh, thank you.
I didn't hear you get up.
I've been up since 5.
I don't sleep as much as one might assume.
I see you found something to eat.
Hi, it's the jail bird.
Oh, Martin. I've been so worried.
You've been worried?
There he is.
- Hi, Clifford, you okay?
- Hi, Uncle Martin.
How was your staying penitentiary?
Did you meet new interesting hoodlums?
So, what happened?
Are you really in trouble?
- You hear this, I told you about Larry Gold, right?
- No.
You know, Larry Gold Mr. practical jokes.
The whole thing was a set up.
Oh, no, I don't believe what I'm hearing.
I don't believe what I'm hearing either.
Oh, honey, be careful while
you eat your cereal. Use a napkin.
This boy and his cereal.
So, explain to me what happened.
Larry Gold tapes my answering machine message.
Then he tapes the conversation
with me on the phone.
He edits the two of them together.
The police play it for me and I think I'm going insane.
That's sick.
It gets better, the two cops
who arrested me at the party,
Larry's cousins.
I don't think that's funny at all.
I didn't either. And then I sat down
and I started thinking about it and
I got the laughing.
It is funny.
- Those guys are certifiable.
- Tell me about it.
Oh God, I'm so releaved.
Clifford, see, didn't I tell you
everything would ve just fine.
Yes, you did. But I don't like those men,
Miss Sarah. They're liars.
And everybody knows that
liars eventually get caught.
That's right, you little .....
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow and try to get
some sleep, Martin. You look exhausted.
Yeah, kinda little work to catch up with.
I'm sorry, I was such a jerk
about your trip with Ellis.
I know sweetheart, I know.
I'm gonna be staying at the Wimberton hotel,
so you can phone my suite every 5 minutes.
- Your suite?
- Yes.
Bye Clifford, try to make sure
by the time I get back here
uncle's not working on a ....
- Bye.
- Bye bye.
- Bye.
- Get in the car!
I am now out on bail.
Are you listening to me?
Are you?
Yes, I am.
I've a criminal record.
- But you know what you're gonna have?
- What?
You're gonna have a one way
ticket back to your parents.
Don't send me back to my parents.
They hate me.
Not as much as I do!
Oh, stop with the fake tears.
I'm not faking. I'm sorry.
I'll do anything.
Just .... back to my parents.
I even tell Miss Sarah that I was the one who
put that lipstick in your pocket which I didn't.
He was her father who did it.
He wanted to embarrass your.
He said that you are a simple minded moron.
Sarah's father called me a moron?
Simple minded moron.
And Sarah's father put
the lipstick in my pocket.
- Why would he do that?
- Because he hates you.
I don't know why.
I certainly think you're nice and love sort.
I suppose that Sarah's father also
put the hot souce in my drink.
- That I don't know.
- You don't? - No.
- You have no idea who did that?
- I was suspect the bartender.
Just theory.
You know, I was suspect someone else!
Who could that be?
If you're about to say
what I think you're about to say,
that I don't wanna hear it!
Because Sarah Davis
loves you Uncle Martin.
She wouldn't do that.
Oh, she has problems with you
but every relationship goes through that.
You don't think it was me?
Oh, uncle Martin!
And I had to be naked in the jail.
I was strip searched.
I was humiliated.
I know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry
that I made the tape.
Oh, God, I was wrong, Uncle Martin,
why did I do it, why?
I think I know why.
Because I was so angry
that you for having promise
to take me Dinosaur World and then
breaking that promise, uncle Martin.
What is it with you with
Dinosaur World? It's a sick thing.
You're obsessed with this Dinosaur World.
I believe that the Dinosaur World is the only place
where a boy like me can be happy.
Listen to me, listen to me,
shut up a minute.
Listen, shut up.
- You're listening to me?
- I'm listening. - Allright.
Don't put the Dinosaur on me like that.
Just leave the dinosaur over there.
Just leave the dinosaur over there like that.
I'm trying to tell you something.
When I,
When I was a little boy,
You touch the dinosaur I'm gonna kill you.
Stephen wanted to stand here.
Give me the dinosaur.
Give it. I'll rip its head off.
God Almighty, boy!
Now listen to me. I'm trying to
tell you something to help you.
I'm trying to tell you something about
when I was a little boy grown up in Chicago.
There was a great amusement park called, Riverview.
Your father tell you about it?
I thought that was the only place
where a boy like me could be happy.
But my father never took me there.
And then one day,
they tore it down,
before I ever got to go there.
I understand how you feel.
- You do?
- Yes.
- Does it ever get easier, my uncle Martin?
- Not really.
Now, listen to me.
Here's the deal.
You go to your room, write a confession
that I will take to the police
and I will not send you
back to your parents.
And you tell Sarah that you
and I are the best of friend.
- We are, are we?
- Shut up.
But if you even look at me funny,
If you do one thing that I find weird,
which is you know like,
you middle name,
You're doing it right now!
Can you just act like a human
boy for one minute here?
Look at me like a person.
You can't do it more than a few second.
Look at me like a human boy.
Don't mess around with me!
You gonna be back on that plane.
Do you understand me?
I understand that I love you!
Allright, let it go.
Stephen want back!
He says please don't him,
he's the only one left in his family.
Allright, you know something, take the dinosaur and go to your room
I don't want the dinosaur,
you take the dinosaur.
Go ahead, go ahead,
write you confession.
Okay, I've got 20 hours.
I can do it if I don't panic.
Clifford, come on down,
get some lunch.
"My dearest uncle Martin.
I've failed you in so many ways
that decided to take the 1:45 train to
San Francisco to try to find Miss Sarah Davis.
I love you with all the love I have
in my little boy heart." Clifford.
Oh my God, what've I done.
- Have you seen this boy?
- No, sir.
- Have you seen this boy?
- No, I haven't.
Would you like it, ha?
Who is this?
This is Brian, who is this?
Whose house is this?
So, the kid is doing the party,
I think his name is
Is Clifford there?
Oh, no. Actually, last time I saw him he was
in the backyard bashing the shit out of the pinata.
He's said we could use this house for the party
if we took him to Dinosaur World tomorrow.
- You want me to get him?
- No, I'll get him later.
- Where you going?
- The airport.
Swing by the .... Hotel.
Driver, let's just forget about the Hotel.
Let's go right to the airport.
Wait a minute, wait a minute,
stop the car, stop the car.
I'll get out here.
This is not just from me.
This is from all office at the company.
Let me help you with that
You like it?
I don't know what to say, it's very beautiful.
What? What's the matter?
I'm so excited.
I thought you would be.
I'd like to go to the ladies room,
see how it looks on me.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
- What are you doing spying on me like this?
- What am I doing!
What are you doing?
What's with the neckles?
He didn't give this neckles to me.
The whole company gave this neckles to me.
In any way, I have no intention
actually keeping it.
You are such a baby.
You know, Clifford should be babysitting you.
No thanks, I'd prefer babysitters
who aren't affiliated with the Manson family.
What are you talking about?
Where is Clifford?
Oh, don't worry about Clifford.
He'll be happy if you give him a ton of sugar
and a book about Hitler.
What's that supposed to mean?
Clifford is responsible for me being here.
He tricked me to come to San Francisco.
Come on, why would he do that?
Why would he do that, because he wanted to
throw a party that's why he would do that.
You don't know the first thing
about Hitler. Clifford.
He is a lying conniving evil, little monster.
You see, Martin?
That is the reason why you
and I can never get married.
If Clifford were your own son
you'd be talking about in the same way.
It was all a big act, wasn't it?
The special relationship
with Clifford. The loving uncle.
Let me tell you something.
You're a phony.
Believe me, I can spot a phony a mile away.
Excuse me, honey. Have you seen
a gray color dog around here?
No, mam. I haven't
That's why I feel sorry for you, Martin.
Cause you just gonna end up
one very lonely old man.
Well, I feel sorry for you.
Don't think you won't age.
You called me a lonely old man in a phony.
I think you broke a rib.
I'm gonna break more than
that if you try that again.
And it's for this stupid thing which I had
no intention of keeping in the first place.
- No?
- No.
Don't think I don't know what you're
doing. Romantic little dinners,
showering me with gifts.
What is this thing, soldered on?
It's not funny, shut up!
Let me help!
Thanks but no thanks.
Oh, honey.
You think, this strike, litte high school
version act turning me off.
You're wrong!
Oh, my God! It's true.
Put that back.
Put that back on my head!
Uncle Martin!
Uncle Martin, I'm so glad you're here!
I got on the train to run away,
but a person tried to touch my no-no special place!
And when I got back, there were bikers here
and they tied me up, Uncle Martin.
And then they told me stories,
that they do on their bikes.
Some of them were fun but
some of them were scary.
Hi, this is Clifford. I can't tell you where
my Uncle Martin is right now. But I'll give you a hint.
Miss Sarah Davis?
- How are you?
- I'm not very good.
- Why? - Because Uncle Martin
is becoming nutty nuts.
He went away for the longest time,
when he came back he was like a crazy person.
I know what you mean Clifford
but I think he's just overworked.
I'll get the first plane home in the morning
and I'll see you then.
- I love you, Miss Sarah Davis.
- I love you, too, Clifford..
Sometimes I scary myself.
Miss Sarah Davis. My little mouth has parched ......
You poor dear darling, are you okay?
What is he doing to you?
I didn't know.
Why don't you ask him
how he got tied up like that?
Tell her about the bikers and
your damn no-no special place!
You stay away from him!
And it wasn't Larry Gold
who made the bomb prank.
It was him!
I don't know what he's talking about!
Why is his face twisted so?
Martin, you need help!
He is the one who needs help!
He's the one!
Good, take him away but don't blame me
when his head starts spinning around.
Watch out for the green vomit!
Oh, God!
My model cassette, where is that?
I don't like him.
Where have you been?
You should be here an hour ago
I've been listening this idiot for--
What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
- Good.
Did you make the changes on the model?
- Yes I made the changes on the model.
- But you didn't shave.
We got the entire press courier.
You look like shit.
Shit! You look like Willy Nelson.
Ladies and gentlemen, at this time
I'd like to introduce the man
who was the chief designer
of this entire magtrans project.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Martin Daniels.
Why don't you come on up here.
Thank you.
I just wanna say that-
Look out!
Congratulations Clifford.
Who the hell is responsible for this?
- I am.
- Then, you're fired!
Of course, I am.
By the way, I happaned to love Willy Nelson.
Clifford, what shall we do?
What ever shall we do now?
I'm Larry the Scary Rex,
I'm a scary dinasour. But
Don't be scared of my sharp sharp teeth,
or my mighty mighty roar.
- I love kids and kids love me.
- Shut up!
There it is Clifford!
Dinosaur World!
Are you happy?
I'd say I'm the happiest boy in the whole wide world,
uncle Mental case.
I am the Mental Case?
But you're the one in the stray jacket.
Yes, I imagine when they put you in yours,
you'll need a much larger one, sir!
That's cute.
- Hi, Mitchell.
- Hi, Mr. Daniels.
This little fella's just crazy about Dinosaurs.
I'd like to take him on a little tour.
- I'll take full responsibility.
- Yes, sir.
And .. some of the light on the Rex, would you?
- Okey dokey.
Time to board, Clifford.
Are you excited, Clifford??
Yes, cause, this's always
been my dream, uncle Martin.
It's the same way as building a
transit system was always my dream.
Why do you say it was?
Something happened to it?
Something happened to it?
We'll see how you feel about your dream
after being on the ride for 10 hours.
10 hours? I imagine I would like it even more.
We will see how you feel after a 100 hours.
Hello, I'm Terry, ....
I'd turn back if I were you.
Things haven't been goning
very well around here, lately.
You better get out before it's too late.
Get out!
Save yourself!
No one has ever wondered ....
and live to tell the tale.
Oh, boy. You're big!
Use your laser, it's the only chance of surviving!
Lady luck, you owe me.
Stephen, we did it.
We killed that big .....
Bravo, and don't forget .... frozen yogurt bar.
- Is that scary?
- That was so much fun!
By the way, how many years do you think you'll get
for kidnapping me, Uncle Ten-Most-Wanted?
- Life. Let's go a little faster, shall we?
- Yes!
- Was that scary?
- Not at all.
A thought occured to me.
You think that Miss Sarah and Mr. Ellis
perhaps would name their first child, Martin?
- That is so cute.
You know, Clifford, I really shouldn't put this in hyperdrive.
But I just can't seem to help myself.
Oh, boy!
Somebody help!
Uncle Martin, save me!
Uncle Martin!
I'm thinking it of.
Please, I'm scared.
Well, I'm scared of what
might happen if I save you?
Maybe I should do mankind a
tremendous favor and let that dinosaur eat you.
I mean, who knows what horrors you might unleash.
What if you got your hands on some plutonium?
"I just made the bestest nuclear bomb
in thewhole wide world!"
Uncle Martin!
Take my hand! Come on.
Help me, please.
I'm sorry.
No, no, Clifford, don't.
I don't wanna hug you.
I can't imagine anyone
ever wanting to hug you.
But, I really am sorry.
You really are sorry?
You know, sorrow is a human emotion.
As we know, you're not a human boy!
You're just this
destructive thing eventually
everyone just gets the hate you.
Let's go.
That's what you feel, why should I go with you then?
Then, don't go with me.
It's your choice.
First time in my life
very confused.
I had thought that I didn't care
how uncle Martin felt about me.
But I was wrong.
His words has devastated me.
I thought I was so clever.
And I hadn't figure out until that moment.
And if you destroy everyone who
stands in the way of your dreams
and you end up alone.
No dreams, at all.
Is that what's gonna happen to me?
You've much too intelligent for that.
Is your uncle haven't forgive you?
I beg him to.
I sent him over 2087 letters of apology.
All of them returned unopened.
You're proving, Lofty.
Whatever became of his girlfriend?
Miss Sarah Davis.
Well, one day, out of the blue,
which is an expression
we used to use back then,
I received a phone call from her.
With the bestest request in the whole wide world.
Uncle Martin had forgiven me.
And that single act of kindness changed my life.
- Thank you, father.
- You're welcome, Roger.
Hey, father!
You were some kid.
I really have to go a long way to met you but I won't!
Why is that, son?
I want people who like me.
How you're gonna do that, Roger?
I'm gonna right 2087 letter of apology.
See you next week, father.
Bye bye.
Mission accomplished, old friend.