Climax (2018) Movie Script

What does dancing mean to you?
Dancing means everything to me.
It's everything I have.
What would you do,
if you could not dance?
Kill myself.
When you're on stage and dancing,
you feel freed from
boundaries and judgments.
There is only us, our bodies, our feelings.
I find marijuana
very good for muscle relaxation.
Dancing then feels different,
one is more sensitive,
which concerns certain muscles
and certain sensations.
When I dance, I can be someone
I can not be otherwise.
Is your family advocating that?
My mother, my father, everyone.
Do you know what you are dancing?
Do you watch them sometimes? No.
I do not want that.
What would you say? -You
would be a little shocked.
Are you ready for anything to succeed?
What does this mean?
Did you...
Well, in your professional environment...
you have to be able to give pleasure...
I'm ready for anything.
This means?
To all.
I do not know what you expect from me,
but I'm motivated and it's a
unique opportunity for me
to work with a choreographer like you.
That could really help me to develop.
That's why I'm ready for anything.
- So I can demand everything from you?
- Everything.
My worst nightmare?
To be alone.
With nothing and nobody around me.
Do you have a life motto?
"What does not kill me, makes me stronger."
Do you believe in paradise?
Because I want to believe it.
And how is it in paradise?
All is well.
This means?
Only beautiful, no problems.
There is no mess there.
I am from Berlin,
but I'm glad to move away.
It became too much for me.
The art scene there was too much for me.
I want to do what inspires me,
without... being in the ass.
In Berlin too many drugs are taken.
My former roommate, with whom
I do not speak anymore...
Just before my departure he started
to drip acid into his eyes.
Right drops.
So I decided to get away
from it, because...
I do not want to end up like Christiane F.
I like to let off steam, and...
I have my own secret garden...
and I take advantage of
that when I celebrate.
I've done it once.
You wanted me to be honest, so...
Yes, with a girlfriend, once.
My worst nightmare?
I am very afraid in the dark.
Really big fear.
When you do something different,
then it fits or it does not fit.
And my experience is
that often does not fit.
I just rush into the fray.
If there is a problem, I'll fix
it right away and look ahead.
What was your worst act
in a brawl?
I punched someone in the face once.
He lost two teeth.
And he had a gaping wound on his forehead.
He fainted.
He was in a coma for two days.
Are you sorry? -Not really.
It's just so.
- Do you use drugs?
- No, no, never.
No drugs. I'm more into women.
How do you like the other dancers?
There are good faces here.
I have a good impression.
This means?
Well, there are hot brides here.
- Your cousin and you, you are accomplices?
- Yes, we make brides together.
Guys too?
Guys, well...
With guys... it depends.
I have never worked with gays.
And I'm a bit nervous, but...
it is not a problem.
I'm waiting for the first contact.
I have heard a lot, but I
want to make my own picture.
It definitely makes me a little nervous.
But I also like experiences
that scare a little bit.
As siblings we are close, of course.
With the dance we have a
common activity, which...
welded together.
We will tour through France and the USA.
How do you find that?
I've been to New York, so...
Well, that's pretty overwhelming.
- We have never been to the US.
- But, I was in New York.
Oh yes? With who?
You have to have been in the USA.
And especially for the black
culture it is awesome there.
America... is heaven on earth.
- Have you been there before?
- Never.
I have hell behind me.
Where is hell?
We can be happy that in France
is danced to an incredibly high level.
It would be interesting to
bring that to other countries,
for example America or other
countries that have a lower level.
France is a country that is there for us.
A country that brings us with
its culture and its music
really gives the opportunity
to unfold and work at first-class level.
This is France's trademark.
God is with us!
And now is celebrated!
I love your little one!
- My Tito.
- Great dancer. May I dance with him?
Sure, of course. I did sangria.
- Thank you.
- See you later.
And what do you mean?
It was fantastic. It's just the
two girls in the middle who...
Understand what you mean. We rehearse afterwards.
Now everyone is tired and want to celebrate.
Sure, it's tough. For having been
rehearsing for only three days: Fantastic!
- What are you talking about?
- About you. Come along.
Yo, David!
Oh man, why do you always do that?
- Sangria?
- I do not drink.
- That's right.
- You know.
Is good. I find it good.
- A glass?
- No thanks.
- For sure?
- I am not good.
Thank you.
So what do you want?
I told you yesterday, you should stop.
You're welcome...
No one sees us. -Are you kidding me?
Are you serious when you say that.
- So, satisfied? What do you want?
- To be together with you.
When do we meet? -We'll see
each other Come on, dance.
You! You!
This solo, which you put down
every time, is so great!
Thank you.
- You're so great.
- Do you know?
I could not be happier.
Thanks, guys, you are wonderful.
I'm sorry.
Nothing. Your attitude is great.
Between you and Omar, something is going on.
- What are you talking about?
- Part of the sample, what?
- Yes.
But I have you in the eye.
Watch out.
Hey, daddy, fat sound!
- Glschen?
- No.
- I think she wants.
- I'm not drinking.
- Guess not like that.
- I'm just tired.
- Guess not like that!
- I'm just tired!
You are always tired!
- Will you help me down?
- Klar, come on.
I did the sangria for the dancers.
Alcohol is not good for you.
This is not a juice, okay?
Leave him!
Come, dance with me, Tito!
Dance with Me!
Daddy, make it louder!
And how was it?
It was great! As always.
Hey what's going on?
Do you remember our dance?
This site, then this...
Just like that.
Look. Can I get a hug?
Still a?
Still a?
How hard can you laugh?
Where is your mom?
I'm changing my clothes.
- What was that?
- What?
- With your brother.
- Taylor is just like that.
You're a buddy, so do not swap me.
- In one go.
- No.
- Awful. Why are you drinking this?
- No, then give it.
Selva... What's up?
The little one worries me.
How so?
He's in bed now, he's fine.
Is something wrong?
Everything in perfect order.
This is not a good environment for a child.
Listen to it.
He's fine.
He is happy, he is well educated.
Yes, he is well educated.
Good that she did not abort.
The sangria is amazing!
The madness!
Have you ever aborted?
It's good to have the choice.
Do not you think so?
Mom used to be a dancer, you know?
When I look at you, I see
myself when I was little.
I hope you become a dancer, like mom.
Yes. Were those
three days nice here?
We do not see each other often, do we?
I tried hard today.
- I am a good mom?
- Yes.
Give me a kiss.
Close your eyes, go to sleep.
Eyes closed. Go to sleep.
I'll come back later because I love you.
I love you, Tito.
It seems to me that this
flag is watching me.
I do not like her.
Otherwise I like flags.
The colors and everything, everything is
cool. But I can not stand those anymore.
A new interior decoration, please.
- The whole crosses are weird.
- No risk of infection.
Do not act like that.
God is great.
"God is with us."
Since when do God and dancing fit together?
I do not think that's okay.
And with you?
Everything unchanged.
Your father?
Still in a coma.
We wait and wait.
How long already?
Almost six months.
- That's a long time.
- Yes.
If it's a bad one, it's
hard for me personally...
To take drugs unless...
it happens in a safe place.
And I thought, with my friend...
it would be safe.
I thought he was safe with it, but you
never know where the stuff comes from.
With the little one I was
yesterday in the box.
- Gestern, age.
- Wow.
And she is a rivet.
I would like to have two blondes.
Can you stop ignoring me?
You're so foolish.
No. You are boring.
Lesbian stories never work.
They all need a cock.
The two together! Man!
Hey, stop that.
Because you wanted to know if I'm
going to marry... Do you want kids?
Fuck it, I do not think so. Everyone
is asking me such stupid questions.
"Watch out, that's this or that."
I do not give a damn.
When a connection arises, I live it out.
And then something new comes.
She's full of junkie.
She's always pulling something in her nose.
Really bad.
- So you say you want to marry?
- Yes.
- Did I hear correctly?
- Yes.
And how often? One
time, of course!
Once only. -I would like
to marry four times or so.
You should marry several times.
New circumstances, new person.
Something new.
How does she do that, at her age?
I honestly believe that he
is totally manipulating her.
He is horny.
He tries it on everyone.
He wants to make a career, only because
he has something with the choreographer.
The guy is dredging all.
From the choreographer,
he hopes only a job.
We are lucky with the women here.
Older! Omar! Wake up! Come
out of your little world!
You do not drink, do not do anything...
I've flattened all women here.
With David one gets already from
the eyes a venereal disease.
You are really tough.
He's my buddy!
He's nice, but...
he really has to...
I bet he has herpes.
He looks so dirty.
If he looks at you...
Stop it! -Has also
something exciting.
He's a little son of a bitch.
But he has a certain charm.
- He at least fucks well?
- Yes, he has it.
- Manches work like that, but...
- No, really.
- Did you try it together?
- No, but I saw him in action.
The little... -Do
you have sex meetings?
He gave it right.
Tell me about Gazelle.
Just a bit. I'm curious.
You're welcome.
Not if you get it from behind or front.
Only... if there is something she is on.
- You live your life, I mean.
- My life is my life too.
You are annoying.
- I do not understand your reaction.
- No, I do not understand your reaction.
What does Omar have,
what others do not have?
- He has everything.
- Oh yes?
Yes, he really has everything.
You know what?
I would like to nail her.
I am not surprised.
Honestly, I'd like to nail her.
You really have pig.
You're not as muscular as me.
That always goes down well. -Ask her.
Maybe it's a threesome.
Just say, "Today is the last evening",
and it got boring in bed
not like before.
Group sex is the trend, everyone is
doing it. "Then you make it clear."
What bothers you? -As a couple.
I do not like him.
- Although we act like friends.
- Mind your own business?
Well, I'm your big brother.
I'm 20. I'm not a baby anymore.
So what?
That is disrespectful of you.
But he is totally jammed. He is
only disconnected when you are there.
What does this mean?
That's what it means.
You are neither my father nor
my mother, only my brother.
And? -You are 25, me 20.
I am an adult.
What you are doing here...
you are too young for that.
For what? -For
what you do to Omar.
- Do you know what we do?
- I have eyes in my head.
- I renounce details.
- You got a blowjob.
So what? That does not mean
that you can just blow him.
So that does not work. -After
nine months, that's normal.
Neun months is that okay?
Did not he tell you that?
Are you laughing at that?
Strange things must have happened here.
Seriously, I can feel it.
Sacrificial rituals or something like that.
You mean, so sektmssig?
You can tell that. Why is there such a
huge flag hanging for everyone here?
That can not be real!
I do not like the mood in the group.
They are weird.
And this school building...
reinforces that yet.
It still enhances this weird vibe, I think.
Dude, I also fuck strange women.
I'll tell you.
- Oh strange or not, I vgle her.
- You are right.
- And if a ghost shows up...
- On the flag!
Then we fuck him on the flag.
Ghost or not, he gets worried.
I've had enough of the fathers and
brothers who always want to dictate to us
with whom we are allowed to be together.
There are not just men in life.
Just clear.
There are also brides that are not bad.
For example?
Well, here are a few hot girls.
Do not you think so?
And me?
I already told you.
- Why are we talking about it then?
- Do not we do it, I just...
You are planning really dirty things.
The two guys get beatings from me today.
You deserve it. -You
can say that again.
Slowly I'm getting in the mood.
I am ready for crazy things.
You're too impetuous, that's your problem.
Keep your cock in check.
Old, you only live once.
And if you have such a long
one, you have to use it.
It is a gift!
I want to share it with others.
They certainly do it with strap-on dildos.
I do not like such a shit.
Psyche I would fuck.
But hello.
Her funny body training makes me totally.
On the ground. -Yes.
Dry or damp.
On bare knees.
Without lubricant.
Moist or not, I keep going.
I will continue.
If she does not want, she gets a clap.
The party is off!
Such a chick, I push my
Ddel down to the throat.
I continue until she cries.
She has to cry!
I love her.
Despite all its blemishes and mistakes.
I love her.
So you go back to her?
I would like that.
Too bad that she is expecting a baby.
From another.
Her "sweet butterfly," as she says.
- She is pregnant?
- Yes she is.
- From another?
- Yes.
Imagine, the man of your dreams...
loves another.
- The little Lou is hot.
- Who likes it in the ass?
I'm very strong about that.
Very deep inside.
Dry or with lubricant?
Dry, man!
You pack them,
you pull your arms apart...
You're stupid.
That's how it works.
Dry. Without cream.
I do not like the stuff.
Shea butter is better.
- Shea butter is awesome.
- This flutscht beautiful.
You have to pull her by the hair.
Basic lesson.
I'll poppen her, fuck
right, I'll tell you...
This woman...
A hammerwife.
- Beorg's her right.
- Beautiful, little ass.
He'll do it right.
But... no more, you know?
- Clear.
- I'm more into Selva.
- Your gang makes me so horny.
- How she looks and speaks...
- The plays totally.
- Total.
Understand, you want to show her who...
I'll show her that I have
an anaconda in my pants.
At some point you have to ask
this woman for a rehearsal...
to follow her room.
You go up with her and show him to her.
Just show him.
Show him.
- My cock?
- You already understand me.
Then she freaks out.
That's how it works.
I have to put it in her
back without hesitation.
- Do not hesitate.
- Direct in the ass.
I'm not mad, but you do not listen to me.
And in the long run...
I really do not feel like it anymore.
- What?
- Waiting.
- At some point I want to...
- It's better to wait.
You are young. You are rich. You'll
get him stuffed often enough.
You are crazy. You do not have
to do everything immediately.
Take your time. Be different.
I'll get David in two days.
David never goes with you.
- Selva will not let him.
- Selva is scary.
Do you understand?
Who cares about Selva?
Who is she anyway?
Go with David, hopp, hopp,
and it's ticked off.
Do what you want.
You always do it anyway.
I have told you from the beginning.
That's why you're still a virgin.
Not for long.
With David you will, of course...
- Man looks at him, that he is a virgin.
- It is time.
Somebody has to break his hole quite a bit.
With a stick.
A thick one.
You know, they scream first,
and then they want more of it.
I stay away from the back entrance.
Not my thing.
- Smells like shit.
- Listen already!
Not from the back.
Do you know what you have to do?
Lick it.
- What?
- The Poloch.
- You're crazy.
- Lick.
Insert tongue.
Even if it stinks?
Do not worry, dude.
- So is nature!
- Seriously?
Occupational hazard.
Has anyone ever shit on you?
No, but sometimes things go wrong.
Occupational hazard.
If you venture into it,
you know what to expect.
If it happens, do not be surprised.
All or nothing.
In, out, in, out...
Tito is in bed now.
I can not anymore.
Give me a fag. -The
little one is cute.
Everybody leaves for a young dancer.
And then...
you can fuck in some corner
and gets pregnant.
What do you do then?
From the most beautiful mistakes
you have to make success.
I do not even know when the
van will come tomorrow.
And everybody is dancing happily.
The only success in my
life is this sangria.
She is really good.
That's how it is.
For France, people!
The Americans are ready!
We beat them!
It's war!
Hot here, what?
The party is in the ass.
- Lou, do you want my glass?
- No thanks.
You know what?
The sangria is halal.
Oh shit.
I feel weird.
Drinking water.
Selva, cutie.
Give me some coke, please.
Give me coke.
I do not have one.
Ask the junkie.
- Sweetheart, please give me some coke.
- I have nothing left.
- I heard you have something else.
- No, leave me.
Yes. Give me a fire.
Daddy, look! Have a look!
There, look.
What you are doing?
I am so hot.
Heisse, he is here. -Mir
something upside down.
I go.
This is how it is celebrated!
What's going on here?
We are celebrating. All good.
Dance and have fun. You deserve it.
Dance, my beauty.
We are celebrating...
What have you done?
What are you talking about?
I did not do anything.
I did not do anything.
- What is it?
- I do not know.
- Is not she feeling well?
- No idea.
You are all too drunk.
I go to bed.
Can you mop it up?
What do you have?
Are you not feeling well?
Do not you feel funny?
What have you done? What did you
do in the sangria? I am not good.
What are you talking about?
I did not do anything.
- What have you done?
- What do you all have?
The bitch has mixed us
something in the drinks.
Something was added to the sangria.
It was not me.
- That's why I feel so bad.
- It was not me.
What did you put in there?
That's the bitter bitch.
I also drank it!
Are you listening?
It was someone who drank nothing.
I know who it was!
It was Omar, the son of a bitch!
- Bldsinn!
- It was not!
He did not drink anything!
Did you put LSD in?
- I'm completely tight!
- Why did you do that?
- What should that be?
- It was not me!
It was him!
Let him go!
Stop! Stop!
Open up!
Let me!
- LSD is acid?
- No idea!
- Do you know an antidote?
- Coke.
Give us, we need some.
I have nothing, go away!
- So it was not you?
- No.
For sure? -We are
all totally high.
We're all high, do not you realize that?
- Everything clear?
- Guy nothing is clear.
- Did you see your son?
- Shit.
Do not drink that! You can
not drink that. Come over.
No mom! Here are all crazy.
Mom, no!
Please calm down!
Stop tugging at me!
Come on. Stop it now.
No, mom, you're mean!
- I love you and want to protect you.
- You do not love me!
You're nasty!
Listen to me.
You can not touch that.
That will kill you otherwise.
- No mom!
- Do not touch.
Do not leave me alone!
Open the door, Mom!
I can not. I'll come back when
I settle this, do not worry.
I'll be back. I love you.
Calm down, please.
What are you doing there?
- I protect him from you.
- Of whom?
In front of you all!
Fuck you!
Fuck yourself, stupid hooker!
Useless bitch!
I'm talking to you.
Can you hear me?
I need you.
I'm sorry.
What is wrong with you?
- I am not good.
- Did you drink too?
No I did not.
Why is not you feeling good then?
Every thing OK with you?
There was something in the sangria.
Emmanuelle or who else has...
What's up with you?
What is going on with you?
Why are you not feeling well?
- Can you keep a secret?
- Yes.
Can you keep a secret for me?
Can you please do that?
I have something small in
my stomach that is growing.
I am pregnant, Selva!
What are you planning now?
I do not know.
Who is the dad?
No idea.
I do not know who it is.
I am completely too.
You not?
No, it's okay.
It works?
- Do you leave us alone?
- How so?
She is strange.
You did not drink anything.
No she did not.
She does not feel well.
- I do not feel well either.
- Can you please...
Strange. Why did not you have a drink?
Because I'm not feeling well!
- You mixed in the drug, right?
- No, she was not.
Dom, please!
- You did that.
- Stop now.
You're talking nonsense.
- Are you pinning?
- You were that.
You are all sick. Go dancing.
And because of you, I threw Omar out.
Because of you.
- Why did not you drink?
- She is pregnant!
- Give us two seconds.
- Pregnant?
Pregnant, you fake bitch?
False bastard.
Stupid cow.
Little slut.
Call an ambulance, please!
Does nobody help me?
What do you have, Lou?
What have you done?
Oh man, you're such a bitch.
You had that all the time.
- Give me some.
- Leave me alone.
- Wait!
- Let me go!
Let me!
I will kill you!
Dom, I'll kill you!
Mom, there are cockroaches!
This is a nightmare.
What's happening?
What's going on here?
Can anybody...
Do you want to see my anaconda?
Where is Dom? Where is Dom?
Hey Taylor, look at your sister!
Look at her!
What shoud that?
Why did you do that?
- She hit me!
- Look!
We threw out the wrong guy.
Not Omar poisoned us, she poisoned us.
- It was you?
- Yes, it was her.
- What are you talking about?
- And she says she is pregnant.
Who are you pregnant with?
From whom? Who wants you?
- You lie! Ever since the audition!
- By whom did you fuck?
You and pregnant?
You are an accomplice!
Not at all!
Keep your mouth shut!
I do not know what you're talking about!
What are you talking about?
It is David's son!
Leave me alone!
Come on, do it!
What do you want to do?
What you up to?
Do you want to hit me again?
She hit me!
Come on, kill yourself!
Shut up! Get lost!
Come on! -I'm taking
you to the abortion!
- Try the baby off!
- Los, drive off!
- So, now the baby is dead.
- Kill it!
Now kill yourself!
Come on!
Do it! Do it!
- Stop it!
- No, we will not stop.
Please stop.
Do not do that. Do not do that!
- Let me!
- It's not your fault.
Let her! Let her, Eve!
I do not want to, do not you get it?
Come on, we cut off.
Let us forgive ourselves, Selva.
Come on, we forgive ourselves.
Everyone is crazy here.
Hey, Tito...
Please stop crying.
We go away together again.
I will find the key again, do not worry.
Open the door.
I lost the key.
- Search him.
- I lost him.
Search him!
I'm afraid!
Let me out, I'm scared!
I'm afraid.
Please open the door!
Everything is good.
Something is moving here.
This is the party...
There are surprises, balloons...
Mummy! Mummy!
The keys are somewhere here...
Come on, you son of a bitch!
You pig!
Come with him.
Come on, get it done!
Finish him!
You dog!
Give me a knife so I can cut it!
That's enough, stop!
You are sick.
Here. As a punishment.
Do not you want to play with me?
What are you doing there?
Give that to me! -What
are you talking about?
- The lipstick!
- That hurts!
- Bring it on!
- That hurts!
Come on, damn shit!
You are annoying!
Come here, you little bastard.
You play, what, you ass?
You bastard! Wanker!
Keep your hands off him!
Please help me.
You're welcome...
You're welcome!
You're welcome...
Selva, come with me.
Shit, Tito is roasted!
Oh damn, I killed him.
- Stop screaming!
- Music!
Music! -I'll get
my ghettoblaster.
Do not worry, I'll turn it on.
Open, Tito!
- Selva!
- Open up!
Come over!
Come on!
- What do you do?
- The blood...
The blood, the blood...
Get out! Get out!
What do you want? Why...
What do you want?
Go out.
I do not want to see you.
I do not want to see you!
Leave the girls alone.
Baby, do not cry.
My little baby.
Everything will be fine.
- We are at home.
- Daddy, I'm scared.
- What's going on here?
- We are at home.
- Leave me alone.
- Get lost.
Get out of here!
Get lost!
What shoud that?
Get away, damn it!
You wanker!
That's too dangerous!
Gazelle, wait.
That's too dangerous!
I'll kill myself!
I only want to protect you.
I'm coming, Tito!
Wait for me, Gazelle!
Dress me completely. You
know we can not do that.
Let me go.
- I'm sorry, Gazelle.
- Let me go.
We go together. Look
at what you did to Omar!
Only you count.
Tell me that You Love Me.
Let me go.
Mummy! What you are doing?
- I love you, Gazelle.
- I'll tell dad and mom.
I just want to go.
- I love you.
- No!
Let me!
Help! -I'm here, do not scream.
I'm here.
Let me.
You are a liar. -I'm not.
I love you.
You're disgusting.
We go wherever you want.
Do you want to go to New York?
- Let me.
- I want to be with you.
Only I can make you happy. -All watch.
Please, not here!
Not here!
What is wrong with you?
Press me firmly.
You are everything to me.
Come along.
We go into the room, Gazelle.
We go to the room.
In the room.
You are everything to me, Gazelle.
You're welcome...
You're welcome!
Do it! Do it!
Do it!
Do it! Do it!
Look at this.
She is dead.
Nothing happened.
- What?
- Nothing happened.
What are you talking about?
Do not tell dad.
Do not tell dad.