Clinic (2023) Movie Script

[birds chirping]
[footsteps running
through the woods]
[tree breaks]
All that from tonight?
Usually a lot more.
Slow tonight though.
Must be spring break.
Huh, damn.
What do you, um...
What are you doing
to make them tip you like that?
Or is it none of my business?
- Gotta make investments!
- Okay.
You know, I noticed
a few weeks ago,
I just didn't think it was
appropriate to say anything.
Was it worth the pain?
Listen, girl.
There's always
gonna be pain, okay?
You just have to decide which
pain you're willing to tolerate.
Okay. Listen.
Have you ever been
cheated on before?
Ever been broke?
Okay. Listen, all I'm saying is
secure your bag,
secure your man,
and be the baddest
bitch in the world.
How much was it?
All together about 25 bands.
Hey, it's cheaper than a car.
I don't know, my
car was $4600 cash.
Okay, and what's bringing
in the money?
The car?
I appreciate your transparency.
You know, you're really sweet.
It's kind of funny
to me sometimes.
Why are you here Lisa?
I enjoy it.
It makes me feel free
and absolutely in my element.
Girl, no, I enjoy it.
Talk about transparency.
Girl, I tried securing the man
and the bag.
Cost me two years
of my life and a felony charge.
Girl, you are not securing
the right kind of man.
This is an investment. Period.
I don't what investments
she talking about.
Lil booty ass.
That's it?
Yeah, I mean I didn't make
that many tips. It's slow.
Did you approve me for Saturday?
I won't know until... Friday.
Carlos, I cannot just find a
sitter last minute like that.
I will work a double next week.
What about tonight?
No, I can't,
I told my sitter 10.
You know, I have to take my papa
to dialysis in the morning.
I know I had to work
overtime tonight,
but you know, I tried
calling you. I don't know.
If I don't answer my phone,
don't just not show up on time,
You're right. You're right.
I'm not gonna charge you over
time just because you were
running late.
All I'm saying is next time
have a little human courtesy.
No, it's okay.
I'm better off picking him up
than fighting with him to wake
My dear brother KB,
do black men prefer
natural hair?
Man, we back at it.
Hey beautiful.
Shh... Kason is sleeping.
What you doing up so late?
I had to work overtime tonight
in order to have Saturday off
to watch him.
- I thought...
- Uh,
don't even wanna talk about it.
He called me today
and told me he couldn't get off.
I'm sorry you have
to deal with that.
So where we going in the morning
that's so urgent, huh?
To make an investment.
You want the TV on?
Nah, just sleep.
Alright we're gonna
head over there tomorrow,
once I drop Kason
off at daycare, alright?
That's cool with me.
Alright goodnight.
I'm just doing my job!
Are you the owner?!
Is there something
I can help you with?!
This property is going
to auction tomorrow.
Unless you call your mortgage
company and pay off the balance.
Get the hell up out of here!
Who was that?
I don't know.
Just now?
Yeah, okay.
I'll be in route in
about 30 minutes.
Sorry mama but I gotta go in.
They um, found a body
on the side of the road.
Is, Nancy coming by today
to help me go to the bathroom?
Not today mama.
Money's tight.
So um,
I will come back during my break
and take you to the bathroom.
Where are we?
So um, I'm thinking
about getting a BBL done.
And maybe some breast
implants down the line
but, definitely a BBL.
Like today?
Oh you're serious?
Come on Lisa, don't let social
media get to your head.
Let's get out of here.
You see, Malcolm...
That's why I was
skeptical to tell you.
You're always saying
something condescending.
That's not my intention.
Look, Malcom, I am so
sick of struggling.
The girls at the club are
bringing in at least $1000
every time they
set foot on stage.
- Yeah, but...
- Meanwhile,
I may scrape up like what?
$250 if that?
That's not even bad money Lisa.
All I'm saying is,
you're not gonna
be dancing forever.
And, once I finish Med school...
Malcolm, me and my son are
not your responsibility.
OK this is about me
doing what I need to do
right now in order to survive.
I'm sorry.
I'm just really nervous right
now, and I need your support.
Alright, come on.
Alright let's go!
So, Lisa, what
brings you in today?
So I was thinking about having
a Brazilian butt lift done.
My colleague Hazel
sings your praises.
Thanks Lisa.
Um, in that case, based
on your medical questionnaire,
I do have some areas of concern.
OK, I'm listening.
You have a rare disorder known
as Antiphospholipid syndrome?
Well, it's a genetic disorder
that causes blood clotting
inside of your blood veins
that can lead to obstruction of
blood flow in the circulatory
I know what it is,
I've had it all my life.
Well, then you should
be aware of the risk factors
associated with getting plastic
surgery when you have APS.
So are you saying that
you can't do the surgery?
Unfortunately, yes.
In my professional opinion,
it has way too many risk factors
associated with the surgery.
So, we can't go through
with the surgery.
But I thought the BBL was
supposed to be minimally
If a patient has a disorder
that prevents blood coagulation,
It makes it incredibly difficult
for them to heal from cuts and
Which can lead to blood clots
and potentially, internal
So I'm sorry, I can't go
through with the procedure.
Thank you.
You ready?
I'm getting a second opinion.
Whoa whoa, hold on, hold on.
Did you hear what he was saying?
Maybe we should explore
something else.
Like what, Malcom?
Like getting you a trainer,
or getting you some butt pads.
That's not funny
you play too much!
I'm not trying to be funny,
but it sounds life
threatening Lisa.
I mean is it really
worth it to you?
Well I'm not ready
to give up just yet.
And you shouldn't.
I'm sorry I don't mean
to get in your business
but why did Dr. Anderson
turn you down?
Because of a blood
clotting condition I have.
And what are you
trying to get done?
Oh! That shouldn't be an issue.
I see women with
all kinds of problems
get that surgery everyday
like it's nothing.
Then why would
the doctor say otherwise?
He is super by the book.
But really oblivious to how
things really work if that makes
But I know someone can do
the procedure for you.
And their like half the price.
You have to pay cash
though, all up front.
Call me when you are ready,
and I can help
get you locked in.
In some cases they even
do same day appointments.
- Wow thank you!
- You're welcome.
What are you doing here?
I got the call.
I thought you were on desk duty,
pending that investigation.
After talking to my lawyers,
it seems like they
had a change of heart.
So did you really
take that money?
What do we got here?
Girl found dead, wrapped in
plastic, several hours ago.
You found any personal
belongings or identification on
No identification, just
canvassing the area looking for
Well, when CSI gets here,
have them put her prints through
the database and see if they get
a hit.
And I want you to canvass for
the local hospitals, shelters.
Find out if anybody is missing
someone who fits this
I know it's just a phonebook
but you might get lucky.
Yo, off the record...
How did you cover
for that doctor
for killing a young girl
under that knife?
Off the record.
I didn't.
Excuse me?
Can I help you?
I'm Detective Owens.
Yeah I know who you are.
Worked on Trish's case.
Do you mind opening up the car?
You're the roommate
of Melissa Trish, right?
Yes, but she's not
here right now.
Look, I'm sorry to be the one to
have to inform you of this but
we found Dr. Trish's
body this morning.
Oh my god.
Yeah go ahead.
Thank you.
Oh, if you don't mind me asking,
how long were you
two living together?
Only for a few months.
I work nights so we barely
see each other.
You wouldn't happen to know
if she was in a relationship,
or had any friends or family
she normally hung out with?
Like I said, I work nights so,
I didn't know her well.
We found her in her scrubs.
Do you know if she was
scheduled to work?
Not that I can think of.
Do you mind if I just
take a look in the car?
By all means.
Thank you.
What are you doing?!
I'm wondering what you're doing?
Don't start.
No, I'm serious, Lisa.
So am I...
Hear me out, okay?
You don't think calling a doctor
from a number given to you
by some strange lady
should set off a few red flags?
It's only a red flag
if you make it one.
She doesn't even have
an official card Lisa...
She works at a surgeon's office,
Malcom, come on!
You're upset with me?
I'm out here looking out
for you and your son.
Okay? Like I promised.
Security is what
we need, Malcom.
Are you able to provide that
for me and my son? Today?
No, Lisa.
Not yet.
But soon.
You know what, let's just...
Let's just be real.
You are looking
out for yourself!
Excuse me?!
You don't think I see
what's going on here?
You're afraid!
Yes, I am of you being hellbent
on risking your life.
No, you're afraid
of me leaving you.
Which is what is going to happen
if you don't give me that damn
You know they used to call me
long back Lisa growing up?
Malcolm, you have no idea
how hard it is to constantly
be judged about your body.
Especially when your
money depends on it.
For once, you know, I just...
I want to feel good about myself
without constantly being
reminded every time I look in
the mirror
about how inadequate I am.
I think you are beautifully
crafted the way you are.
Now if you're gonna
go through with this,
I'm gonna support you
because I love you.
I love you too.
I'm gonna be OK, okay?
Dr. Anderson.
Detective Owens.
I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.
No, not at all.
Please come in.
How can I help you today?
Do you have a Vanessa Taylor
working here?
Vanessa Taylor.
Yes, she's one of
my receptionists.
Can I speak to her?
she's not in today.
She'll be back tomorrow
if you want to talk to her then.
Do you have a home address
or maybe a phone number for her?
With all due respect, Detective,
it is my legal duty to protect
the information of
my clients and staff...
So unless you have a warrant,
I am going to have to ask you
to kindly remove yourself.
Dr. Anderson, if I have to come
back here with a warrant,
I'll personally visit each
and every client
you've had over the past year
and I'll bring them
down to the station
to discuss your lack of
cooperation in a murder
I'm sure that would be a bit
more disruptive to your
I know who you are, Detective,
and threats coming from a
coward, they don't scare me.
Hmm, if you're smart,
you'll watch the next thing
that comes out your mouth.
I know what you did.
Taking a bribe to
forge the waivers.
Well if you know what I did,
then you know how far I'm
willing to go to get what I
So either you give me
the information I want
or you'll see just how far
I'm willing to go.
Thank you for your cooperation.
You have a good day doc.
Had trouble sleeping last night.
Last test... Doctor Brown.
You okay?
Ever heard of BDD?
Yeah they're like the best
part of New Edition.
You obviously don't
Hmm, okay.
No, seriously,
it's short for dysmorphophobia.
Oh, that's when you're like...
When you don't like snakes,
but you like Spiderman, right?
Snakes? No.
Spiderman? No.
But fear? Yes.
Body Dysmorphia Disorder,
also known as BDD,
is often preceded
by social anxiety
and its patients note earlier
trauma, abuse, neglect,
teasing, or bullying
in early adolescence.
But the wild thing is, they say
the cause is likely intricate,
altogether biopsychosocial,
through an interaction of
multiple factors,
genetic, developmental,
- psychological, social, and
cultural. - OK, Malcolm,
Malcom, are you
trying to scare me,
right before I
have to go in here?
- No no.
- Like, what are you doing?
No, point being...
BDD is commonly unsuspected
and underdiagnosed,
even by psychiatrists,
because people usually hide
the preoccupation fearing
the stigma of vanity.
So, you're diagnosing me now?
No, no, no.
I'm saying neurological
imagining and cognitive testing
takes less time than this.
I mean, if you did it before
- you could know for sure.
- Malcolm?
Because you know it worsens
after surgery, right Lisa?
I'm talking high rates
of suicidal thoughts.
Malcom, Malcom, look.
I'm gonna get this
done today, alright?
I'm not sure about this, Lisa.
Well I haven't been so sure
about anything else in my whole
entire life.
Good luck on your
test, Dr. Brown!
It's a big day for
both of us, right?
Hey, I'll see you.
I didn't know you worked here.
It's just a side gig I work
every once in a while.
What's this?
It's just a waiver.
It states the
surgery is elective,
so we're not liable if any harm
or damage should happen to you.
Harm or damage?
Honestly girl, it's
standard procedure
no matter what cosmetic
surgery center you go to.
Now I'm going to
need your phone.
You'll get it back after surgery
when the doctor has released you
along with the rest of your
You have cash right?
Yeah... um.
Why do you need my phone?
It's company policy,
for privacy and protection.
You'll get it back.
Now, you'll need to change into
this before the doctor calls you
You can take a seat in the lobby
and the doctor will
call you back shortly.
Okay, thank you.
The doctor will see you now.
Good luck.
I have another
appointment later today
so I hope that everything
just stays on time.
Someone's here.
Good Afternoon.
Detective Owens.
Is Vanessa home?
She doesn't live here anymore.
Do you know what
her new address is?
No clue.
You are her father, right?
Because you don't
seem too concerned
about the whereabouts
of your daughter.
Well we haven't seen Vanessa
in about 3 months.
We kicked her out.
May I ask why?
My youngest daughter Alaina died
from a plastic surgery
We haven't seen Vanessa
since the funeral.
And I would appreciate you
telling me why you're here,
for your little visit Detective.
Do you know if your daughter
has had any interaction
with a Dr. Melissa Trish?
I don't have any information
for you about Vanessa.
I want you to listen to what
I'm about to tell you.
I know that she's your daughter,
and I know that you just
trying to protect her,
but it will not be
in your best interest
to try to hold back any
information from me on her
I mean it eventually
will reveal itself.
Better now than later.
Is there anything else that
I can help you with, Detective?
You know what?
Thank you for your time.
Though last time we saw her,
she was still driving the blue
Nissan we gave her for her 18th
Won't they give people a chance
to mourn anymore?
People just...
They just...
They have no sensitivity!
I gotta call her.
Vanessa look, call your parents.
There was a detective here
asking a bunch of questions.
I mean, why the hell was a
detective here asking questions?
Look we're not... we're not mad.
We just want to know
that you're okay.
So call your parents.
Lisa, the doctor
will see you now.
Don't forget to put
your clothes in the locker.
They will be here
when you finish.
Once you've changed,
just wait outside the room,
and I will escort you
to the operating room.
OK, thank you.
Do you want water or something?
Um, I'm good.
Thank you for the referral.
It could not have been
more perfect timing.
Is everything okay?
No, actually I'm a really
grossed out right now.
It's really disgusting to find
bloody mask in the changing
Y'all don't take out the trash?
- Hold on.
- I'm sorry.
That just really
caught me off guard.
My nerves are already
all over the place...
You can finish changing now.
I'm so sorry about that.
Nothing to worry about.
When you're done I'll escort you
to the procedure room.
Huh, Okay. Okay.
I'm here mama.
Okay, almost.
- Are you done?
- Uh huh.
There you go.
Thank you.
Can I have a cup of coffee?
You already had
one this morning.
Would be different if you didn't
put all that cream and sugar.
Can I please have
a cup of coffee?
Sure Mama.
Thank you.
One of the patients
is freaking out.
She saw blood everywhere.
Why are we being so reckless?
I have to take a different route
in order to get...
What I want.
I mean, I don't know. It's
like I'm kind of nervous,
but then I'm like ready
at the same time, you know?
Yeah, it's gonna look so nice
on you, believe me.
But what about like
20 years from now?
Man hell.
What about 10 years from now?
Like, do you still
keep the shape?
Where does the fat go?
Like is it going to where else?
I think, you know...
Excuse me!
How long is this gonna take?
Excuse meeeee?
Excuse me, hello?
I just don't know.
How long is this gonna take uh?
I know you can hear me.
We can hear you.
I mean everyone has
a different reaction to it too.
You know, like two of my friends
had BBLs on the same day.
One of them went back
to work the next day.
The other one...
It was about two weeks.
It had to be hard for your girl.
Honestly, I don't know
nobody else with a BBL, but...
Thinking of that, they had to be
really good money!
What about your kids?
Like, what do you tell them?
Mama got fit.
And what about the
kid that asks how?
Well, you just tell them,
"You don't know what I'm doing
when you're at school."
Girl, you can't keep anything
from these kids these days.
You really can't.
That would be lie anyway
because my kids are virtual.
And that's a whole
nother' situation.
Does it always take this long?
Not at all.
This is highly unprofessional
and completely untimely.
I... I've been here
for over an hour.
And so have we.
This is just completely
You know what?
I've had it. I've
had it. I've had it!
Who the hell is in
charge of this place?
Let me in!
Let me in!
I'm not going anywhere!
Let me in.
I'm sorry this happened to you.
Did you hear... what is that?
Oh my goodness.
I'm not doing this!
Wait, where you going?
Here, just open the door.
It's locked, it's locked.
What do you mean it's locked?
I found some keys.
I can't open it.
Oh my God.
I think she's alive.
She's alive.
That doesn't matter.
I'm trying to stay alive, too.
Look, we need to
find another way.
Do you see something over there?
Looks like everything
is just blocked.
Did you have your
procedure today?
Do you remember what happened?
It doesn't matter right now.
Look, do you know the facility?
Is there an way to the street
besides the exit to the main
all the girls are
getting killed.
Do you remember anything
peculiar about your procedures?
You don'r know.
If all the girls
are getting killed.
I do know that!
Those screams weren't
from period cramps!
Oh my god...
Please don't leave me here.
Please just tell me
what's happening.
...Do you not see
how she is right now?
This could have been us
20 minutes from now.
Don't be like that.
Do you see how she is?
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I don't wanna die like this.
Michael, your phone .
- Hmm?
- Your phone.
I got a location on the
license plate you sent me.
It's actually about 10
minutes away from the site.
I'm sending you the address now.
Got it.
Hey, I appreciate
the quick response.
Sure thing. Okay.
I gotta go, mama.
Be safe.
In ancient mythology,
Nemesis, the goddess of revenge.
She decided to punish
Narcissus for his vanity
by luring him to a pool of water
where he saw his reflection
and fell in love with himself.
He was so taken aback
by the love of himself
that he drowned to death staring
at his own reflection.
And just like Narcissus,
you both will die
because of your own vanity.
Wake up...
Come on. You gotta fight.
Please wake up.
Hey... Hey!!!!!
Drop it.
This isn't how you
avenge your daughter.
You're right, my daughter
can't be avenged.
And that's because of you.
Was the payoff worth it?
She had a life
threatening surgery.
She was a minor.
Didn't you know the risks?
She had a bilateral cleft lip.
And you forged that waiver.
I wasn't in that room!
Trish took that
upon herself to...
Innocent woman have been slain.
You should have turned yourself
in 48 hours ago.
Drop it.
He's gonna be okay.
So we have to suffer because
another doctor killed your
See, no matter how beautiful you
people try to make yourselves on
the outside.
Your vanity will continue
to rot you in the inside.
I am sorry about what
happened to your daughter.
I am a mother myself
and I don't know what I would do
if I something happened to my
But do not become the people
that you hate.
We all make choices.
And we all have reasons.
See, I got into this business
to help people with deformities,
to help them overcome
their self-doubt
and to gain a bit of dignity.
Only for it to be
overtaken by narcissist.
Everyone has a story.
It looks like your vanity has
gotten the best of you too...
Denis Allen,
we hereby sentence you to 15
years in prison for child
child abuse and
child endangerment.
You are to turn yourself in
within the next 45 days
to start your sentence.
Your medical license is revoked
and you are no longer
authorized to practice.
This court is adjourned.
Oh I know you're not smiling.
My daughter is dead,
and my license is revoked.
Do you realize you cost me
everything that I've ever worked
Everything that I've ever loved?
My sister died on her table too.
If you need anything at all,
I'm here for you.
Oh, this coffee is delicious,
thank you baby.
Oh, this food smells amazing!
Whoo whoo!
I was looking through
this magazine,
and I found this ad for this
mattress that would be perfect
for my back.
What do you think?
Ma, you have to stop trying
to spend money on stuff.
We have to be wise about
this insurance money, okay?
That's what Micheal
would have wanted.
Now, eat your food, Ma,
before it gets cold.
Yes ma'am.
Mr. Taylor.
I have some information
regarding your daughter.
Can you just do it...
She's been located, sir.
We found that Vanessa
and Dr. Leah Allen
were responsible for the death
of Dr. Melissa Trish.
She just... Is she arrested?
Sir, she is no longer with us.
Can you just
give them the world.
And then they get caught up
in something like this...
You can't...
You just wonder what
you did wrong as a parent.
You just... Just wonder
what you did wrong.
[crying and grasping for air]
So, um...
I just want to say that
appreciate you for being here
for me and Kason.
And I really apologize if I ever
made you feel inadequate.
- Or like...
- Inadequate?
Maybe um...
I was ungrateful... I know.
I did a lot, but...
Honestly, I don't
know what it is
that makes me so defensive
about everything.
Look, I appreciate you saying
what you said.
But you gotta realize you and
Kason have the chunk of my
So with that in mind,
what are we gonna do?
Well. Um...
I decided that I'm going
to dig really deep
and go to therapy.
And I'm gonna find the guy
who called you long back Lisa.
You play way too much.
Horrible timing.
Stop, you're not funny.
I love you hardheaded self.
I love you too.
No one wakes up feeling ugly,
until they hear the perception
of how everyone else
perceives their beauty.
It's easy to say,
Just love yourself.
When most of us are driven by
the validation of other people.
And we hate ourselves so much
that instead of doing the work,
we would rather shame someone
else just to make ourselves feel
It's not cool to allow
your children to stare,
laugh at things that
they don't understand
because they laugh in ignorance.
That ignorance breed
insecurities, which then create
the bullies,
So when you ask me what's next
for me and I say I don't know?
liars, and empty
vessels on the earth.
So when you ask me what's next
for me and I say I don't know?
looking for people that don't
give a damn about them
to make them feel
good about themselves.
Ima just ride this current wave
until I figure out my next best
Which is what most
of us do anyway,
until we have to act like
we have it together.
But I'm good on that.
So my tip for the day?
Remain a student of life.
And stay out them Clinics!