Clinton Road (2019) Movie Script

(eerie music)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
(eerie music)
(ghostly moaning)
- Oh God!
Oh God, help me!
(distant growling)
(ghostly whispering)
(eerie music)
Oh God!
Oh God, help me!
(ghostly moaning)
(woman screaming)
(intense rock music)
(intense rock music)
(ominous music)
- [Woman] Michael.
(woman laughing)
Oh my gosh, we did it.
- [Michael] We did it.
- [Woman] This is the dream.
- [Michael] Yes.
- [Woman] It is!
- [Michael] Everything's
beautiful here.
Look at this.
It's literally like fake.
You look beautiful.
Isn't that crazy?
- [Woman] Oh my gosh,
it's so beautiful.
(woman laughing)
(phone ringing)
- [Michael] Hi, this is
Michael, leave a message.
- [Woman] Hey Michael,
it's Isabella.
I just wanted to say hi.
I know it's been
almost a year now
since everything that
happened with Jess and
I just want to see
how you're doing.
I heard you're
dating someone new
and I think that's great.
I'd love to meet her.
I'd also like to talk to
you because I think that
I have a way that
maybe you and I
can finally find some closure.
So, let's try to meet up in
the city, maybe this Saturday?
Let me know what you think.
Talk to you soon.
(ominous music)
(intense dubstep music)
- Good evening, Mr. Swartz.
This is my stunning wife.
- Yep, see you right
here, RJ's VIPs.
Thank you, have a good evening.
- Michael, what's up, baby?
Long time.
- The renovations
look fantastic.
- Yeah, it took us awhile
but we got it done.
- Michael, nice to meet you.
Shit, RJ.
RJ, this is Kayla, Kayla this
is RJ, an old time friend.
- Pleasure to met you.
- This is so dope.
- Dope, dope, dope, that's
exactly what we're looking for.
You know what I'm saying?
We have the dopest
booth in the whole club
waiting on you guys
right in the back.
- Yeah, let me show you the way.
- Oh yeah.
That's the temporary part.
Renovations went a
little bit over budget.
He's very temporary.
You better go check your girl.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah, yeah, don't
lose sight of that dude.
- Good evening.
- Guests on RJ's list.
Mike, Vinny and Tony.
- Check the VIP for us, please?
(somber beat music)
- RJ, do you know
somebody named Ty?
- If he's not on the
list he can't get in.
- Hey, paisano.
- Carl.
- [Carl] Hey.
- My man.
- What's up, Ty?
- Place looks--
- Don't say dope.
- What?
- Just don't say dope,
what's the occasion?
- I don't know, Michael
said he wanted to go out.
Said he had something
important to run by me.
- He's got a booth in the back.
- Who's he with?
- His new chick, Isabella,
some hippy-looking girl and
some weird-looking dude.
- Isabella?
What's she doing here?
- How the fuck should I know?
- Well.
(upbeat music)
- Ty's here.
Hi, honey.
- Glad you could make it.
- For sure, bro.
Good to see you.
- You too.
- Gia, hey babe.
- Hi, Tyler.
- Is.
I like the bullseye
right between your tits.
- Fuck you, Tyler.
- Begory.
- [Tyler] What?
- Begory.
- Yeah, we all heard you, bro.
- My name is Begory.
You greeted everybody else,
so I figured I'd
introduce myself.
- Right.
Sorry, how rude of me.
Nice to meet you.
- Well, I think I'm
ready for another drink.
Would anyone else like to
join me up at that bar?
- Fuck yeah.
Let's get this party started.
- Okay, I was not
talking to you.
(exciting techno beat music)
(muffled beat music)
- Oh no, man, I'm good.
- Fuck that.
We haven't been out
together in forever.
- Should we even be in here?
RJ's an ex-cop.
- I come back here all the time.
Don't worry about it.
- I shouldn't.
I don't wanna get too
fucked up in front of Kayla.
- Don't be a bitch.
You've known her for
like three months.
- Yep.
And things are going well.
I don't wanna fuck it up.
- What about Is?
- What about Is?
- Your girlfriend
doesn't mind, you know,
that you're hanging out with--
- My missing wife's sister?
- Okay, yeah, that.
- Kayla's cool.
She understands.
That's why we're
all here tonight.
You of all people know
that I had a hard time
with Jessica's disappearance
but I'm better now.
- Yeah.
- Isabella hasn't
had such an easy time
trying to close that door.
That's where Gianna
and Begory come in.
- Who?
- Begory.
- The guy with two
different eyes and the scar?
What the fuck is
that guy's deal?
- Why are you giving
him such a hard time?
Listen, Isabella thinks this
will help her find closure
and, quite frankly, it
won't hurt me either.
- So what's that got to do
with "Big Gary" and Gia?
- Begory.
- Whatever.
(exciting beat music)
- What the fuck?!
Busted, motherfuckers!
- RJ, I'm sorry, man.
- Are you fucking kidding me?!
Girls sitting there smell
weed coming from back here
and it's you motherfuckers,
are you serious, man?
- Sorry.
- [RJ] This a good idea to you?
Fucking disrespectful!
You think that's okay?
- No, RJ, my bad.
- You said you come
in here all the time.
- I love scaring white boys.
It's cool with me.
Don't let Carl bust you, okay?
He's got a lot of money
invested in this club.
They won't think
it's funny, okay?
- Yeah.
(exciting beat music)
- So just a fireman
husband, that's it?
- Well, that and I also
want a princess wedding.
- Of course you do.
Have you talked to
Michael about any of this?
- I've always known that
I'd be with a fireman.
They're just so hot and manly.
- And what about a career?
Do you have any thoughts about
something like
that for yourself?
- Well, I do some work
for Victoria Secret
and Michael's about to
go back to, you know,
being a fireman.
- So, you're a model.
- Most people do
think I'm a model
but, for now, I just work
part-time at the mall.
- I'm sorry.
So you work at a
Victoria Secret.
You just said "you do some
work" for Victoria Secret.
So I thought.
- Well, I could do the
whole modeling thing
but I don't wanna take any
time away from my family.
- Family is important,
I will give you that.
Do you come from a big family?
- What? No.
My parents said that
one of me is enough.
I mean, why try and
top this, right?
- Right.
I mean, you did just say you
didn't wanna take
time away from family,
so I thought maybe you had.
- Oh, for when Michael and
I get married and have kids.
Two girls and two boys.
Michael Junior, of course.
The white picket fence.
- I'm gonna be out by the table.
(ominous music)
- Compliments of the house.
- The house special,
Sledgehammers and Roar.
- I love Roar.
- Why does everybody
look so serious?
- You guys know that
Jess went missing
on Clinton Road, right?
- Wait a minute, you guys
come here to have a good time
and that's the
topic of discussion?
- Well, this guy is clairvoyant
and he's gonna take Mike and
Is out there to talk to Jess,
find out what happened.
- Fuck that, man!
That place is dark, man.
Everybody knows that
place is haunted.
- Isn't it just a
bunch of urban legends?
- Says who, you?
My aunt had a house near there,
I know a lot about that place.
- Wait, you've been there?
- Been there?
Had a fucking
experience on that road.
Listen, one night I'm driving,
I'm by myself, it's dark.
Driving down the
road about two miles
and I see this lady
standing in the road.
She's got her thumb out.
So, me, I'm a nice guy, I
decide I'm gonna pick her up.
She gets in the car, she
doesn't say one single word.
So we drive about three miles
and she says she
wants to get out.
So I stop the car,
I let her out.
She walks right
off into the woods.
Now that's not my problem,
I'm not gonna go
after her or anything
but let me tell you, when
she got out of that car,
the hair was standing up
on the back of my neck.
- Big deal, a hitchhiker.
- No, no, no, it
doesn't stop there.
I drive about two more miles
and I see the same lady
standing on the road
with her thumb out.
And it gets worse from there.
I'm nervous so I punch out.
And the next thing you know,
I'm back on the same road
where I first started.
Like some time-shift shit.
Like, I'm back, like I'm going
in fucking circles and shit.
Fuck that place, man, that shit
is dark, that place is evil.
Do not go there.
- Evil?
Come on, RJ, you don't
actually believe in that shit.
- Listen, man,
haven't you ever felt
somebody was watching you?
Like they was standing over you.
I mean, so close
you could feel their breath
on the back of your neck
and then when you look
around, nobody's there.
- Hey.
- What the fuck are
you doing, man?!
What is so important you
gotta talk to me right now?!
Are you crazy?!
- You know, fuck this!
You tell him.
- Boss, the table in the back,
they don't wanna pay the check.
- Do you wanna die?
- No.
- Walk away.
- [Tyler] Going to Clinton Road.
- Yes.
- Cheers.
(exciting beat music)
- So let me get this straight.
You're some spiritual
medium from Ohio
and you're gonna talk to Jess
using this hocus pocus
stuff in the woods
off of some haunted
road in Jersey
and find out what
happened to her?
- Not to be condescending
but in layman's terms, yes.
- [Tyler] Michael,
you're okay with this?
- Yeah.
If it'll help Isabella
and I move forward
then what can it hurt?
- Nobody asked your
opinion, Tyler.
- No but Michael's my friend
and I have a right to look
out for his best interests.
- Tyler, you only
think it's stupid
because you don't understand it.
- No, I think it's stupid
because I think you
and your new boyfriend here
are trying to con my
boy out of some money.
Or are you telling me your
boyfriend's doing this
out of the kindness
of his heart?
- Well, it's typical
for someone to get paid
for services such as these.
- Right.
Oh and now it all becomes clear.
- You know what, Tyler, none
of this is your business anyway
but Michael's not paying
for anything, okay, I am
and I invited him to come
with me because we might
finally find out what
happened to my sister.
Do you get off on
being a arrogant fuck?
- You're just a
skeptical asshole, Tyler.
- And you're just some
crazy hippy wannabe
that's pimping out your
new boyfriend for a buck.
- Fuck you.
(somber beat music)
- Guys, we're here to have fun.
Just fun.
(exciting beat music)
- RJ, they made it here.
- Hey, RJ, not fucking
bad for an ex-cop.
- Congratulations, Mister Mayor.
- [Mayor] Thank you very much.
- Who the fuck are
you looking at?
- Nobody important.
- Yeah?
- Hey, hey, calm down, dickhead,
we're here to have a fucking
good time, all right?
- Enjoy yourself, come on.
- Thank you.
- [Carl] Yeah, you're
lucky you got elected.
- Take it easy,
he's the mayor now.
(exciting beat music)
- That shit's all in his head.
- Makes my heard
heavy to see somebody
that doesn't understand
the energies of the earth.
- Listen, Begory, don't spit
your spiritual shit out--
- I'm not finished.
This process requires
faith and focus.
Neither of which you have.
With you coming along,
it jeopardizes all
that for everyone else.
- You done?
- You know I am.
- Good.
And all I have to say is that
I don't want my friend
getting his hopes up
and be disappointed.
He's already been through a lot
and it's my responsibility
to make sure
he doesn't get fucked over.
- Good luck.
(ominous music)
- Luck?
- [Begory] Yeah,
(exciting beat music)
- Hey, guys, Begory and I
are gonna get out of here.
- Cool, we're right behind you
once we just pick up the bill.
- You don't have to get the
whole thing by yourself.
Let me chip in.
- No, no, no, I got it.
- Well, at least let me tip.
- Thanks, Gia.
- Of course.
I'm gonna talk to Is later
and she's gonna fill
you in on everything.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Oh God, what the hell?!
- [Gia] Are you okay?
- Oh shit, that hurt.
- [Gia] I'm so sorry, honey.
- It's actually not that bad.
No, it's not that bad.
You're gonna need some more
drinks before we go anywhere.
- [Bouncer] Hi, good evening.
- Dolores.
- [Bouncer] Yes,
RJ's waiting for you.
Have a great time.
- Eric Roberts, I'm on the list.
- [Bouncer] You're not
Eric Roberts, I know Eric.
He's handsome and he's taller.
And he's younger.
- Wow.
- [Bouncer] Yeah, sorry.
- I guess.
- May I see?
Oh, Mr. Roberts, I'm so
sorry, I didn't even realize.
- What's your name?
- Shiane.
- Call me Eric.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's all right.
- I apologize, Mr. Roberts,
please take care of him.
- Why don't you keep this on
your ear until you get home?
- Can't I say with
you tonight, baby?
- Of course.
Let me just get us a cab.
(ominous music)
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, no, I'm good.
Let's just get home.
(exciting beat music)
I got you some water.
- Thanks, babe.
- Of course.
How're you feeling?
- Okay.
- Actually doesn't
look that bad.
- Really?
- If you're okay, I'm gonna
get a little work done
at the desk before we go to bed.
- Okay, I'm gonna grab a shower.
(ominous music)
Hey, babe.
- Jesus.
Babe, I thought you
were taking a shower.
- I was thinking that I
wasn't quite ready enough
to take a shower just yet.
- I was just...
(ominous music)
- Baby?
- Yeah, babe?
- I changed my mind.
- Now what?
- I wanna come with you
when you go with Isabella
to talk to Jess.
- Why?
(ominous music)
- Because you're my man.
This is important to you.
I love you.
- I love you too, babe.
Of course you can come.
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
This is it.
This is the last
place anyone saw Jess.
- I love getting out of
the city, it's so freeing.
- Yeah, the great outdoors.
- All right, so what
happens now, Gia?
- Now we find Begory.
- Okay.
- Well, I hope you didn't
pay this ghost whisperer
because it looks
like he's a no-show.
- Knowing him, he
probably walked here.
- Actually, he's right there,
leaning up against a tree.
- Is he talking to that tree?
- Didn't think we came
out here to talk to trees.
- Right?
(eerie music)
- Gia.
I wanna say thank you for
setting this whole thing up.
I really appreciate it.
- Oh, girl, anything for you.
Well, that and I love watching
him to his voodoo shit,
it's so hot.
- [Isabella] What?
- [Gia] He gets so
serious and sweaty.
- Please tell me this
isn't gonna turn into some
weird drug-induced
love in thing.
- No, babe, he's a
legit witch doctor.
I wouldn't do this if I wasn't
like 60 percent
sure he could do it.
I mean, we might go
fuck in the woods after
but it's all business first.
- That's very reassuring.
(crickets chirping)
You actually have done this
with him before, right, Gia?
- You mean contact a spirit?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we contacted
my dead granny.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It was amazing.
- How did you know
it was actually her?
- It was her, trust me.
He's amazing, okay?
It'll be good.
(dramatic music)
- Here.
- Really?
Right here?
- Fire goes here.
- Isn't a fire gonna
piss off all these tree?
- Oh come on, babe, I'm sorry
but that was funny as shit.
- You know what,
this is actually sort of
serious for some of us,
so if you two are
gonna keep making jokes
and fucking around then
why don't you just go
sit in the truck together?
- I thought it was a
pretty legitimate question.
- It's not.
- All right, fine, I'll shut up.
- Shit.
- What's wrong?
- My phone.
I think I left it in the car.
Babe, can you go get it for me?
- Yeah, sure.
(ominous music)
"Babe, will you get my phone?"
(eerie music)
Holy shit, you scared
the fuck out of me!
- That wasn't my intention.
- How may I help you?
Are we okay to park here?
- There's absolutely no
camping in this area.
- That's good.
We're not camping.
- No fires.
- Understood.
- Most importantly,
stick to the road.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's just me and some
friends, you know, hiking.
No camping, no fires.
- Stick to the road.
- The road?
(eerie music)
What the fuck?
(fire crackling)
(mumbling chant)
(mumbling chant)
- Not the best time for selfies.
- Yeah, babe, come on.
- Whatever.
There's no reception
here anyway.
(mumbling chant)
(ominous music)
(eerie music)
(woman laughing)
(woman cackling)
(eerie music)
- Is this normal, Gia?
- Gianna, is this normal?
- Huh?
- [Michael] Is he okay,
should we do something?
- I don't know.
(Begory mumbling)
- [Tyler] What's he saying?
- Sounds like French.
- I don't speak French.
(chanting foreign language)
(ominous music)
- Baby, are you okay?
- If I had a signal we
could use Google Translate.
Hashtag, "fucked up
shit in the woods."
- Kayla, what the
hell, seriously?
Put your goddamn phone
away and show some respect.
I'm sorry.
You can't just go walking off.
- Stay here, bro.
Take care of this shit.
Kayla, hold up!
- Damn it.
Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea.
- Michael, we don't
know that, okay?
We need to be patient.
All right?
Maybe something is gonna happen.
(fire crackling)
- I gotta get some air.
- Michael.
Michael, come on.
Gia, you got this?
- I'm good, girl.
- Michael.
- Kayla, be careful.
Kayla, hold on!
Just relax.
He didn't mean that.
- Yeah, he did.
Such an asshole sometimes.
- No, he's really
stressed right now.
- Oh yeah, well I came all
the way out here for him
so he should be showing a
little more appreciation,
don't you think?
- Yes, I agree.
Listen, I've got a
lot of respect for you
coming all the way out here.
- You're so nice.
Michael's lucky to
have a friend like you.
- Any friend of Michael's
is a friend of mine too.
(water trickling)
- I have something to admit.
- What's that?
- I didn't come out
here to support Michael
and search for his missing wife.
- No?
Why'd you come?
- Selfish reasons.
- There's nothing I can
think of less selfish
than helping someone
find closure.
- Yeah, it's that but--
- But what?
- It's nothing, I'm
just being stupid.
- Come on.
- I thought...
What if...
What if he found her?
- She's been missing awhile.
If she hasn't turned up by now,
I really don't think
she's going to.
- Okay.
What about Isabella?
- Is?
What about her?
- I don't know.
They're close.
- Really?
You think Michael came
all the way out here
to hook up with his
missing wife or her sister?
- It's stupid and
selfish, I told you.
- Look, Michael likes you.
He's with you and he's loyal.
You have nothing to worry about.
- Thanks.
That means a lot.
(ominous music)
- Am I totally insane
for bring us out
into the middle of
the woods for this?
- No.
It's a beautiful sentiment.
I'm not sure that Begory is
the right man for the job.
- Are you shitting me?
We have a dude back there who
is convulsing on the ground
and speaking in tongues.
Do you know of a
better guy for the job?
- Feels good to laugh with you.
- I'm glad you're still
in my life, Michael.
You are still an
awesome brother-in-law.
- And you're a neurotic
workaholic with crazy ideas.
- Okay, you can just--
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah, what was that?
(eerie music)
- Looks like an old fireplace.
- It's actually a foundry.
(ominous music)
- Like for a smith?
- Yeah, I mean I guess so
but it doesn't look
like it's been used
in like a hundred or 200 years.
(woman screaming)
Okay, I am ready to
get back now, Michael.
- Yeah, I'm one
step ahead of you.
(ominous music)
(faint scream)
(eerie music)
(metal clinking)
(women cackling)
(ominous music)
(women giggling)
- I saw a mechanic.
His daughter.
This iron worker.
A boy in the water.
- What're you
talking about, baby?
- The purest evil
and those who were wrongfully
killed and then tricked.
They were tricked, these people,
they were tricked into thinking
that the only way they'd
be able to pass on
by collecting the
souls of the damned.
- You're not making any sense.
- Fuck!
This place is fucking so evil!
They're not gonna
let us leave here.
We gotta get out.
- Then let's go, let's
get the fuck out of here.
I just wanna go, I
just wanna leave,
I wanna get the
fuck out of here!
- We can't go yet.
Were the fuck is my satchel?
(ominous music)
(water splashing)
- What the fuck is that?
- What?
- I don't know, it's like
something dropping into the water.
You don't hear that?
(water splashing)
Yeah, did you just see that?
It's like a little
pebble or something
falling off the bridge.
- Maybe someone's
fishing from the bridge.
- I don't know.
Let's go check that out.
(ominous music)
- [Isabella] Are you sure
this is the way that we came?
- [Michael] I thought so.
It's just dark,
it's hard to tell.
- [Isabella] It feels like
we've been walking far enough
we should be back already.
- [Michael] Totally.
I just can't see anything,
we must've got turned around.
- Let's just make sure
we're going the right way.
And not that way.
- Agreed.
Hey, look.
- What's that?
- Headlights.
(eerie music)
If there's a car,
there's a road.
I vote we go that way.
- Agreed.
(water trickling)
- What the fuck?
Check this out.
- That's weird.
That must've been what was
splashing into the water.
- Yeah but how,
they're just sitting.
- The wind?
(water splashing)
- It's definitely what I heard.
(eerie music)
- [Kayla] Don't see
anything over there.
- A squirrel.
- A what?
- A squirrel.
You know, those little
fuzzy tree rats?
- I know what a squirrel is.
Maybe a squirrel came running--
(water splashing)
- What was that?
- What the fuck?
Holy shit!
There's a kid in the water!
- Oh my God, Tyler, hurry!
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!
Oh my God!
- Kayla, where's the kid?!
- He's right there!
- Where?!
- He's right there!
- [Tyler] Kayla, where?!
- Tyler, he's right there!
Hurry, he's gonna drown!
- Kayla, where?!
(eerie music)
- Tyler?
(water splashing)
- Got him!
- Come on, come on,
come on, please!
(eerie music)
- What the fuck?!
- Tyler?
- Kayla!
(water splashing)
- Tyler!
- Fuck!
(ominous music)
- Somebody!
Somebody, help, please!
(menacing music)
Oh my God.
Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.
(crickets chirping)
- Hold on.
Michael, there's
absolutely no way
that those lights
were this far off.
- I was just thinking
the same thing.
- How could we have
possibly missed the road?
- I don't know.
It was a car or truck lights.
I just don't understand how
they drove through here.
(fire crackling)
- What?
- Listen.
(fire crackling)
- Is that?
- Sounds like a crackling
of a fire, right?
I think it's coming
from over there.
That has to be them.
- [Gianna] Baby,
can we just leave?
I wanna get out of here.
- No, I have to figure this out.
Oh, shit.
- What?!
- Where are my notes?
- [Gianna] I don't know,
they're in your bag.
- No, no, no, they
were in the car,
I said put them in my bag.
Could you have left
them in the car?
- Maybe, I don't know.
- Fuck!
(eerie music)
You're gonna have
to go get them.
- You want me to
go out there alone?
- I can't leave here.
I need them to
cleanse this place
and cleanse ourselves.
It's the only way we're
gonna get out of here.
(ominous music)
- I feel like we are
walking in circles.
We should've come across
a trail or the road
or anything by now.
I don't know, maybe we should
be going towards the pounding.
Maybe that's part
of Begory's thing.
Shit, I just--
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Do you smell that?
- Okay.
It's right there.
- All right.
Let's get to the others and
get the hell out of here.
- Finally.
- Show yourselves.
Show yourselves.
Show yourselves.
Show yourselves.
- I'm sorry that I
dragged us our here.
- No, that's fine.
Just not do it again.
Let's chalk it up and move on.
- Agreed.
- How could we?
(ominous music)
- There's a little girl.
Sweetheart, do you
live around here?
Sweetheart, we're a little lost
and we're trying
to find our friends
and get back to our car.
And we just are looking
for someone to help us.
Do you know where
you parents are?
(eerie music)
(Isabella yelling)
- [Michael] Go, go, go, go, go!
(Isabella whimpering)
(unsettling music)
- Michael!
- Come on.
Come on.
(unsettling music)
(fire crackling)
- Show yourselves.
Show yourselves.
Where are you?
Show yourselves.
(sinister music)
(fire crackling)
- Michael, what was that?
Was is that back there?
What is that fucking noise?
- I don't know.
We gotta get out of here.
- Michael, where?
We're just running
around in circles.
We're completely lost.
- No we're not,
look, it's a bridge.
The ranger said
stick to the road.
We got this.
It's like 50 steps
and we're there.
Come on, let's go.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Wait!
- What?
(eerie music)
What is it?
- Looks like Tyler's shorts.
- [Isabella] Tyler!
- Ty!
- Tyler!
(water splashing)
- Tyler!
- Tyler!
- Ty!
- Tyler!
- Oh my God!
- Michael, no, Michael!
- Is!
- Michael!
Oh my God, Michael!
What was it that got you?!
Are you okay, what
just happened?
- Something grabbed me.
- What?
What do you mean,
something grabbed you?
What do you mean?
- Let's just get out of
here before we find out.
(menacing music)
- Are you okay?
Are you okay?
- Let's just get to the road.
- Okay.
I got you, I got you.
(water trickling)
- Oh, fuck.
Check this.
Got it.
- You got it?
(ominous music)
Okay, just watch out for this.
- I can't go any
further, hold on.
Oh, it really hurts.
- Let me look, come here.
Let me take a look.
Oh my God.
- Is it bad?
- It's really bad.
- Okay.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, thank you.
- Michael?
- Yeah.
- I wanna go home.
I wanna go home.
- I know.
Me too.
Let's just get to the others
and get the fuck out of here.
We never crossed a bridge.
So Tyler's truck has
got to be that way.
- I am not going back
into the woods, Michael.
- I understand.
Walk right down this road.
It's gotta go to the
other road, the main road.
Once we get to the others,
we'll figure it out
from there, okay?
(eerie music)
- Okay.
- Help me up.
You got this, come on.
- Okay.
- Okay.
(foreboding music)
(girl giggling)
- Stop, do you hear that?
- What?
(girl screaming)
What is that?
- It sounds like a little girl.
(girl screaming)
- It's a trick, ignore it.
- No, it's not,
Michael, I can hear her.
- She's not real.
Keep walking.
(sinister music)
- "Go to the vehicle
and get my things."
How dare he talk
to me like that.
How the fuck am I supposed
to get into the truck
without any keys?
(eerie music)
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
(ghostly whispering)
Oh my God.
Somebody help!
(eerie music)
- Was that?
- Come on.
(women cackling)
(ghostly whispering)
(sinister music)
(women laughing)
- Please help me, God.
Help me!
- Run!
(crickets chirping)
- Gianna!
- Is!
Oh my God!
We need to run! We need to run!
We need to get the
fuck out of here!
- Okay, calm down, calm down.
Slow down, what's going on?
- You don't understand.
There was a girl in the woods
and Begory is dead.
- A girl wearing a dress?
- [Gianna] Yes and I
threw a rock at her.
Another guy--
- Begory is dead, are you sure?
- Yes, we need to get
the fuck out of here!
- Okay, all right,
we're together.
We're together now.
Michael, we need to go.
- Yeah, we're going.
- [Gianna] Where's
Kayla and Tyler?
- We don't know, we
haven't seen them.
- We found Tyler's shorts in
the river down by the bridge.
- What bridge?
- There's a bridge that way.
- Begory was saying something
about a boy and a bridge
and a man and a truck and
he wasn't making any sense.
I'm not going anywhere
near any fucking bridge!
- We're not going back to the
bridge either, don't worry.
We're just gonna
stick near the truck
and wait for
somebody to drive by.
- Why are we gonna wait?
Why don't we just leave?
- No keys.
Listen, they know we're here.
- Who knows we're here?
- When I came to
get Kayla's phone,
a forest ranger came
and he was suspicious about
us camping in the woods.
I'm sure he's gonna come back
and make sure that we aren't.
We're as good as out of here.
- [Isabella] Help!
- Hey!
- Help! Help!
- He's not stopping!
Hey! Hey!
(tires screeching)
What the fuck?!
Yeah, you?
- Gianna?!
- I'm okay!
(sinister music)
- Gianna!
- No! No! No! No!
Come back! Come back!
No! No! No!
We need to get help!
- She needs help!
- No! No! No!
We need to get help!
- How are we gonna
get help, Michael?!
- We're gonna walk out of here.
Straight down this fucking road.
Come on.
- Gia!
(eerie music)
(Michael groaning)
You okay?
- [Michael] It just hurts.
Just tie it tighter.
- We're gonna get you back,
we're gonna get you
straight to a hospital,
okay, Michael?
- Maybe to a priest too.
(foreboding music)
Don't! Don't!
- Michael?
What the fuck is that?
- They want us to run.
- Why?
- I don't know.
But I'm done running.
We have to get going.
Shit, shit, shit.
(sinister music)
It's okay, he's gone, let's go.
- I can't take this anymore.
- We have to be
close to someone.
Come on.
- Michael.
- Finally.
- Come on.
We're gonna go get some help
and then we're gonna go back
and we're gonna get
our Gianna, okay?
- Okay.
- [Isabella] Okay, almost there.
- [Michael] Oh, shit.
- Almost there.
- [Michael] Hello?!
- [Isabella] Hello?!
Is there anyone there?
Come on! Come on!
(ominous music)
- [Michael] Who
leaves the door open?
- Hello, is there anybody there?
Please, we need help!
Can we come in, please?!
Michael, please.
Anywhere is fucking
better than out there.
I can't be in the woods anymore!
I can't be on that
road anymore, okay?!
this is a good place.
We'll just get you off your foot
and we'll check it out
and we'll just wait,
we'll wait until the morning,
until the sun comes up,
and then we'll go
back out to the road
and wait for someone
to come, okay?
Let's just go inside.
- All right.
- Okay?
- It wouldn't hurt
to get off my foot.
- Okay, come on.
Come on.
(ominous music)
Just a little bit farther.
All right, we're
gonna get you sat down
and comfortable.
- Take it slow, take it slow.
- You got it.
- Look.
- There's a fire.
- Somebody must be here.
- Hello?
- Hello?
- Come on, come on.
Put you right here.
- Take your time.
- [Isabella] Okay.
Are you okay?
- I'm good.
- Hello?
Is there anybody here?
(eerie music)
(eerie music)
- [Woman] Isabella.
- Jess?
Jess, is that you?
(woman laughing)
(laughs echoing)
(woman cackling)
- [Woman] Michael.
(ominous music)
- Jessica?
(unsettling music)
(eerie music)
I missed you so much.
(unsettling music)
(ominous music)
- Jess!
- That's Kayla!
- [Kayla] Help!
Help, somebody!
Help, is anybody around, fuck?!
- Kayla!
- [Kayla] Michael?
- Kayla!
Kayla, it's me, babe!
- Michael, oh my God, is
that really you, Michael?
(ominous music)
- [Woman] Isabella?
(engine rumbling)
- Michael!
(engine revving)
(horn honking)
- No!
(dramatic music)
- Michael!
- Kayla!
- Michael!
(sinister music)
- Kayla!
(unsettling music)
Help me.
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
(ominous music)
Oh my God.
(Michael sobbing)
I'll be back.
(Michael groaning)
(eerie music)
- [Woman] Michael.
Michael, Michael, Michael.
Michael, Michael.
- I can't!
- [Woman] Michael,
Michael, Michael.
- No more!
No more!
(sinister music)
No more!
No more! No more! No more!
No more! No more! No more!
(somber music)
(dramatic piano music)
- Michael.
What're you doing?
- You look beautiful.
- Come here, silly.
- Jess.
(dramatic piano music)
(eerie music)
(unsettling music)
- This is it, babe.
- Stay on the road!
- Fuck!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get the fuck out of here!
Holy shit.
- Oh my God, what was
wrong with that guy?
- Don't worry, babe.
It was just some
drunk on the road.
- He scared the piss out of me.
What was he even saying?
- Just some drunk gibberish.
- Too much tequila, I guess.
- Yeah.
- You trying to scare
the panties off of me?
- I didn't think you
were wearing any.
- Maybe I'm not.
- Surprise, surprise.
I did scare the
panties off you, huh?
(unsettling music)
What the fuck?!
- Oh my God, there's
a little girl outside.
- Where? I don't see anything.
- I swear, she was right
there looking right in here,
all creepy looking little girl.
- Babe, babe, we're miles
away from the closest home.
There I no way there's
a kid on this road.
- I know what I saw.
(ominous music)
What're you doing?
- I'm gonna go check it out.
- No, don't go
out there, please.
- I'm going.
- No, John, stay here.
No, don't go out there.
- Babe, seriously, look at me.
I'm pretty sure the kid sees
me, I'm gonna scare 'em off.
(eerie music)
- John!
(John yelling)
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
(sinister music)
(dramatic piano music)
- [Jessica] Michael.
("Ride Or Die" by Nico Marks)
She's a country girl
riding on a horse
Hella golden smile,
Daisy Duking shorts
Yet, I'm a city boy
that be rocking Benz
Gonna be making the
money any way I can
We don't go hand-in-hand
but we're holding them
It's a mutual connection
we just understand
Slow and steady until
it's finally our wedding
Couldn't imagine any
other way it be heading
Never asking me questions
about my past records
Getting closer to Heaven
because she done give a blessing
Fire, water, creation
Give tons of praise
to the Almighty one
She blessed me
with a daughter
Blessed me with a son
Blessed me with a
feeling, good meditation
I keep my thoughts to myself
He don't understand anyway
I love him just
the same, it's okay
And I love this girl
And if he gets locked
up, well that's a shame
I love him just
the same anyway
I'm gonna ride
or die all day
The wheels keep spinning,
something about women
Talking about the realists
Who ain't scared
to handle business
Fathers of the children
with the white picket fences
Waking up to breakfast,
honey butter biscuits
She found about
the bounty amount
I reckon that she still
wouldn't tattle and shout
All she wants is marriage,
doggy wit ha carriage
Low to an owe and
eventually parish
Even though I know she's
the daughter of the sheriff
Guess that I do as much as
I don't for his carriage
Fire, water, creation
Give tons of praise
to the Almighty one
She blessed me
with a daughter
Blessed me with a son
Blessed me with a
feeling, good meditation
I keep my thoughts to myself
He don't understand anyway
I love him just
the same, it's okay
And I love you, girl
And if he gets locked
up, well that's a shame
I love him just
the same anyway
I'mma ride or die all day
I'll spin you on
a microphone, son
Bless every man and woman
Show you all, son,
Show you all, son
Impress my love with
everything that you've done
You smile like
the shinning sun
All right, then
I keep my thoughts to myself
He don't understand anyway
I love him just
the same, it's okay
And I love you, girl
And if he gets locked
up, well that's a shame
I love him just
the same anyway
I'mma ride or die all day
And if he gets locked
up, well that's a shame
I love him just
the same anyway
I'mma ride or die all day
(eerie music)
- At three o'clock.
It was three o'clock.
(eerie music)
(engine rumbling)
Three o'clock.