Cloclo (2012) Movie Script

Ismailia, Egypt, Suez Canal
January 1939
You are...
very fortunate, Lucia.
A boy?
I see him in a big light.
His name
is written
in flaming letters.
Come look.
You're going to have
a little brother.
- Claude, it's time!
- Already?
C'mon, Hassan!
Hassan, quick.
Hurry, children!
Come here.
Let me see.
You must wash your hands.
Papa will be home soon.
My handsome Claude!
Good evening, Mr. Francois.
Salam Alekum, Hassan.
Good evening, Aime.
Here comes Rudolph Valentino.
My wife cheats on me
with the King of Hearts.
- Calissons!
- From "Roy Rene."
Straight from Aix.
Barenton brought them.
The children?
They studied quietly in their room
all afternoon.
- I don't want to.
- Go on. Then blue!
No, it's my picture!
Good evening.
Did you have a nice day, sir?
Very nice.
Thank you, children.
I warned you.
Next time you'll tidy up.
So, Claude.
Did you practice your violin?
Enough, I mean?
I think so.
Play for me?
What do you want to hear, sir?
Ismailia for Barracuda.
May we line up to enter?
Vessel name and cargo.
How do you like the Suez Canal?
What's the name of that boat?
I can't see.
Come over here.
The first is the Liberty ship.
Coming from Port Said.
It goes through in 15 minutes.
That big tanker's from Alexandria.
It's here.
It goes through in 40 minutes.
When you grow up,
you'll work for the Company, too.
July 1956, 10 years later
Egypt's sons
are taking over the Canal.
The Canal is on Egyptian soil.
The Canal belongs to Egypt.
May God guide you to success,
and peace be with you.
All valuables!
Not my ring!
Move it!
Get in!
Hurry up, Claude.
Hassan, come with me!
Take the ring, it's yours.
I'll keep it next to my heart.
Hide the car till our return.
Captain, it's your duty
to protect our homes.
Look at these savages!
What are you waiting for?
Where will we go now?
I don't know.
To your sister's in Monaco.
Her husband will find us a flat.
We'll be back soon.
It's only for a few weeks.
Everything will work out.
Monaco, 1957 - One year later.
Honestly, Claude,
it's a bad idea.
You know tumbas,
but not snare drums...
So what?
We'll see.
So long, you'll hear from us.
There are leftovers.
Soon, no more bread and oil for us.
I auditioned
for the radio house band.
- You?
- As a drummer.
They hired me.
I'll be paid.
Papa, isn't that good?
And your bank internship?
I'm not kidding.
They hired me.
How much do they pay?
500 francs.
It's not much, but it'll help.
I underbid to get the job.
I start tomorrow.
Tomorrow it's back to the bank.
Jojo brought us apples.
I'm just stopping by.
Claude's been hired as a drummer.
Want me to rot
behind a teller's window?
I'd rather enjoy what I do.
I sweated blood and tears
for your education.
Your sister's married.
Well married.
But you need a real trade.
I won't have some busker son.
- But Papa...
- Discussion closed!
Not hungry?
Well, I am, and Mama, too.
So what do we do?
Rely on you?
You can't even hold a bar job.
Get out.
I know, France let you down.
It's not your fault, right?
I'm not ashamed of being poor,
only of doing nothing
to help us out.
I won't give up.
You go back to the bank.
If you disobey,
never speak to me again.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Please, trust me.
Tomorrow you move out.
I won't wait that long.
Once I was also seventeen
The world was no place for me
Other kids had nothing to prove
They slip right into a groove
Summers at their country home
The keys to dad's car
Just to roam
And mom's purse
For an easy loan
Some have it all at seventeen
I was a stranger in their eyes
They had Vespas,
I was despised
When I'd go for a swim
With my dog down by the docks
They'd chase me laughing
Down the block
I'd come home my elbows bloody
You learn what courage means
At seventeen
That's my son!
On the wide uptown avenues
I saw my chances were few
If I was going to make it
I'd have to clench my teeth
And take it
Throwing stones against the wind
I had a giant's dreams
I became strong and lean
At seventeen
Your son is here.
I do this for you.
You lost the Company indemnity!
What's left to bet?
You lie.
You can't be trusted.
I'll win, Claude.
I feel it. I'm lucky!
Shall we do the accounts?
Trust your Chouffa.
We'll make it, you'll see.
Not like that.
Good evening.
My name's Claude Francois.
Mr. Frosio was kind enough
to let me leave my beloved tumbas
to sing you a song.
I chose a current hit:
"Don't Fool Around."
Don't fool
Don't fool with my heart
Believe me,
It's my most fragile part
If you must
Find solace
In my laughing eyes
Which see only you!
So maestro,
I told you it would work.
Some day I'll cut a record.
Sure you will, fella.
Don't forget to send me one.
Autographed, please.
Are you all right?
What's that mean?
You give me hope.
You sure?
He gives everything rhythm.
Even when the song is slow.
American style.
What class!
And 1, and 2,
and 1, 2, 3, 4...
And slide!
What're your after?
Flirting with everyone!
Stop it, please.
- Anybody else?
- Don't start again.
When my back is turned...
You're hurting me!
- Stop!
- It's unfair to treat me like that.
It's because I love you madly!
You scare me.
Because I love you too much!
I love you too much.
I'm sorry.
I have a right to have fun too.
Think I'm going to wait around
like a puppy?
I love you.
Say you love me, Janet.
Say it.
I love you.
And I declare you
man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
"Claude: I think you're terrific.
"I know I'm too young for you.
I'm only 13, but if..."
- Let me see.
- Give that back.
"But please, Claude, wait for me.
"Three short years
"and I promise
to be the best of wives."
Give that back.
- Give it back.
- Which hand?
You're crumpling it.
It's all crumpled.
Your first fan.
No, your second after me.
I'm proud of you.
I wish Papa could see it.
I still haven't told him
I'm divorcing.
And that I'd met Jerry.
I'm afraid he'll be hurt.
And when he finds out
he's a musician...
Don't worry, Jojo.
It'll be okay.
Is he out of the coma?
Tell him I must speak to him.
I really have to!
March 1961.
Do I look okay?
You're very, very handsome.
You'll be a smash.
The chocolates, the record?
Take it easy.
I really talked you up.
I'll dance at the Olympia, you'll
cut a record. Life will be great!
Let's go!
Go on, Claude, it's time.
Say goodbye to all my friends
Friends of ours, until the end
Tomorrow I'll be far from here
Far from you, yes my dear
Life didn't want to...
We can't all be born Sinatras.
I'd rather be sincere.
You're very nice, Claude.
Jerry tells me
you're a hit at Frosio's
in Monte Carlo...
But, sir, I don't want to stay
a house musician.
Sure, but your thing is...
Excuse me, it's...
It's completely outdated.
- How old are you?
- 22.
You really think people your age
want to hear this kind of music?
Go see him at the Olympia
in two weeks.
It'll help you see the gulf
between the modern world and this.
Good chocolates.
He's okay, but the physique
and voice are all wrong.
But we can work on it.
I'll help him.
I saw him in Monaco.
He's got something with the public.
Especially with girls.
He's not the only one.
There are plenty of cocks
on the walk.
In 10 days I'll dance here
with the chorus line.
Look: Brel, Vince Taylor,
Dalida, Becaud.
We're doing the openers.
And soon, mine, too.
Yes, maybe.
But Claude...
How long are you going to sulk?
Of course I believe in you.
What bugs you
is my dancing at the Olumpia!
Like the De Sica movie
you won't let me do.
I know, Italians are lechers.
None at the Olympia?
Who are you thinking about?
I dance because we're broke.
Your band doesn't pay.
I'll pester Philips every day,
but I'll cut that record.
While I earn our living.
Good thing,
seeing how you spend your money.
- Excuse me?
- The clinic.
What about the clinic?
It's an investment, Janet.
Like my voice lessons.
To succeed, every detail counts!
Hey! Are you finished?
- Where are you going?
- To the toilets? May I?
Don't laugh.
How's my Frankenstein?
Don't make me laugh.
- I liked your nose.
- What did I tell you?
"Every detail counts."
Every detail.
Come in.
- Claude Francois.
- Again.
What do I tell him?
Don't act naive. You like blondie.
Did he bring chocolates?
These are special: 85% cacao.
Fit for the gods.
Your chocolates are great.
Did you do something to...
Yes, I had an accident...
It's better.
- Did I mention I was born in Egypt?
- No.
What would you say
to a Franco-Arab twist?
This is your place,
my dear Gilbert.
You're at home here.
What are you doing here?
We're rehearsing.
I'm taking you to dinner.
I have great news.
No kiss?
Young ladies!
You're never, never in time!
You're never, never in time.
Who does the star think he is?
A star, naturally.
Go and change, quick.
I'm so proud of you.
I told you.
So what's this record called?
Nabout Twist.
I must call the Queen Mother
in Monaco to tell her.
Tell her in person tomorrow.
What's the matter?
Is she sick?
The shame of it.
This woman never keeps her word.
My mother lies.
She sold the Monaco flat
to pay her debts. Gambling debts!
I felt so alone, so very alone,
you understand.
You had all left.
Your father is gone.
Yes, so I went back to the casino.
To feel less desperate.
Yeah, sure.
I'll never gamble again.
I swear!
I learned my lesson.
Same old song.
I have nothing left.
Nothing to bet.
I'm cured.
Let me make it up to you.
I'll help you out.
I can cook, do the laundry.
If it's too much for you,
I'll understand.
I'll find
some place to sleep.
Jojo and Jerry will have
an apartment soon.
I'll stay with them.
Stop it!
Cut the act, Mama.
Drop your bags
and shut the door.
I didn't see it so...
So what?
So shabby!
But not for long.
Soon you'll earn money
from your record,
and you'll buy us a house,
my Claudio.
Listen good, baby
If you want to slim down
You have to dance
The Nabout... Twist!
The Nabout!
It's the dance
You now call the twist
The Nabout!
It's been ages that it does exist
It's really something abdominal
For your figure
It's phenomenal
The doctor said
When I asked the question
Nothing better for the digestion
After dinner
You have the occasion
To lose your belly
Turn off the telly
What did he do now?
Don't be angry with him.
As a child,
he had an accident in the pool.
Some moron dove on him.
After that
his character turned more...
But my Claude is a nice boy.
True, he's jealous.
Put it down to his oriental side.
And his record flopped.
When he'll be recognized
for his talent, he'll calm down.
It's your band.
Will you be late tonight?
I don't know.
Honey, please,
leave the key this time?
- Where is she?
- She's not here.
What's going on?
Nottingham - England
Stop talking nonsense.
I love you, Janet!
Come back. We need to talk.
The band got a summer gig
on the coast. Well paid.
Join me in the sun.
We don't get along anymore.
You know that.
That's married life.
We said "till death do us part,"
I'll make an effort,
I'll be careful. Come back.
I'm coming over!
I don't love you anymore.
You're lying!
No, it's true.
How can you say that?
It's rotten. You're rotten!
I love someone else.
I'm in love.
It just happened like that.
Who is it?
Gilbert Becaud.
He can't see you now.
I want to adapt it into French.
Lucky Blondo is doing it.
But it's for me!
If you don't let me, I'm a goner.
It's all very nice,
but I have a meeting.
Nicole, I'll be back at 2.
I can feel it! Go see Lucky Blondo.
Say the song's off.
I know he's better known.
I also know I was wrong
about Nabout Twist.
But believe me,
if I sing this,
it's a Gold Record.
- How'd you convince Tilche?
- I'm persuasive.
And you'd argue
that my lyrics are bad?
They can be better.
"Nothing but our love"...
it doesn't sound right in French.
We need words that sing.
Something fuller.
All right.
Since you're so clever,
think of something fuller,
while I finish my dinner.
You've eaten, I suppose?
Of course.
All right, show me.
This is good.
You're gifted.
You're kind.
Not always.
But this...
This chorus is better.
I wanted a word
that reminded me of bells.
In French,
"belle" means "beauty".
Belle, belle, belle...
Belle, belle, belle,
You were made to love.
I'm buying.
I'll work on it tonight
and we'll meet tomorrow.
You have a stage name?
No, why?
like Johnny Hallyday.
Claude Francois is my name.
I'm proud of it.
Nice going, Claude.
Paul, come in.
this is Paul Lederman.
Paul knows the record market.
He'll be your manager.
I'm sure you'll get along well.
Oh, what a year
Those were the days
I made my debut
For the public
I was something new
Oh, what a year
Rock'n' roll
Was starting to cast its spell
And I was singing
"Belle, belle, belle"
And the public cheered
That was when,
The Beatles were four guys...
On the wing
And me,
My song was,"Walk Right In"
Oh, what a year
It was great to be teen idol no. 1
My fans created pandemonium,
Oh, what memories, what a year
It was yesterday,
But nothing's changed today
It's the same business
Starting all over again
That was the year...
Unknown a year ago,
he's now sold 2 million singles.
Ladies and gentlemen:
Claude Francois!
Aren't they beauts?
The future parents of a big family.
Listen, son.
Get this through your head:
Now is when it gets tough.
It can all be over in 6 months.
- You really think so?
- Of course.
Most of all, I think like you do.
I want what you want.
If in 10 years' time
I'm not Sammy Davis Jr.,
I'm a failure.
I want to be France's top star.
You can be.
It takes work.
More than you think.
Johnny Hallyday
is up for military service.
So we work harder,
double the gigs.
Everybody clap with me!
I can't hear you up there!
If I had a hammer
And if I had a bell
And if I had a song to sing
I'd be the happiest of men
I would want nothing else
But a hammer,
A bell and a song
For the love of my father,
my mother, my brothers and sisters
That would be true happiness
It's the hammer of justice
It's the bell of freedom
It's the song for my father,
my mother, my brothers and sisters
I'd be the happiest of men
That's true happiness
If I had a hammer!
Cloclo! Cloclo!
- What's he run on?
- Water.
Chivas and a Coke before curtain.
What a bunch of bunglers!
Give the wire some slack!
This guy!
For Chantal...
Dry this, quick.
And the dryer, not too close!
France Gall is back.
Get moving, now.
You'll tire of me.
No, I'll come back tomorrow.
And the next day.
What do your parents say?
They don't know I'm here.
And when can I applaud you
on stage?
Please, don't come.
The stage scares me so.
Belle, belle, belle,
You were made to love
I'm a Miss France Gall fan, too.
I'm sure you do fine.
Lovely as you are.
Everyone will be charmed.
Beat it!
Less than an hour from Paris.
There, we'll have a pool put in.
A huge one.
For the yard,
I found a Paris landscape gardener.
I'll get animals,
maybe African cranes.
But with the Paris apartment,
that's a lot of expense.
With me,
it's better than a casino jackpot.
You'll spend weekends here.
I'll be boss. I'll plan it all,
like in Ismailia.
Meals, receptions...
What'll I do, the ironing?
No, Jojo.
You'll hold the purse strings.
Mama, you'll have hired help.
I'll take good care of you.
And my grandchildren.
First I have to find their mother.
If Dad had seen this...
Another little step.
There're more stairs to the left.
Your foot, there.
If Madame would kindly sit down.
For you.
Like it?
It's beautiful.
Leave the girls alone
Leave the girls alone
Or else they'll be leaving you
Leave the girls alone
Or else you'll be crying too
Look out.
Watch the bodywork!
Please, move back!
No time! Please!
Go on, Claude.
- I see you here often. Your name?
- Josette.
Like my sister.
Don't cry. Give her that.
- Let's go.
- See you later.
Everybody will get a chance.
- Tell him to remember this time.
- Trust me.
Thursday, Bordeaux.
Friday, Mont-de-Marsan.
That brass! I want it.
You listening?
Saturday, Biarritz, and Tuesday...
Tuesday: Vegas for a photo shoot.
Can't wait.
You're taking the girl, right?
France Gall. Yes, I know about her.
- It wasn't me.
- No, it wasn't.
So, what're you doing?
She's not coming.
But I'm mad about her.
I never thought
I'd fall in love again.
But as soon as I see her...
She's so fresh, so cheerful,
she fills me...
That's all very moving, but...
A youth idol has to be
discreet and unattached.
So keep it quiet.
All right, already!
My prince.
Wake up, Cinderella.
I have to take you back
to your parents'.
I'm hurting so bad
Knowing somebody else
Is holding you
You see who he means?
Janet, his ex...
Gilbert Becaud...
I'm hurting so bad
And yet, since then
I've long known it
I know
Nice jacket!
Straight from Vegas.
A gift from the boss.
He knows you're moving on?
Nope. And I'm scared stiff.
You're right to be.
Hello, Claude. And congrats.
Sweet of you to come.
Doesn't only Johnny Hallyday
have the privilege?
Don't be silly.
I hope that after his next record
there will be money left for mine.
You know that...
Philips is Johnny's territory?
I know.
Am I imagining it?
Why only give me adaptations
he turns down?
You have no lack of fans.
Congrats on your fan club.
50,000 members...
And still growing!
You're the first.
That's the treatment I want.
As No. 1. Like Johnny!
I said, in line with my bedroom
windows. Is that in line?
I can see you can't see.
I have to do everything!
Mr. Francois, I thought...
Don't think, check!
- It doesn't matter.
- Sure it does!
Flowers are a detail.
God is in the details.
Don't you know?
Claude, Christian is here.
Send him down.
- Write everything down.
- Okay.
Read it 20 times a day if you must.
And cross things off as you go.
Stop saying okay. It's annoying.
Always be nearby. Not too close,
but close enough to hear me.
Come on.
My sunglasses. Very important.
Always clean.
And always in their case.
The case always in the bag.
Got it.
Lunch is ready.
Come to the table.
And bring your new idiot.
You made moussaka!
We'll continue later.
You must taste my mother's moussaka.
About my mother:
Never lend her money, ever.
She plays poker and...
And about France and me,
mum's the word. Got that?
No one knows. It's better like that.
This is great!
I'll record everything
on British radio. Everything.
And you,
stay with me every minute.
I can't, you know that.
It's up to you.
Why bother with pointless stuff?
Like what?
Just to lose. It's idiotic.
Eurovision, I swear...
In a few minutes we'll hear
Serge Gainsbourg's excellent song,
performed by France Gall,
watched by 150 million TV viewers.
I'm a doll made of...
France, come quick, it's Claude!
Claude, darling, did you see?
I won!
Listen to me:
You won, great.
But you lost me.
France, a smile.
What do you think of the chorus?
The chorus is fine, but it's...
Open up, Claude.
Open up, please.
My winning doesn't hurt you.
You should be glad.
Darling, open up!
Open up, Claude!
I love you so.
Why are you doing this to me?
My love!
This is too hard to understand.
Cut the false poetry.
Let her in.
Screw her and her Eurovision!
Open up, Claude!
I'm letting her in.
If you do,
you'll never write for me again.
Keep out of this.
Sit down. Let's go on.
Leave her!
I'll call the elevator.
Come on.
Simple like hello
Sad as a goodbye
That's what love is like
You have to suffer
To find happiness
I hold out my arms
But you leave
That's what love is like
It changes moods like you
Who wants a photo?
Move back. Take it easy.
I wrote you a love letter.
How sweet. I promise to read it.
Didn't you write anything?
Dannemois. One year later.
Papa is with us now.
As if he were at the Mill.
Thank you, my Claudio.
To the newlyweds!
The same pool as Elvis has.
Wrong: He has the same as me.
champagne, make it fast.
Think we'll marry someday
and have children?
- Like Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie?
- I'm talking about us, not them.
Don't you want some
little blond-haired darlings?
As pretty as you?
I can't leave my husband's
coffin in Monaco.
Didn't you bring it here?
I couldn't.
Think how much it costs.
Did you ask Claude?
I already ask too much of him.
He's so generous.
For my husband,
I'll manage alone.
We need to have him with us.
I might be able to help.
How much do you need?
Thank you so much!
An hour and a half late!
You're right, son. Warm them up.
Until they burn the house down!
- This jerk forgot the cookies.
- You did?
Why do I get the worst assistants!
Where's my trailer?
Show him his dressing room.
Claude, please!
Step on it.
I'm full throttle.
Every minute of the day.
What incompetents!
Look at him. Jeez!
What're you doing here?
Sorry, they said I could change
my bandage here.
What happened?
I twisted my ankle.
I dance in the first part.
- I'll leave you.
- Don't go.
- What's your name?
- Isabelle.
I'm Claude Francois.
Like the singer.
Walk right in,
Don't look around
Don't give that girl a grin
Walk right in,
Sit right down
That will put her in a spin
She's the kind of gal
All the guys are wooing
But you let her know,
Nothing doing
Walk right in,
Sit right down
And you'll turn her upside-down
Walk right in,
Don't give her a look
Wrong note,
you're fired!
You're not far off!
Four times.
The same mistake four times!
Makes me sick!
- I didn't do anything...
- Got a problem?
Is this the Salvation Army?
Look at your shoes!
Out! I don't want to see
your stupid faces again!
Don't worry.
He's fired me seven times,
then gave me a Cartier watch.
This is it.
I'd like you to meet me
my country cousin. Virginia.
Valeria. A real fan.
Don't be intimidated.
This is my dressing room.
I'll leave you two.
Paulo went to get our cash.
The cash! The cash!
Burgundy for all, okay?
Thanks, boss!
I'll finish my story.
3 years later
I go by the same store,
and what do I see?
The parrot, still bare!
How'd you like the show?
Really want to know?
You're repeating yourself.
It's routine. Humdrum.
40 SRO gigs, 3 encores a night
and still not happy?
Cut it out. You feel like I do.
Not tonight, Paul.
Let me savor the moment.
Is that possible this once?
So sorry. I misunderstood.
So it's just tourism.
I thought you were settling in.
Listen, son.
If you don't change anything,
in 6 months you're done for.
A has-been. End of story.
Stay here with me
We need each other,
Can't you see
Don't abandon me
You'll regret it
Almost as much as me
I hear the door closing on you
I hear your steps
Fading down the hall
Suddenly I feel alone and lost
I feel my head empty
And a pain in my heart
I know I'm not a perfect man
I can't always
Find the right thing to say
I don't care enough for you
And I'm afraid of not having love
But I dream
Yes, I dream
I'm afraid to admit it
Except when I'm alone
And thinking of you
Stay here with me
We need each other,
Can't you see
Please don't go
You'll regret it
Almost as much as me
Holy cow!
- Christ Almighty.
- Did you see that?
And Blacks on French TV...
That's totally new.
It turned you on,
you old lecher!
And I designed their costumes.
It was fabulous.
From now on,
guys will take their girls
to see Cloclo and his Clodettes.
- Innovation enough, Mr. 20%?
- Fine, son.
You were right,
we can't sleep.
And now what, Paulo?
I've got plenty more ideas!
A first in France:
A singer has created his own label
and music publishing house.
That entertainer
is Claude Francois.
He manages every aspect
of his career alone.
No regrets?
I've got a few.
But I'm not sure
I want you as boss.
And like this.
To Fleche Records!
Prosperity... Knock on wood...
and love.
Summer 1967
How did your concert go?
Shall I heat up some pizza?
What's the matter?
She's left me.
It's not the first time.
France and you...
No, this time it's for good.
She'll never come back.
My Claudio...
You have all the girls you want.
You're successful,
rich and handsome.
Stop saying I'm handsome.
I'm short,
bowlegged and I sing like a duck.
Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie's
Baby Son Doing Fine
Hello, madam.
Come in.
You must be Isabelle.
Welcome to the Mill.
I'm Chouffa, Claude's mother.
- Did you find it easily?
- Yes, thank you.
Claude's working.
He'll join us later.
There he is.
She's pretty. Who is she?
Looks like France Gall.
But she's not.
Play the next one.
"For Me"? You said no in May.
Too sad.
Now I want a sad song.
Go on, play it.
It reminds me of...
I see it as...
I don't know...
the end of love.
Try to find lyrics about...
a man's pain, real despair.
Play it again.
Like every day...
I rise from bed...
But you don't stir...
"Comme d'habitude"...
It gets stuck here. Boring.
- We'll rework that part then.
- Yes.
The emotion has to crescendo.
My voice has to rise,
ending with a wrench.
"Comme d'habitude"...
Yes, "comme d'habitude"!
I rise from bed
Bump into you
But you don't stir
"Comme d'habitude"
I pull
The sheet up under your chin
I fear you might be cold
"Comme d'habitude"
My hand
Strokes your hair
Let's say hi to Isabelle.
This is Ness-Ness.
What I listened to didn't sell.
What sold, I didn't listen to.
Remember, Mama?
I knew I had to choose:
Rather than do 100% heart,
I do 50% heart, 50% head.
Give people what they want.
Like the Americans do.
What do you think, Isabelle?
I don't know.
You're 100% heart.
It's not you.
You were so nice.
It's those people,
the girls, your life...
It scares me.
True, I'm surrounded by women.
But they don't matter.
It's no accident I looked for you,
that I did all that,
introduced you to my mother.
Every time I'm near you
I feel the same.
You put me at ease.
You give me stability.
You can give me the life I need.
Love me, Isabelle.
Love me.
Let me go!
And then
The day will fade
I'll be homeward-bound
"Comme d'habitude"
And you
Won't be around
Won't be home yet
"Comme d'habitude"
All alone
I'll lie down
On this cold empty bed
"Comme d'habitude"
My tears
I'll hide from view
"Comme d'habitude"
Even after dark
I'll play pretend
I'll play along
You'll walk in the door
I'll be waiting for you
You'll flash a smile
You'll get undressed
You'll get into bed
Our lips will meet
"Comme d'habitude"
We'll play pretend
"Comme d'habitude"
We'll make love
"Comme d'habitude"
We'll play pretend
"Comme d'habitude"
You're cute when you sew.
I don't knit as well.
You get the idea?
From top to bottom, with a fake
lining, you can hide a painting.
Flatten the canvas
under the lining.
It doubt it'll come in handy.
Don't think that.
Everything can be challenged
overnight. Believe me.
- I'll go.
- No, I will.
- No, I will.
- No, me.
Up you go, son.
Little Claude, are you angry?
Hush, Coco. Easy.
Donna, Donna, Donna
You'll regret the day
Donna, Donna, Donna
When you were... Hush.
I thought all kids
were Claude fans.
Little traitor.
Let me.
Coco, come on.
To calm babies,
I speak to them in Italian.
Oh, you don't play poker with them?
Brussels, December 1968
Claude, the messenger's here.
Recognize it?
"The Voice."
Frank Sinatra, Papa.
He's singing my song.
Sinatra, dammit.
Cloclo! Cloclo!
What's the matter?
But when I'm happy,
I always figure,
something bad's going to happen.
Stop torturing yourself.
Paulo, France has changed.
Since May '68...
A good thing, too!
- Am I already a has-been?
- Cut it out!
When was my last hit? When?
Tell me when?
True, we have fewer gigs.
And I have trouble
filling 4000 seaters,
but most of all with the tour.
But it's okay, don't worry.
We'll come up with something new,
as usual.
We've been here before.
We always come through.
Every time. Trust me.
What's wrong? You're tipsy.
It's that wine
you poured all evening.
Watch the steps.
Quit smoking.
I've told you a hundred times.
Thanks for the great evening.
Say, why is the casino gala
still unpaid?
Is there a problem?
There was a debt to pay off.
What debt?
This is embarrassing.
I don't know how to tell you.
It's not fair, Claude.
Tell the casino.
It might amuse them to cancel
your debt and pay for my gala.
Can't we discuss it?
Papa should've taught you a lesson
when you blew his indemnity.
I'm not so weak.
Don't say that about your father.
Forgive him, Aime.
I'm having you banned from casinos!
- I've made the request.
- So that's how you thank me!
Where will I go now?
Wherever you want.
Josette, friends, I don't care!
Even bumming off my guests.
But you betrayed my work, my image!
You've tainted me!
Taha, the suitcases.
Christian will take you.
I won't deprive Coco of his grandma.
You'll see him. But not here.
Work it out with Isabelle.
Out of my sight!
I'll wait
until you come back to me
I'll wait
I'll wait a long time if need be
stay here with me
We need each other,
can't you see
don't abandon me
You'll regret it
almost as much as me
I know I'm not a perfect man
Get a doctor, quick!
An ambulance!
The plane bringing Claude Francois
from Marseille has just landed.
Anxious fans have been waiting.
The singer passed out on stage.
He's still unconscious.
Mr. Lederman!
- How is he?
- It's very serious.
He's totally exhausted.
Some respect, please.
Stand back!
Son, I told you...
The "wounded idol" never fails.
You haven't had such press
in 3 years.
- Never again, Paulo.
- Now look...
Enter the new Claude Francois.
Generous, closer to his audience.
"Claude Francois Blacks Out"
"Cloclo Collapses..."
Isn't it beautiful?
I owe Marseille the first concert.
Where he fell,
he rises again.
I buy it, son.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
I brought you this.
If you knew the force you give me.
Nothing can stop me.
I've got plans. Big plans!
I'm shifting into high gear.
I'll astonish you!
1972. Three years later.
I have to sing to forget
A shooting star who left me flat
You can help me
Find her again
She's got eyes of blue, Belinda
She's got bangs of gold, Belinda
She's got eyes of blue, Belinda
In my dressing room, Gigi hung suits
by pushing aside ones already there.
One is way on the right
with its sleeve caught in the door.
From now on...
From now on (underline twice),
if you put a suit away,
make sure that, front and back,
it doesn't wrinkle the suit
on either side of it.
Please pass on to Nicole.
Genevieve Leroy: A thought...
Why don't we make figurines
like dolls in my image?
they are exactly true to life.
Please answer. Urgent.
For my show with Drucker,
send him the text of the sketches
and my drawing of the two-seated
stool for the host.
Tell him I plan to have it patented.
I know he's going to laugh.
Do it quickly.
I feel good,
It feels nice...
Going to the studio at 6?
And Gaite Studios?
That's right.
I feel good,
It feels nice
Like a rainbow in your eyes
When you live
Like lovers
I love you, Claude!
Me too.
You didn't kiss me!
Slower, Claude.
We're behind you.
See you later.
I love you, Claude.
Watch out for my hair.
Claude, my love.
Hello, Caroline.
We saw you last night...
On TV.
Claude, we love you.
I love you.
Give me your hand...
Your hand.
I read an article
about the benefits of carrots.
Nicole, in last week's Elle
there's an ad for a juicer.
Have someone pick up two, please.
I'll take one to the Mill.
I feel good,
It feels nice
Life flows like a song
As sure as a girl
Falls in love
I feel good,
It feels nice
Like a rainbow in your eyes
When you live
Like lovers
- I heard your latest single.
- Really?
I liked your message on the wall.
I've never seen you.
Your first time?
- What's your name?
- Sylvie.
- Where you from?
- Normandy.
Take me with you, please!
This is my office.
Fans aren't allowed.
Please, take me.
I can't.
I'd like to, but come see me often.
- For you.
- Thanks.
Don't leave me, Claude. Let me in.
Your nose is bleeding.
Put your head back.
Come with me.
Don't get so worked up.
Sit down there.
Sit down here.
Could someone see to the girl?
A nosebleed.
So, Nicole.
- You have to sign these.
- Again?
Here, Chantal.
Fleche Records...
No, sir, Mr. Lederman and Mr.
Francois parted ways 2 years ago.
That's not star quality.
It's more like a hippy look.
- It's a good photo.
- It's lousy.
Why buy out a magazine
if it's to get even worse treatment?
Redo the photo
with the red sequin suit. Got that?
- We already printed 140,000 copies!
- I don't give a shit! Pulp it!
Think of the cost!
Is it your money?
My audience is out in the suburbs.
Why make them return to Paris?
How do you see it?
Rent a heated tent,
take two contract musicians
as curtain-raisers,
Topaloff and Chamfort,
and this winter...
we tour the 'burbs.
- And rent a tent?
- Yes, a tent.
And screw the cost!
Isabelle's trying to reach you.
Say I'm not here.
Right, left and jump.
Left, right...
Left, right, jump!
More into the ground!
- Listen to this.
- The Temptations?
Tell me if we adapt it.
For the next titles,
I want a week at Motown.
Detroit? No white records there.
That's the point.
The real sound is there.
A week?
You gonna start too? And stop
smoking cigars. It stinks in here.
- Back in an hour.
- We'll be waiting.
I'm recording a show.
We'll be waiting.
Can I ask you a question?
Why do you always
run to your car?
If people see me
amble down the street,
just like everyone else,
where's the dream?
I get it.
Same with wearing sunglasses
even at night?
Bull's eye.
You get no peace, then.
It must get tiring. I often think...
Cut it.
She's got eyes of blue, Belinda
She's got bangs of gold, Belinda
I'll get your costume.
Your son is here.
So, Coco, did you miss Daddy?
- Say you love me.
- I love you, Daddy.
Who're the photos for?
No answer?
Jour de France.
That's wild!
Are these the costumes?
Does it look nice?
Where do we start?
Isabelle called again.
For the fourth time.
Tell her I'm busy.
Isn't it obvious?
Since Coco's in Paris,
we could all meet at the apartment.
I've got work tonight.
For once.
I said no.
I have to go.
See you this weekend.
You bullshitting me?
I look like I have crow's-feet.
You want to age me?
how about Prunier's tonight?
Is that okay?
This is from Switzerland.
Take three every morning.
It slows cell deterioration.
But Claude, I'm 22.
It's up to you.
Which one, Sofia?
It's wrinkled. Intolerable!
- This one?
- Nice.
No choice.
I saw you eyeing that guy
at Prunier's!
I came on to that DJ,
today, I want that guy...
Sure, I've fucked them all!
- Happy now?
- Yes, I am.
How much you want to stop working?
Name your price!
Any price!
I don't want you modeling anymore.
- You're nuts!
- Me?
I was with you all evening!
- You're impossible!
- Sicko!
I'm sick? Yes, I am.
I see your little game.
Hey, look.
How's it going, faggot!
Bring your sister. I'll show you.
Beat it!
Let go!
Drop this tape at the office,
and tell the secretary
all memos should be out
before 10 a.m. Thanks.
See you tomorrow.
- Take them to the pool.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Did you make up the blue room?
- Not yet.
Don't forget the swimsuits
for the guests.
- Is everything all right?
- Perfect.
- Need anything?
- No, thanks.
For the American room.
With Claude you can be sure.
If you can benefit him in any way,
he'll be all smiles.
Sorry, I won again!
A macaroon?
That's him in the pool.
May I?
Ali, come serve on the terrace.
Love your new American room.
Thank you.
When does the tennis coach arrive?
4 o'clock.
Isabelle, come get Coco!
Coco has to pee.
Can you take him?
Come with Mommy.
Your son's a doll.
Take over for me?
I'll handle this.
What's wrong, Marc?
I want to play down there with Coco.
You know what Daddy said.
When he comes up,
you can play outside.
Like we always do with guests.
You be Coco,
and Coco will be Marc.
Hide-and-seek is fun.
Know what we'll do after?
Watch a Disney movie,
the three of us together.
Want to?
Go, Marc. Shoot!
I'm off.
Next weekend
I invited the Lagarderes.
When's the pediatrician?
Hide one under a blanket.
And take them up one at a time.
I wish you'd stop hiding
Marc's existence.
It's not a state secret.
Don't start again.
Know what your mom says...
it's bad luck.
I don't give a damn what she says!
I'm talking about Marc, our son.
Imagine how he must feel.
You know I'm trying
to protect him.
I already made a mistake with Coco.
I don't want him in the spotlight.
He'll be happier without it!
Is it for him,
or your sex symbol image?
Excuse me?
One child's an accident,
two's a family.
Cut it out!
Relax about your career,
it drives you nuts!
Stop it!
Stop it.
I know there's someone else.
I know it.
See you Tuesday.
So long, Slim.
If some day...
If some day things went sour...
If I had to sing in restaurants...
Would you stick with me?
It'll be all right, Claude.
It'll be all right.
What is it?
Jean-Paul Bert, Fraud Squad.
Let us in, please.
What's going on?
What're you after?
Would somebody answer me?
The magistrate on the case
has informed the singer
of his indictment for tax fraud.
He risks
up to a 2-year sentence...
Come eat something.
Claude, please open up.
They'll realize
it's all the accountant's fault.
The office keeps calling.
Come out.
It's not the end of the world.
They tried to destroy me, Dad.
I won't let them.
Leave me. I'm tired.
Is something wrong, Claude?
Are you feeling sad?
They've no right to hurt you.
They're just jealous.
I'll never abandon you, Claude.
Thank you.
Someone sold me out.
I'm sure of it!
Open your ears
and keep an eye on everyone.
To the new accountant:
Every Monday I want
a file on all my companies
with bank statements, receipts
and expense reports
for all the staff. Everyone.
They all hate me.
From the start.
other entertainers, everyone.
Look at Sardou.
What's he put
on his magazine cover?
"Claude Francois - Loony!"
Smearing me, whatever I do.
If I'm not a crook,
I lie about my age.
If I'm not a teen idol,
I'm a faggot
who cruises in parks.
You find that funny?
Am I supposed to cry?
Marnay, nothing to say?
It could be a great song.
I need others to love me
But no one understands
My hope and dream
Who can say
Who I really am?
Try as I could
I've been misunderstood
Because today, I feel
Starved for affection
People know about me
What I want them to see
But do they ever look
For the source of my glee?
And why this despair
Hidden deep inside of me?
If appearances
Aren't always on my side
It's not as it seems
I'd give up everything
To find true love just once
But here I am as before...
Starving for affection
People know about me
What I want them to see
Thank you for everything.
And why this despair
Hidden deep inside of me?
Goodbye, Taha.
Claude, are you kidding?
"Comme d'habitude" is your song!
Why didn't you talk to him?
He's Sinatra.
What can a little Frenchy
like me say to him?
Who am I?
Come back to the Mill.
If Isabelle hadn't taken the kids
to live in the south,
would you be here now?
Stop with the questions!
I need you, Mama.
You ignored me all these years.
Not even a phone call.
I didn't exist.
You know perfectly well why.
You lacked nothing, did you?
True. And I thank you.
Come back, please.
I'm begging you.
Let's live like we used to.
You've got to meet Sofia.
You'll see, she's divine.
I have to run.
- You sure you're okay?
- Don't worry.
Tell the new accountant to check
my mother's expenses for the Mill.
Whoever lends my mother money
will face me and my eternal scorn!
Tell Le Luron I'll see.
See his imitations of you?
It's wild!
Listen, son, imagine:
Go on stage with him
for one song.
Two Cloclos for one!
But it's bad timing, Paul.
I'm overwhelmed.
I heard.
You're branching out.
Think I'd let them bury me?
To Girls Models Agency!
He runs a model agency,
and here's the great man
always swimming in beauties!
Great. Beautiful.
Good. Perfect.
Arch your back.
That's a lovely curve.
Turn your face.
150 grams, like you wanted.
If that doesn't beat Lui!
We'll knock 'em down a notch.
I'd love to see Filippachi's face.
So, who's happier?
The press magnate
or the photographer?
Jean-Pierre, sorry I'm late.
Suddenly all that's left
Is a song
Suddenly I listen
To that song
It said "I love you"
That song
That keeps coming back
Suddenly all that's left is a song
I can't take it anymore,
But I hear that song
I don't believe anymore,
Then I hear that song
Already No. 1 youth press mogul,
singer Claude Francois has launched
a perfume line, "Eau Noire."
A fragrance the star conceived
for men and women.
Careful, Marc.
Somebody squealed to the press
about Marc.
No way! I'll introduce my son
to my public myself!
Put the kids
on the plane for Paris.
I'll set up a photo session.
The phone weeps
When she doesn't come
When I shout, "I love you"
Cloclo's Second Son.
Feel relieved?
It's better this way.
He couldn't remain hidden
much longer.
You turned the situation
to your advantage again.
Don't you ever tire of it?
- Why?
- You control everything,
everyone, all the time.
When will your system end?
In short, you risk bankruptcy.
You have 9,725,394 francs
in liabilities.
A billion, is that all?
That's little league stuff.
You wanted my men to do an audit.
There's your audit.
And I didn't include your tax debt.
Lay off 25% of your staff.
Keep what pays:
the records, the press,
and dump the rest.
The model agency, too.
Not that!
You can't take away
my chick-catcher!
I'll concentrate on what I do best:
My art.
And target the Anglo market.
You handle the rest.
I cut the bullshit.
As for personal expenses...
- What now?
- I keep your credit cards.
I'll give you pocket money.
You're a pain!
Your new girlfriend is a dish.
Yes, she calms me down.
- She's not complicated.
- Contented, then?
What's that?
What's this music?
It's funk
to a double-fast heartbeat.
Want a tape?
Yes, please.
London, 2 months later.
Shit, guys,
you're brilliant!
Who does the lyrics?
They'll stop saying I'm dumb.
How'd you do it?
He says if his kids buy your records
he sends 'em to a shrink!
Boubou pesters him, I woo him.
Gifts, cigars, perfume for his wife.
Restaurant invitations.
It's all very nice,
but I feel he won't write for me.
He walks me back to the car,
and me, the teen idol,
I look the leftwing intellectual
in the eye,
and I say:
"Keep writing masterpieces
for wealthy bobby-soxers,
"I'll keep singing crap
for the poor."
Then I split!
The next day... He calls me.
I can't do anything about it
I no longer know what to do
Tell her I'm the same as her
I still like songs
That speak of love and swallows
Of sorrow and wind and shivers
Tell her I think of her
When I hear about magnolias
When I hear new music
That sounds like a battlefield
That sounds good,
even if
I don't get all the meaning.
It must be very clever.
Take it again.
Enough chestnuts?
We have to talk about
the unpaid bills.
Later, if you don't mind.
They'll cut off the electricity.
Lay off, Josette.
You'll get your money.
I'm signing with a new label.
They'll pay me a huge advance.
So lay off with your stupid bills.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm not your maid.
Sorry, Jojo.
- Here, Coco.
- Thanks, Santa.
Here, Jojo.
Again, I'm sorry.
And Mama.
I think you'll like it.
This is so cool!
- Thanks.
- Santa delivers, doesn't he?
Next year, for your 40th,
let's throw a big bash here.
Are you nuts?
The week of my 40th,
I'll hide at the Mill,
unplug the phone
and cry for a week.
Not even a little surprise?
No way!
You know I hate surprises, Mama.
But I've got a surprise for you:
This new year will be a big one.
In two weeks
I sing at Royal Albert Hall
in London.
England is the springboard
for America.
Disco's all the rage there.
But that's not all.
At Easter,
I'm taking a vacation.
We all are.
All together!
Back to roots...
I'm taking you to Egypt.
My God, Egypt!
Egypt, yes, Mama.
To Egypt!
And Christmas, of course.
Royal Albert Hall, January 11, 1978
"Comme d'habitude"
All day long
I'll play along
I'll play pretend
I'll smile
I'll even laugh
At last, I'll live
Are you really going to America?
It's good to start over.
So you're going to abandon us?
Maybe you'll abandon me.
What'd you choose for tomorrow?
Gray slacks and blue sweater.
Get home safely.
See you tomorrow.
Good night.
March 11, 1978.
It's already 20 to.
They expect you at 2 p.m.
It's okay.
I know Drucker.
He's so afraid I'll be late
he adds an extra hour.
How many will you be?
About 15.
Did you get an extra waiter?
What do you take me for?
Don't forget
to turn on the sauna.
Put Josette on.
She's not here yet.
I'll call her back, then.
You should get some sun.
This weather...
is delightful.
Get your skin ready for Egypt.
Kathalyn sends love.
Ciao, Kathalyn. Love ya.
- I'll let you go.
- See you later.
Big hugs. See you tonight.
Give me 10 minutes.
- Come on, Claude.
- Shower time.
Yes, Remi.
He'll be on the set
in 30 minutes.
- What?
- Rehearsal at 3 p.m. Taping at 7.
No time to go home in between.
Who was that?
A wrong number.
Want me to do it?
We can't tell her.
Not like this.
I can't face it...
I can't face it.
Hi, Jojo.
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
The weekend's off, Mama.
Claude had an accident.
Oh, my God! Serious?
It'll be all right.
We'd better go to Paris.
It'll be all right.
Come on. We have to go.
What're you doing here?
Did you see Claude?
What's going on, Paul?
How is he?
They won't let me see him.
They won't tell me anything.
Don't tell me it's over, Paul.
Let us in,
I'm begging you.
Veils on the girls
Boats on the Nile
I'm in your life
I'm in your arms
Alexandra, Alexandria
Where love dances with the night
I have more appetite
Than a barracuda
I'll swallow the entire Nile
If you don't hold me back!
I'll swallow the entire Nile
If you don't hold me back!
Alexandria, where you make love
Dancing in the sheets
Tonight, I'm burning hot
And you're ice cold
The mermaids...
Of the port of Alexandria
Still sing...
The same melody
The beacon lights of Alexandria
Drown the butterflies of my youth
Claude Francois sold 67 million records.
My Way, the adaptation of Comme d'habitude,
is the most famous song in the world.