Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles (2012) Movie Script

-The a The army is of to war.
-The a on the march again.
They're of to war again.
You know who's leading the troops?
Sir Tu'an Gu, surely.
No. General Zhao Shuo has taken over.
l was taking his wife's pulse
when l heard the news.
She's pretty.
Very pretty.
You took the pulse of Lady Zhuangji?
No way.
lt's true.
You saw she's pregnant?
They couldnt work out when she's due.
So they called me in.
She shouldn't be riding in a carriage
lt could hurt the baby.
l said l'd treat you when l reoovered.
Let's go for a drink.
My wife's due as well.
l should stay with her.
After the birth, drinks are on me.
Thank you.
Grand Councilor Zhao Dun!
General Zhao Shuo!
Lady Zhuangji!
What's my sister doing here?
A woman of the royal family
is about to give birth to a Zhao.
once he's born...
l'll be his uncle
Zhao Dun is Grand Councilor
His son is of to war,
and will return a hero.
How enviable!
Even l'm envious!
lf l'd known...
l'd have married her to you.
Then l'd be jealous of you.
Go to battle, fine.
Why put your heavily pregnant wife
on show, for the whole town to see?
A woman about to give birth,
seeing her husband of to war...
Who wouldn't be moved?
And she's the elder sister of the king.
lsn't it really just telling the world
that the Zhaos are in charge?
Brother-The ain-The claw
l've come to see you of.
Zhao Shuo, l can see...
Sister cares more about you
than she does about me.
The general is of to war,
and all you do is joke around.
Everyone's saying
you should be in command
The king's sister
should've been married to you.
You tease.
They forgot my contribution long ago.
When you return,
we'll drink to your victory
l'll prepare the wine.
The Grand Councilor
will prepare the wine.
-The a Sir Tu'an.
-The a Present.
When Zhao Shuo returns victorious,
what will you give him?
on your imminent fatherhood.
You, Milady,
are the most fortunate of women.
Who'd have thought his very first battle
would go so well?
Wasn't that your hope?
Why aren't they here yet?
M'Lord, when General Zhao
rode into town,
the townspeople thronged to welcome him.
They'll be some time.
We've won! We've won!
Grand Councilor!
The Grand Councilor is suggesting
that M'Lord hurry over there as well.
l'm not going.
Tell Zhao Dun we shall wait.
However late they are.
We have a gift for him.
M'Lord, they're here.
-The a l'll go welcome them.
-The a Good.
There's an assassin!
Hurry, protest the Grand Councilor!
Take this.
Bravo on your victory, General.
So this is how you reward my son
when he returns a victor?
Luckily it only hit my horse's eye.
This is surely a misunderstanding.
We can testify that Sir Tu'an
didn't mean it.
Go on, apologize to the Grand Councilor
l apologize.
That was nothing...
compared to leading the king astray.
lt was only your horse.
Zhao Dun shouldn't have done that.
This is my punishment.
The talisman oirole
painted on his skin...
contains cinnabar and oxblood.
These insects love that smell.
ls this the best method?
What could be better
than framing them for the crime?
How can l thank you?
There are 300 in the Zhao clan
You tell me.
You're over forty.
How'd you manage to have a boy?
Don't you get it?
We'd have had one earlier if we could
That it happened now...
is fate.
ls there some pill? l want one too.
Having a boy is just fate.
She was soared
she wouldn't give me a boy.
l said don't worry...
And whoosh, out he came!
l wasn't wrong, was l?
The next will be a boy too.
Here's your medicine
That'd be my wife. Take your time.
Three things.
Tell me.
First, l want fish soup.
The seoond?
These names -The a l don't like any of them.
You don't think any of them
is good enough for our son.
l'll work on it.
There's one more thing.
Hand out 'birth eggs' to all and sundry,
and people will laugh at you.
Who doesn't know by now
that you've had a son?
l have a feeling Lady Zhuangji's due.
l've never killed a woman.
Even one with a Zhao ohild in her belly?
l won't kill Lady Zhuangji.
What about her ohild?
Do we kill it?
Zhao Dun,
to oelebrate our viotory
and oongratulate your son,
what wine have you brought?
Five Color God of State Wine.
lt represents the hopes
of all your people.
Drink it...
and let it inspire you to be
a wise and virtuous ruler.
lt's just wine. What's it got to do
with wisdom and virtue?
lf l don't drink it,
it seems l wrong the people.
lf l drink but l'm not wise,
l wrong the people.
So tell me, should l drink it or not?
-The a l won't drink.
-The a Don't drink it then.
You must drink it.
l also have a gift for M'Lord.
lt is also to remind M'Lord to be
a wise and virtuous ruler.
You're oonspiring to make me unhappy.
What is this gift of yours?
A Divine Beast of the Western Regions.
Divine Beast?
lt's just a dog.
lt's a dog.
What's so speoial about it?
lt oan tell a patriot from a traitor.
though the palaoe is large...
there's no room for an animal.
Suoh a big plaoe -The a
of oourse there's room for a dog.
Bring it in for us to see.
Wise indeed!
Don't be angry.
lt's just a dog.
Don't be ridioulous!
You don't need a sword
to deal with a dog.
Take it away.
Take it away.
Felioitations, M'Lord.
Lady Zhuangji has given birth.
l'm an unole.
ls it a boy or a girl?
A boy.
Zhao Shuo, hurry, go see them.
Felioitations, General.
You're a father at last.
lf your son had lived...
you'd be a granddad by now.
Let's drink!
We want the red one.
she says stop giving out eggs.
M'Lady, oan you guess
why she won't let me do this?
Your wife is surely thinking
that you're a famous dootor.
A bit more reserve is oalled for.
She just hates giving away
so many eggs!
Arrest Zhao Shuo!
The first tribute.
No one else may drink
from the king's wine.
The wine's poisoned.
Kill Zhao Dun!
Exterminate his whole olan!
Your sword.
Move or l'll kill you.
-The a Go!
-The a Run!
My wife asks you to give our ohild a name.
Now, avoid drafts and stay oalm.
A late birth is good.
lt heralds nobility.
Mine was born prematurely.
Not a good omen.
Your surname is Cheng.
Call him 'Bo'.
Cheng Bo -The a
vigorous and lofty.
Thank you, M'Lady.
Arrest Zhao Dun!
Grand Counoillor, hurry!
Hold on.
Someone sawed the axle in two.
M'Lady, the Grand Counoillor
has been murdered!
And the rest of the Zhaos?
There are soldiers everywhere.
l nearly walked straight into them.
Don't worry.
There's a way out. l'll go with you.
He's still breathing.
What? What are you saying?
ls the baby here yet?
lt's ooming.
Hurry. Esoape.
Cheng Ying -The a
Help deliver my baby!
This lists all the Zhaos.
Please oheok it, sir.
You know Sir Gongsun's home?
Good. Do this for me.
Take the seoret passage.
Give the boy to Sir Gongsun.
lf there's a way out,
why don't you oome too?
We'll go together.
You'll only be safe if l stay.
lf something went wrong, what then?
How is M'Lady?
The dootor has just seen me.
l'm not due for a few days.
You oan go now, dootor.
You forgot your medioine basket.
Take the seoret passage.
l'll see him out.
You won't get out with the ohild.
He will if you don't stop him, Han Jue.
l won't stop him, M'Lady.
But he must give me the ohild.
l'm under orders to take the ohild.
Cheng Ying, listen to me.
When this ohild grows up...
don't tell him who his parents were...
or his enemies.
Forget revenge.
Let him live an ordinary life.
Keep following me and l'll kill him.
lt's not that l don't want
to give him to you.
But if l do,
l'm dead.
General -The a
lf l died now, looking pregnant,
oouldn't you tell Sir Tu'an...
that when you oame
l still hadn't given birth?
That he died with his mother?
lf Tu'an disoovers l deoeived you.
lt's not your fault.
You'll have saved the last of the Zhaos.
Cheng Ying,
l give my son to you.
When l got there, she was dead.
The ohild wasn't yet born.
Give the king and his sister
state funerals.
Close the oity gates.
No one must pass in or out.
Cheok every home.
Not one baby is to esoape the dragnet.
Yes, sir.
How oould you bring this oatastrophe
into our home?
He hasn't eaten sinoe he was born.
Let him have some milk.
Then l'll take him to Sir Gongsun.
l'll go now.
What if they oatoh you?
What if he ories?
lf they stop you, what'll you say?
Go. Tell Sir Gongsun
to oome here himself.
My name is Cheng Ying.
l'm a dootor.
l need to see Sir Gongsun urgently.
our master has left town.
He's not home.
l've something important to give him.
Please tell him.
l beg you, leave him be!
open up!
Any newborns in the family?
open the door!
Where's the boy?
The boy?
Soldiers oame the minute you left.
l didn't know who was at the door.
l didn't mean to open it holding the baby.
But if you put him down he ories.
You let them take the Zhao boy?
As if l wanted to!
l had no ohoioe.
They just pounoed on him.
l oouldn't say, no, take the other.
You don't understand.
They thought they were taking our son.
So who's this one who's left?
All the town's babies have been taken.
Anyone found now would be
the Zhao ohild.
He didn't take our son's plaoe.
our son took his.
oh no!
ls Cheng Ying at home?
Quiok, hide the boy.
ls that him?
You're Cheng Ying?
l don't know you.
Lady Zhuangji sent me.
You attended the birth.
l delivered him.
Boy or girl?
Where is he?
l'll take him out of the oity.
They've olosed the gates.
l just returned.
l have rank...
and a royal pass.
No one stops me.
Please wait a moment.
Who's that?
Sir Gongsun's here for the ohild.
He's at the door.
-The a l'll talk to him.
-The a About what?
-The a l'll tell him the truth.
-The a What're you talking about?
You think he'd believe you?
That with two babies at home,
you gave them the Zhao ohild?
How oould you explain that?
Sir Gongsun is olose to the Zhaos.
Explain it badly and he'll be furious.
What are we to do?
Give our boy to Sir Gongsun?
lf he leaves town he'll be safe.
So yes, give him to Gongsun.
And then?
So long as he's safe.
We'll work it out.
Then l'll go with him.
okay. l've a sleeping potion.
lt's toxio in big doses.
We have to give him some
so he doesn't ory.
l have two pills that are antidotes.
Take one.
Use it if neoessary.
lt'll revive him.
Don't use it unless you need to.
Dress warmly.
The nights are oold.
And you?
l won't oome now.
You'll be safe.
l have to think of how to save
the Zhao ohild.
By the way,
our boy has a name.
Lady Zhuangji named him...
Cheng Bo.
She said it signifies vigor and nobility.
Call him Bo'er.
That's all. Go get ready.
Heaven proteots the Zhaos.
Sir, l entrust you with the ohild and my wife.
Thank you, sir.
l'm not muoh for oeremony.
But for saving this ohild,
l'll make an exoeption.
Cheng Ying.
This is on behalf of the Zhaos.
Anyone there?
Sir, l want to go home.
We'll take the boy to my plaoe first.
Master has returned.
We're here.
l've lied to you, Sir Gongsun.
He's my ohild.
l gave the Zhao boy to the soldiers.
Give the ohildren water.
Give the ohildren water.
lf it were me, l wouldn't give up
my own ohild either.
But all the babies in town
are with Tu'an Gu now.
So your boy...
has beoome the one they're looking for.
l'll go tell Sir Tu'an now that he's my son.
That won't save him.
Tu'an won't oare whioh is whioh.
He'll kill them both...
just to be sure.
Then l'll take him home and hide him.
Hide a newborn?
-The a He just has to ory.
-The a l have medioine.
He won't make a sound.
You and your baby oan hide
inside the oompound wall.
Will everyone please stand.
Whoever took the Zhao ohild...
is oausing trouble for everyone.
Don't worry.
Your ohildren are fine.
They're being fed rioe porridge.
Like you l'm hoping...
whoever took the Zhao ohild...
will appear here by 3 A.M.
lf he doesn't?
Does suoh a person exist who,
to save one ohild,
would saorifioe 100 others?
l, Tu'an Gu, will by 3 A.M.,
find this person.
Thank you, sir!
When we oheoked the names,
we found all parents present,
exoept those of one boy.
Do you know whose ohild it is?
The boy belongs to a dootor
oalled Cheng Ying.
Just before you returned,
he finally showed up.
And the mother?
No. l must tell my husband
we haven't left town.
otherwise, at 3 A.M.,
to save the other ohildren
he'll definitely tell them
the Zhao boy was taken out of town
by Sir Gongsun.
But we're still here.
lf you tell him we're here...
your ohild will be safe.
But the two of you will have to witness
the slaughter of a hundred infants.
one hundred will die so yours oan live.
Could you bear that?
They'll definitely oome looking.
What sort of mother abandons
her newborn infant?
Something must be holding her up,
don't you think?
Perhaps it's not their ohild.
What's the dootor's name?
Cheng Ying.
You hide in this wall.
l'll handle them.
l'll tell Tu'an Gu
l took the Zhao ohild outside the town.
Heaven has preserved the Zhaos.
But hasn't been kind to the two in hiding.
You've not had it easy either.
Send the servants away.
lt's time.
The one l'm waiting for...
is still not here.
Whioh one of you is Cheng Ying?
l'm Cheng Ying.
ls this your ohild?
lt is.
He's not your ohild.
He is my ohild, sir.
There's a birthmark on his forehead.
Say he really is yours.
The other parents got here long ago.
Why were you the only one missing?
What kept you?
This is the Zhao ohild, isn't it?
He's not the Zhao ohild.
He's my son, really.
l believe you.
But it's already 3 A.M.
More than 100 ohildren must die...
unless l find the Zhao boy.
Sir, l oonfess...
l'm the one who took away
the Zhao ohild.
l delivered him.
That's not right either.
lf she lived through the birth...
Lady Zhuangji would have fled
with him herself.
Why would she give him
to someone like you?
She said only if she died
looking pregnant
would l be able to esoape.
Who'd you give him to?
l oan't say.
You must.
Then l'll tell everyone out there...
their ohildren's murderer
has been found.
l gave the boy to Sir Gongsun.
Your ohildren... may live.
The Zhao boy is somewhere
in this house.
l was ourious to know who'd hide him.
You should've guessed.
But the Zhao ohild is already
far away from here.
l advise you to let him go.
lf you do...
you'll release yourself as well.
The Zhao boy is surely here somewhere.
When Lady Zhuangji gave him to me,
she said let him grow up
never to know his parents...
or his enemies.
To let him live an ordinary life.
Bring him here.
Let me have a look.
l'll let you take him far away.
l told you,
he's already far away from here.
Well, l shan't be polite.
The louder the better.
Sir Tu'an, Sir Tu'an!
l'll never let you take the ohild.
Sir Tu'an. Sir Tu'an!
Lady Zhuangji was right to trust you.
l stayed loyal to the Zhaos.
Give me the boy.
Please, spare the boy.
l betrayed him.
Let me die in his plaoe.
Who said l'm going to kill him?
Just let me have a look.
l oan't.
Who are you?
She's my wife.
Why are you holding a baby
who's not your own?
Beoause his parents are dead.
lf you don't give him to me,
you'll foroe me to kill him.
Give him to me.
Give him to me.
Sir Tu'an.
Just for a moment then.
Cheng Ying. Take your son.
Tu'an Gu, how oan l
make everyone fear me?
Remember the name of everyone
in your oourt.
So many names -The a
l have to remember them all?
Every single one.
Beoause any one of them
oould turn against you.
Do you have enemies?
Not anymore.
How oan l avoid having enemies?
Tomorrow you'll hold oourt for the first time.
What should you do?
-The a Tu'an Gu.
-The a Yes.
What is this virtue they oall benevolenoe?
lt's one of the highest moral virtues.
lt means...
be a good person.
lt's so sad.
Raising the kid on his own.
Hurry. Don't look.
Hold on.
l don't want to see you.
What do these blood feuds
have to do with a oommoner like you...
to make you save the Zhao ohild?
You let me get away.
l knew that the ohild was doomed.
But l regret letting you go.
l thought they'd fled,
or l'd never have led Tu'an
to Gongsun's home.
l heard...
that the woman who died with the boy...
was your wife.
l'll go make up your presoription.
Your poor ohild.
Just born and he loses his mother.
Take your medioine and go.
Give me some poison.
Killing him would be too easy.
l want him to live a life worse than death.
You want to poison him?
l'm a healer. l don't do that.
Don't touoh it.
lt'll get better by itself.
But a life worse than death?
Look olosely -The a who's this boy?
From now on, use the baok door.
Ring the bell. l'll hear it.
Cheng Ying.
This bow...
is for your son.
Who was the boy who died?
My son.
lt was fate.
l will raise him well.
He will avenge my son.
How long do you have to wait?
As long as l have to.
When he's older...
l'll take him to Tu'an Gu
and reveal his identity
and my own.
My name is Cheng Ying.
This is Cheng Bo.
Sir, please aooept us...
into your retinue.
To serve and follow
to the end of time.
Tell me... how you helped me?
l helped you kill one ohild...
and save a hundred others.
When you put it like that
it seems l owe you.
You do.
You saved your own boy too.
What do you say?
Say 'Godfather'.
Come on.
I'm going to kiII you.
l've done it.
That's right.
Godfather's got two gifts for you:
armor and a sword.
Cheng Ying, help him with the armor.
Without these two things,
you'll never be a man.
He doesn't have them.
Your having them is good enough for me.
Go up on the roof and find it.
Thank you, Godfather.
Remember -The a
your sword is your best friend.
l know.
-The a Jump down.
-The a No, don't.
Bo'er, don'tjump.
Do you hear me?
Jump. l'll oatoh you.
l'll get you! l'll get you!
Bo'er, listen.
Remember this advioe:
Don't trust anyone.
let's go home.
My sword.
Bo'er, jump.
Dad will oatoh you.
l didn't go to sohool either.
l'll teaoh you to read and write.
You were poor then.
Now you have money.
Why won't you let me go to sohool?
l know.
You want to keep an eye on me.
Not true.
Pour some for your godfather.
lf you drink wine with the medioine,
you'll never get better.
lf you give up drinking,
you won't need the medioine.
You'll be well again.
My drinking is none of your business.
Yourjob is the medioine.
l've tested it.
Take it an hour after drinking.
Heat it up first.
Medioine a patient likes to take -The a
only you oould do that.
He has medioine that oan
save anyone's life!
-The a Rubbish.
-The a lt's true.
And Godfather,
he won't let me go to sohool.
We'll fine him a big oup of wine.
l oan't -The a one sip and l'm drunk.
He's lying. He oan drink!
And he never gets drunk.
All right, l'll drink then.
What'd you whisper in his ear?
You'll find out tomorrow.
There he is!
You've been drinking?
Now that you're in his retinue,
you've got good food, good wine.
lt's quite not a bad life.
l hear you even oured his illness.
-The a ls that true?
-The a lt is.
lf he's taking your medioine,
oouldn't you have poisoned it?
Wouldn't that be a good revenge?
l told you before.
When the boy's old enough,
l'll take him to Tu'an...
and tell him who we really are.
l want them to be as olose as kin.
Then the Zhao ohild...
will kill him with one thrust of his sword.
Now that's revenge.
You're dreaming.
How old is old enough?
When he's oapable of killing him.
What if something happens before then?
Are you sure that when he grows up,
he'll be able to do it?
You want them to grow olose.
lt's not fair to the boy.
lt's very fair.
And me?
Eight years.
ls it fair to me?
Let me see the boy.
Aren't you afraid your soar
will soare him?
And he'll tell Tu'an about you?
Aren't you afraid he'll tell Tu'an...
that when a stranger visits,
you look him up in a dark room?
We've a paot.
The day after l see you,
l take him for a good meal.
That's fine for now.
When he's a bit older,
a bowl of noodles
won't buy obedienoe.
Why does that man always
make you unhappy?
l'll tell Godfather.
He'll arrest him!
Where's Cheng Bo?
What is it, sir?
He's here.
l'm here.
What you told me last night -The a
tell your dad.
l oan't. He'll hit me.
l won't hit you. Tell me.
l told Godfather
l wantjust one day
without you watohing me.
ls that all?
No need to oall in the troops.
Do you hear what he's saying,
Cheng Ying?
You've raised him these eight years.
lt's not been easy.
Have a rest today.
Godfather will take you to sohool.
-The a Great!
-The a l'll go too.
Do my soldiers have to tie you up?
At least let me find him
a ohange of olothes.
Forget the noodles.
What if l let you go to sohool?
How would that be?
l'd keep my mouth shut.
-The a Promise?
-The a Promise.
l didn't see Sir Tu'an bring any boy here.
Go and see for yourself.
Why was the sohool built here?
lt's in honor of Lady Zhuangji's ohild.
Whose idea was that?
Sir Tu'an.
M'Lady - There are soIdiers everywhere!
Tu'an hasn't been here.
Neither has your son.
Cheng Ying -
HeIp me deIiver my chiId!
lf Dad looks for me at the sohool -The a
what then?
He'll be like an ant in a hot wok.
Bo'er! Bo'er!
l want to oome again tomorrow.
Come early.
l'll be waiting.
Godfather, do you have enemies?
The year you were born...
l killed them all.
You know why your dad
keeps you in his sight?
lt was also that year.
He almost lost you.
Does my dad have enemies?
Everyone does.
Godfather, is it possible
not to have enemies?
lf everyone oould do this -The a
not see their enemies as suoh -The a
no one would have enemies at all.
But it's not easy.
l know l oan't do it.
Come. l'll teaoh you...
how to exterminate your enemies.
You haven't told me what you learned
at sohool today.
What it would take for a world
without enmity.
lf you don't treat another as your enemy,
he won't be your enemy.
You never went to sohool!
All you learned was how
to lie to your dad.
Tell me.
Did you spend the whole day
with your godfather?
What'd you tell him?
l told you l wouldn't tell him anything.
How'd the subjeot of enemies oome up?
You drive me orazy.
You won't slip out of my sight again,
and forget about sohool.
You want one day
without me watohing over you?
Have one.
He won't tell me.
He's hard to oontrol now
that he's older.
He lied to me just now.
lf he oan lie to you,
maybe he's already gone behind your baok
and told Tu'an about us.
We have to think of a way...
to find out for sure if he's done so or not.
And to ensure he doesn't in the future.
He's not easy to soare.
Play for real,
and we'll know for sure.
He won't dare say anything after that.
This is my son, Cheng Bo.
l know you. You're my godfather's enemy.
You've told him, haven't you?
l'll tell him tomorrow.
-The a lf you dare...
-The a Dad.
l'll kill you first!
Touoh him again
and you'll have to fight me.
Bo'er, run!
Say anything
and l'll kill your dad, then you.
Bo'er, run!
How oould you let him esoape?
This ruins everything!
This is how you've taught him?
You bit him?
Let me go to sohool!
Forget it.
Then l'll tell about you and Soarfaoe.
You won't leave this house.
Come baok.
Godfather, Godfather!
l've got something to tell you.
l'm taking you to sohool right now.
l want Godfather to take me.
-The a Let me go!
-The a Cheng Ying.
Godfather, save me!
Let me go! Let me go!
You're out of line! Let him go.
Let me go!
Did you hear me? Hold it!
Whioh one of us do you want to kill?
Why is my taking Bo'er to sohool
suoh a problem?
ls the subjeot of Bo'er's eduoation
worth drawing swords over?
This isn'tjust grief.
There's something else going on.
Tell me.
What's wrong with you...
that you oan't let him
out of your sight?
Do you know, Bo'er?
l'll tell you.
He's never known his mother.
lt's not that.
l oan see...
that you hate me.
Bo'er, your godfather's soldiers
murdered your mother!
Didn't you promise
not to tell him that?
You asked. l had to tell the truth.
your dad hates me.
But you're not allowed to.
l don't want to be his godson anymore.
lf you don't learn martial arts
from him,
you'll never beat him.
Dad, please don't follow me anymore.
Your and Unole Soarfaoe's seoret
is safe with me.
Not so loud.
Eat up. Then you oan go to sohool.
You oan go without me.
l don't need to take you.
You oan't go.
l didn't raise you for 15 years
so you oould go to war.
You said you'd stop watohing over me.
onoe l'm a hero,
you'd be known as Cheng Bo's dad.
No one would dare touoh you.
How do you know
you'll be the viotor?
Beoause Godfather trained me
in martial arts.
You think only of him.
lt makes me so angry.
You're upset again.
He's going.
What if he gets killed?
All this -The a for nothing.
Cheng Ying, don't be selfish.
Don't let your own feelings
prevent him from beooming a warrior.
That's what he needs.
Go somewhere.
Let me talk to Bo'er.
-The a Dad, where would you go?
-The a our old home.
Put on your armor.
You're his dad. You speak first.
What'll l say?
That l'm not his dad?
That Zhao Shuo was his dad
and Zhuangji his ma?
Wouldn't that give him a fright?
All right, l'll speak first.
l'll begin with this soar.
Forget it.
He's never liked you.
He won't believe it.
Then l'll leave. You talk to him.
You oan't go.
Without you, he'd be dead.
He needs to know you saved his life.
To your wife.
To Lady Zhuangji.
To your son.
To Sir Gongsun.
Go baok...
and oome out again.
You remind me of someone.
Not my dad?
Yes, your dad.
No, l have to go oheer him up.
l'll start with the story
of the medioine basket.
All that's easy enough.
But if Bo'er asks you...
who was the boy
who died in his plaoe...
what'll you say?
That he was my son.
And he'd believe it?
That you were oapable of that?
You have to oonvinoe him.
Tell him...
that the boy who died...
was a foundling.
Then my son died for nothing.
lt was my son who died for him.
He has to be Zhao Shuo's son.
Fifteen years ago...
when we knooked down the wall
and found that woman and ohild,
it was olear she was his mother.
So you mean that...
the boy you killed was Cheng Ying's son?
That to save the Zhao ohild...
he'd saorifioe his own wife and ohild?
ls that possible?
Why not?
ln the heat of the moment,
anything's possible.
Dad has something to tell you.
You'll see then why
l don't want you going to war.
l'm listening.
Your surname is Zhao,
not Cheng.
Your father was the hero Zhao Shuo.
Your mother was the king's sister
Lady Zhuangji.
The day you were born,
your enemy exterminated
300 members of your family.
Who was this enemy?
Tu'an Gu.
He killed your entire family...
and would have killed you too.
Beoause you were the last of the Zhaos.
To resoue you...
Cheng Ying let another boy
take your plaoe
and saved your life.
He is your true savior.
Who was the boy?
one fated to die,
a foundling.
Not true.
-The a lt was his own son.
-The a Nonsense.
He allowed his son to die
in your plaoe.
l knew you were Godfather's enemy.
But he's not my enemy.
Don't think l'm going
to kill him for you.
l won't kill my Godfather.
Dad -The a
make up whatever story you like.
l'm going to war.
Take this medioine.
lt oould save your life.
lt's the last one.
Keep it.
l'm going to win my battles.
-The a Bo'er.
-The a What?
lf you're not winning, run.
Well, that's 15 years wasted.
You're right.
Who'd believe that story?
There's always me.
Prepare some poison.
Arm yourselves.
The oavalry is assembled.
Godfather's been thinking.
l'm worried.
l'm going with you.
You don't give me any oredit.
Follow me!
Don't let him esoape! Grab him.
Help me!
Godfather, we've won!
l oongratulate you.
Let's go.
Bo'er was viotorious.
Dad, where's that medioine?
Godfather's wounded.
So you won.
The medioine!
Bo'er, l'm taking you away...
to live an ordinary life.
The medioine!
Godfather's dying!
Put that down.
Give it to me.
Let go.
Give it to me.
Let go.
You want to save him. You...
Let go!
lt's time for all this to end.
Refuse me this...
and l'll die with him.
-The a Dissolve it in warm water.
-The a All right.
Godfather, hold on.
l've got the medioine.
I've found him!
you're shouting.
l oan hear from your voioe...
You're better.
lt happened as soon as l took that pill.
While resting these few days...
l thought everything through.
As for you...
l suspeot you're not really
your dad's son.
Then who am l?
The ohild of Zhao.
l believe he let his own son
die in your plaoe.
Call your dad here.
l want to thank him properly.
Han Jue said your son died in my plaoe.
Can you prove you had a son?
This was his room.
So who am l, really?
l told you -The a the orphan of Zhao.
My own son was killed by Tu'an Gu.
Why'd you let me have the medioine?
You're a loser.
You always have been!
Don't talk to your dad like that!
You're not my dad.
How oan you say that?
You're my son.
My name is Cheng Ying.
This is Cheng Bo.
Sir, pIease accept us...
into your retinue.
To serve and foIIow...
to the end of time.
Dad, tell him who l am!
l advise you not to fight.
lt's no use.
You oan go as far away as you like.
But first, l need to ask...
Who'd you get to shoot
this poison arrow?
Han Jue.
For 15 years,
we've been plotting your murder.
He helped me smuggle the boy
out to safety.
So l was right to slash him.
But why'd he do that?
We were both there
when Lady Zhuangji died.
She begged us to save her ohild.
oh. lt was an aot of oonsoienoe.
lf it were me...
maybe l'd do the same.
Han Jue never had the ohanoe to kill me.
But you oould easily...
have slipped poison in my medioine.
Why wait 15 years?
l made a vow...
to raise the ohild first.
I'II take him to Tu'an Gu...
and reveaI his identity...
and my own.
l see why you saved me now.
You didn't want me to die.
You wanted to make me a laughingstook.
-The a To live a life worse than death.
-The a No.
l saved you beoause Bo'er
wanted to repay you.
Cheng Ying,
when l killed that ohild...
you and your wife oould've told me
he was yours.
What did Gongsun do to persuade you
to saorifioe your own ohild for him?
His death...
oonvinoed you that he was
the Zhao ohild.
l had my doubts.
only when you gave him to me
did l believe...
he was the Zhao ohild.
You trioked me.
No, you trioked me.
A man who would betray
his own ohild...
soares me.
our boy was not going to survive anyway.
We oouldn't drag another into the mess.
lf he knew...
how many lives he saved...
he wouldn't blame us.
Cheng Ying.
What right did you have to deoide
if your son should live or die?
What right too...
to have the Zhao boy avenge you?
Could he kill me?
And would he?
From the day you brought him here,
you were defeated.
That's all. You may go.
There's one thing left!
He hasn't avenged his son yet.
Take up your sword.
Piok it up!
l've let you of twioe now.
Bo'er, we oan't defeat him!
The sword and armor that l gave you -The a
give it baok.
l don't want anything of yours...
exoept your life!
l must avenge my father!
lt's me you should kill.
You think l won't?
lt's just not your turn yet.
You don't yet know the meaning
of a life worse than death.
Let me look at you.
let this be the end of it.