Clones (2015) Movie Script

- Good morning Mr. Freeman,
how are you feeling?
- Couldn't be better.
Wait, wait.
What is this?
- It's just a pre-anesthetic Mr. Freeman,
nothing to worry about,
it's gonna make you feel
a little bit numb, maybe
a little bit sleepy.
I'm gonna take you down to
surgery now Mr. Freeman.
Just a minute.
- Good morning Mr. Freeman.
- Hello.
- How are you?
Are you ready?
- I guess so, your
nurse gave me something.
- I looked at your
brain scan and the tumor
is pretty deep in there.
But I am sure we can get it out.
Never seen your clone before have you?
- No never, it's strange.
- First we are going to mirror your brain,
it's a standard backup procedure.
Your IQ is 442.
- I'm a professor for quantum
physics and dark matter.
- You must be a genius.
Well let's get things rolling shall we?
How many layers are we doing?
- Four Dr. Richards.
- Prepare the backup.
- Initiating backup procedure.
- Everything seems to be in order.
- The magnetic fields are
stable, up-link is ready.
- Are you feeling drowsy?
- No, not really, but I feel something,
it's like ants crawling through my brain.
- Tingling?
It's part of the process.
- Well, as long as you
don't copy the tumor.
- Just your memories.
You can breathe normally.
We're starting the transfer now.
- A backup, in case of what?
- In the unlikely event that
something would go wrong
during surgery, it would
give us a chance to save you.
- Save me?
Well, if I wake up over
there, that's not gonna be me,
I'm not him, right?
I mean...
- You would wake up in a different body.
- Huh?
I've got a tumor in my
head the size of an apple,
that is not the way to fix it.
- Mr. Freeman, we have to follow protocol
before we do the surgery.
- Point is, quantum physics
says it's impossible
to make an exact copy of anything.
You can't copy the
probability distribution
of electrons, if I die, I die, that's it.
- Minor interference detected.
- Is it still readable on your screen?
- Well it's there, but it's...
It could be better.
- When we fall asleep
at night, our conscious
is turned off, our basic self is gone.
But when you wake up the next day,
how do you know you are the
same as you were before?
You might have been sleeping for weeks
or maybe frozen for centuries.
- I guess I could tell,
if I'd been sleeping
for hundreds of years.
- Yes, but you could only tell
by looking at your surroundings,
me, the ship, not by how you felt.
As long as your memories are the same,
you'll think that it was you going to bed,
in reality you can't be
sure that you're still you,
maybe last night didn't even exist.
- What are you saying?
That I'm a clone?
- I'm just saying, if you
can't tell the difference
why be so worried?
You may have been dying every single night
since you were born.
We're all memories
professor, that's our soul.
- I'm sorry doctor, I...
- Warning,
major interference detected.
- It's not looking good over
here, he's running out of time.
- Status?
- 79.1%, he's accessing the hippocampus,
how is that possible?
- Can't be.
- It looks like he's analyzing
some complex mathematical equation.
- No, he's praying.
Increase the fields.
- But if we increase the fields it...
- Do it.
- Increasing on sector five, 84.6%.
- Memories.
I have memories, of how I
got my scar for example.
I used to get butterflies
when I was young.
I married my wife,
it was 'cos she smiled.
Everything's blurry now,
I can't move my eyes.
I don't wanna fucking die here you know.
I just don't want to fucking die here.
My memories.
I can see.
- He's shutting down the mainframe,
he's running out of time.
- Emergency activated.
- Transfer complete Dr. Richards.
- Transfer complete.
- Did we get all of it?
- Er, yes, em, well most of it.
October of last year could be gone,
a couple of days in November.
- Nothing major is missing?
- Nothing in the files doctor.
- We have to fabricate the scar.
- Do you...
Do you want me to shut him
down and start the transfer?
- Ah, yes Sophie, thank you.
Let's play some music.
What are you waiting for?
- Nothing I, I...
We killed him.
- We saved him, forever and a day.