Close (2019) Movie Script

Sam? Just received a report...
...attacked avillage
near your location. Over.
Go ahead.
Satellite shows... heading south.
Expect fleeing villagers traveling on foot
towards your location...
Sam, do you copy? Over.
Wait out! Turn around! Go!
Zero, this is four. Contact.
Wait out. Hostile! Reverse!
Golf alpha, requesting immediate evac.
We are under attack.
I repeat, immediate evac.
- Copy that. Send location.
- Location six-seven.
Get in the back. Move!
Move over. Fast!
- Scream.
- Oh, my God.
I... I can't.
Help me! Please don't shoot me!
Stop the vehicle! Stop!
Get out of the car.
Get out of the fucking car. Get out!
Move! Move! Move!
Keep moving.
Get down on your knees.
Get down!Get down!
Sarah, Joe! Get out of the car.
Get out! Move!
Move! Faster! Move! Move!
You need to get ready, Zoe.
We gather here today
to celebrate the life of Eric Tanner.
Who leaves behind his only daughter,
She has had more tragedy to bear
than most at her young age.
Eric was responsible
for the lives of many...
both with his business...
and extensive charity work.
He also leaves behind his wife, Rima,
with whom he shared ten wonderful years.
I know you will join with me
in supporting them both at this time.
Friday, 5:58 p.m.
Hello, my name is Derek Litman.
I'm with Allstate Farmers Life Insurance.
Uh, the reason I'm calling today
is that we are offering...
Hey, Sam. Justin.
That drink. Give me a call.
Hi, um...
I don't... I don't know if this is the...
Los Angeles, where any rain
is considered a newsworthy novelty,
is caught in a genuine tropical downpour.
It's currently 75 degrees.
Shareholders in Hassine Mining,
concerned by the death
of CFO Eric Tanner,
were reassured by a billion-dollar deal
secured by his stand-in and widow,
Rima Hassine.
Phosphate mining is known
as the white gold of Africa,
a global industry fought over
between giants Sikong
and rival, Hassine Mining.
- Shares of Hassine Mining...
- How did this leak?
Look at the stock. It's stable.
The deal's not done until it's signed.
This will provide confidence
at a key time for us.
It shows you have not been weakened
by Eric's death.
Let the story run. Follow my advice.
Bring my flight forward
to tomorrow morning. worth over three billion dollars.
What do you want?
How are you feeling?
Pretty shitty.
I know. Me, too.
Where's Adam?
Oh, you don't know?
He requested a transfer.
Zoe, the lawyers are waiting.
Will you be all right?
You're not gonna start pretending
you care about me?
Oh, Zoe...
Make yourself presentable.
"I, Eric Tanner,
hereby bequeath all my shares
in Hassine Mining...
to Zoe Tanner."
I will contest this.
Eric wanted me
to present this to you personally.
He felt you might need our... guidance.
I can't believe he did this.
There are some terms I need to run through
before we conclude this meeting.
My family founded Hassine Mining.
How much are they worth?
The shares?
Eric hoped that getting Zoe involved
in the company...
would bring you closer.
I don't have time for this.
We anticipate it'll take three months
for the share transfer to go through.
- So I can stay here for the summer?
- No, I need you with me.
No. I hate it there.
We can meet there
and discuss matters then.
Ladies, look...
Miss Tanner?
We need to assign you
a new close protection officer.
Well, seeing as she's coming
to the Azref residence next week,
I'm assuming one of my team
can take it from there.
Yeah, that will be fine.
Find someone she can't fuck.
Let's go.
You coping?
With what exactly?
Work. Being based in an office.
Must be hard.
Looks cute.
You still get off on dodging bullets?
I had shitty intel.
- You could do with a rest.
- That's none of your concern.
So Rima Hassine was his second wife.
Her real mother died when Zoe was ten.
A rich kid with mommy issues.
- Alik.
- Pleasure to meet you.
You, too.
Sam, this is Hassine's head of security.
Nice to meet you.
I advised the family not to work
with your company again,
but Madame Hassine wanted a woman.
Happy to be of assistance.
We don't have female CPOs in Morocco.
Mr. Sinclair and Ms. Carlson.
Am I supposed to know who you are?
Ms. Carlson is Adam's replacement.
Sam. Nice to meet you.
Take him to the kitchen.
He needs to be fed.
We leave in an hour.
You might want to change.
So they... hired me
because Adam was fucking her.
Look at it this way.
They actually want a woman. It's progress.
Who do you think you are? My mom?
Of course not.
- I could have you fired.
- Be my guest.
I don't care
what you think about me.
I don't think anything about you.
I'll wait outside.
Our helicopter today
is 20 miles north. That's 1,500...
Have you been briefed
on the risk factors here?
- Many times.
- Including kidnap for ransom?
Look, they pretty much lock me away here.
What happened to your face?
What happened to your face?
My inheritance.
You should know there's been
a recent increase
in high-net worth individuals
being targeted for kidnap and ransom.
You're great company.
I'm really gonna miss you.
Hassine Mining has
a very suitable replacement.
Someone who knows the region better.
You know what a "kasbah" means?
Fortified house.
Prepare to land on helipad.
Welcome to my prison.
Where's Rima?
She'll be a few days.
She's held up in the mines.
We have a car on standby for you.
No. She's staying for the night.
Her contract is over.
She's heading to the airport.
Her flight isn't till tomorrow morning.
She still has 12 hours on the clock.
You've been paid for it.
Tactical defenses active, sir.
Get that camera back online.
Can I help you?
Was he like that when I took a shower?
Abdel, take a break.
There aren't as many boots on the ground
as I expected.
This is a top-of-the-range safe house.
It supersedes the need for manpower.
You can relax.
Just wanted to see your setup.
You like what you see?
My sexual preferences aren't women.
Good night, Zoe.
Hi, it's... it's Beth.
Um, I'm not sure
if this is the right number.
Get down!Get down!
What's in the walls?
What the fuck?
Go to Alik.
Get access to the control room.
Someone has taken over the system.
I'll go to Zoe.
Open the door.
Be advised, hostile on exterior roof.
Approaching target.
Her door
is encrypted. Give me two minutes.
In position.
Sam... Sam to Alik. Sam to Alik.
Do you copy?
I need backup.
Zoe? Zoe, it's Sam. I'm outside.
Sam! Sam, what do I do?
There are intruders.
If they're coming for you,
they have to open the shutters
to get in to you.
That will be your chance.
I want you to get down low,
so you can roll out to me.
Alik? Alik, do you copy?
I need backup.
I repeat, backup is needed on terrace C.
Backup is needed...
Zoe, I need you to get ready.
Sam, there won't be enough time.
There is enough time,
so get down low, stay low, okay?
As soon as the shutters open,
you roll out to me.
One minute.
I'm right here. I need you to stay calm.
Sam! Sam!
Mark in position. Open it up.
Sam, the door's opening!
This is not opening! Sam!
They will open. Just stay low.
- Push!
- Sam!
- Stay low!
- They're coming! Sam, they're coming!
Come on. Come on!
Where's the girl?
- Fuck!
- This way.
- Come on!
- My feet!
We're nearly... We're nearly there.
Thank God you were there.
No phone, please.
Where are you taking us?
Police headquarter, madam.
How much longer?
English not good. Sorry.
- Sam.
- Do you understand what they're saying?
It's an address.
It's not the police station.
And they're talking about money.
Come on! Just come on!
No passports. We got mugged.
We can't stay here.
I can't do this!
You shot a cop.
You made yourself a fugitive.
He... He was gonna kill you.
There was a reason I didn't use my gun.
What is he saying?
What is he saying?
Zoe, what is he saying?
Calm down.
You need to calm down.
I... I... I...
Calm down. Calm down. Look at me.
Shh! Shh!
Shh! Shh!
Okay? No. Look at me.Look at me.
Calm... Shh!
Look at me.
Good. Good. Okay. Shh!
You're gonna... You're going to call Rima.
She's gonna get you out.
Okay? Okay?
Good. Good.
Hassine Mining heiress, Zoe Tanner,
who is set to inherit the entirety
of her late father's shares,
is wanted for questioning over the death
of a local policeman in Casablanca.
Hassine's stocks are already dropping
when they were forecast to increase
in the run-up
to the signature of the deal.
Madame Hassine will be joining us
on our business segment tomorrow.
Get Alik on the phone.
He didn't make it.
Who's left?
Three or four men.
They are not contactable.
We believe they may have taken bribes.
Who is this?
It's me.
I need your help.
Zoe, this is a huge mess.
I'm in real trouble.
Did you really kill that policeman?
Were you high?
No. No, of course not.
We were attacked.
Zoe, it's all over the news.
Our stocks are plummeting.
Are you serious right now?
Someone tried to kill me,
and you're worried
about your fucking shares?
You know,
if your security hadn't been so shit,
I wouldn't be in this mess.
Alik died trying to protect you.
That was his job!
Zoe, that's enough, please.
You don't even care about me!
You never wanted me!
You know, it's a good thing
you never could have kids,
because I wouldn't wish you on anybody!
Who else is there?
No one.
Your insurance policy dictates
you send in a team.
I'm taking Zoe off the policy.
Effective immediately.
You're leaving.
I'm going out
to get us some supplies.
You won't come back.
I'm gonna get you out of the country.
You're not leaving me here?
Let's get one thing straight.
I no longer work for you
or the Hassines.
So from now on,
you do as I say. Okay?
Stay here.
And don't open for anyone.
Good evening.
Tonight, we will be talking
to Hassine Mining CEO Rima Hassine,
and Watt Li,
the deputy CEO of Sikong Industries.
Bids were placed by both companies
to purchase over 6,000 hectares
of land in Zambia,
speculated to have
the world's largest phosphate reserves.
A dramatic fall in share prices
at Hassine Mining
has led to speculation Sikong
could steal the deal from under them.
The deadline for closing is tomorrow.
Madame Hassine,
it's been a difficult few weeks for you.
Is there anything you can say
to your shareholders
that might reassure them?
Hassine Mining is doing everything
in its power
to cooperate
with the ongoing police investigation.
I, personally, have had no contact
with Zoe, with... with Miss Tanner,
and my message to her would be
to hand herself over to the authorities
as quickly as possible.
Hassine Mining is having
one of its strongest years yet
and is confident in completing
the Zambian phosphate deal tomorrow.
Well, surely a governmental organization,
such as the Izwe Estate Group,
they must have a code of ethics
they need to abide by.
Uh, how can they justify proceeding
with Hassine Mining
when you're under police investigation?
Zoe Tanner is not a...
is... is not an employee of Hassine Mining.
Has she not just inherited
a large proportion of the company?
There are stipulations in place
that would prevent Zoe's inheritance
during a police investigation
into manslaughter.
Look, I see no reason
why my stepdaughter's
personal circumstances
should affect a business deal.
What is Hassine Mining's policy
as regards to their code of ethics?
Sikong is an international business,
which adheres to strict policies
when it comes to our ethics code.
As one of the fastest growing...
Oh, Mr. Kabila, how are you?
I'm afraid
we have to postpone our meeting.
Idon't understand.
We were...
We were set to sign tonight.
Oh, it can't come as a surprise.
Zoe Tanner is set to inherit
a large proportion of your company.
Approval has been given
for the drilling sites.
She is wanted on a murder charge.
Our board are concerned
about accepting your offer.
Is your board
reconsidering Sikong's offer?
You will need to increase your bid
if you want to remain in the deal.
- Madame Hassine.
- I've decided to proceed.
Report only to me on this number.
No one else in my organization.
Do you understand?
- Is that okay?
- Yeah.
So, fingers under, just hold the top.
Okay. Be still.
Do you have kids?
- Ah!
- Be still.
I've organized an evac.
My guy is sending someone to get us out.
We drive to Tangiers...
and take the ferry to Spain.
Won't there be checkpoints?
The guy they're sending
will bring us new passports...
and he'll travel with us.
As my husband.
Your father.
Here, put these on.
Don't take them off.
You sleep in them, okay?
You have the worst taste in shoes.
That's enough.
Where are we?
We think they're somewhere
in Mellah district.
How many men have you got on this job?
Madame Hassine...
I have this under control.
I hope so.
He's here.
Turn it off.
What the fuck?
This is a bad idea.
You're not reliable in the field.
Let's speak outside.
There you go. Two passports.
How are you?
I mean,
this is a fucking shitshow.
You shouldn't have come here.
Because I'm unreliable?
- That what you really think?
- Yeah.
What about you, Sam?
Job's over, contract's done.
What're you still doing here?
She has no one.
Let's talk about
what's really going on here.
I know about your kid...
and staying here isn't going to fix it
in some weird way.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Do you have any jewelry on?
Put your scarf on.
- Sam, get me...
- Shut up!
- They're gonna take you.
- What do I do?
- No!
- You have to fight back.
- Sam!
- Zoe, you have to fight them.
- Sam.
- You have to fight back.
Don't let them take you into a car
or a building.
That's your chance.
You have to fight back...
Fuck the shut up!
Happy families.
- Sam.
- Hey. Fight back.
Fight back.
No, no, no! Sam!
Fight back, Zoe! Fight back...
Sam! Let me go! Help!
Shut up!
Hassine Mining's $3 billion deal
to secure 6,000 hectares
of phosphate reserves in Zambia
might still be going ahead
at the end of the week.
Rima Hassine.
No, no, no, no, no! Stop! Stop!
No! Let me go!
No! Stop!
No! Let me go!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! No!
No! No! Let me go!Let me go!
Get off!
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Zoe, look at me. It's okay, yeah?
Put your head scarf on.
What's in the bag?
- Tell me what's in the bag.
- There's...
- two phones, and there's...
- Yeah?
- There's cash and a gun.
- Yeah?
Okay, come on.
How much to buy your taxi?
He says it's not for sale.
It's how he makes his living.
Tell him he can get a better one.
A new one.
Get us out of the city.
Never before
have I seen such incompetence.
This is a disgrace.
Yes, okay, my cell only.
I'm sorry...
about your friend.
Are we driving to the ferry?
No passports.
No cover.
So what're we gonna do, then?
I don't know.
I'm... I'm trying to think.
What do you mean, you don't know?
Isn't this your job?
Can you take me to Rima?
Excuse me, sir!
Excuse me.
That's the entrance.
- Do you think I'll get past security?
- Yeah. I think you'll be fine.
That's Rima.
Oh, my God.
- That's the man from the hotel.
- Yeah. Fuck.
She must really hate me.
We don't know that.
- Sam, let's go.
- Stay down.Stay down.
We need to follow him.
This is our chance
to find out what's going on.
Get what you need?
What about the cash?
Client pays when the job's done.
It's not my problem. You hired me.
You didn't deliver.
I paid out a lot of money on this job.
I fronted your expenses.
When one of my men gets killed,
I pay out to their family.
That's $10,000.
You want the rest, you finish the job.
I heard about what happened downtown.
You should have called.
- I don't like working with you.
- Then why are you here?
The girl and her minder saw my face.
If I'm identified, the client will spook.
There'll be no more money.
As I said...
not my problem.
It will be if I'm dead
or in a police cell.
Where's the fat one?
He's running late.
You want me to kill the bodyguard?
If you can.
8521... That's his car.
This is the last of the cash.
If I'm not back in 20 minutes, you drive.
- What do you mean, if you're not back?
- There's no time for this.
He's a cop.
Yeah. Yeah.
He was.
What's that?
It's Rima's username
and password.
If Rima's behind this...
you won't be safe anywhere.
So this will never end.
We have to know if Rima is responsible.
And if she is?
We get proof...
we threaten to expose her...
and we negotiate.
I can get into her phone.
It's linked to the control room
at the kasbah.
This password gets me in.
That's good.That's good.
Mr. Kabila just confirmed
the Izwe Estate Group
are remaining sympathetic.
I'm heading into their offices now.
Present the higher offer
and we will be able to cut out Sikong
and close the deal today.
I'm certain Sikong don't have the pockets
to match our higher bid.
Agreed. Good luck.
What are you doing here?
This is ridiculous.
I think it would be in your best interest
to let this one go.
You need to drop this deal.
This company is all I have left
of my husband.
And if you think
I'm going to let you destroy it,
you are deeply mistaken.
You're making a massive mistake.
No. We are the bigger company.
You can't match our deal. It's over.
Good luck finding your daughter.
It would be a pity
if anything bad should happen to her.
Sikong wishes her well, of course.
It looks deserted.
Yeah. Let's do this.
You here?
You lied to me.
You said you didn't have a kid.
You have a kid.
My personal life is none of your business.
- Why do you do that?
- Do what?
You shut people out.
I've never been able to trust anyone.
- I thought you were different.
- Are you kidding me?
I lost everything for you.
- I killed a fucking cop.
- That was your choice, Sam.
I got pregnant when I was 16.
I didn't have a choice.
I couldn't take care of her.
I had to send her away.
I was just a kid myself.
Well, I was just a kid
when my mom left me.
Yeah, I know. It's in your file.
She committed suicide
when you were eight.
Friends are supposed to trust each other.
I'm not your friend.
Good to know.
Damn it.
Is there anything I can do?
I do care about you, Zoe.
Do you regret giving her up?
She, um...
She found me.
She... she calls me sometimes.
But you never answer.
Hmm. I'm...
I'm waiting for the... the right time.
It's my birthday.
You're in?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
We have decided to overlook
the ongoing investigation.
The board agrees with me
that yourself
and Hassine Mining's prior public record
is exemplary.
We understand that Zoe Tanner
will be treated, uh, accordingly.
I was able to persuade
all parties to sign today,
if your offer is significantly...
I have the paperwork with me today...
Madame Hassine?
Madame Hassine, what is your offer?
I'm so sorry.
I... I can't proceed with this.
Excuse me.
Oh, fuck.
They know where we are.
She must have seen us on the cameras.
- What're you doing?
- Locking us in. We'll be safe in here.
This is Detective Zuberi.
Calling unit 367 to Kasbah residence.
Hassine family.
Get rid of her.
A car's coming up.
Can't you get the cameras back on?
Where is Rima?
People like her don't do
their own shitty work, Zoe.
Of course not.
And who the fuck are these guys?
Is there a camera out in this hallway?
Yeah, but they don't all work.
- Can you get it back on?
- Yeah, I'm trying.
Okay. Take it easy. You can do it. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
I got it.
He's there.
Where's the other guy?
You are way out of your jurisdiction.
I'm under orders
to search this property.
Who from?
I am not permitted
to let anyone onto this property.
If you have a warrant,
I need to see it,
or speak with your commander
in Casablanca.
Copy that.
Fuck me. She's here.
Zoe... are you in there?
Zoe, I have to talk to you.
Somebody's blackmailing me.
Open the door.
You left me here to die.
No. No!
Is that
why you called him here? You bitch.
Madame Hassine, don't be alarmed.
Who are you?
What the fuck?
You're working for Sikong, aren't you?
What's going on?
Don't move.
What the fuck is going on?
This is not her people, is it?
- Obviously not.
- She was telling the truth.
- This is my fault.
- No, it's not your fault, Zoe.
Zoe! Zoe!
Come on, shoot. Shoot.
Can you stand?
Rima, you need to stand up.
We need to get some help. Come on.
What'd she do?
What did you do? What was it?
What did she do?
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no...
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
The gun. Give me the gun!
Shit. Okay. Okay. Calm down.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
It's her birthday, it's in the file.
It's her birthday.
No! Go! Rima, go...
Please! Please!
Sam, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
We need to get out.
Rima! Rima,
we need to get outside! Come on!
It's Zuberi. I hired him.
You can trust him.
Call her.
Your daughter.
Okay? Promise me.
I promise.
You gotta go.