Close Calls (2017) Movie Script

(upbeat synthesized music)
(dramatic piano music)
- Ew, don't even bring
that dude up okay.
Cory Terence is brody as
fuck so just stop please,
before I throw up.
- [Gina] I thought you were like
his secret lover.
- Yeah right he wishes
I was his secret lover.
He probably has a shrine of
me or some shit in his room.
- [Gina] You don't
feel a little bad
for the guy?
- Why should I feel bad?
All I said to the guy
was fuck off and die,
at least now he
might get the point.
- [Gina] I don't know,
he's probably still
madly in love with you.
Even if you did totally embarrass
the fuck out of him today.
- Whatever, he totally
embarrassed himself.
Anyway, I thought we were
talking about cute guys,
not Cory Terence, you're totally
killing my boner right now.
- Morgan I heard that, get
off the phone right now.
- [Morgan] Do you
ever knock or what?
- Not in my own house
I don't, now get off.
- Daddy it's Gina Rice.
- I don't care if it's
Jesus Christ, hang it up.
- Hey boo, I gotta go, my
dad just rolled in here
like the fucking cavalry.
- [Gina] OMG.
- Yeah I'll call you later.
- No you won't.
- What is your deal?
- The deal is you're
grounded young lady,
now what is it about that
you don't seem to understand.
- I understand fine
okay, don't treat me
like I'm fucking five.
- Then don't act like it, and
watch your language alright.
At your age if I was
to cuss at my dad,
the way that you do he'd
have beat the shit out of me.
- That's because he was a
manic depressive alcoholic.
- Enough, no more of this
smart ass shit, alright.
- Alright, jeese Louise,
talk about cussing
you should wash your
mouth out with soap.
- Oh Morgan, I don't know
what I'm gonna do with you.
- Well you could start
with ungrounding me.
- Yeah I don't think so.
- This is so not fair.
- No, what's unfair is
what I caught you doing
in my house while I was gone.
And if your mother was alive
she'd say the same thing.
- Well she's not, so don't
rub that one in my face okay.
- Look, I'm running
late enough as it is,
what I need for you to do--
- Where are you going?
- Out, to dinner.
- With who?
- Who do you think?
- Not Brynn.
- Yes of course Brynn.
- Oh gag me.
- I don't understand you Morgan,
what is your problem with her?
- Nothing except for
the fact that she's
a steaming pile of bitch,
she's totally fake.
- Well like it or not honey,
that fake pile of
bitch just might be
your stepmother one day.
- And I will fling
myself off the balcony,
I swear I'll do it.
- I don't have time for
this, I've gotta go.
Did you give Grandma
her pills yet?
- I'm sorry.
- Sweetheart, I've told
you a million times,
it's imperative she
take those pills.
- Where the hell is Derosa?
- I gave her the weekend off,
besides it's not her
job to take care of her.
- Why all of a sudden
is it my responsibility?
Can we not like hire
somebody to take care of her?
- Do you want to pay for it?
I didn't think so.
Now look I'm gonna be
gone til about midnight,
so be sure to take real good
care of Grandma alright.
- Fine, you're gonna
be late for Brynn.
- Oh and no boys
Morgan, I mean it.
I better not catch that
little boy toy of yours
creeping around my
house anymore, we clear.
- Totes daddy, better go now,
don't wanna keep
Miss Brynn waiting.
(car unlocking)
(suspenseful music)
(car engine revving)
(slow synthesized music)
(door creaking)
(moaning with pleasure)
(phone ringing)
(door creaking)
- David McKenzie's office.
(heavy breathing down the phone)
Can I help you?
(woman laughing on the phone)
Who is this?
My fucking God.
(bell tinkling)
(maniacal laughter)
(bell ringing incessantly)
(distant maniacal laughter)
(door creaking)
(mice squeaking)
You're gonna catch
a cold Grandma.
(floorboards creaking)
(breathing heavily)
I forgot to give you
your pills I know,
but I'm gonna bring
them to you okay.
- I can already feel my
insides failing me now.
- Your pills are gonna make
you feel better Grandma,
but you gotta eat something
before I can give them to you.
- I heard a phone
ringing downstairs.
- I know I'm sorry, I
don't know who it was.
So, did you want something?
- I want some soup,
some cheese dip soup.
- Cheese dip soup?
- Something hot, something wet.
My colon feels like
it's all blocked up.
- I don't know if we
have any such thing
as cheese dip soup Grandma,
even if we did I don't think
it's gonna help your colon any.
- You just make it for me,
and fix me some coffee too
while you're at it.
- Fine, I'll do it but
before you get any sicker
you may want to think about
putting some clothes on Grandma.
- You should think about
putting on more clothes dear.
- Grandma what are you doing?
- You're not still dressing up
like a little harlot are yah?
- Let me go.
- Harlot, she brings nothing
but chaos and disorder,
she carries it like a plague.
- Let go!
I have to go get the soup
and the coffee too remember.
- Make it fast dear.
It gets so lonely up here,
so dreadfully lonely.
(breathing heavily)
(lock clicking)
You hurry back now dear,
I'll be waiting for you.
I always do.
- [Whispered Voice] Morgan
you've been a bad girl,
bad girl.
(breathing heavily)
(tense synthesized music)
(suspenseful piano music)
(phone ringing)
(suspenseful electronic music)
(heavy breathing down the phone)
- Hello, who is this?
- [Male On Phone] Oh that's it.
- What?
- [Male On Phone] Ask me
again, I wanna hear you.
(moaning in pleasure)
- I'm hanging up right now.
- [Male On Phone] Oh God,
when you talk, I love it.
Gonna be together, you
and me, close together.
- Hey listen to me you have
the wrong fucking number okay.
(moaning in pleasure)
- [Man On Phone] Oh
fuck, that's it's Morgan,
that's it baby, tell me.
Oh I want you to feel this,
I know you can feel this.
You're little this.
(retching and gagging)
(water running)
- [Mother] Morgan!
- Mother you're dead.
- [Mother] I'm here
all the time with you,
with daddy, with Grandma
upstairs, everywhere.
Forever and always.
- Please don't do this to me.
- [Mother] Oh honey, I'm
afraid you do this to yourself.
- Stop it, you've been
dead for over a year now.
- [Mother] Why do
you keep saying that?
I could never leave you.
- But you did, you're dead.
Just talk to me.
I want to know what
happened by the pool mother.
(smoke alarm blaring)
(suspenseful synthesized music)
Grandma where you at?
- [Mother] I'm here all
the time. (laughing)
(bowl shattering)
- What are you
frightened of dear?
- Nothing I just, I saw
the window was open,
I don't know.
- Did you think I
jumped out? (laughing)
- What were you doing Grandma?
- Well I had to go really bad.
- That is disgusting.
- I got tired of ringing the
bell, I had to go, so I went.
- I didn't hear
you ring the bell.
- I rung it for a
long, long time.
- Mother fucking smoke
alarm, I swear to God.
- You really ought to come
quick when I ring the bell hun.
- I told you I
didn't hear a bell.
I was making God
damn cheese dip soup,
whatever the fuck that is,
I fucked it up the first time,
so I had to make it the second
time, and now it's ruined.
- No it isn't dear, it's
not, not yet it's not.
- Yes it is, everything
is so fucked right now.
- Oh no, everything's
fine dear, you'll see.
Look let me just show you
here, it's gonna be okay.
- Grandma what are
you doing, stop.
- You see, you see
it's good, it's fine.
I'm eating it, nothing's
gonna be ruined.
- Fine, just stay down
there for all I care,
I've gotta get something
to clean this up.
- It aint as bad as it seems.
(Grandma burping)
- Whatever, just promise
me for the love of God,
you're not gonna lap up what's
in the closet over there.
- Eat what's in the
closet, honestly.
(gentle romantic music)
(indiscernible chattering)
- Is everything good
here Mr McKenzie?
- Wonderful
Alexandra, thank you.
(nails tapping glass)
- Excuse me, this
sushi tastes like
a bottom feeding cat fish,
get it out of here please.
And bring us another
bottle of wine
whenever you can fit it in.
- Absolutely ma'am, I
am so sorry about that.
- Don't apologize.
- Is there anything else
I can get for you sir?
- We're fine.
As many times as
we've come here,
you would think that they would
not forget the bloody wine.
- I know, I know,
look sweetheart
is everything alright, you
seem a little agitated?
- It's nothing,
sometimes I just wish
my God damn it's husband
would go ahead and croak
the bastard.
- Oh no, what did
he do this time?
- Well the son of a bitch
is trying to hit me up again
for more child support, as if
he hadn't already bled me dry.
Are we allowed to smoke in here?
- Of course not, come on.
- Oh Preston's throne.
- I don't see why you
don't just go ahead
and fight for full custody.
- Have you ever met
my daughter David?
The little heathen
doesn't deserve a mother.
- Oh come on Brynn, every
girl deserves a mother.
Shit, as spoiled
as my daughter is,
she sure could use a
mothers influence right now.
- You don't think
you can handle her?
- No I do, it's just
she doesn't ever want
to listen to me.
- [Brynn] So I've heard.
- You know when Diana was alive,
Morgan used to do
everything I said,
or everything she said at least.
I don't know things were
just different back then.
- She might just need
to face the facts David,
that your wife is dead,
and she's going to have
to start facing the
future very soon.
It can be frightening for
young girls at her age,
but also very necessary.
- Yeah, she just lacks guidance.
- I think it's discipline she
lacks David, not guidance.
I mean let's face it,
she continues to act out
without the slightest bit of
concern for the consequences.
- She's just
confused, that's all.
- Well I realize
she's your daughter,
but I can't help but feel the
reason she's so wayward lately
'cause you're not
seeing each other.
- I think it's a lot
of things actually,
but you know, tonight
I came out and told her
I was taking you out to
dinner, no if, in's or buts.
- And what did she
have to say about that?
- I think she was okay with it.
Actually I think she's starting
to get used to the idea
of you being around a lot more.
- Well good, because I told
the little darling one day
that I was going to be a
very huge part of her life,
whether she liked it or not.
You just have to be firm
with kids these days,
as hard as it may seem.
- You're absolutely
right, I feel like
I've been laying down
the law a lot more
though here lately.
It's just she's so damn
bull headed sometimes.
- She's like her father.
In all seriousness though David,
you've been extremely
lenient on her.
You're much more
tolerant then I am.
If it had been me who'd
caught my daughter
going down on her
boyfriend in my Jacuzzi,
well I probably would have
strangled her to death.
- I know trust me,
I'm trying to get it
all off my mind
right now you know.
- Yes well I can imagine
a sight such as that,
sticking in the
back of your mind.
- Exactly, it's just weird.
I mean every time I look at
her, that's all I see now,
her doing that.
- Hmm, in that case,
I might have an idea.
Perhaps there's
something I could do
to help you get it
out of your mind.
(upbeat synthesized music)
- Shit.
- Still thinking
about your daughter.
- God no.
- Good, because the only
thing in your mind right now
should be me sucking the
life out of your cock.
- I was gonna say
the same thing.
- Relax, no more nasty thoughts
about your dirty
little daughter.
- Are we really doing
this, you're fucking nuts.
- I'm just fucking crazy, but
that's what you love about me,
isn't it?
- Oh yeah.
- Isn't it?
- Oh yeah.
- Say it, I love crazy, say it.
- I love crazy!
(moaning with pleasure)
(gentle lullaby music)
(moaning with pleasure)
- Oh my God!
(breathing heavily)
(loud screechy music)
Robbie, what the fuck?
What do you think you're doing,
creeping on me like that?
- Oh you loved it
girl, don't even lie.
Seeing what you
were doing there,
having fantasies
about me or what?
- Fuck no, get over yourself.
- You look so fucking
hot right now.
- Well you don't, so fuck off.
- Damn you're in a weird
ass mood tonight aren't you.
- You're the weird ass dude,
creeping on me like that.
- I tried to call you like
a hundred fucking times,
you didn't answer.
- I know my dad has my phone.
You better not have sent
me any nasty shit either,
he's probably going
through it right now.
- Got your ass on lock down huh?
- Fuck yeah dude,
while he goes out and
plays with his whore.
- His whore?
- He's got this bitch
girlfriend Brynn.
I can't stand her arse,
and she totally knows it.
She wants like all of his time.
- Does this piss you off?
- I mean not really,
I don't really
give two shits
about what they do.
- Good, you shouldn't,
'cause that gives more time
for me and you.
- You're such a weirdo.
You're so not even supposed
to be here right now.
If my dad knew you were here,
he'd shoot your arse
right in your face.
- Yeah well what daddy don't
know won't phase him, will it?
- What are you doing?
- Can I not get a kiss.
- Seriously, I just
told you I got in
an arse load of trouble for that
and you're seriously
gonna ask me that.
- So, what the fuck.
- It just seems
like when we kiss
it always leads to other stuff.
Let's just smoke a bong.
- Uh, man that's all
you ever want to do.
- No it's not.
- Bullshit, since always when
you're not passing out on me.
- I'll have you know
sir that I only pass out
when I'm drunk,
not when I'm high.
- Oh is that right.
- That's right God damn it.
- Well look here
I aint gonna sit
and argue with you
all night girl.
If you wanna get fucking
high that's fine by me.
You gotta smoke some
of what I brung though.
- What'd you bring me?
- You ever have Salvia.
- Okay so I've never
actually smoked this before,
but I've seen a lot
of videos on it.
- Yeah I know, most of them
are pretty fucked up too.
- I'm not gonna
like freak out am I?
- Nah, you'll be good.
You're just gonna see some
crazy shit for a while,
but it only lasts
like five minutes.
- I'm kinda nervous.
- What, nervous?
- I know, I mean usually I
handle my shit like a pro,
but it's like I'm having a
panic attack for some reason.
You may have to talk
me up a little bit.
- No girl, you got this shit.
Morgan I know aint
scared of nothing.
- Fucking right.
- You're like the drug queen.
- I like your attitude sir.
- So we doing this or what?
- Oh my God, stop
peer pressuring me
or I'm not gonna do it.
Oh fuck.
- What's wrong?
- Fucking brain freeze.
- So you're trying to tell me
that the same bad ass bitch
that punked out Cory Terence
in front of the whole school
is afraid of a
little bit of Salvia.
- Oh my God, speaking
of did I show you
the love letter that pervo
left me the other day?
- Nah, is this before or
after you went off on him.
- After, he stuffed
it in my locker,
that shit was sticky
and everything.
Fucking lurker.
- For real though, did
you read the letter yet?
- Yeah dude.
- And what'd it say?
- I'll just let you
read it if you want,
shit's pretty fucked up.
- Hell yeah I wanna read that
shit, you got it with you?
- Yeah come on.
- No way, this dudes
a fucking Looney Tune.
I like how he wrote
in blood red letters.
- Ew, I don't,
fucking wigs me out.
- My dearest Morgan, I sit
and look at you in Study Hall
and I'm constantly
reminded of how much beauty
there truly is in my
dark, lonely world.
When I see your
silky blonde hair
it brightens up my darkest day.
I always think of a fire
burning in a snowy log cabin.
- Keep reading, it gets better.
- Sometimes I just want
to hold onto you forever,
and never let you go.
I've thought of ways to
try to tell you this,
but I don't want to come
off as some kind of jerk
who doesn't know
what love really is.
Does this dude want me to
pound his fat arse or what?
- Read what it
says at the bottom.
- I'm tired of always
trying to find ways
to express myself to you.
I feel like the reason
you always avoid me
is because deep down
you're afraid to confront
your true feelings about me.
I'm tired of this dude thinking
he's some kind of poet.
That's what I'm tired of.
- Read what he says at the
end, he's fucking psycho.
- I feel like if you don't
go out with me real soon,
I'm gonna have to explode, you
wouldn't want that would you?
I feel I would
squeeze you so tight
while you looked into my eyes,
squeeze you tight
under the moonlight
until you changed your mind.
Under my control you
would finally find out
what a great guy I truly am.
You would definitely see
me as husband material,
or at least I hope you would.
Anyway, I hope you would
make up your mind real soon,
whether or not you
want to be with me.
After all, I would
seriously hate it
if the only way we could be
together was if we die together.
- Pretty fucked up right.
- Has anyone else read this?
- No, why?
- There's a fucking
death threat girl.
- What?
- This mother fuckers
threatening your life, I know it.
- Shut up.
- Hell no, this shit's serious.
That letter's got death
written all over it.
- Dude, shut the fuck
up, it's not funny.
- I'm not trying to be funny,
that dudes got a serious
problem for real.
Did you even read what he said?
He said he wanted for you
and him to die together.
- I know, I know what
the letter says okay,
and if you're gonna keep
scaring me all night,
you can leave the same
damn way you came in.
- Look I'm just saying,
dudes nutty as fuck man.
I wouldn't put shit past him.
- Alright, okay, I'm over it.
I'm done talking
about Cory Terence.
- Well you can't just ignore
shit like that Morgan.
- I'm not ignoring anything.
(phone ringing)
- [Male On Phone] Perfect
puss, here kitty kitty,
come for me. (laughing)
- Who is this.
- [Male On Phone] I wanna be
so close to you right now.
Just right up next to you.
- Okay look here
fucker, you need to quit
fucking around and
harassing me okay.
- Who is that?
- Some fucking loser,
keeps calling me,
won't leave me alone.
- What the fuck's he saying?
- [Male On Phone]
Morgan, I wanna see
how wet and juicy
you get for me.
- What you just say chum.
Who the fuck is this?
Oh so now you're
not gonna say shit.
Well if you dial
this number again man
you're gonna get your
arse beat alright.
(dial tone)
- What'd he say?
- Nothing, not a damn thing.
Why don't you just take
that shit off the hook?
- It's my dads work line.
- Who gives a shit?
- He does, he'd fucking kill me.
- How many times has
this asshole called?
- I don't know, it doesn't
really matter okay.
It just fucking pisses me off,
he's gotta know who I am too.
- How'd you know that?
- 'cause he knows
my dads work number
and I heard him shouting my name
while he was blowing his wad so.
- No fucking way.
Has any of it
occurred to you at all
that it could possibly
be Cory Terence
making all these calls?
- Of course it has,
and maybe it is,
but maybe I don't want to know.
- What are you gonna do
if he keeps calling back?
- Fuck it, he won't.
(dial tone)
- Seriously, I don't think
you're ready for this.
- I don't think your
moms ready for this.
- I'm about to smack
you in the face.
- Good I like it rough.
- You know what I like, I
like these luscious legs.
These adorable little footsies.
- Stop looking at my
feet you little weirdo.
- How does that
make me a weirdo?
- Uh you have a foot fetish.
- I have a Morgan fetish.
- Stop.
- What?
- I already told you
you're not getting any.
- You used to be fun man,
what happened to you?
- I got grounded,
that's what happened.
Give me the lighter.
- You're gonna do it now.
- Might as well, fuck it right.
- I thought you were
gonna bitch out on me.
- Well then you
thought like Ned,
and Ned thought his
arse was his head.
- Whoa nice, hold
it in, hold it in.
Oh nice, that was a fucking
hit and a half right there.
You feeling anything yet.
- Uh uh.
- You good?
- Uh, I think so, I think,
maybe I'm starting to feel it.
- Is it kicking in?
- I think so.
Well, well, well.
(cat purring)
- What is it?
- Your face, stop.
- Stop what?
- Whatever it is you're doing.
I can't handle it right now.
Oh my God, this is
like, I can't even say.
- Say what?
- Wait a second, you said.
You're doing anything
straight right, right, right.
- I told you to what?
- Don't do this to
me, you said it.
- I'm not doing
anything, I swear.
You'll be good in five
minutes, trust me.
- My legs are not
moving right now.
- They're not, but they
look perfectly fine to me.
- You don't feel
the way I'm feeling,
it's like some of
this isn't even here.
Just, I'm like seeing
everything in the wrong time.
Oh I feel hot, I feel hot, hot.
- You are hot.
- I don't like this anymore.
- Come on just relax.
That's it, just take it all in.
- It's like being swept up,
like the way it's pulling me.
- Oh yeah, let it take you.
- I'm like turning like
part of this clock.
Hold on, I don't feel it yet.
No, I'm still part of something.
- You're gonna be
fine, just lay back.
- I've been here before.
- Yeah, you have.
Yeah you have.
(cat growling)
(bear snarling)
- Wait, stop it's not over yet.
- Oh that's it baby, I
want you to feel this.
(breathing heavily)
(moaning with pleasure)
(wolf howling)
- [Male] Do it Morgan, do it,
lose it, explode, explode.
Let it slip, let it all slip,
it's real easy, feel
gone, show how it's done.
- Stop, wait.
Is this the present?
(screechy electronic music)
- Morgan.
Stop it's fine.
- Get off.
- Morgan, you're gonna be fine.
- No!
- Just calm down,
you're gonna be okay.
(water splashing gently)
(crickets chirping)
- Get the fuck off me.
You knew exactly what the
fuck you were doing in there.
- I didn't know you were
gonna freak out like that.
- I'm not talking about
the Salvia, fucktard.
I'm talking about you
and how you always
take shit too far.
- Well look you're the
one who wanted to try it,
so don't blame this on me.
- You still don't
understand what the fuck
I'm talking about, do you.
- I guess I don't.
- In a nutshell genius, you
just took advantage of me
and I don't fucking
play like that.
- Come on Morgan, we've
done way worse then that,
and you never said
shit about it before.
- Maybe I'm just tired of
getting my arse chewed out
because of you.
- Because of me?
- Yeah dingus, it's your fault
I'm on house arrest, remember
it's because of you I
can't leave this dungeon.
- You can keep blaming
me all you want,
but I'm tired of
listening to it.
- Of course you are,
couldn't give less of a shit
about how badly my life
is fucked right now.
- Oh how is your life fucked?
- How is my life fucked?
Let's count the ways, my
dad took away my Lexus,
my tablet, my phone, my music,
basically everything
that makes me me.
- Well what the hell do you
want me to do about that?
- I want you to stop
dragging me into shit,
and coming over here thinking
you're gonna get
something out of it.
- I never dragged you into shit.
- What did I say to you when
you first got here tonight?
I told you you
weren't getting any,
and that's exactly
what the fuck I meant.
If you can't just
hang out and be cool,
then maybe we shouldn't
hang out at all.
- Jesus, what did you
have some kind of like
religious experience
or something?
- No, I'm just not gonna be
your fucking whore anymore.
- You know this aint
like you Morgan.
I don't know what it was I
did to piss you off so bad.
But maybe it would be best
for the both of us if I left,
is that really what you want?
- Look, if you're gonna leave,
would you at least
put the ladder back
by the pool house
where you found it.
- Fucking dyke.
(ladder clattering)
Fucking shit.
(tense dramatic music)
(snake hissing)
(breathing heavily)
[Male] Robbie.
- Hello.
- [Male] Robbie.
- Who's there?
- [Male] Robbie come here.
Robbie get in here.
I've got something to show you.
I have so much to
show you Robbie.
That's it, that's it
Robbie, come closer.
Yes, closer.
Yes Robbie, closer.
(suspenseful synthesized music)
(phone ringing)
- Hello.
What are you trying to do to me?
Who is this?
- [Male] You, it's
you you little sow.
It's you I want to be
fucked too, not him.
Make fuck to me right now.
Listen to him die slow, loud.
- Stop.
Please stop calling me.
- [Male] I can
almost smell you now.
I'm so close, close to you.
(phone ringing)
- [David] Hey honey.
- Daddy.
What time are you coming home?
- [David] In a
little while, why?
- Morgan, sweetie what's wrong?
A guy keeps calling and saying
all this horrible stuff.
I don't know if it's
somebody that I know
that's just messing with me.
I just don't even
know what to do,
I'm so fucking scared.
I don't even know
why I'm calling you,
I just feel like
I'm losing my mind.
- [David] Honey it's fine,
just calm down alright.
What kind of stuff is
this guy saying to you?
- He's making all these sounds,
and doing weird
things to himself.
- [David] Sweetheart
listen, if anyone is calling
and harassing you like
that it's mostly likely
that boyfriend of yours.
- Daddy you're not
listening to me.
- [David] Honey, I hear
you loud and clear,
but you need to listen to me.
That Robbie is up to
no good and I wouldn't
put anything past him.
Now I saw some of
the text messages
he sent to your phone
and I couldn't believe
some of the stuff I read.
- You went through my phone?
- That's right and it's
a good thing I did.
I finally found out
what kind of boy
my daughter associates
with so that I can
put a stop to it.
And don't think I didn't
see all those dirty pictures
you two sent to
each other either.
- Daddy you had no
right to do that.
- [David] I had every right
to do that young lady,
I'm the one who pays that
phone bill, remember.
So if some pervert
keeps calling you,
being inappropriate
Morgan it's probably him.
- It's not Robbie daddy, I
know for a fact that it's not.
- [David] Well what the hell
else am I supposed to believe
after what I saw.
Just seeing the two of you
together like that honey,
I'm still in a state of shock.
(phone smashing)
(breathing heavily)
(dramatic music)
- For God sake
David, what is it?
- It's nothing.
Just don't have a very
good feeling right now.
- About what?
- About Morgan.
- What are you trying to say?
- I'm saying I think
we need to go back.
- Go back, David are
you out of your mind,
what about our tickets?
- We can go to the opera
another night alright.
- Listen to what you're saying,
we drove all the way
out here and you just
want to turn around and go back.
David, let's no go
back, let's not.
- I have to check
on Morgan Brynn,
I can't just let go.
God you don't understand.
- I understand that this
infatuation with your daughter
is becoming extremely unhealthy,
that's what I understand.
- Look we're going back
and that's all there
is to it alright.
I don't care what
you have to say.
(engine revving)
(tense synthesized music)
(knocking on door)
- Grandma.
I'm coming in.
I have your medicine.
(thunder rumbling)
(door creaking)
(suspenseful tinkling music)
Grandma did you hear me?
I have your pills.
- Quiet, get in here,
they're gonna come after us.
- Let go of me.
- Shut it you little shit,
they'll find you and they'll
swallow me and you too.
- Grandma let go of my leg.
- I'm gonna bite you if you
don't join me in this child,
now get your skinny
arse in here.
The bastard death rats
they come and they go.
All over the walls
they crawl, inside,
the rotten insides
they always hide.
- What are you talking about?
- You've got to keep
them out and fight,
if you don't you become.
I've seen things chewing on me,
I felt it, and I felt it.
- Grandma please.
- Where are you going?
- Your pills are by the door.
- No one leaves
heathen, you can't.
You stay put, don't you join
the fold by shutting your eyes.
You must keep them
open, you must.
- Grandma stop.
(loud thud)
- Look at me, just see
what you make me do.
- Grandma stop, stop
doing this to yourself.
- Come to me, you
just come to me.
(lock clicking)
You'll come back to me
soon dear, I know you will.
You always do and then
I'm gonna keep you
wrapped up in here with
me in the flesh forever.
I want you to
smell it like I do.
Smell what it's like to
rot, you'll find out.
(banging on door)
You'll find out.
(breathing heavily)
(knocking on door)
(knocking on door)
- [Barry] Morgan,
Morgan it's Barry.
- Who?
- [Barry] Barry.
- I don't know a Barry.
- [Barry] Yes you
do, Barry Cone,
I'm a close colleague
of your fathers.
- What do you want?
- [Barry] Look I know it's late
but I really need
to talk to your dad,
it's very important.
- He's busy right now.
- [Barry] Yeah I know he's
still at the Opera with Brynn,
I talked to him just
a couple of hours ago.
- So what are you doing here?
- [Barry] I was told to be
here as soon as he got back.
I guess I'm just early.
- Don't you drive
a black Mercedes?
- [Barry] Yes, yes that's
right, see you know me.
- I just didn't see
it parked out front.
- [Barry] That's because
that German piece of shit
just up and died on me
about two miles up the road.
I had to walk through this rain.
It just quit.
- So you need a tow
truck or something?
Do you not have a phone?
- [Barry] No, no, no,
that's taken care of.
I was really just hoping
I could wait here for him.
- So you decided to hike all
the way up here in this mess?
Are you crazy?
- [Barry] Would you believe I
ask myself that a lot lately.
No, if I'd have known that
it was gonna rain like this
I would have stayed
with the car I promise.
- Yeah, sucks for you.
- [Barry] Like you have no idea.
Listen sweetie can I just come
inside for just one second,
I just need to dry off.
This rain is really cold.
- How did you know the code
to get through the gate?
- [Barry] I don't know the
gate code, the gate's open.
Morgan, I can
promise you that gate
was wide open when I got here.
I don't have any reason
to lie about that.
Look I know it's late, and
I know you don't know me
that well and that
this probably sounds
like a whole bunch
of crap to you,
and it's good that
you're thinking that way.
- Then you can understand
why I can't let you in here.
- [Barry] Yeah.
yeah I suppose I can understand
why you'd feel that way.
Listen, I'm gonna
go ahead and go,
and I'm sorry I scared
you Morgan okay.
Have a good night.
- Hey.
You're gonna drown out there.
- Thank you.
Oh man I'm getting
the floor all wet.
- It's fine, I was gonna
go get some towels anyway.
- I'm really sorry about
dropping in on your like this.
Must have scared the
crap out of you huh?
- It's fine, been
jumpy all night anyway,
the storm isn't really helping.
- Well, I mean it's
gotta be scary right,
big house like this,
all by yourself.
- Yeah, I mean usually I
don't mind thunderstorms.
- Well, that's a hell
of a storm right.
- Yeah.
- Uh,
your dad doesn't still
have some of that
really good brandy back
there anymore does he?
- Um, I guess so.
- Well I don't mean to impose,
but I could really
use a stiff drink
after being out in that shit.
What do you say kid, join
me for a stiff drink?
- I don't know, my
dad always gets on me
when I sneak that
shit from the bar.
He can always tell.
- I won't tell
anybody if you won't.
- David this is Barry,
I'm at the house,
so I will see you in just
a few minutes, thanks.
He has got to still
be at the opera.
Alright, post time come on.
- You do I'm underage right.
- I know you drink Morgan,
I used to watch you all
the time at your fathers
cocktail parties when
you were like 15.
- You watched me.
- Yeah you used
to always sneak in
and steal all those wine
coolers that nobody else wanted.
- Guess I wasn't
sneaky about it.
Can I get some ice or
something for this?
- You gotta be kidding me,
that's no way to drink brandy
come on now.
- I know how to drink brandy.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
we've got a pro here.
I always thought
it was cute how you
used to always dip into
our punch bowl too.
- You thought I was cute.
- Yeah.
- You sure used to watch
me an awful lot didn't you.
- Yeah.
I mean, never in a weird way.
Just I was just perceptive.
- Yeah, sure.
- You were a cute little
thing back then too.
- Whatever, back then I was
a pudgy little hose bag,
who wore way too much eyeliner.
- Nuh uh, I don't think that.
I don't think that at all.
Get you another drink
before your dad gets home.
- Do you like get off on
encouraging minors or something?
- Would you believe you're
the third one this week.
- I know one thing,
I'm not gonna be wasted
when my dad gets here,
that's the last thing I need.
- What are you doing?
- You have another
shirt I can borrow?
- I mean I'm sure my dad
does, but that's upstairs
and fuck that shit.
- If any of this is
making you uncomfortable
in any way just let me know.
Come on Morgan,
we're just two people
having a casual conversation
over a harmless little drink.
- It's been a while
since I've had brandy.
I should probably pace myself.
Nonsense, you're
only young once.
Come on kiddo, toss it back
rookie, you know what to do.
Dip into the punch bowl Morgan.
That a girl.
- You know, speaking of
dipping into the punch bowl,
wasn't it you that used to
screw around with Brynn?
- What do you mean screw around?
- Seems like I can
remember seeing you two
at the same type of parties
you guys would see me.
You guys would
always sneak around
and make out and
shit, the same way
I would sneak
those wine coolers.
- I have no idea what
you're talking about.
- Yeah, yeah and my dad
would always be really busy
with clients and I
can remember you two
getting pretty friendly
with each other
now that I think about it.
- You got some wild
imagination kid,
that's all I can say.
- You know, I don't even know
if my dad knew about that.
I bet you didn't even
know that I knew.
- Morgan, what you're
saying right now
has got to be the most
ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
What in Gods name
makes you think
I've been getting frisky
with your fathers girlfriend?
- Because I watched you two.
Not in like a weird
way or anything,
I was just being perceptive.
Come on Barry, we're
just two people
having a casual
conversation over
a harmless little drink right.
Seriously dude you
can be honest with me,
I don't give a shit,
that's y'alls business.
I do have to admit that's
typical Brynn for you though.
Tell me everything you know
about that shady bitch.
I'm just curious, dip
into the punchbowl Barry.
(gasping in pain)
How's that for a punch bowl?
Fucking cunt.
Wake up sweet girl.
(camera clicking)
- Oh my God, what the fuck.
What the fuck are you doing?
- I'm getting things ready.
- Getting things ready for what?
- When your daddy gets home.
(dial tone)
- [Morgan] It was
you, wasn't it?
- [Barry] It was me what?
- [Morgan] You who
kept calling me.
- I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about Morgan.
Don't cry baby.
- I don't know
what this is about,
but I'm sure I can work
something out with you okay.
- Sorry sweetie, see
you're not in any position
to help me out at all.
Quite frankly, you're
a sitting duck.
- Just let me go.
I don't know what the
fuck you want from me.
- This aint about
what I want from you.
This is about what
you're gonna do for me.
- Do you know what
this is Morgan?
This is a little something
I like to call income tax.
- What is that, what does it do?
- Oh it's just gonna make
you feel really good,
and by the time it's done
doing what it's supposed too
you won't know what hit you.
And I'm gonna be making love
to you the second you die.
And you're last breaths
gonna go into me
and you'll be mine forever.
- You're not sticking
me with that thing.
- This aint the only thing
I'm sticking you with.
Besides I gotta make
it look for real
when your dad comes walking
through that door, don't I.
- What the hell are
you talking about?
- No offense, but given
the number of times
you've been into
and out of rehab
I don't think walking
through that door
and finding you
dead in this chair,
with this sticking
out of your arms
gonna be too big of a shocker
if you catch what I'm saying.
- Just let me fucking go.
You're not gonna
get away with this.
- When you let me in that door,
I kind of got away with it.
I've planned this
out to perfection.
- If this is about money I
know I can talk to my dad
as soon as he gets home okay.
- I can't do that, because
I've gotta be done with you
and out of here before your
dad even leaves that opera.
- Barry listen, I know
you don't want to do this.
- Morgan, I'm getting paid
a lot of money to do this.
But I need you to
understand something,
even if I weren't I really,
really want to do this.
What I want to do right
now is suck on that
fucking tongue of yours.
(Morgan crying softly)
Have you ever
kissed a man before?
Have you ever
kissed a man before?
That's really fucking good
because if you don't do that
this next time I'm
gonna put this needle
in your God dam eyes.
You got that?
Is there any part of that
you don't understand?
- No.
- I've always loved you.
Ever since you
were a little girl.
It's almost a shame I've
gotta do what I've gotta do.
- You don't have to,
you can just listen.
We can work something out okay.
- As much as I'd love to
work something out with you,
I've got business to attend too.
- Look, no we can
talk about this.
- We've wasted enough time.
- I have to go
pee, if you'll just
let me out of this chair.
- You can piss yourself
for all I care.
- Look, I'll let you
watch me while I go,
just let me go to
the bathroom please?
- What did you say to me?
- I said you can watch
me go if you want.
I know you like me,
I know for a fact
you think I'm pretty.
- Aren't you a naughty girl.
- Just let me go to
the bathroom okay.
Just let me go to the
bathroom and I'll pee for you.
- Let's do this bitch.
Oh fuck.
God you're fucking hot.
- Yeah.
- You want this don't you.
You want me to give
it to you don't yah?
God damn right you do.
Call me daddy.
I said call me
daddy little girl.
- Yes daddy.
- Take off your shirt,
let's see what you got.
Fuck, spread your legs.
I said spread your
fucking legs little girl.
Oh shit, oh fuck.
I'm gonna fuck the
shit out of you.
Take off your bra.
- Uh uh
- I said take off
your fucking bra.
Oh mother fucker.
(dramatic synthesized music)
- David, are you sure you
want to go inside right away?
- What do you mean?
- I can do all of
those things you know,
all those kinky things you like.
There's plenty of room in here.
- Brynn please I have
a splitting headache,
I'm not in the mood right now.
- Well at least
just give us a kiss.
Just one kiss.
(banging on car)
- Dad.
- What the hell?
- Oh my lord.
- Morgan where are your clothes?
Hey, I'm talking here
young lady, look at me.
Why in God's name are
you half naked right now?
He's here, isn't he, that
fucking Robbie is in there,
and that's what the
hell you've been up to.
- It's not Robbie, it's Barry.
Barry Cone just
tried to murder me.
- Barry Cone, Morgan, what
are you talking about?
- He's in the bathroom,
I can show you.
- Show me what exactly,
that Barry Cone
literally just tried
to rape and murder me,
and that this duplicitous
bitch was in on it.
- Morgan you're
being delusional.
- Fuck you and everybody
that looks like you Brynn.
You haven't liked
me from the start.
- That is not true.
- Bull shit you're trying to
get me out of the picture,
so you can get half
of my dads money.
I know you.
- Morgan.
- [Brynn] That is ridiculous.
- I know what's up you
British piece of shit,
I'm on to you.
- Alright, stop
this now I want you
to can it with that shit and
apologize to Brynn right now.
- I'm not apologizing to her.
She's been plotting against me.
- Honestly David, her
behavior is unconscionable.
- Sweetheart, what
are you on right now?
- I wish the fuck
I was on something,
just come with me to the
bathroom and I'll show you daddy,
I'm not crazy.
(suspenseful synthesized music)
- Morgan, Morgan is this
what you wanted to show me.
You've been doing coke
in my house again?
You haven't learned one God
damn thing yet have you?
- What?
- I swear to God, he was
right here on the floor,
so were my clothes.
- And just what the hell
were your clothes doing
in the middle of
the bathroom floor
in the first place missy?
- He made me take them off,
and he tried to
take his off too,
and that's when I
cut him and ran.
- You cut him and ran.
That's it, that's it,
you're going back to
rehab and that's final.
I swear I cannot trust
you to be by yourself
alone in this house
for five minutes.
- Daddy you're not
listening to me,
he was here in the
house, he's still here.
- Who's still in
the house, Robbie?
- No it's not Robbie.
- Robbie if you can hear me,
God damn it you little asshole
I want you out of my
house right fucking now.
- Daddy, it's Barry.
That's what I've been
trying to tell you,
did he not call you?
- Sweetheart, nobody
has called me alright.
He probably called her phone,
seeing as how she and him set
this whole fucking thing up.
- Okay darling, you're not
making sense of any of this.
- Don't give me that shit.
You've been fucking Barry
Cone, I know you have.
- I haven't a clue what
you're talking about.
- How much were you
paying him Brynn?
What was hit cut gonna be?
- His cut?
- Alright, alright,
quiet, the both of you.
Cover up for God sake.
- Daddy he's still in
here, I know that he is.
- That's enough.
Look I need to have a word
with Brynn in private,
and I want you to
go up to your room
and wait for me, I'll
deal with you in a minute.
- I'm not going up
there, would you just
listen to me for once.
- For once just do what I
told you, go to your room.
- No.
- Listen girly you're already
in a lot of trouble with me.
I don't think you want me
to start adding to your list
of problems.
Alright, what was she
talking about in there?
- Do you honestly think I
have the slightest clue.
- Well tell me why
did she just say
you were fucking Barry Cone.
- Oh come on, surely you
don't believe a word of that.
- At this point I don't
know what to believe Brynn.
I don't know what's
real and what isn't.
- Look David, your daughter
needs serious professional help.
She's always attempting to
sabotage our relationship.
- We're not talking about
Morgan right now alright.
We're talking about
you and Barry Cone.
- There's absolutely
nothing to talk about.
- Is there not, are
you sure about that?
- David I'm positive,
why on Earth
would I got to bed with Barry?
- Come on Brynn, I've seen you
flirt with him plenty of times
and you have slept
around on me before.
- Yes but not with one of
your colleagues of 15 years,
that's preposterous,
and for your information
you've slept around on me in
the past just as many times,
if not more.
- That's not the issue
right now, the issue is you
and Barry Cone and how my
daughter seemed to know
every nook and cranny about it.
- I hate to break
it to you David,
but the only thing
your daughter knows
is whatever she
believes to be true.
She's a spoiled little brat,
who lives in her
own feeble mind.
In her own little
made up fantasy world.
- Stop changing
the subject Brynn,
did you or did you
not fuck Barry Cone.
- Stop grilling me, I do not
want to answer that question.
- Why, because it's true?
- No because it's absurd
As many stories as your
daughter's fabricated about me
you actually believe I'm
fooling around on you.
- I pray to God
you're not Brynn.
Because if I find out
you've been cheating on me
with him of all people,
you're not gonna like
how I react to it.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- Just what I said sweetie,
it better not be true.
- Or what David?
Suppose you found
out it were true.
What would you do?
Would you ground me like
you did your daughter?
Would you punish me like
a naughty little girl?
Would you spank me
like you do her David?
(loud slap)
- Is it true?
- That's it David, do it again
but much, much harder this time.
(loud slap)
That's what I want,
I love it David.
- Stop playing games
Brynn, God damn it,
did you fuck Barry?
Tell me you didn't.
(tense suspenseful music)
(Morgan screaming)
- God damn it.
Hit me with a fucking
tennis racket.
(glass shattering)
(Morgan screaming)
- I'll break your fucking neck.
Ah fuck!
You fuck.
You're gonna keep
How's this for you champ?
You really fucked
me up you know that?
Fuck that bitch you quit.
First I'm gonna
play a little bit.
How about I get that
same piece of glass
you stuck in me and fuck
you in the arse with it.
Maybe a little finger
job to start off with.
- Get your fingers out of
my you fucking pervert.
(breathing heavily)
(suspenseful synthesized music)
(unintelligible voices)
- [Barry] If any of this
is making you uncomfortable
in any way just let me know.
- [George] Right now.
- [Barry] Just take it off.
(unintelligible voices)
- Daddy!
- [Brynn] Morgan we
need to get help, fast.
Well don't just
stand there, help me.
We need to call the police.
- Oh God.
- [Brynn] Why are you
looking at me like that?
- What did you do?
- [Brynn] What you
don't think I did this?
Morgan, you must listen to me.
Morgan wait!
(synthesized electronic music)
Morgan, Morgan where are you.
Morgan darling tell
me where you are.
Morgan I can't help you unless
you tell me where you are.
Morgan darling, are you in here?
Where are you Morgan?
Morgan, tell me where you are!
Make it easy on your
poor old stepmother.
(screechy electronic music)
- You aint my stepmother bitch.
(suspenseful synthesized music)
(breathing heavily)
(Morgan gasps)
- Morgan baby.
I think you hurt my head
real bad, I'm dizzy.
I need a doctor.
You little sow, I can
smell you down here.
(knocking on door)
You naughty little bitch.
Open the fucking
door, I'll murder you
like I did you mother.
- What are you talking about?
- [Brynn] I guess the cats
out of the bag now isn't it.
- What did you do to my mother?
- Let's just say I managed
to slip a little something
in her wine glass.
Your mother was always
so drunk and pathetic,
making it look like she drowned,
that was the easy part.
- You fucking bitch.
- You're quite right sweetie,
I am a fucking bitch.
When someone stands in my
way I get rid of them fast.
- Please, why are
you doing this?
- It's about money
honey, pure and simple.
The kind of money that's kept
you in diamond nipple rings
and silk panties
your whole life.
- Fuck you, I fucking hate you.
- Of course you do, you
have from the very start.
You remind me of my
own rotten daughter,
she's a spoilt ungrateful
little shit just like you.
Now open this fucking door.
(wall breaking)
(Morgan screaming)
(dramatic music)
Bloody little brat.
Morgan, you can't get away,
I'm right behind you.
Oh Morgie, Morgie darling.
You wouldn't happen to be going
to your grandma's would you?
You're making this
too easy on me Morgan.
Fucking foot.
Morgan, you can't
hide from me forever.
I know everything
about this house.
Inside and out.
You might as well
just come on out.
What the fuck are you
looking at you cunt.
- Hey.
(Morgan screaming in pain)
- You're finished whore,
say hello to your mother.
(grandma growling)
- Say hello to my grandmother.
- Get her off me, she's mad.
(Brynn screaming)
Get the hell of
me, I'll kill you.
(Brynn screaming)
(loud chewing)
(gagging and gasping)
(gentle music)
(urine trickling)
- The harlot, the
harlot is gone.
(Morgan breathing heavily)
- Grandma.
Something's wrong.
(gasping for breath)
I don't feel right.
I can't breath.
(heart beating)
(metal squeaking)
(wind whistling)
(water dripping)
(tense dramatic music)
(breathing heavily)
- My body feels
like an impostor,
my head is a void.
Mother, love me.
(alarm clock ringing)
(Morgan screaming)
(breathing heavily)
What the fuck is this?
You in here?
- What is going on here?
(indiscernible whispering)
Oh my God, what the fuck!
(banging on door)
You can't leave
me stuck in here.
Please, open the door.
God damn it, let me
the fuck out of here.
Open the fucking door.
(indiscernible whispers)
(sobbing hysterically)
(phone ringing)
Please, please be forever.
(suspenseful tinkling music)
(water burbling)
(phone ringing)